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Pietra Grey

Elegant Grey

Nero Marquina

PIETRA GREY Pietra Grey is a calcite grey-brown marble. Uniform in appearance and compact. The base is a very subtly nuance between brown carbons and grey graphite. The pattern alternates between very fine snow-white streaks and barely perceptible linear slate-colored glazes. The surface is silk matt honed. Pietra Grey is nicest with our colours; Char Grey, Bronze, Nougat, White and the new Quartz Grey frame color

ELEGANT GREY Elegant Grey is a light grey marble quarried in Pakistan. Even though it has the ambiance of a mix of nordic baltic sea limestone and marble, the nuance can vary from a soft grey to towards a warmer color tone. The variations makes each stone part unique. The natural, non directional pattern is elegant and soft shifting and the surface is silk matt honed. Elegant Grey can be well matched with the frame colors Char Grey, White and the new colour Quartz Grey.

NERO MARQUINA Nero Marquina with origin from Spain, it is an elegant black marble with discrete white veins. Nero Marquina suits best with our Char Grey frame color. The surface is silk matt honed.

NEW COLOUR: QUARTZ GREY Quartz grey is ASPLUND newest color within the frame color range/palette. It’s a nuance in between Storm Grey and Nougat and suits perfectly to our new stones 2022.

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MOCI DINING TABLE By Moa Sjöberg 2021

Moci is a handcrafted and generous dining table made in Sweden with massive oak legs and a oak veneer top. We are excited to announce that MOCI has been awarded FURNITURE OF THE YEAR by RUM 2022 with the motivation: ”The large dining table has become softer! Young designer Moa Sjöberg’s beautiful table is determined in its design language and defines the balance between the straight and the round, the hard and the soft and thin and chunky.”

Moci Dining Table H: 72, W: 95, L: 240 cm H: 72, W: 95, L: 280 cm Colours: Natural Oak (PU1) White Stained Oak (PU2) Chestnut Stained Oak (PU10)

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REMY SERVING TROLLEY By Broberg & Ridderstråle 2021

Remy is a hand made serving trolley composed in a strict minimal fashion with attention to details. A small and flexible workstation with a selected material mix with oak veneer, metal, leather and marble. Perfect to complement a kitchen, dining room, board room or a lounge.

Remy Serving Trolley H: 90 cm W: 50 cm L: 100 cm

Top: Carrara Marble Nero Marquina Jura Limestone Pietra Grey Elegant Grey

Colours: White Stained Oak (P2) Black Walnut Oak (P4) Dark Smoked Oak (P6)

Metal bar: Qvartz Grey Green Khaki Char Grey

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By Tinka Luiga 2021 The Ally rug is a tufted hand made carpet. It is made of a 50% wool and a 50% tencel blend and looks just as good on the floor as on the wall.

Standard sizes: 160 x 240 cm 200 x 300 cm Customer size available on request. Price/m2:


By Piero Lissoni 2021 Two addition to the Île-series; hand tufted rugs in gemometric shapes. When designing these rugs Piero Lissoni had the transition spaces in mind; The spaces that did not naturally have a given position for a rectangular or round carpet. He wanted to twist our perspective and let us perceive a room from a new angle and with an open mind. These rugs have been proven more utile and has become one of our most popular rugs. They really make a homey rug - like an island - in those difficult spaces.




30 00 mm m



1 20

67 mm

m 00 24 m

2521 mm

2800 mm


L14 Hand tufted Woolsilk rug Lime 33


Île Carpet L14 L15

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