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The revolutionary new junction box for lighting

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FIGHTING THE FAKES Ideal Industries looks at the importance of purchasing from a reputable brand and not buying counterfeit electrical products. In the electrical sector, contractors will be looking for opportunities to reduce overheads wherever they can – however, the difference between ‘value for money’ and ‘cheap’ could result in installation integrity and safety issues, which could affect repeat business and even potentially the contractor’s reputation. The difference between buying counterfeit and genuine products is reflected in the price, as the counterfeit product has not gone through the rigorous research, development and testing process that ensures it is fit for purpose, easy to use and provides a robust, durable solution throughout the service life of the installation.

Turn to page 12 to find out more about the pitfalls of buying counterfeit products.

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5 Editorial Shining a light on mental health

7 Industry News Construction now threatened by ‘silent pandemic’; Heat pumps and EVs could become central to life within a decade; Construction makes a bid to recruit and retain talent; and more

12 Cover Story Saving pennies on connectors could come at a high price for installers, according to Ideal Industries

10 for Niglon’s wiring 24 Perfect accessories selection takes a closer look at 26 ECA Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition vs USB-C: Future28 USB-A proofing USB charging solutions counterfeits – why 30 Combatting mission-critical industries need to fight the fakes supplies luxury 32 Scolmore seaside homes

15 Contract News Investing in the future of Manchester Aquatics Centre; Marston’s achieves environmental milestone; Kane delivers £24m M&E contract; and more

18 Training Listening to the future of the trade

20 Project Focus Arriva drives green mobility with future-ready power infrastructure at Merseyside bus depot

22 Key Issue Eight low-to-no carbon solutions contractors can install now

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48 Company Showcase Sponsored content from across the sector

Smart Lighting & Lighting Control gets serious in the 36 Scolmore home market Lighting Controls helps 38 BEG Manchester Airport take flight luminaires ensure 40 LEDVANCE’s consistent lighting quality in Siemens offices takes control at the Daily 41 Rapid Express building luminaires create well-it 42 Thorn spaces at King’s Stables Road

20 UPS & Power Distribution COVID-19 is putting 44 Why pressure on data centre resilience and how modern UPS designs can help the power 46 Overcoming distribution challenges of shallow floor voids

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ello and welcome to the February issue of ECN. A new study has revealed that the mental wellbeing of Brits is currently at an all-time low, and new research by NICEIC and ELECSA has found that the change to working from home and creating makeshift offices in kitchens or spare bedrooms with poor lighting is making matters worse. Two thirds of those surveyed admitted poor home lighting was negatively impacting their concentration levels and making them feel more stressed. Luckily, as record spending on home improvements continues, lighting has become a priority, as almost one in four respondents stated good home lighting made them feel better during the winter months and almost one in three said good lighting made them happier and more energetic. NICEIC and ELECSA have launched their ‘Watt’s the Matter?’ consumer campaign. The campaign

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highlights the positive impact that improvements in home lighting can have on the nation’s collective mood – while warning the public of the importance of using a registered electrical contractor for any planned electrical work. Despite a quarter of those surveyed admitting that the lighting in their home office was either too dark or too light, only 9% have upgraded their lighting to make their home offices as comfortable as possible. This looks set to change, however, with around 65% of Brits surveyed saying upgrading lighting is now just as important to their home as painting, laying new carpets, and buying new furniture. Moving on to this issue, February’s features include Smart Lighting & Lighting Control, Wiring Accessories and UPS & Power Distribution, bringing you the latest from those sectors. This month’s competition is one not to be missed – it’s a Logitech Folio Touch for iPad Pro, courtesy of Timeguard. I hope you enjoy the issue – see you next month!

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KEEP YOUR GUARD UP The ideal replacement for broken, corroded security lights

Combined Wi-Fi Security Camera LED Floodlight System • Wi-Fi Security Wall Light for Remote Viewing • Full 1080p HD Live View & Recording • Motion Activated Video Record • Clear Two–Way Audio • 8GB Memory Storage Provided (Up to 200 events)


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INDUSTRY NEWS NEW CAMPAIGN STRESSES FATAL CONSEQUENCES OF NOT ISOLATING SAFELY Electrical trade body, Select, has launched a major safe isolation awareness campaign to help keep electricians and apprentices free from harm at work in 2021. Running under the banner ‘Work dead safely: Stay alive’, Scotland’s largest construction trade association has produced an engaging new animation, brochure and infographic to stress the importance of observing correct safe isolation procedures. The trade body also graphically reinforces the dangers of not isolating safely, with tragic case studies of electricians who have been burned, scarred for life and even killed in preventable electrical incidents caused by a lack of safe isolation. Designed to be shared online, on-site and in offices and colleges, the messaging clearly explains the importance of ensuring that supply is cut off from all, or any discrete part of, an installation by separating it from every source of electrical supply. The advice and guidance – which includes Ten Steps to Safe Isolation – is aimed at electricians who are recent entrants to the profession as well as apprentices in training, but the shrewd common sense of the messages is relevant to even the most experienced electrician. Select,



IronmongeryDirect and ElectricalDirect are offering tradespeople more flexibility by extending their online order cut-off for next day delivery to 9pm. The new cut-off time allows customers an extra hour to purchase what they need, further supporting tradespeople who need large orders in a short space of time. Customers placing orders over £45 ex VAT are also entitled to free next day delivery. This added benefit for customers follows several recent announcements regarding the retailer’s expanded delivery offering. Same day delivery was launched for customers within the Southend-on-Sea, Chelmsford and Romford areas, and has now been extended to include IG and E postcodes, with further areas to be included in the near future. For urgently needed goods, customers can order by midday Monday-Friday, with orders arriving by 4pm that day. In addition, the company has extended its Click & Collect network to include over 6,000 pick-up points nationwide, including Sainsburys, Matalan, and Homebase. Simply order online, select Click & Collect at checkout and your goods will be delivered within five miles of your home or workplace. ElectricalDirect,

HEAT PUMPS AND EVS COULD BECOME CENTRAL TO LIFE WITHIN A DECADE An electric heat pump revolution could be firmly established within a decade, according to new research published by UK Power Networks. The electricity firm forecasts that by 2030 there could be over 700,000 electric heat pumps across London, the East and South East, as well as up to 4.5 million EVs. These are among 1.6 million forecast data points published by the company in its 2021 Distribution Future Energy Scenarios research about how low carbon technologies could be taken up in future. It maps four different potential ‘scenario worlds’ up to 2050 with bespoke regional modelling and data analysis provided by energy consultancy Element Energy. One scenario suggests more than 3,000% growth in electric vehicles and a 2,500% rise in domestic heat pumps by 2030, which would keep the UK on track to reach its target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and be a clear sign of a green recovery. Another scenario sees slowing economic growth but still results in a quarter of a million household solar panels being installed, aggregate grid scale battery storage capacity more than double that of the UK’s largest nuclear power station, and a move towards a zero carbon hydrogen gas grid. Prices of electric vehicles continuing to fall, along with the government’s ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030, could accelerate sales of new electric vehicles and vans.

Amid rising rates of suicide and mental health issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, many large construction firms have stepped up to boost mental health support for their employees. In the months before the first lockdown in March 2020, a survey of construction and engineering services business owners revealed nine out of 10 suffered mental health issues due to business pressures – including depression, stress and even suicidal thoughts. Of all the respondents, four said they had attempted suicide. In the past year however, large engineering services businesses have taken huge strides to address mental ill-health. A recent COVID-19 Impact survey commissioned by ECA showed nine out of 10 large electrical and other engineering services businesses (89%) now train staff as Mental Health First Aiders. Almost half of those responding to the survey mentioned ‘communication’, or ‘workplace stigma and perceptions’ as challenges to managing mental health. Around a third of respondents referred to the difficulty of measuring outcomes, both in terms of improved mental health and return on investment. The coronavirus crisis worsens isolation, longer hours and increased job uncertainty. Reflecting these increased challenges, it is encouraging to see that large contractors reported significant and increasing engagement with employee mental health. ECA,

UK Power Networks,

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INDUSTRY NEWS UK SKILLS-BASE ILL-EQUIPPED FOR NET ZERO, ACCORDING TO NEW REPORT Almost half (48%) of electrotechnical and engineering services employers have said there is ‘insufficient training’ available to enable electricians and other installers to deliver the technologies necessary to achieve net zero. The Skills4Climate industry report, which surveyed a range of businesses in the electrotechnical and engineering services sector, showed that despite overwhelming support from respondents (88%) for a green UK economic recovery following the coronavirus crisis, a quarter (25%) said they would struggle to find workers with the necessary ‘green’ skills to meet demand. The report highlights the need for more effective collaboration between installers, manufacturers, the education and training sector and government agencies to define and deliver the low carbon skills necessary for net zero carbon. Andrew Eldred, ECA’s Director of Employment and Skills says: “Despite a powerful consensus in favour of transition to a low carbon economy, skills policy and delivery in this area remain sub-optimal, with insufficient engineering services sector input and buy-in. “A more inclusive and strategic approach is required to encourage more engineering services employers to upskill their current workforce to deliver a low carbon revolution, and to recruit and train the next cohort of school leavers for secure and meaningful careers for the future.” ECA,



In a year that saw the country in turmoil as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and three national lockdowns, the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity shone a beacon of hope to the construction community by responding to 2,399 families in crisis. The number of cases that needed to be managed by professional case workers increased by 70% due to the complexity of the cases presented. As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, many callers to the charity’s helpline struggled to understand their basic entitlements such as the government furlough scheme and other benefits. The charity’s case workers leveraged £562,000 from other sources, including benefit entitlements that would have otherwise gone unclaimed before releasing additional charitable grants to support the most needy. The intervention of the case workers has ensured better financial stability for those in need and enabled the charity to deliver more support, to a higher quality and at a lower cost per case. The charity has also spent £224,229 on wellbeing education and training. After a short delay to adapt the Mental Health First Aid Instructor courses for online delivery, the CITB funded Building Mental Health programme soon re-started and a further 41 construction focussed instructors received training. Since the programme started, 214 instructors have been trained – the highest number in any industry sector.

Ellis Patents has repaid the furlough funds it has used since the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme was announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in March 2020. The cable cleat manufacturer utilised the scheme between March and September 2020 in order to protect its workforce from the consequences of fluctuating demand caused by the pandemic, but decided in a board meeting in December to repay in full the £130,000 claimed. Remarkably, Ellis Patents has come through 2020 in better shape than could possibly have been conceived in March, but there have been sacrifices all round. There was no annual pay review for employees, no returns have been delivered to shareholders and cash has been conserved by reducing capital expenditure to essential items only. “In December we looked at the improving picture and paid a one off COVID-19 bonus to our employees with a promise of a pay review in March,” says Richard Shaw, chairman of Ellis Patents “While we also knew that we should consider our shareholders, whose continued support has been unstinting, we noted the impact of the furlough scheme in artificially inflating our bottom line. It was the unanimous decision of the board that the company had a social obligation to return this money to the government before paying any dividend.”

As part of its pro-active support strategy, the charity also began offering all of its construction focussed training free of charge and augmented all the courses for online delivery to meet the needs of the industry and the restrictions of face to face training. Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity,

JOINT EFFORT TO UNLOCK EV CHARGING FOR ALL Five local authorities are joining forces with the UK’s biggest electricity network operator in a bid to end electric vehicle (EV) charging blackspots. Charge Collective, a pilot project being launched by UK Power Networks, will see it partner with local councils in Cambridge, Norwich and London to help ensure nobody is left behind in the EV revolution. The aim is to ensure that everyone has the confidence to switch to EVs. By sharing data and expertise, the local authorities will help UK Power Networks to identify charge point blackspots. The network operator will then hold a competition to incentivise investors to bid at the lowest cost to deliver the priority charge points. Taking a co-ordinated approach aims to make it more financially viable for charge point operators to create a wider network of public chargers. UK Power Networks will collaborate with Cambridge City and Cambridgeshire County Councils, Norwich City Council, Norfolk County Council and the London Borough of Redbridge. It will work to identify areas that have yet to install enough electric vehicle chargers and would benefit from improved air quality. These areas are likely to be in towns. The scheme will develop a framework to measure the benefits of better air quality and reduced emissions that come with driving EVs.

Ellis Patents,

UK Power Networks,

8  |  February 2021

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INDUSTRY NEWS ST JOHN’S WOOD BENEFITS FROM £33M ELECTRICITY UPGRADE Thousands of residents across Central and West London are benefitting from an upgrade to the electricity infrastructure that is vital to keeping the economy going. UK Power Networks is delivering a £33m project that powers the capital’s entertainment and shopping district. At the heart of the work are new electricity supply points and underground cables that will provide power to businesses in areas including Kensington and Leicester Square. The project is due to finish in 2025. Engineers from the power firm will also be excavating in various locations to join the new circuits to the existing supply point at St John’s Wood. This move will ensure new state-of-the-art equipment that will power the centre of London for decades to come. This network upgrade project is part of the company’s £600m investment in its electricity networks this year. UK Power Networks,

MOVERS & SHAKERS… Electrical wholesaler, ERF, has appointed Andy Laycock as its new Managing Director to drive the company’s next phase of digitalisation and growth. The scheduled transition is part of a two-year plan, with Robin Combellack being appointed Chief Executive Officer. In his new role, Robin will continue to play a crucial part in the business, despite handing over the day to day management of the company to Andy.

BUILDING BACK GREENER IN 2021 With the UK showing a commitment to tackling the climate crisis by setting a target to meet net zero emissions by 2050, the Joint Industry Board (JIB) is urging electrical contracting companies to evolve and broaden their skill sets. The JIB believes that the increasing adoption of greener technologies presents contractors with a number of opportunities to upskill and open up their services to new markets. In 2020, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a £3bn boost to the UK green economy to be spent on decarbonising buildings and introducing modern systems to save homeowners on their energy bills and kickstart the sector. We have also recently seen the government get behind plans to support up to 220,000 British jobs in the green sector with the release of the Energy White Paper in December, pledging another

£6.7bn in support for this sector. The intention is to create a greener and more sustainable energy network in the UK for which environmental technologies such as solar photovoltaics, electric vehicles and battery storage will play a part. Environmental skills and qualifications are part of continuing professional development (CPD) for many electrotechnical operatives and can be recognised within an ECS registration and on the reverse of an ECS card. The JIB is, therefore, encouraging member companies to take advantage of the JIB’s Skills Development Fund, which provides financial assistance for courses for those undertaking further education and training in the electrical industry. Joint Industry Board,

CONSTRUCTION MAKES BID TO RECRUIT AND RETAIN TALENT While a range of industries such as hospitality, leisure and retail continue to reel from the impact of COVID-19 and lockdown, construction has become one of the shining lights for job hunters, bouncing back from its 41% fall in vacancies in March 2020 to become an area where recruitment is now picking up. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently published its latest ‘Labour Market Overview’ with all employment-related statistics for the UK. Although unemployment rates continue to rise, job hunters can take some comfort from encouraging figures about the industry’s recovery. The new figures show that vacancies in the sector are now 8% higher than the same period last year, pre-COVID. There are an estimated 28,000 vacancies. Construction is one of just two sectors to have seen an increase in vacancies overall since December 2019. The ONS says: “Construction was one of the sectors to see a large quarterly fall in vacancies at the start of the pandemic in April to June 2020, with a recovery since the summer.”

10  |  February 2021

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To encourage more people to sign up, a free-to-use recruitment platform, the Construction Talent Retention Scheme, is launching its social media campaigns promoting opportunities for workers. The Construction Talent Retention Scheme is a not-for-profit programme and its online portal enables job hunters to upload their CV and make contact with more than 770 potential employers.

It is four months since the newly created role of head of technical engagement was taken up by electrical industry expert, Darren Staniforth, and now Scolmore is ready to expand the team with the appointment of Jake Green as technical engagement engineer. Jake has worked in the electrical industry since leaving school 12 years ago. Jake joins Scolmore from Certsure, where he worked alongside Darren in a number of roles. The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) has announced the addition of two new members to its management committee; Peter Beck, UK Sales Director at Sauter Automation, and Gavin Holvey, General Manager UK & Ireland for Priva UK. Peter started in the controls industry in 2005 as an area sales manager for Trend Controls and also worked at Cylon, Lloret, SSE and Eton Associates. Since the 1970s, Gavin has worked for some of the biggest names in the sector, including Satchwell Control Systems/TAC, Landis & Gyr, York Controls Group and DWEC/Matrix Control Solutions Ltd.




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A Smarter Home At Click Smart+ we create simple, beautiful smart solutions for a safer and more comfortable home.

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SAVING PENNIES ON CONNECTORS COULD COME AT A HIGH PRICE FOR INSTALLERS Brett Smyth, General Manager EMEA of Ideal Industries, discusses the quality, integrity and safety implications of choosing counterfeit connectors for electrical terminations.


veryone loves a bargain. In the electrical sector, where margins are often tight, it’s not surprising that contractors look for opportunities to reduce overheads wherever possible by choosing value for money products. And after the tumultuous year we had in 2020, the drive to make cost-effective choices has never been greater. But there’s a huge difference between value for money and cheap. While, financially, choosing the lowest cost option may seem like the right decision, unbranded consumables could have negative commercial implications that cost much more than the small savings gained from choosing the cheapest option. When it comes to cable connectors, for example, the pennies saved by using unbranded products could result in installation integrity and safety issues, which could affect repeat business and even potentially the contractor’s reputation.

What’s the difference between branded and unbranded?

Push-in and lever connectors may seem like a commodity product but it’s important to choose CE-marked products from a trusted manufacturer

If something looks the same as a branded item and does the same job, it must just be the same, right? Wrong. But many contractors follow this philosophy when buying electrical consumables, where the savings gained are lowest, but the potential pitfalls are just as significant. Imagine, for a moment, that we are not talking about connectors but about a tool, a mobile phone or a work vehicle, and consider whether you would be willing to swap your branded item for something

slightly less expensive and unbranded. For the vast majority of people, the answer would be no. Why? Because they trust the brand and know that they are buying a quality item from a reputable company when they buy branded. Now switch back to thinking about connectors: the same principles apply. The branded product has not only been the catalyst for a new, faster, easier and more consistent termination method; it has also been designed and tested with a meticulous research and development process that ensures it is fit for purpose, easy to use and provides a robust, durable solution throughout the service life of the installation. That design is protected by a patent, ensuring the company, which has invested in innovative product development, can continue investing in innovation and enabling electrical contractors to access faster, easier and more consistent installation methods. Ideal Industries is amongst just a handful of brands that has invested in a detailed product development process for push-in and lever connectors, resulting in tested and proven products that are manufactured using quality materials and offer consistent product quality. In-house manufacturing ensures that quality assurance protocols are in place to underpin product confidence, and electricians using a branded item like this can be certain it will perform as expected, during installation and beyond. Conversely, any unbranded, cut price connectors are not only contravening patent law, but are often cheaply produced, without meeting the quality assurance and safety standards embedded in the product development and manufacture of branded products.

The pitfalls of using counterfeit products So, if the product looks the same and feels the same, what’s the difference between using a branded product and an unbranded one? The answer is, even when it’s a commodity item like push-in or lever connectors, reduced quality can compromise the installation in terms of quality, safety and programme delays. The cheaper materials used in the manufacture of counterfeit goods, poor quality control and lack of testing all mean that product integrity is often an issue. Counterfeit

12  |  February 2021

FCP_Ideal.indd 12

Unbranded consumables could have negative commercial implications

Quality-assured, CE-marked connectors from   Ideal Industries provide a consistent and robust termination   every time

connectors may break easily when used on site, resulting in rising costs from wastage and increased installation times. As a result, choosing a cheap imitation of innovation that was originally designed by a trusted brand could actually cost contractors more. Arguably worse than the risk of breakage, is the risk of cracking. A cheap alternative to a branded connector may seem to be performing well enough on site but, because design values and materials are not up to standard, cracking is not uncommon and could go unnoticed. This can be a cause of snagging issues and call backs, which are both costly and damaging to contractors’ reputations. It could also lead to problems with the integrity of the electrical network and potential safety hazards.

It pays to make the right choices It’s been a tough commercial climate for all aspects of the electrical delivery chain over the past few months and saving money where possible has been key to commercial resilience. Sometimes, however, it pays to invest in quality rather than cutting corners. It can be hard to spot counterfeit connectors because they are purposefully manufactured to look like leading brands, but branded products are clearly labelled and packaged. Ideal aims to offer value for money and competitive pricing on everything, but if you choose a product because it’s cheaper than a brand you trust, you’ll get a cheap product.  Ideal Industries,



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Because Quality Matters Stainless Steel Cable Management Systems • The stainless steel containment specialist • Choice of containment types & finishes • Bespoke manufacturing service • Large stock availability •

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CONTRACT NEWS INVESTING IN THE FUTURE OF MANCHESTER AQUATICS CENTRE Details have been set out of a major investment package to protect the future of Manchester Aquatics Centre while improving its facilities and reducing its carbon footprint. The Aquatics Centre was built in 1999 and opened in 2000, playing a key role in the 2002 Commonwealth Games. After two decades of intensive use, a number of mechanical and electrical failures are starting to occur as parts of the building’s fabric begin to reach the end of their natural lifespans. Without significant investment, this would result in an increasing number of unplanned closures, cause the withdrawal of some services and make permanent closure of the flagship facility a serious threat. Detailed survey and investigation works over the past year has established that it will cost almost £31m to address these issues, refurbish the building and incorporate green technologies. The pool treatment plan and pool lighting both need replacing, as do the moveable floors. Heating and electrical systems must be upgraded, lifts require refurbishing and the spa facility also needs to be replaced.

It is also envisaged that underused parts of the building will be repurposed to improve health and fitness facilities and further increase opportunities to generate income. Under the plans, carbon reduction technologies will be used wherever

possible to replace worn-out elements of the building. These include ground source and air source heat pumps, LED lights and the use of solar PVs on the roof and will together deliver an estimated carbon saving of at least 750,000kg a year.


If agreed by the Council, the work will take place on a phased basis over two and a half years to minimise disruption and ensure that access to at least one pool is maintained throughout. Manchester City Council,

© William Avery and Studio Woodroffe Papa & Poggi Architecture (PRNewsfoto/Legendre)

More than 50,000 homes and businesses are benefitting from an electricity infrastructure upgrade by UK Power Networks. The firm has finished installing new electricity equipment that will help to ensure reliable power supplies for homes and businesses in the Stoke Newington area for years to come. This work involved extending an electricity supply point at Edwards Lane to allow space for new cabling to be connected to the network. It is part of UK Power Networks’ strategy for North London, which will mean it can decommission older electricity cabling in the Hackney area and move into a new era with state-of-the-art equipment for the future. UK Power Networks,

MARSTON’S ACHIEVES ENVIRONMENTAL MILESTONE Marston’s has reached its latest environmental milestone by completing the installation of rapid EV chargers across 100 pubs in collaboration with Osprey Charging. The roll-out is the largest of its kind in the UK and will pave the way for mass EV adoption ahead of the UK’s 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars. The 50kW rapid charging stations across 100 Marston’s pubs enable drivers to fully charge in as little as half an hour and are easy to use with contactless payment. Each charge point is powered using 100% renewable electricity and is compatible with every EV on the market today. Since the roll-out began, over 180 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been saved and over 20,000 user sessions have taken place. The full roll out is due to be completed by 2022. Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey, said: “With the ban on the sales of new petrol and diesel cars less than 10 years away, it’s crucial to support EV drivers with the infrastructure that they want – rapid, convenient and accessible to all. Our partnership with Marston’s will continue to meet the needs of EV drivers and allow them to enjoy great food and drink facilities while they top up.”

LEGENDRE’S NEW HOUSING AND COMMERCIAL PROJECT Property developer and contractor, Legendre, is building and investing in a new mixed-use scheme on Dockley Road in Bermondsey, London. Totalling circa 13,935m2, the new building is located one kilometre south of Tower Bridge and will comprise of 111 apartments, with a ground floor dedicated to retail and commercial use. The project is scheduled to complete in summer 2022. Signed up in August 2019, the construction work had been postponed due to the COVID-19 economic context. Conveniently located at a five-minute walk from Bermondsey Station, the nine-storey building will include private and affordable units. Out of 111 brand new homes, 42 have already been forward sold to a Housing Association. At street level, 1,100m2 will be available, including three retail units. This commercial space is leased to Spa Terminus who will sublet to businesses in the food manufacturing and wholesale sector. The RC frame and the MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) package will be self-delivered by the Legendre team. The building also features a secure by design standard and it is fully sprinklered. Legendre, who started the construction works in August 2020, has already constructed the foundations of the building and has recently erected the crane installation to assist the future construction. Overall, the project is estimated to last 23 months. Legendre,

Osprey Charging,

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February 2021  |  15

25/01/2021 10:35


KANE DELIVERS £24M M&E CONTRACT Kane has successfully delivered a £24 million M&E contract at high-rise residential scheme, Southbank Place, in London. The 30-month contract at Southbank Place consisted of 301 dwellings comprising 46 affordable housing apartments, 52 assisted living apartments and 203 luxury apartments. At the forefront of off-site construction, Kane prefabricated 398 utility pods of 47 different varieties at its

head office facility in Northern Ireland and delivered to site just in time for installation. Kane also prefabricated the Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW), Chilled Water (CHW), Boosted Cold Water (BCW) and Boosted Grey Water (BGW) Mechanical Risers, along with Electrical Containment Risers, to decrease the onsite resource, allowing for a more efficient installation period. The prefabrication method has a powder coated paint, showcasing a factory finished installation. Kane offered

speed of onsite services installation while reducing the project co-ordination across multiple trade and services. The project works also consisted of residential and commercial sprinklers, wet and dry risers, refuge shoot, smoke ventilation system, grey water reclamation system, lift sump pumps, Air Handling Units (AHU), Fan Coil Units (FCU’s), lighting control and a building management system controlled user interface via a touch screen per apartment. Kane,

RESTORATION WORKS COMPLETE ON HISTORIC WESTMINSTER HALL After vital restoration works, the iconic Grade 1 listed Westminster Hall – the oldest part of the Palace of Westminster – has been returned to its full glory so it can be appreciated for decades to come. Works to clean the hall’s 14th Century hammer-beam roof internally; carry out essential repairs to the roof timber trusses; repair and restore the lead-covered roof lantern; install fire safety equipment, including an automated fire detection and voice alarm system; and install all cabling infrastructure for a future lighting scheme have now been completed. Built environment consultancy Pick Everard – operating under Perfect Circle’s unique collaboration – provided project management services for the scheme, which was accelerated by SCAPE Consultancy, a direct award framework that drives collaboration, efficiency, time and cost savings. The hall – which is deemed to be the gateway to the Palace of Westminster, a UNESCO World Heritage Site – was originally built in 1097 by King William II and later remodelled to include the magnificent hammer-beam roof by Richard II in 1393. It is the only part of the palace that survives in almost its original form, despite being ravaged by a fire in October 1834 and damaged by an incendiary bomb during the Second World War. Perfect Circle,

ELLIS MAKES THE SOTRA CONNECTION Innovative two-in-one cable guide clamps, designed and developed in Yorkshire by Ellis Patents, are being used to guide and secure 4.5km of power cables being installed as part of an enormous infrastructure project in Vestland, Norway. The Sotra Connection is a new national road being built by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration between Bergen and Øygarden municipality. The N555 project includes the construction of a new road bridge, the demolition of nine high voltage power masts and the re-routing of the related power cables through a series of tunnels and underneath the current Sotra Bridge – an element of the project known as the Stømkabel Sotrasambandet. Ellis Patents Cable Guide Clamps are being used to guide the power cables into place, before securing them and providing protection in the case of a short-circuit. Kelly Brown, Ellis Patents head of sales, says: “This is perhaps the biggest infrastructure project in a generation in Norway; and when complete will provide a modern and fast connection from the Sotra Islands to the country’s second biggest city and beyond.” Ellis Patents,

16  |  February 2021

Contract News.indd 16



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27/01/2021 10:26


LISTENING TO THE FUTURE OF THE TRADE Concern about mental health outcomes in the workplace and a willingness to embrace technology-based solutions to provide a more sustainable future – and to help build business – are among the key issues today’s trade apprentices are focussing on. John Mewett, CEO at Screwfix, outlines what is on the minds of the next generation about to make their mark.


s part of 2020’s Screwfix Trade Apprentice competition, the company heard from eager and ambitious apprentices, as they were asked to share their thoughts around the issues that matter to them as they take their first steps towards building a successful career. Some of the key themes that emerged included the importance of dealing with mental health issues in the workplace, as well as a real willingness to embrace new trends and renewable technology solutions to help drive a sustainable future for the industry and society. Aside from the superior technical levels the candidates demonstrated during the competition, it was also interesting to hear their views on crucial industry topics. Their deeply held opinions and strong conviction shone a light on how today’s apprentices – and tomorrow’s expert tradespeople – are thinking and feeling as 2021 begins to unfold.

Remove the mental health taboo Apprentices hold a collective belief that whilst the issue of mental health in the workplace has been more widely promoted in recent years, there is still much to do to further raise awareness about this important issue. A prime example is around the prevailing culture of bravado that exists in the construction trades. Apprentices say that this needs to be shed so that individuals can be themselves when at work and not have to conform to an   old-fashioned stereotype that today’s younger generation simply does not recognise. Talking and not being afraid to share experiences and feelings, particularly with older colleagues, are key elements that need to be encouraged to continue to make real progress. Interest in the issue shown by apprentices can only support further moves towards improvement and better outcomes for everyone in the industry. The inclusion of additional mental health resources and training across all trades should be a given. The ‘Time to Talk’ initiative is a great step forward, as well as the availability of the Access to Mental Health Support Service for Apprentices from the Government.

18  |  February 2021

Training – Screwfix.indd 18

Using technology to deliver a sustainable future

“Today’s younger generation will be particularly hard hit by the impact of the current health crisis.”

Apprentices are also very much focussed on the trends and technology-driven innovations that can help meet current household demand for greener, more energy efficient products and services. And they can also help companies’ better market themselves to help build business. Already technologically-savvy,   apprentices can also bring a generational ability to support their employers with social media and online marketing and make the most of the business opportunities presented by digital platforms. Screwfix’s finalists also recognise the role that technology can play in helping them to learn new skills, with many of them regularly viewing trade ‘Day in the Life’ videos which have helped to inspire their curiosity in taking up a skilled trade. Backing up the widespread green agenda interest, the renewables sector is viewed as offering great career opportunities for today’s apprentices. Apprentices discussed wanting to work with consumers to deliver the environmental benefits renewable solutions can provide. A combination of manufacturing innovation when it comes to green product development, and the increasing influence of new tradespeople who will be working in the sector over the coming decades, should ensure real

progress is made in the crucial take up of renewable solutions needed to tackle climate change. Such efforts should be supported by making it as simple as possible for tradespeople and apprentices to gain the TrustMark accreditation to be able to carry out projects as part of the new Green Homes Grant Scheme programme. In addition, the introduction of ‘top-up’ training modules on the latest products and services in the renewable energy sector for trades across all ages and levels of experience to upskill, would also be a positive move.

Future talent It is widely acknowledged that today’s younger generation will be particularly hard hit by the impact of the current health crisis. Job opportunities and the ability of organisations to invest in new tradespeople talent will be under pressure as companies deal with the financial fallout of what 2020 threw at them. Despite such unprecedented times, every effort must continue to be made to support the nation’s next generation of electricians, so that the demand for skilled tradespeople can continue to be met and the ambitions of new talent entering the industry can be realised.  Screwfix,



25/01/2021 10:35

NEW FOR 2021


For Bathrooms and Other Areas of High Humidity

4" & 6" Extractor Fans with up to 30 minute timer delays Chrome, white, white glass and stainless steel versions available with optional motion sensor and ambient LED light High airflow and quiet running - 4" 35dB, 6" 45dB Complies with Part L building regs Air circulation helps with sanitization and hygiene





220.93 M /h 3




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Launch of new services for data cable testing and certification Prepare for the digital future -use approved cable for reliable data transmission

Be assured of expert customer service & cable testing solutions

Be certain of a globally recognised brand & confident in end use

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ARRIVA DRIVES GREEN MOBILITY WITH FUTURE-READY POWER INFRASTRUCTURE AT MERSEYSIDE BUS DEPOT How smart e-mobility infrastructure supports the transition to carbon neutral public transport in the Merseyside area.


Arriva Merseyside can now operate its first all-electric bus route in Merseyside

rriva Merseyside is a public transport operator running bus services in and around the Liverpool City Region, providing public transport services to the nearly 1.5 million

local residents. Arriva is committed to making its business carbon neutral by 2030. The company also wants to reduce its impact on air quality in the urban centres where its services operate. In 2018, Arriva Merseyside purchased 12 Enviro Buses, BYD ADL Enviro200EV single deck pure electric buses to serve some of the bus routes in Liverpool’s city centre. The e-buses joined the 51 hybrid and nine gas buses already added to the fleet earlier that year. This was the introduction of the final part of a £21 million investment into cutting edge green technology from Arriva Merseyside. The purchase was also supported through a successful £5 million bid for government (OLEV) funding for new, greener buses, in partnership with Arriva. “Arriva is committed to reducing carbon emissions, both by encouraging more people to use public transport and by minimising our own environmental impact,” says Marcello Giovanardi Category Manager – Fuel, Lubricants, Utilities at Arriva. “We were already working with Schneider Electric as our partner on energy bill validations and commodity risk management for the depot, so we’re aware of their expertise in this area and reputation for delivering reliable high-performance solutions.”

The challenge Arriva’s environmental commitment extends to its power infrastructure, which is vital to supporting the increasing number of electric vehicles in its fleet. They were therefore seeking a partner with strong sustainability credentials to design and install the electrical infrastructure to deliver an industrial supply at the depot in Green Lane, Merseyside. The central requirement of the project was to provide a reliable and secure electricity supply for six double bus chargers on a charging island in the middle of the depot. A key goal was to minimise disruption to normal bus services during the installation process. The provider of electrical infrastructure would be required to work in close collaboration with both the charger manufacturer and the local network operator, to ensure all components of the new system met the required regulatory standards as well as Arriva’s Health and Safety policy for people on site. The solution itself was required to be highly durable and withstand all weather in its outdoor location, whilst also having a minimal footprint as space is at a premium in the urban setting of the Green Lane depot. With Arriva’s commitment to transition towards emissions-free operations, the charging infrastructure would also need to have capacity to grow the number of electric buses it services in the future.

Arriva Merseyside now has a safe, reliable and convenient charging infrastructure in place for the 12 electric buses in its Merseyside fleet

The solution The project began with a comprehensive consultation process with Arriva Merseyside and the other technology and utilities partners involved, and Schneider Electric, led by its Power Consultancy team. The parties then designed, then installed and manufactured an 11kV packaged substation in a configuration tailored to the project requirements. Key features included the implementation of a low voltage MCCB feeder pillar, RN2c T2/21 ring main unit (RMU), and transformer to step down the supply to 415v as required by the chargers. The MCCB feeder pillar featured ComPact NS circuit breakers at 1600A to enable built-in power and energy metering functionalities through embedded MicroControl units. The direct coupling used in the substation design means that the product required minimal cabling to be installed and will require minimal maintenance over its lifetime, reducing overall cost.

20  |  February 2021

Project Focus – Schneider.indd 20

The 11kV packaged substation, including switchgear and transformer, is manufactured in Schneider Electric’s plant in Leeds under a direct and controlled factory assembly, making the overall product incredibly safe. The packaged substation offer is also consistent with Arriva Merseyside’s environmental commitment, having been manufactured to meet the ISO 14001 environmental standards. The substation was installed on the depot’s land near the perimeter of the site, making the most effective use of space available in the urban location. This was possible due to the highly durable design of the components. The MCCB feeder pillar, designed for the UK market, is fully compliant with ISO 12924 standard to ensure that components will not rust, even when constantly exposed to the elements for years. Delivered as a single unit, the substation implementation was a time-efficient and streamlined process, successfully minimising disruption to on site operation of bus services during the project. The unit also has capacity to support a larger number of chargers, should Arriva Merseyside decide to expand the all-electric portion of its fleet in future – without further expansion of the depot’s power infrastructure. The depot now has two separate power supplies, providing back-up capability where required to ensure Arriva has even greater resiliency of supply.

The result Arriva Merseyside now has a safe, reliable and convenient charging infrastructure in place for the 12 electric buses in its Merseyside fleet. Continuous achievement of 100% uptime and a charge time of four-to-six hours allows buses to be charged overnight, which is convenient, efficient, and cost-effective. Using this system, Arriva Merseyside can now operate its first all-electric bus route in Merseyside. Arriva Merseyside now has the capacity to scale the number of chargers at the Green Lane depot going forwards, to accelerate its progress towards its carbon neutral 2030 goal. The shift towards more electrified public transport is expected to combat air pollution in the local area, as well as take Arriva one step closer to its company-wide carbon neutral goal.  Schneider Electric,



25/01/2021 10:36

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25/01/2021 09:59


EIGHT LOW-TO-NO- CARBON SOLUTIONS CONTRACTORS CAN INSTALL NOW ECA’s Luke Osborne examines the benefits of eight technologies to help boost installers’ business and carbon-cutting ambitions.


he need for action against climate change is now more urgent than ever, and it is widely agreed that huge investment is required to pull us through a post-COVID-19 recession and allow us to meet our Net Zero Carbon 2050 commitment. Electrotechnical contractors are ideally placed to provide low- to no-carbon solutions, principally through the electrification of transport and heat and the move to an energy prosumer model, coupled with a smarter national energy grid. These major trends are all backed by a growing array of ‘ready to install’ technologies, with more on the way. However, designers and installers need a good understanding of how they work, and how they interact to deliver the best performance. Solar PV and solar thermal, for instance, can work well with a heat pump system to reduce the carbon footprint of a home or office. When quoting a carbon-reducing solution to a client, it is obviously very useful to indicate the kilogrammes of carbon that an installation can save per year, though a representative figure can be difficult to determine. For example, current building regulations still refer to SAP 2012, which uses the outdated figure of 0.519kg CO2 emitted per kWh for grid electricity. Yet, increasing renewable energy has in reality massively reduced the carbon intensity of the grid. In July 2018, SAP 10.0 listed this as 0.233kg CO2. However, SAP 10.1 (October 2019) cited 0.136kg CO2 much lower than mains gas. Adoption of SAP 10.1 in the next iteration of the Building Regulations parts L & F, and the Future Homes Standard, will make the low carbon electrification of heat more compelling for new builds and retrofits. Looking forward, the carbon intensity of the grid is expected to fall even further. Understanding these figures is vital to present reliable carbon savings information to clients when explaining the potential benefits of different systems. ECA has identified around 15 areas of low-to-no- carbon electrotechnical opportunity for contractors. Without further ado, please see the table for eight of the front running technologies that can deliver major carbon reductions, operational savings and other benefits to clients (all figures are indicative only).  ECA,

22  |  February 2021

Key Issue – ECA.indd 22


Indicative   installation cost  (specific costs   may vary)

Indicative savings  (specific savings   may vary)

Grants/funding   may include…

Solar PV

•  £6,000 (4kWp)

•  Average generation 3600kwH p.a. •  50:50 split •  SEG =1800 x £0.05 = £90 •  Elec savings: 1800 x £0.15 = £270

•  Smart export guarantee (SEG) ) around 5ppkWh) •  Better rates by combining with V2G trials (26ppkWh) Octopus as example •  Available through ECO3 for vulnerable persons


•  £8,000-£12,000

•  Depends on property size/load profile •  1kWh electricity may deliver around 3.5kWh of heat

•  RHI (10.85ppkWh) + Green Homes Grant (£5,000)/Possible Clean Heat grant from 2023 (£5,000 upfront) •  Commercially – Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) •  Non-domestic RHI 2.79ppkWh

Grid connected   onshore wind

•  Depends on size

Direct electric heating

•  Low cost •  Includes IR panels, storage heaters, UFH

Domestic ‘smart’ energy efficient

•  Low cost smart tech, including smart lighting and heating controllers with presence detection. BACS (Building Automation Control systems)


•  Around £1,000 (preOLEV grant)

•  EVs considerably cheaper to run than equivalent ICE vehicles

•  OLEV funding (£350 per chargepoint) available for domestic and commercial installations (x40 permitted for commercial)


•  Low cost

•  Immediate savings in comparison to traditional lighting

•  Commercially – Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) •  Check against Energy Technology List (ETL)

Electrical energy storage systems (EESS)

•  Around £7,000 for a 14kWh system

•  Can reduce imported energy charge through better use of self-generation/time of use (ToU) tariffs

Installation considerations   may include… •  <3.6kWp per phase (inverter) notify DNO within 28 days (G98) •  >3.6kWp per phase. Prior approval needed from DNO •  East/west split or south facing •  Around 30 degree angle •  Check for conservation areas etc.

•  Now allowable to compete in Contracts for Difference (CfDs) •  Local communities may still object •  Highly efficient – running costs directly proportional to the size of heater and unit cost of electricity

•  Commercially – Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) •  Check against Energy Technology List (ETL) •  Available through ECO3 for vulnerable persons

•  Consider total electrical demand of the property. Strong option for NZEB and Passivhaus buildings •  Low installation costs, minimal components and maintenance

•  Heating controls available as secondary measure in Green Homes Grant •  Available through ECO3 for vulnerable persons


•  If total building demand is <13.8kVA, then install and inform DNO with a calendar month. If >13.8kVA then prior approval required. Also needed if issues with DNO service equipment (headsupply cable etc.

•  Consider size, weight and location of the EESS – particularly ventilation


25/01/2021 10:37






Wiring Accessories – Niglon.indd 23



February 2021  |  23

27/01/2021 16:05



PERFECT 10 FOR NIGLON’S WIRING ACCESSORIES SELECTION When you think of Niglon and wiring accessories, it may be that fuses and connector strips first come to mind. While these remain as a core offering for the Midlands-based company, it has grown exponentially since first introducing wiring products five decades ago, and there are now more than 900+ products across 10 ranges to choose from.


ommercial Director Paul Dawson explains: “We wanted to offer our customers the widest choice possible, while also maintaining our reputation for supplying high quality products. This makes perfect sense for the wholesalers we supply, as it means they save time and effort by being able to source their wiring accessories from one place, without having to pay over and above for the ability to do so. “We never want to rush new launches as it’s imperative the products are safe and high performing: we made the decision to bring out new ranges six years ago and to date have invested £2.5m into research and development tooling and manufacturing capabilities. The Niglon team spent two years completing this process, launching seven new wiring accessories ranges in 2017. “Since then, we’ve extended this to over 850 products across 10 ranges, stocked by more than 250 outlets in the UK.”

Screwless Decorative

24  |  February 2021

Wiring Accessories – Niglon.indd 24

Magnificent Seven The year 2017 marked the largest launch to date for Niglon – with the team coining the term ‘Magnificent Seven’ to describe the ranges launched to market that year. In total, there are now 500 products available across the seven ranges, marking a significant investment in wiring accessories for the company. Paul explains: “The idea was to introduce a high specification range at a price which both offered value and generated confidence in the quality of design and manufacturing. So, we were giving customers a comprehensive set of products which catered for a vast array of differing installations, aesthetic tastes and budgets.” Proving ever-popular with customers four years on, the ‘Magnificent Seven’ comprised of Profile, Artic Edge, Premium Edge, Euro Media, Matrix 20, Metallic Edge, and Hurricane.

Advanced Decorative

Slimline Decorative

•  Profile:  A 4mm, low-profile white moulded plate with screw covers and a sleek, contemporary design. A modern range of smooth-edged, moulded wiring accessories perfect for residential or commercial use. •  Artic Edge:  A classic, bright white moulded, square-edge wiring accessories range offering traditional design values for new or existing installations. •  Premium Edge:  Manufactured   with stainless steel faceplates and available in brushed and polished chrome finishes, the products are low-profile (4mm) with white or black inserts. It’s no wonder the Premium Edge range is among Niglon’s most popular with customers. •  Euro Media:  Developed to enable bespoke configurations, Euro Media allows integration of television, data and USB charging points. Can be clipped into unfurnished faceplates quickly and easily.

Soft Curved Edge

•  Matrix 20:  A comprehensive grid range offering a myriad of combinations. Interchangeable printed switched rocker covers enable easy on-site configuration with a modular approach offering installers plenty of flexibility. The faceplates coordinate with Niglon’s Ultima, Premium Edge, Premium Edge S, Profile and Metallic ranges. •  Metallic:  Designed for more demanding surroundings, such as workshops, garages and light industrial units – metallic metal-clad products are manufactured from heavy-duty steel and finished in   satin silver. •  Hurricane:  Weather-resistant switches and sockets for even tougher environments, providing protection against dust and water ingress – meaning Hurricane products are ideal for outdoor use.

Slim Moulded


Square Edge Moulded

TV / &P


27/01/2021 16:05


Quality and safety There are many factors which come into play when contractors and wholesalers are selecting products to use or stock – with functionality, aesthetics and cost all impacting the decision. But the Niglon team firmly believes none of these should come at the expense of the quality and safety of the product itself. In fact, the company is so confident that it offers product guarantees of 10 years on the Hurricane weatherproof range, 20 years on the majority of their ranges, and an incredible 30 years on Median, Profile and Arctic products. Paul explains: “As with most other types of product, the wiring accessories market includes luxurious items which have a larger price tag, much cheaper items, and everything in between. When we’re looking at the products at the lower end of that scale, they can seem appealing simply because of the savings to be had from purchasing them compared to more expensive items. “Sadly, there are ranges on the market which have been offered at too good to be true prices – and they are too good to be true, because quality and safety may have been compromised in order to manufacture them at low enough prices to still make a profit when they are sold.” One area where quality can vastly differ is USB charge points and sockets with an integral USB charge facility. They have become hugely popular in recent years, with the explosion of digital devices like phones and tablets which rely on USB charging. When Niglon developed its range, the company spent the extra time and effort putting its products through a rigorous testing and certification process. “Wiring accessories need to be able to recognise the differing charge requirements of all of the devices being

Perfect 10 By the start of this year, Niglon’s total offering was more than 850 products across 10 ranges – a force to be reckoned with in the wiring accessories market. These include: •  Ultima: Installed in homes, hotels and commercial buildings across the length and breadth of the UK, Ultima, with its screwless plate design, is Niglon’s flagship range. The products come in a luxurious brushed or polished chrome effect finish and are manufactured with stainless steel faceplates with a huge selection of features. •  Premium Edge S: Contemporary, low-profile, stainless steel plate with a luxurious brushed chrome effect finish – the Premium Edge S products easily meet the demands of the most discerning clients. Designed to enhance other room features and perfectly complete any décor. •  Median: The Median range, like all Niglon wiring accessories, features interchangeable switch modules and is the latest to be launched by Niglon, having been introduced to the market in 2020. It’s the complete solution for all jobs: clean, simple, and designed to complement all interiors.

TV / Data & Power

Grid System

“To date [Niglon] have invested £2.5million into research and development tooling and manufacturing capabilities.”


plugged into them,” adds Paul. “Especially where devices are being left plugged in overnight (something which happens in lots of residential households), we need to be sure there’s no risk of electric shock or a fire. That’s why the Niglon range has a differentiated current and smart technology – meaning it knows when a device is fully charged.” Part of the reason that the company is able to offer impressive guarantees and assure customers of the quality of its products is that all of Niglon’s wiring accessory ranges are third-party tested to ensure they are safe to use, and of the highest quality. It’s something Niglon is committed to – and the company has been urging the entire industry to adopt independent testing as standard. With risks from minor inconvenience and damage right up to multiple fatalities should a product fail, the company ethos is that third-party testing must be introduced as standard right across the electrical industry, and that everyone from suppliers right through to the end-users need to take responsibility for asking for proof of certification.

About Niglon: The company is based in the Midlands and family owned and run, originally operating under the name S D Hinley from the 1940s onwards before changing its name to Niglon in the 1960s. The team has heavily invested in stock to maximise availability, and has thousands of lines covering circuit protection, wiring accessories, industrial accessories, and many other must-haves for electrical contractors. For more information about Niglon, visit, call the team on 0121 711 1990 or find them on Facebook @niglonltd.  Niglon,


Metal Clad

900+ products across 10 ranges

providing an offering for all budgets and applications | 0121 711 1990 |

Wiring Accessories – Niglon.indd 25



February 2021  |  25

27/01/2021 16:05



A CLOSER LOOK AT AMENDMENT 2 OF THE 18TH EDITION Gary Parker, ECA Technical Manager, highlights some of the proposed changes to the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations.


he IET Wiring Regulations, the essential publication for all professionals in the electrotechnical and engineering services sector, underwent an overhaul when the 18th Edition (BS 7671:2018) came into full effect in 2019. Amendment 1, which concerns electric vehicle charge points, came into effect on 1 February 2020. Now, BSI is seeking views on a new set of changes to the 18th Edition – Amendment 2 (AMD 2) – which could represent the biggest set of revisions to the Regulations yet.

Why now? The rationale for Amendment 2 is similar to that behind the original 18th Edition: given the way our industry operates, the roles electrical engineers serve, and the increasing speed of technological change, the Regulations must reflect these changes to ensure installations are safe, efficient, useful, and able to meet evolving standards. The key potential changes are: •  Mandating of AFDDs on circuits with a rated current not exceeding 32 A  The proposal: Regulation 421.1.7 proposes that arc fault detection devices (AFDDs) be required on all single-phase final circuits supplying socket outlets and fixed current-using equipment. Some exceptions to this are listed.  The impact: This proposal would effectively mandate the use of AFDDs across all small, single phase circuits, whether in a domestic, commercial or industrial installation, increasing the potential for safety but also the prospect of greatly increasing cost and complexity of installations. •  Risk assessment for sockets  The proposal: Regulation 411.3.3 would be altered to remove the option for omitting RCDs on socket outlets not exceeding 32 A in installations other than dwellings.

The impact: This proposal would leave designers with no option but to install RCDs on all socket outlets – unless they raise a departure against BS 7671. However, this is something the client may not be content with. •  Foundation earthing  The proposal: Regulation 542.1.2.202 would require that for new premises, additional earthing, such as foundation earthing, shall be provided.  The impact: Every new build would need to be provided with a means of embedding electrodes to supplement the earthing system. This will require the use of electrodes or foundation earthing, in many cases at times when electrical contractors are not on site.

•  Less paperwork for EICs  The proposal: To reduce the number of items on the schedule of inspections for an electrical installation certificate.  The impact: The number of boxes would be reduced to 13 items, greatly reducing the time needed to complete an EIC. A list of items that should be inspected (where relevant) is available, but this does not need to be completed. •  New cut-off date for complying with the 18th Edition  The proposal: To state a date that, after which, all installations should be installed to the 18th Edition AMD 2 – regardless of when the design took place.  The impact: If an installation is undertaken after 28th March 2023 then this would need to conform to the requirements of the 18th Edition AMD 2 regardless of when it was designed. This could impact contractors working on contracts which take some years to come to fruition.

“Amendment 2 could represent the biggest set of revisions to the Regulations yet.”

•  Energy efficiency and prosumers  The proposal: A new Part 8 would be added for ‘Prosumer’s’ low voltage electrical installations.  The impact: This proposal highlights some of the additional requirements designers and installers should be aware of when working on newer installations that can generate their own energy supply. •  SPD requirements  The proposal: To re-write the wording in section 443, ‘Transient overvoltages due to the effects of indirect lightning strokes’, to make this element easier to read.  The impact: Potentially reducing the number of mandatory SPDs required in installations, however the wording should be closely read to ensure compliance.

•  Protected areas  The proposal: The requirements of Section 422 would be dramatically re-written to introduce the phrase, ‘protected escape route’.  The impact: Removing the conditions BD2, BD3 and BD4 and using the term ‘protected escape route’ would introduce requirements for designers and installers to consider how they install circuits in areas of escape and what types of equipment can be installed.

Next steps… The 2nd Amendment to the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2018) was opened as a Draft for Public Comment (DPC) from 21 September to 11 December 2020. The DPC is now being reviewed before a final version is decided upon in the coming months. In previous years, ECA Member comments have been directly responsible for improving the Regulations and ensuring that BS 7671 remains a practical and workable document, to the benefit of both customers and contractors. To learn more about this and how you could take part, visit  ECA,

Advanced Decorative Wiring Accessories Range

• Stainless steel faceplates

For All Your Wiring Accessory Needs | 0121 711 1990 |

26  |  February 2021

Wiring Accessories – ECA.indd 26

• Metal to metal rockers • Modular light switches • Discrete moisture gasket



27/01/2021 16:06


EDIAN Soft Curved Edge

Wiring Accessories Range


Our first range to feature single screw fixings on all its modular light switches

t 0121 711 1990 | f 0121 711 1344 | Untitled-1 1

Connect with us on:

28/01/2021 12:37



USB-A VS USB-C: FUTURE-PROOFING USB CHARGING SOLUTIONS The demand for faster charging of devices has led us to new USB standards and with it an   increased requirement for fitting sockets with USB charging capabilities, with popularity now set to rocket because of changing EU regulations. Gavin Williams, Sales and Marketing Director at Hamilton Litestat, discusses what this means for the contractor.


USB port test

e all have those drawers full of odds and ends, and one item that’s sure to have a home there is the block plug-in USB charger. Until now, they’ve come as standard with battery devices that need charging, so most people normally have more than one laying around. Eventually, when the drawer gets full, they end up as e-waste. In a move to reduce the impact on the environment, the European Union is trying to stop manufacturers from providing one of these with every device and move towards a standard USB-type charging connector. One of the first brands to make this change is Apple, which won’t be providing a charging unit with the recently revealed iPhone 12. But what does this mean for customers and contractors? An increased demand for USB charging ports is anticipated, both for commercial and residential properties. But not all USB connectors were created equal – there are both USB Type A and USB Type C ports. But what’s the difference? We may think we know the USB connector, as most electronic devices such as laptops and computers will have a USB port, but more specifically this is USB Type A, or USB-A as it’s increasingly being known. This has a reasonably large physical connector and can only be inserted into a port in one orientation. This requires a USB 2.0 connection for charging, which offers up to 2.5W and will charge your smart phone overnight at a reasonably slow and steady pace. However, a new standard that enables significantly faster charging is on the horizon – the USB Type C, or USB-C. Unlike USB-A, USB-C has the same connector pins on either side, so can be inserted into a charging point either way up and is physically much smaller than the USB-A

variety. More importantly, it supports new USB standards, such as USB 3.1 and USB PD (Power Delivery). USB 3.1 facilitates extremely fast data transfer of up to 10Gbps, while USB PD enables power transfer of 100W for rapid charging. Not only can a device receive this increased power, but as it’s bidirectional it can also send power, too. USB-C is set to become standard across new technologies. As mentioned, Apple has done away with the charging block and adopted the USB-C standard for its upcoming products, as have more than 700 technology companies including Dell, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft, and Samsung. To meet the demand of the new standard while also supporting the charging of legacy devices, companies manufacturing electrical wiring accessories, such as Hamilton Litestat, are producing sockets with combined USB-A and USB-C charging ports. These allow existing devices to be charged, but ensure functionality is pre-emptively installed for the next wave in technological development. And it’s these solutions that provide a business opportunity for today’s electrician to stay ahead of demand. Hamilton’s USB ports are clearly labelled with the rated current or rated power values, as per BS EN 62368 Annex F (Markings). Tests also confirmed that there is no issue with power sharing between sockets when charging: if two devices are plugged in then they are both getting the correct and equal charge rather than one taking additional power. However, currently (and with no pun intended!) there are restrictions on the charging capability from a 13A socket. Faster charging needs more power, more rapidly. To enable this, a larger charging module is required on the back on the socket. At present, this is not possible due to the unit needing to be packaged within the restrictions of the standard 47mm deep back box. But as USB-C becomes standard, USB-A ports


will become redundant and this will free up space in the unit for larger charging modules that can deliver the power USB-C is capable of receiving. In the meantime, it’s possible to install a Euro Module that will deliver a higher rate of charge. Hamilton has recently launched a 45W Type C/18W Type A Euro Module. This is not a 13A socket outlet, but a combination plate designed to deliver additional power that can support higher capacity devices. It is a standard 50 x 50 unit and is ideal for charging high performance devices, such as the new MacBook Pro. Offering both USB standards, when a device is plugged into the Euro Module it will negotiate the power output with the charger. For instance, if it’s plugged into the Type C port then it will accept the full 45 watts on offer, or will let the charger know if it requires less. The current and the voltage will adjust to enable optimum charging. The same applies to the 18W Type A socket. However, for the benefit of customers, Hamilton has adopted different labelling on this device: instead of communicating the current and voltage, it aligns the labels with the device manufacturer protocols. The USB-C is labelled with PD (Power Delivery) and the USB-A with QC (Quick Charge). For contractors looking to offer future-proof wiring accessories to their clients, Hamilton’s USB charging products provide transitional solutions. Its sockets with both USB-A and USB-C ports provide charging to new and legacy devices, while the Euro Module delivers the additional current and voltage required of more power-thirsty devices such as the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. With devices determining the charge accepted, the power provided by these ports will automatically increase as the device’s capability improves, ensuring customers are set for the next charging standard.  Hamilton Litestat,

IP66 Weatherproof Wiring Accessories Range

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• Independently tested and certified by Intertek • Manufactured in high impact resistant material • Protection against ingress of water and dust



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DALI-LINK LARGE OFFICE SOLUTION ■ Addressable multi-master Lighting Control System

DALI Power supply

DALI Multisensor

DALI push-button module

PS-DALI-LINK-FC Part no. 92846

PD4N-DALI-LINK Part no. 93377

PBM-DALI-LINK-4W-BLE Part no. 92732

■ Supports DALI and DALI-2 luminaires ■ Ideal for retrofitting ■ Super flat multisensor available ■ Simple, intuitive operation ■ Free Bluetooth app with 2 functions: - Scene control for end customer - Commissioning tool for installers m 2.5 0


0870 850 5412



6.40 m 8m 24 m


på tværs 452m� walking across

frontalt 50m� 2 walking towards siddende 32m� 3 seated

Get comprehensive best practice guidance on the safe application of electrical energy storage systems The Code of Practice for Electrical Energy Storage Systems, 2nd Edition provides electrical installers with key guidance on the specification, design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of an electrical energy storage system. This 2nd Edition has been updated to take into consideration the latest industry developments, and contains new guidance, including: – the location of the batteries (electrical energy storage systems) – clearer advice on RCD selection and function – Commercial and industrial applications, including multi-occupancy buildings.

Buy your copy today at: The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is registered as a Charity in England and Wales (No. 211014) and Scotland (No. SC038698). The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Michael Faraday House, Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2AY, United Kingdom.

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COMBATTING COUNTERFEITS — WHY MISSION-CRITICAL INDUSTRIES NEED TO FIGHT THE FAKES After some respite in 2019, the global shortage of electronic components worsened in 2020 due to a perfect storm of factors. Here, Jonathan Parry, Senior Vice President of Global Operations and European Managing Director at cables and connectors specialist PEI-Genesis, explains how the shortage is driving counterfeits in mission-critical sectors, and what industry needs to do to combat this.


n meteorological terms, a perfect storm refers to the phenomenon born at sea when warm air from a low-pressure system collides with a flow of cool, dry air at high-pressure – simultaneously fuelled by warm, moist air from tropical climes. It’s a perfect storm, then, that best describes the events over the last five years that have led to a global shortage of electronic components. The primary ingredients? Combine the US-China trade war and Brexit, rising copper commodity prices, the growing adoption of electric vehicles, record sales of industrial robots and a global pandemic in the form of COVID-19, and you have quite the storm.

Driving counterfeiting A consequence of the global component shortage is the rise in counterfeiting. The mix of shortages, price hikes and obsolescence is driving many OEMs to take shortcuts. Research firm Havocscope estimates that there is $169bn worth of counterfeit parts in circulation in the marketplace. You don’t have to knowingly buy a fake to be affected either. Despite being synonymous with the term fake, counterfeit parts include everything from unauthorised copies to those with incorrect or false markings. It also covers parts that don’t conform to the original design, model or standard; parts produced by unauthorised contractors; parts that are off-specification; and defective or used parts sold as new.

Buy from trusted distributors that have long standing relationships with the major brands

For the user, the consequences of counterfeits can range from mild: a loss of accuracy in a desktop robot used for small electronics assembly, to life-threatening: a pump failure in a portable ventilator, or an unresponsive sensor in a passenger plane. It’s an issue that remains at the forefront for PEI-Genesis. The company is partly a distributor, but is also one of the fastest assemblers of cables and connectors in the world. Headquartered in Philadelphia, in the United States, PEI-Genesis has manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, exclusively supplying the military, industrial, medical, aerospace, transportation, and energy sectors worldwide. On one project, in the aviation sector, the company’s connectors are used on Boeing’s new 777X, the world’s largest and most efficient twin-engine jet aeroplane. It supplied a range of connectors that can suppress electromagnetic pulses and shield against other forms of radiofrequency interference. A lesser counterfeit part would lack the adequate engineering, longevity and material quality, severely compromising safety.

Breaking the chain PEI-Genesis is uniquely placed to break the chain between component shortage and counterfeiting. The company has about $90m dollars of global inventory, but the unique thing is that it holds it in component form. So, rather than hold finished products that may become obsolete, the company can build millions of combinations of products using these parts. Combined with a highly automated manufacturing process that promises a 48-hour lead time and a minimum order quantity of just one, there’s no reason for customers to turn to counterfeits. OEMs should be wary of the grey market. Buy from trusted distributors that have long standing relationships with the major brands. For brands like ITT Cannon and Amphenol, the company must make sure it abides by their stringent quality standards.

Customers can audit PEI-Genesis manufacturing facilities at any time, and they regularly do, once a week or so. Over time, this transparency means that the company has reached a trusted advisor status for many of its customers, particularly those in the defence sector, where safety is paramount. In these sectors, price is often a secondary consideration to safety and being able to trust that your supplier will deliver parts that will protect people’s lives becomes the primary objective. Supplying cables and connectors into hazardous areas means that traceability must be provided from cradle to grave. PEI-Genesis tracks supplier shipments from the moment they enter the manufacturing facility to the finished product it sends to customers. Deliveries are inspected, matching the shipment to company records, and every person in the process wears an armband to log the movement of parts. This means a cable or connector can be traced back to when and where in the world it was produced, where the components came from and who quality-checked the product. We live in turbulent times and industry faces a challenge that is, while difficult, not insurmountable. Understanding the nature of fakes, choosing carefully where you buy your parts and ensuring traceability in your supply chain is what’s required to create an equally perfect storm of countermeasures.

Cable and connector manufacturing at PEI-Genesis


Screwless Decorative Wiring Accessories Range

• Stainless steel faceplates

For All Your Wiring Accessory Needs | 0121 711 1990 |

• Metal to metal rockers • Modular light switches • Discrete moisture gasket

30  |  February 2021

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Decorative Wiring Accessories • Smart Lighting Control & Wireless Audio

Euro Modules

Hartland G2





45W Type C/ 18W Type A Module

Euro Modules




Hartland CFX®


Sheer CFX®

Combined USB-A and USB-C Sockets. Leading the charge today…and tomorrow! From legacy Type-A to the newest Type-C devices and beyond, you’ll never be lost for charge with Hamilton’s range of combined USB Power Sockets. Available as:

For more information, visit Hamilton’s product configurator at: or scan the QR code.

USB Double Pole Switched Sockets (1 x 2.4A USB-A /1 x 2.4A USB-C) • Four plate designs and twelve finishes including Matt Black/Matt White Euro Module 45W Type C /18W Type A • Fourteen plate designs and up to twelve finishes • Insert Modules available in Black and White • Ideal for power-thirsty devices

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SCOLMORE SUPPLIES LUXURY SEASIDE HOMES Sand Banks in Broad Haven is a new development of luxury four-bedroom homes from Waterstone Homes, situated in a stunning location by the sea in West Wales. When it came to selecting wiring accessories to suit the contemporary design and sophistication of these spacious family homes, Scolmore’s Definity Screwless range was chosen.


efinity front plates in chrome were used with white back plates in all areas of the 12, detached and semi-detached, high-specification properties. Switches, USB sockets, media plates, new media modules and six-gang GridPro plates were among the products installed in the living areas, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and landings. The range was chosen for its smooth lines which suit the contemporary style of the properties and the screwless plates add to the overall clean finish. A key element in the selection of Definity is that they allow the installer to fit the back plates, with the decorators then able to complete

the painting of the rooms before the front plates are simply clipped on. For the homeowner, they offer a simple solution to future decoration projects, allowing the plates to be easily removed and then replaced upon completion. They can also change the colour of the front plate in the future to meet any décor requirements. Each Definity wiring accessory comprises an insert and a decorative cover plate. The plates are available in six different finishes – polished chrome, stainless steel, brushed steel, black, white and red. Scolmore’s Flow connectors were also specified and installed as part of the lighting provision in the properties. They were chosen for their versatility and speed of installation.

Gareth Davies, electrical contractor with Coast Electrical, was responsible for installing the products and says:   “I have been working with Scolmore for over five years now and have always found the service to be brilliant. They are always very helpful and very quick to respond to any requests. The Definity products were specified by the developer and I haven’t actually used the range before, but they were great to work with and easy to install. They certainly met the criteria to allow the decorators to complete the painting once the back plates were fitted before the front plates were added. They provide a really sleek and stylish finish and I’d certainly be using them again.”  Scolmore,

Soft Curved Edge

Wiring Accessories Range

• Single screw fixing modular switches

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• Anti-Microbial - which inhibits the growth of bacteria • Screw covers offer a clean sleek appearance

• Accepts Niglon LED dimmer 32  |  February 2021

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Are you an EV installer?

The rules on DC fault protection are changing for the 18th Edition*.

Car charging point installation and maintenance are the biggest opportunity for the electrical trade in years. Metrel testers, and others, can test Type B RCDs. Only Metrel can test automatic disconnect with a 6 mA DC fault current. Only Metrel can test all options of charging state output.

Find out how the A 1532 test adaptor and the MI 3152 can dramatically accelerate your business growth. CALL 01924 245000 or mail for more information TODAY! * ref 18th Edition 722.533.2.101 Metrel UK Ltd. Unit 16, 1st Qtr Business Park Blenheim Road, Epsom Surrey KT19 9QN


Phone: 01924 245000 Fax: 01924 245007 E-mai: Web:

Instagram- metrelukltd

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CUSTOMISING AUTOMATIC OUTDOOR LED FLOODLIGHTING WITH TIMEGUARD LEDPRO Enter for the chance to win a Logitech Folio Touch for iPad Pro, courtesy of Timeguard.


hand, from 10W to 100W, and then decide how they want it switched. Modules include PIR, photocell and RF remote, or the flood can be used as a slave (there’s a spare terminal for looping out). Simply connect the two on site to create a professional custom solution for the job in hand. Changed your mind? No problem, it’s easy to change the mix with any of the compatible components in the LEDPro range. Finally, a range that puts you in charge of the specification for a great custom install.

ne of the most popular Timeguard product launches ever has been LED Pro – a range of outdoor LED lighting that really does tick all the boxes for professional installers. For those of you still unfamiliar with the concept, LED Pro is a range of floodlights with interchangeable controls. Installers choose the most suitable floodlight power for the job at

This month’s prize: customise your tablet Fancy applying the same concept of adding the extras you need to your iPad? Enter to win a Logitech Folio Touch for iPad Pro, combining a precision trackpad with a full-size backlit keyboard. You can type on a full-size keyboard with backlit keys that are perfect for working in dark environments or late at night. It has a kick-back stand with a 40-degree tilt and foldable keyboard so you can sketch and watch videos comfortably. Power is sourced directly from the iPad Pro, so you never have to charge the keyboard, and it doubles as a protective case.

To enter the competition, just answer these three simple questions: 1  Timeguard LEDPro automated, interchangeable switching choices include: a)  PIR or photocell b)  PIR or RF c)  PIR, photocell or RF

2  You can match any of the automatic switches with any of the LEDPro floodlights. What is the maximum power?

3  It’s easy to swap the automatic switch module on the floodlight over at any time in the future. Retrofitting involves: a)  Complete rewire b)  Reconnecting the switch cables c)  No cabling at all – just plug in

a)  10W b)  70W c)  100W

December Competition The winners of the December competition – one of three starter kits, courtesy of Quickwire – were Lena Dixon, Wayne Roddis-Clarke and Paul Cronick.

Closing date All entries must be returned by 28 February 2021. The editor’s decision is final. For the full terms and conditions, visit competition-terms. The name of the winner will be published in the April issue of ECN. *Prize not exchangeable.

To enter, please complete the form below and fax to 01634 673173, or post to: ECN Competition, All Things Media Ltd, Suite 14, 6-8 Revenge Road, Lordswood, Kent, ME5 8UD. Alternatively, you can email your answers and contact details to:

The answers to February’s competition are:

Contact Preferences YES, I would like to receive the ECN newsletter YES, I would like to subscribe to ECN magazine


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A Smarter Home At Click Smart+ we create simple, beautiful smart solutions for a safer and more comfortable home.

Powered by Zigbee, every device can be controlled from anywhere with the Click Smart+ app.

call: 01827 63454



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February 2021  |  35

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SCOLMORE GETS SERIOUS IN THE SMART HOME MARKET The UK smart home market is experiencing exponential growth, with the development of integrated home technology moving faster than ever before. Almost every household today includes some sort of smart connectivity device as more consumers become aware of the benefits that smart technology can offer.


s smart homes or home automation continues to develop, the focus is moving from the ultra-high-end customer and is becoming an affordable reality for many households. This is leading to increasing demand for smart home systems, which are designed to simplify and streamline a range of connected home products – lighting controls, smart sockets, security cameras and sensors. Having enjoyed many years of success with its smart wiring accessories range, Scolmore has now developed a brand new and comprehensive range of smart products under the Click Smart+ brand that takes its provision of smart home solutions to a whole new level. Designed to simplify and streamline connected home products (lighting controls, smart sockets, security cameras and sensors) the Click Smart+ range utilises Zigbee technology – one of the most widely adopted smart home technologies. Zigbee certified devices require the Click Smart+ Hub and communicate with each other using a mesh network which creates multiple pathways for the connection of

multiple smart home devices without compromising signal and communication range. A key benefit of Zigbee and the new Click Smart+ range is that there is no requirement for a signal repeater, as all the devices have repeaters built in. Renowned for its innovative and intuitive solutions in lighting and wiring accessories, Scolmore’s Click Smart+ range will assist installers looking to boost their business with an enhanced smart home offer that

Click Smart+ has accessibility and simplicity for the installer and end user at its core

will deliver a complete connected home experience to householders. Click Smart+ has accessibility and simplicity for the installer and end user at its core and is designed to bring convenience, comfort, security, energy saving and ultimately more control in the home. Installation is simple and flexible, with no additional cables or wall cutting required, making it ideal for existing or newly constructed buildings.

There is increasing demand for smart home systems

*Smart Sockets require the Click Smart+ Hub (Sold separately)

Smart Power

Control your home anywhere, anytime. A choice of a 1 or 2 gang smart socket. Allowing you to control the power to each outlet with a smart device or voice control. February Strip2021  ads - Click Smart.indd 36 ECN |  February


Smart Lighting & Lighting Control – Scolmore.indd 36


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27/01/2021 10:24


The Click Smart+ App The bespoke Click Smart+ App gives householders ultimate control of the smart devices, which can also be operated through voice control in conjunction with a smart speaker. Tap-to-Run, also known as ‘Scenes’, enables you to run multiple devices with a single tap of a button (within the Click Smart+ app). Think of this as one switch for a group of products. For example, you can create a tap-to-run called ‘Good Evening’ which turns all your smart products on at once, instead of manually tapping each product within the app. Tap-to-run can also control delay timings. Automations control your devices automatically when a condition is changed. For example, you could programme a PIR detector with a switching receiver. When the PIR detector senses movement, the automation (set up in the Click Smart+ app) can tell the switching receiver to turn on automatically. Automations also allow you to set up timing schedules for a group of single smart products. To control your Click Smart+ products through voice control you must have an Amazon Alexa speaker or a Google Home Speaker set up in your home and connected to the Click Smart+ app. The Click Smart+ connected home products range currently comprises the Smart Gateway Hub – the control centre of all devices – one and two-gang smart sockets, a plug-in smart socket, switching and dimming receivers, camera, PIR sensor, window, and door sensor, plus a temperature and humidity sensor. The Smart Gateway Hub is the control centre and communicates with all other smart products within the home via the Zigbee Protocol. Even if the WiFi is interrupted, the smart devices will still be able to function normally. 13A one and two-gang switched socket outlets allow the control of any appliance that is plugged in – home appliances, lamps, TV, heaters etc. They can be controlled manually, via the app, or with voice control. The power to the socket can be locked on or off using the app,

preventing manual switching. They also feature the three-pin safety shutter – the shutter will only open once all three plug pins are inserted. The 13A smart plug-in WiFi socket can be plugged into an existing socket outlet for the control of home appliances, lamps etc. via the existing WiFi network, and can be controlled via the app. Smart switching and dimming receivers provide full control of the lighting and appliances in the home from anywhere in the world. All receivers are supplied with a removable bracket, which can be used to mount the receiver in a back box if installed directly behind the switch or the light source. The bracket also features a DIN rail clip, allowing it to be installed in the consumer unit. The Smart camera – for indoor use (IP20) – is compact and easy to install. It offers smart motion detection, automatic image capture and alarm functions. When an object or person moves in the detection field, the app will send an alarm and capture images in real time. Install a micro SD card to record and playback footage. PIR Sensor – for indoor use (IP20) – senses motion and will trigger an automated device set within the app. It offers detection up to seven metres, with a 170° angle. Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor – for indoor use (IP20) – allows control of the temperature and humidity in a room. Once installed and set to the desired comfort level on the app, install the smart socket and set automations via the app. Whenever the sensor identifies that the temperature or humidity is outside the defined zone, the heater or other device plugged into the smart socket will be automatically activated. Smart Window and Door Sensor – for indoor use (IP20) – provides real time monitoring of window and door status, sending a notification via the app whenever a door or window is opened or closed. It can also be used for automatic light switch-on when a door is opened, when paired with a switching receiver within the app.

The Click Smart+ App gives householders ultimate control of the smart devices

Scolmore will be making available some CPD training, which will be accessible on request and aimed at wholesalers, contractors, and specifiers. It will cover an overview of smart systems, the advantages, green credentials and details on communication protocols and mesh networks. A series of ‘How To’ videos is also currently being developed for release on YouTube over the next few weeks and will be promoted across Scolmore’s social media channels. Full details of the new Click Smart+ range and its applications are available to view on the dedicated Click Smart website – – where visitors can access a suite of technical specification sheets for each product. Scolmore’s experienced in-house technical team is also on hand to answer any questions. The trend for smart homes and the benefits they offer shows no sign of abating, and the continual development of innovative and intuitive products and systems, such as the Click Smart+ range, will assist installers looking to boost their business with an enhanced smart home offer that will deliver a complete connected home experience to householders.  Scolmore,


Scolmore Group has now developed a brand new and comprehensive range of smart products under the Click Smart+ brand

The Click Smart+ range utilises Zigbee technology

Click Smart+ App

Control your home anywhere, anytime. Peace of mind away from home. Easily check and change the status of your Click Smart+ devices wherever you are. ECN February Strip ads - Click Smart.indd 2

Smart Lighting & Lighting Control – Scolmore.indd 37



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HELPING MANCHESTER AIRPORT TAKE FLIGHT Manchester Airport’s £1bn Transformation Programme is benefiting from the latest in lighting control technology thanks to state-of-the-art lighting sensors supplied by BEG Lighting Controls.


he huge project is transforming the airport into a world-class hub by significantly enhancing and expanding its facilities. Funded by MAG, the plan involves extending the airport’s Terminal 2 building to be more than double its size. This includes a new international departure lounge with more than 50 food, beverage and retail outlets, cementing Manchester Airport’s role as the global gateway in the North of England.

The new look terminal has been meticulously designed with customer experience at its heart

The new-look terminal has been meticulously designed with customer experience at its heart, enabling people to flow seamlessly on their journey from parking all the way through to the departure lounge – all made easier with the introduction of the latest technology to enhance the passenger experience. The design of the space has also been carefully thought out from ceiling heights, materials and textures of wall and ceiling coverings to lighting schemes. BEG Lighting Controls was selected as the supplier for all lighting detectors in the project. The Loytec L-DALI was the chosen lighting control system to work with BEG Luxomat DALI-2 presence and motion detectors. DALI-2, which is fast becoming the new standard for lighting control in the UK and globally, is an Open Protocol lighting control solution with all products being tested to meet the new DALI-2 standard and are interoperable with other DALI-2 products. As well as updating the passenger terminals, BEG Lighting Controls also supplied detectors for the airport’s new 3,800 space multi-storey car park which opened in April 2019. BEG Lighting Controls Sales Director for UK & Ireland, Paul Jones, says:

“Manchester Airport is one of the biggest projects the UK arm of BEG Lighting Controls has been involved in to date. “Various models of BEG DALI-2 multi-sensors were specified for this redevelopment work, including the PD4N which gives great coverage up to 24m diameter and the Corridor with its specially designed lens, provide detection of up to 40m coverage 20m either side. “This product was especially useful because there are long walkways to be covered heading out to the various gates, meaning the lights will be switched off when the area is not in use and turned on automatically when anyone walks into the area. This is a very safe and energy efficient solution for Manchester Airport. “We also used the PD2N with up to 10m of coverage for specific smaller areas. There are currently nine models of certified DALI 2 detector available with options of flush fitting or surface mounting. “It has been a pleasure to be involved with such a prestigious project as this to ensure delivery of products when these were needed on site. DALI-2 is an exciting development of the DALI standard and great step forward.”  BEG Lighting Controls,

*Smart Sockets require the Click Smart+ Hub (Sold separately)

Smart Power

Control your home anywhere, anytime. A choice of a 1 or 2 gang smart socket. Allowing you to control the power to each outlet with a smart device or voice control. February Strip2021  ads - Click Smart.indd 38 ECN |  February

Smart Lighting & Lighting Control – BEG .indd 38



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FREE collection and recycling and FREE container for sites collecting over 1000 lamps each quarter. As a non profit organisation, Options available for smaller Recolight can offer a low cost quantities. recycling service. Giving you a complete WEEE service.

WEEE GUIDE YOU A team of WEEE experts to help with your paperwork. All consignment notes are FREE.

WE COVER THE UK Recolight operate the UK’s largest collection network for fluorescent and LED lamps. Untitled-2 1

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INTELLIGENT LIGHTING FOR MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY LEDVANCE luminaires with innovative control ensure consistent lighting quality and flexibility in Siemens offices.


new lighting solution from LEDVANCE has been installed at Siemens Campus Erlangen, providing ordinance-compliant, flexible and intelligent lighting in office spaces used for a variety of purposes. The luminaires were successfully adapted to the existing architectural conditions and integrated into the existing ceiling concept for a simple, unobtrusive installation. Selected for this project, the luminaire Linear Indiviled Direct/Indirect can be controlled via DALI and is also equipped with sensors for presence of employees and daylight detection. The Panel Direct/ Indirect luminaire operating with DALI control gear impresses with its flat design and homogeneous light. With this solution, the 500 lux light required by the workplace ordinance is achieved across the board, and the customer’s need for flexible use of space is met.

Intelligent controllable lighting from LEDVANCE has been installed at Siemens Campus Erlangen to provide optimum lighting conditions at low operating costs

The luminaires were successfully adapted to the existing architectural conditions

“When selecting luminaires for Siemens Campus Erlangen, the existing suspended ceiling surfaces were a particular challenge,” explains Oliver Wehner, Project Sales and Verticals DACH, LEDVANCE. “The new luminaires had to be mounted between the panels on the ceiling in order to integrate them into the lighting design. Furthermore, Siemens wanted luminaires with daylight sensors, presence detectors and a bright, uniform illumination, to allow for flexible arrangement of the furniture in the room,” added Wehner. The advantages of choosing these luminaires include a high level of lighting comfort with direct/indirect beam characteristics, good glare control (UGR≤19) and low maintenance requirements at low operating costs. A further advantage of this LEDVANCE solution is the direct integration of

presence and daylight detection sensors into the luminaires. Independent of the building management system, the sensors automatically detect whether the room is in use or not and switch the light on or off accordingly. Although the brightness is kept constantly at 500 lux, in the case of strong daylight from outside, the system dims the luminaires as required, saving energy and ensuring uniform lighting comfort. Compared to conventional T5 technology, this combination can save up to 63% of electricity along with maintenance costs. “The Siemens project has proven that we are able to provide high quality solutions to meet the needs and requirements of our customers up to and including the planning of the lighting management,” concludes Wehner.  LEDVANCE,

Click Smart+ App

Control your home anywhere, anytime. Peace of mind away from home. Easily check and change the status of your Click Smart+ devices wherever you are. February Strip2021  ads - Click Smart.indd 40 ECN |  February


Smart Lighting & Lighting Control – Ledvance.indd 40


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25/01/2021 10:41

Image courtesy of Alistair Wallace




CP Electronics has supplied its Rapid lighting controls system to the iconic Daily Express Building in Great Ancoats Street, Manchester as part of a recent refurbishment project.


whilst still being able to control each independent unit as required. With the lighting mounted into plasterboard ceilings as opposed to recessed fixings, this presented the challenge of PIR sensitivity, so in order to overcome this, CP Electronics suggested using its EBR-MINPIR-DALI Mini. This presence detector detects movement using a PIR sensor to turn the load on. When an area is no longer occupied, the load will switch off after an adjustable time out period. The compact size, together with multiple mounting options, makes this product ideal for mounting in, or attaching to, luminaires to provide local control of individual fittings. An adjustable internal light sensor provides light level information to the lighting control system, allowing lights to be kept off if sufficient daylight is present, and to enable maintained illuminance for dimming systems. For this project, the EBR-MINIPIR-DALI could be installed in the small panel between each LED section – this also meant that no extra cabling to the PIR was required, as they could be connected onto the DALI Bus already present in the light fitting.

he restoration of the Grade II listed facility has resulted in the building now offering 77,500ft2 of contemporary workspace. Owned by Wittington Investments, the building was originally built in 1939 and has a futuristic art deco design with receding top tiers and curved corners. The building is clad in a combination of opaque and vitrolite glass, which was considered highly radical at the time of construction. Working with contractor CSK Electrical Ltd, CP Electronics supplied its Rapid fully addressable system with daylight compensation, which had to be carefully planned due to certain containment and wiring routes within the building. The light fittings could contain up to three LED sections all requiring independent control, which was achieved using area controllers and DALIG64’s. With little room for cable management above ceilings, CP Electronics’ BVITM6 lighting control modules were used as a marshalling box, providing CSK with a local isolation point

Reconfiguration of rooms within the building meant that local switching combined with absence detection was required. To achieve this, CP Electronics suggested using its EBR-BB-IN-DALI, which meant the interface could be connected to the DALI Bus and control the lighting without the need for extra wiring. The EBR-BB-IN-DALI input unit is the perfect interface between a Rapid lighting control system and external devices such as switches, security systems and AV equipment. The unit features seven volt-free switch inputs that can be activated by the contact closure of push-buttons, switches or relays. The lift lobby floor area lighting was not dimmable but required interfacing with the CP Electronics control system. The perfect solution for this was to use the volt-free relay within the DALIG64 that allowed for the lights to be turned off and on using the presence detectors already installed on the floor. The staircase and WC areas were not required to be fully addressable, so standalone 230v presence detectors were installed.  CP Electronics,

*Smart Sockets require the Click Smart+ Hub (Sold separately)

Smart Power

Control your home anywhere, anytime. A choice of a 1 or 2 gang smart socket. Allowing you to control the power to each outlet with a smart device or voice control. ECN February Strip ads - Click Smart.indd 1

Smart Lighting & Lighting Control – CP Electronics.indd 41



12/01/2021 2021 16:26:58   February   |  41

25/01/2021 10:41



THORN LUMINAIRES CREATE WELL-LIT SPACES AT KING’S STABLES ROAD Thorn Lighting has provided the external illumination for King’s Stables Road – a leading example of a successful mixed-use development in the historic city centre of Edinburgh.


he chosen lighting solution includes various Urba fittings and Piazza bulkheads that blend sympathetically with the surrounding architecture. The comprehensive redevelopment of the former council depot and an adjacent nightclub has wholly redefined a forgotten corner of the city, creating a vibrant and culturally significant quarter of Scotland’s capital. The completed development comprises a seven-storey apartment block, a premium student accommodation scheme that includes a private roof terrace, a four-star apart-hotel that breaks down in scale to offer a series of studio apartments, garden flats and townhouses, four ground floor units which offer over 5700ft2 of commercial space, all set around a series of public and semi-private courtyards. Thorn’s Urba is a range of contemporary, economic, innovative and versatile luminaires that respects both the environment and the surroundings, whilst providing an improved quality of light. The minimalist styling and clean lines with an original light signature brings more visual

comfort and welcoming ambience. Urba wall mounted versions have been installed along with Urba units with through wiring for the catenary, which offers unparalleled flexibility for the project. This has meant that the light can be placed exactly where it is needed, even if there is no support structure close by, reducing the intensity, light spill and energy consumption, whilst at the same time creating open and well-lit spaces. King’s Stables Road is the first catenary lighting scheme to be installed in the city of Edinburgh. Thorn’s precision-designed LED bulkhead Piazza II LED has also been installed to put illumination precisely where it is required and nowhere else, due to its precise directional LED light source and optimal light distribution with a minimal upward light ratio of less than 2.5% (ULOR). Piazza II LED also provides an optimal three-metre forward light throw and a wide spread to either side of the fitting, allowing wide spacing of up to 12 metres. Improved public realm gives occupants and the wider public the opportunity to weave their way through reopened historic closes and well-lit courtyards. This experience promotes greater connectivity and features elements of historical

interpretation, a result of the regular community and stakeholder engagement, enhancing the development’s sense of place and underlining the importance of considered, sustainable urban design. Liz Leech, senior landscape architect at HarrisonStevens comments: “With a strong identity, embedded in the social and urban history of King’s Stables Road, this site now offers an active, animated and dynamic urban space. The lighting forms an intrinsic part of this: the courtyard is freed from the clutter of ground-mounted lighting and design features are highlighted – all in an environmentally sound manner.”  Thorn,

Click Smart+ App

Control your home anywhere, anytime. Peace of mind away from home. Easily check and change the status of your Click Smart+ devices wherever you are. February Strip2021  ads - Click Smart.indd 42 ECN |  February

Smart Lighting & Lighting Control – Thorn.indd 42



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TO CHOOSE FROM Introducing the Ovia range of utility bulkheads, providing a solution for a wide range of retrofit and new installations

Inceptor Evo

Evo Orb




Evo Slim



Evo Deco XL Ø470mm












call: 01827 300640

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WHY COVID-19 IS PUTTING PRESSURE ON DATA CENTRE RESILIENCE AND HOW MODERN UPS DESIGNS CAN HELP As the world continues to grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no surprise that there is increased pressure for data centres to be immune to the risks of downtime, with testing playing a vital role in any future resilience strategy. Here, Kohler Uninterruptible Power explores what the pressures are for data centres, the importance of testing and how modern UPS designs can help.


he events of recent months have demonstrated that the ability to operate secure systems is critical to the global economy. With UK-wide lockdowns being implemented as a key tactic in the fight against COVID-19, people are increasingly reliant on digital communications, whether because they are working from home, keeping in touch with family, spending time on social networking sites or turning to online shopping in a bid to fill their cupboards.

44  |  February 2021

UPS & Power Distribution – Kohler copy.indd 44

Data centres are playing a vital role in this crisis – supporting missioncritical business and social activities, but also allowing governments and health professionals to store and share data which could play an important role in fighting the spread. While the growing focus on power resilience is increasingly evident, simply having the equipment in place is not enough. The pandemic is forcing data centre operators to invest in costly measures to make their systems more robust. In a survey by Uptime Institute, 4% of data centre respondents said they had a

COVID-19-related outage and 10% had experienced a service slowdown that was COVID-19 related. Establishing the causes of these slowdowns or outages will probably not be easy. Research does show that staff shortage and tiredness can lead to more incidents and outages, and sustained staff shortages (due to illness, separation of shifts and self-isolation) are widespread across the sector. Slowdowns, meanwhile, are most likely to be the result of sudden changes in demand and overload, or an external third-party network problem. Two examples



25/01/2021 10:44

UPS & POWER DISTRIBUTION are the UK online grocer that mistook high demand for a denial of service attack; and Sharp Electronics, which offered consumer PPE using the same systems as its online appliance management systems in Japan. Both crashed. Zoom, the suddenly popular conferencing service, has also experienced some maintenance-related issues. While the risks of downtime vary from site to site, one thing remains constant – interruptions in power supply have the potential to cause operational chaos. Properly planned and implemented, preventative maintenance strategies can minimise the likelihood of unscheduled breakdowns and outages, effectively negating the potential risk of costly commercial, reputational and legal issues.


building more redundant systems that can take over in an emergency. Another key consideration for data centre managers will be to look at modular UPS topology which can contribute to resilient, redundant power systems. Modular designs offer improvements in efficiency, as well as great benefits in availability, uptime, easier maintenance and are scalable.

Investment for the future During a crisis, when businesses are required to operate on skeleton staff, having the confidence that back-up power will work if required is even more important. Whilst some maintenance and inspection will undoubtedly be on hold for the time being, Kohler expects to see an upsurge in testing when we emerge from this crisis and anticipates that regular preventive maintenance will become increasingly prevalent in the future. Two-thirds of data centre operators plan to make their facilities more resilient as a response to the pandemic, according to an Uptime Institute survey. This means

UPS & Power Distribution – Kohler copy.indd 45

People are increasingly reliant on digital communications

Identifying the right UPS may require guidance. Maintaining it at a high level of availability, coupled with responding fast when a problem does arise, calls for readily available, highly skilled technicians. This level of backup can best be achieved by leveraging the resources of the original UPS supplier, complementing these with support from the facility’s on-site operational staff, and managing the overall strategy with a well-tailored maintenance contract.

Data centre fibre optics

Kohler Uninterruptible Power,

25/01/2021 10:45



OVERCOMING THE POWER DISTRIBUTION CHALLENGES OF SHALLOW FLOOR VOIDS Paul Allen from power distribution specialist, CMD, discusses the challenges of electrical distribution network installations in shallow floor voids and listed buildings.


ver the past 30 years, the amount of tech used in commercial buildings on a day-to-day basis has increased dramatically, which means more sockets are required across the floor plate, with sufficient capacity for resilience and future-proofing. In new builds, floor voids are usually designed with sufficient capacity for the level of services required. In existing buildings, constructed before technology became such an integral part of the way we live and work, capacity in the floor void can be more challenging. It’s an issue that electrical specifiers and contractors face repeatedly when planning the electrical infrastructure for commercial buildings. A busbar powertrack system is most commonly the solution of choice, because it offers speed and ease of use with plug and play installation and plenty of flexibility for reconfiguration, additional tap-offs on the network and parallel UPS distribution. At 47mm, the CMD Betatrak powertrack system is suitable for most floor voids, but additional clearance is required to access tap-offs for maintenance or reconfiguration. While this does not present any challenges for most new build properties, for older buildings with more restricted floor voids or inconsistent void clearance, there is often insufficient space for a functional powertrack system. Often, specifiers assume that this leaves them with a choice of two onerous options: either to raise the floor and increase the void, or to opt for a hard-wired electrical network. Both of these choices would add time to the programme and raising the floor could compromise headroom and heritage features. That’s why there is an increasing appetite for a third option for refurbishment and heritage electrical distribution installations – power hub systems.

Adaptable, compact and compliant Designed to offer comparable plug and play ease and speed of installation, along with the flexibility and future-proofing benefits of powertrack, power hub systems are an ideal alternative where space is limited. The CMD 32A Power Hub has been specifically designed for buildings where

46  |  February 2021

UPS & Power Distribution – CMD.indd 46

a conventional powertrack system cannot be installed due to lack of void depth or obstacles in the void. It is also ideal for use in buildings where the slab is uneven, which would result in lengths of powertrack lying at different heights or angles, preventing consistent connections. With a height of just 38mm and tap-offs to the side of each unit rather than above, the CMD Power Hub is suitable for use in shallow and undulating floor voids and offers ease of installation, ease of maintenance, future flexibility and compliance. Power hub systems combine compact hub units with flexible metal conduits or ‘umbilicals’, which connect the hubs together to create the electrical distribution network. The metal flexible conduits provide cables with mechanical protection, allowing compliance with Wiring Regulation 543.7 – ‘Earthing requirements for the installation of equipment having high protective conductor currents’. They also protect cables from dirt ingress and rodents, ensuring a similar level of resilience to powertrack systems and ensuring that the electrical distribution system offers a low maintenance, fit and forget solution CMD Power Hubs are available in four-way and six-way units, which can be wired in a series circuit in the required configuration. Tap-offs are made to the side of the power hub unit, using BS EN 61535 compliant connectors in a metal housing to ensure a secure and safe tap-off connection. A choice of tap-off units allows electrical supply to be routed to the required locations, regardless of how densely populated the floorplate will be, while minimising the number of hub units required, thereby keeping costs and installation time down, reducing maintenance and optimising space in the void. Additional hub units or tap-offs to existing units can be retrofitted to the installation at any time, providing the flexibility needed in contemporary commercial buildings for changing occupier requirements, change of occupier or chance of use. No additional space is required for plugging in or unplugging tap-offs and multiple power hubs can be configured together on a single circuit.

Creative thinking Finding the right solution to match the needs of the building and the client, while working within a tight programme are challenges that contractors must constantly overcome. A power hub system provides an ideal solution, with rapid, cost-effective plug and play installation for a wide variety of projects. For example, for a recent installation at a film and TV production company, the CMD power hub was found to offer the most compact unit to meet the needs of a shallow floor void and 900 units were installed to provide the flexible distribution network in an environment where needs will continue to change. In another example of how power hubs can overcome architectural challenges, CMD’s power hub system has recently been installed in the ceiling void to service the void-free concrete floor of the level above. Once again, the compact units and potential for reconfiguration were key benefits of using a power hub system. A power hub is not always the most appropriate specification, but, where powertrack is not suitable, a power hub is often the best alternative.

Power hub systems are an ideal alternative where space is limited




25/01/2021 10:45

Powering the connections you make.

Powering the connections you make.

Whether supporting on-estate equipment or remote working, essential healthcare infrastructure has to run smoothly. That’s why you need more than just a reliable, efficient UPS, generator, or emergency lighting system.

Whether supporting on-estate equipment remote working, essential You need exceptional service fromor start to finish.

healthcare infrastructure has to run smoothly. That’s why you need more

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than just a reliable, efficient UPS, generator, or emergency lighting system.

employee engagement measured as top 25% by IBM Kenexa®, you

You need exceptional service from start to finish.

can be sure that you’ll be properly looked after by Kohler.

With best-in-class customer satisfaction scores via Satmetrix® and

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Askbe ussure for a no-nonsense quotelooked backed with can that you’ll be properly after bydeep Kohler. technical knowledge and a genuine desire to help.

Call 01256 386700, or visit Call 01256 386700, Ask us for a no-nonsense quote backed with deep technical knowledge and a genuine desire to help.

Kohler PowerWAVE 9250DPA, the most efficient UPS in its class.

Kohler PowerWAVE 9250DPA, the most efficient UPS in its class.

or visit Untitled-1 1

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Domus Ventilation has launched its next generation, improved performance HRXE Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units, for a wider range of residential properties than ever before. HRXE-HERA and HRXE-AURA high performance MVHR systems combine supply and extract ventilation in one system. They efficiently recover the heat typically lost in waste, stale air and use it to temper the fresh air drawn into the building via a heat exchanger. The filtered, pre-warmed air is distributed to areas of the home such as living rooms and bedrooms, effectively meeting part of the heating load in energy efficient dwellings. Building on the success of previous HRXE MVHR systems, Domus has developed HRXEHERA and HRXE-AURA to provide even greater efficiency through advanced heat exchange proficiency and the lowest Specific Fan Power (SFP) of any of its MVHR units. Furthermore, the new range now comes with an improved warranty of five years, with the first year covering parts and labour. Domus Ventilation,

The latest addition to ESP’s Aperta range of access control products is an infrared contactless exit button, which offers a hygienic solution to unlocking doors when combined with a door access system. Rather than relying on access cards, lanyards and buttons, users can exit a building simply by waving their hand over the touchless sensors. As measures continue to be taken to limit the spread of coronavirus, demand is on the increase for products which are hands free and ESP’s new infra-red contactless exit button is a relatively low-cost option that can be utilised for new or retro fit installations. When in standby mode, the ring of LED lights glows blue to draw attention to the door release button, and switches to green as soon as a hand is presented within the defined range, indicating that the relay has switched, and the door release has been engaged. It features an adjustable infrared proximity sensor (1-10cm). ESP,



Scolmore has now developed a brand new and comprehensive range of smart products under the Click Smart+ brand that takes its provision of smart home solutions to a whole new level. Designed to simplify and streamline connected home products – lighting controls, smart sockets, security cameras and sensors – the Click Smart+ range utilises Zigbee technology, one of the most widely adopted smart home technologies. A key benefit of Zigbee and the new Click Smart+ range is that there is no requirement for a signal repeater, as all the devices have repeaters built in. Scolmore’s Click Smart+ range will assist installers looking to boost their business with an enhanced smart home offer that will deliver a complete connected home experience to householders. Click Smart+ has accessibility and simplicity for the installer and end user at its core and is designed to bring convenience, comfort, security, energy saving and ultimately more control in the home.

Lewden has expertise in providing bespoke power distribution solutions, customised to suit customers’ requirements with full concept and product design, assembled by the company’s experienced engineering team with exclusive consultation provided throughout the process. With short turnaround time, starting from concept to delivery, Lewden provides pre-finished solutions to reduce installation time on-site. View the company’s scope and some of its previous bespoke power distribution solutions at Lewden,


OVIA ADDS LINEAR BATTEN LED LIGHTS TO INCEPTOR RANGE New from Ovia is Inceptor B-Lite – a range of 4ft, 5ft and 6ft linear batten multi-current LED fittings, available in standard, microwave sensor, emergency sensor and microwave and emergency sensor versions. They are a direct replacement for conventional battens and boast many features. Safety, speed and ease of installation have been given top priority. A security wire, pre-attached to the base of the product, allows the diffuser to be hung from the base and means the installer doesn’t have to remove the cover and place it aside during installation. The diffuser can be easily pulled apart from the steel base with the help of spring clips, allowing for quicker and easier installation. The multi-current driver, with the option for four different wattages, allows the installer to increase or decrease the lumens, depending on the requirements for each individual application. The fitting is combined in single output and twin outputs, so there is no need for two separate units.

NEW STYLISH AIRMASTER EXTRACTOR FAN RANGE CED Electrical Group has announced the launch of a new comprehensive and stylishly modern range of extractor fans for bathrooms and other high humidity areas, under its Airmaster banner. For ceiling or wall mounting, the range comprises 4in and 6in fans with timers in three finishes (white, stainless steel and chrome), whilst the 4in range also features white glass face fans with or without motion sensors. Built with ABS bodies, Airmaster fans have removable front plates for ease of fitting and cleaning. Operationally, both 6in and 4in versions run at low noise levels – 45dB and 35dB respectively – whilst rotation levels are equally impressive at 1900 and 2350 revs per minute. Quality wise, this new range is CE marked and fully complies with Part L Building Regs as well as being backed with a two-year warranty. CED Electrical Group,


48  |  February 2021

Company Showcase.indd 48



29/01/2021 11:39


GIRA SYSTEM 3000 WITH NEW ‘TOUCH AND SLIDE’ TOP UNIT Gira has expanded the capabilities of the Gira System 3000 which controls lighting, blinds and heat with the launch of a new touch top unit. Giving end users the ability to control their lights, blinds and heating in one handy location, the new top unit can be operated via the Gira System 3000 app, Bluetooth or manually with its intuitive tactile‚ touch and slide controls. With future-proof design a huge trend this year, the top unit gives homeowners more control without the need to install a complete bus system and it be fitted quickly and simply by installers over existing inserts. Mark Booth, Managing Director at Gira UK says: “With increasing demand for integrated controls and systems in today’s smart home, we are delighted to introduce the new top unit to the trade. Inspired by the swipe-ability and convenience of the smartphone interface, this new control unit optimises comfort for end users with its three touch-sensitive surfaces and innovative slider control.”


DIFFUSALUX – SIMPLICITY TAKEN TO A NEW LEVEL Diffusalux from Thorn Lighting is a stylish, robust, high-performance replacement for conventional battens. The luminaire’s curved opal diffuser is made from tough polycarbonate and provides high quality lighting control. The internal diffuser features a distinctive ridged pattern that ensures soft, uniform illumination and its wide body make it ideal for refurbishment projects. Diffusalux has three different lumen packages in one luminaire. The lumen output switch (LOS) allows easy configuration of the output level on-site, all you have to do is simply select the preferred option before installation. The luminaire is also dimmable, available as DALI controllable (HFIX – LOS with two lumen outputs) and can be equipped with presence detection sensors (MWS) and integrated emergency. The LEDs provide a 4000k colour temperature, CRI 80 and a UGR <22 and offer a long 50 000-hour lifetime. The luminaire offers total flexibility with regards to mounting options as it is suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting, making it perfect for both ceiling and wall installations. Thorn Lighting,



VIMPEX OPENS THE DOOR TO CONTROL Vimpex has supplied Agrippa wireless acoustic fire door holders to hold open fire doors at the HQ of one of England’s largest housing associations to provide an easy and effective method of infection control, whilst not impacting on fire safety. A COVID-secure risk assessment identified the need to reduce the touching of fire door locks and door handles at the organisation’s administration offices by staff and visitors. Vimpex’s Agrippa wireless acoustic fire door holders offer the wire-free solution to legally hold fire doors open, using digital wire-free technology to uniquely ‘listen and learn’ the sound of a specific fire alarm. This ensures the holder’s releasing trigger reacts only to the sound of the fire alarm rather than extraneous loud noises, so false activations are eliminated. While preventing door handle contact, the Agrippa door holder also increases room and building ventilation while improving visibility and accessibility to ensure social distancing is maintained. Vimpex,

Prefect Controls has announced the launch of a new range of oil-filled electric radiators. Elegant design, robust manufacturing and outstanding performance makes it an ideal choice for luxury student accommodation. The all-new heater incorporates Prefect’s patented EnergyLock – giving energy managers access to the unique control features of the Irus central control and Ecostat2 local control systems. Savings of up to 25% have been attained compared with mechanical convectors. Providers of student accommodation now have the choice of an alternative heater style and performance profile. This modern, silent radiator includes innovative thermofluid technology that gives a quick but gentle warmth and a healthy heat diffusion that doesn’t dry the air. Accessio has been compared with the comfort of a central heating system, maintaining longer-lasting heat even after power to the radiator has been turned off. EnergyLock-Accessio is available in 750W, 1000W, 1250W, 1500W and 2000W outputs, but measurements, due to the compact design, are only 575mm tall and 128mm deep with varying widths of 490mm (750W) to 973mm (2000W). Prefect Controls,



During 2020, a total of 18 companies joined the Recolight WEEE scheme. And from the beginning of 2021, another three companies have transferred to Recolight from other schemes. The three companies transferring their compliance to Recolight from January are ZG Lighting UK, which supplies brands which include Thorn and Zumtobel; Ark Lighting, a manufacturer of external lighting; and Serious Brands, a manufacturer of precision reading lights. “We are delighted that a total of 18 new members have joined the Recolight WEEE compliance scheme over the last year. We pride ourselves on giving the customers of all our members the most comprehensive lamp and luminaire collection and recycling service. We very much look forward to supporting them and their customers to maximise the recycling of lighting equipment”, says Nigel Harvey, Recolight CEO. Recolight goes beyond the strict legal obligations of the WEEE Regulations by providing a recycling service for all business lamps and luminaires in scope. The service is free for Recolight’s Producer Members and their customers. Recolight,

Company Showcase.indd 49


Manrose is offering a range of ‘Winter Warmer’ heating options, allowing electricians to meet the varied needs of their customers. For occasional use, portable heaters, such as Manrose’s floor standing convector heater, are the ideal choice. For more permanent heating, Manrose’s range of wall-mounted electric panel heaters are quick and simple to install and can be programmed to come on whenever they are needed. And for outdoor heating, the Sunburst Radiant Heater provides instant, precision heating. The Manrose Lot 20 24/7 Panel Heaters are available in 1.1.5 and 2kW options, connect directly to the permanent electricity supply, and offer two heat output settings depending on heating needs. Meanwhile, Manrose’s Convector Heater with timer is ideal for use in rooms where extra heating or occasional heating is required. Finally, the Manrose Sunburst Radiant Heater warms up in just one second, is economical and easy to install and is IP65-rated, meaning it safely works in the rain. Manrose,


February 2021  |  49

29/01/2021 11:39




• NO TOOLS REQUIRED making installation simple and fast

• SECURE CABLES IN SECONDS patented In-Sure® cable grip system

• SMALL fits through a 50mm hole for spot lights

• MAINTENANCE FREE eliminate the need for access panels

• VERSATILE one enclosure suits multiple installations

• COMPLIANT 18th Edition of BS 7671, BS 5733 MF and BS EN 60670-22

• EASY TO USE no loose parts to fit or lose



Ideal OBC DPS.indd 2 @ideal_emea 29/01/2021 14:22

Ideal OBC DPS.indd 3

28/01/2021 12:45


22ND – 26TH MARCH 2021

ECN Interactive Week, the new online initiative brought to you by Electrical Contracting News.

To book your slot and for any further details please contact: Kelly Byne: ATM

+44 (0) 1634 673163 / +44 (0) 7738 622481

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