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NEW GENERATION CONSUMER UNITS BY Consumer Units & Distribution Boards Designed & Independently Type Tested To BSEN 61439-3 & BS7671 18th Edition Amendment 2


Award Winning Consumer Units   Tested in accordance with BS EN 61439-3, including Annex ZB   Up to 100A (InA) rated   Surface and flush mounted boards   Up to 24 modules single row   Up to 44 modules dual row   Type A RCD, eRCBO and arc fault detection as standard

No B25-21-AV-01E_SDDSv1-CERT Applicant

Contactum Ltd

2 Blackmoor Lane. Croxley Green Business Park, Watford London WD18 8GA. United Kingdom

Alfanar Electrical Systems

Madinet alfanar, 3rd Industrial City P.O. Box 564. Riyadh 11383. Saudi Arabia

Consumer Units SDDS Defender 2.0

Designation: Contactum Defender 2.0 Main ratings: Rated Current: Rated Insulation Voltage: Rated Operation Voltage: Rated Frequency: Rated Impulse Voltage:

100 A 400 V 230 V 50 Hz 4 kV

Fulfills the type-test requirements of: Standard

BS EN 61439-3:2012 Edition 1.0

Clauses 10.2.2 - - - 10.2.6 - 10.2.7 - 10.3 - 10.4 - 10.5.2 10.5.3 - 10.6 - 10.7 - 10.8 - 10.9.2 - 10.9.3 - 10.10 - 10.11 - Annex ZB 16 kA with Fuse - 10.12 - 10.13 Test results are described in the following documents: Type test report No: Certificate issued on



Electronic signature

Luis Martínez Cancela Head of Electrical Equipment Laboratory



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6th September 2021

Razón Social / FUNDACIÓN TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION Nº F-69 Registro de Fundaciones del Gobierno Vasco CIF G48975767



© TECNALIA This certificate, issued by TECNALIA, implies exclusively type test compliance of the product range for which tested objects are representative. Certificate and associated type test report may be issued either in electronic or printed form.


Tested by an independent reputable laboratory

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Endurance tested for 40,000 switch operations

Endurance tested for 15,000 plug insertions

Strength tested to BS1363-2

Glow wire tested to 850˚c


SUCCESS IN SAFETY See our full range of

Consumer units, SPD’s, Circuit breakers, Fuses and much, much more at -

MCB Miniature


RCBO A Type DP Single Module

Surge Protection Devices

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VOLUME 42 NO. 08 • AUGUST 2022

SPECIAL FEATURES: Cabling & Cable Management

4 Editorial Ensuring a reliable power source

6 Industry News Nine in 10 UK tradespeople increasing prices due to rising fuel costs; UK electricians reveal the 10 most dangerous electrical mistakes they see in homes; Heating installers split on whether to begin fitting heat pumps; and more

14 Contract News Complex fire protection upgrades at primary school completed; St Gemma’s Hospice chooses Lightico; Works commence on a new academy in West Bromwich; and more

16 Training

Understanding the updates to the 28 18th Edition

30 Demon Cato brand from Metpro IST and Siemon illuminate Radisson Blu 34 Royal Viking Hotel Quality cable management for airport 36 passenger transfer system


Once an electrician, not always an electrician

Adapting and evolving in difficult times

18 Key Issue Electrical specifiers: when’s the right time to call on external expertise?

20 Project Focus

Tools & Workwear

Lighting Europe’s largest solar filling station

22 Interview Carly Wills talks to Danny Edmonds, Director of Prowired, about life at the company and is plans for the future

24 Competition Win one of five wire stripper and crimper bundles!

26 Show Preview

GTC 400 C and 600 C Professional 40 Thermal Camera

42 The right tools for the job Why premium products prove a 44 wise investment Electric arc clothing – testing for 46 performance effectiveness

EI Live! 2022

56 Company Showcase Sponsored content from across the sector

Wholesalers & Distributors


Buoyant construction industry driving 48 demand in wholesaler sector

50 Working together to serve contractors Does your distributor go above and 52 beyond to solve your challenges? Sustainable growth: expanding the 54 store network at Screwfix


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Circuit Protection & Switchgear




ello and welcome to the August issue of ECN. UK Power Networks has said that it is making an investment of more than £100m in its electricity networks to help to ensure reliable power supplies for the 8.4 million homes and businesses in the communities it serves across London, the East and South East of England. The company’s engineers are carrying out an ongoing programme of works for over 100 projects to install and upgrade electricity equipment such as substations, transformers, and circuit breakers. This year the network operator is investing £102m, £72m in capital programme projects and a further £30m as part of its Green Recovery scheme which is fast-tracking the infrastructure required by low carbon projects at 86 sites to

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help achieve the government’s Ten Point Plan towards net zero by 2050. John Southgate, Head of Alliance at UK Power Networks, said that the investment will provide long-term benefits for residents and businesses across its networks. A lot of the work involves the construction of new electricity supply points, to allow for an increase in capacity that helps meet new demand. As more customers turn to low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles, the company is working to deliver a network infrastructure that meets future needs. In this month’s issue you will find the latest in Cabling & Cable Management, Tools & Workwear, and Wholesalers & Distributors, along with all of our regular features. And please enter the competition for your chance to win a wire stripper and crimper bundle from C.K Tools! I hope you enjoy the issue – see you next month!

Carly Wills, Editor

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DON’T TRIP UP! Amendment 2 now mandates the use of AFDDs for High Risk Residential Buildings (6 Stories+), HMO, Purpose Built Student Accommodation & Care homes.

3YR 3 Year Warranty

B & C Curve

Self Test Function

Neutral Out Tails

Elucian AFDD’s are available in B and C curves. They range from 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 32A and a 40A devices.

Contains inbuilt self-test function which operates initially on first power up and less than once every hour to ensure the device is fully operational.

Elucian AFDD’s provide a 450mm Neutral Tail as standard. The AFDD’s are also single width (18mm).

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INDUSTRY NEWS NINE IN 10 UK TRADESPEOPLE INCREASING PRICES DUE TO RISING FUEL COSTS Rising fuel costs are hitting UK tradespeople hard, and nine in 10 (90%) say they are being forced to increase their prices to keep their businesses alive. With petrol and diesel reaching record levels and topping £2 per litre in some areas, IronmongeryDirect surveyed 500 tradespeople to reveal the impact this is having on the industry. Almost every respondent (96%) said that their livelihood is reliant on their vehicle, and workers drive over 5,000 miles a year for jobs, on average. This annual mileage will now cost individuals almost £500 more for diesel vehicles, and over £450 for petrol users, than it did this time 12 months ago.

Almost half (47%) of tradespeople say that their profits are being affected by the fuel crisis, and a third (33%) say that their company is struggling to cope. Understandably, many are increasing their prices to keep up. Nine in 10 (90%) tradespeople say they will up their quotes as a direct result of the fuel costs, with the average increase standing at 24%. Some trades are increasing them more than others, and scaffolders are planning the most significant hike (39%). The trades planning on increasing their prices the most because of rising fuel costs are:

VOLUNTEERS WALK ALONG HADRIAN’S WALL TO RAISE £20,000 FOR CONSTRUCTION CHARITY A group of 13 volunteers have taken on and completed the iconic Hadrian’s Wall Walk to raise money for UK construction charity Band of Builders. The team tackled the Hadrian’s Wall Path (an 84 mile walk) from Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne in the east to Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria on the west coast, adding on a few miles along the way to hit a total of 90 miles across four days. The team, backed by two support drivers, walked over 20 miles a day, braving sweltering heat, downpours, blisters and injuries to raise more than £20,000 for Band of Builders, a registered charity set up to help members of the UK construction industry battling illness or injury. The charity is about to start work on its 26th project, which takes place in Northern Ireland, and has more in the pipeline throughout 2022, plus a mental health initiative dubbed The Big Brew. Martin O’Donnell, Fundraising Coordinator at Band of Builders, led the team on the challenge. He says: “Most people take on Hadrian’s Wall across six or seven days, so to complete it in four days was no mean feat. We had plenty of highs and lows along the way, but everyone agreed that blisters, injuries and long days are worth it to do our bit to help others when they need it. There’s still time to sponsor us as we aim to make this the biggest fundraiser from BoB to date.” Band of Builders,

•  Scaffolder 39% •  Roofer 35% •  Bricklayer 34% •  Building surveyor 30% •  Electrician 28% •  Plasterer 27% •  Carpenter 26% •  Joiner 25% •  Builder 22% •  Plumber 22% •  Painter decorator 16% •  Landscaper 16% Some tradespeople plan to stop driving altogether, and one in seven (14%) say that they are now using public transport to get to jobs, because they can’t afford the fuel. IronmongeryDirect,


ECA ASKS: WHY ARE ELECTRICITY PRICES FOUR TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE THAN GAS? ECA has called for the next leader of the Conservative Party to transform the way energy is taxed, to make sure net zero energy sources are incentivised, and consumers’ bills are reduced. ECA has made three immediate proposals for the next Prime Minister: •  Transparency on the use of ‘green’ taxes from our fuel bills, to demonstrate fair investment in net zero infrastructure •  Parity between gas and electricity taxes in fuel bills •  In the longer term, moving incentives for low carbon energy into general taxation “ECA has been championing the vital role of the electrical sector in the transition to net zero for many years now,” says ECA Director of Workforce and Public Affairs, Andrew Eldred. “In light of the recent leadership debate, where energy bills and net zero were at the fore, we want to remind the two remaining candidates that now is the time to refresh outdated energy policies, incentivise renewable energy generation, and ultimately bring down the skyrocketing cost of energy for Britain’s homes and businesses.” In 2021, 40% of the UK’s electricity was generated from renewable energy sources. However, fuel taxes on domestic electricity bills are 20% higher than on gas, meaning renewable energy is more heavily taxed. Research shows that rebalancing ‘green’ taxes, called levies, on electricity and gas will help to drive down the cost of electricity and reduce customers’ bills. Eon says this policy could see £100 saved per year for up to 70% of households.

Electricians have revealed the 10 most dangerous mistakes that Brits make when attempting electrical DIY at home, with some possibly leading to serious injuries or worse. Almost half (49%) of Brits have meddled with their home’s electrics, so ElectricalDirect asked hundreds of electricians to reveal the most common errors people make, and then rank them in terms of severity. The most dangerous mistake is not protecting plastic-sheathed cable. John McCallister, electrical expert at, explains why this is problematic: “Leaving plastic-sheathed cables unprotected exposes them to snagging and cuts, which could lead to fires or lethal shocks. Running them through a conduit minimises this risk.” People living in Northern Ireland are most guilty of making this top mistake, with 40% of electricians in the country saying they see it regularly. The 10 most dangerous electrical mistakes Brits make at home are: 1 Leaving plastic-sheathed cable unprotected 2 Leaving switches or outlets loosely connected 3 Cutting wires too short 4 Recessing boxes behind the wall surface 5 Installing cable without a clamp 6 Connecting wires outside of electrical boxes 7 Overfilling electrical boxes 8 Reversing hot and neutral wires 9 Wiring a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) backwards 10 Installing electrical outlets close to water ElectricalDirect,


6 | August 2022

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GARDEN LIGHTING NEW AMENITY LIGHTING, WALL & GROUND LIGHTS A selection of our new wall lights are available in standard or PIR versions for automatic activation. We also have a large selection of bollards to suit any application. With the addition of the new spike light, ideal for adding ambience to your outdoor space.

Features & Benefits




Warm White

Cool White



Up To 50,000 Hour Lifetime

call: 01827 300640

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3 Year Warranty



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INDUSTRY NEWS MILESTONES REACHED IN HISTON POWER PROJECT Work is progressing rapidly in a power project designed to meet the future needs of homes and businesses across the Cambridge area. UK Power Networks, which distributes electricity across London, the South East and East of England, has reached a set of major milestones in the £5 million upgrade. The investment has already seen new electrical equipment installed in Histon, including a third grid transformer to help boost capacity and ensure reliable supplies in parts of Cambridge and the surrounding area. The project, which completes next year, has also safely introduced new modern switchgear equipment to the site, which enables power cuts to be fixed remotely for customers. Michael Falcone, Project Manager at UK Power Networks, says: “Cambridge is an ever-growing city and with the move towards more electric vehicles in the transition to net zero we recognise the need to cater for future growth by matching that expansion through investment in the network. “The new transformer and switchgear are major new assets for the Histon site and will provide better resilience of power supplies to homes and businesses in and around Cambridge as the project moves towards completion next year.” UK Power Networks,

RECOLIGHT SPEARHEADS THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY FOR THE LIGHTING INDUSTRY Recolight now brings together a comprehensive range of services, helping the lighting industry to fully embrace the circular economy. Speaking at a key stakeholder event recently, Recolight CEO, Nigel Harvey, said, “The unprecedented heatwave we recently experienced is a salutary reminder of the need for us all to redouble our efforts to tackle the climate emergency. “We are now doing more than ever to support a circular economy. That includes product design training workshops to help lighting producers design for circularity, and to navigate the emerging voluntary and mandatory specifications. The Circular Lighting Report news service keeps the industry abreast of the latest developments. A certification service will help manufacturers demonstrate their level of compliance with the CIBSE TM66 circular lighting standard. And vitally, the new in-person event, Circular Lighting Live, which will take place in London on 22 September, will provide a unique forum to consider forthcoming standards and legislation, emerging technologies and new business models.” Recolight’s core business is the operation of the lighting industry’s WEEE compliance scheme. The scheme provides waste collection and treatment services to the customers of its members, to ensure that all scheme members comply with their recycling obligations. Recolight’s waste lamp collections play a major part in helping the UK to ensure that lamp recycling levels are maximised. Recolight,

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN FOR THE SCREWFIX TOP TRADESPERSON 2022 AWARD Talented tradespeople from across the UK and Ireland can now apply for the Screwfix Top Tradesperson 2022 award, and the chance to be crowned the champion of the trade. Now in its 13th year, the annual award celebrates experts of the trade, highlighting their professionalism, dedication, and exceptional skills. Tradespeople can put themselves forward by filling out the online form on the Screwfix website, or customers can nominate tradespeople they think are deserving of the title. A selection of applicants will be shortlisted in August to take part in a semi-final interview. The selected top 10 then go through to a final, hosted by a panel of industry experts, at Screwfix LIVE in Farnborough, between 23rd-25th September. Only one tradesperson will walk away with the coveted title and a ‘trade bundle’ worth £20,000, comprising of tech, tools, and training to take their already successful career to the next level. Dan Lloyd, the 2021 winner and currently holding the title, says: “My colleague encouraged me to apply for the award and when I entered, I hoped I had a chance at winning, but I had to pinch myself when my name was announced. “Since winning, I have driven my business forward and the prize has meant we have been able to invest in our team and equipment without detriment to our own finances. It has been amazing.” Jack Wallace, Marketing Director at Screwfix, comments: “In crowning a winner, we look for an individual who not only goes above and beyond for their customers, but also invests in the future of the trade and acts as an ambassador for the construction industry. “We expect a raft of exceptional applications in 2022 and are really looking forward to getting a closer look at what our outstanding tradespeople have to offer, crowning one deserving winner ‘Screwfix Top Tradesperson 2022!’” Screwfix,

8 | August 2022

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INDUSTRY NEWS HEATING INSTALLERS SPLIT ON WHETHER TO BEGIN FITTING HEAT PUMPS The transition to low carbon heating is at a finely balanced tipping point, with installers split on whether they will be installing heat pumps in their customers’ homes. That’s the main finding of a new report from heat solutions provider, Baxi, which assesses what would encourage installers to take the leap to low carbon sources of heat. Baxi’s research with installers found that nearly a third are prepared to embrace heat pumps in the near future. By contrast, around 30% say they are extremely unlikely to install heat pumps. The government is targeting 600,000 heat pump installations every year by 2028. That is 10 times the current market and represents a transformation from early adoption to a mass market proposition. It would require an army of low carbon heating installers to be assisting homeowners and encouraging them to make the change. One of the main findings in the report ‘Heating Installers: Taking the Leap to a Low Carbon Future’ is that the government and the industry will need to address the important issues of training costs, ensuring there is enough demand from customers and reducing paperwork. Baxi’s report makes a series of recommendations, which include spelling out stronger government initiatives that will drive demand for heat pumps over the coming decade; support for training costs on a first come-first served basis; and an industry-wide campaign to market the role of a low carbon heating installer to attract new entrants. Baxi,

TOOLSTATION SUPPORTS THE TRADES WITH MENTAL HEALTH UNDER CONSTRUCTION PODCAST Toolstation and On The Tools have joined forces for a series of podcasts created to support tradespeople’s mental health. Entitled ‘Mental Health Under Construction’, the bi-weekly six part show is hosted by mental health specialist and member of We Are Hummingbird, Ryan Ridgeway. Ryan is joined by guests from the trades, mental health experts and celebrities including Paul Merson and former special forces soldier and star of SAS: Who Dares Wins, Ollie Ollerton, who share their own blend of insight and experiences and discuss a wide range of mental health conditions including anxiety disorders, depression, suicide and addiction. The move comes as research commissioned by Toolstation found that 69% of those in the sector think looking after your mental health is very important and 33% say there should be more support available to them. When it comes to what can be done, 56% felt there should be more honest conversations around mental health, while 44% think there should be better access to professional help or treatment. 31% thought there should be better support at their place of work. Greg Richardson, Head of Marketing at Toolstation, comments: “We’re excited to have worked with the team at On The Tools on this very valuable partnership, and with Ryan Ridgeway and some incredible guests who provide listeners with valuable advice and insight each week. At Toolstation, we have a long heritage of helping to equip tradespeople with the tools they need to look after their mental health, and we are glad that we can continue this work.”

ELECTRICIANS INCREASED EARNINGS DESPITE JUBILEE BANK HOLIDAYS Self-employed electricians increased their earnings during June, despite site closures during the national Platinum Jubilee celebrations, according to the construction industry’s biggest payroll. Analysis shows average earnings of £1,085 during June, an increase of 1.3% month on month. Year on year, earnings increased by 5.1% compared to June 2021. Ian Anfield, Managing Director of Hudson Contract, says: “Electrical contractors managed to increase earnings in June, even though they took a couple of extra days off to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee with their friends and family. Sectors like tourism, leisure, retail and hospitality will have benefited from the bank holidays but there were hidden costs for construction, as our analysis suggests.” Ian adds: “More generally, market conditions are levelling off. Some of the housebuilders are reporting fewer completions and will slow down their activity if they are not making the same margins. Anecdotally, smaller clients are saying residential customers are thinking again about home improvement projects because of costs. Insulation is twice the price it was a year ago. Timber prices have relented but are still at record highs. Fewer merchants are discounting because they know builders are desperate for materials.” Hudson Contract,

Industry News.indd 10

Electrical Safety First has announced the appointment of Sarah Frost, as the new Chair of its Board of Trustees. Sarah has extensive experience of transformational ICT and digital change programmes, predominantly in the financial services, as well as a long-standing involvement with the voluntary sector. UK Power Networks Services has announced David Mitchell as its new Director. He replaces Ian Smyth, who will join Electricity North West as Chief Executive Officer later this year. David is an experienced leader who has worked for the company in its various forms since joining as an apprentice in 1980. In his most recent position as Head of Client Delivery, David has been responsible for the delivery of major projects for key clients including works at Hinkley Point C, Great Western train line (GWEP) and London Underground. J S Wright has appointed Andrew Osborne as Electrical Project Manager. Based at the company’s new London office in Euston, he will help manage the electrical element of M&E projects as part of the company’s rapidly growing project management team.


10 | August 2022





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Introducing the Easy9 Compact Multirow consumer unit The latest addition to the Easy9 range provides electricians and homeowners with unmatched design flexibility, adaptability and safety Easy9 Compact Multirow consumer units complement the existing premium Easy9+ range in order to meet the needs of every household and electrician. It incorporates

flexibility, simple installation and ample cable space to easily connect multiple devices and provide peace of mind when it comes to regulatory compliance.

Untitled-5 2

29/06/2022 14:31


Award Winning Consumer Units

Defender 2.0 Consumer Units & Distribution Boards Designed & Independently Type Tested To BSEN 61439-3 & BS7671 18th Edition Amendment 2 ompliant with BS EN 61439-3, including Annex ZB C Type Test Certificate issued by third party Surface and flush mount versions Up to 24 modules single row

p to 44 modules dual row U 18th Edition compliance Up to 100A without derating Type A RCDs and eRCBOs

Supplied Through Contactum’s Preferred Distributor Network

FCP – Contactum.indd 12

020 8208 7400

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Defender 2.0 Consumer Units


Defender 2.0 Consumer Units


FCP – Contactum.indd 13

020 8208 7400

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CONTRACT NEWS NG BAILEY SELECTED AS PRINCIPAL CONTRACTOR TO BRITISHVOLT NG Bailey, the UK’s largest independent engineering and services business, has secured a further contract with battery cell technology pioneer and manufacturer, Britishvolt. NG Bailey’s contract will support the next phase of Britishvolt’s ‘Battery Corridor’, a concept which enhances the UK’s existing battery ecosystem and powers the country ahead in the next industrial revolution. The appointment builds on the successful partnership established on Britishvolt’s Gigafactory project in Northumberland, a £3.8bn scheme for electric vehicle batteries, and beyond, where NG Bailey is also involved. This new project will see NG Bailey play a leading role in supporting Britishvolt and its partner, logistics real estate operator Prologis, in building battery cell scale-up facilities in the West Midlands. NG Bailey will provide a full range of construction, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services at the Hams Hall facility. Once complete, the project will create upwards of 150 highly skilled jobs and will unify the Northumberland Gigaplant with a centrally located technology hub. The contract aligns with NG Bailey’s wider responsibility strategy, with the new Hams Hall facilities being net zero carbon in construction and achieving an EPC A rating once operational. Dan Smith, sector director at NG Bailey, says: “At NG Bailey we’re proud to be supporting the development of the UK’s first Gigafactory. We’ve been involved with the Britishvolt journey since August 2020, so it’s fantastic to be selected as construction partner for the scale-up facility at Hams Hall. “Our experience as the principal contractor delivering the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC), which was an all-new centre of excellence for battery technology, and our knowledge of the Britishvolt manufacturing process means that this new phase will undoubtedly be a great success as we meet customer demands of battery production and transition to a greener future.” NG Bailey,

COMPLEX FIRE PROTECTION UPGRADES AT PRIMARY SCHOOL COMPLETED A complex fire security system upgrade carried out on a live school site in Rochdale has been completed. Ash Integrated Services delivered the scheme across six weeks, with four of those during term time. The works at Milnrow Parish Church of England Primary School included new fire alarm and emergency lighting systems, as well as replacing five fire doors. The company installed fire detection systems in all rooms, including eight classrooms, the hall, offices, toilets, and the staff room. The M+E contractor, which had an average of eight people on site throughout, also overcame an additional challenge keeping the existing fire alarm system running while the new one was installed. Director Antony Grace says: “Projects such as these usually take place during the school holidays, but thanks to constant communication with the headteacher and management team, this technically difficult job has run smoothly. “We worked around school hours, including after-school clubs to minimise disruption, while ensuring everywhere was clear of hazards and mess, ready for the children to learn in a safe environment each day. “One particular hurdle was trying to run the wiring for the new fire alarm system alongside the infrastructure for the existing system. We had to be creative to hide our work and keep all elements out of reach during the day.” Ash Integrated Services,

MER TACKLES LEGACY INFRASTRUCTURE PROBLEMS TO SUCCESSFULLY SCALE EV CHARGING ACROSS DURHAM EV charging company, Mer, has helped Durham County Council transform its EV charging infrastructure. The two-year award-winning partnership has resulted in 150 EV charge points (EVCPs) installed across the county and brought charging stations to many formerly unserved communities. With funding from Innovate UK for the Scaling on Street Charging Infrastructure (SOSCI) project, the Council partnered with Mer to install 150 charging points at 67 locations across the county. By consulting with locals, Mer’s new charging points were strategically placed in areas of residential demand. Alex Hinchcliffe, Sales Director at Mer UK – Public Charging, comments, “Durham needed a future-fit solution to their problem, and that’s exactly what we helped deliver. Our parent company, Statkraft is the largest renewable energy producer in Europe and our chargers are powered by 100% renewable energy. There’s also no risk of our charge points becoming redundant or falling into disrepair. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to achieve in Durham, combatting the dual problems of rural and city coverage.” Since the completion of the project, Durham has reduced its carbon emissions, bringing it closer to its target 75% reduction by 2030, and due to its success, it has secured a second wave of EV charge point funding from Innovate UK, this time for the Regional Electric Vehicle Unified Plan (REV UP) project. Mer charging stations have recorded 67,474.3kWh of usage to date, which is over 190,000 miles of clean driving. Mer,

14 | August 2022

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20/07/2022 10:32

CONTRACT NEWS £5M REFURBISHMENT PROJECT ON UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK STUDENT ACCOMMODATION BEGINS J Tomlinson has begun a £5m refurbishment project of the Lakeside student accommodation on behalf of the University of Warwick. The £5m scheme includes the refurbishment of 152 bedrooms and en-suites, 16 kitchens, a staff area, and two live-in staff apartments across all four floors of the Lakeside student accommodation building. The work involves extensive mechanical and electrical works, including re-wiring, heating, and ventilation system upgrades. J Tomlinson’s Refurbishment Managing Director, Iain Davies says: “We are delighted to be working with the University of Warwick on this scheme, where we took possession of the site on 4 July 2022. We have partnered with our regular supply chain to ensure a strong project team focus, which is critical in delivering this very challenging refurbishment, in readiness for the September 2022 intake.” Over the past four years, J Tomlinson has completed several diverse projects for the University of Warwick through the refurbishment framework. Senior Project Manager for the University of Warwick, Jonathon Buckingham says: “The University of Warwick are excited to be working with JTL on another student accommodation refurbishment this summer. The programme will be incredibly challenging, but the finished product will greatly improve the student experience for many years to come.” The scheme is set for completion by early September 2022. J Tomlinson,

ST GEMMA’S HOSPICE CHOOSES LIGHTICO CleanLight from Lightico has been chosen by St Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds to protect its team as it offers end of life and palliative care for patients. Cleanlight is a powerful LED panel proven to clean the air by destroying viruses and bacteria wherever it shines. Approved by eminent microbiologist Dr Carl Edwards and extensively tested in laboratories, as well as numerous real world trials, CleanLight has been proven to eliminate the problem of bacteria, pollutants and odours in the air across a number of different environments. Lightico was invited into St Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds to carry out its Clean Air Audit. Mark Garrett, Managing Director, Lightico explains: “Working with key strategic partner, Edmundson Electrical, through their Leicester branch, Lightico were introduced to St Gemma’s Hospice as part of their ongoing programme of estates improvements and innovation. “Through the installation of our CO2 monitors, levels of carbon dioxide are constantly monitored and staff have been trained in what measures need to be taken if safe limits are exceeded. The challenge is that options to mitigate the poor air quality are limited. With only one office per ward, the spaces are constantly in use day and night. Without any mechanical air extract the only option is opening the door or window – resulting in increased heating costs and potential breaches in confidentiality.” Mark continues: “We replaced the existing light fittings with CleanLight LED panels, and disruption was minimal, with the entire installation taking less than a day to complete.”

WORKS COMMENCE ON A NEW ACADEMY IN WEST BROMWICH Briggs & Forrester Engineering Services has secured the MEP contract for the new secondary Shirelands CBSO Academy in West Bromwich, working in collaboration with the main contractor, Galliford Try Construction. The project consists of two standalone buildings, which are located approximately 100m away from each other on separate sites. Both sites are located just to the North of West Bromwich town centre and are being developed as part of a partnership between Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra to form a new academy within the region. Engineering Services will deliver the mechanical, electrical and public health services that will include drainage, boosted cold water distribution, electrical heating, MVHR systems, NVHR systems, AHU ventilation, kitchen extract, hot and cold water, underfloor heating, thermal insulation, commissioning and water treatment, ductwork, BMS, small power, lighting, lighting control, fire alarm, door access, CCTV/security, lighting protection, voice and data, car charging points, containment, generator, disabled facilities, induction loop, low temperature hot water, VRF air conditioning, gas systems, and LV sub main distribution. The academy is anticipated to be open in September 2023. Briggs & Forrester Engineering Services,



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August 2022 | 15

20/07/2022 10:33


ONCE AN ELECTRICIAN, NOT ALWAYS AN ELECTRICIAN Jake Green, Technical Engagement Manager with Click Scolmore, talks about the different paths his career has taken since he first completed his apprenticeship back in 2012.

L When you set out with your apprenticeship under your belt, you just never know where it will take you

16 | August 2022

Training – Scolmore.indd 16

ike many in the industry, a career as an electrician was Jake’s main focus during the three years that he undertook his apprenticeship at Bedford College under the NICEIC training programme. He started his apprenticeship with a small company called Anvil Energy Saving Installations. The work he handled was varied and included rewires, solar PV installs, as well as works on food processing plants and LED upgrades. Working for a small firm like this has its perks. Whilst you may not always earn the most in your class, you do have the advantage of working closely with the electrician on the job and really get the attention you need to hone your skills and also to progress with your studies. Having completed his apprenticeship, Jake decided to go at it alone and started his own electrical business working for a large restaurant chain, carrying out planned maintenance on all aspects of the electrical system, as well as upgrading lighting systems to the more recognised LED lighting. Setting up and running your own

business is tough. You have to be prepared to make sacrifices and put your life on hold as you establish your business and reputation. You also need to consider what other skills you need to run a business besides your electrical qualifications e.g., taking care of admin, marketing, and finance, to name a few. After a year, Jake decided that it was not for him and he took up a position with a facility maintenance company, carrying out work for blue chip companies, undertaking a range of jobs across different trades, and not just electrical. Jake carried on with this role for two years, when he was approached with a new opportunity to join Certsure – more commonly known as NICEIC – as part of the marketing technical team. He was one of two presenters touring the country delivering tech talks to contractors, gaining experience in regulations publications and also developing vital presentation skills. It was during this time that he was provided with the opportunity to join Scolmore Group as technical engagement engineer. Working for a manufacturer is not something Jake had ever considered, but it was a natural move from his role with Certsure – putting his in-depth

knowledge of the electrical industry and standards, and also his newly acquired presenting skills, to good use. Jake now heads up Scolmore’s technical engagement team. The role includes engaging with professional contractors and electricians to advise and educate them on the right solutions and products to meet the ever changing regulations and technical requirements of the industry. He also helps develop and present training content across Scolmore’s social media channels, including the SGTV YouTube channel. In summary, when you set out with your apprenticeship under your belt, you just never know where it will take you. For many, working on the tools is something they’ve always wanted to do and they enjoy the new challenges that it brings with evolving technologies. For others it provides a platform to explore and experience a range of different roles. A number of the directors at Scolmore started out on the tools and have worked their way up on to the board and are now using their expertise at corporate level. The sky really is the limit! Scolmore,




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18th Edition Amendment 2 Compliant Solutions



NU6-ii-G/F 1PN

NU6-ii-G/F 3PN



NX3-MS SerieS





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Tel: 0161 762 9333

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ELECTRICAL SPECIFIERS: WHEN’S THE RIGHT TIME TO CALL ON EXTERNAL EXPERTISE? Electrical engineers ensure electrical installations are safe and guarantee a smooth run of operations and proper function of electrical systems. Unfortunately, not every installation is the same and some are more complex and demanding in terms of attention to detail needed, writes Stewart Gregory, VP Power Products at Schneider Electric UK&I.


ow voltage switchboards can be installed following regulations easily found on websites, like IEC 61439-1&2. However, when we look at a bigger installation, like a building’s wiring system, these can be more complex, requiring compliance with installation and calculation standards. Indeed, the priorities for any specification project are two-fold – efficiency, and safety. For both, the latest digital tools can unlock significant amounts of untapped potential and give professionals a competitive edge. However, it is near impossible for specifiers to keep up to date with the newest innovations on their own. That is why it is vital to find the balance between being independent and knowing when to call on external experts.

Solving complex calculations

Electrical installations require complex calculations, taking into consideration data such as voltage and current electrical requirements, as well as length of the run and environmental conditions, with calculations being compliant with IEC standards. Professionals must also analyse circuit breakers - if coordination and discrimination between circuit breakers are not properly calculated and installed, the entire electrical network could go down with a minor incident, like tripping one branch circuit breaker that would then trip the main one. To navigate these installations, many busy electrical designers consult third party specialists for support, to ensure accuracy and be more time efficient.

Weak points for design firms

A recent survey conducted by Schneider Electric aimed to determine what the ideal balance between independence and this kind of third-party support looks like for electrical consultancy firms. Unsurprisingly, one of the key aspects was time sensitive issues. When a professional is out in the field, the goal is to try and resolve a problem as promptly as possible to minimise the time of the disruption. If the installation requires electricians to consult with experts, the outcome might not be as fast as it needs to – the website might be confusing and overloaded with information, making it a time-consuming process to scroll through all the products and solutions.

18 | August 2022

Key Issue – Schneider Electric.indd 18

Many busy electrical designers consult third party specialists for support

Another common issue that called for outside support was the complexity of some products. The survey found that, “The issue is sometimes that contractors hand over entire catalogues and it’s impossible to find out exactly which products they have included.” Electrical products are complex in nature, especially when you consider larger and more complex systems like building wiring. Consulting with specialists can help narrow down the options to better suited ones, avoiding the risk of incorrect products being used that could potentially endanger the entire electrical system or risk its efficiency in the long run. Across the board, small specifier firms value fast, face-to-face expert support, “It’s key to have someone to call. They know about products that may not be on the website or at least can help us find them.” The online world is a huge benefit for specifiers day-to-day, but trailing through a website for hours is undoubtedly an inefficient use of precious time when speaking directly to someone who understands the products can take just minutes.

Finding the right balance

When specifying a project, it is important for professionals to understand the stages where external expertise must be relied on, to save


time for the stages where more independent work is required. According to Schneider Electric’s small specifier survey, third party support is most valuable when looking for specific product information in large catalogues and libraries, translating design into detailed specifications and determining the overall price of the project, and staying up to date with industry norms and trends. In contrast, it is critical for electrical specifiers to identify their strong areas. Identifying market demands and potential new business prospects, documenting essential design components, discussing innovative ideas and technical applications with suppliers, and establishing lists of vendors and goods to be included in the design appear to be significant process factors. Electrical designers are also more than capable in assisting throughout the project process, as well as participating in webinars and training. This final point is particularly important since it demonstrates a commitment to continue developing and learning in order to stay current with the industry’s latest insights and trends. No electrical specifier can or should know everything. They should, however, know where to go to receive the information they need in order to work in the most efficient, safe, and successful manner possible. Schneider Electric,



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Heating and Timer Controls

Now available in white, silver and black


Untitled-4 ECN August2 ad - Sangamo.indd 1


call: 01527 515150

15:44 14/07/2022 14:25


LIGHTING EUROPE’S LARGEST SOLAR FILLING STATION Sortimo, an in-vehicle equipment leader, has recently built Europe’s most innovative and largest charging park, with 72 charging stations in the first stage of expansion, close to the A8 Autobahn next to the Zusmarshausen in Bavaria.


fter completion of the Sortimo Innovation Park, up to 4,000 electric vehicles can be charged there daily with ‘green’ electricity at 120 standard charging points (max. 60kW) and 24 rapid charging points (max. 350kW). The site covers approximately 35,000m² and is designed as a campus for digitalisation, energy efficiency and

Smart ConStela with IoT modules

innovations – and impresses with its wide range of offerings to make each trip productive and enjoyable. E-mobilists don’t have to be idle while filling up – they can spend time at a café and shops within the Innovation Park, which will also feature offices, conference rooms and innovative communication technology. Or they can while away the time in the attractive outdoor seating area and playground. The lighting was required to be stylish and intelligent; TRILUX was a chosen lighting partner for this innovative project.

The award-winning networked TRILUX ConStela LED column with integrated IoT modules forms the core of the outdoor lighting concept. Some of the stelae are equipped with access points and provide a free W-LAN connection throughout the site. This is ideal, for example, for taking a detour to the internet during a charging stop. At the same time, IoT camera modules in the ConStela LED luminaires increase visitors’ sense of security on the site.

All in – store, dine, marvel

Sortimo has recently built Europe’s most innovative and largest charging park close to the A8 Autobahn next to the Zusmarshausen in Bavaria

20 | August 2022

Project Focus – Trilux.indd 20


The interior areas are also smart and stylish – in addition to TRILUX’s E-Line Next LED continuous row in black, Inplana recessed ceiling luminaires, Finea LED light channel, and Oktalite tracks with light panels and spotlights, ensure optimally and atmospherically illuminated areas. All the luminaires are networked via the KNX building technology network. This allows the lighting of the entire area to be controlled and monitored with unique precision. Trilux,



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Does your EVSE kit help you test, or does it just test?

Metrel’s charging point test kit is exceptional! The adapter will simulate a vehicle using the charge point and will complete all the functional tests and load test the installation. Meanwhile, the multi-function tester will automatically do all the electrical safety tests, let you record and store the results. So you can issue the certificate without added hassle. Helping you move on to the next job without delay!

Find out how the Metrel range of EVSE kits can accelerate your business. CALL TODAY 01924 245000 or mail for more information.

Metrel UK Ltd. Unit 16, 1st Qtr Business Park Blenheim Road Epsom Surrey KT19 9QN Phone: 01924 245000 E-mail: Web:

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Twitter-@MetrelUkLtd Facebook - @MetrelUk Instagram- metrelukltd

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TEAMWORK BRINGS EVERYTHING TOGETHER Carly Wills talks to Danny Edmonds, Director of Prowired, about life at the company and its plans for the future. CW: Tell us about yourself and how you got into the sector

We also believe in a strong push for better mental health in the industry and have trained a few of our staff and equipped them with the skills to handle issues with employee wellbeing. We expect to see this change across the industry where employee wellbeing has been disregarded for years. We also expect to see electric vehicles being more widely used and are thrilled to be a small part of the EV charge point rollout and are always on the lookout for sustainable and economical vehicles that will suit our business needs.

DE: I used to work for (now business partner) Nathan, and over time we built a very good relationship which was primarily based on having full trust in one another. 10 years ago, we had a discussion about whether we could potentially set up a business together. It didn’t take long for us to agree that it was the right thing to do and, before you knew it we’d started our own company. We both had a vision that Prowired should be heavily brand focussed and recognisable, with an onus on getting the right clients and servicing them correctly. As with most business owners, we had to make some big sacrifices early on to enable the company to get where it is today, but it’s been the best decision we’ve made. Prowired has become the company we dreamed of and that’s also down to the support of our staff, wholesalers, subcontractors and clients. It wouldn’t have happened without everyone’s involvement.

CW: What do you think are the most exciting products or technologies coming to the market?

CW: How do you make your business stand out from the crowd? DE: Branding is something we are into big time! With our appetite for continuous improvement and growth, we celebrated our 10th anniversary in April this year and were keen to do things that clearly defined this milestone, including a major makeover of the look and feel of the business to reflect who we are in 2022! We also want to be different in the ways that we look after the staff on-site and in our office, and to build a culture that teamwork brings everything together. To us this is the most important part of the business.

Our Prowired culture means we work hard on supporting and growing, which has allowed us to create a strong bond with the team, clients, wholesalers and manufacturers across the industry. CW: For those who may not know, can you give us an overview of the work that Prowired does?

Prowired aims to cover a broad range of work throughout the industry

DE: Here at Prowired, we aim to cover a broad range of work throughout the industry, from domestic small works and projects through to large scale industrial works, including maintenance. This isn’t always easy, but we have really managed to ensure quality and competency throughout our teams by taking every individual who works for us, along with their ability and skillset, into consideration when assigning them work and are constantly updating our employee skills matrix once training or tasks are completed. CW: Aside from COVID-19, what have been the biggest changes across the industry in recent times? What will be the biggest changes in the future? DE: Aside from COVID-19, we have been faced with material shortages due to the war in Ukraine and the cost-of-living crisis affecting the price of diesel, materials and even labour. This has caused instability across the industry as whole. We are continuing to adapt and overcome by making provisions to ensure our company and employees remain successful and continue to thrive.

22 | August 2022

Interview – Prowired.indd 22


DE: We are constantly trialling new products centred around our client’s safety and reliability and have many notable mentions, such as Linian fire rated cable clips and Meridian Solar, who are leading the way in renewables. We think it’s great to see companies innovating on existing products and innovating to make installers lives easier with the safety of consumers in mind. We believe it is vital to be investing in the best technology, as the importance of tech allows the business and all operations within to always run smoothly and efficiently. We’ve integrated Arkflux, SimPRO and our Prowired app to form a solid structure, from marketing and forming leads, through to job completion, aftercare and completing compliance. The industry continues to surprise us with innovation and with the 18th Edition Amendment 2 wiring regulations having just landed we are keen to be able to put AFDD’s into practice and are finally seeing a reduction in cost resulting in an ability to win work and utilise these fantastic devices. CW: What does the future hold for Prowired? DE: With our strong and loyal client base we aim to maintain our growth and become an industry leader in the electrical contracting sector, whilst still providing outstanding service and value to our clients and expanding workforce. We believe it’s important to give back to the community and bridge the gap between the education system and the electrical industry – with our Prowired Academy we aim to inspire the next generation of electricians and to create the opportunity of valuable hands-on experience with the support of our industry’s leading manufacturers. Prowired,



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Circuit Protection Making Electricians Smile!

Switched Neutral Mini RCBO Untitled-3 2

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STRIP OUT THE OLD FOR C.K TOOLS Win one of five C.K Tools wire stripper and crimper bundles!


or over 100 years, C.K Tools has been at the forefront of hand tool manufacturing. The company develops its products in collaboration with trade professionals, ensuring they are engineered for long-life performance and safety. The hand tool specialist’s new Pass-Through Modular Crimper 8P (T3853), Automatic Wire Stripper Pro (T3943), and improved two-component handle across both products and their accompanying ranges, will ensure every trade professional has the highest-class product for the job, with improved comfort and control. Not only does C.K Tools’ new Pass-Through Modular Crimper 8P (T3853)

include a deadlock system and high compression for easy, safe and precise crimping of 8P Pass Through Modular Plugs, they also cut, strip and trim wires, making them the perfect multi-tool for the job. They are also produced from precision engineered dies, made from carbon alloy steel for strength and durability, and tested to 40,000 cycles. C.K Tools’ all-new Automatic Wire Stripper Pro (T3943) is giving everyone another reason to add it to their tool bags. With extended stripping capacity and automatic adjustments from 0.05-8mm², the Automatic Wire Stripper Pro now also features shatterproof handles which can withstand the toughest of working environments. They also come with new hardened and fully replaceable stainless-steel blades, ensuring reliable, efficient, and long-term use.

June Competition The winner of the June competition – a Fitbit Sense health and fitness watch – was Martin Nixon.

Closing date

For your chance to win one of five available product bundles, simply answer the following questions correctly. 1.  Which of the two products feature the new two-component handle?

2.  How many cycles are The Pass-Through Modular Crimpers tested to?

a) Both b) The Pass-Through Modular Crimper c) The Automatic Wire Stripper Pro

3.  What is the extended stripping capacity of the new Automatic Wire Stripper Pro? a) 0.05-6mm² b) 0.05-7mm² c) 0.05-8mm²

a) 30,000 b) 40,000 c) 50,000

All entries must be returned by 31 August 2022. The editor’s decision is final. For the full terms and conditions, visit competition-terms. The name of the winner will be published in the October issue of ECN. *Prize not exchangeable.

To enter, please complete the form below post to: ECN Competition, All Things Media Ltd, Suite 14, 6-8 Revenge Road, Lordswood, Kent, ME5 8UD. Alternatively, you can email your answers and contact details to:

The answers to August’s competition are:

Contact Preferences Y ES, I would like to receive the ECN newsletter Y ES, I would like to subscribe to ECN magazine


Y ES, I would like to share my data with C.K. Tools

Personal Details Name....................................................................................................................................... Company Name...................................................................................................................... Address...................................................................................................................................

2. ...........................................................................


................................................................................ Postcode................................................. Tel................................................................ Mobile ................................................................

3. ...........................................................................



To register to receive your copy of ECN each month, visit Competition.indd 24

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Power up with the new


Cost-effective single socket EV charger

SEPTEMBER 14-15 2022

*On orders placed before 1pm

PME fault detection

SLM and DLB options

3.7 kW - 22 kW

Smart App or Cloud

OCPP 1.6 compliant

OZEV approved

Product quality you can trust Untitled-9 2

Customer service you can rely on

Easy & efficient installation | 0330 058 7144 27/07/2022 16:08



WHAT’S ON DISPLAY AT EI LIVE? EI Live! takes place at the Farnborough Exhibition Centre on 14-15 September – below are just some of the exhibitors, with details of what they are displaying at the show. To view the full complement of exhibitors and to register for your FREE ticket go to



Headline sponsor for this year, Aico will be exhibiting at EI Live!, showcasing the latest innovations and technology in home life safety. The knowledgeable team on Stand 99 will enable installers to learn more about the Ei1000G Gateway, HomeLINK Environmental Sensors, Dashboard and Resident App, with live demonstrations for delegates visiting the stand.

Faradite will be showing a number of new products that have been launched since the last time this maker was last at the show. Notably, the Sensor Wall Mount accessory is a beautiful, solid aluminium wall mounting accessory for the Motion Sensor 360 – IP67 – Black which allows integrators to elegantly mount the company’s sensors on the wall. It is ideal for gardens when mounted on walls, garden structures, outhouses, fencing, and anywhere else that robust, discreet motion sensing is required. Faradite will also be showing a brand new sensor which will be launched in the coming weeks.

Aico, Stand 99


New for this year from Antiference are some additions to the Clear Flow wireless network range, including trade/multi packs of three access points for the Air 3 and Air 13 products. This reduces the packaging to a single box and these access points are supplied without the power injector or cables as these extras are often not required on larger systems where the devices are being fed from a Clear Switch PoE Ethernet switch. In addition, the company has the WAP G, a dual band access point with dual Gb Ethernet ports. The WAP G has a total of 1200Mbps of internal data speed, allowing around 120+ concurrent users and a more powerful signal strength than the other WAP’s in the range. Clear Flow will also soon feature the Aero 12, an outdoor dual band Gb access point for outdoor systems. This exciting new product brings a welcome solution to applications such as pub gardens or large outside spaces where the indoor network cannot reach. Meet with representatives from Antiference on Stand 116

Antiference, Stand 116

Faradite, Stand 25 Faradite will be showing a number of new products


Global smart home player, Nice, will deliver a major presence at the event, underlining its various platforms. Nice Smart Home is an integrated, connected and open system to make the home safe, efficient and comfortable. There are numerous ready-to-use products and the ecosystem can be configured easily via the Yubii App. With the Yubii App, the customer can stay in touch with their home, manage it and control it from anywhere in the world. Nice Smart Home offers the possibility to create scenarios, based on the everyday habits and preferences of each individual. Yubii Home can manage and control all home applications. With Yubii Home, users can turn on a heating system, lock doors, switch on the lights, play music, control roller shutters, gates, doors and windows, electrical appliances and watering systems with a simple command, and even monitor water leaks, CO and fire detection systems. Nice, Stand 89

Blake UK

Blake UK has been making products that connect customers to content for over 50 years. This year Blake is launching a host of great new releases that have been designed with the installer in mind: •  For the latest advances, check out the PROception range including a new 6 ceiling access point. •  Are you ready for 5G? New 5G panel enables you to receive consistent internet even in rural areas. •  Reliable networking equipment: innovative patch panels, cabinets, patch leads and accessories. •  Introducing the new CAT4 router, compatible with any 2G/3G/4G network. •  The new resolution – 8K. Take a look at the company’s HDMI V2.1 and fibre cables that can carry signals up to 100m. •  Exclusive CCTV accessories compatible up to 8MP. Introducing the KVM extender, which enables you to view and control your CCTV from multiple displays. •  Data mining antennas: Blake’s range of HNT antennas and accessories offer the best signal for data mining. •  UK designed heavy duty SDS drill bits for that extra dependability. Blake UK, Stand 31

Mode Lighting

Mode Lighting will be showcasing its range of lighting control solutions, focusing on the eDIN+ range of modular components which enable any size of project to be created from standard modules. The eDIN+ range is continually expanding and now includes a range of keypad styles, from the iCON and designs which can be tailored to suit various manufacturers accessories to the European box friendly Geneva plates and touch sensitive Coolbrium plates, along with interfaces for traditional switch integration. New for 2022 is the Digital Rotary Controller, which takes a traditional rotary control format and applies it in an intelligent form for dimming, individual channel or scene control or colour adjustment. EI Live! will also see Mode preview a range of retrofit devices to compliment the eDIN+ systems and demonstrations of integration with third party systems to provide the power and flexibility of Mode Lighting systems with alternative controls to give the integrator and end client greater choice. Mode Lighting, Stand 36

26 | August 2022

EI Live.indd 26




28/07/2022 15:06





More sessions will be confirmed in the coming days. Keep an eye out on social media for updates.





11.30 – 12.00

Presented by the HDBaseT approved training team at Blustream, the 1.15 hour course provides a detailed introduction to HDBaseT technology and best practices for installation. Attendees will specifically learn about the science behind HDBaseT, the elements of integration and recommended installation guidelines. Once completed, all attendees will receive a personal certificate, official HDBaseT installer digital logo, certified HDBaseT installer and AVIXA development points. Places will be limited so please register your interest ASAP.

CEDIA STANDARDS UPDATE – Peter Aylett – CEDIA CEDIA standards update.

1hr 15mins


DANTE & AES67 – THE FUTURE OF AUDIO DISTRIBUTION? – Barry Sheldrick – DbM 12.15 – 12.45

Traditional analogue and digital audio matrixes are point to point, subject to introducing noise, low fidelity and runs outside of the network architecture. What does the future look like? We’ve been using ethernet connections in network for years, it is well understood, utilises standardised connectors and universal switches. Dante and AES67 offer integrators a simple, high quality, universal, and easy distribution of audio all over the home or yacht. Join us to learn more about these systems, what they mean for your business and how to get on board.


RECURRING MONTHLY REVENUE – Ricky Campitelli – simPRO 13.00 – 13.30

simPRO will be speaking at EI Live! this September. Based around RMR (Recurring Monthly Revenue) we will open the floor to questions and discuss how simPRO can help. RMR allows businesses to upsell, maintain and strengthen their relationships as well as increase revenue from existing customers and maintain cash flow. If you have any questions, please visit us on stand 83b, where simPRO will be waiting to answer any questions you have. In the meantime, please visit to learn more about what we can offer businesses to improve processes and profitability.


WHY PERFORMANCE MATTERS – Andy Oattes – Fine Sounds UK 13.45 – 14.15

What is Custom Install High Fidelity and why does it matter? In this presentation, we will explore music and video consumption trends, including various formats to IP and ask what the future holds. This course will also examine the evolution of Cinema and Immersive Audio, will emphasise the ‘power and art of the demonstration’, focus on designing systems to maximise consumer happiness; while also selling and how to create a profitable business. The best outcome is a very happy customer and a profitable project.


NETWORKING FOR THE MODERN DAY SMART HOME – Nicholas Bovill – Snap One 14.30 – 14.45

The most important technology in today’s smart home is the network; if the network isn’t quite right and/or been planned out and installed efficiently, a return to site is inevitable. Snap One presents an insight into networking best practices, overcoming common issues and an overview to working with standard networking tools and applications.


15.00 – 15.30

TBC – Visualization



In line with the recent changes to Buildings Regulations, Paul Foulkes highlights how KNX is central to achieving these from both an economical and ecological standpoint. He highlights the opportunities these changes are bringing to KNX Integrators, especially in view of the alternative solutions mentioned in the new Part O regulations. He will also talk about the importance for Integrators to be involved at the early planning stage of each project to bring their expertise to overcome issues and to ensure client needs are met. If you are not yet a KNX Certified integrator, he will be telling you how to do that as well.






With the Building Safety Act now in force and the launch of the Building Safety Regulator later this year, there is a huge amount of work and focus on the skills, knowledge and experience of individuals working in people’s homes. In the AV sector, organisations are collaborating on how to raise the bar, improve safety, and enhance recognition of contractors that design, manufacture and integrate technology. We will take a look through what is likely to change and why you should take pride to show off your skills, training and experience in an industry which is better connecting families in the home.


WHY PERFORMANCE MATTERS – Andy Oattes – Fine Sounds UK 10.45 – 11.15

What is Custom Install High Fidelity and why does it matter? In this presentation, we will explore music and video consumption trends, including various formats to IP and ask what the future holds. This course will also examine the evolution of Cinema and Immersive Audio, will emphasise the ‘power and art of the demonstration’, focus on designing systems to maximise consumer happiness; while also selling and how to create a profitable business. The best outcome is a very happy customer and a profitable project.


SOCIAL MEDIA MADE SIMPLE – Charlotte Oakman – Visualization 11.30 – 12.00

Social media has fast become a necessary activity in business, creating a wave that will leave you behind if you don’t get on board. During this session, Charlotte will provide an overview on the key elements involved in building your online presence. With 11 years of AV marketing experience, she will share knowledge around the different platforms available, along with hints and tips to help you leverage tools and techniques which will develop awareness of your brand and grow your audience.



Join Snap One to explore how an automated home can be good for the planet and for people; by exploring existing ideas, technologies, and solutions – as well as future innovations. Not only will this session educate you as an integrator, but it will give you useful tips for positioning the concept with design professionals and specifiers.



14.30 – 14.45


EI Live.indd 27

Iain discusses the potential for cyber-attacks on smart building control systems, what has happened to date, where the weak spots in a system are and how to ensure your client’s security. KNX takes these threats seriously and has been ahead of the curve for some years with KNX Secure, but it is the responsibility of the individual Integrator to ensure each client’s installation is secure. The KNX UK Code of Conduct and Project Management Toolkit provides support to Integrators and offers peace of mind to end-users.

TBC – Visualization





August 2022 | 27

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UNDERSTANDING THE UPDATES TO THE 18TH EDITION British cable manufacturer, Marshall-Tufflex, is urging professionals to familiarise themselves with the latest updates to Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations before the previous Edition is withdrawn in September. In this article, the company’s National Specification Manager, Barry Roberts, takes a closer look at what the cable regulations are and how to ensure an installation is compliant.


ublished in March this year in a newly coloured brown cover (replacing the previous blue), the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the British Standards Institution (BSI) have introduced Amendment 2 to BS 7671:2018 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations, with the aim of making the regulations easier to understand and, therefore, ensure compliance and safety throughout the industry. Amendment 2 came into effect immediately on 28 March 2022 and among the updates is a more detailed requirement for fire safety, specifically introducing a new concept of ‘protected escape routes’. The updated guidelines, detailed in Regulation 422.2.1 with further information provided at Appendix 13, defines a protected escape route as a passage of safety enclosed with fire-resisting construction designed by a fire engineer or architect, to provide designated protection against fire for a specified period and longer than a standard corridor. To create a ‘fire sterile’ safe passage of escape, the updated regulations outline new requirements for the type of cabling in these routes and mandates that cable management in these areas must limit smoke and flame. To comply with this when specifying cable management systems for protected escape routes, only select products that are classified as non-combustible and are certified as such can be used, as follows:

Regulation 521.10.202 specifies that cables must only be secured using metallic clips

BS EN 61386 for conduit systems •  BS EN 5085 for cable trunking and ducting •  BS EN 61537 for cable trays and •  cable ladders Powertracks must meet the •  requirements of BS EN 61534

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It is important to understand that predetermined fire escape routes are not a fix-all solution

The introduction of ‘protected escape routes’ is a further positive step in improving safety and saving lives for building occupants, but it is important to understand that predetermined fire escape routes are not a fix-all solution for adequate occupant protection in a fire situation. That is why the IET also updated its BS 7671:2018 Regulation 521.10.202, which came into effect in January 2019. Regulation 521.10.202 places emphasis on minimising the risk of overhead cable collapse in the event of a fire. In this scenario, fallen, hanging or trailing cables can block escape routes – not only hindering escape, but also by preventing the fire services from safely entering and exiting the building swiftly. As such, Regulation 521.10.202 stipulates that cables must be supported throughout the cable management installation across the entire building, and not just in escape routes. Furthermore, all products must also satisfy the requirements of the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) in relation to their reaction to fire. To some extent, the issue of cable collapse was recognised in previous iterations of the Wiring Regulations, which required the installation of fire clips to cables along pre-designated escape routes. However, following a number of injuries and the tragic death of a firefighter as a result of collapsed cabling, BS 7671:2018 Regulation 521.10.202 specifies that cables must only be secured using metallic clips. Metallic clips must also be used on metal units,


even when supported on metal cable trays or ladder racks. Cables not housed within these structures will need to be securely attached to the structure of the building using fixings that will not be destroyed by fire. It is important to note that whilst most metal fixtures are accepted, those made from aluminium are not compliant due to the material’s low melting point. Whilst electrical professionals are not expected to be fire experts, there is a necessity for everyone involved in every aspect of building design and installation to acknowledge the role they play in ensuring the safety of building occupants and adhering to regulations. With Amendment 2 of BS 7671:2018 in place since 28 March 2022, the previous version (BS 7671:2018+A1:2020) will be withdrawn on 27 September 2022, so it is vital that electrical professionals ensure they become familiar with the changes before then. Marshall-Tufflex manufactures a wide range of solutions that meet fire safety and the requirements of the latest Edition of the Wiring Regulations. Its range of metal Firefly Clips and straps, conduit, trunking, trays, ladders and powertracks are all certified to quality British Standards and the company’s specification team can work with contractors to discuss and advise on technical issues, product standards, data cabling control and compliance for each application. Marshall-Tufflex,



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In keeping with our anniversary, we are working to achieve an average of 80% recycled content across our PVC-U product range by the end of 2022.

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DEMON CATO BRAND FROM METPRO If you have ever experienced frustration at the lack of innovative designs for steel conduit tube and the accessories used to secure them, the Demon Cato range of products from Metpro Group will certainly provide you with the solutions you are looking for.


inding products which provide cost savings as well as speeding up a project – which essentially means spending less time on site – is always going to be a priority, and this product range can help to achieve those goals. The products in the Demon Cato range were devised to understand, address, and ultimately answer the call for innovation within the construction industry. As well as typically offering significant labour savings, the Demon Cato range of products – which includes Conlok, Rapid Saddle and Rollatray – provide key on-site health and safety benefits.


All Conlok products are IP30 (Ingress Protection) Rated

Conlok is the only fully galvanised steel conduit system on the market offering anti-corrosion properties. Conlok gives you up to 75% labour savings and is fully compliant with a declaration of conformity. All Conlok products are IP30 (Ingress Protection) Rated – meeting the same rating as traditional conduit systems. It is easy to install Conlok – simply cut the conduit tube to the desired length and deburr. Insert the tube length into the required Conlok system (like PVC push-fit systems) and then secure the tube length with Conlok’s built-in grub screw using an Allen key (which is supplied in each box). Conlok is also compatible with threaded lengths of conduit tube. Using the traditional screwed system, the average amount of time to cut, dress, thread and fit a box to a piece of conduit tube is five minutes. Using Conlok, the average amount of time to cut, dress and fit a box to a piece of conduit tube is one minute.

Steel conduit tubing

Unfortunately, when steel conduit tube is installed that does not meet the current British Standards, you are running the risk of the material tearing and splitting during the bending process. This can happen when thin material wall thickness is present, there is no heat treatment process during manufacturing, or possibly even both things. You could be installing a potentially non-compliant and unsafe product. Don’t fall into the trap of using inferior steel conduit tube as this could result in several challenges in the future and end up costing you more in the long run. Through regular site visits, the development of a UK-based quality laboratory and the employment of directly employed overseas engineers, Metpro has been able to make the necessary adjustments, from raw material through to testing, to result in its market leading conduit.

Rollatray is available in three widths – 150mm, 300mm and 450mm

Rapid Saddle

Rapid Saddle is a solution which allows you to replace both spacer bar saddles and distance saddles with a fast-fix solution. The saddle holds the conduit tube in-situ, making installations easy, even for a single installer, giving them greater on-site safety. Removing the risk of dropped screws or straps and being easily installed by a single engineer makes them ideal for working at height. Contractors can experience over 40% labour savings with this Delta Protekt 120 salt spray rated solution, which is equivalent to HDG Class 4, whilst meeting all current standards. Rapid Saddle has a deep 5mm base and is available in three types of finish, making them suitable for internal, external and specialist applications.

Rapid Saddle is a solution which allows you to replace both spacer bar saddles and distance saddles with a fast-fix solution

Rollatray cable tray

Rollatray is a cable tray system which can cut downtime by up to 90% and is fully compliant with a declaration of conformity. It can be easily installed anywhere with a solid surface, as no couplers or brackets are required. A 15m coil rolls out in just 10 seconds. Rollatray is available in three widths – 150mm, 300mm and 450mm. It is easily cut to size using a guillotine with no hot works permit required. Lay cables as required and then secure using cable ties, crossover Rollatray units and secure with an M6 screw. It is suitable for structured cabling, fibre optic, fire/security, and low voltage distribution. Rollatray is also suited to specialised clean applications with no risk of zinc whiskers from the pre-galvanised material.


When an installation includes the Demon Cato steel conduit system (Conlok, Rapid Saddle and traditional Metpro accessories), it will qualify for a seven-year warranty. Everyone wants to implement their cabling projects as smoothly and efficiently as possible, Demo Cato products give you the solutions to do just that.


CMW is an official Demo Cato ‘Master Distributor’ which means the full range of Demon Cato products are held in stock, along with the staff expertise to offer advice and support. CMW,

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g h

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Cable Management Solutions

PG/GC 35/60/100

304/316L 60

Rapid Connection Wire Mesh Tray The Fastest System













BLACK C8® Protection System High corrosion resistance for aggressive environments Untitled-2 2

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A wide range of data, fibre cable and cable management solutions

Innovative cable management

Flexible conduit & accessories

Desk power & data

Cat 5e and Cat 6

Black trunking

GOP boxes

Cable Management Warehouse Ltd

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Units 5/6 Arkwright Road Industrial Estate, Bedford, MK42 0LQ

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Tel: 01234 848030

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Available for next day delivery

Floor & basket matting

Label printers & labelling

Fire rated fixings

Fibre & FTTx

Cable protection covers


Email: Website:

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QUALITY CABLE MANAGEMENT FOR AIRPORT PASSENGER TRANSFER SYSTEM Legrand has supplied cable management systems for Luton DART, helping to reduce traffic around Luton.

Variety of needs

As with most transport applications, there were different types of cable management that would be required for the project. In the stations, cable trays and ladders were required through the front of house and platform areas, as well as the dedicated maintenance area. Typical of transport applications, underfloor duct trunking was required for cabling to the ticket barriers and Salamandre IP55 rated trunking in areas where water and debris ingress are likely to cause issues. With such an eagerly awaited project, NG Bailey was under pressure to install the M&E solutions to tight deadlines in order for this phase of the project to be finished by December 2021, ahead of opening in 2022. Working with its trusted wholesalers, the contractor chose Legrand’s Salamandre IP4X and IP55 trunking, Swifts cable ladder and screed floor trunking for the project, as Thomas Gray, Project Engineer at NG Bailey, explains: “The specified Legrand solutions were familiar systems for us. Thanks to a strong rapport with our wholesalers in addition to technical assistance and discussions with Legrand’s dedicated teams, we were able to get a regular supply of materials to complete the job quickly. The product codes are also well thought out to be able to identify which of the specified systems to order and to discern which parts needed to be installed in their correct location.”

34 | August 2022

Cabling & Cable Management – Legrand.indd 34

The contractor has to ensure consistency within the quality of solutions they integrate

Kier Infrastructure


ondon Luton Airport continues to grow in popularity, hosting 18 million passengers in 2019 alone. In 2018, Luton Rising announced that a joint venture between VolkerFitzpatrick and Kier Infrastructure would begin with construction work on the Direct Air-Rail Transit (Luton DART). Reducing traffic around Luton, and the journey between central London and the airport to around 30 minutes by the fastest trains, the ambitious project is a 2.2km state-of-the-art cable-hauled rail system that links the airport terminal and Luton Airport Parkway train station. An experienced contractor in rail and transport applications, the appointed M&E contractor, NG Bailey, required cable management systems for the two stations to withstand frequent passenger transfers. Having specified Legrand previously for similar projects, the contractor selected systems from its cable management business unit for use throughout the station.

Bespoke requirements

“NG Bailey, required cable management systems for the two stations to withstand frequent passenger transfers”

One of the challenges of the project was the need for bespoke trunking for both the ticket gates and the station platforms. In addition, design requirements can alter once a project of this nature is in its building stage and obstacles arise, meaning a flexible approach was required, as Paul Moore, Area Development Manager at Legrand, explains: “Bespoke systems are often needed on rail projects, as they each offer unique characteristics. This is particularly the case with trunking, as they need to maintain the required capacity, while meeting the design parameters which often change from the original plans once on site. In this instance, Salamandre IP55 trunking was required for the gate lines at each terminal, an ingress protection rating that is often needed for areas more susceptible to debris and corrosion. With required IP ratings available and the ability to produce exact measurements of trunking, our team’s extensive rail expertise and experience meant we could provide exactly what the project required.”

Quality assurance matters

With NG Bailey’s pedigree in the rail field, it is important that it maintains the highest quality installation on every project. As such, the specified building services must pass stringent quality assessments when the project is handed over to ensure the installation exceeds expectation in terms of its life expectancy. For this reason, the contractor has to ensure consistency within the quality of solutions it integrates, and so often use the same suppliers for elements like cable management systems.


Thomas explains: “We tend to see Legrand cable management systems specified by our senior buyer team because it is known to be able to pass our tests before handing projects over. Legrand’s products are tried and tested within rail applications and we know that we can quickly and easily get all the systems in place to the standard that is expected. “Being able to fit the solution and hand over the project safe in the knowledge that we shouldn’t need to do any replacement work later down the line is important, particularly during this busy time. As difficulties often surface with cabling and networking commissioning afterwards, it is absolutely vital that we can install systems as quickly as possible.” Paul adds: “We know electrical contractors are always under pressure to meet tight deadlines and ensure they hand over projects when they say they will. Our ‘Faster by Design’ cable management systems are quickly and easily installed and we aim to provide contractors with a solution that can be done correctly and effectively first time. Working closely with NG Bailey, we were able to always ensure our cable management solutions solve the challenges the project faced.” With a multitude of cable management requirements to fulfil, NG Bailey was able to work with Legrand to install suitable systems across the entire Luton DART transport system. With trusted and familiar systems, the high level of quality and reliability for what will become a busy route will ensure the safe passage of all passengers for years to come. Legrand,



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Circuit Protection & Switchgear


Wiring Accessories

NEXT TIME… In addition to our regular range of news and viewpoints, the next issue of ECN will contain special features relating to circuit protection & switchgear, lighting and wiring accessories. The features will include articles and information from major companies, providing a range of information about the latest issues and technological developments affecting the sectors. For electrical contractors, the features will prove to be a valuable reference point for all that is happening within this area.

To make sure that you don’t miss this major opportunity to advertise your products to ECN’s 20,000+ readers, call Kelly Byne on 01634 673163 /



Fully compliant with all of the latest legislation and BS standards

Designed with the installer in mind for a fast and speedy installation

All products have a 10 year guarantee

Dedicated sales and technical team

Wide selection of pre-assembled consumer units and devices including RCD, RCBO and MCB

Bespoke solutions available


Contact details CircPro (UK) Limited 3C Lamson Road, Rainham Essex RM13 9YY Phone: 01708 986180 Email:

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Made in China The MK Trademark is used under license from Novar ED&S Limited. Novar ED&S Limited makes no representations or warranties with respect to these products. These products are manufactured by CircPro (UK) Limited, a division of Yihua.

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IST AND SIEMON ILLUMINATE RADISSON BLU ROYAL VIKING HOTEL For the prestigious Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel in the heart of Stockholm, a new smart lighting installation – along with the associated cabling – meant an estimated 89% in annual lighting energy savings and more than €100,000 savings in lighting maintenance costs.


utting edge lighting solutions from Integrated System Technologies (IST) and high performance structured cabling from Siemon have made this reduction in the hotel’s carbon footprint possible. Headquartered in Lichfield UK, digital lighting and IoT expert, IST, has been delivering large scale global lighting and control solutions for over 23 years. The company’s solutions portfolio comprises of iDrive, a centralised LED driver concept that reduces maintenance and commissioning costs; Serenity Lighting bespoke LED luminaires, lamps; and iMune, an integrated control solution that provides advanced building analytics, security and scalability to thousands of devices. Having been introduced to Radisson through an energy consultant and later awarded the project, IST was tasked to replace traditional halogen lights across the hotel lobby, restaurant, bar and the breakfast area and installed approximately 500 LED luminaires into bespoke architectural lamps. Changing from halogen to LED lighting has resulted in tremendous energy savings of 68%, but that’s just the beginning. IST also implemented its smart power system, iDrive, that drives multiple LED fixtures from three central

36 | August 2022

Cabling & Cable Management – Siemon.indd 36

points. This allows drivers to be installed remotely from the LED luminaires at ground-level in easy to access areas. For Radisson this meant that the lobby, restaurant, bar and the breakfast areas can now be controlled individually. With IST’s smart control system, Radisson was able to reduce energy consumption down further to an estimated combined total of 89%. Both, LED luminaires and the control system connect to an IP-based network that relies on high performance structured cabling from global network infrastructure specialist, Siemon. The cabling enables communication and information exchange between all systems and devices connected to the network. At the same time, it delivers low SELV voltage power via Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to these devices. Having worked with Siemon on a number of intelligent lighting projects for reputable clients around the world, IST specified Siemon’s Category 6A copper cabling for the hotel. The new cabling infrastructure replaces the individual power runs traditionally required with DALI and 230Vac lighting systems. Remote power delivery over structured cabling was optimised by specifying a shielded cabling solution that reduces power losses. Siemon’s Category 6A shielded cabling mitigates power losses and Siemon’s IEC 60512-99-001 compliant

connectivity reduces potential damage to the physical connectors’ contacts when lighting devices are disconnected under PoE load. With a single unified cabling infrastructure supporting multiple applications, Radisson was also able to connect the lighting with the hotel’s integrated fire alarm system. In cases where the fire alarm is raised, the luminaries will automatically activate and, in case of power failure, emergency lighting will assist patrons in safely evacuating the hotel. Finally, the cabling had to comply with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) to protect occupants and reduce the rapid spread of fire and harmful emissions. Siemon’s Category 6A cable boasts the highest standard of flame resistance – Bca. “Despite the tangible benefits an intelligent lighting approach can bring, many organisations have been slow to adopt this technology,” says Geoff Archenhold, director at IST. “Radisson is a great example of how IP enabled intelligent lighting supported by high performance structured cabling provides a great opportunity for building owners to realise significant cost savings on energy consumption and maintenance whilst meeting carbon commitments.” Siemon,




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Because Quality Matters Stainless Steel Cable Management Systems • The stainless steel containment specialist • Choice of containment types & finishes • Bespoke manufacturing service • Large stock availability •

Lasnek Ltd, 1 President Way, Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 9NR Tel: +44 (0) 1582 425 777

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Fast Trak


Pre-fabricated channel system


Fast Trak is the here, now and future of suspension systems! The only prefabricated system that will save you time, money and stress when installing electrical containment, piping or ducting on any project.


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ADAPTING AND EVOLVING IN DIFFICULT TIMES Carly Wills talks to Alan Darlow, Commercial Director at Pemsa Cable Management (UK), about how the company has adapted to cope with price increases, supply issues and higher energy costs. CW: The current market situation is affected by issues such as the increase in the cost of raw materials, problems with supply, and the increase in energy costs. From Pemsa’s point of view, how has this affected the company and what forecasts do you have for the future in this regard? AD: The increase in energy costs, raw materials and transport are very possibly not going to be solved in the short term. We think that the situation of increased costs will continue for a while longer, and to this we must add the increase in inflation. The current delicate international situation is showing that a general rethinking of energy generation and supply systems is required, as is continuing to work on more accessible energy sources, with greater power and performance, and a lower environmental impact. At Pemsa, we understood what could be triggered from one moment to the next and that is why, more than three years ago, we began to work intensely to make our supply chain more flexible and also control it. During this time, we carried out an important restructuring of our organisation, adapting a large part of our logistics and industrial processes in order to increase the supply capacity to our customers. Despite this, these factors are obviously affecting us, especially in relation to the impact on the direct cost of our products. Our processes, as is usual in industrial processes, are highly dependent on the cost of the raw material, but also on energy. We have had to develop very strict internal policies to restrict costs and optimise processes in order to offset the increases. In some cases, we have had to increase prices but, fortunately, less than expected.

“The pandemic has marked a before and after in our way of working and in the approach of many of our processes”

Rejiband Rapide BK8

CW: To what extent has all this complicated your processes and how does it affect the arrival of your products on the market?

CW: Pemsa has been busy launching new products. Can you give us an overview and tell us which markets and which direction you are currently investing in?

AD: More than modifying current production systems, we have undertaken an ambitious process optimisation and automation plan, which allows us to ostensibly reduce the lead time of each of them, as well as their cost, offsetting increased costs to a certain extent. Fortunately, we can say that, with logical exceptions, we have managed to improve our delivery times and we see this reflected in the fact that our activity today continues with very satisfactory levels of growth.

AD: We believe that simplifying our offer is essential. We need to develop more focused products that continue to cover the needs of our customers. The launch of Pemsaband One Cable Tray is a good example of this, where we integrated two of our traditional trays, maintaining features and compatibility, into a single renewed offer. In the coming months, our customers will see more of these product evolutions. We also focus on other sectors in which our company must continue to grow. Data centres, photovoltaic etc., are sub-sectors with which we want to complement our current offer. The Rejiband Rapide BK8 Wire Mesh Tray is a good example of this. It is designed for use within data centres where there is a requirement for protection against zinc whiskers. The Black C8 system is a multi-layer coating, developed with an innovative formula, whereby its composition intrinsically blocks the appearance of these zinc filaments. Another noteworthy aspect where we want to continue to lead is surface coatings. Launches such as Black C8 and AZ+ show the innovative capacity that the company continues to invest in within this area.

CW: What is the current situation for Pemsa following the pandemic and how do you think it will evolve in the coming months? AD: The pandemic has marked a before and after in our way of working and in the approach of many of our processes. Like many other companies, we have had to modify work methodologies and even reorganise complete areas to be able to adapt. However, all this has also allowed us to improve and optimise processes and ways of working in a very short time, which we would not have imagined being able to do without the COVID-19 situation. With regard to the evolution of the market, it has become clear that the electricity sector has been decisive in carrying out all the new infrastructures and urgent installations and, although there have been times of high uncertainty and tension, the pandemic has shown us how important our sector is for economic recovery at all levels.

CW: Pemsa has also launched a training platform to help installers and provide them with experience in their field. What response has the initiative received and what are its objectives? AD: ExpertOne is a digital tool to support our clients in different key aspects of the field of industrial electrical cable routing. In ExpertOne, clients will find a wide range of technical and other information for their projects, operations, queries or simply to increase their knowledge in general. Our entire collection of product videos, various recorded webinars, information on our products, digital tools such as our app, BIM libraries, the program for calculating loads in PemsaPro projects etc. can be found. In addition, users will find various technical articles, product certificates, reference facilities, etc. This content is also open to any user or professional who requires this type of information. Pemsa,

38 | August 2022

Cabling & Cable Management – Pemsa.indd 38




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TOOLS & WORKWEAR supported by


The GTC 600 C Proffesional Thermal Camera.

Immediate visualisation of temperature differences with smart documentation.


Tools & Workwear – Bosch.indd 39


Bosch Professional


August 2022 | 39

27/07/2022 16:03



GTC 400 C AND 600 C PROFESSIONAL THERMAL CAMERA Bosch is expanding the temperature measurement segment with a precise and versatile thermal camera, the GTC 600 C Professional Thermal Camera. The new thermal camera offers more features and is even more precise than the already well established GTC 400 C Professional Thermal Camera.


thermal image speaks more than a thousand words. The Bosch Professional Thermal Cameras offer a variety of great functions which won’t only impress colleagues and clients, but also help you to work more efficiently. Accomplished work can easily be presented or the need for maintenance in the first place can be highlighted. Through clear and thorough thermal images, situations can be evaluated on site, saving time and effort. The GTC 400 C and 600 C create an easy-to-understand solution, showing a thermal bridge and the temperature distributions, which the naked eye would be unable to see.

GTC 400 C Professional Thermal Camera

Detecting temperatures ranging from -10°C to +400°C, the device has four convenient measurement functions: Automatic for automated temperature ranges; Manual mode allowing temperature limits for different scenarios; Cold Detector showing only cold spots in an intuitive grayscale display for easy readability; and Heat Detector, simply showing the hottest areas on screen. Each individual function allows you to better target the relevant area and ultimately produce a more efficient thermal detection. The 3.5” display is intuitive and presents the temperature differences in the camera’s field of view, displaying the hottest and coldest points. The cross hair shown on the display indicates absolute temperature of the centre pixel, along with an emissivity figure and a constant adapting temperature scale showing the minimum and maximum temperature of the measurement area. This feature enhances the quality of work, enabling clear conclusions to be drawn.

The visual camera can store up to 500 images on the tool – this is beneficial when comparing the visual and real image side by side, simplifying communication to clients. All images can be automatically saved and transferred to other devices through the Smart Connectivity function. Alongside the 3.5” colour display, the 160 x 120 infrared sensor resolution allows detection of temperature variances within seconds. Each of the 19,200 pixels corresponds exactly to one measuring point, providing detailed distribution of temperature within a measured area. Thanks to the GTC’s high thermal sensitivity, auto scale and fixed scale options, the smallest temperature differences can be displayed, which improves results. Simply set the temperature scale to your preferred range resulting in only temperatures within a desired range shown. The IP53 dust and splash protection gives you guaranteed extra safety when using the tool, and the confidence taking it to the job site. Operated by an interchangeable battery from the Bosch Professional 12V System or alternatively by four AA batteries using the Bosch AA1 battery adaptor. Dual power enables the tool to be in use for the duration of the task at hand, giving you even more flexibility.

GTC 600 C Professional Thermal Camera The GTC 400 C has four convenient measurement functions


The GTC 600 C Professional can be used wherever temperature differences need to be detected quickly and reliably. The measuring range is between -20 and +600 degrees Celsius. It supports the maintenance of machines and equipment, no matter which application area is concerned. The GTC 600 C Professional is very robust and can even withstand being dropped on concrete from a height of up to two meters. It is also dust and splash-proof with protection class of IP 54. The camera stores thermal images with a resolution of 256 x 192 pixels and each of the 49,152 pixels corresponds exactly to one measuring point. The result is a detailed and precise thermal image shown on a 3.5” display. The new thermal camera offers even more applications and possibilities than the previous GTC 400 C Professional – especially outdoors and even beyond the use in the construction environment. The tool identifies weak spots such as defective radiators and underfloor heating systems, as well as thermal bridges, just as reliably as overheating of structural components, for example, in switch cabinets.

-10°C to + 400 °C 160 x 120 sensor resolution Connectivity via Wi-Fi/USB 2m drop resistant IP 53

Precise. Reliable. Efficient.

Bosch Professional

40 | August 2022

Tools & Workwear – Bosch.indd 40




27/07/2022 16:03



Even more efficient

Quick recording of the current situation, clarifying the requirements for preparing an offer, checking, and documenting work results – the new functions in the GTC 600 C Professional make it easier to perform these tasks. Professionals can now add a voice note up to 30 seconds long to recorded images. To date, this function was only available with tools in a much higher product class. The voice note is easily and conveniently recorded via the integrated microphone and saved in the gallery together with the real and thermal image. This avoids assignment errors, making documentation even easier. The thermal image and voice note can be called up at any time directly on the tool. The operation of the tool is intuitive. In addition to the picture-in-picture function, other functions can be displayed and adjusted at the push of a button, such as the colour scale. It can be fixed, for example, in lock mode to visualise measurements of different rooms in the same way and thus compare them better. The GTC 600 C Professional also features an extended list of emissivity values – more than 30 different materials are stored. If, for example, tiles has been selected as the material, the device considers the emissivity of this surface, i.e. its heat radiation, during the infrared measurement. The surface temperature is therefore determined more precisely. In addition, professionals can save the five most important materials individually and have fast access to them. This function distinguishes the GTC 600 C Professional from its competitor models.

Both the GTC 400 C and the GTC 600 C Professional are equipped with a Wi-Fi module

Fast data exchange and further processing via a smartphone or PC

The GTC 600 C Professional features an extended list of emissivity values

Both the GTC 400 C and the GTC 600 C Professional are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which the tool uses to establish its own Wi-Fi hotspot. Connected smartphones or tablets can be used to import the thermal images, including the measured data, via the Bosch Thermal App. This makes it possible to process information immediately and pass it on to clients, colleagues, or other trades. Alternatively, all data can be transferred to a PC via USB-C cable and processed there by means of the free GTC Transfer Software. The Bosch Thermal app is used to help craftspeople increase their productivity, fast transfer, organisation, and customisation of thermal images saves time and, as consequence, money due to efficiency designed operation processes. The app can connect with the GTC 400 C and GTC 600 C, along with the GIS 1000 C.


Within the different features, the app allows for customisation of thermal images. Within the edit mode, images can be customised for specific purposes. Mark, circle, or comment to make things clearer for the craftspeople and their clients. All projects and client information are visible at a glance. For each project, individual notes, to-dos and thermal images can be added. The whole project can be shared or single thermal images as a PDF or JPEG.

GTC 400 C vs 600 c

The GTC 400 C and 600 C Professional thermal camera are available right now. All Professional Bosch power tools including the GTC has a one year warranty – this can be extended to a total of three years if the tool is registered on the Bosch Professional website within the first month of purchase. Bosch Professional,

GTC 400 C

GTC 600 C

-10°C to +400°C

-20°C to +600°C

IP 53

IP54 (except for the lithium-ion battery pack)

MicroUSB, Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi, USB-C

160 x 120 px

256 x 192 px

Number of measuring points



Measuring accuracy of IR





Measuring range IP rating Data transfer Size of IR sensor

Frame buffer (number of images)

GTC 600 C PROFESSIONAL THERMAL CAMERA Precise. Reliable. Efficient.

-20 °C to + 600 °C 256 x 192 sensor resolution New voice note function Connectivity via Wi-Fi/USB IP 54 and 2m drop resistant Bosch Professional


Tools & Workwear – Bosch.indd 41



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THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB Selecting power tools and accessories that can deliver efficiency and precision is essential for streamlining work on site. Here, Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita, looks at what to consider and the benefits for users.


here are a number of ways that the choice of tools can make the work of an electrical contractor easier. This includes selecting products with built in technologies that improve the effectiveness of tools, considering machines that offer a better way of completing common tasks – and choosing quality accessories that make work easier.

Cordless and brushless tools

Having the right tools and accessories for the task at hand can help improve productivity

Cordless tools are now the go-to option for many professionals. By eliminating the need for mains power in the area you are working, tasks can be completed quicker and easier. The absence of power cables also means that a potential trip hazard is removed, both for the user and anyone in the area. It also eliminates the dangers associated with the cable snagging or coming into contact with a blade or moving parts of a machine. For users, this means there is one less factor they need to manage when planning and carrying out their work.

“Cordless tools are now the go-to option for many professionals. By eliminating the need for mains power in the area you are working, tasks can be completed quicker and easier”

In addition, they are often quieter and can produce lower levels of vibration – both of which help to protect the user from the negative effects of prolonged or frequent exposure to noise and vibration. Another key feature that contractors should look for is brushless motor technology. In this type of motor, the tool is driven using contact-free electromagnetism rather than relying on contact between the carbon brushes and a rotary electrical switch on the rotor. While motors with brushes are effective, the friction generates heat and wastes energy. In contrast, brushless motors are more efficient because this issue is eliminated – in turn, extending run times by up to 50% per battery charge. This, combined with battery technology that offers fast recharge times, will mean minimal interruptions.

Controlling vibration

When cutting chases in brick or concrete to install cabling or conduit, it is important to have the right tools, such as a good quality wall chaser and SDS+ rotary hammer drill, to complete the work as efficiently as possible. It is also important to be aware of tool vibration levels when undertaking this work and select tools that help to reduce this. This ensures the safety of the user and extends the safe working time for improved productivity. Each tool has a vibration exposure value and, when multiplied by the usage time, gives the daily exposure (given in points). The Health and Safety Executive sets the Exposure Action Value (EAV) at 100 points, when steps must be taken to reduce or manage exposure, and the Exposure Limit Value (ELV) at 400 points when work must stop. There are also easy to use calculator tools available that will help in assessing the risk. To extend the time before this point is reached it is valuable to look for tools that include features and technologies to minimise vibration levels. For example, many Makita rotary and demolition hammers feature Anti Vibration Technology (AVT), a number of measures such as counter-weights, damper springs and vibration absorbing housings, which, combined, significantly reduce the vibration transferred to the user’s hands.


Precision cutting

For cutting materials such as metal conduit pipe, cable trays and trunking to the correct size, it may be worth investing in a quality metal cut-off saw. These saws are available as portable circular saws, or as bench-mounted stationary saws. Designed specifically for cutting metal, they are much quicker when compared with manual methods and provide greater accuracy compared with a handheld power tool. With the stationary saws, precise cuts can be made – including exact angled cuts of various degrees. The workpiece is also held securely in place for improved safety and accuracy. Further, machines designed for cold cutting, such as the Makita LC1230N, do not heat the metal when cutting or create sparks, removing the hazard of hot works. Furthermore, all the metal chips are safely contained in a swarf collection box.

High quality accessories

Another key consideration is the choice of saw blades and drill bits. Most blades and bits will be designed for use with a specific material, so it is important to select the most appropriate one for each type of work. This can mean that contractors need to frequently switch between accessories, depending on the task. This can be time consuming and lead some to simply use the same bit or blade for everything. Not only does this result in a shortened lifespan for the blade or bit and the tool itself, but it can also damage the material, potentially requiring repairs to be made. A solution to this is investing in multipurpose products that are designed to be used on a wide range of materials. Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) blades and drill bits are engineered to be very hard-wearing and, as a result, can be used on a wide variety of materials. This includes aluminium, MDF, PVC and laminated chipboard for saw blades, and concrete, tile, brick, slate, limestone, wood, composite materials, plastics, aluminium and other metals for the multipurpose drill bits. Having the right tools and accessories for the task at hand can help improve productivity and accuracy, as well as ensure the safety of users. By looking at the specific features of the machines, contractors can select the products that are most suitable for their work. Makita,

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Pinpoint hidden objects with the D-tect 200 C Professional wallscanner The D-tect 200 C uses advanced radar technology to precisely locate hidden objects. A groundbreaking user interface provides clear measuring results with multiple views in various applications, such as the Spot View, which makes detection in hard-to-reach locations easier. The innovative screenshot feature enables quick documentation and allows downloads via USB-C and SD card.

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WHY PREMIUM PRODUCTS PROVE A WISE INVESTMENT Brinley Buckley-Roberts, Brand Manager at Carl Kammerling International, the home of C.K Tools, discusses why premium hand tools are worth the investment – both for end-users and stockists.


n the electrical trade, reputation is an important commodity. Whether you’re a contractor or stockist, reputation can be the difference in securing the next job or securing the repeat purchase. It also plays a vital role in one of the most integral parts of any job – the choice of tools. Tool choice is careful consideration for any electrical contractor; an inadequate tool could affect safety, it could compromise the finish, or it could lead to downtime and an un-forecasted replacement purchase. And if the tool choice was a recommendation at the service desk, that will equally result in a lack of trust in the stockist. While there will always be the industry need to offer ‘good, better, best’ options, investing in premium hand tools can really make a difference in both the short and long-term for contractors and stockists alike. But what does premium really mean? What defines a premium hand tool? There are several elements that contribute to the ‘premium’ factor: the R&D process; the source of the materials; the engineering and manufacturing procedures; to the quality control and accreditation. Each element undergoes a constant review as new materials, manufacturing techniques, or industry requirements are uncovered, with the effectiveness, durability and safety of the products always top of mind. Research and development can mean many things but for C.K Tools this means listening intently to what the industry is asking for. The company utilises a panel of professionals to not only find solutions to problems, but to also find the existing product evolutions that will make the job that much more efficient. From there, the NPD team go into design and consider the aesthetics, the ergonomics, and, of course, the materials. There’s no product without a clear rationale; each one is meticulously planned, CAD designed, prototyped and tested.

C.K Tools has been working with its current manufacturing partners since 1904

“Investing in premium hand tools can really make a difference in both the short and long-term for contractors and stockists alike”

Material choice is of great importance to C.K Tools and has contributed considerably to the reputation the company has built over more than 200 years. In the most part, C.K Tools procures its steel from and manufactures its products in Germany, in particular the North Rhine, which is world-renowned for its steel production. The region’s steel has varying levels and mixes of chromium, which has excellent corrosion resistance, vanadium, which works as a deoxidiser and reduces wear, and molybdenum, which, when combined with chromium, gives greater strength and impact resistance. Not content with its premium grade steel, the North Rhine is also known as the industrial heartland for tool manufacturing. The steel mills, chemical and water treatment businesses, and manufacturing plants all reside there and have developed great ways of collaborating over the years to ensure that the potential of the raw material is not lost through the processing and engineering stages. C.K Tools has been working with its current manufacturing partners since 1904 and there’s a reason for it – in today’s market it is very rare that products are manufactured


to the very peak of excellence, but with German engineering practices that’s a given. Precision engineering requires a number of inputs and with hand tool manufacturing that starts with the quality of the die – the item used to stamp the shape of the tool in the steel. Utilising a mixture of CAD and CNC, dies can be cut to within a tolerance the equivalent of a human hair, delivering a near perfect product with every stamp. Other engineering techniques are then used to ensure that the company’s products live up to the premium tag. Induction hardening is a process it uses to ensure that parts of products – such as the jaws on pliers – are hardened to withstand heavy usage and ensure long-term performance. It involves electromagnetically heating up the steel and then rapidly cooling it to maintain the desired properties. The precision engineering techniques don’t stop at the steel; hand tools have to be inherently comfortable and safe to handle. To ensure this, every single screwdriver handle is injection moulded directly to the steel, giving the ultimate torsion-proof bond for increased reliability, durability, control and comfort. A premium product isn’t just premium because a brand says it is; when other bodies endorse a product you know it sits above the rest. Across certain lines, C.K Tools’ products are VDE certified, which is the highest form of independent safety testing in the electrical trade, while the majority achieve GS (Gepruefte Sicherheit) and DIN (Deutsche Institut) accreditation, which are German standards that indicate performance and quality. Premium tool brands know what matters – they understand their customers; they understand the requirements of each and every job; and they are unwavering in their pursuit of precision engineering the perfect product to sell and to use. So, as you can see, there’s a reason why German engineered products come with a premium, but rest assured, they’ll be the best investments you’ll make. C.K Tools,

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WAVE YOUR WAY TO LIGHT Twin-Beam Motion Sensor Head Torch


• Spot Light - 200LM • Flood Light Dimmable - 400LM, 200LM, 20LM • Smart Motion Sensor • Unit has a Tilt Adjustment • Adjustable Anti Slip Strap • LED Charging Indicator • Charge Time - 2.5h • IK07 • IP65

Call 01253 830 900

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ELECTRIC ARC CLOTHING — TESTING FOR PERFORMANCE EFFECTIVENESS Peter Dumigan, Managing Director of the Hultafors Group UK, owner of Snickers Workwear and its ProtecWork range of protective wear, writes on the importance of fully tested and certified electric arc clothing.


he risk to life and limb from electric arc accidents is significant, often resulting in serious injury and sometimes death. Arcs due to electrical faults can cause severe injuries and damage – thermal injury, serious burns, electric shock, noise, UV emissions, pressure and shrapnel are commonplace, as well as the potential for toxic exposure and the impact of physical and mental shock. That’s why decisions on clothing choice have to be well-informed and carefully considered. IEC 61482-2 specifies requirements for clothing protecting against the thermal hazards of an electric arc. This type of protective wear belongs to the Risk III category, which defines garments used in high-risk environments and certifies them to prevent second-degree burns in the event of an electric arc flash (flashover). It also certifies protection for the wearer from other serious risks such as heat, flames, and hazardous chemicals. No type of clothing, other than Class III certified Protective Wear that is properly tested and certified, is suitable for risk environments with electric arc hazards. The wrong buying choice can be potentially catastrophic. The developmental processes for Snickers Workwear’s Class III ProtecWork clothing therefore requires real-life product testing that replicates the risk environments and accident eventualities to ensure and certify product efficacy and performance. Two tests – the box test and open arc – are used to measure a material and garments’ level of protection. These test methods use different test set-ups, arc configurations, test parameters, test procedures and result parameters. The results of either test method cannot be physically compared or mathematically transformed into each other. The arc rating has to be tested and assessed using either one method or the other.

• Box test: The box test is carried out in accordance with EN 61482-1-2. It includes a directed electric arc in an enclosed space APC 1 or APC 2. This test was previously the most common method used to determine a material’s level of protection. • Open arc: Open arc measures protection using the 61482-1-1 test method, which is equivalent to the NFPA 70 US standard. The method uses an 8kA circular arc that strikes the test material from a distance of 30cm. The test results are presented in calories per square centimetre (cal/cm2), revealing at what calorie level the garment offers a 50% chance of protection against second-degree burns as a ATPV or EBT50 value. The higher the value, the better the protection.

The foundation of good protection is that the garments provide certified protection against electric arcs and that they do not combust

For wearers of protective clothing, it’s crucial to know what level of protection their clothing offers. The foundation of good protection is that the garments provide certified protection against electric arcs and that they do not combust. The clothing must be tested and certified against heat, flames and electric arcs. This applies not

only to the outer garment layer, but to underwear, the base layer, mid layer and all other layers as well. Different fabrics may have different properties and characteristics, which means the level of protection needs to be presented in two different ways. Strong fabrics may remain intact after a test procedure, yet allow enough heat to be transferred through the material that a burn still occurs. In these cases, the test results are presented as an Arc Thermal Protection Value (ATPV). The other alternative is that the fabric offers high insulation, but instead ruptures and tears so that a hole opens up in the material, causing a burn. This value is called the EBT50 (Energy Break Open Threshold). ELIM: Whereas the ATPV or EBT50 value gives an indication of what energy level you run a 50% risk of getting a second-degree burn at, the incident energy limit (ELIM) defines the energy level at which you avoid the risk of a second-degree burn. Remember, however, that there is still a risk of getting a first-degree burn injury. The ELIM value is calculated as the average of the three highest incident energy data points without rupture, shrink open and without reaching or exceeding the Stoll curve. The three incident energy data points are taken just below the mix zone in the test report. The Stoll curve determines the rating of the transfer of heat energy (calories) based on the time of transfer and the level of heat energy produced. Heat Attenuation Factor – HAF: HAF is a measurement of the percentage of energy that is blocked by the material or material system. Even though a fabric may be 100% flame resistant, this does not mean it will block all of the heat it’s exposed to. A HAF of 85% means that it will block 85% of the heat the fabric is exposed to. This is in the case of a short burst of arc – flash heat – typically less than one second. In the event of prolonged heat exposure, the HAF would be much lower. Snickers Workwear,


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Corners to Curves Newly Designed Curved Accessories Range

Contemporary Styling

Extensive Modular Range

Curved On All Edges With 6mm Front Plate

Durable Fire-resistant Thermoplastic

25 Years Guarantee

44-48 Freshwater Road, Dagenham, Essex RM8 1RX Telephone: 020 8503 8500 | Facsimile: 020 8503 8900 Website: | Email.:

NEW FOR SUMMER 2022 One Charger | Two Outlets | Unlimited Style

Rolec EV’s new charger provides the perfect charging solution for both businesses and homes. The Zura charger is complete with never-seen-before customisable aesthetics, packed with the most-wanted smart charging features and presents the choice of either a single or dual outlet.

Mobile app or RFID operated Up to 22kW superfast charging OCPP 1.6 compliant Automatic Dynamic Load Balancing TruePEN PME Fault Detection Fully customisable fascias OZEV grant fundable


Manufactured in the UK

t: 01205 724754 e:

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BUOYANT CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY DRIVING DEMAND IN WHOLESALER SECTOR Katie Plumstead, Group Marketing Manager at Scolmore Group, shares the findings of a recent market report which examined the UK electrical wholesalers’ sector.


ccording to the latest Mintel report – the UK Electrical Wholesalers Sector Market Report 2022 – a buoyant construction market will continue to be a key driver for demand in the electrical wholesalers’ sector, although trends across the individual construction sectors will vary. In the short term, skills shortages, product supply issues and cost inflation are likely to constrain growth across the construction sector. Despite a 13% decline in 2020, electrical wholesalers saw its value increase by 9% in 2021. While supply chain constraints have started to ease in recent months, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and related sanctions are expected to cause renewed disruptions to supply chains. Wholesalers must remain agile, flexible and responsive in order to meet the needs of a fluctuating market.

Future market trends

Wholesalers must remain agile, flexible and responsive

Electrical wholesalers have seen a rapid increase in online competition from the likes of Amazon and multichannel retailers such as Screwfix and Toolstation. Online trading and click-and-collect services became more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis has further highlighted the need for robust and future-proof e-commerce strategies. Developing digital abilities and responding to evolving customer expectations will remain one of the most pressing business challenges for the electrical wholesaler industry for the foreseeable future.

Wholesalers are expected to offset some market challenges through increased product diversification – most notably in green energy, active energy efficiency solutions and decarbonisation technologies. The increased deployment of alternative energy sources also increases the need for new functionalities (uninterruptible power supply (UPS), sensors, demand response solutions, etc.), providing product diversification opportunities. Building automation and smart buildings offer further growth opportunities, particularly smart home technology solutions, connected devices and human machine interface (HMI) products. Whilst rising costs remain a key business concern and the need to embrace digitalisation is understood, the report also highlights the need to focus on value-added services – expertise and customer experience can help wholesalers gain a competitive advantage over online-only competitors.

Expertise and customer experience can give wholesalers the edge over online-only competitors

The Scolmore Group of companies works closely with electrical wholesalers of all sizes, from small independent outfits, through to the large national players and the various buying groups. Helping wholesalers to add value to the service they provide can take many forms and cover many aspects of the whole business operation. Having the right products and stock levels is key to ensuring the smooth supply of materials that the contractor needs to complete a project. By working closely with contractors to understand the products and solutions that will help them meet their requirements, manufacturers can ensure that wholesalers are stocking products that are cutting edge and designed to help contractors deliver projects quickly, reliably and safely. It is important that the products being supplied meet all the relevant quality standards and regulations. Wholesalers don’t want customers returning faulty or inferior goods and will seek to partner with suppliers they can rely on to uphold the highest standards of quality and service. All Click Scolmore BS1363 socket outlets, for example, bear the BSI Kitemark and the company has held this certification for over 25 years – a clear demonstration of the company’s commitment to adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety of the products it supplies to the professional electrical market. What Scolmore is now seeing from the wholesaler is much more emphasis on the marketing effort, with more resources than ever being invested in this area of their business, particularly in digital and online strategies. By building strong relationships with the wholesalers’ marketing teams, manufacturers’ marketing teams can work closely with them to create powerful content and help maximise the impact and reach of the various promotions and campaigns that are targeted at the sector. Scolmore,


This is where the relationship between wholesalers and manufacturers is of crucial importance. With the right collaboration, manufacturers can help wholesalers to add value to the electrician and contractor customers they deal with on a daily basis.

48 | August 2022

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By working closely with contractors, manufacturers can ensure wholesalers are stocking cutting-edge products




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WORKING TOGETHER TO SERVE CONTRACTORS Stephen Roberts from CMD, the specialist in power distribution systems and Paul Conneely, from Edmundson Electrical, discuss the advantages of working collaboratively as a wholesaler/manufacturer partnership to benefit electrical contractors.


The two companies are evangelical about the shared benefits the relationship brings to electrical contractors

or manufacturers like CMD, the company behind the Betatrak range of powertrack power distribution systems and the Rotasoc modular power system, electrical wholesalers distribute its products into the market and onto key projects. That’s why investing in nurturing those relationships is so important to both parties. “If we treat wholesalers like a middle-man,” explains Stephen Roberts, Head of Sales at CMD, “we are failing the contractors that install our systems and, in turn, their clients.” CMD has become the largest supplier for Edmundson Electrical’s Blackfriars branch in London, accounting for a significant proportion of the business’ £20m turnover last year. “There is a strong element of solid personal relationships with the CMD team,” explains Paul Conneely, Business Manager at Edmundson’s Blackfriars. “I have been dealing with the company’s Power Distribution Sales Manager, Paul Allen for about the past five years, along with area sales managers, John Archer and Jason Broughton, I have also maintained regular contact with Stephen since he joined CMD five years ago. “They are very proactive about keeping in touch, whether for a specific project or just to touch base. We have an open dialogue that has developed into a partnership based on trust and, just as colleagues often do, we have become friends as well as business contacts.”

Business development

“If we treat wholesalers like a middle-man, we are failing the contractors that install our systems and, in turn, their clients”

One of the ways in which CMD and Blackfriars add value to the supplier/wholesaler relationship is the close collaboration on large projects that have been specified and will be going to market for procurement. Stephen continues: “Our team offers technical sales; they are highly experienced electrical professionals who work with M&E consultants to develop the specification and ensure compliance. As a result, we often have the inside track on projects that are coming up and which contractor has been awarded the electrical fit out. “We know from our close relationship with the Blackfriars team that any project we are working on together will receive excellent service, and that they will work collaboratively with us should any technical support be required. That means a smooth supply chain journey and excellent experience of the CMD brand for the contractor.”

Customer benefits

The wholesaler’s team prioritises CMD products when contractors have a generic power distribution request and advises them when switching to CMD could save them time and/or money. Paul explains: “We know the CMD products and the quality and functionality they offer, we also know the level of technical support CMD can provide, and we have a large stockholding so we can offer customers a rapid turnaround on their order, whether they are local to us within the M25 or further afield.

“All of this makes a very compelling case for us to steer contractors towards CMD products and we can often benefit them by providing a sound business case for making the switch. This might involve providing an integrated, single source supply from distribution board to workstation with a complete CMD solution, delivering a 5% cost saving, and ensuring immediate product supply with reliability of availability.”

Training and knowledge sharing

Alongside the technical support that CMD offers the sales and customer service teams at Edmundson’s Blackfriars branch, the branch has its own CMD specialist, Chris Frampton, who has the technical knowledge required to advise customers. “Chris has been trained by the CMD team,” Paul continues, “so he can answer most of the questions contractors might ask and provide valuable advice, ensuring they purchase the right combination of products for the specification. Indeed, most of our sales team have had some training from CMD and have visited the company’s showroom in Clerkenwell, which ensures they are more engaged with the product range from both a technical and commercial point of view.” Thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, followed by a busy period as the electrical fit out market recovers, product demos from CMD have not been as regular as they were in the past at Edmundson’s Blackfriars, but, with a planned move to a new showroom on the horizon for CMD, Stephen expects that to change. “Product demos are one of the ways in which we can help wholesaler partners to add value to their customer relationships,” he says, “and offer an integrated service.”

A partnership culture

CMD is not the only supplier that Edmundson’s Blackfriars works with in an informal partnership, any more than Edmundson’s Blackfriars is CMD’s only wholesaler partner, but the two companies are evangelical about the shared benefits the relationship brings to electrical contractors. Paul adds: “By working closely with suppliers like CMD, we can provide cost savings and a reliable commitment to short lead times, along with technical knowledge, and a solutions-based approach to sales. We have to do more than simply fulfil orders for our customers; we need to be proactive in developing customer relationships, offering innovative solutions and adding value through knowledge and service.” CMD,

50 | August 2022

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Good lighting adds up to better performance in schools and colleges Educational environments need the right lighting in the right places

NVC lighting has been installed in study areas, sports halls, kitchens, corridors, outside walkways, car parks and other areas. Our 7-year comprehensive warranty means that value and performance from NVC products is assured wherever they are.

T: 0121 457 6340

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DOES YOUR DISTRIBUTOR GO ABOVE AND BEYOND TO SOLVE YOUR CHALLENGES? In this age of same and next-day delivery, where products and information are available at the click of a button, how does your electrical distributor help you save time and money and add value to your business?


lectrical distributors have to compete – whether that is in traditional ways such as price, quality and availability, or by adding value through their service, knowledge, expertise and convenience. CEF has built a reputation of going above and beyond in providing electrical essentials and investing in expert knowledge to help customers understand regulations, identify trends and product innovations so that they can make the most of the business opportunities available. In the past six months, the company has gone to great lengths to help electricians and contractors all over the UK get to grips with the latest wiring regulations and understand what they mean for their future business.

CEF TechTalks – demystifying wiring regulation change

CEF has delivered 31 live, CPD accredited TechTalk events

To help electrical contractors understand the 2nd Amendment changes to the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations which came into force in March 2022, CEF delivered 31 live, CPD accredited TechTalk events across the UK and Channel Islands. Held in partnership with the IET, the CEF TechTalks comprised of a Technical Seminar presented by CEF’s Head of Technical Solutions, Darren Staniforth, supported by Dave Austin and a mini trade show. Expertise was provided by Mark Coles, Head of Technical Regulations at IET who was a live guest presenter at selected events and appeared on video at others to answer technical questions from the audience.

The presentations and materials provided were reviewed before the events so that each attendee could claim a certified CPD certificate for 3.5 hours of training. Topics covered included 2nd Amendment to 18th Edition, energy monitoring, battery storage, EV charging, changes to CO legislation and EICR coding. All the relevant information was included in a pack of 18th Edition 2nd Amendment TechCards, free for each attendee. Over 20 leading brands attended the mini trade show at each TechTalk to exhibit products and services, demonstrate solutions and answer questions. Attendees also benefitted from on-the-day deals, including 10% off new 18th Edition regulations books and a 10% discount voucher to spend at And there was the chance to win a Super Rod ‘SUPER CAM’ or VIP British Superbikes tickets at every event.

Great customer feedback

From Inverness to Portsmouth, Belfast to Bristol, almost 4,000 electricians and contractors attended a CEF Tech Talk and feedback has been incredible:

“ Somewhat surprised to see a wholesaler taking on the task of educating the industry, but good to see something different happening at last.” ​​ “ Better than expected and clearer to understand than a regulations course.” “ I am recommending CEF TechTalks to my colleagues.” For those unable to attend one of the events in person, CEF organised an online webinar in August in which presenters explained the fundamental changes included in the 2nd Amendment to the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations. More TechTalks, with a focus on electric vehicle charging and battery storage are planned for October 2022 onwards.

Helping electricians make the most of the EV opportunity With the sale of new petrol and diesel cars due to be phased out by 2035, CEF has also recognised that EV charging is an opportunity for its customers to grow their own businesses. It has invested in tools to provide expertise, advice and a complete range of EV charging products and accessories to

52 | August 2022

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help electricians and contractors get up to speed with everything they need to know about EVs including: •  EV training for all CEF in-store employees •  Installation training opportunities for customers bookable in store •  EV Trade Days for customers •  Accessible advice and information on all things EV charging related at •  Wide range of charge point brands and accessories available to complete an EV installation.

More than just a distributor

As the largest multi-channel electrical distributor in the UK, with a network of 390 stores, a trade catalogue offering almost 30,000 products, industry-leading website and mobile app offering over 35,000 products, plus a range of delivery and collection options, CEF saves customers time by providing the information they need plus the convenience to shop how and when they want: •  Guaranteed product availability – almost 3,000 essential electrical products in every CEF store •  Over 300 leading brands to choose from – strong supplier relationships mean CEF is the first choice for many manufacturers launching new products and promotions •  Exclusive in-house products – from brands including Tamlite, Heatstore, Tamlex, Proteus, Ethos, F4P and ICS • Over 35,000 products available online – to order for next-day delivery •  National Accounts & Projects team – providing tailored solutions for customers with multiple locations, a large geographical coverage or managing large projects •  Free services – technical knowledge, site visits, design schemes and custom-build solutions •  Trade Hub – online resource providing the latest trade news and comprehensive information on products, technology and legislation •  In-house WEEE recycling – CEF is the only electrical distributor to have an in-house recycling facility. Waste experts offer customers industry-leading and traceable solutions for total waste management. Does your distributor do all this and more? CEF,




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Our training courses are delivered across various channels to suit your needs.



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SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: EXPANDING THE STORE NETWORK AT SCREWFIX Jack Wallace, Marketing Director at Screwfix, explains why the retailer continues to invest in bricks and mortar and the steps it has taken to make the network more sustainable.


For Screwfix’s customers, time is money and it’s important that the company provides electricians with the convenience to shop how and when they like. The company says that it is now at a point where over 98% of the UK population are within a 30-minute drive of a Screwfix store, with customers able to shop for over 11,000 products in real time.

ow with 800 stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland, Screwfix is well on its way to realising its ambition of 1,000 stores in total. But with the rise of online shopping and investment in digital, why are physical stores still important to this UK retailer? And how will these stores be fit for a net zero future?

Investing in digital

Investing in stores

As a brand, Screwfix’s mission has always been to provide the UK’s tradespeople with the affordably priced products they need to get their jobs done quickly and right first time. The company’s store network plays an integral part in achieving this. Screwfix opened its first store in Yeovil, Somerset in 2005, but prior to this had already established itself as a friend of the trade with a successful mail-order business. With 25 years of experience as a direct operator, the company set a clear goal for the roll-out of physical stores. It was another way to bring Screwfix closer to more busy electricians and other tradespeople, providing them with the convenience they need to get on with the job. By 2008, the company had opened 100 Screwfix stores, and this year it reached another significant milestone with the opening of its 800th store in Bourton-on-the-Water in Gloucestershire. Screwfix plans to open 80 stores in this financial year (2022/2023), with an overall aim of eventually opening 1,000 stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Over 98% of the UK population are within a drive of a Screwfix store

Growing e-commerce sales and building a mobile-first and service-orientated customer proposition are key parts of Screwfix’s strategy to provide its customers with the convenience and certainty they need. Most other retailers started with physical stores before they moved online, whereas Screwfix launched its first website in 1999 – six years before it opened its first store. Its experience as a mail order business gave the company a significant advantage in the online space, knowing that easy ordering, fast delivery, and convenient pick-up options were essential to its active community of customers. Since then, the website has been revamped several times and the digital offering expanded to include a mobile-friendly site and an app. Attracting 6.7 million users per week, customers can shop for over 34,000 products online. In addition, with Click and Collect, an order can be placed and picked-up from a Screwfix store in as little as 60 seconds. In the last 12 months, around seven million customers have used Click and Collect for their orders.

This is another reason why continued investment in physical stores is so important – it helps drive the convenience proposition for online customers, providing them with more ways to order and collect the items they need.

Investing in sustainability

Helping to create a better future for customers, colleagues, communities, and the planet is a hugely important part of Screwfix’s growth strategy. Minimising the environmental impact of its stores is key to becoming a more responsible retailer and supports its trade customers who want to play their part in working more sustainably. Screwfix’s entire store network is already supplied with 95% renewable electricity to support its move away from gas heating where possible. What’s more, all new stores are now equipped with air source heat pumps to provide heating, powered by electricity instead of gas. Screwfix is also retrofitting heat pumps in its existing stores in a move to make the entire network more sustainable. Most recently, the Great Yarmouth store became the 300th to be fitted with an air-source heat pump. The company has fitted solar panels in the Screwfix Distribution Centre, Head Office, Contact Centre, and some stores. These stores are ‘energy-neutral’ meaning the solar panels generate as much energy as the store consumes, so any extra electricity is fed back into the grid. Reducing the carbon footprint of its stores through green energy sources is just one step on Screwfix’s journey to limit its environmental impact. Reducing waste, for example, is a big area of focus, with 99.91% of its waste diverted from landfill in 2020/21. Screwfix is also now able to sell high-quality, refurbished power tools on its website – following a successful trial in 2021 which demonstrated that tradespeople are already acting more sustainably. Based on circular economy principles, the refurbishment of power tools ensures there is less waste created as fewer power tools are discarded. This also means there is reduced demand for the raw materials required to manufacture new power tools. As a result, there are fewer associated emissions. Screwfix says it knows that convenience is paramount to tradespeople, so is continually looking at new and innovative ways to save them time and money. Now it says it must also help them to save carbon emissions and prepare customers for a net zero future. Screwfix,

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Options Available

5W 8W



Dual Wattage


2700K 3000K 4000K 6000K

CCT Adjustable

TIMBER JOIST 30/60/90 mins


Bezel Finishes

WEB JOIST 30 mins


Year Warranty

I-JOIST 30 mins*

*Tested with Staircraft i-joists **SPEKFCWA only to date ***Bezels not included

01582 88 77 60

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MARSHALL-TUFFLEX LAUNCHES LATEST CATALOGUE Marshall-Tufflex has released its new catalogue. Featuring the latest Marshall-Tufflex and Bendex product innovations – including the Basor metal and PVC cable trays and ‘Tufflex Tile’, installers can order a hard copy to be delivered free of charge or download from the company’s website. Titled ‘The Ultimate Guide to Cable Management’, the new catalogue is an essential resource for electrical contractors and engineers. Inside, professionals can find detailed information on both the Marshall-Tufflex and Bendex ranges, spanning both PVC-U, GRP and metal cable management solutions and accompanying accessories suitable across any application. Also featured is the Basor wire basket and the new metal and PVC cable trays that enable simple routing and support of power and data cables. Thanks to a ‘Fast Coupling’ system that omits the need for separate couplers, the trays are quick and easy to install and available in three duty sizes to suit any project. The new catalogue also clearly shows how much recycled content is used in each of the manufacturer’s PVC-U systems,

LINEAR BATTEN LED LIGHTS FROM OVIA Inceptor B-Lite from Ovia is a range of 4ft, 5ft and 6ft linear batten multi-current LED fittings, available in standard, microwave sensor, emergency sensor and microwave and emergency sensor versions. They are a direct replacement for conventional battens and boast many features. Safety, speed and ease of installation have been given top priority. A security wire, pre-attached to the base of the product, allows the diffuser to be hung from the base and means the installer doesn’t have to remove the cover and place it aside during installation. The diffuser can be easily pulled apart from the steel base with the help of spring clips, allowing for quicker and easier installation. The multi-current driver, with the option for four different wattages, allows the installer to increase or decrease the lumens, depending on the requirements for each individual application. The fitting is combined in single output and twin outputs, so there is no need for two separate units. OVIA,


ANSELL UNVEILS LEO WALL LIGHT Sleek and modern in its design, Leo is a new external wall light from Ansell Lighting. Available in both half and full lantern styles, Leo features a white reflector with clear polycarbonate diffuser and black casing – ideal for residential and commercial applications. Giving installers an extended level of choice, the half and full lantern luminaires are also available in two distinctive models – CCT Selectable and Connected by WiZ. Traditionally operated, the Leo CCT half lantern and Leo CCT wall lantern are wall lights that offer users the option to manually set colour temperature between 3000k and 4000k. With a L70 54,000 hours lifespan, they are available with PIR options for added convenience and security. For those requiring a smart lighting system, the Leo Half Lantern Connected by WiZ and Leo Lantern Connected by WiZ luminaires are instantly pairable and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. Embedded with WiZ technology, they are operated via the WiZ app or voice control and have a L70 36,000 hours lifespan. Both lights are tunable between 2700K and 6500K. Ansell Lighting,

KNIGHTSBRIDGE’S SMART RANGE HELPS BEAT THE COST-OF-LIVING CRISIS With recent increases in energy costs, consumers are under intense pressure to save money and one major drain on budgets are ‘vampire appliances’. Smart technology may significantly cut living expenses in respect of these appliances, and Knightsbridge offers a comprehensive variety of intelligent app-controlled accessories that help consumers in better managing their energy-burning equipment. The company’s range includes two 13A, two-gang, smart switched sockets that can be controlled remotely or by voice. The sockets have a power monitoring function that displays live power usage in kWh and a green LED that indicates which gang is in use. For outdoors, there is an IP66, two-gang switched socket with a range of up to 40m depending on Wi-Fi coverage. The range also includes a 16A smart plug adapter, a 10A three-gang smart extension lead with a quad USB charger, and smart motion and entry sensors to help extend the smart capability of the home. Knightsbridge also has a range of smart LED downlights available that may give a variety of illumination settings. Knightsbridge,

NEW AWARD-WINNING LUMINAIRE FROM THORN LIGHTING Thorn Lighting has introduced the new Novaline Style. As well as being wall or ceiling mounted, this aesthetically appealing luminaire can be suspended from ceilings with an elegant rod or a wire suspension pendant. Delivering efficient lighting where needed, Novaline Style has IP54 water splash-resistance so it can even be used outdoors in covered walkways. Office, education, healthcare, retail, hospitality and residential – just some of the applications that Novaline Style is a perfect fit for. Easy to optimise, Novaline Style’s functionality can be increased, taking it from a simple switchable range to a fully adaptable one with wireless controls. Integrated wireless communication allows for Bluetooth control and commissioning. Novaline Style is also available with an emergency lighting mode via a self-contained or central battery (DALI versions only), delivering up to three hours of emergency lighting. The slim, circular Novaline Style luminaires come in three different dimensions: 320mm, 400mm and 500mm and have a frame depth of just 37mm. High quality housing comes in three different colour options; black, white and silver.

SNICKERS WORKWEAR TROUSERS – MORE THAN FIT FOR PURPOSE Snickers Workwear’s trouser families are suited to any kind of work on site. Delivering maximum functionality, comfort, protection and mobility, they’re the products of choice among discerning professional tradesmen and women. For them, sustainable, street-smart, body-mapping clothing are key parts of their product choices. Hi-tech fabrics, functionality and fit are the hallmarks of these market-leading products. The AllroundWork trousers are ready for any kind of work in any trade. FlexiWork trousers deliver superior freedom of movement. While LiteWork trousers keep you cool, dry and ventilated. Then there’s RuffWork trousers, reinforced and tough for the roughest work on site, along with ProtecWork protective wear for hazardous environments and certified high-vis trousers when personal visibility on site is a priority. Snickers Workwear Trousers also deliver certified protection with the patented KneeGuard System for greater flexibility, comfort and durability. It’s what makes them the optimal choice for craftsmen and women who need to get every job done comfortably and sustainably on site. Snickers Workwear,

Thorn Lighting,

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LINDY POWERLINE EXTENDERS Lindy’s quick and easy solution to send full HD HDMI signals through a power circuit. HDMI over Powerline extenders provide a useful solution for extending HDMI content to one or more displays within a single electrical circuit. Supporting resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz and bandwidth up to 6.75Gbps, these Powerline extenders ensure excellent full HD quality for the user. A plug-and-play solution, to install the user simply needs to connect the HDMI outlet of the source device into the Transmitter, which is subsequently plugged into an electrical outlet. As long as the Receiver is plugged into the same electrical circuit, once the HDMI is connected to the display device, full HD images can be displayed. As useful in the home or for commercial installations, this device is ideal for sharing video and audio content into bedrooms, home offices or small-scale digital signage using pre-existing electrical wiring. An HDMI loop-out allows for connection of a local HDMI display, while connection to three compatible receivers allows for larger scale distribution to multiple displays. The receiver is equipped with a 3.5mm IR connection that allows for simple control from the display side of the setup. Clients that are retro-fitting screens who do not wish to rout out walls and run additional cables, can now benefit from this easy to install and use solution. The powerline from Lindy provides a simple, hassle-free content distribution within a small office, store front or residential setups. Lindy,

UNICRIMP INTRODUCES NYLON METER TAIL GLANDS Unicrimp, part of the Scolmore Group of companies, continues to expand its cable accessories portfolio and has just launched a new range of Nylon Meter Tail Glands. The new 32mm and 40mm White Nylon Meter Tail Glands with Plug have been added to Unicrimp’s Q-Crimp Nylon Glands offering. They are designed to house incoming cables on a metal consumer unit and provide the ideal solution to house incoming cables requiring entry through a 32mm or 40mm knockout due to their specialist grommet allowing fitment for 25mm² or 16mm² meter tails. A blanking insert plug is also supplied as standard for optional use should no earth wire be present. Unicrimp,

PACE PLUS BACKLIT PANEL LIGHT UNVEILED Delivering a market leading 180lm/w, Pace PLUS is the most efficient backlit LED panel light available on the market. Newly developed by Ansell Lighting, it is an innovative luminaire designed for educational, commercial and ancillary buildings and offers a choice of three power selectable outputs – 11.5W, 13.5W and 17W, all in one luminaire. UGR<19 compliant, the 600 x 600 Pace PLUS assists in the elimination of glare, providing visual comfort for building occupants, emitting a cool white, 4000k CCT. Easy to install in shallow ceiling voids, it also features a slimline design and is TPa as standard. Pace PLUS is also available with a range of options and accessories designed to harness further energy savings. Options include OCTO Smart Control and Digital Dimming, whilst the luminaire is also compatible with Panel Pod Sensor Pod which converts it into microwave sensor operation. Pace PLUS can also be used with Panel Pod Emergency Pod, which converts it instantly and easily into an emergency light. Ansell Lighting,

KNIGHTSBRIDGE PUTS MEDIA IN THE FRAME WITH SCREWLESS RANGE ADDITIONS Offering homeowners and commercial clients alike a modern aesthetic and a high degree of versatility, the new screwless multimedia plate range from Knightsbridge brings additional style and functionality to the most demanding of modular applications. The extensive screwless multimedia range covers all application requirements with a large selection of faceplate designs to choose from, all available with or without FASTCHARGE A+C USB charging ports, which can deliver a charging rate of up to 12V DC 1.5A (18W) to compatible devices. These plates can all be customised with Knightsbridge’s complete selection of 25 x 50mm and 50 x 50mm euro modules – from A+C USB chargers and telecom ports, to its new touchless switches and PIR sensor modules. Knightsbridge has always offered a comprehensive selection of decorative finishes, and the screwless multimedia plate range is no different. Five finishes – such as matt white, matt black, and brushed chrome – are offered; plus two recent and highly contemporary introductions: smoked bronze and anthracite.

SMART LED TAPE CONTROLLER ADDED TO CLICK SMART+ RANGE Scolmore continues to develop its ClickSmart+ home automation range and has introduced a new Smart RGBW LED Tape Controller – a wireless control solution that allows you to control LED tape lighting whenever and wherever you are via the ClickSmart+ app. The Smart LED Tape Controller can be used with the ClickSmart+ app to create a wide range of lighting effects to suit the mood or occasion required. There are three different modes available – White, Colour and Music. White mode allows control of the brightness of the LED tape, while with the Colour (RGB) mode you can choose any colour to create a range of lighting effects. With the ClickSmart+ app open and set to ‘Music’ the LED tape will change colour with the music. The new controller also offers dimming and saturation adjustment features to help create the right light setting at all times of the day. The Smart LED Tape Controller is compatible with all current Ovia LED Tape variants and requires the ClickSmart+ Hub (sold separately). Scolmore,



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FASTER, SAFER, BUILDING EVACUATIONS WITH ADVANCED DYNAMIC SAFETY SIGNAGE Fire and life safety systems manufacturer, Advanced, has extended its emergency lighting range with Dynamic Safety Signage (DSS) – proven to make building evacuations faster and safer. DSS uses green moving and pulsing LED arrows to clearly indicate safe exits and red LED crosses to boldly show no-go areas. This distinctive indication supports effective escape and avoids congestion at exits. DSS is ideal for settings where large numbers of people may be unfamiliar with emergency escape routes. The new range of signage provides different tiers of functionality, making it very versatile in meeting requirements across a wide range of sites and scenarios. The lighting can be used standalone or integrated with conventional/addressable fire alarm panels to trigger emergency lighting if an incident occurs. Cause and effect can be programmed, allowing DSS to be used adaptively. This ensures that as evacuation situations evolve, only the safest escape routes are highlighted whilst unviable exits are clearly marked as no-go areas.

MARSHALL-TUFFLEX STOCKING BASOR METAL AND PVC CABLE TRAY Marshall-Tufflex has extended its partnership with Basor Electric and now holds in stock Metal and PVC Cable Tray. The products join the company’s existing Basor Wire Basket range and, as part of the agreement, Marshall-Tufflex is the exclusive UK distributor of Basor products. The metal cable tray is available in light, medium and heavy profiles and has a pre-galvanised finish. The product is ‘Fast Fix’ – allowing sections of tray to be simply interconnected and bolted together without the need for separate couplers, saving on both installation time and costs. The comprehensive range also includes an adjustable riser, allowing for angles between 0 to 90 degrees to be formed to the exact height and angle required. The PVC cable tray range is ideally suited to harsh outdoor environments where a non-corrosive solution is required. Available in five different sizes ranging from 100 to 400mm wide, the PVC cable tray is corrosion free, 100% recyclable, extremely lightweight and easy to install. Marshall-Tufflex,



ESP INTRODUCES ITS LARGEST CCTV MONITOR TO DATE Capitalising on the growing demand for larger monitors to display images from multiple CCTV cameras, ESP has added a new 32in LED monitor to its range. With more and more homeowners and businesses relying on multiple cameras to cover and protect all areas of their properties and premises, the new, larger format monitor will allow them to capture and view all images on one screen, helping them to easily keep track of any movement and activity. The new monitor offers the perfect combination of 4K resolution and a widescreen 32in panel size. The 4K resolution is supported through two HDMI ports. The monitor features in-built speakers and is supplied with a desktop stand. An additional wall mount bracket is available separately. The new 32in 4K LED monitor joins ESP’s existing range, which currently comprises 18in, 21in and 23in options. It is suitable for use with ESP’s extensive analogue and IP CCTV systems, and it will also offer support for other HDMI enabled devices. ESP,

The Axiom Wiring Accessory Range is turning a corner with the introduction of Axiom Curvex. Designed to complement modern interiors, this attractive modular white accessory range, manufactured in durable fire-resistant thermoplastic, has a low profile and elegant rounded curves on all four sides. The Extensive Curvex range is designed to meet the vast majority of installer requirements, with switches up to three-gang/two-way, 20A and 45A double pole, plus intermediate and dimmers. Sockets have one- and two-gang single/double pole fittings, switched and unswitched, plus a range of data and shaver sockets. 45A cooker switches, fused connection units and much more complete a Curvex range of up to 50 lines. Designed for ease of installation, Curvex features solid screws for deep fastening into terminal blocks, with captive screws and clear terminal markings to ensure long lasting connections. The Curvex range has 56mm thick plates, is certified to all relevant BS and BS EN Standards and is backed by a 25-year guarantee. CED Electrical,

ANSELL LIGHTING UNVEILS NEW HIGH PERFORMANCE LED BATTEN Thunder ECO is a new high performance LED batten light from Ansell Lighting. Suitable for industrial and ancillary applications, the robust Thunder ECO is built for heavy duty use. It is made from a durable, non-corrosive polycarbonate and has a dust tight and water jet resistant IP65 rating. Available in 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm lengths, Thunder ECO offers high levels of efficacy and is also power selectable, with high and low output options in each size. The luminaire is also available in two different colour temperatures - 4000k which emits a cool white shade and 6500k which gives a daylight glow, providing a choice of hue dependent on the application. Each product also has two selectable wattage choices, giving the installer more flexibility. Designed with installers in mind, the Thunder ECO is easy to fit. It has a twist off end cap, providing easy access to cable entry points as well as push and fit terminals at each end to aid fast installation.

KNIGHTSBRIDGE BRINGS THE GREAT OUTDOORS TO BOOK Knightsbridge has curated its impressive IP-rated outdoor ranges into a single collection that meets the needs of developers, contractors and homeowners alike. The Complete Outdoor Range – a 49-page brochure – is packed with high quality full colour product and lifestyle illustrations and shows how Knightsbridge caters for all demands in weatherproof and garden installations. With safety paramount, all wiring devices and ancillaries are rated to a minimum of IP44, while connectors are rated to IP68. Floodlights come in a huge variety of IP-rated combinations and provide for every requirement, environment, budget and taste. Exterior decorative lights come in a range of either contemporary or traditional designs, lamp choices of LED, GU10 or E27, and wattages from 3W to 60W. Spike lights for garden accents and pathways are offered in either thermoplastic, stainless steel or die-cast aluminium; and Knightsbridge’s stainless steel or aluminium groundlights are ideal for driveways, decks, patios and even indoors, such as in kitchens. Knightsbridge,

Ansell Lighting,

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• In stock • • On / Off Occupancy / Absence detection • • Switching or DALI dimmable versions • • Intelligent photocell • • Manual override • • Commissioning via hand held programmer • • Low profile • • Surface mount option • • Pre leaded or stand alone •


• Use with Dali ballast luminaires • • Graduated Dimming • • Future Proof • • Plug and play installation (requires programming) • • Simple on site configuration • • All lead configurations available •

Metway Lighting Controls

• In stock • • Standalone system • • 8 output and 10 output variants available • • Suitable for dimming and non-dimmable applications • • Presence or Absence detection • • 1 or 2 channel applications •


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