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While dining out recently, my parked car was sideswiped by another vehicle, causing damage to the driver's side door. I only discovered the damage when I left the restaurant - and no one reported seeing the incident. It was a hit and run, effectively. Considering that so many businesses have security cameras these days, do I have the right

to request video from nearby establishments to see if the incident was recorded to aid in tracking down the person/vehicle that caused the damage? Or should that be handled by law enforcement?


Anytime there is a car accident, the most important

the identity of who is responsible for the damage to your vehicle.

thing is that nobody was seriously injured. Even when

The businesses are not under an obligation to comply with your

no one is hurt, it is very frustrating to deal with the

request and even if the accident was recorded, the businesses may

claims process for property damage to your vehicle.

only keep the video footage so many days before the footage is recorded over. So, if you want to try and secure the video you better

First, you should file a police report. If a detective is assigned

take these steps quickly.

you can speak with the detective as to what investigation law enforcement intends to do. Next, you will want to report the

In an accident where there are significant injuries and you hire a

accident to your own insurance company. Your insurance company

law firm, the law firm should conduct a thorough investigation.

will probably ask for a copy of the police report. You should ask your

The investigation may consist of hiring a private investigator,

own insurance company what investigation, if any, the insurance

retrieving the audio of 911 calls, the County’s event log, surveillance

adjuster intends to conduct.

videos, body and vehicle cam footage from law enforcement, aerial views of the scene, social media research, interviewing of

If nobody is hurt and the dollar value of the property damage is

witnesses, searching of cell phone hard drives, hiring an accident

relatively low, the chances of law enforcement or your insurance

reconstructionist, utilizing subpoena power and downloading

company conducting a lengthy investigation are remote. You

of data recorded by the vehicles’ black boxes and event data

certainly can ask businesses for surveillance video to determine


Disclaimer: The above information provided by Siesky Law Firm, PC, is not legal advice and should not be taken as legal advice. Application of the law is highly fact sensitive and readers should consult with an attorney on legal matters.

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