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There is a long list of people to thank for sponsorships this year and we are so appreciative of your continued support!

A A H A B C T E AM President: Kimberly Toye Vice President: Nicolien Muller Treasurer: Berni Van Lieshout Secretary: Debbie Thompson Board of Directors: Doug Archibald Joan Arnett Tracy Douglas Brenda Driediger Maureen Gough Leslie Harpur Gord Leitch Laura Leitch Carolyn MacDonald Vincent Patrick Linda Picul Bonnie Schneider Alternate: Sheri Robertson Sponsorship: Leslie Harpur Jibbah Editor: Ashley Lauren Toye

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FROM YO U R P R ES ID ENT We are looking forward to a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2018 for you and your families including your horses, dogs, cats, goats and other furry/hairy family members. AAHABC would like to thank our Members, Directors and Exhibitors for making our Club’s 2018 Show Year one of the most profitable in many years. We appreciate the support. Thank you to our many Committee Members who have worked so hard this year. No one person can do it all, but together we did. We held our Annual General Meeting on November 20, 2017 and are welcoming Susan MacDonald, Gord Leitch and Vincent Patrick to our Board of Directors. We look forward to working with you. Thank you to our Directors who are stepping down: Kathrine Gilker, Sandra Mann and Lori Terlecki for your years of service to AAHABC. Your years of volunteering are appreciated!

Silent Auction Committee. And finally, thank you to Ashley Lauren Toye for continuing to design and publish our Jibbah. All our Jibbah Editions since May 2012 are available to be viewed at www.aahabc.com Tab: Jibbah/News Three of our Directors, Doug, Brenda and Berni attended the Region 17 Meeting, September 30 in Calgary as our Club Delegates. Our request to host the 2018 R17 Regional Show was ratified at this meeting. Lorne Robertson was our Club Delegate to the 2017 AHA Convention. Thank you to these members for dedicating their time to represent our Club. The next R17 Meeting is scheduled to be located in Abbotsford BC (March 17, 2018).

The Region 17 Championship Show will be held at Thunderbird Show Park with AAHABC holding the preshow May 1-2. The planning started in September. We have not had the Region 17 Show in BC for 4 years so we are It is always hard to single out just a few of our very happy! We will be looking for Volunteers Volunteers as all of us pitch in to make the and Sponsorship support in the next few months. club successful, however the following have Congratulations to Rob Calnan, Vancouver contributed so much and will continue to do so Island Club, for standing for election at the in 2018! Sept. 30 Region 17 Meeting. Rob is now our Doug Archibald, thank you for stepping up to Region 17 Director for a 2 year term. be on the Region 17 Show Commission for the I continue to be so very proud of our Club’s 2018 Region 17 Championship Show to be held exhibitors. We are well represented by you at Thunderbird Show Park, May 3-6, 2018 at Canadian Nationals, US Nationals, (AAHABC Classic 2 Day Preshow will be held Scottsdale and several Regional Championship May 1-2). Leslie Harpur, thank you for heading Shows. Your success is a result of the patience, up the AAHABC Sponsorship Team: Debbie practice, and quality of our trainers, horses and Thompson, Kathrine Gilker, Tracy Douglas, exhibitors. Have a wonderful Christmas and Lorri Terlecki and Bonnie Schneider. A Mo$t here’s to a Happy New Year! wonderful Fund Rai$ing Effort! Thank You to Debbie Thompson and your team members for Kimberly Toye/AAHABC President heading up our well organized and profitable


THE TRUTH A B OU T CATS AND D O GS WHO IS SMARTER? The ongoing debate about whether cats or dogs are more intelligent may have finally been solved by scientists. For the first time, researchers have studied not just the size of animals’ brains, but the number of neurons in their cerebral cortex-the “little grey cells” associated with thinking, planning and complex behavior. The results show tat dogs have about 530 million cortical neurons while cats have just 250 million. Put into perspective, humans have around 16 billion or about 30 times that of a dog, and 60 times that of a cat.

animals with the largest brains had the fewest neurons. For example, the brain of a golden retriever has more neurons than a hyena, lion or brown bear, even though those animals have brains up to three times as large. The brown bear had a similar number of neurons to a cat, even though it has a brain 10 times as large, suggesting cats are as smart as bears but not as clever as dogs.

DOG LOVERS AGREE Caroline Kisko, secretary of the British Kennel Club, said: ”The majority of those who prefer dogs will likely say tat they are intellectually superior to cats. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN Dogs thrive in many roles in society and “I believe the absolute number of they seem to have a biological ability to neurons an animal has, especially in do much more than cats.” the cerebral cortex, determines the A CAT LOVER RESPONDS richness of their internal mental state Celia Haddon, author of 1—Ways for and their ability to predict what is about a Cat to Train its Human, said: “(Dogs to happen in their environment based are) descended from wolves that hunt on past experience,” said Dr. Suzana in a pack and therefore need complex Herculano-Houzel, associate professor behaviors to co-operate with each other. of psychology and biological sciences Cats don’t have these behaviors because at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. they hunt alone and can, and often do, “I’m 100 per cent a dog person, but…our live alone. Mind you, you could say that findings mean to me that dogs have the they are cleverer than dogs because they biological capability of doing much more just eat cat food and don’t have to do complex and flexible things with their anything in return. What’s so stupid lives than cats can.” about that?” AND OTHER ANIMALS? Scientists analyzed ferrets, mongoose, SOURCE: The Daily Telegraph as raccoons, cats, dogs, hyenas, lions and reprinted in the Vancouver Sun, NP2, brown bears. They found that many Friday, December 1, 2017

We asked Conley to tell us about her most memorable show ring experience what she feels is the most important lesson to be shared with new riders and why Arabians have her heart. In this unscripted and heartfelt piece enjoy the words from this extraordinary equestrian. Conley is pictured on the cover and here, with Multi-National Champion, Winning Afire. Cade was bred by Sherman Ranch of Pleasanton, California, he is by Afire Bey V and out of the mare, Win Me Ribbons.

The one moment that stands out for me the most is when Laura and I were Reserve Champion and Champion with Winning Afire and O Lordy in the Sidesaddle at the 2013 U.S. Nationals. I’m not sure if it was the amateur or the open but it was early in the show and the announcer was just on fire. The class was on a weekday afternoon and he was yelling into that microphone like it was a Saturday night boxing match - I’ve never heard that much cheering in a sidesaddle class ever, and I just remember it being one of my happiest showring moments. Cade was my teammate for seven seasons and he brought everything he had that day - I’ve never ridden a horse that has more heart than he does. And there was just so much positive energy - I really felt that the crowd wanted us to win, and to have the crowd behind you is such an uplifting feeling. As you know, I’m pretty patriotic; I love Canada and there’s always that extra satisfaction for me when Canadians win. I knew in that moment as we rode the final victory lap together that it would be impossible to ever beat how I felt in those fifteen minutes with the four of us.

season after everything he’d done for me. That show was the last Nationals I showed him at and it definitely felt like the end of an era for him and I together. ________________ Hmmm, the most importnat lesson I could share to new riders. That’s so hard to choose! I feel like I’m constantly learning new things. The best advice I could offer is to take more time. Great horses can take years and there’s no reason to rush anything. We spend our lives running around, trying to fit in everything because that’s what everyone else is doing, and I think this mentality often seeps into our relationships with our horses. Whatever we want doesn’t have to happen today, or next week, or even this year. I think it’s important to set realistic goals, be patient, and be consistent in what we’re asking our horses to do.

My mom always told me to “think like a horse” and that’s something that’s difficult for most people, myself included. Horses really have no idea why we’re asking them to do the ridiculous things we ask, so trying to see it from their point of view, communicating what we I retired Cade a few months later - his want clearly, and always communicating arthritis was starting to bother him and it in the same way, are all so important to I didn’t want to try and drag out a final becoming a strong team.

At the end of the day, ignoring what everyone else is up to and just focusing on improving ourselves and our horse, at the pace that matches us, is the best strategy for any discipline. There’s always tomorrow, and the next ride, and the ride after that. If we end each ride on a good note, it’s impossible not to improve. Oh! And I always mentally try to keep track of every time I’ve corrected my horse during my ride and balance that with how many times I’ve rewarded him. They should always, at the least, even out. The reward may be an obvious “good boy” or it could be as simple and subtle as making sure my hands are extra quiet. Often I’ll lean over and pat them, or even halt and give them a big neck rub with both hands if I’m really happy. In my rides I’m always reprimanding far more times than I’m praising, so it’s one of my ongoing goals! ________________ Arabians are truly fantastic, aren’t they? I’m high-paced and I like to be challenged — their intelligence always has me scrambling to keep up. And I sort of love how aloof and snobby they can be. I’m appreciative of many breeds of horses, but my heart definitely belongs to Arabians. They’re intelligent, gorgeous,

and athletic — they can do anything! I always love the photos of them mid-leap, climbing that mountain on the Tevis Cup route. The other day, Cade kept dramatically taking off in his paddock before I had his halter completely off. I was annoyed that he kept doing it so I spent fifteen minutes making him stand quietly and practice it until he listened to me. My mom walked by and rolled her eyes, muttering that it was the best fifteen minutes of his day to have my undivided attention and that he was probably doing it on purpose just so that I’d get annoyed with him and work on it. I agreed that that was likely exactly what he had intended all along. He did look rather smug afterwards. Arabians — they’re always three steps ahead of us, and I love that about them.

We asked Jim Greendyk about his experience competing under the Las Vegas lights at the 4th ranked Rening Show in the world this past September. There were moments of that tested his mental strength and he left with memories that will last a lifetime. Just one more step in the direction of his dreams.

The High Roller Reining Classic is destined to be a step toward the advancement of the Reining Industry. With over $500,000 in cash and prizes this show is on the bucket list of any trainer in the Reining industry. In his own words, Jim Greendyk shares the experience of The High Roller Reining Classic. “It was an amazing career high for me. I have been so blessed to ride the kind of talent that I have in the barn now and as a memory showed up on Facebook today, it wasn’t until 2010 that I had actually shown a competitive Reiner, Arab or otherwise. So running through the gate at that level was both a moment of pride and a profound moment of humility realizing how few people get to do this, at this level, for a living.

was fantastic. I am extremely thankful to owner Christine Gilmour for entrusting me and giving me the opportunity to compete with such an incredible animal. Dunit Magnum Style is an incredibly talented young Quarter Horse Stallion, his presence, style and talent leave the door wide open for competition. In the Open Four Year Old Stakes we ranked as high as sixth, this was the pinnacle of my career thus far with Dunit Magnum Style, owned by Angel Marsh of New Zealand. I would say the most powerful thing I learned was that sitting in those ranks with the trainers of that level and reputation, the conversations are different. The mental toughness and true humility of those guys at that level is something that often gets glossed over. In the twinkle of their “stardom” I think people often forget that they are still human and while 80% kick pull and spur, there is a top 20% who have a special understanding of how the game works and how a horse ticks.

It might be considered one of the toughest gigs in the world But I choose to focus on how privileged I am to be on this ride. Especially since I didn’t ride a Sitting in the saddle with the likes of horse until I was seventeen. Andrea Fapanni and Casey Deary made The show was a fantastic showcase of me realize that they all are pushing the best reiners in the world. Tying for themselves to be the best they can be.... third in the Arabian Futurity with the that’s all, and so with that we are all on four year old Arabian Stallion, TA the same level. It was so empowering to Kordelas Jubille, by Kordelas and out of be accepted when I know, I’m like the Cytosk daughter, ROL Cherries Jubilee, show horse with no pedigree.”

The National Championships in both Canada and the United States are the the highest level of competition that we aim to compete at. Our members have represented us well over the years and twenty-seventeen was no different! From our local breeders, to our trainers and their experienced as well as new riders our AAHABC Club Members excelled in all areas at the National level. Written By Ashley Lauren Toye | Results Collected By Joan Arnett

Halter At the Canadian Nationals Ellen Cmolik of Serenity Farms entrusted Jeff Schall of Shada Inc. to prepare and show her HalfArabian yearling gelding STLA Yoda, bred by Sandra Arabsky. He was honored with the National Championship title, followed up with Top Ten honors at US Nationals in October. STLA Yoda was sold to Martha Mccullough of Texas. Ellen and Sandra are excited to watch this young horses future at Oak Haven Farms with Jason Krohn. In this same class at Canadian Natioanls, handler Austin Colangelo took Half-Arabian yearling Nick Pappagiorgio to a Top Ten for owner Cori Wilson. Canadian owned and bred Stallion; Spitfyre VF had an exceptional foal crop at both Canadian and US Nationals. Jason Daniels of California led the Arabian Yearling colt Fyre On to a Canadian National Top Ten for owner Sheila Kirk-Stobbe. Amateur Handler, Joan Podgorenko showed her stunning Half-Arabian Gelding Majestic Bey+++// to a Reserve Championship in the Saddle/Pleasure division. That same morning, Shelby Preston and Nicole Quinn of Reed Training competed with their Geldings in the Half-Arabian

Stock-Hunter division. AA Perfect Timing++ was shown to the Reserve Championship by Shelby and Obsidian Knightt++++// was shown to a Top Ten by Nicole. Nicole would also compete with Obsidian Knightt++++// at US Nationals where they were Top Ten alongside friend Ashley Lauren Toye and her gelding Cocoa Motion who were Top Ten in the same class. The Canadian presence in Tulsa didn’t stop there! Both Lorne Robertson and Ashley Lauren Toye would bring home Unanimous rose garlands! Lorne beautifully showed his Arabian Mare, Chafon PA to a Unanimous Reserve National Championship in the Amateur to Handle. Claudinei Machado further showed her to a Top Ten in a beautiful 6 and over Mares class. Lorne also competed with Multi-National Champion, O Lordy++++//, in the 50 & Over Showmanship earning a Top Ten. Three year old Half-Arabian filly, She Be Envied, was proudly presented by owner Ashley Lauren Toye to the Unanimous National Championship in the Stock-Hunter Amateur Division. Todd Hickerson also took her to a top ten in the Futurity Fillies class with a stunning presentation that had them just out of the roses in 3rd place.

Sport Horse & Dressage A strong and growing division in both our club and across North America, the Sport Horse division at Canadian Nationals was filled with our members! Daniella Gray and Half-Arabian gelding, Game of Thronez+ a versed and dynamic pair, proudly earned Top Ten honors in both the Open and ATR First Level Dressage. With style and precision, the Quinn’s and Half-Arabian mare; Irresistible Grace++++//, would compete in the Sport Horse Under Saddle and Show Hack, 3rd Level Dressage and Amateur Equitation earning Top Ten honors in all divisions! Conley Driediger took her Canadian bred grey gelding; Island

Legend, to a top ten in the Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle ATR and Miss Cheyenne Cook would show her beloved gelding; Dheja Vu+++//, to the Reserve Championship in the Arabian Sport Horse Show Hack. Cheyenne also showed RK Alvarro+/ to a Top Ten in the Sport Horse Under Saddle JTR for owner Kathy Fergusson. RK Alvarro+/ had a busy day in Brandon, just prior to Cheyenne’s class, Jada Reed showed this athletic gelding to the National Championship in the Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle Junior Horse, and his day did not end there! Continue reading to find out how he completed his Junior Horse career…

Hunter Pleasure Easily the largest division at our local shows, Hunter Pleasure is one of the most respected, diverse and exquisite presentations of our Arabians and HalfArabians. We are lucky to have the best of the best in our own back yard from our youth riders to our trainers, National Champions live here. Cocoa Motion exhibits power and elegance with each stride he takes, his consistency was next to none this year being named National Champion at both Canadian and US Nationals in the Amateur division. Owner Ashley Lauren Toye also showed him to multiple Top Tens in Amateur and Open, including finishing third in the powerhouse Hunter Pleasure Open in Tulsa! Lori & Nicole Quinn have gracefully moved from the Sport Horse divisions to the Hunter Pleasure ring. The beautiful black Fresian cross Obsidian Knightt++++// always catches the eye of both the judges and audience alike. He is truly breathtaking. Sid and Lori trotted to victory in the Half-Arabian

Hunter Pleasure Select at Canadian Nationals, winning the Reserve National Championship. Nicole would also compete in the 19-39 Amateur division where the pair took home two National Top Tens. Another rider from Reed Training was also named Top Ten in the highly competitive Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure 19-39; Daniella Gray and her boy Game of Thronez+. Through an elimination and into the final, Conley Driediger navigated her young gelding, Island Legend, in a deeply competitive Arabian Hunter Pleasure 19-39 class to a national Top Ten. In Tulsa, Laura Baker made it to the Top Ten in the Arabian Hunter Pleasure Maturity with her young gelding Parysian Prince WA, bred by Wunderbar Arabians of Saskatchewan. Our youth hunter riders were exceptional this year in Brandon. It was a catch ride for Alexa Christopher that would take her to the roses. After winning the elimination, Great and Noble PF and Alexa would come home with the

Reserve National Championship in the Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR 14-18. Great and Noble PF, proudly owned by Ashleigh and Jason Morriss showed beautifully in the Amateur divisions as well as Sideasddle. Cheyenne Cook and Deja Vu++++// rode to Top Ten honors in both the Arabian Hunter Pleasure JOTR 14-18 as well as in Hunt Seat Equitation. Young rider Stella Trimingham, coached by John and Andrea Pringle of Vancouver Island would take home two Top Tens with the beautiful dark bay Canadian bred gelding, Island Prince Johari in the Arabian Hunter Pleasure 13 & under divisions. Madison McKimLowe is closely following in her mothers footsteps; this rising young star rode her Half-Arabian mare DA Missy Elliot+// to two National Top Ten’s in the 14-18 division. Jada Reed had two talented youngsters entered in the coveted Arabian Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse at Canadian Nationals this year. She would show the grey mare WR Love Spell for Michelle Lengkeek to a National Top

Ten. Michelle would also earn a Top Ten in the Arabian Hunter Pleasure AATR Select. Jada’s second horse, RK Alvarro+/ made dreams come true all year long… Back in February, Jada and breeder/owner Kathy Fergusson, along with guidance from Brenda Driediger, who started Alvarro’s show career, entered him in the Scottsdale Signature Stallion Amateur Hunter Pleasure Maturity. Ashley Lauren Toye showed RK Alvarro+/ to a thrilling Unanimous Championship! When Jada had two horses entered at Nationals she asked Ashley to once again show Alvarro. It was a busy day in Brandon, with no time after his two classes in the Sport Horse arena, Ashley hopped on and her warm up was making her way from one arena to the next. They trotted into the main ring and had a flawless ride. The pair for the second time were at the top of the class and for the second time that day RK Alvarro+/ was named National Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse!

The Osbergs recently purchased an exciting new gelding from Red Tail Arabians in Wisconsin. Yvonne Copple beautifully showed this talented young three year old to a Top Ten in the US National Arabian Hunter Pleasure Futurity. We look forward to seeing this up and coming superstar in future competitions!

Rider divisions at Canadian Nationals. The talented young rider, Sidney Andrews showed both Joaquim WA & Mimosa LOA+/ to National Top Ten’s in the Arabian & Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure 14-18 divisions. Grace Stimson of Heritage Arabian Farm in Washington would also compete with Mimosa LOA+/ in the 13 & under division where this Tannis Boissonnault of Artisan Arabians stunning mare would be honored with a had two horses competing in the Junior Reserve National Championship!

Sidesaddle, Show Hack, Country Pleasure and Western Divisions It’s all in the details! These divisions are specialized and require a great deal of preparation to master. From the attention to detail in gaits and dress these are some of the most precise and beautiful divisions to watch! When you think of Canadian riders and Sidesaddle there are a few names that come to mind and they did not disappoint! Jada Reed and Conley Driediger would share the victory lap in the Half-Arabian Ladies English Sidesaddle at Canadian Nationals with National Champion Obsidian Knightt+++// and Reserve National Champion Majestic Bey+++//. Conley would also show Majestic Bey+++// to a Top Ten in the Amateur Sidesaddle. Majestic Bey+++// is also a stellar horse to watch in the Show Hack division where he earned two Top Tens with both Conley Driediger and owner Joan Podgorenko. Jada Reed also

took home a Top Ten in the Arabian Sidesaddle division with Great and Noble PF for owners Ashleigh & Jason Morris. Amateur riders Alexia Booth and Sarah Kavanaugh of Reed Training earned Top Ten honors with their HalfArabian geldings; Afires Moun and Long Island Express, in their respected Country and Show Hack Divisions. Fellow competitor, Cheyenne Cook also earned a Top Ten in the Arabian Show Hack JTR with Deja Vu+++//. It is so important for a horse and rider to work collectively as a team and these three teams are such a pleasure to watch. Trotting into the ring with his ears forward, eyes bright his action balanced and those three tall white socks demanding your attention; Notorious Afire, this exciting young Arabian showed beautifully with both trainer, Yvonne Longauer-Copple and owner Jenna Osberg to three Canadian National Top Ten’s in the Country Junior Horse and Amateur divisions.

It was an unforgettable family affair for the Fryer’s at this year’s Canadian Nationals. Sisters Kathleen and Victoria, would compete in a variety of divisions from Show Hack and Sidesaddle to Western Horsemanship, Trail and Showmanship. These two are passionate, driven and committed to reaching their goals and dreams. Strikes Braveheart, a tall chestnut and white pinto has a heart of gold and with Kathleen they have earned numerous titles in a variety of disciplines. They would bring home Top Ten honors from Brandon in both the Open and Amateur Sidesaddle as well as the Amateur Show Hack. Younger sister, Victoria would also take Braveheart to a Top Ten in the JTR Show Hack. Switching to a slower gear with Black Rambo Shadow, the girls beloved Arabian gelding. Victoria and Shadow were named National Champion in the JTR Horsemanship. This team is next to none and rode an outstanding class working together through their pattern and rail work. They would also navigate to three Top Ten’s in the Western Trail Open and Amateur as well as the Showmanship 14-18. Kathleen would also earn a Top Ten in the Adult Amateur

Showmanship. It is with great sadness that their journey with this incredible gelding ended later this year and we at the Arabian Horse Association of British Columbia hope Shadow is running free through the fields with his mane flowing through the roses around his neck. Young up and coming rider Kyra Copple would compete in the Walk-Trot divisions at Canadian Nationals. With club member, Tatjana Kelch’s HalfArabian gelding, Sante Fe Cool++//, they earned a Top Ten in the Western Pleasure. She also went on to show the exquisite Half-Arabian mare; STLA Fonda Fantasy, bred by Sandra Arabsky, to a National Championship in the Hunter Pleasure. Our group of horses and riders in British Columbia are some of the best in the Nation and it is exciting to know our Regional Championship will be filled with some of the top horses next year at Thunderbird Show Park, in Langley. Congratulations to all of you whether you showed locally, regionally, or nationally, you are what keeps this industry alive and we hope to see you in the New Year!

Passion is exceeding the amount of energy needed to do something. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition. It is putting something into action with as much heart, mind body and soul as humanly possible.

For the past three years, Ashley has worked endlessly to bring Cocoa Motion, Half-Arabian gelding by Baske Afire out of the Saddlebred mare Haute Chocolate, to his full potential. Since the first time she saw him being shown to When we think of the Arabian as an a US National Championship by Andy athlete we think of beauty, athelticism Sellman as a two year old, she knew he and heart. The Arabian is an animal would wear roses in the Hunter arena. who strives for brilliance and radiates Patience, trust, dedication and passion greatness in every aspect. are what brought this team to what was The highest level of competition within an unforgettable year of growth and our breed is showcased throughout accomplishments. “I knew he was special, each year at Scottsdale and Nationals. and I knew if we could find the routine Whether you are competing as a Youth that worked for him we would be set.” rider, or excel in the Sport Horse Each horse is different, it’s about finding Divisions, the coveted Triple Crown is what works best and understanding why the highest level of achievment. they react how they do. Todd Hickerson In 2010, Ashley Lauren Toye would explained, “you have to give them show her Half-Arabian gelding, room to chanel their energy in a way Chance to Jam++++// to a Scottsdale that promotes movement through their Championship, Canadian National entire body, this keeps them engaged and US National Championship in and thinking about you.” the Amateur Hunter Pleasure divison. “When the announcer would call our In 2017, Ashley would regain the Triple name, Jazz knew he was special and he Crown title winning Scottsdale, Canadian owned it, with a squeal and a playful and US National Championships with twirl of his head he would proudly trot Cocoa Motion in the Half-Arabian to the other end of the arena to wear his Hunter Pleasure Amateur division. “It’s roses,” Ashley described of the Multi- unbelievable, he is beyond special”, says National Champion. Ashley.

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Merry Christmas  Nicki, We’ve had another great year thanks to your support & dedication. Looking forward to a happy, healthy & successful 2018. Many thanks & warm wishes for a Merry Christmas With love from all of us at Excelsior Stables


Thank Thank you...you... ES MISS KITTY +++/ 2017 Region 5 Champions Western Dressage Intro & Basic AT Top 5 Basic Open 2017 Region 4 Reserve Champions Western Dressage Intro & Basic Open Top 5 Basic AT

A huge thank you to Nicki and Craig for the amazing care you’ve given her while she recovered. And to Nicki, a million thanks for your support and dedication to training the both of us. You’re the best!! Looking forward to 2018

- Marla


Beyond Your Dreams

Wi in Your Reach



Hunter Seat Equitation is the basic form of riding. From your boots to your helmet you should be relaxed, functional and working with the horse below you. There are no differences in equitation principles between riders; whether you jump a Warmblood 3’6 or you are competiing with your 15hh Arabian, Equitation is Equitation.

your heel. This position allows you to maintain a correct balance with your horse. You should always be in stride with your horse, not ahead or behind his or her motion.

A riders hands should be soft with relaxed wrists at a 30º angle, bit width apart. There should be light contact maintained with the horses mouth at all ‘Form is function’ is a vital part of times. Continue to think of your position understanding the seat in which we are as ‘form is function’; each stride should aiming for. Equitation has been taught be taken working with your horse. the same way for hundreds of years. A Stiffness, wide hands, thumbs to the balanced seat is approximately 15º in sky, loss of balance during transitions front of vertical, due to the shorter and riding ahead or behind the horses stirrup length in Hunter. motion are considered incorrect riding There are three basic seat positions; the habits and postions. full seat, the light seat and the the halfRespected judge and equitation expert, seat or two point seat.The full seat is Margaret Rich describes a correct rider demonstrated at the halt, walk, canter in the following sentences, and seated position in a rising trot, the “As an equitation rider you should light seat is during the posting position always be well connected to your of the rising trot. The half-seat or twohorse through your hands and seat point seat is demonstrated at the handriding in complete harmony. You gallop. A sitting trot is required on the need to be quiet and effective, rail and to be judged both directions of making your transitions appear the ring. You should have a balanced seat effortless...the total picture should and supple body which will maintain look correct, smooth and easy.” the correct position without strain or tension. It is the duty of the rider to guide their Imagine a straight line running from horse while maintaining the correct and your ear, shoulder, to your hip down to effective riding position.

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AR106 Shoeing Regulations, markings and Appliances

Artificial prohibited. c. Horses three years old, may not have any type of bar shoe.

1. Any machine made shoe (keg), or handmade shoe made of magnetic steel, mild steel, aluminum, rubber or other non-metallic shoe is allowed. Shoes made of Tungston Carbide are prohibited. a. No part of the shoe may exceed the dimensions of 3/8 inch thick by 1 1/8 inches wide (nail heads and/or toe clips are not considered when measuring the shoe). Aluminum, rubber or other non-metallic shoes are exempt from the dimension requirements. b. In the case of a bar shoe, there may be only one bar, which must be either a straight bar, or an egg bar. 1) A straight bar can be located anywhere within the circumference of the shoe. 2) The egg bar is defined as an uninterrupted, oval shaped shoe. 3) A bar is part of the shoe and must not exceed the dimensions of 3/8” thick by 1 1/8” wide, at any point on the shoe, nor may the bar extend below the ground surface of the shoe. c. If a shoe band is used, it may be attached to either the shoe, or the pad if present.

3. Maximum overall length of toe is a. 4 3⁄4 inches for purebred Arabians. b. 5 1⁄4 inches for Half-Arabians and Anglo- Arabians. c. The overall length of toe includes shoes and any pad(s) present. 4. Method of Measuring Toe, Shoe and Pad. a. Using a six inch metal ruler, the length of the toe is determined by measuring the front of the hoof, in the center, from the hairline to the ground. Hairline is considered the origin of the hair at coronet band.b. Shoes are measured with an accurate gauge.

5. Pads. a. The use of pad(s) (either full or partial, including rim) made of rubber, leather or plastic, is allowed. b. The introduction of a foreign material within or between the pad(s), between the pad and shoe or between the pad and hoof (other than accepted packing material such as oakum, pine tar, silicone, foam rubber, 2. Shoeing Restrictions Based on Age of Horse etc.) designed to add additional weight or or Class in Which Exhibited a. Horses less than enhance action is strictly prohibited. c. Material two years of age must be shown barefoot. b. with anti-concussive qualities (such as rubber, Horses two years of age may be shown with silicone, latex, etc.) may be used between the a shoe in accordance with AR106.1 however, pad and hoof for additional support, provided the use of a bar shoe, or pad(s) of any type or such material does not extend beyond the inner configuration between hoof and shoe is strictly rim (edge) of the shoe.

6. At the discretion of a judge or a steward officiating at a licensed Arabian competition, or Arabian classes in any Federation licensed competition, or at the request of the Show Committee (See GR1201 License - Operation of Competition.) inspection of shoes, pad(s) and/ or hoof length may be required. a. Inspection can include measuring the shoe, measurement of hoof length, and in the case of the presence of a pad, inspection of the pad(s). b. Inspection can include but is not limited to, visual, x-ray, metal scan, or manual separation of pads. c. Shoes and pads, if present, cast after entering or before exiting the arena in any class, not exempt from shoeing regulations, shall be inspected as described above by a licensed steward or judge officiating at the competition. d. Any trainer, exhibitor and/or agent of a horse subject to the inspection each may request to be present and heard while said inspection is being performed by said licensed official(s). e. Prior to any disqualification and/or other penalties imposed on a horse at a competition, the inspecting officials shall make reasonable efforts to notify and have present, the owner(s) and trainer(s) of said horse, or agent(s) at the inspection. f. The inspecting officials shall take possession of any shoe, and/or pad(s) and measure the shoe with an accurate gauge and inspect pad(s). Measurement of hoof length shall be made in accordance with AR106.4 Method of Measuring Toe and Shoe. g. In the

event that the inspecting officials find a violation of the shoe measurement, hoof length and/or pad(s) rules, the horse shall be disqualified for the remainder of the competition, and the owner shall be required to forfeit all prize money, sweepstakes and trophies, entry fees, ribbons, and points won at said competition by said horse. h. Additionally, if any forbidden foreign material is found between the pad and/or shoe, or pad and hoof, within the pad, between any pads, and/or the pad composition is in violation of AR106.4, the steward shall file a charge against the owner(s) and trainer(s) with the Federation Hearing Committee in accordance with GR604 Charges and a hearing shall be held in accordance with General Rules, Ch 6. 1) In the event the Hearing Committee determines a violation has occurred, the trainer, owner and or their agents each shall be subject to any and all penalties imposed by the Hearing Committee at its discretion pursuant to Chapters 6 & 7, including suspensions, fines, and the revocation &redistribution of winnings, notice or notices of which shall be published on Federation’s website. The suggested penalty is a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of one-year suspension. Subsequent violations of this rule by any of the individuals/entities shall be subject to such greater penalties as determined at the discretion of the Hearing Committee. 2) The horse and/ or the owner may be suspended for any period of time specified by the Hearing Committee. Remainder of the rule not changed.

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