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TAMLITE LIGHTING Lighting: Delivering workspaces of the future

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OVIA Ovia previews new lighting products

IDEAL INDUSTRIES Making wire terminations even easier with Gen II

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CCT3 Selectable

Power4 Selectable

3000K 4000K 6500K

4 wattage options per fitting

Microwave and Microwave + Emergency options available

Wide Voltage Range

call: 01582 544 544

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100 - 240V


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ello and welcome to the 2021 Lighting Supplement. In this issue, John Allden from Tamlite Lighting says that, with increasing focus on ensuring next-generation technologies are fit for purpose, this presents an opportunity for electrical contractors. Brackenheath introduces the REX Slim and iSpot Frameless LED floodlight ranges. Meridian Lighting has launched new products every month from July to October, as supplies of long-awaited new products finally started arriving in the UK. As Ovia embarks on its third year of trading as an independent lighting organisation, Sales Director, Mike Collins, gives ECN a sneak preview of what the market can expect in the coming weeks as it prepares to unveil its biggest catalogue so far. TRILUX says that with LEDs considered the ‘norm’ in most lighting applications, we are long past the stage where designers solely work towards energy goals – the combination of LEDs and controls is the future. BEG UK has introduced a new high-tech wall sensor that measures air quality and humidity which can be controlled by a smartphone. Brett Smyth, General Manager EMEA of IDEAL Industries, discusses the benefits of the company’s new Gen II Lever Wire Connectors for faster, easier and safer wire terminations. Product ecosystems are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of lighting applications, says DANLERS. Metway Electrical Industries has several different lighting control options to cater for most lighting control requirements. The new VIVARES from LEDVANCE opens up to new possibilities for modern light management in offices with flexible, simple and comfortable solutions. Nigel Harvey, CEO of Recolight, explains that the way in which electrical contractors remove used light fittings when installing new fittings can contribute to tackling the climate crisis.

CONTENTS… delivering 4 Lighting: workspaces of the future

easier with Gen II


New product bonanza from Meridian Lighting

launches 9 Brackenheath new LED floodlights previews a raft of new 10 Ovia lighting products due for launch mid-November next for LED lighting 12 What’s in the workplace?

Our next supplement will be published alongside the March issue and will focus on Smart Buildings. To get involved or for more information, please contact Kelly Byne at

smartphone-controlled 13 New wall sensor breathes fresh

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15 Ecosystem-enabled lighting controls electrical contractors 16 Why have a key part to play in tackling the climate crisis lighting 18 Metway control systems launches 20 LEDVANCE new VIVARES light management system

air inside buildings to help keep occupants safe

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IDEAL Industries makes 14 wire terminations even

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LIGHTING: DELIVERING WORKSPACES OF THE FUTURE The benefits of implementing next-generation technologies have long formed a compelling case for an upgrade in workplace lighting. With increasing focus on ensuring such systems are fit for purpose, now and in the future due to the changing face of office occupancy, this presents an opportunity for electrical contractors, says Tamlite Lighting’s Managing Director, John Allden.


s the pandemic eases and the recovery starts, hybrid working is now widely accepted as the working model of choice. A recent survey by Willis Towers Watson found that 41% of the workforce will embrace splitting their working hours between home and the office, whilst businesses do not anticipate a return to pre-pandemic, full-time working practices, with 85% predicting a return to the workplace for only employees who want to by the end of the year[1]. However, the death of the office should not be exaggerated, and despite a slower ‘return to normal’ than expected, staff still have a strong desire to spend time in the office. This is backed up by the findings of

4  |  November 2021

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research carried out by LifeSearch, which found 36% of those polled would prefer to be in the workplace on a full-time basis[2]. Reflecting this, office occupancy rates are continuing to rise as momentum for returning to the office gathers pace. In the face of the change in working practices, business owners and building managers alike need to prepare for reduced occupancy levels and changes in density ratios. The requirement for flexible buildings and more sophisticated building management places increased demands on core systems such as heating, ventilation, and lighting. Bearing this in mind, it’s arguable that there has never been a better time for building managers to review core building systems and ensure that they are fit for purpose, now and in the future.

Taking control Whether it is a large office complex or small business studio, lighting remains one of the most fundamental services, given that it can be intrinsically supportive of more variable occupancy levels, supportive of employee wellbeing, and capable of delivering major energy and carbon savings often in return for relatively small investments. From an electrical contractor’s perspective, there is a clear opportunity to talk to customers about how you can help them prepare for the ‘new’ normal, and create comfortable, productive, and safe office environments. The key to achieving this will be investment in the integration of the latest lighting control systems.




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TAMLITE LIGHTING outcomes for both the business and its employees, and the company’s technical team offers customers the expertise and experience required to provide the right lighting solution for each project.

New designs

As an example, installing PIR sensors will ensure that lighting is not used unnecessarily when the room is unoccupied by dimming or switching off the fittings, while advanced controllers – such as daylight dimming sensors – allow the output of the luminaires to be adjusted in accordance with natural light levels. Beyond that, a network which connects all of the fittings and sensors to a centralised control system allows building managers to establish lighting states and settings that suit the preferences of different groups of workers. Integrated systems like this also make it much easier to track energy usage and identify further ways in which consumption can be reduced. Companies who move in this direction can also be buoyed by the realisation that they are helping to ensure the wellbeing of their employees – an issue that is also certain to remain high on the agenda for some time to come. Once again, the latest smart lighting networks are part of the solution, with tunable systems allowing the intensity and hue of lights to be adjusted for the comfort of the workforce, boosting concentration, focus and productivity.

Business owners and building managers need to prepare for reduced occupancy levels and changes in density ratios

Made in Britain EDGE has been designed, manufactured, and made in the UK. Tamlite is a proud member of Made in Britain, an organisation that supports and promotes British manufacturing, enabling buyers and consumers to identify British-made products.

Seeking solutions The commissioning of intelligent lighting systems in modern offices could be seen by many as a complex and time-consuming affair, which is why it makes sense to engage with a specialist lighting company at the earliest possible stage of a project, since it will be able to provide access not only to the latest solutions but also guidance on lighting design. As a specialist in designing and supplying office solutions, Tamlite has worked closely with electrical contractors to deliver perfectly lit workspaces. The company’s years of experience has helped it build an understanding of every kind of office space so it can provide solutions that deliver the right light in the right place; whether it is a communal space, single desk, meeting room or reception area. Tamlite also understands how light can bring about the most positive of


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The increasing demands placed on office lighting has also informed the development of new services and systems, and Tamlite’s office lighting product range continues to evolve, delivering a powerful combination of performance and efficiency. EDGE – Tamlite’s new linear luminaire – is the latest addition to its range and has been designed to create a comfortable working environment. It offers flexible design options to suit any office environment with three variants available; a surface module, or a suspended linear system that can be standalone or part of a continuous system. The key aim of lighting in working environments is to assist workers and students focusing on individual tasks – it is vital that the lighting does not hinder productivity and workplace wellbeing. To this end, EDGE is designed with Tamlite’s I-Tech diffuser specifically to reduce glare, meeting BS EN-12464 compliance. It is also compatible with the company’s wireless lighting control network, Vision Air. This offers users control over the lighting system, providing the ability to customise pre-set scenes, monitor energy usage, and report on emergency lighting.

Tamlite’s VISION AIR is a combination of traditional lighting controls and the latest in wireless technology

Alongside supplying high quality lighting solutions, the company believes much of its success is having extensive research and development, testing and manufacturing facilities based in the heart of Britain. Every part of the business is underpinned with the British culture of quality, unparalleled service and value, and as the company has grown, it has stayed committed to these pillars. They provide the foundations on which Tamlite continues to innovate and push the boundaries of lighting technology and development Re-thinking how we talk about light to commercial property owners and operators is key. And Tamlite is here to help its customers do that. With an ever-growing focus on improving the office-based worker experience, the needs of end-users in this area can be achieved through the power of smarter lighting.  Tamlite Lighting, [1] en-GB/News/2021/08/the-future-is-hybridas-employers-plan-for-post-pandemicworking-patterns


The key aim of lighting in working environments is to assist workers and students focusing on individual tasks




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Flexible linear solution for Office & Education.

Surface, suspended and continuous versions

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Direct/indirect or direct only distribution

Up to 125 lumens per Watt efficacy TP(a) rated microprism diffuser

Find your EDGE

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NEW PRODUCT BONANZA FROM MERIDIAN LIGHTING As with all companies in the lighting industry, the pandemic shackles came off at the midpoint of 2021, with supplies of long-awaited new products finally arriving in the UK. The result for Meridian Lighting from the CED Electrical Group was to see major new product launches every month from July to October.


niquely styled LED Wallpacks started the bonanza in July. Built for durable outdoor use, these 28W fittings with or without photocells are manufactured in diecast aluminium with an anthracite finish and come with frosted polycarbonate diffusers. Fitted with top quality LEDs delivering 3500 lumens, colour change technology allows the end user optional colour renditions of 3000k or 4000k. A 50,000-hour lifespan backed with a five-year guarantee add further benefits for these ultra-modern fittings. Slimline IP65 LED Bulkheads followed in August. For indoor or outdoor use, this new range of 13W bulkheads comprises standard, with microwave sensor or with colour change technology, offering a wide

range of output from 3000k to 6500k. 15W Emergency variants with or without microwave sensors complete the range. An attractive slimline finish is provided by a white polycarbonate body and frosted opal diffuser. Delivering up to 1300 lumens, these bulkheads have a 30,000-hour lifespan. September brought Stylish Cambridge Battens. These 5ft Battens are available as standard, with microwave sensor or as an emergency fitting. With fully integrated LEDs, low 27W or high 47W output options make up the range. (25W or 45W for EM3 versions). Fitted with low flicker Tridonic drivers, Cambridge battens deliver a 4000k cool white temperature with outputs of 3500lm or 6500lm respectively, and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Hinged covers and multiple cable entry points provide added installer benefits.

And finally, October saw the launch of a Superior Range of Anti-Corrosive Fittings. Available as 2ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft fittings with fully integrated LEDs, they come in single or twin formats with emergency options available on all but the 2ft. Manufactured with polycarbonate bodies and opal diffusers, these slim design fittings are IP65 rated and come with fast fix connectors for easy installation. Delivering a 4000k cool white temperature, wattage and lumen output varies from the 2ft 9W single delivering 1080lm up to the 6ft twin at 70W and 8400lm. All New Meridian Ranges have UK/CA and CE approvals and are backed with at least three-year guarantees.  CED Electrical Group,




13W Standard, with Microwave Sensor or Colour Change Technology 15W Emergency Standard or with Microwave Sensor Polycarbonate bodies with frosted opal diffusers Gear Tray hinged for ease of installation Average Lifespan 30,000 hours EXTERIOR INTERIOR USE














44-48 Freshwater Road, Dagenham, Essex RM8 1RX (United Kingdom) Telephone. 020 8503 8500 | Facsimile. 020 8503 8900 |

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BRACKENHEATH LAUNCHES NEW LED FLOODLIGHTS Brackenheath is pleased to introduce the REX Slim and iSpot Frameless LED floodlight ranges.


onstructed with a high quality aluminium body, a toughened glass lens and a unique lightweight, extra-long angled mounting bracket, floodlights are fully rotational, easy to install and are supported by a three year guarantee. Incorporating on-board driverless technology, floodlights offer a highly efficient, energy saving solution, suitable for multiple commercial and residential applications.

REX Slim

iSpot Frameless

With a traditional design, the REX Slim range provides a perfect retrofit solution for a variety of commercial and residential applications. The range comprises of four different models – Standard, PIR, Photocell and Dual Voltage.

With a sleek design and incorporating an air release valve to prevent condensation build up, the iSpot Frameless range offers a contemporary solution for a variety of residential applications. The range comprises of two different models – iSpot Frameless and iSpot Frameless CCT3, with and without a PIR.

•  Specification – 4000K (Standard), 115° beam angle, IP65 •  Range – 10W to 300W in black finish complete with 0.5m to 1.5m of power flex •  PIR – fully adjustable pan and tilt, manual override feature, 10m detection range, adjustable lux, time and sensitivity settings •  Photocell – pre-set to 10-20 lux on (dusk) and 30-60 lux off (dawn) •  Dual Voltage – offers a single solution for 100V to 240V installations

•  Specification – 4000K (Standard), 3000K, 4000K, 5000K (CCT3), 115° beam angle, IP65, 220-240V •  Range – 10W to 50W in black or white finishes complete with 0.5m to 1.5m of power flex •  CCT3 – colour temperature and dimming control via a handheld remote, offering simultaneous control of multiple fittings within a 10m range •  PIR – fully adjustable pan and tilt, manual override feature, 10m detection range, adjustable lux, time and sensitivity settings.  Brackenheath,


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November 2021  |  9

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OVIA PREVIEWS A RAFT OF NEW LIGHTING PRODUCTS DUE FOR LAUNCH MID-NOVEMBER As the company embarks on its third year of trading as an independent lighting organisation, Mike Collins, Sales Director with Ovia, part of Scolmore Group, gives ECN a sneak preview of what the market can expect in the coming weeks as it prepares to unveil its third and biggest catalogue of products so far.


hen Ovia was launched as an independent lighting organisation at the end of 2019, the company’s aim was to fill a gap for a broad spectrum of entry level lighting products that are highly competitively priced, that are packed full of features and benefits, and are quick and easy to install to help contractors save time and money. Two years later, and despite the major challenges faced in an extremely difficult trading climate, Ovia has kept on track with its ambitious plans and continues to exceed expectations with investment in new products, the addition of new team members, and the imminent launch of Issue 3 of the Ovia catalogue. The comprehensive Ovia range now includes products that cover a wide range of applications and includes domestic, amenity, controls, commercial, industrial, utility, floodlighting, and emergency lighting. The company has continued to invest to ensure it has an extensive range of products that are contractor friendly and innovative and cover a broad spectrum of applications. Ovia also has a huge resource to call on and a very experienced team in place to manage stocks and the supply chain to ensure that the company continues to deliver a first class service to its customers.

New products and a bumper new catalogue Phase 3 of Ovia’s product development programme aims to build on the success of the first two years. When the company started out, it had the domestic market pretty much covered with the products it offered. Expansion into other sectors was always the aim and Ovia has had some great success, particularly with its commercial and floodlighting products. At over 400 pages, the new Ovia catalogue boasts an additional 100 pages on the previous edition and will bring to designers, contractors and specifiers a comprehensive product guide covering the entire range on offer. It includes a raft of brand new additions, as well as some improved products, and they are being brought to market on the back of continual engagement with contractors to ensure that the products and solutions they seek are developed and available through the wholesaler. With the aim of filling any gaps in its portfolio and in response to direct feedback Ovia has had from contractors, the company has added new and improved products to existing categories and introduced some new categories. There are new additions to the domestic, amenity, commercial and utility ranges and Ovia has expanded its floodlighting range to include two new product categories – LED Wall Packs and LED Street Lighting.

compliant with all the relevant regulations and standards. With all the information gathered, including drawings and specifications, a Lighting Design Proposal will be prepared. A schedule of lighting and lighting controls will be shared with the Ovia internal and external sales team who will prepare a quotation. The Lighting Design Proposal and prepared quotation will be sent back to the Ovia sales team member, and the quote will then either go through the wholesaler of choice, or the enquiry will be directed through one of Ovia’s supporting Elite stockists. If drawings are not available, the company does offer site surveys through its external sales team. A dedicated lighting design page is now available on the Ovia website. This includes an easy to access lighting design files section, where lighting designers can download individual product files. All the lighting design files have been grouped into categories – commercial, domestic, floodlights, industrial, utility and emergency – with the relevant products listed under the category heading.

Free lighting design service As part of Ovia’s commitment to deliver a first class service, a dedicated Ovia lighting design service is available, giving contractors access to free lighting design schemes for their commercial projects. The aim of the free service is to provide expertise in choosing the right products and solutions to create a scheme that meets all the requirements and objectives of the project in question, and that is

10  |  November 2021

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The future is bright It has been an extremely challenging but rewarding 18 months and the company will continue to grow the Ovia lighting range and raise the profile of the brand among an even wider contractor, specifier and wholesaler audience.  Ovia,



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CATALOGUE Errors and Omissions excluded. Specification is subject to change without notice.











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call: 01827 300640

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WHAT’S NEXT FOR LED LIGHTING IN THE WORKPLACE? With LEDs considered the ‘norm’ in most lighting applications, we are long past the stage where designers solely work towards energy goals. The combination of LEDs and controls is the future, and one that holds enormous potential for creating greater, more holistic workplaces - from offices right through to warehouses and logistic centres.


ne example comes from, international logistics group, Kuehne+Nagel. Its net zero carbon initiative aims to achieve carbon neutrality for its sea freight shipments by 2030. An important building block on the way is the lighting of its logistics sites. It was time to upgrade its conventional, uncontrolled lighting systems. A new lighting solution was sought to meet typical logistics requirements and deliver quality light and energy efficiency. Above all, the system needed to be conveniently monitored and controlled via a lighting management system. TRILUX was selected as a one-stop full-service provider. The hall lighting and outdoor areas at both locations were retrofitted with customised TRILUX

solutions, including E-Line NEXT, Mirona Fit, Aragon Fit, Lumena Star and Jovie, controlled via the LiveLink indoor and outdoor system. The project reduced electricity costs by approximately 30%. At the same time, the light quality increased, with sometimes surprising effects. At the Obergeorgswerder site, deaf employees reported feeling much safer in their work environment thanks to the higher lumen packages. Furthermore, the TRILUX E-Line NEXT LED is IoT-ready and can be equipped with IoT components via plug-and-play. Beyond lighting, in Obergeorgswerder, ‘heat mapping’ is implemented. Powerful 3D sensors in the luminaires determine the paths of people and vehicles in the halls to find hot spots and congestion

areas. Data is then displayed as graphically prepared frequency distributions on the hall floor plan, helping the centre adapt and reconfigure its layout to avoid the risk of accidents. Leighton James, Product and Marketing Director, TRILUX Lighting UK, says, “Trends such as digitalisation, globalisation, and networking have profoundly changed how we work in structural terms. We are finding that employers are now thinking beyond energy goals and focussing more on their employee’s health, safety, and wellbeing. They are using LED lighting infrastructure to create the workplace of the future.” To read the full project story visit: trilux. com/gb/blog/smart-in-the-fast-lane/  TRILUX,

WHERE THERE IS LIGHT, THERE IS LIFE. Inserat_Homeoffice_Bicult_190x130.indd 1 Trilux Lighting.indd 12

21.10.21 14:55 22/10/2021 11:27


NEW SMARTPHONE-CONTROLLED WALL SENSOR BREATHES FRESH AIR INSIDE BUILDINGS TO HELP KEEP OCCUPANTS SAFE A new high-tech wall sensor that measures air quality and humidity which can be controlled by a smartphone has been introduced by a leading lighting controls manufacturer in the fight against COVID-19.


EG UK Ltd has been working on the technology as a way of making buildings of various types, including offices, schools and hospitals, become safer places ahead of autumn, when more people will congregate inside. The BEG. OCCULOG sensor controls the air quality and humidity based on the level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air, and also acts as a temperature controller. With the help of a built-in LED traffic light (with the colours green, yellow and red), the BEG OCCULOG sensor warns by colour change, as well as by an additional acoustic signal if the indoor air has reached a critical value. This means



if the air quality is poor (and red), the air conditioning can be switched on or a window can be opened to improve air quality in the room. Depending on the model, the threshold values for red and yellow can be adjusted via remote control or with an adapter. The light colour can also be regulated by means of integrated Human Centric Lighting (HCL) control, while RGB control ensures colour-matched ambient lighting. The sensor can be controlled remotely with the adapter or smartphone using the BEG One app. BEG UK Director for UK and Ireland, Paul Jones, says: “The aim of the BEG technology is to make indoor spaces a more inhospitable place for airborne viruses like COVID-19 travelling through indoor environments.

“The new BEG OCCULOG wall sensor is our all-rounder for building automation as it measures air quality and humidity and is also a temperature controller and provides businesses and the education sector, including schools, colleges and universities, with a reliable way of keeping indoor spaces as healthy as possible.”  BEG,

For a healthy indoor climate: the VOC indicator for good air quality The remote controlcapable 230V VOC sensor continuously monitors air quality by reliably signalling changes and clearly displaying them visually.

OCCULOG®-1C Part No. 93563

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p: 0870 850 5412

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IDEAL INDUSTRIES MAKES WIRE TERMINATIONS EVEN EASIER WITH GEN II Brett Smyth, General Manager EMEA of IDEAL Industries, discusses the benefits of the company’s new Gen II Lever Wire Connectors for faster, easier and safer wire terminations.


ince IDEAL Industries first began pioneering its innovative In-Sure Push In Connectors in the UK almost 20 years ago, followed by SpliceLine and Lever Connectors, they have been an instant hit with electricians and a game changer for the electrical contracting sector. But IDEAL is not a company that rests on its laurels. The company has developed the next generation of lever wire connectors with its Gen II range, with even more features and functionality to make installations faster, easier, safer and more consistent than ever.

Innovation in wire termination

The IDEAL Industries Gen II Lever Wire Connector Range allows electricians to secure cables in place in seconds

Ideal for a quick, simple and safe wire termination installation with a high level of power consumption up to 32 amps, the IDEAL Industries Gen II Lever Wire Connector range provides a versatile solution suitable for joining solid, stranded or flexible conductors. Available in two-, three- or five-port models, the IDEAL Industries Gen II Lever Wire Connector Range allows electricians to secure cables in place in seconds, with no screwdriver or crimping and a simple strip, push, connect action. The levers have been designed to open in the opposite direction to the insertion port, locking the cables into position to prevent any accidental loosening or pull-out, ensuring a safe and secure connection throughout the lifecycle of the installation. The clear housing enables easy inspection and there is a check port for testing, enabling full safety and consistency verification at the point of installation.

Versatility built-in

Convenient and cost effective

The IDEAL Industries Gen II range is   re-useable and allows the use of multiple wires of different sizes and types within the same lever connector. All models can be used with solid or rigid stranded cables of between 0.2mm2 and 4mm2, while the units are suitable for use with any flexible cable from 0.14mm2 to 4mm2. Each connector features a built-in wire strip guide to enable installers to check the correct stripping length and, for solid and stranded cables, once the wire has been stripped, it can simply be pushed in with no need to lift the lever. For flexible wires, the lever is lifted before inserting the conductor and clamping it into place.

As always, IDEAL has listened to the marketplace to understand what different types of users need from the company and is providing a variety of pack sizes, enabling contractors to try the Gen II range for the first time or buy in bigger quantities for larger installations. Gen II Lever Wire Connectors are available in a variety of pack sizes, including boxes, bags and kits. Amongst the kits, is a new Twin & Earth Kit, which includes a stripper, cutter and 20 each of the 32A rated two- and three-port Push In and Gen II Lever wire connectors, along with a 20-piece bag of assorted 32A connectors, which includes the popular SpliceLine and threeport Push In, as well as the new two- and three-port Gen II Lever wire connectors.

Safety and compliance Making wire terminations faster and simpler has an important role to play in safety, but testing and certification are also integral to safety assurance. The IDEAL Industries Gen II Lever Wire Connector range is CE marked, UKCA and UL listed, and is also ENEC accredited and fully compliant with the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.

14  |  November 2021

Ideal Industries.indd 14



Gen II Innovation for all generations Whether you’re an experienced contractor or a recently trained electrician, the Gen II range brings fresh ideas to site that combine safety and ease of use with all the quality and cost-effectiveness you’d expect from IDEAL Industries.  IDEAL Industries,



21/10/2021 12:10


ECOSYSTEM-ENABLED LIGHTING CONTROLS Product ecosystems are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of lighting applications.


n ecosystem is a network of intercommunicating products which can perform a range of functions within a building, or even beyond. The products which make up an ecosystem typically use Bluetooth communications, or similar, to form an intercommunicating meshed network. Controls, such as person detector switches, are designed to work as part of an ecosystem which uses a particular protocol. These ecosystem-enabled controls, plus ecosystem-enabled lights and other devices, can then form a network to perform a range of different functions – such as automatic lighting control based on occupancy and daylight, scene-setting, lighting colour change and energy use monitoring. One of the key advantages over a conventional, wired lighting control system is an ecosystem’s flexibility. An authorised building manager can set up

an ecosystem to operate in the required manner using, say, a tablet. As the ecosystem does not require hard wiring between the controls and the lights, it is simpler to cope if a building goes through a change of use or layout. The ecosystem can be reprogrammed, without the need for rewiring - giving major savings on labour time and materials. One emerging use of ecosystems is asset tracking. An appropriately tagged asset can be tracked and located in a building – particularly useful for finding a pallet of goods in a warehouse, or an important piece of medical equipment in a hospital. As light fittings are normally spread across the whole area of a building, this provides an ideal grid via which the tagged assets can be tracked. Another popular use for some ecosystems is in monitoring footfall patterns. This type of data is particularly valuable in retail environments for deciding where best to place

merchandising displays. Similarly, such data can also be used to measure the effects that changing merchandising displays has on footfall. Several brands of ecosystem are now established in the market. Each has its own strong points with regards to the scale of the ecosystem which is practical, to the specific lighting and lighting control functions that are available and to the relative merits of the user interface for programming and for receiving data from the ecosystem.  DANLERS,

DANLERS Ecosystem Controls

Occupancy and daylight sensors for wireless meshing ecosystems

Ecosystem functions can include: energy saving automatic lighting control, scene-setting, asset tracking, energy monitoring

DANLERS Limited, DANLERS Business Centre, Vincients Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6NQ, UK T: +44 (0)1249 443377

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21/10/2021 12:11


WHY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS HAVE A KEY PART TO PLAY IN TACKLING THE CLIMATE CRISIS Nigel Harvey is CEO of Recolight, the WEEE compliance and collection scheme for the lighting industry. Nigel explains that the way in which electrical contractors remove used light fittings when installing new fittings can contribute to tackling the climate crisis.


We need to keep products in use longer, rather than simply destroying them, or recycling them

ll of us must now be aware of the scale of the global challenge that the climate crisis presents. And while the biggest changes that are needed are at governmental level, there is a lot that businesses can also do to make a difference. One of the crucial changes that is needed is to fully embrace and adopt circular economy principles. In short, we need to keep products in use for longer, rather than simply destroying them, or recycling them. That improves resource efficiency and saves the carbon footprint associated with making new products. A vital way of achieving this in the lighting sector is to make used fittings available for remanufacture when they are replaced. Re-use like this has much better environmental outcomes – the body of the fitting is retained, and the light source or control gear can be checked or upgraded.

Clearly for this to happen successfully in the UK, we need a number of changes: •  Customers and specifiers need to start to request used fittings, and pleasingly, Recolight is already beginning to see this. •  Manufacturers need to develop the competencies needed to remanufacture fittings, and ensure they are still compliant with relevant legislation. Again, this is starting to happen. Recolight is already aware of several members of its WEEE scheme, and other companies, that now see remanufacture as a viable business opportunity. •  As a WEEE scheme, Recolight now collects additional information regarding the used fittings that are being removed whenever one of its members is supplying LED luminaires to new projects. Recolight will make that information available to companies that could remanufacture or upgrade the fittings, and upon request, will deliver the used fittings to the remanufacturer. But the role of the electrical contractor in this new approach is crucial. For a product to be re-usable, it must be kept in reasonable condition. In particular, that means trying to minimise any damage to the fittings as they are removed, and stacking them carefully. So, where Recolight identifies a project that will result in the removal of product that a remanufacturer is willing to accept, it will include this in its discussions with the contractor. Recolight hopes that the contractor will be willing to attempt to keep the product in good condition, in the knowledge that, without liability, they are contributing to a more circular economy. To help the process, Recolight will provide the contractor with bales of cardboard bubble wrap, and asks that the products be wrapped, palletised, and shrink wrapped. Recolight will then arrange for collection as usual, but will deliver the used fittings to the remanufacturer, rather than to a recycler.

16  |  November 2021

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This also means that the used fittings should not be classified as waste, which eliminates some of the paperwork and red tape. Recolight recognises that this is a ‘big ask’ for the contractor – in particular that it is likely to involve more staff time. The company wants the contractor to gain clear reputational and commercial benefits from ‘doing the right thing’. As a result, for each project that results in successful luminaire re-use, it will issue the contractor with a ‘certificate of circular excellence’, which they can use to demonstrate their credentials when bidding for future contracts. Recolight intends to include an estimate of the carbon footprint saving on the certificate, which will help once this is included in the Common Assessment Standard. Many clients, particularly those that have already made commitments on net zero, will value the carbon footprint saving the contractor has generated. Recolight will also, particularly with the first few successful projects, look to publicise case studies of those contractors that have successfully contributed to luminaire re-use. The climate crisis is, without doubt, the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. Facilitating the re-use of used luminaires is one small way in which our industry can respond to this challenge.  Recolight,



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FREE collection and recycling and FREE container for sites collecting over 1000 lamps each quarter. As a non profit organisation, Options available for smaller Recolight can offer a low cost quantities. recycling service. Giving you a complete WEEE service.

WEEE GUIDE YOU A team of WEEE experts to help with your paperwork. All consignment notes are FREE.

WE COVER THE UK Recolight operate the UK’s largest collection network for fluorescent and LED lamps. Untitled-2 2

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METWAY LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEMS Metway Electrical Industries has several different lighting control options to cater for most lighting control requirements. The following summarises the benefits, applications and criteria of each option to allow you to choose the most suitable system.


he following three systems all utilise dual latching luminaire outputs complying with LIF requirements and preferred industry practise. More details are available on Metway’s website or by phone from its sales office. Metway can also quote based on lighting layout drawings and a specification. This would include all lighting control modules, presence detectors and leads, producing a fully costed solution.

Which system to choose? Metway Connection Centre (MCC) •  Standalone system. Quick and   easy to install with usually no commissioning required. •  Eight output and 10 output variants available. With two separate presence detector inputs. Units can also be wired in parallel to have multiple boxes controlled together (providing these oblige to the Amperage restraints). •  Suitable for dimming and   non-dimmable applications. Different presence detectors and luminaire leads can be used for either dimming or switching arrangements. •  Presence or absence detection. Metway can supply presence detectors with additional cabling and plug to allow the introduction of an override or absence switch.

Metway Connection Centre (MCC)

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Metway Fully Addressable System

Standalone DALI Connection Centre (MDCC) •  Use with DALI Ballasts luminaires. This system communicates with each luminaire via the DALI protocol to allow individual grouping of each light fitting depending on the desired layout. For example, this allows for fittings nearest interactive whiteboards to be grouped and switched separately. •  Graduated dimming. This allows for rows of luminaires to dim at different percentages parallel to the window and reduces the need for a photocell per row of lights. •  Future-proof. Via the installation of network cabling and minimal additional control equipment this option can become a fully communicating system. •  Plug and play installation. Simpler installation with all items supplied with plugs for quick and accurate installation.

•  Ten individually addressable outputs. Each lighting control module has 10 outputs and four switch inputs to cater nearly every required scenario. •  Fully communicating. This allows occupancy information to be shared between the presence detectors to keep any essential lighting on if required. •  Can communicate without the need for DALI ballasts. Although the system will normally communicate using the DALI protocol, it can also work using its own open network, allowing the use of DSI ballasts or switching only luminaires. •  Emergency monitoring. If required, this system allows for emergency monitoring with fault reporting. •  Head end PC available. For integration with a building management system. •  Commissioning. Commissioning will be carried out by a Metway Commissioning Engineer.  Metway,

Standalone DALI Connection Centre (MDCC)

•  Simple on-site configuration. The individual set up of each room can be done by the installers using a simple programming remote to group the luminaires as required (Metway commissioning also available).

•  One or two channel applications. The MCC can be installed to accommodate all the outputs switching together or split to have two halves switched separately (eight-way MCC split to 2 x four-way and 10-way MCC split to 2 x five-way), see MCC section.

Metway Fully Addressable System




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Metway Presence Detectors

On / Off Occupancy Absence detection

Intelligent photocell

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Preleaded or stand alone

Manual override

Low profile

Switching or DALI dimmable versions

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LEDVANCE LAUNCHES NEW VIVARES LIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM VIVARES opens installations up to new possibilities for modern light management in offices with flexible, simple and comfortable solutions.


EDVANCE has launched a new future-proof IoT light management system, making it easier than ever to produce the right lighting conditions for defined requirements. VIVARES offers superb simplicity with compatibility to two technologies: a wireless option via VIVARES Zigbee and a wired version using DALI-2 technology. The flexible system is particularly suited for office solutions, especially where rewiring and structural changes are not possible, as is often the case if a building is listed or does not have suspended ceilings. Commenting on the range, Nelo Neves, Sales Director at LEDVANCE UK, says, “Lighting today has to do so much more than simply switch on and off. VIVARES enables new possibilities for our customers with sustainable, dynamic human centric lighting, and customisation. Major benefits for lighting professionals include simple and user-friendly installation, operation and maintenance of VIVARES. The system is ideal for retrofitting into existing buildings and flexible office space solutions.”

20  |  November 2021

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Based on the leading ZigBee 3.0 standard, VIVARES adapts lighting to the most diverse requirements in the simplest possible way. Integrating daylight and motion sensors further increases the energy savings that can be achieved, and cloud-based monitoring with VIVARES CLOUD SERVICES ensures even greater reliability and security by generating maintenance and energy consumption reports. In addition, separation of lighting communication from Wi-Fi networks ensures maximum security. There are no control cables for unrestricted luminaire placement and the wireless system is scalable for major projects. At the heart of LEDVANCE VIVARES DALI is the OSRAM DALI PRO 2 IoT control unit. The system connects DALI-2 components – for example sensors, pushbutton couplers and the LEDVANCE VIVARES DALI-2 luminaires. As an open standard, the system is compatible with a wide range of DALI-2-ready luminaires and components. A total of up to 128 luminaires and 126 input devices can be individually addressed via two channels.


Installation, configuration and commissioning are particularly simple and user-friendly thanks to the browser-based   graphical user interface. Predefined templates and drag and drop enable time saving and intuitive commissioning.

Convenient remote maintenance Another advantage of the VIVARES system is the optional cloud services. VIVARES CLOUD SERVICES for VIVARES Zigbee and VIVARES DALI offers convenient remote diagnosis of the system. With an intuitive dashboard, the energy consumption, operating hours of the drivers and other relevant lighting data can be monitored. The various filter functions give users the option of analysing the data according to their needs, allowing potential savings to be maximised. LEDVANCE lighting solutions come in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging with all relevant product information immediately visible on the outside of the box.  LEDVANCE,



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LIGHT MANAGEMENT – THE COMFORTABLE WAY With VIVARES you can provide optimal lighting conditions in the office while being flexible and future-proof. Get all the LMS components and the matching LED luminaires from a single source for maximum stability and compatibility. The new IoT light management system from LEDVANCE is not just easy to install, but you can also choose between wireless Zigbee or wired DALI technology. And our optional cloud services allow you to diagnose the system remotely and carry out energy monitoring from anywhere. Discover the comfortable way of inspiring your customers!

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Welcome to the family

An upgrade to our market-leading FTYPE range of LED downlights: • More compact 47mm height, for shallow ceiling voids • New Regressed, Dim2Warm and Colour Changing versions • Easy installation features that save you time • Latest Samsung chips, with up to 100Lm/W output

For more information, visit: Untitled-3 2

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A new and innovative range of easy to install and set up residential floodlights • Unlimited adjustment allows light to be positioned exactly where needed • High Lm/W output offers high performance • Saves energy through the adjustable PIR’s dusk till dawn mode • IP65 rated floodlight and PIR, for full weatherproof protection • Conveniently supplied with 1 metre of pre-wired cable, for easy installation

Find out more at:

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BEING A SPARKY IS ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS To do work that’s safe, reliable and compliant, you need a bit of a head for figures. Here are a couple for you: the new Generation II Lever Wire Connector handles both 32 AMP and 4mm. You can do more, more quickly, in even the most awkward of spaces. It all adds up.

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