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SCOLMORE Powering up for summer in the garden

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Giving back to the industry with charity partnership

Taking the lead in environmental responsibility

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Metal Clad Range - Wiring Accessories      

Robust steel construction Front plate fits flush to back box Surface and flush mounting options Neon Power-on indicator option Metal back box supplied as standard 1 Year Warranty


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ello and welcome to the second supplement of 2021 – this time focusing on Wiring Accessories, Switches and Sockets. Earlier this year, laws came into force for all existing tenancies in England, forcing private landlords to provide documentation that their property is electrically safe. The new laws require landlords of privately rented properties to have an inspection of the electrical installations undertaken every five years to determine that they are safe. The inspection, known as an EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report will highlight any urgent work needed to ensure the property is safe. Landlords that fail to comply or have necessary repairs undertaken could face fines of up to £30,000. The EICR aims to ultimately improve electrical safety across all UK homes. This comes as a response to the rising number of electrical fires in the UK. According to data from the Home Office, over 53% of UK house fires were the result of electrical faults in 2019, as the nation’s fire and rescue service reported over 19,000 domestic house fires were caused by electrical issues alone. This supplement brings you the latest from the sector from leading companies Scolmore, ML Accessories, Hager, Niglon, Hamilton Litestat and Marshall-Tufflex. The next ECN supplement will be published alongside the August issue, and this one is dedicated to Skills – Regulation, Legislation & Training. To get involved please email

Parry, Group Marketing Director, Scolmore Group, looks at 4 Marie how professional installers cam help householders to bring power


The editor and publishers do not necessarily agree with the views expressed by contributors nor do they accept responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the subject matter in this publication. In all matters the editor’s decision is final. Editorial contributions to ECN are welcomed, and the editor reserves the right to alter or abridge text prior to the publication. Published monthly by All Things Media Ltd., Suite 14, 6-8 Revenge Road, Lordswood, Kent ME5 8UD. Tel: 01634 673163 Fax: 01634 673173 Overseas Subscription Rates: Europe £60.00; Rest of World £70.00 Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved. Printed by Micropress, Reydon Business Park Fountain Way, Reydon, Southwold, IP18 6SZ.

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to the outdoors to create a safer, brighter and more welcoming recreational space. humble bathroom often gets overlooked when the time comes 8 toThe‘freshen up’ the house but, with so many innovative and decorative lighting and wiring accessories on offer, there’s no excuse for this, says Grant Cadger, Product Marketing Manager, Knightsbridge Sollysta wiring accessory ranges provide solutions for a 12 Hager’s variety of needs. They include many features that ease installation for the installer, including Hager’s Part M compliant wiring accessories. is giving back to the industry with a new 14 Niglon charity partnership. Hamilton empowers installers and their customers with new 15 product configurator. Chamberlain, Commercial Director at Marshall-Tufflex considers 18 Jon the need for change and outlines the steps the company has taken in the last year to improve its own sustainable practices.

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Wiring Accessories

June 2021  |  3

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POWERING UP FOR SUMMER IN THE GARDEN According to a recent survey, 83% of Brits are planning home and garden improvements as the country leaves lockdowns behind and looks forward to a more sociable summer. Marie Parry, Group Marketing Director, Scolmore Group, looks at how professional installers can help householders to bring power to the outdoors to create a safer, brighter and more welcoming recreational space.


fter 12 months of restrictions, we are once more able to welcome people into our homes and gardens and new research carried out by Checkatrade has found that a huge 83% of homeowners are planning a home and garden refresh over the next 12 months. The findings showed that the top renovations UK homeowners are planning to make are redecorating a living room, bedroom or bathroom (30%), followed by a garden revamp (23%). Many gardens have already been transformed as the UK has adapted to a new way of working and living, or people have found themselves with time on their hands to tackle a variety of outstanding projects. Sheds and summer houses

4 | June 2021

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Wiring Accessories

have been repurposed as offices, outdoor bars have been built and decking and gazebos installed and furnished to extend the living space. Whatever garden project is being planned, the advice is always to make sure a reputable professional is engaged to ensure that any work is carried out safely and meets all the required regulations. This is where professional electricians come into their own, with the necessary skills and knowledge to advise their customers on how best to bring power to the outdoors and to upgrade or improve existing lighting installations. Across the Scolmore Group there is an array of products that installers can call on to provide power, lighting and security protection to enhance their customers’ outdoor spaces.

You’ve got the power Power can be brought safely to sheds, office spaces, heating and hot tubs, with the Aquip66 range of IP66 rated, easy-to-install 10A and 20A weatherproof outdoor switches and sockets. The IP66-rated weatherproof socket and switch enclosures offer users a single fix installation – with the whole of the back box fixing to the wall to accommodate the socket or modules. Multiple knock-outs on each side (20mm) allow for entry from all angles, and a flexible rubber base with rear entry gasket provides extra weatherproof protection, as well as allowing for mounting on most types of uneven surfaces. The range includes one and two gang waterproof switch enclosures that utilise MiniGrid single width switch modules which are rated at 10A, as well as one



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and two gang switches that utilise the GridPro range of modules and offer 20A switching options. The one and two gang 13A switched power socket outlets are available with standard covers and also come supplied with a semi-transparent lid and socket outlet with neon. In a recent addition, a new 13A switched fused connection unit has been introduced to the range in response to feedback from contractors. This is available with a semi-transparent cover with neon power indicator, as well as with a standard cover.

Smart control outdoors With power brought to the outdoor spaces, Scolmore’s Click Smart+ range will allow remote control of any electrical elements outside – switching on lighting, controlling an outdoor appliance or sprinklers, or the ability to switch off power for security. The Click Smart+ range has been created to simplify and streamline connected home products – lighting controls, smart sockets, security cameras and sensors. It utilises Zigbee technology – one of the most widely adopted smart home communication protocols. Zigbee certified devices require the Click Smart+ Hub and

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communicate with each other using a mesh network. This creates multiple pathways for the connection of multiple smart home devices without compromising signal and communication range.

Let there be light When it comes to lighting solutions for the garden, it is worth considering the main functions that are required. These could include accessibility, highlighting of particular areas of the garden, security and aesthetics. Ovia’s Pathfinder LED floodlights are an ideal way to provide ambient lighting around the garden – lighting up walkways and driveways, as well as highlighting architectural features when used as an up-lighter. The range offers 40 options from 10W to 300W, with fittings up to 50W available in both black and white finishes, and they come in a choice of warm white or cool white colour temperatures. The standard range can be used with remote sensors PIRs (indoor and outdoor) or Microwave sensors (indoor only) as well as with the Click Smart+ control system. Not all lighting needs to be strictly functional and Ovia’s Inceptor Intense LED strips allows you to add some striking detail to highlight a particular area in the garden, for example around the counter of the newly installed bar facility. Inceptor Intense is a range of 24V LED strips, available in cool white, warm white and RGBW. They come in four pre-cut lengths – 0.5m, 1m, 2m and 5m – and use a plug and play system, making installation quick and easy. With a variety of strips, connectors, and drivers available in the range, installers have the flexibility for complete customisation. There is a simple LED Tape Configurator on the Scolmore Group app which allows you to create the perfect LED strip setup with an easy step-by-step guide.


Smart security lighting For many, the main function for lighting in the garden will be as a security measure and ESP’s GuardCam Deco offers a solution that is both functional and stylish. Available in a silver or black finish, GuardCam Deco is a combined WiFi security camera and LED floodlight system, which has been designed with ease of set up as a key feature. It has a built-in camera that offers full 1080p HD live viewing and recording, and it has the option for remote monitoring via smartphone or tablet, using ESP’s specially developed GuardCam Deco app. It features an adjustable 16W high-intensity LED security lamp (3000k colour light and 800 lumen) and you can remotely dim or turn on/off the LED lamp via the app. It will record up to 200, 20-second video sessions onto the supplied 8GB storage, and this is expandable up to 64GB. With power and lighting in the garden all under control, full advantage of its benefits can be taken not just on the longer days and warmer evenings of summer, but all year round.  Scolmore Group,


Wiring Accessories

June 2021 | 5

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WITH SCOLMORE Scolmore Group offers a fully comprehensive range of products suitable for any job

A Smarter Home with Click Smart+

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Inceptor Intense LED Tape by OVIA

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Inceptor Evo Bulkhead by OVIA

GuardCam Deco WI-FI Security Camera LED Light System by ESP

Aquip IP66 Outdoor Sockets by CLICK

Click Smart+ works with: works with

Hey Google

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ADD VALUE TO BATHROOM DESIGN The humble bathroom often gets overlooked when the time comes to ‘freshen up’ the house but, with so many innovative and decorative lighting and wiring accessories on offer, there’s no excuse for this, says Grant Cadger, Product Marketing Manager, Knightsbridge.


any people have spent their time in lockdown watching programmes like The Great Interior Design Challenge and Your Home Made Perfect and now they want to spend the money they’ve saved during lockdown trying out some of these ideas. The new motto is ‘Don’t move, just improve’. And the bathroom is one of the most popular projects, making it an ideal opportunity to upsell and introduce the client to innovative accessories that can boost the bottom line. Knightsbridge will help you do that with an outstanding range of smart, practical products that are simply ‘fit and forget’. They come with guarantees and a pedigree of innovation that has taken the company to a leading position in the UK market.

8  |  June 2021

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Wiring Accessories

Changing tastes and technology have played a role in transforming the appearance and functionality of bathrooms. USB ports are now commonplace and accessories such as shaver sockets don’t necessarily have to be made from white plastic, as the Knightsbridge range of shaver sockets shows. More than 30 different types of shaver socket are available on the Knightsbridge website, offering a massive choice of colours, finishes and fixings, to suit every style of bath and washroom. To name just a few that are on offer, metal decorative sockets can be screwless, flat plate, square edge or rounded edge and finished in a huge array of colours; brushed/ polished chrome, brushed/polished brass, matt black and matt white, to name just a few. These can be matched to other wiring accessories, such as two-way plate switches and fan isolator switches.

Suite ideas This is just one way in which Knightsbridge is reflecting these increasingly sophisticated customer tastes with a constantly evolving range of products. It has developed a comprehensive suite of accessories for the bathroom that is both decorative and functional, from black pull cord switches and black bezels for its RW6 downlights, right the way through to LED bulkheads and LED Flex. Each of its product ranges features stylish design and offers functions that will simplify the consumers’ lives, as a series of new products demonstrates. Its latest LED mirror range (product code: ML) will brighten any modern space as it offers rectangular or circular mirrors illuminated with either surrounding LED borders or backlit. A light, full size demister pad and an on/off motion sensor



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are standard, and the top of the range models are fitted with a dual voltage 115V/230V shaver socket outlet, with independent switch control and a full size built-in anti-fog demister pad. Similarly, the SL6USB LED Shaver Light is designed with elegant curves to complement modern bathroom design and available in three finishes: chrome, white and matt black (SL6USBC, SL6USBW and SL6USBMB). It has a concealed dual USB charger as well as the integral dual voltage shaver socket. Constructed from robust polycarbonate, this 230V 6W shaver light is easy to clean and produces a warm white light.

One for the fans Modern design has reached the extractor fan with Knightsbridge’s range of four LED backlit models, which are quiet – just 35dB at 3m – and need no earth because they are double-insulated. When the fans are activated, the LED backlighting comes on and they extract 90m3/hour for between two to 30 minutes, according to the setting of their adjustable built-in over-run timer. Suitable for either walls or ceilings the four models – EX003T, EX004T, EX005T and EX006T – suit any décor as they come in white, black/stainless steel, black and grey respectively.

Knightsbridge designs its products to be eminently practical and, as IP65 is generally accepted as ‘waterproof’ in this context, several series of its downlighters provide this standard of Ingress Protection (IP) in a contemporary design. Downlighters such as the RW6, the CFR5, the VFRIC8 and the RDSH are all robust, dimmable and feature loop in/loop out push-fit terminals for swift installation. Most offer a wide choice of bezel such as chrome, brushed chrome and brushed steel to match the decor.

Light choice Mood lighting can be added using products from the Knightsbridge range of IP68 LED flex, such as the RGBW LED Flex, as this offers a wide range of colour changing modes when used with a remote and control unit. For clients that prefer wall lighting, there are a number of options. The BWLED series of 8W and 15W mirror/wall lights, are constructed from aluminium and polycarbonate, with a chrome finish, and either mounted directly to the wall or on a fitting so that they project into the room. Intended to illuminate a mirror, basins or (in some cases) a painting, these wall lights are energy efficient, distribute light evenly and meet IP44. The CWL1 and CWL2 are stylish single and twin LED 3W chrome wall lights that are also graded IP44 and provide a warm white light of 365lm.

switches on as the last setting. The mirror of the VML magnifies the user’s face by three while it is lit by the frosted edge diffuser and the whole, wall-mounted unit is finished in polished chrome, adding class to any bathroom. Frequently it is the little touches that impress – the finishes of the various switches and pull cords – so Knightsbridge offers a range of finishes for these. Its fan isolator switches, both standard and for its own grid module, can be finished in polished chrome, brushed chrome, white, matt white and matt black. The pull cord switches are offered in polished chrome, metal matt black, brushed chrome, black nickel, antique brass, white and matt white – with matching pull cords. With such a wide range of products, designs and finishes to choose from you can transform any bathroom, making it both stylish and functional – and providing you with an opportunity to ‘upsell’, offering lighting and wiring accessories that add value.  Knightsbridge,

Mirror images The LED mirror is now a staple feature of most bathrooms and Knightsbridge offers three alternatives to the new ML series: the RCTM2LED, a rectangular mirror with a dual voltage shaver socket; the RCTRGB, an edge-lit mirror; and the VML1 vanity mirror light. The RCTRGB is fitted with an RGB remote control to change colour of the edge light to red, green, blue or warm white as required, while its memory function ensures that it

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Wiring Accessories

June 2021  |  9

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sories Ltd


sories Ltd

HUGE TIME SAVINGS Eliminates the need for over-door fan isolator switches

sories Ltd

sories Ltd

TECHNICAL DETAILS • Product code: GDM020XX (switch) GDM021XX (key switch) • 10A rated • Triple Pole

• For fans requiring a fuse, use a GDM011XX fuse holder alongside the fan isolator switch options • Uses just a single grid position

OPTIONS FIT FOR DOMESTIC OR COMMERCIAL USE Switch and key switch modules available in a variety of finishes

• Engraved text • Quick install: easy clip-in system Untitled-3 3


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AFFORDABLE WIRELESS LIGHT SWITCHES HALVE INSTALLATION COST Kozee battery-free switches can be used by anyone – and integrated into a smart home installation.


new range of patent pending, affordable wireless and battery-free light switches offering half the installed cost of a standard wired switch has been launched by Kozee, a new entrant to the electric wiring accessories market. The UK manufactured switches from Kozee provide a simple and quick to install solution for controlling the lighting in a single room, but have the connectivity required to be a stepping stone to home automation with Alexa and Google Home. Kozee is offering the switches to installers through Tesla UK and Tech 4 Homes as a basic switch-transmitter pair. The installer simply connects the receiver to the ceiling rose and sticks the switch in a convenient location to complete the installation – no further set up is required. There is no need to damage the surface finish of the wall by gouging out cable routes. Kozee switches can be placed wherever they are needed – on the wall, on furniture or on a table, and moved at will to a new location. They can control individual luminaires, groups of luminaires, or all luminaires in a network or scene. The Wi-Fi version of the receiver can be paired with an Alexa or Google Home control device if desired. It is supported by a free Kozee app, allowing customers to turn their lights on and off from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Ian Brown, Sales and Marketing Director of Kozee, explains that, “The guiding principle for our design was that Kozee switches should be simple enough for my mother to use – a vision that we have fully achieved. At the same time, we recognised the needs of advanced users and the Wi-Fi version can be integrated with popular smart home technologies.” He continues, “Kozee switches are a win-win for installers and homeowners alike. Installers adopting Kozee achieve a substantial competitive advantage over those staying with wired switch technology. They will deliver a much neater and quicker job, potentially combining lower cost to the customer with higher margins due to the rapid install. Homeowners are offered flexibility, controllability and most of all they aren’t faced with redecorating the room following the installation or the need to worry about replacing batteries.”

Kozee.indd 12

Kozee accessories

Kozee switches Kozee wireless, battery free light switches are an ideal, neat and cost-effective solution for retro-fit and new build installations alike. They are supplied paired with a receiver which a qualified electrician can wire discreetly into any household LED light system. It is offered in a Bluetooth only (BT-KT07) or a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi version (BT-KT08). Bluetooth alone is sufficient where customers only require

Kozee also offers a range of sensors which are compatible with its receivers and its app. These include water sensors that can be placed under any appliance or pipe to provide an early indication of leaks. There is also a ceiling-mounted PIR sensor for movement detection and a multi-sensor that measures temperature, humidity, illumination and acceleration/ orientation.

How Kozee switches work Kozee switches are based on EnOcean energy harvesting technology. The action of pressing the switch creates sufficient energy for a control pulse to be sent via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to the paired receiver, actuating the lights. The PIR and multi-sensor are powered by the ambient light in the environment, but can operate autonomously without light for up to four days. The water sensor is the only Kozee product that is powered by a battery allowing it to be installed in locations with little or no available light. The battery on this sensor has a long life of approximately one to three years.

Kozee switches can be placed wherever they are needed and moved at will to a new location

12  |  June 2021

light switching control. Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi together allows the switch to communicate with Alexa and Google and also provides customers with access to their lighting when away from the home. The Wi-Fi version of the receiver also acts as a hub for the entire Kozee Smart Home range, providing safety monitoring and control of the home environment. The switch can be moved by the homeowner at any time, without any safety risk. Each receiver can control up to 120W of lighting and has two separately switchable channels. Multiple switches can be paired with the same receiver to allow lighting to be controlled from different locations within the room. Kozee currently offers the switch as a single-gang version (BT-UK01).   A two-gang version of the UK switch is currently in development as well as a pluggable receiver and a 6-channel receiver.


Wiring Accessories



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SOLLYSTA WIRING ACCESSORIES FOR THE EDUCATION SECTOR Hager’s Sollysta wiring accessory ranges provide solutions for a variety of needs. They also include many features that ease installation for the installer, including Hager’s Part M compliant wiring accessories.


host of beneficial features aimed to save time on site and ensure ease of installation are included in the range. As a hallmark feature of Hager’s Sollysta range, terminals are designed to face in the same direction with lead-ins for wiring. Furthermore, backed out screws are held captive to prevent loss, while wire end stops and clear identification all help make the wiring and cabling much easier. One of the essential requirements of the BS 7671 Wiring Regulations is to provide basic protection against electric shock. Sollysta sockets have a unique patented shutter system that enhances safety by making it difficult to defeat the mechanism. Approved Document M provides information about the ease of access to, and use of buildings, including facilities

for disabled visitors or occupants, and the ability to move through a building easily, including to toilets and bathrooms. As far back as April 2001, maintained schools ceased to have exemption from the Building Regulations, and it is now widely understood that wiring accessories have their part to play in aiding compliance with Part M. Hager’s Sollysta wiring accessories offer a comprehensive range of Part M compliant products, such as socket outlets with outboard rockers and switches with wide rockers for ease of use. All are supplied with stylish grey face plates made from urea which has inherent anti-microbial properties and white rockers for ease of visual recognition. Extensions to the range, to ensure a consistent aesthetic, include a range of fused spur units and a single gang

plate 50A switch for use with cookers in domestic science teaching areas. The range also features a twin socket with twin Type A USB ports, with device recognition for fast charging of portable devices. Most recently, Hager has worked alongside ORBS Electrical with main builder, Morgan Sindall Construction to specify Hager’s grey and white Part M offer throughout Kings Heath Boys School in Birmingham. Being a key framework supplier for Morgan Sindall, Hager has had the opportunity to work with the company on several educational projects. “This is one of many midland based educational projects that we have secured with our range of Sollysta Part M accessories this year,” says Paul Bennett, Project Sales Manager for the Midlands.  Hager,

Technical support, when you need it. We’ve expanded our technical support offer to include WhatsApp messenger. You can now get support and advice from Hager technical experts easier than ever before. Simply send us a message & even include photos or videos of your job and get replies back in real-time. Monday to Friday, 9 to 5.

07778 161 000


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NIGLON’S GIVING BACK TO THE INDUSTRY WITH CHARITY PARTNERSHIP A charity supporting individuals through bereavement, redundancy and illness is set to benefit from a new partnership with Niglon.


Median three-gang switch

he team has announced its support for the electrical industry’s dedicated charity, which helps individuals and families in need – including those sadly struggling due to the long-term impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. In order to give something back to its peers who are going through difficult times, Niglon will be giving 10% of the net profits plus VAT from every single sale of every product in its Median wiring accessories range to the Electrical Industries Charity, as of 1 June 2021. Paul Dawson, Niglon’s Commercial Director, explains why the company was moved to act: “In 1989, I started my first job in the industry, as an apprentice electrician. I fell in love with the industry and here I am, some 32 years later. Many of us at Niglon have similar stories, and we all want to do whatever we can to support the industry and boost those working within it. “Through the years there have been ups and downs, but there has never been anything quite like the coronavirus pandemic. And while infection rates might be declining and the world slowly opening back up, we know it will take a lot longer for the individuals impacted to recover. “We have all seen the toll it’s taken on companies – both big and small – and individual people and families too. There have been so many challenges, whether we’re thinking about prolonged isolation from family and friends, the symptoms of COVID and Long COVID, or the worries resulting from economic uncertainty. “All of us within the industry have worked hard to keep it going, and at Niglon we felt we couldn’t stand by and watch

The EIC offers support to anyone within the electrical, electronics and energy industries

14  |  June 2021

Niglon.indd 14

Wiring Accessories

The EIC’s EAP programmes

people struggling – whether the burdens they were carrying were grief, illness or financial worries. That’s why we fully support the incredible working undertaken by the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC). “And that’s why we couldn’t be prouder to be launching our partnership with them this month, and I very much intend for this to be a long-term arrangement which will benefit those in need within the industry.”

About the EIC The EIC has been running for more than 100 years and offers support to anyone within the electrical, electronics and energy industries who is experiencing family or relationship problems, financial or legal worries, emotional or mental health problems, or ill health/disability. Its non-means-tested services are wide-ranging and include general family-law legal advice, counselling, bereavement support, CV support following redundancy or job loss, and clinical occupational therapy to help those who’ve had a serious mental health absence return to work. The charity also has a range of   means-tested services such as   holistic-based intervention, financial assistance and grants, debt advice, and an apprentice bursary scheme. Visit to find out more, or those wanting to access the

charity’s assistance can get in touch by emailing or calling 0800 652 1618.

About Niglon Niglon’s roots can be traced back to the 1940s when Stanley Douglas Hinley began working as a manufacturer’s agent, later joined by his son John who travelled the country (often sleeping in his car) as the company’s only salesman. The Niglon name was adopted in 1966, and the company has now had four generations of Hinleys working for the company – the current MD Simon joined in 1978, followed some years later in 2016 by his sons Oliver and Jake. There are now more than 4,000 products used and loved by contractors up and down the UK. Included within Niglon’s offering are 10 wiring accessories ranges, including the latest to be brought to market: Median. It’s already used and loved by installers in a variety of settings, having been designed to complement all interiors with its sleek look and soft curved edges. And choosing Median is even better now, knowing 10% of the profits are going to such a worthy cause. Visit for more information about the company and   its ranges.  Niglon,



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• Decorative Wiring Accessories • Smart Lighting Control & Wireless Audio

Hartland G2


Hartland CFX®

Sheer CFX®

NO PAIN, ALL GAIN! Hamilton empowers installers and their customers with new product configurator.


elping a customer find the right decorative wiring accessories for their commercial or residential installation project is extremely rewarding and can generate lucrative upsell opportunities. These finishing touches can really elevate a project, giving it a polished, high-end feel that results in an incredibly happy customer and the possibility of repeat business. However, traditionally it can be a long and laborious process of trawling supplier sites and time-consuming liaison with supplier sales teams to agree products and specifications. “The new Hamilton visual product configurator has been designed to put more power in the hands of the installer, enabling them to create and view product solutions online in just a few clicks,” explains Gavin Williams, Hamilton’s Sales and Marketing Director. “It’s a simple and intuitive tool that allows installers – or their customers – to select their preferred design, finish and functionality requirement. The configurator provides a visual of the solution, along with all the technical product information needed at the click of a button. With this tool we aim to give more power and control over the process, making it quicker and as painless as possible.”

Simple and intuitive The configurator allows visitors to view Hamilton’s vast range of designer wiring accessory collections, which include traditional and contemporary designs. Once one is selected, such as the popular Hartland design, the functionality can be chosen. Should USB power sockets be selected, it’s at this point that the plate finish, insert type, trim colour, insert colour, rating and number of gangs can be viewed and selected, with the product configurator providing a visual representation of the selection made. Once complete, the configurator automatically generates a bespoke product technical datasheet, which can be downloaded with the click of a button. To ensure the client is happy, the datasheet features a visual representation of the product for a quick and simple sign-off procedure. Multiple datasheets can be saved to a ‘Favourites’ folder, with the appropriate datasheet available to download once a final decision is made.

Future-proof Euro Modules



Combined USB-A and USB-C Sockets.

Leading the charge today…and tomorrow! From legacy Type-A to the newest Type-C devices and beyond, you’ll never be lost for charge with Hamilton’s range of combined USB Power Sockets. Available as: USB Double Pole Switched Sockets (2.4A USB-A / 2.4A USB-C)

• Four plate designs and twelve finishes including Matt Black/Matt White Euro Module 45W Type C /18W Type A

• Fourteen plate designs and up to twelve finishes • Insert Modules available in Black and White • Ideal for power-thirsty devices Scan for more information on Type A/Type C USB Sockets.

ETIM as standard For global consistency of product information, Hamilton’s product information and datasheets adhere to European Technical Information Model (ETIM) standards. This removes any ambiguity and makes it easier for all those working in the electricals industry and supply chain to specify products.

Hamilton.indd 15

+44 (0)1747 860088

Hamilton Litestat,

Wiring Accessories

June 2021  |  15

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• Soft Curved Edge • Smooth positive switch action • Urea Plastic - Hard wearing, durable, elegant and smooth • Configurable switch plates • Installer friendly • Independently tested





t 0121 711 1990 | f 0121 711 1344 | Untitled-2 2

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1 0 % NETT PR *



The EIC has been running for more than 100 years and offers support to anyone within the electrical, electronics and energy industries.

DID YOU KNOW? One in six workers are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression

* For all products sold under the brand name of Median a donation of 10% of the nett profit (plus VAT) will go to the Charity.

Connect with us on:

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TAKING THE LEAD IN ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY British based cable management manufacturer, Marshall-Tufflex has called upon the industry to become more environmentally conscious by installing PVC-U trunking with a minimum of 50% recycled plastic. Here, Jon Chamberlain, Commercial Director at Marshall-Tufflex considers the need for change and outlines the steps the company has taken in the last year to improve its own sustainable practices.

The impact of the construction industry

For over 25 years, Marshall-Tufflex has been using recycled materials in its manufacturing

The latest figures from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs revealed that the construction, demolition and excavation industry is responsible for roughly 60% of waste. In the UK, around 120 million tonnes of waste is produced from the construction industry, with around 25 million tonnes ending up in landfill. As landfill sites continue to fill up, the waste capacity will shrink, creating a waste crisis. Moreover, with the latest law to reduce carbon emissions by 78% by 2035 in accordance with the Paris Agreement, it is likely not long before the construction industry is called on to introduce further measures to reduce its impact.

Recycling in practice For over 75 years, Marshall-Tufflex has delivered high quality cable management systems to customers in every sector, and for over 25 years the company has been using recycled materials in its manufacturing. Drawing on its legacy in cable management and striving for new

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innovative manufacturing techniques, the company has developed an industry-leading   processing method to recycle waste PVC-U windows into high quality cable management solutions. In 2020, PVC-U cable management products from Marshall-Tufflex were manufactured using 74% recycled material. Impressively, all-white conduit, mini and maxi trunking lengths from Marshall-Tufflex  are currently manufactured using 100% recycled material. Thanks to the company’s ongoing recycling commitment, PVC-U is re-used to manufacture its trunking and conduit products. This milestone is a significant achievement for the company as part of its mission to drive positive change in the industry.

Superior quality in recycled materials Contrary to what many in the industry may believe, products made from recycled plastic do not fall short on quality or appearance. Marshall-Tufflex implements a rigorous quality testing regime to ensure it manufactures safe, innovative products that meet all quality expectations and standards. For example, samples are taken from the production line every 10 to 20 minutes to check for consistency in colour and surface finish. Better still, in comparison to trunking from virgin materials, cable management products made from recycled PVC-U windows are more durable. This is due to the robust material properties of the waste PVC-U windows that were originally manufactured to withstand extreme weather conditions. This also helps to improve carbon emissions. For example, research from the University of Manchester found that a PVC-U window manufactured using recycled content has up to 20 times less embodied carbon than those manufactured from virgin plastic.

Changes for the industry Not only is Marshall-Tufflex improving its own environmental impact, but it is also dedicated to improving the environmental impact of the construction sector as a whole, in particular, the cable management industry. By 2028 it is the vision of Marshall-Tufflex that all PVC-U cable management products are manufactured using a minimum of 50% recycled material. By encouraging specifiers and contractors to increase their use of products made from recycled materials, it is anticipated that recycling initiatives will become an industry norm. The next seven years between now and 2028 are vital for inspiring change in sustainable regulations in the construction industry. Industry standards need to improve to encourage a circular economy and reduce our impact on the environment for future generations. By supplying products made from recycled materials that are equal to, and in many cases superior to products made from virgin materials, Marshall-Tufflex hopes to encourage other manufacturers to increase their recycled content in products.  Marshall-Tufflex,



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Hannah, Marshall-Tufflex’s resident runner is proud of our environmental commitment. Everyone knows that our PVC-U cable management products are high quality and competitively priced. But we’d bet you didn’t know that they’re produced using 74% recycled content, with material from windows otherwise destined for landfill. We are proud to say that our PVC-U products are Reassuringly Recycled.


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Wiring Accessories


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• Soft Curved Edge • Smooth positive switch action • Urea Plastic - Hard wearing, durable, elegant and smooth • Configurable switch plates • Installer friendly * For all products sold under the brand name of Median a donation of 10% of the nett profit (plus VAT) will go to the Charity.

• Screwless faceplate • Integrated edge to edge gasket • In-line terminals • Refined LED’s

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