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Audubon Center of the North Woods

Fall/Winter 2015

News from the North Woods

Volume 41, Issue 2

Experience Your Environment

Positioning for the Future

by Bryan Wood, Executive Director

This summer went down in the books as one of the most pleasant in Minnesota history. We were fortunate with wonderful weather to get out and enjoy Minnesota’s natural wonders. Amidst the beautiful summer days, there has been a flurry of activity at the Audubon Center of the North Woods (ACNW). With funding from a generous supporter, we replaced the carpet in the Dining Hall building and Crosby Lodge, tiled the food line area and science classroom, as well as stained and sealed the entry hallway’s floor. With a generous contribution from a supporting couple, we also purchased a new outreach vehicle that has crisscrossed the state and the Midwest several times already. With funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, as recommended by the Legislative Citizens’ Commission for Minnesota’s Resources, we installed a 6.15 kilowatt solar photovoltaic array south of the Barn. A recent grant from the Blandin Foundation will allow us

to consolidate all of our renewable energy production onto one, easy to read page on our website. Much needed foundational repair was completed at historic Schwyzer Lodge with funding from the Minnesota Historical Society.

Newly installed 6.15 solar PV array at Barn

Considerable energy has been poured into our K-12 program, reviewing years of evaluations and meeting with and polling lead teachers and administrators to get a sense of what their experiences are and how we can better serve their needs. With that analysis and input, we have revamped our class structure accordingly so students will get more, better focused classes during their stay, and expanded evening and early morning activities. To better serve your needs, we have reorganized and created new staffing positions to better meet organizational demands. This summer, a thorough staff

analysis of all programs was conducted and changes are being implemented. This resulted in creating new programs and ending others. An exciting 3-year strategic plan began which focuses our efforts on four key pillars that will position us for success moving forward (to view a copy, visit our website at www.audubon-center.org). With your patronage and generosity, growth was realized this past fiscal year in K-12 schools and adult programs, retreats and conferences, and annual contributions. ACNW will commence its first ever independent campaign in the near future to upgrade its key facilities. Stay tuned for more details. Thank you for your support of the Audubon Center of the North Woods – we could not do it without you! In This Issue Positioning for Future.............1

Meet Our New Staff/Interns...5

Become a Sustainer................2

2016 Events.............................6

Thank You...............................3

Spotlight on Schools...............7

Owls of the Boreal Forest.......4

Wish Lists................................7

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News from the North Woods

Fall/Winter 2015

Become a Sustainer: Make a Recurring Gift by Walt Seibert, Development Coordinator

As a nonprofit, the Audubon Center of the North Woods (ACNW) relies on contributions of our supporters to ensure that we can continue to fulfill our commitment to meeting the ACNW mission: To instill a connection to the environment in people of all communities through experiential learning.

Your Giving Simplified Make your dollars go further by becoming a Sustaining Contributor. Sustaining gifts provide a dependable, ongoing source of funding while reducing administrative costs. That makes every contribution a full investment in the unique and outstanding environmental education opportunities we provide. Ø Simple

and easy with secure automatic withdrawals from your credit/debit card or checking account.

Ø You

are in control - you set the monthly amount and if your circumstances change, you may adjust or suspend your giving at any time.

Ø Budget-friendly

and saves you time and money – no checks to write or postage to buy

Ø Your

ongoing support goes further by reducing administrative costs.

Ø We

will not solicit you for annual giving during your sustaining period. However, to keep you informed about what’s happening at ACNW, we will send you our Newsletter. You may choose to receive them by email or US mail.

Gene and Nancy Pugh, long time ACNW volunteers and supporters, are sustaining contributors because, as Nancy said:

“The Audubon Center is important to us. It’s doing what we value. The Center teaches people of all ages how their behavior directly affects the environment. We have a responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations and the Audubon Center of the North Woods is very much involved in that effort. This is important to us and the sustaining gift program makes it easy to support it. We have a peace of mind each month knowing our gift is delivered on time. And it is easy to set up.”

Ø We

will send you an annual summary of your gifts for your records at tax time.

Ø Your

name will be listed as a Sustaining Contributor. Of course, you may choose to remain anonymous.

Thank you for your interest and support!! Walt Seibert, Development Coordinator, can be reached at development@audubon-center.org or 952-200-9867.

Please join Sustaining Contributors Nancy and Gene Pugh and others. For more information about becoming a Sustaining Contributor, please email Walt Seibert at seibert@audubon-center.org.

ACNW 2014-2015 Accomplishments

with help from your generous support, last fiscal year (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015):

www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

Fall/Winter 2015

Thank You!

News from the North Woods

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We would like to acknowledge and thank all those individuals and companies who have contributed to the Audubon Center of the North Woods (since our last newsletter) as well as the schools who visited us this academic year. Through your support and patronage, we are able to provide impactful environmental education opportunities for people of all ages.

Donations, Memberships & Memorials Sustainers yy Pam Brumfield yy Elaine Duvall yy Brian Larson yy Becky Lourey yy Gene & Nancy Pugh

$1000+ yy Walter & Clara McCarthy Ueland/ Greystone Foundation yy Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures yy Bryan Wood

$500-$749 yy Mary Ellen Vetter yy Jim & Donna Peter yy Arun Hejmadi & Patricia Lyall

$250-$499 yy Kathy & Mel Aanerud yy East Central Energy yy Don & Mary Verbick

$100-$249 yy Brett & Diane Arnold yy Barbara Blechinger yy Les & Sharon Boeckman yy Maureen Borell yy Carroll C Brooks yy Sheryl & Chris Camper yy Lois Gernbacher yy Anna May Goyette yy Richard & Patricia Hapke yy Diane Kiley yy Kevin McMalib yy Stan & Susan Meyer yy Chester & Miriam Meyers yy Elisa Mill yy Charles & Diana Moore yy Pete Nelson yy Dave & Janet Newberg yy Laureen Overway yy Bill & Naomi Pomper yy Roberta Reilly yy Amatullah (Nicole) Richard yy Joel & Gail Roberts yy Darryl Sannes yy Roy & Margaret Sebald yy Walt Seibert yy Charles Speiker yy Cary & Elaine Steeg yy Sue & Don VanGorden yy Robert & Lynn Widger yy John Zakelz

$50-99 yy Allen Asmus yy Kathleen Aust

yy Kathy Brandli & Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj yy Kathy & Mike Carroll yy Blake Chaffee yy Neil Clark & Claire Olson yy Debra Curran yy Lola Davidson yy Mary Deming yy Ron & Paula Dexter yy Carolyn Drude yy Barbara Dunn yy Bruce & Marlene Ehresman yy Kevin Fink yy Muriel Gorham yy Dale E. Hammerschmidt & Mary Arneson yy Kathryn & Scott Hanson yy Mirium & James Henrikson yy Al & Lyn Johnson yy Helen Johnson yy Katherine Jones yy Marty & Martha Kraus yy Lois Kunze yy Sharon Lewandowski yy Matt’s Sanitation yy Melody & Matthew Mestemacher yy Carol J Pederson yy Meg Peitersen yy Don & Sue Rogers yy Charles & Carol Rowley yy Theron (Terry) Salmela yy Michael Stoesz yy Jennette Turner & Jon Rodine yy Gary & Bonnie Van Erp yy Peter & Patricia Webster

Friends yy Rhonda & Dan Belzile yy Trulie Bolton yy Cheryl Carlson yy Patricia & Brian Cragoe yy Alanna Dore yy Drilling Plumbing & Heating/Gary & Sharon Drilling yy Doug Finke & Diane Felde-Finke yy Helen & William Friend yy Judy & Ron George yy Jim & Antonette Henningson yy Joni & Kevin Hogie yy Dick & Sharon Holst yy Carol S Hughes yy JS Print Group yy Vernon & Ruth Kaufert yy Frances Levings yy Craig & Laurie Meyer yy Courtney Nagle yy Dan & Mary Nicklay yy Carol Nordeen

yy Sandy Peterson yy Nicholas Plante yy Gina Pockrandt yy Joe & Geri Sausen yy Linda Schave yy Jim Simkins yy Lydia Steensen yy John & Patricia Telfer yy Patricia J. Thompson yy Nancy Jo Tubbs yy Terry Wilton yy Clair Wright

In Memory of: In Memory of Imogen Jean Berchin yy Berchin’s A&W Family Restaurant In Memory of Gloria Bodahl yy Jean Martell In Memory of Lawrence Mans yy Laverne Mans In Memory of Marge Matthews yy Sylvia Marcotte In Memory of Grand-Nephew Christopher Orkin yy John & Barbara Cloues In Memory of Susie Oslin yy Sanda Oslin In Memory of Orville (Joe) White yy Patricia & Jay Powell

Honorary In Honor of Richard & Connie Glattly yy Janis Hoover In Honor of Douglas Duane Harmening yy Marti Naughton In Honor of Christine (Cris) Peterson’s Birthday yy Hans J Koenig yy NAS Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation yy Sarah Sandon In Honor of Walter Seibert yy Mr. & Mrs Robert Clark In Honor of The Wildcat Sanctuary yy The Wildcat Sanctuary

Scholarships yy Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter yy St. Paul Audubon Society

Grants yy 3M Foundation yy The Allen Family Fund yy AmazonSmile Foundation yy Donald Weesner Foundation yy East Central Energy/ Operation Round-Up

yy Ecolab Foundation yy Leonard & Angie Gangelhoff/ Trivent Action Team Grant yy Joanne Kendall yy Nancy Liebelt/Thrivent Action Team Grant yy Marvin P Verhulst Foundation Inc yy Walter McCarthy & Clara Ueland yy Northwoods Audubon Designated Fund/Minnesota Community Foundation yy Richard & Joan Newmark yy Henry L & Virginia E Sweatt

Friend a Wild Critter yy Mike Chrun yy Don Decarlo In Honor of Kyra Thurow’s Birthday yy Margaret Youngquist & Jon Kerr

Employer Matching yy 3M Foundation/Don Janes yy BNSF Railway Foundation/ Charles VonRueden yy IBM/Bill Bruins yy U.S. Bank Foundation/Craig Lewis Roberts

Thrivent “Choice Dollar” Grant Funds yy Mitchell Haber yy Lois Kunze yy Dennis Liebelt yy Nancy Liebelt

In-Kind Donations yy Linda Bartels yy Lee Dybvig yy Richard King yy Julia Kittleson yy RJ Linder/Visions USA Inc. yy Jay & Kim McGowan yy Michael Stoesz yy James Trapp yy Joyce Wood

Food & Farms Sponsors yy Linden Hills Co-op yy Manion Foods, Inc yy Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op yy Organic Valley yy Seward Community Co-op yy Sysco, Inc yy Whole Foods Co-op

www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

News from the North Woods

Photo by Autumn Henry

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My first time seeing a Great Gray and Northern Hawk Owl in the wild came with relatively little effort, but adding Boreal Owl to my life list took more work. With two co-workers, I set out to find a Boreal Owl. Arriving before sunrise at the location where owls were being sighted we searched the conifers on the north shore of Lake Superior. After two hours we had a good list of birds spotted, and tried to convince ourselves it would still have been a worthwhile trip even if we didn’t find the Boreal. At the end of our morning we came across several cars parked haphazardly on the side of the road, and even without seeing the owl we knew these must be birders. We left our car to run

Owls of the Boreal Forest by Jeff Tyson, Wildlife Coordinator

up the hill to join them in observing a Boreal owl hunting the roadside. It was an amazing moment, and one that I’ll never forget.

to get this taxidermy completed. We look forward to offering this program around Minnesota and Wisconsin in the coming years.

That Boreal Owl moved to Minnesota during an irruption, which we see every 3-4 years in Minnesota. Often only involving a small number of birds, they typically go unnoticed by the general public, but not by birders. However, on occasion there are larger movements of owls south, most notably in 20042005,when over 5,000 Great Gray Owls were observed in Minnesota. Since larger irruptions draw the attention of the public we receive questions and hear stories of people’s encounters with these mysterious birds. In 2013 we acquired a non-releasable Boreal Owl as an education bird. We wanted to develop a program that would show how these three owls that are characteristic of the boreal forest are unique in their diet and habitat requirements and working to preserve these birds will protect the whole boreal forest ecosystem. As the program developed we saw a need for a greater visual impact in the program. We needed to have an example of each of the three species of owls from the Boreal Forest on which we were going to focus. A grant from the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators(IAATE) allowed us to have a Great Gray and Northern Hawk Owl professionally mounted for use with the live Boreal Owl in this program. We would like to thank IAATE for providing the initial investment

Wildlife Coordinator Jeff Tyson presenting with Boreal Owl “Odin”

Fall/Winter 2015

Great Grey Owl and Northern Hawk Owl taxidermy

For more information about this program and other programs offered by the Audubon Center of the North Woods visit us at www.audubon-center.org

Friend a Wild Critter Help support the care of any of our resident education birds and animals through our “Friend a Wild Critter” program. Your donation goes towards housing, medical care, food and enrichment items, to help encourage natural behavior in our non-releasable birds and mammals. As part of the adoption process, you will receive a 4x6 magnet photo of the animal, an “Adoption Certificate”, a personal and natural history of “your” animal, recognition in our newsletter, and a tour of the ACNW wildlife facility. For more information, please contact Jeff Tyson, our Wildlife Coordinator, at wildlife@auduboncenter.org or visit our website.

www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

Fall/Winter 2015

News from the North Woods

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Meet Our New Staff and Naturalist Interns New Staff

Newly arriving Naturalist Interns Mary Dybvig

I graduated from Macalester College in 2014 with a degree in biology. While I was there, I picked up an interest in bird watching. I’m always up for a birding adventure! In warmer months, I enjoy canoeing and kayaking, and in winter I try to get out and go cross country skiing when possible. Outdoors stuff aside, I also like to paint, draw and read.

Jeff Gray

I’m a native of Vero Beach, FL and a recent graduate of Indian River State College with a bachelor’s degree in IT Management. My love of the outdoors was first sparked by scouting where I was active for over 15 years and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. I was also first introduced to the north woods while working as a canoe guide in the Boundary Waters. In my free time I enjoy canoeing, backpacking, programming, and learning new things. I’m excited to be a part of the Audubon team!

(Mc)Kenzie Kline

I graduated with a BS degree in Ecology at Winona State University in my hometown of Winona, MN in the spring of 2014. I have an absolute passion for working with animals and making a difference in the wildlife field. In my free time I love to be artsy, do crafts, play with makeup, bird-watch, hike, rollerblade, and explore the world as much as possible. This year I plan on working hard to get the most out of my internship, create lasting friendships with people that share the same passions, and to push myself farther than I ever thought I could achieve.

Jessica McCarthy

I’m originally from Kenyon, MN. I graduated from North Dakota State University in May, 2015 with a BS degree in Biology. I just finished a seasonal job at Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, SD as a bird trainer and it was awesome! I love animals of all shapes and sizes, but I’m particularly fond of reptiles and birds, especially snakes and owls. My favorite hobby is photography, but I also enjoy arts and crafts of all kinds. I’ve learned a lot, but I can’t wait to learn even more working with the Audubon Center!

Ryan Messer

I grew up in Rapid City, SD. I received my AA degree in outdoor education from Northwest College (Powell, WY) and then received my BS in outdoor education at Black Hills State University (Spearfish, SD). I first learned about ACNW when I attended the Wolves & Northwoods Carnivores course in Janurary 2015. My interests include hiking, backpacking, collecting bones, reading, and music. I’m also a huge fan of Star Trek and would love to chat with fellow “trekkies.” I look forward to meeting each and every visitor here at ACNW!

Lizzie Rose

I graduated from St. Olaf College with majors in Environmental Studies and English. In my free time I love to read and hike. I also love traveling and during my time at St. Olaf spent a semester studying Environmental Science in Australia. I grew up in Overland Park, KS. My interest in teaching about the natural world began in high school when I took an Environmental Education class and got to teach groups of elementary kids from local schools. I look forward to my time at ACNW to give me the tools necessary to embark on a career as a Naturalist and instill a love for the environment in children.

Scott Axell Cook I live outside of Dalbo, MN on a small hobbie farm. I’ve been in the food service industry for 35+ years. I love to scratch cook! In my free time, I like to hunt, fish, do yard work, garden and spend time with my wife, kids and grandchildren. I look forward to working here at ACNW.

Sarah Odendahl Reservations Coordinator I’m a Pine City native and a 2013 graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. With a background in theatre and event management, I most recently worked as the manager of Pine City’s Old Oak Inn. In my spare time, I enjoy quilting and fiber arts, reading, and spoiling my niece and nephew.

Jolene Palme Accounting Assistant My family moved to Sandstone 5 years ago from Superior, WI. I spent most of my childhood on the berry farms in Bayfield and the islands in Lake Superior. Living in the country is a peaceful dream and watching the wildlife that visit my home is amazing. In my spare time, I also do nature and family photography.

Coming back for 2nd year as

Advanced Naturalists

Adel Huemiller I am from Needham, MA. I started as a Naturalist intern last fall, and look forward to my expanded role this year as an Advanced Naturalist. This past year at the Center has allowed me to share my passion of outdoor adventure with ACNW, and I am excited to continue to do so this year!

Asya Simons

I’m from Richmond, VA. I love anything to do with being outside, particularly scuba diving and hiking, and will follow any trail my feet can find. I also really enjoy spending time with the Center’s educational animals and look forward to continuing to be able to share my passion for the environment in the coming year.

www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

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News from the North Woods

Fall/Winter 2015

TENTATIVE ACNW Calendar of Upcoming Events


Dates are subject to change. Visit the CALENDAR OF EVENTS on our website or email info@audubon-center.org for more information September 26, 2015................. ‘Autumn at the Audubon’ Open House September 26, 2015.....................................Renewable Trail Run/Walk October 2-4, 2015.............. Women’s Wellness & Adventure Weekend October 24, 2015.......................................................Dinner at the Lake December 27-30, 2015......................................... Winter Family Escape December 31, 2015 .......................................New Year’s Eve at the Lake February 20, 2016......................................................Dinner at the Lake March 19, 2016 ..............................................Maple Syrup Day/Brunch April 15-17, 2016................................................ Food & Farms Weekend April 23, 2016.............................................................Dinner at the Lake April 29-May 1, 2016......... Women’s Wellness & Adventure Weekend June 11, 2016..............................................................Dinner at the Lake June 19-24, 2016..........................Rock, Ropes & Rafting - youth camp July 10-15, 2016......................................Ways of Wildlife I youth camp July 10-15, 2016.....................................Ways of Wildlife II youth camp July 24-29, 2016..............................................Jr. Naturalist youth camp July 24-29, 2016............................................Summer youth camp (tbd) June-September................................ Summer Road Scholar Programs September 24, 2016................ ‘Autumn at the Audubon’ Open House September 24, 2016....................................Renewable Trail Run/Walk October 7-9, 2016............. Women’s Wellness & Adventure Weekend October 22, 2016.......................................................Dinner at the Lake December 27-30, 2016........................................ Winter Family Escape December 31, 2016.......................................New Year’s Eve at the Lake

Year-Round l K-12

Residential Environmental Education Programs

l Conference

& Retreat Center Rentals

l Adventure,

teambuilding & naturalist programming

l Outreach l Day


Programs and Tours

Interested in holding your own event at ACNW? We rent out our facilities for retreats, conferences, banquets and special events. Call Sarah at 888-404-7743 or email reservations@audubon-center.org for information or a price quote.

Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AudubonCenter

Winter Family Escape

Make Family Memories that last a lifetime

www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

Fall/Winter 2015

News from the North Woods

Spotlight on schools In 2003, ACNW became a sponsor of charter schools in order to further its mission of environmental education and expand its educational programming. In response to statutory change in 2009, ACNW renewed its commitment to charter schools and became an approved charter school authorizer in December 2010. Since that time, ACNW has grown to become the largest authorizer of charter schools in Minnesota by number of schools authorized. ACNW authorizes charter schools as a vehicle to advance our mission and vision by instilling a connection and commitment to the environment in the schools we authorize, thus allowing our schools to work towards a healthy planet where all people live in balance with the Earth.

Congratulations to Great Expectations School and World Learner School for being named as High-Quality Charter Schools (HQCS) by the Minnesota Department of Education. Only twenty-two charter schools earned the HQCS designation in 2015, and these schools are eligible to apply for an expansion/replication grant or best practice award from Minnesota’s Federal Charter Schools Program Grant Project. These twenty-two schools have a track record of increasing student achievement and student success, and were identified based on proficiency and growth on standardized state tests, among other factors. Harvest Preparatory School recently received $100,000 from the United Way/Target Spotlight Schools Initiative, an effort by Twin Cities United Way and Target to fund a year-long project aimed at accelerating the pace of successful student achievement in an effort to close the region’s numerous opportunity gaps between lowincome students of color and white students. More than 40 Minneapolis and St. Paul schools submitted grant proposals, but only 10 were selected in the highly competitive process. Crosslake Community School opened its doors to high school students for the first time this past fall, starting an online curriculum for students in grades 9-12, and this past spring the school graduated its first student ever– Makayla Conrad-Kassa. Coincidentally, La Crescent Montessori and STEM School also graduated its first student ever this spring – Taylor Wagner. The Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) is the newest sponsor of the Academy for Sciences & Agriculture (AFSA) High School. MCGA is funding two college scholarships for students who will graduate from AFSA High School in spring 2016.

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General Wish List We are in need of the items below. Remember, your ‘in-kind’ donations are tax-deductible. More ‘wished for’ items can be found on our Amazon.com wish list – search “Audubon Center of the North Woods” under wish lists.

n utility trailer n reliable, fuel-efficient car for interns n 3/4 ton pick-up truck for snowplowing n balls (soccer, volleyball, football, etc.) n canoe trailer n cordless and electric tools (saws, drills, etc.) n industrial-size washer & dryer n pressure sprayer n twin mattresses in excellent condition n handheld GPS units n firewood n topsoil for lawn rehab n cross country skis & snowshoes for very small kids n backpacking expedition packs n ice machine n large mixing bowls and platters n vacuum cleaner in good working order n table lamps n spade shovels n bobcat/skidster n electric golf cart n ATV n rubbermaid bins with lids n lawn sweeper n wheelbarrows n Montreal Voyageur Canoe n J-1 visa for international interns ($4,000)

Wildlife Barn Wish List The following items to assist us in the care of our educational animals or enhance the visit of those who come to learn about Minnesota’s wildlife. If you have or would like to purchase one of the following items it would be greatly appreciated. Rope comes on 100’ or 600’ spools, donations should be in whole spools. Raptor food is special ordered; the cash donation will go towards food purchases. More items can be found on our Amazon.com wish list – search “Audubon Center of the North Woods” under wish lists.

n ¼” , ½”, and ¾” Manila Rope (Available from Amazon.com wish list)

n Raptor food for a month $150 n Parrot/dog toys (new or gently used) n Potted evergreen trees (less than 3’ tall) n Gift cards to Petco or Petsmart

www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

Audubon Center of the North Woods Experience Your Environment

P.O. Box 530, Sandstone, MN 55072 Phone: 888-404-7743 or 320-245-2648 Fax: 320-245-5272

If you would like to save resources and would prefer to receive this periodic newsletter electronically (PDF) via email instead of US mail, please send an email to info@audubon-center.org

Email: info@audubon-center.org

Visit our website! www.audubon-center.org News from the North Woods Volume 41, Issue 2—Fall/Winter 2015 Bryan Wood, Executive Director Laurie Fenner, editing/layout Published twice yearly by Audubon Center of the North Woods Mail, call or email us your inquiries and ideas. Printed with soy-based inks on paper containing 100% post-consumer waste, 100% carbon neutral and made with 100% renewable green energy.

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 Please make my donation anonymous.

The Audubon Center of the North Woods is a 501(c)3 organization. Your gift is tax-deductible.



* BECOME A SUSTAINING CONTRIBUTOR Your Giving Simplied: Make a Recurring Gift!


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•Your You are in control - you can your payments Giving Simpli ed:change Makeora stop Recurring Gift! at any time. • We You will arenot in control - youfor can change or stop youryour payments • solicit you annual giving during at any time.period. However, to keep you informed sustaining • about We willwhat’s not solicit you for at annual giving during happening ACNW, we will sendyour you our sustaining period. However, to keep you informed Newsletter - via email or US mail. happening at ACNW, willatsend you our • about You getwhat’s an annual summary of yourwe gifts tax time. Newsletter via email or US mail. and secure withdrawals Simple and-easy with convenient

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Fall/Winter 2015 Newsletter  

Online version of our twice-yearly print newsletter

Fall/Winter 2015 Newsletter  

Online version of our twice-yearly print newsletter


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