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call: 01827 63454 email: visit: All decorative switch plates are modular as standard. This allows you to create virtually any switch plate you require. The MiniGrid® modules are all easily and quickly exchanged or mounted onto unfurnished plates. CHOOSE CLICK For all your decorative wiring solutions ECN Additional June ad - Wiring Accessories.indd 1 23/05/2023 14:20 An ECN Supplement NIGLON “Wiring accessories, I didn’t realise you did that!” HAGER Sollysta wiring accessories – designed for easy installation and exceptional performance SELECTRIC Selectric future-proofs its market position June 2023 wiring accessories, switches & sockets
13–14 SEPTEMBER 2023

Hello and welcome to ECN’s 2023 Wiring Accessories Supplement.

This special supplement brings you the latest from the wiring accessories sector, with articles from Scolmore, Hager, Knightsbridge, Niglon, Selectric and M2 Electrical. Plus, find out more about the ECN Awards and why you should enter.

Scolmore looks at what’s next for wiring accessories and shares feedback on the company’s styles and finishes that are proving most popular.

Hager focuses on its Sollysta range, while Knightsbridge looks closer at its collection of wiring accessories that are suited to environments that need to meet Part M of the Building Regulations.

Niglon explores its range of wiring accessories, which now totals over 1,000 products; Selectric offers an insight into its history, current operations, recent projects and future plans; and M2 Electrical introduces its brand new range of wiring accessories.

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4 What’s next for wiring accessories?

8 Sollysta wiring accessories –designed for easy installation and exceptional performance

10 Knightsbridge sees Part M in anthracite and white

12 “Wiring accessories, I didn’t realise you did that!”

16 Selectric future-proofs its market position

20 Brand new wiring accessories from M2 Electrical

22 Have you entered yet? You conduit!


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Wiring Accessories June 2023 | 3


With a myriad of styles and finishes available for wiring accessories, Katie Plumstead, Group Marketing Manager with Scolmore Group, shares some of the feedback the company has received on the styles and finishes that are proving most popular.

There has never been a wider choice of styles and finishes in wiring accessories available, giving designers and end users the opportunity to reflect the latest trends for interior design in the switches and sockets that they choose. Once considered purely functional items, wiring accessories have become an essential design feature contributing to the overall style and finish of a room.

Scolmore supplies one of the most comprehensive wiring accessories collections currently available on the market. There is something to suit all levels of budget, style requirements and finishes – from the Essentials basic range through to the Deco Plus premium, decorative metal collection. Following a recent poll of some of its customers in a number of regions around the country, Scolmore shares the feedback on what is proving most popular.

For decorative finishes, satin chrome continues to be the number one choice for many installers/end users. Demand for Matt Black and Grey finishes continues to gather momentum and a number of projects planned for 2023 are specifically calling for Matt Black accessories. Scolmore first introduced Matt Black as a finish to its Definity screwless wiring accessories range in 2008. Earlier this year the Matt Black finish option was extended to include a Metal Matt Black version. The launch was in response to feedback from installers working on domestic and specification projects who were looking for an alternative premium finish for interiors. The Matt Black Metal finish sits alongside the White Metal plates that are part of the range.

Back to Matt Black for Deco and Deco Plus

With the demand for Matt Black wiring accessories continuing to grow among installers and end users, Scolmore has taken this feedback on board and has extended the popular Matt Black finish to the Deco and Deco Plus wiring accessories collections to meet this growing trend.

The new Matt Black finishes are available across all products in the extensive Deco and Deco Plus ranges – to help add the perfect contemporary look to any interior space.

Deco and Deco Plus switch plates are all modular as standard, allowing the creation of virtually any switch plate design required. With a wide range of MiniGrid and New Media products also available in the range, this gives installers total flexibility to customise bespoke designs and solutions quickly and easily on site.

It would appear that the demand for the rose gold trend that was there a few years ago has all but disappeared, however, in some areas it seems there is a desire to go back in time with Brass and Antique Brass continuing to remain extremely popular. Square edge white

4 | June 2023 Wiring Accessories SCOLMORE @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine

accessories such as Scolmore’s Click Polar premium bright white range are still popular in the local authority sector where the replacement of existing products remains a major requirement.

From the USB charging point of view

Scolmore has found that there is still a lack of understanding when it comes to USB charging products, with a lot of demand still for the USB C product. However, once the benefits of a USB A and USB C combined socket are explained as a future-proofing option, this is helping to drive demand.

The uptake on smart home accessories has been slow to take off as many homeowners still see it as a high-end product. However, Scolmore is finding that with its Click Smart+ range they are getting more traction as the end user and contractor get more of an understanding of how the whole ‘smart home’ system works within everyday life.

A la Mode

The backdrop to all of this for Scolmore, however, is that its Click Mode range of white wiring accessories remains the company’s best-selling wiring accessories collection to date. The Mode range was conceived and developed as a high quality, flexible and modern solution for virtually any domestic wiring requirement. The smooth, contemporary lines of the

accessory plate fits easily into traditional and contemporary designs alike, and the modular design allows installers unprecedented flexibility in creating dedicated wiring solutions to deal with specific wiring needs.

When selecting wiring accessories installers have often had to compromise their schemes as they have been unable to identify a suitably modular solution to satisfy their ideas. Mode accessories have been providing that flexibility, with a comprehensive selection of products ranging from the humble light switch and socket outlet through to more specialised products dealing with the very latest developments in telephone and satellite products.

Investment and innovation

Scolmore has continued to invest in this range since it was originally launched, introducing products in visually contrasting versions to meet with Part M regulations, adding the award-winning Mode locating plug socket soon after. This was followed by USB sockets available in one and two-gang, and single and twin USB options, with integrated Type A and Type C charging ports on the same socket, added most recently. The latest development to the Mode range saw the launch of lounge combination

plates, giving the installer the flexibility to configure any combination of audio, video, data and media connection on one plate as required.

Products from the Mode range have been specified and installed across a huge range of applications including schools, hospitals, care homes, hotels, offices and leisure complexes.


Wiring Accessories June 2023 | 5 SCOLMORE @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine
01827 63454 | | Matt Black Wiring Accessories Now available in the Deco Plus and Deco Ranges...

Modular Switch Plates

All Deco Plus & Deco switch plates are modular as standard, allowing you to create virtually any switch plate you require. The MiniGrid® modules are all easily and quickly exchanged or mounted onto unfurnished plates by means of a simple single screw fixing.


Hager’s Sollysta Wiring Accessories range is a top-quality line of products designed with the installer in mind. This range includes everything from sockets and switches to media lounge plates, all of which are designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial settings.

One of the standout features of the Sollysta range is its ease of installation. The products are designed to be easy to install, with a number of features including:

• The terminals all face the same direction, with lead-ins for wiring.

• Backed-off screws held captive to prevent loss and increase speed of installation.

• Clear white labelling off a dark grey background.

• Neutral loop terminal built into the accessory, allowing the installer to complete the loop connection in the switch instead of in the ceiling rose.

The range also features a sleek and modern design, making them an attractive addition to any installation.

Sollysta USB A + C socket

Hager’s recently launched USB double socket is a must-have in residential settings, due to the strong need for consumers to charge devices quickly and efficiently. The Sollysta twin switched sockets now incorporate a Type C USB port, as well as a Type A, making it suitable for charging most portable electronic devices. What sets the Sollysta USB sockets apart is their intelligent connection, which allows any USB device to charge at high speed. This means that users can charge their devices without having to wait for hours for their devices to charge. With the Sollysta USB sockets, Hager continues to innovate and offer products that meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Dogan Dogan, Hager’s Senior Product Manager for wiring accessories, has this to say about the Sollysta range: “Our Sollysta Wiring Accessories range was designed with the installer in mind. We wanted to create a line of products that were easy to install, high quality, and versatile enough to meet the needs of any installation. We are confident that installers will appreciate the thought and care that went into the design of these products.”

Sollysta IP66 socket

Hager’s Sollysta IP66 weatherproof range is a collection of robust and durable wiring accessories designed for outdoor use. These products are designed to provide a high level of protection against the elements, ensuring that they remain functional, even in harsh weather conditions. The range includes a wide range of products, including sockets, switches and fused connection units, all of which are designed to be both easy to install and reliable in use. The Sollysta IP66 range also features a sleek and modern design, making it an attractive addition to any outdoor installation. With its high level of protection against the elements and its ease of use, the Sollysta IP66 range is the perfect choice for anyone looking to install wiring accessories in an outdoor environment.

Sollysta White Moulded

The Sollysta White Moulded Range is an exceptional product range manufactured from high quality grade Urea-Formaldehyde which has inherent antimicrobial properties. With its shallow rear-projection, the Sollysta White Moulded range offers more cabling space, making it the perfect choice for those looking for an easy-to-install solution. The terminals on the range face in the same direction, with leadins for wiring, backed-off screws held captive to prevent loss and increase the

speed of installation, wire end stops, and clear white labelling off a dark grey background. Additionally, the range features the market’s first neutral loop terminal built into the accessory, which allows the installer to complete the loop connection in the switch instead of in the ceiling rose. This makes installation even easier and ensures that the switch is safe and secure.

Sollysta Decorative

Hager’s Sollysta Decorative range is a stunning collection of wiring accessories designed to enhance the look of any room whilst incorporating the installation features of the Moulded range. Available in brushed steel and polished steel, the Sollysta Decorative range is the perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance to any setting. The range includes wall switches, USB sockets, dimmer kits, and grid switches. This means that users can choose the perfect finish to match their decor and create a cohesive look throughout their space. With its exceptional performance and stylish design, the Sollysta Decorative range is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of sophistication to their wiring accessories.

Whether you are looking for a high quality and reliable range of products for your next installation project or simply looking for a product that is easy to install and built to last, the Sollysta range is an excellent choice. With its sleek and modern design, wide range of products, lifetime guarantee and advanced safety and energy-saving features, the Sollysta range is sure to meet the needs of any installer or project.


8 | June 2023 Wiring Accessories HAGER @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine
The Sollysta twin switched sockets now incorporate a Type C USB port, as well as a Type A
Intelligent Connection
Charge portable electronic devices at high speed with the Intelligent Connection feature available across the Sollysta USB A+C range. Discover the range
For high speed charging


Knightsbridge – one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of wiring accessories and lighting – has recently compiled a collection of wiring accessories ideally suited to environments where meeting Part M of the Building Regulations is a concern.

The collection covers safety, ease of use and hygiene, encompassing anti-bacterial switches, sockets and accessories dedicated to those with disabilities. At the heart of the Part M range is colour-contrasted, outboard rocker sockets, and high contrast and wide-rockered switches for both lighting and appliances.

To assist people with visual impairments, socket chassis come in a striking anthracite finish with white rockers for contrast. This range satisfies recommendations that switches contrast with front plates, which in turn contrast with walls.

By mounting the rockers on the sockets’ outboard edges, the risk of an accidental disconnection or contact with live pins is greatly reduced. Both one and two-gang sockets are available.

Two-way light switches – again anthracite and white – come with single or two-gang wide rockers, or in traditional

narrow format in one, two or three-gangs. Other switches are available for fan isolation, hobs, ovens and 13A fused spurs, with and without neons.

Other products in Knightsbridge’s range that lend themselves to Part M applications include pull-cord operated switches to assist the less able; and an extensive series of data and media modules.

At a time of enhanced awareness of personal and environmental hygiene, whether in the home or workplace, the moulded range of Part M products from Knightsbridge also possess inherent anti-bacterial properties that can help in the fight against disease and infection.

Tested to ISO 22196: 2011, the range is produced using Urea Formaldehyde, a high-grade thermoset material which has properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria and makes a positive contribution to reducing instances of common bacteria such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Klebsiella Pneumoniae and E-Coli and Salmonella.

In addition, Knightsbridge’s precision manufacturing methods result in fine, scratch free faces – avoiding dirt traps in which harmful microscopic organisms might lodge. The range’s high gloss, high quality materials’ resistance to scratching helps maintain product appearance over the longer term too.

Backed by Knightsbridge’s unrivalled quality, reliability and service; the collection – outlined in a new five-page publication The Complete Part M Range –is guaranteed for an impressive 25 years (two years on electronic products).


10 | June 2023 Wiring Accessories KNIGHTSBRIDGE @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine



01582 88 77 60


Think Niglon, and it may be plugtop fuses and connector strips which come to mind.

Whilst these remain a core offering for the Midlands-based company, Niglon has grown exponentially in products over the past five decades, and none more so than in wiring accessories. There are now more than 1,000 products across 10 ranges to choose from.

Director Oliver Hinley explains, “We wanted to offer our customers the widest choice possible, while also maintaining our reputation for supplying high-quality products. This makes perfect sense for the wholesalers we supply and their contractor customers; they save time and effort by being able to source their wiring accessories from one place, without having to pay over and above for the privilege.”

Niglon started selling wiring accessories over 20 years ago but really advanced the offering from 2017 onwards, when the team launched seven new ranges inside of two years. This necessitated significant investment in systems and development tooling to bring this to fruition.

“Since then, we’ve extended this offering even further and now feature 10 core ranges, stocked by more than 1,000 wholesale branch outlets across the UK.”

The perfect 10 White Moulded

• Median – the soft-edged plates feature interchangeable switch modules with a one screw fixing, and is the latest to be launched by Niglon. Introduced to the market in 2020, it’s the complete solution for all jobs: clean, simple, and designed to complement all interiors. The company’s fastest growing range, it is also giving back and has partnered with the Electrical Industries Charity on this range for the last two

• Profile – a 4mm, low-profile white moulded plate with screw covers and a sleek, contemporary design. A modern range of smooth-edged, moulded wiring accessories perfect for residential or commercial use.

• Artic Edge – a classic, bright white moulded, square-edge wiring accessories range offering traditional design values for new or existing installations.

12 | June 2023 Wiring Accessories NIGLON @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine
years. This one sentence perfectly sums up many people’s reactions to Niglon and its vastly expanded product range. Do you know the company now stocks over 4,500 products? Median

Decorative Metal

• Ultima – installed in homes, hotels and commercial buildings across the length and breadth of the UK, Ultima, with its screwless plate design, is Niglon’s flagship range. The products come in a luxurious brushed or polished chrome effect finish and are manufactured with stainless steel faceplates with a huge selection of features.

• Premium Edge S – contemporary, low-profile, stainless steel plate with a luxurious brushed chrome effect finish. Sophisticated – the Premium Edge S products easily meet the demands of the most discerning clients. Designed to enhance other room features and perfectly complete any décor.

• Premium Edge – manufactured with stainless steel faceplates available in brushed and polished chrome finishes, the products are low-profile (4mm) with white or black inserts.

Grid/Euro Media

• Euro Media – developed to enable bespoke configurations, Euro Media allows integration of television, data and USB charging points. Can be clipped into unfurnished faceplates quickly and easily.

• Matrix 20 – a comprehensive grid range offering a myriad of combinations. Interchangeable printed switched rocker covers enable easy on-site configuration with a modular approach, offering installers plenty of flexibility. The faceplates coordinate with Niglon’s Ultima, Premium Edge, Premium Edge S, Profile and Metallic ranges.


• Metallic – designed for more demanding surroundings such as workshops, garages and light industrial units, metal-clad products are manufactured from heavy-duty steel and finished in satin silver.

• Hurricane – weather-resistant switches and sockets for even tougher environments, providing protection against dust and water ingress, meaning Hurricane products are ideal for outdoor use.

Quality and safety

There are many factors which come into play when selecting products to use or stock – with functionality, aesthetics and cost all impacting the decision. But the Niglon team firmly believes none of these should come at the expense of the quality and safety of the product itself.

Oliver explains, “The idea was to introduce high specification ranges at a price which both offered value and generated confidence in the quality of design and manufacturing. So, we were giving customers a comprehensive set of products which catered for a vast array of differing installations, aesthetic tastes and budgets.”

In fact, Niglon is so confident that it offers product guarantees of 10 years on the Hurricane weatherproof range, 20 years on the majority of its ranges, and an incredible 30 years on Median, Profile and Arctic products.

As with most other types of product, the wiring accessories market includes a whole spectrum of products, brands, and price levels. When looking at the products at the lower end of that scale, they can seem appealing simply because of the savings to be had from purchasing them compared to more expensive items.

“Just be careful, as ‘value engineering’ can, if done recklessly, compromise product quality and safety,” Oliver advises. Always ask questions of the manufacturer and don’t be afraid to be cynical – if a price looks too good to be true, as the saying goes...

Part of the reason Niglon is able to offer impressive guarantees and assure customers of the quality of its products is that the wiring accessory ranges are third-party tested.

It’s something the company is committed to – and has been urging the entire industry to adopt independent testing as standard. With risks from minor inconvenience and property damage right up to risk to life should a product fail, the company ethos is that third-party testing must be introduced as standard across the electrical industry, and that everyone from suppliers right through to the end user needs to take responsibility for asking for proof of certification.

About Niglon

The company is based in the Midlands and is family owned and run, originally operating under the name S D Hinley from the 1940s onwards before changing its name to Niglon in the 1960s. The team has heavily invested in stock to maximise availability, and has thousands of lines covering circuit protection, wiring accessories, industrial accessories, and many other must-haves for electrical contractors.


Wiring Accessories June 2023 | 13 NIGLON @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine
Ultima range Premium Edge S

Niglon’s flagship range, manufactured with stainless steel faceplates, in a luxurious brushed or polished chrome effect finish. Certified

Low Profile Design | Screwless Stainless Steel Plate | Metal To Metal Rockers

Brushed Or Polished Chrome | Black, White Or Grey Inserts

Metal to Metal Rockers

USBs Coloured
Be sure to keep an eye on our website & our social media for the latest news & offers! t 0121 711 1990 e Connect with us: Soft Curved Edge | Single Screw Modular Switches Antimicrobial Urea Switchplate | Screw Covers Offer A Clean App earance Clean, simple & manufactured in bright white Urea. Our first range to have single screw fixings on all its modular switches, allowing quick and easy reconfiguration on site. Certified


Selectric offers an insight into its history, current operations, recent projects and future plans.


Selectric’s history began in the 1970s when the founder, Jack Ellis, was living in Iran. In 1979 the Iranian revolution took place and was the driving force behind Jack’s decision to take his wife and two young children to emigrate to the UK as refugees. After living in the UK for several years, Jack decided to set up a business and in 1982 Selectric was founded.

Selectric places great emphasis on the quality and reliability of the products it offers

The newfound business initially began by importing plugs and adaptors from Hong Kong. As the business grew, Jack then began to import extension sockets and was one of the first in the UK to do so. This pioneering move helped the business grow, and towards the end of the 1980s he managed to set up his own manufacturing facility next to the Boddingtons Brewery in Manchester. In this space, Selectric began manufacturing bespoke extension leads and reels and started to supply these products to the retail sector to clients such as ASDA and Tesco. In the early 1990s Selectric started to develop switches and sockets in the Far East.

Beginning with a basic white range (now known as Selectric Square), the company started supplying the electrical wholesale market. Selectric has continued to grow and now covers over 4,000 electrical and lighting products. From decorative accessories to a large range of lighting, all are supplied exclusively to the electrical wholesale market. The head office and distribution facilities of 60,000ft2 are now based in Salford, giving easy links to the motorway networks and surrounding areas. Selectric wiring accessories and lighting products are currently supplied exclusively to over 800 UK electrical wholesalers and independents, as well as Ireland and several export markets.

“We’re very proud to be able to service this amazing industry and never take it for granted how much we owe to the wholesalers,” says Pejman Ellis, Director.

“They have put us in the position we find ourselves today. We pride ourselves on having an amazing team of people that make up Selectric, many of whom have been with the business from the early years.”

Selectric places great emphasis on the quality and reliability of the products it offers. All of the products produced and distributed comply with the latest European and British standards, which include UKCA marking. All go through rigorous testing and have the certification to prove all items meet the requirements of the market before any item goes on sale. On top of certification which ensures the very best quality, the company’s products are offered with its own in-house guarantee of up to 30 years. It also has ASTA approval on a large range of wiring accessories. The ASTA marks and/or type test certificates clearly indicate that the product has been independently tested to comply with the relevant clauses of the applicable standards. ASTA helps to differentiate quality brands to the supply chain, leaving customers with complete peace of mind when using ASTA certified Selectric products.


The Smooth and Square ranges have been independently tested by Intertek to the latest antimicrobial standards. The use of any product with antimicrobial properties also plays an important part in reducing the spread of infections. The Smooth and Square ranges have been made using urea formaldehyde which is proven to inhibit the growth of Staph, E. coli, Salmonella and Pneumonia. You can rest assured with the peace of mind of knowing that using these ranges will not assist in the progression of these kinds of bacteria.


Selectric is dedicated to improving its carbon footprint and because of this it conforms to the WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) Regulations by being a member of the WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme. As an electrical and packaging producer, the company takes its waste packaging recycling and recovery responsibilities very seriously. Selectric is registered in a scheme which has collection points across the UK to create an environmentally sound recycling program. A recent overhaul to Selectric packaging has resulted in less plastic waste to reduce carbon emissions and helps protect the environment.

16 | June 2023 Wiring Accessories SELECTRIC @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine

Selectric made a resolution to reduce the total amount of plastic used in the manufacturing process, and because of this its accessories now come in recyclable PP5 bags, with the heavier products such as two-gang USB sockets and shaver units being presented in biodegradable cardboard inner boxes. Furthermore, the company now uses new innovative paint techniques on decorative accessories which conform to all the latest environmental regulations. This helps to control pollution and manage natural resources within the local manufacturing environment.


By closely working with chosen electrical wholesale stockists, Selectric can deliver a huge portfolio of products that include managing, development and delivery of a project. A great example of this was a bespoke range made for a client specification in the Hilton/Gantry project venture in London. By combining the client’s unique understanding of the project with Selectric’s development expertise, the company delivered everything needed whilst keeping within the budgeting forecast and deadline.

Selectric can produce a purchase order two to three months ahead of the start date and get stocks in ready for call off. This guarantees the stocks are available so there are no delays when call off starts. Furthermore, pricing is fixed at the time of order, which could be on a project that runs over one year, avoiding any unforeseen price increases.

The company can develop new products and finishes depending on the demand, for example, tailored track lighting of various lengths and bespoke laser etching is available on all plates and rockers.

Deliveries can go direct to site to save space at the branch, and Selectric has a National Specification Manager to oversee and assist on all projects. Specification files, warranties and guarantees are all supplied as standard. ASTA diamond approval on many of the company’s accessories give peace of mind.

Case studies

Selectric’s accessories have been selected for use in many building projects, some of which are highlighted below.

The Other House, South Kensington: The Portfolio Club has refurbished the former Harrington Hall Hotel, which has been empty for six years, and brought it back into use under the new brand name, The Other House. It is located close to Hyde Park and Knightsbridge and is on the doorstep of some of London’s most iconic cultural landmarks. Taking a strong stand

on environmental responsibility, The Other House was designed to promote physical and mental wellbeing. Built sustainably, natural products were used wherever possible. With tree-filled courtyards and green roofs, a sanctuary was created in the heart of the city to relax and restore. Selectric collaborated with the designers and contractors and created a bespoke antique brass screwless plate for this project. The company also developed some custom toggle switches to the client’s exact requirements whilst complimenting the traditional style of the refurbishment, showcasing the very best in British craftsmanship and award-winning design.

Bodmin Jail Hotel, Cornwall: CField Construction has converted the 240-year-old Bodmin Jail into a state-of-the-art visitor centre and 70 bed 4-star boutique hotel with associated external services, new car parking and retaining wall. The Grade II-listed building conversion was particularly challenging, with walls up to one metre thick and nine species of bat having colonised the ruins. Old cells were knocked through to create spacious accommodations, and a glass roof was installed. The project won Refurbishment Project of the Year at the Building Magazine Awards 2022.


Selectric was named Best Accessories Brand at the 2022 Electrical Wholesaler Awards, in recognition of its contribution towards the electrical industry. The company also received a Highly Commended Award in the Best Customer Service Brand category. Selectric has supported the Electrical Wholesaler Awards for many years and so was very grateful to be recognised for these achievements by the companies and people they serve.

All of the products produced and distributed comply with the latest European and British standards

This year, Selectric will be supporting the ECN Awards and is very excited to be involved in this brand new industry event.

The future

As part of Selectric’s continual development it liaises with the electrical marketplace on a regular basis, developing ideas and new products in line with the ever-changing needs of the contractor/user. The company takes feedback very seriously and responds to every suggestion received on product development. Selectric says it is this proactive mindset that sets it apart from many other manufacturers in the electrical industry.

Selectric’s manufacturing facility was set up in Manchester in the 1980s

With large investments being made in a new smart accessories range and a pipeline of new products being scheduled for 2024, Selectric is future-proofing its position in the market so that it can support and carry on providing an excellent overall experience to all of its wholesalers and their clients too.


Wiring Accessories June 2023 | 17 SELECTRIC @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine


The 5M-PLUS range is Selectric’s first screwless plate design and consists of a clip on front plate which covers the base of each product, metal rockers and LED neons.

Each 5M-PLUS accessory has a metal screwless plate which easily clips on once the product has been successfully wired up. This means the front plate can be applied after decorating, avoiding any paint mishaps, and resulting in a neat and clean finish.

The products feature integral gaskets to prevent moisture transferring from the wall to the product. This ensures your plate remains untarnished. It is incredibly easy to change the faceplate whenever you might decide, either as a direct replacement or for a different interior style should you choose to redecorate; all possible without the need for any special tools or expert electrical knowledge.

Neons within the range are all LED as standard for improved energy efficiency and have a sleek streamlined aperture. Unlike traditional neons which take a few seconds to warm up, these neons reach full brightness as soon as the power source is switched on. The recently upgraded neons offer a good distribution of light with no hot spot and the lifespan is not affected by the number of times you flick the switch.

The 5M-PLUS products fit all standard metal back boxes and dry lining boxes, allowing a simple exchange for any products you may already have installed. Many of the accessories in the range are CE and UKCA approved, comply with the very latest standards. There is a five year plate guarantee across the range for ultimate peace of mind.

Selectric’s GRID360 range is also worth considering. With modular plates and modules available that correspond with all 5M-PLUS finishes, it makes it incredibly easy to create any arrangement of personalised products. Plates are available with up to 12 apertures and there is no need for a yoke system; modules screw directly into the back of the plates. Bespoke lasering is available on request which is ideal for multiple switch combinations.

A recent overhaul to the 5M-PLUS packaging has resulted in less plastic waste to reduce carbon emissions and help protect the environment. Selectric made a resolution to reduce the total amount of plastic used in the manufacturing process, and because of this the products now come in recyclable bags, with the heavier products such as 2 gang USB sockets and shaver units being presented in biodegradable cardboard inner boxes.

The 5M-PLUS range has gone from strength to strength and due to increased demand Selectric have developed 6 combinations of popular plate finishes and inserts, the most recent being a visually pleasing textural antique brass.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new finish in the 5M-PLUS range coming soon; the 5M-PLUS dark bronze.


M2 Electrical says it is thrilled to introduce its brand new range of electrical wiring accessories which have been rebranded with a fresh look, updated features, new ranges, and new products. These products are designed to meet the needs of both the end user and electrical professional, with a comprehensive and complete range packed with features to suit any installation.

The brand new M2 slimline range of white moulded wiring accessories boasts a stylish curved edge profile and a robust high gloss finish. New to this range are the fast-charging USB socket outlets, ensuring a rapid charge for all compatible devices. There is also the option of a red rocker to compliment a white matching rocker variant across the range of 45A double pole switches and sockets. Another exciting addition is the key lockable switches and sockets which provide the ability to restrict access to power – perfect for public areas and cleaning access points.

Manufactured from thermoset urea, the range has been tested and certified with antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Independently tested and verified, M2’s new slimline range is proven to kill off 99.99% of bacteria strains such as E-Coli and Salmonella.

All of the company’s products go through thorough testing to ensure they’re reliable and durable, highlighting M2’s commitment to quality and safety standards. Another enhancement to the range are the ASTA-certified socket outlets, which meet rigorous safety standards and ensure peace of mind for customers.

Also, for the first time M2 is now launching a new range of square edge wiring accessories – M2 square. With a traditional look and feel, these accessories offer modern convenience and flexibility. Create your own customised switch plate by mixing and matching modules to suit your needs. M2 square offers customers a comprehensive and competitive range which is ideal for the domestic housing market.

you’re looking for within the M2’s range of pre-etched 20A DP switches, the company also has the capability to etch your requirements on site at its Redditch based manufacturing facility.

M2 says it is proud to offer a wide range of new products that are designed to be both functional and stylish. The complete product offering consists of M2 slimline, square, grid, metal, weatherproof, decorative, decorative screwless and ceiling – providing customers with uncompromised quality, aesthetics and a practical solution to wiring accessory needs, whether its in your home, garden or office.

At every step of the design process, the company has been guided by a commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation. It says it has worked hard to create a product offering that not only meets the needs of its customers, but also helps to reduce the company’s own impact on the environment.

M2 is offering its 25-year guarantee across the entire new range of wiring accessories

In support of this commitment and to showcase the confidence the company has in its products, M2 is offering its 25-year guarantee across the entire new range of wiring accessories.

One of the key features of the new launch is the company’s commitment to sustainability. M2 has made significant improvements to its packaging, which is now made from recycled content. All cardboard packaging, plastic bags and even tape used is made from recycled content and can now be recycled after use. Across a number of the ranges the use of single-use plastics has been eliminated and replaced these with more eco-friendly solutions.

In addition to its sustainable packaging, M2 has also introduced other new ranges such as the brand new M2 grid range. This traditional grid system is initially available in the M2 slimline, metal and decorative screwless ranges and offers a comprehensive selection of modules to maximise on-site flexibility. The M2 grid modules simply clip into the grid yoke system and are just as easily removed if required.

M2’s grid range offers standard modules including the unique fan isolator switch and three position retractive switches. All applicable products have laser etched markings for a stylish and long-lasting finish. If you can’t find what

M2 believes that its new range of electrical wiring accessories represents a significant step forward in the industry, and it is excited to share these products with its customers.

With this in mind, the company encourages you to follow its social channels to ensure you stay up-to-date with the launch and to make sure you’re the first to hear about all the products and ranges that are coming soon. This includes a whole host of new decorative and decorative screwless finishes and inserts, which are certainly not to be missed.

M2 Electrical,

20 | June 2023 Wiring Accessories M2 ELECTRICAL @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine

M2 Electrical have launched a number of new product ranges, added new products to existing ranges and redesigned the look and feel of the packaging to ensure its all made from recycled content and can be recycled after use.



With the ECN Awards only five months away, it’s time to get your entries prepared! Read on for more information about the ECN Awards, plus five great reasons why you should enter and what a win could mean for your company.

It’s time to celebrate your company’s achievements and make sure your most innovative products get the recognition they deserve.

The ECN Awards is a brand-new event specifically designed to celebrate the best of the electrical contracting industry. The electrical contracting industry is vast, and we believe that those who strive to make all sectors of the industry safer, more advanced, more efficient and more sustainable deserve recognition. Open to manufacturers, distributors, training professionals and electrical contractors alike, the ECN Awards celebrate the very latest innovations that the sector has to offer.

Held at the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre in Coventry on 30 November 2023, this event will help kick off the Christmas party season in style! The event will be a night of celebration, along with great food, dancing and entertainment.

Awards categories

Why should you enter?

1. Increased credibility – a win can give a seal of approval to your activities and is a sign of quality for potential customers, so can form part of your sales pitch.

2. Enhances business competitiveness – an award win can help cement your reputation in the industry and raise your profile head and shoulders above your competitors.

3. Reward and motivate your team –entering awards sends a message to your team that their achievements are worth shouting about and that their hard work is worthwhile.

4. Networking opportunities – as well as making new contacts on the night, winning an award can also give you a reason to communicate with your existing client database and let them know about your success.

5. Industry recognition – an award win isn’t just a popularity contest, it’s judged by an independent expert panel and therefore gives recognition for the great work that you do from the industry that you’re in.

Please enter as soon as you can so you don’t miss out on the chance to win a prestigious ECN Award and don’t forget that it’s FREE to enter! To enter, please visit awards-entries.

For general enquiries please contact Carly Wills at and for sponsorship enquiries please contact Kelly Byne at

ECN Awards,

At the ECN Awards, 20 awards will be up for grabs within the following categories: Products, Sustainable Products, Projects, Training and Companies.


• Wiring Accessories Product of the Year

• Cabling/Cable Management Product of the Year

• Circuit Protection Product of the Year

• Fire Safety Product of the Year

• HVAC product of the Year

• Lighting Product of the Year

• Security Product of the Year

• Tools/Testing Product of the Year

Sustainable Products

• Electric Vehicle Charging Product of the Year

• Power (including PV/Solar) Product of the Year

• Smart Buildings/Sustainability Product of the Year


• Best Sustainable Project of the Year

• Best Overall Project of the Year


• Training Provider/Initiative of the Year

• Apprentice of the Year


• Manufacturer of the Year

• Independent Wholesaler/Distributor of the Year

• Chain Wholesaler/Distributor of the Year (three stores or more)

• Contractor of the Year (turnover under £5m)

• Contractor of the Year (turnover over £5m)



There are 20 awards up for grabs, covering all areas of the electrical contracting industry



• Wiring Accessories Product of the Year

• Cabling/Cable Management Product of the Year

• Circuit Protection Product of the Year

• Fire Safety Product of the Year

• HVAC product of the Year

• Lighting Product of the Year

• Security Product of the Year

• Tools/Testing Product of the Year

Sustainable Products

• Electric Vehicle Charging Product of the Year

• Power (including PV/Solar) Product of the Year

• Smart Buildings/Sustainability Product of the Year


• Best Sustainable Project of the Year

• Best Overall Project of the Year


• Training Provider/Initiative of the Year

• Apprentice of the Year Companies

• Manufacturer of the Year

• Independent Wholesaler/Distributor of the Year

• Chain Wholesaler/Distributor of the Year (three stores or more)

• Contractor of the Year (turnover over £5m)

• Contractor of the Year (turnover under £5m)

Heart of England Conference and Events Centre, Coventry 30 November 2023


Grid is now available in the Evolve decorative wiring accessories range.

Build your own modular configurations in eight of the latest colours and finishes:

• Easy installation through the cantilever module to frame design

• Allows flexibility in installation due to the interchangeable rockers

• A modern, sleek finish with no visible plastic around the switches

• Complements any modern interior with a slim, stylish, screwless profile

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