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The revolutionary new junction box for lighting

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BECOME AN EVIE APPROVED INSTALLER! An abundance of opportunities are on offer to EVIE Approved Installers, including a feature on our website ( and EVIE maintenance contracts. Please contact to find out about how you can become EVIE approved. Turn to page 14 for more from Moss Electrical

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VOLUME 41 NO. 10 • OCTOBER 2021

SPECIAL FEATURES: Circuit Protection & Switchgear The kind of boom you want: why circuit 30 protection devices are flying off the shelves

6 Editorial The connectivity side of EV charging

32 Olson Electronics supplies PDU to Wire Broadcast

8 Industry News 112,000 UK trade businesses set up since the first lockdown; Power company warns of DIY dangers; Winners announced at JTL National Apprentice Awards; and more

14 Cover Story

commercial SPD boards support 34 ‘Ready-to-go’ need for best practice surge protection installation

38 Evolution of the consumer unit

Moss conquers supply chain issues

16 Advertisement Feature

EV Charging

100% energy efficient heating

17 Contract News Hamilton supplies modern electrical solutions for luxury development; Creating the smartest university campus in the world; JS Wright secures £6m-plus contract for Soho Wharf; and more

20 Training Technique Learning Solutions offers new electrical courses; LCC UHI launches new course in electric vehicle installations

44 Charge ahead with the EV opportunity and CEF and the growing opportunity for 46 Electrification installers to ensure electric car revolution unlocks 48 Ofgem full benefits for customers

ECN takes a look at the latest EV charger 50 installation projects

22 Project Focus Wieland makes a quick connection at Project Hana

24 Advertisement Feature

Smart Lighting & Lighting Control

Outdoor enclosures – the unsung heroes

26 Key Issue The risks of non-direct employment cannot be ignored

54 Thinking smarter is the way forward famous university takes control of its 56 World light with state-of-the-art DALI solution

28 Interview Carly Wills talks to Brett Smyth, General Manager of IDEAL Industries, about his role at the company and plans for the future

42 Company Profile Sangamo – proudly manufacturing in the UK for 100 years

58 Spotlight on DALI 60 Smart lighting – considerations for contractors 62 Don’t restrict yourself to lighting

52 Competition Win a £250 multi-store voucher, courtesy of Unicrimp

77 Company Showcase Sponsored content from across the sector

64 Lighting the offices of the future street lighting offer the business case for 68 Does future smart city development?

70 LED lighting – a revelation


optimises lighting for one of the biggest 74 Veolia Acute hospital trusts Group completes over 70 LED lighting 75 Energys projects as part of PSDS scheme to upgrade lighting as part of a 76 Tipperary €5.7m project


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Cable & Cable Management



ello and welcome to the October issue of ECN. Last month, IoT solutions provider, KORE, announced that Car Charged UK – an EV charging station company with access to 65,000 charging points – selected KORE as its IoT partner-of-choice. When we discuss electric vehicle charging, it is normally with regards to the physical connection involved – we rarely talk about one of the most significant technical challenges, which is reliable connectivity for charging stations. KORE says that in dense, urban areas it is difficult for cellular signals to penetrate the places where electric vehicle owners are parking and charging their cars. “The wireless race is on in the electric vehicle industry,” says KORE President and CEO, Romil Bahl. “The promise of electric vehicles is strong, but it’s still messy to make the vision a reality, especially in major cities. IoT is playing a critical role in building out the infrastructure that can speed up more electrical vehicles rolling on the road.” KORE says that a quality cellular signal is critical to electric vehicle charging stations

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Energy Management

because that is how data is read, captured, and transported back to electric vehicle charging companies. Data being thrown off the charging stations is used for customer support, billing, and predictive maintenance of the charging units. The company says that wireless communications are critical for the future of the electric vehicle car sector. In this month’s EV Charging feature we hear from leading companies CEF and myenergi, and we also bring you a round up of the latest EV charging projects. This issue also features Circuit Protection & Switchgear, with Niglon explaining why circuit protection devices are flying off the shelves; Olson Electronics writes on its contract to supply PDU to Wire Broadcast; and Scolmore looks at the evolution of the consumer unit. And our bumper Smart Lighting & Lighting Control feature brings you up to speed on the latest from the sector. This month’s competition gives you the chance to win a £250 multi-store voucher, courtesy of Unicrimp, so don’t forget to enter – either online, by email or post! See you next month!

Fire, Safety & Security

Carly Wills, Editor

Special Supplement: Lighting

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INDUSTRY NEWS 112,000 UK TRADE BUSINESSES SET UP SINCE THE FIRST LOCKDOWN Since the first coronavirus lockdown was announced on 23 March 2020, over 112,000 trade businesses have been set up in the UK, new research has revealed. The study, conducted by IronmongeryDirect analysed over one million rows of Companies House data and found that more than one in 10 (11%) of all businesses set up during the pandemic (1,019,970) are in the trade industry. Of the 112,047 new companies in the sector, almost a fifth (19%) focus on the ‘development of building products’, with 20,753 start-ups – more than any other trade category. Similar projects also take up the next three spots, with ‘construction of domestic buildings’ and ‘commercial buildings’ both making the top five. Companies specialising in ‘electrical installation’ are not far behind, with 8,194 new businesses, while ‘plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation’ firms also feature highly. The 10 most common categories for trade businesses established since the first lockdown are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)

Development of building projects – 20,753 Construction of domestic buildings – 16,278 Other specialised construction activities – 9,395 Construction of commercial buildings – 8,763 Electrical installation – 8,194 Other building completion and finishing – 8,151 Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation – 7,299 Other construction installation – 6,146 Landscape service activities – 3,685 Painting – 3,090


‘SYSTEMIC CHANGE’ NEEDED IN LIGHTING INDUSTRY TO ADOPT CIRCULAR ECONOMY The lighting industry needs systemic change if it is to fully adopt circular principles and practices – that was the conclusion of a gathering of lighting designers and industry executives in a special webinar on ‘The specifier’s role in the circular economy’ organised by the WEEE compliance body, Recolight. Manufacturers will have to reassess their business models for a time when reuse of products is normalised; designers will have to reconcile the inherent conflicts in creating a high quality interior that’s demountable and reusable; and clients will have to challenge the traditional take-make-waste consumption of building and refurbishment projects. New business models – such as specialist ‘remanufacturing’ firms which upgrade, test, sell and warranty reused lighting products – will also be created. Bruce Weil, co-owner of the independent practice Lighting Design Studio said the retail lighting sector especially needed to reconsider its lighting practices. “It’s a real outlier,” he told the audience. “It’s wedded to extremely high illuminance levels and energy use and when we come to offset the carbon in our projects, it’s a real standout. As the climate crisis evolves, our role as lighting designers will potentially become even more critical but I think we are far from any kind of standardised approach.”

CONSTRUCTION RECEIVES FINANCIAL BOOST DURING PANDEMIC New analysis from Powered Now has revealed that the home improvement boom experienced during lockdown has seen sales for SMEs in construction during 2021 increase by 35%, compared to those in 2020. Figures from almost a quarter of a million invoices recorded by 915 trade SMEs has shown that the average invoice value in 2021 is 6% higher than those recorded in 2020, with sales for the first eight months of 2021 amounting to £111m, compared to the £82m recorded for the same period last year. What is particularly intriguing from the data is the continual increase of the average value for invoices throughout 2021. Originally prescribed to the national lockdowns witnessed in the spring of 2020 and winter of 2021, the explosion of home improvements have continued to become more valuable throughout the summer months. Usually a quieter period for the trades, the significance of this increase is further emphasised by the growth that has continued past ‘Freedom Day’, with the average value of an invoice amounting to £1,233, reaching total monthly sales of £15.1m, making August near the highest month for deal flow in 2021, second only to March. Powered Now,


8  |  October 2021

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EARLY WARNING SYSTEM TO BOOST ELECTRICITY NETWORK Pioneering technology has been installed for the first time in the UK to boost the reliability of power supplies at key sites across the South East and London. As part of a £435,000 innovation trial by UK Power Networks, engineers have fitted new ‘Smart Cable Guards’ at two sites – New Addington and East Grinstead – to detect and fix potential power cuts before they happen. It is the first time the devices have been installed on any UK electricity network. Working like a doctor’s stethoscope to track the network’s ‘pulse’, the box-like devices fit onto an underground power cable and the technology continuously monitors cables for tiny levels of electrical distortion, like an irregular heartbeat. The Smart Cable Guards are so sensitive that they can detect electrical disturbances lower than the power of a standard mobile phone charger on an industrial electricity cable that serves around 5,000 properties. When the device detects a disturbance, it alerts engineers exactly where on the cable a potential problem could occur, to within a few metres. Once a fault has been successfully identified, engineers can replace the cabling to protect the entire area from power cuts. With four sites completed, Smart Cable Guards will be installed at 18 more locations across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London as part of this trial. UK Power Networks,




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INDUSTRY NEWS UK CONSTRUCTION JOB VACANCIES CONTINUE TO REACH NEW RECORD LEVELS As the number of jobs available in the UK climbs to over one million for the first time since records began, the amount of vacancies in the construction sector has also reached its highest ever level, with 37,000 listings between June and August. This is an increase of 2,000 from May to July, which, at the time, was another record for the industry, showing a definite trend. Such high numbers of vacancies suggest that UK construction firms are feeling confident about their future and have sufficient work and finances to be able to increase their staff numbers. This is good news for unemployed construction workers, as the number of people out of work currently stands at 53,000. Hopefully   they will be able to take advantage of the vacancies and get back   into employment. They may consider turning self-employed, as the latest data suggests many workers in the sector are doing just that. There was a big jump between March and June, with 28,000 new self-employed construction workers, taking the UK total to 269,000, which is the highest in a year. This follows the general pattern in the industry, as the total number of employees in UK construction reached 518,000 in June, which is the highest since records began in 1978. IronmongeryDirect,

UNQUALIFIED ELECTRICIANS MUST BE REGULATED BEFORE THERE’S A TRAGEDY, SAYS SELECT People’s lives are being put at risk from electrical work carried out by unqualified or incompetent ‘electricians’ the managing director of Select has told national radio. Speaking on the Thomas Nagy Electrical Show on Fix Radio, Alan Wilson said that rogue tradespeople “pose dangers not only to themselves and people they might be working beside, but more importantly to the end user”. Lack of regulation currently means anyone can claim to be an electrician and carry out electrical work in Scotland – a situation which Select says puts people at risk of injury and death and has led to its ongoing campaign for the title ‘electrician’ to be protected. During his guest spot on the UK radio station for tradespeople, Alan also said that unqualified individuals practising as electricians were not a good look for an industry trying to attract new recruits. He also pointed out that are currently around 117 protected titles, all protected by law and whose professionals must be registered to use them. Select is seeking the introduction of protection of title for the profession of electrician alongside partner bodies, including The Scottish Joint Industry Board, Unite the Union and the Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust. Select,

POWER COMPANY WARNS OF DIY DANGERS UK Power Networks is urging homeowners planning DIY jobs in and around the home to stay safe and be aware of the dangers with the launch of a new campaign. The company wants to highlight the risk of coming into contact with power cables both inside and outside of the home. Figures from the past year show that 259 of 700 such incidents in the areas UK Power Networks serves occurred in the home (more than a third at 37%), with the majority in the summer to autumn period. Of these, half were in the East of England. Former Big Brother winner and DIY expert Craig Phillips is helping the Energy Networks Association spread the word on social media through a video filmed in Epping. Key advice for specific DIY tasks,   including outdoors:

WINNERS ANNOUNCED AT JTL NATIONAL APPRENTICE AWARDS JTL has named Nathan Pryce, Harrie Nixon-Jones and Oliver Parry as its winners in this year’s National Apprentice of the Year awards, which took place at The Victory Services Club in London on 2 September. Blackpool-based Nathan, who recently completed a successful apprenticeship at local firm JET Electrical, was named the overall winner of the JTL National Apprentice of the Year Award for 2021, while Chester-based Harrie and Southampton-based Oliver were named the national winners of the Mechanical Engineering Services (MES) and Electrical Engineering Maintenance awards respectively. After being crowned winners for their academic and practical progress at JTL’s Regional Awards earlier this year, Nathan, Harrie and Oliver went on to compete against seven other regional electrical and MES winners at JTL’s National Apprentice Awards ceremony. As part of the selection process, each finalist was invited to be interviewed via an online platform by JTL’s chief executive Jon Graham, as well as national delivery director Judi Wheeler. Once completed and reviewed, it was agreed that Nathan, Harrie, and Oliver should be named JTL’s national winners at its annual apprentice award ceremony.

•  Drilling: Always use a cable detector when drilling. Electricity cables can be hidden in walls and below floors •  Mowing the lawn: Always fit plugs with a Residual Current Device (RCD) to protect against electrocution. This safety device automatically switches off power when there is a fault •  Digging deep in the garden: When planting trees, removing tree stumps, or installing fence panels, be mindful of underground cables and the risk they pose •  Ladders: When doing outdoor jobs at height always look up and look out for overhead power cables, as contact could be fatal. UK Power Networks,


10  |  October 2021

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INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRY MUST ‘LEVEL UP’ 12,000 PEOPLE A YEAR TO MEET NET ZERO TARGETS A new report by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Green Jobs Task Force has revealed the extent of ‘levelling up’ required to meet the UK’s net zero carbon target by 2050. The ECA has said it broadly supports the measures outlined in the report to increase investment in renewable energy, electricity networks, smart technologies and retrofitting existing building stock. However, the ECA says it finds the recommendations in the report too focused on private sector support. The association believes the onus should be on government to support the ‘levelling-up’ of the industry’s workforce and the efficient and safe installation of low-to-no-carbon technologies. Luke Osborne, ECA’s Energy Solutions Advisor, says: “There is an enormous amount to accomplish in an   ever-shorter timeframe. We will need all hands on deck   to get at least 12,000 new workers properly trained every year for the next four years to meet estimated demand.   It is critical that, as an industry on the front line of the climate crisis, we get this right. “As well as more government-led funding, we must ensure the right training is accessible to everyone who wants to join the fight against the climate crisis, wherever they live in the UK. Access to high quality training and skills should not be a postcode lottery.” ECA,

TOOLSTATION ANNOUNCES NEW DISTRIBUTION CENTRE, CREATING 250 JOBS Toolstation has held a groundbreaking ceremony to announce it will open a new distribution centre in Northamptonshire to support the brand’s ongoing growth plans. The new facility will support the creation of around 250 jobs in the coming years. The site is set to open for operations in Q4 2022 and is based at Prologis Park, Pineham. The DC totals approximately 500,000ft2 and will allow Toolstation to serve more customers through its 500+ branches and digitally. The move supports the brand’s ongoing branch network expansion, with 60 new branches opening each year, together with the rapid growth of online and digital orders seen over the past 18 months. Toolstation,

MOVERS & SHAKERS… Select has appointed Bob Cairney as its new Director of Technical Services. Bob will take the reins from Dave Forrester, who is retiring from Select. He will oversee the development of technical and training services to Select members, reflecting the increasing reliance on electrical technology and the game-changing impact of renewable energy sources. Marshall-Tufflex has appointed Jean Dias as the company’s Operations Director. Bringing over 24 years of expertise to the position, Jean will play a key role in supporting the business for a sustainable future. With extensive experience in leading operations, projects, and employees in a manufacturing environment, and with solid knowledge of the plastics industry, Jean is well positioned to support the company’s commitments to recycling and dedication to product development.

EARNINGS FOR ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AT THEIR HIGHEST SINCE PANDEMIC The cost of hiring an electrical contractor climbed by 5.5% in August. The increase highlights the inflationary pressures in the construction industry supply chain. Latest payroll data from Hudson Contract shows average weekly earnings for self-employed electricians increased to £1,139 per week during August. Year on year, earnings rose by 5.07%. Ian Anfield, Managing Director, says: “Electrical contractors are enjoying their best earnings since February 2020, before the first coronavirus lockdown. Most construction companies are reporting full order books, driven by strong demand for new housing and renovation work. “The growth is creating challenges with labour and material shortages. Costs are rising on a daily basis, which is squeezing margins and making it difficult to price new projects, and shortages are causing delays in existing projects.”

British Cables Company (BCC) has announced two senior staff appointments following the recent retirement of Commercial Director, Paul Farrell. Former BCC Key Account Manager, Nick Bowman, has been appointed to the role of UK Sales Director, and new recruit, Clare Wilson, has recently joined BCC as Commercial Manager.

Hudson Contract,

12  |  October 2021

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MOSS CONQUERS SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES As major material shortages hit the construction industry this year, it was only a matter of time until the knock-on effects were felt by all. But this won’t stop Moss!


One Braham Street

n July, the cost of supplies soared by 20% on average and all players in the industry have been forced to adapt. Project completion dates have been delayed and the shortages have had a huge impact on the UK economy. Global shortages of steel, copper and electrical components have arisen due to a combination of adverse factors. One evident factor is the COVID-19 pandemic, with the closing down of manufacturing premises and reduced operations, a shortage in supply is inevitable. Additional factors have also worsened the situation, including Brexit complicating import activities and, in some areas, demand increasing due to government schemes such as Help to Buy. Along with the cost of transportation from the Far East increasing by more than 300%, this combination of factors has affected all supply chains. Nevertheless, Moss has made huge stock investments to diminish the effects of these supply chain issues. By working closely with suppliers such as Hager, Gripple, Kewtech and Thorn, Moss is able to ensure stock profiles are obtained and its customers’ needs are always met. Alongside massive stock profiles and promotions, Moss is also tackling the shortage of electric vehicle chargers in the UK. After five years of extensive research and development, two industry leading companies based in the UK and Far East have joined forces. Moss and Huade Technology are

and project management? Moss offers a personal project management service to all customers. Your Moss account manager will: •  Understand your needs and ensure sufficient stock is maintained •  Highlight cost saving practices •  Provide technical assistance •  Monitor/manage the project’s progress •  Conduct regular review meetings to ensure customer’s needs continue   to be surpassed

Embassy Gardens

Moss’s efficient service and huge   stock investment has provided a   plethora of opportunities to supply   many incredible projects. Moss was delighted to be a part of the exceptionally unique Embassy Gardens project and supplied products from Marshall-Tufflex, Click, MK, Thorn, Wiska, Adaptaflex, Deta, Hager, Gripple, CP Electronics and Schneider. One Braham Street is an astonishing construction in Central London and is another project Moss was proud to supply. Deligo, Eaton, Marshall-Tufflex, Gripple, Schneider, Greenbrook, CP Electronics, Hager, MK, Termination Technology and Legrand Cable Management are just a few of the manufacturers the company stocked and delivered here. Another project Moss was thrilled to be involved with is the Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre, in which it supplied Adaptaflex, Prysmian, Legrand Cable Management, Gripple, Hager, Deta, Schneider, MK,   CP Electronics and Marshall-Tufflex. By maintaining close relationships with suppliers and adapting, Moss will continue to conquer supply chain issues. Watch this space!

extremely excited about the launch of their 7.2KW Charge Point into the UK market. EVIE is a core element of Moss’s 2025 net zero carbon target and the company is determined to achieve its ambitious goal. EVIE does not require an earth rod,   is OZEV grant approved and includes   app-monitoring. EVIE is in stock now! Please contact   for more information. Aside from material shortages, the construction industry also faces the rise of online sales from giants such as Amazon and eBay. Rock-bottom prices and express delivery are what suppliers like these can offer customers. But what about service

Moss Electrical,

Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre

14  |  October 2021

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100% ENERGY EFFICIENT HEATING Carbon free and renewable technology supplied a record 48.5% of energy in to the UK electric grid last year.   So as the electric we use gets cleaner and greener, electric heating is becoming a clear solution for many customers.


eatstore, renowned for providing electric heating products for nearly 60 years, has an industry leading solution – The Heatstore Dynamic Intelirad Oil Filled

Electric Radiator. Designed and developed by a team of engineers and developers in the UK, Intelirad incorporates the most advanced technologies that give the user maximum control over their heating, whether for home or the office. The Intelirad has an industry leading warranty for total peace of mind. Every Intelirad is supplied with a   10-year aluminium body warranty and a full three-year, no quibble onsite warranty at the customer’s address, where a Heatstore service engineer will call, repair or replace up to three years from purchase. The Intelirad energy efficient electric radiator features dynamic efficiency + technology. Within the modern busy lifestyle, Intelirad does the thinking for the end-user, learning about their environment and lifestyle to then maintain comfortable living temperatures and optimise efficient energy usage.

Adaptive temperature and anticipatory control Intelirad has a unique self-learning, delayed start function which learns the thermal profile of a room or office. Continuously monitoring the room temperature, it uses algorithms to constantly calculate when it should start or stop to warm the room for the desired temperature and duration. This radiator

is intelligent enough to only use the energy required. Measuring the heat-up and cool-down times of the room, in relation to the external temperature, the radiator will calculate what time it needs to start heating in order to reach the user-defined target temperature at their specified time. If an external window or door is accidentally left open, Intelirad will detect the sudden change in temperature and instantly scale back the output to 50%, rather than continue to provide 100% output. Once the window or door has been closed, the radiator will return to normal operation equally swiftly.

Keeping it connected Connectivity is key in the marketplace, and the Intelirad offers its customers a free Bluetooth InteliApp that enables easy control of their heating system via a smartphone or tablet. A simple way of bringing connectivity to a customers’ heating system, the InteliApp connects via Bluetooth to make use of the most advanced technologies to offer total control of the heating from a smartphone or tablet. From the InteliApp, the user can turn the heaters on or off, change target temperatures, activate pre-programed timer settings, or create a bespoke user timer profile. The new, upgraded InteliApp now lets the user control not just the Intelirad, but all of the Inteli range. The Inteli family of intelligent heaters consists of Intelirad, Intelipanel, Intelipanel Plus and Intelistore. It enables your customers to offer their clients both offpeak and direct acting heating, all controlled via their smartphone or tablet. In addition, contractors are now able to set up multiple heaters at once, which is great for saving time on-site.

Intelirad’s benefits: •  Dynamic efficiency + technology, incorporating a highly accurate electronic thermostat control to +/-0.2°C •  Adaptive temperature control environment learning •  Eco start delayed   anticipatory control •  Smart open window technology •  Instant energy waste reduction •  Touch-sensitive control system with audio feedback •  Colour-changing LCD temperature display for the partially sighted •  Easy to use and operate •  Easy to fit and install •  Three-year on-site warranty •  10-year aluminium body warranty

“The radiator will calculate what time it needs to start heating in order to reach the user-defined target temperature at their specified time.’

Free heating design service Heatstore’s technical team are on hand to offer support, from product technical information to full and comprehensive design recommendations. The design can be tailored to any specific property, from a one bedroom flat to a large multiple dwelling building. If a customer has plans and scaled drawings available, the Heatstore design team will create a design solution using the latest AutoCAD software. The software generates a 3D visual solution and provides the total quantity and sizes of heaters required for the development. It’s free of charge, with no obligation to the customer.



Purchase just 5 or more of the Heatstore Dynamic Intelirad Radiators to claim your free Heatstore Dynamic Intelirad Scruffs Jacket NEW AND IMPROVED FREATURES; • Water resistant fabric with 4-way flex for maximum movement • Breathable mesh lining & Abratect™ abrasion-resistant sleeve panels • High fleece-lined collar for warmth & protection • 3 x outer zipped pockets & internal phone pocket • Reflective detailing


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16  |  October 2021

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CONTRACT NEWS CREATING THE SMARTEST UNIVERSITY CAMPUS IN THE WORLD The University of Birmingham, in partnership with Siemens, is combining digital sensor and analytics technologies, artificial intelligence, decentralised energy generation and storage, renewable energy and concepts that help change users’ behaviour to transform the university’s Edgbaston and Dubai campuses into the world’s smartest global campus, creating a ‘Living Lab’ where research, teaching and learning all benefit from access to new data and connectivity. The ‘Living Lab’ will capture data from the university’s building technologies, estates infrastructure and energy plants and use it for innovation, R&D activities, as well as teaching. Scrutinising energy demand and production with live data from across the sites provides a unique opportunity for applied learning for students and creates a platform for cutting-edge research. Siemens will sponsor a team of PhD studentships at the university based in the UK and Dubai. Their research projects will be co-designed by Siemens and the university to address important challenges in data, technology, urban systems and the net zero goal. This year, the University of Birmingham will become the first university in the world to roll out Internet of Things (IoT) technology at scale. Starting in autumn 2021, the first phase of this major energy efficiency project will include the roll out of 23,000 Enlighted IoT sensors across the university estate. In addition, Siemens will deliver a 10-year bureau for Energy and IoT services to ensure that the university reaps the full potential of both the technology and industry expertise. Siemens,

J S WRIGHT SECURES £6M-PLUS CONTRACT FOR SOHO WHARF Building services provider J S Wright has secured a contract worth more than £6 million to help turn a derelict canal-side site in Birmingham into a quality residential-led development. The mechanical and electrical specialist will install the mechanical infrastructure services and fit out all 650 apartments at the 117-acre Soho Wharf scheme at Soho Loop on the city’s Main Line Canal, opposite Birmingham City Hospital. J S Wright will install a boosted cold-water plantroom with distribution pipework to all six blocks on the development, which will range from six to 14 storeys including retail and parking space. In addition, the shell and core works involve installing soil and wastewater services, internal rainwater services, and dry risers for firefighting. The company will also fit out all the one and two-bedroom apartments on the scheme with hot and cold-water services as well as soil and waste services. The contract package for the apartments also includes installing domestic sprinklers and both heat recovery and extract ventilation systems. Work has already commenced on the project, with completion scheduled for summer 2023. J S Wright,

NEW COUNCIL CHAMBER IN THE SPOTLIGHT A giant feature light that will illuminate one of Sunderland’s City Hall’s most prominent rooms has been hung, as the city’s community hub draws closer to completion. The new digitally enabled chamber, pitted at the heart of City Hall, features a 9.3m circular diameter light fitting, creating a super-modern space that has been designed to enhance open democracy, as well as providing a focal point in a room that will be used by the community for weddings, as well as conferences and events. City Hall’s chamber – which integrates digital technology to enable open democracy through the streaming of council meetings – is a key focal point of the 190,000ft2 building and will make it easier than ever to join meetings remotely, in-line with the city’s ambitions to become carbon neutral by 2040. Cllr Graeme Miller, leader of Sunderland City Council, says: “Throughout the pandemic, millions of people and organisations across the globe have had their eyes opened to not only the environmental and economic benefits of hybrid and remote working, but also the many work-life benefits it brings, and the ability to live stream and broadcast from the new chamber will help improve the work-life balance of everyone utilising the chamber, be it for council meetings, training or conferences.” The building is being constructed by Sunderland firm, Bowmer + Kirkland, ploughing millions of pounds into the local economy. Riverside Sunderland,


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CONTRACT NEWS JOURNEY TO GREENER SERVICES CONTINUES Councillors have given the go-ahead for a cleaner, greener, future for Lancashire County Council services, with an investment of almost £3m in new electric vehicles and charging points. The first service to go electric will be the county council’s parking enforcement team, who will be kitted out with 12 new vehicles to minimise the emissions produced during the many miles they cover each day. This follows trials led by the council’s fleet services team to work out which service areas are best placed to adopt electric vehicles. They recently took delivery of three electric vans which are being ‘loaned out’ to other teams across the authority as part of an ongoing pilot. Work will also get underway to install charging infrastructure at the offices and depots where the vehicles are based, and where they regularly visit. Cabinet’s decision will see a budget of £1.98m established to invest in electric vehicles, and a further £1m to install charging infrastructure. New electronic signs are also being deployed on Lancashire’s highest-casualty roads to make drivers think twice before doing anything to put themselves or others at risk. The ‘Variable Messaging Signs’ can be programmed remotely to deliver information to passing traffic, making them a useful tool in the campaign to make the county’s roads safer. Lancashire County Council,

IEC LOCK CONNECTS AT PRESTIGIOUS LONDON EXPERIENCE CENTRE Technological Innovations Group (TIG) is a specialist global IT product and services provider. The company recently opened two Experience Spaces, one in Frankfurt and one in London. These innovative spaces are designed to welcome integrators, consultants, facilities managers, specifiers and end-users and showcase TIG’s impressive ecosystem of AV, UC, IT and control solutions from brands at the forefront of leading-edge technology development. Technical solutions distributor and AV rack build specialist, Visualization, was called upon in the early stages of the prestigious TIG London Experience Centre project. Scolmore’s IEC Lock+ rewireable connector – the world’s first locking C13 IEC connector – was selected by Visualization for use in the rack build element of this project. Visualization’s involvement included preparing the cable infrastructure at the Experience Centre, as well as the rack build and installation. The IEC Lock rewireable connectors were also used with ICT equipment specified by TIG for mains distribution. Nick Pidgeon, Managing Director of Visualization, comments: “When we first tried out the IEC Lock, we were impressed with the qualities and features it offered, and it was a no brainer for us to move over to them.” Scolmore says that its IEC Lock+ Rewireable was the world’s first locking rewireable C13 IEC connector. It is designed to guard against accidental disconnection of computers, PDU’s servers and most network devices, and it adds additional flexibility and ease of use, as well as LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) compatibility, to its list of features. Scolmore,


NETWORK RAIL TIMETABLES COST AND TIME SAVINGS WITH NVC LUMINAIRES Network Rail owns, operates, and develops Britain’s rail infrastructure which comprises 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges, tunnels and viaducts, thousands of signals, and level crossings. The company also manages 20 of the UK’s largest stations. One of these is Birmingham New Street, which is used by more than 140,000 passengers every day, making it the busiest station outside London. Network Rail recently moved the administrative teams to new facilities within the station. This required appropriate lighting for the offices, reception, meeting areas and toilets that would provide adequate illumination, energy efficiency and also help Network Rail to meet regulatory requirements. Network Rail approached the local branch of electrical distributor Rexel (Birmingham Maple) who proposed a solution based on NVC’s products including Sterling side-lit panels with micro-prismatic controllers and Westport IP40 low-glare recessed LED circular luminaires. To adhere to fire safety regulations for emergency lighting, Preston IP54 rated LED halo effect circular bulkheads and Seneca IP40 rated, recessed LED emergency luminaires were adapted for self-testing. This not only saves time and cost when undertaking the required testing of emergency lighting, it also delivers the added benefit of providing automatic reporting of results, removing the inevitable mistakes that can happen when they are done manually. NVC also supplied LED emergency wall-mounted exit boxes and PIR systems. All the products were installed by Network Rail’s in-house maintenance team.

Hamilton’s Hartland G2 collection was chosen to provide electrical wiring solutions to Kings House in Hove, a Grade II listed Victorian building. Portsmouth-based electrical contractor, MR Electrical, selected British brand, Hamilton, for the electrical wiring accessories throughout the building’s 69 luxurious apartments and penthouses. Hamilton’s contemporary Hartland G2 screwless design was chosen for its quality, while the highly engineered ‘push-to-fit’ design makes it easy to install and competitively priced. Available in a wide range of configurations – including Grid and EuroFix – Hartland G2 2-Gang Double Pole Switched Sockets were used throughout in antique brass with black inserts, complementing the property’s brass fixtures and fittings. In the higher specification apartments, dual switched sockets were upgraded to incorporate 2.4A USB Ultra charging outlets, while lighting is controlled throughout with a mixture of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-Gang Rocker Switch Plates. In the kitchens, installed within antique-styled mirrored splashbacks are two double switched sockets and a 2-Gang 2-Way Grid Plate that controls the integrated strip LED lighting. The apartments with larger kitchens feature 3- and 4-Gang Grid Plates to control fans, pelmet lights, downlights and island pendants. In the Residents’ Lounge, private lounges and bedrooms, EuroFix media plates include a TV+FM/ DAB+SAT1+SAT2 Quadplexer and a RJ45 CAT6 outlet for internet access. Hamilton,

NVC Lighting,

18  |  October 2021

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Sustainability strategy: Did you know that only 1 in 10 organisations have all the green skills needed to achieve their goals?


Our Net Zero Academy online courses provide the ideal solution to help upskill employees in topics that are needed to help meet a sustainable green agenda. Our range of courses are designed to meet the challenges faced by engineers in all sectors, with both the technical and professional skills that they need to help deliver a sustainability strategy in their organisation and help lower their environmental impact.

The IET Academy provides Net Zero courses in the following disciplines: SMART HOMES




Find more at: *Statistics taken from the ‘IET skills for net zero and a green recovery 2020 survey’. See the for details. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is registered as a Charity in England and Wales (No. 211014) and Scotland (No. SC038698). The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Michael Faraday House, Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2AY, United Kingdom.

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TECHNIQUE LEARNING SOLUTIONS OFFERS NEW ELECTRICAL COURSES Technique Learning Solutions has added four new electrical courses to its offering. These new courses include City & Guilds 2365 level two and three, and the AM2 assessment. These courses are essential for those who would like to become an electrician but have no previous experience and are unable to, or do not want to, do an apprenticeship. The AM2 test is also vital for apprentices and electricians who need to take the assessment to complete their portfolio of qualifications to gain their gold card. Mark Crook, managing director of Technique Learning Solutions, says: “We’re really pleased that we can now offer 2365 courses and the AM2 assessment. We’ve had many queries on these courses over the years, so there is definitely a demand for them and it makes a lot of sense for us to offer them.” In September, changes were made to the EAS document, which is produced by the IET. These changes will affect qualified supervisors.

These changes bring new entry requirements for joining a competent person scheme. Mark adds: “We are able to help candidates through their journey completely, from a beginner to fully qualified. We are able to cover any scenario - this industry is ever changing, and we’re always aiming to adapt and change with it.” Technique Learning Solutions currently has a private bursary available on its 2365 courses to those who register, which provides a huge discount and a free EV course. As well as the 2365 and AM2 assessments, the company will be offering a lightning protection course and a thermal imaging course. Both courses offer additional skills to those working in the electrical and other industries and have a range of safety benefits. Technique Learning Solutions,

LCC UHI LAUNCHES NEW COURSE IN ELECTRIC VEHICLE INSTALLATIONS In the latest addition to the expanding range of electrical courses delivered by Lews Castle College University of the Highlands and Islands (LCC UHI), the college has launched a new course for electric vehicle installations. The course is specifically designed for approved electricians to deliver the installation of commercial and domestic electric vehicle chargers. It will help the Outer Hebrides and the wider Highlands and Islands region build the infrastructure for electric vehicles and contribute towards targets for reducing carbon emissions. The City & Guilds approved course will be delivered by experienced staff and demonstrates the College’s commitment to expand capacity and deliver courses to develop the right skills for the energy, engineering, and construction sectors. LCC UHI is developing a range of parentships to meet industry demand and support the economic development and job opportunities throughout the Outer Hebrides. Investment on the project of over £10,000 was made by LCC UHI and funding administered by The Energy Skills Partnership (ESP) via the Energy Efficiency Training Network, which delivers upskilling training for the energy

20  |  October 2021

Training.indd 20

sector in line with Scottish Government’s priorities from its Energy Efficient Scotland Programme. Roddy Ferguson, Head of Technology says: “This new course is a welcome and timely addition to the portfolio of courses in the electrical section at Lews Castle College UHI. “At a time when the world is undergoing a radical transformation in the transport sector away from traditional combustion engines towards low carbon alternatives including electric vehicles, this course will provide essential training and approval for installers of charging units in both commercial and domestic applications.” The capital costs and tutor training for the course was provided by Lews Castle College & Energy Skills partnership, as part of the Energy Efficiency Training Network (EETN) North programme. LCC UHI,




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New Gas Powered Heat Gun - CHG900

Fully portable, flameless heat, wherever and whenever you need it.

To find out more contact us on our FREEPHONE number:

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WIELAND MAKES A QUICK CONNECTION AT PROJECT HANA Wieland Electric has supplied its popular Metalynx2 modular wiring system and a variety of the company’s GST products for Project Hana, a two floor CAT B fit out commercial property at St Martin’s Court in the City of London.


he Wieland products were specified and installed by Phoenix ME, with the Metalynx2 system used to feed the lighting control modules and fan coil units throughout the building, whilst the GST system was used in all prefabricated modular areas to provide a connection for linear light fittings. Hana, a subsidiary of CBRE Group, offers a full range of flexible working solutions and St Martin’s Court is the company’s third facility, comprising over 100,000 sq ft of private offices, on-demand meeting rooms and sophisticated co-working spaces that are available by the hour, day, or week. The Hana facility will initially be fully occupied by approximately 500 CBRE employees who will operate from the space, while the company’s existing UK headquarters at Henrietta House in the West End is undergoing redevelopment work. Thanks to its innovative design, Metalynx2 uses a minimum number of components, all of which lock together for secure installation and in full compliance with all relevant standards, representing a smarter generation of structured wiring that delivers even greater savings on costs and installation time. It is ideal for power distribution, lighting control (including DALI and KNX) and fan coil units and, with the ability to customise Metalynx2 components for special projects, it offers infinite design flexibility. As Project Hana was a fast-paced refurbishment, it was paramount that all systems and components would arrive on site in the agreed timescale. Wieland designed, plotted and fabricated all requirements off site which, when delivered, allowed for easy installation by Phoenix to ensure connection simply from the home run being installed back to the distribution board and the final runs to the lighting control modules and fan coil units. As all connections and end runs have a plug and play based system, this also allowed for second fix connections to be completed quickly and effortlessly.

22  |  October 2021

Project Focus – Wieland.indd 22

Project Hana is a two floor CAT B fit out commercial property

as this ensured no time was wasted waiting for product on-site and allowed for final connection in line with the programme of works. Wieland also provided on-site project management and technical support.

Metalynx2 provides any scheme with complete flexibility so should a design need to be changed at time of fitting or in the future, the system can be modified quickly with minimum downtime. With Wieland’s prompt delivery service this also assisted other contractors working on Project Hana


Wieland Electric,



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IP65 Enclosed Switch Disconnectors up to 1250 Amp IP65 Enclosed Switch Fuses up to 800 Amp IP65 Enclosed Change Over Switches up to 1250 Amp IP65 Enclosed Automatic Transfer Switches IP65 GRP, Polycarbonate or Mild Steel Enclosures 3, 4, 6 & 8 Pole Switches Defeatable door interlocked handles Ex-stock for next day delivery

Celebrating 40 years in the supply & distribution of high quality Control & Automation Products.


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ONLINE LEARNING Gain access to the 18th Edition Online Full Course or 1-Day Update Course, studying online at your leisure to complete the course. You will need to complete a 2 hr exam which can be taken remotely or in a classroom.


VIRTUAL CLASSROOM TRAINING You can now continue your professional development virtually. Take the Full Course or 1-Day Update Course and exam from a location of your choice, whilst using a compatible device.

CLASSROOM You can choose to take your Full Course or 1-Day Update Course and exam in a classroom at a choice of venues across the country.

Gain access to the 18th Edition Online Full Course and learn at your own pace, before joining a face to face or virtual classroom for a 1-Day Update Course and Exam.


0333 015 6626 Phone lines are open from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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OUTDOOR ENCLOSURES — THE UNSUNG HEROES Outdoor enclosures are the ones you see beside the road, on the pavement, and trackside on the railways. They are the ones you walk past every day without giving them a second thought, but these metal boxes more often than not contain highly critical equipment that is fundamental to our everyday life.


roadband connection, the controls of signalling on the railways, the important instructions on overhead motorway gantries - these functions and many more impact our daily activity. Whether we are working from home or travelling, the controls that make these things possible are housed out of sight and out of mind. That’s not a bad thing - they are designed to be inconspicuous to the public. Outdoor enclosures need to be many things. They have to be functional and flexible to house various forms of equipment, they have to be aesthetically pleasing, whilst also being secure enough to be placed in both remote and busy public spaces. Surviving the elements is another critical feature - they could be placed outdoors for in excess of 10 years whilst dealing with the hottest summers and harshest winters. So, whilst outdoor enclosures may seem a fairly innocuous feature, there’s actually a great deal of design and innovation in them.

critical equipment can be kept at its optimum working temperature, whether it is summer or winter. A double skin also means better protection from intentional or accidental damage. Outer skins can easily be replaced, bringing the enclosure back to its original condition, whilst the inner skin protects the internal equipment whilst the repair works are being carried out. No need to replace the whole enclosure if only the outer shell is damaged. Other key design features are the ones that keep outside elements outside. For outdoor enclosures, one key element is the Ingress Protection (IP) rating achieved. Rittal suggests IP55 rating as being sufficient for an outdoor enclosure. This means the cabinet is protected from wind driven rain and dust. What is of great importance is that the enclosure is designed so that standing water does not pool on the enclosure or sit on the enclosure seals. If the seals are protected, then the risk of leakage into the enclosure is low. Enclosures where water can sit for a prolonged period of time means eventually a breakdown in the seal

When equipment has to be placed outdoors, it’s not just one factor that has to be considered. Unlike indoor applications, there are so many more variables that need to be taken into account. Let’s talk about the weather for instance. Heat and humidity in the summer, cold and ice in the winter; not to mention the wind and rain. Faced with the elements, the enclosure design, construction and material used needs to withstand everything the weather can throw at it. Using powder coated aluminium means that the enclosure is protected from the outside elements - Rittal also gives the enclosure a double skin. Having a double skin does many things. It helps with the UV solar gain during warmer times, protecting the equipment internally, just that little bit more from overheating. Alternatively, if cooling (passive or active) is required, the dual casing makes this more manageable. A double skin also means additional heat when the temperature drops, rather than the heat dissipating quickly through the walls of the cabinet. Heat from the equipment or an internal heater means


◾ Digital configuration ◾ Consistent data quality ◾ Intelligent engineering

24  |  October 2021

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ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE material. If this standing water then goes on to freeze it can cause a gap between the enclosure door and housing. Overhanging roofs that fully protect the enclosure door seal is an imperative design feature that must not be overlooked when placing such a product outdoors. Security is critical outdoors. Whether this is specific lock types dependant on customer and application, or maybe even remote access could be required. These features need to be options to give the end client peace of mind. Whether the cabinet is in a crowded busy town centre, a remote location or an airport runway, access to the inside of the enclosure needs to be limited as much as possible to those who don’t have the authority. Whilst the outer design of the cabinet is arguably the most important, the internals of the cabinet need to be versatile, flexible and also future-proofed. Technology moves at such a rate these days that, in some instances, by the time a system is deployed the electrical components within it have been superseded. By having a more flexible system for mounting within the cabinet this can mean the ability to upgrade at a later date using the existing enclosures. By doing so it reduces the need for downtime, reduces labour and parts costs and overall saves the end client time and money by allowing a system to be online in a shorter timescale. The need for outdoor systems is increasing due to the ever-expanding requirement for all things to be connected. This need will only increase, but it is paramount that when a system is to be placed outside serious consideration is given to the design of the housing that the critical infrastructure equipment will sit in. Whether it be telecoms, rail, airports or highways, the overriding factors are the same. Protection from the outside world is key!

Rittal outdoor enclosure


The new one: the AX/the KX. Opens up perspectives. The new generation of compact and small enclosures.


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THE RISKS OF NON-DIRECT EMPLOYMENT CANNOT BE IGNORED With construction vacancies at a record high, Daniel West, Managing Director of West & West, argues the case for direct employment.


A cultural fit

ccording to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the construction skills shortage has intensified. From June to August 2021, vacancies rose to 37,000 – the highest level since official records began in 2001. Although there is no silver bullet to overcome this challenge, the shift to direct employment is part of the solution. Now, more than ever, we need to build awareness of directly employing tradespeople and the additional benefits this can bring to construction, including electrical contracting.

Negative consequences

West & West wholeheartedly supports these calls for action and the need to use the right employment model

26  |  October 2021

Key Issue – West & West.indd 26

A report published by the Joint Industry Board (JIB) earlier this year, underlined the risks of non-direct payroll working. Over the past 30 years, the UK has seen levels of direct employment significantly decline and this is having a negative impact on the UK electrical contracting and construction industries. Written by Howard Gospel, Emeritus Professor of Management at King’s College London, the report, Direct Employment –   A study of Economic, Business and Social Outcomes urges contractors and clients to enforce direct employment into their workforce to improve productivity. Acknowledging that non-direct working offers firms some short-term conveniences, the report reiterates that these are outweighed by potentially negative consequences affecting areas such as apprentice training, take up of new technologies, health, safety and wellbeing.

It is up to employers to offer attractive enough roles with additional benefits

Another key benefit of directly employing staff is the opportunity to select individuals with the right attitude for the business and its culture. Finding an individual who is proactive, motivated and capable of working collaboratively is initially more important than them having all the required technical skills, as these gaps can be filled later. Whether someone joins West & West as an apprentice or later on in their career, as direct employees they learn the company’s approach to the trade and its expectations in terms of quality of work and attitude, which is to go above and beyond client requirements. Relying on subcontracted and agency staff risks a low commitment to the job and them leaving part way through. West & West’s experience has also shown that temporary staff, who are unconnected to the company long term, are not versed in the standards and work ethic necessary for each project’s success. They are more likely to turn up and do a day’s work with minimum effort.

In its Industry Skills Plan 2021-2025, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) highlights the benefits of direct employment, stating that it “delivers a highly-engaged, competent workforce, increased productivity and higher value”.   It also notes that it is “reported to overcome skills shortages, spiralling labour costs, poor productivity and quality, avoiding low uptake of new work processes and technology…reducing risks around delivery certainty, reputation and quality”.

Investing in the workforce When there is a recession or dip in economic circumstances, people will often follow the work and be more likely to take on agency or subcontracted jobs. That means it is up to employers to offer attractive enough roles with additional benefits in terms of induction, training and development to encourage individuals to stay and prosper with the business. West & West has found that this investment has proved crucial during the pandemic, enabling the company to recruit more people. While other companies have laid off staff, West & West has increased its recruitment activity, enabling the company to bring on the best in the industry and offer individuals job security in tumultuous times, as well as continued professional development opportunities.

Enhancing skills As an electrical contractor that has always prioritised direct employment, West & West wholeheartedly supports these calls for action and the need to use the right employment model to help support quality, innovation and safety. And the company believes that all building firms – large and small – should set an example. West & West has learnt first-hand that employing people directly, as opposed to relying on subcontracted or agency staff, makes a fundamental contribution to the individual’s skill levels and abilities. At West & West, all direct employees are given the opportunity to undertake additional training and professional development in areas that interest them, ranging from electrical design, through to security systems and fire safety. The company also offers courses in management training to equip employees with the attributes and mindset needed for career development – whether this is with the company or elsewhere. As well as helping them to upskill, this investment in training ensures its people feel valued, encouraging motivation and loyalty.


Seizing the opportunity The authors of the foreword in the JIB report state they want it to become “a catalyst to action in the work we are all embarked upon to create a more innovative, productive, sustainable, and attractive industry”. The recommendations present an opportunity for electrical contractors to eliminate the risks associated with non-direct employment and build highly-skilled workforces with the right attitudes and mindsets to raise standards across the whole construction sector.  West & West,



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Making electricians smile with our inbuilt Surge Protection

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STUDENTS OF TODAY ARE CUSTOMERS OF THE FUTURE This month Carly Wills talks to Brett Smyth, General Manager of IDEAL Industries, about his role at the company and plans for the future. CW:  Tell us about yourself and how you got into the sector. BS:  I started my career in finance, training at management consultancy, EY, before moving into financial management roles in large, multi-national corporations. That financial background was a great foundation for what I’m doing now, because it has given me the skills to balance risk and reward in terms of driving growth and investing in people and innovation. From there, I moved into commercial roles with big corporate companies, which involved working across Europe and the Middle East – markets in which IDEAL Industries is strong and key growth markets for us now, with new offices recently established in the Gulf and Central Europe. The industries varied, but the companies had a lot in common with IDEAL Industries; I have always worked for innovators who are leaders in their sector and all of the companies I’ve worked for have reached that position by engaging effectively with customers and developing products focused on making life better or easier for the user. That’s what is really exciting about my role at IDEAL, the ability to connect with the electrical sector, understand what electricians need to do their job quicker, easier, more consistently, and develop the products that answer those needs. CW:  For those who may not know, can you give us an overview of the work that the IDEAL Industries does? BS:  IDEAL Industries is the largest electrical wire connector and hand tool manufacturer in the world. Our HQ is in the USA, where we dominate the market, and we have a presence worldwide, with our activities across Europe and the Middle East run from our UK HQ in Warrington. The company’s ethos is centred on customer-focused innovation and delivering premium quality at a competitive price. Our products are ubiquitous in some of the most advanced environments on earth…and beyond! IDEAL Industries products have gone into building the International Space Station and the recent Space X project, and we’re even part of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. We are entirely dedicated to developing and manufacturing products for electricians to use on site and, because we manufacture in-house, everything we make is quality assured and consistent.

28  |  October 2021

Interview – Ideal.indd 28

“Our products are ubiquitous in some of the most advanced environments on earth… and beyond!”

CW:  Tell us about your current role – what are you responsible for and what does your normal working day consist off?

year for us because we got our marketing, pricing and sales channels right and continued to invest in product development.

BS:  There is no such thing as a typical day for me, which is just the way I like it! I am responsible for sales, marketing and product development for the UK, Europe and the Middle East, implementing our commercial strategy and delivering growth. I try to spend as much time as possible with customers and end users, because it helps us know what we’re doing right and where there are opportunities to offer more or do things different. That’s key to innovation and a market-focused approach.

CW:  Aside from COVID-19, what have been the biggest changes across the industry in recent times? What will be the biggest changes in the future? BS:  Change is constant in the electrical sector, just as it is in the wider construction sector, because what end users expect from a building – whether it’s residential or commercial – is always evolving. Smart and green technologies are moving into the mainstream and the electrical sector is continuing to adapt to that innovation. While the electrical trade is dominated by professionals in their 50s at the moment, there is a new generation of electricians coming through now and it’s a generation of digital natives and early adopters. Their willingness to embrace change will help to drive change.

CW:  What are the best things about your role? And the most challenging? BS:  In many ways, they are one and the same – I love the diversity of the role and working in such a varied and dynamic environment, but it also means that I have to be very organised about focusing my time where it’s needed and delegating effectively across the team. I also love working with colleges and young electricians who are still training, because understanding what they prefer to use is also key to developing the products of the future. Today’s students are tomorrow’s customers for IDEAL Industries and the earlier we can build a rapport with them the more those relationships will grow over time. We’re working with influencers too, and I plan to take some of the big names in electrical YouTubing to the big IDEAL National Championships in the US later this year. Amongst the biggest challenges is gaining buy-in for innovative new products from electricians who have spent their whole career using the same products and installation techniques. We’re proving to them that IDEAL Industries products can help them save time and ensure consistency, however, so change is definitely happening in all areas of the electrical sector.

CW:  What’s next for you and for   IDEAL Indutries? BS: We have a clear strategy to continue growing the business exponentially over the next five to eight years and my remit will be to continue to deliver that strategy and achieve the right outcomes for both our shareholders and our customers. To do that, our team will continue to grow and we will continue to manage through a strong pipeline of innovative product development. CW:  What do you think are the most exciting products or technologies coming   to the market? BS:  We have just launched our Gen II   In-Sure Lever Wire Connector, which builds on the success of the Push-In, Lever and SpliceLine Connectors in our In-Sure range. Beyond that, we can’t offer any spoilers of new products to come but the growth in smart buildings and green technologies creates an exciting environment for new installation challenges and the product development needed to respond to those challenges.

CW:  How has COVID-19 affected the industry? Do you think things will be finally able to get back to ‘normal’ soon?

CW:  What are your interests away from work?

BS:  What is normal? COVID-19 has, undoubtedly, been a catalyst for change, but over a period of 18 months, there would have been change no matter what. This is a dynamic industry and technological developments mean that change is already happening. The pandemic has certainly affected purchasing habits but, for IDEAL Industries at least, that hasn’t affected sales volumes. In fact, 2020/21 was a very successful


BS:  As a father of two, there’s quite a lot of Dad’s taxi service and watching my kids do sports etc. I’m also a sports fan – a season ticket holder at Manchester United and occasionally – when the sun shines – I enjoy a round of golf.  IDEAL Industries,



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THE KIND OF BOOM YOU WANT: Why circuit protection devices are flying off the shelves


New landlord regulations

ircuit protection devices are an essential part of every home, business or other building with electricity – so you’d imagine the demand for these components would stay fairly stable. And yet there’s been a huge uplift in sales of late – in fact, Niglon has seen a 62% increase over the past six months. When you investigate the factors leading to this upturn, there’s been a unique combination of new Government guidelines and the global coronavirus pandemic which have had an impact. Here, the Niglon team looks at some of the reasons behind the circuit protection boom.

So, how does this affect circuit protection supplies? The vast majority of landlords will always have arranged regular inspections of their properties in the interest of safety (and resolving any issues at the earliest opportunity before they potentially become costly or dangerous problems), but those who may have been less vigilant about the electrics in their properties are more likely to be arranging checks now, in order to avoid the potential financial penalties associated with failing to comply with the new regulations. More checks mean more potential issues highlighted, and with changes to wiring regulations also being introduced in the UK, it means new circuit protection devices are in demand.

The Government has introduced regulations – which have applied to all new privately rented properties since June 2020 and existing property since June this year – which ensures all landlords are taking precautions to protect their tenants. The Electrical Safety Regulations require an inspection by a ‘qualified and competent’ person at least every five years, with the resulting inspection condition report being shared with the tenant – and, if necessary, the local authority. The local authority can arrange for remedial work to be undertaken, if the tenant agrees and the landlord has not taken action; and they can then recover the cost of the work from the landlord plus a fine of up to £30,000.

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Lifestyle changes

18th Edition amends After a period of uncertainty, it’s now expected that the second amendments to the 18th Edition wiring regulations will be published on 28 March 2022 and will take effect exactly a year later. Previous updates have always included a transition period of roughly six months, where any components designed before the specified date did not need to meet the new specifications. But this time, the regulations have no such transition period, so the entire supply chain is having to act much more quickly to ensure the changes are implemented sooner rather than later, with less than 18 months to go now until the introduction date. The amendments are likely to see arc fault detection devices (AFDDs) required on all single-phase final circuits (not exceeding 32A) supplying socket outlets and fixed current-using equipment. Development is well underway to ensure Niglon has an offering to meet the requirements ahead of the changes being implemented. Previously, section 531.3.3 stated AC Type RCD could be used in ‘standard’ installations, with no clarification of what was meant by the term ‘standard’. Once the amendments come into place, A Types must be used for all installations where there is a DC pulsated residual current, as they can detect and protect against the risk of electric shock. Having reviewed the proposed amendments, the team at Niglon halted production of its AC Type RCDs and is concentrating instead on production of A Type. A clarification on section 536.4.202 also led to action for the Niglon team (again, much earlier than needed, to ensure its customers were well prepared for the changeover date). Previously, this regulation had stated the design current should not exceed the rated current of the assembly, with many contractors using diversity factors to calculate the correct selection of RCDs and switches. As of the end of March next year, both RCDs and switch isolators must be protected by an overcurrent protective device, selected according to the manufacturers’ instructions. Since the clarification has been out for consultation, Niglon has been advising customers to only use RCDs within consumer units which have a current value equal to or greater than that of the electrical supply company’s upstream main cut out fuse. To that end, the 63A RCDs within consumer units were discontinued and production was moved to only 80A and 100A options.



Circuit Protection & Switchgear – Niglon.indd 31

“With changes to wiring regulations also being introduced in the UK, it means new circuit protection devices are in demand”


Another major contributing factor to this boom in demand for circuit protection devices has been the numerous lifestyle changes which we’ve seen in the UK over the past few years. One such change is the introduction of electric vehicles. While there’s not yet one sitting on the driveway of every home in the UK, electric and hybrid vehicles accounted for 10% of new car registrations in 2020 (according to Statista) and there are now 300,000 pure electric cars on the roads – and around the same number of hybrids. There are more than 25,000 public charging devices for these cars around the UK (according to Next Green Car) and of course, many owners will have chosen to install charging points in their own home for convenience – especially given the Government grant available which makes this a more affordable option. With a visit from an installer necessary, and the increased demand on the home’s electrical system, it’s inevitable that some electric vehicle owners will need to upgrade their circuit protection devices in order to make best use of an at-home charging point. Another item growing in popularity while simultaneously adding pressure on a home’s circuit is a hot tub. With sales increasing exponentially throughout pandemic lockdowns and beyond (up to 1,000% for some companies!) and the hot tub seemingly being the new ‘must-have’ item for every home, again, the extra capacity required to run them will have contributed towards the increased demand for circuit protection components. Even for those who haven’t invested in a hot tub, Rated People report a 12% uprise in people renovating their homes last year – again, an activity likely to bring about the need for newer circuit protection devices, especially in older properties. And while a new hot tub or some home improvements might have been a welcome lifestyle change for UK residents, there was another, much more significant, impact of coronavirus as thousands more began working from home. While a proportion of these have now returned to their regular place of work, the added pressure on the electrical circuits of the nation’s residential properties will have no doubt been a factor in the uplift in sales. The Office for National Statistics reported 35.9% of employed people did some work at home during 2020, compared to 26.5% in 2019. With some of these households seeing multiple workers now based at home, it’s hardly surprising to see some electrical components needing to be upgraded.

About Niglon Niglon is a fourth-generation family owned and run company, based in the Midlands, which supplies 4,500 electrical products to wholesalers across the UK. The company specialises in seven main categories: circuit protection, cable management, control and automation, wiring accessories, industrial accessories, fixings and tools, and general lighting.  Niglon

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OLSON ELECTRONICS SUPPLIES PDU TO WIRE BROADCAST Wire Broadcast recently installed a customised version of Olson Electronics’ elegant two tone coloured 10A IEC C13 rack mount PDU range. The installation was for a central machine room area supplying a state-of-the-art post-production editing studio, where Olson’s IEC C13 PDUs were customised to the customer’s specification.


Wire Broadcast has extensive experience in the postproduction sector

ire Broadcast has a company ethos of ‘creating the best possible solution for every customer project.’ So it’s no wonder they are a long standing customer of Olson’s. Both companies endeavour to deliver the highest standard of product and service to their customers. “We have used Olson Electronics for over 20 years. The range is extensive and covers all our requirements, such that they are our only suppliers of PDU products,” said Robin Howell, Company Director. “This high quality product range is backed up by sales support which is knowledgeable on the portfolio, friendly and prompt to respond.” Operating in the television and media industry, Wire Broadcast has extensive experience in the post-production sector and specialises in building 4K systems and sound studios. Its portfolio includes working with some of Soho’s most successful post-production studios, as well as a number of projects outside the UK.

Olson was able to provide Wire Broadcast with regular support and consulting

product range available from Olson – an elegant 10A IEC C13 PDU with a two-tone powder coated finish, yellow panel and grey case. This robust range is constructed from mild steel and supplied as standard with a red neon ‘mains on’ indicator. Following further dialogue with the customer and being a UK based manufacturer, Olson was able to make a modification to this range. Sold as standard with a neon indicator, these products were modified to be fitted with an illuminated main switch instead. This modification was driven by the customer and carried out by Olson’s experienced production team at its head office and manufacturing facility in Stanmore, London. To ensure that Wire Broadcast lived up to its company ethos of providing outstanding customer service, a strict delivery schedule was agreed to make sure it achieved the installation time scale for its customers. And the resulting product offered was to the company’s detailed specification and provided an efficient solution that fitted perfectly into the back of its rack. These two-tone IEC C13 rack mount PDUs were delivered across London to Wire Broadcast’s latest installation and now supply a high-end editing suite for Envy Post Production.

Over the years Olson has supplied Wire Broadcast with an extensive range of custom-made solutions to suit the varying installations the company carries out. Each studio has different demands, which could range from a small installation to a fully integrated broadcasting transmission system. In this instance, Wire Broadcast was installing a machine room to supply a brand new state-of-the-art post-production editing suite and it needed an easily identifiable IEC C13 PDU. This was also to be vertically mounted at the rear of the rack before the equipment was installed. As a UK manufacturer, celebrating its 60th year this year, Olson was able to provide Wire Broadcast with regular support and consulting in relation to its latest installation at Envy Post Production, an award-winning post-production company, producing many documentaries and programmes that have graced our screens over the years. Having such a comprehensive product portfolio means not all special PDU requests Olson receives from customers require a completely custom-made power distribution unit solution. Following the initial request received from Wire Broadcast, the company’s technical sales team quickly presented a standard

Olson Electronics,

Surge Protection Devices

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• Intertek • SEMKO



• Shrouded busbars • Built in spirit level • Range of knockout sizes • Captive cover screws








With 55 years of experience, we know consumer units...

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‘READY-TO-GO’ COMMERCIAL SPD BOARDS SUPPORT NEED FOR BEST PRACTICE SURGE PROTECTION INSTALLATION Mike Lawrence, Commercial Marketing Manager from Hager, explains how the company’s market-leading surge protection device (SPD) boards for commercial installations are offering electrical contractors a ‘ready-to-go’ integrated solution.


ager offers one part number for every size of its TPN distribution boards with the incomer and surge protection kits factory fitted, saving contractors time otherwise spent installing the individual elements. A combination of full surge protection device integration within the distribution board, and a number of features and benefits to improve surge protection effectiveness, means electricians and end users can be assured that fitting a Hager commercial SPD board guarantees the very best surge protection. One of the consequences of the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations has been an increased focus on equipment protection against surge transient voltages. In commercial installations, the regulations clarified why and where a surge protection device should be fitted, and outline that it is the responsibility of the electrical designer to ensure the installation is compliant. The regulations are clear. Protection against transient over voltages needs to be provided where the consequences caused by overvoltage could: •  Result in serious injury, or loss of   human life, or •  Result in interruption of public services and/or damage to cultural heritage, or •  Result in interruption of commercial   or industrial activity, or •  Affect a large number of   co-located individuals Such scenarios account for the majority of commercial installations, ranging from public buildings and business premises, and require the inclusion of surge protection. In the unlikely event that a non-domestic installation is not covered in the four scenarios above, then a risk assessment needs to be performed.

Should the outcome of the risk assessment indicate that surge protection devices are needed, then it will be a regulatory requirement that they are installed. Likewise, if the risk assessment is not performed, then surge protection devices should be installed.

SPD kits for TPN boards

Hager’s commercial boards enable all surge protection kits to fit within the distribution board

Hager’s full integration of SPD kits within the distribution panel board

Hager’s Type 1 SPDs have been tested to ensure they work effectively in conjunction with a Type 2 SPD in a downstream TPN board. With the regulations advising that SPDs should be selected from a single manufacturer to ensure they work together, Hager has gone further with verified testing to ensure effective co-ordination.

To support electrical contractors to reduce installation times, meet compliance responsibilities, and alleviate the need to purchase and fit separate protection device items for boards, the industry can benefit from Hager’s factory fitted and fully integrated commercial SPD board to provide optimum surge protection performance. The commercial boards enable all surge protection kits to fit within the distribution board - as opposed to being located in a separate enclosure. This innovative and market-leading solution provides the shortest connections to the surge protection device from the incoming supply, and better performance when it comes to protecting important and often valuable equipment.

All Hager Surge Protection kits are CT2 type arrangements To conform to Section 534 of the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, the Hager surge protection kits included in the commercial SPD boards are CT2 type arrangements. This means Hager SPD devices are applicable for all common UK earthing arrangements such as TNC-S (PME), TN and TT earthing systems and remove the risk of incorrect selection. Hager has implemented solid copper earth links in all SPD kits, achieving a best in class Up effective performance measured at the main busbars of the distribution board. To ensure optimum surge protection performance and reliability so that equipment can be fully protected, Hager’s solution offers factory fitted and full SPD device integration for ‘ready-to-go’ installations, the removal of the need for secondary protective devices, the use of shorter conductor paths, and the inclusion of solid copper earth links. It all adds up to a powerful, practical and effective surge protection solution that aids professional contractors and reassures end users alike.

No secondary upstream protection devices required In the past, surge protection devices required an MCB/MCCB or fuses in the distribution board to provide backup protection using one of the outgoing ways in the distribution board. The Hager solution removes this requirement. For example, a four-way board retains the ability to be used for four TP ways rather than only three due to the SPD requiring one dedicated way. Removing the requirement for a secondary upstream device simplifies and speeds up installation timescales.


Domestic Consumer Units

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Online Learning with Hager Academy Brought to you by our technical and training experts, Hager Academy Online is our new interactive learning solution, helping you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. We’ve put together an in-depth course on Surge Protection which covers; the principles of Surge Protection Devices, which solution is needed for each application, plus requirements for safety and inspection & testing.

Choose your course Whether you have five minutes or an hour to spare, choose from Hager products At a Glance, Product Training or Solution Training.

Manage your training Keep track of your progress through your own personal dashboard and look back at your courses whenever you need a refresher.

Check out our latest courses.

Receive your certificate Complete your technical product training and pass the quiz to receive your Hager Academy certificate, posted out to you in recognition of your achievement.

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ECN October DPS Today Advert 488 x 340 mm .indd 1 Untitled-5 2 DPS Today Advert 488 x 340 mm .indd 1 ECN October

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Consumer Units As experts in the field of Circuit Protection, the PowerBreaker As experts in thesynonymous field of Circuit Protection, thesafety PowerBreaker brand has been with quality and for brand has been synonymous with quality and safety for many years. many years. The Consumer Unit range, which has been manufactured using The Consumer Unit range, which has been manufactured the same high quality components and materials as you using the same high quality components and materials as you would expect from a brand like PowerBreaker, consists would a brand likeand PowerBreaker, consists of fullyexpect or partfrom populated units a selection of of fully or part populated units and a selection of modules and accessories with thoughtful features to modules accessories with thoughtful features to ensure anand easy installation. ensure an easy installation. You can be confident of a quality product to fit the You can be confident of for a quality product to fit the configuration you need a reliable installation in any configuration you need for a reliable installation in any residential or small commercial environment. residential or small commercial environment.

PowerBreaker - you can’t beat our PowerBreaker - you can’tare beat experience so we really theour safest bet... experience so we really are the safest bet... ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

18th Edition Compliant 18th Edition Compliant Stylish, functional metal enclosures Stylish, functional metal enclosures Pre-assembled and split load options Pre-assembled and split load options Enclosures for configuration on site Enclosures for configuration on site Top Hinged Door Top Hinged Door Increased cabling space Increased cabling space Large clear knockouts Large clear knockouts Type A RCDs & RCBOs Type A RCDs & RCBOs Surge Protection Surge Protection Clear labelling kit Clear labelling kit High Integrity Boards High Integrity Boards Built-in spirit level Built-in spirit level Clean White Colour (RAL 9003) Clean White Colour (RAL 9003) 3 Year Guarantee 3 Year Guarantee Third Party Type Tested to BS EN 61439-3 Third Party Type Tested to BS EN 61439-3

Tel. Tel. Email. Email. Website. Website.

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EVOLUTION OF THE CONSUMER UNIT Darren Staniforth, Head of Technical Engagement at Scolmore Group, takes a look at how the consumer unit and, in particular, the devices within them are continuing to evolve to meet future requirements.


The small consumer unit may be a thing of the past

or many years, consumer units, which house essential circuit protection for domestic installations, have been fundamentally the same. However, the devices within the units have undergone almost constant change over the years. Advances in technology and manufacturing have brought about new methods of offering automatic disconnection of supply, short circuit protection and over current protection. Improvements in manufacturing has ensured that, today, these operations are offered by one common device. With protection against over voltage and arc fault taking centre stage recently, we need to look at how we can combine these devices to offer the maximum level of protection to the end users of installations well into the future.

market. Although our consumer units are fundamentally the same as our European counterparts, there were some teething problems. When first introduced, there wasn’t much mention of the need to coordinate them with an over current protective device. The next amendment to the wiring regulations saw changes that ensured designers and installers protected the surge protection device with an appropriate over current device. Some manufacturers then took it upon themselves to engineer their SPDs to incorporate over current protection or to offer it via a separate device. At the moment, choosing either of these solutions results in the loss of two outgoing ways within the consumer unit for many manufacturers. The race is now on to engineer a combined device that only occupies one outgoing way.

Surge protection

Arc fault detection devices are due to become commonplace, if, as Scolmore believes, the proposed changes to the wiring regulations make it through to the next amendment, which is due for publication in March 2022. Currently BS 7671 only recommends their use. However, the company has seen a number of early adopters embrace the technical merits of these devices and offer them to their clients. Scolmore has also had reports of clients asking for them until they realise the cost of the device. The current high cost of these means they are not a viable option for everyone. It is believed that AFDDs will be required for a number of final circuits supplying socket outlets. If this is the case, electrical installers will need to discuss the financial implications with their clients. Currently it is possible to enclose the AFDD technology within the same housing of many RCBOs. Many manufacturers have aimed to do this in a one module device. The challenge for many manufacturers was to keep the device height low enough to allow for the installation of cables above the device once it was installed.

Surge protection came into the UK wiring regulations many years after some of the continental European countries had mandated them. This saw manufacturers try to apply the solutions they were using in Europe to meet the needs of the UK



“Advances in technology and manufacturing have brought about new methods of offering automatic disconnection of supply, short circuit protection and over current protection”

RCDs have seen a number of physical changes over the years and Scolmore believes the biggest change to the technology is still yet to come. These protective devices have historically been of Type AC and they were perfect for the older style installations with mostly resistive loads connected. In today’s world where gadgets are commonplace and lighting is mostly LED, we need an RCD that will continue to work with a small amount of residual DC present due to the connected loads. If the DC was allowed to sit across a Type AC device, the direct current could stop the device working within its maximum time as permitted by the UK regulations. It is understood that direct current can create DC blinding of the AC type RCD. This is why it is very important to select the most appropriate RCD to meet the need of the installation. Designers must ensure that the types of RCDs selected will ensure that DC sensitive devices will not be compromised by the DC present downstream. Currently type F and type B devices are hard to come by, but that could change if demand increases. Having more types of RCDs/RCBOs available will result in the designer needing to take note when using these different devices in one installation. Scolmore has chosen to only make Type A devices available in the new Elucian range of circuit protection. This has caught a few contractors out as they are relying on their old testers to test the new devices. A Type A device must be tested differently from the older style Type AC. Those that have not changed the settings on their test instrument to the new type have reported receiving high readings, very close to the maximum allowed. Others have reported the devices failed to disconnect within 40ms. The company says that as we move toward a prosumer future, the consumer unit that we understand today may look very different if many of the renewable and energy efficiency devices that are encouraged to be included in future installations are incorporated. The small consumer unit may be a thing of the past.  Scolmore,

3 Phase TPN Distribution Boards

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Fully compliant with all of the latest legislation and BS standards All products have a 10 year guarantee


Wide selection of pre-assembled consumer units and devices including RCD, RCBO, MCB and Surge devices Designed with the installer in mind for a fast and speedy installation The curved stylish aesthetic will blend into its environment



Untitled-3 1

Dedicated sales and technical team

Bespoke solutions available

Contact details CircPro (UK) Limited 3C Lansom Road, Rainham, Essex RM13 9YY Phone: 01708 986180 Email: Made in China The MK Trademark is used under license from Novar ED&S Limited Novar ED&S Limited makes no representations or warranties with respect to this product. This product is manufactured by CircPro (UK) Limited, a division of Yihua

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A comprehensive range of Consumer Units and Circuit Protection Devices. A versatile application and easy to install. • Flexibility for maximum circuit combinations and easy upgrades • Fast and simple installation, with fitted spirit level and backed-out and retained terminal screws • Easy access of cables via knockouts, in sides, top and bottom, plus additional rear entry knockouts • A modern stylish design with a profile matching BG wiring accessories


For more information, visit:


OCT 21


For details on how to enter, visit: Untitled-8 2

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Luceco Academy Electrical Training and CPD courses are provided free of charge to everyone involved in the electrical industry. Whether you are a student apprentice, electrical contractor, specifier, educator, or supplier ... we aim to provide a regular offering of educational content that meets the needs of all those in the industry.

lped me e h is h t , t n of rse conte "Great cou etter understanding ks" b ents, than gain a far m e ir u q e r ection IAN surge prot . ELECTRIC SON









All CPD courses are fully accredited and each provides one credit towards annual CPD requirements. The topics covered in our training are driven by your feedback and ideas, so please use our feedback form on our website to let us know what training content you would like to see in the future. Accredited by :

18TH EDITION Untitled-8 3

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SANGAMO — PROUDLY MANUFACTURING IN THE UK FOR 100 YEARS It was acquired as a new business by Scolmore Group in 2018 and added to the ESP product portfolio, but Sangamo’s origins actually date back 100 years. A specialist supplier of time switches and heating controls, Sangamo has built up an excellent reputation and an extensive product range over the years. Here we look back at how the company has evolved and developed over the last century.

Sangamo’s Port Glasgow factory and offices

History in the making

Standing the test of time

The company was founded in 1921 under the name British Sangamo, as the UK subsidiary of the Sangamo Electric Co. of Springfield, Illinois, USA. The company initially manufactured kilowatt hour meters, later expanding its activities to include industrial time switches. In 1936 Sangamo acquired the British Weston Electrical Instrument Co. of Surbiton, Surrey. This company was the United Kingdom subsidiary of the Weston Electrical Instrument Corporation, of Newark, New Jersey, USA, a company founded by Dr Weston, a pioneer in the field of electrical measurements. The two companies were combined to form Sangamo Weston, which designed and manufactured a wide range of electrical measuring and control equipment. Sangamo Weston became associated with products for the aviation industry and as a result, devoted its entire resources during the Second World War to the production of measuring instruments, indicators and associated ancillary equipment for use on aircrafts. After the Second World War, resources were put back into the original product lines, but the company continued to design and manufacture aircraft measuring instruments, indicators, measuring systems and associated equipment for customers all over the world. In 1950 the Port Glasgow factory and offices were officially opened, and it is from this site that the company continues to operate today.

For over 70 years, Sangamo has been manufacturing its famous Round Pattern Time Switches to the same high standard that was first achieved back in the 1950’s. With over 11 million units sold to date, the installation of a Sangamo Round Pattern Time Switch (RPTS) used to be a regular job for many electricians. Despite the electro-mechanical time switches being less common today, the company still reports sales of thousands of units each year, both   as replacements and as brand   new installations. The Sangamo RPTS is trusted by installers for a wide variety of applications, not just because of its reliability but its ease of use. The simple dial and levers make setting the switch up for daily fixed timings a breeze, with no complicated menu options to navigate through. All Round Pattern Time Switches are also 20 Amp rated, providing a more robust switch than most other products on the market.

42  |  October 2021

Company Profile – Sangamo.indd 42

As more and more households are seeing the benefit of smart devices to control various elements in the home, so the demand for smart controls that can help with energy saving in particular is on the increase. The introduction of a Wi-Fi thermostat to the Sangamo range offered installers the opportunity to easily add a smart control function to their customers’ home heating. The Choice Wi-Fi Thermostat allows users to control and monitor the room temperature and thermostat activity from anywhere in the world, through the free to download Sangamo Choice app. An early Sangamo advert

A boost for timers and heating controls range ESP made a significant investment earlier this year to develop the Sangamo range of timers and heating controls. The new range has been totally revamped and showcases brand new products, as well as enhancements and improvements to existing products and introduces key features that are designed to boost the products’ energy saving properties. With energy efficiency top of the agenda for the economy, businesses   and householders, a key aim of the revamp was to introduce features that will assist with efficiency and performance, ultimately driving down energy usage and costs. The new-look Sangamo range can be broken down into four main product categories – Timer Controllers, Thermostats, Programmable Thermostats and Programmers – with a total of 15 products making up the comprehensive collection. Further additions to the Sangamo timers and heating controls range are due to be unveiled next month, which will put Sangamo in a unique position in the market with its choice of colour options across its revamped product range.

Evolving product range We are living in a time of rapid technological development, with smart homes and the internet of things seeming to dominate the sector. With the speed of this change and the huge number of smart devices and products being developed, it can be a challenge for electrical professionals to keep up-to-date with the latest new products and trends. ESP has continued to invest in the Sangamo range of heating controls and time switches to ensure they harness the latest technologies. Bluetooth-compatible timers were added to the Sangamo DIN Rail Time Switch collection. The range is designed to offer convenience and versatility to the user and broaden the product category reach to a wider potential market, where it will help manage costs in residential, commercial and industrial applications. It uses Bluetooth technology to programme the timer and is compatible with Android and IOS, and applications include lighting, security, heating, ventilation, irrigation and horticulture. The current Sangamo DIN rail time switches use Near Field Communication (NFC) to programme the timer from an Android device.





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EV CHARGING supported by





Find all the information, advice and products you need at CEF See the next page to find out more




EV Charging – CEF.indd 43



October 2021  |  43

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CHARGE AHEAD WITH THE EV OPPORTUNITY AND CEF Did you know that one in seven cars sold in the UK this year had a plug? [1] A decade ago, EV numbers in the UK were below 9,000. Now, the UK is one of Europe’s largest markets for ultra-low emission vehicles. That’s why the UK’s leading electrical wholesaler, CEF, is helping electrical contractors take advantage of the business opportunity offered by the growing EV market.


very electric vehicle needs easy access to power. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) recently highlighted the need for at least 2.3 million new electric vehicle charging points to be installed around the UK by 2030.[2] As every electrical charge point must be professionally fitted, that represents a huge opportunity for electrical contractors. CEF has committed resources to become a one-stop shop for all things EV; to be the place that professional electrical contractors look to when they opt to make the growing EV market a bigger part of their business. In providing expertise, advice and a complete range of products and accessories, CEF is helping contractors win EV business by plugging into this once in a lifetime electric changeover.

Knowledge is power

The EV opportunity for contractors Installing EV charge points in homes, workspaces and public places all over the UK presents a massive new business opportunity for electrical contractors. CEF is committed to providing the knowledge, resources and products they need to take advantage of this growing demand. While there are plenty of places for an electric vehicle driver to research models, range and calculate the running costs of EVs, CEF is focusing on helping its electrical contractor customers understand and benefit from the growing EV opportunity. It has dedicated resources to help would-be EV charge point installers find out what they want and need to know.

Although a growing market, CEF recognises that EV is new for its customer base of electricians and contractors. So, it’s investing heavily in training and communication tools to help them quickly get up to speed with everything they need to know about EV. CEF’s Renewable Energy Solutions and EV expert, Bradley Raphael, explains: “We know that our customers already greatly value the advice and expertise they can get in any of our 390 stores. Our colleagues are always happy to explain new products and recommend the best way to do things. We want to make sure that’s the case with all things EV.” CEF is playing an important role in helping its customers understand the EV opportunity and aims to show that

The Plug into EV website is packed with information

The EV market continues to grow With a ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles due to come into force   in 2030, sales of electric vehicles have seen increasing growth in the UK over recent years. By the end of May 2021   there were nearly 260,000 pure-electric cars on UK roads and more than 535,000 plug-in models if you include plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).[3] By 2030 it’s anticipated that the UK EV market will grow to 10 million vehicles and require 2.3 million charging points in homes, workplaces and public locations.[4]

PLUG IN TO EV WITH CEF 44  |  October 2021

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27/09/2021 09:06


the transition to making EV part of their business need not be difficult. “We’ve already begun to provide EV training for all our in-store colleagues, to help start the conversation about the EV opportunity. It’s important that there’s someone with the confidence and knowledge to answer customers’ questions and help them to make sense of things like OZEV [Office for Zero Emission Vehicles] accreditation and the different types of EV charger available,” says Bradley.


CEF has published a handy guide to all things EV, which is available as an online download

Dedicated EV website Building on its reputation of offering friendly and knowledgeable advice and service throughout its nationwide network of 390 stores, CEF is bringing EV expertise to its customers, wherever and however they want it. Providing 24/7 easily accessible advice and information is the Plug into EV website at It’s packed with helpful and informative articles and answers the questions that electricians have about EV, without making them feel like this is something they should already know. With just a few clicks, installers and their clients can find out about home, workplace and public charging and make sense of different EV charging speeds. They can discover what the OZEV grant is and how to take advantage of it; stay up to date with the IET code of practice, and even book an EV charging installation training course. And if they still have questions, they can contact a CEF EV expert to find the answer. While other sites may focus exclusively on the electric vehicle driver and home charging network, CEF is supporting electrical contractors by offering advice, training and products that cover domestic, workplace and public charging.

EV installer training There’s a lot more to efficiently charging electric vehicles than simply running an extension lead from an existing electricity supply. Installers have to check that incoming supply will withstand the demands now and in the future; to examine earthing solutions and consider what the customer needs from an EV charge point solution. In order to qualify for government grants to help with the cost of EV charge point installation, the charge point and installer must be OZEV certified. CEF can provide EV installer training through the NICEIC and City & Guilds. By offering both classroom and virtual training courses that can be booked through local stores, CEF is helping to support contractors looking to expand their business to include the installation of EV charging stations.

Advice where and when it’s needed

A wide choice of charge point brands and accessories

As well as 24/7 online help via the Plug into EV website, there’s also a handy guide to all things EV available as an online download. CEF is also investing in video to help educate and inform its customers about the EV market and EV charging solutions. “EV is a fast-moving and ever-changing market with new products available all the time. Not only do we want to make sure we have the right ones in stock, we also want to make sure that our customers can come to us for any help and advice they need about EV, just as they would when installing new lighting or smart home products, for example. It’s our way of supporting our customers to develop and build their business, to ensure their success in the new world of electric vehicles,” states Bradley.

As the UK’s leading electrical wholesaler, you would expect CEF to offer a wide range of electric charging products. A comprehensive range includes charge points from all the leading brands, right through to everything needed to complete an installation – including charging leads, mounting posts and even EV charge point signage. Issue 07 of the CEF trade catalogue includes 30 pages packed with EV charging essentials, including EV charging units and accessories, plus earthing solutions, switchgear and the new EV ProInstall Cable from Eland Cables, which combines power and data in a single cable to save time and effort for contractors installing EV charge points. Pick up a copy in any one of CEF’s 390 stores or request one online at With options to buy online at or click and collect from any store, CEF has everything the nation’s electricians need to plug into the EV opportunity and support the UK’s low carbon transport revolution.

National Accounts and Projects teams It’s estimated that around £17bn will be invested between now and 2030[5] to support the infrastructure needed to drive more electric vehicles on the UK’s roads. The size of the electric vehicle opportunity means that contractors big and small will need support to install the infrastructure needed to support it. As well as its regular in-store and online service, CEF is well placed to support larger projects and companies through its National Accounts and Projects teams. For contractors working on larger projects or companies who require a national agreement or regional support, these teams can provide the products, expertise, technical know-how and pricing consistency for any project.


[1] [2] [3]

pureelectric-cars-reach-a-quarter-of-a-million-in-uk/ [4]

uploads/2020/12/The-UKs-transition-to-electricvehicles.pdf [5] documents/CBP-7480/CBP-7480.pdf

Everything you need to know to become an EV expert. Visit @ElecConNews

EV Charging – CEF.indd 45



October 2021  |  45

27/09/2021 09:06



ELECTRIFICATION AND THE GROWING OPPORTUNITY FOR INSTALLERS With 215,000 pure-electric vehicles and 455,000 plug-in hybrids now registered on UK roads, Jordan Brompton, co-founder of myenergi, discusses the national transition to electrification and explores the long-term opportunity it provides for electrical installers.


ollowing a lengthy consultation, the government has confirmed that no new petrol and diesel cars will be sold in the UK after 2030. Hybrid vehicles will be given a grace period until 2035, following which only pure-electric models will be available to purchase from new through dealer forecourts. While the cut-off date may seem like a lifetime away, the transition is happening faster than ever predicted. Indeed, according to insight from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), one in 10 new cars is already now an EV. Furthermore, with numerous OEMs canning the development of combustion engines and imposing their own deadlines of range electrification, this impressive pace will only accelerate. But what do these statistics mean for electrical installers and how can they benefit from the UK’s transition away from fossil fuels? The answer, of course, lies in vehicle charging technology.

MYENERGI ONLINE PLATFORM Earlier this year, myenergi launched an online platform to seamlessly connect customers of its zappi EV charge point with certified installers across the UK. Developed in partnership with EV Comply, the step-by-step solution takes the customer through the OZEV grants application process and connects them to their closest myenergi-approved independent. The platform aims to champion the independent and build a tight-knit family of approved installers to support the UK’s transition to electrification. The new platform further streamlines the purchase process and provides busy installers with hassle-free sales leads. What’s more, as it takes customers through the OZEV grants process, there are fewer questions to answer and significantly less paperwork. In time, myenergi will add a whole host of added-value features to the platform, including a generous rewards scheme for certified installers.

Charge points are quickly becoming a must-have essential for every property

myenergi is renowned for designing the world’s first solar compatible EV charger – zappi. Alongside operating as standard for electric car charging, it has optional charging modes to utilise 100% green energy generated from solar PV panels. With a whole host of carefully designed features to give customers complete control of their charging experience, it can be paired with the myenergi app to utilise economy tariffs, deploy the boost function and provide insightful monitoring data. The clever unit is also installer friendly. In fact, myenergi says that the zappi is one of the easiest devices on the market to install, with wireless connectivity meaning fishing long CT cables can become a thing of the past. zappi also offers PEN fault protection and therefore doesn’t require an earth rod, which means no digging up driveways, better aesthetics and quicker installations all round! So, with the EV industry quickly moving past the early adoption stage, mass market consumers are waiting in the wings. With more than 30 million drivers set to make the EV switch, the opportunity is significant and will quickly become a key percentage of daily workload. Electrification is coming – are you ready?

For most installers, EV charge point installation has never amounted to a vast percentage of the order book. While early adopters needed a solution to recharge their daily run-around, charge points sat in the same domain as other ancillary options (such as alarm systems, CCTV and security technology) – an area an electrical installer might delve into from time to time, though not the main source of their workload. However, as more and more households ditch the diesel for an energy efficient alternative, charge points are quickly becoming a must-have essential for every property. After all, the national roll-out of fast-charge forecourts is far slower than the adoption of EVs. So, with 32 million drivers quickly switching from combustion engines to EV, charge points are becoming a staple. Strict regulation guiding the fitting of charging equipment and the necessity to commission the installation mean that DIY simply isn’t an option – the open goal opportunity is here to stay. Three key points are therefore important to consider. Firstly, is your business correctly positioned to take advantage of the opportunity? Secondly, do you and your team have the necessary training? Thirdly, are you properly acquainted with the marketplace and do you understand the EV charge point options available?


PLUG IN TO EV WITH CEF 46  |  October 2021

EV Charging – myenergi.indd 46




27/09/2021 09:06





Make the most of the EV opportunity with our essential guide to electric vehicle charging. Everything you need to know to become an EV expert.

   

Charging speeds Home, workplace and public charging OZEV grants and regulations NICEIC Electric vehicle charging training

Visit: Untitled-1 1

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OFGEM TO ENSURE ELECTRIC CAR REVOLUTION UNLOCKS FULL BENEFITS FOR CONSUMERS Ofgem has set out how it will support the rollout of electric vehicles (EVs) in Britain, ensuring that the infrastructure and technology is in place for the rapidly growing number of EVs on the road, with an estimated 14 million by 2030.


nsuring the energy network is prepared for EV uptake – Ofgem will ensure network capacity is in place to support the rollout of electric vehicles, with billions more in network investment expected to follow as part of Ofgem’s next network price control. Investment is already taking place, with £300 million approved by Ofgem in May 2021. Around half of this investment is for new EV charging infrastructure, such as cabling and substations, that will provide the network capacity to support 1,800 new ultra-rapid charging points at motorway service stations, tripling the number of these public charge points, and a further 1,750 rapid public charge points at other key transits and city hubs to reduce EV range anxiety and improve consumer confidence. Making connections to the energy network easier – Ofgem is proposing to bring down costs for large users, such as electric vehicle charging stations, of connecting to the grid where reinforcement

Helping drivers switch to EVs – Ofgem will work with energy suppliers and innovators to make sure there are a range of products, services and tariffs for UK energy consumers to take advantage of. It will ensure consumer protections are updated to keep up with technological and business model change. Neil Kenward, Ofgem’s Director of Strategy and Decarbonisation, says: “Electric vehicles will revolutionise the way we use energy and provide consumers with new opportunities, through smart products, to engage in the energy market to keep their costs as low as possible. “Our electric vehicle priorities not only provide a way to meet our climate change targets but, importantly, offer ways to protect consumers from rising bills, through a three-prong approach of increased use of electric vehicles, smart charging and vehicle-to-grid technology, which together can help drive down costs for all GB bill payers.”

is required. This is an important change that will enable a greater number of people to have access to charge points where they need them. Maximising the benefits of smart charging – smart charging electric vehicles at periods of low demand will enable EV owners to fuel their EVs for less, and will make more efficient use of the system as a whole, saving money for everyone. Working to support the development of vehicle-to-grid – vehicle-to-grid technologies will allow EV owners to earn money by exporting electricity back from their car battery to the grid when it is most needed. This will help reduce the amount of electricity generation needed at peak times. Exporting electricity through vehicle-to-grid, if combined with an uptake of smart charging, could reduce peak demand equivalent to the generation capacity of up to 10 large nuclear power stations. This would reduce the overall cost of running the electricity system and help keep bills lower for all consumers, including those who do not own electric vehicles.


Everything you need to know to become an EV expert. Visit 48  |  October 2021

EV Charging – Ofgem.indd 48




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Does your EVSE kit help you test, or does it just test?

Metrel’s charging point test kit is exceptional! The adapter will simulate a vehicle using the charge point and will complete all the functional tests and load test the installation. Meanwhile, the multi-function tester will automatically do all the electrical safety tests, let you record and store the results. So you can issue the certificate without added hassle. Helping you move on to the next job without delay!

Find out how the Metrel range of EVSE kits can accelerate your business. CALL TODAY 01924 245000 or mail for more information.

Metrel UK Ltd. Unit 16, 1st Qtr Business Park Blenheim Road Epsom Surrey KT19 9QN Phone: 01924 245000 E-mail: Web:

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Twitter-@MetrelUkLtd Facebook - @MetrelUk Instagram- metrelukltd

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EV CHARGING ROUNDUP ECN takes a look at the latest   EV charger installation projects.


ABB An advanced multi-site charging network in the UK will see ABB equipment charge thousands of electric vehicles, making EV charging more straightforward and accessible for drivers. ABB chargers will support the new GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, which will include coverage for 85% of the UK’s motorway network, plus towns and cities across the country. This multi-millionpound investment will be supported by ABB’s Ultrafast DC 350 kW chargers at 50 of the new electric charging hubs, with each site having between six and 12 charging units. A further 300 Fast DC 60kW chargers will provide enhanced reliability to upgrade 150 existing sites that GRIDSERVE has acquired from Ecotricity. More than 10 new electric hubs are planned to be in service before the end   of 2021.

Shell Shell has announced plans to have 50,000 on-street EV charge posts installed across the UK by the end of 2025, through ubitricity, part of the Shell group. The move is part of a wider effort to bring more EV charging availability to the millions of UK drivers without private parking and help local authorities get their charging networks up-and-running as quickly as possible. Around 3,600 ubitricity chargers are already in place in the UK, using existing street infrastructure, such as lamp posts and bollards. In order to drive take-up to reach the 50,000 figure, Shell will support local authorities with a financing offer to install more ubitricity on-street chargers in towns and cities across the UK at potentially zero cost.

“Around 3,600 ubitricity chargers are already in place in the UK, using existing street infrastructure, such as lamp posts and bollards”

undertaking a £50m investment to improve its retail, food to go, and valeting offer to the consumer this year. This investment will continue in the years ahead across its UK wide network.

Parking and charging platform, JustPark, and Octopus Energy Group have launched the UK’s first fleet-focused community charging solution – FleetCharge. The new charging solution will help businesses overcome charging inequality, enabling them to accelerate their transition to electric vehicles. Working with fleet operators, JustPark will find convenient off-street charging locations for their drivers who are unable to have an electric vehicle charger installed at home. Chargers will be located at one of JustPark’s 50,000 parking locations or at a new site within a five-minute walk of a given driver’s home. FleetCharge gives drivers guaranteed access to their dedicated chargers, effectively creating private chargers and a private network for each fleet operating customer. Chargers will be located at a mix of domestic, business and parking facilities, and will always be available for the designated user. Octopus Energy Services will install and manage FleetCharge’s charging units and drivers will have access to 100% renewable electricity from Octopus Energy and Octopus Energy’s EV roaming service, the Electric Juice Network.

Connected Kerb The London Borough of Lambeth is working with EV charging specialist, Connected Kerb, in a first-of-its-kind project to demonstrate how affordable and accessible public EV charging infrastructure can be deployed to tackle EV inequality and drive greater EV adoption amongst communities traditionally under-represented in the EV transition. Approximately a third of residents in Lambeth live on estates managed by the council and the majority of housing in the borough does not have off-street parking. This means that a large proportion of drivers will have to rely on public EV charging infrastructure. This project will act as a blueprint that can be adopted at scale by other boroughs, councils and cities across Britain to deliver an inclusive and equitable EV transition, serving all members of society. The project in Lambeth includes 22 on-street EV chargers across 11 council estates in the borough to provide easy access to public charging, even for those without off-street parking. Each of Connected Kerb’s chargers will provide a 7kW fast charge, perfect for habitual on-street charging where residents are parked for a predictable amount of time each day. Every charge point will feature contactless payment   via the Connected Kerb app, with a consistent network and tariff across   the sites, enabling fair and equal access   for everyone.

Motor Fuel Group Independent forecourt operator, Motor Fuel Group (MFG), has opened the very first EV-only forecourt and valeting centre dedicated solely to ultra-rapid chargers in the North-West of England at its Stretford branch on the Chester Road, Manchester. It is Greater Manchester’s first dedicated Ultra Rapid Charging forecourt, strategically placed on the A56, and has eight dedicated ultra-rapid 150kW EV charging bays which can give 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes of charging. MFG is investing in the new future of forecourts, committing around £40m in 2021 alone to EV charging hubs, as well as

ABB, Shell, JustPark, Motor Fuel Group, Connected Kerb,

PLUG IN TO EV WITH CEF 50  |  October 2021

EV Charging – Round Up.indd 50




27/09/2021 09:07


DL911x Series 18th Edition MFT DL9110 offer price

£425.00 + VAT List price £999.00 +VAT


Xpert Loop Technology

No RCD Up-lift Noise Effect Technology

DL9118 offer price

£516.00 + VAT

List price £1,199.00 +VAT

Auto Start Earth Loop & Continuity Tests Phase to Phase Loop & Phase Rotation (DL9118) User Friendly Design with Tool Box Carry Case Full Range Protection when voltage incorrectly applied Type AC, Type A & Selective RCD tests 1000V Insulation Test (DL9118) The UK’s Largest RGB Screen Remote Test Probe (optional extra with the DL9110)

Di-Log’s NEW Xpert Loop Technology provides highly accurate low current loop testing, without any RCD or RCBO uplift and anti noise technology.

Made in the UK


Auto RCD & Ramp Test Full Calibration Certificate

WARRANTY option to extend to 3 years with the Di-log Service Plan

Di-LOG Test Equipment Unit 28, Wheel Forge Way, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1EH

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0161 877 0322 24/09/2021 12:17


OB1 — THE NO. 1 SEALANT AND ADHESIVE NOW AVAILABLE FROM UNICRIMP To celebrate, Unicrimp is offering the lucky winner a £250 multi-store voucher.


OB1’s uses are wide ranging for both external and internal projects. It offers superior bond strength for kitchen worktops and, with its food safe formula – OB1 conforms to ISEGA Standards – it is perfect for use in kitchens and food preparation areas. It will bond and seal marble, granite and quartz worktops and is guaranteed not to attack or stain surfaces. For bathrooms, it features zero VOC’s, so it offers exceptional mould resistant sealing. It will bond skirting and architraves, as well as mirrors without the need for any additional fixings. Its weather-resistant properties make it perfect for outdoor repairs, including leaking gutters and slates, and it will perform flawlessly even when applied under water. OB1 multi-surface construction sealant and adhesive is available in a 290ml tube, in a range of colours – white, clear, black, anthracite, grey, silver, brown, terracotta and beige. Also available in the OB1 range is a multi-surface cleaner (aerosol 500ml) and a multi-layer paint and varnish remover (aerosol 500ml).

eading cable accessories supplier and Scolmore Group company, Unicrimp, has acquired the rights to exclusively distribute the original, multi-surface sealant and adhesive brand, OB1, through the UK electrical wholesale channel. OB1 is a market-leading, high-spec hybrid construction sealant and adhesive that has a tried and tested formulation which has been used by the trade for over 15 years. What makes OB1 stand out is its versatility, flexibility and its 24-hour full curing time. It provides an alternative to mastics, wood and PU adhesives, silicones, acrylics and butyl rubber sealants. This one product is capable of bonding and sealing an extensive range of materials, including aluminium, wood and MDF, plastic, metal, steel, mirror, lead, concrete, glass, tile, polycarbon, PVC and felt. OB1 also works in damp conditions and even under water. It contains no solvents, so it will never crack or shrink, can be applied on wet surfaces, painted or moulded and it has a very high bond strength with resistance to fungal and bacterial growth.

To enter the competition, just answer these three simple questions: 1. OB1 sealant and adhesive has been trusted by the trade for how many years? a) 12 b) 15 c) 10

2. O B1 will bond and seal which of these materials?

3. O B1’s safe food formula complies with which standard?

a) W ood and MDF, aluminium, metal and steel b) Concrete, glass and tiles c) All of the above

August Competition The winner of the August competition – a £250 Love2Shop voucher, courtesy of Ansell Lighting – was John Harding.

Closing date All entries must be returned by 31 October. The editor’s decision is final. For the full terms and conditions, visit competition-terms. The name of the winner will be published in December of ECN.


*Prize not exchangeable.

To enter, please complete the form below and fax to 01634 673173, or post to: ECN Competition, All Things Media Ltd, Suite 14, 6-8 Revenge Road, Lordswood, Kent, ME5 8UD. Alternatively, you can email your answers and contact details to:

The answers to October’s competition are:

Contact Preferences Y ES, I would like to receive the ECN newsletter Y ES, I would like to subscribe to ECN magazine


Y ES, I would like to share my data with Unicrimp

Personal Details Name....................................................................................................................................... Company Name...................................................................................................................... Address...................................................................................................................................

2. . .........................................................................


................................................................................ Postcode................................................. Tel................................................................ Mobile ................................................................

3. . .........................................................................



To register to receive your copy of ECN each month, visit Competition.indd 52

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Smart Lighting & Lighting Control – MLA.indd 53


October 2021  |  53

27/09/2021 09:39



THINKING SMARTER IS THE WAY FORWARD Home automation can appear overly complex but there are simple, easy-to-use systems out there that offer installers the opportunity to make their customers’ homes smarter, writes Alex Velea, Smart Technical Engineer at Knightsbridge.


he smart home has long been talked about, but the current offerings rely on expensive hubs and gateways that take considerable setting up, have overcomplicated user interfaces, and require an excessive amount of personal information to get started. Certainly, there’s an appetite from consumers to get into a smart way of controlling appliances and lighting, but the barriers to entry have been prohibitive on the cost front and overly complex.

of the budget (27%) allocated to home improvements by the British public, suggesting that there is a great opportunity for sales of smart devices to flourish. What the market really needs is a simple-to-use smart system that offers convenience, flexibility, and scalability, where devices can be controlled by an app via an existing home router. For the homeowner, this would negate the need for costly outlay on proprietary systems and allow the installer to suggest electrical accessories and lighting products that can be built into a tailor-made smart system for the home.

Another driver for smart usage has been the trend towards home improvements driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to working from home (WFH). Not only have people saved money, but they have also spent more time at home which has led to a reappraisal of rooms, décor and lighting, especially when faced with making the home your ‘office’. This ‘living/working space’ upgrade is driving refurbishments and rewiring upgrades, providing an opportunity to install smart devices. As a survey of householders by the HomeServe Foundation reveals, electrical work is taking over a quarter

SMART COLOUR-CHANGING DOWNLIGHTS • Fire-rated to 30, 60, and 90 minutes • Over 16 million colour options • Loop-in / loop-out terminals

images.indd 1 54 STRIP |  October 2021

Smart Lighting & Lighting Control – MLA.indd 54



27/09/2021 09:14:06  @ecn_magazine

27/09/2021 09:39


Approvals Interestingly, Knightsbridge’s latest survey of over one thousand electrical contractors revealed that a very high percentage of the trade were very much aware of smart technology but there was less confidence about installing smart products. Luckily that’s where the latest range of Knightsbridge smart products come into their own. Designed to be easily installed and quickly configured into the SmartKnight app, the wiring accessories and lighting products can be controlled via a smartphone. All the homeowner has to do is download the app onto their smartphone from either Google Play or the Apple App Store and follow the instructions. What’s worth noting is that all of the Knightsbridge smart product range has been sent to Google and Amazon for independent testing and approval. That’s why you’ll see the official ‘works with’ logo, rather than ‘compatible with’, which some systems use. Once downloaded, the user can take advantage of all the useful features on the app, like timers, schedules, scenes, and geo-fencing (so devices can activate when the customer gets home). And what could be more convenient than simply issuing instructions to either Alexa or Google Assistant to turn down the lights or turn off connected appliances! Using such assistant enabled speakers, customers can create automation and have them triggered by voice command. One example would be when one says, “Alexa/Hey Google, good morning” and the lights turn on to a set colour temperature and brightness, while the speaker gives the day’s news and weather. If it’s going to be hot, using the assistant and a smart socket, a customer can have a fan plugged into a smart socket and when they say “Alexa, I am hot” the fan turns on for a set period.

Choose your lighting effects with SmartKnight

Smart three-gang extension lead with quad USB chargers

Smart choices So, what forms the basis of the Knightsbridge smart home portfolio? At the heart of the range are the two 13A two-gang, smart switched sockets, manufactured to match the designs of its existing square and curved edge ranges of moulded switches and sockets. They feature a power monitoring function so the homeowner can see live power usage on the socket in kWh and a green indicator on the socket shows if the relevant gang is on. Appliances attached to the socket will be controllable remotely or by voice. For example, a customer can fill their kettle before they go to bed, flip the switch on the kettle while the socket is off and then through creating an automation via the app, turn the socket on at 8am the following morning, thus turning the kettle on ready for a pot of tea. Where homeowners will have most fun is with the range of smart LED downlights which can be controlled via the SmartKnight app to provide a raft of lighting scenarios. Depending on the model installed, they can vary not only the colour temperature from warm white to daylight and everything in between, but also the RGB colour with over 16 million options available. For example, if your customer is working in their home ‘office’, the lights can be programmed via the app to change colour depending on the time of the day. Research from US office and lighting designer Felderman and Keatinge has found that different colour temperatures encourage different levels of comfort, relaxation and productivity. Warm colours, such as 2700K and 3000K, are relaxing colours so they are a good option to start the day. Afterwards, the colours can change to 4000K and 6000K, which are called task/ focus colours, and help and stimulate concentration on the task in hand. Towards the end of the day, the colours become warmer again which helps relaxation as the end of the workday approaches.

The range also features several useful ancillaries to extend the smart capability of the home, such as a 16A smart plug, a 10A three-gang smart extension lead with quad USB charger, and smart motion and entry sensors. If the customer is going out for the day and wants to return to a prepared meal, simply plug a slow cooker into a smart socket/plug adaptor, turn on the cooker remotely and have the dinner ready by the time they arrive home. The latest additions to the smart range include LED lamps, sensors and a security camera, all controllable via the SmartKnight app. For instance, the plug and play indoor security camera offers a number of useful features, including a built-in two-way audio system that enables the user to see, hear and converse with people in shot. There is the facility for an on-board SD card for data storage or, alternatively, Cloud recording (with a subscription). For further security measures, the contact sensor can be attached to the external door of the house, using the IP66 two-gang switched socket and an existing floodlight/bulkhead plugged into the socket. When the sensor is triggered, it will turn on the floodlight and send a notification as well. And with the nights drawing in, the geofencing capabilities of the smart range come into their own. So, via the app the homeowner can program that when they pull into the drive, the smart bulbs inside the outdoor spikes/bollards will light up and illuminate the path to their front door. For the installer, this variety of products on offer also maximises the opportunity for repeat business - some buyers will want one smart item to test the benefits, paving the way for future smart purchases, expanding their SmartKnight portfolio. Whatever the homeowner’s appetite for ‘smart’ is, the Knightsbridge range can help satisfy it; so, remember: don’t just sell products, sell smart – it’ll pay dividends!  Knightsbridge,


Knightsbridge 13A two-gang smart switched socket

SMART LED FLEX CONTROLLER • Compatible with single colour, CCT, RGB, and RGBW flex from Knightsbridge • Enables users to control LED Flex lighting via the SmartKnight app


STRIP images.indd 2


Smart Lighting & Lighting Control – MLA.indd 55

@ecn_magazine 27/09/2021 2021 09:14:07   October   |  55

27/09/2021 09:39



WORLD FAMOUS UNIVERSITY TAKES CONTROL OF ITS LIGHT WITH STATE-OF-THE-ART DALI SOLUTION The Imperial College of London has had an ultra-modern DALI lighting control solution installed at its new campus where the next generation of biomedical engineers will carry out life-changing research.


We’re very proud to be involved in such a prestigious project

he famous public research university, which was granted a Royal Charter by King Edward VII in 1907 and is ranked among the top 10 best universities in the world, had the new energy-saving lighting system by BEG Lighting Controls fitted inside the Sir Michael Uren Hub at ICL’S White City campus. The 13-storey building is named after British businessman and philanthropist Michael Uren OBE who gifted ICL £40 million towards construction of the hub, which has been described as an ‘unprecedented investment in facilities dedicated to biomedical engineering research’. Mr Uren, who once attended ICL, is its most generous benefactor in history. He passed away at the age of 95 in 2019. The spectacular building includes avant-garde laboratory and office facilities and, with its proximity to the Hammersmith Hospital campus, will bring 50 engineers, clinicians and scientists together to develop new medical technologies. Nationwide UK manufacturer, BEG Lighting Controls, worked on the Sir Michael Uren Hub project alongside mechanical and engineer consultant, Buro Happold, the University Estates engineer, and M&E service provider, Michael J Lonsdale. The college’s requirements were to have a lighting control solution put in place that its building managers could operate

The spectacular building includes avant-garde laboratory and office facilities

when the area is unoccupied. A different DALI broadcast sensor (PD4M-Dali/DSI-C) was selected as this is a long-range sensor with detector range of up to 40m. To achieve adequate detection for the longer corridor sections, a number corridor slaves (PD4S-C) were required. “For the restrooms, a more discrete sensor was installed which could control the DALI luminaires and the ventilation fan. For this application, another sensor (PD9M-Dali/DSI-1C) was chosen which enables DALI control of the luminaires and a switching function for the fan. The lumen output of the luminaires was governed by natural light level and movement whereas the fan was by movement only. This means if there is sufficient daylight the luminaires would switch off but the fan remains on when the restroom is occupied.” BEG proposed a totally different lighting solution for the laboratories to comply with health and safety standards. ICL was keen for the window row of luminaires to dim according to the amount of measured natural light, so the BEG DALI-LINK system was introduced in these areas. This is a DALI addressable system programmed via Bluetooth and the DALI-LINK app. Tom says: “Once again, the lights were put into two groups, but with one group being the lights adjacent to the windows. This group was controlled by a multi-sensor which was set into photocell mode to give constant light control. To provide a switching function, a Bluetooth four-way switching relay (PBM) was used behind a two-gang push to make a retractive switch plate. One switch controlled the lights adjacent to the windows and the other the remaining lights, which worked out perfectly. “As with all BEG projects, we assisted and trained the contractors in setting up the sensors and gave a demonstration to ICL staff and its maintenance team on how to use the equipment and how best to make energy savings. We’re very proud to be involved in such a prestigious project with the Imperial College London whose mission is to benefit society through the wonder of science, engineering, medicine and business.”

and maintain themselves. Using DALI dimmable luminaires, ICL also wished to take advantage of the natural daylight and reduce the building’s energy costs. BEG Specification Director, Tom Greenrod, says: “In large office areas, we installed a DALI broadcast sensor (PD4M-DAA4G)   that could be programmed to give an offset of light level for luminaires adjacent to the windows. It was calculated that the window row could provide a 30% lower output than the inner luminaires. “To achieve this, the sensor was programmed using the BEG ONE app on a smartphone to provide two lighting groups. The inner luminaires were assigned as Group One and the window row as Group Two and set to 30% lower output to Group One. For the internal offices, a standard broadcast DALI sensor was used with all lights set to the required design lux level and programmed again via the app. “All offices required absence detection. The default setting of presence was changed by using the app or by the dip switch on the sensor. All BEG master sensors can work in either presence or absence mode. In absence mode, the lights in the offices were manually switched on using a push to make a retractive switch. A short press provided an on/off function and a long press a dimming function. “In the circulation areas, it was a requirement that the lights dim down to a low level rather than turning off completely

BEG Lighting Controls,

SMART 2G SWITCHED SOCKET • Control up to 2 appliances • Manual Override via the switches on the socket


• White moulded design with anti-microbial properties

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SMART HOME Smart lighting, wiring, and security, that’s easy to install and simple to set up





01582 88 77 60 NO HUB REQUIRED

01582 88 77 60All controllable via the

SmartKnight app (available on Google Play and the App Store)

01582 88 77 60

01582 88 77 60

works with


Hey Google


of Google LLC. @KnightsbridgeMLGoogle is a trademark @Knightsbridgemla

Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.




@Knightsbridgemla @Knightsbridgemla

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SPOTLIGHT ON DALI With the market for smart lighting and connected controls projected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future, Mike Collins, Sales Director at Ovia – part of the Scolmore Group of companies – answers some questions on the DALI protocol, described as the largest wired digital open protocol in the world for lighting.


ccording to Pål Karlsen, a research analyst for building technology with consultancy firm, Omdia, the market for smart lighting and connected controls is growing at a good speed and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Looking ahead, he forecasts that open protocols such as DALI, Zigbee and Bluetooth will be the growth winners over the next few years in smart lighting and connected controls. He believes that future-proofing and a clear business case will help reduce the risk of investment in smart lighting technologies. One of the approaches to future-proofing is to choose popular, open protocols with an ecosystem surrounding the technology, as a way of assuring the availability of substitute suppliers. Compared with analogue controls, ‘smart’ requirements like colour-temperature tuning, individual fixture control and integration with various sensors has made digital controls, such as DALI-2, a necessity.

The origins of DALI Originating in the late 1990’s, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a bi-directional communications protocol that is used to provide control over, and communication between, the components in a lighting system.

DALI is a bi-directional communications protocol

Key features of DALI •  It is an open protocol – any manufacturer can use it. •  With DALI-2, interoperability between manufacturers is guaranteed by mandatory certification procedures. •  Installation is simple. Power and control lines can be laid together and no shielding is required. •  The wiring topology can be in the form of a star (hub and spoke), a tree or a line, or any combination of these. •  Communication is digital, not analogue, so the exact same dimming values can be received by multiple devices, resulting in very stable and precise dimming performance.

•  All devices have their own unique address in the system, opening a very wide range of possibilities for flexible control. This also allows all devices to be individually monitored and maintained.

How does DALI compare with 1-10V? DALI, like 1-10V, was designed for and by the lighting industry. Lighting control components, such as LED drivers and sensors, are available from a range of manufacturers that have DALI and 1-10V interfaces. However, that’s where the similarity ends. The main differences between DALI and 1-10V are: •  DALI is addressable. This opens the way for many valuable features such as grouping, scene-setting and dynamic control, such as changing which sensors and switches control which light fittings in response to office layout changes. •  DALI is digital, not analogue. This means that DALI can offer much more precise light level control and more consistent dimming. •  DALI is a standard, so, for example, the dimming curve is standardised, meaning that equipment is interoperable between manufacturers. The 1-10V dimming curve has never been standardised, so using different brands of drivers on the same dimming channel could produce some very inconsistent results. •  1-10V can only control switching on/off and simple dimming. DALI can manage colour control, colour changing, emergency lighting testing and feedback, complex scene-setting and many other lightingspecific functions.

How does DALI work? The core of DALI is a bus – a pair of wires that carries digital control signals from input devices (such as sensors) to an application controller. The application controller applies the rules with which it has been programmed to generate outgoing signals to devices such as LED drivers.

•  Bus power supply unit (PSU). This component is always required. It maintains the bus voltage at the required level. •  Led fittings. All light fittings in a DALI installation require a DALI driver. A DALI driver can accept DALI commands directly from the DALI bus and respond accordingly. The drivers can be DALI or DALI-2 devices, but if they are not DALI-2 they will not have any of the new features introduced with this latest version, such as querying control gear failure, resending failed commands, or identifying devices. •  Input devices – sensors, switches etc. These communicate with the application controller using 24-bit data frames. They do not communicate directly with the control devices (DALI 2 only). •  I nstances. Often, a device such as a sensor will contain a number of separate devices within it. For example, sensors often include a movement detector (PIR), a light-level detector and an infra-red receiver. These are called instances – the single device has three instances. With DALI-2, each instance can belong to a different control group and each can be addressed to control different lighting groups. •  Control devices – application controller. The application controller is the ‘brains’ of the system. It receives 24-bit messages from the sensors (etc.) and issues 16-bit commands to the control gear. The application controller also manages the data traffic on the DALI bus, checking for collisions and re-issuing commands as necessary. As a business, Ovia is continually developing products that incorporate the latest technology and its list of fittings that are compatible with the DALI protocol continues to be expanded. The company recently introduced a DALI signal converter which will transform 0-10V/ PWM dimmable light fittings, such as Ovia’s Hion and Grus highbays, to DALI dimmable light fittings.  Ovia,

SMART IP66 OUTDOOR SWITCHED SOCKET • Control up to 2 outdoor appliances • Manual Override via the switches on the socket • Range: 20m-40m (depending on Wi-Fi signal coverage)

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The Inceptor Omni V2 features a recess depth of just 53mm with no insulation support bracket needed thanks to the Flow™ integrated driver.


53mm Recess Depth






call: 01827 300640

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SMART LIGHTING — CONSIDERATIONS FOR CONTRACTORS Smart lighting has grown in popularity within the domestic market, but it is worthwhile remembering that it can offer numerous benefits for commercial premises too. With manufacturers continuing to drive innovation, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here, Dominick Sandford, Director and Head of Supply Chain, Merchandising and Marketing, at ElectricalDirect looks at what to consider when making a product recommendation.


For customers looking for a simple entry point into smart lighting, consider recommending smart lightbulbs. These can either work via a direct connection to the Wi-Fi and controlled by an app, or depending on model, can connect to a hub for central control, as part of an overall system of smart solutions. Utilising smart lighting switches is another simple step to take. These will provide complete control of a lighting system via a smartphone app, voice command or touch and often without needing additional wiring. Remote control smart lighting switches (otherwise known as Wi-Fi light switches) are compatible with smart hubs and can be integrated into a whole system. Smart lighting switches can replace traditional versions like for like, so it is an appealing option for those looking for a natural shift towards smart lighting that doesn’t require a change in habits. For those looking to create a wider, integrated smart system or expand their smart environment over time – starting with a control hub, or ecosystem, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple kit, and building a connected space from this central point helps to streamline the process. These are compatible with most smart devices and appliances and offer a wealth of possibilities for your client beyond lighting solutions. Here, contractors may also consider and plan cabling requirements for further smart products, such as sound systems, speakers, PIR sensors, CCTV, and heating controls. When looking to source the best smart lighting products, it is recommended to use a supplier with an established track record of delivering high-quality solutions, backed with quality guarantees. At ElectricalDirect, there is a wide range of smart lighting options available from leading brands including Hive and Lightwave.

n the past, it was commonly thought that smart lighting was potentially complicated and difficult to install. This is not the case with today’s technology. As an installer, there are some simple changes that can be made in commercial spaces to create a fully customised smart lighting system.

Why smart lighting? Smart lighting can play a key role in creating a more energy efficient environment. Schedules can be set to ensure lights are not left on over the weekend or overnight when premises are empty. Lighting can also be switched off from any location, or even intelligently memorise daily use, so that the lighting mimics usual activity without the need for timer sockets. This can all help to provide peace of mind for landlords, property managers or occupiers that energy wastage is being minimised. Furthermore, since the pandemic, attitudes toward flexible working, as well as company policies, are changing. Subsequently, many offices are looking at reduced numbers so there is a potential opportunity to readdress lighting requirements. For example, to improve efficiency, smart lighting in the office can also be zoned more precisely to only light the areas in use. Lighting also has a significant impact on productivity and wellbeing. Schedules with smart systems can be applied to turn on ahead of the first employees arriving to start their workday, which can be especially pleasant for darker winter mornings. To create a comfortable working environment, it’s worthwhile talking to clients about dimmable or colour changing bulbs. These will offer the flexibility to achieve a specific ambience or to zone areas with different colours and hues.

Smart lighting can play a key role in creating a more energy efficient environment

Considerations and options When exploring smart lighting options with clients, the first step is to establish the objective. For instance, a client that only requires the ability to control the lights remotely would need different products to a client that wants zoned or mood lighting. Secondly, it is important to identify how the building will be used. Ascertaining the scale of the customer requirements can determine whether the initial project approach should future-proof for any customisation and scalability at a later point.


SMART CCT LED PANEL DOWNLIGHTS • Surface or recess mounting (walls and ceilings) • Adjust the colour temperature via the SmartKnight app (3000K - 6000K) • Low profile - 15mm

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Klik Black Hide in Plain Sight Being the market leader for plug and play lighting connection, Klik can be seen in many buildings throughout the UK. Listening to our customers, we often receive requests to minimise the visibility of the lighting connection and control systems in open ceiling applications.

Find out more about the Klik range.

We are introducing Klik Black to deliver a low visibility solution, allowing the lighting connection system of a building to hide in plain sight. This gives an even wider application range to installers and building managers. Find out more about Klik at Products included in the Klik Black range:


Untitled-10 1 1 Klik Black.indd





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DON’T RESTRICT YOURSELF TO LIGHTING KNX UK President, Paul Foulkes, encourages installers to train for a future based on open systems.


s the cash cow that was only quasi-smart lighting on its last legs? People want much more in their homes and workplace: in addition to the relatively easy lighting wins, they want you to integrate heating and cooling, shading and energy control and security. And why not, given the existence of a proven, robust open-system automation platform that makes bringing it all together easy? That’s KNX. KNX is not a product range but an open protocol that enables you to combine products from different manufacturers to create the exact, custom system your clients want. You can train to become a KNX partner, competent to use the programming software at certified training centres across the UK. Why not at least start with a free taster session to see what opportunities you are missing? The KNX standard has just celebrated its 30th birthday as the de facto global open control protocol, and signing up Sony took its count of manufacturer members past the 500 mark. That’s 500 world-class manufacturers making controls that are guaranteed to work together, guaranteed to be backwards compatible, and guaranteed to enable you to broaden your horizons by designing interworking between applications controlling every aspect of home control. Products are certified as compatible by the international KNX Association, which also maintains and updates the programming software. Of course, adding value depends on the quality of the installer’s skill and creative thinking and you can get a great start with one of the KNX Partner training courses available across the UK. Then you will be ready to start building scalable, flexible solutions that meet customer expectations, be it lighting or a fully integrated smart home. Another big advantage of the open approach means you can always go back and upgrade or expand – adding new applications like HVAC and security to an initial lighting installation. Don’t limit yourself by starting with a proprietary control system that only controls lighting! There are far bigger opportunities to be grasped. The big risk with proprietary solutions is that they might, for example, require you to update an installation’s central controller when a new range of keypads or smart wall switches is released.

Meanwhile, a KNX integrator will have been able to programme a new, KNX-certified keypad design into the existing system, make a quick physical swap onsite, and then sit back and continue to enjoy an amicable and profitable long-term relationship with the customer. That’s not to say you have to ditch your favourite systems or familiar products because, for the most part, the proprietary players have already seen which way the wind is blowing and made the KNX choice for you. They have created the gateways that let the magic happen. There are KNX gateways to Control4, Savant, Crestron and Lutron, as well as the DALI-2 standard. Naturally, consumer solutions are coming to the KNX party too, with Sonos, Apple Homekit, Siri, Alexa and Google Home all able to either control or be integrated with a KNX system. KNX integrators in the UK have been delivering high-end residential projects in the UK market for many years using the KNX ETS programming software. While it hasn’t actually changed fundamentally, the skin it lives in has evolved, making learning and using it ever-easer. Its underlying stability is the real strength – you will be installing projects with lifecycles extending into decades. KNX UK Association members are now maintaining and expanding systems they installed 15 years ago, continuing

to generate income by adding more sophisticated security devices, for instance, or building in the whole new approach to entertainment that has evolved since the CDs that were prevalent when their system were first designed. When it comes to smart homes, not all updates need to be done at once. Projects can be phased or evolved as lifestyles change – children may leave home or older lifestyles begin to call for automated help with assisted living. All of this can be catered for with the cross-application flexibility of KNX without having to go back to the drawing board. As KNX is a system with distributed intelligence, there’s no high-risk central point of failure and new devices can simply be attached to the nearest node, a switch or sensor perhaps. Changing a KNX system is not disruptive – the customer will hardly know you’ve been there. Big or small, commercial or residential, simple or complex, there will always be a KNX solution that makes sense. Don’t let the proprietary systems restrict yourself to lighting – the smart money is in total integration of all aspects of home and building automation. Why be good at one or two things for the length of the project when you can be good at many things for the whole life of the installation?

Don’t limit yourself by starting with a proprietary control system that only controls lighting!

KNX UK Association,

SMART COLOUR-CHANGING DOWNLIGHTS • Fire-rated to 30, 60, and 90 minutes • Over 16 million colour options • Loop-in / loop-out terminals

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On / Off Occupancy / Absence detection Metway Metway MetwayPresence Presence PresenceDetectors Detectors Detectors Switching or DALI dimmable versions Intelligent photocell Manual override Commissioning via hand held programmer Low profile Surface mount option On On On // Off /Off Off Occupancy Occupancy Occupancy // Absence /Absence Absence detection detection detection Switching Switching Switching or oror DALI DALI DALI dimmable dimmable dimmable versions versions versions PreIntelligent leaded orphotocell stand alone Intelligent Intelligent photocell photocell Manual Manual Manual override override override Commissioning Commissioning Commissioning via via via hand hand hand held held held programmer programmer programmer 5 year warranty Low Low Low profile profile profile Surface Surface Surface mount mount mount option option option Pre Pre Pre leaded leaded leaded or oror stand stand stand alone alone alone 555 year year year warranty warranty warranty

Untitled-1 1

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LIGHTING THE OFFICES OF THE FUTURE As the modern office changes, employers and staff alike are realising the value of workplaces that focus on creating a positive environment. Colin Lawson, Tamlite Lighting’s Head of Market Intelligence, explains why the flexibility of next-generation LED lighting and smarter controls is crucial in achieving this.


here is no denying that the pandemic has prompted changes in workplace behaviour, with hybrid working now a much more accepted concept. Yet CEOs around the world are increasingly optimistic about the future of offices. Despite a slower ‘return to normal’ than expected, confidence in the global economy has returned to levels not seen since the start of the pandemic, and this means the number of businesses planning to reduce their office footprints has fallen dramatically over the last year. This is backed up by the findings of the latest KPMG CEO Outlook Survey*, with just 14% of UK CEOs now planning to downsize, or have already downsized, their organisation’s physical footprint - a dramatic shift from August 2020, when the first wave of the pandemic was at its peak. What is certain is that companies retaining office space will want to use it more flexibly as part of the new hybrid working model.

Great expectations

There is increasing demand for healthier buildings that promote occupant wellbeing

This change takes place against a number of other challenges currently facing the built environment. Most notably is the UK Government’s target to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. There is also increasing demand for healthier buildings that promote occupant wellbeing, particularly from larger, socially conscious corporate organisations. As businesses in the UK open their office doors en-masse, company owners and building managers alike will be keen to create pleasant office spaces that encourage people back into the workplace and promote wellbeing, whilst improving energy efficiency in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. Bearing this in mind, it’s arguable that there has never been a better time to review core building systems and ensure that they complement more flexible working patterns. Lighting remains one of the most fundamental building facilities and should be at the very top of the priority list, given that the latest systems are intrinsically supportive of more variable and reduced occupancy levels, and are capable of major energy savings – often in return for relatively small investments. From an electrical contractor’s perspective, there is a clear opportunity to make customers aware of how lighting can create comfortable, productive, and safe office environments.

How lighting can make a difference Make the switch: Sadly, not all businesses are yet aware of the benefits of LED lighting. So, there is an important, and rewarding, opportunity to steer companies towards replacing outdated fluorescent lighting with the latest LED-based solutions. This will help eliminate glare and improve comfort in the office.

Health and wellbeing: Businesses are increasingly looking at how they can enhance their workspace for the benefit of employees. Offices designed with a more ‘human-centric’ approach to lighting can make them healthier, safer, and happier places. Installing lighting that can be tuned to operate in harmony with workers can help improve their overall wellbeing by reducing stress and anxiety, thus increasing productivity and profitability. Take control: With less people using the office space available, businesses will want to make sure that lighting is only used when it is needed. Lighting control systems add a level of flexibility that is vital in modern offices. For example, installing PIR sensors will ensure that the lights are not used when the room is unoccupied by dimming or switching off the fittings. Make the most of natural light: Natural light is the most important type of light in any office. Daylight dimming reduces the output of the luminaires when natural light levels increase. Not only does this ensure that lights are only used when they are required, but also provides a more organic lighting design. This ensures that energy is not wasted, providing significant long-term energy savings. Saving energy: Installing controls and sensors will allow businesses to make informed decisions about how their office space is being used and make changes to lighting schedules and settings. This can dramatically reduce energy consumption as the lights are only on when needed. Re-thinking how we talk about light to our customers is key and it’s not as complicated as it seems. With an ever-growing focus on improving the office-based worker experience, the needs of end-users in this area can be achieved through the power of smarter lighting.  Tamlite Lighting, *

SMART LED FLEX CONTROLLER • Compatible with single colour, CCT, RGB, and RGBW flex from Knightsbridge • Enables users to control LED Flex lighting via the SmartKnight app

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VISION AIR Wirelessly manage facility energy consumption, create holistic estate-wide lighting networks, and schedule automatic emergency lighting tests to give you peace of mind.



Wireless control for lighting systems with dimming, grouping and switching via Bluetooth.

Wireless emergency lighting testing with scheduling and reporting.

VISION AIR DT Manage your entire lighting network from anywhere with desktop connectivity.

Transform your lighting system with VISION Lighting Controls


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Welcome to the family

An upgrade to our market-leading FTYPE range of LED downlights: • More compact 47mm height, for shallow ceiling voids • New Regressed, Dim2Warm and Colour Changing versions • Easy installation features that save you time • Latest Samsung chips, with up to 100Lm/W output

For more information, visit: Untitled-8 2

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A new and innovative range of easy to install and set up residential floodlights • Unlimited adjustment allows light to be positioned exactly where needed • High Lm/W output offers high performance • Saves energy through the adjustable PIR’s dusk till dawn mode • IP65 rated floodlight and PIR, for full weatherproof protection • Conveniently supplied with 1 metre of pre-wired cable, for easy installation

Find out more at:

( F U L LY ) Untitled-8 3

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DOES STREET LIGHTING OFFER THE BUSINESS CASE FOR FUTURE SMART CITY DEVELOPMENT? Street lighting is one of the more mature applications for smart cities and more often seen as a test bed for future smart city applications. Many cities are replacing their legacy streetlights with smart LEDs in an effort to meet sustainability targets, reduce costs and meet new government standards, says Phil Beecher, President and CEO of Wi-SUN Alliance.


ccording to The Northeast Group, it’s estimated that more than 280 million LED streetlights will be added over the next few years with a penetration rate of 89% by 2026*. Compared to outdated and inefficient street lighting, these new systems offer the benefits of reduced energy consumption and lower costs. According to Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE), an obsolete lighting system can account for as much as 50% of a typical city’s entire energy bill. But a big incentive for authorities is that LEDs last longer, typically in the region of 20-25 years compared to five-to-six years. This means less maintenance and ‘feet on the street’ to monitor them. However, connected street lighting can offer much more than just efficiency and cost savings. It can become the hub for future smart city development, supporting intelligent lighting systems that allow authorities to monitor and control lighting levels, such as cycle paths or walkways that light up on approach, and the ability to instantly change colour and lighting levels for bridges, monuments and other buildings.

Lighting becomes the smart hub This can become the catalyst for bigger things. The street lighting network can provide the communications infrastructure for local authorities, city developers and service providers to deploy other smart sensors and IoT devices. With the appropriate wireless mesh technology in place, like Wi-SUN Fan, the streetlight network then becomes the enabler for an entire smart city, offering connectivity for a variety of applications. Local authorities and councils can turn smart street lights into opportunities to make money – and this certainly makes the business case easier to justify.

One such example is electric vehicle (EV) charging. Over the next 10 years we will see more EVs on our streets, following government plans to end the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles as part of its 10-point plan towards becoming net zero. Deloitte estimates that in the 10 years to 2030, between £8bn and £18bn of investment in EV charging point infrastructure is needed. The government’s independent statutory advisor, the Climate Change Committee has estimated that around 280,000 charge points will be required by 2030, meaning that an average of over 30,000 charge points need to be installed each year. But just 20,000 were in place at the end of 2020. By utilising a connected lighting infrastructure already in place, EV charging just becomes part of smart city development. Using the network makes good business sense and could see more streetlights turned into convenient on-street charging points.

City of London street lighting It’s not just the potential of EV that makes good business sense. The City of London is a good example of an authority that’s using street lighting as the enabler for other applications. The business case was to replace an out-dated and inefficient lighting system to help manage rising costs, reduce energy consumption and improve citizen safety, while lighting up the city’s streets, walkways and iconic landmarks. It needed a robust and flexible communications network that could reach into the narrow lanes and between the modern high rises and historic buildings that the city is so famous for. Wi-SUN Fan wireless mesh provides the coverage to connect all of the lighting, while meeting the city’s management and control needs, such as controlling lighting levels and fault reporting through a central management system.

But the city wanted the technology to be future-proof – to meet its requirements not just today, but also in the future as part of its smart city transition. Built on open standards, the network provides flexibility to add other applications, as well as true interoperability, meaning the authority can chose between multiple vendors, integrating different applications and devices onto a single scalable network. With the street lighting initiative finished, the City of London is adding new devices onto its existing network, including sensors for traffic and air quality monitoring, as well as smart sensors on lifebelt holders along the River Thames to alert them when lifebelts have been removed. All of this is helping it build a case for further investment in smart city technology. With the network technology now available to enable authorities and city developers to integrate multiple applications (and vendors) across a single communications network, the case for connected street lighting has never been more compelling.

Connected street lighting can offer much more than just efficiency and cost savings

Wi-SUN Alliance, *Global LED and Smart Street Lighting:   Market Forecast (2016-2026)

SMART 2G SWITCHED SOCKET • Control up to 2 appliances • Manual Override via the switches on the socket


• White moulded design with anti-microbial properties

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Smart Lighting & Lighting Control – Wi-Sun Alliance.indd 68



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2ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft Single and Twin Fittings Plus Twin Emergency Fittings (not 2ft) Fitted with top quality SMD LEDs Polycarbonate bodies and opal diffusers Fast Fix Connectors for ease of Installation IP65








44-48 Freshwater Road, Dagenham, Essex RM8 1RX (United Kingdom) Telephone. 020 8503 8500 | Facsimile. 020 8503 8900 |



For a healthy indoor climate: the VOC indicator for good air quality The remote controlcapable 230V VOC sensor continuously monitors air quality by reliably signalling changes and clearly displaying them visually.

OCCULOG®-1C Part No. 93563

Untitled-3 1

p: 0870 850 5412

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LED LIGHTING — A REVELATION Amanda Speight, Business Development Manager at energy efficient LED lighting manufacturer CFE Lighting, explains how lighting systems are becoming increasingly smart and what this means for electrical contractors.


hen it was invented, more than 150 years ago, lighting had an incredible impact, increasing the length of the average workday and changing how people saw things, did business and led their daily lives. But the lighting revolution didn’t stop there – far from it. The incandescent filament lamps that were used to light buildings for over a century were replaced in the 70s by compact fluorescent light (CFL) lamps in an effort to conserve more energy during the oil crisis. Thirty years later and change was once again afoot, this time thanks to the introduction of a new, energy saving technology – the light-emitting-diode.

The rise of the LED light LED lighting has been a revelation; it is increasingly being used across the commercial, industrial and public sectors to improve environmental footprints and drive down energy consumption and the costs associated with it. In addition, LED lights are more eco-friendly and far better for the circular economy than fluorescent and   high-density discharge (HID) lamps, since they contain no mercury or other harmful gasses and don’t emit any harmful UV rays. Unsurprisingly, demand for this technology shows no sign of slowing, with a recent report* stating that the global LED market size is poised to grow by $25.78 billion during 2020-2024. But replacing incandescent or CFL lamps with LED units is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what businesses can do to drive down the energy and environmental costs attached to their lighting use. Technology has created new opportunities, making lighting smarter than ever.

What is smart lighting? Quite simply, it’s about adding intelligence or logic to luminaires so that lighting can communicate and interact with the environment. Intelligent lighting controls, or smart systems, have advanced

significantly in recent years and now represent an excellent solution for businesses and homeowners looking to improve their environmental footprints and drive down their energy consumption. Such systems can be used to dim or turn off unnecessary lighting using   motion-detecting sensors, delivering a myriad of benefits, including net energy savings of between 70-90%, increased lighting control and performance, and access to real-time data to inform operating decisions. CFE Lighting is already seeing a shift away from standalone LED lighting measures and a move towards more integrated system solutions that comprise of LED and networked lighting controls, and the company has configured its offering accordingly. A good example of how integrated systems are being effectively used is the Smart City Lighting Systems that are being introduced in various areas in the UK. These systems are being used to not only provide a safe illuminated roadway, but also to collect data through controls and sensors which can be used to better manage service efficiencies, assets and resources. It means that the lighting network exists as a multi-purpose solution, shining light in the right areas, at the right times, whilst also collecting valuable data on areas ranging from air quality, temperature and wind speed through to people counting, crowd noise and population density.

What does this mean for electrical contractors?

Demand for smart lighting systems will only increase

“LED lighting has been a revelation; it is increasingly being used to improve environmental footprints and drive down energy consumption“

All of the evidence suggests that demand for smart lighting systems will only increase as more and more users become aware of the huge financial, social and environmental benefits such systems are capable of delivering. Lighting systems are no longer something that you manually turn on and off, they are more intelligent than ever before, particularly when it comes to them being adaptable and interoperable. Indeed, one of the main advantages of smart lighting is that it can be adapted according to requirements, whether that’s through time scheduling and

sensor activation, or building automation and energy management systems. Its versatility means it can be applied in any environment to suit any needs. Depending on your project, you’ll either be looking at a retrofit option, which could be wireless, or you’ll need a fully wired solution. It has to be designed around the inhabitants and how they use the space – there’s no sense in creating a bespoke solution if it doesn’t work for them. Whichever route you choose, it’s important to have a good understanding of the various technologies available and the differing capabilities they offer – something CFE Lighting is well-placed to help with. And finally, don’t be put off by the myth that a lot can go wrong with installs. Systems have developed to such an extent over the last few years that they are now easier than ever to install. And while there are obvious challenges when it comes to installing any new technology, a good supplier/manufacturer will provide you with all the support and help you need to ensure your system is working exactly as it should.  CFE Lighting, *Technavio, LED Market by Application, Product, and Geography Forecast and Analysis 2020-2024

SMART IP66 OUTDOOR SWITCHED SOCKET • Control up to 2 outdoor appliances • Manual Override via the switches on the socket • Range: 20m-40m (depending on Wi-Fi signal coverage)

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CAPTURE EVERYTHING With The New RekorHD Range Of Cameras And Kits Available In Grey And White


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VEOLIA OPTIMISES LIGHTING FOR ONE OF THE BIGGEST ACUTE HOSPITAL TRUSTS As part of a £4m energy performance contract with United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT), Veolia has now upgraded lighting at Lincoln County Hospital, Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, and Grantham and District Hospital.


The new systems are linked to smart controls and sensors

he new lighting systems will enhance the patient care environment, cut carbon, deliver a 91% energy saving and electrical operating savings of around £400k per year, to the hospitals that serve a population of around 736,700 people. The upgrade has covered the installation of 10,106 LED light fittings, including standard and emergency luminaires across the main hospital sites. The new systems are linked to smart controls and sensors that monitor ambient light and presence, control output to the correct level, dim and switch when there is sufficient daylight and illuminate only when the area is occupied. These combine an improved quality of lighting throughout each building with annual energy savings of 4,522,344kWh per year and CO2 savings of over 2,400 tonnes. Backing the lighting upgrades are a range of carbon-reducing measures, including a new combined heat and power plant, boiler enhancements, conversion of the steam system to a low-temperature hot water network, new electrical infrastructure upgrades, and control systems for the facilities that cover 74,174m2.

The upgrade has covered the installation of 10,106 LED light fittings

Trust cutting its overall carbon footprint by 13% between 2009 and 2015 against a national average of 10%. “Sustainability, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction are a key priority for the Trust. We have already made great strides in reducing our carbon footprint. By upgrading and investing in sustainable technologies, it’s our ambition to reduce this by 28%”, says Claire Hall, Associate Director – Strategic Business Planning, United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust. With a track record of over 80 years in delivering energy management to healthcare, Veolia currently provides energy services for over 100 hospitals and around 43,000 UK hospital beds. These support the energy requirements for around 8.1 million in-patients each year and increase the sustainability of the healthcare sector by annually saving over 120,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The new plant will be operated and maintained by Veolia’s engineering teams for 15 years, with investment payback achieved in just over three years. “We look forward to continuing our work with the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust and helping them achieve their carbon reduction targets”, says John Abraham, Veolia Chief Operating Officer Industrial, Water & Energy UK. “The new energy performance contract will now extend their efficiency and sustainability and make a real difference to the patient care facilities, and the cost savings will also make a big difference to the Trust’s budget.” The new contract will build on the reductions achieved by Veolia at Lincoln Hospital, where around 64,000 tonnes of CO2 have been saved since 2004, and included the successful ‘90k in 90 days’ initiative, a three-month challenge to engage staff to make regular, small, money-saving changes. This resulted in the


SMART CCT LED PANEL DOWNLIGHTS • Surface or recess mounting (walls and ceilings) • Adjust the colour temperature via the SmartKnight app (3000K - 6000K) • Low profile - 15mm

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ENERGYS GROUP COMPLETES OVER 70 LED LIGHTING PROJECTS AS PART OF PSDS SCHEME Energys Group has calculated that it has been responsible for the delivery of approximately 20% of the total spend on lighting upgrades as part of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS). The company was involved in over 70 projects that were given the go-ahead under PSDS, equating to a total value of around £6m.


he company estimates that it supplied and installed around 50,000 new light fittings and sensor controls as part of the PSDS projects. Products specified include a variety of Energys’ latest LED solutions, including IntelliDim smart luminaires that can be commissioned via a smartphone app that allows the commissioning of precise light levels and occupancy parameters. In general, installations using IntelliDim can expect to register between 20% and 40% extra savings on top of those normally seen when upgrading from traditional lamps to LEDs.

These upgrades are going to mean they can emerge from the pandemic period with fresh momentum

Unprecedented initiative First announced in September 2020, the UK Government’s Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) entailed a £1bn fund being made available for public sector energy reduction projects.

An unprecedented initiative in recent UK history, the scheme also heralded some huge challenges for those hoping to secure grants, who had less than four months to submit their applications from the date of the announcement. The primary objective of PSDS was to help decarbonise heating. This meant all applications had to include a heat decarbonisation plan or an element of heating decarbonisation. The scheme also made funds available for other energy efficient technologies that can make a real difference to carbon and energy cost reduction – including LED lighting. As funds were to be allocated against very tight timescales, with priority to be given to projects with an early implementation date, Energys made available a wealth of services to organisations wishing to apply under the scheme, including: undertaking a survey and project proposal for LED lighting controls and/or boiler control technologies; delivery of a heat decarbonisation plan; support with the completion of grant-related paperwork; and guidance on procurement through a compliant framework.

Historic upgrade programme Recalling an intense period of work that involved guiding numerous public sector organisations through the complex grant application process, Energys Group Managing Director, Kevin Cox, describes the resulting upgrade programme as “really historic”. “We have made it possible for over 70 public sector facilities to improve their lighting dramatically in a very short period of time,” he says. “Delivering to such tight timescales, on such a large scale – and during COVID-19 restrictions – is not to be underestimated.” The company says its delivery team rose to the challenge; on-site work had to be

rigorously planned and executed to cope with countless access restrictions, site closures and issues associated with isolation. “We’re all delighted to have played such an active – and significant – part in supporting the Government’s decarbonisation goals. The response from end users – teachers, pupils, estates staff – to the new lighting technology has been uniformly positive, while the forecast of carbon emission reductions, approximately 75% at each upgraded facility, speaks for itself”, concludes Kevin.

Energys has supplied and installed around 50,000 new light fittings and sensor controls

Longer-term impacts For the schools, academies and other facilities involved, these upgrades are going to mean they can emerge from the pandemic period with fresh momentum, benefiting from improvements in environmental working conditions, as well as huge reductions in carbon emissions and energy costs.  Energys Group,

SMART COLOUR-CHANGING DOWNLIGHTS • Fire-rated to 30, 60, and 90 minutes • Over 16 million colour options • Loop-in / loop-out terminals


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TIPPERARY TO UPGRADE LIGHTING AS PART OF A €5.7M PROJECT Thurles, Drangan and Clonoulty, in Tipperary, Ireland, have been chosen as pilots for the European smart lighting project, SMART-SPACE, along with locations in the Netherlands, France and Belgium.


It’s hoped that these lights will make a big difference in energy efficiency

ust over half a million Euros (approximately £427,000) will be spent on smart lights in Tipperary, with the aim of increasing energy efficiency and saving money in the long run. Senior Engineer for Roads and Transportation, Liam Brett, says that the lights are expensive, but will bring big savings. “They are a significant spend, absolutely, but there are significant savings. We know that by installing these lights that we’ll save about 60% of the energy usage. “Hopefully with the platform and by learning how to use this new technology and partnering with these other municipalities across Europe, we’ll learn how to drive further efficiency from that 60%. “We know we will save significant money on energy every year, probably in the order of about €40,000 (£34,000) a year with these lights, so there are significant savings in the public purse.” The lights will also help Tipperary County Council towards achieving its climate target. Public lighting in Tipperary represents 38% of the council’s entire energy usage, so it’s hoped that these lights will make a big difference in energy efficiency.

The project will be one of the largest installations of smart lighting for any county council in Ireland

power usage. In other areas such as Liberty Square, Thurles, we plan to pilot a different type of smart light where the light colours can even be changed through an app for special events like St. Patrick’s Day.” Siona Daly, Acting CEO of Tipperary Energy Agency says, “We expect to see annual energy savings of approximately 150,000kWh, which is the equivalent electricity required to power 19 homes in a year. “Furthermore, if this SMART-SPACE lighting project proves to be a success in Tipperary, it could impact national policy and decision making on public lighting which could be invaluable as the National Public Lighting Retrofit Project starts to gain traction.” SMART-SPACE – Smart Sustainable Public Spaces across the NWE region – is a European project aiming to facilitate the uptake of smart lighting in small and mid-size municipalities. The three-year project aims to facilitate the uptake of smart public lighting with high energy saving potential to make the move towards energy-efficient, sustainable and demand-oriented municipalities across North-West Europe. SMART-SPACE will demonstrate the impact of smart lighting on public street light energy consumption and CO2 reductions and on public space liveability, safety and sustainability, and will develop a transition roadmap to ensure large-scale roll-out.

The SMART-SPACE project is costing €5.7m (£5.9m), with €3.4m (£2.9m) funded through the European Regional Development Fund, while Tipperary’s spend represents about half a million and 60% of this is funded by the European funding. Tipperary County Council has been working with Tipperary Energy Agency and its EU project partners on this smart LED lighting pilot initiative, which will be one of the largest installations of smart lights of any county council in Ireland. 40% of the associated costs are being funded by Tipperary County Council, with the remaining 60% being funded by Interreg North West Europe (EU). SSE Airtricity Utility Solutions was awarded the contract following the tender process and the company has begun the installation of the smart lights. Michael Tierney, Tipperary County Council, Executive Engineer, says, “These smart street lights give Tipperary County Council better control over how we manage our street lights. Initially, in some areas, we will pilot interactive lighting where we will have the technology to dim down lighting where there is no public movement detected and light up an area once the system detects pedestrians or cars approaching. In areas like car parks where there is no movement from midnight to 7am, energy use could potentially be reduced by 80%. “These lights can notify the Council of a fault and give more accurate information on


SMART LED FLEX CONTROLLER • Compatible with single colour, CCT, RGB, and RGBW flex from Knightsbridge • Enables users to control LED Flex lighting via the SmartKnight app

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Ovia’s range of College LED battens for the education market




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OVIA LAUNCHES NEW COLLEGE LED BATTEN RANGE Ovia continues to extend its comprehensive lighting offer and the focus of the latest product development is the education sector, with the launch of the Inceptor A-Lite College LED Linear Batten range.


he new Inceptor A-Lite is available in standard, microwave sensor and emergency versions and comes in two sizes, 1200mm (4ft) and 1500mm (5ft). A choice of wattages is offered (17W, 25W, 32W, 50W and 60W) and all models include a CTA (colour temperature adjustable) switch – a built-in, three position switch which allows for instant change of the colour temperature from warm white (3000k), to cool white (4000k) to daylight (6500k). Inceptor A-Lite boasts a range of features and benefits to provide installers with a high-performance fitting that is safe, quick and easy to install. It features a hinged diffuser with a quarter turn locking mechanism and push fit/piano key terminals, which all combine to allow for quick and easy access into the internals, which speeds up the installation time. A fixing centre guide is located on the packaging to allow for easier installation without the need for the installer to manually mark up the drill holes when mounting to a ceiling or a wall. Inceptor A-Lite is part of Ovia’s Utility lighting range, which also includes the Inceptor B-Lite and the U-Lite.

Inceptor B-Lite is a range of 4ft, 5ft and 6ft linear batten multi-current LED fittings, available in standard, microwave sensor, emergency sensor and microwave and emergency sensor versions. They are a direct replacement for conventional battens and boast many features. Safety, speed and ease of installation have been given top priority. A security wire, pre-attached to the base of the product, allows the diffuser to be hung from the base and means the installer doesn’t have to remove the cover and place it aside during installation. The diffuser can be easily pulled apart from the steel base with the help of spring clips, allowing for quicker and easier installation. The multi-current driver, with the option for four different wattages, allows the installer to increase or decrease the lumens, depending on the requirements for each individual application. The fitting is combined in single output and twin outputs, so there is no need for two separate units. The Inceptor B-Lite has a TP(a) rated thermoplastic diffuser and a strong IK08 impact protection, which means it is suitable for many applications. U-Lite is a range of slimline linear LED luminaires that have been designed and developed as the ideal retrofit replacement for single and twin-lamp fluorescent fittings. There are 24 variants in the U-Lite range, and they can be installed into walls and ceilings, or suspended. They come in standard, microwave sensor and emergency models, and in three different lengths – 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm. Each length is available in a single fluorescent lamp equivalent and a twin lamp equivalent output. Wattage ratings range from 21W to 72W cool white (4000K) and they offer an LED lifetime of 50,000 hours (L70). Made from non-corrosive polycarbonate, each unit has an IP rating of IP65 and a tough impact protection rating of IK08. The transparent frosted polycarbonate cover dispenses light outward with an even spread of light.

Wiring and installation of the U-Lite is quick and easy using the piano type five-pole push fit terminals and the fittings come supplied with anti-tamper stainless steel assembly clips and screws, allowing the installer to secure the unit to prevent others accessing it. By integrating the diffuser and gear tray and anchoring them to the base, the U-Lite ensures a hassle-free installation without the need to fully disassemble the product to mount and wire it. All three products are supplied with a five-year warranty. Ovia,


The Inceptor® A-LITE is Ovia’s range of College LED battens for the education market. October Feature strip ads - Alite.indd 78 ECN |  October 2021

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Easee has launched the Easee One, the latest intelligent EV charger. The Easee One is designed specifically for the home market. The 7kW smart charger can be controlled through a smartphone app for the customer’s ease of use. Its inbuilt Open PEN Fault Detection enables a faster install with no need for additional earthing solutions. The Easee One is future ready for aspiring multi-EV households, with an automatic load balancing system that enables up to three Easee One Charging Robots to run from a single supply. When two or more Easee One chargers are in use, they communicate to ensure vehicles are charged evenly and that the fuse is never overloaded. The Easee One is being launched at a time when many EV charger producers are struggling due to a global shortage of semi-conductors. However, Easee has secured component supplies and is on track to meet its targets and market demand.

Manrose has launched the Quiet Fan X5 range. This bathroom fan ticks all the boxes, with the Quiet Fan X5 promising low sound levels, as well as being IPX5 compliant, offering simple installation. The Quiet Fan X5 is set to prove popular with households, who will be impressed by its performance and looks with a new tile-like façade. Therefore, electricians are set to benefit from happy customers. The Quiet Fan X5 range offers an extraction rate of 90m³/hr. With all models offering low sound levels, the Manrose Quiet Fan X5 will allow households to relax in comfort and free from noise-related stress. It’s the ideal choice for a small bathroom, shower room or toilet, where space is at a premium. Featuring a low energy motor with a maximum consumption of six Watts and a low SFP of 0.29w/l/ the Quiet Fan X5 offers an energy efficient option. Meanwhile, its long-life motors are rated and warranted. Available with a range of control options, the Quiet Fan X5 is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting.





This includes Rointe Electric Radiators, a range of towel rail heaters and hand dryers, incorporating the elegantly designed, HEPA filtered, Pebble Plug & Play Hand Dryer with unique clip-on, clip-off mounting system, from Everything Hand Dryers.

ESP’s revamped RekorHD 2MP CCTV range provides installers with a range of CCTV solutions to cover a variety of applications, including domestic, commercial and industrial. The RekorHD range consists of 4 and 8 channel kits, which have all the components required to get a CCTV system up and running in one box. The kits include a 4 or 8 channel DVR, pre-installed surveillance hard drive, cameras, camera cables, system power supply, mouse and HDMI cable. The menu is designed to be user-friendly and is navigated via mouse control. For larger installations, the RekorHD range has been expanded, with an increased number of cameras available to offer greater choice. The expanded camera options include a selection of lenses for different focal requirements, infrared coverage for nighttime visibility, and options for bullet or dome camera style housings.



ElectricalDirect has added more exciting new products to its range including new USB plug sockets, stylish electric towel rails and on-trend decorative lighting solutions.

New sockets

Joining ElectricalDirect’s line up of electrical plug sockets is Trendi Switch’s range of 13A Screwless Sockets featuring USB ports. Available in one and two gang options with two and four USB charging ports respectively in a choice of colours, the sockets feature a unique design-led slim switch.

New lighting products

ElectricalDirect has expanded its indoor lighting collection of over 2,000 lighting products, with a new range from Altro. The decorative Bologna and Bergamo lines feature cylindrical glass light shades in varying compositions from single lights or up to four pendant lights and are ideal where a decorative finishing touch is required.

New heating and washroom solutions





College Linear LED Battens, Sizes 4FT & 5FT @ElecConNews


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Unicrimp has acquired the rights to exclusively distribute the original, multisurface sealant and adhesive brand, OB1 through the UK electrical wholesale channel. OB1 is a high-spec hybrid construction sealant and adhesive that has a tried and tested formulation which has been used by the trade for over 15 years. What makes OB1 stand out is its versatility. It provides an alternative to mastics, wood and PU adhesives, silicones, acrylics, and butyl rubber sealants. This product is capable of bonding and sealing a range of materials and even works under water. It also contains no solvents, so it will never crack or shrink. OB1’s uses are wide ranging for external and internal projects. It offers superior bond strength for kitchen worktops and, with its food safe formula, is perfect for use in kitchens and food preparation areas. It will seal marble, granite and quartz worktops and is guaranteed not to stain surfaces.

A new superior Anti-Corrosive range of fittings is about to strengthen the Meridian LED Lighting portfolio. Two, four, five and six-foot fittings with fully integrated, top quality SMD LEDs are available in single and twin formats, with Emergency options available on all twin versions except the 2ft size. Manufactured with polycarbonate bodies and opal diffusers, these slim design anti-corrosives are IP65 rated and come complete with fast fix connectors for ease of installation. All fittings deliver a 4000k cool white colour rendition with a beam angle of 120° and an average lifespan of 30,000 hours. Wattage and lumens delivered vary from the smallest 2ft single with 9w of power delivering 1080 lumens, all the way up to the 6ft twin with 70w of power delivering 8400 lumens. Meridian,



KNIGHTSBRIDGE 2022: NEW, IMPROVED, BIGGER AND GREENER THAN EVER! The Knightsbridge 2022 catalogue is out now; packed with 600 new products. For the latest, smartest, and best solutions in wiring accessories and lighting, you won’t find a more comprehensive read. The publication is divided into sections and provides product details along with lifestyle photography and detailed product images. Information about certification is also included to aid installers in making informed choices. With an eye on the smart home of the future, new additions to the smart range include lamps, sensors and security cameras, controllable via the SmartKnight app. The 2022 edition showcases updates to the screwless switches and sockets portfolio, where anthracite and smoked bronze finishes join other styles. Lighting products have been refreshed, with the bathroom receiving a makeover with the launch of new lamp types. For creative lighting schemes there’s a new service available. Called Flex-cut, it will allow customers to make the most of LED Flex products by allowing them to be ordered to their specifications. Knightsbridge,

Hager has announced its range of White Moulded and Part M Sollysta Wiring Accessories have been independently tested and certified to offer antibacterial and antiviral properties. Manufactured from Urea Formaldehyde, Hager’s Sollysta Wiring Accessories, which include switches and sockets, have undergone laboratory testing and are now certified for ISO 22196: 2011. ISO 22196: 2011 is the international standard for measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces. The certification, which tested for strains of E-coli, S. Aureus, Listeria, MRSA, Salmonella, and Pneumonia, confirmed a reduction in bacteria of >99.99% after 24 hours. And to provide peace of mind, the Sollysta White Moulded and Part M range has also been certified to ISO 21702 for COVID 19. The Sollysta range is available in White Moulded, Decorative, Grid, IP66, and   Metal-clad options. Hager,


The Inceptor® A-LITE is Ovia’s range of College LED battens for the education market. October Feature strip ads - Alite.indd 80 ECN |  October 2021

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IDEAL INDUSTRIES’ RANGE EXTENDED TO INCLUDE GEN II LEVER KITS IDEAL Industries’ range of popular wire connector kits has been extended to include the new Gen II lever wire connectors, which are ideal for a quick, simple and safe wire termination installation with a high level of power consumption up to 32A, providing a versatile solution suitable for joining solid, stranded or flexible conductors. Available in two, three and five port models, they offer a faster, easier and more cost-effective alternative to terminal blocks; cables can be secured in place in seconds, with no need for a screwdriver or crimping, just a simple strip, push, connect action. All models can be used with solid or rigid stranded cables of between 0.2mm2 and 4mm2 and flexible cable from 0.14mm2 to 4mm2. Each connector features a built-in wire strip guide to enable installers to check the correct stripping length and, for solid and stranded cables, once the wire has been stripped, it can simply be pushed in with no need to lift the lever. For flexible wires, the lever is lifted before inserting the conductor and clamping it into place. The levers have been designed to open in the opposite direction to the insertion port, locking the cables into position to prevent any accidental loosening or pull-out, ensuring a safe and secure connection throughout the lifecycle of the installation. The Gen II lever wire connector kits contain a selection of Gen II lever connectors, push in connectors and Spliceline connectors and come in two sizes of either 80 connectors or 240 connectors. Additionally, a new kit has been designed including the popular Data T-Cutter and Twin & Earth cable stripper plus 2 and 3 port push in and Gen II lever connectors. IDEAL Industries,

SCOLMORE GETS SERIOUS IN THE SMART HOME MARKET Scolmore’s range of Click Smart+ products have been created to streamline connected home products – lighting controls, smart sockets, security cameras and sensors. It utilises Zigbee technology – one of the most widely adopted smart home communication protocols. Zigbee certified devices require the Click Smart+ Hub and communicate with each other using a mesh network which creates pathways for the connection of devices without compromising signal and communication range. A key benefit of Zigbee is that there is no requirement for a signal repeater, as all the hard-wired devices have repeaters built in. The bespoke Click Smart+ App gives householders ultimate control of the smart devices, which can also be operated through voice control in conjunction with a smart speaker. The range comprises the Smart Gateway Hub – the control centre of all Zigbee connected devices, one-gang and two-gang smart sockets, a plug-in smart socket, switching and dimming receivers, camera, PIR sensor, window, and door sensor, plus a temperature and humidity sensor. Scolmore,

STRIDE OUT IN THE ALL-NEW WORK TROUSERS FROM SNICKERS WORKWEAR Snickers Workwear is continuing to make great strides in work trouser design and functionality while still increasing its commitment to environmental responsibility. Sustainable fabrics, body-mapping designs and improved performance are key features in the all-new work trousers for men and women. Wherever they’re working, whenever they’re on task and whatever the weather, there’s a pair of trousers to suit. There’s new designs for both men and women with unrivalled functionality in the AllroundWork and FlexiWork ranges. The 4-Way Stretch features ensure maximum working mobility, while the loose or slim fit designs deliver maximum working comfort all day, every day. With great ergonomic fit and superb value for money there’s optional features such as detachable holsters, Canvas+ fabrics for durability and Cordura reinforcements for extra durability. You can also choose trousers with or without the KneeGuard Pro System, which will deliver certified knee protection if you need it. Snickers Workwear,





College Linear LED Battens, Sizes 4FT & 5FT @ElecConNews


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Athena is designed to deliver quality light, natural light, a connection to the outdoors, and control options that are focused on enhancing the human experience.

Ansell Lighting has launched the Panther LED Wallpack – a wall mounted fixture ideal for illuminating outdoor spaces. Like the cat it is named after, Panther is sleek and stylish. The compact fitting is suitable for use in residential and commercial settings and is durable, constructed from a hardwearing polycarbonate made to withstand coastal and adverse weather conditions. Whilst delivering strong output, the 25W LED offers low energy consumption and an extensive lifespan of L80 B10 60,000 hours. It also has three selectable colour temperatures, operated via a manual switch on the LED array, giving the user the option of setting cool white, warm white and daylight lighting hues. Supplied with an integral driver, the Panther LED Wallpack is easy to install and has conduit entry and BESA box fixing points. It comes with a three-year warranty for added peace of mind and is also available with photocell and sensor options for increased receptivity.

Lutron Electronics,

Ansell Lighting,

Lutron Electronics brings the Athena architectural solution to global applications. Athena is a all-in-one solution that elevates everyday experiences with light. The system marries control, flexibility, and app-based setup in a solution that is optimal for both new construction and retrofits. Athena is built to meet today’s uncharted design challenges while delivering flexibility for the future. Key features include: •  Universal fixture control – control load types from a single product. •  A right-sized processor accommodates design and budget in both small and large spaces with no limit to the number of DALI zones – ideal for museums and hotel public areas. •  Designed for seamless integration of lights and blinds to deliver a beautiful lighting environment. •  Simple-to-use, mobile iOS application for real-time personalisation including features such as fade times. •  Seamless API integration to building management systems for centralised control.



SITECO and Halliday Lighting announce their new partnership in the Middle East, providing the lighting supplier with an established lighting contractor for projects across the region. Having worked closely before, the creation of this partnership builds on a history of delivering projects for a range of clients. And, as Halliday Lighting and SITECO both continue to grow, having a partnership built on development ensures that it is the customer base who will benefit. The partnership provides Halliday with a comprehensive range of LED fittings to install and supply for its clients. The portfolio of products ensures that Halliday Lighting can support clients in sectors including aviation, ports, industries, and sport to deliver high-quality lighting solutions. The full turnkey capabilities in-house at Halliday Lighting coupled with products from SITECO ensures that the customer base for both companies in this growing Middle East market can be served efficiently through a complete solution offering. Halliday Lighting,

Ovia continues to extend its comprehensive lighting offer and the focus of its latest product development is the education sector, with the launch of the Inceptor A-Lite College LED Linear Batten range. New Inceptor A-Lite is available in standard, microwave sensor and emergency versions and comes in two sizes 1200mm (4ft) and 1500mm (5ft). A choice of wattages is offered – 17W, 25W, 32W, 50W and 60W – and all models include a built-in, three position switch which allows for instant change of the colour temperature, from warm white (3000k), to cool white (4000k) to daylight (6500k). Inceptor A-Lite boasts a range of features to provide installers with a fitting that is safe, quick and easy to install. It features a hinged diffuser with a quarter turn locking mechanism and push fit/piano key terminals, which all combine to allow for quick and easy access into the internals, speeding up the installation time. Ovia,


The Inceptor® A-LITE is Ovia’s range of College LED battens for the education market. October Feature strip ads - Alite.indd 82 ECN |  October 2021

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RAISING THE GRADE Integrated Commercial & Residential Fire Alarm Solutions


You’re Safe with C-TEC M


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Quality System Certificate No: 176 Assessed to ISO9001 : 2008



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…AND YOU’RE ON TO THE NEXT JOB The new Generation II Lever Wire Connector is compatible with 4mm squared wires, and it’ll take 32 AMP, too. So you’re free to do more, more quickly, in even the most awkward of spaces. Let’s keep things moving forwards.

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