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Ratings are given from 1-5. 5 is the best rating a reviewer can give, meaning they were very pleased with the beer and would strongly recommend it. 1 is the lowest rating a reviewer can give, meaning they did not enjoy the beer at all.

This month’s beers are available depending on supply & demand at all 5 Liquor Locker locations.

Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat

Widmer Brothers Brewing

OKTO Festival Ale

Fat Heads Oktoberfest

Daniel Knight •2.5 This seasonal ale “pours up pretty” with a thick, white head and predictable hazy, copper color. The aroma is less impressive with only a subtle pumpkin scent and a little bready-ness. The taste is typical wheat ale, a little spice, pumpkin and malt. It’s weak on the finish– okay, drinkable, but not very exciting. That said, with its lightness and subtle flavor, I’m confident that some folks will enjoy this brew.

Daniel Knight • 4 This Oktoberfest inspired beer pours a deep amber color with a white head that stays on the glass for the longest time. Fruity and floral notes on the nose give the beer a pleasant scent. Malty sweetness is balanced out by the very light bitterness of hops. Try this crisp and clean seasonal beer while it’s still available, preferably with a bratwurst or two on a cool autumn afternoon.

Daniel Knight • 4 This beer fills the glass with a chestnut red color and a noticeable white head that vanishes in an instant. The fruity aroma of hops is present on the nose. The hop scent is very nicely balanced by the taste of a generous helping of malt on the tongue. The carbonation keeps this lager light, crisp and refreshing. This smooth and drinkable beer would complement spicy food very nicely.

Paul Bragin • 4 This deep red beer that is a cross between a red ale and an India pale ale produces a thick, tan head that hangs on for some time before evaporating. The nose gives off a very strong hop scent with citrus and pine notes. The hop flavor continues while sipping the beer. This beer is not for the faint of heart, but aficionados of hoppy beers should definitely seek out this one.

Paul Bragin • 4 The rich, dark brown beer has a thin, creamy head that quickly evaporates. The enjoyable scent of roasted malt immediately hits the nose. Some hop bitterness balances out the malt sweetness in the beer. The bottle says the beer is brewed with hemp. The addition of hemp did not seem to add much to the beer, but this is still a phenomenal beverage. This beer could become a favorite as the colder months approach.

Paul Bragin • 4 This seasonal offering has the color of roasted pumpkin and the thinnest head possible. Spices fill the nose. The first taste is traditional wheat beer with pumpkin and spice notes coming later. The pumpkin and spice tastes continue as the beer is sipped. This beer is a great one to have during the fall. You could serve it along with the mandatory slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but there’s no need to wait to put the pair together. Jabez Martinez • 3.5 I like the original Shock Top but this was just average. It is a hazy, orange-colored beer. I could smell the nutmeg and spices that go along with similar pumpkin beers but this one was a little light on the flavor. I could definitely taste pumpkin and spices but they were a little weak. If you never had a pumpkin beer and would like to try one I would start with this one. It is also fairly inexpensive.

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76 | October 2013

Jabez Martinez • 3.5 A cloudy, brown beer with some hops and caramel in the aroma with some fruits added in. It had a heavy hops flavor and some caramel but finished with the fruit flavors. I did like the crispness that this beer had. I usually like the Widmer Brothers offerings and this was one pretty good.



Jabez Martinez • 3 This beer looked like a cloudy wheat with a slight orange tint. It did not have the strong flavors that the usual Oktoberfest offerings have so I didn’t rate it higher. It had most of the standard flavors but I hoped it would be more powerful.

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