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Founder/Editor in Chief of The Movement REMIXED Audrey Egypt Young

Lamman Rucker

Newark International Film Festival (NIFF) Ken Gifford made history


and Co-Star in FOX Empire


larenz tate Founder Audrey Egypt Young chops it up with O-Dog himself @ NIFF

Literature/ Movements / Music / Fashion/Red Carpets

Photo by Tonya Young

Volume 13

NEWARKIFF.com During the viewing of great films, workshops, celebrity panelist, and music all weekend long Kenneth Gifford, Founder/CEO of the Newark International Film Festival (NIFF) and his beautiful family celebrate an incredible festival.

THE MOVEMENT MAGAZINE REMIXED (VOLUME 13) Founder/Editor in Chief - Audrey “Egypt” YOUNG Dir. of Operations - Shannan “Shyne” hunter Editorial Projects Director - Joe Jahaad Adams Fashion/Model Dir./Coordinator - Ciara Ross EDITORIAL HOST/PROOFREADER- JOE “JAHAAD” ADAMS HOST/JOURNALIST - Ciara Cee Ross CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Audrey “Egypt” Young, Shannan Hunter, Joe “Jahaad” Adams, Tyree Ladd, Doshon Farad, Ciara Ross CREATIVE Visual Arts Director - Tonya Tee Young PROMOTIONS Sky Darling


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God has truly been sustaining me throughout all of my hardships, my faith never wavers. The Movement REMIXED has been very Blessed to make a difference in the lives of positive people and their MOVEMENTS. The Newark International Film Festival was nothing short of incredible. Ken Gifford pulled out all of the stops on this one. From Legendary Actor Larenz Tate and his brothers in a Panel Discussion to OWN Network star of “Greenleaf � Lamman Rucker meet and greet festival goers. The vast array of films that were displayed during this festival were breathtaking. If you missed this, then you must make a point to attend next year, because it is sure to be bigger and better. - Audrey Egypt Young In closing, This is YOUR magazine so write us and let us know how we can make things better. info@TheMovementMagazine.net follow us: www.Twitter.com/njthemovement www.Facebook.com/TheMovementMagazine www.Instagram.com/egyptyoung

Entertainment is what we do

Lorenz Tate - PAGE 49

Tobias Truvillion - PAGE 32

Ken Gifford family Pg. 2 The QUEENTEAM - Pg. 3 Egypt-Editor in Chief - Pg. 5 NIFF & Movement collab - Pg.7 NIFF breakdown - Pg. 8 Prestige Tours - Pg. 10 Beyond The Silence - Pg. 11 Red Dot - Pg. 12 King of Newark - Pg. 13 Steps - Pg. 14 C’est La Vie - Pg. 15

Lamman Rucker - PAGE 61

Kenneth Gifford- throughout mag

WINNER “UGLY” - Pg. 17 Dope Fiend - Pg 19 Newark Mayor supporting - Pg. 45 Driver - Pg. 21 The Tate Brothers - Pg. 46 Snapshots of Celebs - Pg. 22 William M. Barbee - Pg. 53 NIFF WINNERS - Pg. 29 Boxer Shakur Stevenson - Pg 57 Diversity in Hollywood with Tates - Pg. 35 Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics - Pg. 58 Women in the Boardroom - Pg. 37 Miss NaNa single - Pg. 59 Lets Laugh Bob Sumner - Pg. 38 Lamman & Mayor Ras Baraka - Pg. 65 Money & Violence - Pg. 39 Jeff Friday & Ken Gifford - Pg. 66 NIFF Red Carpet Opening night - Pg. 42 Egypt & Ken Collaboration - Pg. 67

We keep our finger on the pulse of what is NEW, HOT AND Innovative!!!!


The Movement Magazine REMIXED is the Premier Magazine for The NIFF Newark International Film Festival www.NewarkIFF.com

The Newark International Film Festival The 3-day festival showcased the breadth of the film industry including screenings at a number of cultural anchor institutions and outdoor screenings, stunt exhibitions, pitch opportunities and auditions for TV and film, acting, directing, producing and crowd funding workshops, and much more was showcased. The NIFF is the first international film festival hosted in Newark. A main feature of the NIFF was the Hannibal Goodwin Award for Innovation in Filmmaking in homage to Hannibal Goodwin, the Episcopal priest who invented celluloid film 1887 in Newark, NJ. The Newark International Film Festival (NIFF) is dedicated to the art of storytelling through film. The 2016 NIFF put filmmakers in front of major players in the film industry and movie lovers from around the world. NIFF’s audience is important, affluent, and eager to celebrate. The city of Newark has a rich history of fostering great artists and innovators who have created definitive work. As the birthplace and/or workplace of names like Seth Boyden, Thomas Edison, Hannibal Goodwin, Brian De Palma, Savion Glover and many more, Newark

continues to make its mark on the world. The festival brought in approximately 30,000 people to the city of Newark during the 3-day festival. All participants and ticket holders received a NIFF black card that allowed them to purchase food and merchandise at participating retailers and restaurant at a discount.

Opening Night The 2016 Newark International Film Festival began with a red carpet VIP reception on opening night for dignitaries, sponsors, celebrities and partners. The reception was hosted by the NIFF Committee and our celebrity ambassador.

Screenings Screenings during the film festival was shown throughout Newark at cultural anchor institutions such as Newark Symphony Hall, The Newark Museum, Newark Public Library, Rutgers University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Essex County College, Military Park and the Cityplex Theater.

Workshops Throughout downtown Newark we hosted a number of workshops for actors, directors, producers, filmmakers, and writers, as well as stunt exhibitions and training, and celebrity meet and greets. We were especially excited about workshops and demonstrations of film production equipment highlighting new technologies.

Youth Festival We are very proud to have had offered a youth component to the NIFF for youth under the age of 19. The youth festival was included in the NIFF body but was governed by a separate group, that ensured that the youth were treated fairly and had the same opportunities available to the professional filmmakers in the NIFF. Adult filmmakers were not allowed to enter the youth festival however a youth was able to submit their body of work into any competition in both the youth and adult components.

Community Impact Our goal for the Newark International Film Festival was to provide opportunities, platforms, and bring awareness to great talent in filmmaking throughout the year. The NIFF has a not-for-profit component that serves in the city of Newark all year round in partnership with the Newark Office of Film & Television.

The partnership will host special workshops, training and job development for Newark residents in the film industry as well as the next upcoming film festival. Â One of the programs that the festival will support is the Script to Screen program. Youth ages 12 to 21 will be encouraged to help create a movie or TV idea as a group and see it through from script conception to screen, while learning all of the aspects of the business.

Awards Ceremony The 2016 Newark International Film Festival award show was hosted at The New Jersey Performing Arts Center. The awards show was a two and a half hour show with celebrity hosts and performances. The NIFF awards show was filmed and packaged for TV and the rights to the show will be shopped around to cable and television networks.

Wrap Party We hosted our wrap party filled with dignitaries, celebrities, sponsors, partners, and attendees. Anyone that was not dancing to the sounds of our celebrity guest DJ was either forming new partnerships, making new friends, or closing a new deal.

The Entire Newark International Film Festival car services were provided by Prestige Tours.

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The Newark International Film Festival (NIFF) showcased Filmmaker William Michael Barbee’s work Beyond The Silence starring the Legendary Bill Duke, Bill Cobbs, JD Williams and Usman Sharif. Prestige Media Productions did such an incredible job shooting this film, they have won countless awards. Lead Actor Usman Sharif & William Michael Barbee Filmmaker

The moment when @nimihendrix showed up with the Red Dot Crew and flooded the Red Carpet.

Alonzo Herran film King of Newark, movie made history at the Newark International Film Festival. Make sure to go online and see the footage. The Fearless One 2017!

Shaquille O’Neal Executive Produced film STEPS mirrors a society based on Redemption, Love and Forgiveness! Posted by shesvintage Society has become very individually driven in the last decade or two. Many people walk the same route every day to work or school but hardly pay attention to the faces they past or often judging the less fortunate on the street. Do you ever wonder what happen to people who now wonder the streets? Indie feature film STEPS, written by Eddie Harris, is going to challenge you to begin to care and understand the desperate life walks others take. STEPS follows the story of Brian (Rob Morgan),the victim of a robbery and shooting survives, but years later unpredictably must work as a home health aide for the shooter,Taj, who is now paralyzed from a shooting. Now Brian wasn’t a guy going to the corner store to do anything illegal but rather a young lawyer and family man. His wounds from being shot and near death experience sends him on a dark negative road he couldn’t have ever imagined forcing him to loose his wife Wendy (Tia Dionne Hodge)and newborn son Omar (Darius Kaleb). STEPS is the story of recovery, redemption, love and forgiveness.

C'est La Vie shot on location in beautiful #geneva #switzerland and one of the many great films selected @ the Newark International Film Festival Sept 9th-11th 2016 - Directed by #MalikBarnhardt

Congrats Winner the Film UGLY

Congratulations to Lead Actor Devon Moyd @moyd_machiavelli for winning the Newark International Film Festival’s Best Actor in a Short Film Award!


Tony James, Filmmaker

Brooklyn, NY – Dope Vision, the production team behind the film, announced the official world premiere of it’s highly anticipated film – a slick and powerful piece that has both critics and film fans near-fiending for more. “Dope Fiend” debut at the 2016 Newark International Film Festival, which was held in Newark, New Jersey on September, 10th at 7pm. The trailer and movie mark the onscreen debut of Marquise Jackson, the son of rap legend 50 Cent. “’Dope Fiend’ tells an important story that shouldn’t be forgotten, being based on true events,” commented a spokesperson from the film. “The gentrification of Brooklyn wasn’t something as smooth and clean as many people would like to think or suggest, and the line between hero and villain in NYC is often a very surprising one. Dope Fiend delivers the brutal truth in these areas, while never losing track of the people caught up in the conspiracy and chaos, their friendships, betrayals and very real love. We’re looking forward to the film’s release. We think it’s going to provoke some real thought and discussion, in addition to being very exciting and entertaining.”


Roy, Lorenz & Larron

Roy Anderson Winner of Best Documentary

Jeff Billingsley, Rodney Gilbert, Wendy McKenzie

Samad Davis Filmmaker

Lauren Craig

Kenneth Gifford

DuItAll Hip Hop Legend

Curator Lisa Durden

JD Williams

Keith Sheppard

Dedra Tate


Founder/Editor in Chief Audrey Egypt Young flicks it up with some of today’s prestigious men in entertainment.


 Mia “Knomi” Charles A Teenage Love Best Actress 
 Jennica Carmona Millie & The Lords Best Director 
 Dope Fiend Best Feature

DOCUMENTARY Cecilia Grasso, Other Side of the Mirror Best Director
 Queen Nanny BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORTS Joao Tarouco, Flight of the Arrowhead Best Director 
 Dasani Nunez Leche Best Actress
 Devon Moyd Ugly Best Actor
 Ori Inu In Search of Self Best Short

WEBISODE Urbance Best Webisode

 Same Fruit, Different Tree Best Narrative
 Prom Best Documnetary
 Livin’ the Lies Best Animation
 ICC Environmental Justice: Dioxin Best Screenplay

Numbers don’t Lie! Newark International Film Festival (NIFF) was a Hit. If you missed it you missed a Lot. Make sure Not to miss the festival in 2017.

CEO of The Newark International Film Festival Ken Gifford

Tobias Truvillion 2016 Ambassador (NIFF)

Tobias Truvillion is an award-winning TV, film, and theatrical actor and producer from Queens, New York. Dedicated to youth development and empowerment, he is a philanthropist and longtime youth media arts instructor at the Dr. Marion A. Bolden Center in Newark, New Jersey. The ex-Ford model’s resume includes an array of high profile international and domestic print and TV commercial advertising campaigns, e.g., Heineken’s “Double Nod” (TV), Footlocker (TV with rapper Fabolous), Gulder Beer (Nigerian National TV), and Jordan’s legendary “Six Rings” (print). In 2001, pursuing an acting career, he joined the Harlem’s iconic National Black Theater. A proven natural thespian, his stellar performance as “Shango,” in the theatrical musical “Oya” (his first acting role), earned Tobias a prestigious

AUDELCO Award for “Best Male in a Musical.” Subsequently, Tobias who Indiewire hails as a “transformative actor,” became known for a bevy of captivating TV, film, theatrical roles, including ‘Flesh and Bone,’ ‘White Collar,’ ‘Brooklyn’s Finest,’ ‘Hitch,’ ‘Blue Bloods,’ ‘Black Angels Over Tuskegee,’ ‘Persons of Interest,’ and several leading music video roles (e.g., Grammy Award winning songstress Fantasia Burrino’s “Free Yourself ” and “I’m doing Me”), as well as many other acclaimed productions. His cunning portrayal of Vincent Jones, who upheld an ongoing love affair with Layla Williamson (Tika Sumpter) on ABC’s “One Life to Live,” earned Tobias a 2008 NAACP Image Award nomination for “Outstanding Actor in Daytime Drama Series.” Consistently pushing artistic boundaries, his latest recurring role as music producer Derek Major (“D-Major”) on season 2B of the Fox breakout hit musical drama TV series, ‘Empire,’ is indicative of Tobias’s ongoing diversity and evolution.

Tobias Truvillion

Tobias & Larenz backstage of the NIFF

Newark international Film Festival 2016 Celebrity Ambassador, was none-other than the Co-Star of the FOX hit TV show Empire @tobias411 (D Major)

Tobias, Actor J.D. Williams & Hip Hop Legend DuItAll

Tobias in a scene with Jussie Smollett and Terrance Howard on Empire

Tobias Truvillion & his beautiful wife VoiceOver Specialist/Actress Michelle Morgan

Lisa Durden

Diversity In Hollywood A truthful conversation with Lisa Durden and the Tate Brothers. Larenz Tate, Lerron Tate and Lahmard Tate. This discussion covered issues minorities face while working to make their dreams come true in Hollywood. Conversation covered topics like the misrepresentation and the scarce acceptance of minorities and women on the BIG SCREEN. Also what can be done to better reflect diversity in the modern world.

Newark International Film Festival

www.NewarkIFF.com WOMEN in the ROOM shows How Hip Hop Became Mainstream with Faith Newman, Angelique Miles, Sophia Chang, Kim Osario & Thembisa Mshaka

You think you know the History of Hip-Hop? If you can’t name at least 10 women executives who were critical to the movement and magic that is called Hip Hop, you really don’t know Hip Hop. The Women in the Room: How HipHop Became Mainstream is an eight-

episode docu-series that tells the stories of the female executives who were critical catalysts for hip-hop’s success and introduction to the world. And now they are here Live for a personal panel . The Panel will feature the women who made strides in hip hop. Hear the stories about the women’s role in opening the downtown NYC nightlife scene as well as stories about their role in making unknown artists into household names.

Bob Sumner presented an array of extremely funny & talented comedians at Let's Laugh at Taste Venue

#newarkiff #newarkinternationalfilmfestival

From Thought to Screen. How to make a successful web-series There was a firsthand behind scenes in depth conversation with the creators and cast of MONEY & VIOLENCE Money and Violence is a drama web series that was birthed to YouTube and Cloud9TV.net. Since its current success and over 50 million views, money and violence found its second home on the popular streaming site “TIDAL� after a crowd funding and deal signing with LIONSGATE. Money and Violence chronicles the lives of Miz, Rafe, Shane and Kane; four Brooklyn natives who learn to follow the strict code of the streets. The complexities of them and their associates unfold in this drama series that takes place in Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY. The crews are all first time actors, editors, writers and cinematographers who are self-taught. They embody the guerrilla independent filmmaking spirit. Money and Violence is a not your average local neighborhood story tale, this show will give you a look into the old Brooklyn in a newer light.

Executives of Newark International Film Festival and film producers of the film Ugly, talk with WPIX 11 reporter Christie Duffy talk about Newark's 1st International Film Festival taking place in Newark, New Jersey. — with Tobias Truvillion, Kenneth Gifford, Jeff Billingsley, Savoy Walker, Tehsuan Glover Below:

Ken & Tobias during an interview on Here and Now on Channel 7 ABC

The design of the NIFF Award was beautifully constructed and created by the Founder, Kenneth Gifford. With Tehsuan Glover, Tobias Truvillion, Kenneth Gifford, LeRon Lee and Jeff Billingsley.

Founder of The Newark International Film Festival Ken Gifford and Kara Vedder and her son working this Red Carpet

Secret Society’s Nimi Hendrix, Filmmaker, Producer/Director of the Red Dot Series

(L to R) Councilwoman Gail Chaneyfield, (ABFF) CEO Jeff Friday, Councilwoman Mildred Crump, Dir. of Communications Tehsuan Glover, Newark, NJ Mayor Ras Baraka, Marketing Dir. Savoy Walker, Executive Dir. SuSu Stewart & (NIFF) CEO Kenneth Gifford

Stuntmen and Women in Hollywood

Matt DV Williams, Lamman Rucker & Ken Gifford

Tobias Truvillion, Actor DuItAll - Legendary Hip Hop Artist

Itchy House Films Jay Rodrigues and Roc Davis

DuItAll, Tehsuan, Melvin & Ken

Ken Gifford & Towanda Edwards

Savoy Walker & Lauren Smith

Roc Davis & Raymond Spencer


FUBU - J. Alexander, Larron Tate, Lahmard Tate, Lisa Durden, Ken Gifford & Larenz Tate

Sway, Mayor Ras Baraka and his daughter, J. Alexander Martin, Ken Gifford & Samson Styles

The Tate Brothers

Lahmard, Larenz & Larron Keith Martin, Clint Smith, Eric Payne, Lahmard Tate, Larenz Tate, Larron Tate, Ken Gifford & Tobias Truvillion

Larron, Larenz, Ken, Lahmard & J. Alexander

As you can see the paparazzi was in full force, look at how everyone is looking in different directions. They all wanted to get that shot. But wait, what is lurking off in the left corner? A copy of our very own MOVEMENT REMIXED.

Photographer Tonya Young & Lahmard Tate

Actor J.D. Williams & Tonya

Celebs came out for the NIFF

Jerome Young with Larenz Tate

Filmmaker Samad Davis & Larenz with Jerome Young photobombing the pic.

Tonya & Larenz Representing The Movement Magazine REMIXED

Larenz has come a long way from O-dog to this handsome specimen you see before you below.

Egypt Young always gets the scoop from entertainers themselves.

Larenz was very down to earth and approachable. This young man has a swag about him that is unfamiliar with young men today. Everyone was extremely impressed with the way he connected with the audience as well as everyone backstage. We were are very proud of his acting accomplishments but his philanthropic work is incredible, he and his brothers actually care about people and they are working diligently to help them move forward.

 Game of Silence and House of Lies alum Larenz Tate is set for a recurring role on the upcoming fourth season of Starz’s hit drama series Power.
 Tate will play Councilman Rashad Tate, a city councilman from Jamaica Queens.
 Power follows James “Ghost” St. Patrick (below), a drug kingpin living a double life who in season 4 seeks to find redemption. Power returns for its fourth season this summer.
 Courtney A. Kemp serves as the Creator, show-runner and Executive Producer of Power, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (above right), Mark Canton, Randall Emmett and Gary Lennon serve as Executive Producers. In addition to Game of Silence and House of Lies, Tate starred on FX’s Rescue Me.

Legendary Dedra N. Tate & Ken Gifford

Filmmaker William M. Barbee taking a moment to pause with NIFF Founder Kenneth Gifford and Newark Idol's Founder SuSu Stewart while in the middle of working at the Newark International Film Festival. This event is a HUGE success!!

Congratulations to Lead Actor Devon Moyd @moyd_machiavelli for winning the Newark International Film Festival’s Best Actor in a Short Film Award!!! Also Congrats to the entire Team Ugly The Movie.

Filmmaker/Writer/Director Tony James

Cheryl, Marjorie, Ken, SuSu, Khairah, Marc

Ken Gifford with Singer/ Actor Christopher Williams

Jeff Billingsley, MC Debbie D. Hooper, William Michael Barbee & Rodney Gilbert

Larenz Tate & William Michael Barbee Mr. Warrington Hudlin and William Michael Barbee outside the Newark International Film Festival. @warringtonhudlin

Lammar & William

Matt, Vivianne, Raymond, Kahirah, Ken, SuSu, Lisa & Tehsuan

Keith & Sway

Jeff & John Blassingame Legendary Publisher Hype Hair, Todays BlackMen Magazines

Jeff Billingsley & Ken Gifford J. Alexander, J.D. Williams & DuItAll

The City of Newark, NJ, Mayor Ras J. Baraka On Sunday, August 28, 2016 Presented Shakur Stevenson with the Key to the City at City Hall


Larenz Tate

Kenneth Gibson with Veteran Actor Lamman Rucker

Lamman interview with Lauren Craig (In a Word Fab)

Lamman Rucker

has been a fixture of the MOVEMENT REMIXED for years. We have followed his career and reported all of his movements and our readers LOVE him.

Egypt & Lauren

Lamman Rucker, Actor Ras Baraka, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey at the (NIFF) Newark

International Film Festival


Jeff Friday, CEO of (ABFF) American Black Film Festival

Ken Gifford, CEO of (NIFF) Newark International Film Festival


Audrey Egypt Young, Founder/Editor in Chief of The Movement Magazine REMIXED

Ken Gifford, CEO of (NIFF) Newark International Film Festival

A collaboration with these Brands was inevitable and Genius.






FUBU J. Alexander Martin

Mayor Ras Baraka


The Tate brothers Ken Gifford brought the Tate Bros. & J. Alexander of FUBU to Newark International Film Festival

Literature/ Movements / Music / Fashion/Red Carpets

Photo by Tonya Young

Volume 13