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Audubon Center of the North Woods

Spring/Summer 2016

News from the North Woods

Volume 42, Issue 1

Experience Your Environment

Making Connections by Bryan Wood, Executive Director

There is much to share about what’s happening at the Audubon Center of the North Woods (ACNW). We are completing our first school year with changes in class length and structure for attending K-12 schools, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Students are experiencing more classes during their time here, connecting them to more environmental topics. I am very pleased to announce the unveiling of the Audubon Center of the North Woods Legacy Society, which provides a platform and recognition for individuals who wish to leave a lasting legacy by including ACNW in their will or estate. The article on the following page further details the Legacy Society and options it presents on how you can leave an enduring mark at ACNW. This summer will see more programs than in the past, with five summer camps weeks including Rocks, Ropes & Rafts, Ways of Wildlife I & II, Outdoor Explorations and Junior Naturalists. These exciting camps are unique to ACNW – you simply won’t find camps like these offered anywhere else. They utilize nearby outdoor recreation opportunities, diverse habitats, wildlife educational and rehab organizations, myriad adventure courses and reach across earth, physical and biological science areas. Scholarships are available to help make these camps a reality for a special ten to fourteen year-old in your life.

Also offered this summer are expanded Road Scholar program opportunities. We will continue to offer on-site Migration Mysteries weeks, off-site Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) trips, and Hiking Discoveries along Lake Superior’s South Shore. We are also adding a Hiking Discovery along Lake Superior’s North Shore program, with weeks in June and August. Like last year, the Lake Superior programs will be expertly led by Mike Link and Kate Crowley, and BWCAW trips by Douglas Wood.

If you would like to be part of the Summit, which will bring together 150-200 nature center professionals from around the country, please contact me. We would love your help as a volunteer. Beginning this summer, a series of events throughout the area will lead up to the Grand Opening of the Smithsonian Institution’s Water/ Ways traveling exhibit at ACNW. From Nov. 19 – Jan. 1, we will host this very exciting and relevant exhibit and encourage you to bring your friends and family to enjoy it. You can find out more within the newsletter. All of this really starts with you. Your support allows learning opportunities like those aforementioned to make a difference for individuals of all ages. Every season, every month and every week, someone experiences a magical moment of learning at the Audubon Center of the North Woods and it is because of your generosity.

This August we look forward to being the first Minnesota site to ever host the annual Association for Nature Center Administrators (ANCA) Summit. ANCA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989 that is a professional association of and for leaders in the nature center profession. ACNW has a long connection with ANCA, dating back to the early ‘90s when Executive Director Mike Link served on its board and hosted meetings at Schwyzer Lodge.

Thank you so much for making that magic possible.

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News from the North Woods

Spring/Summer 2016

The Minnesota Foundation ACNW is pleased to announce that The Minnesota Foundation will manage and provide all backroom processes for Life Income Gifts. For more information, please call 952-200-9867 or email We are pleased to unveil The Audubon Center of the North Woods Legacy Society, our acknowledgement process for those generous people who have included the Audubon Center of the North Woods (ACNW) in their estates. Such gifts are vital for ACNW’s ability to plan for AND literally implement the future. Legacy gifts, also called planned gifts, represent donors’ thinking about and concern for an organization, such as the Audubon Center of the North Woods, that has been important in your life. These gifts are selfless, well thought out and very impactful for future planning and programing. The most common means by which you can make a legacy gift is by naming the ACNW as a beneficiary in your will or trust.

On behalf of the ACNW Board & Staff, thank you for your generosity. Best wishes for a great Spring! Walt Seibert, Development Coordinator or 952-200-9867. For more information or sample bequest language for your attorney, visit the support page on our website at or call 888-404-7743.

Charitable IRA Rollovers Historic federal legislation in December, 2015 made charitable IRA rollovers permanently available to individuals over age 70 ½. The Audubon Center of the North Woods can now accept qualified charitable distributions of up to $100,000 from individuals annually. Because IRA assets can be among the mostly highly taxed, they make very effective charitable donations. The donor will not pay federal income tax on these gifts, unlike other IRA distributions. You may put your charitable IRA rollover to work at ACNW in many ways, supporting our educational programs, facilities and energy investments.

General Membership

Life Income Gifts

Qualifying Donors and Gift Criteria: Individuals and/or couples at least 55 years of age who have: • Informed ACNW of their plan to make a bequest to benefit the Center through their will or living trust • Informed ACNW that they have designated in writing the Center as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy • Established a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust to benefit ACNW • Made a gift of personal residence or farm to ACNW with a retained life estate • Made a gift of a paid-up or in-force life insurance policy with full ownership rights to ACNW • Transferred a gift of personal property to ACNW other than land or residences, with a minimum market value of $25,000. Examples are rare musical instruments or highly valued antiques

Life Income Gifts (of which there are different forms), another aspect of legacy giving is sometimes referred to as having your cake and eating it, too! Here’s how it works. Often gifts of appreciated assets or gifts with a low yield can be turned into a higher income-producing asset without experiencing a capital gains tax.

General Member Benefits: • Invitations to the Legacy Society’s Annual Appreciation Luncheon and other Legacy Society events • Invitations to educational seminars and events

Gifts of assets are transferred (you receive a tax deduction in the year of the transfer) to the charity and the charity liquidates and invests the proceeds. You receive a life income from the corpus and interest generated by the proceeds. The remainder of the gift then passes to the charity upon your death. The most frequently used life income gift is the CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY. Payout rates vary according to the age(s) of the beneficiary, and charities normally use rates recommended by a national organization called the American Council on Gift Annuities. ACNW uses ACGA recommendations.


Spring/Summer 2016

News from the North Woods

Thank You! Sustainers yy Krista Currie yy Walt Seibert yy Tim Whitfeld yy Bryan Wood

$1000+ yy Don Arnosti yy Franklin & Gisela Crosby yy Patricia Benn & Ned Crosby yy Paul Egeland yy Tammy Fleming yy Richard Glattly yy Dave & Michele Heupel yy Julie Holly yy Donald Janes yy Johnson Education Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation yy Steve McNeill yy Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe yy Jim & Wilda Obey yy Sam & Diana Rankin yy Don Shelby yy Terhuly Foundation yy Mary Ellen Vetter

$750-$999 yy Anna Gerenday yy B. Wayne Johnson

$500-$749 yy Jeff & Irene Andersen yy John & Mary Bachhuber yy Tami Bauers & David Greenberg yy Richard & Claudia Hannah yy Joanne Kendall yy Charles & Hope Lea yy Tom & Phyllis Mahan yy Pamela L. Nelson yy Roger Parsons yy James & Donna Peter yy Carrie Schenck Kelsey yy Marilyn Ueland yy Don & Mary Verbick

$250-$499 yy Gordon Andersson yy Daniel & Laura Delinsky yy Richard & Carol Flint yy Louis & Karen Geislinger yy Wesley Haut yy Mary Kaul yy Mark Lex yy Lois Norrgard yy Tom Torborg yy Charles & Catherine VonRueden yy Larry Whitaker

$100-$249 yy 215 Wabasha Properties, INC yy Amazon Smile Foundation yy AEM Trust/Roger & Ruby Trapp yy Cindy Appleman yy Nancy Arnosti yy Nancy Werner-Azarski & James Azarski yy Baxter Family Foundation yy Michael & Nancy Bennett

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We would like to acknowledge and thank all those individuals and companies who have contributed to the Audubon Center of the North Woods (since our last newsletter). Through your support, we are able to provide impactful environmental education opportunities for people of all ages.

yy Barbara Blechinger yy Donald Blough yy Carroll Brooks yy Becky Bundschuh yy Kathy Burton yy Peggy & Marty Carlson yy Deb & Mike Curran yy Kathy DeDeyn yy Carolyn Dindorf yy Michael and Laurie Fischer yy Rick Fletcher yy Rodney & Sue Foss yy Ari Fuad yy Gary C & Bettina Larson yy Lois Gernbacher yy Anna May Goyette yy Patricia & Richard Hapke yy Larry & Cookie Heikes yy Terry & Kathy Hoopman yy Rita Hussman yy Tom & Suzanne Inmann yy Lisa Jeanetta yy Tad Johnson yy Brian and Jane Kise yy Don & Marlyce Lee yy Antoni & Sharon Lewandowski yy Kristen & James Lindberg yy Kate Crowley & Mike Link yy Nina Manzi yy Sylvia Marcotte yy Keri Marske yy William & Candace Marx yy Jamie McBride yy Kevin McCalib yy Carol Mizuno yy Gary & Patty Mondale yy Janet & Dave Newberg yy JoAnn & George Perdrizet yy Kathleen Rosenow yy Michelle Rozales yy Kevin Schneider yy Glen & Darlene Scott yy Carolyn Serrano yy Charles & Loretta Sprado yy John & Lynn Stevens yy Wesley & Marcia Sundquist yy Carly Sween yy Elaine Thrune yy Joanne Smyth & Paul Vartanian yy Franklin & Michelene Wells

$50-$99 yy Emily Baker yy James Beaudry yy Mary Beck yy Catherine Bjornoos yy Susan Bradford yy Sue Breska yy Jim & Mary Butcher yy Daniel & Jeanne Doty yy European Roasterie Inc yy Ronald & Grace Falk yy Cynthia J. Fay M.D. yy Scott & Lori Forstie yy Bill Foss yy Freiberg Cleaning Services yy Alice & Steve Gruber yy Bonnie Hanley

yy Sara Hasslen yy Nancy Haugen yy John Helland yy Miriam & James Henrikson yy Craig & Yvette Hewitt yy Ruth Hiland yy Gladys Howell yy Charles & Nancy Huber yy Betty & Cliff Johnson yy Clarence Johnson yy JS Print Group, Inc yy Phyllis Kahn yy Lisa Kotasek yy Steven Kozak yy David & Michelle McConnell yy Krista Menzel yy Charles & Diana Moore yy Sheila Moran yy Carole Pederson yy Susan Percival yy Mark & Erica Peterson yy Kendra Pyle yy Joel & Gail Roberts yy Jennette Turner & Jon Rodine yy Charles & Carol Rowley yy Michael Russell yy Eric & Jacqulyn Saunders yy Patrick Schifferdecker yy Frank & Linda Seaberg yy James Simkins yy Michael Stoesz yy Libby & Mike Sundquist yy Diane Tessari yy Bob Wedl yy Terry Wilton yy Wendy Worner yy David Williams


yy Farrand Anderson yy Joan Betts yy Ann & O. William Bruins yy Brett Cease yy David Chasson yy Kathleen Crowley yy Sonja & Aaron Degerstrom yy Drilling Plumbing & Heating yy Christine Duncan yy Nancy Field, Dog Eared Publications yy Cathy Geist yy Judy George yy Ardis Gotschall yy Vance Grannis yy Don Otwell & Susan Grill yy Richard Hoist yy Richard & Lynn Huebsch yy James Huntington yy Rachel & June Husom yy Yvonne & Herb Johnson yy Dee Kotaska yy Jean LaFlash yy Howard & Lynne Markus yy Craig Meyer yy Mary Nicklay yy Manley Olson yy Sanda Oslin yy Don Owens yy Mike Johnson & Wendy Reamer

yy Lydia Steensen yy Donald & Wilde Swanson yy Doug Thoraldson yy Amy & Troy Tvedt yy Patricia Welch

In Memory of In Memory of Lois Balfanz yy Katie & Ron Spong In Memory of Gayle Bullis yy Deedree Stukas In Memory of Dorothea Glattly yy William & Sherry Bixby In Memory of Dorothy Janes yy Don Janes In Memory of J.D. Jones yy Sylvia Marcotte In Memory of Hildur Lund yy Dean & Julie Hovey In Memory of Bob Lundorff yy Elsie Lundorff In Memory of Ray Marcotte yy Linda Marcotte In Memory of Almera Moses yy Michael & Karen Longerbone In Memory of Bradley J. Parker yy Camelle Parker In Memory of Jim & Irma Sokolowski yy Doug & Kathy Wood In Memory of Gene Steele yy Gail Lofness Steele & Christopher Steele In Memory of Larry Vetter yy Jerold & Donna Bahls yy The Rudenick Family yy Sylvia Winkelman yy Dave & Shirley Anne Everson yy Robert & Jane Leech yy Muleen Bergmann yy The Butzler Family yy Dan & Sanina Beecroft yy Stan & Kathy Moe yy Jim & Corine Behling yy Paul Mahowald yy The Dan Halling Family yy The Brian Halling Family yy Phyllis Halling yy Nancy O’Donnel yy Ken & Gertrude Shallbetter yy Springfield, IL Family In Memory of Joe White yy John & Linda Hickman yy Betsy Souther yy Louise White In Memory of J.Wiberg, first Builder & Farm Manager of Schwyzer Lodge yy Margaret Brandel

Honorary In Honor of Rose Adams yy Walt Seibert In Honor of Jill Baum yy Jill, David & Augie Baum yy Paul & Judith Tarabek

In Honor of Marv & Marion Borell yy Karol Gresser In Honor of Chris Cooper Jr yy Claire Wright In Honor of Lee & Dorothy Dybvig yy Nils Dybvig & Michele Braley In Honor of Richard & Connie Glattly yy Janice & William Hoover In Honor of Brian & Brooke Helmlund-Butler yy Jackie Kowalla In Honor of George Jamison yy Shaun & Kristin Jamison In Honor of Cris Peterson yy Jill & Kerry Audette yy Douglas & Jane Koons yy Jerry & Christine Moench In Honor of Sausen Family yy Joe & Geri Sausen

Scholarships yy St. Paul Audubon Society

Grants yy Blandin Foundation yy Burns & McDonnell Foundation yy Carolyn Foundation yy Caroline Vernon & Bruce Halcomb

Employer Matching yy BNSF Foundation / Charles VonRueden yy General Mills / Linda Marcotte yy IBM / O. William Bruins yy Medtronic / Darryl Sannes yy Thomson Reuters / David Heupel yy Thomson Reuters / Michele Heupel yy Wells Fargo / Diane Arnold

Friend a Wild Critter yy Toby & Susan Morgan -

Gift Sponsorship from Laura Carlson

yy Paul Chellsen & Kristina Robertson yy Sharone Hepburn yy Charles & Enriqueta Marske yy Jenna Moon

Thrivent “Choice Dollar” Grant Funds yy Leonard & Angie Gangelhoff yy Denise Liebelt yy John Liebelt

Program Sponsorship yy Lund’s Byerly’s

In-Kind Donations yy Lily Beth Frentz yy Daniel Green yy Julie Holly yy David T. Johnson yy Tammy Ledin yy Stan & Susanne Meyer yy Bryan Wood yy Joyce Wood 888-404-7743

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News from the North Woods

Spring/Summer 2016

New Tools for Wildlife Education by Jeff Tyson, Wildlife Coordinator

We think animals are pretty amazing and we want to share our passion with as many people as possible. Wildlife programs at ACNW reach many students and adults both on and offsite, but each program inevitably has its limits. In an effort to reach larger audiences, we were happy to receive a grant from the Donald Weesner Foundation last year to assist with teaching about the amazing adaptations of wild animals. The technology purchased from this grant has already addressed some of the challenges we faced in our presentations and has the potential for many new applications. First, we needed to make sure that everyone in an audience can hear us clearly – even large crowds at an outdoor stage with no power source. With this grant, we were able to purchase a batterypowered sound system with wireless microphones. This speaker also has the capability to connect to an iPad (also provided by the grant) to incorporate sounds into our programs. We are often

asked about the vocalizations of the different animals and now we are able to play owl calls or woodpecker drumming during a program. With the iPad we are also able to use numerous nature apps providing videos, pictures, and range maps superior to traditional field guides. Visual aids are invaluable in our programs to illustrate important concepts like owl camouflage or how hawks soar on thermals. We found having physical handouts of these photos take a long time to circulate through larger audiences and can be distracting. To help us overcome this obstacle, we purchased a dedicated laptop and projector for animal programming. We also are able to include videos of natural behaviors that our live education animals cannot demonstrate, like a falcon stooping (diving), eagles soaring on thermals, or porcupines climbing.

Friend a Wild Critter Help support the care of any of our resident education birds and animals through our “Friend a Wild Critter” program. Your donation goes towards housing, medical care, food and enrichment items, to help encourage natural behavior in our non-releasable birds and mammals. As part of the adoption process, you will receive a 4x6 magnet photo of the animal, an “Adoption Certificate”, a personal and natural history of “your” animal, recognition in our newsletter, and a tour of the ACNW wildlife facility. For more information, please contact Jeff Tyson, our Wildlife Coordinator, at or visit our website.

Wild porcupine photographed on trail camera

Some of the most incredible things in nature are small, and this makes them difficult to interpret in a large group setting where not everyone has access to a microscope. The Donald Weesner grant provided us with two digital microscopes. These microscopes have the capacity of taking pictures and showing a live picture through a projector. This allows us showcase live macroinvertebrates

Silent flight feather from our Barred Owl, photo taken with one of our new digital microscopes

from our stream to large groups. We can also take pictures of unique feather structures and plan on experimenting with photographing microscopic barbs on porcupine quills. Lastly we were able to purchase two trail cameras to install at the Audubon Center. We have captured great images and video of our local wildlife. Including these images and video of our local wildlife into our programs will give our visitors even more incentive to get outside and explore the ACNW property and their own back yards in search of wildlife. We’d like to thank the Donald Weesner Foundation for giving us this opportunity to reach a diversity of learning styles through technology. With our live animals, biofacts (wings, feet, skulls), animal vocalizations, photos, and video we can reach more students who learn best by hearing, feeling, and seeing amazing animal adaptations.

If you are interested in booking one of our on or offsite live animal programs, visit our website or email


Spring/Summer 2016

News from the North Woods

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The Smithsonian is coming to ACNW – Help Us Celebrate Water! by Jill Baum, Program Director

We are proud to announce that ACNW will host the Smithsonian’s “Museum on Main Street” traveling exhibit Water/Ways from November 19th, 2016 to January 1st, 2017. Sandstone is one of 6 small towns and Minnesota is one of 5 initial states chosen by the Smithsonian to participate in this new touring exhibit. This exhibit will begin in the New London/Spicer region in June, the first of just six greater MN communities selected through a competitive process last year. Major state sponsors include the MN Humanities Center and MN Pollution Control. The Sandstone area was represented in an application by ACNW in partnership with the North Woods & Waters of the St. Croix Heritage Area. Four large presentation panels from the Smithsonian, as well as companion exhibits contributed by MN Pollution Control and a story-telling kiosk assembled by the MN Humanities Center, will be on display in our Crosby Lounge for the duration of the exhibit. In addition to the physical exhibit, this project invites connections between residents and visitors who celebrate shared heritage and a love of our waterways. Our goals are to celebrate our relationship with water and to strengthen community understanding of our regional water resources in a region where water is sometimes taken for granted. The exhibits will highlight personal stories and emphasize our common responsibility for and dependence on the safety of water, now and for future generations. Corresponding events will help citizens of all ages better understand the history of the St. Croix Watershed. From the Ojibwe Prophecy to go to the place where food grows on water to the ways in which our rivers provided transportation through the fur trade, lumber, and immigration eras, our rivers have been a vital life source for all human time in the watershed. This unique opportunity also will build partnerships across the region. Agencies, organizations, clubs, businesses, and individuals will mutually examine and share information about the non-renewable nature of our water resources as

well as sustainability practices throughout the watershed. Many volunteers and organizations have already committed their time and energy to this giant effort. Partners include groups representing the arts, education, natural resources, local municipalities, and our cultural heritage. This project can help communities contemplate the kind of future we wish to have for generations to come. We are fortunate to live in a region where water is abundant. It is in our hands to cherish and protect it.

Smithsonian’s “Museum on Main Street” at ACNW


November 19, 2016 - January 1, 2017 Please come join us! Or consider special financial support so that we can provide the best effort possible to fully take advantage of this unique opportunity. A partial calendar of events is below -- check out our page on the Humanities Center website for the latest updates:  Watch for our traveling parade float coming to a regional

summer event near you!

 Led by local artists, the public is invited to join in the Main

Street Mural project in downtown Sandstone the last weekend in July.

 Enter your poetry celebrating the St. Croix and sub-

watersheds this fall.

 Join Lake Associations and the St. Croix Master Watershed

Stewards for peer learning exchanges and best watershed management practices.

 Attend the Grand Opening festivities on Saturday, Nov. 19th.  Support K-12 field trips to ACNW to tour the exhibit and

participate in hands-on learning.

 Participate in the Heritage Summit at ACNW, hosted by

North Woods and Waters of the St. Croix Heritage Area in early December.

 Add your new or existing water-related event ideas and join

the fun… Everyone is encouraged to participate!


News from the North Woods


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Spring/Summer 2016

Follow us on Facebook at

For more information and online registration for these events, visit the Calendar of Events on our website Stay tuned for more info about our Women’s Superior Hiking Trail adventure in September!


Spring/Summer 2016

News from the North Woods

ACNW Receives Top Marks on Authorizer Evaluation by David Greenberg, Director of Charter School Authorizing

The Audubon Center of the North Woods (ACNW) has been authorizing charter schools for over 10 years. Through our Charter School Division in Minneapolis, the Center conducts oversight and evaluation of 34 schools that serve nearly 8000 students across the state. Our primary responsibility is to ensure schools achieve agreed upon outcomes in the areas of academic, financial, operational and environmental education performance. This work aligns closely to our organization’s mission as each school in our portfolio is contractually obligated to implement environmental education programs designed to increase students’ environmental literacy. Beginning in 2015, the Minnesota Department of Education began evaluating charter school authorizers including ACNW. This evaluation is focused on authorizers’ organizational capacity for effective authorizing, compliance with statute, implementation of processes and policies, and decision-making. ACNW recently received its completed evaluation report which was overwhelmingly positive. ACNW achieved an overall rating of “Satisfactory” and an overall score of 3.44 out of 4. We earned scores of 3 (commendable) or 4 (exemplary) on all but one of the 20 indicators for which we earned a score of 1 (approaching satisfactory). We have already begun to work on improvements in this area. Overall, we are pleased with this evaluation and feel that it validates our progress on improving systems and practices related to our authorizing responsibilities. The final evaluation report is available on our charter school authorizing website. A glimpse at a few of the many K12 classes offered at ACNW

Examining a skull during MN Mammals class

Practicing telemetry during Wolves class

Collecting specimens - Stream Superheros class

Navigational success during Orienteering class

Page 7

Meet Our New Naturalist Intern Will Baker

Naturalist Intern

I was born and raised in Plano, Texas and received my degree in animal behavior at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I first came to the ACNW in 2013 as part of the Wolves and North Woods Predators J-term course. I like to learn about animals, their adaptations, and especially how they evolve. In my spare time, I am a tree-climber, painter, sculptor, and movie aficionado, and also enjoy playing, watching, and talking hockey. I am very excited to share with kids how cool the environment can be through fun experiences!

General Wish List Remember, your ‘in-kind’ donations are tax-deductible.

Many of our ‘wished for’ items can be found on our wish list. Use Amazon Smile to make your gift go further by having a portion of your purchase price be donated to the Audubon Center (no additional cost to you). 1) Visit If you have not chosen a charitable organization, you’ll be prompted to Select a Charity. Type “Audubon Center of the North Woods” and click search then ‘Add Friend’ next to our name in your search results.

2) Mouse over ‘Wish List’ in the upper right corner and choose ‘Find a Wish List or Registry’. 4) Enter “Audubon Center of the North Woods” into the search box. 5) From there you can view our wish list

                           

utility trailer reliable, fuel-efficient car for interns wide-track snowmobile for trail grooming balls (soccer, volleyball, football, etc.) canoe trailer cordless and electric tools (saws, drills, etc.) industrial-size washer & dryer pressure sprayer firewood topsoil for lawn rehab cross country skis & snowshoes for very small kids backpacking stoves (MSR) 4-person tents large mixing bowls and platters table lamps spade shovels bobcat/skidster ATV rubbermaid bins with lids lawn sweeper wheelbarrows Montreal Voyageur Canoe Voyageur costume items ¼” , ½”, & ¾” Manila Rope (see wish list) Raptor food for a month $150 Parrot/dog toys (new or gently used) Potted evergreen trees (less than 3’ tall) Gift cards to Petco or Petsmart


Non-profit Organization

U.S Postage PAID

Audubon Center of the North Woods

Sandstone, MN 55072

Experience Your Environment P.O. Box 530, Sandstone, MN 55072 Phone: 888-404-7743 or 320-245-2648 Fax: 320-245-5272 Email:

Permit No. 2

If you would like to view this newsletter online instead, please send an email to and we will add you to our enewsletter list

Visit our website! News from the North Woods Volume 42, Issue 1—Spring/Summer 2016 Bryan Wood, Executive Director Laurie Fenner, editing/layout Published twice yearly by Audubon Center of the North Woods Mail, call or email us your inquiries and ideas. Printed with soy-based inks on paper containing 100% post-consumer waste, 100% carbon neutral and made with 100% renewable green energy.

PO Box 530, Sandstone, MN 55072 Audubon Center Experience Your Environment 888-404-7743  PO Box 530, Sandstone, MN 55072 EIN: 23-7044164 the North Woods Audubon Center Experience Your Environment 888-404-7743  Thankof you for your support of ACNW – we could not do it without you! EIN: 23-7044164 of the North Woods

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 Please make my donation anonymous.

The Audubon Center of the North Woods is a 501(c)3 organization. Your gift is tax-deductible.



* BECOME A SUSTAINING CONTRIBUTOR Your Giving Simplied: Make a Recurring Gift!


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 Add me to your enewsletter list (provide email above) ACNW does not address sell or share your information  Send me information on how to include ACNW in my will  Add me to your enewsletter list (provide email address above) Ask your employer if they have matching gift program to leverage your donation  Send me information onahow to include ACNW in my will Please go to or call 888-404-7743 more information or toyour contribute online Ask your employer if they have a matching giftfor program to leverage donation Please go to or call 888-404-7743 for more information or to contribute online


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•Your You are in control - you can your payments Giving Simpli ed:change Makeora stop Recurring Gift! at any time. • We You will arenot in control - youfor can change or stop youryour payments • solicit you annual giving during at any time.period. However, to keep you informed sustaining • about We willwhat’s not solicit you for at annual giving during happening ACNW, we will sendyour you our sustaining period. However, to keep you informed Newsletter - via email or US mail. happening at ACNW, willatsend you our • about You getwhat’s an annual summary of yourwe gifts tax time. Newsletter via email or US mail. and secure withdrawals Simple and-easy with convenient

• from You get ancredit annual summary of your gifts at tax time. your card or checking account. and easyand withsaves convenient and secure withdrawals • Simple Budget-friendly you time and money – no from your card or checking checks to credit write or postage to buy. account. • Your Budget-friendly youa time and money – no • sustaining and giftssaves provide dependable, ongoing checks of to funding write or while postage to buy.administrative costs. source reducing • Your sustaining gifts provide a dependable, ongoing source of funding while reducing administrative costs.

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