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The English Cutlass Carried during the 1600’s and 1700’s, this sword was also called a “hanger”. This replica has a tough, tempered high carbon steel blade and a solid brass heart shaped guard characteristic of the period. Made with all the care and attention to detail that Windlass Steelcrafts® lavishes onto swords. #501405…$130.00 q Overall 301/2" • Blade 251/2" x 11/2" wide, 1/4" thick • Wt.-2 lbs. 8 oz.

U. S. 1860 Naval Cutlass Reproduced for your Civil War armory! Blade is British military spec steel and will flex over 20° and return to true. This is a fine reproduction of the cutlass designed by Ames and first carried in 1860. Its 251⁄2" blade and brass basket hand-guard were well suited for the close quarters combat of wooden ships and iron men. Leather frog. 311⁄2" overall. Hand forged high carbon steel blade. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Comes with scabbard. #500152…$159.95 q

Civil War 1853 Socket Bayonet Designed for 1853 three band Enfield long rifle. Attached to a rifle, this bayonet gave close quarters weapons an extra long reach. Brass mounted leather scabbard. 17" overall. blade. 201⁄2" #600236…$59.95

Windlass® Push Dagger We’ve been wanting to do this for some time and compiled quite a resource list of original dagger styles from different periods. Rather than come out with all, we blended our favorite traits into one efficient, good looking knife. Popular from the Old West and bootleggers to WWI and into WWII. Genuine buffalo horn handle is full size and allows for a solid grip and feel. The 3⁄16" thick, high carbon steel blade is substantial and penetrates even thick targets. Includes steel sheath with adjustable tension clip. 73⁄16" overall, 37⁄8" blade. Grip is 31⁄2" wide. #403859…$39.95 q ✍ R16


Dyer Cartridge Box Chief of Ordnance, Gen. Alexander Dyer, came up with a cartridge box filling the need to carry ammo created by the Colt S.A. revolvers issued during the late 1800’s. The .45 cal. cartridges could be easily carried and accessed with this new design. The boxes have fleece lining which protected the ammo from rolling about too much. Flap is embossed with “US”. Genuine leather with brass hardware, these are fine replicas of a very rare US military item. Choose black or brown


Civil War Enlisted Men’s Gauntlets Leather with wide cuffs, and no embroidery. Available in medium, large and extra large sizes. $39.95 each pair Union–White. #200812 CS–Cream. #201069 Now available in cream.

Waist Belts Made of high grade black leather. 13⁄4" wide. Comes with a durabel three prong oval metal buckle with brass flashing. Choose either “US” or “CS”. Sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, and 50. #801496…$29.95

Civil War Cartridge Box w/Shoulder Strap A high grade replica of the 1857 pattern set which features leather pouch and two tin inserts to hold paper cartridges. Perfect for all reenactors who have Springfield or Enfield muskets. One of the most common seen during the Civil War. Top grade, heavy leather with cotton stitching like the originals. Includes original pattern leather shoulder strap. #803754…$69.95

Civil War Cap Pouch High grade black leather. Double straps at the back for attachment to the waistbelt. Used by both Union and Confederate forces. Has a shield flap and it’s wool lined. This is an early pattern cap pouch. Approx. dimensions 31⁄2" x 3" x 13⁄4". #801492…$15.95 (D) (A)



Hawksley Replica Black Powder Flasks

Fully functioning and as good as the originals they are based on. Every detail is captured, only correct original markings are used on each, with no modern marks. Polished bright, they will closely resemble an original antique flask after a period of normal handling causes it to patina. (A) US Civil War Era Powder Flask–7" tall, 4" across. A great accessory for the Mississippi, Zouave or .58 Cal. 31⁄4" wide and 71⁄4" overall. #730008…Special $49.95 (B) Brass & Copper Pocket Flask–13⁄8" wide and 47⁄8" overall. Adjustable to 5⁄16, 1⁄4 and 5⁄16 drams. #804063…Special $24.95 C and D 31⁄4" wide and 71⁄4" overall. G. & J.W. Hawksley - Sheffield markings. (C) Scalloped Brass & Copper Powder Flask–#804061…Special $34.95 (D) Scalloped Brass & Copper Powder Flask–floral design on both sides. #804059…Special $34.95


Civil War Wear Civil War Kepi (A) For enlisted men. Made from quality wool. Leather visor and chin strap w/brass buckle. Available in M, L or XL. Branch of service pins not included. #200822…$24.95

Blue for US and Gray for CS


Civil War Forage Caps (B) Made from quality wool. Leather visor and chin strap w/brass buckle. Available in M, L or XL. Branch of service pins not included. #200826…$24.95

Officer’s Kepi (C) Both Kepis are made from quality wool. Blue for US and Gray for CS. Leather visor and chin strap w/brass buckle. Available in M, L or XL. Branch of service pins not included. Lieutenant–One row of gilt braid. #200820…$34.95 Captain–Two rows of gilt braid. #200818…$39.95 Colonel–Three rows of gilt braid. #200916…$44.95 General–Four rows of gilt braid. #200918…$54.95


Confederate Kepis These exacting replicas are based directly from the first pattern issued to Confederate Regulars. Each color designated a specific division and could be seen easily on a battle field. Based on the Frenchstyle it was the most common pattern of the military for decades. 100% wool with leather visor just like the originals. Each is fully lined and has brass hardware. Choose M, L or XL. Confederate Kepi–#201223…$29.95 each Infantry–Blue Band • Cavalry–Yellow Band • Artillery–Red Band Confederate 2nd Pattern Kepi–#201246…$29.95 each Infantry–Blue • Cavalry–Yellow • Artillery–Red


(D) Holds 10 oz.

Engraved with “CS” or “US”

Solid Copper Coffee Mug These solid copper cups are favored by many re-enactors because they keep drinks hot longer. Great for camping trips because they don’t break. 1 piece heavy-duty body. 3" tall x 3" dia. Holds 10 oz. #801814…$29.95 Engraved with “CS”. #730006…$34.95 Engraved with “US”. #730007…$34.95

Please visit our website: for more photos and full descriptions of Civil War reproduction clothing.

Solid Copper Soup Mug These solid copper mugs are favored by many re-enactors because they keep drinks/soup/stew hot longer. Great for camping trips too because they don’t break. 1 piece heavy-duty body. 4" tall x 4" diameter. Holds 24 oz. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Plain–#730019...$34.95 Engraved with “US” initials–#730021...$39.95 Engraved with “CS” initials–#730020...$39.95 Can be personalized with 3 Initials for $5 additional


Holds 24 oz.

M-1861 US Enlisted Frock Coat The regulation dress coat for foot soldiers including infantry, heavy artillery, engineers, hospital stewards and ordnance department. The coat is made of “Federal” navy blue wool. The body and sleeves are lined in black, natural cotton. The extended skirt is unlined. The 9-button front features Union Eagle buttons. The coat has an inside breast pocket. The collar and inverted “V” on the cuff are piped and the collar is trimmed with blue branch of service. S, M, L, XL and 2X. #730015…$119.95

Union Enlisted Shell Jacket Features “Federal” blue wool outer shell and rough muslin lining like the originals. All buttons have the Union Eagle. The wool bolsters were set at the bottom rear/side seams and were designed to “bolster” the weight of a saber belt which carried the pistol and saber of a mounted soldier. Choose S, M, L, XL or 2X. A wearable collectible perfect for reenactors. $129.95 each Artillery–red piping. #730016 • Cavalry–yellow piping. #730017

MORE Authentic Civil War Clothing Confederate Shell Jacket–(shown at left). High quality medium gray wool. Sizes: 40R, 42R, 44R, 46R and 48R. #100908…$69.95 Union Officer’s Round-About Jacket–dark blue wool. M, L, XL or 2XL. #100906…$59.95 Cotton Cavalry Shirt–dark blue with bib front. M, L, XL or 2XL. #100916…$33.95 Pleated Front Dress Shirt–premium white cotton. M, L, XL or 2XL. #100914…$29.95 Wool Period Trousers–unhemmed legs for customization. Button fly and suspender buttons. Even sizes 32-48. $64.95 Confederate Gray-#100920 •Infantry Sky Blue-#100918

Officer’s Silk Sash 9’ long, knitted with silk thread with a tassel at each end. Sashes are wrapped around the waist twice and tied on the left side in the front. Colors: Red, Green, Buff, Maroon, Yellow, Sky Blue, Orange and Black. Approx. 5" wide. #100922…$34.95 each

White Leather Gloves Military regulation genuine leather dress gloves. Perfect for color guards, dress uniforms and more. Unlined. Size S, M, L, XL. #101142…$45.00


1840 NCO Sword Carried by American soldiers for over 70 years; a period which included the Mexican War, Civil War and Spanish American War. 313⁄4" long single-edged blade has a single broad fuller. Entire hilt is cast brass and the grip is ribbed. Pommel is global with a capstan. Grip is flanked by kidney-shaped hand guards. Steel scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #500350…$129.95 q ✍

Nautical Pocket Telescope Finely made of solid brass with finely ground lenses, the leather wrap gives a secure feel in any weather and elegant flare for the mariner in your life. 63⁄4" overall, extends in 3 sections. 31⁄2" closed to easily fit into any captains pocket. 5x magnification. #801976…$17.95

Volcanic Repeater Non-firing replica. This relatively rare gun was a lever-action pistol designed for target shooting. At the time, all other pistols were black powder. A joint venture between Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson led to its creation. This led to the partnership of Smith and Wesson a year later in 1854, along with the creation of the patented .22 rimfire metallic cartridge. A full 15" in length! Wt. 23⁄4 lbs. #803712...$95.00

1880 Bowie This effective knife is a copy of an English produced bowie made for the U. S. trade. Though still in fashion to carry a bowie, this knife is made with a thin hilt for more discreet carry. 151⁄8" overall, this knife has dark hardwood polished scales pinned to a full profile tang. It has all steel parts married to a 11⁄2" by 10" blade. Weighs 1 lb. #402580...$69.95 q ✍

Powder Horn Made from real horn. No two are alike. Can be used by black powder shooters or it looks great hanging above the fireplace with greatgrandpa’s squirrel rifle. Average length 12" and 21⁄2" dia. Hand carved end cap and spout plug. Natural leather shoulder strap. #801584…$14.95


Tomahawks The tomahawk, used as both weapon and ceremonial object, was created in an astonishing variety of shapes. Ours have hand-forged high carbon steel blades. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. (A) Bleeding Heart Tomahawk Pipe–blade indented with a dot motif. Steel mouthpiece. Approx. 22" long overall. 10" head has 31⁄4" blade. Fully functional. #600198…$69.95 (B) Standard Tomahawk Pipe– shaft features bands of carved crosshatching. 221⁄2" overall. Head: 9" x 4". #600116…$69.95 (C) Missouri War Hatchet–this example features indented dots that interplay with the piercings. 233⁄8" overall. Head: 91⁄8" x 53⁄8". #600168…$59.95 (D) Spontoon Tomahawk Pipe– this is the most elaborate tomahawk we’ve offered. Handle has crosshatched bands and metal inlays. 22" overall. Head: 12". Fully functional. #600244…$69.95






Half Moon Tomahawk Patch Knife Beautiful little patch knife or skinner for small game. Attractive whether at a reenactment or in the field. Full profile tang, stainless steel. Polished hardwood scales w/brass pins. Includes leather belt sheath. 45⁄8" overall, 21⁄8" blade. #403769…$9.95


From the early days of America. Ceremonial as well as functional, it could easily have found it’s way onto any nobleman or explorers belt. Solid head is made from high carbon steel. Shaft is solid hardwood with custom touches like steel tacks, burn rings and leather wrap handle. Stunning on display or at your next reenactment. 181⁄2" overall, 25⁄8" axe face. #600909…$59.95


Obsidian Blades Handmade by master artist Dale Duby using the methods of old; grinding, abrading, percussion and pressure flaking. Each knife is one of a kind. Since Obsidian is a naturally occuring material, colors may vary. Blades are attached using sinew. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. Includes free stand. (E) Deer Antler–Approx. 71⁄2" overall. #400414…$59.95 (F) Buffalo Rib–Approx. 71⁄2" overall. #400302…$59.95

Includes FREE stand


Assassin’s Kukri Throughout history, legend states that once a kukri has been unsheathed, blood must flow. This legendary weapon has been redesigned by Windlass Steelcrafts®. This bold piece features a darkened, high carbon steel blade, an extra thick tang, a handle wrapped in tough cord for a sure grip and antique brass hardware. Comes with a black matching scabbard with belt loops. #404129…$89 q Overall 17" • Blade 12" • Width 23/8" • Wt.-2 lbs

Ironwood Walking Staff If a wood could be tough as nails this is it. This is a very dense hardwood, handmade in Texas by cowboy Joel Lancaster. A rustic classic with unique characteristics so each is one-of-a-kind. Features a lanyard thong. Non-slip, thick rubber tip. Approx 55" long. #804459…$26.95

Thai Nagi Sword Be combat ready with the Combat Commander Thai Nagi Sword. The 20" sharp blade is of 1065 carbon steel and has a black hard coat finish. The handle is of nylon fiber and is as tough as nails! A nylon sheath with a shoulder harness lets you carry it with ease. 401⁄2" overall. 21" blade. #501518....$49.95

Black Beauty A nice mid-size linerlock folder. 1" x 33⁄8" stainless blade is hollow ground and has a brushed finish as do the aluminum body and bolsters. The scales are from ebony wood with a good finish. Thumb stud opening and pocket clip. 73⁄4" overall. Wt. 5 oz. #403267…$7.95

Eland This is the go-to every day tool for almost every conceivable task on the African Continent. This versatile Cold Steel version features highly rust resistant and beautifully mirror polished German stainless steel that is expertly heat treated to offer an excellent balance between edge holding and ease of re-sharpening. Their glass reinforced Zy-Ex handles are not only attractive but they are incredibly strong and durable. Amazingly lightweight, versatile and functional, and affordable on almost any budget. 117⁄8" overall, 51⁄4" blade. #404048…$9.95


USMC Homefront Folder Officially licensed. This large liner lock features 400 series stainless steel, assisted opening, seat belt cutter, glass breaker, pocket clip and heavily contoured scales w/cutouts for great grip & USMC logo. 9" overall, 31⁄2" blade. #404149…$16.95

Schrade Shiznit MAGIC assisted opening, durable aluminum scales. The blade is a recurve drop point made from black coated AUS-8 high carbon stainless steel. Fast operation and a solid feeling in the hand. They are great EDC options. Non-reversible pocket clip for tip up carry and side lock safety mechanism w/liner lock. 73⁄4" overall, 31⁄4" blade. #404134…$49.95

Pirate Blunderbuss This distinctive blunderbuss pistol would have seen use around 1800 and features a heavily engraved barrel and lock with a distinctive pirates head butt cap. This replica features an antiqued silver/pewter finish over its cast metal parts and real wood stock. Trigger and flintlock mechanism move, but are non-firing. 15" overall, 11⁄2 lbs. #804449…$44.95

Visit Us for our Annual Warehouse Sale! May 14th, 8AM - 4 PM Up to 50% OFF on old stock, odd lots, samples, seconds and one-of-a-kind items. 15% OFF current in-stock catalog merchandise too!

Damascus Raider Knife This stunning piece has a wide, high carbon Damascus blade and is complimented with a polished hardwood grip, which fits perfectly in your hand. The knife has been expertly adorned with silver and brass filigree work, decorated with fine brass-headed nails and capped with an antique brass pommel cap. Brown leather scabbard with belt loop, included. Overall-121⁄2". Blade-7" long, 15⁄8" wide, 1⁄8" thick. Wt.-3⁄4 lb. #403915…$75.00


Elk Ridge Collectible quality perfect for everyday needs. 400 series stainless steel.

Bushcraft (A) Removable synthetic scales, full profile tang, nylon belt sheath includes fire starter rod and scale removal tool. 101⁄2" overall, 51⁄4" blade. #404161…$24.95

Campmate (B) Rough forged look, hand rubbed wood scales, stainless steel bolsters, leather belt sheath, full profile tang. 81⁄8" overall, 31⁄2" blade. #404160…$19.95

Laminated Wood (C) Attractive, wood scales, synthetic bolsters, elk cutout in blade, pocket clip. 73⁄4" overall, 3" blade. #404157…$12.95

Stealth (D) Elk cut-out in blade, assisted opening, liner lock, pocket clip. 81⁄8" overall, 31⁄4" blade. #404151…$7.95

Mini Skinner (E) Wood scales, full profile tang, stainless steel bolsters, leather belt sheath. 51⁄8" overall, 21⁄8" blade. #404153…$11.95





S&W Cutting Tools Each is made from tough 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel, hardened to 54-56 RC. (A) Border Guard XL–a MASSIVE, heavy liner lock folder w/ stone wash finish, pocket clip, strap cutter, glass breaker. Stainless steel scales w/G-10 inserts. A true cutting tool up to big jobs. 101⁄4" overall, 41⁄8" blade. #404140…$24.95 (B) EDC–very light & compact, you almost forget you're carrying it. G-10 and stainless steel scales, strap cutter, liner lock, pocket clip. 53⁄4" overall, 21⁄8" blade. #404141…$14.95 (C) Tactical Fixed Blade–titanium coated blade, full profile tang, G-10 scales. Includes nylon belt sheath w/auxiliary pocket. 91⁄8" overall, 41⁄4" blade. #404131…$29.95



Uncle Henry (D) Classic–A true classic passed down from Grandfather to father to son. Start your tradition. 400 series stainless steel, polished brass bolsters, faux stag scales, full profile tang. Includes leather belt sheath. 8" overall, 33⁄8" blade. #404130…$29.95 (E) Skinner–A trusted name for decades. 9" overall. 41⁄2" brushed finish 7Cr17MoV high carbon steel skinner blade. Full profile tang. Staglon (synthetic stag) scales with brass guard and lanyard hole. Includes leather belt sheath. #404041…$29.95


Tactical Kukri This awesome, modern version of the classic kukri can do it all. And we'll be honest, it just looks cool. 8Cr18MOV stainless steel with super tough full profile tang. G-10 scales handle the outdoors with ease. Stone wash finish. 15" overall, 81⁄4" blade is 1⁄4" thick. 13⁄4 lbs. Includes nylon belt sheath. #404085…$44.95

Blackthorn Walking Stick Blackthorn bush has been prized for centuries in Ireland & the British Isles for beauty and strength. So much so that smaller versions were considered rural Ireland's national weapon. Very hard to come by naturally, this was molded from an original in a private collection from indestructible, heavy polypropylene. It still has the beauty, but packs one serious punch. A great material as it will never crack, warp, swell or splinter. Plus it’s easy to clean if needed. 37" overall, 23⁄4" head. 28 oz. May vary slightly from picture. Not meant to be used for medical purposes. #802958…$39.95

Horn Hunter Water buffalo horn polished to a sheen accents this real Damascus hunter. Attractive and simple, it looks as good in a prized collection as it does in the field. Includes leather sheath. 8" overall, 37⁄8" blade. #403957…$39.95

USMC Tactical Fighter Officially licensed. 400 series stainless steel, stone wash finish, full profile tang, sand color G-10 scales. Includes nylon belt sheath. 10" overall, 47⁄8" blade. #404167…$19.95

Steel Will Knife A relatively new company out of the US designing some awesome cutting tools. Super tough and razor sharp. TPC mold over grip takes the best of nylon reinforced plastics and rubber for a knife you can use with ease for hours in any weather. 9Cr18MoV stainless steel. 83⁄4" overall, 4" blade. Full tang and ergonomic handle. Includes leather belt sheath. Includes presentation box. #404110…$59.95


U. S. 1906 Cavalry Saber In honor of the US Cavalry Assoc. we have reproduced under their guidance the famed 1906 pattern US issue cavalry saber. Going along with their goals of preserving Cavalry traditions we are proud to introduce this exacting replica made to original specs down to the intricate solid steel hilt. A portion of the sales directly support the USCA and their efforts to preserve our military past. High carbon steel blade is hand forged with full tang and tempered plus features the unique double fuller famous for strength while lightening the blade for slashing on horseback. Hilt has solid steel bars, expertly formed w/wooden grip covered in leather and wire per the original spec. Steel scabbard with antique finish to match the rugged and beautiful hilt. Own a true piece of US military history. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. 55⁄8" hilt, 343⁄4" blade. 21⁄4 lbs. #501392...Reg. $249.95…Catalog Special $199.95 q

Civil War Era Swagger Stick From 1860 based directly off the original presented to J. Trigg, the leader of the 18th NY Regular Infantry Band. Traditionally given and carried as a symbol of respect and authority by distinguished men of rank. Hard wood shaft with protective black finish. Intricately cast head is solid brass and richly plated in 24K gold. Includes presentation box. Nickel plated tip. A truly rare part of our history for the discerning collector. 181⁄2" overall, 13⁄8" crown dia. 3⁄4 lbs. #730003…$79.95 ✍ Can be engraved up to 3 initials for an additional charge.

ACC Exclusive

D-Guard Bowie Popular in the Confederacy during the Civil War, this type of huge knife settled many hand to hand conflicts. Almost a short sword in proportion, it was still a great implement for camp life. A must for re-enactors. Steel guard with massive, high carbon steel blade. Holds an edge well. Grip is contoured wood with light stain. 23" overall. 18" blade, 15⁄8" wide, 3⁄16" thick. Weighs 1 lb. 5 oz. Includes leather sheath w/metal furniture. piece of US military history. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #400928…$84.95 q✍


US Civil War (A)



Union Sabers Don’t confuse our sabers with cheap imitations on the market. These fine reproduction sabers are faithful copies of the ones used. Hand forged blades are British military spec steel that will flex over 20° and return to true. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Each leather handle is wire wrapped. Brass pommels and guards. (A) 1860 Light Cavalry Saber–35" long, curving blade is superbly designed for thrusting and as a slashing weapon. Originally copied from an earlier French issue saber. Our excellent reproduction is hand made and ready for use. Stout steel scabbard completes this legendary sword. 41" overall. #500618…$129.95 q

(B) Model 1860 Cavalry Officer’s Saber– similar to (A). The brass, 3-branch guard is nicely hand chased and engraved, as is the brass pommel. 33" long blade is beautifully etched with “U.S.,” and “E Pluribus Unum,” along with foliage and military trophies. Steel scabbard has brass throat, rings and drag. 39" overall. #500188…$149.95

(C) Model 1850 Staff & Field Officer’s Sword–this sword displays a high degree of ornamentation. Brass guard has hand chased foliage and “U.S.” between the branches. 30" long blade is etched with foliage, military trophies and “U.S.”, and “E Pluribus Unum,” and “Iron Proof.” During the years before the war, many Confederate officers – including General Robert E. Lee – carried this sword in the Indian campaigns. Scabbard is blue steel. 35" overall. #500124…$149.95




Civil War Sword Belts Authentic leather sword belts. Two straps that attach to your sword scabbard’s rings. Brass hardware. Adjustable belt fits 37" to 42" waist. Punch extra holes for smaller waists. (D) Confederate–square brass buckle has the letters “CS” on a coarse field. #200310…$59.95 (E) Union–buckle has detailed relief of an eagle with “E Pluribus Unum” banner. #200410…$59.95 (F) Sword Hanger–made to clip onto an existing belt with straps sized to perfect length for horseback carry of your saber. Brass belt clip is 3" long. Leather straps thread through scabbard rings and are secured with brass buttons. #200260…$14.95


THE RE-ENACTOR’S CHOICE Re-enactors & Civil War collectors know their history and they demand authenticity. Each sword on these pages is hand-forged &  fully tempered of 1095 high carbon steel and is coupled with the original handle and sheath materials to ensure you get as close to Gettysburg as possible without having to dodge musket balls. Each is made to perform exactly as the originals did in every way. Itʼs easy to get fooled by other versions, but Generals Lee & Grant wouldn't want it that way. The US military chooses us for the same reasons you should – quality, authenticity and dependability in the field.

Confederate Sabers Authentic, hand made replicas have flexible, ornate blades and leather grips wrapped with brass wire. Made by Windlass





(G) Confederate Staff & Field Officer’s Sword–this faithful reproduction of the Boyle, Gamble & McFee sword is a beauty! The blade etching is even more detailed than on the old ones, with the heroic “C.S.A.”®, cannon and battle flag all well done. Brass fittings are beautifully hand finished with precise detail. Note the five pointed star and “CS”® on the knuckle bow. 31" long blade. 36" overall. Top grain leather scabbard. See Albaugh: Confederate Edged Weapons. #500006…$149.95

(H) Confederate Cavalry Officer’s Saber–this saber is just like the old one carried by General Jo Shelby, the Missouri cavalry raider who never surrendered his command. “C.S.A.”® crisply etched on the 32" long, hand forged blade. “C.S.”® is cast into the guard with excellent detail. Scabbard is blued steel, with brass throats, mounts, rings and drag. 38" long, overall. Consult Albaugh: Confederate Edged Weapons. #500050…$139.95 (I) Confederate Cavalry Saber–of all the Confederate swords and sabers, this was the one used most. Wielded by the troops under the command of J.E.B. Stuart, Wade Hampton and Nathan Bedford Forrest. This is a very distinctive saber with a brass guard similar to that of an 1860 Light Cavalry Saber. 34" long blade has the classic Confederate “unstopped” fuller. 40" overall. Scabbard has brass furniture, ring mounts and drag. You’ll find it in Albaugh: Confederate Edged Weapons, pg. 137. #500646…$149.95 q



Flags of the North & South Official battle flags of the Civil War. Indoor/ outdoor nylon flags are double side w/metal grommets. $12.00 each (J) 13 Star Confederate Flag–3’ x 3’. #801526 (K) 34 Star Union Flag–3’ x 5’. #801528 (L) 1st Confederate Flag–3’ x 5’. This is the

real “Stars and Bars”. #801800



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