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Early morning, 27 December 1941: the Christmas peace is shattered by a loud bang. In ten minutes, more than 560 British bombs fell on Måløy. For the next six hours, it’s total war: aerial bombs, street fighting and artillery fire from warships. Through the deafening racket: the high-pitched sound of bagpipes. Original pictures from the raid and metres of original film are displayed in a vivid exhibition, which has touched thousands of visitors. The displays also showcase original uniforms, Mad Jack’s bagpipes and Martin Linge’s pistol, accompanied by the smells of Christmas baking and explosions. As well as the exhibition on the Måløy raid, there are displays on Martin Linge, the Linge Company, the daring Shetland Bus missions and the Norwegian Independent Brigade Group, BAOR. You can also find out more about what it was like to be a German soldier stationed at Måløy during the war. The centre is located at the heart of the town, with parking in the square and several good cafés nearby. Open June 17 – August 4 at 10.00 – 17.00 every day. See the website for opening hours outside of the high season. maloyraidsenteret.no

Street art

After the Maløy raid, during the Second World War, large parts of Måløy was bombed and burned. As a consequence, the town has few remaining older wooden houses and caracteristical boat houses. In the aftermath of the war, large industrial buildings and concrete boxes, in a 1950s building style, came to and would continue to dominate the current town centre. A perfect base for a creative mind. When Tone Andal returned to her hometown in 2010 she quickly realized Måløy’s many grey and worn concrete walls had great potential as a street art canvases. Today, you can explore 21 different murals in the Måløy region. Most of them are within walking proximity of Måløy town centre.

Kayak, Coasteering and Yoga

Experience nature up close and in a very different manner than usual. Sjøbris Adventure offers activities such as kayaking, coasteering and yoga, with an intention of creating adventurous and meaningful experiences through play, challenges and mindfulness in nature. Focusing on outdoor activities, naturediversity, cultural heritage and “leaving no trace”, Sjøbris Adventure are contributing to learning, mastery, joyfulness and care for man and nature. sjobrisadventure.no


At Flyt Sauna Vågsvåg, combine the warmth and relaxation of a traditional sauna with the beauty of our coastal surroundings. Alternate between the hot sauna and a refreshing dip in cold seawater. Open from 09.00 to 21.00 every day. booking.sjobrisadventure.no


About 10 km west from Måløy center in the small village called Oppedal you will find Kannesteinen. Kannesteinen is an extraordinary 3 meters high stone shaped by waves, ice, and stone. You will find a parking area and a well-organized path down to the stone. The attraction is open for visitors all-year round.

A til Å www.atilaa.no Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord. Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord. Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord. Photo: Måløyraidsenteret. Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord. RIB-tour  Experience speed and excitement, wild forces of nature, an exhilarating ride between islets and skerries, or a cozy trip on the fjord. Storm@Stad take you on RIB adventures in the area around Måløy. stormstad.no Deep sea fishing and sea eagle safari Explore 62* North arranges skiing and sailing trips in the Sunnmøre alps with the sailing ship Westland. During the summer and autumn they hold sea fishing tours and sea eagle safari departing from Måløy. explore62.com
fjordkysten.no 2024

Kråkenes lighthouse

With the North Sea as the next door neighboor, Kråkenes lighthouse is a place that will take your breath away. The lighthouse is placed on a base 45 masl and is surrounded by the ocean on 3 sides. When the weather is at its most intense, the waves and sea gusts rage towards the windows, reminding you that staying inside is probably the best idea. The lighthouse has a weather station that sends data to Norway’s meteorological institute. It might be one of the places on Norway’s coast with the strongest wind. Kråkenes lighthouse was established by the Norwegian coastal administration Kystverket in 1906. It is a lighthouse that guides passing boat traffic as well as arriving ships from the Stad ocean in Kinn municipality. The lighthouse was automated in 1986, and is rented by Ytre Nordfjord Turlag, a local chapter of the Norwegian trekking assosication DNT. Despite being known for its most windy days, a visit to Kråkenes lighthouse is a unique experience. Sit outside on a calm day and watch the sun set in the ocean. The lighthouse café is open every weekend and public holidays in the period Mars 23 until the end of August, 11.00 – 17.00. ytrenordfjord.dnt.no

Vågsberget trading place and guesthouse

Vågsberget is beautifully situated by the ocean, only a short drive from Måløy when heading towards Vågsvåg and Kannesteinen. Vågsberget is one of the many trade and guesthouse locations along our coast, and it is also one of the most complete and maintained in Norway. Because Vågsberget is one of the most preserved trading towns in Norway, it is currently protected. The buildings on Vågsberget are from around 1800, while the trading town has roots going back to the 17th century. The owners received trade priviliges from the king and had exlusive rights to trade and sell a number of important goods. Often, the inhabitants in the area would be in debt to the merchant. In the middle of the 19th century, the trading privileges went away. The coastal museum are resposible for running Vågsberget. During the summer season, Vågsberget is open for tours of the historical houses and exhbition, and there is a café in one of the buildings. Open June 20

Skongenes lighthouse

Are you looking for a unique and crisp long weekend outdoors? Visit Skongenes lighthouse on Vågsøy! Sleep in the lighthouse keeper’s residence, enjoy the quiet yard, and experience an eldorado of cliffs and pathways. Skongenes lighthouse was established in 1870 and was important for the ship traffic in the rough weather on the Stad ocean. The lighthouse is about a 1 hour walk over the mountain from Halsør. The walk is easy and well-suited for most people. If the weather is nice, boats can berth along the pier and visitors can visit the island from sea. It is a DNT-cabin and open for both members and non-members. Rooms must be booked in advance. ytrenordfjord.dnt.no

Refviksanden beach

With its beautiful silver sand, this 1,5 km long beach is one of Norway’s finest swimming beaches. Refvik is approximately 10 km from the city Måløy. Enjoy warm and beautiful summer days on the beach, or experience one of the many autumn storms. The houses in Refvik have thick brick walls on one side. These are built to avoid the strong autumn storms from taking the houses’ walls with them. You can find the municipal campsite with WCs and showers. There are pitches for tents, caravans and camper vans. facebook.com/refvikcamping

Ulvesund lighthouse

Ulvesund Lighthouse is nestled in a tranquil and sunny garden, a short drive from Måløy en route to Osmundsvåg. Here, one can enjoy a full view of boat traffic and the shifting light of the Sildagapet. In the lighthouse café, you can order homemade food and freshly ground coffee to enjoy either inside or out in the garden. Creative activities are available for both adults and children at the lighthouse. In the charming lighthouse shop, guests can purchase homemade juice, jelly, handicrafts, and more. Guests staying overnight can relish in colorful and peaceful sunsets, and a hearty breakfast. Open from June 25 to August 11, 13.00 – 18.00 every day. ulvesundfyr.no

Day trip cabin on Kletten

Walking to the day trip cabin, you either have to walk or drive across the bridge towards Deknepollen. Getting to the cabin, there are three different options. If you choose to start from Kulen, park by Asvo and walk along the road untill the walking trail starts. This is a shorter walk, with a sharp incline towards the top. The hike takes about 15 minutes. It is suitable for the entire family and you can enjoy a fantastic view of Måløy from the cabin.


Choose between walking all the way from the town centre or drive to Skramsvatnet by Måløy sports stadium. Park by Skramsvatnet. Måløy stadium is a great base for many hikes with varying degrees of difficulity and duration. The Norwegian trekking association DNT has a marked trail to Veten with a great view everywhere you look. Some of the sights you will see is the fjord and towards the Stad ocean. Veten is 613 masl and the tallest peak on Vågsøya.

Kr keneset Vedvika Skongenes Setra Silda Raudeberg Ytre Kvalheim Nordoppedalen Mehuken Valheimsvika Vågsøy Kjerringa ærestranda Holvika Husev g Vågsfjorden Evja Ura Nygård Eidevika Raudegga Allmenningen Flatraket Venøy Barmø Gangsøy Husevåg y Oldeide Bremangerlandet Hamnen Rugsundøy Nordpollen Røysefjorden Må øy 15 15 618 618 Refviksanden Veten Hendanes Deknepollen Hanekammen Ulvesund km
– August 18, 12.00 – 17.00 Thurs – Sun. misf.no/vaagsberget
Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord. Photo: Unni Lise Dahl. Foto: Espen Mills Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord.
Laila Anita Schønhardt. MÅLØY TOURIST INFORMATION – Gate 1 90, 6700 Måløy • Tel. +47 469 02 095 Open JUNE 22 – AUGUST 18, Mon – Fri at 10.00 – 17.00 Sat – Sun at 10.00 – 15.00 BUA Måløy offers rentals for everything you need on an outdoor vacation, either on the beach or on a hike. BUA is a national non-profit organization that aims to make activities and outdoor life more accessible to everyone, especially, children and youths. Borrow anything you need for different sports and outdoor activities for free. You can borrow fishing poles, tents, life jackets, hammocks, SUP, bikes and more. For opening hours, please check facebook. Gate 1 • 37, 6700 Måløy • facebook.com/BUAMaloy
Foto: Eirik Føleide. Fishing museum Please check Facebook for opening hours: facebook.com/fiskerimuseet Hiking trail at Måløy Stadium. Starting point for several great mountain hikes. Moldøen Hiking area under the bridge Disc golf. Recreational Park Recreation area and beach by the lake Poljavatnet in Deknepollen. Bicycle Rental at Måløy Tourist Information Library for opening hours check: kinn.kommune.no Cinema Gate 225, 6700 Måløy maloykinoogkultur.no Nordfjordhallen Nordfjordvegen 9101/9111, 6718 Deknepollen • nordfjordhallen.no Disc golf at Moldøen. Festivals: Måløydagene 28. – 30. juni • facebook.com/maloydagene Strandfestivalen 5. – 6. juli • strandfestivalen.no Elvisfestivalen 1. – 3. august elvisfestivalen.no

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