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Aston Workshop’s

DB6 MK2 re-edition

Let Aston Workshop build the car of your dreams! Using a genuine factory DB6 MK1 or MK1 Vantage Aston Workshop can build the car of your dreams! Here are some of the upgrades and enhancements we can include‌ DB6 MK 2 body with wider hubs, flared arches and wider wheels (personal choice as to style) Power steering Full suspension performance pack 4.7 litre vantage engine 5 speed manual modern gearbox or 4 or 6 speed automatic tranmission Hi capacity alloy cooling system Optional (Tropical) rear mounted air-con AP racing brakes Zircotec exhaust treatment Special electrics generator etc Not to mention the colour and trim of your choice!

Aston Workshop DB6 MK2 re-edition The original DB6 was a development of the iconic DB5. The emphasis was on more room for all, making it a great choice for those wishing to share the pleasure and excitement of classic Aston Martin ownership with family or friends. At the same time, no compromise was made in terms of performance or handling, ensuring that the DB6 adhered to the Aston Martin core values of luxury and performance combined with stunning looks. In 1969 Aston Martin upgraded the DB6 with several enhancements including 1/2inch wider wheels and tyres. This incredibly desirable Aston is known as the DB6 MK2 Today, Aston Workshop take this concept much further to produce a DB6 that is even more powerful, more sporting, more comfortable and better suited to today's roads! The ASTON MARTIN DB6 MK2 re-edition from Aston Workshop

Suspension & Steering

Driving a classic Aston should be a pleasure not a chore! Thanks to our ultimate suspension and brake upgrade package, modern levels of grip & handling can now be attained leading to much greater comfort and safety. Our fast road suspension kit improves general handling and optimises the suspension for use with modern radial tyres. We also fit an electric power assisted steering system to our DB6 MK2 re-edition which transforms drivability!

Vantage 4.7L

The Ultimate Engine - Vantage 4.7L

This is at the core of our DB6 special edition. We wanted to produce the ultimate driver's DB6, and where better to start than with the engine. The original DB6 Vantage specification is already quite impressive for it's age, but our 4.7 litre upgrade takes the car to a whole new level. An increase in engine size is achieved by fitting the enlarged liners of a 4.5 litre engine and a crankshaft with a slightly larger stroke to give 4.7 litres. Also fitted with fast road camshafts and triple Weber DCOe9 carburettors, the resulting increase in engine torque is a mind blowing 35% to 40% with a reliable power output better than 340 to 350 bhp! Engines completed to this specification are noticeably punchier, particularly in mid range torque. Also, the ability to pull a very high ratio final drive is significantly enhanced, leading to a much improved long distance driving experience. The 4.7 L is also available with a discreetly hidden fuel injection system witch gives even more power and torque!


Modernised with discretion – To add to the modern feel of our ultimate DB6 we also offer a fully engineered 5 speed manual transmission solution, which comes as close as possible to maintaining the visual impression of an unmodified car, yet has the 'easy of use' and efficient characteristics of a more modern car. However we also offer 4 and 6 speed automatic tranmissions as fitted to the likes of VW and BMW today. Both of these upgrades are 'Hidden Gems' for sure!


For superior braking, an all Girling disc duplex brake system is fitted with twin servos to provide a totally separate front and rear hydraulic system, as well as AP racing calipers & ventilated discs to greatly enhance performance.

Air Con

You might arrive at your destination a lot sooner than you would expect but you will never arrive hot & bothered!

Over the last 10 years, Aston Workshop has gained a considerable amount of experience in providing Air Con systems for use in tropical and humid climates where ambient air temperatures can regularly exceed 40ยบC. Such systems have been fitted to a wide range of cars including DB4, DB5, DB6, V8 and even the DB2. All-in-all, you can rest assured of a very comfortable journey, whether you're darting around the back-roads in the Highlands of Scotland or cruising through desert in the Emirates!

Engine Cooling

Designed to give an effective solution to overheating and give you peace of mind in the most demanding conditions, our Imola Cooling Kit consists of a new uprated aluminium radiator and an electronically controlled Kenlow Fan. For those Astons operating in extremely high temperatures there is even the option to add a second Kenlow Fan to the system!

Interior Trim

The interior trim is based on the DB6 MK 2 and is of the colour scheme of your choice and tailored from the finest hide.

Aston Workshop have developed the only electric memory seats that can be retro fitted to the Aston Martin DB6. These seats offer an unparalleled level of comfort and are once again fitted with discretion so as not take from the original aesthetic. We also offer several levels of heat insulation from specialist exhaust coatings to 'hidden', lightweight padding in the roof-lining as well as discreet noise insulation . The result is a much more comfortable car than that of the original DB6 specification, whatever the climate. To further enhance safety, a combination of LED lights and fibre optics are used to improve the standard instrument lighting. This gives a modern level of luminosity without altering the original gauges in any visible way. All other aspects of the project are undertaken to the same rigorously high standards as one of our world famous restorations including Paint & Trim, Upgraded Electrical Systems, Aluminium Fuel Tank etc.

Sat Nav & Ice

A major consideration in modern cars and so just as important to the specification of our DB6, SAT Nav and ICE systems are best individually specified and fitted. The choice of after market systems available is huge and diverse. Once again, discretion is the key word and we will advise you on the best solution that offers both high specification and complimentary aesthetics.

The Aston Workshop DB6 MK2 re-edition

All of these upgrades together in one classic Aston Martin combined with the expertise of those undertaking the work means that we truly believe these beautiful cars represent... the ultimate Aston Martin DB6!

DB6 MK2 re-edition  

Brochure outlining the DB6 MK2 re-edition from Aston Workshop

DB6 MK2 re-edition  

Brochure outlining the DB6 MK2 re-edition from Aston Workshop