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Building Opening 27th November 2011 • 10.30am & 5.30Pm with PS Russell Evans, Planetshakers 2

HELLO Psalm 31:19 in The Message Bible says “What a stack of blessing you have piled up for those who worship you, ready and waiting...” Another version puts it this way “How great is your goodness which you have stored up for those who [love] you.” Psalm 27:13 goes on to say “I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” One of the many great hopes we have in God is that He has more for each and everyone of us than we currently see and experience. There is a greater level of peace and purpose for you. There is more strength and understanding for you, and there is still more opportunity and potential. History as a subject can be amazing to study, especially if you love stories and have an imagination which places you there. One of history’s most important lessons is that we are who we are because of who has gone before us. School history teachers often say “The problem with history is that we don’t learn the right lessons. We keep making the same mistakes.” The same can be said of our own personal histories. Often we can hold back, give up or settle because of past failures, or seemingly insurmountable odds. People say “The last time I tried that it didn’t work” and maybe that is true! BUT you are not the same person now that you were then! The famous inventors of electricity and steam locomotion did not give up because of failed attempts. They persisted with a dream, purpose and vision in mind. Learning the right lessons from your own personal history is key in embracing all that God has for you. Don’t stop! Don’t give up! Press on into your dream and remember “How great is your [God] goodness that you have in store for us!” YOUR BEST DAYS ARE YET TO COME! The new church website is updated each week, so keep logging on for up to date news, new resources, as well as online booking for events. Over the next few months of church, we are especially excited about: the new Sunday morning Power Breakfast classes, as well as Bling Boutique (Oct 27-28th), the opening of our new building (Nov 27th) and also our Christmas weekend (Dec 18th). Enjoy the magazine! Make sure you get to Life Groups and let’s finish 2011 with a passionate pursuit of all things good! We love you Church

Glyn & Sophia 3

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the only real solution to recovery is if every person takes responsibility for our nation



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The England Riots in August 2011 caused outrage across the world, and stirred us to re-consider the real state of our nation. How is it that people growing up in the UK, one of the most developed and wealthy nations, can turn against their own? How is it that many could destroy their own communities, creating fear, and further fuelling the suspicion of ‘young people’ (*80% of those convicted were actually over 18). The truth is, whatever the cause, whatever the excuses of the perpetrators, it’s clear that something has been going wrong! The conclusions of ‘what has gone wrong’ have heated up, some blaming class and race divides; others society fuelling the materialistic obsession for ‘more’; and the theories go on!

The ethos of ilovemygen gets into your system; it becomes a part of your mindset. Anonymous and sporadic acts of kindness soon become the default setting when an ilovemygen-er sees something unjust and not-quite-right in the city they love.

The discussion on solutions has been equally firey. There has been the heated baiting for ‘justice’, for punishment, ‘these people must face the full force of the law’. On the other hand there has been the gracious, measured calm of the call for rehabilitation from other corners. It seems there are two camps to choose from; either the ‘harsh, cold, retribution and punishment’ side; or the ‘soft, warm, recovery and grace’ side. Truth versus grace, seemingly opposing ends of the scale on the see-saw of the mutually desired ‘better society’. As much as we must not swing either way, but rather embrace both the truth and the grace, we must also look for a more ultimate solution. We cannot afford to deal with the current; to bring a conclusion to what has happened; and continue to ignore the future. We must bring a solution that doesn’t just draw a line under what has happened, but rather we must bring a solution that breathes life into the future.

After the rioting and looting in the city of Manchester, many great people turned out to clean the streets of glass and debris and to rid the area of anything that might be used to cause harm during the nights to follow. Councillors and citizens alike started the clean-up effort at five a.m and were still going at eleven. So the ilovemygen team (aged between 13 and 40) assembled in Piccadilly Gardens to spread good feelings and help create a positive outlook in the city by providing free cups of tea, coffee and chocolates. The community spirit in the city centre was truly heartwarming – around 500 strangers rallied together to demonstrate the passion that the people of Manchester have for their hometown. There were unofficial reports of over 1,000 people helping around Piccadilly Gardens throughout the morning; a heroic effort. Brews and snacks were gratefully received by so many hard-working Mancunians. The aim of this morning’s ILMG effort was to reward and place value on those who had given up their time to help and we want young people in Manchester to know that there is a different way to do things. Big thanks should go to the staff at Caffe Nero, Costa Coffee and Bella Italia for constantly providing hot water for the ILMG teams.

By no means can any of the actions of looters and rioters in any way be justified, but the only real solution to recovery is if every person takes responsibility for our nation. Every person, young, old, rich, poor, black, white, has the power to choose, to be proactive, to do good. In giving something, we gain so much more. We have the ability to shape tomorrow with our actions today. #wecanalldosomething

For stories from ilovemygen visit the website



Fri 28th - Sat 29th October 2011 £35 / £20 Student / £15 Youth BOOK IN TODAY AT WWW.AUDACIOUSCHURCH.COM 8

PS Sam Evans, Planetshakers


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family Time The Ralphs are a great family in !Audacious Church. We invited them to share something of what church means to them.

We have been a part of !Audacious for just over a year now and we’re happy that we have made it our home. The decision was one of the best we have made. Initially it was daunting coming along especially as large churches can seem overwhelming and we weren’t sure what to expect. However, we found a warm welcome from genuine and friendly people. The enthusiastic atmosphere at !Audacious is contagious and we immediately knew we wanted to become a part of the !Audacious family. When we were looking for a church, one of our priorities was how the children’s work would input into Nathan and Mia’s lives. We wanted a church where children are valued, could encounter God and develop strong Christian friendships, as we know that for us it was invaluable when we hit those tricky teenage years. This is exactly what we found. Nathan and Mia both love coming to church and are often found singing worship songs whilst shopping in Asda. The children’s work is brilliant and they love following the Croc into Little Diamonds. We are happy that our children enjoy Sundays and are making friends, which will hopefully last a lifetime.

Connections (the new peoples’ lounge) really helped us to settle in and introduced us to others. We had made the conscious decision that if we wanted to get to know people that we would need to get involved. So we joined a Life Group and looked at ways in which we could serve which has led to us becoming involved in the kids work, design and Connections teams.

“When we are unable to attend we feel like we have missed out” We have found a church where we are constantly challenged and encouraged to expand. We feel that we have grown more over the last year than the previous decade. We have met some wonderful people and have started to develop some genuine friendships. When we are unable to attend we feel like we have missed out. One of best things about !Audacious is the preaching. Every week we have the privilege of hearing from God via worldclass preachers. This is not only from the leadership we have at church but also from visiting speakers. The worship is amazing and never becomes complacent

or ritualistic. The church leadership is strong, solid, sound and grounded in God’s word. The executive team are all dynamic leaders who although are highly esteemed are also approachable and authentic. They clearly have a heart for the people of Manchester and as Mancunians this is something we fully want to be a part of. !Audacious has a global impact as well as a local one. To be a part of this is amazing! We loved serving at the !Audacious Conference and being a part of something on a national scale. By being a part of !Audacious we are able to play a part in creating a legacy for our children. As a family we do things now that 12 months ago we would never have dreamed were possible and we’re excited to know that if God has done so much with us up to now, we are sure that even greater days are yet to come. Without doubt !Audacious is an amazing Godfilled place to be a part of with many more exciting times ahead. Our only disappointment is that that we didn’t come here earlier!

to find out more about becoming part of the family check out our DNA Courses Tuesday 18 & 25 Oct, 01 Nov • 7.30pm at !Audacious Church



fresher? If yes, then read this page! If no, then read it anyway and maybe you can relive your younger years! 13

FRESHER TO FRANCHISEE While most students are enjoying the freedom and fun of university life; Hayley has come up with a business idea to pay-her-way and give a little something back. Hayley, who now lives in Salford, moved from the North East three years ago to take part in the !Audacious Academy. Now studying Psychology and Counselling at Salford University, the 21-year-old !Audacious Student set up her own franchise of a home cleaning company. Her reasons: “I wanted to use my time off over the summer constructively. I did have a parttime job but wanted something that lasted beyond.” So where does the cleaning fit in alongside her uni and biblical studies? Well, it turns out she’s a lady on a mission… Through an organisation called Compassion, Hayley personally sponsors a child in a Third World country. By the end of the year she hopes to be able to support five more. By sheer coincidence, the cleaning business is also partnered with Compassion, so far sponsoring six children. When Hayley discovered this, she knew it was the ideal business for her. “The job combines two things that I enjoy – cleaning and being able to help some really vulnerable people.” She set up the franchise with her savings, and now has a team of three cleaners working for her. They cover the Manchester, Salford and Salford Quays area and work around 30 hours per week. Says Hayley: “I really love cleaning. I’m a bit of a neat freak. I have to keep my own place spotless too.” (She lives in shared student housing, so ...) Hayley expanded the business to a place where she focuses on the managerial side whilst studying. She’s clearly determined to make this a long-term project: “I’m going to try and maintain the business once the summer holidays are over.


If I can do that, then it will have been running for over two years by the time I graduate.” She hopes that the business will have expanded by then, but would like to be working with the same team. She says: “I know the job market’s difficult at the moment. I won’t be neglecting the franchise in order to do something with psychology… to be honest I’m not too sure what path I’ll go down with my degree.” One thing she knows for sure is that she’ll be staying in Manchester. Since moving here, Hayley’s been a regular volunteer in community work with the church: helping out at homeless shelters and offering support to women working in Manchester’s red-light districts, as well as being a key part of the student team. The biggest attraction of living in a city, she explains, is “working with vulnerable or excluded people.” This desire to help others was first ignited during a volunteering trip in Gambia when Hayley was just 17. It was her first time abroad and she spent a month with extremely sick children, raising her awareness of “the need for support across the whole world.” Since then she’s dreamed of opening her own rehabilitation centre, with a focus on emotional support and friendship as well as financial aid. With absolute certainty, she admits “This is how I want to live my life.” It seems with her caring nature, Hayley would be ideal for a role within a charity organisation. However, she recognises that employment in the voluntary or community sector wouldn’t offer the same long-term benefits to allow her to reach her sponsorship goals with Compassion. “Those kind of roles aren’t very sustainable. Setting up a franchise with a cleaning business has given me complete financial freedom.” So while it may not be a plan for life, Hayley’s business allows her to further her charity work whilst keeping her bank balance healthy too.


10 Things to Do During Freshers Week

10 Things not to do During Freshers Week

1. Go on Manchester’s big wheel

1. Go to Primark on a Saturday

2. Get a milkshake at Home Sweet Home

2. Blow the budget on M&S food (yes it’s tasty, yes it’s what you’re used to, no its not cheap!)

3. Invest in decent washing up liquid. (And stash it in your room, not under the communal sink.) 4. Read up on the dangers of deep-fat frying 5. Microwave everything! Seriously, it doesn’t matter what it is, just stick it in the microwave and see what happens 6. Clean your teeth (At least once) 7. Go to your lectures! (You are paying for them whether you’re there or not!) 8. Leave the bathroom in the state you found it 9. Wander round the Northern Quarter and look at all the 2nd hand clothes 10. Check your bank account! Regularly. No matter how much you don’t want to look.

3. Introduce in-jokes that only really work with friends from home 4. Appear to enjoy dancing to ABBA 5. Engage the crazy bus lady in any kind of political debate (even if it’s a comment about the weather it will turn political.........stay clear.) 6. Buy an iron........YOU’RE NOT GOING TO IRON ANYTHING, YOU’RE A STUDENT NOW, IT WILL COME OUT OF THE WASH, AND YOU WILL PUT IT ON.

10 Places You HAVE to eat in Manchester

1. Dough in the Norther Quarter, God’s gift to pizza lovers everywhere. 2. Trof in Fallowfield for breakfast, no messing big breakfast. 3. The Britain’s Protection, just at the end of Deansgate Locks; cracking pies.

Your wardrobe has been empty for over a week, and you’ve not done anything about it. Personal hygiene has taken a back seat, with emphasis instead placed on how quickly you can get from bed to lecture hall.

4. Home Sweet Home, sandwich heaven.

3am is a perfectly normal time to cook.

5. Spicy Hut on the curry mile. Although shop around and negotiate a good deal. (Seriously)

You spend more time in your overdraft than out of it

6. Bem Brasil, Phenomenal Brazilian food, may need your entire student loan but it’s serious meat 7. Eat. A healthy option.

7. Join the Mexican Society “for a laugh”. It will only be funny for 5 minutes.

8. Kebab King, in Fallowfield it’s the stuff of legend. It can’t really be explained in words, you just have to go to find out.

8. Trust a Chinese buffet which is under £5 to serve you food that’s not going to leave you severely ill.

9. Font Bar Fallowfield. Another great option for breakfast, but they do a lovely lunch and dinner too.

9. Join more than 2 exerciserelated societies (you WILL regret it).

10. Veggie Café on Manchester Uni Campus, if you have to be a vegetarian, then this is perfect.

10. Start speaking in a Mancunian accent, AS IF you’ve already picked it up.

You know you’re a university student when...

You spend more time in bed than out of it. You and the lady on the front desk of the library are on first name terms (nerd!) Getting on the bus with your bus pass to go two stops is perfectly acceptable, even when it would be faster to walk. You have lost either your phone, your bus pass, your wallet, your passport or your keys... more than once. You start hiding all of the broken property in your flat. You start hiding your favourite foods in your desk drawers. More often than not there is someone in the living room that you’ve never met before.



Married to Rob for 6 years, with two incredible daughters, Olivia (3) and Orlaith (4months); Becci is a wife, mum and has excelled in her profession. 16

Professionally I am an Area Manager for Macmillan Cancer Support, delivering Macmillan’s fundraising strategy across Cheshire, Merseyside and the Isle of Man. It is as equally challenging as it is rewarding and I’m privileged to have a committed team who are driven to achieve the best they can for people affected by cancer. I love it. However, since the arrival of my new little princess I’m swapping all that for a year of simply being a mum – and it’s amazing!


I found it hard to know whether I was as successful as a mum as I was at work and for some reason this was a big deal

Love & Legacy Ps Sophia Barrett

There are no pay rises or business trips but there’s also no way I’d be doing anything else right now. I count myself incredibly fortunate. It took some adjustment though – everything I did at work could be quantified and measured and I could see the impact it had. Suddenly though, I went from being responsible for raising £1.5m this year and having my days filled from 8am-5pm to having very little structure and certainly no objectives! At first I struggled, often complaining to Rob that I didn’t feel like I’d ‘achieved’ much in my day, but only after I stepped back was I able to see just how privileged I am to have this time at home with my baby, and more time to be with Olivia. It’s great to connect with other mums from Olivia’s nursery and just be able to do the fun things like painting, going to the park and just enjoying being together as a family – things that previously had been confined to weekends. All of a sudden I’m busy again from 8am5pm...and then some. In April I had to be dragged away from work, I think next May I’ll have to be dragged back! I also feel privileged to call !Audacious Church my home. As I ask God to guide my footsteps I’ve had to learn to respond and move my feet, but love that as I do this – as I do everything in my life I do it surrounded by amazing people. Our church family have really become that, family. I love that we have the privilege of leading a

Life Group in our home and the friendships that are built through this. I also love that my girls will see doing church at home as part of their lives and am excited for all that they have the chance to be part of at !Audacious and how this will help shape them into the people they’re designed to be. Olivia announced just last Sunday on the way home that ‘after she gets big at big school’ she’s going to be an ‘!Audacious Kids’ leader!

four incredible messages revealing the power in a name and leaving a legacy for those to follow

Recently, I’ve grown in the confidence I have in my ability as a mum. As somebody who is incredibly organised, results focused and driven by targets (and been compared to Monica from Friends more than once in my life!), I found it hard to know whether I was as successful as a mum as I was at work and for some reason this was a big deal. However, having this time to just invest in my girls has been brilliant and has really shifted my focus. It’s great to set the foundation for their lives and made me realise how what I put into them as they grow is part of my legacy to them so important. I’m hoping they’ll turn out to be my biggest successes! Anybody who follows me on Twitter will know my favourite hashtag is #ilovemylife – I do. How could I not surrounded by such incredible people?! I love that I’m a wife, mum, daughter and friend and love that I am audacious and this is my church!

Buy the Love & Legacy Pack at and hear the bonus track ‘Legacy’! 17

HAPPY CHAPPY We caught up with Paul Chapman (aka Chappy) to ask him about what’s behind the man, the legend, !Audacious’ very own buildings manager, head steward and all round nice bloke!

Tell us a bit about the first time you came to church “I first came to church after putting it off for about 2 years. Family members and friends had talked to me about going to a church. Eventually one Saturday night I searched on the internet, and the next morning just thought “I have to go”. I got the girls ready and said to Sarah [Chappy’s wife], “I’m going to church this morning whether you’re coming or not”. I knew I just had to go! We eventually found the building on a backstreet (referring to !Audacious’ previous meeting place) and made our way in, halfway through the service! When I arrived I met someone, the handshake was strong, it really made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I was asked about my family, what I did for a job and after having coffee was urged, you have to come back tonight! I told them “if I don’t like what I see I won’t be coming back again!” That night I came back to church. A guy called Graeme Kirkwood was speaking and near the end of the message he said there is someone here with pain in your right knee. I had suffered with pain there for a long time. He then said, “you also have bad hearing in your left ear”. I had deafness in this ear, but was still a little suspicious! A third thing he said was , “you have lower back pain”. In a moment I got out my seat like a rocket and went to get prayed for. That night all 3 problems were healed. I gave my life to God and haven’t looked back since! Wow! So looking back over the 3 years you’ve been around !Audacious Church, what’s changed from the person you were when you first came, to who you are now? So much! I really am full of happiness and peace, I love the


fact that I know God is with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am totally different from the person I was. I have a history of struggling with depression and low self confidence, but that has turned around. Also my marriage is so much stronger. Although we have always loved each other, since becoming a Christian and being a part of !Audacious our family has become so much stronger. What would you say has been one thing that has really helped you in moving forward over that time? Growing up I had a mixed relationship with my stepfather. Although he was a really nice man, after a while he started abusing me. This had a huge effect on who I became and in some of my struggles later in life. People had said to me to ‘let go’, to ‘forget the past’, but this was a lot easier said than done! After saying yes to Jesus, I soon began the process of trying to forgive him. I prayed over a few months and some time later realised that I didn’t feel angry anymore. I realised where I had hatred, I now forgave him. I’m amazed how forgiveness was as much about me as it was about my step-father. Chappy, you are a man’s man! What one thing would you say to every man? It’s got to be to let go of our pride! Pride is definitely it! Pride says “I can do it myself, I don’t need anyone else”. I think every man needs to talk to other men. We need to drop our guard, be vulnerable and let each other help each other out! You heard it here. Every man needs a brother. We need each other to stay sane, live strong and lead the way. We are the brotherhood!


CHAPPY’S top tips on being a true gentleman! 1. Tip ones baseball cap with the passing of a lady 2. Ascend to ones feet with the appearance of a lady 3. Hold open a door for each and every lady 4. Take care of a lady’s coat & bag upon the arrival at a destination 5. A gentleman never grunts or roars when lifting weights at the gymnasium 6. A gentleman never engages in an argument via text message 7. A gentleman knows that please and thank you are still the magic words 8. A gentleman should dress for his wife with the same care as before he was married 9. A gentleman never wears a novelty tie 10. When using the urinal, keep your eyes forward or focused on your own business. There is no reason to look elsewhere

Brotherhood With

John Bevere 11-12 May 2012 !Audacious Church

to hear the full interview scan here

BAND ON TOUR The !Audacious Band have been incredibly busy over the last 12 months, so we have decided to dedicate 2 pages just to them! Find out what they’ve learnt from their travels and check out some of their crazy videos from around the globe! What happens on tour doesn’t necessarily stay on tour! Here are a few tweets of wisdom that we’ve picked up on the way...

@AudaciousBand eBestKeptToYourself Don’t always be honest #SomeThingsAr wsRGood4TheSoul Do find the nearest kettle on arrival #Bre er how short the journey Don’t forget to stop en-route, no matt #AlwaysTime4Food ookGoodOnYou Do bring spare clothes #SweatDoesntL #FraserburghIsAlongWayAway

Don’t attempt without caffeine products


Do have a good playlist on your iPod #Eas


Don’t attempt to be on a diet #FastFoo

e4aSmoothRunningNight Do remember chords and words #TheyMak rybodyLovesAFacebookHack

Do have a password on your phone #Eve Do allow time for traffic #M25onaFriday


Don’t forget your cymbals #TheyrePretty

ostcodesAlwaysHelp Do know where you’re going #CorrectP sJumping #NotSoMuch

Don’t eat just before the gig #FoodPlu

Do leave on time #ItMayHappenOneDay hoMightFindUrThermals Don’t leave things behind #UNeverKnowW ePlacesRBetterThanOthers

Do be prepared to stay anywhere #Som


Do pray beforehand #SoMuchBetterWith

eTash will find out Don’t make up prices for resources - @Mik #IncurTheWrath # (‘Hash tags’) are used to add context to your ‘Tweet’ within a theme or event for example. You may use #Audacio us if talking about church or #Manchester if your tweet is relevant to the Manchester area



OBSERVATIONS & REVELATIONS HOW TO LIVE AN !AUDACIOUS LIFE One young adult’s discovery that joy is found in the journey, and not in ticking all the right boxes.

The first ten-or-so years of adulthood are a funny thing; a time of contradictions and discovery. So many of our peers are searching and questioning and yet each simultaneously thinks they have it all together. Name four of your friends who don’t know God and consider them as you read. Today’s young adult faces an uncertain future. He is content and discontent all at once. Things are constantly changing and yet for many, life seems to stands still. It’s also a rich and diverse stage in life where young mums and dads, the unemployed and the new businessman, the active, the passive and the apathetic all rub shoulders. One thing I have noticed; each believes he should be further on in life than he is. Each is waiting for the next checkpoint. There comes a certain time in life where you feel you’ve perhaps become a little bit ‘category-less’. It’s too late to be labelled; you’re past the point of pigeon-holing. Stuck in that funny limbo between school and work or between marriage and the first baby, between past relationships and life-long partner, or university and career. It can be unsettling. We ask, “When did we become so aware that there’s always one elusive box left un-ticked?” As Christians, we feel the pressure to reach these ‘stages’ as much as anyone else. Life’s checklist looms and it feels like young adulthood has more milestones,


goals and targets than we can possibly meet. But I have learned that God’s measure, the scale on which He’s working, is far removed from the one our society has defined. I have learned that being an !Audacious young adult has nothing to do with my climb up the life-ladder and everything to do with my journey along God’s path. We must take hold, early on in our adult years, of who we are in and because of God. We must recognise and excercise the authority He has given us, whatever stage we’re at. If we don’t, as adulthoood progresses we could find ourselves making some terrible decisions.

“being an !Audacious young adult has nothing to do with my CLIMB up the life-ladder and everything to do with my journey along God’s path”

Living out an !Audacious lifestyle is something we often talk about in Church as it’s something that applies to every person, whether five or sixty-five. It is, afterall, the fingerprint of the house. But there is something special, even vital about truly living as an !Audacious young adult. We have our work cut out!


As I observe the changing stages of life that young adults reach, or are yet to reach, I realise that this attitude of ‘waiting for the next step’, is a common thing, and I believe it breaks the heart of God. So many young adults are missing what He has for them today because they feel the next step is what ‘now’ is about. Perhaps a fear that it’s out of their grasp, or approaching too fast around the bend? God, after all, did not design life in ‘stages’ but instead calls us on an exciting journey; a series of bold, courageous moves; a constant sequence of beautiful and messy interactions with Him and with other people. Highs and lows. Smiles and tears. NOT to arrive at a junction in life, tick it off and kick back, satisfied that we are ‘where we should be’. Living an !Audacious life means that each bold move is backed with God’s full support, presence and approval. I believe this is where we should be. You see, ‘being !Audacious’ isn’t just a slick motto. We need to remember who we are and keep reminding ourselves of what this lifestyle means; the stepping-up that it requires. Relying on God to live out a bold, daring life must become our everyday.

centre, a family meal, to the pub... We must know that in all things we can boldly carry the presence of God.

“there is something special, Even vital about truly living as an !Audacious young adult. We have our work cut out”

We can be daring enough to tell closest friends they’re missing something that will complete them. We can be fearless in dark situations knowing our God will heal, provide, equip, comfort. We don’t have to live with the ‘life checklist’ mentality. Young Adults -you’re on the journey and it’s happening now. Hannah Raeside

This life we signed up to, when we confessed Jesus to be our real, living Saviour and our best friend, is about letting God’s reputation, power and presence go before us; into our workplace, marriage, our parenting, into the job


regular check ups Glyn Barrett looks at the body, soul and spirit and ask the right questions to keep ourselves in check


Wh art at a mI Am tha I ho nki ldin Am ng ga God I je n a yg lou Do for rud ? s of I pu ges any t an Wh tow one yon at d ard ? ed oI Wh s an ow giv at c n yon e ? to? oul e? Wh d at m I gi v a e Wh kes aw oa ay? me mI fee Wh i n l se en t i m cur did ida e? I la ted We st l by? o se i i g How t? ht reg ula Cou r ar ld I em imp Wh yq rov at’s uie e t t t ti he Wh h e me thi m at’s ? s? ng the Wh G o mo d is oh st h ave t a Wh lkin elp I he oh ful g to lpe ave thi dg me I ng wit row abo He I nes hav ? ut j i s e g e ust How lea d to ht now rnt ? am ? ? Am I de vel I se o r pin Wh vin gm o ch gw yse ith alle Wh lf? ag n o ca ges ood nI m Wh a e t t ? t alk o in itud to? spi e? Wh res en m wa e Wh ? sI ere las t ac do Wh I cou wa oh nta nt t ave Wh ble ob I bl en to s e e i sse did na om d? mo I la eon nth st p e? ? ray for or e nco ura ge a lea der ?

2 Corinthians 13:5 Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realise that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test?


proverbs 4:23 Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.

proverbs 10:9 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

proverbs 3:7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil.


Recently I went to the doctors for a check up. I’m not sure about you, but I am not a big fan of doctors’ waiting rooms. Apart from the fact that the people sitting around me seem to be more than happy to spread their germs, the thing that galls me the most is that the magazines are never the new ones. They are either old ladies knitting magazines from 1986 or a woman’s magazine telling me ‘7 Ways to Get That Summer Beach Body in 7 steps!’ Neither of these I deem worthy reading material. When I finally saw the doctor he asked me many questions. What do you eat? What exercise do you do? What is your diary like? When do you rest? Do you feel stressed? What are your sleeping habits like? After answering as honestly as I could, he suggested various steps I could take to improve my health & fitness. Basically, something had to change, and eight months later I was a fitter, leaner, more able, stronger, and better me. These adjustments really did change my life! So what changed me? Was it the doctors advice? Yes, partly, but also because his questions forced me to take an honest look at myself and act upon it. The doctors questioning reminded me of a Bible verse in 2 Corinthians 13: 5 ‘Test yourselves to make sure you are solid in the faith. Don’t drift along taking everything for granted. Give yourself regular checkups. You need first hand evidence, not mere hearsay that Jesus Christ is in you’. The Bible is clear that we as people are made up of body, soul and spirit. If we want to be at our best we need to look after all three of these areas. I am passionate about you becoming a bigger, better, faster and stronger you. Our city and our nation needs it! So the next time you sit down to connect with God why not sort a check up. Pray, and ask yourself the questions below:HEART - Prov 4: 23 ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for out of it flows the issues of life.’ Our life flows from what

is in our heart. Whatever we see outwardly in a person, comes from their heart. It is so important that we protect our heart, in order that what flows out is good, wholesome and shows God well. Every now and then it is right to assess what are you harbouring in your heart that you need to let go of, unforgivness, sin, hurt. Take time to clear out the old, and put up some defences in order to guard your heart. WEIGHT - Prov 10: 9 ‘The man of integrity walks securely.’

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Integrity can be defined as soundness of moral character, honesty, and being whole in word and deed. Being a person of integrity means that what you say carries weight, because you live it out in your actions. A person of integrity will be the same in all situations, the same on a Monday as a Sunday, the same at home as at work or school. Our lives are truly effective and inspirational when we live a life of completeness, or integrity. HEIGHT - Prov 3: 7 ‘Do not be wise in your own eyes, fear the Lord and shun evil. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones’.

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You were designed to grow and become bigger, better, and stronger. God’s instruction is that we really grow when we live according to his principles, as given in The Bible, and when we say no to what the world has to offer. We have the ability to choose life, by choosing God’s way on a daily basis. Obedience to God enables us to grow tall, strong, and powerful; therefore more able to navigate this adventure called life.



Hyacinth Walters-Olsen is about to start her first year as an !Audacious Academy student. She talks to the Academy Dean, Ps Paul Reid, about the undeniable potential for greatness when ordinary people make sacrifices, take risks and take responsibility for the blank canvas God puts in front of them…

PR: You have made a decision that others would say was outrageous! How did you end up here? HWO: I’ve been a bit of a nomad; I’ve lived in eight cities in six different countries. I used to be a professional dancer. In 2003 I started a business with a friend, moved up to Manchester and, eight years later, here I am in !Audacious Church… You’ve been a professional dancer, world traveller, have run your own business and met celebrities... Tell us how you’ve become such a high achiever. I’m quite tenacious so when I read that “God has not given [me] a spirit of fear” it resonated with me as that’s how my life had been. I’m one of eight children so had to be bold if I wanted something. I’ve danced with Take That, 2Unlimited and also on TV. My business started when my boss came to me with a proposal. We brainstormed ideas and I basically went from secretary to partner in 11 days! It sounds like you’ve always known what you want but now, you seem to have a greater level of conviction. Where does that come from? I’ve been a Christian for 3 years and from the beginning it’s been 100%, “all or nothing” and what is absolutely certain

for me is that I want to know more about God; I want to take the next step. This is really a no-brainer, putting myself in a situation where I’m going to learn more about God. I can worry about details later. Others might say you’re making a major sacrifice to pursue the call of God in your life. Why would you do that? It’s not that I haven’t been praying and seeking God about this decision, but I’m just convinced that I need to know more about Him. I’ve had some amazing highs in my life but the journey of the last three years has trumped any other. There are plenty of excuses we can make when it comes to living an !Audacious life for God. Have you ever had to overcome difficulty or disappointment? My biggest challenge is being a mother. I am divorced and my daughter lives in Oslo with her dad (which I decided would be best for her when I moved back to the UK). It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make . It’s consumed me at times, but becoming a Christian and reading that God clothes the flowers of the fields and feeds the birds has made me ask “why do I need to worry?” I know God is looking after my daughter. I don’t know what His plan is but I know He’s got one!


What are you expecting to happen in this next chapter of your life as you start to fill the blank canvas…again! I don’t have the answers. I’m turn 40 in a few weeks. I’ve given up my job, my security. I don’t know what lies ahead but I know He will give me the desires of my heart if I seek Him and my desire is to know him more! I’m living in a place of faith and expectancy that I’ll grow as an individual. I’m so looking forward to it - I believe the best days are ahead of me. You’ve made the decision to do the !Audacious Academy later on in your life. How does it feel to know you’re going to be in the classroom with some very different people? It’s exciting! To be honest, I thought it wasn’t really for me; I was one of the many who thought “I’m too old, it’s for young people” but now I’m in a different place altogether because I’m not willing to let ANYTHING stand in the way of me stepping in to what God has got for me. So what about my age? God doesn’t care! Let me get in there with the 18 year olds!

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money talks

Rachel is a wife, mum and entrepreneur. She decided it wasn’t enough to have a good job but needed to create something more, for God to provide through

I am a Chartered Accountant and Business Consultant which you would think qualified me to talk on personal finance and budgeting! But it doesn’t. The only thing that qualifies me to talk in this subject is all the mistakes I have made and how I have learnt from them to get our finances on track.

At this point we made our second big mistake- which was to get caught on the slippery slope of credit cards. It had been a habit to collect points and Airmiles by paying our regular bills and groceries using our Tesco’s card- but we always paid them off immediately within 6 weeks before the interest hit. However one or two months came when we couldn’t do that and it was In the early days of my career I had a good salary and as a single a downward spiral. I remember praying for God to help us and person I could live comfortably. However I made a BIG mistake! I to provide a way out of debt. Someone said to me “God wants didn’t realise how comfortable I was and in that abundant season to prosper you and bless you but you need a vehicle for him I could have made some wise to get the money to you!” it hit financial choices! me between the eyes! It wasn’t going to fall from the sky but if God wants to prosper you and Don’t get me wrong, I believed we had a vehicle eg a business, a in tithing and generosity - I property investment, shares or a bless you but you need a vehicle could see that was in the Bible, combination of them all, then we for him to get the money to you! but somehow that translated would have a channel for God to in my head to “hold things bless lightly” therefore I gave and us through. spent without thinking too much about worldly wealth. I didn’t have the chance to attend So Rob started a property maintenance business which grew to a finance course and understand the principles of wise financial include gardening and residential cleaning. This began to grow management. I didn’t know that sound investments and saving and do really well, but when the recession hit we faced cash-flow could be a tool to create further finance which could then do difficulties and had to close down the property maintenance even more good! arm. However we had great opportunities with the domestic cleaning arm of the business and we are now franchising it This hit me like a ton of bricks when we came into leaner years nationally. It has taken lots of hard work and we have tried lots of and finance was tight!. While a mum of two young children- I ideas, some of which have worked and some haven’t, but we are wanted to be with my girls rather than working full-time so now starting to see the fruit of our labours! our income was reduced. This coincided with Rob working for a church on a low salary and I really wished I had saved and invested so that we could manage. 28


FINANCE COURSE Tuesdays 15, 22 & 29 Nov 7:30 pm at !Audacious Church

Top tips on personal finance


Be generous- investing into God’s House and into other people is still the number one principle for me.


3 4 5

But I would now add…… Get wise advice- learn how to budget, give, invest and save. This applies to everyone – not just when your finances are tight! Do it while your finances are going well!

Make the most of what you have- recycling and revamping furniture and clothing can be fun and rewarding. Be generous but don’t be wasteful. Use credit cards with extreme caution! If in doubt cut them up!

Be creative- look for business ideas, sell stuff on eBay, do up a property etc. Look for a vehicle so that God can bless you.




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