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The Asian American Chamber of Commerce congratulates Asia Trend Magazine on its Fourth Anniversary of publication! Partners in helping our members and readers to grow and prosper, we wish ATM and its advertisers and readers every success in the future

“Dream. Believe. Achieve.” Founded and incorporated in 1986, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce outlined objectives that continue to evolve and meet the various needs of the Asian American community. MISSION

Represent and serve as the preeminent resource for Asian American businesses in Central Florida by positively contributing to the community through increased involvement in civic, business and government affairs, networking, promoting trade and investment, and keeping abreast of today’s increasingly dynamic business marketplace.


Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of North America

鄭 蓮

第22屆 2009-2010

Janey Cheng


Vice President


President, TCCGO

Asia Trend We ♥ ry th

4 Anniversa latory Section Special Congratu

10907 Boca Pointe Dr., Orlando , FL 32836 Phone: (321) 278-9006 Fax: (206) 202-3899 Email:




總店(紐約)Store 1: New York

139 E Boardway, New York, NY 10002 Tel: 212.227.8858 Cel: 917.622.6666 分店(奧蘭多)Store 2: Orlando

5086 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando FL 32808 Tel: 407.253.3977 Cel: 917.868.9999

 Sep 2009

Jimmy Chen (阿健) 技術總監

We ♥ Asia Trend

4th Anniversary Special Congratu latory S


Rosanna Tran Vice President

11136 Satellite Blvd., Orlando, FL 32837, USA Tel: 407-438-8816 Fax: 407-438-0122 Email:

Aliz INternational, Inc.

Handbags Luggage Private Labels & Morel 1-888-buy-alliz

B&Q Home Made Pastry

All kinds of Desserts, Cakes, Pies, Birthday Cakes French, Italy, Oriental styles Vietnamese Food: Spring rolls, Order: Summer rolls, Noodles, 321-947-4913 and much more Free delivery within 10 miles

Reliable Touch Screen

Restaurant Point of Sale System and Software • Affordable POS Packages • Good for Dine-in, Take-out and Delivery • Local Technical Support • Satisfaction Guarantee Call 407-718-6972 for inquiries

New-Age Dancers Line (show) dance

Dancing with styles. Great exercise and fun. Five weekly classes at all levels

Ivan & Cecilia Mao 407 376 2329 407 222 8747 Sep 2009

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Teri Mitchell

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Asia Trend Magazine is published the 15th of every month by Global Media LLC. The magazine is free and distributed at over 100 locations throughout Florida. The rest of them are made available in the Asian Town Areas and various professional offices, Asian American Chamber of Commerce and different Asian Organizations. PO Box 5352, Winter Park, FL 32793-5352 Tel/Fax: 407-273-9913 Copyright 2005-2009. Asia Trend Magaizne. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written permission of Global Media LLC. Neither the publishers nor the advertisers will be held responsible for any errors found in the magazine. The publishers will have no liability for the statement made by advertisers or writers.

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24 On The AACC Dance Card – Creating Connections


17 Moon Festival Coming Up!


10 Explore the Unique City... Hong Kong 12 Hong kong most popular tourist sights the Peak Tower


17 movie review: PONYO


10 10th Annual Orlando Tai Kai


20 Michael Ty, CEC, AAC


16 How to Survive Through the Tough Times


15 Bedrooms Feng Shui


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Lac Viet Bistro: A Journey for the Senses T.C. CHOY’S ASIAN BISTRO my favorite lunches - instant noodles Restaurants Guide


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Congratulations on 4 years of excellence at Asia Trend Magazine! For so many years that have so quickly gone by, Asia Trend you have provided an invaluable resource, a window frame to peer into the soul of the Asian American trends and lifestyles and issues. Abraham Lincoln once said, we stand tall today and can see far into the horizon because we stand on the shoulders of giants. Thank you Asia Trend Magazine, for being our giant and providing an outlet for the Asian American community to stand tall and proud today.

Ricky Ly, EI Contributing Writer since Oct 2005

Congratulations! 創刊4周年おめでとう! For the past four years I have been contributing articles to the Asia Trend Magazine on Japanese topics. It’s my great pleasure to share my culture with the Asia Trend Magazine readers every month. Because there is so much to share about Japan , it’s often not easy to pick just a couple topics. I truly enjoy writing for this magazine so that I can share my knowledge, research, experience, etc. and help inspire others to take a closer look at the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. Asia Trend Magazine is an amazing source of learning about Asian cultures and knowing what’s happening in the Asian American community here in town. I would like to thank you the readers who have faithfully been supporting Asia Trend Magazine. I’m looking forward to bringing you even more interesting, educational and inspiring views of Japan in Asia Trend Magazine 2010..

Teri Mitchell, contributing writer since Dec 2005

Few people are so fortunate to spend their time working with people whom they actually like. Fewer still, I imagine, are lucky enough to work at something they can still feel really passionate about after long, tireless hours. That’s the story at Asia Trend magazine. Every staff member and contributor continues to work hard to publish each issue, all for the love of sharing Asian American awareness. As Asia Trend’s Contributing Editor, I worked to inform our national audience on Asian American news, events, and specifically, lifestyle through my Life in Style column. It has been an amazing journey and privilege to have spent four years with Asia Trend magazine. Volunteering with the publication has allowed me the invaluable opportunity to meet and work with a team of talented and dedicated individuals, who have inspired passion in myself and so many others.

Suzy Guttler, contributing editor and writer since May 2006

Congratulations to the Asia Trend Magazine on its 4th Anniversary! ATM is the only Florida magazine that reaches out to the diverse Asian American Communities in Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne. ATM’s dynamic reporting crosses many Asian American cultures with topics on Asian Culture, Business, Fashion, and Lifestyle. As a contributing writer for ATM, it has been my privilege to have been a part of ATM and I look forward to writing future articles for them. Victor Alzona,

contributing writer since August 2007

Congratulations Shally and Gary on your 4th Anniversary! Central Florida is profoundly fortunate to have Asia Trend reporting all of the major cultural and business events, educating readers on Asian traditions and customs, sharing Asian restaurants, organizations, and businesses with the community at large. It is an honor and pleasure to be a part of the ATM family. 恭喜!gōng xǐ ! Congratulations! Judi Lebredo, contributing writer since September 2007

Happy 4th Anniversary Asia Trend! I have been writing for Asia Trend magazine since December 2007 and it has been an immense pleasure. I thank everyone for allowing me to share my insights and for helping me grow as a well rounded individual. I hope that my time here has inspired Asian youths to reach out and become active in our community. Although my time on this magazine has drawn to a close, I will continue to indulge in my love of literature by reading Asia Trend online. I hope all of you continue to read! Thanks again! Angela Chiu, contributing writer for Youth Think since Dec 2007

 Sep 2009

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10th Annual Orlando

Tai Kai

 By Aria Steele

When asked what they like to do on a Friday night, the average teenager my age will say something along the lines of, “Video games, shopping, or going out to a movie.” What do I say? “I learn how to use a sword.” In the beginning, the main reason that I started was to spend more time with my father, and to have something we could bond through. Toyama Ryu became something much more than either of us had anticipated.

Aria Steele won the Shodan and below Kata division. With the second and third place winners.

I have been studying Toyama Ryu Batto Do for around seven years now. The most basic definition of Batto Do is you draw, then cut. In Toyama Ryu Batto Do we do not spar. We try not to give the opponent time, because the more time you spend fighting, the more time he/she has to kill you. We do cut physical targets called Tatami. Our Tatami is the top layer of a floor mat, rolled up and bound, then soaked for at least twenty-four hours. Our goal is to test the accuracy of the angles of our cuts and the sharpness of our swords. The perfect angle is forty-five degrees, and this is a goal we are constantly striving for. The average class schedule and routines vary from dojo to dojo, yet the basics remain the same. We start out class with the same warm ups. After that everyone goes over the basic cuts. As a class, we review the Kata several times. Kata is the set cuts and steps that make up a form. There are eight forms in all. In each form you are attacked by multiple opponents from multiple sides. Everyone does this, from the most beginner students to the head Sensei. The class then spits up for the students to work on their own individual weaknesses, and to get help from the Sensei. After a while, everyone will reconvene to set up for cutting. The cutters will cut and be critiqued by their classmates.

籏谷三男, and Robert Steele

Our yearly Tai Kai is one of the largest sword competitions in the United States. It is the closest thing to a real battle that most of us will ever come. It starts early in the morning and lasts most of the day. There are up to three rings of competitions going on at one particular time. Each ring has three judges, and many competitors. Whether it is cutting or Kata, there are always two competitors going at a time. After each competitor has done their Kata, or cutting pattern, the judges will then chose a winner to go on to the next round. It is single elimination, so you have to do perfectly the first time, or you are metaphorically dead. Over the past few years I have competed in the annual Tai Kai, and have won several awards. Some awards I have earned include the gold medal in both the Junior Kata Division and the Shodan and Under Kata Division. Compition is tough due to the many competitors, and the high level of skill that is involved. Yet, seeing everyone, from old friends to the newest students improve year-to-year makes all the hard work worthwhile.

IACE Travel is one of the Exhibitors

Go to for more information

10 Sep 2009

For more photo:

岑瀑嘯醫學博士 Puxiao Cen, MD, FACC 1613 North Mills Avenue Orlando, FL 32803 Tel: 407-894-4474

689 East Altamonte Drive Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 Tel: 407-767-7262


Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease Board Certified in Echocardiography and Nuclear Cardiology

For services in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) select option 1 and extension 2510

內 科 心 血 管 專 科


1 0 % d i s c o u n t f o r t h e s t u d e n t f r o m U C F, V C C o r F u l l S a i l , s h o w I D

118 S Semoran Blvd Winter Park, FL 32792

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Travel IACE Travel brings you

the Art of Shikoku


Shikoku is the smallest of Japan’s main islands. Shikoku lies south across the Seto-naikai from Honshu. The word Shikoku means, “four countries” as you can tell by the name, the region is made of four small prefectures. Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime and Kochi. Tour will visit hightlights of Shikoku island and the world famous art museums, Otsuka Museum of Art.

Tour Highlights:

Shimanto River - The Shimanto River is famous for being the pristine river in Japan. The river begins its 196 kilometer journey at the western Shikoku mountains around Mt. Irasu-yama. Then the river wind its way through the southwest of the prefecture, finally merging into the Pacific Ocean.

Otsuka Museum of Art - The Otsuka Museum of Art was found in 1988 as a way of contributing to arts and culture in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Group since its establishment. Its collection consists of more than 1,000 reproductions of master paintings in Western Art from nearly 190 art museums in 25 contries. These masterpieces were reproduced using a ceramic boards and special manufacturing technique, which gives these paintings the near real impression and sizes.

Isamu Noguchi - Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum opened in 1985, presenting a comprehensive collection of the artist’s works in stone, metal, wood, and clay. The museum presents a models for public projects and gardens, dances, and Akari light Sculptures. This museum requires an appointment beforehand, however if you join the tour we will arrange an appointment for you.

The Otsuka Museum of Art

This torii at the Itsukushima Shrine welcomes visitors to the island.

Naruto is the northeasternmost city on Shikoku Island. Part of Tokushima Prefecture, Naruto is known for its swirling whirlpools. These can be seen under the Onaruto Bridge connecting Tokushima to Awaji Island over the Straight of Naruto.

Tour Dates: Nov 9 - Nov 17, 2009 Duration: 9 days 7 nights # of Meals: 14 meals (7 breakfasts,5 lunches, 2 dinners) Please call IACE Orlando Office at 407-351-999 or visit for more information about this tour.

12 Sep 2009

Kochi Castle

Anraku-ji in Kamiita, Tokushima.

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Travel 旅遊

JAPAN 2010. Follow Your Imagination. JNTO: Japan National Tourism Organization Have you ever been unsure about where to stay, where to visit, what to eat, what to see or what to do when planning travel to Japan? Whether you have visited Japan or you are getting into the ‘Land of Rising Sun’ for the first time in the near future, JNTO is a great source for learning about Japan. JNTO provides up-to-date information about travel to (and in) Japan, participates in local travel fairs and exhibitions, assists in developing tours

 By Teri Mitchell

to Japan, supplies free brochures to the travel industry and lends display materials, prize-winning films and video tapes for travel professionals to show to their clients. Since their “Visit Japan Campaign” in 2003, JNTO has grown as to be recognized by a huge global audience.

visitors by the year 2010, while contributing to the Visit Japan Campaign. Check its web site and do not miss the “Win a free trip to Japan in 2010” chance. Why do you want to visit Japan? Send your essay or photo. Share your imagination.

In December 2005, Japan had a record high of 6.73 million international visitors. Currently, it’s toward a goal of attracting 10 million foreign


Freshly made Hong Kong Style Dim Sum and Gourmet Dishes Available Everyday



5449 S. Semoran Blvd. #227 Orlando, FL 32822

Tel: 407-384-7519 Fax: 407-384-7806

Speaks: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and some Thai.

揉合南北美食 有口佳碑•令人回味

精美點心•即叫即蒸 南北麵點•粵菜小炒 Free bottle of Red Wine with Dinner purchase of $50.00 (dine-in only)

GOLDEN LOTUS Chinese Restaurant

Traditional Chinese Gourmet Chef 8365 S John Young Parkway Orlando, FL 32819

Tel: 407-352-3832 Support Asia Trend Magazine, Support our Advertisers

Open 7 Days Sep 2009


Fund-Raising Event Organizers

Transmitting Love to Taiwan

 By Asia Trend

Typhoon Morakot has caused tremendous losses in agriculture and infrastructure in Taiwan. Heavy rains arriving in the wake of Typhoon Morakot have caused the worst flooding in decades in parts of Taiwan’s central and southern districts. Morakot, the worst typhoon to hit Taiwan in 50 years, has claimed at least 461 lives and left 192 missing and 46 injured. The total reconstruction cost is estimated to exceed NT$120 billion. Chinese Association of Central Florida, together with Chinese Business Association Florida, USA; Chinese Cultural Center; Evergreen Senior Club of Orlando; Kissimmee American Chinese Center; and Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Greater Orlando in Central Florida organized a fundraising event to support the relief effort on August 22. More than 200 people attended the banquet at Florida Chinese Culture Center on August 22. Combining the dinner ticket sales, special auction and the charity sale donated by local businesses, they totally raised US$22,600 that night. All the money has delivered to the TECO (Taipei Economic and Cultural Office) in Miami for reconstruction purpose.

Organizers would like to thank you for all the generous contributors, volunteers and the following charity sale sponsors. They are Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando Magic, Darden Restaurants, 1st Oriental Supermarket, Golden Vision Flowers, Aliz International, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, China Garden, Trey Yuan Chinese Cuisine and Beauty World Skin Care. Chinese American Association of Central Florida

Charity Sales

Evergreen Senior Club of Orlando

To donate:

Tzu Chi 慈濟奧蘭多聯絡處 5401 Alhambra Dr., Suite A, Orlando, FL 32808, Tel: (407)292-1146 or visit

14 Sep 2009

Juggling balls by Dragon Legend

Bian-lian “Face-Changing” famous Sichuan Opera Tai Chi by Sifu Sam Winters

For more photo:

Feng Shui 風水

Bedrooms Feng Shui

 By Master Kerby Kuek

plained a great length on the period 8 setting and how to place your stove in are that generate kind energies. In simplicity, the stove or kitchen in general should be placed in auspicious house setting and to avoid the inauspicious setting. Open Kitchen In United States as well as other western countries, open kitchens are rather normal and most of them face similar problems; relationship! The relationship with spouse either will come or go easily or unable to sustain long lasting one. The reason is fairly simper; the open kitchen will radiate open flame, which implies that unsustainable passionate or immediate gratification.

For bedrooms, one should place the Yin energy more than the Yang one, as bedroom is the place to rest and sleep. Therefore, the color should be the main focal point here. The light blue, light green, light beige, light pastel colors should be the choice. Should avoid colors such as dark blue, flashy, red and black that contain too much Yang energies. The ceiling, wall as well as floor require the balancing of such combination to provide soothing environment, the good air circulation is also important. Avoid anything above your head or directly under a window, as this will cause headache. Exercise equipment, plants, computer, TV, entertainment set are said to bring is Yang energies therefore it is advised that one should not let all these into your bedroom. Keep clutter away from bedroom and keep the room in right temperature. Bed position Place your bed diagonally in the room is almost the only choice in Feng Shui basic rule. This is to avoid the dashing of ‘right through’ energy to your head or feet by the door. Take a minute to check all the beds position and change if you have to. Kitchen Feng Shui Kitchen is fire element in accordance to five-element theory. The ancient Chinese placed a great deal of emphasis on kitchen as it provide food and feed the hunger of family. It is therefore the significant of kitchen represent the status and well-beings of the family. An auspicious kitchen setting will ensure the house is provided with sufficient and plenty-ness of food. The placement of stove is critical as it might affect the energy flow in accordance to Feng Shui principle. The auspicious setting is said to bring in more ‘kind’ energies to the owner of the house, like wise, if placed incorrectly will result in inflow of ‘unkind energies’. So, how do you place you stove, you might ask! In accordance to Flying Star theory, please refer to my first book entitle Improve the quality of your life with the power of Feng Shui, ex-

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Washrooms Feng Shui Washroom is water element in accordance to five elements theory and more to it is a place for accumulation of sewage and wastage. The important thing is to have a good suction of air filter as well as clean toilet. I always advise clients to close their door whenever not in use as to prevent the outflow of unwanted ‘unkind’ energies to other areas. In addition, I will advise clients to use the process of ‘drainage’ in 5 elements theory, since Wood will drain Water energy, you can place water plants or bamboo that in soil or rocks but ensure you keep the roots wet, are the excellent choice for washrooms. Besides draining away ‘unkind energies’ it also serve to absorb all the toxins in washroom. Lavender also provides relaxation to you when you are in washroom. Take one minute to think of what you do when you are in the washroom! Hmmm reading magazine, book and newspapers? Guess what? Magazine, book and newspapers are wood element! Bedroom main door facing the Washroom main door directly This will resulted in family members to have urological health related problems. Solution for this is simple place a green carpet outside the washroom or place water plants near the washroom to drain off the excessive water ‘unkind’ energies.


Order Book Online

This is another Kerby’s publication in metaphysics. His commitment and perseverance to preach and promote metaphysics far exceeds that of most professional practitioners. As metaphysician, one must be adequately equipped with the right frame of mind and must possess the inner values and virtues of ‘benevolence’,’ justice’, ‘etiquette’, ‘trustworthiness’ and ‘wit’. The passion to serve our community and nation should be firmly embedded in the practitioners. To prioritize this over other commitments is not easy but Kerby has once again displayed his great resolve in this particular area. His fine mix of mind and faith cannot be disputed. His virtues and values can be felt through his writings and articulate comments on articles.

Master Kerby Kuek has been practicing Feng Shui and life reading for more than 10 years. His areas of expertise include Chinese astrology, name analysis, face reading, as well as I-Ching. Kuek strongly believes that Chinese Metaphysics is nothing superstition: It is a combination of formulae, experiences and common sense, whereby a trained master can skillfully integrate it into your daily life and thus help you to achieve your personal and financial goals. Email: info@misterfengshui.comv Sep 2009




How to Survive Through the Tough Times  By Linda T. Inatsuka,

Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

It seems no matter who you speak to or wherever you look, the current economic situation has affected many. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed during these challenging times. However, there are things that you can do to help you cope and survive through this difficult situation. ● Limit your exposure to the news. While I don’t recommend “burying your head in the sand” and pretending that everything is fine (isn’t that denial?), you don’t need to inundate yourself with the minute-by-minute updates and details of how bad the economy is or that the situation will get worse before it gets better. Constantly exposing yourself to the “bad news” will further overwhelm you and increase your stress. ● Focus on what you can do. Yes, these challenging times have presented us with situations that we have no (or limited) control over. But despite this, there are probably things you can do even if it means curtailing your spending or revising your resume. The point is to find what you can control and DO SOMETHING. Remember, doing is better than brooding. ● Develop your skill sets. If you have been faced with a job loss or perhaps you see this “looming on the horizon,” start examining (if you haven’t already) your skill sets. What skills do you have from your previous (or current) job that is transferable to another position? Are there skills that you feel you need to acquire? What can you do to improve your skills? Look into continuing education courses, seminars, selfstudy courses, or simply your own independent study. There are many ways to access this from formal programs to courses offered through the public library system or via the internet (e.g., YouTube, various websites). That is, you don’t need a big budget to further your personal or professional growth. ● Seek support from others. It’s important to have support from others, but you don’t want to create a situation that fosters more “doom and gloom.” Your support network should not be one where everyone just complains about their difficulties, but one where there is encouragement and support to move forward. This may entail looking into local networking events

16 Sep 2009

or interest groups that may be outside of your usual social circles or groups. ● Balance your life with positive activities. Now, more than ever, it is important to incorporate positive activities into your life. There’s a lot of negativity around us now, but that doesn’t mean that you have to have that in your life. There are many opportunities to incorporate positive, uplifting activities in your daily routine---take a walk, connect with a friend, help others. By doing something positive, you realize that despite all that is happening around us, there are still positive aspects of life. ● Reassess what’s important in your life. I’ve always said that there is nothing like a crisis situation to bring the core issues to the forefront. In other words, when you’re faced with a challenging situation, this is when you really come to grips with what’s important in your life such as family and friendships. It’s easy to take people and relationships for granted when “things are going well.” Perhaps this is the opportunity to really examine this to see if you’ve neglected these areas and to make some changes. Remember that although we may not be able to control the situation around us now, we are certainly able to control how we react and respond to these challenges. Challenges are gifts that force us to search for “a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a different way to stand. ” - Oprah Winfrey are meant to rouse, not discourage. “TheDifficulties human spirit is to grow strong by conflict. ” - William Ellery Channing

© 2009 LTI Associates, Inc.

Psychologist Dr. Linda T. Inatsuka (FL Lic. #PY0005714) provides strength-based, solution-focused counseling and coaching services to empower individuals to solve problems such as overcoming depression and grief, finding relief from anxiety and stress, promoting healthy behaviors, and rediscovering the joy in their relationships. She can be contacted at (813) 985-6121 or Sign up to receive your FREE subscription to the e-newsletter, Live Empowered! at

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Culture 文化

Moon Festival Coming Up on Oct 3!  By Asia Trend

Also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Moon Festival is a major holiday in most Asian communities all over the world. Traditionally, the Autumn Moon Festival takes place on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, the time of year when the moon is at its fullest and brightest, marking the ideal time to celebrate the abundance of the summer’s harvest. Round moon cakes made of flaked pastry are baked and enjoyed, ornate lanterns are displayed and people come out of their homes and bask in the glow of the full moon. ORIGIN & MYTHS, BELIEVE IT OR NOT The origin of the festival is not very clear. It is said that the festival originated from ancient times, when people held ceremonies in honor of the Moon Goddess, or to celebrate the mid-autumn harvest. However another version is that the Mid-Autumn Festival commemorates the uprisings in China against Mongol rulers in the early 14th century. Because unlike the Chinese, Mongols did not eat moon cakes, the rebels hid a small piece of note detailing rebellion plans inside each moon

cake, which was then smuggled to compatriots. One common message on the note was “kill barbarians on August 15th” (八月十五殺韃子). The most popular legends talk about a goddess named Chang’e (嫦娥), a rabbit, and a woodcutter living on the moon. Shops selling mooncakes before the Mid-Autumn festival often display pictures of Chang’e foating to the moon. WHAT TO DO On the 14 of lunar August, one day before the moon festival evening, we call this evening the “Moon Welcoming”. The moon has almost reached its roundest and fullest shape. People will start walking on the streets with color paper lantern in the shapes of animals, and more recently, in the shapes of planes and space ships. On the 15 of lunar August, the moon festival, the moon is in the best shape this night. Families will get together to have dinner for a reunion. We will then gather and talk, enjoy moon cakes, which made of ground lotus and sesame seed paste, egg-yolk and other ingredients (very much like having turkey at Thanksgiving) and various kinds of seasonal fruits. Besides, many people

movie review :PONYO

 By John Chung

Ponyo is a loving little fish in the sea who falls in love with Sosuke, then decides what she wants most (much to the distress of her sorcerer father) is to become a little land-based girl. Now, we all love everything Disney & Ponyo was distributed by Disney, but I felt this was so much better than Disney’s Little Mermaid (I never thought I would ever say a children’s movie was better than a Disney version). This movie had the cute-ness factor at it’s highest.

I went with my twin 8 year old boys to see this visually thrilling, unbelievably wonderful, creative, whimsical breath-taking masterpiece by the legendary Japanese animation artist Hayao Miyazaki.

There were a lot of cute & funny parts in the movie for both kids & parents to break out in laughter.

This really proves we don’t always need car chases & explosions to make a good movie.

Tina Fey as Sosuke’s mother and Liam Neeson as Ponyo’s ecology-minded father. Also, Cate Blanchett, Lily Tomlin, and Matt Damon.

Ponyo centers on a little boy named Sosuke and his relationship with a goldfish princess named Ponyo who longs to become human. Halfway through the movie, I realized this movie was similar to another movie... the Little Mermaid.

today like to go out to attend special performances in parks or on public squares. On the 16 of lunar August, the day after moon festival, people still go on the street or beaches to enjoy the “moon-bathe”. We called it “Moon chasing”. AFTER THE FESTIVAL People usually have to stay home and finish up all the left over food and go on diet if you have put on too much weight after eating all those moon cakes.

Where to buy Moon Cake? 1st Oriental Supermarket

5132 W Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32808 (407) 292-3668

Entertainment 娛樂 I am really surprised this movie hasn’t been in the mainstream. I guess car chases & explosions still rule.... Overall, I give this movie an A+.

Star studded names lend their voices to the English version:

Though my kids enjoyed the movie very much, I felt this animation was a bit long at 1 hour 41 minutes.

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Asia Trend Magazine’s Facebook Fans previewed Hayao Miyazaki’s PONYA at AMC, Altamonte Springs on Aug 10. Sep 2009




BLIA Buddhist Youth Hit Orlando  By Josh Manning

Photo: Gary Lau

for the 2009 BLYA (Buddha’s Light Young Adult) North American Regional Conference. That’s right, the Guang Ming Temple was busy preparing for roughly 150 Buddhist youth from all over the United States as well as its Northern neighbor Canada to come join together in Orlando, Florida.

If you’ve been to the Guang Ming Temple anytime during the past month, then you’ve probably noticed a lot of hustle and bustle as if there were anticipation for some massive event around the corner. If you haven’t noticed, then surely your attention has been caught by the new picturesque landscaping surrounding the temple. All this hard work and business was in preparation

18 Sep 2009

The conference was a three day event with additional activities for those who wanted to stay longer. To acquaint them with the city, tours were given where YAD members could visit various hotspots of Orlando. For the conference itself, numerous events and activities were lined up for the visitors. The highlights of the three fun filled days were a series of special guests and a climactic firework display on the third and final day. A theme was present during the conference and that was Bodhisattva and Volunteer. The

theme left its touch on all of the events and emphasized doing your part for the community and the world. To inspire YAD members to do good for the world, Planting Peace Founder Aaron Jackson spoke on how he has accomplished so much with so little in aiding the poor in developing countries. He explained how minor actions such as our buying habits can affect these countries. When asked how the speech impacted her, Joyce Chang from North Carolina YAD commented “He opened up my mind and made me think differently about all sorts of things, so I actually started to stop what I’m doing and think about my actions.” Eight Venerables from the various Buddhist temples in the US and Canada were at the conference to educate the Buddhist Youth Groups of BLIA. The most memorable of the talks was from Venerable Yung Ku, whom is also the Vice Secretary General of Eastern America of the BLIA World Headquarters. Venerable Yung Ku spoke on how to help out internationally as well as noting problems that are plaguing the world today.

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Photo: Ronald Yeh

Community 社區

Photo: Phil Lui

Special performance by Orlando Taiko Dojo

Guest Speaker Aaron Jackson for Planting Peace

Guang Ming Temple

Photo: Phil Lui

With its goals complete in broadening the minds of the Buddhist youth and enhancing the spiritual attitude of its members, the BLYA North American Regional Conference came to a close. Buddhist youth left Orlando with their hearts and minds touched and were eager to put to good use what they had learned back at their home temples and in their daily lives. In this way, the conference can touch the world as a whole with its message that we must all do our part to help the global community.

Photo: Gary Lau

The climax of the conference was all in the firework display during the traditional Night of Buddha’s Light which is celebrated during every conference. Everyone watched in awe as rocket after rocket exploded in the sky all to the song Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. Some were so touched by the mixed display of music and show that they shed tears as they held hands and swayed. Brian Chin of St. Louis YAD remarked, “The firework display was an extraordinary experience for me. It brought out all the hard work and dedication the Orlando Buddhist youth put into this conference, but more importantly it showed how each firework could resemble a Buddhist youth shining the light of Buddhism throughout the world.”

Caricature Drawings by Maria Bolton

For more photo:

6555 Hoffner Rd Orlando, FL 32822 Tel: (407) 281-8482 Email:


Pro’s File

PRO’s FILE Michael Ty, CEC, AAC

– American Culinary Federation (ACF) National President Michael Ty is a certified executive chef (CEC) and a member of the American Academy of Chefs (AAC), and served as the American Culinary Federation’s (ACF) national president from 1993 to 1994. In Las Vegas, he owns and operates MT Cuisine, LLC, which offers event management, chef consulting, sales and marketing of foodservice products for Chefs Hat, Inc.; Hospitality Culinaire, Inc.—a family owned business that is a quick-service restaurant operation featuring two branded concepts at McCarran International Airport; and Red Lantern Treats, LLC—a quickservice restaurant operation featuring frozen treats. Ty received his Associate of Science degree in culinary arts from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Cobleskill in 1973. He continued his education with coursework at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) in Harrah Hotel College ’s Hotel Management and Food and Beverage Management departments. In 1975, Ty moved to Las Vegas and took a job at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino. He moved up through the

20 Sep 2009

ranks until he was promoted to executive chef in 1982 and food director in 1986. In 1989, he assumed the position of executive chef at the worldrenowned Desert Inn, Las Vegas . From 1997 to 2000, Ty served as executive chef at Lawry’s The Prime Rib, Las Vegas. The ACF Chef & Child Michael Ty Endowment Fund was established in 2000 to provide a scholarship for an ACF chef who has dedicated countless hours to fighting childhood hunger, working on behalf of the foundation and teaching the children who benefit from CCF programs. Ty was born to Chinese parents in Manila , Philippines , the third of six children. His family immigrated to the United States in 1966 and settled in Waterbury, Conn. In 1968, they moved to Waverly, N.Y., where he lived until his move to Las Vegas. Ty is the father of four children, ages 15 to 28. For more information, visit

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Lunch Mon - Fri 11:30am - 2pm Dinner Mon - Sat 6pm - 10pm Lunch Sat noon - 1:30pm (open seasonally)

Award Winning Owner/Chefs by “Zagat South Florida

Japanese Chefs Owner present fine Japanese dining at Orlando downtown お蔭さまで2周年を迎えました。これもひとえに皆様方のご支援の賜と深く感謝いたしております。

803 N Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32801 - Ample free parking in the building Tel: 407.648.8000


*$150/5000pcs [ 3”x2.5”] Do you want your customer remember you all year long?

Order your customized

a. your business card at the front calendar at the back

2010 calendar business card now

b. your company name & information at the middle of the front and back Full-color front & back 2x3.5 size high quality 12pt. stock with UV Glossy Finish

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Lac Viet Bistro: A Journey for the Senses Driving on Highway 50, near Downtown Orlando, I’m hungry with one thing on my mind: Lac Viet Bistro, one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants. I see the restaurant’s sign and my mouth starts watering. The warm greeting at the door tells me I’ll be well taken care of during my visit. The Zen like sound of running water, music, atmospheric lighting and brightly colored paintings of Ao Dai’s, the traditional garb of Vietnam, all help set the mood for a fantastic dining experience On the table are ceramic bowls filled with chilies, sauces, and a small bottle of nuoc mam (pronounced most simply nook mum). A salty, pungent sauce derived from fermented anchovies, nuoc mam is to Vietnam what soy sauce is to China. Mixed with lime, chili, sugar, garlic and vinegar, nuoc mam becomes nuoc cham (nook chum), a wonderfully complex dipping sauce. The appetizer is here, let’s eat! Cha Gio: Egg Rolls, though named after their Chinese cousin, have a personality all their own. A light, crispy shell surrounds cellophane noodles, carrots, wood ear mushrooms and seasoned meats. Wrap each piece with lettuce and mint then dip it in the nuoc cham. Goi Cuon: Shrimp & Pork Rice Paper Rolls are soft, pliable rice paper filled with shrimp, pork, rice noodles, lettuce, Thai basil and garlic chives. Eat these with the accompanying peanut sauce for a sweet and salty counterpart. Canh Ga Chien Gion: Sesame Chicken Wings are crispy and moist with a hint of dark sesame flavor. Dipping them into the sweet and sour sauce, spiked with chili peppers, adds sweetness and balance.

22 Sep 2009

Next comes Xoai: Shredded Mango Salad. Vietnamese food at its finest: light, crispy, sweet, and salty. Served inside leaves of fresh lettuce and surrounded by crispy shrimp chips, green mango slices are mixed with cucumbers, carrots, celery and cilantro in a zesty lemon dressing. Topped with shrimp and pork the flavors mingle to form a delightfully aromatic and palate cleansing meal. A new addition to the menu is Gio Pad Thai: Stir fried rice noodles with meat and vegetables. Unlike its Thai equivalent, thinner rice vermicelli noodles are coated in a sweet and spicy sauce tossed with shrimp, chicken, eggs, bean sprouts and scallions. Squeeze some fresh lime over the noodles for another layer of flavor. The slow building heat in this dish will leave you wanting more. Chien Don: Crispy Fried Fish is a whole red snapper brought to the table in an awe inspiring display, prepared to resemble a Dragon of Vietnamese folklore. The tangy sauce, made from soy sauce, tomatoes and pineapple, permeates every layer of the fish. The crispy skin contrasts nicely to the soft flaky interior of the fish. This meal is rounded out perfectly by a bowl of steaming Jasmine rice. Lac Viet Bistro celebrates its five year anniversary in November. Attention to detail and delicious dishes makes it easy to see why customers stay loyal. The menu is an exciting blend of the more simple, heartier, and often Chinese-influenced cuisine of the North and the fresh seafood, vegetables, herbs and spices of Southern Vietnamese cuisine. A journey for the senses, no passport required!

 By Truc Williams

The aromatic Mango Salad is almost too pretty to eat.

The sauces are paired with each item for perfectly balanced flavor.

If you like a little heat in your food the Gio Pad Thai is for you.

Chien Don can be paired with tomato, tamarind, mango, ginger, or sweet & sour sauce. Choose your favorite and enjoy!

Lac Viet Bistro

2021 E. Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 228-4000 Hours: 10 am - 10 pm 7 Days a Week Warm earth tones add to the tranquil atmosphere.

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 By Hilton Kean Jones

THE OCEANIC FAMILY a few Kitchen Specials: (from left to right) Salt & pepper shrimp, Fried tofu stuffed with shrimp paste, Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, Eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste

examples of dim sum in carts: (left) steamed meat items, (right) baked goods

The website for the Oceanic Oriental Supermarket contains this evocative phrase: “From its humble beginnings as a small dry goods store over the years to an indispensible Tampa establishment providing products from rosewood furniture to fresh fish to imported and locally grown produce...” I remember that small, humble store well. I shopped there often over the years and watched as it grew to its present, supermarket size. Shopping at Oceanic was always an exciting experience and it still is. Most recently, Oceanic’s growth has extended into an entire family of related businesses, which includes not only the Asian grocery, but also a restaurant equipment supply store, a video and stationary store, and T.C. Choy’s Asian Bistro, Tampa’s premiere Asian restaurant. T.C. CHOY’S ASIAN BISTRO

interior views of TC Choy’s

T.C. Choy’s Asian Bistro 301 S. Howard Ave., Tampa, FL 33606-1728 (813) 251-1191

dim sum on table

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T.C. Choy’s hits that sweet spot between Eastern culinary authenticity and Western dining expectations—it fully satisfies both. The decor is subdued with muted earth colors highlighting an impressive translucent mural isolating the main dining area from a small liquor bar. Soft music plays in the background, (J.S. Bach, the day I was most recently there) while off to one side of the main dining area there is a sushi bar. There is also a small, beautifully appointed, secluded private dining room for special occasions. In the main dining room, behind the sushi bar, is an open kitchen where cooks prepare traditional as well as

innovative Asian dishes. T.C. Choy’s website ( details their entire, extensive menu. But today, I would like to call your attention to their dim sum. DIM SUM Dim sum, in case you’re not familiar with the term, is a Chinese dining tradition during which a number of small dishes are served with tea, not unlike tapas in Spanish cuisine. The customers select these dishes from carts that are wheeled around the room from dining table to dining table. These are shared, family style, among the friends and family who have gathered at table. One of the things that’s especially nice about T.C. Choy’s is that they have preserved the custom of carts pushed around the room. These days, too many restaurants that serve dim sum, simply bring a short dim sum menu from which you order and then the ordered dishes are brought to your table. In keeping to tradition, T.C. Choy’s emphasizes the freshness and temperature of the dim sum they serve. Now, you must understand that dim sum is a shared event and it’s done leisurely, with much good conversation and goodwill. The result is that a seemingly gargantuan amount of food is consumed. In preparing for this review of T.C. Choy’s, I sampled their baked barbeque pork buns, sesame seed ball in lotus paste, siu mai (pork & shrimp dumpling), steamed chicken feet with black bean, steamed spare ribs with black bean, pan fried turnip cake (daikon radish cake), pan

to P.29 Sep 2009




Deborah Rios-Barnes, Judi Lebredo, Luerne Herrera

Joanne Mei Peytremann, Glenn Leong, Gail Rayos

Rupert Atienza Jr., Nina Yon, Glenn Leong, Shally Wong, Judi Lebredo, Deborah Rios-Barnes, Joanne Mei Peytremann, Karen Harvey, Lucas Boyce, Victor Alzona

On The Asian American Chamber of Commerce Dance Card

– Creating Connections Where else but Universal CityWalk’s the groove and with what other group than the Asian American Chamber of Commerce would you find a dance floor packed with dozens of executives and young professionals attempting the Cha-Cha Slide? As a new member, but a regular guest at other events over the years, I knew AACC’s reputation for finding unique ways to engage its member-

24 Sep 2009

 By Gail Rayos

ship. And this was no different. With a clap, a slide to the left, and a slide to the right the August business after-hours meeting went beyond the Cha Cha Slide and turned into a speed networking session – a chance for members and friends of AACC to pass out business cards, discover personal and cultural connections and exchange leads, all in a 60-second or so clip.

Gary Lau

Whatever the attendees’ backgrounds –– health, communications, retail, hospitality or government … attorney, engineer or soon-to-be college grad –– the dance floor was an ideal setting to break the ice and get down to business. AACC of Central Florida has had a busy summer. Events like the speed networking social hosted by Panda Express and Universal CityWalk

For more photo:

Business 商業


• • • • •

Have you been in an accident? Are you facing foreclosure? Contract disputes? Buying a home or business? Immigration Issues? LET US HELP YOU!

407 425 1202 •

• Foreclosures, Short Sales & Bank Negotiations • Landlord/Tenant Disputes • Residential & Commercial Closings • Homeowner/Condominium Association Disputes, Collections & Representation • General Civil Litigation • Insurance Coverage Disputes • Bankruptcy • Divorce • Wills & Trusts Attorney Bhavsar is one of only fifty-one lawyers in Florida to be Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law. She was also named one of Florida’s Super Lawyers in the 2008 & 2009 edition of Florida’s Super Lawyers Magazine.

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisement. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

Orlando, the recent program with the International Council of Central Florida welcoming a visiting delegation from China, and the launch of a redesigned Web site with several new interactive channels, all highlight the creative way AACC as a chamber and leader in diversity strives to extend its outreach while being a resource for promoting its members and their enterprises. AACC President Glenn Leong has said bringing together new with longtime members – and partnering with community organizations such as the International Council of Central Florida this July – has been a successful formula. In a posting on the revamped Web site, Leong writes, “We received a lot of favorable comments and fresh exposure to new faces. By co-hosting this event with another organization, we doubled our turnout. … More to come in 2010!” As a new member through my firm Wragg & Casas Public Relations, which was welcomed into AACC this summer along with 10 others, we look forward to what’s next for AACC. Gail Rayos, Wragg & Casas Public Relations Gail Rayos is a senior account executive and a member of the Digital Team in the Central Florida office of Wragg & Casas Public Relations. She is responsible for media relations, social media, issues management and community outreach. Before joining Wragg & Casas, she held several senior editor positions at the Orlando Sentinel and served as the newspaper’s diversity outreach task force co-chair. She also has served on the national board of the Asian American Journalists Association and was a founding officer of the AAJA Florida chapter.

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Julie P. Dallas

Regional Sales Executive

Affordable Credit Card Processing A division of First National Bank of Omaha — Since 1863 —

931 N State Rd 434 Ste 1201-289 Longwood, FL 32779

Cell 321.271.9236 Fax 407.641.9380

As Life Changes, So Do Your Financial Needs William Chang 鄭可亮

7077 Bonneval Rd., Suite #550 Jacksonville, FL 32216

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. New York, NY 10166 L0309025887[exp0511][All States][DC] 0709-5871 ©UFS Sep 2009




Dr. Puxiao Cen

Dr. Xiou Zhong

Dr. Hong Rong Chew

Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Greater Orlando Health Seminar  By Asia Trend More than 60 members attended the health seminar organized by the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Greater Orlando at IKEA business centre on August 23rd, 2009. Featured speakers included Dr. Puxiao Cen from Florida Heart Group, Dr. Xiou Zhong from Morning Bell Acupuncture and Dr. Hong Rong Chew from New York Life Ins. In the 3-hour seminar, attendees learnt the basic of Heart Health, the theory of reflexology and the different types of health insurance in the market. TCCGO is one of the thirtyeight local chambers under the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of North America (TCCNA). All of them are located in the major metropolitan areas in North American. Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Greater Orlando can be reached at Janey Cheng, Dr. Xiou Zhong, Dr. Hong Rong Chew, Dr. Puxiao Cen and Connie Kai

26 Sep 2009

For more photo:

Events Highlight 活動

Asian American Chamber of Commerce “Your point of contact for Asian American opportunities.”

September Business After Hours

Join the Asian American Chamber of Commerce at the September Business After Hours Event September 17th, 2009 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Orange County Supervisor of Elections 119 W. Kaley Street, Orlando, FL Business After Hours Sponsor: The Honorable Bill Cowles, Orange County Supervisor of Elections Current AACC Members Free Non-Members and Guests $10 Refreshments will be served Please RSVP by September 14th by Calling 407-536-9852 or send an e-mail to “Together we accomplish more!”

ASIAN AMERICAN STUDENT ACHIEVERS AWARDS BANQUET 2009 A Recognition Awards Banquet to Honor and Recognize the Asian American Student Achievers Location: Sheraton Hotel Downtown Orlando 60 South Ivanhoe Boulevard, Orlando - (407) 425-4455

Saturday November 14 2009, 5:30PM – 9PM • Scholarship Awards • Entertainment • Dinner Tickets: $30 Adults $20 Applicants & Children For Scholarship Application Form Visit AAHC Website at Application Deadline: Oct. 30, 2009 Contact: Karen Nguyen: 407-491-8291 Andrew Jeng: 321-439-5330 Support Asia Trend Magazine, Support our Advertisers

Jiping Zhang: 407-736-4847 Ricky y Ly: 407-432-9563 Sep 2009


Florida Heart Day - the message is heard Hundreds of cardiologists gathered at Lake Eola, Orlando on Aug 21 to protest the Medicare Funding Reduction for cardiology services which will take effect on Jan 1, 2010. This rally, sponsored by American College of Cardiology- Florida

Dr. Fancis Fahey and Dr. Puxiao Cen

 By Asia Trend

Chapter, raised their concern of the cost, quality and accessibility of the future Cardiac care. The cut in the cardiology services payment would reduce patient’s access to necessary diagnostics testing in the out-patience office which forces to

use the higher costs at the hospital. It eventually would create higher out of pocket expenses and costs to taxpayers. To learn more visit www.

2010 Census

- a count of everyone living in the United States  By Asia Trend

What is Census:

Census 2010 Brief:

■ The census is a count of everyone living in the United States every 10 years. ■ The census is mandated by the U.S. Constitution. ■ The next census is in 2010. ■ Your participation in the census is required by law. ■ It takes less than 10 minutes to complete. ■ Federal law protects the personal information you share during the census. ■ Census data are used to distribute Congressional seats to states, to make decisions at every level of government, and to distribute $300 billion in federal funds to communities each year.

Quick Facts on the Census 2010 National Recruiting Plan:

28 Sep 2009

■ The Census Bureau will recruit 3.8 million applicants and hire up to 1.4 million temporary Census workers in 2009 and 2010. ■ A recruiting website will provide job information and direct applicants on how to apply for a job with Census. ■ The toll-free Census Job number is 1-866-8612010 and will connect callers directly to their local Census Office. ■ Hiring for the first major operation will start in Spring 2009 with more than Eighty Five percent of all hiring occuring in spring 2010. ■ Census recruiting methods will respnd to the

interest and needs of a more diverse and older labor force in 2010. Diversity: There will be substantial changes to the nation’s ethnic and racial composition. ■ The Hispanic population is projected to grow from just over 35.3 million in 2000 to nearly 49.7 million in 2010, an increase of 41 percent. ■ The African American population is projected to grow from 34.7 million in 2000 to nearly 39.9 million in 2010, an increase of 15 percent. ■ The Asian population is projected to grow from 10.2 million in 2000 to nearly 14.4 million in 2010, an increase of 41 percent.

For more photo:

Photo: Sung Chiu


Photo: Sung Chiu



Korean Japanese Chinese Vietnamese Filipino Thai Grocery - Fresh Produce - Health & Personal Care - Home Appliance 434

Northgate Plaza Woo Sung Lee Rd.

W. Colonial Dr.


Edgewater Dr.


John Young Pkwy

exit 88

5079 Edgewater Dr., Orlando FL 32810

Tel: 407.295.4077

Hwy 50

From P.23 fried chives dumpling with shrimp and mushrooms, shrimp and ricenoodle roll, steamed tofu-skin shrimp and pork rolls, and sticky rice (with chicken, shrimp, mushroom, and pork sausage) wrapped in lotus leaf. And, it didn’t end there! I also sampled a type of dim sum of T.C. Choy’s own invention which they call Kitchen Specials. Pictured are four Kitchen Specials: salt & pepper shrimp, fried tofu stuffed with shrimp paste, Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, and eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste—all very tasty and worth the little extra they cost. Sharon Choi, manager of T.C. Choy’s, assured me that in addition to their selection of dishes which are usually vegetarian, they will happily modify any dish to make it vegetarian. For instance, the pan fried chives dumpling with shrimp and mushrooms—a new dim sum dish for me and an instant, new favorite—can be made without the shrimp.

Mon - Sat 9:30am - 8:30pm • Sun 10am - 8pm

The steamed chicken feet were the best I’ve had anywhere, including Beijing. They had just the right texture (I like them “fluffy”). One has one’s favorites, of course, but everything I sampled was extremely good. I recommend T.C. Choy’s dim sum very highly. It’s served daily. Weekends are quite busy, so you might want to excuse yourself from work for a leisurely mid-week, extended lunch of dim sum at T.C. Choy’s. Just be sure you don’t have too much work planned for the afternoon because you’ll be serenely floating after swallowing clouds of dumplings. T.C. Choy’s Asian Bistro (www. is located at 301 S. Howard Ave., Tampa, FL 336061728; (813) 251-1191. The Oceanic Oriental Supermarket; Oceanic Restaurant Equipment Supply; and, Ocean Video and Stationary (www. are located at 1609 N. Tampa St., Tampa, FL 33602-2646; (813) 228-8110.

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my favorite snacks/lunches - instant noodles

Nongshim is a food manufacturer specializing in Instant Noodle and snacks, topping the Korean food industry since its establishment in September 18, 1965. The popular products that Nongshim has rolled out so far include Shin ramyun, Ansung Tang myun, Neoguri, Chapagetti, Bowl noodle hot taste, Big bowl noodle shrimp taste, Shin cup noodle, and Saeng saeng bowl udon taste. Snacks such as shrimp crackers, onion rings, sweet potato snack, honey twist snack, potato chips have also been great successes. Today, Nong Shim products are available in most classes of trade throughout North America . Consumers can find their favorites in major national retailers. By 2015, the company, which exports its products to 70 countries globally with emphasis on the U.S. and China , is aiming for 4 trillion won ($3.22 billion) in annual sales. Last year, its sales were 1.48 trillion won. “Nongshim has been the No. 1 ramen company for the last 20 years,” said Chairman Sun Wook at the company’s Gumi plant last week. “We do not plan to sit comfortably in this position alone, but change to become ‘shin’ [new in Korean] Nongshim,” a pun on Nongshim’s top seller, Shin Ramen. Where to buy Instant Noodle and snacks? Woo Sung Oriental Food Mart 5079 Edgewater Dr., Orlando, FL 32810 (407) 295-4077 Sep 2009


T r e n d

s i a





CHINESE AUTHENTIC China Garden Restaurant 407-671-2120

118 S Semoran Blvd. Winter Park

refer to P.11 for more details ________________________________________

Golden Lotus Restaurant 8365 S John Young Pkwy. Orlando


refer to P.13 for more details ________________________________________

Ming’s Bistro

China Town Seafood Restaurant


1103 N Mills Ave. Orlando ________________________________________

T.C. Choy’s Asian Bistro


301 S. Howard Ave. Tampa ________________________________________

ABC Seafood Restaurant

727-522-1888 2705 54th Ave. St. Petersburg ________________________________________



Yummy House


1441 E. Fletcher Ave. Suit 107Tampa ________________________________________ 2202 W. Waters Ave.Tampa

DIM SUM Golden Lotus Restaurant 8365 S John Young Pkwy. Orlando

Bento Cafe

151 S Orange Ave. Orlando 407-999-8989 7335 W. Sand Lake Rd. Orlando 407-352-2277 ________________________________________

VariAsian Crazy Buffet

407-352-3832 407-898-9672

TC Choy’s Asian Bistro


1212 Woodward St. Orlando ________________________________________ 301 S. Howard Ave. Tampa ________________________________________

Ha Long Bay

727-522-9988 5944 34th Street Suite 38-41, St. Petersburg


151 S Orange Ave. Orlando 407-999-8989 7335 W. Sand Lake Rd. Orlando 407-352-2277 ________________________________________

Shin Japanese Cuisine


Ran-Getsu of Tokyo

407-345-0044 803 N. Orange Ave. Orlando ________________________________________ 8400 International Dr. Orlando ________________________________________


407-345-0245 6400 International Dr, Orlando ________________________________________ Sushi Tomi 407-352-8635 8463 S John Young Pkwy, Orlando ________________________________________ Aki Restaurant 407-354-0025 7460 Universal Blvd. Orlando ________________________________________

Mikado Japanese Cuisine

6417 Raleigh St. Orlando 407-822-1080 13586 Village Park Dr # 306 Orlando 407-851-9933 ________________________________________

945 West State Rd 436, Altamonte Springs 407-869-1233 2702 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa 813-998-9228

Fil-Am Cuisine Inc. (3 Angels)


Philippine Fiesta Restaurant


3197 W. Vine St., Kissimmee ________________________________________ 1206 East Vine St., Kissimmee

Bento Cafe

407-677-5800 110 S Semoran Blvd. Winter Park ________________________________________

Ginza Japanese Hibachi & Sushi 407-523-8338 8933 W Colonial Dr. Ocoee ________________________________________



Shin Jung Korean Restaurant


1638 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Go Hayang Gip Korean Restaurant‎ 407-856-4242‎‎ 1400 W Oak Ridge Rd. Orlando


151 S Orange Ave. Orlando 407-999-8989 7335 W. Sand Lake Rd. Orlando 407-352-2277 ________________________________________ 1831 E. Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32803


1212 E Colonial Dr, Orlando 407-897-1377 106 S Semoran Blvd. Winter Park 407-629-BOBA 8098 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando 407-850-BOBA ________________________________________


407-628-2408‎ 223 W Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park ________________________________________

Boba Tease


Got Tea


UCF Arena - Orlando ________________________________________ 2202 W. Waters Ave. Tampa ________________________________________

Kaleisia Tea Lounge

813-977-8266 1441 E Fletcher Ave Tampa ________________________________________

Internet Boba House

813-866-8569 2764 University Square Dr. Tampa ________________________________________

Thuy Cafe

5944 34th St N #37 St. Petersburg

407-897-3488 730 N Mills Ave. Orlando ________________________________________

Phở Quyen Cuisine

2740 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa


ASIAN GROCERIES 1st Oriental Supermarket 407-292-3668 refer to P.33 for more details ________________________________________

Woo Sung Oriental Food Mart 407-295-4077 5079 Edgewater Dr. Orlando refer to P.29 for more details ________________________________________

J M Oriental Market


9421 S Orange Blossom Trl # 5 Orlando ________________________________________


CI Tea Herbal Garden

Phở 88 Noodle

5132 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando



L & L Oriental Market

407-816-1700 857 Sand Lake Road, Orlando ________________________________________

Phuoc Loc Tho market

407-898-6858 2100 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

De Guzman Oriental Food Mart


Din Ho Supermarket


8433 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 8502 N Armenia Ave # 4 Tampa ________________________________________

Fish & Spices

407-847-7776 1174 East Vine St., Kissimmee ________________________________________

M & M Philippine Mart


M D Oriental Market


7339 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 1106 E Fowler Ave. Tampa ________________________________________

Oceanic Oriental Supermarket

813-254-2041 1609 N Tampa St. Tampa ________________________________________ Philippine Oriental Store 813-971-4211 10910 N 30th St. Tampa ________________________________________

Saigon Market


Sun Light Produce


1232 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 2708 S. Chickasaw Trail, Orlando


Ayothaya Thai Cuisine

407-345-0040 7555 W Sand Lake Rd. Orlando ________________________________________

SEA Thai Restaurant


Thai Basil


3812 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

5800 Red Bug Lake Rd.Winter Springs ________________________________________

Royal Thai

407-275-0776 1202 N. Semoran Blvd. Orlando ________________________________________

Soong Thai

9448 W Colonial Dr. Ocoee



Gizmo Sushi

13770 W. Colonial Dr, Winter Garden

Lollicup Coffee & Tea

Ming’s Bistro ________________________________________

refer to P.13 for more details ________________________________________

Gochi Sushi Cafe




1212 Woodward St. Orlando ________________________________________

Bento Cafe

Pick up the Asia Trend Magazine at any of these restaurants and markets near you.

Vinh Restaurant

1231 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando



Little Saigon

407-423-8539 1106 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Lạc Việt Bistro


Phở Hòa


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O R L A N D O J A PA N F E S T I VA L 2 0 0 9 • Taiko Drumming • Koto Music • Japanese Dance • Tsugaru Shamisen • Tea Ceremony • Japanese Calligraphy • Kimono Tryouts • Bazzar • Raffle • Food Stalls • Street Balloon






All at The Village at Hunter’s Creek

Organized by: Japan Association of Orlando

(John Young Pkwy + 417) 13574 Village Park Dr, Orlando, FL 32837

Supported by:

All proceeds will be donated

Consulate General of Japan

to Orlando Hoshuko (Formerly Japanese Language School of Orlando). It will be greatly appreciated by all of our students, parents, teachers, and staff. The funds will be used to enhance the quality of the education that directly benefits the students.

QUESTIONS? CONTACT: orlando japan fest @

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Beauty Queens of South Florida with Fashion Designer Ms Kisten Regalado Kaamulan Cultural Presention

New Philippine Heritage Enrichment Complex in Okeechobee City  By Victor Alzona Victor Alzona On an early Saturday morning, I drove down

the Florida Turnpike to the City of Okeechobee to attend the ground breaking ceremony of the new Philippine Heritage Enrichment Complex. The purpose of the new facility will be to exhibit works of art and historical artifacts, to provide a place for performances such as folk dance, theater, music, and to grow plants and trees native to the islands of the Philippines.

Balloons are let loose

PACFSF Officers

On May 31, 2008, the Philippine-American Cultural Foundation of South Florida Inc. (PACFSF) first announced its project to build the Philippine Heritage Enrichment Complex. A proposal for the 20 acre property site was reviewed and approved by the PACFSF on February 10, 2009 leading to the purchase of the property on February 22, 2009. After several months of planning and hard work, the ground breaking ceremony was held on August 1, 2009 in Okeechobee City. After driving an hour and forty five minute from Orlando, I arrived at the future location of the new facility. Okeechobee City is a small town but with a big “welcome home” town feel. I believe that most of the land was used for dairy farming and is zoned agricultural, setting the new 20 acre facility between large parcels of open land. A newly laid gravel road on the property leads me to the site for the ground breaking ceremony. I met with Chairman Edwin Domiando who welcomed to the event. After speaking with him I learned that the purpose of today’s ground breaking ceremony was to officially announce the project to the local and national media and to generate donations and support for the project. With local representatives from the City of Okeechobee, Okeechobee County, and several Filipino-American Organizations from South and Central Florida (Orlando / Orange County, Tampa, and Brevard County) gathered, the official

34 Sep 2009

For more photo:



Ground Breaking Ceremony

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Int’l Papaya Dancers.

ground breaking ceremony began with a prayer and blessing by Fr. Lorenzo Gonzalez and Rev. David Robertson, followed by opening remarks by PACFSF Vice President Elizabeth Marull and recognition of local representatives. The official ribbon cutting ceremony and ground breaking was performed with the local representatives along with the PACFSF Officers and Members. The second part of the event was held at the KOA Banquet Hall where a free buffet lunch was prepared feeding the 500 plus people that came in support of the new facility. The lunch was donated and many volunteers from several organizations where on hand to serve the lunch, provide DJ music, setup the decorations, and provide entertainment. The Mayor of Okeechobee City James Kirk, Okeechobee County Commission Chairman Cliff Betts, and several speakers addressed the audience with the importance of the new facility

and what it means to the local community and Filipino American organizations through out Florida. North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns summed up the importance of the new facility to the local community when he said that “the new facility has already started to make a positive impact to the local community; the sale of the property, the rental of the KOA Banquet Hall, and the occupancy of the hotels by the guests”.

Estrada, Nena Forte, Ricardo Garcia, Helen Kranzel, Amante Tessalona and the Board of Advisors is Dr. Joy Bruce (MD) and Bennie Trinidad. You can donate to the PACFSF or learn more about the project by following the link to their website on

The Philippine-American Cultural Foundation of South Florida Inc (PACFSF) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is building the new facility in Okeechobee. The organization is under the leadership of Chairman & President Edwin Domiando. VP Elizabeth Marull, Secretary Marlene Chance, Treasurer Flor Moya, and Auditor Lito Gomez. The Board of Directors is Maria Barameda, Eduardo Cadiz Jr., Rebecca Espulgar, Sid

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Hard Hats and Shovels for the Ceremony Sep 2009



Events Highlight

36 Sep 2009

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Events Highlight 活動

The Only Asian Festival In North Central Florida – The Heart of Florida Asian Festival SinoElite Acrobatics Group, Matsuriza Taiko Drummers, Liang-Acrobatic & Comedy Show, and Pol Parsley the Thai Elvis will headline the 2009 Heart of Florida Asian Festival to be held on October 25, 2009 at the Thomas Center in downtown Gainesville. The festival, which celebrates Asian culture, heritage, and traditions, is the only event of its kind in North Central Florida. Festival coordinator David Ballard knew he wanted top-flight entertainment for this important regional event. “I think we are very fortunate to have such excellent Asian entertainment in Florida that we could draw upon for this festival.” After seeing Matsuriza Taiko’s Japanese drumming electrify the crowd at the Savannah Asian Festival, Ballard knew he wanted them for the Heart of Florida festival. “Matsuriza Taiko had a dynamic stage presentation that was especially suited to our large outdoor performance area,’ Ballard said. SinoElite Acrobatics Group of Orlando was a natural fit for the Heart of Florida festival. The group has performed at major national venues and is known for their Northern dragon dance, acrobatics, vase juggling, and unicycle bowlcatching act. Ballard was impressed by their extensive resume, skills, and showmanship, and with Jim Yu, the company’s director, has planned two spectacular performances for the Gainesville

event. Thai Elvis Pol Parsley will sing The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s greatest hits while attired in his special red Vegas-style costume. Parsley, who has played at The House of Blues in Orlando as well as numerous clubs, restaurants, fairs, and events, says he wants fairgoers to “have a good time and to keep the memory of Elvis alive,” and he added that he hopes the crowd will feel free to sing along to “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Don’t Be Cruel,” “Love Me Tender,” and “All Shook Up,” among other Elvis standards. Liang is known to viewers of America’s Got Talent for her feats of balance while spinning eight plates at once She is also the only person who can hula 25 hoops...while blindfolded. With comedian and emcee Bill Patti, Liang invites festivalgoers to experience the acrobatics, dance, and music of China. In addition to the headliners, the festival will also feature performances by Jacksonville’s Experience Asia, martials arts demonstrations, dance, and a kimono fashion show from Kimono USA. The festival runs from 12-6 PM on October 25, 2009 at the historic Thomas Center in downtown Gainesville. Admission is free. For more information, please call David Ballard, City of Gainesville

For more events:

Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, at 352-393-8746. The Heart of Florida Asian Festival is presented by the City of Gainesville Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs. Sep 2009


i a

T r e n d







Immediate opportunity for Automotive Mechanics & Technicians for exciting 3-month project! Be one of the individuals to receive exposure to the latest model European vehicles on the market. We provide technical support to numerous automotive outlets on the East and West coasts of Florida. Techs would be required to drive company vehicles to a designated dealer/port location to perform vehicle technical update. Company provides paid training. Schedule consists of 4, ten-hour shifts per week, with additional over-time available. Candidate must: - Have a driver license for a minimum of seven years - Be able to drive approximately 300 miles per day - Not posses more than 3 points on 7 year Motor Vehicle Report - No more than two accidents in the last three years - Be proficient in English Additional programs may be available after completion of the 90-day project. Automotive skill-set will determine hourly rate of pay. If you enjoy driving exotic luxury vehicles and have the ability to perform minor technical vehicle reconfigurations please send resume to


Medical office exp preferred, PT 24 hrs/wk, Operates multi-line telephone system Receives incoming telephone calls promptly Completes messages and direct in a timely fashion Confirms patient appointments Bi-lingual required, English & Vietnamese Fax resume to (407) 834-9373, Attn: Human Resources. Call (407) 834-7776 ext 280 with questions.




Several locations including Hunter’s Creek, Winter Park and Kissimmee Interested, please call Mr. Lau at 407-273-9913


Colonial Drive/50 and 17-92. Excellent location has three rooms available with private entrance and close to I-4. Monthly rent $700, includes utilities, Wi-fi. Call 407-895-8555 for more information.

38 Sep 2009


Our company has opportunities for qualified individuals to be a part of an automotive future. All applicants MUST MEET MINIMUM CRITERIA below and be capable of working required 60 hours per week with some travel. Pay is commensurate with experience and skill set. Our starting salary for the available night shift is $9.00 & 20 hours of OT at $13.50. Minimum Qualifications are: - Ability to drive a standard transmission (a driving test will be given) - Ability to work 60-hours per week (Six 10-hr days Monday through Saturday (possible holiday work) - Ability to drive locally for prolong periods of time, up to 400 miles per shift - Must be computer literate and capable of operating a GPS navigation system - Can navigate a Blackberry or similar hand held Web enabled device - Be proficient in English - Can take direction and execute tasks and neatly document information accurately - Must be reliable and maintain good attendance - Not posses more than 3 points on 7 year Motor Vehicle Report - No more than two accidents in the last three years Prior automotive technician experience a plus+ send resume to


Professional Collection Systems (PCS) is hiring for part-time collectors. The hours of operation for PCS are Monday –Thursday 8am – 9pm and Fridays 8am -5pm. Individuals interest in part-time must work no more than 33 hours a week. The pay is $10 an hour and you are eligible for commission after 90 days. The office is located in Maitland. For those interested they may email their resume to

REALTORS NEEDED Realty is looking for a few young, energetic and computer savvy Realtors. Attitude and work committment more important than experience. Will train young, energetic and computer savvy prospects and agents. Call or email: Erich (813) 679-0988

BARBER & STYLIST Clip & Cut Salon Now Hiring

Call Ms. Varanee Ink 407-295-4155

Located at Kirkman Rd & Conroy next to Publix Supermarket


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Linda T. Inatsuka, Ph.D., Lic. Psychologist 8066 North 56th Street , Tampa , FL 33617

4424 Ravinnia Dr, Orlando, FL 32809 Ph: (407) 371-3512 Cell: (321) 303-2621 Fax: (407) 248-9747 Email:


Chinese holistic Reflexology Combined technique body massage by Dennis Ku MA#52671 Please e-mail or call for appointment



6:30pm – 9:30pm at Downey Memorial Church – Life Center, 10201 E Colonial Dr., Orlando. Contact Pastor Joseph Wong at 407.929.0409 or visit for more information. An evening of fun and games. There will be activities for children, lively discussions on family related topics, and plenty of opportunities to meet others. Dinner is available for purchase.

JAPANESE BIBLE STUDY 日本人聖書の学び会 Every Tuesday from 10am

毎週火曜日 午前10時~

Contact: 407.855.4263 /


Wednesdays at 7:15 pm, downtown location. Please call Sam Winters for more information about the class at 407.913.2115. Cost $5 per person, per class.


Join Dong & Phu on Wed & Fri 9 – 10am as they teach you the “Eight Brocades” style of Tai Chi. Doing this exercise is good for your health and longevity. By donation. Renaissance Senior Center - 3800 South Econlockhatchee Trail, Orlando 407.254.9070


Every Tue (6-9pm) and Sun (1:30 – 4:30pm) at College Park Community Center - 2393 Elizabeth Ave, Orlando. Fees: Adults: $5, Under 18: $1, 12 and under: Free. Please contact Krishna Balwalli at 407.683.9162 or email for more information.


2009 Tzu Chi Foundation Orlando Chinese Cultural School, Fall Semester Age: Over 5 years old of age 9:00am-12:00pm every Saturday Location: 5401 Alhambra Dr., Suite A, Orlando, FL Contact James Huang at 407.301.8443, or Sherry Wu at 407-352-0505

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J.Club ~Your connection to Japan~

Meet regularly once a month to enjoy Japanese food, have topical discussions of the Japanese culture, form new connections and exchange information, also participate in public cultural events. Feel free to contact Teri Mitchell (日本人 ) at / 407.347.7606 Web:


Classes available on Mon (for intermediate-Casselberry Senior Center), Wed (for beginners- First United Methodist Church, Thurs (for advanced-Casselberry Senior Center) and Sat (for beginners-Renaissance Senior Center). Contact Ivan and Cecilia Mao at 407.222.8747 or for more details. Sep 2009



Events Highlight

Winter Garden Music Fest 2009 October 2-4, 2009 Historic Downtown Winter Garden, Plant Street

Produced by the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation, Music Fest has become an annual tradition in this charming downtown with three days of family friendly entertainment of over 19 hours of music, food, vendors and a special KidzFest area. From classical to zydeco, blue grass to jazz, over 30 live music acts will perform on two outdoor stages and in the Garden Theatre, all admission is free. Many Central Florida residents will be among the professional musicians showcasing their talent. Call 407-656-3244 for more details or visit

Friday, October 2 – 5-10pm Saturday, October 3 – 12noon-11pm Sunday, October 4 – 12noon-5pm FREE ADMISSION • FREE PARKING Winter Garden Heritage Foundation (407)656-3244

» What is happening in Florida? Asian American Chamber of Commerce August Business After Hours Sept 17 (Thurs) 6pm – 8pm. Sponsored by Orange County Supervisor of Elections – 119 W. Kaley Street, Orlando . Free for current AACC members and $10 for Non-Members and Guests. Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP by Sept 14, 2009 Space is limited. Please RSVP by August 17, 2009 to: or call 407-540-0707 and leave a message. Please refer to Pg 27 for more details. Martin County Nautical Flea Market and Seafood Festival Sept 18, 19 & 20, 9 am to 6 pm, Martin County Fair Grounds, Stuart. Nautical Bargains Galore - * Food * Music * for more details. (954) 205-7813 Fax (561) 395-5389. VASA’s 6th Annual Tet Trung Thu - Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Sept 27 (Sun) 6pm - 11pm at UCF Student Union - Pegasus Ballroom A cultural showcase of talents to celebrate the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (with free food too!). Contact Theresa Mai, President (, c: 407-435-5576), Janet Tong, Vice President (, c: 321-202-3427) Website: Winter Garden Music Fest 2009 Oct 2 – 4 (Fri – Sun) at Historic Downtown Winter Garden, Plant Street . From classical to zydeco, blue grass to jazz, over 30 live music acts will perform on two outdoor stages and in the Garden Theatre, all admission is free. Many Central Florida residents including Orlando Taiko Dojo - Japanese Taiko Drums will be among the professional musicians showcasing their talent. Call 407-656-3244 for more details or visit Orlando Open 2009 – Badminton Tournament Oct 3 & 4 (Sat & Sun) at College Park Community Center – 2393 Elizabeth Ave, Orlando . Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles, Beginners, Junior (Under 15), Open and Senior (50+). Contact Krishna Balwalli 407-683-9162 or College Park Community Center 407-246-4361. 2009 South Florida Dragon Boat Festival In Miami Oct 3 & 4, 2009, 9:00am – 5:00pm - Haulover Beach Park Marina, 10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154. Stage Cultural Performance, Egg Roll Eating Contest, Martial Arts Performance, Kids’ Kite Contest, Lion & Dragon Dance, Authentic Asian Food, Face Painting, Bounce House, Health Booth, etc. Visit for more information.

40 Sep 2009

Orlando Taiko Dojo - Japanese Taiko Drums will be performing outside the Garden Theatre on Oct 4 (Sun) from 2:30pm – 3:00pm Experience the passion & excitement of Taiko Drums. This fascinating music is an important part of traditional ceremonies & important festivals in Japan .

For more events: Taste of Thailand - Oct 4 (Sun) 10:30am - 3:30pm. Tickets: $12.00-Adults, Childern under 10 - $6.00. Wat Florida Dhammaram - 2421 Old Vineland Rd. Kissimmee , Florida 34746 , (407) 397-9552. As with all of our festivals and cultural events, there will be many vendors selling items of clothing, arts and crafts, plants, delicatessen and foods from Thailand. Variety of Thai Foods All you can eat. Flower Offering & Beautiful procession around the Sacred Pilgrimage Sites. Experience Asia 5th Annual Festival in Tallahassee October 3 (Sat), 10am-5pm at Lewis and Bloxham Parks , Downtown Tallahassee . Learning about the ancient traditions of Asian culture. Music, dance, arts, crafts, and of course, various Asian cuisine will be featured. Representatives from the Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Pakistani Community , Persian, Sri Lankan, Taiwanese, and Thai community will be on hand to share traditions and practices unique to each culture. Visit for more details. Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival October 17 (Sat) 9am – 5:30pm at WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort, the epi-center of Downtown Disney® Area. Admission is FREE for race participants and spectators. For more details, please visit or call (416) 962-8899 for more information. Heart of Florida Asian Festival Oct 25 (Sun) 12 – 6pm at Historic Thomas Center Gainesville , FL. A Celebration of Asian Cultural Arts including Music, Thai Elvis, Japanese Shamisen and Taiko Drumming, Dance, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Kimono Fashion Show, Asian Cuisine and More. Free admission. For more information, call 352-393-8746 or visit Produced by the City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs. Orlando Japan Festival 2009 - Coming soon on Nov 8 (Sun). Visit for complete details. Please refer to Pg 31. SPIFFS 35th International Folk Festival - Coming soon in St. Petersburg on Nov 7 and 8 (Sat & Sun). Visit for complete details.

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Asia Trend Magazine - Sep 2009  
Asia Trend Magazine - Sep 2009  

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