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Jimmi Harkishin opens the glamorous 16th Aagrah restaurant at Crystal Peaks


‘Go home’ text message initiative a ‘shamble’ UKBA labelled ‘Counter Productive’ by anti-racism campaigner By Ashley Grint

Less than two weeks after the controversial ‘Go Home or Face Arrest’ vans were banned for using ‘misleading figures’, the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) has been slammed for sending out thousands of potential misdirected texts to ‘suspect’ illegal immigrants. The UKBA sent out almost 40,000 text messages, through Capita, telling people they no longer had the right to remain in the country and are required to leave. However, after over 100 complaints were made by British citizens and legal immigrants stating they had received the texts wrongfully, the UKBA has been criticised for attempting to ’fish out’ the illegal parties at random. One recipient of the message was founder of the anti-racism

charity, Southall Monitoring Group, Suresh Grover. Mr Grover has lived in the country for almost 50 years and helped lead campaigns in the past for families of Stephen Lawrence, Zahid Mubarek and Victoria Climbie, and also runs race relations advice surgeries across London. Speaking to the Asian Express, Mr Grover, spoke of his disbelief upon learning that the text was meant for him. “I initially got the text message in August and just thought it must have been spam,” he said. “It wasn’t until September that I contacted the UKBA and questioned if I was the wrong recipient and to my surprise I wasn’t. “I couldn’t believe it. I have been living in Britain since 1966 so I don’t know why they contacted me. Why would they think I’m unlawfully here?

RANDOM TEXTS: Suresh Grover, a civil rights activist also received a text that he no longer had the right to remain in the UK

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October 2013 - 1st Edition

India and Pakistan house 54 per cent of the world’s population of enslaved people

Slavery: A hidden crime Over 16 million or half the world’s population of modern day slaves live in India and Pakistan, according to the inaugural Global Slavery Index published this week. An estimated 30 million people worldwide are living in modernday slavery, of which 2.1 million are in Pakistan and a staggering 14 million are based in India. The report by the Walk Free Foundation ranks 162 countries on ‘modern slavery’ by using

reports from governments and non-profit organisations as well as statistical estimates. The Walk Free Foundation’s definition of modern slavery includes slavery itself, as well as human trafficking and forced labour, and slavery-like practices such as debt bondage, forced marriage, and sale or exploitation of children. According to the index, India has the highest total number of enslaved people in the world, between 13.2 million to 14.6 million, followed by China with 2.9 million enslaved people, and Pakistan with 2.1 million enslaved people. According to estimates by the WFF report, over 1.2 per cent of the Pakistani population is enforced into in some form of slavery. In India, this percentage rests somewhere around 1.13 per cent, while in China it is about 0.22 per cent. Combined, both India and Pakistan house 54 per cent of the world’s population of enslaved people.

The index also ranks countries on a slavery prevalence rating based on factors including ratio to country population. Mauritania and Haiti rank among the countries with the highest prevalence of modern slavery. An estimated 4 per cent of West African nation Mauritania’s population is living in some form of slavery. Pakistan and India follow the list, ranked third and fourth respectively on prevalence of slavery. Taken together, countries with the highest numbers of enslaved people – India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Bangladesh – account for 76 per cent of the total estimate of 30 million in modern slavery today. The Walk Free Foundation is a Perth-based anti-slavery charity founded by Australian tycoon Andrew Forrest. The index has been endorsed by popular leaders including US Secretary Hillary Clinton, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair,

By Anush Ansari

The vibrant line-up includes angelic voiced Hindi singersongwriter Rekha Sawhney, mesmerising Shahid Khan who is known for his classical raga and ghazal singing, Midlands based spoken word artist Amerah Saleh will showcase her ability to weave words, young up-and-coming beatboxing talent Babar Khan is set to showoff his vocal gymnastics, Harrow based AK Bollywood Dance will add to the glitz and glamour with a spectacular performance and actress Sukh Ojla will be tickling your ribs with a comedy performance. Taking place at Watford Palace Theatre 7th, 8th and 9th November 2013, MummyJi Presents aims to support and promote British Asian talent and is brought to you by the team behind the award-winning musical Britain’s Got Bhangra and dance drama Break The Floorboards, which is a finalist for ‘Best Live Event’ at the Asian Media Awards.

current Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and philanthropists Richard Branson and Bill Gates. The charity hopes the annual index will help governments monitor and tackle what it calls a “hidden crime.” Nick Grono of WFF explained how many people assume it ended when the Atlantic slave trade was abolished in the 1800s: “A lot of people are very surprised to hear that slavery still exists. “What modern slavery is - is a situation that reflects all of the characteristics of slavery of past centuries. People are controlled by violence. They are tricked or they are forced into jobs or situations where they are economically exploited. They live on no pay or base subsistence pay and they’re not free to leave. “I think once we start pointing out the scale of the problem on a country by country basis, policy makers will react.”

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Rifco and Watford Palace Theatre are bringing back the humorous and loveable MummyJi for an evening of entertainment and comedy this Diwali. Last year MummyJi took on the mission to showcase British Asian talent for digital arts platform The Space (BBC and Arts Council of England) and this November she returns to the stage to introduce audiences to more exciting acts with MummyJi Presents. MummyJi has once again searched the nation to discover some of the best British Asian talent and has invited 6 impressive acts to showcase their skills at her Diwali soiree. Join MummyJi for a fun and laughter filled evening as she gets to know more about the performers and watch as they wow you with their talents.

Shahid Khan Amerah Saleh Rekha Sawhney

Tickets for MummyJi Presents are £8 and are available via the Watford Palace Theatre box office 01923 225671 or

October 2013 - 1st Edition

“I’m not taken seriously”


Mallika Sherawat complains that film directors don’t think she can handle serious roles Tanya Shah

36-year-old Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat rues that directors do not take her seriously because of her glamorous image. She says that the saucy characters she has played over the years have given her fame, success and liberation, but she claims that at the same time this image has worked against her. Mallika has said that she’s bored with the sexy siren roles that continue

“I don't just want to look pretty in films, do songs, have two-three dialogues... I am looking forward to doing interesting and challenging roles.”

to get pushed her way from movie bosses. The actress is dismayed at being “stereotyped” and says that she’s never been given a challenging role in the movies, at all. Mallika even showed interest in jumping at the chance to play the part of a supporting role, but one which would test her acting skills. She commented: "I don't just want to look pretty in films, do songs, have two-three dialogues... I am looking forward to doing interesting and

challenging roles.” The actress feels there's a dearth of roles for actresses even though Indian cinema is changing and said: “Very few Bollywood films have meaty roles for actresses. Films like 'The Dirty Picture', 'Kahaani' come once or twice a year. Majority of films are commercial masala where heroines have (to be content with) glamorous roles, singing songs.”




October 2013 - 1st Edition

‘Go home’ text initiative a ‘shamble’ UKBA labelled ‘Counter Productive’ by anti-racism campaigner “The thing I wanted to know most was how they got my number but they would only reply to quantifiable questions. I have sent in another Freedom of Information request as I want to know who gave them my number. “I’m just tired of having to justify myself as a British citizen.” Mr Grover criticised the text message campaign and drew comparisons to the recently banned Home Office vans. He continued: “The whole initiative and these aggressive techniques being used are only counter-productive. I know that I am not here illegally but if a less-informed innocent party were to receive the text they may believe something has actually gone majorly wrong. “Look at the van campaign. Out of all the money spent on them, only one person was apparently successfully deported showing these campaigns are just not effective with illegal immigrants.” Statistics received via a

Freedom of Information request showed there had been 39,100 text messages sent out across the country, whilst 195 complaints had been lodged by recipients. Labour's shadow immigration minister David Hanson slammed the initiative labelling the process a ‘gimmick’ which will have ‘little effect’. He said: “The reports that the government has allowed a private contractor to send British citizens text messages telling them to leave the country demonstrates once more just how shambolic and incompetent the Home Office's border police is under Theresa May. “These messages will rightly cause distress and offence to British citizens, many of whom have done much to contribute to our society. It is simply wrong for this sort of message to be sent by text, and to be so poorly targeted.” A Home Office spokesman replied: “We are taking proactive steps to contact individuals who records show have no valid right to be in

the U.K., some of which date back to December 2008. We believe it is right to enforce the immigration rules.”

Suresh Grover

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October 2013 - 1st Edition


Liverpool Council introduce new housing initiative for just ‘a quid’

SOLD: Mr Jayalal Madde was presented the keys by the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson

By Ashley Grint

A self employed taxi driver from Liverpool is the first person to take advantage of the city’s bid to revive disused buildings after purchasing a house for just one pound. 20 people will eventually take up the offer yet it was Jayalal Madde and his family of three, who were the first recipients of their keys last week from the Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson. The 48-year-old will now begin refurbishing the house in Granby, before he can move in with his wife and two daughters. The family man confirmed he now has the finance in place to start refurbishment works on the house and hopes he and his family will be able to move in within 12 months. “It is totally a dream come true. I wanted to become a home owner in this country but it was very, very difficult to get a mortgage from the bank,” explained Mr Madde. More than 1,000 people applied for one of the houses in the Granby Four Streets, Arnside Road and Webster Triangle East areas of the city, yet only a handful will be successful.

Mr Madde was thrilled to be one of the ‘lucky ones’ and couldn’t wait to get started on renovating his new home. He added: “Today I saw the inside for the first time. There is an entire floor that needs to be redone and we have to knock down some walls but it is not in very bad condition. The roof is OK and there are no structural problems so I am happy.” The purchase of the house means Mr Madde’s daughters Nihinsa, 12 and Sinali, 10, will have their own rooms for the first time since moving to the country from Sri Lanka eight years ago. Joe Andersen, the Mayor of Liverpool, handed over the keys and was pleased to be finally rolling out the project. He said: “We've had an amazing response to this scheme and have been absolutely inundated with applications, so to already be in a position to allocate the first 10 homes is fantastic. “Everything we are doing is about building a sustainable future for our neighbourhoods - and we've placed that at the heart of the decisions we've made when looking at the applications. “We are only looking for people who have a genuine commitment


Sheikh Mohammed launches inquiry after drugs seized on jet

An illegal shipment of unlicensed veterinary goods which was seized from a Dubai government private jet at Stansted airport earlier this year, has led Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to launch an internal investigation into his equine operations. Thousands of pounds worth of unlicensed products which have been described as “potentially toxic and dangerous to horses”, were seized and destroyed by the UK Border Agency and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD)on 3rd May following the arrival of a Dubai Royal Air Wing flight. Sheikh Mohammed is monarch of the Gulf Emirate, as well as the owner of Godolphin, the country’s largest Flat racing operation. Her Highness Princess Haya, the sheikh’s junior wife and president of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports, has been ordered to conduct a thorough investigation into the seizure at the airport. She’ll also be examining a separate raid by the VMD last month at Moorley Farm in Newmarket, a location owned by his Darley Management operation, where a number of similar products were found. Sheikh Mohammed has shown that he ‘is extremely concerned’ at the development which comes only months after his Godolphin thoroughbred operation was rocked by the biggest doping scandal in racing history. A spokesman for Princess Haya has revealed that at this stage nobody in the organisation seems to know who is buying what or where. Keith Chandler, the president of the British Equine Veterinary Association, said some of the products seized at Stansted were potentially dangerous and should be “kept under lock and key in a safe.” The VMD stated that the medicines “were not authorised in the UK and had not been imported in accordance with the regulations.” Princess Haya's spokesman insisted that Sheikh Mohammed was unaware of the presence of the pharmaceuticals on the flight from Dubai on 3rd May or the raid at Moorley Farm until now. “I can assure you that Sheikh Mohammed was not aware of any such products in the cargo of any Dubai Royal Air Wing flight into Stansted on that date,” he said. It is the second time this year that Sheikh Mohammed's operations have been engulfed in controversy. In April the disgraced former Godolphin trainer Mahmood al-Zarooni was banned for eight years by the BHA after using anabolic steroids on 22 racehorses at Moulton Paddocks in Newmarket. The BHA insists the Stansted seizure was not related to racing, citing assurances given by the VMD.

Prime Minister David Cameron sends Eid al-Adha greetings

INSIDE: Homes will need refurbishing before they can be moved in to

to bringing these properties back to life and turning them into a home they are proud to live in. “We're confident that Mr Madde is one such individual.” Mr Andersen said it should not be forgotten that bringing the homes up to standard would be a ‘real challenge’. He added: “Properties in these areas have lain empty for too long

- but in tough economic times, we need to be creative and look at doing things differently." As part of the scheme applicants for the homes had to live or work in Liverpool and be a first time buyer. They also had to be employed and agree to live in the property for a minimum of five years and not sub-let it within that time.


David Cameron said: “I send my best wishes to Muslims in Britain and around the world celebrating the holy festival of Eid alAdha. “At this time of year, as is so often the case, we will see Muslims of all ages and backgrounds putting others before themselves, giving to worthy causes and praying for those in need. “I commend Britain’s near three million Muslims for their charity, their self-sacrifice and their devotion to God. I believe that our country is a much stronger one because we have people of faith and belief. Britain’s Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs and Hindus; their institutions and their values help give us that strength. “As the year draws to an end we are reminded of the incredible, and continuing contribution made by Britain’s Muslim communities. This year I’ve met with Muslim businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, faith leaders, public servants and hardworking families. They and so many others play a vital role in our country and I’m proud to be Prime Minister of a nation where people of all backgrounds and faiths can have a stake in our future while freely practising their beliefs. “With a New Year comes renewed hope for the plight of Muslims and others who are suffering in our world. I am delighted that the British Government has been able to keep its promise to invest 0.7% of our gross national income on helping the world’s poorest. I am grateful that we have been able to partner with Muslim and other organisations to help those in need overseas.”


Prime Minister praises Muslim communities at Eid reception at No. 10 NEWS

By Tanya Shah

The Prime Minister praised Britain’s Muslim communities and announced new measures to help Muslim students and entrepreneurs at his annual Eid al-Adha reception. Speaking at Downing Street on Monday October 21st, the Prime Minister announced new proposals on extending availability of Start Up and student loans to make them consistent with Islamic financial principles. The Prime Minister made the announcement to members of the Muslim community as they celebrated the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha at Downing Street. They were joined by senior Government ministers, including Baroness Warsi, Imams, community and business leaders, charities and public servants from across the diverse range of Muslim communities in the UK. The proposals will benefit aspiring Muslim entrepreneurs and students who may be deterred from starting their own business or entering higher education due to their religious financial beliefs. Speaking at the reception the Prime Minister said: “I want Britain to be one of the world's centres of Islamic finance - from the highest and mightiest financial institutions all the way to start ups. “We’ve got tens of thousands of young people starting their own businesses and tonight I can announce that we will make sure that there is a type of start up loan that is totally consistent with all the principles of Islamic finance. “We must do that for start up loans, we must do that for students loans and we must do it for the enterprise allowance. That's what a welcoming, tolerant, multiracial country does." Praising the Muslim community for their contribution to Britain, the Prime Minister said: “Tonight is about celebrating

the contribution that British Muslims make to our country. It is a huge contribution. But tonight is also an opportunity to talk about the issues of integration, of how we help Muslims around the world and the importance of faith in our country and in our communities and the Muslim faith is so strong in that.” Talking about the UK’s role in supporting Muslims and other people in need around the world, the Prime Minister added that he was proud of the that fact that even in difficult economic times has kept its promise on aid and development – meeting that 0.7% target of our gross national income. “A lot of that money goes to some of the most challenged Islamic countries in the world. It is something that we can all be proud that every two seconds a child is vaccinated somewhere in the world because of aid that British tax payers have provided.”

October 2013 - 1st Edition

DOWNING STREET: Asian Express MD Nadim Hanif with the Prime Minister David Cameron

“I want Britain to be one of the world's centres of Islamic finance” – David Cameron

WITH THE PM: Asian Express Editor Andleeb Hanif enjoys the Eid reception

October 2013 - 1st Edition





End to foreign language support for driving tests

From April next year driving test candidates will no longer be able to use foreign language voiceovers and interpreters on test. The move, announced today by Road Safety Minister Robert Goodwill, follows a public consultation. Currently people whose first language is not English or Welsh can request prerecorded voiceovers for the computerbased car and motorcycle theory tests in 19 different foreign languages. Candidates can also use approved interpreters on theory tests and practical tests. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: “We want to make sure that all drivers have the right skills to use our roads safely and responsibly. One area where we can help ensure this is by requiring all test candidates to take the test in English or Welsh, the national languages. “This will help to ensure that all new drivers will be able to understand traffic updates or emergency information when they pass their test. It will also help us to reduce the risk of fraud by stopping interpreters from indicating the correct answers to theory test questions.” The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) consulted earlier this year on a series of proposals reviewing the level of foreign language support available to candidates. This was in response to concerns about potential road safety implications and the risk of fraud, as well as the cost of providing translations. The response to the consultation was positive with more than 70% of respondents supporting the withdrawal of foreign language voiceovers and interpreters on tests. The consultation received close to 2000 responses.

No less than a terrorist

Ukranian man says he was motivated by racial hatred and admits murder of 82-year-old Mohammed Saleem and planting bombs at mosques

By Anush Ansari

A Ukranian student with a hatred of "non-whites" has admitted murdering an 82-year-old grandad in Small Heath and plotting to cause explosions near mosques just days after he entered the UK. Pavlo Lapshyn, 25, appeared at the Old Bailey this week and pleaded guilty to murdering Mohammed Saleem as he walked home from a mosque in Birmingham in April on April 29th this year. Whilst he remained at large, the postgraduate student also admitted causing an explosion on July 12th near the Kanzal Iman mosque in Tipton, and engaging in


Brits think benefit claimants should work or move

The vast majority (70%) of the public think people affected by the benefit cap should be prepared to find jobs or work more hours and two-thirds (65%) say they should be willing to move to a cheaper property. Independent research published on October 10th shows that 60% support the cap even if it means that those affected have to take a job, regardless of the pay. The Ipsos MORI report shows public attitudes towards the benefit cap and is published following the completion of its national rollout last month. It finds that around three quarters of the public support the benefit cap in principle, yet 58% think that politicians needed to do more to reduce the welfare bill. 50% of us think that benefits are too generous and only 11% think the benefits system is working effectively. Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith said: “Today’s report makes it clear that the public support setting a limit on benefits and the successful delivery of the benefit cap shows we are committed to returning fairness to the welfare state. "Claimants affected by the cap need to make decisions about work and housing and what they can afford, just as hardworking families do. “We have made sure the support is there to help people back into work and the benefit cap and Universal Credit will ensure that work pays.” The benefit cap limits are set at £500 a week for couples, with or without children, and lone parent households, and at £350 a week for households of a single adult with no children. The cap is in place nationwide for existing appropriate claimants and all new claims are subject to the cap.

October 2013 - 1st Edition

TRAGIC: 82-year-old grandfather Mohammed Saleem was murdered as he left the mosque

April 24 - Lapshyn arrives in the UK, to start a sponsored work placement at software engineering firm Delcam in Small Heath in Birmingham. April 29 - Lapshyn murders Mohammed Saleem in Small Heath walking up behind the 82year-old grandfather as he returned home from his local mosque and plunging a knife into his back three times. June 21 - An explosive device, packed into a child's lunchbox by Lapshyn, goes off outside a mosque in Walsall in the West Midlands. One hundred and fifty homes are evacuated following the blast, but nobody is hurt. June 27 - A man from Walsall is arrested in connection with the explosion outside the

conduct in preparation of terrorist acts between April 24th and July 18th this year. This included planting bombs near mosques in Walsall and Wolverhampton, researching locations to plant bombs and buying chemicals via the internet to make explosives. The Ukrainian, from Dnipropetrovsk, was in the UK on a sponsored work placement at a software firm in Birmingham when he was arrested on suspicion of Mr Saleem's murder nearby on July 20. At the Old Bailey, 25-year-old Lapshyn pleaded guilty to murder, as well as plotting to cause explosions near mosques in Tipton and Walsall, Wolverhampton in June and July. The postgraduate student, from Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine, was living in Birmingham while on a temporary work placement in the city when he killed Mr Saleem. The grandfather of 22 had been attending prayers at the Small Heath mosque and was just a few minutes walk away from his home when he was stabbed three times. Later, Lapshyn planted three bombs near three mosques in the West Midlands as part of a campaign he said was motivated by racial hatred. He was arrested almost a week after an explosion near the Kanzul Iman Masjid mosque in Tipton on July 12th. Detective Superintendent Shaun Edwards, from the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, said: "We found part-made devices in Lapshyn's room plus chemicals and bomb-making equipment, so it

HATE: 25-year-old Pavlo Lapshyn says he’s motivated by racial hatred of nonwhites

is clear he planned to place further devices with the intention of killing or maiming innocent members of the public. "All three of the devices he detonated were powerful but his final attack in Tipton was the first to feature shrapnel and nails. "He placed this near the mosque's car park with the intention of hitting worshippers as they arrived for prayers. "Thankfully the service had been put back an hour so the mosque was largely deserted when

Pavlo Lapshyn: Timeline of terror mosque, but is later released without charge.

June 28 - A second device planted by Lapshyn on a traffic roundabout opposite the Wolverhampton Central Mosque explodes, but it is not discovered until after Lapshyn's arrest when he confesses to planting the device. July 12 - A third bomb packed with more than half a kilogramme of nails explodes outside the Kanzul Iman mosque in Tipton, West Midlands, with detectives later saying it was a miracle nobody was hurt. July 16 - Police investigating the Walsall blast release CCTV images clearly showing Lapshyn's face but despite their clarity investigating officers are

baffled as to why they receive only a few calls about the images, with no solid leads as to who the attacker might be.

July 18 - Lapshyn is arrested for the Walsall mosque bombing when two neighbourhood police officers acting on their initiative and using clues from the CCTV images, make door-to-door enquiries tracing the Ukrainian to his place of work where he is identified by work colleagues. A search of his flat reveals bombmaking equipment along with incriminating literature and data on his computer. July 20 - In custody, Lapshyn is further arrested for the murder of Mr Saleem after police uncover incriminating evidence on the computer seized from his flat at Delcam.

the bomb went off. "In interview Lapshyn stressed he was acting alone, not part of a wider cell or influenced by any group, and was keen to take credit for masterminding and carrying out the attacks. "Our work is ongoing with Ukrainian authorities to understand more about his background and we have officers in Ukraine probing his history." Lapshyn will be sentenced on Friday 24th October.

July 22/23 - Lapshyn is charged with the murder of Mr Saleem and further charged over the explosions in Walsall and Tipton. July 25 - Lapshyn appears in court for the first time charged with murder, as well as explosives and terrorism offences. October 21 - Lapshyn admits murdering Mr Saleem, causing an explosion near a Tipton mosque, and engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts between April 24 and July 18 this year. This included planting bombs near mosques in Walsall and Wolverhampton, researching locations to plant bombs and buying chemicals on the internet to make explosives.

October 2013 - 1st Edition


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Durga Puja celebration a great success

follow us on twitter: Public voting goes life for World Food Awards 2013

The annual World Food Awards, which celebrate and recognise the significant achievements of ethnic food product ranges are set to return on 2nd December at a star-studded ceremony at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane. To commemorate its landmark fifth year, and in celebration of the increasing popularity of ethnic products, The World Food Awards, has introduced two brand new categories this year voted for by the public. Voting for the People’s Choice Award for Best Food and Drink Product is now underway until the closing date on Sunday 10th November 2013. Participants can vote for up to three products from the shortlist. Everyone that votes will be entered into a prize draw to win two exclusive tickets to the gala ceremony in December. The gala event will again feature a glittering line-up, including performances from leading artists and a host of celebrities, food personalities and acclaimed chefs to present the awards. Last year the awards were hosted by comedy legend Lenny Henry and attended by an array of celebrities including chefs Anjum Anand, Ravinder Bhogal, Aaron Craze, Reggae Reggae Sauce creator Levi Roots, EastEnders actor Nitin Ganatra and Masterchef stars Liz McLarnon and Antony Costa as well as The Great British Bake Off star Rob Billington.

October 2013 - 1st Edition

@AsianExpressUK & facebook:

Asian Express

Honouring British curry chefs

It certainly proved to be a marathon evening at the Lancaster Hotel, London, where guests gathered to see 44 of Britain’s best curry chefs receive awards. Guests included secretary of state Eric Pickles, renowned economist Lord Meghnad Desai and Lord Karan Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer and one of the award’s longest standing sponsors. Culinary celebrities attending the event included Michelin star chefs Dominic Chapman and Atul Kochhar, the first Indian chef to win a star. It marked the culmination of a busy year for Dominic who has generously given his time to champion the cause of Britain’s curry chefs including travelling to Kolkata earlier this year for the Taste of Britain Curry Festival. The festival, which was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Kolkata, India, proved a great success with diners and gained huge media interest at home and abroad as the British took India’s national dish home. Lord Bilimoria admitted he ‘was in awe of what chefs do’ and applauded them for producing ‘some of the most complex and exotic food in the world at the cheapest prices.’ Lord Bilimoria also talked about the importance of integrity in a world full of uncertainty and the fact that the curry industry’s high standards were allowing it to shake of the vestiges of recession. A recurring theme among the speakers was the need for greater female representation at the awards. Lord Desai, who had flown back from Australia earlier in the day, amusingly put it in perspective, saying: “It always amuses me that when men cook they are called chefs and when women cook they are called women. What we need to see is more female chefs winning awards.” The Curry Chef Awards duly responded in the shape of Ashrafun Nessa Begum from Cutler’s Spice restaurant, Sheffield, and Fahmida Chowdhury of Taj Cuisine, Lower Stoke, Kent, who both became the first women to reach the podium. It was something of a family affair for Ashrafun whose son, Allam Shah Ullah, is the participants of three previous Taste of Britain Curry Festival. Ashrafun said: “I am absolutely delighted. We’ve always been very proud of our food here at the Cutler’s Spice and it’s a great honour to be named the best curry chef in my area.”

Alok Sharma, the Member of Parliament for Reading West, has praised Reading’s Bengali Cultural Society on the success of the town’s biggest ever Durga Puja celebration. Traditionally, the festival of Durga Puja is an annual event which is celebrated all over India and across the world and is one of the most important events in the Hindu calendar. During Durga Puja local communities come together to mark the victory of the Goddess Mother Durga over the buffalo demon, Mahishasura, which

celebrates the victory of Good over Evil. A three day celebration was held from 11th to 13th October 2013 at the Rivermead Leisure Centre. Each day of the festival began with morning prayers to Mother Durga and was followed by a full programme of activities and workshops for adults and children, as well as stalls selling food, jewellery, beauty treatments, designer sarees and Indian clothing. Highlights from the cultural programme of events included music and dance performances by the Manoranjan School of

Indian Music, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, St. Crispin’s School Chamber Choir and Chamber Orchestra, the Indian Arts Centre, All Saints Church Choir, Dnyaneshwar, Gujarati Samaj Reading, Kalakunj, Udayan from Oxford, Woking Prabashi, Udok Performing Arts, the Bengali Cultural Society and many others. Local sponsors of the event included Berkshire Van Hire, the Bina Tandoori and Specsavers. Some major Indian financial institutions such as the State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation

of India, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank also helped to support the event. Alok Sharma said: “I was delighted to be a patron of this event and work with the Reading Bengali Cultural Society over a period of months planning for this event. I really think the Bengali Cultural Society has pulled off a brilliant and hugely successful event with attendance from all over the South East. I am sure this event will now become an annual fixture and grow and grow every year.” Sangita Nandi BCS Treasurer said: “Listening

to the wonderful feedback and the realisation of how much having this festival in Reading means to people has definitely made organising this event worthwhile. We look forward to building on this year's success to make it even more successful year on year.” BCS Secretary Prosenjit Banerjee said:“I would like to thank all of the sponsors who made this festival possible. We are already looking forward to next year’s festival.”

LABA forges Trading links with ASKON Business Network in Turkey Leicestershire Asian Business Association (LABA) President Japsal Singh Minhas hosted a visit by one of Turkey’s most powerful businessmen earlier this month. H. Bahadir Tuzcu, the Secretary General of the Association of Anatolian Businessmen (ASKON), and Tankut Aydin the Chief C o m m e r c i a l Counsellor of Turkey based in Birmingham, met with the LABA to discuss trade. The visit, facilitated by Mr Aydin, involved round table discussion on signing an MOU with LABA to facilitate

bilateral trade and investment and organising trade missions for LABA members to Turkey and hosting a delegation from ASKON in early 2014. Mr Tuzcu was impressed with the eagerness of the British organisation and saluted: “The dynamism of the British Asian business communities in reaching out to further enhance trade and investment links with Turkey, on my return to Turkey I want to forge a long term meaningful links with LABA”. Jaspal Minhas in

thanking Mr Tuzcu for his visit added: “LABA has invested considerable resources in developing its International Trade Hub, and welcomed ASKON’s practical engagement to support bilateral trade amongst the regions SME’s and Turkey.” Mr Tuzcu and Mr Aydin accompanied by Leicester City Councillor Abdul Osman also visited several businesses in Leicester. They were also hosted by Mr Nasir Awan the President of Asian Business Institute in Birmingham.

MEETING: (l-r) Mr Tankut Aydin, the Chief Commercial Counsellor of Turkey, H. BahadirTuzcu, the Secretary General ASKON, Jaspal Singh Minhas President LABA and Cllr Abdul Osman.

October 2013 - 1st Edition





follow us on twitter: ‘Inadequate’ Muslim Free School reopens

Earlier this month a public free school in Derby temporarily closed after being told to take ‘swift action’ about the way the establishment is being run. The Al-Madinah school, opened in September 2012, was reportedly forced to close after preliminary findings from an Ofsted inspection into the school gave it the lowest possible rating. There are claims that female teachers at the school were forced to wear hijabs (a Muslim head scarf) even if they were not Muslim. Other reports suggested that female pupils were looked upon less favourably than their male counterparts and were made to sit at the back of classrooms whilst the boys were at the front. School’s Minister Lord Nash has openly criticised the school for failing to keep pupils safe and provide a good education whilst also discriminating female students and staff. In a letter to the chairwoman of governors, Shazia Parveen, Lord Nash ordered the school to provide evidence within one week that there was no discrimination between boys and girls, and alert all staff that they do not have to adhere to cover their hair. The letter read: “The Trust has manifestly breached the conditions of its funding agreement by failing to ensure the safety of children at the school; delivering an unacceptably poor standard of education; discriminating in its policies and procedures towards female staff; and failing to discharge its duties and responsibilities in respect of the governing body. “I will not tolerate breaches of the commitments you gave when entering into the funding agreement.” The letter also noted other actions that the school must take; including satisfying the Government that its curriculum is 'broad and balanced' and that it is welcoming to children of all backgrounds and faiths. Lord Nash warns: “Unless swift action is taken to address these concerns in a comprehensive way I will be compelled to terminate the school's funding agreement.” Shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg said the situation must be made open to the public, adding: “Given the confusion as to why the school has closed, and that pupils may be returning to the school on Monday, I would ask that these matters be clarified urgently in order to reassure the public.” Al-Madinah was one of the Government's flagship free schools after opening last year as part of Education Secretary, Michael Gove’s nationwide programme. Interim principal of the Derbyshire school, Stuart Wilson, said he had not received any complaints from colleagues regarding the dress code, which was made clear to all staff and applicants. "While unfortunate, my decision to close the school related to a short-term health and safety issue that has now been completely resolved and will not reoccur," a statement on the school's website read. “[The school] will be open as normal on Monday,” Mr Wilson added. Ofsted are expected to publish their final report in the next couple of weeks.

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£186 million boost for technologies of the future

@AsianExpressUK & facebook:

Science and Universities Minister David Willetts

Asian Express

The 8 great technologies

s & autonomous systems, Big data, Space & satellites, Robotic dicine, Agri-science, Synthetic biology, Regenerative me e Advanced materials and Energy storag

A package of investment in the eight great technologies of the future will accelerate high-tech progress from the lab to the marketplace and help drive UK economic growth has been announced. Science and Universities Minister David Willetts set out how the UK will tackle some of the greatest challenges of our time, like climate change, energy storage, food production and population growth. Mr Willetts announced that a £70 million Agri-Tech Catalyst, which will help new agricultural technologies bridge the so-called “valley of death” between the lab and the marketplace, is open for bids. This will support one of the UKs largest manufacturing sectors, with the entire agri-food supply chain estimated to contribute £96 billion to the UK economy and support more than 450,000 jobs. Science Minister David Willetts

said: “The British scientific “We are one of the most efficient excellent science into commercially and technological revolution research nations, and we get the successful technologies which in is something to be proud of. best returns on our investment. We turn boosts our businesses, creates By investing in these eight are investing to help translate our jobs and drives economic growth.” great technologies I firmly believe that the UK will continue to be at the forefront of the global technology race. The eight great technologies are areas which experts have • £44 million for 2 projects to monitor crucial ocean currents in the identified as, with the right North Atlantic. These currents shape Britain’s climate and weather investment, having the patterns and this information could help meteorologists better predict potential to make the greatest the weather contribution to a high-tech, UK industrial revolution. • £3.5 million in business-led projects to develop innovative tools and The new technologies help services like gene sequencing, for the UK synthetic biology industry support the government’s wider industrial strategy – a • £15 million for King’s College London to create a Research and long term approach across the Innovation Hub within the new Cancer Centre at Guy’s Hospital whole of government to give businesses the confidence to • £10 million for the University of Glasgow to create a new Clinical invest and grow. Research Facility and imaging suite at South Glasgow Hospitals Campus Science Minister David Willetts “The British scientific • £10 million for the University of Southampton to build new and technological revolution is engineering research facilities and infrastructure something to be proud of. By investing in these 8 great technologies I firmly believe • £34 million investment in a new data research network and 4 administrative data research centres to help the UK get ahead in the that the UK will continue to be at the forefront of the global global technology race technology race.


Mass UK Immigration Impacting Schools As speculation mounts that the Government plans to create 500,000 extra school places to cope with demand, UK Immigration Barristers investigates the impact of immigration on schools. Rising birth rates and rising immigration numbers have been described as the fundamental factors behind increasing pressure on schools as they take on more pupils every year. A spokesperson from UK Immigration Barristers said: “Rising birth rates and UK immigration go hand-in-hand. The more people that arrive from overseas add to the population and those settled here go on to have families. The major factor to consider is that families from some nations tend to have larger families than those that make up the ‘native’ UK population.” In a statement from the Department for Education (DfE), they said: “Under the proposals, we expect that 500,000 new school places will be introduced between 2015 and 2021 and we estimate the cost to be somewhere in the region of £7.5 billion.” Much has been made about the impact of UK immigration on public services, including schools, with much of the storm circulating in the national press. According to the Commons Public Accounts Committee, 250,000 of the 500,000 proposed spaces need to be created by September 2013 alone. Concerns across the education sector include: overcrowded classes, compromising education quality, the number of pupils that lack the ability to speak English and the extra pressure put on teaching staff.

UK Immigration Barristers added: “Unfortunately the blame for increasing pressures has been placed on mass UK immigration. However, regardless of the political wrangling on the subject of immigration a number of educational peers do agree that the biggest impact affects the children and ethnicity should not deny a child the right to a quality education.” The underlying issue now, according to the Commons Public Accounts Committee, is how local councils will react. The initial consensus is that local authorities may well be forced to make rash decisions that could have huge implications on a child’s education. The bigger worry is that, in order to accommodate pupils, ‘brighter’ children could end up at schools deemed to be ‘failing’. Furthermore, schools fear a loss of resources including facilities such as libraries and sports halls as schools will have to transform such facilities into classrooms in order to accommodate a surge in student numbers. In a statement from the Chief Secretary of the Treasury, Danny Alexander, he told the Commons that: “Work on 261 schools due to be rebuilt or refurbished under the Government’s Priority School Building Programme will be completed two years early.” The plans to create 500,000 new school places were unveiled alongside the unveiling of a multi-billion pound education investment programme.

UK Parliamentarians go vegan for Gandhi’s birthday A number of Members of Parliament decalred that are going vegan for Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, 2nd October, in honour of International Day of NonViolence. Gandhi, who was himself a strict vegetarian and wrote the book ‘The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism’, famously said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Indian politician Maneka Gandhi, who is backing PETA’s efforts, says, “The best way for individuals, government offices and businesses to honour Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday is by not eating meat or dairy on the International Day of NonViolence. Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy of peace and compassion for all living beings is not just a message of ahimsa but an economic and ecological necessity.” The parliamentarians who will keep meat off their platters include Former Olympics Minister Dame Tessa Jowell MP, Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, the Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party and a few others. The initiative suggested by PETA was received well with many MP’s stating that they were already vegetarians or vegans. PETA Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi commented: “By

promoting animal-free foods, these politicians are sending a powerful message to their constituents about the importance of non-violence towards all living beings – humans and other species alike. “If Gandhi were alive today, we’re sure that he’d be encouraged by the greatness of these public servants’ compassionate action.” PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a UKbased charity dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals.

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Bradford crowned Britain’s Curry Capital

follow us on twitter: Greater Manchester Police appeals for respect during festivities of Eid-ul-Adha

Police in Manchester are appealing for respect from visitors to the city during the Muslim religious holiday of Eid-ul-Adha. During this time there will be an influx of visitors to Rusholme’s famous ‘Curry Mile’ and officers will patrol the area to offer reassurance. Parking in the area will be suspended between 9pm and 6am on Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 October. Inspector Dave Nutsey from Greater Manchester Police said: “Our officers will play their part to ensure the communities and those visiting are kept safe and that there is minimal traffic disruption to the area. “I would like to remind people coming to the city that any form of crime, antisocial behaviour and public disorder will not be tolerated and that we will take robust action against those participating in such actions. “Eid is a joyous occasion and an important date in the Muslim calendar and celebrations should reflect this. Anyone wishing to bring or cause problems is asked to stay away. “The Force has been working with the support of the Rusholme Business Association, the Council of Mosques and Manchester City Council to ensure safe and trouble-free celebrations. We have also been working with our colleagues in neighbouring forces to ensure that those travelling into the city from other areas do so for the right reasons so that everyone can enjoy the festivities. “During the course of the two-day event our officers will increase patrols and will have a visible presence along the Wilmslow Road corridor and surrounding area. “Finally I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our Muslim community ‘Eid Mubarak’ and those visitors coming to Manchester will be given a warm welcome.” The restaurants of Rusholme’s ‘Curry Mile’ will remain open during Eid. Car parks are located behind the Shere Khan restaurant (off Walmer Street), on Thurloe Street and Hathersage Road. If any members of the community would like to discuss any issues in relation to Eid, either before during or after the event, please call the Longsight Neighbourhood Policing Team on 0161 856 4223 or email

@AsianExpressUK & facebook:

Asian Express

They did it in 2011; they did it in 2012; and now, in 2013, Bradford has once again been crowned the Curry Capital of Britain. For an unprecedented third year in a row, the West Yorkshire city clinched the top accolade ahead of places such as Manchester, London and Glasgow, to continue their dominance in the awards. Bradford's unique bid included the creation of a limited edition curry flavoured crisp, developed by local company Seabrook and Bradford restaurant Akbar's, as well as a Poppadomathon. The team in charge of this year’s bid included other restaurants such as Aagrah, Kiplings, Omar's, Shimla Spice and Zouks. Faisal Hussain, manager of Shimla Spice, Shipley, explained how Bradford’s love for curry has helped the city become a leader in the field. “Bradford is the Premier League for curries,” he said. “There are so many fantastic restaurants in the city that we certainly deserved to be recognised as Britain’s ‘Curry Capital’. “For this year’s bid, we put together an expert team and have worked extremely hard to retain the title by doing things such as the curry flavoured crisps. “To win the title just once is a real honour, but to now be named champions a record three times in a row, it is unbelievable and fantastic for Bradford.” Bradford already hosts the annual World Curry Festival and this latest accolade reaffirms the cities position at the top of the curry industry. Bradford Council's Executive Member for Employment, Skills and Culture Councillor, Susan Hinchcliffe, said she was delighted to see the title return ‘home’. “It just shows we're unbeatable as a city,” she said, “I want to thank our superb restaurants, the Bradford tourism team and of course Seabrooks crisps for making the bid that extra bit By Ashley Grint special this year. They have all contributed to this wonderful success.

City scoops hat-trick of titles


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October 2013 - 1st Edition

CHAMPIONS: (front l-r) Akbars’ Shabir Hussain; Kiplings’ Mohammed Rafiq, Shimla Spice’s Faisal Hussain; and Seabrook Crisps’ Kevin Butterworth

October 2013 - 1st Edition





October 2013 - 1st Edition



Brand NEW Eid Collection for 2013 in stock NOW!

T: 01274 734999 M: 0777 155 2775 E:

Unit 1, Handel Street, Bradford BD7 1JB




October 2013 - 1st Edition

By Anush Ansari



Akram Khan Company and University of the Arts London announce two-year partnership Akram Khan Company and University of the Arts London (UAL) have announced a two-year partnership, with the Company becoming a Resident Practitioner at Central Saint Martins (CSM) and Wimbledon College of Art. From 2013-2015, Akram Khan Company will be a Resident Practitioner at UAL with a programme of events predominantly for students of the University, curated by the Company’s artistic director, choreographer and performer Akram Khan. In the 2013/14 academic year, 10 sessions of talks and masterclasses will be delivered by Khan and his invited guest artists at

CSM and Wimbledon College of Art. Saturday 5th October sees the first masterclass of this series of events. It will be based on the multiple strands that exist in any collaborative process of artistic creation. Khan will open up a discussion about how to transform dreams in order to communicate human stories through different art forms. Khan will reflect on his collaborations with artists such as Anish Kapoor (sculpture), Danny Boyle (director), Nitin Sawhney (composer), Tim Yip (visual artist/scenographer) and Kimie Nakano (costume designer). This session is open only to UAL students. On Tuesday 15th October at 7.30pm, Khan will take part in a panel discussion at CSM. Chaired by Sir John Tusa, until recently Chair of University of

the Arts, London, the panel also includes choreographer Siobhan Davies, theatre director and actor Simon McBurney, composer Jocelyn Pook and filmmaker Sally Potter. Mr Khan, Artistic Director of Akram Khan Company, says: “I am very excited about the new partnership with UAL and looking forward to sharing challenging sessions with the students. I am confident that these young creators in the making and our guest artists will nurture one another throughout the year. “The arts allow us to think differently, and that’s what we are doing here with this new chapter in the Company’s journey. There is nothing more exciting!”




‘Open to talks’

In a rare interview, Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud has told the BBC that the extremist group are open to ‘serious talks’ with the government. The decision comes after Nawaz Sharif was elected Prime Minister in May this year and announced he was willing to open ‘unconditional talks’. Mehsud controls more than 30 militant groups in tribal areas and has seen thousands of people killed since taking over as chief of the country’s Taliban in 2009. In his time as leader, he has masterminded the campaign against Nato convoys in Khyber tribal region and Peshawar, emerged as a prominent fighter after reputedly leading a raid that captured 300 soldiers, and has a $5million FBI bounty on his head. Speaking to the BBC, Mehsud said: “We believe in serious talks but the government has taken no steps to approach us. The government needs to sit with us, and then we will present our conditions. “The proper way to do it is that if the government appoints a formal team, and they sit with us, and we discuss our respective positions.” When pressed on why previous peace initiatives had failed, Mehsud blamed the government. He said: “The government of Pakistan bombs innocent tribal people due to the pressure of America... Drone strikes conducted by Americans were [backed] by Pakistan. Then the Americans pressed Pakistan to start ground operations in these areas, and Pakistan complied. “So the government is responsible for past failures.” Reports had also suggested the Taliban chief was responsible for recent attacks in public places, yet he was quick to deny the claims, adding: “We consider the safety of Muslims, of scholars, of mosques and madrassas as our sacred duty. “As for explosions which cause damage to the life and property of Muslims, we have denied any link in the past, we deny any link today. “We have targeted those who are with the infidels, America, and we will continue to target them.”


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Pride of Yorkshire

October 2013 - 1st Edition

Jimmi Harkishin opens glamorous 16th Aagrah restaurant at Crystal Peaks

By Anush Ansari

From the cobbles of Coronation Street to not so sunny Sheffield, Jimmi Harkishin officially opened the stunning new Aagrah restaurant to a packed house on Sunday October 13th. The eatery at Crystal Peaks is the latest addition to the Aagrah Group portfolio and makes its entry as the sixteenth restaurant in the most famous Kashmiri restaurant chain across the UK and Europe. With over fifty industry accolades, Aagrah are renowned for their high quality restaurants and great Kashmiri dining and Aagrah Crystal Peaks delivers the conept of a world-buffet restaurant. Sixty international dishes are served up daily, prepared by the famously-skilled and much accomplished chefs affiliated with the Aagrah brand.

The new restaurant, which has cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to conceptualise and develop, stands as a breathtaking building that oozes with grandeur in equally impressive grounds, with very generous car parking facilities. An impressive bar has been positioned to greet diners into the restaurant, while the purpose-built world buffet section is entertained by an open plan theatre Cameras kitchen. provide a live feed to the plasma screens in the restaurant allowing customers to see their food being cooked in a high standard and hygienic environment. The company’s Managing Director Mr. Mohammed Aslam MBE said:“We are extremely proud to announce that we have launched this rather significant concept at Aagrah Crystal Peaks. “Our objective is to offer something

exclusive and indeed a m e m o r a b l e experience. “What sets us apart simply our is proposition, an exclusive World Buffet only restaurant in this region. Our cuisine is very distinctive and our locations - glamorous, we believe this to be a perfect combination for an international dining experience

A family owned business setup thirty six years ago by the founder and group Dr. chairman, Mohammed Sabir MBE.Aagrah stand as one of the biggest eatery brands throughout Yorkshire and employs over 400 staff. The latest restaurant has helped to create thirty new jobs in Sheffield. Jimmi Harkishin

L to R Zaffar Iqbal (Vice Chairman,) Jimmi Harkishin , Dr. Mohammed Sabir, MBE, Mohammed Aslam, MBE, Managing Director and Arshad Mahmood, Director

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October 2013 - 1st Edition

Takeaway targeted by malicious hoax call

October 2013 - 1st Edition

Innocent staff detained by police in major operation

By Ashley Grint

Armed police shutdown one of Knaresborough’s busiest high streets and locked pupils in school last week as a vicious ‘hoax call’ caused chaos in the North Yorkshire town. On Wednesday 16th October, Police received a phone call stating there was an “immediate threat to members of the public” at the Paragon pizza takeaway. Dozens of officers, armed with submachine guns and baton round launchers arrived at the scene to detain two staff members outside the establishment, whilst a third was arrested moments later. However, after a search of the individuals and the premises, the report was labeled a ‘cruel prank’ which had been targeted at the

CUSTOMERS: Clare Hamberg was shocked to hear the news

conducted. because the police had At approximately 8.30pm closed the street,” she said. police released a statement “When I was told it was the Paragon guys I knew the police were wrong.” North Yorkshire Police Police issued the following statement in regard to the incident: “Although we have established that the calls to North Yorkshire Police and a neighbouring force were malicious and hoax...our prime concern during the STAFF: (l-r) Razaul Karim, Diluwar incident was to ensure the Hussein, Manik Miah, Shofiqur Rahman safety of members of the saying the incident was a public. As a result, we result of a hoax telephone ensured a rapid police call but Mr Karim said ‘the response to the town centre. damage had already been “The incident has caused TERRIFIED: Paragon Pizza done by then’. great concern, alarm and owner, Razaul Karim, was one “We were told we can go disruption to the people of of three men detained by police after that but I was still in Knaresborough and an innocent staff. again no answer. I had no shock,” he continued. “I am investigation led by our still struggling with mental Major Crime Unit is now Now, the Paragon idea what was happening. anxiety when I’m at home employees have told the “When I pulled into because you just don’t underway to find out who Asian Express about the Knaresborough the High expect something like that to was responsible and ensure they are brought to justice.” horrendous ordeal they were street had been cordoned off happen to you. A Leeds man has since put through, despite not and before I knew it there “If it wasn’t for the been arrested and released doing anything wrong. were armed officers pointing fantastic support of the local on bail in connection to the Razaul Karim, owner and their guns at me shouting, people, we could have really incident, whilst police are manager of the eatery, was ‘keep your hand on the struggled over the last week. still urging witnesses to the third member to be wheel’. Fortunately the public’s contact North Yorkshire detained by police after “They handcuffed me in response has been fantastic; Police on 101. arriving late to work and my car and told me my we got a host of cards explained how shocked he business was being searched through and on Saturday was to find the because they had reports night we completely sold out establishment. saying we had ‘ammunition’ of food we were that busy.” He said: “I was on my way and ‘gun powder’ on our Clare Hamberg is one of in and was later than usual so premises, I was terrified.” Paragon’s ‘loyal’ customers tried ringing the takeaway Following Mr Karim’s and explained how she could but there was no answer. arrest, he was taken to the not believe the news as it was That made me a little police station and reported. “I first heard about it worried to be honest because questioned in the car for we always open at five so I over two hours before a when my son told me his SUPPORT: More than ten letters tried the staff mobiles and ‘horrible’ body search was friends had to stay in school and cards have been sent in

EMIRATES HAVE ANNOUNCED FIFTH ROUTE TO PAKISTAN One of the world’s fastest growing airlines, announced that it is to launch services to Sialkot, its fifth route to Pakistan. The service will commence from 5th November 2013 with four weekly flights operated by an Airbus A330200 aircraft in a two-class configuration - 54 seats in Business Class and 183 in Economy Class. The aircraft can carry up to 17 tonnes of cargo, giving a boost to t r a d e opportunities.

“Pakistan was the first country on our route network when we launched services to Karachi in 1985,” said Barry Brown, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President Commercial Operations East. “With the addition of this fifth destination the airline will operate 63 flights a week between Dubai and Pakistan. “Twenty eight years since our first flight, this new service to Sialkot continues to demonstrate the strong ties between the two countries and reinforces Dubai as a conveniently located hub for onward travel on E m i r a t e s ’

network of 134 destinations. “Besides boosting global trade and economic opportunities, this new route will provide additional travel options to Pakistanis wanting to connect with friends, families and colleagues worldwide.” Sialkot is the capital of the Sialkot District located in the north-east of the Punjab province in Pakistan. Situated around 125 kilometres north of Lahore, it provides customers with a convenient alternative gateway to the Export Triangle of Pakistan – the area encompassing Gujrat, Sialkot and Gujranwala. The area is famous for

producing and exporting sports goods and clothing, gloves, surgical instruments, cutlery, ceramics and leather garments, whilst imports to the region focus on the supply of raw materials for manufacturing those products. Sialkot International Airport, which opened in 2007, boasts the longest runway in Pakistan at 3,600 metres and was wholly funded by the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce. “As the first privately funded airport in Pakistan, we welcome Emirates’ decision to commence operations to the city,” said Sheikh Abdul Majid,

President of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce. “Sialkot will be able to offer Emirates’ passengers another point of entry into Pakistan in a modern, conveniently located and accessible airport.” Emirates flight EK620 will depart Dubai at 04:15 and arrive in Sialkot at 08:20 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The return flight EK621 will leave Sialkot at 09:45, arriving in Dubai at 12:35. Tickets for Sialkot are now available to purchase via or your preferred Travel Agent.


Caged like animals


Locked in cages and holding signs that read, “Try to Relate to Their Fate – Ban Animal Circuses”, employees of The Body Shop and members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India protested in Mumbai last week against the use of animals in circuses. The action marks World Animal Day, held on 4th October, and comes in the wake of PETA India's nine-month investigation of 16 circuses across India that revealed rampant abuse of elephants, horses, camels, dogs, birds and other animals. PETA India and employees of The Body Shop are calling on the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) to follow the lead of Bolivia, Cyprus, Greece and Austria by introducing legislation to enact a ban on the use of animals in circuses. “The Body Shop has always refused to test products on animals. When we learned from PETA [India] that animals in circuses are chained, beaten and denied everything that's natural and important to them – all for a lifetime of cheap tricks – we knew we had to act,” explained The Body Shop employee Prakash Kamat. “It's time that the [Indian] government banned the archaic use of animals in circuses, and parents should know that if their kids love animals, the last place they should take them to is the circus. “The Body Shop has inculcated its values in us, and we're proud to support PETA [India] in this life-saving initiative under our employees' volunteering programme, Aashe." PETA India's investigation by experienced veterinarians who are also qualified as animal welfare assessors, along with other inspectors recognised as Honorary Animal Welfare Officers by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), found a host of unlawful abuse and neglect which had been aimed at the animals. Abuse included using weapons on the animals, such as nail-studded sticks, whips, clubs and ankuses (iron hooks with spear-like ends), as well as the employment of untrained staff - An underage child was employed by one circus to shoe a horse, which could cause permanent damage to the animal. A host of animals had also died from inadequate care or had simply gone ‘missing’; Elephants, camels, dogs and other animals showed signs of severe psychological distress, including constant swaying, circling and even selfmutilation; and Birds had their wings crudely cut to prevent them from flying. PETA India points out that the Rambo Circus has held shows without the use of animals at the Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai and that the Great Champion Circus enjoys success without using animals in performances. One of the most internationally renowned and popular circuses in the world, Cirque du Soleil, also uses only willing human performers.


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October 2013 - 1st Edition

Ali Official

October 2013 - 1st Edition


Interview with YouTube’s celebrity brothers With more than two million YouTube views and 15,000 subscribers, brothers Ali and Shaheen Shahalom truly are internet stars. The cheeky chappies from London host their own channel on the video sharing website and have attracted visitors from all around the world as they act out their comical sketches. The pair often relate back to their Bengali heritage and have subsequently attracted a large South-Asian following, yet the humour in every sketch can tickle anyone, regardless of background. Catching up with the Asian Express, Ali spoke about the brother’s rise to fame and how lucky he is to have a sibling like Shaheen. •Why did you decide to make these videos? I've always been a creative person. Doing Drama & Theater at GCSE and A-level gave birth to

this passion of playing around with different characters and improvisational acting. Additionally, I used to love making random videos on my phone or my laptop of me and my friends just messing around. When I first discovered YouTube, it seemed like the perfect platform to combine these two interests. Eventually, that's exactly what happened. My little brother and I have always been close, so he naturally became my comedy partner. •What was the initial response? I think people genuinely liked the idea of two brothers bonding so well and there aren't many sibling partners on YouTube. Furthermore, having a BritishBangladeshi ethnicity, I noticed there wasn't really much content on YouTube catering for that demographic. So we also made comedy videos conduced from Bengali culture and these sketches are some of the most viewed

videos on our channel. All these things gave us unique selling points, creating a positive and popular response. •What do you enjoy most about making your LAUGHS: Brothers Ali & Shaheen Shahalom have risen to fame following their hit YouTube channel videos? For me, making I'm fully aware that a lot of especially when those figures have someone laugh or smile brings me siblings don't get along or have in- now surpassed into the millions. If so much happiness. To be able to differences. However, my little I had to choose though, I think it's do that to someone through our brother and I seem to defy that the emotional-driven ones that YouTube videos is such a notion. I'm not quite sure why really strike a chord with me. wonderful feeling.We've also been were so close, but we get along so Every now and then, I’ll receive fortunate enough to support well and have so much love for a message expressing how various campaigns and charities each other. There isn't really any someone has been through some through the work we do. To be rivalry, but there's plenty of sort of stress or trauma, but our able to help others in need, videos have helped them through through something you love doing teasing and messing around. it. Just being able to brighten is also such a rewarding feeling. •Finally…What are some of the someone's day up for a split •What’s it like working with best comments you have ever moment, is such a euphoric feeling. I'm incredibly grateful for received? your brother? Sibling rivalry? all the nice comments To me every comment or tweet Working with my little brother and all the support feels so normal. How we are on- or mail means something and I hope people can camera is exactly how we are off- different. The fact that people continue to offer their camera, which makes filming very think we're even worthy to be love and respect. comfortable for both of us. watched is a crazy feeling,

Check out the hit YouTube channel here:


‘More than a luxury Haven’



By Ashley Grint

One of Britain’s most desirable boroughs, Guildford, is taking unprecedented steps to address the need for affordable housing and ensure the area does not become a rich enclave. The biggest public consultation in the history of the borough kicks off this week and aims to deliver a sustainable plan for economic and social growth in the area by enabling the well-managed development of homes, shops and places of work. The consultation comes as the Surrey area is fast becoming known as the UK’s most exclusive place to live. Guildford town was recently named the UK’s ‘luxury shopping capital’ with average prices for a detached home in the borough are nearing £700,000. Current population trends mean that thousands of new

homes will be needed in Guildford borough between now and 2031, while a 2008 survey of local business owners by Guildford Borough Council found many concerned about their workers being able to afford to live in the area. At a series of public local events throughout October and November, the community will consider the issues facing the borough and set development priorities until 2031. The conclusions made through the consultation and ongoing research will feed into a Local Plan for Guildford borough that the Council hopes to adopt in 2015, in line with the Government’s National Policy Planning Framework. Councillor for Guildford, Monika Juneja, has lived in the borough all her life and explained the importance of involving the public on such consultations. She said: “What people need to know is that we are more than

a ‘luxury haven’ and have a wide demographic who live in the area. We have ethnic minority communities, travellers and many students from the local University. “We have arranged this consultation to find out what needs to happen from the public’s view to ensure the borough remains a place for all backgrounds. “It is a national issue which we face with such growth expected but we need to ensure that the borough is affordable for everybody. We have opened up our new consultation shop where people can pop in, seven days a week, and talk about the local area.” She added: “Hopefully this will ensure that we can create a local plan of action.”

FUTURE: Guildford Cllr Monika Juneja

October 2013 - 1st Edition

Sisters convicted after admitting to laundering brother’s money

October 2013 - 1st Edition

By Ashley Grint

The sisters of convicted drug dealers have been sentenced after admitting money laundering offences. Surriya Bi, 33, and Asia Bi, 38, both of Park Road, Rochdale, admitted money laundering (to the value of £40k each) at an earlier hearing. At Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court on Tuesday 24th September 2013, Asia was jailed for 18 months and Surriya for 22 months. Under Proceeds of Crime Act legislation both women were also ordered to pay back £40,000 within six months or face a further 12 months in prison and still be liable for the payment. The two sisters have two brothers who are both convicted drugs dealers. The women aided their siblings’ by laundering money made from

their drug dealing. A thorough financial investigation was launched following the conviction of Mohammed Shafiq, 32 of Park Road - brother of the defendants who was jailed for six years in March 2011 for drugs offences. Specially trained officers reviewed the family’s accounts and discovered that each sister had purchased a house with large deposits. Surriya Bi bought a house on Park Road in December 2008 for £100k, paying a £40,000 deposit. She also owned an expensive car a 2007 Audi A4 valued at £16,000 that police have seized as part of the money laundering investigation. She also paid a 10 per cent deposit on a second house that she bought for £70k in November 2009 and had a collective balance in her bank accounts of £7,000. Asia Bi paid a deposit of £20,000 on a house she bought on Roch Street for £67k in March 2005. She paid £36,000 off the

mortgage between May 2007 and June 2008 and has more than £7,000 in several bank accounts. Detective Constable Gerard Fisher, said: “Between them these two sisters have laundered £80,000: money provided by their brothers and their associates from drug dealing activities.

“This has been a long, drawn out inquiry that we first started in 2010. “Along the way we took out top and street level dealers. Now we have secured convictions against those not involved in the drug dealing directly, but who have benefited financially from it.”

Inmate murderers sentenced to life SENTENCED: Asia Bi, 38, and Surriya Bi 33 laundered £80,000 of their brothers drug money

Two prisoners, found guilty of murdering a ‘model inmate’ earlier this year, have been told they will spend life behind bars. Gary Smith, 48, and Lee Newell, 44, were both handed whole-life sentences at Warwick Crown Court on the 23rd September for the murder of Huddersfield man, Subhan Anwar. The victim, who was serving a life sentence of 23 years after being convicted of the murder of his partner's two-year-old daughter, was strangled with his own tracksuit bottoms in his cell at HMP Long Lartin, near Evesham, on the 14th February. Smith and Newell did not appear in court and were addressed via a live stream by Mr Justice Jeremy Baker who said he believed Anwar did not resist because he thought he

was being taken hostage. “One of the most chilling aspects of this case was the almost complete lack of emotion shown by either of you after the killing,” Mr Justice Baker said. “It is against this background that I have to consider whether the circumstances of this murder are such that it is one of those exceptional cases where its seriousness is of such magnitude so as to require the making of a whole-life order. “In my judgment you have both murdered others before, on this occasion you did so in a cold-blooded manner, having deliberately lulled your victim into a false sense of security.” A family member spoke on behalf of Anwar’s family and uttered his disbelief at the events in the high security prison. He said: “What happened in Long Lartin on the evening of Thursday 14th February will never be forgotten, should never have occurred and

should not be allowed to happen ever again. “Injustice was done to Subhan Anwar from the start. We, as a family, still believe he was wrongly accused and sentenced for something he was innocent of. We believe there was no factual evidence in his case and he should not SENTENCED: Gary have been in prison. and Lee Newell “Prisoners and prisoners’ Smith were sentenced at families should never go Warwick Crown Court through what we as a family are going through.They should not be living in fear on a daily basis in a top security prison or any prison in UK. “We as a family are devastated by this loss. Our lives will never be the same. We have received many condolences, cards, letters and even a collection from other prisoners in Long Lartin. They, like us, are in complete disbelief, shocked and saddened by how Subhan was killed by Smith and Newell.”

MURDERED: Subhan Anwar was killed by two fellow inmates



Over 150 armed men kidnapped the Libyan Prime Minster in a pre-dawn raid earlier this week, only to release the government official, hours later. Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was taken from Tripoli’s luxury Corinthia Hotel, where he lives, in the early hours of Thursday morning (10th October). Witnesses said a large group of men entered the building, some stayed in reception while others headed to the 21st floor where Mr Zeidan was staying. The gunmen initially scuffled with the prime minister's guards before they seized Mr Zeidan and led him out at around 5.15am (local time). According to witnesses, the prime minister offered no resistance while he was being led away. Two of his guards were also taken and were beaten up but later released. Protesters had reportedly opened fire at the building where Mr Zeidan was being held to demand his release. A government official and a security source told the Reuters news agency he was now ‘free’. Mr Zeidan was being detained at the interior ministry's anti-crime department, said an official, and he was reported to be in ‘good health and being treated well’.

Pulling Out

‘Bored’ inmates will never leave prison following the death of local man

By Ashley Grint


The US State Department has confirmed reports that certain aid will be withdrawn from Egypt in response to the overthrow of the country’s first elected President in June. Mohammed Morsi was forced out of his position as the country’s leader by the country’s army, and since then an interim government, spearheaded by the military, has been in control. Mr Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood party refused to work with the military which it says staged a coup and sabotaged Egypt's democratic gains after a revolt toppled autocratic President, Hosni Mubarak, in 2011. With the former President set to go on trial in November accused of inciting the killings of protesters, identical charges to his predecessor. In all, the US would normally assure Egypt $1.55 billion in support, including $1.3 billion in military aid. However these latest announced cuts are likely to cut that amount significantly. The cuts include 10 Apache helicopters, at a cost of approximately $500 million, F16 fighter jets, M1A1 tank kits and Harpoon anti-ship missiles. US officials also refused to transfer $260 million in cash assistance to the government until they can be assured that progress is being made towards electing a new inclusive government, through a fair and free election State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. “The United States continues to support a democratic transition and oppose violence as a means of resolving differences within Egypt. “We will continue to review the decisions regarding our assistance periodically and will continue to work with the interim government to help it move toward our shared goals in an atmosphere free of violence and intimidation.” However, the decision was criticised by Egyptian officials who feel the response is too extreme. Foreign ministry spokesman, Badr Abdelatty, told an Egyptian radio station: “The decision was wrong. Egypt will not surrender to American pressure and is continuing its path towards democracy as set by the roadmap.”

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October 2013 - 1st Edition


October 2013 - 1st Edition

Muslim free school slammed by Ofsted By Ashley Grint

Just one year after opening, a Muslim free school has been labeled ‘dysfunctional’ by Ofsted inspectors and rated inadequate in every category. The Al-Madinah school, in Derby, was temporarily closed earlier this month following its inspection and the official Ofsted report, which has now been released, continues to question the standard of the institution. Inadequate ratings were handed out for all four categories: ‘Achievement of pupils’, ‘Quality of teaching’, ‘Behaviour and safety of pupils’ and ‘leadership and management’, and slammed by inspectors. A statement from the official report read: “This school is dysfunctional. The basic systems and processes a school needs to operate well are not in place. The school is in chaos and reliant on the goodwill of an interim principal to prevent it totally collapsing.”

The inspection found a number of ‘glaring inadequacies’ within the school. It included: pupils being given the same work ‘regardless of their different abilities’, an ineffective governing body, boys and girls had different lunch sittings, and the school was described as being ‘in chaos’. The Ofsted inspection had been due to take place by the end of the calendar year but was prioritised following allegations that female teachers were obliged to wear hijabs and boys and girls were segregated. Since the report, the school has written to all pupils and staff telling them there is no requirement to cover their hair. One whistleblower who came forward about the state of the school was former head teacher, Andrew CuttsMcKay who left his position in August after alleging to have been ‘bullied and sidelined’ by the school’s trust. After helping to set up the school in September 2012, Mr Cutts-McKay described

how the condition of the school forced him to report the problems. He said in a statement: “In particular, some aspects and behaviours by a minority of members of the trust/governing body, led me to the conclusion that things were not as they should be. These included: finance issues, operational leadership issues [and] ability and experience concerns," "Having repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to raise these matters internally and directly with the trust/governing body, and on the back of increasing unhappiness from the staff, I came to the conclusion that independent inspection of these issues at the school was needed and that the appropriate authorities should be alerted to these problems.” He added: “I therefore informed the Education Funding Agency, informed the Department for Education [and] made the decision to resign from my position at the school.” However, The chair of

governors at the school, Shazia Parveen, hit back, labeling Cutts-McKay ‘evil’ and accusing the Department for Education (DfE) of racism. “But no one has taken any notice. No one has listened because unfortunately we have a different colour of skin from them,” she told the Guardian newspaper on Tuesday. “The only word I can use for that man [CuttsMcKay] is 'evil'.” The school is currently in special measures, after being highlighted by Chief inspector of schools Sir Michael Wilshaw, meaning Ofsted will carry out inspections at the school at short notice to monitor improvements. If poor performance continues the school will be closed. Dr Stuart Wilson, the acting head teacher, said there were ‘significant and serious problems’ at the school and accepted some of the lessons were not meeting necessary standards. “Are special measures a disaster for the school? Yes, they are,” he said. “It’s not

where we want the school to be at this time but we accept the report.” Reacting to the findings, Prime Minister David Cameron told BBC Radio Derby: “If they don't take immediate action to deal with these things then I think it is right it should close and I think it's absolutely right to intervene rapidly when these things aren't working properly. “Let’s not use this as a stick with which to beat the whole free school movement - there are now hundreds of WARNING: PM David Cameron urged the school to take immediate action or face closure

schools which have set up as free schools, and on average they have more outstanding and good ratings than established schools. “When it goes wrong - just as with a state school – you’ve got to get in there and sort it out, or close it down,” he said.


A Royal visit

Princes Charles is set to embark on his most extensive India trip to date as he visits the South Asian country next month. From the 6th November, the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla will undertake a nine day visit to India before moving on to Sri Lanka to the controversial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). Prince Charles, who is also the heir to the throne in 16 countries, will be representing Her Majesty the Queen at the CHOGM. It will be the first time in 40 years — since 1973, that the 87-yearold monarch will miss the meeting of the voluntary association of 54 countries. The visit also represents the Royal couple’s third official visit to India together.

More time granted

British police said they have been granted more time to question four men arrested under anti-terrorism laws on Sunday in raids involving a special firearms unit. Magistrates said that the four British men, of Turkish, Algerian, Azerbaijani and Pakistani ethnic background, could be detained until Sunday 20th October. "A custody extension was obtained until Sunday," a spokesman from London's Metropolitan police said. In one of Sunday's arrests, officers fired special rounds from a shotgun to stop a car in which two of the suspects, both aged 25, were travelling on a busy east London street.

A bad bet

A disgruntled punter went into a betting shop armed with a metal bar last month and smashed 15 TV screens and two fixed odd terminals. Blackburn magistrates heard Farhan Choudhry told police he had lost £25,000 to the bookies over a number of years and explained how this thought had been on his mind during an allnight drinking session. Choudhry then visited the Betfred store, in Audley Range, where he subsequently caused thousands of pounds worth of damage. The court was told his rampage on the 25th September had caused £6,000 worth of damage, although this didn’t take into account the cost of closing the shop while repairs were carried out. Choudhry, 36, of Queens Park Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to property belonging to Betfred.


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REPORT: The Al Madinah school has been placed in ‘Special Measures’ by Ofsted officials


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October 2013 - 1st Edition


October 2013 - 1st Edition

recognition for legal Luke

Luke Patel, Partner in Commercial Dispute Resolution at Leedsbased Blacks Solicitors LLP, was named the ‘Best Professional in Business’ at the annual English Asian Business Award ceremony last week. Each year, hundreds of businessmen and women from across the UK come together to celebrate the English Asian Business Awards– an event designed to honour Asian men and women at the forefront of their industries. Unlike other industry accolades, the awards are based on nominations alone, so those who are shortlisted have been selected based on feedback and recognition from their peers. Over 100 candidates were recommended for the ‘Best Professional in Business’ award, which

was then shortlisted to just six. Luke’s high profile work with the Supreme Court which attracted national and international publicity was just one the reasons why he scooped this prestigious award. Commenting on his award, Luke Patel said, “I feel so privileged and honoured that all the hard work I have done in recent years especially on the high profile cases has been recognised. Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate me for this award.” Managing Partner at Blacks Solicitors, Chris Allen added: “Luke ‘the Litigation Lion’ as he’s well-known at the firm really deserves this recognition. He has a fantastic profile within the Asian business community and we’re all very proud of his achievement.”

Luke Patel was presented his award by Mohammed Nowaz of Lincoln House Chambers

Best Professional in Business - Luke Patel Blacks Solicitors





October 2013 - 1st Edition

Unity of Faiths Festival

October 2013 - 1st Edition

More than 25,000 partake in London celebration

By Ashley Grint

Leaders from the world of sport, politics and religion came together to mark the third annual Unity of Faiths Festival in London. Organised by The Unity of Faiths Foundation (TUFF), individuals from all backgrounds were present to recognise the importance of inter-community dialogue and acceptance as the bedrock of community cohesion and understanding. In attendance were an array of dignitaries and public figures, including: the equivalent of the Sikh Pope who was in Britain for his first public visit,Akal Takht Jathedaar ji. A unique ‘Torch of Unity’ procession began on the 27th September, featuring 100 young adults from London schools, travelling on open-top Unity buses

through Southall. During the lighting of the ‘Torch of Unity’, Dr Sheik Ramzy, Chair of the Muslim Council of B r i t a i n , acknowledged the event for its originality. He said: “This is a unique and special organisation to bring every culture together all over the world. Let’s be united forever.” The former Grand Mufti of Palestine, Sheikh Abdel Salam Mraish, added: “Everybody must be true to each other. I am proud to be with such a young group of people who are

“The festival grew from 8,000 to 25,000 which is testament to the fact that communities endorse the principles of TUFF.”

UNITED: Leaders from host of religious and cul a tura backgrounds came togeth l er

FLAME: A Torch of Unity procession involved more than 100 young adults

embracing unity of faiths.” Following the torch ceremony, audiences were captivated by a series of keynote addresses by several VIPs who had flown to London especially for the launch. Dr. Shamender Talwar said: “Unity of Faiths is a journey we all need to be a part of. During the first festival three years ago we were surprised how positive the reaction was from the general public. “We had postmen, fireman, lawyers and doctors all turn up and celebrate unity in the community. Six weeks later the London riots began and Southall, which was one of the areas considered to be hit hardest was not affected. “The festival grew from 8,000 to 25,000 which is testament to the fact that communities endorse the principles of TUFF.” The landmark event concluded with the third annual Unity of Faith Festival two days later with tens of thousands present. The festival provided London's multi-cultural community from all backgrounds and age groups, an opportunity to connect, break the barriers of misunderstanding and prejudice against a backdrop of free entertainment, food, drinks and social engagement.The festival built up a groundswell of support to the message of ‘unity’. Sports icon and England bowler, Monty Panesar, joined hands with the unity team, interacting with groups of people who had congregated to see the cricketer. Commenting on the atmosphere at the Festival, Panesar said: “Thank you for your positive energy and kind words. I hope to inspire the youth of the next generation”



Royal Shares

Shares in Royal Mail peaked 48 percent above their privatisation price on Tuesday as a committee of MPs said it planned to summon bankers and the business minister to a parliamentary inquiry into the sale. The government, which last week priced the hugely oversubscribed sale of the near 500-year-old postal service at 330 pence per share, has been accused of undervaluing one of Britain's biggest state sell-offs for decades. On its first day of full trading, the Royal Mail stock hit a record high of 490p before closing up 2.9 percent on the day at 489p. The shares initially rose nearly 40 percent last Friday when they began trading conditionally.

Britain Booming

The number of unemployed in the UK fell by 18,000 in the JuneAugust period to 2.49 million, official figures show. The unemployment rate remains unchanged at 7.7% from the previous three months. The figures, from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), also show the number of people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance last month fell by 41,700 to 1.35 million. The ONS also reports that average earnings rose by 0.7% in the year to August, 0.5% down on July. The number of people in work, both full and part-time, reached a record high of 29.87 million in the quarter, up 155,000

Fatal deer crash

Two teenagers died when their car hit a deer, collided with another car and caught fire on the A10 in Hertfordshire. Driver Daniela Ruggiero, 18 from Hoddesdon, and her passenger, 17, were in a Citroen travelling northbound on the A10 between Ware and Puckeridge. Their car hit the deer and collided with a Volvo V40 leaving the driver, a man in his 50s, with leg injuries. Police have appealed for witnesses to the crash which happened at 07:45 BST. The road was closed and remained shut into the early afternoon. AA president Edmund King said: "This latest deer-related collision is an absolute tragedy. Our thoughts go out to the families and friends of the two teenagers.


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Muslims targeted by fellow fans during public prayers



October 2013 - 1st Edition

‘Unpleasant’ chants during West Ham United game By Ashley Grint

As half-time approached at Upton Park last weekend, fans from both sides of the crowd made their way indoors for the half time refreshments. One small group of Muslim supporters gathered in the Sir Trevor Brooking stand to their Mahgrib conduct prayers - the fourth of devout Muslim’s five prayers a day, as the match coincided with the set prayer time. However, after beginning their prayers at approximately ten minutes before the half time whistle (6pm), the small group became the target of insults and intimidation from a section of home supporters. They were met first by disbelief, then swearing and finally by increasingly loud chants of “Irons”, the club’s nickname, apparently intended to drown out the prayers. The Muslim fans turned round anxiously to see they were being filmed and stared at, yet carried on with their ritual. The supporters, who are understood not to have made any complaint, had been invited to the club as part of a highly commended initiative to forger close links with local community groups. One member of the small congregation was Ali, who spoke to BBC Radio about his experience at the stadium. “There were people crowding us and sort of breaking us apart from each other. They were laughing behind our heads really loudly and shouting in our ears,” he explained.

STADIUM: West Ham United’s Upton Park was where the incident occured

RELIGION: Muslims are filmed on phones praying inside the stadium

Should faith be practiced in public places or do establishments need to do more to cater for people’s religious beliefs?

What they say…

“It was something along the lines of ‘I can’t believe what I am seeing’ and initially it was just one voice, then it was a couple of voices. The group started growing bigger. There were more offensive remarks made, ‘what you doing here?’ ‘Why are there so many of you?’, ‘get out of here’.” Ali was in attendance as a representative of one of the hundreds of organisations who were offered discounted tickets by the London outfit in an attempt to promote the club in the community. A large number of Asian Residents live in the surrounding area to the

Ikram Butt,“I feel that to have venues which allow individuals to perform their religious duties would be a positive forward step.There are already a lot of good examples where such facilities are in place such as Airports and some sport clubs. Nobody will be asking for a designated prayer room yet if there was just an allocated room where we people of any religion have the option to go, that would be positive.”

ground and therefore were qualified for the discounted tickets. Danny Lynch, of leading anti-racism charity Kick it Out, said the situation was ‘unpleasant’ for all involved. He said:“West Ham united have a very g o o d Nazim Ali,“There should definitely be rooms inside stadiums now where t r a c k record in

Muslims can go and practice their faith.As an avid football fan myself, too often do I find it hard to attend matches because I am a devout Muslim and have to pray five times a day. If there is no place catering for my beliefs at a stadium then I simply cannot go to the match. “I do think clubs are beginning to learn and there are examples of this. Bayern Munich have facilities for their Muslim players like [Franck] Ribery and Newcastle, who have brought in a lot of French Muslims to their side also have an area for them. “I believe that stadiums are big enough for one room to be designated to Muslim’s for prayer. It wouldn’t cost the club anything and would be likely to help boost attendance from people of different faiths and markets.”

promoting equality and inclusion. We are in regular dialogue with some of the community groups who were on the receiving end of some of this ‘unpleasant’ behaviour. “The club should be commended for the work they undertake throughout the local community and their efforts to see a more diverse and reflective following at matches. Kick It Out encourages s i m i l a r collaborative work on f u t u r e initiatives of this nature to e n s u r e everyone continues to feel welcome and comfortable at the Boleyn Ground."

Rezvana Hussain,“From an Islamic perspective there are set times when people have to pray and even if you are in a busy place or a motorway, devout Muslims are supposed to find some space. In regard to this incident, the Muslims obviously couldn’t get home in time to pray so they have done it in a public space but the reaction from the other fans is completely disrespectful. I have always believed that you should never judge anybody’s religion or beliefs. “There are prayer rooms in hospitals where I often visit so I don’t see why there aren’t facilities in sport stadiums because at the end of the day, there are always going to be some Muslim supporters at the match.”

Multiple-Sclerosis Awards

October 2013 - 1st Edition


Inspirational pair nominated for prestigious accolades

By Ashley Grint

A young man from Upper Belvedere, and an inspiring woman from Buckinghamshire, have reached the finals of the prestigious MS Society Awards 2013. 21 year old Priyal Raja is one of three finalists in the category of ‘MS Young Person of the Year’ after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) when he was just 14. Whilst at Trinity School, he raised awareness of MS by organising events and speaking engagements to raise funds and educate his peers and local community. His positivity and bravery in managing his often disabling symptoms, gained him the admiration and support of his fellow pupils and teachers, and he was made head boy during his time there. He hasn’t let his MS deter him and managed to complete his GCSEs and A levels and is currently studying for a degree in Film

Production. He has also worked as a journalist for various online magazines and assisted on a Bollywood film set in India. He also produced a documentary about MS called “Coping with MS”, which highlighted the condition within the Asian MS community and MS community on a national scale. Sanjay Chadha, founder of ‘Asian MS’, the MS Society support group, nominated Priyal after being impressed by how much he has achieved at such a young age. He said: “There can be a stigma attached to having a chronic illness within the Asian community; however Priyal dispels any prejudices by always being open about his MS. His can-do attitude is a shining example to all who meet him from any community.” Trishna Bharadia, from Marlow, will also be in attendance at the awards ceremony as one of three finalists in the category of ‘MS Volunteer of the Year’. Through her volunteer work for the MS Society as

an ‘Asian MS’ committee member in her local area, Trishna has worked tirelessly to increase awareness, information and support for young Asian people living with MS, by speaking at general information days and events for the Asian community. She has been the editor for the Asian MS quarterly newsletter since 2011 and has almost single-handedly developed it into the current publication, which is uploaded on to the Barts and The London MS Research blog read by hundreds of people from all over the world. One of her nominators, a member of Asian MS, Kanti Khalidas, explained why Trishna was more than worthy of such an award. She said: “Trishna was diagnosed with MS in 2008 at the age of 28, but since then has become a positive role model for people within the Asian community, where illness can often be swept under the carpet. She is loud and proud about her MS, preferring to let other people

living with MS know that it’s not about what they can’t do; it’s about what they can do. “She works hard to raise awareness, always with a smile on her face, and as editor of the Asian MS newsletter she has played an invaluable role in increasing communication between the Asian MS Committee and its members, as well as with the Asian community and wider MS community as a whole.” The MS Society Awards, this y e a r sponsored by Next, will take place o n Thursday 1 7 t h October and were created to reward individuals and groups for their hard work in improving the lives of people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).

INSPIRING: Trishna Bharadia is nominated for the ‘MS Volunteer of the Year’ award

JOURNALIST: Priyal Raja is nominated in the ‘MS Young Person of the Year’ category





October 2013 - 1st Edition

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October 2013 - 1st Edition





24-year-old singer songwriter Sukhi Sivia has been hungry, working relentlessly and honing his craft for this moment … to make his own and his fathers’ dream a reality. He has not only achieved that, but also broken a British record in the process. The previous food delivery driver who has worked in a meat-packing factory despite being a strict vegetarian, has the support of radio across the UK becoming playlisted across 16 stations in just two weeks including a black music station who are pushing the track on their daytime playlist. The icing on the cake is that his single ‘Sarkara’ penned by his father Swarn Singh Sivia (who has also written for Sardool Sikander, Kuldip Manak and Malkit Singh) now holds the record for the UK’s highest climber within the official Asian Download Chart Top 40. His debut single ‘Sarkara’ is a slick, feel good, urban meets bhangra party banger featuring hit maker production by Dr. Zeus and is laced with an contagious rap flow by long standing Zeus collaborator Shortie. Having initially entered the charts at number 39 (with one day sales only) the track moved to number 3 after a week of sales. The record was verified by a spokesperson from the Official Charts Company this afternoon, who said:“We can confirm that the track now holds the record as the highest climber within the Official Asian Download Chart Top 40. Congratulations.” Dr Zeus describes Sivia, saying: “Sukhi Sivia is the whole package. He is talented, humble, hard working, has a great ear for melody and lyrically can deliver. Not many artists can perform and deliver in crafting their own music and therefore their careers. I’m proud to introduce Sukhi Sivia, I know my fans and audiences will love the sound.” Sukhi says: “I am very grateful to everyone that has been part of my journey from when I started, thank you thank you thank you! My dream was to make music, sing and for people to sing my songs around the world. I am actually living my dream and loving every minute of it.” Sukhi Sivia is on a radio tour right now and the video featuring Shortie and producer Dr. Zeus has had over 27,000 hits.

s ’ K U r o f d r o c e r Holding the l ia ic f f o e h t in r e b highest clim 0 4 p o T t r a h C d a lo n Asian Dow



ENTERTAINMENT British singer, songwriter and producer ARJUN returns with his brand new single ‘Take It Back’, releasing on 16th The track September. showcases the award winning UK R&B / pop sensation Arjun with one of the most contagious chorus hooks of the summer, along with his own ultra-slick production and ever smooth vocals. Having cemented his place as a firm favourite amongst the British Asian music scene, Arjun follows up from a set of hugely successful songs including his unique R&B remixes to popular international film hits such as ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’, ‘Chammak Chalo’ and ‘Tum Hi Ho’, which has seen the British star amass over an incredible 24 million hits on YouTube. One of the UK’s biggest DIY success stories & internet phenomena of recent years, Arjun’s staggering YouTube views and an army of over 170,000 Facebook fans has paved the way for more success with his latest

‘BOOM BOOM DANZE’ British-Pakistani Annie Khalid teams up with Beenie Man for infectious dancefloor tune


October 2013 - 1st Edition and producer, Arjun is truly at home in the studio and has spent the past year writing and recording industry heavyweights with including Jim Beanz & members of Timbaland's team; Mr.Hudson; Davinche; Talvin Singh; Bless and Alan Beats; Sampson, to name but a few. Arjun is set to unleash a series of brand ground-breaking new songs in the forthcoming months to add to a growing and impressive catalogue. Internationally, Arjun has not only toured across the globe performing in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, but also recently made his Bollywood debut, singing on the soundtrack for Indian film, 'Vanakkam Chennai', produced by Anirudh, the man behind the global hit 'Why This Kolaveri Di'. ‘Take It Back’ will be available to download from iTunes on 16th September and is available to preorder now.


single ‘Take It Back’. Since bursting onto the scene in 2011 and clinching the #2 spot on Kiss TV's first ever Asian Music Chart with his track 'Stargazer', coming second only to the legendary AR Rahman, Arjun’s rise has been unstoppable. Arjun stamped his mark on the UK music scene when he was voted ‘Best Urban Act’ at the UK Asian Music Awards 2012, where he also performed at the ceremony at Wembley Arena, and was also a Top 20 unsigned finalist in the MTV Brand New contest the same year. Fast-forward to 2013 and Arjun is armed and ready to take on the

UK charts with his infectious cross-pollination of future-classic R&B and savvy-pop on the new single, ‘Take It Back’. The track is a perfectly sculpted dance floor smash, overflowing with Arjun’s signature swagger and Urban grooves. Lyrically, Arjun cleverly cites a roll-call of R&B legends, some of his own personal musical influences, paying homage to the feel-good rhythm & bass of the 90’s, seamlessly weaving lines and showcasing true lyrical prowess. An instrumentalist, singer, writer

British-Pakistani singer and model Annie Khalid is back with an infectious new pop song featuring the legendary Grammy Award winning Reggae King Beenie Man. ‘Boom Boom Danze’ is the catchy, up beat and energetic dance track with a reggae twist that is looking set to be a big hit this month. With the backing of Annie’s army of fans, her hope is to appeal to a new mainstream audience as well. Annie Khalid first made waves with her first single 'Mahiya' which spread like a wildfire throughout the Asian population worldwide. She was then picked up by leading Bollywood producers for the movie ‘Awarapan’ when Annie was still in her teens. Since ‘Mahiya’, Annie’s had worldwide success with a blossoming modelling career in which she became the face of Pepsi’s mass marketing campaign in Pakistan. The result saw Annie's face appearing on millions of drink cans, bottles and billboards. She released the single ‘Be My Baby’ with internationally recognised dance DJ Judge Jules in 2010 and another single, ‘Just 3 Words’ with chart-topping British boy band A1. Annie has also had the privilege to perform at the 2012 Emmy Awards in Norway. Annie’s eagerly anticipated forthcoming single ‘Boom Boom Danze’ releases on 30th September and features one of the Kings of the Reggae music world, Beenie Man. This adds a further buzz amongst Annie's already huge and rapidly growing fan base. The new single features a video shot in Jamaica with Beenie Man and has already had over 150,000 hits on YouTube, with the song being a dance floor hit in clubs across Europe. Hot on the heels of ‘Boom Boom Danze’ Annie Khalid has teamed up with British Asian super-producer Rishi Rich for the next single ‘Tujhe Yaad’, set to release in October. Annie Khalid’s ‘Boom Boom Danze’ featuring Beenie Man is available to pre-order from iTunes now and releases on 30th September.

October 2013 - 1st Edition



Manchester citizen and Asian soul sensation, Hussnain Lahori’s new single 'Jag Nalo Sohni Tu' (#JNST) was released on 5th September. It follows hot on the heels of Hussnain's debut hit single 'Harjaee', for which he received rave reviews. With Hussnain's distinctive acoustic based sound and a voice that is 'mesmerising', a strong following in the North has been quickly established. His youtube cover of Rahat Fateh Ali Khans 'Mein Tenu Sam-jawan Ki' has had over 3 million views. His latest cover of 'Tum Hi Ho' has been receiving 1500+ views a day on average. Hussnain is a singer/songwriter who first appeared on the scene in 2010. Three years later he is a firmly established artist in the North of England and with a growing fan base all over UK, Pakistan and India. 'Jag Nalo Soni Tu' litteraly translates to 'You're more beautiful than the World'. It is a fun, pop

tune which will bring a summer breeze to dance floors across Asian clubs and parties for 2013. The production has a dance foundation which is different to Hussnain's previous releases but very well delivered. The song portrays the experience of 'Love at first sight' and is a fun, lighthearted pop tune. Hussnain says; “JNST is for people to let their hair down and feel the fresh beat on the dance floor. What’s incredible is the amount of fan mail I get from UK, Pakistan and India. I would love to be able to keep a personal touch with all my fans across the globe which can be challenging but it’s truly humbling" In future, Hussnain is going to be collaborating with some of the other UK leading artists and performing with live musicians as a band. The launch party for 'Jag Nalo Sohni Tu' will be held on 7th September 2013 at Junoon's Shish Bar in Bradford. More information available on website.

Avina Shah’s official ‘Aao Na’ Music Video is

out now

After reaching the top ten in the iTunes Worldwide Charts on the day of her single release, Avina Shah now presents to you the official ‘Aao Na’ Online Music Video. ‘Aao Na’ is a romantic love song about yearning for someone that is not in your life anymore and wanting to reunite with them for just one more night. ‘The feedback and support

since the release has been incredible and I can’t wait to show everyone the full song brought to life’ – says Avina. Be sure to share this sensational music video filmed in Los Angeles, California at the Malibu El Matador Beach, which has been a popular shooting location for many singing artists such asBeyoncé and Britney Spears.

The uber-talented Priti Menon seems to have decided to leave her audience astonished by her versatility. After striking the classical chord with the listeners with her debut single ‘Khabida’, and leaving their hearts thumping with another RnB-ish romantic duet ‘Tujhe Maan Loon”, Priti is back to treat us music lovers with yet another single, ‘Chupke Se’. Produced by Charles Bosco, this new track aptly describes a person’s longing to meet his or her lover after a long separation. What sets this track apart from other love songs is its perfectly paced rhythm that gives the listener enough time to imbibe the song’s melody and its meaning. “The composition is so melodious that you will not want this song to end,” says a very excited Priti Menon. She continues: “This has been my toughest project so far with respect to both singing and video graphing. The entire team has put in super-human efforts in making this single possible and I hope our hard work pays off!” Priti Menon kick-started her career in style in 2010 by winning the Zee Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa's online talent hunt. It set the stage for this young and beautiful artist to establish herself as a prominent name in the British Asian Music scene. From bhajans to bhangra, from Gujrati to Bengali, her versatility is evident from the range of genres and languages Priti has sung in so far. Her collaborations with popular artists such as Arjun, Benny Dayal and Kishan Amin have generated a lot of interest among the music critics, DJs and fans. Priti also has to her credit, live performances with Bally Sagoo and Ash King as their lead female vocalist. ‘Chupke Se’ was released on the 24th September 2013 and available to purchase on all major digital stores.

Chu pk e Se Priti Menon gets hearts thumping on the British-Asian music scene




October 2013 - 1st Edition

October 2013 - 1st Edition




RELEASE DATE : 15/10/2013

FILM: Boss DIRECTED BY: Anthony D'Souza GENRE: Action, Comedy, Drama STAR CAST: Akshay Kumar, Aditi Rao Hydari, Shiv Pandit, Mithun Chakraborty

Akshay Kumar stars in a thrilling action-comedy about a colourful one man army who vanquishes evil! Law-abiding Benaras schoolteacher Satyakant Shastri (Mithun Chakraborty) is ashamed of his brawling 15-year-old son, Surya. Eventually, Surya's misbehaviour leads to him being disowned by his father and banished from his village. Years pass and Surya's younger sibling, Shiv (Shiv Pandit), falls foul of evil New Delhi cop, ACP Ayushman Mathur (Ronit Roy), who attempts to thwart his romance with Ankita (Aditi Rao Hydari). When Ayushman traps Shiv in a conspiracy, Satyakant has no choice but to reach out to his 'bad' son for help. Surya (Akshay Kumar) has now transformed himself into Boss - a flamboyant crime-fighter and champion of the oppressed who trounces powerful bad guys. Now he drops everything to help his family. This stylish and exciting Bollywood remake of the Malayalam movie 'Pokkiri Raja' gives superstar Akshay Kumar a striking new action role.

FILM: Naiyaandi DIRECTED BY: A Sarkunam GENRE: Comedy, Musical STAR CAST: Dhanush, Nazriya Nazim, Saranya Ponvannan, Vasmi Krishna,

TBC RELEASE D AT 11/10/201 E: 3

FILM: Krrish 3 DIRECTED BY: Rakesh Roshan GENRE: Action, Sci-Fi STAR CAST: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Vivek Oberoi

RELEASE DATE : 04/11/2013


Hrithik Roshan is back in his superhero guise once more in the hotly anticipated follow-up to ’Koi Mil Gaya’ and Krrish - Krrish 3. The film is set to dazzle audiences with a thrilling roller-coaster ride of visual effects, stunts and, of course, the return of Roshan back in his superhero role.

In the latest sequel, Krrish faces his deadliest foe yet, an evil genius named Kaal (Vivek Oberoi). Kaal is bent upon bringing death and destruction to the world, aided by an army of dangerous beings of his own creation. Only Krrish and his father Rohit (also played by Hrithik Roshan) can save the world in this year’s most anticipated superhero flick.

Dhanush stars as Chinna Vandu in a Tamil romantic comedy entertainer from the director of the award-winning 'Vaagai Sooda Vaa'. Chinna is a young man who works in a brass metal shop whilst unlikely partner Vanaroja (Nazriya Nazim) is a medical student. Circumstances conspire to bring the couple together, whereupon they fall in love. Writer/director A. Sarkunam brings his trademark comic style to this laughter-packed tale of romance. Naiyaandi is the first time Sarkunam has worked with Tamil superstar Dhanush. Music is by Ghibran, whose 'Teddy Bear Song' sung by Dhanush has garnered plenty of attention.



October 2013 - 1st Edition





The Call is an edgeof-your-seat thriller UK RE LEA from the director of TV 2 0/09/2SE DATE: hits like Boardwalk 013 Empire, The Wire and The Killing. Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) is a 911 operator who has been through a terrible ordeal with a call that goes disastrously wrong. Re-evaluating her life and work, she receives another call from a young girl has been kidnapped and stashed in the back of a car… by the same killer. A cat-and-mouse game begins but with the highest possible stakes: a young girl’s life and the nailing of a monster. The Call is a high-tension thriller with very high-class credentials.




Prisoners is a gutTE: churning thriller with a ASE DA K RELE U sterling cast which is 013 27/09/2 bound to keep audiences glued to the screens for two hours of thrilling action. Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) is meeting up with friends for Thanksgiving. When his six-yearold daughter and her friend go missing while they celebrate, the resulting search unearths only a motor-home owned by a man with mental problems. Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) arrests the man but, finding nothing in the motor-home to connect him with the little girls, is forced to release him. In despair, Keller takes the law into his own hands but just how far is he willing to go? Prisoners is an intelligent hightension thriller with some great performances.


Triggering our age of high-stakes secrecy, 15 COMING SOON CERT explosive news leaks and the trafficking of classified information, WikiLeaks forever changed UK RELEASE DATE: the game. Now, in a dramatic 11 /10/2013 thriller based on real events, “The Fifth Estate” reveals the quest to expose the deceptions and corruptions of power that turned an Internet upstart into the 21st century’s COMING SOON most fiercely debated organization. STARRING: The story begins as WikiLeaks TOM HANKS, founder Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his colleague CATHERINE Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Daniel KEENER Brühl) team up to become DIRECTOR: PAUL underground watchdogs of the privileged and powerful. On a GREENGRASS shoestring, they create a platform GENRE: that allows whistleblowers to ACTION, DRAMA, anonymously leak covert data, shining a light on the dark THRILLER recesses of government secrets and corporate crimes. Soon, they are breaking more hard news UK RELE ASE than the world’s most legendary 1 8/10/20DATE: media organizations combined. 13 But when Assange and Berg 12A gain access to the biggest trove of CERT confidential intelligence Captain Phillips is director Paul documents in U.S. history, they Greengrass's multi-layered examination of the battle each other and a defining 2009 hijacking of the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama question of our time: what are the by a crew of Somali pirates. costs of keeping secrets in a free It is – through Greengrass's distinctive lens – society—and what are the costs simultaneously a pulse-pounding thriller and a complex of exposing them?" portrait of the myriad effects of globalization. The film A dramatic thriller based on focuses on the relationship between the Alabama's real events, “The Fifth Estate” commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks), and his Somali counterpart, Muse (Barkhad reveals the quest to expose the Abdi). deceptions and corruptions of Set on an incontrovertible collision course off the coast power that turned an Internet of Somalia, both men will find themselves paying the upstart into the 21st century’s human toll for economic forces outside of their control. most fiercely debated organization



STARRING: RYAN REYNOLDS, SAMUEL L. JACKSON, MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ, SNOOP DOGG DIRECTOR: DAVID SOREN U GENRE: FAMILY, COMEDY CERT From the makers of Madagascar and UK RELE Kung Fu Panda, AS Turbo is a high18/10/2E DATE: 013 velocity comedy about an ordinary snail who dares to dream big - and fast. After a freak accident miraculously gives him the power of super-speed, Turbo kicks his dreaming into overdrive and embarks on an extraordinary journey to achieve the seemingly impossible: racing against famed driver Guy Gagne. With the help of Turbo's tricked-out streetwise snail crew, this ultimate underdog puts his heart and shell on the line to prove that no dream is too big, and no dreamer too small.




11/10/2E DATE: 013 COMING SOON




STARRING: GEORGE CLOONEY, SANDRA BULLOCK DIRECTOR: ALFONSO CUARON GENRE: SCI-FI, THRILLER Academy Award winners Sandra and George Clooney star in “Gravity,” a heartpounding thriller that pulls you into the infinite and unforgiving realm of deep space. Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney) in command of his last flight before retiring. But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone—tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness. The deafening silence tells them they have lost any link to Earth…and any chance for rescue. As fear turns to panic, every gulp of air eats away at what little oxygen is left. But the only way home may be to go further out into the terrifying expanse of space

October 2013 - 1st Edition









Escape Plan is a the ultimate prison break film with an exceptional cast. Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) is an engineer who has made his name and fortune creating secure buildings that no one can possibly escape from. But is he too good at his job? When he is wrongly banged up inside one of his own creations, it’s for him to double-think himself to get out and track down the person who has framed him. But is even he capable of escaping the inescapable? Escape Plan is a classic prison break movie with a delicious twist.

18/10/2E DATE: 013





01/11/2E DATE: 013





STARRING: BILL HADER, ANNA FARIS, KRISTEN SCHAAL, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, AL PACINO DIRECTORS: CODY CAMERON AND KRIS PEARN GENRE: COMEDY, FAMILY Inventor Flint Lockwood's out-of-control food machine goes even crazier in this hilarious sequel to the hit 2009 animation Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. When eccentric young boffin Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) came up with a food replicator that turned water into grub, he was initially acclaimed as a hero. But after cheeseburger rain and spaghetti tornadoes devastated the island of Swallow Falls, everyone had to flee. Flint thought he'd destroyed his invention. But he was wrong. On returning, he discovers that the food left behind has been evolving. Now Swallow Falls is populated by bizarre food animals ranging from toothy tacodiles to lumbering hippotatomousses. The only way to stop them invading the mainland is to shut down the machine for good.



25/10/2E DATE: 013

Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall star in this tense conspiracy thriller as lawyers who find their lives in danger during a terrorism trial. After a terrorist bomb rips through a London market, the only surviving suspect is swiftly apprehended with his trial certain to attract international attention. But there's a problem. The prosecution intends to use evidence that's so top secret neither the accused nor his lawyers will be allowed to see it. Instead, the Attorney General (Jim Broadbent) has appointed a Special Advocate, Claudia Simmons-Howe (Rebecca Hall), who is cleared to review the evidence.





On the eve of the trial, the alleged bomber's lawyer dies in mysterious circumstances. Eager and ambitious Martin Rose (Eric Bana) takes over. Matters are complicated by the fact that he and Claudia

once had a previous relationship. Nothing is what it seems in Closed Circuit as the stakes are raised in this dark and provocative paranoid conspiracy thriller from 'Eastern Promises' writer Steven Knight.

UK RELE The Jackass team AS 25/10/2E DATE: dispatch a small boy 013 and his grandpa on a jaw-dropping hidden camera road trip! At 86, you'd expect Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) to be an upstanding senior citizen. But he's a drunken, thieving degenerate. As if that wasn't bad enough, he's in the company of his impressionable eight-year-old grandson, Billy (Jackson Nicoll). Irving's taking Billy on a road trip across America to return the boy to his dad. The Jackass crew's first full-length narrative feature unleashes signature character Irving Zisman, seen in Jackass the Movie, upon an unsuspecting nation. Hidden cameras capture every hilarious reaction to his appalling childrearing skills. UK RELE AS



01/11/2E DATE: 013

STARRING: ASA BUTTERFIELD, HARRISON FORD, HAILEE STEINFELD, BEN KINGSLEY 12A DIRECTOR: GAVIN HOOD GENRE: ACTION, DRAMA, SCI-FI CERT From the director who brought you X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ender’s Game is an action film bound to keep audiences nationwide in suspense. The world has been through it, having been ravaged twice by aliens. The future holds more of the same unless they can come up with a leader of extraordinary talents. That leader seems to be Ender (Asa Butterfield), a young gifted boy. Separating Ender from his family and sending him to battle school, the elders hope to create a saviour for the planet but what sort of toll is it taking on the boy himself? Ender’s Game is the long-awaited space spectacular with a stellar cast.



October 2013 - 1st Edition

October 2013 - 1st Edition





Your National and Local Business Round-up

Business news

A successful year BBV Champions Team celebrate pioneering programme people and launched three additional surgeries, where members of the local Asian community conduct the tests with input and training from A team of Asian community Dean Linzey. health champions is marking The surgeries, launched one year of tackling hepatitis C, initially for Asian women who a curable disease particularly may have caught the virus while prevalent in the South Asian population, as well as Nepalese abroad, now offer testing for Asian men and women, as well and Somali communities. as members of the Nepalese The Blood Borne Virus (BBV) and Somali communities. Champions Team, in The team is calling for people collaboration with nurse who think they may be at risk consultant Dean Linzey from the Royal Berkshire Hospital, from the virus to attend one of use an innovative test to these four confidential surgeries diagnose the condition, which where they can receive can cause serious liver damage, impartial advice and the liver cancer and even death if innovative mouth swab test that left untreated. provides a result ‘while you Since launching the Reading- wait’, unlike blood tests which based initiative in October 2012, can take weeks to process. the BBV Champions Team has Safina Shahin, the BBV tested approximately 200 Champion and Administrator

By Ashley Grint

who heads up the project, commented: “We have been making strides to tackle the virus in the community and raise awareness of who might be at risk. “However, there are still people who are living with the virus who may not know or may be anxious about getting tested. People can be infected through no fault of their own, and should be assured that even if they are ill, the virus can be easily treated and effectively cleared up.” People in the South Asian, Nepalese or Somali population may be at risk as the virus is particularly common in these regions. In some parts of the UK the prevalence of hepatitis C in people from South Asia is five times that of the wider population, and recent research

shows hepatitis C prevalence of 1.6% in people of South Asian origin, with 2.7% prevalence in people of Pakistani origin. These high rates are often due to the high number of injections, which are usually the main form of medical treatment in these countries, given with unsterile syringes. People falling ill while visiting family abroad may therefore be at risk of infection. Children may also be born to parents who do not know they have hepatitis C since it is often hard to detect. Dean Linzey, who pioneered the innovative swab test, comments: “Hepatitis C can be difficult to identify, with the virus damaging the liver more and more over time without the infected person ever showing any immediately obvious

symptoms. “Testing and treating the disease early on is the best way to control the progression of the virus, and could not be easier with the safe and free tests the team has introduced.” Unlike a blood test, the innovative mouth swab test works by taking a sample of oral fluid from the mouth and putting the sample into a solution that will reveal lines to indicate either a reactive (positive) or non-reactive (negative) result, similar to a pregnancy test. The safe and free test only takes around 20 minutes, so a result can be given ‘while you wait’, while a traditional blood test can take weeks to process.

INNOVATORS: Dean Linzey and Safina Shahin

KIT: The mouth swab test takes only 20 minutes to process



October 2013 - 1st Edition

20 years of South Asian arts Milestone celebrations to receive celebrity touch Check the fine print O A re you sick of junk mail through your letterbox, spam in your email inbox and salesmen armed with clipboards harassing you in the street all wanting you to sign up to a new credit card? Over in Russia a gentleman named Dmitry Agarkov was particularly unhappy with another unsolicited offer of credit. Mr Agarkov was so appalled upon reading the small print that the real interest rate was 45 per cent, despite the bank’s advertisement offering a rate of 12.9 per cent. Rather than just bin the offending proposal Mr Agarkov scanned the paperwork into his computer and made some amendments to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Mr Agarkov opted for an unlimited line of credit, a 0 percent interest rate and no fees, adding that the customer "is not obliged to pay any fees and charges imposed by bank tariffs." Agarkov also changed the URL of the site where the terms and conditions were published and hedged against the bank’s breaking of the agreement. For each unilateral change in the terms provided in the agreement, the bank would be asked to pay Mr Agarkov $91,000, or a cancelation fee of $182,000. Mr Agarkov’s amended contract was, alarmingly, accepted and he received a credit card. After two years of use, the bank took the decision to terminate Mr Agarkov’s credit card because of overdue payments. The bank duly sued Mr

Please contact Luke Patel on 0113 227 9316 or by email at

Agarkov for $1,363 reflecting the remaining balance, fees and late payment charges, all of which violated the original agreement. Earlier this summer a Russian judge declared that the agreement that Agarkov had concocted was valid and all that he should pay to the bank was his outstanding balance, a mere $575. As the bank had signed the document (clearly without reading the contents of it) they were legally bound by it. Customers are always told to read the fine print, no more so in cases where banks face complaints from customers regarding their terms and conditions. In this instance it would have been prudent for the bank to take their own advice. Not content with his day in Court Mr Agarkov is suing the bank for $730,000 (24-million-ruble) based upon his amended version of the original agreement. The bank’s owner Oleg Tinkov is bullish about the situation and has been quoted recently on Twitter as saying: “Our lawyers think, he is going to get not 24 million, but really four years in prison for fraud. Now it’s a matter of principle for @ tcsbank.” The next hearing is due to take place before Christmas and I will keep you updated as the case evolves. If you feel you have suffered professional negligence at the hands of a financial institution than do not hesitate to contact me.

ne of the UK’s leading South Asian alongside drama workshops all day. All and collaborative arts communities are welcome to come along organisations is celebrating its and take part in this creative arts open 20th anniversary with two actionday at the Kala Sangam Arts Centre. packed days of entertainment. Kala Sangam is a national Bradford Kala Sangam, based in Bradford, will be based company limited by guarantee and celebrating the milestone with a headline a registered charity and was founded in event on Saturday 19th October at St 1993 by Dr Shripati Upadhyaya, a Georges Hall, consultant Bradford, where psychologist. In special guest, the Sanskrit, ‘Kala’ internationally translates to ‘art’ renowned and ‘Sangam’ Bollywood actress means ‘meeting and politician Dr point’. The mission Vyjayanthimala of the company is Bali, will be bringing people presiding over the together through main KS20 south Asian arts Extravaganza event. and collaborative The visit of the arts while the vision Indian star will is to establish a include a day of beacon centre of music and dance excellence for arts, from Europe, Africa, culture and South America and heritage. the subcontinent, The company is before Dr headed by a Vyjayanthimala committed Board herself will address of Directors and the the crowd. Having work is delivered by visited the city a dedicated team of some 40 years ago, staff, freelance Kala Sangam is artists and delighted to have volunteers. The the great honour of company’s work is welcoming the in the areas of Arts famed Indian in education, celebrity back to Community and Bradford as a guest programming patron of the including Box office organisation. tours, Arts in health Following the projects and music and dance challenging Youth extravaganza there Arts work. In March is a free for all last year, Kala family arts days to Sangam officially PATRON: Dr Vyjayanthimala Bali get more of the re-launched the community beautiful grade II involved in the flagship programmes. On listed St Peter’s House in Bradford as its Saturday 2nd November from 9.30am to home - a new national centre for south 2pm, St Peters House in Bradford will Asian arts, heritage and culture, in the play host to a memorable event which heart of Bradford. To find out more about will feature a series of free music, dance, KS20 and Kala Sangam please visit visual arts, theatre and face painting,

October 2013 - 1st Edition


Eco Energy Solutions



Welcome Ather Mirza IBTC announce new board member By Ashley Grint

By Ashley Grint

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The Indo British Trade Council (IBTC) announced the appointment of a new member last week as Ather Mirza joined the board. The Director of the University of Leicester News Centre, and a former journalist with the Leicester Mercury, Mr Mirza will work with IBTC to ensure the interests of higher education are represented in the work of the Council. He succeeds Professor Douglas Tallack, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International) at the University of Leicester who retires at the end of the year. Mr Mirza also brings with him a wealth of experience with more than 30 years in the media industry. A graduate in English from the University of Leicester, with a postgraduate qualification in Education Marketing, he trained for his National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) proficiency award on the Leicester Mercury. It was here that the future educator worked for 11 years before joining the External Relations Office at the University f Leicester where he was former Head of Press and Alumni Relations and is now Director of the News Centre. A former winner of a Commonwealth Press Union scholarship to India where he was attached to The Hindu newspaper, Mr Mirza has also free-lanced for national and international media. He has represented the University on a trade mission to India with the IBTC where he met with the former President of India Dr Abdul Kallam. On his most recent visit he was also in the presence of the current President Shree Pranab Mukherjee for the inauguration of the Maharaja Agrasen University in Himachal Pradesh.

Mr Mirza is a former LABA Board member and edited the LABA magazine which was produced with the assistance of the University during his term of office. Speaking about his appointment, the latest IBTC member said: “I look forward to working with like-minded people in order to harness their expertise so that our desire to work with Indian universities and businesses can be translated into real opportunities and tangible benefits. I have been impressed with the IBTC’s record of delivery and feel the link between the city, the universities and India can be strengthened through collaborative working.” Uday Dholakia, IBTC’s Chairman added: “Atherji is a renowned communicator and an outstanding journalist. As IBTC builds legacy based links with institutions in India and the UK, communication with them and the SME base in the UK and India will become demanding and in real time. “Added to this, IBTC has an impressive track record of encouraging spin-offs and collaboration in research between the universities and the private sector, Atherji will play a leading role in enhancing these links.”



October 2013 - 1st Edition


Invest in Yorkshire

Aagrah raises £80K Bradford based Aagrah Group of Restaurant’s 31st Annual Charity Business Dinner was a great success, as acknowledged by sponsors and business guests alike attending this year’s gala dinner, which raised a staggering £80,000. The dinner was in aid of the Mosaic, a charity founded by HRH The Prince of Wales. Gyles Brandreth, TV personality and broadcaster, hosted the evening which included an amazing auction prize of one weeks stay at the 5 star, The Bonnington Hotel, Jumeriah Lakes, Dubai with return flights, kindly donated by the Bonnington and Eithad airlines. Among the inspirational

keynote speakers were Nick Lane Fox, owner of Braham Park Estate, Aaqil Ahmed of the BBC and Michele Sutton OBE, CEO Bradford College who delivered passionate speeches on the theme of the dinner, Invest In Yorkshire. The black tie event provided a great opportunity for networking, with corporate and independent well established business leaders. The prestigious business dinner was held at the stunning Aagrah Midpoint Suite. The Charity Dinner started 31 years ago. The event endorsed Invest in Yorkshire as a theme, and Yorkshire as a booming business destination, which is one of the most breathtaking

scenic Shire counties in the UK and has many company headquarters based in this idyllic region. With easy travel access from all corners of the world, it has rapidly become a premiere international business & tourism destination. Often referred to as the business capital of the North, Yorkshire offers diverse business opportunities in finance, hospitality, retail, manufacturing professional and tourism and a greater return for investors on their investment. A cosmopolitan city, some of Yorkshire’s professionals and other workforces are a great asset for a business to explore new initiatives and to attract new

target markets. Mohammed Aslam MBE, Managing Director of the Aagrah Group of Restaurants expressed his gratitude to all those who supported the event and helped to raise a magnificent amount. Aagrah is a big supporter of local community events and charities and was delighted to support the Mosiac charity for 2nd year running. Founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2007, Mosaic’s mentoring programmes create opportunities for young people growing up in our most deprived communities. Mosaic’s vision is for all young people to be supported to realise their potential. With the

help of volunteer mentors acting as role models, they aim to bridge the aspirationsattainment gap. By linking young people with inspirational role models in this way, they boost their confidence, selfefficacy and long-term employability. Jannat Welfare International Trust, Aagrah’s charitable wing was set up to coordinate all fundraising activities to provide much needed funds for charities both here and abroad. With generous support from so many, it has raised close to £1.6 million to date. The money has helped countless charities both home and abroad and made a real difference to so many lives.

Aagrah Dinner 2013

Mohammed Aslam MBE, Managing Director

For further information please contact Taz Azmi on 07951 370028. Tel Head Office 01274 530880 email

October 2013 - 1st Edition



FROM SOLIHULL TO MUMBAI Land Rover completes world’s first hybrid expedition along Silk Trail • Three Range Rover Diesel Hybrid prototypes complete 10,472 miles along the Silk Trail from Solihull, home of Land Rover, to Mumbai, home of Jaguar Land Rover’s owners, TATA • Journey covered 53 days, 13 countries and two continents putting the Range Rover Hybrid prototypes through their final extreme engineering sign-off test • Tested to the limits in temperatures from -10 degrees to 43 degrees Celsius at altitudes of 5500 metres and over every type of terrain • First foreign-registered cars to drive China’s Xinjiang-Tibet highway • Land Rover’s first ever production hybrid to go on sale in first quarter 2014 (selected markets only) By Anush Ansari

Mumbai, 14 October 2013: Three Range Rover Diesel Hybrid prototypes have completed the ultimate engineering sign-off test by traversing 13 countries over 53 days from Solihull, UK, to Mumbai, India. It is the world’s first ever hybrid expedition along the Silk Trail and one of the boldest driving adventures ever pursued by Land Rover. Hostile conditions on the route included asphalt roads riddled with vast and deep potholes, dusty desert trails in 43°C heat and numerous miles of mud and gravel tracks and cattle trails. In addition, river crossings, passes clinging to the edges of mountains partly blocked by rock falls, the thin air of extremely high altitudes and the dense and erratic traffic of Chinese and Indian roads all added to the test of man and machine. The Silk Trail 2013 expedition was

the final validation test for the Range Rover Hybrid before it is signed-off for production. From the home of the Legend in Solihull, UK, it blazed a trail through France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China (including Tibet), Nepal and India. For much of this distance the expedition followed the legendary Silk Road trading routes that first connected Asia with Europe more than 2,500 years ago. Overnight halts were made in hotels, hostels and tents at many of the same staging posts visited all those years ago by Silk Road merchants, missionaries and mercenaries. Where the north and south Silk Roads split, near the remote city of Kashgar in north-western China, the expedition pioneered a mountainous route never previously completed by a vehicle from outside the country and never previously seen in its entirety by any westerner – the

Xinjiang-Tibet highway, which put the new Range Rover Hybrid through its paces at heights of over 5,300 metres above sea level. Seven consecutive days were spent at altitudes between 11,000 and 17,648 feet (3,350 and 5,379 metres). At such great heights, oxygen content in the air is reduced from the 21 percent found at sea-level to as little as 10 percent, making movement more difficult for humans and internal combustion engines. The Range Rover convoy continued to make good progress, benefitting from the electric motor’s instant torque at 0 rpm and despite being laden with heavy loads including luggage, camping gear, food, medical equipment, and aerodynamically-unfriendly roofracks carrying spare wheels, tyres and jerry cans of fuel. Negotiating tracks so sticky with mud that they were impassable to other types of vehicle, the Range Rover’s hybrid engine combination –

with a 35kW electric motor supporting the TDV6 3.0 litre turbodiesel engine – returned excellent fuel consumption for a vehicle so spacious and powerful. Throughout the epic journey the Range Rover Hybrids typically returned 36 to 37 mpg. Land Rover development engineers closely monitored data loggers fitted to each car, sending back more than 300 gigabytes of detailed technical records to their engineering team at Gaydon in the UK. The purpose of the expedition was not to test the reliability of mechanical components, which are already proven, but to fine-tune the calibration of engine and transmission software to ensure perfectly seamless performance in all terrains and extreme temperatures and altitudes. Technical setbacks reflected the roughness of the road surfaces: 15 punctures among the expedition’s three Range Rover Hybrids and four

support vehicles, four wheels damaged by deep potholes, and four windscreens cracked by stones thrown-up on loose surfaces. Peter Richings, Jaguar Land Rover Hybrids and Electrification Director who took part in the final leg from Jaipur to Mumbai commented: “The world’s first diesel hybrid expedition along the Silk Trail pioneered an ambitious route across Europe and Asia that would have been impassable to most other types of vehicle – but no matter how hostile the conditions, the Range Rover Hybrid prototypes took it all in their stride. “In developing the hybridpowered Range Rover, our objective was to gain hybrid’s fuel economy and carbon emissions advantages without compromising the Range Rover’s go-anywhere capabilities, its cabin space or its refinement. The success of this remarkable expedition clearly demonstrates we have achieved that.”



Life may be moving at a snail’s pace, but Chevrolet’s latest movie partner – Turbo, certainly isn’t. The American brand has teamed up with DreamWorks Animation to celebrate the UK launch of Turbo, the tale of an unassuming little snail who wants to go faster. In the movie, Turbo gets sucked into the supercharger of a Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 drag racer, fusing his DNA with nitrous oxide. The next day, he wakes up vested with the power of incredible speed and accuracy, as well as some of the characteristics of an actual car, such as eyes that light up like headlights, and a shell that blinks red like taillights and makes car sounds and music from a radio. To celebrate the launch of the film, Chevrolet is participating in a series of pre-screenings of the new animation at cinemas across the country during the first two weekends of October, taking place in Cambridge, Livingston, Oxford, Poole, Portsmouth, Stockton and Wolverhampton. The events will be used by Chevrolet dealers as a customer relationship incentive. "Turbo is one of the most anticipated films of the year, and we couldn't be more excited about this collaboration," said Tim Mahoney, Chief Marketing Officer, Chevrolet. "Millions of future drivers will be inspired by Turbo to realise their dreams both big and small." DreamWorks Animation's Chief

Marketing Officer Anne Globe said: "In a film about a slow snail who dreams of being fast, who better than Chevrolet to give our hero his first taste of high-speed driving on the open road? Our relationship with Chevrolet is a natural fit that adds a layer of authenticity to this wild ride of a story." Turbo’s first appearance in Europe occurred in September, where he shared space with a Camaro and a Corvette on the Chevrolet stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The film itself opens to the public on October 18th in movie theatres across the UK, and will be supported by an on-screen Chevrolet cinema advertising campaign. For more information about the film, visit, or to find out more about the Chevrolet UK model range, including the all-new Trax small SUV and other familyfriendly models such as the Orlando and Captiva, go to Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is the world's fourth largest car brand with annual sales of almost 5 million cars and trucks in more than 140 countries. Chevrolet provides customers with vehicles that feature spirited performance, expressive design, high quality and Chevrolet MyLink intelligent connectivity. The UK Chevrolet line-up

includes the Spark, Aveo, Cruze Saloon, Hatchback and Station Wagon, Orlando, Captiva, the legendary Camaro and Corvette

October 2013 - 1st Edition

American brand teams up with Dreamworks

sports cars and the extended-range Volt electric car. In 2013, Chevrolet is launching the all-new Trax small SUV and the all-new Corvette

Bi-turbo power unleashed

One of the worlds most sophisticated cars has been handed over to the engineers at AMG in Affalterbach to create the new, 585 hp, S 63 AMG – set to arrive in the UK in November priced from £119,565. The most powerful highperformance saloon in the luxury segment aims to set new standards in driving dynamics, performance, refinement and technology. The hand built AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine is twinned with an AMG Speedshift MCT seven-speed sports transmission. It boasts an output of 585 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque and can accelerate from rest to 62 mph in just 4.4 seconds with a top speed electronically limited to 155 mph. Equipped with 19” AMG 10-spoke alloy wheels, the S63 AMG uses high-performance composite brakes fitted as standard along with unique AMG sports suspension based on the all-new ‘Magic Body Control’. Backing up the performance is the AMG sports exhaust system, providing a suitably thunderous

soundtrack. The body styling including all-new front and rear bumpers, aiding cooling and adding greater visual drama are joined by AMG specific side sill panels with silver chrome inserts. Innovative technology is a prerequisite with the launch of every new S-Class and the S 63 AMG is no different. There’s an impressive lineup of standard equipment too worth around £8,400. It includes the Driving Assistance Package, Front Seat Comfort Package, Panoramic sunroof, Keyless Go Package, the mighty Burmester Surround Sound System with Six-Disc changer, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and Ambient Lighting. As with every AMG, there are options for customers to personalise their car further via the AMG Performance Studio. The Drivers Package (£2,760) de-restricts the top speed to 186 mph and secures the customer a place on an

AMG ‘Power and Passion’ event so they can learn how to handle their car on the racetrack. Carbon Fibre can also further enhance the look of the car with the addition of the AMG

Exterior Carbon Package (£5,000) while the AMG high-performance ceramic composite brake system can be added for £7,090.

Stingray. More information on Chevrolet can be found at or

Mercedes announces S 63 AMG UK pricing and release date

October 2013 - 1st Edition


Jaguar to debut state-of-the-art C-X75 prototype


supercar DEBUT: Jaguars’ C-X75 will be showcased in Birmingham next month

The Jaguar C-X75, the prototype state-of-art hybrid supercar, will make its Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show debut, as the centrepiece of the Jaguar Classic Parts stand. Held at Birmingham’s NEC from 15th to 17th November, the stand, in collaboration with Jaguar Heritage, will boast an impressive selection of classic and modern Jaguars. Jaguar unveiled the C-X75 concept, which has been provided by Jaguar Cars, in 2010 and has marked the beginning of

a new chapter in innovation and technological advancement. The C-X75 can achieve 100mph from standstill in less than six seconds and can continue on to a top speed of 220mph. Considering these impressive performance statistics, the CX75 is capable of producing less than 89g of CO2/pkm and will even run with zero emissions for up to 60km. Jaguar Classic Parts welcome visitors to come to their stand in Hall 20 to see this “ground-braking” hybrid vehicle. This year’s stand also includes some historical vehicles from the Jaguar Heritage collection. The cars on display will include: XK120, E-Type, XJ40, XJS, X300, XKR and XFR Rocketsports, all outstanding Jaguars from different eras. A further highlight

to this years’ stand in Hall 20 will be a wide range of genuine parts available on display. Jaguar Classic Parts are clearly stating that its commitment to the preservation of classic Jaguar cars has never been stronger. Jaguar Classic Parts will be providing a limited number of vouchers enabling Jaguar owners to receive a discount on their next order. Jaguar Classic Parts technical advisers will be on hand to answer parts queries and give expert advice. The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, held at Birmingham’s NEC from 15th to 17th November, is the UK’s biggest classic motoring celebration. Spanning eleven halls, visitors can enjoy an estimated 1,500 cars and 350 motorcycles on display, ranging from the rare and exciting to pre-war and retro classics, the sublime to the ridiculous, and many more.




October 2013 - 1st Edition


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£1,500 ONO (NKHANZ) TEL. 07946 162 099

£29,000 (PHIL FOX) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,495 (SHOYB/SAQYB K) TEL. 07768 686 842

£5,000+ (SHIMMLA) TEL. 07973 165 474

£15,000 (ARJAN) TEL. 07731 464002

£1,000 TEL. 07983 480 777

£OFFERS TEL. 07971 850 490


£8,000 (EMILY C) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (F YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS (HUZAIFAH) TEL. 07737 071 097

£10,000 ONO TEL. 07786 510 000

£1500 (MAHMUD) TEL. 07867 886 786

£9,500 (MS HAYS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (N LUCAS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£14,000 (P KINGS) TEL. 07985 455 057


£5,725 TEL. 07802 183 450

£OFFERS TEL. 07977 612 479

£4,995 TEL. 07867 861 193

£5,000 T: 07740 784 983

£7,000 (C BHATT) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 (EMILY D) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (F YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (H VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,895 ONO TEL. 07779 324 610

£10,000 ONO (ANWAAR) TEL. 07946 162 099


£10,000+ (CHOWDRY) TEL. 07973 165 474

£8,000 (EMILY E) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07977 802 112

£1,695 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£2,500 TEL. 07405 763 319

£10,000+ (CHILLER) TEL. 07973 165 474

£8,000 (EMILY F) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 TEL. 07733 244 444

£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£6,995 TEL. 07530 612 171

£OFFERS TEL. 07928 473 771

£10,000 TEL. 07733 244 444

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£OFFERS TEL. 07866 860 894

£OFFERS TEL. 07977 612 479

£9,500 (ASHOK B) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS NO WITHHELD No TEL. 07754 852 402






B055 KHN

B055Y B0













£10,000 TEL: 01274 414141 £1,500 TEL: 01274 414141













MON - FRI: 9-5.30

MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,000 (MS HUGH) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£7,500 (P MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,445 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£25,000 TEL. 07867 861 193

£9,500 (H YUNUS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 TEL. 07921 576 971

£18,000 (M AHTAB) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (M SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (N SHAUN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (P SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£999 ONO TEL. 07773 339 595

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£10,000 (G AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (H YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£4,895 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£10,000 (MOHAMMAD) TEL. 07867 886 786

£7,500 (N SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£SERIOUS OFFERS TEL. 07707 146 047

£999 ONO TEL. 07773 339 595

£15,000 (SPORTY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 (EMILY M) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (G AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (H YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£13,000 TEL. 07921 576 971

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£15,000 (P WILSON) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,200 ONO TEL. 07791 919 237

£20,000 ONO TEL. 07786 510 000

£7,500 (C SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (EMILY S) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (G AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£20,000 (JOHNTY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 TEL. 07970 281 994

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£1,500 (MOHAMMAD) TEL. 07867 886 786

£10,000 (N VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (P YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,000 TEL. 07508 341 074

£1,500 (SURBJIT) TEL. 07985 589 631

£3,495 TEL. 07954 389 874

£15,400 (C YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£49,000 (ERNEST) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (G DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS T: 07740 784 983

£15,000 (K KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£5,000 ONO TEL. 07969 595 760

£10,000 (M VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (N YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (P YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£50 TEL. 07932 410 393

£15,400 (S YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (ASHOK C) TEL. 07985 455 057

£995 (BIG FRR) TEL. 07971 850 490

£1,495 ONO TEL. 07832 302 222

£7,500 (E SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (G MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£6,995 TEL. 07530 612 171

£15,000 (K SHAUN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1400 (M DAWOOD) TEL. 07428 657 147

£9,500 (M YUNUS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (N YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (ROHAN G) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,295 ONO TEL. 07949 891 313

£15,000 (S YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,250 ONO (ABID SAB) TEL. 07773 995 142

£9,500 (ASHOK D) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 TEL. 07764 656 667

£8,000 TEL. 07921 576 971

£8,500 (ETHAN A) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (G SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£900 ONO (JAT OK) TEL. 07581 423 143

£2,445 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£7,000 (M DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 (MY IPOD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,695 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£9,500 (ROHAN K) TEL. 07985 455 057

£6,995 TEL. 07867 861 193

£15,000 ONO TEL. 07973 787 934

£8,500 (A BLACK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (ASHOK F) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS (BILAL) TEL. 07808 950 492

£10,000 (D AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN B) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (GUIDES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1500 ONO TEL. 07774 246 877

£10,000 (K VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 (MOHAMMAD) TEL. 07867 886 786

£4,995 ONO (MYSISHA) TEL. 07834 531 683

£1,395 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£15,000 (ROHAN P) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS (SHEETAL) TEL. 07786 510 000

£OFFERS TEL. 07581 169 231

£OFFERS TEL. 07707 146 047

£9,500 (ASHOK G) TEL. 07985 455 057

£12,500 TEL. 07891 217 880

£1200 TEL. 07947 979 777

£8,500 (ETHAN F) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 ONO (GULLFAM) TEL. 07946 162 099

£2,495 TEL. 07954 389 874

£15,400 (K YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£19,000 (MEHBUB) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£20,000 (OO LLOYD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£12,500 (ROHAN X) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 ONO (SAIDAH) TEL. 07946 162 099

£OFFERS (TARIQ) TEL. 07887 693 228

£3,500 ONO (ABRAAR) TEL. 07946 162 099

£9,500 (ASHOK H) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 TEL. 07838 130 681

£7,000 (D DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN M) TEL. 07985 455 057

OFFERS OVER £5,000 TEL. 07597 629 845

£15,000 (JALLALS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,895 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£19,000 (MEHMUD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 T: 07740 784 983

£15,000 (OO HARY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07816 488 420

£1,500 ONO (SALIHA) TEL. 07946 162 099

£1,500 ONO TEL. 07974 179 156

£10,000 ONO (ABDUL) TEL. 07946 162 099

£9,500 (ASHOK J) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07812 728 079

£7,500 (D MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN R) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (G VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (J AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£18,000 (MEHTAB) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07870 696 399

£10,000 (O AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

OFFERS OVER £400 TEL. 07866 992 500

£1,500 ONO (SAIKA) TEL. 07946 162 099

£2,200 ONO TEL. 07926 095 168

£10,000 ONO (ABRAAR) TEL. 07946 162 099

£9,500 (ASHOK K) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,495 ONO TEL. 07957 429 964

£8,000 (DR HOPE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN T) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (G YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (J AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 (U 4 USY / LUSY) TEL. 07768 686 842

£25,000 (M JUDGE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07846 016 228

£5,000 ONO (QASSER) TEL. 07967 350 957

£3,000 ONO (RIZWANA) TEL. 07779 300 128

£15,000 (S AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£995 ONO TEL. 07886 606 431

£7,000 (A DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (ASHOK L) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (B AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 (DR HORN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN W) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (G YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,895 TEL. 07779 324 610

£10,000 ONO (IMRAN) TEL. 07759 097 070

£20,000 (M KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 TEL. 07969 914 041

£8,500 (O BLACK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 QUICK SALE TEL. 07814 071 397

£3,500 ONO (SAIMA/SALMA) TEL. 07946 162 099

£15,000 (TAWHEED) TEL. 07842 955 147

£OFFERS TEL. 07867 861 193

£9,500 (ASHOK M) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (B AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (DR IANS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (E VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,950 ONO (HUSSAIN) TEL. 07956 214 163

£5,500 TEL. 07867 861 193

£7,000 (L DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£OFFERS TEL. 07751 427 106

£9,000 (O CLARK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07928 473 771

£OFFERS TEL. 07983 104 538

£OFFERS TEL. 07863 289 625

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£9,500 (ASHOK N) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 T: 07740 784 983

£12,000 (DR HARY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£650 ONO (EVIL CAR) TEL. 07411 953 337

£8,895 ONO TEL. 07779 324 610

£7,000 (J DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,500 ( L JUDGE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,900 ONO (MR D ALLY) TEL. 07774 246 877

£600 ONO TEL. 07836 221 302

£7,000 (O DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07779 675 730

£2,995 ONO TEL. 07729 288 346

£1,500 (TALLAT) TEL. 07867 886 786

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£9,500 (ASHOK O) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 TEL. 07740 784 983

£8,000 (DR HAYS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (E YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (H OLIVER) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (J KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,500 (L LUONG) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07928 473 771

£5,500 ONO TEL. 07766 645 325

£6,995 (O GUPTA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07868 572 069

£5,000 T: 07740 784 983

£3,000 ONO (TALHA) TEL. 07946 162 099

£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,000 (ASHOK P) TEL. 07985 455 057

£6,995 TEL. 07530 612 171

£OFFERS TEL. 07720 376 861

£15,000 (E YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057


£7,500 (J SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (L SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (MR HOOK) TEL. 07985 455 057

SERIOUS OFFERS TEL. 07969 914 041

£15,000 (O JUDGE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,800 ONO TEL. 07974 179 156

£7,000 TEL. 07825 040 037

£10,000 (T AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£5,000 (AHMADS) TEL. 07846 269 808

£15,000 (ASHOK S) TEL. 07985 455 057

£13,000 ONO TEL. 07879 230 103

£5,995 ONO (DR SISHA) TEL. 07834 531 683

£2,500 (F1 GUJR) TEL. 07867 886 786

£950 ONO TEL. 07968 642 402

£15,000 (J SHAUN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (L VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (MR HOBB) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,995 TEL. 07954 389 874

£15,000 (O KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07968 163 510

£2,000 TEL. 07947 979 777

£1,500 (TAHYRS) TEL. 07867 886 786

£25,000 (A JUDGE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (ASHOK V) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (B CLARK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 T: 07740 784 983

£2,999 ONO TEL. 07904 018 063

£12,000 (HAILEE X) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (J VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (L YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (MR HOWE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£950 TEL. 07896 699 241

£7,500 (O MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 (RAJHA) TEL. 07768 686 842

£12,000 TEL. 07867 861 193

£1,600 ONO TEL. 07557 387 547

£5,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£12,500 (ASHOK X) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (B DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (D SHAUN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,500 TEL. 07825 040 037

£12,000 (HAILEY X) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (J YUNUS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (L YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£29,000 (MR LLOYD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (NAWED, NAWEED) TEL. 07731 464002

£3,500 ONO TEL. 07962 394 890

£5,000 ONO TEL. 07969 914 041

£7,000 (S DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,895 ONO TEL. 07779 324 610

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£9,500 (ASHOK Y) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,995 ONO TEL. 077970 914 137

£7,500 (D SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 TEL. 07825 040 037

£10,000 (H AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (J YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£9,500 (MR HACK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (NAHEED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (O SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (R AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 ONO TEL. 07706 216 060

£20,000 (A KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (ASHESH) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,495 TEL. 07954 389 874

£10,000 (D VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,000 (H AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (J YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£9,500 (MR HALE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£10,000 (O VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (R AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,995 TEL. 07793 628 670

£5,895 ONO TEL. 07779 324 610

£25,000 (ASHFAQ) TEL. 07985 455 057

£19,000 (BEHOLD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (D YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (F AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

OFFERS OVER £5,000 TEL. 07973 165 474

£100,000 ONO TEL. 07539 976 158

£7,000 (MONTY P) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (MR HAYE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (N AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (O YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (R DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,995 ONO TEL. 07764 656 667

£100,000 (TAHIR) TEL. 07403 302 725



AAL115 AAZ15


























B166 BOB B17SH U B19 ALY
















































































MR10 JAT MR1100K MR110BB









£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 £1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30 MON - FRI: 9-5.30
















NY55 HAA 00110YD OO11ARY






0 M11RZA 0S11SAN



































T1L1 786









£5,000 T: 07740 784 983


£5,000 T: 07740 784 983





£7,000 (T BHATT) TEL. 07985 455 057

£850 ONO TEL. 07803 012 253

£2,500 (WAHEED K) TEL. 07973 199 979

£7,500 (X MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (T DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (V AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (R YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,500 (X SHAKS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,500 (T JUDGE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (V BHATT) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,995 TEL. 07793 628 670

£OFFERS TEL. 07928 473 771

£14,000 (T KINGS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (V DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 TEL. 07867 861 193

£15,400 (X YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (T MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (V SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (W DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS (YOUNAS) TEL. 07834 016 393

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,400 (V YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£6,995 (W GUPTA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,000 ONO (SALMA) TEL. 07969 598 969

£7,500 (T SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£15,000 (W KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07835 316 786

£10,000 (T VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£7,500 (W MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£30,000 TEL. 07525 817 453

£15,400 (T YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£6,500 (W OLIVER) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (W SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (Y AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (T YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£5,000 ONO TEL. 07779 994 695

£15,400 (W YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (YAYYAA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (U AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£5,000 ONO TEL. 07779 994 695

£15,000 (W YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£49,000 (YELL COM) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (U DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,800 (WANTED) TEL. 01202 877 038

£3,500 (SINGHS) TEL. 07833 333 870

£7,000 (Y DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07707 747 776

£1,995 TEL. 07954 389 874

£1,500 TEL. 07767 778 798

£15,000 (Y KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (U YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,000 TEL. 07854 435 656

£15,000 TEL. 07733 244 444

£OFFERS T: 07754 852 402

£2,000 (VOHRA) TEL. 07867 886 786

£15,000 (WAHEEM) TEL. 07985 455 057

£50,000 TEL. 07947 979 777

£10,000 (Y VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£6,500 (V OLIVER) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (W AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,700 TEL. 07786 087 155

£1,000 TEL. 07967 193 033

£4,500 (WANTED) TEL. 07516 111 755

£15,000 (X KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057




















K7 PPA £3,995 ONO TEL. 07890 201 854

N002HAT £2,000 ONO (NUZHAT) TEL. 07813 011 702









X3 51NGS X 7BY X XAL 11X










no withheld numbers



L99HOR £10,000 TEL. 07850 706 930

YA55EEM £75,000 ONO TEL. 07887 837 553



£OFFERS TEL. 07522 173 297

£OFFERS TEL. 07522 173 297

£OFFERS TEL. 07522 173 297

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October 2013 - 1st Edition












Land Rover to pilot new scheme for 11-17 year-olds

Land Rover has developed a unique new driving programme for youngsters called ‘Start Off-Road’. The scheme allows 11-17 year olds to get behind the wheel of a Range Rover Evoque and experience true off-road driving, teaching them skills and techniques that they will go on to utilise throughout their future years both on and off road. Participants have the chance to experience driving techniques including basics such as steering, braking and reversing, as well as more advanced skills such as climbing and descending hills, crossing ditches and ridges, negotiating ruts, wet grass and mud, and even crossing water. Statistics show that younger drivers pick up new skills easier and are more open to learning good driving habits. By instilling the basics in them at an early stage it is hoped that they will gain invaluable experience for later in life. Each student receives a personalised Log Book in which to record progress so that when they come again – to the same venue or another venue – they pick up where they left off. As well as providing participants with an invaluable set of skills the

Pilot courses are being run at four locations throughout the UK Chavenage House – Gloucestershire – Sunday 13th October West London Shooting School – Middlesex – Saturday 2nd November Duncombe Park – North Yorkshire – Sunday 29th September, Sunday 27th October; Sunday 24th November Rockingham Castle – Leicestershire – Sunday 6th October; Sunday 10th November Ragley Hall – Warwickshire – Saturday 19th October; Sunday 17th November

course is also unique in offering youngsters the chance to experience the renowned capability of the Range Rover Evoque, lauded for both its off-road and onroad ability. Each Range Rover Evoque is fitted with dual controls for safety as well as an automatic gearbox, and a dedicated team of instructors are on

New MG Dealership announced

new MG3 and the MG6 range here. “MG is a terrific brand and fits perfectly with our family business. Our history goes back as long as the iconic MG brand and we were for many years an MG Rover dealership at Tewkesbury. It’s great to see Warners MG will be run by the Warners Motor Group, one the MG name back with us.” Warners’ Gloucester site also of the best-known independent motor dealers in sells Peugeot cars and the group Gloucestershire. The group has two further dealerships in has an automotive history Cheltenham and Tewkesbury. Mike Warner, Chairman of the stretching back 90 years. The new four-car showroom Warners group, said he had faces the busy A38 Eastern happy memories of MG but was Avenue, Gloucester’s ring road, even more impressed with the and is one of the most prominent future of the brand. He said: “This is a great time sites in the city. It will open for business in October. Four new to be involved again with the MG jobs are expected to be created brand. The MG3 is a thoroughly at the new dealership which has impressive car at an eyean eight-bay workshop and will catching price which we know offer full MG parts and services has already created a huge amount of interest. alongside car sales. “We’re proud to be associated Chris Smart, Warners’ Director and Dealer Principal, said: with MG and to be part of the “We’re really excited about modern MG story going forward. becoming an MG dealer and We have every confidence in the looking forward to having the brand.”

hand to take participants through every scenario. Parents can also take part in the activity. David Saunders, General Manager Land Rover Experience, commented: “The Land Rover Start Off-Road programme is designed to offer youngsters something unique that they wouldn’t usually be able to experience.

Not only is it a fun day out, it also teaches an invaluable skill set to youngsters before they can even obtain a license. It helps instill confidence in them, gives them a head start and should help make for proficient driving in the future.” For further details visit

£80 million to remove bottlenecks

Communities up and down the country are set to benefit from government funding which will tackle pinch points that clog up traffic flow on local roads. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has announced £80 million of further funding to remove these bottlenecks, building on the £190 million already allocated earlier this year to similar local congestionbusting schemes throughout England. Of that £80 million, £25 million in government funding has been awarded to 15 schemes to help tackle bottlenecks on the local road network. The Secretary of State also announced he was inviting local councils to submit bids by the end of October for a share of the remaining £55 million being made available. Many of the improvements are expected to be delivered in 2014 and 2015. This weeks’ announcement

brings the total number of schemes to receive investment from the government’s Local Pinch Point Fund to 87. Since March this year the government has provided over £215 million to local authorities, which has enabled local transport improvements of over £340 million to go ahead. The fund reflects the government’s commitment to supporting economic growth by tackling barriers on the local highway network that may be restricting the movement of goods and people. The fund is aimed at those schemes that can be delivered quickly with immediate impact. The fund is available to local highway and transport authorities in England, including Transport for London. Bids will need to be received in the department by 31 October 2013. Bids can either be new schemes or for authorities to resubmit their previous bids to the department following feedback.



October 2013 - 1st Edition





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October 2013 - 1st Edition




ry to ic v to y a w is h ts h g fi t n e d tu s Leeds Met

A Leeds Metropolitan University student hopeful is celebrating after defeating the captain of the Irish Olympic boxing team to win his category in the prestigious Celtic Box Cup in Dungarvan, Ireland last weekend. Ashley Vanzie, a final year BSc (Hons) Sport, Physical Activity & Health student from Dewsbury, took home both the prize for the 81kg open class category and the best boxer of the tournament award, becoming the number threeranked light heavyweight amateur boxer in England in the process. Last year, the Rio 2016 Olympic hopeful reached the semi-finals of both the ABA (Amateur Boxing Association) Championships and the national championships. Forced to step down from the finals of the national championships with a chest infection, Vanzie became determined to succeed and entered into the prestigious international Haringey Box Cup, winning gold and being voted boxer of the tournament by the Boxing News. Spurred on by his success, and despite hearing that English fighters ‘couldn't compete abroad’, according to official regulations, Ashley decided to put his name down for the Celtic Box Cup and was thrilled to find out that the ban had been lifted, days before the competition. Speaking about his preparations, he said: “I hurriedly called around trying to organise funding to go as it was such short notice. “I got to Ireland, weighed in and was told that the captain of the Olympic boxing team, Darren O'Neil, was in my weight class. And that I was drawn against him. When they announced me the winner (albeit by split decision), I jumped with joy.” The next day, the Yorkshireman was paired against Dean Laing, who is in the top ten of his category in England, defeating him in every round to be crowned the unanimous winner.

CHAMPION: Ashley Vanzie receives his award from Tournament Director Gerry O’Mahony

Speaking about his future aspirations, Vanzie added:“At the end of the day, I was informed that I had been voted boxer of the tournament out of 300 fighters so I was slightly overwhelmed at this point.

“To think that I very nearly didn't go due to lack of funding. My eyes are now set firmly on winning this year's ABAs and getting on to the GB squad for Rio 2016.”

“I hurriedly called around trying to organise funding to go as it was such short notice.”



October 2013 - 1st Edition

Dramatic departure



Omar Khan cuts loose from his commitment to Bradford Bulls

By Anush Ansari

In a dramatic and unexpected announcement, the Asian businessman who had pledged to change the future of Bradford Bulls, said that he was quitting. Though it is widely known that restauranter Omar Khan had faced a difficult and turbulent year in charge of the club and was struggling to keep up his commitments, he maintains in his statement that he’s departing on the grounds of ill health. Khan had just recently released some funds from one of his properties to pay for the upkeep of the club. But is seems that the financial meltdown has just been too much for Khan to take any further. Now, the new boss, Mark Moore who owns a

Bradford-based online bed and mattress company has taken a vow to turn around the fortunes of the Super League club and has said that he aims to do this by running things with his head, not his heart. The news that Khan has severed ties with the club came twinned with the news that former Sports Minister and Bradford South MP Gerry Sutcliffe stepping down as cochairman as will the club’s director Vipin Joshi. Mr Moore and the club’s general manager, Ryan Whitcut, are now poised to take joint ownership of the Bulls, subject to approval from the Rugby Football League. They have struck a deal with Mr Khan, who along with Mr Sutcliffe took control of the club just over 12 months ago. Mr Moore has not

GROUND: Odsal Stadium

disclosed any financial details of the sale due to a confidentiality agreement that was in place with Mr Khan. In Khan’s statement he said: “My objective, together with Gerry Sutcliffe MP, to move the club from the threat of extinction has been

achieved and I have spent every single day for the past year at the club in order to reinvigorate it and bring it back to life. “A lot of hard work and investment has gone into Bulls and now it’s time to ensure the longevity of the club, which is part of Bradford’s Heritage.”

‘Save our club!’ By Ashley Grint

A Bradford cricket club, which has seen the likes of Adil Rashid and Gemaal Hussain pass through the doors, was controversially exiled from their local league earlier this month. The decision to remove Manningham Mills Cricket Club from the JCT600 Bradford League was met by anger and frustration by the local community who staged a protest last week at the home of the club. With a proud 148 year history, the Mills have become synonymous with success over the years, nurturing young talent as well as competing in one of the top amateur leagues in the country. However, the decision was made earlier this month to remove the side from the competition following a season long dispute over unpaid fines and ground improvements. A secret ballot was staged by the league officials whereby all 24 teams from the local league voted for or against the exile of their peers with 17 votes going for the decision and seven against. Manningham Mills were subsequently removed from the contest yet the decision has been labeled a rash one by many

stakeholders in the club. Mahboob Hussain is a former Mills player, representing the side between 1997 and 2007. He was a leading body in orchestrating the protest at the Bradford-based club and was shocked to hear of the decision. He said: “If you look at the history of this club it is 148 years old. Over the years it’s had players go on to play for England but more In terms of capturing the local talent it is a haven and for this to be shut down would be a catastrophe. “I think the club would be first to put their hands up and say there has been some administration errors and fines in the past which might have been outstanding but the reasons for dismissal also includes things like the surroundings of the ground. “These facilities are six years old and were built with £1.5million, endorsed by Sport England.The infrastructure really is fantastic. The scoreboard is brand new, and the nets are only four years old. He added: “If nothing else let’s hope this demonstration today makes people realise what the community might lose.” The club currently caters for players aged from nine-years-old and has five junior sides as well as a first team. Current first team captain,

Masood Ahmed, and fellow player Zarak Khan, both explained their worry for the younger generation who may be more affected by the decision than even the first team players. “We might have the ability to simply move club because we are in a fortunate enough position to have that option yet for the kids and some of the upcoming talent they won’t be that lucky,” they explained. Rob Hoveman, aide to Bradford West MP George Galloway, said the Respect party were also upset at the decision and would support the club in their appeal. “We believe the penalty of kicking Manningham Mills out of the league was entirely disproportionate to the actual offence,” Mr Hoveman explained. “There was clearly a breakdown of communication and one side seems to have taken a very hard view. To our minds kicking the club out like this is remarkable, and is a very rash decision indeed. “The league does not appear to be providing a very good reason as to why they have removed the club and so we want to see them back down and reconsider the decision. Hopefully they will see that they have the right stuff from the club now and Manningham Mills can be reinstated.”

The League’s management board has issued the following statement: “As a consequence of a number of serious issues which have arisen during the 2013 season, involving Manningham Mills Cricket Club’s breach of the Bradford Cricket League’s rules and standards, including nonpayment of dues to the league, the remaining 25 constituent clubs, affiliated to the League, were asked to consider

GOODBYE: Omar Khan has faced a turbulent financial year as boss of Bradford Bulls

Mass protest at decision to throw Mills out of league

Manningham Mills’ future membership. “At an Extraordinary General Meeting on 19th September 2013, a representative from each of the constituent clubs was requested to vote on a resolution as to whether Manningham Mills should remain members of the league. “Having regard to all the facts, including representation from Manningham Mills, the result

confirmed by 17 to seven with one abstention that Manningham Mills Cricket Club’s membership of the League should be discontinued, with immediate effect. “The ballot was limited to member clubs only, the management board did not participate or offer any recommendation as to how the clubs should vote.”

DEMONSTRATION: Dozens flock to cricket club to show their support

Celebrating Asians in Football

October 2013 - 1st Edition



SPORT PROUD: Wigan Athletic scout, Irfan Kawri, was awarded the ‘Inspiration’ honour


Also successful on the night was Liverpool Academy youngster Yan Dhanda, who was the recipient of the ‘Up and Coming’ accolade. Beating off competition from Brighton and Hove Albion, as well as West Bromwich Albion, Dhanda is the first player of Indian origin to play for the Merseyside club. The 14-year-old arrived at the club's Kirkby Academy in July and thanked his family for their support, following him across the country. Upon receiving the honour he said: “Liverpool is one of the biggest clubs in the world and my aim is to take every opportunity to progress to the first team and do my family proud, they have always been there for me. “My father has only missed one game since I was about seven years old. It's down to the support of my family that I am where I am now. “These awards are really important for Asian football and it's good that so many role models are being recognised.” Also successful on the night was Wigan Athletic scout Irfan Kawri, who walked away with one of the top awards, the ‘Inspiration’ honour. Kawri’s dedication to the sport has to be admired. Not only does he put in long hours in his role scouting and writing reports on Wigan’s opponents across the country, he is also a coach and physical education teacher. The football enthusiast is also credited for his work with Liverpool FC’s medical chief Dr. Zaf Iqbal, co-ordinating PE projects. “I’m very fortunate to have this career, but I’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices,” said Kawri. “I’ve been able to do it thanks to the support of my wife and parents. I started at Academy level in 2008 and now I’m doing my UEFA B coaching course at Macclesfield Football Club. “I was a trainee [footballer] at Rochdale, but that didn’t work

out and I went to university. Then I went back to the club to start my coaching career and it led to the scouting role at Wigan. It’s possible to break down barriers, but it takes determination and resilience.” The Asian Football Awards (AFA) were set up to highlight the positive impact made by Asians within the UK football industry and engage with organisations and individuals to help increase participation levels.

industry has been astonishing, but we are not just concerned with increasing Asian participation on the field. Our aim is also to help make the hierarchies of organisations that govern football more reflective of the society within which we live.” Cross Cultural Media were the Marketing and sponsorship Agency for the event, and cofounders, Simon Ogborn and Alan Williams said they were delighted to be associated with

Prestigious awards ceremony proves massive success AFA founder Baljit Rihal explains: “I can proudly say that the Asian Football Awards has already encouraged more Asians to get involved in every aspect of the game, and will continue to do so. Our vision remains to support the growth of UK Asians in football. “Since our inaugural event last year, the support from across the

the initiative. “We are proud to be so closely involved in this year’s Asian Football Awards,” they said. “An event that celebrates British Asian achievement and participation at all levels of the national game. The awards are an inspiration to all who share a passion and love of Football. Well done to all the nominees”


AFGHANISTAN QUALIFY FOR CRICKET WORLD CUP For the first time in the history of the Cricket World Cup, Afghanistan will be represented in the competition’s finals, which will be held in 2015. The national side defeated Kenya by seven wickets last week in their final qualifying match to be guaranteed a place at cricket’s most prestigious tournament. More than 1,000 fans turned up to a stadium in Kabul to watch their side on the big screen make history, before

thousands across the country spilled out onto the streets in celebration. Parts of the southern city of Kandahar ground to a halt as fans celebrated the win in public places. Afghanistan will begin the tournament with a fixture against Bangladesh in Canberra on 18th February 2015, before they face Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand. The side will then take on England in Sydney on the 13th March.

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October 2013 - 1st Edition

Cel ebrating Asians in Football Asian


Express National




By Ashley Grint

Prestigious awards ceremony proves massive success

i Lamborghin & r do ta n Ave Italia, Ferrari 458 14 Coming 20

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The Asian Football Awards 2013 finally landed at Wembley Stadium last weekend, and out of almost 100 nominations, just 16 winners were crowned, one from each category. From Non-League Player of the Year, Jasbir Singh, of Solihull Motors; to Player of the year, Swansea City’s Neil Taylor, every level was represented during the second annual awards ceremony.

FUTURE: Liverpool Academy youngster, Yan Dhanda picked up the ‘Up and Coming’ award

Continued on Page 55

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Asian Express National - October 1st Edition 2013  
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