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2017– 2018


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2017-2018 Highlights New Ja pa n Fo u nda tion Gr a nts



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Student News 18-31

Asian Studies Events 32-43

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DR. QING LAI Assistant Professor Global & Sociocultural Studies / Asian Studies

DR. STEVEN HEINE Professor and Director Asian Studies

CLAUDIA LAU Adjunct Instructor Asian Studies

DR. TOM BRESLIN Professor International Relations

MARCELA LOPEZ BRAVO Adjunct Instructor Asian Studies

DR. RAE CHOI Assistant Professor Global & Sociocultural Studies / Asian Studies

DR. LI MA Senior Instructor Asian Studies Modern Languages

NAOKO KOMURA Senior Instructor Asian Studies Modern Languages

DR. MATTHEW MARR Associate Professor Global & Sociocultural Studies / Asian Studies

DR. AMY BLISS MARSHALL Assistant Professor History / Asian Studies

MASAKO KUBOTA Adjunct Instructor Asian Studies Modern Languages


DR. ASUKA MASHAV Dir. of Language Programs, Senior Japanese Instructor Asian Studies

MARIA SOL ECHARREN Senior Program Coordinator Asian Studies

DR. ERIC MESSERSMITH Lecturer Asian Studies

MICHAELA PROSTAK Program Assistant Asian Studies

DR. STEVEN VOSE Assistant Professor Religious Studies


Teaching Assistant Asian Studies

DR. SHENGGAO WANG Chinese Language & Culture Instructor Asian Studies Modern Languages


Teaching Assistant Asian Studies


DR. LIDU YI Assistant Professor Art & Art History

Teaching Assistant Asian Studies

ASHLEY WEBB Digital Assistant Asian Studies

DR. JULIE ZENG Associate Professor International Relations


New Japan Foundation Grants Dr. Asuka Mashav received two educational grants this year from The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) - one grant for the 2018 “Cool Japan @ FIU” event (see Page 7), and another one of for the Japanese Speech Contest (see Faculty News item on Page 13).

Dr. Matthew Marr received a major

Dr. Patricia Welch

grant from The Japan Foundation under its Intellectual Exchange Program also with CGP, titled “US-Japan Service Hub Network” for $60,000 for two years (see his Faculty Spotlight on Page 10).

Bryan Barber

Marcela Lopez-Bravo



S o u t h e r n J a pa n S e m i n a r

n March 2, 2018, the Southern Japan Seminar (SJS) was held at FIU. This annual event promotes the research and educational activities of Japan-related scholars in the Southeastern United States. It also fosters critical inquiry, multi-disciplinary discussion, and the dissemination of knowledge, concerning all Japan-related topics, both theoretical and practical. Dr. Steven Heine gave the opening remarks and FIU Asian Studies students and faculty were present: Dr. Patricia Welch Hofstra University “Homesick: Tazaki Tsukuru’s Quest in the Context of Murakami Haruki’s work” Respondent: Michaela Prostak—FIU Bryan Barber Florida International University “Japan and Islam in Asia: Discovery, Identity, and Perceptions” Respondent: Zenel Garcia—FIU Marcela Lopez Bravo Waseda University ”Globalization of Genji Monogatari 源氏物語: Critical Analysis of Waka 和歌 Poetry Translations in the West” Respondent: Masako Kubota—FIU


Co o l J a pa n @

Japanese Instructor Masako Kubota (left) explains the Sushi demonstration presented by Tsuchiya Koji.

Featured here are Michaela Prostak, Tessanee Chunchalean, Amaya Bueno, and Ashley Webb (left to right). 66



he third annual “Cool Japan @ FIU� was an all-day event for FIU students as well as the larger Miami community to enjoy

traditional Japanese culture as well as Japanese pop culture here in South Florida. The event was free, making it the only event of its kind. Attendees could choose from a variety of demonstrations and activities to watch and take part in, as well as enjoy the authentic atmosphere of a Japanese festival. This event was held thanks to the faculty, students, and support of the Asian Studies Program and Department of Modern Languages. Sponsored by The Japan Founda-

tion Center for Global Partnership (CGP).

Students from various clubs at FIU helped out in this event, including the Japan Club, Asian Studies Graduate Student Organization and more!

The event was kid-friendly with traditional games and contests for children of all ages! 77

Co r po rat e C ult u r e o f C h i n a


he world today is characterized by rapid changes, as globalization is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. This new course (ASN 3931) provides students with an understanding of the major economic, political, and social developments of contemporary China and their impact on China’s remarkable eco-

nomic and political transformation in global order. Students will be able to identify the development of globalization, compare cultural differences, and analyze a multiperspective view of the corporate environment in China. This course is taught by Asian Studies Instructor Claudia Lau and available online this Fall 2018!








Asian Studies Online B.A. & Certificate

NEWLY ESTABLISHED PROGRAMS AS OF FALL 2018 INCLUDE THE ASIAN STUDIES FULLY Online B. A. degree AS WELL AS THE underg r a d u at e C e r t i f i c at e i n A s i a n S t u d i e s


he online B.A. degree program is designed with an interdisciplinary approach to Asian Studies with a flexible schedule for working professionals, full-time and part-time students interested in careers in international business, state or federal government, foreign affairs, education, and more. The Asian Studies Online Major focuses on area and comparative studies. Students who are interested in area studies can now earn the 36 credits of upper division coursework for the major entirely online, which emphasizes the role of the Asian region in contemporary world affairs. In addition, the online undergraduate certificate in Asian Studies provides students with a rich learning experience about a fascinating and increasingly important region of the world, and is intended to enhance the student's competitiveness upon graduation. For more information, please contact one of our advisors and check out the requirements via the Asian Studies website and FIU Online.


Dr. Matthew Marr


ssociate Professor of Sociology, Dr. Matthew Marr, has recently published a book with Cornell University Press titled Better Must Come: Exiting Homelessness in Two Global Cities. He has also published an article for the lead Japanese language journal Space, Society, and Geographical Thought, entitled “Gentrification, Housing Situation, and Uncertainty: The “Cries” of Kamagasaki Residents about Nishinari Tokku Kousou and Neighborhood Change.” On April 2018, he was invited to present his research at Harvard University, giving a talk on “Neighborhoods of Refuge: Support10

ive Housing, Gentrification, and Ontological Security in Tokyo’s San’ya and Osaka’s Kamagasaki.” This academic year, Dr. Marr received a major grant from The Japan Foundation under its Intellectual Exchange Program with Center for Global Partnership (CGP) titled “US-Japan Service Hub Network” for $60,000 for two years. Dr. Marr has also been invited to talk about his comparative research on "service hub" neighborhoods (where homelessness, supportive housing, and social movements cluster) at the Harvard University Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies in Cambridge, MA; the Nishinari Citizens' Hall in Osaka, Japan; and a meeting of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation USJapan Network for the Future meeting in Washington, DC.

Kama recycler and street art

“Since the burst of the economic bubble in the early 1990s, Japan’s former yoseba (day labor ghettos) have transformed into concentrations of homelessness, welfare-subsidized housing, and supportive social services. The focus of these communities has shifted from day labor to support of poor elderly persons facing lonely death and other socially marginalized groups such as persons with disabilities and mental health problems. However, these neighborhoods have also seen a growth of tourism, with many former pay-by-the-day hotels (doya) now catering to foreign and domestic budget travelers.

Local government has played a role in these changes, facilitating redevelopment to increase revenues from tourism and young, working families. But how are residents, especially the poor and vulnerable to displacement, experiencing this rapidly advancing gentrification? Do these neighborhoods retain their function as neighborhoods of refuge (kakikomi chi’iki), buffering residents from the most extreme forms of urban marginality? I will explore these questions by drawing on ethnographic research conducted in Tokyo’s San’ya and Osaka’s Kamagasaki over a 25-year period.”

Street shot of San’ya, Tokyo


Dr. Amy Bliss Marshall, Assistant Professor of Japanese History, has recently completed Magazines and the Making of Mass Culture in Japan (in press, University of Toronto Press) and has a current project titled Freewheeling in Japan: Bicycles & the History of Leisure (manuscript in process). She is applying for the Faculty Fulbright for this second book and presenting it at the AHA Chicago conference in 2019. This year she also served on a couple of Thesis committees for Asian Studies students and mentored others in the Master's Essay. In Fall 2017, she helped lead several Asian Studies strategic planning sessions. She taught the Capstone course of Women in Asian Societies in Spring 2018 for graduates and undergraduates. Dr. Marshall recently went to the University of Texas to gather resources at the Map Collection in the Austin PerryCastañeda Library and the Archives at Texas State University. Komura Naoko, Senior Instructor of Japanese, received the Most Valuable Teacher award from Florida Foreign Language Association (FFLA) and published a conference proceeding for the Southeastern Association of Teachers of Japanese (SEATJ) titled, “Implementation of Can-do Statements in the Genki I Japanese Courses.” Naoko also organized the annual event Japan Immersion Day with other Japanese instructors and led an on-campus Japanese conversation group named “日本語話そう会.”

Masako Kubota, Instructor of Japanese, participated a respondent to one of the lectures at the Southern Japan Seminar this year, and has been active in various other Asian Studies events promoting Japanese culture. Every summer, she leads the group of FIU Honors College students on the Study Abroad trip to Japan with visits to Tokyo, Sapporo, and Akan Koatan. Dr. Lidu Yi, Assistant Professor of Chinese Art History, has recently published a book with Routledge on Chinese Buddhist cave art, titled Yungang: Art, History, Archaeology, Liturgy. 12

Dr. Steven M. Vose, Bhagwan Mahavir Assistant Professor of Jain Studies and Director, Jain Studies Program, has been leading various conferences and workshops, including one recent panel at the American Academy of Religion, “New Directions in South Asian Religions.” He also presented at the College of Wooster, with a lecture titled “The Well-Spoken Monk in a Muslim King’s Court: Monastic Education, Political Discourse and the Reinvention of Jainism in the 14th Century.” Dr. Vose is also planning an international conference for 2019 at FIU titled “Jaininsm and Its Others” that will host speakers from India, Europe, Canada and the U.S.

Dr. Asuka Mashav, Assistant Director of Language Programs, Japanese Language Instructor, and Director of Summer Study Abroad Program at APU, successfully organized the JLPT exam at FIU in 2016 and 2017. She continues to be a Critical Language Scholarship Reviewer and Kagoshima-Miami Sister City committee member. In addition, the Association of Florida Teachers of Japanese (AFTJ), where she is director, received the 2017 Consul General’s Commendation Consul General of Japan for Florida for the organization’s promotion of friendship between Japan and the State of Florida. She received a $1000 grant from The Japan Foundation for the Japanese Speech Contest and a CGP grant of $3200 for the 2018 “Cool Japan @ FIU” event. Dr. Mitzi Carter, hired this academic year as a full-time faculty now as Visiting Lecturer for Asian Studies, Global and Sociocultural Studies, and African and Africa Diaspora, teaching new courses and proposing new ones, such as ASN4443 Global Asia in Motion.

Marcela Lopez Bravo, adjunct instructor for Asian Studies, has developed and taught new innovative undergraduate courses for the program, including ASN 3125 Intro to Spirituality in Japan and ASN3503 Exploring East Asia: Virtual Reality Travel, and ASN 3414 Visual Cultures of East Asia. Furthermore, she recently received a FIU Faculty Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching in 2018.



r. Stev e n Heine h a s published over 32 books over his extensive career, with two new major books during 2017-2018. The first one is titled From Chinese Chan to Japanese Zen: A Remarkable Century of Transmission and Transformation at Oxford University Press, which investigated the transplantation and transformation of Chinese Chan to Japanese Zen. The second book, Zen and Material Culture, co-edited with Dr. Pamela D. Winfield, included his article on the role of sticks and staffs as symbols of Zen enlightenment. He is currently working on a forthcoming manuscript that surveys the Shōbōgenzō, the seminal work of Sōtō Zen founder and master, Dōgen. Dr. Heine has also published various articles, including one in the 43rd issue of the Journal of Chinese Philosophy titled “When There Are No More Cats to Argue About: Chan Buddhist Views of Animals in Relation to Universal Buddha-nature.” He has other article publications appearing in well-known peer-reviewed 14

journals such as Pacific World and Buddhist Philosophy. During the summer of 2018, he conducted research for his upcoming book manuscript in Japan and Chinas to religious sites located in Tokyo and Shanghai. In addition to working on his next manuscript, Dr. Heine attended various lectures and conferences over the course of this academic year presenting his most current research on Zen readings. In November, he presented at the American Academy of Religion (AAR) Conference in Boston, at which he led the Zen Reading Group.

He also traveled to at Oxford University in the U.K., the University of London SOAS, Rutgers University as well as Stanford University. In March, 2018, he presented his research at the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) conference in Washington, DC. This past July 2018, he went to Chicago to give a lecture on “The Poetry of Dōgen and Medieval Sōtō Zen,” as part of an invitation to discuss the online teaching of the history and thought of Zen for new curriculum development in Buddhist Studies. Moreover, Dr. Heine received the FIU Book award again this past Spring 2018. He advised or helped mentor a dozen Asian Studies MA students.

October 2017— Dr. Steven Heine (center) and Dr. Pamela D. Winfield (right), co-editors of Zen and Material Culture, presented "Finding Zen: Uncovering Meaning in Art & Artifacts" at the Japan Society. The event was moderated by awardwinning novelist, filmmaker, and Zen Buddhist priest Ruth Ozeki (left). This talk can be accessed via this link. This book was also used for a basis of a panel discussion by a conference sponsored by ASIANetowork.

Dr. Heine with some of the M.A. graduates in Asian Studies on commencement day this past Spring 2018. 15

DR. HEINE’S LATEST PUBLI Featured book reviews of Dr. Heine’s co-edited book Zen and Material Culture “Even the loftiest of all spiritual traditions rests on a material foundation, and this magnificent book presents that grounding for Japanese Zen with aesthetic sensitivity and historical precision. This is a truly important contribution to the study of Zen Buddhism and the always astonishing material culture of Japan." —Dale Wright, David B. and Mary H. Gamble Professor in Religion, Occidental College "Following current trends in the study of religion that focus on material culture and everyday 'lived' religion, this volume looks at the materiality of Japanese and American Zen, as seen in the intersections of religion, art history, and economic history... The collection fosters reconsideration of the Zen rhetoric of austerity and aniconic practice, and raises important questions about how ideas and ideals take material form. Useful for scholars of religion, Japan, Buddhism, and art history." —CHOICE "Zen and Material Culture is a welcome addition to the growing arena of material studies of Japanese religions... by directly engaging the material culture of Zen Buddhism in multiple forms, this book is an important contribution to the study of Zen and Japanese culture. It can be used productively in the classroom, both in undergraduate and graduate courses, and it will surely generate further investigations." —Fabio Rambelli, Reading Religion



—BOOK REVIEWS Featured book review of Dr. Heine’s From Chinese Chan to Japanese Zen in the journal Choice (June 2018 Vol. 55 No. 10): “Few scholars of Zen are as approachable and rewarding to read as Heine (religious studies, Florida International Univ.). And even fewer booklength studies treat the transfer and transformation of Zen (Ch'an) from China to Japan. Heine focuses on the religious and cultural innovations that occurred as Zen migrated from China to Japan in the 13th and early 14th centuries. The two “bookends,” as Heine refers to them, that frame the discussion are 13th-century Japanese Buddhist monk Dōgen—who went to China and brought (Sōtō) Zen back to Japan—and 14th-century Rinzai Zen master Daitō, who did not go to China but who completed the transmission by establishing Zen’s authoritative reputation for achieving enlightenment. Though firmly focused on China and Japan, and on Dōgen and Daito, the book is far ranging. Heine covers the intertwining aspects of religion, politics, art, and other cultural components. The breadth is particularly evident in the last part, “Techniques for Attaining and Maintaining Enlightenment.” Here Heine looks at the evolving nature and role of teachers, temples, and tones—"tones" referring to literary developments in both content and expression. This study is erudite and wonderful to read.” —G. Wrisley, University of North Georgia


Congratulations to the recipients of the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs Awards! The awardees are shown above, with Dr. Heine Graduate Award of Service Excellence Ashley Webb Graduate Award of Best Thesis Michaela Leah Prostak Undergraduate Award of Academic Excellence Eshrat Nikrooye-Asli and Jana Nudelman Undergraduate Award of Service Excellence Dario Encalada

18 18

Photo provided by Marcela Lopez-Bravo

19 19

Congratulations to the 2018 Fu Foundation Scholars!


u Foundation Scholarship is an award for students with outstanding qualifications for Asian Studies. It is intended for, but not limited to, studies of humanities and culture in Asia. Students who are awarded this scholarship can receive up to $400 towards FIU opportunities for study in Asia (available for semester exchange programs or summer sessions). For more information about the Fu Foundation Scholarship, please visit our website.

Virginia Aleman

is a double major student in Asian Studies and International Relations, pursuing a Certificate in Chinese Studies. She participated in the China Language and Culture in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in China. She was able to improve her speaking skills in Mandarin and has hopes of working for an embassy in the near future.

Amaya Bueno

is an Asian Studies MA stu-

dent who went to South Korea over the summer and attended Lexis Korea where she took an intensive Korean course in preparation for TOPIK, the Korean language proficiency exam.

20 20

Justin Raymond Hernandez is an Asian Studies major completing a Certificate in Asian Globalization and Latin America, as well as a minor in Geography. He will be travelling this Fall 2018 to Osaka, Japan to learn Japanese at Kansai Gaidai University.

Kalena Gomez

is pursuing an International Relations major with a minor in Asian Studies. Starting this Fall 2018, she will be travelling to South Korea to attend Korea University and improve her Korean language skills for a year. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a master’s degree in Korean Studies.

Jacob Foley

is a double major student in Psychology and Asian Studies also pursuing a Certificate in Chinese Studies. This Summer 2018, Jacob went to China for the Language and Culture Study Abroad program in Hangzhou to improve his language proficiency. 21 21

“Nihon-GO is a social travel application for foreigners traveling to Japan. Users can find, share, and use experiences in the form of itineraries. It features an interactive map of Japan that allows users to explore regions of Japan, an itinerary system that allows users to create and use itineraries, and a profile system that allows users to track itineraries they create, start and favorite.“


pring 2018 graduate and JET recipient

Miguel Rischmaui,

who earned his B.A. in Asian Studies and his B.S. in Computer Science, worked closely with Dr. Asuka Mashav to create an app titled Nihon-GO: A social platform for users to share unique travel experiences in Japan, the project combined both of his research interests. Miguel has also been involved in several Asian Studies events, taking a leadership role in the Japan Club at FIU. 22

Study Abroad to Asia!


 China  India  Japan

sian Studies Program encourages study abroad opportunities to Asia for students. The following programs are available for semester or year-long exchange. Please inquire with the Asian Studies office for more information. All applications must go through the Office of Study Abroad.

 South Korea

& Scholarships

Check out our website for more info!

Featured here are students participating in the Study Abroad in Hangzhou, China with Dr. Mali. The students also visited the city of Shanghai.


Katrina Ankrum

graduated with her M.A. in Asian Studies this Spring 2018. Katrina was recently credentialed to teach Japanese language and culture courses at FIU as an new Adjunct Instructor. She has revamped a new course for the Asian Studies Program, ASN 4913 Research in Japanese Studies, focusing on Japanese contemporary reading materials and translations and will be teaching it this Fall 2018.

How many FIU peeps can you find in this picture? Click on the image to see the full 360ยบ view!

Marcela Lopez Bravo met with various current and former FIU faculty and students at Waseda University in Japan!


Ashley Web (center) grad

ated this Spring 2018 with he M.A. She has diligently served numerous events while taking leadership role as President of Asian Studies Graduate Stude Organization (ASGSO). Ashle has done a fantastic job and w are grateful for all her support these last two years!

duer d in ga the ent ey we t in

On April 23, 2018, several of our Asian Studies students participated in the ASGSO End of the Semester celebration along with Dr. Heine as a way to honor the Class of 2018 and all their accomplishments this past academic year.

Fushimi Inari

George Pearson (M.A., Summer 2018 graduate) turned part of his Master’s Essay, titled “Solar-Powered Eggs & Toast: Travels, Trials and Photography in Japan 2013-2014, 2016-2017,” into a photography book. George spent extensive time in Japan, studying abroad at Kansai Gaidai as an undergraduate and returning more recently to photograph the Kansai area again.

kutsunugi-ishi (stepping stones) at Yasetenmangusha Shrine 25

Michaela Prostak

(Asian Studies M.A., Spring ‘18) conducted research in Japan for her thesis titled “Monstrous Maternity: Folkloric Expressions of the Feminine in Images of the Ubume.” In April 2018, she had the opportunity to present at the University of Michigan Professional Networking Conference for graduate students in East Asian Studies. Michaela received a stipend from their prestigious Japan Center there to patriciate at this conference that was organized, coincidentally, by one of our finest alumni working there, Bradley Hammond (B.A. ‘13). Michaela also worked as our Program Assistant since 2016, Michaela presenting her research at the and we are grateful for all her support ! University of Michigan’s conference

Michaela and Professor Marcela Lopez Bravo doing fieldwork in Ueno Park, Tokyo (above) in September 2017. Michaela also participated in various Asian Studies events, including the ASGSO’s Graduate Research Conference at FIU on November 2017 (left).


Dr. Zenel Garcia

(combined Asian Studies M.A. ‘14/International Relations Ph.D. student, Summer ‘18) was selected as an FIU World Ahead graduate! He successfully defended his dissertation titled “China's Eurasian Foreign Policy: RegionBuilding Through State-Building Since 1991.”

With his family’s encouragement, he pursued a joint master’s degree in Asian Studies He will be teaching Security Studies, Strategic Studies, and Chinese Foreign Policy as a Visiting Assistant Professor at St. Lawrence University.

Zenel after successfully presenting his dissertation, featured here with his Ph.D. advisors and friends from International Relations and Asian Studies.

Congratulations, Dr. Garcia! 27

Marcela Lopez Bravo is an M.A. alumni from Spring 2016 who has been teaching as Adjunct for Asian Studies, while also pursuing a PhD at Waseda University in Tokyo. While there, she recently met with Rebecca Richko (M.A., Spring 2016) who has been teaching English in Japan for two years for the JET Program.

Samuel Cohen graduated with a Chinese Area Studies B.A. and Chinese Studies certificate in Spring 2017. He now teaches English in Shenzhen for EF Kids & Teens in China. “I'm really liking my job a lot and it has given me a wonderful experience being immersed in life in a Chinese megacity. I get to practice my Mandarin daily with some of my Chinese coworkers, and I've even started picking up Cantonese as well! My contract is for one year from January, and afterwards I will move on to the Philippines.”

Adrian Morales was accepted to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor Japanese Studies M.A. program for the coming Fall 2018 term. He was also granted a 100% fellowship for the first year of his Master’s de-


Join the Asian Studies Alumni &

Diana Bermudez completed an Asian Studies certificate as an undergraduate student. After graduating in Spring 2016, she spent the fall in Washington D.C. completing a fellowship with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Recently, she has been hired by the British Consulate of Miami as a Corporate Services Assistant. She has applied to the Masters in Global Affairs Program here at FIU and hopes to pursue that while working for the British Consulate.

Nadine "Nada" Matas graduated last Spring 2017 with a B.A. in Asian Studies, a degree in English, a minor in Religious Studies, and two academic certificates, one in the Study of Spirituality and one in Film Studies. She is currently pursuing her M.S. in Higher Education Administration at FIU while working as the Graduate Assistant for Alumni Career Development at the Alumni Association and Annual giving office at FIU. She is currently heading the student committee to organize the fourth annual Cool Japan @ FIU and was elected to be Vice President of Professional Development for the Student Affairs Graduate Association (SAGA). She was also elected as a graduate senator for the Student Government Association, receiving the title of Vice Chair for the Graduate & Professional Student Committee (GPSC).

& Friends page via Facebook !

Denzel Alvarado pursued the Asian Studies B.A. Honors and has recently started his own business abroad in Shanghai, China called Alvarado Global to help foreigners gain reaching jobs and internships. His partner in this company is our M.A. alumni Franklin Hernandez (Spring 2018). Congratulations to both on this amazing accomplishment! 29

The 2018 recipient will be announced soon


he Omar K. Carrion Scholarship for Asian Studies was established through a $50,000 gift made by Hilda and Fernando Carrion, parents of Omar Carrion, as an endowment memorializing their son who passed away in 2013. Omar was a bright student. He graduated high school in 2003 and immediately started classes at FIU. He grew a love for Japan and pursued his bachelor’s in Asian Studies. He gained new friends and experiences, like teaching English to students in Japan. On March 2, 2013, Omar, who was on his way to play baseball with friends at Tropical Park, was hit by a drunk/drugged driver. He was killed instantly. His family misses him every day and hope this scholarship will inPast Recipients: Geri Ross, 2015 Geri was accepted into the 2017 JET Program

Nicole Consuegra, 2016 Nicole is applying to universities in Taiwan

Eshrat Nikrooye-Asli, 2017 Eshrat participated in the Model UN program

Jana Nudelman, 2017 Runner-up Jana was accepted into the 2018 JET Program


New Honors Society!

The creation of an Asian Studies Honors Society has begun and is set to start this coming 2018-2019 academic year. To qualify as a member, students must have a 3.5 GPA, or at least a 3.2 GPA with a faculty recommendation. In addition to the academic excellence and professionalism represented by these students, the goal of this group is to create a community of highly motivated individuals that could network with our various clubs, including the very successful ASGSO (Asian Studies Graduate Student Organization) and the Asian Studies Program.

Welcome to Asia @ FIU


he annual “Welcome to Asia @ FIU� event was hosted at the start of the semester as a friendly event in the GC Pit area to connect all students and also showcase some of the amazing ways they can get involved on campus by introducing them to the different clubs and program opportunities related to Asia.

New and continuing students come together to celebrate similar interests, including clubs, study abroad opportunities, art, games, and prizes.

Event was hosted by the Asian Studies Graduate Student Organization (A.S.G.S.O.) in conjunction with the Japan club, Korean Culture Club, Geek Culture Club, and Aikido Club. 31 31



2017 AFTJ Bento Contest—The Association of Florida Teachers of Japanese (AFTJ) hosted a bento contest on Fall 2017. This bento contest celebrated the traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese (Washoku).


Welcome to Asia @ FIU—Event meant for students to learn


about all the things Asian related at FIU and as a fun way to connect with other clubs on campus. Includes music, dance performances, Martial Arts demonstrations, and prizes !


21 OCT


Volunteer Opportunity at the Morikami Lantern Festival—ASGSO members were given the opportunity to volunteer at the Lantern Festival that the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.

JET Program Application Workshop (Fall 2017) —JET alumni gave a workshop for students interested in applying for the JET Program and provided one-to-one peer review and Q&As.

A Discussion on Taiwan Issue & the U.S.-China Relation—






This event invited six experts from China to explore the Cross-Strait relation between Taiwan and Mainland China which became complicated and intense after Tsai Ing-wen, leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), took pover in Taiwan in May 2017, and the peace and stability of cross-Taiwan Strait and China's diplomacy towards Taiwan met new challenges.

Graduate Student Conference & Alumni Reception—Asian Studies M.A. students (Katrina Ankrum, Michaela Prostak, and Carlos Aponte) presented their thesis research, followed by an alumni reception and an opportunity for students and faculty to share ideas.

Japan Immersion Day—A great time to enjoy Japanese culture, meet other Japanese students, learn more about Japan, and more! Co-sponsored by the Association of Florida Teachers of Japanese (AFTJ), the Consulate General of Japan in Miami, the Department of Modern Languages, and Asian Studies. 32


FIU’s National Consortium for Teaching About Asia (NCTA) Seminar—A nationwide professional development program for


K-12 teachers to encourage teaching and learning about Asia. (Spring and Sum-


16 FEB


mer 2018 Semin /multiple dates). dates!


our NCTA Mailing list here for up-

Chinese New Year Gala

– We celebrated the Chinese New Year with a special performance on campus featuring a lion dance, folk music, folk dances, Taichi, Chinese traditional musical instruments and delicious food. This 2018 year marked the Year of the Dog!

Cool Japan @ FIU—A fun day dedicated to celebrating Japanese cultural activities including children's games, crafts and traditional performances and music!


Southern Japan Seminar (SJS 2018) —The annual Southern


Japan Seminar promotes the research and educational activities of Japanrelated scholars in the Southeastern United States. This year it was held at FIU’s Frost Art Museum.






Graduate Student Conference Spring 2018 — Graduate students in Asian Studies presented their research to their peers, this time it included M.A. students Phillip Guerreiro, Kara Medema, Ashley Webb, and Yiqin Sun.

Chinese Speech & Skit Contest— The 11th Annual Florida International Chinese Speech & Skit Contest. The event was organized by the Asian Studies Program and the Department of Modern Languages, along with Miami Dade College Confucius Institute, CLTA-FL, and the Chinese Club at FIU.

Asian Studies GSO Publishing Workshop—Event focused on assisting and encouraging students on how to submit their research papers to an academic journal. Speaker invited was Zenel Garcia, student in the joint MA Asian Studies/PhD in International Relations at FIU.

Graduation Celebration & End of the Semester Party ASGSO members celebrated the Class of 2018 !



he Asian Studies Graduate Student Organization (ASGSO) promotes Asian Studies and all it has to offer within FIU and beyond. The organization is dedicated to educating the student body (of all cultures) about Asian contemporary issues, history, and culture, through creative and engaging activities. In addition, the ASGSO strives to bring together the Asian community through educational and social activities. ASGSO encourages dedicated, educated, and well-rounded members to apply their unique knowledge, talents and acquired skills for the benefit of the greater social/global community. In addition to many dedicated graduate student and alumni members, and with the guidance and support of the Asian Studies department, ASGSO is led by:

President: Ashley Webb Treasurer: Kara Medema Secretary: Ziyan Xu CSO Representative: Michaela Prostak

34 34


very year, ASGSO hosts mini-conferences discussing related topics in education, the industry, and various programs that help FIU students get ahead in the world wherever they decide to go after graduation. It also organizes cultural events, often in conjunction with other groups or departments on campus to highlight the vast array of cultures within Asia.

Over the past year, ASGSO has organized or helped with over 20 events, collaborating with faculty, other student organizations, and the community.

On Saturday October 21st, ASGSO members volunteered at Morikami Museum's Lantern Festival. Through traditional folk dance, taiko drumming performances, and the lantern floating ceremony, guests were immersed in Japanese culture and learned about the spirit of Obon - the Japanese tradition of honoring ancestors who visit the living in the summer time.

35 35

Japan Exchange and Teaching Program


n October 2, 2017, the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program Coordinator, Lauren Sorondo, held an Information Session at FIU to familiarize our students with the overall application process and answer any questions. This event was followed by a JET Application Workshop on October 25, 2017 that was administered by JET alumni and geared as a more personalized “one-on-one” peer review and Q&A session for those students who are ready to apply. If you are interested, please be sure to check the Asian Studies website for the next JET Information Session !

For more information about the JET Program, please visit their website.

JET Alumni Association in Florida


n April 2018, some of the JET Alumni Association in Florida (JETAA-FL) representatives, including our Asian Studies alumni Wendy Lo (MA ‘09), had the honor of meeting the First Lady of Japan, Mrs. Akie Abe! Also present at the meeting held in West Palm Beach were Mrs. 【Photos Copyright: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan】 Sugiyama (Wife of Ambassador of Japan to the U.S.), Consul General Ken Okaniwa (Consulate General of Japan in Miami), and Ms. Tanaka (Executive Assistant to Mrs. Abe). JETAA-FL had the opportunity to discuss with them the impact that JET has had on their professional lives, and how the JET Alumni network can impact the community to promote Japanese cultural understanding and foreign relations.

For read this news item and similar updates from the JETAA-FL, please visit their website. 42 36

JET Program Reception— Aug 2018

Congratulations to the following FIU Asian Studies undergraduate students who were accepted to the JET Program for 2018-19:

Shantel Acuna James Ashe Ida Caproon Jadiel Hernandez Ignacio Jimeno Jorge Mejia Jana Nudelman Patrick Puig-Corve Miguel Rischmaui

37 43

Chinese Speech and Skit Contest 2018


his year we hosted the 11th Annual Florida International Chinese Speech & Skit Contest. The event was held on April 8, 2018 and organized by the Asian Studies Program and the Department of Modern Languages, along with Miami Dade College Confucius Institute, CLTA-FL, and the Chinese Club at FIU. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s contest! Thank you to all of the coordinators and judges of the Chinese Speech and Skit Contest for your hard work and congratulations on such a successful event!

Chinese Instructor Ma Li (right) and Dr. Steven Heine (left) Amaya Bueno (left) participated along with the judges, including Asian Studies Instructor Claudia Lau (right).


C h i n e s e N e w Ye a r C e l e b r at i o n


n February 16, 2018 was the Year of the Dog. To celebrate, the Asian Studies Program, Department of Modern Languages, the FIU Chinese Club and the Chinese Students & Scholars Association all came together to celebrate with it with traditional Chinese performances, music, and food!

Ja pa nese L a nguage Proficie ncy Te st


IU is now hosting the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Click here to check out the test site and registration information. Please visit the American Association for Teachers of Japanese website for general information about the JLPT.

Next Test Date: Sunday, DECEMBER 2, 2018 [Registration for the 2018 JLPT will open on AUGUST 27th and will close on OCTOBER 1st.]

New Korean Instructor at FIU


ungmin Cho, our new Korean Language and Culture Adjunct Instructor at FIU, is a former entertainment journalist and now radio journalist native of South Korea. She will be teaching Korean I and II as well as a new course, Special Topics: Traditional and Modern Korea (ASN3931) this Fall 2018. This course examines historical trends and contemporary South Korean culture, such as K-pop and K-drama. 39

National Consortium for Teaching About Asia


he National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) is a nationwide professional development program for K–12 teachers to encourage teaching and learning about Asia. NCTA offers an introduction to Asian culture, history, and society that demonstrates to teachers how to infuse Asian materials into their classrooms. This academic year 2016-2017 we held two successful seminars, seeing great enthusiasm from the local school teachers and putting their newly-learned skills to good use in their classrooms! The workshops are directed by Dr. Steven Heine with the assistance of Claudia Lau, an Asian Studies Adjunct Instructor. The main objective of the workshop is for teachers to understand Chinese cultural aspects, encouraging them to infuse Asian Studies into their curriculum through the use of Asian films and online resources. Furthermore, this knowledge can be applied to specific and original lesson plans for incorporation into each teacher’s educational portfolio. To apply for the next session, contact María Sol Echarren at, or visit


Join our FIU’s NCTA Facebook Page to receive updates and news about our



Ja pa n Stu d ies Rev iew


apan Studies Review is a refereed journal published annually by the Southern Japan Seminar and Asian Studies at FIU. The 2018 issue (Volume XXII) features five articles branching into different aspects of Japanese Studies, including: “Naming Strategies among Foreign Residents of Japan” (Giancarla Unser-Schutz); “Youth Nationalism in Japan during the Lost Decades” (Zeying Wu); “Narratives of the Early Stage of American Occupation in Okinawa” (So Mizoguchi); “Mikuni Rentarō’s Novel and ComJapan Studies Review Aring Out as Burakumin” (Noboru Tomonari); and chive: “Bureaucracy Meets Catastrophe: Global InnovaTo obtain a copy or to submit tions in Japan” (M. Takeda, R. Jones, M. Helms). an article or book review, In addition, two essays are included in this please contact our office at volume: “Writing Japan: Intertextuality in rique Gómez Carrillo’s and Arturo Ambrogi’s Travelogues” (Joan Torres-Pou) and “An Oral History of a Young Ainu Mother: Tomoyo Fujiwara and Her Experiences in Contemporary Japan” (Kinko Ito). There are also three book reviews from a variety of books from authors like Kimura Kyotaka (Eitan Bolokan), Mark Ravina (Daniel Métraux) and Matt Goulding (Steven E. Gump).


Click below to join a club and become involved in the events and activities!

Aikido Club

Contact or FIU Aikido Facebook

Sign up via Panther Connect! Asian Studies Graduate Undergraduates are welcome to Student Organization join too! Asian Student Union Join their Facebook page Chinese Club Also join the Chinese Corner@FIU Geek Culture Club Join their Facebook page International Student Club Join ISC via Panther Connect! Japan Club

Join via, Twitter or Wordpress, too!

Korean Culture Club Visit their Facebook page Study Abroad @ FIU

Contact Office of Study Abroad or Facebook

Tae Kwon Do FIU Taekwondo Facebook Vietnamese Student Association Join their Facebook page For a full list of student organizations, please visit the Council for Student Organization’s website.

42 42

43 43

2017-2018 Asian Studies Graduates

CONGRATULATIONS to this year’s graduates of Asian Studies academic programs! MASTER OF ARTS IN ASIAN STUDIES Katrina Ankrum Dana Bahamonde Ariel Geary Phillip Guerreiro

Franklin Hernandez Barbara Lopez George Pearson Michaela Leah Prostak

Yiqin Sun Ashley Webb

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ASIAN STUDIES Jessica Alvarez Laura Isabel Barros Ian Bayless Olivia Baylou Aleya Brown Michael Charur Marco Chin Tessanee Chunchalean Kelly Couto Dario Encalada Christina Fernandez Anthony Francisco

Lisett Guerrero Geraldine Hernandez Jadiel Hernandez Shane Alexander Hernandez Miguel Hill Maytinee Kramer Thalia Lopez Nerissa Mape Jorge Gonzalo Mejia Rachel Miks Wesley Morrone Eshrat Nikrooye-Asli

44 44

Jana Nudelman Jakob Pardave Andrea Piccardo Eduardo Porto Patrick Puig-Corve Margarita Rentis Miguel Rischmaui Idris Sandelis Johan Tovar






Katrina Ankrum

Marcello Camarda

Shantel Acuna

Dai-Rung Chiang

Dana Bahamonde

Michelle Cates

Jessica Alvarez

Christina Fernandez

Michaela Leah Prostak

Kelli Carver

Daniela Artiles

Allen Ho

Ashley Webb

Dai-Rung Chiang

James Ashe III

Arabella Jones

Tara Demren

Olivia Baylou

Christopher Maldona-


Natasha Fletcher

Marcello Camarda


Viviana Artiles

Reidar Marino

TraceyAnn Campbell

Andrea Piccardo

Michelle Cates

John Martinez

Magdiel Castro

Idris Sandelis

Stephanie Espinoza

Kaitlin Motta

Katerina Eguino

Shardai Thompson

Dianne Gonzalez

Daniel Morales

Christina Fernandez

Arnaldo Hernandez

Jennie Pham

Bianca Garcia

Shane Hernandez

Meaghan Reynolds

Daniel Gonzalez

Rachel Klein

Kenneth Roulhac

Jadiel Hernandez

Christine Nguyen

Nanda Singh

Robert Lamb

Eshrat Nikrooye-Asli

Gino Tuero

Nerissa Mape

Jana Nudelman

Alejandro Troetsch Jr

John Martinez

Juan Vasquez

Kayla Williams

Jana Nudelman

Jimmy Zeledon

Michael Oliver

ASIAN STUDIES CERTIFICATE Patrick Bohbot Dai-Rung Chiang Akeem Dixon Maria Gil Nandi Kinlock Jan Naude

Patrick Puig-Corve

Yohenglish Ochoa

Sean Rios

Stephanie Olortegui

Miguel Rischmaui

Crystal Schaefer

Idris Sandelis

Ryan Wellman

Kiana-Rae Spence Johan Tovar


Jimmy Zeledon

Roberto Flores

45 45 45

Fall 2017 Events     

 

   

August 29 – Asian Studies Fall 2017 Reception October 2 – JET Program Information Session October 9 – Welcome to Asia @ FIU October 11 – Film Screening “A Tale of Samurai Cooking” October 18 – Association of Florida Teachers of Japanese (AFTJ) Bento Contest October 23 – Asian Studies Graduate Student Organization (ASGSO) Halloween Bash October 25 – Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program Application Workshop October 29 – Discussion on Taiwan Issue and the U.S.-China Relations November 3 – FIU Language Day November 6 – Graduate Student Conference and Alumni Reception December 3 – Japanese Language and Proficiency Test (JLPT) December 5 – ASGSO: End of Semester Movie Night December 6 – Film Screening “Anpo: Art x War” December 18 – Japan Immersion Day 2017 Please be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on news and upcoming events!

46 46

Spring 2018 Events 

         

January 12 – National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) K-12 Seminar -multiple datesFebruary 5 – Welcome to Asia @ FIU February 9 – AFTJ Japanese Speech and Skit Contest February 16 – Chinese New Year Gala February 25 – Cool Japan @ FIU 2018 March 2 – Southern Japan Seminar (SJS) with ASGSO March 5 – Graduate Student Conference April 8 – Chinese Speech & Skit Contest April 9 – ASGSO: Publishing Workshop April 12 – Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Lecture April 12 – Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs Awards Ceremony April 23 – Asian Studies Graduation Celebration

Summer 2018 Events 

Aug 6-10 – NCTA K-12 Seminar -multiple dates-

Asian Language Workshop — October 1, 2018 ASP Honors Society Reception — October 2, 2018  National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) 2018-2019  Cool Japan @ FIU 2019  Southern Japan Seminar 2019  Japan Studies Review (Volume XXIII) 

“Way of the Ninja” Performance September 5, 2018

Organized by the Consulate of Japan in Miami

47 47

ASIAN STUDIES PROGRAM Florida International University Modesto A. Maidique Campus Steven J Green SIPA Building, Room 505 11200 SW 8th Street Miami, FL 33199 Phone: (305) 348-1914 Email: STEVEN J GREEN SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS


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