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2018-2019 HIGHLIGHTS New Japan Foundation Grants


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James & Katie invite you to an anniversary party to celebrate their ten years of marriage!

Dr. Asuka Mashav

Senior Japanese Instructor Modern Languages

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Qing Lai

Assistant Professor Global & Sociocultural Studies

Dr. Steven Heine

Professor and Director Asian Studies

Dr. Tom Breslin

Professor International Relations

Dr. Rae Choi

Assistant Professor Global & Sociocultural Studies

Naoko Komura Senior Instructor Modern Languages

Masako Kubota Adjunct Instructor Modern Languages

Claudia Lau

Adjunct Instructor Asian Studies

Marcela Lopez Bravo Adjunct Instructor Asian Studies

Dr. Li Ma

Senior Instructor Modern Languages

Dr. Matthew Marr

Associate Professor Global & Sociocultural Studies

Sungmin Cho

Adjunct Instructor Modern Languages

& Katie invite you to an anniversary party to celebrate their ten years of marriage!

Dr. Eric Messersmith

Dr. Amy Bliss Marshall

Dr. Steven Vose

Maria Sol Echarren

Dr. Shenggao Wang

Amaya Bueno

Dr. Lidu Yi

Rachel Levine

Dr. Julie Zeng

Jhonatan Baez

Dr. Mitzi Carter

Britney Fernandez

Lecturer Asian Studies

Assistant Professor Religious Studies

Chinese Instructor Modern Languages

Assistant Professor Art & Art History

Associate Professor International Relations

Instructor Global & Sociocultural Studies

Assistant Professor History/Asian Studies

Senior Program Coordinator Asian Studies

Program Assistant Asian Studies

Teaching Assistant Asian Studies

Teaching Assistant Asian Studies

Teaching Assistant Asian Studies



Japan Foundation Grants Dr. Asuka Mashav received an educational grant this year from the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) to host the fourth annual "Cool Japan @ FIU" event. Dr. Matthew Marr concluded the first year of his CGP grant project titled "US-Japan Service Hub Network."

Southern Japan Seminar

Through the CGP grant received by Dr. Marr, the FIU Asian Studies Program hosted the annual Southern Japan Seminar on March 8, 2019. The title of the seminar was "Refuge Neighborhoods: Service Hubs and Homelessness in the U.S. and Japan."

Refuge Neighborhoods: Service Hubs and Homelessness in the U.S. and Japan

Service Hubs and Inequality in Neoliberal Global Cities Geoff DeVerteuil, Senior Lecturer of Social Geography, Cardiff University Matthew Marr, Associate Professor of Sociology, FIU Community Organizing and Film in Los Angeles and Osaka Pete White, Director of Los Angeles Community Action Network Yoshiki Shigee, Documentary Film Maker, Gara Film Community, Supportive Services, and Religion in Osaka and Tokyo Tatsuya Shirahase, Associate Professor of Sociology, Momoyama Gakuin University Kazunori Yui, Board Member, NPO Sanyukai Gender, Health and Housing in Los Angeles and Miami Suzanne Wenzel, Professor of Community Psychology, University of Southern California Asia A. Eaton, Assistant Professor of Psychology, FIU Permanent Supportive Housing and Welfare in Miami and Tokyo Hilda Fernandez, CEO Camillus House Hiroshi Goto, Associate Professor of Social Work, Nihon University Service Hubs, Social Ties and Spiritual Practice in Miami Rebecca Young, Ph.D. Student, FIU Department of Glooal and Sociocultural Studies Catherine Velarae, Ph.D. Student, FIU Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies Natalia da Silva, FIU Student, Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies

The Roots of Dōgen Studies On March 29, 2019, Dr. Heine and a group of specialists on Japanese or comparative religions gathered to discuss, from interdisciplinary perspectives, various textual, ritual, and social influences in analyzing and assessing the life, literature, and legacy of Zen master Dōgen (1200-1253), founder of the Sōtō sect in medieval Japan. The event started off with a series of lectures on Japanese Religion and was followed by two roundtable discussions on textual, philological, and philosophical studies and visual, material, and cultural studies of Dōgen.

Dr. Heine during his lecture on Zen poetry.

The roundtable discussion attended by several FIU faculty and guests from outside of FIU.

Symposium on the Life and Thought of Zen Master Dōgen Lectures on Japanese Religion and Culture Zen Poetry in Chinese and Japanese Steven Heine, Prof. and Director of Asian Studies, FIU Symbolism of the Ten Ox-Herding Pictures Pamela Winfield, Associate Prof. of Japanese Religion, Elon University The Zen Practice of Sitting Meditation Dan Leighton, Instructor, Institute of Buddhist Studies The Spiritual Significance of Reading Buddhist Sutras Charlotte Eubanks, Associate Prof. of Japanese Lit., Penn State University The Ritual Role of Buddhist Prayer Beads Michaela Mross, Assistant Prof. of Japanese Religions, Stanford University

Dr. Heine with the speakers and invited guests of the Dōgen symposium.

Cool Japan @ FIU

The fourth annual "Cool Japan @ FIU" was a two-day event for FIU students as well as the larger South Florida community to learn about and enjoy Japanese culture. The first day was focused on Japanese pop culture, while the second day involved various demonstrations of traditional Japanese music, martial arts, and more.

This event was held thanks to the faculty, students, and support of the Asian Studies Program and Department of Modern Languages. It was sponsored by The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP).

The Spirit of Japanese Craftsmanship (Kogei) and Tea Ceremony

On Jan. 23, 2019, the Asian Studies Program, in collaboration with the Japanese Consulate in Miami, hosted a special lecture by Mr. Toshio Ohi, Chozaemon XI. Ohi is the 11th generation head of his family's lineage of potters known for a type of "Raku Yaki." In his lecture, he discussed Japanese pottery art, how spirituality and culture influence Japanese craftsmanship, kogei, and the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony was then presented by Urasenke Akihiko Kaji and Dr. Messersmith, who is a tea master, was invited to take part as the guest of honor.

From center left: Consul General Kenji Hirata, Mr. Toshio Ohi, Dr. Eric Messersmith, and Dr. Steven Heine

Korean Studies at FIU Former entertainment journalist and now radio journalist Sungmin Cho became an adjunct instructor in the Fall 2018 semester teaching Korean I and II as well as Modern Korea. Beginning in the Fall 2019, she will teach two new courses: ASN 3153 Topics in Korean Culture and ASN 3154 Traditional & Modern Korea. Both of the courses will count as electives towards the Asian Studies major tracks, certificates, and minor programs.

On November 9, 2018, FIU hosted its first Korean Culture Festival and Contest. Our students competed in the categories of Cooking, Speaking, Singing, and Dancing. The event was organized by the Korean Culture Club (KCC) and the Asian Studies Graduate Student Organization (ASGSO) and led by Instructor Sungmin Cho and Program Assistant Amaya Bueno. The Korean community in South Florida also came in support of the event.

Speech contest winners Bianca Matheson (left), Mia Gabb (middle) and Katherine Garcia (right).

Faculty News Dr. Amy Bliss Marshall released a book titled Magazines and the Making of Mass Culture in Japan. The book provides the history of the birth of mass culture in Japan, tracing its origins to two family magazines of the Interwar years (1918 -1937). She also presented her research on this topic at the American Historical Association (AHC) Conference in New York.

Dr. Matthew Marr's research focuses on homelessness in the U.S. and Japan, showing how urban inequality is shaped by social conditions operating at multiple levels. In 2019, Dr. Marr received the special CGP grant (U.S.Japan Service Hub Network) and helped organize this year's Southern Japan Seminar (SJS), titled "Refuge Neighborhoods: Service Hubs and Homelessness in the U.S. and Japan."

Faculty Spotlight

t uden t s P er AS and Form a Richko avo cc ez Br Rebe p o L ela Marc kyo in To

Marcela Lopez Bravo is currently a PhD candidate in Japanese cultural studies at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. Marcela received the 2018 Faculty Choice Award for Creative Course Design and Tool Use for ASN3503 Exploring East Asia - Virtual Reality Travel. In addition, she was awarded the 2018 SIPA Adjunct Instructor of the Year Award. Congratulations!

aken by P hotos t Lopez Marcela B ra v o

Faculty News Dr. Asuka Mashav helped organize the annual "Cool Japan @ FIU" event, showcasing Japanese traditional and pop culture for the greater South Florida community. With support from the grant that she received by the Center for Global Partnership (CGP), the event featured J-Pop music, Taiko drumming by Fushu Daiko, a cosplay contest, and other activities. During the summer term, she leads the Asia Immersion Study Abroad Program to Beppu, Japan.

After years of training, Dr. Eric Messersmith became ordained as a practicing Tea Master of the Urasenke School in Kyoto, Japan. He is the president of the South Florida Association of the Urasenke School and regularly attends international conferences in the field of Japanese culture and the arts. He continuously develops and teaches an innovative curriculum on Japanese arts and culture including Zen and Tea Ceremony.

Masako Kubota specializes on the Ainu, the Indigenous peoples of northern Japan. Her research focuses on how Ainu elderly women maintain their cultural heritage. She teaches courses in Japanese language, culture, literature, and cinema. Some of her courses include ASN 3410 Intro to East Asia, JPN 3500 Japanese Culture & Society, and more. She also leads a Study Abroad program with the FIU Honors College to Japan for students to learn about the Ainu culture.

Faculty News Claudia Lau was invited on May 31, 2019 to speak at the Miami International Airport about how the First Transcontinental Railroad and other contributions by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders shaped America and its history. She has been leading a series of workshops on East Asian culture, while teaching various courses for the program, such as ASN 3143 Corporate Culture of China and ASN 3414 Visual Cultures of East Asia.

Naoko Komura was inducted to the Hall of Fame at the Florida Foreign Language Association this past Fall semester. She participated at the Southastern Association of Teachers of Japanese (SEATJ) Conference and published an article in the proceedings titled "Task Supported Language Teaching Using Can-do Statements in the Genki Textbook: Implementation and Challenges."

Dr. Steven Heine Research On April 15, 2019, Dr. Heine was a guest on Episode 11 of the Japan Station podcast. In regards to his book Sacred High City, Sacred Low City: A Tale of Religious Sites in Two Tokyo Neighborhoods, Dr. Heine, spoke about the history of Tokyo, the reasons why the city is laid out the way it is, differences and similarities between various areas of Tokyo, and more. Former Asian Studies student Tony Vega hosted the show. For more exciting content and to learn more about his book and Japan, visit the Japankyo website.

Current Publications Readings of Dōgen’s Shōbōgenzō, Series in Buddhist Literature (Columbia University Press, completed and forthcoming). Dr. Heine with former FIU faculty Dr. Hitomi Yoshio. She currently teaches at Waseda University where Dr. Heine gave a lecture.

In April 2019, the University of Iowa Japanese Program hosted an international conference on the interaction between humans and their environments in Japanese literature, art, and culture. Dr. Heine attended the conference as a presenter.

Flowers Blooming on a Withered Tree: Verse Comments on the Treasury of the True Dharma-Eye (Oxford University Press, under contract).

Dōgen: Life, Literature, Legacy (Shambhala Press, under contract).

Several other book projects are also underway, including a co-edited volume on Buddhist Studies to be published by Brill that is nearing the final stages).

Dr. Heine presented the keynote address at Florida Atlantic University’s “Zen Buddhism: Roots and Branches” conference. The conference took place on November 2-3, 2018 and was hosted by The Center for Body, Mind and Culture and the FAU Asian Studies Program. Dr. Heine's speech tied the event together as he provided a critical overview of the current research and standing of the field of Zen Buddhism. He highlighted some of his most recent research on Wanshi (Ch. Hongzhi)-Ha , which greatly influenced SinoJapanese monastic and literary connections in the early 14th century. As they shuffled together for the photo above, the conference organizer referred to Dr. Heine as “the godfather of Zen."


Dr. Heine gave talks this academic year at the Association of Asian Studies (first photo), the American Academy of Religion, the Tassajara Zen Center (second photo), the World of Bob Dylan Conference held in Tulsa (third photo), in addition to a conference on Travel in Japanese Culture held at the University of Iowa, and a lecture at Waseda University in Tokyo.

Student News Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018-2019 Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs Awards ! Graduate Award of Service Excellence: Amaya Bueno Graduate Award of Research Excellence: Rachel Levine Undergraduate Award of Service Excellence: Sophia Holmes Undergraduate Award of Academic Excellence: Virginia Aleman & Cassidy Kerr

From left to right: Cassidy Kerr, Sophia Holmes, Dr. Steven Heine, Virginia Aleman, Rachel Levine, Amaya Bueno.

Study Abroad to Asia


he Asian Studies Program

encourages study abroad opportunities to Asia for students. The following programs are available for semester or year-long exchange. Please inquire with the Asian Studies office for more information. All applications must go through the office of Study Abroad.

China Japan South Korea India

& Scholarships

Students participating in the Study Abroad in Hangzhou, China Program with Dr. Ma Li.Â

Fu Foundation Scholarship


u Foundation Scholarship is an award for students with outstanding qualifications for Asian Studies. It is intended for, but not limited to, studies of humanities and culture in Asia. Students who are

awarded this scholarship can receive up to $400 towards FIU opportunities for study in Asia (available for semester exchange programs or summer sessions). For more information about the 201 9 s to the n Fu Foundation Scholarship, please visit our website. o i t a l a r s! gra tu C on Schol d a t io n n u o F Fu

Izak studied with one of his greatest living inspirations, the world renowned Japanese flutist, Shigenori Kudo. He also participated in the Kirishima International Music Festival where he was able enhance his Japanese language skills.

Raul Caner With the scholarship, Nanda was able to attend the Intensive language and culture in the Kyoto Study Aboard Program where she took Japanese language and culture courses to advance her graduate studies.

Barsha Manandhar

Izak Kertznus Seeking to further his understanding of the past and present of East Asia, Raul was able to study in Kyoto and conduct research for his M.A. in Asian Studies.

Nanda Singh Barsha conducted research on postdisaster recovery of Nepal earthquake 2015 for her Ph.D. degree in Public Policy and Administration.

Undergraduate Student News Cassidy Kerr received her B.A. in Asian Studies recently and is on track to finish the M.A. degree in the Spring 2020 as part of the 4+1 Program. During her time at FIU, she won first place in the Common Reading Essay Contest 2017 and first place in the AFTJ Japanese Speech Contest in levels 2 and 4. Recently, Cassidy was chosen to be a participant in the KAKEHASHI Project 2018, an international youth exchange program created and promoted by the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

The 13th South Florida Japanese Speech and Skit Contest Winners University Level 1 3rd place: Armad Fernadez - "Japanese Cooking"

University Level 2 2nd place: Emma Reale - "Memories from Japan" 3rd place: Samantha Goclan - "My Favorite Haiku"

University Level 6 2nd place: Mark Baez - "My Thoughts on Kanji" 3rd place: Yuliena Mosquera - "Because of Japanese Film"

Skit University Level 4 1st place: Amaya Ashmore, Charlene Munez, Jailene Munez - "I want to be an Idol"

Teaching English in Korea

abroad can be Teaching English d exciting n a g in rd a w re a both ent years, experience. In rec me one of o c e b s a h a re o K South places to the most popular teach English. that is One such program rs seeking e n ig re fo h it w r la popu Korea is the in d a ro b a h c a te to EPIK program.

Gueshnia Dorcinvil was accepted into the EPIK last fall. She currently teaches at three schools, each extremely different in size and English capability. As the only black person in her area (Gumi, South Korea), she makes sure that her culture and experience is shown through her teaching while she in turn learns from her students.

Krishna Castro is currently teaching English in South Korea. Krishna completed the BA in Asian Studies this Spring 2019 with certificates in Chinese Studies and Asian Globalization & Latin America (AGLA). She also studied abroad at Soongsil University, broadening her knowledge of Korean language and culture.

Graduate Rachel Levine received her MA in Asian Studies this Spring 2019. Her thesis questioned why Japanese victims of sex trafficking are overlooked both historically and currently. Her analysis reveals that the normalization of victimization of women within Japanese society prevents identification of trafficking victims. This Fall 2019 Rachel will be teaching a new online course on Japanese Anime & Manga (ASN 3202).

Asian Studies MA student, Amber Oller, graduated this Spring 2019 with her Master's Essay titled, "From Miyabi to Kawaii: Japan’s Traditional Modernization of Kimono." In addition, she even sewed her own "yukata" (a kind of kimono) as part of her Master's exit project, pictured here.

Bryan Barber (center), a student in the combined MA in Asian Studies/PhD in International Relations program, defended his dissertation this Spring 2019 with research on Japan's foreign policy, Asian geopolitics, energy security, in addition to religion and politics. After graduation, Dr. Barber got a three-year teaching position in Kazakhstan.

stUDent News Gerardo Delgado completed his Master's Essay on "Teacher Education, Culture and Educational Reform in Japan: Framing the Need for 'Better Teacher Training'" and graduated with his MA this Summer 2019. Planning ahead, he is thinking about pursuing a PhD in a related field. Carlos Aponte's Master's Essay provided a historical analysis of student movements in Japan through its post-1945 history, studying the circumstances in which these movements appeared, thrived, declined and reemerged. Furthermore, it examined how shifting social, political and economic events that took place influenced students’ political involvement and activism through Japan’s contemporary history.

Kara Medema completed the Master's Thesis in Asian Studies last Fall 2018, titled "Chiyo-ni and Yukinobu: History and Recognition of Japanese Women Artists." Her research focused on the complexities of Meiji-era changes to art history and aesthetics heavily influenced by European and American (Western) traditions, highlighting the perception of Japanese women artists. William Ross' Master's Essay focused on colonialism in the Philippines and the ongoing factionalism in the country. Future career plans include making a documentary after pursuing an English/Spanish teaching and Japanese translator/interpreter career.

Graduate student News Amaya Bueno worked as Program Assistant for the Asian Studies office and graduated with the M.A. this Spring 2019, focusing her Master's Essay on "Creating a Self-Access Center for Korean Learners: Filling the Gap in Available Resources." Amaya has been involved in several events for ASGSO and the Korean Culture Club. As of August 2019, Amaya was hired to work as a full-time advisor for the FIU Green School.

Britney Fernandez, Graduate Assistant for Asian Studies, was awarded the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships program to undergo training in Chinese and related area studies. Britney has also been very active in several organizations, including ASGSO, Chinese Club, and the Asian Studies Undergraduate Honor Society.

Lisa Brown (pictured with her host family's children) was awarded the U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarships (CLS) to study Japanese during the summer of 2019. The CLS Scholariship Program is part of a U.S. government effort to expand the number of Americans studying and mastering critical foreign languages. Lisa is a student in the combined MA in Asian Studies/PhD in Global and Sociocultural Studies program.

Alumni News Michaela Prostak graduated Spring 2018 and was accepted into the Religious Studies PhD Program at Brown University. Her research will continue to explore the spiritualization of maternity in Japanese religion.

Jennifer Garcia received her MA in Asian Studies back in the Spring 2011, later earning a second Master's in Visual and Digital Media in Spain. Jennifer was recently given the opportunity to exhibit her photography art gallery at the Miami Art Basel this past December 2018.

Elisa Romulo Borges graduated Fall 2016 with the MA in Asian Studies and is currently pursuing a second MA at FIU in Latin American and Caribbean Studies en route to PhD in Global & Sociocultural Studies. Elisa will also begin teaching the course ASN 3410 Intro to East Asia this Fall 2019 semester.

Alumni News

Zhiying Qian was an exceptional M.A. student in the Asian Studies Program, completing her entire degree in 2007, only a year after beginning the program. In 2015, she graduated with a Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Cultures with a certificate in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education, from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. She has served as the Chinese Program Coordinator at the University of Colorado Boulder, and is currently an Assistant Professor at Florida State University where she specializes in psycholinguistics, second language acquisition, and language program management. On November 20, 2018, Qian returned to FIU to present her research on the processing of Mandarin, Japanese and English classifiers. She is also studying how contextual, syntactic and semantic information influences sentence comprehension by second language learners of Chinese, and the effects of vocal production training in music on L2 acquisition of Mandarin lexical tones. To learn more about her research, go to her website: https:/modlang.fsu.eduperson/zhiying-qian.

Omar K. Carrion


The Omar K. Carrion Scholarship for Asian Studies was established through a $50,000 gift made by Hilda and Fernando Carrion, parents of Omar Carrion, as an endowment memorializing their son who passed away in 2013. Omar was a bright student, graduating from high school in 2003 and immediately starting classes at FIU. He developed a love for Japan and pursued his bachelor's in Asian Studies. He gained new friends and experiences like teaching English to students in Japan. His family misses him every day and hopes this scholarship will inspire future generations in their studies of Asia.

Sofiya Burmistrova | Main Recipient Sofiya Burmistrova is an undergraduate Asian Studies major with a concentration in East Asian Studies and has taken courses on East Asian language, culture, politics, and history. In Spring 2018, she participated in a five-month exchange program in Japan. Being immersed in the culture gave her a new perspective and appreciation for Japan. Studying abroad strengthened her Japanese language skills, allowed her to develop international friendships, and contributed to her personal development.



Adriana Schiavo | Runner-up Adriana Schiavo is an undergraduate student majoring in Asian Studies. She has taken classes on Japanese history, literature, composition, language and conversation. In 2017 she traveled to Japan for the Ritsumeikan Summer Japanese Program in Kyoto, Japan, where she participated in excursions that ranged from hearing Taiko to meeting Geiko and Maiko. Currently, she is continuing her Japanese studies through self-study and is in Japan through the JET Program.

Hedda Stokkland | Runner-up Hedda Stokkland is an undergraduate student majoring in Asian Studies with a focus on Japanese Area Studies. She stayed in Kyoto, Japan for a three-month study abroad program in the summer of 2018 where she continued to improve her Japanese. She has also taken Korean language and culture courses for a better understanding of East Asia as a whole.

Asian Studies Sep 27

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Featured Events 18 - 19

Welcome to Asia @ FIU - Event meant for students to learn about all the things Asia-related at FIU and connect with other clubs on campus. Includes music, dance performances, martial arts demonstrations and prizes!

Tips for Language Learning Students learned fun and effective ways to study Japanese and Korean from Asian Studies Faculty. Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program Application Workshop - Students worked with a representative of the JET program to make their applications more competitive. ASGSO Halloween Movie Night: Train to Busan - Students enjoyed pizza and a scary movie while learning about Korean culture and language.

Senpai and Kouhai Meetup - Students new to learning Japanese gathered to meet advanced students to form mentor-mentee relationships. Students played games in Japanese and shared study abroad experiences.

Rakugo Performance by Yanagiya Tozaburo IIIÂ Rakugo, Japanese sit-down comic storytelling, involves a solo performer bringing characters to life with only a fan and hand towel as props.

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Lecture by Dr. Bina Sengar: Fullbright Fellow from India - Dr. Sengar gave a lecture titled "Tracing Ethnic Diversity and Cultural Connections in Asia." Lecture by Dr. Livia Kohn: Daoism in China - Dr. Kohn presented a lecture based off her book Daoist China: Governance, Economy, Culture and talked about Daoist religion and Chinese long-life practices. Lecture by Dr. Ralf Müller: Modern Japanese Thought - Dr. Müller spoke about the life and thought of two historic figures, Inoue Enryō and Ernest Fenollosa and discussed how their work influenced Meiji era intellectual history.

Chinese New Year - Hosted by the Chinese Club, this event brought together the FIU and non-FIU community to celebrate Chinese culture. This year marked the Year of the Pig! Asian Languages Translation Workshop - Undergraduate students were led by graduate students through a short story translation in either Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. Translations were compared among the different languages to learn about cultural differences. What to Do With Your Major in Asian Studies? - ASGSO, in collaboration with Milly Buendia from Career Services, held a presentation and Q & A for students to learn about internship opportunities and potential career options after graduation.

Asian Studies Undergraduate Honor Society (ASUHS) Induction Ceremony - This event was held to recognize academic excellence in Asian Studies undergraduate students.

Asian Studies Honors Society

The Asian Studies Honors Society was established in the 2018-2019 academic year, and recognizes students' academic excellence and professionalism. The goal of this group is to create a community of highly motivated individuals that can network with various clubs such as the Asian Studies Graduate Student Organization (ASGSO) as well as the Asian Studies Program. To qualify as a member, students must have a 3.5 GPA, or at least a 3.2 GPA with a faculty recommendation.

Welcome to Asia @ FIU

The annual "Welcome to Asia @ FIU" event was hosted at the start of the semester as a friendly event in the GC Pit area to connect all students and showcase the various ways they can get involved on campus by introducing them to the different Asian Studies clubs and program opportunities.

Event was hosted by ASGSO in conjunction with the Japan Club, Korean Culture Club, Geek Culture Club, and Chinese Club.

Asian Graduate Student Organization Studies ASGSO promotes Asian Studies and all it has to offer within FIU and beyond. The organization is dedicated to educating the student body about Asian contemporary issues, history and culture through creative and engaging activities. ASGSO encourages dedicated, educated, and wellrounded members to apply their unique knowledge, talents and acquired skills for the benefit of the greater social/global community.

ASGSO is led by: President: Amaya Bueno

Vice-President: Britney Fernandez Treasurer: Nanda Singh CSO Representative: Rachel Levine

Every year, ASGSO hosts mini-conferences discussing related topics in education, the industry, and various programs that help FIU students get ahead in the world where they decide to go after graduation. It also organizes cultural events, often in conjunction with other groups or departments on campus, to highlight the vast array of cultures within Asia. Over the past academic year, ASGSO has organized and assisted in over 25 events, collaborating with faculty, student clubs, and differnt organizations in our community.

Japan Exchange & Teaching Program

Congratulations to the following FIU Asian Studies undergraduate students who were accepted into the JET Program for 2019-2020:

The JET Alumni Association in Florida (JETAA) provides alumni with social events and special networking opportunities upon their return. Check out their website for details.

Lettedra Francis Rae Mape Daniel Padron Marjorie Parrales Kevin Rangel Reginald Redhead Melvin Rivera-Muniz Itzayana Solorzano Rene Soto-Rivera Talia Velazquez Jessie Young

The Japan Exchange & Teaching Program (JET) is a competitive employment opportunity that allows young professionals to live and work in Japan. Most participants serve as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and work in public and private schools; some work as Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs) as interpreters/translators.

For more information about the JET program, please visit their website. Check out the Asian Studies website for the upcoming JET information session!

national consortium for teaching about asia )([)

The National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) is a nationwide professional development program for K-12 teachers to encourage teaching and learning about Asia. Asian Studies at FIU is proud to host the NCTA program for the ten southern counties in the state of Florida. This project is an ideal introduction to Asian culture, history, and society for teaches in our community. The main objective of the workshop is for teachers to understand East Asian cultural aspects, encouraging them to infuse Asian Studies into their curriculum through the use of interactive lessons and online resources. Furthermore, this knowledge can be applied to specific and original lesson plans for incorporation into each teacher's educational portfolio.

Join our FIU's NCTA Facebook page to receive updates and news!

To apply, please contact Maria Sol Echarren at

japan studies review )([)

Japan Studies Review


is a refereed journal that is published annually by the Southern Japan Seminar and Asian Studies Program at FIU. The 2019 issue (Volume XXIII) features five articles: "Analysis of the Military Plot Against Saionji Kinmochi's Second Cabinet" (Janusz Mytko); "Literary Ligations: The Ubume in Early Monstrous Maternity Narratives" (Michaela Leah Prostak); "‘Our Islands Are Being Violated One After the Other’: Hirohito’s Prayerful Reports to His Imperial Ancestors, October 1937 – August 1945" (Peter Mauch); "Following the Footsteps of Wind: Some Remarks on Kuki Shūzō’s Philosophical Aesthetics" (Lorenzo Marinucci); and "A Translation of 'Reflections on Poetic Spirit' ( Fūryū ni kan-suru ikkōsatsu) by Kuki Shūzō" (trans. by Lorenzo Marinucci). Additionally, three essays—"Wakamatsu Farm and the Birth of Japanese America" (Daniel A. Métraux), "Japanese Studies in Israel" (Christopher L. Schilling), and "Golden Kamuy: Can This Popular Manga Contribute to Ainu Studies?" (Kinko Ito)—are included in this volume. There are also three book reviews from a variety of books by authors such as Jacobina K. Arch (W. Puck Brecher), Emily T. Metzgar (Gabriela Romeu), and Yoneyuki Sugita (Carmen E. Schmidt).


To obtain a copy or to submit an article or book review, please contact our office at

Japan Studies Review Archive:

Clubs & Organizations Click below to join a club and become involved in the events and activities.

Aikido Club

FIU Kendo Club

Asian Studies Graduate Student Organization Asian Student Union

Chinese Club

Korean Culture Club

Geek Culture Club FIU Tae Kwon Do

Japan Club

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International Student Club

Various foods of Thailand: (top left) Kua Jub; (bottom left) Tom Yum Goong, fish cakes and crab dumplings; (top right) mango sticky rice shaved ice; (bottom right) Croquantchou ice cream. Cr. Maytinee Kramer

Special thanks to Maytinee for her creative assistance in this year's Asian Studies Newsletter!

China oad Study Abr ith Program w Dr. Li Ma.

Asian Studies MA student, Rachel Levine (left) and MA alumni Elisa Romulo Borges (center) participated in the first ever Green School 3MT Three Minute Thesis Competition

y os b Phot e Sosa er hani Step er summ rip ng h duri abroad t y stud Japan. to

2018-2019 FIU graduates Master of Arts in Asian Studies Carlos Aponte Amaya Bueno Gerardo Delgado Rachel Levine Kara Medema Amber Oller William Ross

Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies Virgina Aleman Mark Baez Aleya Brown Sofiya Burmistrova Krishna Castro Kristien Contino Gueshnia Dorcinvil Jacob Foley Luis Gil Michelle Guzman Neressa Henry Jerlyn Herrera

Sophia Holmes Cassidy Kerr Leslie Kodra Sandra Leiva Jocelyn Lopez Emma Loya Oyuky Martinez Melissa Masforroll Marjorie Parrales Tara Postiglione Melvin Rivera Brianna Rodriguez Adriana SchiavoCicciarello Itzayana Solorzano Rene Soto Hedda Stokkland Alexis Thomas Sandy Villeda Cameron Webb Anabel Zohar

Asian Globalization and Latin America Certificate Krishna Castro Kristien Contino Nicole Larraguibel Oyuky Martinez Jordan Perez Rene Soto Kevin Wallace

Asian Studies Certificate Lai Eng Natasha Fenton Jose Gonzalez Urlande Guillaume Courtney Hummel Kayla Kang Leslie Kodra Vanessa Macias Tyler McDaniel

asian studies program Chantelle Mnayarji Alexis Thomas

Chinese Studies Certificate Virginia Aleman Daniel Beltran Aleya Brown Krishna Castro Jacob Foley Jerlyn Herrera Nicole Larraguibel Marjorie Parrales Edgar Perez Victor Rodriguez

Japanese Studies Certificate Francisco Breton Sofiya Burmistrova Ryan Colbert Luis Gil Christian Gonzalez

George Heffner

Ayesha Jafry Laura Jimenez Valerie Lopez Alejandro Maldonado

Minor in Asian Studies

Ryan Colbert Stephanie Diaz Kuarich Galicia Sebastian Mejia George Heffner Stephanie Monterrey Ayesha Jafry Monica Navarro Zellek Roberto Lasaga Daniel Padron Stephanie Monterrey Marjorie Parrales Alexa Perez Alexandra Perez-Villarreal Brianna Rodriguez Graduate Emma Sarandeses Certificate in Itzayana Solorzano Japanese Studies Hedda Stokkland Annieliesa Suarez-Rocha Bryan Barber Talia Velazquez Amaya Bueno Jorge Velez Kara Medema Cameron Webb Alexander Zas

Asian Studies Overview 19 2018 - 20

Fall 2018 Events August 6 — National Consortium for Teaching About Asia (NCTA) K-12 Seminar –multiple datesAugust 15 — Asian Studies Graduate Student Orientation September 17 — JET Program Information Session September 27 — Welcome to Asia @ FIU September 28 – ASGSO Game Night October 1 — Workshop on Tips for Language Learning October 8 — Asian Studies Honor Society Reception October 15 — ASGSO’s Korean Tutoring –multiple datesOctober 19 — Association of Florida Teachers of Japanese (AFTJ) Bento Contest October 22 — Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program Application Workshop October 31 — ASGSO Halloween Movie Night: Train to Busan November 7 — Senpai and Kouhai Meetup November 9 — Korean Culture Festival and Contest November 13 — Film Screening “Twilight Samurai” November 16 — FIU Language Day December 2 — Japanese Language and Proficiency Test (JLPT)

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Spring 2019 Events January 14 — Rakugo Performance by Yanagiya Tozaburo III January 14 — Lecture by Bina Sengar: Fullbright Fellow from India January 23 — The Spirit of Japanese Craftsmanship (Kogei) & Tea Ceremony by Japanese Pottery Artist Ohi Toshio Chozaemon XI January 25 — Lecture by Livia Kohn: Daoism in China January 31 — Welcome to Asia @ FIU February 8 — Asian Studies Undergraduate Honor Society Meeting February 18 — Lecture by Ralf Müller: Modern Japanese Thought February 18 — Chinese New Year Celebration February 19 — Asian Languages Translation Workshop February 23-24 — Cool Japan @ FIU March 8 — Southern Japan Seminar March 19 — What to Do With Your Major in Asian Studies? March 29 — Roots of Dōgen Studies Conference April 5 — Asian Studies Undergraduate Honor Society (ASUHS) Induction Ceremony April 15 — ASGSO Origami Social


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