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Welcome to the !Audacious Academy The !Audacious Academy is a great opportunity for you to be trained, inspired and developed by some of the most influential, creative and anointed leaders this nation has. !Audacious is committed to developing the emerging generation of bold, dangerous, fearless and daring leaders who will be equipped to impact the nation and nations. If you are looking for average, the !Audacious Academy is not for you. If you are looking for the ultimate, then why not send off your application today. You can never cross chasms with small safe steps. Only the leap will get you there! One of Britain’s greatest ever church leaders said, “A vigorous faith often shuts its eyes at difficulties, laughs at impossibilities and cries it shall be done!” (C.H.Spurgeon). Why not train yourself to be such a leader? A leader who is full of passion, enthusiasm, energy, courage and above all, the practical know-how on becoming a leader of influence! See you in September 2010 – get ready for the ride of your life!

Glyn & Sophia Barrett


Your Hosts The !Audacious Academy is hosted by !Audacious. !Audacious City Church and Youth Alive UK:

!AUDACIOUS !Audacious is the revolution: fast-shaping youth culture in the UK. It means to be bold, fearless and unrestrained by convention. Pioneered by Glyn Barrett and his team in 2004, !Audacious has exploded into an internationally recognised ministry of passionate young people. The !Audacious Revolution comprises training, overseas missions, radio and television programmes, music, publishing and the annual !Audacious summer conference with over three thousand delegates. Choose to spend 1 or 2 years with Glyn and his team, and you will find yourself inspired, challenged and empowered to win this generation.



!Audacious City Church launched in 2007 and within two years has grown to four services on a Sunday in the Manchester central campus with over eight hundred people. It has recently added an Eastern campus and in May 2009 launched a campus in Poland, !Krakow City Church.

Youth Alive UK exists to see the youth and young adults of this great nation discover and run with their God-given purpose.

Exploding with life, !ACC has a phenomenal leadership team headed by Pastors Glyn & Sophia Barrett who bring vision, values and !Audacious culture. It loves coffee and connecting and is renowned for its welcome, its great kids programme and bouncing youth programme. !Audacious City Church is the base of the !Audacious Academy, !Audacious and Youth Alive UK offices.

History books are waiting to detail the God inspired exploits of this generation. Individually we make a mark but together we make a major impact from which the reverberations will be felt by the generations to come. Youth Alive UK is motivated to embrace the challenge of changing the culture of 19 million young people in our nation. As an !Audacious Academy student you will serve at key Youth Alive UK events such as the Respect tour featuring Reggie Dabbs, Confluence – the national youth leaders conference, Young Lions, Think Tank and more.

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Course Outline


Throughout the course of the year, as an !Audacious Academy student you can expect to be trained in a wide variety of subjects through a mixture of coaching, lectures, one-on-one discipleship and practical application of your chosen ministry stream in either your home church or the host church.

As well as lectures, students undertake practical coaching from practitioners and may choose one of the following

Monday to Wednesday you will travel to !Audacious City Church, Manchester for lectures and coaching. On Thursday to Sunday you will outwork that which you learn in a practical setting.

Lectures include •

The Directors Hour

!Audacious Leadership

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

How to Read the Bible

Church History

The Power of Servanthood

Spiritual Gifts

The Pastoral Dimension

Basic Theology

Preaching & Leading

Intimacy with God


Faith Dynamics


Youth Leadership Schools Work Worship and song writing University Students Children’s Ministry Music lessons are available at an additional charge.

Accreditation The !Audacious Academy lectures are accredited by the Open College Network levels 2 & 3 (equivalant to A-level standard) and students receive accredited certificates on completion of the course.

LECTURERS Lecturers GLYN BARRETT Glyn is the Senior Leader of !Audacious City Church & Director of !Audacious and Youth Alive UK. He is an incredible visionary who loves to connect with people, drink coffee and is enthusiastic about everything in his world including his wife Sophia, kids Georgia and Jaedon and of course Manchester City FC! On the !Audacious Academy Glyn lectures on Church History, Directors Hour and !Audacious Leadership. STUART KEIR Stuart is an Associate Minister at !Audacious City Church, Manchester and a director of !Audacious. Stuart is a clear and strategic thinker with a great passion to see the Church championed in this nation and beyond. He is married to Julie and they have three children, Molly, Grace and Ethan. SOPHIA BARRETT Sophia is the Senior Leader of !Audacious City Church and on the National Youth Alive UK team. Her intimacy with God and biblical insight will enthuse you with passion for knowing more about Jesus. You get to spend time with Sophia as she lectures: How to Read the Bible For All it’s Worth. MARK FOSTER Mark is the Dean of the !Audacious Academy. He is an excellent communicator who pioneered a great youth programme with a vision to see all areas of Manchester’s youth reached with a relevant expression of the gospel. Originally from Stratford Upon Avon, he moved to Sheffield to study where he was involved in Hope City Church and became the youth pastor with his wife Emily before moving to Manchester in 2007. He has an authority and calling to the wider body of the Church.

DEREK SMITH Derek is the Senior Leader of Kings Church, Bolton. Derek is a phenomenal preacher, who tells it like it is and always leaves you with lots to put into practice. He loves a good curry especially after his beloved Bolton FC manage a win. In lecture block 2 of the Academy Derek lectures on Preaching. JASON GOWLAND Jason with his wife Kim are the Senior leaders of Edge Church in Bristol. Previously in Adelaide, Australia with Pastor Danny Gugliemucci, they have massive hearts to see a change in the South West. Jason will be lecturing on Faith Dynamics on the !Audacious Academy. MARK RITCHIE Mark is the Director of the 73rd Trust and a renowned Evangelist known for his humour and passionate preaching. He currently tours the UK full time as he communicates the gospel in new ways, but consistently in a way that grips and inspires you to be all you can. On the Academy Mark lectures on Evangelism. Other Lecturers include: Reggie Dabbs One of the world’s most saught-after youth communicators Neil Smith Vice President of Planetshakers Ministries International John Cameron Senior Leader of the 3000 strong, Arise Church, Weillington, New Zealand Paul Geerling Youth Alive Australia Director, Senior Leader of Metro Church, Brisbane Grayson Jones Senior Leader, International City Church, Donaster, UK Paul Reid Youth Alive UK!

European Mission The !Audacious Academy believes that everyone should experience mission at least once in their lifetime. Overseas mission takes you out of your comfort zone and leaves you inspired and motivated to win your generation. During the second academy lecture block, students will be involved in a two week strategic mission experience in Krakow, Poland. This will incorporate taking English lessons in Primary and Secondary schools, afternoon community activities, running evening youth and church events, all with the aim of connecting people to the newly launched !Krakow City Church and introducing them to Jesus. In addition to that, !Audacious Academy students then bring their culture to the growing Polish youth conference, “!Radykalni� (Radicals) where they will serve in varying capacities. After all the serving, there is still time to enjoy the surprisingly great Polish cuisine and visit the beautiful city of Krakow and more. This whole experience is unforgettable and noted as a great highlight in the Academy year!


!Audacious Academy Year 2

Our Story

While the first year of the !Audacious Academy provides a fantastic foundation for life, a second year at the !Audacious Academy will sharpen you and develop your skills in a more specialised area of ministry.

HAYLEY CHARLTON “The !Audacious Academy has completely turned my world around; it has been 2 years of being constantly challenged and encouraged to run hard for God and live life to its fullest potential. If you want to be inspired to live a life beyond what you currently thought possible, then Academy is for you!”

You will not only have the opportunity to work alongside an experienced practitioner but also, to develop your skills, you will be given responsibility for key projects within your ministry area. As well as your 2 days practical experience you will also have 1 coaching day each week consisting of :-

Directors Hour An hour session from Glyn Barrett, challenging your thinking and lifestyle.

Leadership coaching sessions Key small group sessions from !Audacious approved leaders. These sessions are designed to be interactive rather than lecture style so that you can ask the burning questions and really get into the life of the coach.

JENNIFER CARRILLO “People who know their God will do mighty exploits.” “During the Audacious Academy, I became stretched and challenged beyond what I thought I could ever handle. Yet I came out with this verse not as head knowledge, but as heart knowledge. I’ve learned to do life with God and I now believe I’ll leave a mark on this world.”

Project Following your coaching sessions, you and the rest of your coaching group will devise social action projects to outwork in the base locality. This will give you a heart for your community, develop your creativity and team skills and envision you with ideas for your locality.

Practical ministry Additional to your practical placement and the coaching day, you will have the opportunity to serve in key national conferences and host church events. You will also be mission leaders on the mission trip to Poland, taking responsibility for areas of the programme and in leading Year 1 students.


!Audacious Academy Calendar

!Audacious Academy weekly diary

The !Audacious Academy year commences at the end of September with an orientation week where you will have the first opportunity to meet fellow students, hear great ministry sessions from key lecturers and also for the Dean of the Academy to go through the detail of the course.

During your practical blocks you will serve in your local church placement for a minimum of 30 hours over four days. During lecture blocks your timetable will be as follows:-


Below is an outline of the rest of the !Audacious Academy year. You will be notified of specific dates on acceptance to the !Audacious Academy.

09.00 – 18.00 18.00 – 19.30 19.30 – 21.30

Late September

Orientation week


October to Mid December

Lecture Block 1

Christmas break

2 weeks

January & February

Practical Block 1

March to April

Lecture Block 2

Easter break

1 week


Mission to Poland

May & June

Lecture Block 2 (continued)

09.00 – 09.30 09.30 – 11.00 11.00 – 12.00 12.00 – 13.00 13.00 – 13.45 13.45 – 14.30 14.45 – 15.30 15.45 – 16.30 16.45 – 17.30

June to late July

Practical Block 2

Late July

Graduation ceremony


!Audacious Conference

Dates & times may vary slightly

Day off / work / travel to Manchester !Audacious Academy Year 1 & 2 Meal Inspirational session

Devotions Practical Lecture 1 Lecture 2 Lunch Lecture 3 Lecture 4 Lecture 5 Lecture 6

Wedensday 09.00 – 09.30 09.30 – 10.20 10.30 – 12.30 12.45 – 13.30 13.30 – 14.15 14.15 – 17.30

Student devotions Directors Hour Coaching streams Lecture 7 Lecture 8 Practical placement / travel

Thursday 09.00 - 17.30

Practical placement

Friday 09.00 - 17.30


Practical placement

Saturday Day off / opportunity to work if necessary

Sunday Serve in local curch

Fees & Accommodation !Audacious Academy fees Year 1 Course Fees ..................................................................... £1,499 This can be paid as one lump sum at the start of the course or by £599 at orientation week followed by £150 per month for 6 months. Mission trip to Poland including transfers, flights, accommodation and food ....... £499 (please note on acceptance to Year 1 of the Audacious Academy a deposit of £150 is required for a student place. This will be then deducted off the total cost and is non-refundable.)

Year 2 Course Fees ...................................................................... £999 This can be paid as one lump sum at the start of the course or by £199 at orientation, followed by £100 per month for eight months. Mission trip to Poland including transfers, flights, accommodation and food is .... £499

Accommodation Should you require accommodation whilst in Manchester, the !Audacious Academy can find you a place with other Academy students of the same gender in a house at an approximate cost of £65 per week plus bills. Similarly, if students are in Manchester for lectures only, accommodation can be provided at an anticipated cost of £25 per week for the two nights they are there. There may be limited places available, to be billeted with families although this is not guaranteed.


What people are saying We think the !Audacious Academy is one of the best things you could do with a year of your life. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Senior Leaders are saying. “Come to the !Audacious Academy and join an army of people who are bringing change all over the world. Be trained by leaders who who are the best in what they do and be empowered to live out your God-given potential” Russell Evans, Director of Planetshakers & Senior Leader of Planetshakers Church, Melbourne

“The !Audacious Academy teaches you to passionately seek God and hear His voice, living a lifestyle of radical obedience to God and letting Him change your life forever” Mark Ritchie, National Evangelist & Director of 73rd Trust

“I would love all my youth to do at least one year at the !Audacious Academy - it will change them forever” Roddie Gillies, Senior Leader of Outreach Community Church, Strathaven

“The !Audacious Academy is the place to send any young person who is determined to make a difference with their life. At the Academy they will be stretched beyond recognition, it’s the place where they can grow and develop in their faith by impacting the world in which they live” Ian Williams, Senior Leader of Riviera Life Church, Torquay

“The !Audacious Academy is the best internship programme I know, I have been amazed at the hearts and servant attitude of the students. I dream of having such an internship programme in Poland one day” Zbigniew Marzec, Campus Pastor of !Krakow City Church, Poland

“!Audacious Academy is a spring board into a young person’s future and life in leadership. We have seen young people grow personally and add massive value to the local church” Dennis Graham-Parker, Senior Leader of Liberty Church, Kent

What do I do next? !Audacious Academy welcomes applications from students across the United Kingdom and international students, provided they have the support of their local church. Typically applicants are 18 to 30 years old but there is no set upper limit. If an applicant below 18 is considering the !Audacious Academy they should have the backing of parents and church before sending off an application form, telephone the !Audacious Academy for advice. If you would like to apply for the !Audacious Academy for this coming September please fill in the application form available by emailing or ringing the number below Once completed return by post to :!Audacious Academy The Centre 5 Mary Street Manchester M3 1NH Or email to For further enquiries or an application pack please contact: Mark Foster at !Audacious Academy on +44 (0)161 830 7000. We look forward to hearing from you soon, make the decision to live !Audacious!



5 MARY STREET MANCHESTER M3 1NH UK +44 (0)161 830 7000