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Seduction M anual possess the one you want

Confessions of a Bigamist

ISSUE No48 • 2011

Sari Body

The perfect workout for the perfect silhouette



AUTUMN 2011 ISSUE 48 £2.95

Preeya K alidas

bares her soul

Where fashion & danger collide: PAKISTAN


One night with a male SPOT THEM escort

Black Magic Ghost Hunting Vampires

Darkness Falls This Autumn be seduced by the dark side

Workwear | Bollywood News | Concealers & Foundations | Diwali Recipes | Turning a Hobby into a Business




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PRODUCTION Designer: Amruta Vyas ADVERTISING Commercial Manager: Trevor Jayakody Sales Team Leader: Ricky Chera Sales Executive: Roshni Gohil Sales Executive: Vijay Shah Distribution Executive: Kiran Gohil CONTRIBUTORS: Nasima Ahmed, Farah Ahmed, Natasha Asghar, Saran Attariwala, Shay Grewal, Sneh Joshi, Sona Karia, Yasmeen Khan, Mohammed Qazalbash, Kasam Shaffi, Sharmila Stavrou, Nina Ubhi PHOTOGRAPHY: Marcus Flemmings, Paul West, Joanna Krause Assistants: Christopher Butchart, Pranathi Praveen PUBLISHERS Managing Director: J Wimal Executive Director: Sonit Shringi Operations: Alex Kelberman

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EDITORIAL Features Editor: Kia Abdullah Features Writer: Sheeffah Shiraz Beauty Editor: Sami Rahman Fashion Co-ordinator: Rachael Elliott



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Editor’s letter


n all its brief and rainy British glory, this summer was still its usual charming self, but now as the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, we ready ourselves for the inevitable darkness that draws in upon us. Here at Asian Woman HQ we’ve decided to embrace it with our perfectly-manicured hands and take a dangerously close look this season at the darker side of life, society and humanity. For our Dark Issue, we’ve virtually immersed ourselves, and sometimes even lauded all things shady from the censured to the sensual. For starters, take adultery: it is a sin, granted, but that didn’t stop us taking a moment to highlight some of the savvy women who famously stole another woman’s husband and made him her own (p25). On the other side of that dirty coin we also hear a shamefully heart-warming personal confession from a real life bigamist, who simply “can’t help” loving two women (p97). Well, we women are quite lovable. Our resident princess of darkness Kia Abdullah this issue took one for the team when she went on a date with a horrifically attractive male gigolo to find out why more and more Asian women these days are paying for sex (p68). Also in her quest to understand another dark side of Asian women she explores the notorious skin-lightening debate and provocatively asks if it really is that bad (p59), plus she discovers a certain darkness that lingers in all women, in the Shevil Eye (p64). The Dark Issue would not be complete without making some sort of contact with the paranormal and that’s exactly what our Token White Girl Rachael Elliott did, and she lived to tell the tale (p75). Back at the office Sheeffah Shiraz took on the dark forces of Black Magic (p70) whilst I, in keen anticipation of the imminent fourth instalment of the Twilight film saga fashioned a Vampire-inspired shoot with the insanely talented Arjun Coomaraswamy (p126). Other stars prowling around this issue are green-eyed playboy Hrithik Roshan (p55), Four Lions’ Arsher Ali (p54), She-Wolf-cum-nightingale Nerina Pallot (p56), boardroom wildcat Melody Hossaini (p76) and a tigerstripe-painted Jiah Khan (p53), fighting vehemently for animal rights. Our hats came off for the gorgeous girl whose clothes came off for our dark and sensual covershoot. Preeya Kalidas boldly reminded us of the beauty of the female form and the even greater beauty of self-confidence. Read our interview with the multi-talented style chameleon who also models some of autumn’s hottest trends in our ten-page feature (p42). The beauty of self-confidence and our own female form isn’t immediately obvious to all of us and sometimes a misconception or lack of awareness of our own beauty can leave us at the mercy of the dark recesses of our minds. Our Beauty Editor Sami Rahman discusses When Looks Can Kill (p108). On a lighter note (as in not heavy) we also look at that other darkness (as in not light) of human sensuality. In fact we didn’t just look; we put together a whole Seduction Manual, an indispensable guide to tempting and seducing your chosen victim. Take note, ladies. Gents, take cover (p85). There is a darkness in all of us. Some darker than others of course. But it is there, and just like the darkest time of day is just before dawn, it is that darkness within all of us that gives rise to and meaning to those nicer sides of us that we are more proud to parade in plain sight. I mean, would ‘good’ even mean anything if ‘bad’ didn’t exist? We really should take the time to truly embrace the duality of the human condition, especially our more sinister tendencies, both to gain a greater control and understanding of ourselves but also because naughty people have more fun. As Nietzche put it, “in heaven, all the interesting people J Wimal are missing”.

Paris: Bollywood Zone, Azim Modh, +33 1 5334 0043

On the Cover

Preeya Kalidas

UK Newstrade distribution Comag Specialist +44 01895 433716 UK Independent distribution Kirosh International 0208 144 9517

Photography: Paul West Creative Direction: J Wimal Makeup: Kim Douglas Hair: Carl Campbell Jewellery: Pebble London, Swarovski Retouching: Kasam Shaffi Location: Plough Studios

All rights reserved. Reproduction of pictures, articles or artwork in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. Copyright © 2010 Jayson Emerald Media Corporation All opinions and comments expressed are that of the writers and not the publisher.


CONTENTS issue.48 On The Cover 42 Preeya Kameleon Our cover girl on life, love and weakness 60 Pakistan Fashion Week Changing the face of Pakistan 68 Dangerous Liaisons We go on a date with a male escort 70 Black Magic The power and perils of the dark arts 75 Token White Girl A first-hand account of ghost-hunting 78 Working It Dress to impress 80 Labour of Love Turn your hobby into a business 85 Seduction Manual Possess the one you want 92 Passion Killers An insider’s guide to men’s biggest turn-offs 97 Confessions of a Bigamist One man, two wives 100 Tried and Tested The best concealers 103 How Do I... Find the perfect foundation 126 Twilight Temptation Singer Arjun falls prey to temptation 148 Bollywood News All the latest films 158 Diwali Recipes From the legendary Tilda 164 The Sari Body Get yours with our tailored workout

Perfect Tens 23 Catwalk Snapshot Autumn’s must-wear trends at a glance 25 The Other Women 10 famous temptresses 27 Beauty Sins Forbidden practices that can ruin your looks 29 Enter the Dragon James Caan shares his favourite iPad apps 31 10 Ways to Lose Your Job …without even trying 33 Anti-Fashionista Essentials Get over your fashion phobia 35 Don’t Look Back in Anger Retrospective celeb advice 37 Cheat the Habit Simple alternatives for your worst habits


Spotlight 38 40 53 54 55 56


Celeb Style Rocking the red carpet isn’t easy Snaparazzi The best dressed stars Made in Chelsea Behind the scenes with Jiah Khan Hello Girls Beaver Falls’ Arsher Ali Hrithik Roshan Sharing his sensitive side Nerina Pallot Insists she’s not famous

145 Ones to Watch The rising stars of tomorrow 146 Music The latest industry buzz 150 Arts Books, plays and exhibitions



59 Undomestic Goddess Is it ever ok to lighten skin? 64 The Shevil Eye Jealousy and the fairer sex 67 News Junkie Are all terrorists Muslim?

153 The Art of Seduction Transform your home into a gothic boudoir 154 Mi Casa Es Su Casa The stunning home of designer Faiza Seth

Success 74 Asian Provocateur An Asian woman in comedy 76 Melody Hossaini Why she’s had to be so tough


Love 94 21st Century Daughter in Law Balancing sexuality with modesty 95 Ex-Appeal Women that flourished after public breakups 96 Love Hurts Your relationship problems solved

166 Diet Doctor Soothing your weightloss woes 167 Health News Staying sexy this season 168 Ask Sharmila Breaking cultural taboos 169 The Clinic The doctor will see you now 171 Legal Q&A Expert advice from Darby’s Solicitors

Travel 172 Paradise Lost & Found Dubai... after the crash




98 Hair Gazing Autumn’s hottest hair trends 99 Beauty Notes The latest beauty buys 101 Beauty Q&A Expert advice 106 Get The Cover Look A step-by-step guide 108 When Looks Can Kill When ‘ugly’ days take over 112 Sweet Dreams The hottest makeup trends

174 AW Boat Party 176 IIFAs hit Toronto 178 Scene Elsewhere 180 Imran Khan at Revolution 181 AW Padlock Party

18 Mailbox 107 Subscriptions 182 Horoscopes 189 Stockists 190 Editor’s Choice 192 Girl About Town

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120 Designer Profile Vivek Karunakaran 122 Trend Injection This season’s hottest trends 124 Born This Way Is fashion sense innate? 134 Flirty Femmes Figure-flattering looks to suit all





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@ SheeWrites

I loved your cover with Jay Sean and the two leopard girls. It’s the best I’ve seen of Jay. It’s easy to think he’s forgotten his fans in the UK but the interview showed that he is still the Jay we knew and loved. I love that he was so open and honest, and am pleased to hear that he’s going to bring back his old-skool style of music. Can’t wait!


use you can r the wh en ove col our see n all ng a one eye hts we re d yell ow beishow. Why useNe on brig with aci nish Aro ra and Ma the eye lid thre e? lk this season with e at the cat wa lar favourit tte yell ow online. Finish ners par ticua brig ht ma the cre ase outer cor the Apply pur ple into dow on ve line. ble nd gre en sha bot tom lashsh, just abo blu the y loo k. a lime end to : Pink fantas and extlem ent withto cre ate a s mp Co ekbone the che


Thank you for your ‘Toxic Men’ article. I stayed with a man who cheated on me for years to save my family’s ‘honour’. The last straw was when a friend saw him and another woman in our car with my 3-year-old son. My husband exhibited all the traits mentioned in the article. I hope it gives others strength.

Khaleda, Manchester

OUTTAKES Turn to p.42 for the full interview and photoshoot with our coverstar




Faizah, London

I’m not one to experiment with my makeup but after spotting the beauty shoot in the last issue I felt an urge to try something different! I loved the yellow and green look in particular and will be trying it out at my friend’s mehndi party. Wish me luck!

Hanna, Bradford


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I loved the Jay Sean issue of Asian Woman. One article in particular, ‘Asian Gracefully’, really struck a chord. I have a grandmother who needs to be put into care and that article really brought tears to my eyes. It’s an issue that needs to be discussed more widely as this idea that ‘Asians don’t put their elders in care’ is really destructive, especially when a family is forced to do so. I showed the article to my mum and although it made her very emotional, it also made her realise that we are not alone in what we have had to do. Thank you for highlighting the issue.

Ayyan, London

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On our cover star Jay Sean... @KKM_19 How SEXY does @jaysean look on the cover of @AsianWomanMag??? Definitely going to buy a copy. @paulsagoo Well done @jwimal. The new @AsianWomanMag cover feat @jaysean looks great. Best cover of Jay I’ve seen. @MaariaUlhaq91 @jaysean looks pretty amazing on the @AsianWomanMag cover!!! Need to go and get my copy asap!! On the summer issue... @saj23x lol dam just rememberd i left my copy of @AsianWomanMag with @ParisHilton in LA @ThePinUpChic Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane, every night in our lives @AsianWomanMag article. Awesome quote!! @BeingNabzii The new issue of @AsianWomanMag is faab! The intimate Jay Sean interview, Scientology segment, Outlandish, I really enjoyed it. @DollymixCupcake @AsianWomanMag ALL I’m saying is THANK YOU for page 27… *needs to calm down* … And a couple of messages from the gorgeous man himself: @jaysean If u haven’t already, grab a copy of @AsianWomanMag – I’m on the cover! @jaysean Sick! Can’t wait ’til it comes out! RT @jwimal: EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: The New @AsianWomanMag Summer Cover feat @jaysean





Perfect Tens

Sorting out life, love and everything in just 10 easy steps


s k Trend l a w t s a ave App 10 Top C H t s u aan’s M C s e m a tresses p 10 J m e T y r 10 Sult ur Job o Y e s o om s to L 10 Way of Wisd s l r a e brity P 10 Cele ty Sins u a e B ls 0 1 ssentia E a t s i n -Fashio e Habit h t 10 Anti t a e s to Ch 10 Way


Perfect Tens


CATWALK SNAPSHOT Autumn’s must-wear trends at a glance



Black leather dress £60 Dorothy Perkins


Net top £45 Topshop

Grey blazer £59 Marks & Spencer

Feather necklace £12.99 River Island


Images: Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

Blue Pussybow Chiffon Blouse Apricot



Mock croc doctor’s bag £26 Next


High five sandal £65 Office


TEXTURE OVERLOAD Textured coat £45 Primark


9BURGUNDY 10 CAMEL Dress £12 Primark

Camel coat £35 Asda

Perfect Tens



The All-in-One Jacket

Mixing fabrics and textures is big this season but if the idea of wearing leather with fur fills you with dread try a jacket or coat that combines different fabrics in a more subtle way. Tweed jacket £65 Topshop


The Jumpsuit

An all-in-one jumpsuit could not be easier to wear. Simply pair with heels and you’re good to go. Brown jumpsuit £45 Very


Coloured Tights

Colour-shy ladies should opt for a pair of patterned or coloured tights to bring an ordinary outfit to life. Burgundy woollen tights £9.99 Accessorize



Faux Fur

Punchy Prints

Statement prints can be toned down, yet remain stylish when paired with black opaque tights or a slouchy cardigan. Print dress £29.99 Chelsea Girl @ River Island

Fur makes a comeback every autumn, but if you’re worried about looking more Cruella De Vil than haute couture try incorporating the trend with an accessory. Faux fur bag £60 Dune




The Boot A statement pair of boots can instantly make an outfit trendy. Go for a kneelength pair with block heels and a platform so it’s easier to walk in. Suede boots £79.99 New Look


Accessible Accessories

For an easy way to introduce colour into your wardrobe, start with bright accessories like a skinny belt or pair of shoes. Skinny leather belt £15 Accessorize

Get over your fashion phobia with these easy-to-wear autumn pieces


Revamped Lace Coloured lace doesn’t need to look trashy. Go for deeper tones like emerald green or dark purple for a safer take on the trend. Purple lace dress £28 Very



Fashionable Flats

Classic with a Twist The classic black blazer is a failsafe option for the anti-fashionista. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and swap black for nude. Contrast lapel blazer £75 ASOS


If you can’t bring yourself to strut around in heels, wear loafers or moccasins instead as they’re a more stylish alternative to pumps. Loafer £65 Dune

Perfect Tens

1. Pages

2. MobileMe iDisk

In any week I could have up to 15 board meetings. That means reviewing up to 15 board packs of around 30-100 pages each. This app from Apple allows me to read through the packs and make notes ready for the meeting. It also helps me be more environmentally conscious as I am printing less.


This has proved to be invaluable to me. Whether it is a video file, photos or documents, having the ability to access them wherever I am is beneficial and means I can give the Hamilton Bradshaw investment and media teams quick feedback.

4. James Caan Business Secrets

I wanted to develop an app that would help all business owners and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business. Too many young businesses fail through simple lack of all-round knowledge of the business owner – this app helps people with the day to day challenges that are involved in starting and growing a business.

3. Sky News This app looks slick and is easy to use. It presents the content clearly and allows me to catch up quickly on current affairs throughout the day.

Enter the Dragon

Millionaire businessman James Caan shares his favourite iPad apps

7. Angry Birds When I have a rare moment to myself I relax with a game of Angry Birds – though I have to admit my highest score could be improved!

5. OpenTable This app gives me an easy way to make restaurant reservations, whether I’m in the US or UK. There are over 15,000 enabled restaurants so I have plenty of choice.

10. Sotheby’s 6. TED There are always points in the day when you are in need of some inspiration and this app brings me that. I have watched talks from all over the world on many different subjects from some of the most inspiring people. The presentation of the TED app is so inviting to watch and is so simple to search through.

8. Bloomberg It’s the place to be when you are managing stocks and shares. It allows you to create bespoke settings suited to your preferences. This cuts down time when under pressure to secure a particular price at a particular time.

9. TweetDeck I have some very loyal Twitter and Facebook followers and like to keep them updated with news, new projects and what I am up to in my spare time. This app allows me to update all of my social media platforms at once – I like the efficiency of integrated platforms.


This app allows you to search upcoming lots for sale and leave an absentee bid if something catches your attention. I like that a traditional institution like Sotheby’s has embraced modern technology.



Katrina Kaif keeps it simple yet stylish in monochrome White t-shirt £17 La Redoute Black skirt £12 Matalan

No one does girl-nextdoor quite like Jameela Jamil even in this patterned mini-dress Dress £69 Littlewoods

Sparkle swing earrings £7 Accessorize

Silver sparkle stiletto heels £25.99 Pilot

Black ballet pump £40 Monsoon

Tepee tassle pendant £16 Accessorize


Tasmin Lucia Khan stands out in this tailored red dress which complements her complexion beautifully

Rachel Roy looks uber trendy in these bright yellow trousers and laid-back blazer

Dress £35 Marisota

Tuxedo jacket £60 Evans

Clasp belt £15 M&S Black bowler bag £39.50 M&S Black heels £80 Dune


Mustard wide leg trousers £90 Topshop Lille case clutch £35 Monsoon


We review the best dressed stars and show you how to get their look

Freida Pinto looks stunning as always in this mustard dress. The high collar counteracts the short hemline in keeping with her elegant style

Sushmita Sen knows less is more when wearing a showstopping dress

Genelia D’Souza shows us a sparkling twist on the traditional LBD

Dress Bonmarche

Per Una black sparkle pattern dress M&S Front zip strappy sandals £19.99 Internacionale

Mustard dress Miss Selfridge

Malaika Arora has perfected the smart casual look by adding nude heels to jeans and a shirt White shirt £18 M&S Futuristic tribal statement necklace £20 Accessorize Watch £169 Rotary Watches Holly Willoughby jeans £35 Very Nude heels £60 Head Over Heels





In an exclusive interview with Asian Woman magazine, the multi-talented Preeya Kalidas talks frankly about life, success and weakness, while rocking some of this season’s hottest trends By Sami Rahman




ROYAL OPULENCE As seen in Valentino A/W 11 Milan Fashion Week Halterneck dress and scarf SF Collection Dark green earring (styled as a tika) Tebazile



Fashion Show

The World’s Most Dangerous Pakistan Fashion Week: Breaking boundaries or living in a bubble?

Hajra Hayat

By Sheeffah Shiraz

Faraz Manan

Sadaf Malaterr

Ammar Belal Nickie Nina

Khaadi Khaas


s the call for the evening prayer sounds over Lahore’s bustling Liberty Market, my eye catches the throng of trendy women walking down the dusty roads clothed in an array of colours, styles and trends. Ten years ago this would have been a different scene; a patriarchal society dominated by strict Islamic rules equalled simple, traditional and religious attire. Fast forward to today: a patriarchal society, a crumbling political environment, a deteriorating economy, relentless bombings and a supposed land for breeding terrorists alongside the most on-trend fashionable faces Pakistan may have ever seen. Confused? You’re not the only one. There is no arguing that Pakistan is in the midst of political turmoil with recent events further perpetuating the negativity surrounding it, ultimately making Pakistan one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Yet, despite the unrest, Pakistan has played host to a number of Fashion Weeks early this year. Taking over Lahore, Karachi and even the capital, Islamabad, for the first time ever, the catwalks were full of exquisite fashion pieces, from bridal to burqas


to bikinis – Pakistan Fashion Week had it all. While comparisons to London, Paris, New York and Milan showed a positive step for a country

“Despite death threats before the first show and security searching for explosives, it was still a memorable occasion for the fashion industry” that, once upon a time, was nonexistent on the fashion scale, there was the inevitable question of why it went ahead. Threats from the Taliban, suicide bombings, and media outcries made Pakistan Fashion Week a perilous matter yet, surprisingly, security fears were shrugged off and the shows went ahead. Since then, the Pakistan fashion trade has been heavily criticised; accusations of it ‘living


in a bubble’, oblivious to Pakistan’s political and social problems, only added to the country’s troubles. However, many people were – and possibly still are – unaware of the positive impact of Pakistan Fashion Week. The Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC), which had been trying for nearly five years, finally had its first Fashion Week last year and despite death threats before the first show, as well as armed security searching the venue for possible explosives, it still marked a memorable occasion for the booming fashion industry. This January saw Pakistan’s capital hold its first Fashion Week, and what a show it was. With risqué modern styles and the evident influence of mainstream culture, the show aimed to attract western buyers and encourage foreign trade. It was an admirable effort to bring back an international trade that had been frightened away by the threat of Taliban bombings, and thus aid in reforming the country’s flailing economy. The PFDC was also criticised when it decided to go ahead with its next Fashion Week a little while after one of the most devastating disasters hit Pakistan last year. The Fashion



The Ultimate Sensory Seduction Guide

Photography: Marcus Flemming | Photography Assistant: Pranathi Praveen | Hair & Makeup: Halimah Abubaker (Henna H) | Hair & Makeup Assistants: Yasmin Hussain & Rujina Monnan | Outfits: La Senza & Eternal Spirits | Location: Park Plaza County Hall

Possess any man you want with our indispensible guide to the darker sex Women accuse the darker sex of all sorts of delinquencies, from laziness and apathy to fickleness and misogyny, but look past the disdain and you’ll find that, at our core, we adore men. Secretly (sometimes not so secretly), we rely on them, we crave them, we need them. We need their rare gestures of romance and less rare expressions of carnal desire. We need their protective nature, their fiery passion and simmering masculinity. And yet, so often, we let relationships fall by the wayside either because we’re too aloof, too demanding or just plain ignorant about what men want. Well, fear not, for Asian Woman magazine has put together a 7-page guide to the darker sex, from soothing their insecurities to igniting their senses so you can catch and keep any man you want. Let the taming begin…

Our 7-page guide to making his every sense tremble with desire • HEAR NO EVIL: Say the right words to ignite his interest • LUST AT FIRST SIGHT: Show him why he needs your body • SCENT OF A WOMAN: Smell intoxicating • SOFT TOUCH: Feel him in all the right ways • TASTING SESSiON: Feed his cravings • THE SIXTH SENSE: Train him to do your bidding



Olivia lace longline bra £16 and thong £5 BHS

Strapless Bustier £56 Topshop

Black bodice £35 B by Ted Baker

House of Holland fishnet suspender tights £12 My Tights

Coco balcony bra £27 and briefs £14 Ultimo

Collette Dinnigan bra and briefs M&S Floozie by Frostfrench longline bra £18.50 and hipster briefs £8.50 Debenhams


Cherie babydoll £149 Myla

of men prefer to date a woman with great hair than one with large breasts (Glamour UK)


Lust at First Sight

Visual triggers that will turn him on

Lips: Research has found that within 10 seconds of meeting a woman for the first time, the average man will spend more than half that time looking at her mouth. For centuries, women have painted their lips red to enhance their appeal and it has been found that red lipstick is the most powerful attractor. Go rouge with these top three lipsticks:

Make him ache for you

Leopard courts £90 Dune

L’Absolu Rouge £18.90 Lancome Poker holdups £12 My Tights

Sleepwear wrap top £35 Marks & Spencer

Nipple tassels £21 La Redoute

Lotus short dressing gown £500 Myla

Gold bra and thong Matalan

Nina bra £60 and brief £44 Simone Perele

Hollywood Red £18 Bobbi Brown

Russian Red £13.50 MAC

Hair: Most men prefer women with long hair. They don’t notice little things like split ends or styles, but they do love thick, shiny hair that smells nice. Taylor plunge bra £33 and brief £12.50 Freya

Lace bra £18 and thong £6 Next

Eye Contact: This can really make a difference as it draws a man in, instantly letting him know you’re interested. Smile: Men love a beautiful smile. Most will also notice whether your smile is genuine. Shoes: Men love a woman in high heels. Wear a killer pair to draw his attention.



We love this quirky swan sweater £44 Topshop

STYLIST TIP Team it up with some bright red skinny jeans to stay hot and colourful for the transition from summer to autumn

The likes of Gucci and Prada have injected 40s fashion back into our lives. Prepare yourself for super-slick glamour with pencil skirts galore. River Island

Keep the 40s alive with this flirty floral red dress £39 Miss Selfridge

trend injection

STYLIST TIP Add a dash of colour with this gorgeous Eliza leather tote in Mustard £750 Thomas Lyte

All you need to know about this season’s hottest trends By Nasima Ahmed

Autumn 2011 Fashion: COLOUR, 40s, PRINTS, STATEMENT COLLARS Autumn may signify the end of the summer we never had, but it’s also an excuse to stock up on luxuriant fabrics and cosy coverups that are as stylish as they are practical. Prints, bold colours and 40s fashion will be big this season. We show you how to rock the trends with our selection of prime pieces.

Statement Miriam collar necklace £30 Accessorize Rock the Peter Pan collar with this limited edition dress £23, teamed with a padlock mini crossbody £5, loafers £16, and socks £2 Primark Keep in the sexy autumn spirit with this gorgeous glittery creation £80 Dune

We dare you to try these bold red leather pants £150 Topshop

Be bold with this tri-coloured wedge £100 Red or Dead at Schuh Red will be the hot colour for the season – designers like Betty Jackson splashed the steaming hot colour all over the A/W catwalk

Something for the evening? Velvet dream shoes £75 Junior Blue, Bertie






Are there any style staples that I can carry from my summer wardrobe through to autumn?

If I buy only one key item this season, what should it be? Buy a photographic print dress as seen on the Givenchy runway. The catwalks were rich in prints and patterns for this autumn/ winter and if you’re brave enough, team it up with some clashing bright coloured tights or accessories.

You should definitely continue bold colour blocking through autumn. You will still see a lot of this in most of the high street retailers from the likes of Miss Selfridge to River Island and even shoe brands from Dune to Kurt Geiger. Most importantly, don’t let the weather dictate your colour moods; keep it bright even on a dreary day.

Brown floral fade print palazzo trousers £45 Topshop

Hubble dress £467.45 Christopher Kane


Where is the best place to get style inspiration for autumn? The best inspiration comes from magazines, the internet, celebrities and catwalks as well as looking at how retailers dress their mannequins. In addition, you should look out for fashion blogs as they are one of the most powerful ways to find unique, individual styles and influences from ordinary people. Colour block bodycon mesh dress £14.99 Prodigy Red

Jelin George Lakme Fashion Week


I want to add more ethnic elements to my every day clothing. What is the most practical way of doing this? Start with accessories like ethnic jewellery, bags and scarves, as they may be more practical than a whole outfit. If you have a flexible dress code at work, try simple garments like plain kurtas but give them a modern twist by teaming with bright coloured skinny jeans and pumps – this way you’re mixing both ethnic and modern together.


I often have to get my clothes tailored because I’m petite but top heavy. I want to learn to amend clothes myself to save on costs. Where do I start?

Suhani Pittie Lakme Fashion Week

Possibly the most surprising place to try is YouTube, which has a range of good tutorials; just search for dressmaking tutorials. If you don’t fancy learning that way, contact your local college to see if they have any introductory dress making courses. You only really need to learn the basics – the rest should be down to experimentation. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; buy some cheap fabric from your local market and if it goes wrong you won’t feel so bad. Trial and error is always the best way to learn.





Jean Pierre-Braganza

Lako Bukia

Eudon Choi

hair gazing

We bring you the latest AW11 hair trends



Katrina Kaif

Aishwarya Rai

Kim Kardashian

Rachel Bilson




More dominatrix and less girl-next-door, the new-season ponytail screams power. Keep it long, sleek and sexy, as seen on the Gucci and Louis Vuitton AW11 runway. “Ponytails will be one of the key looks this autumn,” explains hair expert Lesley Wilks. “To achieve this look, invest in a good paddle brush to scrape sides back with the aid of a serum or hairspray. Then, using a clear band, tie hair and use a small section of hair to wrap around the band.”

Plaits make a comeback this year but rather than being sleek and neat, the emphasis is on body and texture. Think Mohican-esque braids, chunky reverse plaits and gothic inspired cornrows – youthful innocence meets highfashion grown-up. “Whether it’s a loose fishtail or a band braid across the head, think ‘anything goes’,” says Lesley. “Just don’t pull them too tightly. Backcomb loose strands and pull out pieces of hair to add texture and volume.”

Forget bed-head grunge, this season is all about the sleek, straight do. “Gorgeous glossy hair begins with right products and tools,” says Lesley. “I recommend the Brazilian blowout keratin treatment; a great way of eliminating frizz. This look is also about healthy shine which can be achieved with an argan oil product such as Moroccan Oil.” To stop the hair becoming flat, blow dry it straight and set with rollers. Then smooth the mid-ends over with straighteners.




MINI-TREND: Spider lashes


Create smokey, smouldering eyes with Laura Mercier’s new classic smokey eye palette £55. It contains specially selected eye shades, eyeliner and brushes, plus a step-by-step instructional guide, making it easy for anyone to achieve the perfect smokey look.

7 Lashes £10 MAC

BEAUTY NOTES Get the Look The latest trends and best beauty buys

Sonam Kapoor



d Lips


Rouge Volupté lipstick in Red Taboo £22.50 YSL

Lipstick in Ruby Woo £13.50 MAC


Gear up for the party season with Revlon’s latest Expressionists Collection. Inspired by classic works of art, standout products include a Limited Edition Bordeaux in the Snow Lip Gloss Palette £7.49 and Nail Enamel in Facets of Fuchsia £6.49.

Calm and soothe your senses with a rose scented body oil

My two biggest hair concerns are greasy roots and a lack of volume so you can imagine my excitement when Batiste announced the launch of their new XXL Volume Dry Shampoo £3.99. Simply spray lightly over the roots, massage it in, and you’re good to go.

Rose body oil £20.95 Dr Hauschka

Freida Pinto

Lipstick in Red Lizard £17.50 Nars

Rose renew massage and body oil £36 Aromatherapy Associates



Opulent, deep and dripping in gloss, this isn’t a trend for the shy, retiring type. Go bold and pair with a smokey eye.

Bordeaux in the Snow Lip Gloss Palette £7.49 Revlon

To begin you need a smooth base so prep lips with a balm and pat off any excess on the back of your hand. Then go over your lips with a red lip pencil (try MAC’s lip pencil in Redd £10.50, which applies like butter). Then apply your chosen red lipstick over the outline – this look is all about excess so there’s no need for a lip brush; just apply it straight from the tube. To finish, go over with a layer of gloss (try Illamasqua’s intense lipgloss in Succubus £13 which adds an extra dimension to lips).

Satya Paul

Moroccan rose otto body oil £34 REN

Satya Paul


Sweet Dreams


Tiba Training founder Halimah shows you how to achieve sensual boudoir beauty with class, elegance and a touch of innocence






To create glowing skin try mixing a cream highlighter with your normal foundation. For the eyes keep it simple with a cream based eyeshadow. Then use a matt blusher on cheeks for contrast and finish with a nude lipstick. Lipstick in Skyline Pink £7.49 Revlon

Instant glow matte bronzer £4.99 17

Creaseless cream shadow in Fahrenheit Fab £14 Benefit

Strobe cream £21.50 MAC


Incorporate colour for a unique take on the smokey eye. Here we use a rusty pigment which was then smoked out with a dark brown eyeshadow. Be creative and mix nude shades with darker reds on lips for the perfect burnt lip colour and lightly bronze the face with a gel based product. Pigment in Tan £15.50 MAC

Pretty amazing lip colour in Charisma £15 Bare Escentuals

Gel bronze tint £16 Clinique

Intense eyeshadow in Mocha Brown £6.99 Bourjois

FELINE FATALE Get sexy, cat-like eyes by lining them thickly with black eyeliner. Use a gel based liner and thin brush to get a more defined flick. Finish with a soft blush, bright pink lips and extravagant false lashes. Gel Liner £15.50 Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Girl About Town £13.50 MAC

Mousse blush in Berry £6.49 Maybelline



Intense false lashes £5.29 Eylure



Flirty Femmes


Eastern elegance, Western cool or a fusion of the two – this Autumn, accessorise any party outfit with flirty femininity

Turquoise and blue lengha Fusion






Model on left wears white netted Anarkali dress with pearl neckline Mirage Model on right wears white silk Anarkali dress with black embroidery Mirage




Twilight Temptation Singer, Songwriter Arjun falls prey to two beautiful temptresses, dressed in the latest Mirage collection



Ruffles bolster pillow £550 Agent Provocateur

Princess diamante headboard £495 French Bedroom Company

Hot kroon molten chandelier £1,795 French Bedroom Company

Brissi Vienna etched tumbler £7 John Lewis

Juliet mirror £135 Littlewoods

Fuchsia lace candle £5 F&F @ Tesco

Table lamp £120 Pied a Terre @ House of Fraser

Armchair £299 Very

Heated mattress topper 69.95 Morphy Richards

Candelabra House of Fraser

Ottoman £119 Very

seduction THE ART OF

Ruffles cushion £195 Agent Provocateur Black fig mirror £233 Sweetpea & Willow

Transform your home into a gothic boudoir

Bosoni velvet chair £295 Sweetpea & Willow

Genuisa black with baby pink piping and vice versa Agent Provocateur


Damask black and pink screen £75 Arthouse

Garner bedside cabinet £110 The Chandelier & Mirror Company

Pink bedspread from £40 John Lewis


A gothic inspired home needn’t feel outdated if you keep the room minimalistic (read: clutter-free). Drape the room in luxurious fabrics like rich velvet and sensuous silk, and stick to a warm colour palette consisting of deep reds, purple, aubergine, antique gold and, of course, black.





eauty, money and a successful business – surely these are the makings of a ‘diva’. But with half her waking hours dedicated to her luxury interior design company, Casa Forma, and the other half to a charity she herself founded, Faiza Seth is far from spoilt. Born in India, Faiza grew up in America and spent five years in Hong Kong. In 2005, she settled in the UK in a trendy Mayfair home, perfect for a stylish Stanford graduate running her own interior design business. It is this home that I went to visit on a sunny autumn day.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa It is a common belief that rich, beautiful women can’t empathise with the less fortunate. We meet designer Faiza Seth, the very antithesis of this idea By Rachael Elliott



As I stepped out of the lift straight into the apartment, I was greeted by Faiza’s two adorable and hyperactive dogs. I followed her maid through to the living room, awestruck by the beautiful surroundings. The room, infused with inspiration from her five-year-stint in Hong Kong, is one of Faiza’s favourites: “Just before I moved to London I was in Hong Kong, so it has this Far Eastern setting. It’s so glamorous and comfy. We like that we managed to combine the two – they always say fashion and comfort don’t go together.” The ‘we’ she refers to is her business partner who she formed Casa Forma with after they renovated her room together back at Stanford. Despite saying she’s not very creative herself, Faiza took a keen interest in the design of her flat after dabbling in property development. In the early days of Casa Forma they began buying properties to renovate them, which inspired an interest in architecture and design. Faiza, who takes care of PR and networking on behalf of the company, travels to India several times a year, an activity that accounts for 8-10% of their profits each year. It is a market she wants to expand in, turning Casa Forma into a truly global business. Faiza leads me to the beautiful dining room where she had laid out a generous spread of Lebanese food. She sits down and visibly relaxes – a momentary pause in her extremely busy day. Life as a businesswoman is never-ending and not as exciting as one may expect, she tells me: “I spend my day on Casa Forma but in the evening my attention turns to my charity. If I’m not working or travelling then I like reading and walking my dogs – nothing too exciting.” I ask how she managed to go from running an interior architectural design business to starting


her own charity, Soham for Kids. “I started it three years ago with my family. We used to spend weekends doing charity work in India, which is actually really fun. We would visit schools and distribute things. For us it was a bonding thing but we wanted to make a long-term impact.” And so she partnered with the Hope Foundation, which helps create schools in local communities, the members of which depend on the school for their children’s education as well as for employment. Soham for Kids is currently solely funded by Faiza herself but fundraising events are to take place soon. The first consists of a day in the countryside, filled with a range of activities including golf, a dance competition, entertainment from a Bollywood group and a four-course lunch. From this particular event an estimated £150,000 is expected to be raised through both ticket sales and the auctions, one of which is the Bollywood package including flights, a hotel in Bombay, a shoot during the day and the opportunity in the evening to have dinner with a Bollywood star like Aishwariya Rai. “It’s an interesting package, an experience that would be very cool. The aim was to come up with something different, an experience as opposed to something superficial to raise a majority of the money,” says Faiza. So where will the money go? Currently in the school there are 24 classes but over the next year Faiza hopes that they can bring in another preschool class and fifth grade “The whole point of school is taking these people’s lives and getting them out of poverty. They will take skills and help build an income. My goal is to get them to a certain level where they can earn money and get out of poverty; then they will be able to provide for themselves and their families.” The school has already had an extraordinary impact on the community. “They don’t even have food. I mean the students have a maximum of one meal a day. When I went there, mothers were crying. Imagine seeing your child like that – it’s hard. In the morning the children are given Bonvita, a chocolate powder, and then they get milk and a banana. It’s a great thing because it encourages the kids to come to school. The fact that at this school they are given two meals a day, breakfast and lunch, helps the parents and for that reason it’s a good influence.” Sitting in Faiza’s walk-in bedroom-sized closet with its own en-suite bathroom as she has her makeup professionally applied for the upcoming photoshoot, it’s hard to imagine why such a fortunate woman would spare a thought for those less well-off but Faiza genuinely cares Yes, I am awed by her spacious apartment and cavernous closet but I’m far more impressed by her empathy, her compassion and her heart, which is far, far bigger.



Friends with Health Benefits er campaign has found A recent study by NIVEA’s Feel Clos h. It shows that not healt your for that friends are good to your health as high staying connected poses similar risks smoking. As if we needed blood pressure, obesity and even . an excuse for a girls’ night out..


Bored of water? Try drinking Vita Coco coconut water (RRP £1.79) instead. It is naturally isotonic, meaning it rehydrates you faster than water. It’s also naturally low in fat and calories, has no added sugar, is low in cholesterol and is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B2, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium.

Nuts for Coconuts

Autumn may be the season of cosy cover-ups, but that’s no reason to let yourself go…

Don’t skip breakfast


Mornings can be hectic, but allowing yourself 15 minutes to sit and eat – say a bowl of porridge – will pay dividends in stopping sweet cravings and the need for biscuits.

Do snack Snacking helps to ensure the body doesn’t panic and trigger the above survival mode. The trick is not to increase the amount you eat in a day but to take the same amount of food eaten in the usual three meals and spread it out so that you eat little and often, with no more than three hours between food.

Do eat protein

Body Beautiful

Protein includes nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, tofu, eggs, fish, chicken, poultry and game and is great because it slows down the rate at which your stomach empties its contents, so you feel full for longer.

Exercising on the Reviber Plus is one of the easiest ways to get into shape in the comfort of your own home. The Independent on Sunday gave it a five-star review, saying that it delivers “impressive results... effective, easy to use, and excellent value for money”. The pivoting exercise platform, exercise bands, and simple yet challenging workouts will be a hit with anyone who wants to look and feel their best this season. The machine’s ability to deliver results is supported by numerous health professionals including sports scientists and fitness instructors. Watch it in action at or call 01606 352 277 for more information. RRP £249.99 – use code FIT36 on the website for a 5% discount.

Don’t eat white White foods such as wheat, rice, sugar and everything that contains them are generally processed (the exception being oats) which means they’re empty of nutrients and high in starch and sugar. In their place, introduce their brown counterpart. Sugar is the exception, which should be eliminated as much as possible as, contrary to popular belief, it is sugar and not fat that is the real baddie when trying to lose those inches.



Diet Doctor Our expert dietician soothes your weight-loss woes By Saran Attariwala


I want a fast solution to losing weight and have seen several supplements/tablets that promise to aid quick weight-loss and boost metabolism. Are these effective? Quick and fast solutions are always tempting. However, when it comes to weight-loss a lot of the claims made by these products are unfound. If you look closely at the small print on most of these solutions, it states that they are only effective as part of a healthy diet and regular exercise plan which is the primary reason for any weight-loss. Some remedies available in stores are designed to reduce fat absorption from food. However, they are only effective if implemented with a low-fat diet, exercise and changes in behaviour. If taken with a high-fat diet they can lead to unpleasant symptoms of oily faeces, incontinence and abdominal pain. There is an increasing concern that weight-loss medication may be seen as a quick solution as they do not deal with the underlying causes of weight gain, which can be psychological and behavioural. These issues should be discussed with trained health professionals such as your dietician or GP so that the necessary support can be offered. Overall weight loss requires a multifactorial approach that cannot be provided by medication alone.


Since starting my new job I have been increasingly eating out due to my hectic schedule and having drinks with customers. Unfortunately this has caused my weight to go up. I cannot cut down going out for meals as it’s part of my job. Can you help? Eating out can be tricky if you are trying to lose weight, but it can be done using simple tips and tricks to cut excess calories. When you sit down for a meal, have a look at the starters first as they are often filling enough to be main courses. Always ask for the skinny, low-fat or unsweetened version of hot drinks. Don’t add cream and sugar and avoid syrup. Instead of a soft drink, ask for water. Most importantly, avoid alcohol! It’s full of empty calories and will leave you feeling hungry later. With regards to the main course, choose tomato/vegetable based dishes rather than cream or cheese based ones as they will be less fattening. Avoid butter, dressings and creamy sources as they can easily add 400-500 extra calories to a meal. Side salads or vegetables are usually available so opt for these instead of chips or bread. One sachet of mayonnaise can easily add 80 calories. Skip that and ask for olive oil or balsamic vinegar instead. When ordering takeout, request thin crust, less cheese, and add vegetables. Pre-packaged sandwiches are cheaper than deli bars but are more difficult to break down to basics. Sandwich bars will allow you to choose exactly what goes in. Avoid red meats and cheese. Ask for granary breads with extra salad and light spread and dressings. Supplement this with a strong exercise regime and you will be able to eat out and stay trim. The medical advice that is provided is only general advice and in no way should be used as a substitute for the advice you would receive on consulting your own doctor.




Recently I have noticed that after having dairy foods I become bloated and suffer from abdominal pain. Is it possible that I have a dairy intolerance? How can I get this diagnosed? Food intolerances are common and often underdiagnosed due to the difficulty in establishing the cause of symptoms and the need to rule out other non-dietary causes. Dairy intolerance is more common in Asians and is commonly seen in the form of lactose intolerance as the person suffering from this is unable to tolerate the milk sugar lactose, which is present in dairy foods. From the sounds of your symptoms, lactose intolerance is a possibility. The simplest way to diagnose this is to eliminate any dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt, paneer) from your diet for two weeks and see if you are symptom free. Reintroduce small amounts gradually in the following week to see if small amounts can be tolerated. Stop at the stage where symptoms become prevalent. You can also test for lactose intolerance by asking your doctor for a hydrogen breath test. This works by the doctor giving you 20-50g dose of lactose orally and if this is undigested (intolerant) then the level of hydrogen on your breath will be at a raised level. No major food group such as dairy should be completely cut out of your diet without a confirmed diagnosis of intolerance by your doctor and advice from your dietician. This is due to the potential risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If you have a confirmed dairy intolerance then calcium and vitamin D supplements should be taken daily and dairy substitutes such as soya should be chosen only if fortified with calcium, vitamin B and vitamin D. Rice milk is also an option that contains as much calcium and vitamins as cow’s milk and is lower in fat than standard whole milk.

Paradise Travel


A decade after it came to the fore, Dubai was declared as ‘done’ but, as we discover, this haven of hedonism is still a dream destination By Ricky Chera


othing quite prepares you for your first time in Dubai. The 35-degree heat combined with the sheer scale of the city is simply overwhelming. Having risen from the desert like a phoenix from the ashes, the emirate fast became a worldwide destination of choice. Its seemingly endless choice of shopping destinations mixed with guaranteed sunshine became an irresistible option for thousands of tourists all over the world. And then – recession hit. Naysayers claimed it was the end of the dream; that Dubai would only survive with the support of its richer cousin, Abu Dhabi. The city’s unabashedly excessive culture became a source of widespread criticism and, for a while, it seemed the honeymoon was over. But Dubai battled on, consistently attracting tourists from all over the world until it manoeuvred itself back into a secure position. And thus I found it when I arrived on a late evening flight. Stepping


into the heat, I was greeted by a burst of colour and activity. The sheer vibrancy of the place made me wonder if in fact this was the city that never sleeps. The buzz of the city was balanced by its clean lines and litter-free streets, creating an atmosphere that felt fun and free but also safe and secure. I was driven to The Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa, a 40-minute journey from Dubai City Centre and the International Airport. The resort, comprising the 260-room Jebel Ali Hotel and the luxurious 134 all-suite Palm Tree Court & Spa, is situated on its own private 800-metre palm-lined beach overlooking the Arabian Gulf just 15 minutes from Dubai Marina. After a good night’s sleep in one of its Junior suites, I headed down to sample the culinary offering. I opted for breakfast at Mediterranean restaurant La Fontana, just one of 15 restaurants and bars at the resort. Over the course of my stay, I sampled several others, all of which offered


delicious quality cuisine. Signatures is an opulent fine dining restaurant boasting an extravagantly exquisite menu with a definitive French influence as well as a selection of more than 60 worldclass wines. If you’re after something more budget friendly, you can opt for Captain’s Bar or La Traviata offering Italian fare, or The Anchor, a beach bar ideal for guests looking for a tropical environment in which to enjoy a light bite. Other good options include White Orchid, offering fusion Asian and Far Eastern specialties and Ibn Majed for international cuisine. In addition to the plethora of culinary choice, the resort also offers a wide variety of activities. If you get tired of swimming in one of its three luxurious pools, you can try a spot of golf or horseriding or diving, or pretty much anything you can think of, from camel rides and catamarans to windsurfing and water polo. If you’re after something less active, you can visit the 80-berth private marina where pleasure boats can be hired for sailing and


deep sea fishing trips into the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf. Or, of course, you can sample the delights of the resort’s world-class spa. With 10 treatment rooms, spacious changing facilities, a relaxation lounge, private Jacuzzis, a steam room and a sauna, this two-storey purpose-built facility is perfect for unwinding at the end of an activity-filled day. I had a 2-hour massage, which made me drift away into my own little world. Once you have rested up, take a complimentary bus shuttle to one of Dubai’s shopping malls. The Dubai Mall, adjacent to Jebel Ali Free Zone, took practically the whole day to shop around. Also try the Mall of the Emirates, which has an indoor ski slope with real snow, should you fancy a quick slalom between shopping and hitting the beach. It is also worth visiting small bazaars for trinkets and souvenirs, not forgetting the gold souks, which offer platinum, diamonds and occasionally silver. The government keeps tight control over the quality of all the merchandise, so tourists can

be confident that their purchases are genuine – the same cannot be said, however, of the street vendors outside selling “genuine fake” watches and “Guuci” handbags. Other must-see attractions include the Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world; the Burj Al Arab with its iconic design; and the stunning World Islands, an archipelago of manufactured islands constructed to look like a map of the world. I finished my trip with a boat cruise, organised by Palm Tree Court & Spa, during which I swapped stories with other visitors who had also been to see the big sights. We acknowledged that Dubai’s monolithic structures were all symbols of its excess, but agreed that the city was proud of what it was. It doesn’t pretend to be a hub of highbrow culture or a symbol of austerity; it is a pure, unbridled indulgence of sea, sun, sand and shopping – and sometimes that is exactly what we need.

“Having risen from the desert like a phoenix from the ashes, Dubai fast became a worldwide destination of choice”

THE ESSENTIALS Palm Tree Court & Spa all-inclusive package: £245 per night based on two people sharing a room – two children under 16 go free on the same all-inclusive basis.

MUST SEE TOP 5 Burj Khalifa: Currently the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa is a symbol of Dubai’s constant pursuit of the best, fastest, tallest and strongest. Burj Al Arab: Iconic architectural design that has epitomised Dubai for the past decade. The World Islands: A unique set of man-made islands representing a map of the world. Desert Safari: A bumpy, fun-filled drive through the desert. Gold Souks: Pick up a gem at one of Dubai’s famous souks.


Emirates – Flight prices vary.


ASIAN WOMAN BOAT PARTY @ DIXIE QUEEN – JUNE 2011 Over 600 party-goers danced the night away aboard the exclusive Dixie Queen at Asian Woman’s Summer Boat Party, organised by Black Rock Events. Guests rubbed shoulders with celebs and watched the sun go down over the River Thames before taking to the dancefloor to the latest tracks, mixed by Mr Vee of Black Rock Events, DJ Rando, Mr Amrit & DJ Taj. The Asian Woman team celebrated the magazine’s 11th year while guests indulged in Triple Halo’s electronic Shisa in a range of tantalising flavours, all before heading to Vodka Revolution for the exclusive After Party. Photography by Kalpesh Raval (Black Rock Events)







vivek oberoi

Manish Malhotra and Shaina NC’s fashion show in aid of the Cancer Patients Aid Association saw a celebrity line-up both on and off the ramp. Riya Sen, Madhoo Shah, Shama Sikander and Vivek Oberoi all took to the catwalk to show their support.

madhu mafatlal

ronit roy

manish malhotra & shaina lulla

riya sen

aAmir khan & amitabh bachchan


shama sikandar

preeya kalidas aamir khan



aditi govitrikar

The inaugural India Rocks event took place


at the prestigious Natural History Museum

producer and director Aamir

in London on 27th June 2011. Hosted by

Khan hosted a celebration to

Manish Bhasin from BBC’s Football Focus,

mark the 10-year anniversary of his legendary film Lagaan

aamir khan & kiran rao

with wife Kiran Rao by his

Mark Ramprakash, Rishi Rich, Preeya Kalidas

the original cast were in

and Hari Dhillon were among the guests who

attendance including Gracy

witnessed the auction luxury prizes including

Singh who played the female


£60,000 for the Isha Vidhya project, providing vital resources for the Tamil Nadu area of India.

side. Several members of

lead, Gauri.

the charity fashion show raised approximately

a trip to the Bahamas and a box at Lord’s Gracy Singh

Cricket Ground.


rishi rich


1 Year Subscription to asian woman magazine delivered to your door including for only delivery


Take advantage of this limited offer today Delivery by Royal Mail to all UK subscribers. Payment by credit card or cheque/PO made payable to Jayson Emerald Media Corporation Ltd. Offer applies to UK only. Email us for European and worldwide subscriptions. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of your first issue. Offer available in the UK ONLY. Expires November 30th 2011.

SUBSCRIBE ONLINE: Jayson Emerald Media Corporation Ltd, 34a Victoria Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 4JL Enquiries: +44 (0)20 8399 8996

Post to JEM Corp Ltd, 34a Victoria Road, St Mary’s Road Surbiton, Surrey KT6 4JL (4 issues per year)

I would like to subscribe to Asian Woman magazine for one year (4 Issues) for £13 only. First Name Delivery Address


Postcode Email Mobile/Daytime No. I enclose a cheque/postal order for £13 made payable to: JEM Corp Ltd or please charge my credit card: VISA / MASTERCARD / SWITCH My Card Number Expiry Date CVV Signature Date I would like my subscription to start from: Issue 48 Issue 49 Other (please specify)


My London Girl

Cosy Cool

This autumn, take a stroll down to My London Girl doll boutique in Westfield, London, and get a mini-me doll that looks and dresses like you. Perfect if you’re a child at heart, an admirer of pretty things or just a bit of a narcisisst.

I’m waiting impatiently for winter so I can rock my adorable new Skadi, an ingenious little combination of a hat, scarf and gloves. This glamorously warm and wild faux fur accessory comes in Black Jaguar, Leopard and my personal favourite, Snow Lynx. From £87

From £79

As if the little black dress wasn’t already enough of a wardrobe essential, the smart people at Umbra have created this indispensable storage solution for all your jewellery and other pretty knick knacks. £30


DIY Facelift

If you feel like a little lift but are short of time, and spare surgery money, ‘The Lift’ is a must-buy. This incredible at-home facial treatment developed in Hollywood firms, tightens and gently ‘lifts’ the skin in just 20 minutes. The magic potion stimulates circulation and increases blood supply to help restore the skin’s muscle tone and elasticity for up to two days of more youthful looking skin. £79.95 0845 130 2051

CHOICE J Wimal’s must-haves, must-sees and must-knows this season The Micro-Pedi uses a unique micro mineral roller that spins at 360º at an amazing 30 times a second to effortlessly buff away skin on the soles and heels. The results are instantly visible, leaving feet feeling like you’ve just stepped out of a spa! £39.95

Marble Archie

Archie, my better-looking sidekick, is obviously an aficionado of high fashion so he loves urbanpup. com which specialises in outfits and accessories for dogs, from stylish coats and pretty dresses (he’s a bit too butch for a dress) to stunning bags, leads and sparkly collar sets (he’s not too butch for a sparkly collar).

If rings and bangles are too yesterday for you, get your hands in a Prive hand-bracelet. £7,160


Dazzle while you dance with shoe jewellery. £12-14

Pop Phone

Stave off radiation while looking super cool with these show-stopping POP handsets. Plug it into the headphone socket of your phone and go attention-seekingly retro. They come in a variety of bright colours including pink, purple, yellow, green, blue and rumour has it Daniel 007 Craig was seen using a red one on the set of the new James Bond film. No doubt he’d be jealous if he saw my gold one. £24.90




Stylish & Squeaky Clean

The new luxury automatic soap system from Dettol senses palms under the nozzle and automatically pumps out soap. Available from all leading supermarkets and retailers. £9.99 The dream team who worked together on our fabulous Preeya Kalidas cover shoot: Clockwise from top left: Hair Stylist Carl Campbell, Photographer Paul West, Makeup Artist Kim Douglas, AW Features Writer Sheeffah, Styling Assistant Samantha, Fashion Coordinator Rachael, Me, Preeya, Beauty Editor Sami. Prince Fashions gave me their insider tips on the hottest trends for Asian fashion this season. 1. 60s and 70s fashion is making a huge comeback.

Wake Up & Smell the Coffee

2. Anarkali Umbrella Frock dress with ‘Churidar pajama’ is extremely popular this season especially in bright colours. The Frock should be fitted from the waist and hips whilst the bottom is flared like an umbrella frock. It’s the perfect look dressed up glamourous or dressed down for a casual get-together.

Leading home fragrance brand MadeByZen has launched the revolutionary ‘Opus’ combined aroma diffuser and alarm clock, which utilises light, sound and fragrance to create a truly unique wake-up experience. So you could wake up with your bedroom gradually filled with a calming soft light, the sounds of nature soothing you from your slumber whilst you inhale the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee. £79.99

3. The A-Line shirt with a wide ‘daaman’ look this season is a very feminine and alluring look this autumn.

Just Good Scents

The Vivabox is the perfect gift, containing a selection of seven sample fragrances, an atomiser and a gift voucher that you can exchange for a full-sized bottle of your favourite sample scent. Perfumes include Beyonce Heat, Giorgio Armani Code for Women, Paco Rabanne Black XS for Her, BOSS Orange, DKNY Be Delicious and more! £39.99 The Perfume Shop

I love to work and read in bed but often no amount of rearrangement gets the pillows into just the right position to lean on. So I love the cushion and bolster set from Navy Blue of India who have a fabulous collection in gorgeous prints and bright colours including luscious pinks, deep rich reds, aqua blues, coffee and khakis, and a fabulous new tangerine.

4. Panelled shirts in different colours, prints and embroidery will also be seen a lot this season, with the panels being used in a variety of styles; some starting from the shoulder, some in a triangular shape, and many other styles. This trend is a great means to be a bit more creative.


Did you know? Stunning f a s h i o n haven Fusion have opened a second branch at 117 Green Street, Forest Gate, E7 8JF.




6. Honeysuckle – this vibrant reddish pink has been selected as Colour of the Year 2011 by Pantone, and it’s the colour to be seen in.

5. Boat s h a p e d necks, wide but shallow, are a great way to be m o d e s t and stylish whilst still bit of skin.


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MATERIAL GIRL Is it ever okay to trade your sexuality for other worldly pleasures?


ex … whether it’s a topic you prefer to keep behind closed doors or one that you share with your friends, we all know when it comes down to it, we can’t live without it. Admit it: we’ve all had the Sex And The City conversation with the girls and debated which one of us represents each of the timeless characters, from androgynous mother Miranda, hopeless romantic Charlotte, queen bee Carrie to sex mad Samantha. As much as we all want to be the ‘Carrie’ or the innocent ‘Charlotte’, we all know there’s a small part of us that wishes we could be the very sexually liberated Samantha. Funnily enough, when my friends and I had this conversation, I thought, no doubt being the writer and all, I’d be labelled as Carrie but before they even finished a sip of wine they all blurted out “Samantha!” I was slightly offended that my childhood friends thought I was so loose, with no recollection of a crazy sex life to back it up, might I add. Their justification was that, out of all of us, I was the most confident and sexual one. Which is true (I have no qualms talking about it from any position, trust me) but I couldn’t help but wonder: Are women who are sexually open, labelled as ‘sluts’? I recently met this single girl ‘X’ who made me look like a nun when it comes to sex. In fact, talking to her became a tutorial on just how much power women can have over men; from making them pay for you and run after you like a puppy dog to making them wait when it comes to the bedroom. Her philosophy is this: “We spend all our money grooming ourselves to look good so it’s a man’s job to pay for us, right?” She would date any Tom, Dick and Harinder and even go on holiday with them as long as they were paying. It didn’t matter that they looked like your balding uncle from India. In return, she would put them through the waiting game, what she called 1st base (kissing), 2nd base (a feel up top), 3rd base (hands past the waist region) and 4th base (the finale). How far she’d go would

depend on how much money they would spend on her and if she didn’t fancy them she would simply use them for the freebies. Obviously when I told my male friends about this girl their automatic reaction was ‘Slut!’ But if some men are fickle enough to fall for false lashes and short skirts and women are smart enough to use their assets, is there really a problem? We see it every day with celeb-hungry

calls the following day. You see, women use sex to play games and boost their own egos whilst men just want to know they can score. Only the stronger sex will win the power battle and ‘X’ lost this one hands down. On the final night ‘X’ upped her game and found herself a new victim. I saw her play the ‘I’m open to sex, come and get me’ card all over again. This time, ‘X’ needed to fix her dented ego and got her victim to pay for the entire night from champagne, top-star dining to a VIP club. I’m not sure if it was because it was the last night or because of the fear of repeat rejection, but ‘X’ decided to sack the base game and headed straight to 4th. Before I could say anything, she’d gone with her victim to his hotel. At 7am there was still no sign of ‘X’ and I was just about to check out when she came running in asking me to wait. As the taxi was already there, she had no choice but to leave in the same walk-of-shame attire. ‘X’s’ ego was back on form and she went home knowing she could have any man she wanted. What she didn’t realise is that her victim was now chilling with his friends bragging about how he paid his way to sex last night. So who won the game? ‘X’ used him for a free night and attention whilst he used her for sex. That’s the thing; only a strong, confident woman knows that being sexual doesn’t mean getting a man to long for you by exchanging sex – or the promise of sex – for freebies. One thing a man can’t buy is a woman’s dignity and true Sex And The City fans know that even though Samantha was all about the sack, she was successful in her own right. She didn’t need to bag a man for status and was proud to pay her own way and that’s somebody I definitely don’t mind being.

“Her philosophy was: ‘We spend all our money grooming ourselves to look good so it’s a man’s job to pay for us’”


women who snare famous politicians, musicians and footballers with their half-dresses and fake adulation, knowing these men are dumb enough to dump their partners to follow their genitals and egos. So anyway, I was intrigued with ‘X’s’ way of thinking and decided to go on a short break with her. We got to the airport and the man she was seeing came to drop her off. She was in a sexy red dress whilst I pulled up in my hoodie and tracksuit bottoms, ready for the night flight. This explained exactly why she had a man drive her from one end of London to the other while I got stuck with a sweaty taxi driver with killer body odour, asking me if I was allowed to travel without my parents. Anyway, after buying us a round of drinks her man left us to it. Including her airport ride, I saw ‘X’ with three different men that week. It was fascinating. She would turn them on so much with her teasing, they couldn’t even walk straight. Problem was the ‘base’ game is all well and good when you’re 15 hiding behind a bike shed, but these were grown men and teasing without the pleasing just wasn’t on. One night, a more assertive man who had been trying for several hours to get her clothes off at his place, eventually gave up on her all talk and no action and sent her home, blanking all her


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