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KC'S Marina Pointe Grand Opening Weekend

Get Ready to Rock by the River!

Justin Moore at the Ford Center

An Exclusive Interview with the Country Music Star

Fistful of Hollers Murder Mystery Dinner

An Evening of Intrigue at the Owensboro Convention Center

On the Roof Music Series

Open-Air Concerts return to the Arts Council of SW Indiana!

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4 | MAY 2021


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ow that spring is in full swing, we're all breathing a little

2020. All signs point to "yes." They also point to an amazing

easier, it seems. Literally, in some respects. And by that

grand opening weekend at KC's Marina Pointe May 6-8. It's

I am, of course, referring to the lifting of the mask mandate.

party time, people! We've got the skinny on what the area's

Taking in that fresh air feels good, for sure. Even better for us

most popular outdoor hangout has up its sleeve this season

poor bespectacled folks, the constant fogging of the glasses

- from big name concerts and exciting nightlife to food trucks

is a thing of the past. Safe to say it wasn't fun for anyone

and a delicious, new streamlined menu. As GM Chad Brady

but we survived and the only way is up at this point. Fingers

promises, "we're going to rock it all summer long!" So be sure

crossed. Make no mistake there's definitely a good vibe in the

to head out to the river for the big bash and join in on all the

tri-state right now with businesses starting to flourish again

fun - if you still remember how to have fun, you know? Just

and events of all kinds on the calendar this month and into

kidding. In addition to the lowdown on Marina Pointe, we've

the summer. With more and more people getting vaccinated

got all our regular features back this month, including several

we can hopefully - finally - get over the pandemic hump

profiles on local artists and bands, plus tri-state pet pics, beer

and maybe even return to life as we knew it prior to March

and music reviews and much more inside!





Sandwiches, Salads, Pizza, Sweet Treats, Coffee and MORE! Open daily for guests of all ages.



For reservations, call (812) 433-4333 or go to

Plus, live music at Cavanaugh’s Piano Bar!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Wednesday, May 5! Chicken Fajita Quesadilla - $10, Blackened Fish Tacos - $12, Margaritas - $3

Friday, May 28 is National Hamburger Day! Get a Root Beer Float for $1 with the purchase of any Tap House Burger!

MAY 1, 15, 22, 28, 29 - Kasey Todd MAY 6, 13, 20, 27 - Andrea Wirth MAY 7, 8, 14 - Bob Ballard MAY 21 - TBA FIND RESTAURANT MENUS AT TROPEVANSVILLE.COM

Must be 21 years of age or older to dine at Tap House.

1-800-342-5386 | TROPEVANSVILLE.COM | 421 NW RIVERSIDE DR. | EVANSVILLE, IN Trademarks used herein are owned by Caesars Entertainment and its affiliated companies. Must be 18 or older to wager on horse racing at racetracks and 21 or older to gamble at casinos. Know When To Stop Before You Start ®. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-9WITHIT (1-800-994-8448). ©2021, Caesars Entertainment.

6 | MAY 2021


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grand opening weekend

Ready to rock by the river: It's finally party time at the tri-state's favorite summer hangout Perhaps the biggest disappointment during

sure to keep an eye out for upcoming concert

last year's Covid lockdown was the effective


cancellation of Marina Pointe's summer party season, but the clouds have finally parted and

And as in summers past, the 4th of July

the tri-state is in for a grand opening weekend

celebration promises to be off the hook.

like no other to kick off the reopening of

Brady is working on bringing country rapper

Evansville in style. Get ready to rock by the river

Upchurch back for a two-night stand and there

with Matt Stell & Chris Bandi (5/6), Nick Alligood

will be a massive fireworks show to celebrate

& Tailgate Revival plus DJ Cliffy (5/7) and a big

the occasion. Does it get any better? Actually, it

regional band TBA on Saturday, May 8. And

does. Marina Pointe plans to bring food trucks

that's just the beginning of what GM Chad

on site this season, partnering with Nick Duffy

Brady promises will be "the best summer ever"

of The Duffy Shuffle & Rock-A-Burger food

at Marina Pointe.

trucks to offer some truly tasty options and keep everyone fueled up for extensive partying. But

He's not kidding. Brady has several high profile

you can also still order from the Marina Pointe

concerts booked in the coming weeks and

menu which Brady notes will be streamlined but

months, including Jelly Roll, Michael Ray, Drake

still entirely delicious.

White and Buckcherry - who tried their best to schedule a show at Marina Pointe last year only

So it's a done deal - you're heading to Marina

to lose out to the pandemic time and again.

Pointe this summer for the best nightlife in

Rest assured the hugely popular rock band is

Evansville. Rest up because it's going to get

determined to make up for lost time on July

crazy by the river with big name bands and the

2nd with a fiery set that's guaranteed to live

best food and drinks in town!

up to their reputation for wild live shows. Be

8 | MAY 2021


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Down-to-earth country music star talks new album, the nostalgia of "We Didn't Have Much," staying true to his roots and more FORD CENTER | JUNE 4


7 P.M.

Having charted just under 20 songs - including eight number one singles - since he burst onto the country music scene with his self-titled 2009 debut, Justin Moore stands as one of the genre's most authentic stars, never betraying his roots or losing sight of what's truly important in life. And that's no small feat in a cutthroat, volatile industry. From the Arkansas native's first monster hit "Small Town USA" to this year's nostalgic "We Didn't Have Much," there's been a common thread throughout, a comforting, often emphatic reminder that Moore is 100% "straight outta the country" - which makes a fitting title for his sixth studio album, released April 23 via the Valory Music Company. Along with "We Didn't Have Much," Moore dropped the aching "She Ain't Mine No More" ahead of the new 8-song collection. Both songs demonstrate artistic growth while maintaining the singer's core sound, a balancing act he's previously achieved on fan favorites like "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away" and "The Ones That Didn't Make it Back Home." But make no mistake, Moore still likes to party. In keeping with his career-long tradition of drinking anthems, Straight Outta the Country's "You Keep Getting Me Drunk" is primed to be a major sing-along when he hits the stage in Evansville. Moore was kind enough to speak with News 4U in the lead-up to the show at the Ford Center.

10 | MAY 2021




our friends who have a bunch of chickens. It sounds cheesy,


and family more than ever and then also being cooped up in





Yeah, it's pretty wild, man. I move to a town [Nashville] to see if I can finagle my way into some doors and somehow sign a record deal - and you get to that point realizing that that's just the very beginning. To not only be able to record a whole

but that's really what we were doing. I think relying on friends the house together was kind of back to basics - which for me that's kind of how I grew up. And so I thought the song really spoke to the beauty in that simplicity. I thought it might be the right time to put this type of song out. THE OTHER SONG RELEASED SO FAR, "SHE AIN'T MINE NO MORE," HAS A MELANCHOLY VIBE THAT REALLY SEEPS UNDER THE SKIN.

That is probably one of my favorite two or three songs on the

album and get it out but to have hits on the radio and all that

album. It kind of reminds me of the songs that I was influenced

good stuff. We were fortunate enough to do that with the

by growing up in the late 80's, early 90's. You know, we've

first album having three big hits off of that - and it sold well.

recorded some breakup songs but I don't know that we've ever

That's back when albums actually sold [laughs]. It was a whole

had one as a single and "She Ain't Mine No More" is a single

different business then, buddy. But then you think, crap, I don't

contender down the road. And I don't know that we've ever

want to be just a flash in the pan. So, I thought we did a pretty

had a song that moves like this, either - you know, melodically

good job of putting an album out - the Outlaws Like Me album,

and instrumentation and all that. We've had a chance to play it

which was our second - that I was really, really proud of and I

at a couple of shows - it's a fun tune to play so I'm really excited

thought there was a bit of growth in that album in spots; "If

for everybody to hear it.

Heaven Wasn't So Far Away" was an example of that. When you have back-to-back albums - not only songs but albums that do well, you can kind of take a deep breath and go, 'ok, maybe we can settle in here.' At least for me, I'm thinking the whole time that this has got to go away at some point - it's all going too well right now. And you know, here we are, golly, 14 years after I signed my record deal and we're still doing it.




Yeah, there have certainly been conversations through

Certainly, it's a great time to look back on and hey, I'm glad that

the years - and I appreciate you saying that; I take that as a

I made it through without ruining my career being so drunk for

compliment. You know, when I first came out in '08, the radio

about four years. I'm glad I've grown up, but it was certainly a

sounded a lot different than it did in '12, '13 or '14. Around


that midpoint of my career, it was more what they call "bro-




country" or whatever they call it. I can't keep up - there are so many subgenres now. But there was some pressure on us for sure. You kind of felt at the time that if we want to maintain a voice on the radio then we're going to have to do some things. I like to say that, you know, we bent a little here and

My longtime producer and co-writer was a co-writer on this

there but we never really broke. I think we did a really good

song. He sent it to me pre-pandemic and I said, 'I love this - we

job of staying true to me as an artist and what I want to say

might need to record this.' I related to the song simply because

and do - and not contradicting myself as an artist while at the

of how I grew up and how, quite honestly, I live now back in

same time growing from a songwriting perspective, maybe

my hometown of 300 people. When Covid hit, I listened to

cutting a few more love songs. You know, just some little subtle

the song in a completely different way. And not unlike most

things here and there. And now you look at where we are from

everyone, you know, my family and I were forced to lead a

a popularity least my opinion is that it feels like

much simpler lifestyle than what we were accustomed to. We

it's swinging back towards a more traditional sound. And that's

planted a garden - we didn't know early on with this thing what

thrilling for me because that's what I do and what personally I

the hell was going to happen. And we were getting eggs from

enjoy listening to the most.


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$2500 reward for any information on the whereabouts of Dawnita Wilkerson Call the tip line at 812-435-6194 or email: To donate: 12 | MAY 2021



MURDER MYSTERY DINNER Saddle up for an evening of intrigue and suspense with a Wild West theme OWENSBORO CONVENTION CENTER

MAY 14 | 6 P.M.

It's time once again to put on your thinking caps and see if you can solve a rather delicious whodunit at the Owensboro Convention Center. Set in the Old West in the dusty town of Dry Gulp, this intriguing murder mystery features local mortician Digger Deep who makes a fatal mistake by inviting known bad guy Nasty Nate to a shindig. And that's when things turn deadly - a fishy situation that leaves everyone scratching their heads. But detective Squint Leastwood is on the case; however, he needs your help to make sense of it all! While you're sizing up the suspects and trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, enjoy a western-themed menu that includes brisket chili, southwestern spiced ham, cornbread muffins, apple pie and more. Guests 21+ can also mosey on over to the Silver Dollar Saloon (cash bar) for a specialty drink that's sure to hit the spot. And don't be shy to come dressed as a cowboy or cowgirl - a 10-gallon hat, boots and big belt buckle will get you in the spirit of the evening (but such getups aren't required). Either way, you're guaranteed to have a blast and feast on some tasty grub. Yeehawwwwww!!

Tickets are $69 per person or two for $120. Tickets for children 12 & under are $49 (please note some content may be PG13). Purchase online at, at the OCC Box Office, or charge by phone at 270-297-9932. The OCC is located at 501 W. 2nd St. in Owensboro.

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ON THE ROOF MUSIC SERIES Local nonprofit organization lines up impressive list of area musicians for the return of free open-air concerts ARTS COUNCIL OF SOUTHWESTERN INDIANA


Add the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana to the growing list of venues welcoming performers back this month and on into the summer. Located in the heart of downtown Evansville, the nonprofit organization is thrilled to announce the return of its very popular On the Roof Music Series which showcases some of the area's most notable musicians offering up a wide range of styles - everything from hip-hop and indie rock to acoustic folkpop and spacey electronica. Best of all, this incredible live music series is absolutely free to the public with concerts scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays for prime enjoyment. It's not only a great opportunity to check out the local music scene but a chance to get reacquainted with friends after a long year of isolation. So take a look at the performance schedule below and start making plans to rock out!

5/22: Kings Highway 6/12: Cage Willis / Kelsey Barr 6/18: Nero Angelo Hip-Hop Series 6/26: Ley Line presented by The Song Show 7/3: Corduroy Orbison / Hannah Evelyn Trio 7/30: Nero Angelo Hip-Hop Series 8/13: Nero Angelo Hip-Hop Series

8/21: Angel Rhodes w/ Cher’Rita Horne / Emily Bernhardt 8/22: Sunny War presented by Under The Radar & The Song Show 8/27: Nero Angelo Hip-Hop Series 9/11: Brick Briscoe & The Skinny / Matt Sullivan 9/25: Big Ninja Delight and Freddie Bourne

The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana is located at 212 Main St. in downtown Evansville. For more info, visit

14 | MAY 2021


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The royal treatment: Family-owned business continues to serve up the area's best pizzas, sandwiches and stroms

Over the years, a number of tri-state restaurants have become

But Pizza King is far from a one-trick pony when it comes to

institutions, weaving themselves into the fabric of the community

ingredients. In addition to their unparalleled sauces, they're

to the point where you can't imagine life without them - the kinds

known for hand-tossed dough, fresh produce cut daily, hot,

of places that you tell people who don't live here about and insist

fluffy crust bread, mouth-watering meats and just the right

they must try when they visit. So, what do most of these long-

amount of cheese. So whether you're in the mood for one of

running favorites have in common? For starters - pretty much

PK's amazing thin crust pizzas or their famous-for-flavor stroms

across the board - they're family-owned and operated. It's the

and sandwiches, there's no way you can go wrong. Highlights

key ingredient to long-term success. And that helps to explain

include: Deluxe Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, BBQ Pizza and

why Pizza King has stood the test of time and will continue to

Hawaiian Pizza, plus oven-baked sandwiches, including Original

make us all very happy for years to come.

Stromboli, Texas BBQ, Ham & Cheese Strom, Deluxe Stromboli, Chicken Parmesan and more!

But, of course, no restaurant - family-owned or otherwise - can thrive without signature offerings that set the business apart

And let's not forget PK's legendary King Wings baked hot and

from the pack. In that regard, Pizza King - founded on a secret

spicy and served up with ranch dressing. Quite simply, there

recipe - has been serving up the area's best pizzas, sandwiches

are few better ways to satisfy your taste buds so pick up the

and stroms for decades thanks to a commitment to using the

phone or order online today to experience the royal treatment

freshest, most delicious ingredients with the PK sauces that

courtesy of Pizza King. Or come on in to the Evansville West or

everyone craves. Indeed, it's impossible to resist the blend of

Newburgh locations for an unforgettable family night out or

proprietary spices that provide an irresistible kick to most every

relaxing evening with friends. Enjoy the bigscreen TVs and a

item on the menu.

great selection of draft and bottled beers.

E VA NS VI LLE E A S T / 1033 S. W EINB A C H AV E. / 8 1 2 -4 7 6 -4 9 4 1 E VA NS VI LLE WE S T / 22 0 N. ST. J O E AV E. / 8 1 2 -4 2 4 -7 9 7 6 NE WBU RGH / 777 7 INDIA NA 6 6 / 8 1 2 -8 5 3 -3 3 6 8

To order online, visit 16 | MAY 2021


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CLEAN BITE LIFE Healthy Cooking with Lindsay Rasure


Collagen has become all the rage lately. If you visit any health/ supplement store you’ll find a wide variety of collagen products. In this recipe I used Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin. Gelatin is the cooked form of collagen. According to Vital Proteins, using Beef Gelatin may help ease digestion, strengthen joints and bones, and improve the health of hair, skin and nails. The benefits of Beef Gelatin are great, and primarily help the body to digest food that you might not be used to eating. Beef Gelatin is slower


6 scoops of Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin

1.5 cups of fresh squeezed OJ (I bought mine at Fresh Thyme)

1.5 cups of Organic Mango Blend juice (Lakewood Juice – found at Fresh Thyme)

to digest, moves through the GI tract further and coats the small intestine. I chose the Vital Proteins brand because their cows are grass fed and pasture raised.


bowl with the 6 scoops of beef gelatin. Mix well until combined

I love that the possibilities are endless with the gummy flavors. Buy any organic, not from concentrate, juice and make a new flavor! I have also made cherry lime, pineapple, and apple! I

and set aside to bloom. 2.

Pour the rest of the juice (2 cups total) into a small saucepan over medium heat. Occasionally stir the juice and wait until it’s warm/

typically eat 4-5 gummies for a snack. That gives me a little bit of protein from the collagen and carbs from the juice.

Pour 1 cup of juice (doesn’t matter which kind) into a pourable

hot but not boiling. 3.

Once the juice is warm pour it into the bowl with the gelatin mixture. Whisk vigorously until everything is combined and smooth. You’ll have to use your muscles! It’ll take about 3-5 minutes to do so.


Pour into molds of choice or into any glass container of choice. Put into the fridge for 2 hours or until firm. Enjoy!

For more recipes or meal ideas you can follow Lindsay Rasure on Instagram: @cleanbitelife or her Facebook group: Clean Bite Life


Acropolis Amy's on Franklin Archie & Clyde's Restaurant Backstage Bar & Grill Bandana's Bar-B-Q Bar Louie Big Bang Mongolian Grill Bits & Bytes BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse Bokeh Lounge Brew Brothers Tap House Burger Bank Cafe Arazu Carne Asada Cavanaugh's Chava's Mexican Grill Chicken 'N Salsa Chilly Willy's China Village COMFORT by the Cross Eyed Cricket Cork 'N Cleaver Corner Bar & Grill Cross Eyed Cricket Daily Grind Deerhead Sidewalk Cafe Donatos Pizza El Charro Mexican Restaurant El Patron Mexican Restaurant El Rio Mexican Cuisine Emge's Deli & Ice Cream Enigma Bar & Grill Farm 57 Fat Boys Pizza Fool Moon Grill & Bar Franklin Street Tavern Friendship Diner Gangnam Korean Cuisine GaylaCake Bakery Gerst Haus Gollita Peruvian Cuisine Gracie's Chinese Cuisine Granola Jar Hacienda Heady's Pizza Herradura Mexican Restaurant

20 | MAY 2021

Hickory Pit Stop Highland Inn Honeymoon Coffee Café Hootie's Burger Bar Hothead Burritos Jalisco Mexican Restaurant Jeanne's Gelato & More Journey Fish Chicken Gyros Juicy Seafood Just Cookies Kabob Express Kipplee's Kite & Key Café Lamasco Bar & Grill Libby & Mom's Café Lic's Deli & Ice Cream Lin's Asian Express Little Angelo's Italian Restaurant Little Italy Restaurant Los Bravos Los Portales Los Tres Caminos Madeleine's Major Munch Mama's Kitchen Manna Mediterranean Grill Marx Barbecue Mele's Diner Merry-Go-Round Milano Italian Cuisine Nellie's Restaurant New Frontier Restaurant & Bar O'Brian's Sports Bar & Grill Old Mill Orange Leaf Parkway Pizza Pasqually's Pizza & Wings Philly Grill Piece of Cake Pie Pan Poké Pirate Poké River Prime Time Pub & Grill River Kitty Cat Café Riviera Grill Mexican Cuisine


Roca Bar North Rooftop Rose Hill Café Rosie's Diner Rounders Pizza Rounders Too Pizza Royal India Cuisine Sakura Savannah's Cafe Shing-Lee Chinese Restaurant Slice, The Spankey's Una Pizza Sportsman's Grille & Billiards Spudz n Stuff Szechwan Chinese Restaurant Taqueria Company Taste of China Thai Papaya Cuisine Tokyo Japan Sushi & Hibachi Twisted Tomato Pizza Una Pizza Covert Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant Wings, Etc. Wolf's BBQ Yak & Yeti Himalayan Cuisine Yang's Shabu Shabu Zesto Zuki Japanese Hibachi Grill

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IN TOWN & AROUND SATURDAY, MAY 1 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Jive After 5: Freddie Bourne 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Kasey Todd 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- JED (on the patio) 8:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Cage Willis 9:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Live Music TBA Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- Live Music TBA KC's Corner Pocket -- Karaoke & DJ Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky TJ's Stockyard Inn -- Stoney Wayne 10:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Live Music TBA Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Verbatim SUNDAY, MAY 2 2:30 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Sunday Jazz: Terri Stowers & Company 3:00 PM KC's Marina Pointe -- Live Acoustic Music 5:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Karaoke 6:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Karaoke w/ Christina 7:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Cornhole / Karaoke & DJ 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke MONDAY, MAY 3 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Trivia w/ Prizes 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Open Mic TUESDAY, MAY 4 6:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- College Night / Karaoke & DJ 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke WEDNESDAY, MAY 5 6:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Nick Hamilton 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Cinco de Mayo Bingo KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Cornhole (w/ cash prizes - register @ 6:30pm)

22 | MAY 2021

9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke 10:00 PM TJ's Stockyard Inn -- Tom Small THURSDAY, MAY 6 6:00 PM Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- College Night / Live Music KC's Corner Pocket -- College Night / Karaoke & DJ Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Andrea Wirth 9:00 PM KC's Marina Pointe -- Matt Stell w/ Chris Bandi KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke FRIDAY, MAY 7 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Jive After 5: Monte Skelton 6:00 PM KC's Marina Pointe -- Tailgate Revival w/ Nick Alligood & DJ Cliffy Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Ballard 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Jake Martin 8:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- DJ Bishop 9:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Live Music TBA Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- Live Music TBA KC's Corner Pocket -- Karaoke & DJ KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Dance Party w/ DJ & Karaoke Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky TJ's Stockyard Inn -- Stoney Wayne 10:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Evvolve SATURDAY, MAY 8 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Jive After 5: Mike Mitchell 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Ballard 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Hudsy (on the patio) 8:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Verbatim 9:00 PM


3rd Street Saloon -- Live Music TBA Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- Live Music TBA KC's Corner Pocket -- Karaoke & DJ KC's Marina Pointe -- Party Feels Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky TJ's Stockyard Inn -- Tom Small 10:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Live Music TBA Lamasco Bar & Grill -- JEB SUNDAY, MAY 9 2:30 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Sunday Jazz: Side by Side w/ Barbra Santora & John Michael O'Leary 3:00 PM KC's Marina Pointe -- Live Acoustic Music 5:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Karaoke 6:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Karaoke w/ Christina 7:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Cornhole / Karaoke & DJ 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke MONDAY, MAY 10 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Trivia w/ Prizes 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Open Mic TUESDAY, MAY 11 6:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- College Night / Karaoke & DJ 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke WEDNESDAY, MAY 12 6:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Nick Hamilton 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Bingo w/ Curtis KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Cornhole (w/ cash prizes - register @ 6:30pm) 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke 10:00 PM TJ's Stockyard Inn -- Tom Small THURSDAY, MAY 13 6:00 PM Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- College Night / Live Music

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| 23


KC's Corner Pocket -- College Night / Karaoke & DJ Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -Andrea Wirth 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke FRIDAY, MAY 14 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Jive After 5: 2 Miles Back 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Ballard 8:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- DJ Chidi 9:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Live Music TBA Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- Live Music TBA KC's Corner Pocket -- Karaoke & DJ KC's Marina Pointe -- Canaan Cox KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill --

24 | MAY 2021

Dance Party w/ DJ & Karaoke Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky TJ's Stockyard Inn -- Michelle Shelton 10:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Evvolve SATURDAY, MAY 15 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Jive After 5: The BackBeats (Beatles Tribute) 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Kasey Todd 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Curt N' Rod 8:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- THRIV3 9:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Live Music TBA Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- Live Music TBA KC's Corner Pocket -- Karaoke & DJ KC's Marina Pointe -- Velcro


Pygmies Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky TJ's Stockyard Inn -- Annie Position & The Dog Pound 10:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Live Music TBA Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Benzing Graves Collective SUNDAY, MAY 16 2:30 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Sunday Jazz: Keith Farney Jazz 3:00 PM KC's Marina Pointe -- Live Acoustic Music 5:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Karaoke 6:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Karaoke w/ Christina 7:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Cornhole / Karaoke & DJ 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke

MONDAY, MAY 17 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Trivia w/ Prizes 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Open Mic TUESDAY, MAY 18 6:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Poetry Night hosted by Bill Sovern KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -College Night / Karaoke & DJ 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke WEDNESDAY, MAY 19 6:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Science w/ a Twist 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Bingo w/ Curtis KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Cornhole (w/ cash prizes register @ 6:30pm) 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ

Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke 10:00 PM TJ's Stockyard Inn -- Tom Small THURSDAY, MAY 20 6:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- David Dunavent Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- College Night / Live Music KC's Corner Pocket -- College Night / Karaoke & DJ Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Andrea Wirth 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke FRIDAY, MAY 21 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Jive After 5: Josh Merritt 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Live Music TBA 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Monte Skelton 9:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Live Music TBA Bokeh Lounge -- Fool House 90's Dance Party Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- Live Music TBA KC's Corner Pocket -- Karaoke & DJ KC's Marina Pointe -- DJ Jon J Foam Party KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Dance Party

w/ DJ & Karaoke Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky 10:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Evvolve SATURDAY, MAY 22 3:00 PM TJ's Stockyard Inn -- Cornhole Tourney 5:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Honey Vines (outside stage) for Summer of Funk 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Jive After 5: Stephen Horning 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Kasey Todd 8:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Kenna Elpers 9:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Live Music TBA Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- Live Music TBA KC's Corner Pocket -- Karaoke & DJ Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky 10:00 PM KC's Marina Pointe -- Sean Stemaly w/ Nick Alligood KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Live Music TBA Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Rebel Frequency SUNDAY, MAY 23

2:30 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Sunday Jazz: The Side Men 3:00 PM KC's Marina Pointe -- Live Acoustic Music 5:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Karaoke 6:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Karaoke w/ Christina 7:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Cornhole / Karaoke & DJ 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke MONDAY, MAY 24 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Trivia w/ Prizes 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Open Mic TUESDAY, MAY 25 6:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Live Art on Stage w/ Kelly Birchler KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- College Night / Karaoke & DJ 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke WEDNESDAY, MAY 26 6:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Nick Hamilton 7:00 PM

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Carson's Brewery -- Bingo w/ Curtis KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Cornhole (w/ cash prizes register @ 6:30pm) 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke 10:00 PM TJ's Stockyard Inn -- Tom Small THURSDAY, MAY 27 6:00 PM Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- College Night / Live Music KC's Corner Pocket -- College Night / Karaoke & DJ Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -Andrea Wirth 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke FRIDAY, MAY 28 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Jive After 5: Andy Brasher 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -Kasey Todd 8:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Studio 54 Disco Drag Show 9:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Live Music TBA Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- Live Music TBA KC's Corner Pocket -- Karaoke & DJ KC's Marina Pointe -- Get Sideways KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Dance Party w/ DJ & Karaoke Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky 10:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- DJ McNaughty SATURDAY, MAY 29 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Jive After 5: Paul Wiemeier 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) --

26 | MAY 2021


Kasey Todd 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Brandon McCarty 8:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Epic TJ's Stockyard Inn -- Scotch Doubles 9:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Live Music TBA Bud's Rockin' Country Bar & Grill -- Live Music TBA KC's Corner Pocket -- Karaoke & DJ KC's Marina Pointe -- Get Sideways Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky 10:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Live Music TBA Lamasco Bar & Grill -- DJ McNaughty SUNDAY, MAY 30 2:30 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Sunday Jazz: Bokeh Big Band 3:00 PM KC's Marina Pointe -- Live Acoustic Music 5:00 PM 3rd Street Saloon -- Karaoke 6:00 PM Bokeh Lounge -- Karaoke w/ Christina 7:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Cornhole / Karaoke & DJ 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Karaoke MONDAY, MAY 31 7:00 PM Carson's Brewery -- Trivia w/ Prizes 9:00 PM Lamasco Bar & Grill -- Open Mic

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MCKINNEY BAND Nashville-based roots music trio emerges from lockdown with imaginative covers album, plans for two upcoming releases

And yet, the guys are just getting revved up. According to McKinney, Intentions and Interpretations will serve as a springboard for two upcoming releases, a Christmas-themed album due out in November and a new collection of originals set to drop in early 2022. In the meantime, the band hopes to get back into the clubs for some live shows beginning next month. McKinney was kind enough to offer a track-by-track analysis of Intentions and Interpretations, out May 7. "WHIPPING POST" (ALLMAN BROTHERS)

This is the only song on the record that wasn't a top 40 hit. But the Allman Brothers are our bass player's favorite band of all-time. I imagined what it would be like if a band like Lettuce or the Meters covered the Allman Brothers. That's how the arrangement came about in my head.

"It's sort of a multi-layered, existential thing," explains Jason Lee McKinney in regards to Intentions and Interpretations, the new covers project the singer/guitarist and his longtime bandmates Barry Strauser and Billy Wright produced while holed-up at


This is probably the only song that I chose for a bigger statement than just liking it - just with all the stuff that went

home during the pandemic. Still

on last year, the last couple years,

a big draw at local venues, JLMB

of us being so polarized in the

moved camp to Nashville some years

culture and, in my opinion, losing

back to further their roots music

nuance. And so, just going back to

cause with such varied releases as

that hippie message of Sly & The

2015's southern rock-inspired Play

Family Stone: we're all humans

Something You Believe Vols. 1&2,

and we're all trying to figure out

2017's gritty Sacred Southern Soul

the right thing to do. There's two

and last year's funk-ified Pieces. But

bands that kind of inspired our

the lockdown changed the game in

take on "Everyday People" - one of

March of 2020 - it was an unforeseen

which was a band in the 90's called

break that McKinney saw as an

Maggie's Dream. They were former

opportunity to pursue an interesting

members of Menudo - and two of

idea: "The whole premise of the

them went on to be very successful

covers album is us doing songs that

producers. And beyond that, I was

we like but imagining what it would be like if another artist or band we like covered them." The result of this inventive approach is a wholly engaging take

thinking what if The Time covered Sly & The Family Stone? "SERVE SOMEBODY" (BOB DYLAN)

I love Dylan's songwriting - it's brilliant. The lyric of that song

on a disparate set of classic tracks - from Bob Dylan's "Serve

really hit me and, of course, the Staple Singers did a version

Somebody" to Howard Jones' "No One is to Blame." Indeed,

which was really awesome. Their version may be even more

the sheer breadth of the material chosen for the project is

popular than his. I wanted to get as far out with this one as I

impressive; but it's how JLMB re-imagines each song without

could, so my thought was what would have happened if P-Funk

losing the essence of what makes it great that truly leaves a

covered Bob Dylan?

mark on the listener.

28 | MAY 2021




anniversary after-party and we covered that version. But I love

This song and "No One is to Blame" are two of my favorite

the song "I Wanna Be Your Lover" and it's one of his more

songs, period. And they're not artists that I typically like, but

forgotten songs - it was one of his first hits. I wanted to figure

maybe it's the time that this one came out. I was right at the

out what it would be like if Bonnie Raitt covered that song.

end of middle school and it just sort of hit me. But there's


not really a good way for an


artist like me to just cover a Cure song straight up. But I was just

This song has always been my

bopping along one day and I

biggest guilty pleasure - not only

started singing that main guitar

mine, but I've sort of passed on

riff. And I could hear harmonies

this family legacy and both of

with that. And so really this song

my grown sons love it, too. You

sparked everything else - when

remember going roller skating?

that riff came into my head, I just

It's the couple's skate song...

started to build the song from the

or anyone who's seen Love & Basketball. You can't make the

ground up and then afterwards I thought we could do a whole album like this. "NO ONE IS TO BLAME" (HOWARD JONES)

Honestly, this is one of my top five songs ever written. I love the lyrics behind it. When I was young there were many crushes I had that I just couldn't have. Believe it or not, I wasn't really cool in school. Now, I know that's going to come as a shock

song more R&B than it is so I decided to go the opposite direction and find out what it would sound like if Jason Isbell covered it. "FEELIN' ALRIGHT" (TRAFFIC/JOE COCKER) / "I'LL TAKE YOU THERE" (STAPLE SINGERS)

"I'll Take You There" is another song where we just wanted

[laughs]. So this song has always stuck with me. We sort of

to bring some levity - that we're all kind of in the human race

thought what would happen if, like, Jill Scott or D'Angelo

together; that's sort of the message behind that song, too.

covered it. How do you not lose the emotionality of the song

These two songs - this medley - are the only ones that we did

but add some funkiness to it?

like the original recordings. That was on purpose because I


Our record label owner is a huge fan of Sister Hazel, so we decided to throw him a bone and do a song for him. Now, of course I know the song but I was shocked when I started looking at the numbers - other than "Everyday People," it's the most popular song. I didn't realize what sort of staying power it

didn't want people to think that we were changing the covers because we were incapable of doing them note for note [laughs]. "CIRCLES" (BILLY PRESTON) / "THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL" (MICHAEL JACKSON)

Our bass player Billy Wright sings lead vocals on "Circles." And

has. As far as the approach, we wondered what would happen

then we've covered this medley live before. We were on stage

if Earth, Wind & Fire covered Sister Hazel?

one night and all of a sudden when "Circles" goes into the little


solo section I looked back at our drummer and told him to follow me - and I just changed to a triplet feel. So he switched

We celebrate Prince's entire catalog - to paraphrase Office

to 6/8 time and I went into "The Way You Make Me Feel." It was

Space. We've actually covered Prince before - he had a half-

a very organic thing that we decided worked pretty well so we

time version of "Let's Go Crazy" that he did at the SNL 40th

just kept it in the show.

Intentions and Interpretations is available on Amazon and all major streaming sites. For more info, visit Call for Advertising Information (812) 426-6398 • MAY 2021

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putting out the finished product in the spring. And here we are.


But before we explore Modern Days, let's give props to bassist Adam Jenks, who the Martins credit with re-energizing the band after coming on board in February of 2020. "He's a good, positive person - he really inspired me and Chris," Jake enthuses. "What's funny is that he was born the year that we named the band - The Smoke Rings was just me and Chris at the time. Adam loves practicing and is excited about recording so that's been really motivating." With Jenks fully engaged and the Martin brothers' creative drive renewed, a very colorful album began to take shape in the studio. "This time we wanted to make everything bigger in terms of textures and tones," Jake

Southern Illinois rock trio welcomes new bass player, expands sound on Modern Days

explains. "We laid down the basics and then asked what would

Straight out of Mt. Carmel, The Smoke Rings have long been

who took a listen to Acoustiverse, Jake's stunning 2020 debut

a welcome presence in the tri-state music scene, known for

solo album, knows what he's capable of with a six or 12-string

be cool on this? There are lots of pianos, mandolins, strings, vintage synths and organs." And plenty of guitars, too. Anyone

electrifying performances that reflect their

in his hands. Likewise, Chris is a monster

genuine love of music - especially the

behind the drum kit, equally adept at

classic sounds of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix,

holding down the groove or totally letting

Pink Floyd and many others. But while the


band excels at covering the giants of the rock genre, there's a creative spirit at its

The Smoke Rings' musical prowess is

core. Founding members Jake and Chris

clear-cut on Modern Days - a wonderful

Martin - brothers with the closest of bonds

summation of their classic influences.

- have always written songs and recorded

Elements of Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles,

albums throughout The Smoke Rings'

Neil Young, Roxy Music and Pink Floyd

extensive history; it's just been awhile since

are sprinkled throughout on standouts

they've released something in physical

such as "Parallel Universe," "Strange

form. How long, exactly? Well, George W.

Moon," "Somewhere In Between" and the

Bush was campaigning for a second term

philosophical title track. Tying the whole

as president at the time to give you an

project together, Jake's soulful, raspy

idea. But with the resurgence of vinyl and

vocal tone plays perfectly off the intricate

the addition of a fantastic new bass player,

instrumental foundation. "A bit retro with

the Martins decided it was now or never,

futuristic lyrics" is how he sees it, a rather

booking studio sessions last November with local producer

on-point description of a truly imaginative album (featuring

Steve Tyner at Black Cat Recording. The guys then returned

cover art by Alex Morgan) which The Smoke Rings hope to

in early 2021 to make some final corrections with an eye on

release on CD by the end of this month with vinyl to follow later.

For more info, follow the Smoke Rings on Facebook.

30 | MAY 2021




NEEDHAM Tri-state's most prolific musician returns with World Eye See, third full-length release in 2021

stop your verbal assault/ I can't take anymore/ I need some

While most everyone else was Netflix and chilling during the

the latter, on the other hand, begins with crowd chatter that's

worst days of the pandemic, Newburgh's Shawn Needham

slowly tamed by a soft flute pattern - which is then muted

took the opportunity to beef up his personal recording

by African drums and a menacing, billowing synth chord.

studio/production company, a work in progress he's

Dissonant guitars take over from there until an unexpected

dubbed the Bittersweet Idea Factory - a moniker that now

halt at the half-way point as Needham abruptly introduces

appears on the back of every new release, including World

a lone classical guitar for 75 magical seconds of flamenco

Eye See, the virtuoso guitarist's third full-length release in

flourishes. And then dives into the deep end again.

peace" before taking a prog rock detour - and back again;

2021. And it's only May, mind you. Even Needham seems surprised by how quickly this latest batch of songs took

Truly, the variety on display throughout these eight tracks

shape considering there were no plans to immediately

- and particularly the complexity of the arrangements - is

follow-up February's WTFU. "I bought some new gear and

something to admire. The title track - which lyrically appears

went to try it out - and next thing I know I have a new album,"

to question the fate of humanity ("It's possible for us all to

he marvels.

co-exist/ but the work is hard") - featureS horns and echoes vintage Steely Dan in places; "Tomorrow" dabbles in

But while some artists pump out material with little regard

psychedelic rap; "Straighten Up" is a straight-up twelve-bar

for quality, Needham's complex jazz-funk creations just

blues funneled through Needham's jazzy psyche; "High

keep getting better the faster and the more furious they

School Drama" - which concludes with a barked command

come. Case in point, World Eye See is arguably his most

to "Grow the f*ck up!" - is a heavy funk assault; "Dichotomy"

accomplished work to date despite the accelerated

melds orchestral swells with fretless bass anchored by a hip-

recording process. "I think the main difference is that

hop beat; and "SCP" plays like Andy Summers of The Police

the overall production has been stepped up as well as

composing the soundtrack to a nuclear meltdown video,

my sound crafting in a cinematic sense on some tracks,"

complete with sirens and a seemingly dire mantra: "Secure/

he notes. "I'm also exploring some new territory as well

Contain/ Protect." Here Needham adapts a sinister spoken

musically." This willingness to branch out is most evident

word approach to fit the unnerving sonic landscape - just

on "Weight," the album's beguiling centerpiece, and

one of several engaging vocal styles he employs across

penultimate track "Ronin." The former floats in via a sci-fi

World Eye See, proving that he's much more than just a

musical motif over which Needham wearily intones "Please

phenomenal multi-instrumentalist.

Visit to check out World Eye See and other releases.

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Vincennes rap collective ups its game big time on Beastie Boys-influenced sophomore release

recording equipment for round two, the homemade beats and backing tracks on Welcome 2 the Show, released April 30, are



transforming the Nasty Boyz into a straight-up legit project. Added bonus: Lechner sounds nothing like a Sesame Street character on any of the 12 tracks. While most of the rapping on the debut was delivered

Improbably, the formation of the Nasty Boyz, a

freestyle, Lechner and crew opted to write everything

decidedly raunchy hip-hop outfit from up north,

down this time with a clear lyrical direction "but still

was spurred by a terrible car accident right here in

trying to keep it nasty as hell" - similar to the early

Evansville back in 2018 that left lead rapper Nick

days of the Beastie Boys. Throughout, the legendary

Lechner with 13 broken bones in his face. "I didn't

rap group's famously obnoxious attitude is a major

want to go out anywhere [while I was recovering], so I

influence, particularly on the title track and opener

hunkered down and made music," he explains. "I used

"Bangers Ain't Nuttin'" as well as on standouts like

it as a device to get my normal voice back - which is

"Giddy-Up," "Duck Sh*t" (ironically, the album's

still not there." Lechner humorously maintains that he

cleverest song) and the unapologetically sleazy "Pole

sounded a bit like Snuffleupagus on LiVIn' Nasty (with

Magic," a bonus track which the guys hope to hear

capital 'VI' intended as a shout-out to Vincennes), the

blasting out of strip clubs near and far.

debut album made with close friends Steve Sweigart, Shawn Westfall, George "Geo" Shaffer and Guy Anon

Bottom line, if you like your hip-hop with a healthy

in 2019 using limited technology. But not only did

dose of gross, then the Nasty Boyz are for you. Be sure

this "rough and tumble" rap collective upgrade their

to check out Welcome 2 the Show on YouTube.

THE SOFTER SIDE OF THE NASTY BOYZ... Sadly, Lechner's former girlfriend, Constance Bennett, recently passed away. The two dated for about five years during which time Lechner often freestyle-rapped for her but would inevitably "mess it up" - while never flubbing in front of the guys. "It sounds stupid but it always kind of upset me that I couldn't blow it up for her," he admits. But then one night while out with Bennett and a few friends at a karaoke bar in St. Louis, Lechner volunteered to take on the Digital Underground's "Humpty Dance," eager to impress his girl. Unable to recall the lyrics, however, he quickly switched to freestyle mode and, by all accounts, lit up the stage. "Everybody was loving it and Constance was smiling so big," Lechner remembers. "I can still see her looking at me the whole time and when the song ended she said, 'I never knew you could rap like that.' It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it - it made my night."

32 | MAY 2021


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November of 2020. Merritt even scored a write-up in American Songwriter, one of the most respected publications around - so he was understandably eager to hit the road and take the music to the people, to share the story of his often painful childhood documented in such standout tracks as "Honest as a Song," "How Many Times," "Run" and "Not a Life to Save." Ultimately, he hoped to provide comfort for others who experienced similar upbringings. So eager was Merritt to bring Reynolds Station to the stage that,

Owensboro country singer hitting the road for delayed run of shows supporting acclaimed debut album

despite the pandemic, he optimistically mapped out a tour of southern states back in February. Unfortunately, yet predictably, he was forced to pull the plug and continue to wait out the virus. But now with Covid under control in most areas, Merritt has booked a run of dates that kicks off on May 6 in Tennessee

It took Josh Merritt three long years to complete Reynolds

and concludes on May 15 with a stop in St. Louis. In between

Station, his depiction in song of life growing up with a drug-

he's scheduled to appear at venues in Arizona, Oklahoma and

addicted mother in western Kentucky. But the popular country

Texas. Rest assured it should be an exciting adventure for this

singer's patience paid off in the form of glowing reviews for

tri-state country favorite who's been a fixture at the biggest bars

his heartfelt debut album when it finally saw release in late

and festivals around the tri-state for years.

"REYNOLDS STATION" 2021 TOUR 5/6 - Mockingbird Theater / Franklin, TN 5/8 - Beehive HSV / Hot Springs Village, AR 5/9 - Blue Note / Oklahoma City, OK 5/10 - Dan Electros / Houston, TX 5/11 - Fitzgerald's Bar & Live Music Venue / San Antonio, TX 5/12 - NeWorlDeli / Austin, TX 5/13 - Dreamland Dripping Springs / Dripping Springs, TX 5/14 - The Branch / Tahlequah, OK 5/15 - Evangeline's Bistro & Music House / St. Louis, MO Be sure to check out Reynolds Station, available now on all major streaming sites (physical copies are also available).

For more info, visit and follow Josh Merritt on Facebook.

34 | MAY 2021





Associate professors at Owensboro Community College and Pellissippi State Community College, respectively, Alschbach and Lewis host the popular podcast The Rock & Metal Profs: The History & Philosophy of Rock & Metal. Now they're bringing their keen insights to the pages of News 4U with a monthly deep dive into some of the best bands of the rock/metal genre and thoughts on music in general.



Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, and so many more.

In 2014, Gene Simmons of KISS complained rock was

Cooper’s Detroit Stories, and Rob Zombie all reached

dead. For him, it is too difficult and dangerous (due to

number one on Billboard’s top selling albums.

reactionary social media) to make a living playing rock.

Instinctually, Simmons’ pronouncement of death has

On our podcast The Rock and Metal Profs we often profile

the ring of truth. No longer do radio stations blast the

the classics - KISS, Iron Maiden, Rush, Sabbath and

distortion and screams of rock gods. Sure, there are

AC/DC. But we are also careful not to ignore younger

some specialty stations, but mainstream radio avoids

bands carrying the standard of rock and metal to the

rock 'n' roll. The same is true for television, except when

next generation. Just in the last few months we’ve seen

shows want to boost ratings by parading one of the

outstanding new music released by Greta Van Fleet (The

greats on screen. Pop, and its various country, dance,

Battle at Garden’s Gate), Todd La Torre (Rejoice in the

and hip-hop incarnations, thrive, while the corpse of

Suffering), Starmen (By the Grace of Rock ’n’ Roll) and

rock and metal is on the pyre of history, right?

Gojira (Fortitude). Three of the four are new acts, only

one is popular in the U.S., and all four are remarkably

NO! To claim that rock is dead is to ignore all that currently

talented bands raising high the torch of rock and metal.

exists. Alice Cooper said in an

So is rock dead? Not by a longshot! You just need to

interview, “…Rock 'n' roll is where it should be right

look outside the mainstream. It is an embarrassment of

now.” Just like in its beginning, rock is on the outside.

riches if you know where to look. Check out our podcast,

Rock is the outlaw, and it is the outlaw attitude that has

where we profile bands both new and old!

To see that Cooper is right, search YouTube and bask in the multitude of young people paying tribute to the rock and metal heroes of old, as they begin their own careers as future rock heroes. If that were not enough, within the past few months, AC/DC’s Power Up, Alice

kids everywhere discovering the greats, like Aerosmith,

The Rock & Metal Profs podcast is available on iTunes, Google and Spotify.

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After finally seeing release through Scream Team Releasing, regionally-produced horror anthology garners international sales, acclaim from creator of Final Destination franchise After multiple delays that ultimately resulted in the planned

the ages - especially considering the difficulty of coordinating a

Christmastime Blu-ray release of 13 Slays Till X-Mas being moved

multi-faceted production in the middle of a pandemic. "Luckily,

to March, the much-anticipated horror anthology produced by

we were able to get our hands on a whole slew of extremely

Owensboro-based Blood Moon Pictures is finally available and

talented people," Starks reflects. "We seem to have made

making its way to fans all over the world. BMP co-manager P.J.

a movie that people are really enjoying and are pleasantly

Starks reports that despite missing the holiday window, the film

surprised about."

stands as the strongest pre-order for Scream Team Releasing, racking up sales both here and abroad, including in Russia, Asia,

That's quite an understatement, actually. 13 Slays has not only

the UK, Finland, Denmark and Australia. It's even received a big

received high marks from top online horror websites such as

stamp of approval from Jeffrey Reddick, creator of the highly-

Dread Central but inspired glowing write-ups from the likes of

successful Final Destination franchise.

Fangoria magazine - a bucket list achievement for Starks. So what's next for the BMP crew? Several projects are in the pre-

Reddick, who makes a cameo appearance in the film, viewed

production stage, including the long-awaited third installment

a screener of 13 Slays upon its completion late last year and

in the Volumes of Blood anthology series, Devil's Knight, plus

was blown away, heaping praise upon the low-budget project:

two ideas that Starks has been kicking around for awhile - The To

"I see million dollar movies being made here [in Hollywood]

Die List, described as a heist/slasher hybrid in the vein of From

that aren't half as good as what you guys managed to do," he

Dusk Till Dawn, and New Fear's Eve, a pseudo horror anthology

gushed during a phone call that Starks won't soon forget. It was

depicting an office party gone wrong. Right now, Starks is busy

quite the pay-off for the BMP crew - including co-manager Eric

logging time as a writer/producer for 10/31 Part III - another film

Huskisson - as well as all of the regional and national filmmakers

that's sure to create a big buzz upon release.

that directed segments for the anthology. Call it a team effort for


36 | MAY 2021


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ANDY BENINGO Internationally-known standup comic preps for run of tri-state shows, talks performing during the pandemic, the evolution of his comedy and more


It was a lot of Netflix and a lot of frozen pizza. Actually, we get a lot of these outdoors shows in Michigan where they're out in the middle of a park. You know, most of them went well but some of them were awkward because they wouldn't advertise that there was a show - so you're out in the middle of this park and you're just, like, talking and people walking by are wondering, 'is that guy crazy?' [laughs] And then I tried doing some of these Zoom shows. I did this one show where they introduced me and the first five minutes is going great - people are laughing. And then all of a sudden everyone just stops laughing - and I'm eating it, like, hard for about 10 minutes. And I'm thinking, 'what the hell is going on?' And what had happened was I accidentally hit something on my computer so it disconnected me from the internet. So I'm sitting there thinking I'm bombing - and it turns out I'm not even on the internet anymore. Just a lot







of interesting shows over the last year.

appearances on such iconic programs as The Bob & Tom Show, The Chick McGee Show, Larry the Cable Guy Weekly Roundup, Gotham Comedy Live and many more, Andy Beningo has made quite a name for himself in the entertainment industry. The Michigan-based standup comic - who once opened for the legendary Betty White - counts the likes of master impressionist



That's kind of the cool thing with comedy is that your act kind

Frank Caliendo as a big supporter, having gradually built a

of changes as your life changes. When I was a kid in college I

wide-ranging fanbase drawn to his humorously amiable yet

would do college type material like, 'hey, living in dorm rooms

self-deprecating take on daily life with a focus on the trials

sucks, right?' And I still do the joke about living at home with

and tribulations of being married with kids. Commendably,

my parents but I used to have a whole longer bit about how it

Beningo dishes it all out sans four-letter words - a rarity these

sucks living at home. You know, it was just a young man's act

days - proving that it's possible to be funny without being

- stuff on college and, you know, it kind of morphed into 'I'm


dating this girl now' and eventually it became wife and kids stuff. And then there are just random bits that at the time you

Beningo kindly spoke with News 4U ahead of his run of area

thought were great - but never really connected. Looking back,

shows in Owensboro, Evansville and Washington.

especially to when you were 22 or 23, you really think, 'yeah, I'm gonna do that bit on the Tonight Show' and, you know, you

38 | MAY 2021


look back 10 years later and you wonder why you even thought that joke was good [laughs].


I would swear at the beginning [of my career] but nothing overly graphic. But for some reason I figured out early on - I don't want to say "my voice" - but found out what I thought was funny and the avenue that I was going to explore. It wasn't a conscious thing to write "clean" out of some snobby or self-righteous thing. The comedians that I looked up to were Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Gaffigan - those guys are just funny and you don't even realize that they didn't say anything dirty. That's kind of what I wanted to accomplish, too. Cursing on stage doesn't really work for me, anyway, because I look like a teddy bear [laughs].



VIBE LIKE FOR A COMEDY SHOW OUT ON THE WATER? If you're going to a place like Alaska, I don't want to say they're retired people, but they're a little more reserved. I don't want to generalize it, but the the Caribbean, they're a little more, 'let's party, let's get drunk' kind of vibe. Those are funny because if you bomb in a comedy club you never see those people again. If you bomb on a cruise, you're with those same people for seven days. Like, they see you in the cafeteria - [intones] "Isn't that the chubby guy?" - and you're just kind of waving back [laughs]. But they are fun and I've kind of been spoiled to see the world, you know? I just never thought in a million years I'd get to do that.


It's so much fun. The downside is that there's a lot of travel - it's kind of hard to see family and friends. But there's nothing better than getting up in front of a packed room and just making people happy. I've been lucky that somehow I've been able to make a career out of it.


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with Gavin Gaddis Welcome to the Podcast Corner, your source for some of the best and most inventive podcasts around. Each month I'm offering up four bite-sized reviews, so read on and then listen in! Want more podcast recommendations? You can find long-form reviews, musings on happenings in the podcasting world, and links to podcasts I produce at my website: or follow me on Twitter @ThePodReport.


In Another Room is a fiction podcast that takes the classic haunted house and amplifies it. Why should an entire house be wasted on one haunting? The infamous house on Harvard Blvd has had 86 documented murders since its construction in the late 19th century, and investigator Wendy Morrow has researched them all. Unfortunately for her, the house is ready for an 87th inhabitant. Adapted from an interactive live theater experience, In Another Room tells a story of a haunting located in a specific room of the house, all scored with anxiety-inducing music and terrifying sound design. CANCEL ME DADDY (BIWEEKLY)

Each episode journalists Katelyn Burns and Oliver-Ash Kleine dismantle the pearl-clutching claims of whatever evidence “cancel culture” is running amok happens to be grabbing headlines. As they say on the show’s website, Kleine and Burns “see this panic for what it is… a grift.” They give context for whatever person is the cancel-crier du jour and examine whether said person has actually suffered any legitimate consequences. Spoiler alert: the vast majority of the time those crying foul are, in actuality, profiting from the right-wing grift machine that is being canceled. A vital podcast at a crucial time when the term cancel is being stripped of all meaning and weaponized in new, perverse ways.


This interview podcast from host Jessica Carney feels designed to make anyone who has held down a bad job’s blood boil… but in a fun, cathartic way. Each episode she brings on someone who successfully escaped from a toxic work environment, laying out all of the red flags they spotted along the way before summoning up the courage and resources to hit the eject button. While it’s not likely you’ve had a weirdly competitive boss who got so into escape rooms they turned the entire office into one, the themes of each episode will be painfully relatable to most anyone who has had a not-cushy job. (no website)


Hosts Julian Feeld, Travis View and Jake Rockatansky have spent the last few years diving deep into the web of nonsensical conspiracy theories, gullibility, and re-packaged ancient ways to be racist that is QAnon. By design the cult-like atmosphere of people devoting their lives to a mythical, likely fictional person known only as Q is difficult to parse. Feeld, View, and Rockatansky do their best to provide context (and a side helping of humor) to the dark developments from the Q-pilled side of the internet. A must-listen to educate oneself on the basics of the movement’s constantly moving targets and easily-debunked predictions.

40 | MAY 2021



Screen Time

with Marisa Patwa


If you are a fan of The Umbrella Academy, The Boys, or just superhero television shows in general, Jupiter’s Legacy is the perfect serve. This new show is based off of the Mark Millar comics following how several broken adults - who, in their own way, happen to be blessed with superpowers - must try and reach the high expectations and gold standard their superhero parents left behind as a legacy for them. The show stars Josh Duhamel - sporting an interesting choice of long, wavy bleach blonde hair - which I’m not necessarily complaining about. 90210's Matt Latner also stars, as does comically-gifted Leslie Bibb. Both of these actors deserve this platform to show off their acting skills after being sidelined in so many supporting roles for so long. I can’t wait to watch them kick some butt and maybe even have some superpowered sibling rivalry. This action-packed show is set to drop on Netflix May 7.

SELENA: THE SERIES PT. 2 (netflix 5/4)

For those who didn't catch the first part of Netflix’s interpretation of Selena Quintantilla’s life when it first dropped, it’s time to take a bite into this treat. This show is a brutal portrayal of the grit and sacrifice it takes to make your dreams come true, all while working as a family. Christian Serratos is breathtakingly vulnerable as the daydreaming yet dedicated singer who must carry the weight of keeping her family fed. The first season left us with a cliffhanger, with Selena’s dad discovering her affair with bad boy guitarist Chris. And while we know how this tragedy turns out in real life, watching this family fight, live on a bus and sing and grow together as they go from poverty to huge fame, is incredibly inspiring. Get ready to cry and sing your heart out on May 4.

CRUELLA (theaters 5/28)

While it’s usually the heroes who are blessed with origin stories, we are getting to delve into the devilishly delicious backstory of the infamous Cruella De Vil, in the upcoming Cruella. The villain was first made iconic by Glenn Close’s riveting performance in the 101 Dalmation films, and in a delighted twist, Emma Stone is headlining this imaginative piece, as a young Cruella in the 1980s grunge rock world of London. We find the young woman pre-villainous tendencies - as a meek fashion designer trying to impress the tyrannical Baroness, played by Emma Thompson. The film is penned by Aline Brosh McKenna, the absolute dialogue genius behind hits like The Devil Wears Prada and 27 Dresses. And with Stone riding a motorcycle, a gorgeous London backdrop and, of course, our favorite spotted puppies, I can’t wait to see this film when it premieres in theaters May 28.

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STEPHANIE LAZARUS Initially, I had planned to document the disturbing story of

the couple's home and Sherri's workplace unannounced.

Timothy Buss this month, a double child murderer featured on an Investigation Discovery episode of Shattered back in

But Lazarus, it seems, was above suspicion. The LAPD simply

2018; however, it occurred to me that I have yet to profile a

swept aside any accusations, never considering that one of

female killer. So in the interest of leveling the playing field a

their own could dishonor the badge in such a profound way.

bit, here's a case that's taken on a bit of notoriety over time

So the case went ice cold. But finally, in 2009, the Rasmussen

for the fairly bizarre, almost comical interrogation that led to

file was reopened and reexamined with a fresh pair of eyes

the arrest of former LA police officer Stephanie Lazarus. Her

- four, actually. Two sharp detectives, Jim Nuttall and Pete

flimsy, oft-repeated defense of "gosh, that was, like, a million

Barba, dismissed the burglary theory, noting that the DNA





from the bite mark was linked to a

by detectives more than two

female. One by one, they crossed

decades after the 1986 murder

off every woman connected with

of Sherri Rasmussen has been

Ruetten until Lazarus became the

lampooned to death online, and

focal point. Through surreptitious

in particular, Lazarus' odd, pained

means her DNA was secured -

facial expressions and wild-eyed

which came back a match to the

reactions are the stuff of true crime

crime scene. And that's when the


real fun began.

As noted, the genesis of this

For anyone interested in true

case goes back to 1986 when

crime, it's a must that you check

Sherri Rasmussen, a 29-year-old

out the interrogation of Lazarus

newlywed, was discovered beaten,

on YouTube. Brought in under

bitten and shot to death on the

false pretenses to a room where

floor of her home on February

detectives were waiting to grill her,

24. Based on the chaotic nature of the crime scene, cops

Lazarus appears a little flustered but ultimately unconcerned

theorized a burglary-gone-wrong scenario that imagined

as pleasantries are exchanged. But minute by minute, she's

Rasmussen walking in on a perpetrator in the act of removing

increasingly pressured to explain her connection to both

items from the residence. There were no solid leads at the

Ruetten and Rasmussen. Slowly sensing that this might be

time - though Rasmussen's father suggested Lazarus, a

the end of the road, Lazarus plays dumb to the nth degree,

respected LA police officer, as a prime suspect. Why? Well,

seemingly unable to recall even the most basic information

Lazarus not only previously dated Rasmussen's husband,

about her past relationships or actions: "Gosh, that was, like,

John Ruetten, she even slept with him after his engagement

a million years ago." Long story short, she's now spending 27

to Sherri. And then proceeded to harass Rasmussen on

years to life in prison.

numerous occasions prior to the murder, showing up at both

42 | MAY 2021


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The latest and greatest stories that you surely missed GROUP OF TRI-STATE PSYCHEDELIC ROCK


Admitting that there's really no valid reason - or legal basis - for altering the name of Evansville's heavily-traveled expressway that conveniently connects the east and west sides of town, Syd "Barrett" Sidleman, head of the Tri-State Psychedelic Rock Fanatics Coalition (TSPRFC), insisted today that, "it would just be really cool, you know, to pay tribute to the greatest psychedelic rock band of all-time. Pink Floyd gets so little recognition - if we don't honor them, who will?" Sidleman further insisted that neither he, nor any of the other 13 TSPRFC members, were stoned when the idea was put forward. "None of us are working right now so there's not a lot of money for weed, but plenty of time for deep thinking," Sidleman explained, adding that it would be "super easy" to replace the capital "L" in Lloyd with an "F" and then simply squeeze "Pink" in front of it. "City workers could change all the signs in an afternoon while totally jamming to Dark Side of the Moon - or go hardcore with The Piper at the Gates of Dawn."

44 | MAY 2021


WITH MASK MANDATE OVER, LOCAL OFFICIALS ANNOUNCE NEW "REDNECK BANDANA" POLICY IN AN ATTEMPT TO DICTATE FASHION TRENDS Noting that he wasn't necessarily a fan of the Covid mask mandate but appreciated the overall look and style of the facial covering, local official Kenneth Kendall, along with fellow government cohorts, held a press conference this afternoon to announce a new city-wide "Redneck Bandana" policy effective immediately. "Here's the thing, the 70's and the 80's are back in a big way and this is our opportunity to put Evansville at the forefront of the latest fashion trends," Kendall explained, adding that each resident regardless of age - is now required to wear a rolled-up bandana tied around their forehead in all public spaces until further notice. "Sort of a Dukes of Hazzard, Axl Rose vibe is what we're after, really - totally freewheeling. We want people that visit Evansville to look around and think, 'damn, this city is on the move!'" According to government sources, residents can expect a bi-monthly fashion mandate to stay one step ahead of the Paris trends.



U still up? U take care of that problem? Dude, it's way l8. Wut r u talkin bout? That PROBLEM - u know!!! Dawg, no idea wut this is about. Don't play w/ me - this is serious! I'm not goin 2 jail!! Jail?? For wut? Wake up, Cody - if the cops find the body, we're both screwed! U gotta move it asap!!! Body??!! Holy crap - wut did u do??!!

Me?! Quit playin!! U were right there when the gun went off!! Dude - this is nuts!! I haven't seen u for days. Not since the family gathering! Hold on - did u mean 2 msg that idiot Cody B? This is Cody C - ur cousin!! OMG, u just confessed 2 a murder!!

F***********k!!! Delete this & never speak of this again!! Hey - is ur fam gonna b comin over for Memorial Day? Wanna grill out??

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SEBASTIAN: Sebastian is a gorgeous 7-year-old male! He’s pretty large, at 70 lbs., but is actually very gentle on a leash. A gentle giant if you will. Even though he’s naturally strong, he doesn’t tend to pull. He was transferred to VHS from an Arkansas shelter through a Best Friends Animal Society transport. He is also heartworm-positive, but VHS will provide his treatment at no additional cost to his adopters! Sebastian’s adoption fee is $150 and includes his neuter, microchip, vaccines, and more.

be we’ll he h t n ith t h mo Eac king in w latest chec for the nd to a VHS news ever d o u go find f r e of m help for so ique un es ore idents. hom m their der res ol and

CANNOLI: How cute is Cannoli?! He is a 3-year-old male brown tabby. He was found as a stray so not much is known about his background. But he sure is cute! His adoption fee is $70 which includes his neuter, microchip, vaccines, and FeLV/FIV test.

DUKE: Duke is a 6-month-old male white rabbit! He is the VHS’ most outgoing bunny right now, and will come right up to the front of his cage to greet you! Remember to always check shelters for bunnies instead of buying them from pet stores or farm supply stores – especially around Easter. Rabbits live 8-10+ years and are NOT short-term pets for kids! Duke’s adoption fee is $50 and includes his neuter & registered microchip.

400 Millner Industrial Drive | 2 blocks west of Garvin Park in Evansville 812-426-2563 | Adoption Hours: Tues-Sat 12-6pm |

46 | MAY 2021





Vincennes resident Sarah Mayhall went through a real rough patch over the last few years, first losing her "buddy," a 10-year-old Yorkie Poo, due to health issues, followed by both her father and mother. It was a lot to deal with in such a short span of time, so the thought of committing to caring for another pet seemed a bit overwhelming - but her kids and grandkids figured it was the best medicine and eventually talked her into it. And that's how Mayhall found herself searching for a new furry friend just a couple months back - first around Vincennes where her choices were reportedly limited to larger dogs before heading down to Evansville to check out the animals up for adoption at the VHS. "My daughter and I walked through the shelter and at the time, "Fritz" wasn't there - but we came back through and he had just been returned, so we decided to look at him," Mayhall explains. "We played with him and decided right then that this is the dog I need. I got to bring him home that day." The dog Mayhall brought home was a five-year-old Shih-Tzu mix whose body is unusually long. A total cutie, for sure. "I was looking for a small dog and he was very calm - he just curled up with me and kind of stole my heart," she recalls. According to the VHS, Fritz's previous owner had Alzheimer's and required long-term care at a nursing home. Thankfully, this loveable pup only spent one day at the shelter before Mayhall scooped him up and gave him a second chance at a forever home. Talk about good timing! By all accounts, Fritz has transitioned to his new home ok, though Mayhall notes he initially seemed a little depressed from the loss of his previous owner. That's completely understandable, of course. But after a few days he started to settle in and get acquainted with his new surroundings. Mayhall has a backyard with a fence so Fritz does a lot of exploring outside and seems happy to roam around and enjoy the freedom. Rest assured the two of them will have many good years together - it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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48 | MAY 2021


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AS I TYPE THIS... with Barold Hume

So here we are on the cusp of a return to "normal," of sorts. As I type this,

tune in most weekends - so the PGA desperately needs a reason for viewers

the mask mandate has just been lifted - though many businesses continue

to care, especially with Tiger Woods out of the mix.

to request that customers stay covered up - and people around town seem to be in better spirits. Having said that, I encountered a very displeased

Then there's the ongoing saga of Matt Gaetz. As I type this, the Republican

woman at Buy Low (or is it Buehler's IGA?) recently who, as she exited the

congressman is embroiled in an alleged sex-trafficking scenario, among

building, spat out, "I can't wait until this mask crap is OVER!!" in my general

other illicit activities. Welcome to politics in America. For every Matt Gaetz,

direction. I considered volleying back some sort of sarcastic comment just to

there's probably another 20 or more U.S. representatives privately engaging

amuse myself, but thought better of it considering how wacko the general

in awful behavior - while publicly maintaining a chaste facade. Long story

public can be these days. "News 4U Contributor Knifed To Death Outside

short, left or right, politicians should hardly be considered pillars of society.

Local Grocery Store After Snarky Comeback" is not the sort of Evansville

But that's not exactly breaking news, is it? Let's see, what else is going on

Courier headline for which I wish to be remembered. And in completely

at the moment...? The trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin is the

unrelated news...the Masters golf tournament is currently in full swing and

big headline right now - and who knows where that's headed. For many it

everyone wants to know how Bryson "The Incredible Hulk" DeChambeau is

seems like an open and shut case - that George Floyd was clearly murdered

faring (well, you're probably not terribly curious but someone somewhere

- while others view a possible guilty verdict as a step too far. One thing's for

gives a hoot, I imagine). Seems like a nice enough guy but his NFL fullback

sure: it's not going to end well, regardless. Tensions are so high right now; it

approach to the game doesn't really jibe with the sport's famed decorum.

feels like both sides are just waiting to explode with unchecked anger. And

Then again, maybe that's a good thing. Watching professional golf can be

on top of all of this, DMX just gave up the ghost. R.IP., Earl Simmons.

diabolically dull - and that's coming from someone who actually bothers to

In case you haven't heard, southwest Indiana has a new state representative.



with Bryan Fox

Last month, precinct committeemen from District 78 selected Tim O'Brien by way of a caucus to represent the district in Indianapolis. He replaces Holli Sullivan who has moved on to become Indiana's new secretary of state. There's not going to be much of a honeymoon period for O'Brien since he was elected in the middle of the legislative session. In fact, there won't be much of one at all since Indiana is going to pull a Georgia by passing a



bill attempting to prevent voter fraud. Let's take a step back. Earlier this year, Georgia passed a bill which would require voters to show some form of ID when voting absentee. Rob


MAYBE I'M JUST GETTING OLD... with Johnny Fletcher

JOHNNY & THE ANTS First off, for those of you much younger than myself - or for those who

2021 has offered up a new twist.

paid little attention to the music charts during the 80's - the title of this month's column is a throwback to the new wave pirate, Adam Ant, who

Ok, so this year's scheduled ant party did originate in a window - the

fronted Adam & The Ants for three albums before going solo with 1982's

bathroom window - but then after a few days the whole caravan moved

Friend or Foe featuring the top 20 hit "Goody Two-Shoes." Yes, that was

to the bathroom sink. Just the sink. You may recall that I promised to

a lot of unnecessary explanation, really, but I'd hate to leave even one

double-down on the minutiae of life as the New Year arrived and boy, am I

reader confused by my cleverness. I kid, of course, but then again, I

delivering. Back to the issue at hand... Let me assure you that it's no picnic

haven't even explained what the heck I'm going on about. So let me cut

to stumble into the bathroom at 7 a.m. (I'm old and always stumbling,

right to the chase: I've got ants in my bathroom sink. And not aunts, by

FYI) to find that your toothbrush is coated in ants. You may ask: Why don't

the way. There's a Geico commercial airing now in heavy rotation that

I simply store my toothbrush in the medicine cabinet where it would be

depicts a married couple whose home is being overrun by aunts - as

protected from insects rather than leave it sitting out in the open right

in annoying relatives. What I'm referring to is the real deal - hundreds

behind the faucet handles? Don't ask questions, please. The point is that

of little insects that have no business being all up in my grill. Crazy, I

these ants should pick on someone else - someone much younger who

know. Want to hear more? Well, if you insist. So, every spring my house

can deal with the early morning trauma that I have described above. To

is infiltrated to some degree by ants. This unwanted invasion has taken

quote the new wave pirate himself: "You don't drink, don't smoke / What

many forms over time, moving from my bedroom window to the kitchen

do you do?" Obviously, I don't have time to do anything else but battle

window to the living room window. Ants like windows, apparently. But

the annual ant invasion.

Manfred, who will probably go down in history as Major League Baseball's worst commissioner, freaked out and decided to move the All-Star Game

Keep in mind that Indiana just staged a successful NCAA tournament and

out of Atlanta. Manfred caved to the woke mob that says if you don't

Indianapolis has in the past held several Final Fours and regional action

agree with us, you're a racist and we're going to cancel you.

along with the Super Bowl in 2012. Will O'Brien and the other GOP reps/ senators still vote for the bill if the NCAA or Super Bowl threaten to not

O'Brien's first order of business will essentially be to stand up to this rigid

come back? Will the NCAA and NFL also bow down to the woke mob?

mindset. O'Brien is also a realtor. If he votes in favor of the bill, will the woke mob In some ways, the GOP has already caved after some businesses, like Eli

come after him and try to damage his realty business? That sort of thing

Lilly, spoke out against the bill. Originally, it called for absentee ballots to

has happened around the country. If you support Trump, we're not going

provide an ID number similar to Georgia's. Now it only applies to online

to support you, for example.

applications. But nevertheless, the change to how Indiana votes absentee will be altered and will require an extra step. Doesn't seem like a stretch

So many questions and so many potential consequences. At this point,

since we need ID for about everything else in our daily lives.

you're darned if you do, darned if you don't.

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with Freddie Bourne

i’m overweight because i allowed it

heavily. Yes, I was aware of the weight gain. And yes, I was certain of how it happened. But why upset myself more by pointing the rightful blame at myself? Instead, I waited to see a doctor and continued to pass off their knowledge that

Look, I’m not saying that we aren’t victims of circumstance.

the antidepressants were the murderer for my V-line. Not my

Many folks become distraught from their experiences,


leading to the hapless routine of society’s undesired places. No one asks to be anxious or depressed; something led us

Yes, it is. Very much. Because I didn’t do anything to improve

there. For me, it was the depression that led me through the

it, but instead fed into the medical prognosis and the take-

journey of both extremes.

out meals. I have the choice to eat healthy but I began to live a life about living for a “good time” but not a “long time”

In my first two years of it, I became obsessive with exercise.

until realizing that I was missing the whole good time part of

"Obsessive" defined as riding a bike 20 miles a day, followed

the equation.

with eight hours working as a janitor in a middle school;

The issue isn’t because I don’t want to - it’s fear. I grew up

all while with only a carefully calculated 2,300 calories in

overweight in and out of my childhood and I can remember

my body. I lost over 50 pounds with the hope to cure my

how long it took to get where I wanted to be. At 29 and

depression. Instead, I was becoming a casualty of exercise

following this poundage trajectory since 26, it pains me to

bulimia and slowly slipping into the underweight categories.

know that it may take more than three years to get back to

And STILL had no abs.

where I was - where I want to be.

Many here in this area never met me then. Instead, they

But, I need to start somewhere. I need to do my best.

have been introduced to the plump yet energetic life of the party that still continues to deal with depression just as

52 | MAY 2021


No. I want to do my best.


by one hour of a popular cardio workout DVD, and ending

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JUSTIN BIEBER Justice Def Jam Records

SELENA GOMEZ Revelación Interscope Records After years of teasing fans Selena Gomez is finally releasing her first album predominantly in Spanish. And it is a magical, scintillating display of her Tejano music heritage, filled with flavors of Latin pop, electropop, reggaeton, urbano and R&B. And for those who don’t speak Spanish, the singer’s vocals are beautiful enough to enjoy, but I’d highly recommend watching lyric videos as well. Why not be treated musically and learn a little? Songs to put on repeat in the pink Camaro include “Baila Conmigo,” “De Una Vez” and “Selfish Love.” Gomez took this album seriously, too, understanding the importance of creating a piece of art like this for the next generation of ethnic singers. Growing up in Texas, she is a MexicanAmerican, and to help make her accent perfect, she even hired a language coach before recording this during lockdown. I hope Spanish lyrics and songs continue to be included in the pop singer’s discography throughout her career, showing the beauty in being proud of having two cultures intertwined personally and musically. Este álbum está muy caliente. - Marisa Patwa

LANA DEL REY Chemtrails Over The Country Club Interscope/Polydor Records Lana Del Rey’s seventh studio album has been a long-awaited treat for fans of the eternally chic singer. With her hauntingly dreamy vocals, she breathes life into every song. Fun’s Jack Antonoff produces the collection as well, helping to add authenticity to the indie, folksy vibes which provide the perfect soundscape for Del Rey's thoughtful, ever-intriguing lyricism. And Chemtrails is already a success, reaching number two on the Billboard 200. Standouts include “White Dress,” “Wild At Heart,” “Dance Till We Die,” and the Joni Mitchell-penned “For Free.” Overall, this is a sultry, sublime, romantic array of songs with gorgeous instrumentals and true artistry showcased throughout. Del Rey continues to prove she is more than a coffeehouse singer or Indie pop princess wannabe. She is the real deal. With raw talent. And that’s rare. - Marisa Patwa

54 | MAY 2021


Justin Bieber is giving us the presummer, pre-game playlist we need with his sixth studio album, Justice. He’s following up his 2020 hit Changes just a year later and he truly delivers. "Peaches," featuring Giveon and Daniel Caesar, is a catchy summer jam that could last through September with its popularity. While it doesn’t have the same gusto as 2017’s “I’m The One” featuring Quavo, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, and Chance the Rapper, it’s got the same chill yet addictive beat as 2012’s “Boyfriend,” with a paradise twist. It’s a simple song that just works. Chance the Rapper also helps uplift the song “Holy” on this new album. And while this song was released early, it boasts a truly glorious, almost empowering vibe as the singers’ melodies hit your eardrums. “2 Much” gives you those corny high school butterflies with, “I don't wanna fall asleep, I'd rather fall in love” and “As I Am” reminds me more of Bieber’s younger roots. It’s fun to hear R&B singer Khalid even get into the pop groove when he appears on this sweet song. Bieber’s got bangers. - Marisa Patwa

TODD LA TORRE Rejoice in the Suffering Rat Pak Records Todd La Torre took over as lead vocalist of Queensryche after Geoff Tate’s exit in 2012. Since then, Queensryche has released three solid albums with La Torre pulling double duty as percussionist and singer in the studio. 2020 provided the opportunity for La Torre to spread his wings, and the result is his first solo album, Rejoice in the Suffering. Years in the making, it's the work of La Torre on drums and vocals, and his longtime friend Craig Blackwell on guitars/bass/keyboards. RITS is a tour-de-force of hard rock and metal classics hearkening back to the glory days of the 80s and 90s. La Torre creates a unique voice and identity on several songs - you wouldn’t know he was Queensryche’s singer. On other tracks he channels Halford, DIO, Tate and Overkill. His ability to change his voice to suit the tempo and feel of each song is astonishing. With tracks like “Pretenders” and “Dogmata” (scathing critiques of corruption within religion), “Critical Cynic” (a plea for unity and understanding in today’s divisive climate), and “Vexed” (a kickass metal song), there isn’t a bad number on the album. Available on theRatPakRecords website or - Matt Alschbach


FATHER SUNN One Big Toughie @ Cheer Up Farms Self-Released Here’s one that’s way too under the radar. At its core, One Big Toughie encompasses every element of 1970s pop-rock - squeezing folk, doo-wop, country, pysch-pop, and disco into eight rock songs that are equal parts sweet and humorous. Father Sunn effortlessly moves from one style to the next with a sound that recalls classics like Nilsson, The Beatles, or Zappa at his most accessible. Lyrically, Father Sunn sprinkles self-deprecating humor amongst his love songs and scathing satire amongst his political songs. Though Father Sunn is doing little to reinvent the genres in which he operates, the production choices, song transitions, and thoughtful lyrics elevate the album leagues above other Nashville DIY projects. - Russ Finn

JULIEN BAKER Little Oblivions Matador Records I want to start this review by saying Julien Baker is a very talented singer-songwriter. Hailing from Memphis, Baker has been a remarkable voice for LGBT issues and how they relate to her Christian faith since her debut album in 2015. On her third release, Little Oblivions, Baker stays on the same thematic/lyrical path, but expands upon her sparse folk sound found on her previous efforts. Little Oblivions is a beautiful and vulnerable album, showcasing great lyrics and lush arrangements. Unfortunately, it suffers from lack of sonic diversity. Though each song is good, all of the tracks blend together, making them indistinguishable from each other. Additionally, Baker used to sound like a Christian making secular music. The production of Little Oblivions, however, sounds a little too much like the worst aspects of contemporary Christian music. - Russ Finn

SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH Saddle Creek I don’t even know where to begin with ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH by Spirit of The Beehive. The fourth album from this Philadelphia indie band is chaotic, dreamy, and hellish. It’s the sound of ingesting already-lit bottle rockets while tripping on acid. It’s an elevator into a nightclub in a nightmare. ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH is, simply, unmatched. Though the album is 11 tracks long, it feels like several dozen micro songs stitched together. The beauty of Spirit of The Beehive lies in these song structures - just as you get pulled into a particular melody or hook, the song’s walls come crashing down around you. Waves of noise swallow up the poppier elements of the album, and cause the listener to drift in a psychedelic sea. Quite frankly, it’s some of the best and most original music to come out in a long time. - Russ Finn

PAGING DOCTOR MOON Lost My Body Self-Released The Brooklyn-based group debuts with a throwback to slowcore and shoegaze à la the Red House Painters and Slowdive, with a touch of worldbeat rock in the Rusted Root territory. While the title track paves the overall alternative direction, “What Would You” proudly establishes Paging Doctor Moon as a DIY band - unpolished, but who cares? Kirsten Heibert’s vocal persistence keeps you engaged with an endearing Norah Jones approach, while “White Knight” gets to the grit and soul of the record. “Please Get Out of My Life” promotes the strength of Michael Bunin’s guitar skills while the jam band feel of “Dumpster Fire” showcases Morgan Karabel’s drums. Here Heibert exclaims, “When you up and disappear/ You make me feel so bad” before Bunin kicks into high gear with some wicked shredding and then the entire band goes all out. Throughout the record, Heibert’s voice is calming and, at first listen, seems a bit out of place, sometimes getting lost within the music. But maybe that’s the point. Considering the album is about pain and loss, perhaps we need to lose ourselves in order to explore the healing. - Freddie Bourne

Blues with Bragin KID RAMOS & BOB CORRITORE Phoenix Blues Sessions Vizztone Two blues legends backed by an all-star cast of musicians tear it up on Phoenix Blues Sessions. Bob Corritore’s harmonica and Henry Gray’s piano set the tone on “Aw Shucks Baby” as Nappy Brown sings about how his woman changed his life. Gray takes over on vocals for “Come On In” about inviting someone over for fun. Johnny Rapp’s guitar boasts a classic sound with a great solo in the middle. “24 Hours” features Tom Mahon on piano and Dr. Fish singing the blues after his woman left. Corritore’s melancholy harmonica at the midpoint is a highlight. Chief Schabuttie Gilliame’s vocal fits in nicely on “No More Doggin,” a song about a man whose woman fails to show him respect. Big Pete Pearson wails on “Natural Ball,” a tune that lets Corritore’s harmonica shine. In addition to providing drums for the album, the late Chico Chism takes a turn at the mic on “Mother In Law Blues,” a song featuring Kid Ramos' stellar guitar playing. “Possum in My Tree” sees Pearson return on lead vocals as he sings a melancholy tune about an unfaithful woman. Nappy Brown’s deep voice works perfectly on “Baby, Don’t You Tear My Clothes" - a standout. - Paul Bragin

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This month’s beers are available depending on supply & demand at all 10 Liquor Locker locations. Visit our website at ELYSIAN FULL CONTACT IPA








A thick white head rests on this hazy IPA and dissipates slowly. A burst of citrus from the hops fills the nose. The hops continue to pack a punch with the first sip of the beer and remain in the finish. People who enjoy IPAs will want to drink this. Pair it with hearty barbecue dishes like ribs, chicken or pork chops. It also works well with strong cheeses like blue or sharp Cheddar.

A thin white head forms on this pinkish-colored beer and quickly evaporates. The scent contains a generous amount of fruit like a tropical punch. The fruit flavors continue with the initial tasting, with sour notes lingering in the very long finish. The fruity flavors and slightly lower alcohol content make this beer a good one to have on hand during the hot summer months. Pair it with a spicy Mexican dish like al pastor style tacos.




Full contact is an Imperial Hazy IPA, with an 8.8% ABV. Pours a slightly hazy straw color, with a nice head. Notes of stone fruit on the nose, which continue to the palate. Both the aroma and flavor seem a little subdued for an imperial IPA, but it is very well balanced. Easy drinking for an Imperial IPA, so be careful not to treat this one as a session beer.


This beer pours a hazy amber color. It has an ABV of 8.8% which is hidden well - usually you can taste the alcohol when you get to those numbers but not with this beer. I appreciate the complexity of the flavors - it's spicy yet sweet at the same time which is rare for an IPA.

56 | MAY 2021

This pours a clear pink-ish hue, with no discernible lasting head. It has a light fruity (tropical) scent, but the flavors seem subdued on the palate. This is labeled a sour, but I didn’t find it had a strong tartness found in many sour beers. If you are looking for something a little different, and not too sour, you might find this refreshing.

This beer/beverage is pink and clear. It has a slight fruit flavor but overall seems more like a modified wine cooler. I can taste the pear and the passion fruit but it's pretty light on those flavors. I'd say this is a good drink for the summer months but otherwise I prefer a more substantial brew.


I’ve had this golden 420 IPA before, and it is often a go-to tap for me. There's a generous white head with nice retention and good carbonation. Citrus flavors - grapefruit, mainly - are present in addition to a piney hop aroma that's very pleasing. Overall, it's very light-bodied and very drinkable. Perfect for warm weather days.

A thick white head crowns this pale ale and evaporates slowly. A considerable amount of hops controls the nose. The first sip of the beer seems to balance between malt and hops, but the malt gives way and the hops stay on the tongue longer in the finish. People who enjoy hoppy beers will want to drink this. Pair it with cheeses like pecorino and smoked Cheddar, Kansas City style chili or your favorite cheeseburger.

This beer pours a golden color with decent carbonation but not much of an aroma. The malts are pretty sweet and not too bitter. Generally speaking, I haven't been a big fan of SweetWater offerings but this is one of the brewery's better efforts - above average.



breadiness. This drinks like a typical lager. It is slightly malty, with a nice balance of hop bitterness. Lagers are not my cup of tea, but this one is solid for a lager enthusiast.



Longboard pours golden and clear. It has light citrus notes on the nose, with perhaps a touch of

A decent white head tops this golden lager and never totally disappears. A noticeable malt scent controls the scent profile. A good balance of malt and hops hits the tongue when drinking the beer, with the two going back and forth in the finish. This is a good beer to serve during the hotter

months of the year. Pair it with a variety of foods like salad topped with chicken, pizza or your favorite sandwich.


This is a clear, crisp amber beer - a sweet lager that's effectively the Hawaiian Budweiser. And that's a good thing. It goes down super smooth with some decent malt flavor and a little hops thrown in. The finish is clean with a decent body. A little low on the ABV, though, at 4.6%.


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Focusing on personal injury, civil litigation, whistleblower claims and workers' compensation law, Siesky Law Firm strives to provide excellent legal services while remaining client and community centered. The Evansville-based trio of top attorneys - including Lane Siesky, Daniel Gearhart and Douglas Briody - boasts years of invaluable experience inside and outside the courtroom. Highly-respected with an impeccable track record, the firm's aggressive representation of its clients continues to benefit the community in myriad ways.

Q: I was injured in a car accident that wasn't my fault, but getting a financial settlement is taking much longer than I expected. At what point should I consider suing the other driver/insurance company to speed the process along? Or should I just wait to settle? A: In thinking about what is right for your personal injury claim, you want to consider your injuries and health condition, the facts of

your case and the statute of limitations (time deadline) for bringing a personal injury claim. In general, you want to wait to settle your

case until your medical condition has returned to how you were before the car accident or until your medical improvement has reached

a plateau and your treating doctors can offer a prognosis as to what the future holds for you in terms of future treatment, medical bills and your ability to function. By waiting until you are back to normal or your treating doctors can offer a prognosis, you will make sure

the evaluation of your personal injury claim contemplates all damages including future medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Sometimes attempting settlement before filing a lawsuit is best. Sometimes you have to file a lawsuit before your claim will be taken seriously. Also, the facts of your case can dictate when to file a lawsuit. For instance, if the at-fault driver’s insurance company denies responsibility or is giving you a difficult time, it may be best to file a lawsuit and proceed to litigation. In Indiana, the general statute of

limitations for bringing a lawsuit for a personal injury claim is two years from the date of the accident. In other words, you must file a lawsuit within two years of the accident date or your claim is forever time-barred.

In sum, best practice is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to help you think through your situation and what is the best strategy for your personal injury claim.

Disclaimer: The above information provided by Siesky Law Firm, PC, is not legal advice and should not be taken as legal advice. Application of the law is highly fact sensitive and readers should consult with an attorney on legal matters.

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