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A A H A B C T E AM President: Kimberly Toye Vice President: Nicolien Muller Treasurer: Berni Van Lieshout Secretary: Debbie Thompson Board of Directors: Doug Archibald Joan Arnett Tracy Douglas Brenda Driediger Maureen Gough Leslie Harpur Gord Leitch Laura Leitch Susan MacDonald Vincent Patrick Linda Picul Bonnie Schneider Alternate: Sheri Robertson Sponsorship: Leslie Harpur Jibbah Editor: Ashley Lauren Toye

FRO M YO U R P R ES ID ENT Spring has arrived and fingers crossed, so has the good weather. I am looking forward to getting our Club Show Season underway. It was terrific to see so many of our Club exhibitors and families at the Scottsdale Show in February. It was enjoyable to hear the announcer loudly say ‘from British Columbia, Canada’ so often during the show!

116 tickets for the Banquet were sold. Our Club Awards were presented in 24 categories plus 8 perpetual trophies were awarded. Congratulations to all! Thank you to each of our volunteers for their efforts in planning, setting up and their work in making this event a success. As President, I appreciate our Directors and Volunteers.

Our AAHABC Youth Club Member, Madilyn Remple is the new AHA Youth Director for Region 17. Madilyn, is working hard to make the Youth Silent Auction during the Region 17 Championship Show a success. In addition, she is collecting donations to sponsor Youth T-shirts at this event. Thank you, Madilyn, for taking on these responsibilities. We are pleased that she is following in the footsteps of Ashley Lauren Toye and Chris Peeler who also served as Region 17 Youth Directors in previous years.

We are happy to welcome the Region 17 Championship Show back to Thunderbird Show Park this week. For several months, our club members have worked hard to organize this event. Doug Archibald, as a member of the Show Commission, has worked tirelessly to make this show run smoothly. Carolyn Renholm, stepped up and worked at gathering sponsors along with Tara Lumb Kilpatrick from BCHAA. Congratulations, to you both for getting sponsors for all classes! Others are dedicating their time through volunteering at the show, one to thank and mention is, Brenda Driediger, who will be busy everyday with a variety of tasks.

On St. Patrick’s Day, the Region 17 Delegates meeting was hosted by AAHABC and held in Abbotsford. The AAHABC Delegates were Nicki Muller, Berni Van Lieshout, Brenda Driediger and myself. It was the first meeting held by our new Director of Region 17, Rob Calnan. April 13, our Annual Awards Banquet was held in conjunction with the BCHAA Club at their Spring Show.

Thank you to each and every one of you. I hope to see you at the AAHABC Preshow and throughout Regionals this week! Kimberly Toye President AAHABC

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There is a long list of people to thank for sponsorships this year and we are so appreciative of your continued support!

I am Maddy Rempel, I am the new youth director for Region 17! I am thrilled to be able to have this new role and be apart of an amazing team.

invested with Arabians. Being the youth director allows me to do just that. While I am aging out of being a junior rider this year, I am dedicated to making the most of my time as the For those of you who don’t know me, youth director! you can find me in the hunter pleasure ring doing what I love the most; riding If you see me around the show grounds, and showing. Ever since I was young, feel free to say hello and ask me any there has been a special place in my questions you may have, I’d love to heart for horses. It wasn’t until eight meet you. I wish everyone the best of years ago I targeted that passion for luck this show season! horses towards Arabians. Maddy Rempel I have always wanted to help promote Region 17 Youth Director the breed more and become more

Our Regional Championships are here in Langley this week and becuase our May Classic is hosting the Pre-Show it was a perfect fit to hold The All Arabians Horse Association banquet in conjunction with the BCHAA Spring Show this past April. Congratulations to all the winners and we wish you the best of luck this year! Results Collected By Joan Arnett

ARABIAN HALTER Champion FF Santana Res Champ FF Emilee Top 6 Leylaa El Rasheem Julian BR FF Christiana JJ His Gold N Legacy

Alexis Vasseur Tim Keith Tracy Douglas Tracy Douglas Gillian Fraser Jennifer Siemens

HALF-ARABIAN HALTER Champion Moon River GP++/ Res Champ Im So Excyted PPA+++/ Top 5 STLA Dancin In Style Majesttic Bey+++// STLA Fonda Fashion

Sheryl Fedyk Jan Mitchell Michelle Dixon Joan Podgorenko Lauren Proudlove

ARABIAN HUNTER PLEASURE Champion FF Santana Res Champ Afterburn CCF Top 5 WR Love Spell KFR Camelot Psonic+/

Alexis Vasseur Sarah Kavanagh Michelle Lengkeek Olivia Olmstead Julia Postill

HALF-ARABIAN HUNTER PLEASURE Champion Theres Anapp For That Res Champ Obsidian Knightt+++// Top 5 CWF Tango Tilly+ Game of Thronez+/ SS Majestic Design

Madilyn Rempel Lori Quinn Suzanne Calnan Daniella Gray Allison Morris

ARABIAN WESTERN PLEASURE Champion Huxley+/ Res Champ FF Christiana Top 4 FM TI Sento PSF Mazurek

Anne Clark Gillian Fraser Keira Hockersmith Olivia Olmstead

HALF-ARABIAN WESTERN PLEASURE Champion Rose Burst+/ Res Champ IM Gold Top 5 VA Wyatt Earp+ Vanilla Sky FMA Im So Excyted PPA+++/

Tara Lumb-Kilpatrick Carmen Rempel Joan Arnett Sheryl Fedyk Jan Mitchell

ARABIAN COUNTRY / ENGLISH / SHOW HACK Champion Notorious Afire Jenna Osberg HALF-ARABIAN COUNTRY / ENGLISH / SHOW HACK Champion Majesttic Bey+++// Joan Podgorenko Res Champ EQL Beauty Mark Ronnalee Harris Top 5 Afires Moun Alexis Booth Afires Soldier+ Suzanne Calnan Long Island Express+/ Sarah Kavanagh

ARABIAN SIDE SADDLE / NATIVE COSTUME Champion Huxley+/ Anne Clark Res Champ FF Christiana Gillian Fraser HALF-ARABIAN SIDE SADDLE / NATIVE COSTUME Champion ES Calamity Jane Amy Green Res Champ Strikes Braveheart Kathleen Fryer Top 4 Outrageous Stacy Hill Im So Excyted PPA+++/ Jan Mitchell ARABIAN JUNIOR HORSE PERFORMANCE Champion WR Love Spell Michelle Lengkeek Res Champ FF Capone Cheryl West Top 3 Notorious Afire Jenna Osberg HALF-ARABIAN JUNIOR HORSE PERFORMANCE Champion STLA Dancin In Style Michelle Dixon Res Champ STLA Fonda Fashion Lauren Proudlove ARABIAN SPORT HORSE IN-HAND GELDINGS Champion JJ His Gold N Legacy Jennifer Siemens Res Champ CVA Cynturian Deborah Thompson Top 6 Thee Llion King+++/ Brandi Cryer Julian BR Tracy Douglas Bravado BR Tracy Douglas Island Prince Johari Karen Laprade HALF-ARABIAN SPORT HORSE IN-HAND GELDINGS Champion Im So Excyted PPA+++/ Jan Mitchell Res Champ SS Exquizit Bay Allison Morris Top 5 VA Wyatt Earp+ Joan Arnett Vanilla Sky FMA Sheryl Fedyk CHF Jack Daniels Allison Morris ARABIAN SPORT HORSE IN-HAND MARES Champion STLA Sunshine And Whiskey Karen Morrow Res Champ Leylaa El Rasheen Tracy Douglas Top 5 FF Christiana Gillian Fraser LL Zara Paige Gris Still My Dream Leslie Harpur HALF-ARABIAN SPORT HORSE IN-HAND MARES Champion SS Exquizit Creation Marilyn Morris Res Champ STLA Fonda Fashion Lauren Proudlove Top 5 STLA Dancin In Style Michelle Dixon DA Missy Elliot+// Madison McKim-Lowe FF Danzyn On The Wynd Deborah Thompson

ARABIAN SPORT HORSE UNDER SADDLE Champion FF Santana Alexis Vasseur Res Champ Island Prince Johari Karen Laprade Top 4 Thee Llion King+++/ Brandi Cryer ROL Cypreme Kimberly Walker HALF-ARABIAN SPORT HORSE UNDER SADDLE Champion Game of Thronez+/ Daniella Gray Res Champ CWF Tango Tilly+ Suzanne Calnan Top 5 A Samsara+/ Debbie Clarke Irresistible Grace++++// Lori Quinn STLA Fonda Fashion Lauren Proudlove ARABIAN OUT OF CLUB Champion Julian BR Tracy Douglas Res Champ Notorious Afire Jenna Osberg Top 5 FS Love Story Susan Barillaro Leylaa El Rasheem Tracy Douglas FF Santana Alexis Vasseur HALF-ARABIAN OUT OF CLUB Champion Obsidian Knightt+++// Lori Quinn Res Champ Im So Excyted PPA+++/ Jan Mitchell Top 5 Strikes Braveheart Kathleen Fryer DA Missy Elliot+// Madison McKim-Lowe Majesttic Bey+++// Joan Podgorenko ENGLISH DRESSAGE Champion Game of Thronez+/ Daniella Gray Res Champ ES Calamity Jane Amy Green Top 6 STLA Dancin In Style Michelle Dixon Handymann++++// Laura Leitch SS Exquizit Creation Marilyn Morris Irresistible Grace++++// Lori Quinn WESTERN DRESSAGE Champion Rose Burst+/ Tara Lumb-Kilpatrick Res Champ VA Wyatt Earp+ Joan Arnett Top 5 ES Miss Kitty+++/ Marla Patterson Irresistible Grace++++// Lori Quinn WC Skip The SmallTalk Carolyn Renholm WALK/TROT – WALK/JOG Champion Midnight Blitz JUNIOR EQUITATION Champion Madilyn Rempel Res Champ Emma Cryer Top 5 Vanessa Dixon Jenna Mosley Alexis Vasseur

Vanessa Dixon

PERPETUAL TROPHIES Hunt Seat Equitation Madilyn Rempel Arabian Versatile Gelding FF Santana Half-Arabian Versatile Gelding Game of Thronez+/ Margaret Logan Memorial High Point Amateur Western Tara Lumb-Kilpatrick Chris Peeler Memorial High Point Halter Horse FF Santana Wayne Houston Memorial Adult Amateur Owner Jenna Osberg

FF Santana

The 2018 Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ North and Central America and Caribbean League qualifers began in Ocala, Florida followed by Coapexpan, Mexico and finish here at Thunderbird Show Park where Team Canada will have the home soil advantage. Canada is two for two this far in the competition!

The 2018 Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ qualifiers got underway in Ocala, Florida this past February. Team Canada; Francois Lamontagne, Eric Lamaze, Ian Millar, and Tiffany Foster, soared into the top position with 100 points. It was an intricate course with just five clear rides, two from Canada’s Ian Miller and Eric Lamaze. The next stop was Coapexpan, Mexico where Team Canada once again would seal the top position now leading with 200 points. Laura Jane Tidball, Jenn Serek, Keean White and Jonathon Miller made up the team to win the $5,690,000 MXN Longines Nations’ Cup™.

Oldenburg Gelding as her mount and he exceeded her expectations. LauraJane mentioned that, “It was a great event in Mexico, I was so proud to be a part of such a fantastic team.”

It was a week of firsts for Laura Jane Tidball of Langley, British Columbia. Her Nations Cup debut resulted in her first Nations Cup win and this was her first time riding for Team Canada. She took Concetto Son, a thirteen year old

The next stop; Thunderbird Show Park for the final leg of qaulifers where Team Canada will be on home soil and looking ahead to that final fence. We look forward to welcoming all competitors to the park! <

FEI / Anwar Esquivel

Like father, like son; both Ian & Jonathon Miller would jump double clear rounds in Ocala and Coapexpan. Jonathon Miller acknowledges the importance of what Longines does for the sport of show jumping saying, “It is great for the global aspect of the sport. To also recognize individuals for their accomplishments by offering the clear round bonus is great; Longines rewards all aspects of the competition.”

for a

Whether it’s our scrumptious crêpes, delicious French toast, mountains of fresh fruit or our defining egg dishes, you will find something to delight your taste buds!

Take-out menu available.

Monday to Friday: 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday: 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

20670 Langley Bypass 604 534-2672

Breakfast and Lunch

Essential oils are extracts from plants that are 50-70 times more powerful than the herb itself. Composed of the aromatic compound of the plant; essential oils are used to aid the body’s natural ability to heal itself, to provide comfort and promote healing. There are a variety of benefits for both you and your equine partner!

Using Longines the therapeutic calmingOldenburg properties ofGelding Doterra’s as Certified her mount and The 2018 FEI and Jumping Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, there many safe, and natural heare exceeded hersimple expectations. LauraNations Cup™ qualifiers got underway treatments enhance physical Jane healthmentioned and emotional that,well-being “It was a great in Ocala, Floridatothis past the February. both horse and rider for day to dayevent use inintraining competitions. Mexico,and I was so proud to be a Team ofCanada; Francois Lamontagne, Doterra’s Essential have been to assist horses with partable of such a fantastic team.” Eric Lamaze, Ian Millar, andoils Tiffany Foster, soared into the top position with Anxiety, stress focus father, like son; both Ian & 100 points. It was an* intricate courseandLike Sore muscles, joints and tissues Jonathon Miller would jump double with just five clear *rides, two from * Founder and Laminitis clear rounds in Ocala and Coapexpan. Canada’s Ian Miller and Eric Lamaze. * Cuts, abscesses wounds Miller acknowledges the The next stop was Coapexpan, MexicoandJonathon * Insect bites where Team Canada once again would importance of what Longines does for * Upset stomach ulcers sport of show jumping saying, “It is seal the top position now leading withandthe cyclesJenn great for the global aspect of the sport. 200 * points. Laura JaneMare Tidball, day first aidTo andalso grooming recognize individuals for their Serek, Keean White* Day andtoJonathon Miller made up the team to win the accomplishments by offering the clear Essential MXN oils canLongines be used for such a wide range of emotional and physical round bonus is great; Longines rewards $5,690,000 Nations’ used as single essential oils or in aspects of the competition.” Cup™. wellness applications. They can be all complex essential oil blends depending on user experience and desired Want to learn to use essential The next stop; oils? Thunderbird Show It was a week ofbenefit. firsts for Laura Janehow Tidball of Langley, British Columbia. Park for the final leg of qaulifers where For moreininformation Canada will be on home soil Her Nations Cup debut resulted her Team contact Wellness lookingAdvocate ahead to that final fence. first Nations Cup Kristina win andKovacevic-Duke, this was her and dukesdoterra@gmail.com We look forward to welcoming all first time riding for 604.910.2924 Team Canada.|She took Concetto Son, a thirteen year old competitors to the park! >

FEI / Anwar Esquivel

The Colt Hey you cute little yearling colt, With all your giddy-up and sudden bolt. You have bounce and you show pride You’ve got cuteness on your side. I say “No” and you say “Why not?” I want walk but you hear trot. A lesson learned cannot be taught. It’s in your eyes, it’s in your gait, It’s hurry up you just can’t wait. I know you’re cheeky and really smart, I guess I’ve known this right from the start. That’s why our friendship will never part You’re my little palpitation within my heart. By Bonnie Schneider

Beyond Your Dreams

Wi in Your Reach



Thank you to all my Wonderful Clients who have helped me achieve the top FVREB Realtors Medallion Club Reward in 2017 and for the last 20 years: it is because of your support I have again received this prestigious award. I have enjoyed working with you and I’m very grateful for all your business and referrals in 2017. Thank you again for making 2017 a successful memorable year!

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Kristen Johnston, Trainer at Gallop Training in Langley, British Columbia, knows what it is to live with an eating disorder. Hers started when she was just eight years old and continued into her 20s. Here she shares her experience and how it’s shaped her as a trainer, mother and human. By Carley Sparks.

The first time I remember feeling uncomfortable with my body, I was in Grade 3. Some of my classmates teased me for being what they considered chubby, so from a very young age I learned to be ashamed of how I looked. At eight, I started hiding in my room to eat so no one would see me. By 12, I was counting calories and restricting how much I ate. I kept a food diary where I’d document everything that I was eating in meticulous detail. Initially, I thought it was a diet. My mom, in trying to help me, suggested I try Weight Watchers and various other programs. I did. But it only made me feel worse about myself.

I felt tired and moody and weak. One afternoon when I was about 14, I was riding my hunter, Lady, when I started to feel sick. I got off and passed out in the ring. No one ever found me. I came to lying in the outdoor ring with my horse standing 10 feet away. I never told anyone about it.

By high school, I was throwing up all the time. People would say, “You look great. You’re losing weight.” Meanwhile, I was busy running to the bathroom. It was awful. And it made me feel awful. Ashamed. Why couldn’t I just be normal? The only part that gave me any satisfaction was other people’s reaction to Eventually, I just stopped eating. I’d skip when I had gotten slimmer. Had people breakfast—I never ate a big breakfast not complimented me on it, I wonder if anyway—and I’d go through the whole I would have continued? day without eating anything. When I started to lose weight, people would comment on how good I looked and that At the barn, many of the bad feelings made me feel good. For a moment or I had about body size and image were two. The thing about starving yourself is reinforced. I’d put my riding pants on that food is constantly on your mind. It’s and think, “Ugh, I look horrible.” When preoccupying. And, after a while, people I look back at pictures of when I was 15, start to notice you’re not eating. There 16, 17, I wasn’t fat—at all. But competing are only so many meals you can skip in the equitation classes, there’s a lot of before it becomes a hard fact to hide. pressure to look a certain way. If you were When my mom started paying attention a little bit overweight, you could pick up to when and how much I ate, I took to diet pills at the horse show tack shop. throwing up instead. With bulimia, you can look like you’re eating normally and My issues with food continued right into you get to taste food without having to my 20s—not as severely, but it’s a hard habit to shake and I never got treatment. consume the calories. In the end, it was up to me to get my selfHiding the physical effects isn’t as easy. esteem back on track. > FEI / Anwar Esquivel

Sarah Jane Photography

Ironically, going to culinary school helped redefine my relationship with food. I love food. Being around likeminded people who appreciated good food helped me learn to enjoy it without the guilt. It taught me to think, does this taste good or am I just eating it? And there was a sense of achievement that came with honing my culinary skills.

I’m also attuned to the symptoms of low self esteem. I see it in my students and it’s heartbreaking. Whether it’s food issues or other forms of self-harm, that’s how it starts—the slow degrading of your self worth. You have find a way to cope. For me, as a girl, horses helped me through a really difficult time. How much worse would it have been if I wasn’t riding? You had to eat something to have the energy to be able to compete. People at the barn were always shoving bananas at me at the back gate. And I’ve watched over and over again what horses have done for the girls that have ridden with me. Without those experiences, they probably wouldn’t be the women they’ve become. And neither would have I.

It was a slow process, building up my self-esteem, and, ultimately, it wasn’t any one thing that did it. Working hard at school and my career, and finding success and achievement in that, helped me feel good about what I could do. I started running more and I found that was a really good outlet. It took a long time and, like everybody, it’s a work in GAL-UP FOUNDATION progress. Now, I’m a mother and a trainer (I teach some 20 students, most of whom are girls and women). I have a different life and those behaviors are nonexistent for me. But it’s shaped me. I’m careful, probably overly careful, never to comment on someone’s body size or shape. Once you’ve been in that headspace, you’re always very conscious of how somebody else could take a comment that might sound innocent to anyone else. You just never know. It might not be the overweight girl who is sensitive about her body.

Kristen Johnston is founder of Gal-Up Equestrian Camps. Offering daylong workshops designed by industry experts in natural horsemanship, psychology and hunter/jumper sport, Gal-Up aims to enhance self-image and confidence in teens via equine-assisted learning, motivational speaking and group selfesteem sessions. To learn more or to get involved with Gal-Up, contact Kristen via her Facebook Page. Originally appeared on HorseNetwork.com, republished here with permission. Check out their site!



Tara Lumb &

Rose Burst


Dave ©


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