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Captain’s Cups Salute your next voyage with this elegant set of 2 Captain’s cups. Made of spun brass and plated inside in silver. They’re safe for your next rum toast! Brazed onto each cup is a copper anchor for added nautical flare. Includes beautiful hardwood storage box with brass accents. Each cup is sized similar to a shot glass. A great nautical decor item or to take on your next voyage. Hand wash. 21⁄4" x 23⁄4" x 41⁄4" box. Cup height 17⁄8". #804398…$24.95

Nautical Knife An updated version of the classic sailors knife. High grade stainless steel tools and handle. Features a marlin spike, 27⁄8" blade, can/bottle opener and shackle key. The handle even has inch and cm measuring marks. All the essentials for any yachtsman. 33⁄4"closed. #403884…$9.95

Bosun Whistle The traditional pipe whistle of the boatswain to coordinate efforts of sailors at sea. Made from authentic materials of copper and brass this beauty includes a brass chain and solid wood presentation box w/inlaid brass anchor. Perfect for reenactors, collectors or any nautical themed room. 6" overall. Box is 71⁄2" x 17⁄8" x 11⁄2" tall. #804212…$19.95

Captain’s Magnifier Easy to store and necessary at sea for reading charts. We find this just as useful today and it looks great on display. Rotating the eye piece in the sturdy brass stand focuses the glass lens. Made of solid, weather resistant brass like the originals. Includes hardwood presentation/storage display box w/brass accents. The diamond on the top can even be engraved with your captain’s or ships initials! 13⁄4" across, 15⁄8" tall. #804236…$24.95 ✍

Nautical Fog Horn Before air horns and even lighthouses, ancient mariners used hand held horns as a sounding beacon in the fog. They could judge distances from land masses based on the horn’s sound as it was bounced back through the thickest fog. Ours is made of solid brass with a silver plated mouth piece. Includes brass plated chain. 133⁄4" long. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts® . #801978… $29.95 DISCLAIMER: Any “Native American” or “Indian” style products contained in this catalog that are not certified as made by a Native American are NOT authentic “Indian made products” as defined by Federal law. “Indian made products” are certified as such by the individual artisan, and Atlanta Cutlery Corporation relies upon the artisan to comply with Federal law. Atlanta Cutlery Corporation makes no independent representation as to authenticity.


1859 Sharp’s Rifles


Non-Firing Replicas (A) (B) (B) (A) Military Rifle– Popular during the Civil War, it was seen as an upgrade from the musket and used by both Union and Confederate troops. Issued to and preferred by snipers as its velocity made it more accurate. It’s still one of the most popular styles featured in Old West shows today. Genuine hardwood stock and metal parts. Many of the parts function on this extremely realistic replica. Even the weight is right. Non-firing. 49" overall. 71⁄2 lbs. #730023…$179.95 (B) Carbine–Popular during the Civil War and a favorite by Cavalry, it was heavily used by both the Union and Confederacy. So popular that it continued to see use for decades beyond the war for sport and militia duties. Today it’s still one of the most commonly seen styles featured in movies and TV shows about the Old West. Genuine hardwood stock and metal part. Many of the parts function on this extremely realistic replica. Even the weight is right. Non-firing. 393⁄4" overall. 51⁄2 lbs. #730022…$159.95

Wild West Dagger

It’s easy to picture a cowboy or gambler sauntering into town with this rugged beauty strapped to his gun belt. Not just for any gambler, but one who wins...a lot. The genuine Damascus steel is featured in the hand forged blade and parts. Grip has sections of hand polished wood w/brass and steel spacers that are highly sculpted for a regal appearance. The brass tacks are not only decorative, but give a great grip. Includes heavy leather belt sheath. 151⁄4" overall, 9" blade. #404018…$120.00

Spittoon This all-brass spittoon is just what you need to carry out that western theme. It might even be fun having your friends and neighbors try to figure out what it’s for. 91⁄2" tall by 27" round. #801860…$49.95


Hand Cuffs and Leg Irons Old-time handcuffs and leg irons made just like the originals from iron. Great for the western enthusiasts or re-enactors. Full size. (A) Cuffs–#801856…$21.95 (B) Irons–#801858…$29.95


Wanted Posters Set This set includes accurate reproductions on aged parchment of 4 notorious bandits – Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. So real you’d swear these guys are still on the loose. Each approx. 141⁄4" x 113⁄8". #801604…$12.95 set


Coffin Handled Bowie


Very comfortable grip that lets the knife come alive in your hands. This reproduction is truly elegant in its simplicity of form and function. Light and fast, this is as deadly as the name implies. Color of handle varies from brown to black. No choice available. Blade 111⁄4" long, 11⁄2" wide. Wt. 3⁄4 lb. Made by


Windlass Steelcrafts® with a sharp edge. Leather sheath included. #400222…$69.95 q ✍

The Sword Cane that’s worthy of Her Majesty’s Secret Service! See page 25

Metal Glo This aluminum oxide polishing paste clean, polishes and protects virtually all metals. Works with a non-abrasive polishing agent to preserve the surfaces of your knives, guns, jewelry, tableware, etc. Removes salt water corrosion, rust, or tarnish. Safe on handle finishes and factory gun bluing. Made in U.S.A. #700288…$4.95


A traditional way to polish and hone thinner blades like straight razors and kitchen knives. Each strop has two sides – one leather and the other canvas. Leather trim and solid metal parts compliment these good looking strops. Fine tune your edge. Small–191⁄2" long, 11⁄2" wide. #804223…$13.95 Large–221⁄2" long, 2" wide. #804222…$16.95

Western Boot Bowie Perfect for the top of a boot or the back of a gun belt. The guard is nickel silver and the grip is hardwood polished to a nice luster. The 51⁄2" blade is high carbon steel that is well-tempered and will take a razor edge. The overall length of 93⁄4" is easy to carry. Weighs only 6 oz. Comes with scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #401728…$39.95 q ✍


Circa 1775

American Revolution Saber The American Colonists were, like most of Europe, amorous of the dashing French Hussar. The handmade hilt of this American saber reflects their admiration of the 1700’s French style. This well-balanced, fast sword was designed for the mounted fighter. Solid steel hilt with spiral pattern carved hardwood grip is married to an effective 1085 high carbon, well-tempered blade. Black leather scabbard with steel mounts. This attractive sword can be seen in the book “Swords and Blades Of The American Revolution” by George. C. Neumann. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Overall 391⁄2". Blade 34" long, 11⁄4" wide and 3⁄16" thick. Wt. 2 lbs. #500872…$149.95 q

Masonic Knights Sword Exactingly reproduced from originals and is one of the most beautiful. Intricately carved, solid metal fittings plated in rich 24K gold and red enamel inlay. All the important symbols are finely reproduced, from the knightly helmet pommel to the Maltese cross and Cross of Life (cross in crown) cross guard. An image of Emperor Constantine and many other intricate carvings also adorn this significant piece. Highly polished stainless steel scabbard and blade with etching in gold. This is truly a magnificent piece and a must for any historian of fraternities, knights or swords. White ABS grip with traditional black scrimshaw. Very few are produced each year. Overall 361⁄2". Blade 30". #500214…$325.00

Kentucky Rifle 19th Century The name Kentucky Rifle is largely a misnomer - they were primarily made in Pennsylvania, although Maryland and Virginia gunsmiths contributed a fair share. The Kentucky name came about as a result of the Battle of New Orleans, which was substantially won by these rifles, in the hands of two thousand frontiersmen from Kentucky. While the design was influenced by the German Jaeger rifles and the slender English and French fowling pieces of the early 18th Century, the Kentucky is uniquely American. This non-firing version shows the graceful lines for which the Kentucky became renowned. #804145…$139.95

Horseman’s Cane This turn-of-the-century reproduction is a cane that could have been used by carriage drivers of the time. The metal horse head has been plated in sterling silver, while the shaft is made of a sturdy aluminum and has been covered in soft, black leather. However, concealed inside the shaft is a 26" forked leather whip, suitable for wild animals or self-defense. Rubber foot insures a non-slip grip. Measures 38" in length. #804443…$89 19

ACC Exclusive!

Texas Bowie Effective, intimidating, and built to work! This was the knife to carry in a rough land like Texas during the days of Santa Ana when a man truly needed a backup weapon. Authentic bone handle, fittings of solid steel, and an unbelievable 133⁄4" blade. Overall 191⁄4". Wt. 1 lb. 10 oz. Based on an original design from a private collection. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Includes leather sheath. #400266…$89.95 q ✍

Arkansas Toothpick

Engrave Your Blade Look for this symbol throughout your catalog: these items may be engraved with up to 3 letters for $5 (1 side). We will not accept returns on any engraved items. If you mail in your order, enter the initials you want engraved as instructed. (Note:

Actual engraving is not italic. To see actual typeface, please see example at

Sharpening q Items with this symbol can be sharpened for an additonal charge: Knives-$15 • Swords $18

This classic of the American mountain man was big enough to ward off unruly beasts on the trail or at the local trading post when need be. Coffin shaped hardwood handle is accented with solid brass furniture. Rugged and solid in the hand. 19" overall. Blade 137⁄8" x 15⁄8" wide. Wt. 1 lb. 2 oz. #400260…$69.95 q ✍

Primitive Bowie Despite the size of this bowie, the overall weight is only 11⁄2 lbs. We cut down a 4" sapling in no time and the blade would still shave. Blade is a full 13" long with a needle point. Width of the blade is 2 3⁄8". The hardwood grip is 51⁄4" and the brass guard is 4 3⁄4". Brass strip on spine is an intentional device designed to catch the edge of an attacker’s blade during a parry. #400884…$89.95 q ✍

Mexican Bowie

One of the most unique and effective Bowie designs we’ve come across. The original is in a private collection, but it wouldn’t be out of place on the belt of of our Texas heros while seeing courageous action on the frontier. 1085 high carbon steel, full tang, uniquely shaped, hand forged blade. Solid brass finger guard and bolster w/hand finished, solid wood handle. Comfortable and wicked fast. Includes top grain leather belt sheath w/embossing and metal reinforced tip. A must for any collector. 161⁄4" overall, 103⁄4" blade. Weighs 1 lb. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #403527…$74.95 q ✍


Damascus “Cowboy” Knife We’ve had a lot of requests for a good all-around knife that would be good for everyday use today, but also look right on a western gun belt. We’ve taken a hunter/fighter style blade that’s 6" long and fit the full profile tang with highly polished bone scales held in place with six brass pins. We didn’t stop there, but made this knife with 512 layer damascus and provided a heavy leather sheath (without any modern snaps), that swallows the knife halfway up the grip. This holds the knife firmly when riding or running, but still allows for a fast draw. Knife is 103⁄4" overall. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #401398…$124.95 q ✍

Competition TOMAHAWK The 31⁄2"-4" edge gives you the maximum target penetration potential under the rules set by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. Hand forging makes these tomahawks stronger and tougher. It gives the steel better temper and makes it easier for you to sharpen. Round poll holds the native samdan hardwood handle snugly. Enjoyed by outdoorsmen in tomahawk throwing competitions all over the country. Weighs 1 lb. 6 oz. #600242…$24.95

Replacement Handles–Excellent for replacement of the inevitable broken handles. Includes instructions for affixing the handle securely.191⁄4" long. #200356…$6.95

Knife And Tomahawk Throwing by Harry K. McEvoy This tried and true manual by world-renowned expert Harry K. McEvoy covers basic throwing, target building, developing bulls-eye precision, hunting game, and professional tactics in a straight-to-the-point format. 28 pages, 22 b/w photos, soft cover. 61⁄4" x 9". #800604…$3.95

Original can be seen in “The Bowie Knife” book by N. Flayderman on pgs. 40-41.

1830 Ames Bowie This beauty was most likely a gift from Ames Cutlery to Captain Washington Hood of the US Army for his design services. Hood was also known for his work mapping the American Frontier and for planning roads in rough Texas territories. A fitting gift and handsome, any soldier would have been proud to carry this. Replicated from 1085 hand forged, high carbon steel, German silver crossguard, one-piece coffin shaped hardwood handle which is fastened by four silver pins, each with small square silver escutcheon, large silver inlay center of each side. Black leather sheath w/wide brass tip. 141⁄4" overall, 9" blade. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #403819…$74.95 ✍


File Knives Made from high carbon files, this is functional art for the workman. Full profile tangs. Each includes leather, frontier style belt sheath. They’re tough as nails, well, files anyway.



(A) Large Utility–Dymondwood scales. 101⁄8" overall, 41⁄2" blade. #404045…$19.95 (B) Skinner–multi-color wood scales over a full profile tang. 75⁄8" overall, 31⁄8" blade. #404046…$15.95 (C) Downhome Hunter–Ever wish you had a knife that you didn’t have much money in and could just beat it up in the field, and not really care too much if it was banged (C) around in the process? You know, just pry with it, chop with it or even throw. Well, this could just be it. This knife is ground from a high carbon file with a good angle grind for easy resharpening. The blade is nearly a 1⁄4" thick and 11⁄8" x 43⁄4" long. Wt. 9 oz. #403272…$15.95

Gentleman’s Choice This large hunter is eautiful to collect and display, yet priced so you don't mind putting it through the rough stuff it was intended for. Features 440 stainless steel blade w/aluminum parts which are maintenance free and keep weight down. Wood & marbled acrylic grip w/spacers. 12" overall, 61⁄2" blade. Includes nylon belt sheath. Custom looks kept affordable. #404081...$14.95

Feather Pen Set A lovely turned wooden pen handle and a separate feather, both with a brass quill tip. Seven inter changeable nibs are included for a myriad of writing styles. Small bottle of ink is included. #802223…$34.00

Pirate Flags Indoor/outdoor nylon. 3' x 5' with metal grommets. Double sided. $12.00 each (C) Henry Avery…#801750 (D) Jack Rackham…#801436


Twisted Iron Dagger Hand forged from a single piece of iron. Perfect for concealing as a back-up weapon of last resort or great for inside a lady’s bodice. Comes complete with a suede sheath. Measures 61⁄2" overall and weighs in at only 2 ounces! Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #403542…$19.00




Butt of gun has sculpted skull.

This sleek 18th Century pistol is the epitome of pirate lore. Ornate filigree etching adorns the barrel, firing mechanism and pistol guard, while the butt cap is an exquisite relief of the skull and crossbones. Antique wood and metal. Non-firing. #804450…$50.00

Throwing Bowie Tough enough for hours of target practice or days of trail blazing. This massive bowie has a 93⁄4" long, stainless steel blade that is 21⁄4" wide and 5 ⁄32" thick. Rosewood handle scales and solid brass crossguard. Made in Pakistan where we’ve found the quality much improved in recent years. At this economical price, this is a great value for flinging or for field chores. Comes with leather scabbard. #400794…$24.95 (Cannot be shipped to NY) (Two For $46.00)

Throwing Knife Book By Blackie Collins, on sport, survival and defense. 33 pages, 34 black and white photos, softcover. 6" x 9". #800690…$3.95

Original 1800’s “Patch” Knives These hand forged antiques have genuine stag handles. There is great variation, but they are generally 61⁄2" to 71⁄2" overall, with blades ranging from 23⁄4" to 31⁄4". Sorry, no selection, but pretty good condition. #401788…$35.00 each

2 or more…$30.00 each

Leather Boots Perfect for rendezvous, frontier outfits, or just plain comfort. Well-made boots that are cut from the best glove-tanned leathers and have an all-suede finish. Inside is a 1⁄8" thick, cushioned insole. They have a hard sole, so you can wear them all day long. Men’s whole sizes 7-13. Brown or black, with or without leather fringe. High Boot Fringe–#100256…$75.00 • Without Fringe–#100282…$70.00 Low Boot Fringe–#100294…$59.00 • Without Fringe–#100322…$55.00

Frontier Shirt We've seen a lot of simple shirts in our day, but this one stood out as being the go to for reenactors from the Old West to the US Civil War and beyond. A great all purpose garment with historical detail. Natural, unbleached cotton muslin (off white) or bleached white. S, M, L, XL and 2X. #730018…$28.95


Stunning Damascus A mesmerizing array of real layered Damascus steel throughout this amazing knife from full profile tang to blade tip, even the reinforcing bolsters. Genuine bone scales. This is one sharp, tough knife ready to tackle the outdoors. Includes leather belt sheath. 83⁄8" overall, 4" blade. #403774…$59.95 (A)


Elk Ridge Bushcraft Beautifully simple. 440 stainless steel w/strong full profile tangs. Each performs in the field and around camp with comfort and efficiency. (A) Camp Mate–rubberized aluminum scales for a good grip even when wet. Blade profile is great for skinning and other camp chores. Includes nylon belt sheath w/pouch similar to (A), but also includes a fire starter rod which can be struck with the special designed shape on the blades spine. 81⁄4" overall, 41⁄4" blade. #404092…$12.95 (B) Field Mate–generous, very comfortable hardwood scales w/liners to handle the elements. Includes nylon belt sheath w/pouch for your own small gear like compass, sharpener, survival kit, etc. 10" overall, 43⁄4" blade. #404087…$18.95

Little Mustang This is one workhorse you’ll want to domesticate. 400 series stainless steel. A tidy 4" overall, 11⁄2" blade. Frame lock. No clip, since it doesn’t take up much pocket space. #402660…$7.95

Lone Star Folder A simple classic. Hard to picture a cowboy without one in a pocket or stuffed into a saddle bag. 400 series stainless steel w red, white and blue scales and inset metal star that looks an awful lot like a spur- pretty cool. There’s a little cowboy in all of us and this knife is great to have for any outdoor task on the range or ranch. 21⁄2" stockman & spey blades. 31⁄2" closed. #404122…$16.95

Elk Ridge Hunter A great companion while hunting, it skins small to medium sized game and looks darn good doing it (as good as you can anyway). Plus it doesn’t look out of place in a collection with the polished 440 stainless steel and wood scales. Full profile tang w/attractive elk cutout. Includes leather belt sheath. 7" overall, 23⁄4" blade. #403892…$14.95

On Her Majesty’s Service Sword Cane Before the official formation of the SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) in England in 1909, there were still many defenders in the service of Her Majesty and the crown. This magnificent sword cane is an example of just the type of clandestine piece, which would have been carried by Queen Victoria’s secret bodyguards. All of the lavish metal adornments on the exterior of this piece have been expertly plated in 24-Karat gold, and then antiqued. The strong shaft is stained and highly-polished Indian Rosewood. However, the most magnificent feature is the 201⁄4" hidden stainless steel blade within. The surface of this blade has been lavishly etched with period scrollwork and the pledge, “On Her Majesty’s Service.” Without a doubt the most gorgeous sword cane ever offered by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Uses the Windlass locking mechanism. Has a rubber anti-slip cup on the base. Measures 381⁄2" overall and ships in a presentation box. Wt. 1 lb. 14 oz. #601007…$169.00 R14

Authentic British Fire Helmet Reflecting old Britain’s love of ornate accoutrements, this showy “MERRYWEATHER” pattern Fireman’s Helmet was first introduced in 19th century Victorian England and saw active service through WWII. We recently obtained a few. The top of each splendid helmet reaches skyward with a magnificent crest depicting a fire-breathing dragon. Made of solid brass with impressive front plate badge and features a flourish of crossed axes and fire hoses ringed with a floral motif. Brass-scaled chin strap; may show slight storage dents, but in very good display condition. #300200....$249.95

19th Century Fire Axe We can engrave your emblem. Call for details and pricing.

Found at auction, we are happy to recreate this traditional axe in its entirety – down to the blue paint of the sinuously curved hard wood shaft seen on the original. High carbon steel head has a massive 9" axe face and 5" spike for breaching and prying. Not only functional, this beauty can be engraved on its wide surface and presented as a trophy to a firehouse or heroic fire fighter. 341⁄2" overall. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #600967…$89.95 ✍


Top Quality Blades & Knife Sharpeners Skinner Kit A good looking hunter you can truly make your own. Kit includes 400 series stainless steel blade w/spine jimping, a solid brass finger guard and even a frontier style leather sheath. Just add a handle and you’ve got a custom knife for a fraction of the custom price. 57⁄8" overall, 31⁄2" blade. #701023…$16.95

World’s Fastest Sharpener ACCUSHARP® makes anyone an instant expert because it’s pre-set to sharpen to the proper angle every time. Tungsten carbide sharpeners will put a razor edge on all kinds of knives, machetes, axes, and cleavers in an average of 10 seconds. Reversible tungsten sharpeners double the years of use and are recessed for safety and control. Contoured plastic handle has a knuckle guard to protect your hand. Made in the U.S.A. #200200…$9.95 Replacement Blades–#800014…$5.95


(B) (C)

(D) (E) (F)

1085 High Carbon Steel Knife Blades Functional blades hand forged and tempered. Each is 1 ⁄8" thick. Each is approximately 45 Rockwell. Blades A-J made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. (A) Fantasy–163⁄4" overall. 111⁄8" blade. #700220…$16.95 (B) Companion–155⁄8" overall. 101⁄2" blade. #700002…$18.95 (C) Fighter–1413⁄16" overall. 97⁄8" blade. #700024…$18.95 (D) Traditional Hunter–125⁄8" overall. 71⁄8" blade. #700278…$14.95 (E) Small Hunter–85⁄8" overall. 5" blade. #700070…$13.95 (F) Camper–5 pre-drilled holes for rivets/ screws and a lanyard hole. 83⁄4" overall. 5" blade, 1" wide. Wt. 4 oz. #700276…$14.95


(H) (G)



(G) Boot Dagger–111⁄4" overall. 63⁄16" blade. #700160…$12.95 (H) Full Tang Dagger–10" overall. 61⁄8" blade. #700334…$14.95 (I) 12" Arkansas Toothpick–13⁄4" wide x 116" thick with a round tang over 7" long. 191⁄2" overall. #700496…$14.95 (J) 12" Scottish Dirk–nicely polished. Its 11⁄4" wide x 1⁄4" thick. 5" long, hand tooled pattern on blade back. 5" long, round tang. 171⁄2" overall. #700042…$16.95

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DIY Handle Material Marbled acrylic material takes a nice polish and the swirling pattern is unique and eye catching. They won’t warp with age or temperature. Make an artistic statement when making your next cutlery masterpiece. Each scale 5" x 11⁄2" x 1⁄4". $14.95 set of 2 Red Pearl–#701021 • White Pearl–#701020 Black Pearl–#701019

Faux Buffalo Horn Acrylic is easy to work and the scales give a unique, sure grip with the jigged horn-like contours. Each scale is 5" x 11⁄2" x 1⁄4". #701018…$14.95 set of 2

Make The Knife You Carry Our booklet will get you started in knifemaking. You’ll learn what tools to use, and, of course, the actual steps you take to make your knife. 32 pages illustrated with photographs and over 40 drawings. 51⁄2" x 81⁄2" format. #800232…$3.50

Windlass® Rustblocker




512 layers (D)

Fight the high cost of rust with the same vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCl) developed for the military. The metal seeking vapors in Windlass® Rustblocker form an invisible multi layer of electro-chemical inhibitors that seal metal against the air and moisture. Easy spray-on application removes dirt & grime and seals bare metal for long lasting protection. Perfect for all metal products including knives, swords, axes, firearms or any metal part requiring cleaning and corrosion protection. #801488...$10.00 No express shipping.

(F) (E)




(H) Engrave It – 3 Initials – Only $5. All blades on this page. No returns on engraved items.

(I) (A) Bird Knife–63⁄4" overall. Compact 3" blade has an integral finger guard. 5⁄8" wide. Wt. 3 oz. .188" thick. #700188…$29.95 (B) 4" Long Damascus Drop Point–11⁄8" wide and .188" thick at the spine. 71⁄2 long overall. Wt. 3 oz. #700472…$29.95 (C) 21⁄4" Long Damascus Drop Point Utility–11⁄16" wide and .188" thick at the spine. Ridged thumbrest. 61⁄16" long overall. Wt. 1 oz. Tang drilled for 1⁄8" pins. #700434…$24.95 (D) Boot Dagger–613⁄16" overall. 43⁄4" long, 1" wide. Wt. 3 oz. .188" thick. #700396…$29.95 (E) Hunting Damascus–85⁄8" overall. Blade 53⁄4" x 13⁄8" wide. Wt. 4 oz. .188" thick. #700296…$39.95

(F) All Purpose Damascus–71⁄2" overall. Blade 31⁄2" x 1" wide. Wt. 4 oz. .188" thick. #700122…$39.95 (G) California Bowie–16" overall. Blade 111⁄4" x 15⁄8" wide. Wt. 9 oz. #700346…$16.95 (H) Combat–14" overall. Blade 81⁄4" x 15⁄8" wide. Wt. 12 oz. #700078…$15.95 (I) Work Knife–111⁄4" overall. Blade 6" x 15⁄8" wide. Wt. 5 oz. #700174…$14.95 (J) Carbon Steel Sgian Dubh–31⁄4" blade, 3⁄4" wide. #700380…$14.95 (K) Damascus Sgian Dubh–31⁄4" blade, 3⁄4" wide. #700414…$34.95 A-K Made by Windlass Steelcrafts™.


Beautiful Premium Knife Blades Each blank is made from super tough 9cr14MoV high carbon stainless steel and tempered to the mid 50’s for edge retention. All come sharp. Heirloom quality steel for your next knife project.

(A) (A) Whitefield Bowie–polished finish, includes attached stainless steel bolsters. 121⁄2" overall, 71⁄4" blade is 3⁄16" thick. #701026...$39.95


Durango Bowie– Includes matching stainless steel crossguard. 121⁄2" overall, 63⁄8" blade. (B) Stone Washed Finish– #701044...$29.95 (C) Rough Forged Finish–#701045...$33.95 Satin Finish–(not shown).#701043...$29.95


(D) (D) Blackfoot Skinner– rough forged finish, includes attached stainless steel bolsters & 2 screw rivets. 8" overall, 31⁄2" blade. #701025...$26.95 (E) Colorado Kid– stone wash finish, includes finger guard & butt cap. 8" overall, 31⁄4" blade. #701036...$24.95 Satin–(not shown). #700658...$21.95 (F) Ontario Skinner– stone wash finish. 91⁄8" overall, 5" blade. #701035...$23.95 Satin–(not shown). #700657...$20.95


(F) (G)

Trade Knife– 91⁄4" overall, 41⁄2" blade. (G) Stone Washed Finish– #701041…$19.95 (H) Rough Forged Finish– #701028…$21.95 (I) Rio Grande Skinner– stone wash finish, includes attached stainless steel bolsters. 91⁄2" overall, 41⁄4" blade. #701033...$24.95 Satin–(not shown). #700655...$23.95 (J) Mini Caper–stone wash finish. 61⁄4" overall, 21⁄2" blade. #701049...$18.95 Satin–(not shown)#700668...$16.95











Composite Turquoise Scales 31⁄4" x 1". #701046…$15.95

Ivory Composite Scales (K)-(O) Stone Washed shown, (P) Rough Forged shown. (K) Tonto–Includes attached bolsters. 81⁄2" overall, 37⁄8" blade. Stone Washed–#701030...$21.95 • Satin Finish–#700652...$19.95 (L) Hunter–Includes attached bolsters. 9" overall, 4" blade. Stone Washed–#701042...$21.95 • Satin Finish–#700663...$19.95 (M) Fat Boy Skinner–71⁄4" overall, 31⁄8" blade. Stone Washed–#701032...$21.95 • Satin Finish–#700654...$20.95 (N) Talon Skinner–stone wash finish. 71⁄4" overall, 3" blade. Stone Washed–#701029...$21.95 • Satin Finish–#700651...$18.95 (O) Hooks Skinner–71⁄2" overall, 31⁄4" blade. Stone Washed–#701037...$24.95 • Satin Finish–#700659...24.95 (P) Otter Skinner–61⁄2" overall, 3" blade. Rough Forged–#701038...$18.95 • Satin Finish–#700660...$16.95

An attractive way to finish off your hard work building that custom knife of yours. Beautiful ivory look in an easy to work composite material, they polish up nice. 5" x 11⁄2". #701057… $14.95

Lady Luck Dagger Blade Satin finish. 61⁄4" overall, 33⁄4" blade. #701040...$10.95

Backspring features floral jimping.

Texas Toothpick Kit Stone wash blade, satin handle w/attached bolsters and spine jimping. Scales not included. 57⁄8" overall, 23⁄8" blade. #701048...$19.95 Satin–(not shown).#700667...$18.95

Laguiole Knife Kit Create your own stunning heirloom quality blade. Includes everything you need to make a classic, fully functional folding knife and we mean everything. Includes presentation box too! Features high grade stainless steel blade and parts, real wood scales and brass rivets. Add your own finishing touch to make it yours. We honestly think anyone can proudly assemble a beautiful knife with this kit. 31⁄2" blade. Handle 45⁄8" long. #701022…$12.95

Natural Scales


Enjoy a natural selection of scales that will make your next knife a true treasure. Set of 2.

A) Camel Bone 31⁄2" x 11⁄4" #701052...$13.95 41⁄2" x 11⁄4" #701054...$14.95 5" x 11⁄2" #701053...$15.95


Water Buffalo Horn-5" x 11⁄2" B) Black #701056...$11.95 C) Black w/ white marbling. #701055...$13.95



New Stock Set For Martini Henry MKI & MKII This new stock set consists of the butt stock and the fore stock and fits Martini Henry Mark I or Mark II infantry long rifles. #600835…$174.95 New Stock (not shown)–for P-1853 .577 Calibre Percussion Infantry Rifle and P-1864. 577 Calibre Snider Breech Loading Rifle. See our website. #600568…$174.95

Brown Bess Musket Stock Excellent reproduction hardwood replacement stock for New Land pattern muskets. Includes brass hardware and trigger assembly. #600944…$174.95

Bayonets P-1876 Socket Bayonet w/Scabbard– #600412…$125.00 P-1887 Naval Issue Mk. 3– #600492…$195.00 P-1876 Socket Bayonet wo/Scabbard– #600843…$75.00

Cleaning Rods MH Short Lever Rod– #800946…$39.95 Enfield P-1853– #800948…$39.95 MH Long Lever Rod– #800950…$39.95 Snider P. 1864– #801016…$39.95 M-1878 MH/Gahendra Rod– #804149…$39.95

--Martini Henry Accessories Martini Carbine Cleaning Jag– #801012…$32.50 Brass Oiler w/Factory Markings– #802297…$19.95 Brass Muzzle Cover #1– #802298…$19.95 Brass Muzzle Cover #2– #802299…$19.95 MK I Cleaning Jag– #803640…$44.95 British MH Rifle Cleaning Jag– #801010…$34.50

Reproduction Brown Bess Sling Fits muskets and carbines. Sling is 1⁄16" wide and adjusts from 24" to 29"; made from top-grain leather with white finish on the face side and natural on the back and sides. All brass hardware. #802277…$24.95

Bandolier Issued to soldiers to help in reloading their rifles quickly. Worn around the chest, our quality reproduction is made from high grade leather. #802273…$69.95

Parts Original Nipple Enfield– #600838…$9.95 Enfield/Snider Barrel Band Retaining Pins –#600839…$14.95 Enfield Snider Barrel Bands– #600840…$29.95 Enfield Combination Musket Tool– #600933…$39.95 P-1853 Complete Enfield Parts Kit– #600945…$545.00 Swivel–#600949…$12.95 P-1853 Enfield, P-1864 Snider Main Spring– #600950…$19.95 P-1853 Enfield, P-1864 Snider Main Spring– #600951…$34.95 P-1853 Enfield, P-1864 Snider Trigger Guard –#600952…$24.95 P-1853 Enfield Rear Sight –#600953…$39.95 P-1853 Enfield Breech Plug –#600954…$23.95 MH Receiver Locking Screw –#600957…$14.95 Martini Henry Breech Lock Screw–#600959…$14.95

Brown Bess Waist Belt With Frog Made from top grain black finished leather with brass belt buckle. 13⁄4" wide and fits up to 52" waists. In keeping with the spirit of the originals, there are no belt buckle holes. It’s up to the user to customize the fit of the belt by using an awl or similar tool to make the belt buckle holes. Belt features a sewn in bayonet frog. #802276…$26.95


Atlanta cutlery: Historically Accurate and Battle Worthy Weapons  

Atlanta Cutlery Corp. started in 1971 as a mail order catalog company selling hunting and other hard to find knives and knife making supplie...

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