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Oak Park/River Forest Market Update With mortgage interest rates still low, it’s a great time to buy a home. Likewise, sellers who are realistic about pricing and market trends are in a better position to get their homes sold faster and for more money. Following is a snapshot of overall market activity in the area. Keep in mind trends vary block to block, so talk to an @properties broker for hyper-local market insights and advice.



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$395,693 average sales price


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#1 MARKET SHARE IN CHICAGOLAND Source: MRED / BrokerMetrics LLC, Closed Sales, Residential Properties (Attached & Detached), Oak Park & River Forest, 1-1-19 to 10-31-19 Source: MRED / BrokerMetrics LLC. Closed Sales, Residential Properties (Attached & Detached), Chicagoland MLS Area, 1-1-19 to 10-31-19

Tackle repairs Fall is an ideal time to take care of home improvement projects like painting, roof repairs, and replacing windows. Likewise, it’s a good time for interior paint jobs and deep cleaning as you can leave the windows open for ventilation without having to deal with the humidity of the peak summer months. Declutter and get organized Most homes could stand a little decluttering – and that’s especially true before they hit the market. Start getting organized now so your home will be in tip-top shape for open houses and showings. This will not only allow you ample time to prepare, but also means you won’t have to schlep boxes to the self-storage when it’s bitter cold and there’s snow on the ground. From simplifying (less is more!) and donating to going digital, there are plenty of ways to tidy up. You can find tips on our blog at

selling your home in 2020 2019 may not be over yet, but if you’re

even thinking about selling your home early next year, there are several things that you can (and should) do now to prepare. Here are a few tips to get your home ready for the peak spring market.

Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection Inspections aren’t just for homebuyers. By ordering an inspection prior to putting your home on the market, you can identify and address any issues that could otherwise arise during the escrow period. It’s important to keep in mind that many buyers are looking for a home that is turnkey and move-in ready. A pre-listing home inspection will help ensure there are no surprises when it comes to the condition of your home.

Request a digital CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) A CMA will give you an initial snapshot of your home’s value. And unlike a traditional CMA, which is a static report, @properties’ digital CMA is continuously updating, using real-time data from the Multiple Listing Service. This ensures you always have the most accurate data right at your fingertips. Keep in mind that pricing and market conditions can change between now and the time you list, but knowing where you stand today will be helpful in planning your next home sale or purchase. Here are a few tips to get your home ready for the peak spring market.

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633 N EAST AVENUE, OAK PARK · $1,500,000 Malone Residential · 773.600.1551

831 S HARVEY AVENUE, OAK PARK · $975,000 Danny Glick · 312.671.1516 ·

1114 S SCOVILLE AVENUE, OAK PARK · $875,000 Danny Glick · 312.671.1516 ·

906 COLUMBIAN AVENUE, OAK PARK · $839,000 Tony & Kathy Iwersen · 708.772.8040

45 WASHINGTON BOULEVARD, OAK PARK · $799,000 Sohail Salahuddin · 312.437.7799 · · 3

415 LINDEN AVENUE, OAK PARK · $1,295,000 Greer Haseman · 708.606.8896 ·

544 KEYSTONE AVENUE, RIVER FOREST · $765,000 Lisa Pasquesi · 708.848.0200

1131 THATCHER AVENUE, RIVER FOREST · $749,000 Parks/August · 773.387.3010 ·

1219 FOREST AVENUE, OAK PARK · $739,900 Zak Knebel · 773.290.9293 ·

839 N OAK PARK AVENUE, OAK PARK · $719,000 April Moon · 708.935.6183 ·

532 S KENILWORTH AVENUE, OAK PARK · $699,999 Greer Haseman · 708.606.8896 ·

436 N ELMWOOD AVENUE, OAK PARK · $689,000 Greer Haseman · 708.606.8896 ·

1023 WENONAH AVENUE, OAK PARK · $799,000 Tony & Kathy Iwersen · 708.772.8040 ·

163 N CUYLER AVENUE, OAK PARK · $780,000 Joe Landgrebe · 224.600.0970

121 THATCHER AVENUE, RIVER FOREST · $775,000 Karen Stierwalt · 773.755.1310 ·

650 S HARVEY AVENUE, OAK PARK · $769,000 Rada Burns ·312.678.6305 ·

1122 FOREST AVENUE, RIVER FOREST · $1,249,000 Tony & Kathy Iwersen · 708.772.8040 ·

708 S EAST AVENUE, OAK PARK · $639,000 Lisa Pasquesi · 708.848.0200 ·

1447 KEYSTONE AVENUE, RIVER FOREST · $635,000 Tony & Kathy Iwersen · 708.772.8040 ·



1210 WOODBINE AVENUE, OAK PARK · $625,000 Karla Oberholtzer · 708.721.0324

608 S SCOVILLE AVENUE, OAK PARK · $624,900 Sohail Salahuddin ·312.437.7799 ·

1430 FOREST AVENUE, RIVER FOREST · $1,225,000 Bob Swindal · 708.205.5115 ·

186 N MARION STREET, OAK PARK · $599,000 Jan Raspatello · 708.476.6070

259 HOME AVENUE, OAK PARK · $575,000 Raspatello/Graves · 708.476.6070 ·

400 FOREST AVENUE, OAK PARK · $1,167,500 Tony & Kathy Iwersen · 708.772.8040 ·

1515 KEYSTONE AVENUE, RIVER FOREST · $1,225,000 Vickie Freund · 773.848.8932 ·

621 S ELMWOOD AVENUE, OAK PARK · $565,000 Patrizia Zompanti · 312.927.4663

947 MONROE AVENUE, RIVER FOREST · $559,000 Michael O'Neill · 708.267.8995 ·

7575 LAKE STREET #3A, RIVER FOREST · $530,000 Greer Haseman · 708.606.8896 ·

110 S MARION STREET #403, OAK PARK · $525,000 Robert Royals · 312.607.0801 · · 5


210 HOME AVENUE, OAK PARK · $1,095,000 LaFido/Mohammed · 630.674.3488 ·

743 S CUYLER AVENUE, OAK PARK · $419,000 Jan Raspatello · 708.476.6070

400 N MAPLE AVENUE, OAK PARK · $410,000 Bette Bleeker · 773.720.9211

828 S LOMBARD AVENUE, OAK PARK · $399,900 Patty Reilly-Murphy · 312.316.2564

1216 N HUMPHREY AVENUE, OAK PARK · $399,900 Zak Knebel · 773.290.9293

723 N LOMBARD AVENUE, OAK PARK · $299,900 Meg Sullivan · 708.897.4747 ·

7354 LAKE STREET #1W, RIVER FOREST · $245,000 Lisa Pasquesi · 708.848.0200 ·

1218 N EUCLID AVENUE, OAK PARK · $499,000 Moon/Fischer · 708.935.6183 ·

217 N GROVE AVENUE #A, OAK PARK · $485,000 Connie Engel · 773.251.3837 ·

842 N EUCLID AVENUE, OAK PARK · $465,000 Cindy Risch · 312.545.5415 ·

502 JACKSON BOULEVARD, OAK PARK · $425,000 Michael & Alexandra Pochron · 708.707.9411 ·

540 LINDEN AVENUE, OAK PARK · $1,025,000 Greer Haseman · 708.606.8896 ·

819 LAKE STREET #2W, OAK PARK · $163,900 Brian Behan · 312.480.1244 ·

343 S HUMPHREY AVENUE #2S, OAK PARK · $139,900 Alisha Mowbray · 708.848.0200 ·


Located just 10 miles

west of downtown Chicago, Oak Park is filled with a rich creative history. Not only is the distinct community known for creatives like Ernest Hemingway and Frank Lloyd Wright, Oak Park is truly a classic with a twist. From town functions to lush open spaces, it’s clear to see why so many call this vibrant community home. We’re sharing 5 reasons why we love this town.

5 things we about Oak Park




Home of Ernest Hemingway  Famed novelist Ernest Hemingway was born and raised in the Oak Park community. Ernest Hemingway’s Birthplace Museum, located at 339 N. Oak Park Avenue, is actually where Hemingway was born and raised through his early childhood. The Queen Anne home was built in the 1800s and was the first Oak Park home to have electricity. It has since been restored to its natural beauty, allowing you to walk the halls Hemingway once roamed. Iconic Homes Line the Streets Being a real estate brokerage, we couldn’t overlook the outstanding mix of home styles which include Victorian, Queen Anne, Craftsman and Prairie School. And there is one more type you will see around town: Frank Lloyd Wright. Early in Wright’s career, he spent more time building homes in Oak Park than anywhere else. The renowned architect designed 25 homes in the Oak Park area, including his own home and studio. A Secret Garden Quietly tucked away in a residential neighborhood is the Austin Gardens, which is often referred to as ‘The Secret Garden.’ Among its 3.64 acres, Austin Gardens houses and protects 285 trees and is dedicated to educating the community about environmental

issues. While you are able to learn about conservation and nature, you can enjoy extraordinary trees, wildflower woodland habitats, picnic spots and walking paths. 4

Array of Cuisines Oak Park boasts an array of cuisines. Kick off the day with fresh squeezed orange juice, a signature breakfast sandwich and buttermilk pancakes at Delia’s Kitchen. From there you can venture on to enjoy a culinary journey through Central and South America at Maya Del Sol or feast on fresh baguettes at Léa French Street Food. Once dinner rolls around, take a trip to Italy with made-from-scratch dishes at La Notte Ristorante Italiano.


Oak Park Conservatory Considered a hidden oasis, the Oak Park Conservatory showcases some of the most beautiful and exotic florals. With three indoor showrooms, there are plenty of flowers from the Mediterranean, tropics and desert. You can also step outside to experience their more urban garden. These are just some of the reasons why we love Oak Park. If you are interested in learning more, visit our blog at

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traditionally modern Have you outgrown your home? The home that was yours, but no longer fits your in-laws, sassy teenage daughter, or your rebel son and his weird friend. At @properties, we relish the challenge of helping you sell your home. You deserve a broker who gets that; a broker who gets you. So be yourself. We’ll handle the rest.


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Oak Park & River Forest Times Fall 2019  

Oak Park & River Forest Times Fall 2019