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DANLERS Limited, DANLERS Business Centre, Vincients Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6NQ, UK T: +44 (0)1249 443377 E: New Smart ISI range ♦ PIR occupancy switches with built-in photocells ♦ Free-to-download DANLERS iOS and Android app ♦ Simple and easy-to-use ♦ Programmable setback light levels and fade rates ♦ Upgradeable for extra features such as group control and asset tracking DANLERS Lighting Controls This NEW DANLERS range of smart sensors is quick to set up, with DANLERS own easy-to-use APP (Android & iOS). Security options are available, to avoid unauthorised changes to settings. It has switching and dimming compatibilities for DALI and 0-10V. Upgradeable via over-the-air updates with additional licences and extra features. Ideal for energy-saving automatic lighting control. DANLERS View the range


Hello and welcome to ECN’s Lighting Supplement. This supplement features comment from the industry’s leading companies, bringing you details of the latest products and comment from within the sector.

Tamlite shares its views on delivering decarbonisation for the public sector; NVC Lighting discusses its new products which are backed up by industry leading warranties; and Ledvance writes on its lighting range for industrial solutions.

B.E.G. has introduced its next generation of powerful DALI-2 occupancy sensors; CED has completed the introduction of an expansive range of LED Self-Test options; and Knightsbridge writes on its configurable SektroLED downlight.

Ovia discusses its Click Flow connector range; Quickwire writes on the range of products that it offers; and Ansell Lighting looks at the benefits of using smart lighting to effectively manage energy usage.

I hope you find this supplement informative – look out for our next supplement in the February issue!

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4 Delivering decarbonisation for the public sector 8 New products backed by industry leading warranties from NVC 10 Ledvance innovates lighting range for industrial solutions 12 B.E.G. introduces next generation of powerful DALI-2 occupancy sensors 13 Meridian emergency lighting now complete with self-test range 14 Light begins at 40 with SpektroLED downlights 16 Go with the flow, says Ovia 18 Work faster, not harder 20 Making the right choices 22 Smarter lighting for smart occupancy CONTENTS…


As the drive towards reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency continues across the built environment, the public sector will play a key role in achieving this. Tamlite Lighting says small changes can make a big difference.

Data released by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) at the beginning of April showed that greenhouse gas emissions in Britain rose by 4.7% in 2021 compared with 2020 levels[1]. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Compared to 2019, the most recent pre-pandemic year, total greenhouse gas emissions are down 5.2% and are 47.3% lower than they were in 1990.

With the UK government setting a legally binding goal to achieve net zero by 2050, it remains clear that urgent actions still need to be taken for emission rates to decline at a far quicker rate. Indeed, this was the warning from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), that said that without immediate and deep emissions reductions across all sectors, limiting global warming to 1.5°C is beyond reach[2]

Commenting on the findings in the third volume of its latest climate assessment report, IPCC Chair Hoesung Lee commented, “The decisions we

make now can secure a liveable future. There are policies, regulations and market instruments that are proving effective. If these are scaled up and applied more widely and equitably, they can support deep emissions reductions and stimulate innovation.”

Here in the UK, 2050 may seem a long way off. But with just eight years to go to reach the government’s commitment to reduce emissions by 68% by 2030 [3], the price of inaction is bought into sharp focus!

Cutting carbon

The built environment remains a major contributor to climate change and is directly responsible for 25% of the total UK carbon footprint[4], and therefore has a critical role to play in the national transition to net zero.

The public estate – Britain’s largest property portfolio – generates 2% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. That figure might not seem much, but in 2020, net territorial greenhouse gas emissions in the UK were estimated to

be 405.5 million tonnes, so the public estate is generating over eight tonnes on its own! Whilst innovative low carbon technologies are often seen as the silver bullet, there are far simpler and more cost-effective measures that can be taken. And it is arguable that the public sector must prioritise retrofitting its existing assets in order to meet carbon cutting targets as well as improve their energy efficiency, especially when you consider that 80% of the buildings that will exist in 2050 already exist[5]

Civic leaders from across Europe recognise the benefit of retrofitting solutions, with members of the C40 Cities initiative now calling on governments to scale up solutions in energy efficiency and retrofits to assist with wider decarbonisation targets[6]

Smart lighting solutions

Lighting remains one of the most fundamental building services, yet it is here that small changes can make a big difference. The ability of LED technology to reduce energy consumption

4 | October 2022 Lighting TAMLITE @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine

by two-thirds or more, as well as greatly increase product lifespans, is universally accepted. However, what is less understood are the actual savings that can be made and the overall ROI – in many cases, replacing outdated lighting with modern LED systems has generated savings of between 60% to 80%, and this should be seen as a key component of any decarbonisation plan.

As well as financial and environmental savings, in the vast majority of cases, high-efficiency LED lighting used in conjunction with intelligent control systems also add a level of flexibility that is vital across the public sector estate when you consider the varying use of properties.

As an example, installing PIR sensors ensures that lighting is not used unnecessarily when the room is unoccupied by dimming or switching off the fittings, while advanced controllers –such as daylight dimming sensors – allow the output of the luminaires to be adjusted in accordance with natural light levels.

Beyond that, a network which connects all fittings and sensors into a centralised control system allows building operators to establish lighting designs and settings that suit the preferences of different groups of occupants. Integrated systems like this also make it much easier to track energy usage and identify ways in which consumption can be further reduced.

The commissioning of intelligent lighting systems could be seen by many as a complex and time-consuming affair, but the latest generation of smart systems greatly reduces the impact on facilities’ cost-base, infrastructure and personnel. In this context it makes sense to engage with a specialist lighting company at the earliest possible stage, as they are able to provide expert guidance and the most effective fast-track solutions

to delivering the right light when it is needed, and within budget.

In Tamlite’s Vision network, every luminaire is smart. With integrated wireless nodes, fittings can communicate with one another, be set into groups, and work as one holistic system. Using smart sensors, lighting can be switched off automatically when no one is in the vicinity. Tamlite Vision systems utilise the latest in occupancy sensing and daylight dimming technology to create better atmosphere for occupants and increase the lifespan of luminaires. Through the use of sensors, control panels and lighting networks, they ensure that luminaires are only on when they are needed, which minimises energy usage and overall carbon output.

Urban upgrades

It is not just indoor lighting where the public sector can make a difference in improving energy efficiency. The Energy Saving Trust reports if every street lamp in the UK was upgraded to LED, it would save in the region of £77million[7]

Poor lighting design not only results in energy waste but light spill and light intrusion, with the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) estimating that 35% of artificial light is wasted by being poorly aimed or unshielded[8]

One way to deal with unnecessary waste is to use luminaires with high optical control. A luminaire with high optical control will offer a better direction of light and will be more energy efficient (less light waste/spill). This is something that must be brought into consideration when specifying a lighting design and must be considered should the specification of the project change.

The nature of urban spaces may be subject to considerable variation, but it

is vital for local authorities to invoke one universal design principle when delivering urban illumination: that lighting should be highly directional and provided only when and where it is needed. Combined with the warmer, more attractive nature of LED fixtures, such systems can ensure that lighting is radiated into the right space at the right time, reducing energy waste and carbon emissions.

Public sector organisations that lean towards lighting upgrades will not only reap the benefits from reducing their energy consumption, but given the hugely increased energy costs, will also see a significant reduction when it comes to ROI. With the drive towards decarbonisation intensifying, retrofitting outdated lighting will, without doubt, be a vital step towards reducing environmental impact.

Visit for more on how retrofitting outdated lighting systems and installing controls will help progress our collective sustainability efforts and achieve net zero goals.


It is not just indoor lighting where the public sector can make a difference in improving energy efficiency

Lighting October 2022 | 5 TAMLITE @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine
[1] Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy [2] Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) [3] UK Sixth Carbon Budget [4] UK Green Building Council [5] Cabinet Office [6] C40 Cities [7] Energy Saving Trust [8] International Dark-Sky Association References available on the online version of the supplement.

changes can make a big difference.

Replacing outdated lighting with modern LED systems has proven to generate savings of between 60% to 80% and as the drive towards reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency continues across the built environment, prioritising upgrades in lighting simply makes sense.

you installing the right lighting systems for our future?



about the benefits...
to us about: Environmental Wellbeing Retrofit #BritishManufacturer Est. 1967 Small


Since NVC Lighting was established in the UK 15 years ago, the company has gone from strength to strength, with an ever-expanding portfolio of commercial and industrial LED and emergency lighting solutions backed by industry leading customer care as well as in-house photometric testing and lighting design services.

One of the unique elements NVC offers is a comprehensive seven-year warranty across its entire Pro range of high performing products that are all L80, 100,000 hours rated. This doesn’t just apply to fittings but also to emergency batteries, something NVC believes to be unique among UK lighting suppliers.

NVC publishes a catalogue twice a year, which is available as a hard copy or digital reference not only to its extensive product range, but also to a plethora of technical articles on a wide range of topics, including lithium batteries, IP ratings, dimming and circadian lighting.

The company has recently launched new products including three ranges of downlights for commercial, social housing and student accommodation projects called MIAMI, VENUS and MERCURY designed for rapid installation and quick testing. Piano key terminals and plug/socket disconnect for rapid testing are standard. Other features include: selectable colour temperature, fire-rated, mains dimmable and a choice of bezel finishes. In addition, two new commercial downlights with a choice of three wattages have been introduced – WASHINGTON, the wide beam option and WESTMINSTER which is low-glare. Both are TP(a) and IP54 rated as standard.

NVC has also developed a Pro version of its popular TEXAS batten to offer lower power consumption, higher output and greater efficiency,

options at every length (4’, 5’

Following requests for more flexibility of light output from LED panels, NVC has created high and low output versions of its LINCOLN and STERLING panel ranges to give lighting designers more options to achieve the light levels and spacings they require.

With the focus increasingly on sustainable business practices, alongside it’s accreditations, including ISO1400 1, NVC has achieved carbon neutral status by partnering with Carbon Neutral Britain – a leading consultancy and offsetting organisation. With the organisation’s help, and using international standards, NVC calculated its greenhouse gas emissions. In the period March 2021 to April 2022 these were 463 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. The company has offset these emissions by investing in audited projects, which are re-planting forests, generating renewable electricity and restoring damaged environments.

NVC’s green credentials have been further endorsed with the achievement of the EcoVadis Gold Standard sustainability rating. To obtain this, Ecovadis assessed the company against a wide range of criteria, including its supply chain employment practices, environmental policies and product energy efficiency standards.

NVC Lighting is the UK subsidiary of NVC International Holdings and is based in purpose-built premises in Birmingham, which includes 90,000ft² of warehouse space and an assembly facility for made-to-order products. The company not only serves the UK and Ireland markets directly, it also manages NVC’s subsidiaries in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

NVC Lighting,

8 | October 2022 Lighting NVC LIGHTING @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine


THE WAY T: 0121 457 6340 E: E: W: Dedicated support from experienced lighting sales engineers Free lighting design service Scan QR code for our latest catalogue or ask your local distributor 7-year warranty on all Pro range products (including batteries) NEW products for commercial, industrial and residential applications Lithium batteries with all Pro range emergency fittings In-house testing and bespoke solutions assembly


The range of sensor luminaires, flex luminaires and compacts are designed with high IP ratings, easy installation fittings and long lifetimes for demanding applications where the quality of light is crucial, not only for good production results, but also for health and safety. They are suitable for damp environments and high ceilings of up to 12m, in areas including warehouses, supermarkets, logistics halls and underpasses.

The upgraded Damp Proof Sensor luminaire allows for swift installation with simple five-way wiring to establish a network of intelligent luminaires, based on the leader-follower or leader-leader principle. Toggle switches provide quick configuration of sensor detection areas, hold times and daylight threshold. The luminaire has an impressive efficiency of 139lm/W and its IP65 protection makes it suitable for a range of environments, including underpasses, garages and car parks.

The Low Bay Flex luminaire is designed to evenly illuminate areas with ceiling heights of between four and 10 metres. It offers three different beam angles at 160lm/W and provides easy installation with four mounting options, end caps and connections that are accessible without tools. The luminaire has a cost-effective lifetime of up to 100,000 hours and is equipped for complete through-wiring in both On/Off and DALI operation. Standard applications for the Low Bay Flex include storage facilities, discounters and supermarkets.

The High Bay Gen 4 Sensor luminaire significantly reduces operating costs in high-ceiling spaces of up to 12m, thanks to increased luminaire efficiency and a

configurable sensor. Such spaces may include airports, warehouses and logistics halls. The integrated corridor function provides increased light on demand, without the need for any additional devices. To simplify system programming, an optional remote control permits further customisation of lighting levels and timings, extending these settings to all other luminaires installed in just one click.

The High Bay Compact luminaire has a modern, exclusive design of black aluminium housing and tempered glass cover, permitting operating temperatures of -20°C to 45°C. The high bay compact luminaire gives energy savings of up to 60% compared to conventional high bay luminaires and is a suitable replacement for existing high bay luminaires with mercury vapour or metal halide lamps. Potential applications include warehouses, logistics halls and other industrial spaces with high ceilings such as lobbies and shopping malls.

LEDVANCE lighting solutions come in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging with all relevant product information immediately visible on the outside of the box.


LEDVANCE has extended its range of LED products for sophisticated industrial lighting solutions.
10 | October 2022 Lighting LEDVANCE @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine

F ind out more at le

F ind out more at le

F ind out more at le

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F ind out more at le .uk / luminaires














Energy and resource consumption is increasingly becoming the all-important factor in the professional sector. But with the revised, significantly expanded luminaire portfolio from LEDVANCE you have nothing to worry about. Improved in performance and efficiency and including a number of new products, it offers you and your customers convincing solutions for office, industrial, parking, shop and urban applications – sustainable and economical, functional and with a high quality of light.

Energy and resource consumption is increasingly becoming the all-important factor in the professional sector. But with the revised, significantly expanded luminaire portfolio from LEDVANCE you have nothing to worry about. Improved in performance and efficiency and including a number of new products, it offers you and your customers convincing solutions for office, industrial, parking, shop and urban applications – sustainable and economical, functional and with a high quality of light.

Energy and resource consumption is increasingly becoming the all-important factor in the professional sector. But with the revised, significantly expanded luminaire portfolio from LEDVANCE you have nothing to worry about. Improved in performance and efficiency and including a number of new products, it offers you and your customers convincing solutions for office, industrial, parking, shop and urban applications – sustainable and economical, functional and with a high quality of light.

Energy and resource consumption is increasingly becoming the all-important factor in the professional sector. But with the revised, significantly expanded luminaire portfolio from LEDVANCE you have nothing to worry about. Improved in performance and efficiency and including a number of new products, it offers you and your customers convincing solutions for office, industrial, parking, shop and urban applications – sustainable and economical, functional and with a high quality of light.

Energy and resource consumption is increasingly becoming the all-important factor in the professional sector. But with the revised, significantly expanded luminaire portfolio from LEDVANCE you have nothing to worry about. Improved in performance and efficiency and including a number of new products, it offers you and your customers convincing solutions for office, industrial, parking, shop and urban applications – sustainable and economical, functional and with a high quality of light.

Inspire your customers with LEDVANCE as a strong partner

Inspire your customers with LEDVANCE as a strong partner

Inspire your customers with LEDVANCE as a strong partner

Inspire your customers with LEDVANCE as a strong partner

Inspire your customers with LEDVANCE as a strong partner








B.E.G. has launched a new powerful generation of DALI-2 occupancy sensors.

ollowing a detailed study and feedback from its many markets, the German manufacturer has now updated its range of standalone DALI Compact detectors.

These Generation Two devices are more powerful, DALI-2 certified, and with greater functions and flexibility. The new range is available in four standard colours - white, traffic white, gloss and matt black.

The programming is easier with the B.E.G. One app via a smartphone or tablet using the BLE-IR-Adapter. The new ‘logic functions’ include improved dimming control, adjustable control dynamics and a DALI line planner online – an effective tool for quickly and reliably determining the DALI participants.

The super-flat stand-alone devices include an integrated application controller and a DALI bus voltage supply that combine a wider range of functions with minimal products.

Paul Jones, Sales Director, UK and Ireland at B.E.G., says: “End users who attach importance to occupancy sensors blending invisibly into the existing architecture can look forward to a super-flat occupancy detector in the DALI compact occupancy detector range with cover rings and lenses all now available in a range of colours.

“In addition to the actual product, we have a new modular system and users can also opt for an individual mounting set for surface or wall mounting. A cloud connection allows the exchange of information and the collaboration of several employees on a project.

“Work progress can be documented and transmitted in PDF format. Parameterisation is particularly easy with Generation Two

because all devices can be controlled bidirectionally. The new DALI-2 compact occupancy detectors, therefore, enable maximum flexibility and convenience.”

Users can still interact with Generation One products by using backwards compatibility or they can be easily replaced with the new DALI-2 certified sensors.

DALI remains one of the most popular tools for lighting control as its impressive communication protocol is robust and easy to install. With the new DALI-2 certification procedure, it also adds future-oriented stability as, previously, only control gear had to comply with the standard.

Paul adds: “With DALI-2, device types such as application controllers, push-buttons, light sensors or motion sensors are also defined in the standard. This makes it possible to optimally combine products from different manufacturers, to put them into operation and to avoid errors.”

DALI Multisensor PD4N-DALI-LINK Part no. 93377 DALI push-button module PBM-DALI-LINK-4W-BLE Part no. 92732 DALI Power supply PS-DALI-LINK-FC Part no. 92846 B.E.G. LUXOMAT ® net DALI-LINK ■ Addressable multi-master Lighting Control System ■ Supports DALI and DALI-2 luminaires ■ Ideal for retrofitting ■ Super flat multisensor available ■ Simple, intuitive operation ■ Free Bluetooth app with 2 functions: - Scene control for end customer - Commissioning tool for installers 2 1 3 24m 8m 6.40m 2.50m 1 på tværs 452m 2 frontalt 50m� 3 siddende 32m� walking across walking towards seated 0870 850 5412 LARGE OFFICE SOLUTION BEG F

but has now

Self-Test options, which – in the

low maintenance

Traditional fittings range

• This includes IP65 Non-Maintained Twin Spots manufactured with white polycarbonate bodies, adjustable heads and delivering 6500k daylight output. Two options, 2 x 3W and 2 x 7W are available and deliver three-hour non-maintained cover.

• 3W Exit Boxes for indoor use are made in epoxy coated steel with plastic diffusers and a BESA box back entry, whilst a low profile style ensures easy fitting.

• Next are the 3W Bulkheads finished in white – one a three-hour maintained version fitted with a clear diffuser and a second non-maintained option with opal diffuser.

• 3W IP20 Maintained and Non-Maintained Panel Lights plus Recessed Emergency high power Downlights complete the traditional Emergency range.

New Self-Test Emergency Fittings

• First in this new range is an IP65 rated 3W Self-Test Bulkhead delivering 150 lumens and 6000k daylight output with a 120° beam angle.

• 3W IP20 Exit Panels are next with a similar beam angle and daylight delivery.

• Moving on, there are Self-Test Emergency Spotlights for High and Low Bay use. Both are ceiling mounted with a 148° beam angle – a 6W, IP20 High Bay Round spotlight and a 3W IP65 Low Bay Square option. They deliver 5000k cool white output via 450 and 240 lumens respectively.

• Finally, there are four further IP20 Self-Test Spotlights. Three 3W fittings are specifically for open areas, corridors or articulated use, whilst the fourth is a 1W all-in-one compact fitting with twin lenses.

The complete Meridian Emergency Range is CE and UKCA approved, RoHS compliant and comes with a full three-year guarantee.

CED Electrical,

MERIDIAN EMERGENCY LIGHTING NOW COMPLETE WITH SELF-TEST RANGE Meridian already has a substantial range of traditional LED emergency lighting,
completed the introduction of an equally expansive range of LED
current economic climate – have the distinct benefit of delivering
costs. EMERGENCY FITTINGS SELF-TEST DELIVERING LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS IP65 Bulkhead and IP20 Exit Panels - with 6000k daylight output & 120^ beam angle IP20 6w High Bay and 3w IP65 Low Bay Spotlights - ceiling mounted with 5000k coolwhite output & 148˚ beam angle IP20 3w Spotlights to meet specific needs - for Open areas, Corridors, Articulated use plus an All-in-one Compact option For more details CONTACT SALES


SpektroLED broke through the limitations of traditional LED downlights, offering unrivalled choice in performance and style in one package, doing away with the need to specify multiple LED lamp types. That versatility, freedom and choice has now been radically increased with the addition of the SpektroLED Tilt version.

SpektroLED Fixed and SpektroLED Tilt are each a genuine 40-in-1 solution

The fixed and tilt downlights can be configured to offer 40 variants from the one product, thanks to its selectable wattages and CCTs and choices of bezel. Depending on the required illumination, either 5W (up to 465 lumens) or 8W (up to 795 lumens) can be pre-selected via a switch on the rear of the lamp body. Once chosen, there are four CCTs available – 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6000K – and the desired colour temperature is selected by a sliding switch, also on the rear of the lamp body.

Further customisation is then possible through the various bezel options that allow the lamp to complement or contrast with a room’s décor or colourways. The bezels come in a choice of stylish finishes, from popular white and matt black to chrome, polished chrome and brass.

These permutations of wattage, colour temperature and bezel choice make SpektroLED Fixed and SpektroLED Tilt each a genuine 40-in-1 solution.

Installation, as with all Knightsbridge products, is straightforward. Each unit, which has a low-profile design, features cleverly engineered first and second fix power connectors with loop in/loop out terminals that can be terminated

and hidden away while other works are finished. Then the downlights can be simply plugged in to complete the installation after decoration, avoiding the issue of paint-damaged bezels. The connectors also allow the luminaire to be removed for maintenance or even re-programming by simply unplugging them.

The downlights are fire rated for solid timber, web joist and I-joist installation for up to 90 minutes depending on materials and, in addition, are IC rated for retention of efficiency of mineral wool insulation in

the ceiling void. SpektroLED Fixed has an IP65 rating from below, making it suitable for use in bathrooms and wet rooms, while SpektroLED Tilt is rated at IP20.

Once installed, SpektroLED will give 50,000 hours of rated LED life and can be used with leading and trailing-edge dimmers, should the need arise, though compatibility should be verified beforehand. A five-year warranty guarantees peace of mind.


The configurable SpektroLED downlight from Knightsbridge – one of the UK’s leading brands of wiring devices, accessories and lighting – represents a huge leap forward in versatility and choice for lighting projects.
14 | October 2022 Lighting KNIGHTSBRIDGE @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine
01582 88 77 60 SpektroLED® THE 40-IN-1 SOLUTION AVAILABLEINFIXEDANDTILT 30 mins* I-JOIST 30 mins WEB JOIST 30/60/90 mins TIMBER JOIST *Tested with Staircraft i-joists **SPEKFCWA only to date ***Bezels not included ACOUSTIC TESTED** IP65 FIXED IP20 TILT IC RATED Options Available 5W 8W FIXED TILT 2700K 6000K 3000K 4000K 5 5Dual Wattage CCT Adjustable Bezel Finishes Year Warranty


Since it introduced its first Click Flow connector in 2007, Scolmore has continually developed the category to offer a comprehensive range of products that offer simple and safe connectivity and control across a broad spectrum of lighting project requirements.

Now, with Scolmore Group company, Ovia, firmly established as a serious operator in the lighting industry and going from strength to strength, the extensive Click Flow connector range has been brought under the Ovia umbrella to complete the offer to lighting designers, contractors and installers.

The Ovia Click Flow connector range is engineered to make the wiring of complex lighting circuits easier and safer, using a combination of distribution hubs, managements boxes and the vast combination of connectors that make up the Flow range.

With the emphasis on flexibility and ease of installation, many building design projects are now focusing on products and services that can adapt to changing legislation, energy efficiency requirements and the needs of the client.

Click Flow design scheme

The Click Flow design scheme element is also open for cross specification, which will allow solutions to be designed using Flow distribution schemes on projects where other, non-Ovia, luminaires and fittings have been specified.

The full range can be seen in the new Ovia Click Flow brochure

With the Click Flow connector range now under the remit of Ovia, designers, specifiers and contractors working on lighting projects now have access to an even broader range of products and solutions. Ovia already offers a comprehensive lighting design service which provides expertise in choosing the right products and solutions to create a scheme that meets all the requirements and objectives of the project in question, and that is compliant with all relevant regulations and standards. The addition of Click Flow as part of the design process will be a valuable aid to designers in helping with product selection and positioning. The design process will ensure that not only are designers obtaining the correct lighting scheme, but they will also be receiving the correct distribution scheme.

Comprehensive Click Flow range

The extensive Click Flow connector collection provides solutions across a spectrum of applications from domestic settings to large commercial premises. The range comprises:

• Pole connectors – 3 and 4 Pole Connectors are available in plug-in, push fit and fast-fit formats. With time a key factor on site, the fast-fit connectors feature low maintenance terminals that offer installers a time saving benefit with no need for screws. In a speed test carried out by Scolmore, the installation times were compared for the fast-fit connectors, versus the equivalent screw terminal version and typically the fast-fit versions were completed in around half the time.

• Lighting management box – the 16-way lighting management box allows control of up to 16 lights (24 using the 4 pole splitter) with three different switching configurations. Its built-in selectable switching configurations will help save time in the planning and fitting stages of a project. If requirements should change it can easily be altered to suit.

• Distribution box – the 8-way distribution box allows up to eight lights to be connected (16 using the 4 pole splitter), or another 8-way distribution box can be connected at the end. It is suitable for loads up to 20A, features ample fixing points and can be controlled or dimmed using suitable PIR sensors or mains dimmers.

• Hubs and splitters – these offer flexibility with the ability to add further outputs quickly, without the requirement of tools. Included in the range is a 4 pole (one in and three out) hub junction box, 4 pole splitter (one in, two out) and 4 pole (one in, two out) compact splitter.

• Switch adaptors – the 3 and 4 pole plug-in switch adapters feature easy access large terminals and fast connection and are pre-wired with Earth, Neutral and Auxiliary links and allow you to easily add a switched live into a Click Flow circuit where access to an auxiliary output and input is required.

• Pre-wired luminaires – a number of Ovia luminaires come pre-terminated with Click Flow connectors. These include, within the domestic range, the Inceptor EVO, Inceptor Nano V2 and the Inceptor Omni V2. In the commercial section, the Inceptor Slate and the Sprite and E-Sprite luminaires come pre-wired with Click Flow connectors.

The full range can be seen in the new Ovia Click Flow brochure which can be downloaded from the Ovia website.


16 | October 2022 Lighting OVIA @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine


Quickwire is still relatively new to the market, but electricians are starting to realise that cheaper products are not always the most cost-effective ones.

There are always cheaper ways of doing a job, but, when all things are considered, are they actually saving you money? Labour is often the most expensive part of any project, so if you can do two jobs in the time it would otherwise take to do one, then you must be doing something right.

16A junction boxes for lighting

If you haven’t already heard of Quickwire, the company’s connectors arrived on the scene in 2018, and it has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Quickwire launched with two core products: a Splitter junction box and Switch and Load junction box. Both are 16 amp rated, maintenance free and designed for lighting circuits. The Splitter is a simple four-way splitter with a wide variety of applications, and the Switch and Load has a preconfigured internal layout allowing a three plate termination equivalent.

Plugs and sockets

Quickwire launched with two core products: a Splitter junction box and Switch and Load junction box

However, the company says that the thing that really sets these products apart from existing junction boxes is the patented Quickwire connection terminals – simply put, all four connections can be wired in just seven seconds! Strip your wire, then push it into the push-fit connectors for quick and easy, screwless termination. The push fit design completely negates the need for fiddly screws, clamps, clips or covers. And because all Quickwire products are integrally cord gripped there is no need to screw them down.

Building on the success of these two products, Quickwire released a plug and socket in 2020, bringing a whole new dimension to the Quickwire system. A Quickwire plug allows flexible cable to be terminated. This plug then fits into a Quickwire socket which has in/out Quickwire connections, accepting T&E. The Quickwire sockets can be connected in seconds at downlight points during first fix. After this it is a simple case of plugging in downlights at second fix. With a large room of downlights, the time savings are remarkable.

A Quickwire downlight – great idea!

Quickwire customers fit plugs and sockets on to all types of downlights to achieve a superior connection method. Recently Quickwire has worked with Ricoman, a Manchester based company, to produce a Quickwire equipped, high quality integral downlight. These come factory fitted with a Quickwire plug, and a socket is also included in the box. These hit the market late last year and are selling like hot cakes.

30A junction boxes incoming 2023 is on track to be the biggest year yet for Quickwire as it is adding yet another new dimension to the range – 30A rated,

two and four-way Splitter junction boxes for use with 2.5mm cable. Think breaking into ring finals or splicing damaged cable runs. These are highly anticipated products and the company says it users have been asking Quickwire to produce them for years. Quickwire says it already has it on very good authority that these will be a bit of a game changer.

One small thing…

Quickwire likes to think it has the smallest junction boxes of their type on the market today. The compact design of all its products means they can be inserted through a 30mm hole in the ceiling. It’s easy to push a Quickwire product up into a ceiling void and pull it back down should you ever need to.

Made in Great Britain

And finally, just in case you needed any more reasons to like Quickwire, all this innovation and manufacturing is coming from Great Britain. The company sources its plastics and metal components from UK suppliers, and its machining and manufacturing is done solely in the company’s factory in Reading. If you’ve ever picked up a Quickwire product, you’ll notice the quality. Now you know why!


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The new market leading downlight - Fire rated, colour switchable and fitted with a QuickwireTM plug & socket

QuickwireTM have teamed up with

to create a quality fire/I-Joist rated, colour switchable downlight with unrivalled connection speeds.

Equipped with Quickwire T-Connector plug & socket. Switchable colour temperature 3000K/4000K. 30/60/90 min fire rated for solid and I-joist ceilings.

Shallow 53mm depth with 70mmØ cut out. High ingress protection (IP65 front, IP54 back).

Mains dimmable integrated driver. 6W delivering ~600 lumens.

Visit or your wholesaler for info

Chrome/Brushed Chrome/Black bezel options. A Company+44 (0)1183 840025
flex connectors


The nature of the home, and how we now live within it, has changed dramatically in recent years.

The home is now a multi-functional space which allows different family members to work, play, educate and entertain, or be entertained, often all at the same time.

when specifying smart home applications. Lighting design has also become a serious consideration when creating a new home or upgrading existing rooms.

With the Rako Modular range, each keypad is designed to offer a premium quality aesthetic with the user experience optimised

Deploying smart home technology in an intelligent way can add the much needed flexibility to these spaces, making them suitable for different purposes and creating different moods and environments.

As lighting is part of the building infrastructure, it is only natural that it is one of the first elements to consider

This has driven investment in lighting control technology that can deliver the right ambience, together with the levels of comfort and convenience that people now see they need, want or will require in the future for multi-functional spaces. With this investment, homeowners have turned to integrators to help make the technology experience as easy to use, reliable and enjoyable as possible.

As each home and client is unique, so are the lighting control challenges. That is why it is important for integrators to offer choice and flexibility to their clients when it comes to product selection.

In the first instance, it’s important to understand whether a wired or wireless lighting control system is the right choice for the project, or whether it is a hybrid combination of the two.

A wired system does require cabling and can cause disruption in an existing building whilst also incurring more costs, whereas a wireless system is cheaper and easier to install. These options need to be considered from the outset and it is helpful to work with a manufacturer, like Rako, that can offer the same keypad design for wireless and wired systems, meaning there is no compromise on the finish.

Keypad flexibility is an important lighting control trend. Integrators

need to make sure they can deliver the functionality and simplicity of operation that’s right for their project and their clients. Rako’s recently launched Modular keypads are designed to offer that high degree of versatility, including a choice of control options and finishes that sets it apart from the competition.

This brings us on to aesthetics and keypad design. New keypad designs offer different button sizes which can be combined in multiple ways to create custom button layouts, perfectly tailored to an installation.

Again, with the Rako Modular range, each keypad is designed to offer a premium quality aesthetic with the user experience optimised by a comforting, robust and tactile button press. All Modular keypads are available with black buttons and seven hand-finished metal surrounds – satin chrome, polished chrome, antique brass, polished brass, matt black, matt bronze and matt white.

Every client also now expects to be able to use their phone to control everything and the recently enhanced Rako HUB interface is a key, feature-rich enabler of that benefit.

The demands of consumers may have changed but these new higher expectations provide integrators with an opportunity to deliver high quality and flexible lighting control solutions to their clients.

Rako Controls, Peter Broome, Director at UK smart lighting controls manufacturer, Rako shines a light on getting it right.
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Designers and installers can specify projects with confidence knowing that Rako can control all light sources including smooth dimming of LEDs. System integration is easily achievable, linking lighting to audio-visual, security systems and curtain and blind control.

Rako’s scope of projects is far reaching, from hotels and spas to churches, residential and luxury MDU developments.

With users enjoying the ability to recall a scene, or mood of lighting at the touch of a button, a swipe of a smartphone or by voice command.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Rako offers an unparalleled range of products backed by a project planning and support service that is second to none.

Picture courtesy of Matt Livey and dpa lighting consultants


How do you effectively manage energy use in under-utilised buildings? Since the pandemic, the adoption of hybrid working practices has meant that many workspaces are now rarely at capacity and, as energy prices, coupled with inflation, continue to rise, the need to eradicate inefficiencies has never been greater.

Given that lighting accounts for almost 40% of all energy used in commercial buildings in the UK, and with the traditional 9-5 office working practices out of the window, there is real potential that businesses will use energy to power lighting unnecessarily, resulting in unwarranted expenditure and negatively impacting their carbon footprint.

What can users do to take back some control? Ansell Lighting offers some advice…

Don’t focus on occupancy, focus on smart occupancy

An ideal solution for workplaces that are being used sporadically, or where lighting requirements change regularly and according to the movement of its users, is smart lighting.

Smart lighting can be used for scene setting and grouping, creating tailored lighting schemes that can improve wellbeing and circadian rhythm, but crucially it’s also the perfect solution for buildings not being used at capacity. As an example, imagine a picking and packing warehouse where not every aisle is visited as frequently. Lighting the whole site at all times is both wasteful and costly, but smart lighting can help.

Absence and presence detection

Products such as the OCTO IP66 Smart High Bay Racking Aisle PIR Sensors can be combined with the OCTO Casambi eco system in warehouse applications, detecting motion and only providing light where it is required.

The purpose of smart occupancy is to provide light or other building services only when they are needed

Why? It uses automation to ensure that lighting is only used where and when it is needed. Suitable for both internal and external lighting circuits, smart lighting can be used to operate any type of space, from offices and meeting rooms to entrances, car parks and external walkways. Smart lighting systems can be programmed to operate areas of all sizes, from just a single individual work station to an entire warehouse, giving building managers complete control.

Similarly, these neat and discreet Bluetooth enabled surface and recessed smart PIR sensors are suitable for residential use and commercial office applications for use with the OCTO Casambi eco-system and suitable for commercial applications.

Detection range strength:

1) Strong detection zone i.e. person moving arm or walking towards PIR 2) Secondary detection zone i.e. person walking perpendicular to PIR

Daylight harvesting

If you have a workspace bathed in natural sunlight for half of the day, it doesn’t need the lights on all day. Smart technology-enabled daylight harvesting systems can also be used to optimise energy savings, allowing buildings to take full advantage of any natural lighting available, reducing and increasing the artificial lighting as and when it is needed.

Take control

Many smart lighting solutions such as OCTO now come with dashboard controls which offer real time data and actionable insight so facilities management teams and building managers can make truly informed decisions about their energy. With a clear view of lighting-based energy consumption data across one office or an entire portfolio of offices, businesses are also able to accurately evaluate usage

and identify opportunities to reduce unnecessary use, CO2 emissions and costs throughout the business.

Extending its benefits from just lighting use, occupancy sensors in the connected lighting system continuously collect data on how space in a building is used, giving other building services valuable insight to help reduce costs and building support requirements even further. For example, if lighting controls provide data about which meetings rooms have not been used in a day, building managers can use this information to update heating and air conditioning settings or even cleaning schedules, reducing additional operational costs.

The purpose of smart occupancy is to provide light or other building services only when they are needed. Smart lighting controls remove the onus on the individual employee to make energy saving decisions. They eliminate any reliance on human intervention – reducing the risk of users accidentally leaving the lights on and wasting energy and instead allow the remote creation of lighting schedules which can fit around shift patterns and working hours.

Ansell Lighting,

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