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A A H A B C T E AM President: Kimberly Toye Vice President: Nicolien Muller Treasurer: Berni Van Lieshout Secretary: Debbie Thompson Board of Directors: Doug Archibald Joan Arnett Tracy Douglas Brenda Driediger Maureen Gough Leslie Harpur Gord Leitch Laura Leitch Susan MacDonald Vincent Patrick Linda Picul Bonnie Schneider Alternate: Sheri Robertson Sponsorship: Leslie Harpur Jibbah Editor: Ashley Lauren Toye

FRO M YO U R P R ES ID ENT Congratulations to those of you who attended the Region 17 Championship Show at Thunderbird in May. The weather was on our side with lots of sunny days. It was terrific to see you in the ribbons at R17! Also, Congratulations to those of you who showed at the Regional Championships across the US at Regions 2,3,4,5, 7 and 15! I am looking forward to seeing many of you at Canadian Nationals and have my fingers crossed for all of you to have good rides and a great time in Brandon, Manitoba. Before you know it, we will be back at Thunderbird Show Park in Langley, Sept. 13-15 for the AAHABC Fall Frolic. We are holding this show from Thursday to Saturday to allow for those headed to Sport Horse Nationals ample time to get ready!

Board seems like a good time to retire. I have enjoyed getting to know you and have developed friendships with so many of you. I wish each and every one of you ‘Happy Trails’ and know that you will achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your equine partners. The Fall Frolic will be a Double Qualifier (R17 and R4). We are providing Ranch Riding, Trail- both English and Western, Dressage, Sport Horse In Hand and Under Saddle, Open Breed Classes in most divisions, and our regular main ring classes plus $100 Amateur Championship Classes for both Purebred and Half-Arabian Classes in Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Sport Horse Under Saddle and Halter (to be judged by the R17 Judge). The Champion receives $70/Reserve Champion $30.

Our AAHABC Annual General Meeting will be held November 19 at the White Spot near 264th and Fraser Hwy. Please consider putting your name forward to be a Director. We will be needing some energetic, motivated members to step up. Please text me at 604-916-4348 or FB Message me or email at katoye@shaw.ca if you would like to put your name forward.

Prizelist: www.aahabc.com

I will be stepping down as President of AAHABC after 18 years. Prior to that, I was an AAHABC Director for 7 years and served as Secretary and later as Sponsorship Chair. 25 Years on the

Enjoy the rest of your summer and 2018 Competition Year,

Reminder: our AAHABC High Points Program for 2018 includes points from the following Competitions: BCHAA Show in April AAHABC Classic Pre-Show Region 17 Regional Show Fall Frolic Region 17 Fall Frolic Region 4

Kimberly Toye President AAHABC


What is your favorite regional show and why? Region 17 was my favorite this year. It was nice to be close to home, I got to stay with my girlfriend on the grounds and this was the first Regional show for us to kick off the season together since the Scottsdale Show in February. What is a favorite highlight from 2018 so far? My favorite highlight form this year was at the Region 2 Championships in Santa Barbara.Todd Hickerson showed my horse, Thee Llion King, in the Men’s Side Saddle class as the Little Mermaid. It was a blast to dress up my trainer, with full make-up and my horse! What class are you most looking forward to showing at Canadian Nationals and why? This is my first Nationals, I am looking forward to showing

in all the classes, especially showmanship! I also get the opportunity to show a cool horse named FS Love Story in the Hunter Pleasure JTR, I am really looking forward to that! Five things you can’t live without at a horse show? The five things I can’t live without are; Paris my dog , Jeremy my brother - both are good luck , Spicy Cheetos, my lucky riding socks and being able to ride bareback at least once per show. Having friends and family in the stands and in the pit makes for a fun and successful show! Your trainer, Todd Hickerson, trains a lot of disciplines and you also ride Jumpers. What have you learned from him that is beneficial to all types of riding? I have learned from Todd that correct hand placement is key in every discipline. He has also given me tips to finesse my showmanship; for example, to always know your back number.


In the picturesque countryside just south of Sacramento, California, at the end of a long driveway lined by overhanging trees you will find Hickerson Arabians. The farm sits on a beautiful 8.5 acres of land, the front half of the property is home to the young and retired horses where they spend their time playing and enjoying the breeze and shade. The show barn and indoor arena sit at the back of the property where the show horses have a view of the pond from their spacious 12x12 stalls. With Todd’s home situated in the centre of the property, the horses have the 24/7 care and attention they deserve.

the oldest modern day endurance ride that has been the inspiration and model for the most challenging endurance rides worldwide. Each rider who completes the 100 mile course from Tahoe to Auburn within the 24 hour limit and whose mount is judged fit to continue is awarded the coveted silver Completion Award Buckle. The Tevis Cup trophy is awarded to the person who completes the 100Mile One-Day course in the shortest amount of time and whose horse is in sound condition and fit to continue. Todd was the youngest to complete the Tevis Cup, until just a few years ago!

Todd Hickerson began his journey with Arabians when he was just five years old. He had a Purebred Arabian, Trinity Dawn, that he rode Endurance with. When he was just eight, they completed their first 50 mile ride and came in 2nd out of 80 riders. At twelve, they rode in the Tevis Cup. The Tevis Cup was started in 1955, it is

Todd is an all around horseman, although he has had many wins in the English divisions he enjoys the challenge of a great Western horse. The diversity in his show string over the past year accounts for his dedication and understanding of the training process. >


He describes multi-national champion Hunter gelding Cocoa Motion, “Horses like him are what motivate me, he was my favorite horse in the barn, he was my favorite to school everyday.” There are different techniques for each discipline but it is the understanding of the basic mechanics of the horse that allow for a trainer to excel in all areas of the showing and non-showing worlds.

From center ring, what is your biggest pet peeve? One of my biggest pet peeves in any class is a horse that looks intimidated or ‘over done’, for example; too slow, too fast, excessive drape. The extreme is not the ideal. As a judge, I don’t need to see that and it looks bad for all of us. Unfortunately, sometimes the best horse in the class is too intimidated or ‘over done’ which often puts the judge in a tough position. What is a recommendation you have for any riders competing in Equitation divisions? Be precise. Be confident. Be poised. Look like you know you belong there. Make sure your pattern is correct so that you don’t give the judge an easy reason to eliminate you from consideration.

What do you look for in an ideal Western Pleasure horse? My ideal western horse is a good mover off all fours. They should have a true jog and a true lope. I look for a horse that is showing effort in a pleasurable, happy, unforced manner. Quality is also a huge factor for me. I love to see a happy horse, carrying itself with ease. A drape in the reins is only impressive if the horse still moves true and is guided willingly and not intimidated. Extreme drape can be distracting. More than anything I want to see softness in their neck, body, and motion. When it comes to large classes, exhibitors tend to move closer and closer to center ring. What are your thoughts on this phenomenon and can you see through the pack to the horse and rider who choose to stay on the rail? The truth is, the exhibitor is harder to see and evaluate if they’re too close. Good judges will find you. Find an open spot a tasteful distance from the center. The best riders use the ends of the arena to position themselves to be seen on the long sides. The judges will find you. Make sure it’s for the right reason and not because they’re fearing for their life as you almost run into them.


Two grey Arabian geldings, ten championship rose garlands and one talented rider. Conley Driediger is always fun to watch as she travels across the United States and Canada with her horses. From Show Hack and Hunter Pleasure to Sport Horse she is always winning Championships! It was home ground at Thunderbird Show Park for the 2018 Region XVII Championships and Conley brought her multi-National Champion Everwatch PC++++// and and National Champion Island Legend to compete with. Everwatch






Championships in Training Level Open and ATR, Sport Horse Under Saddle Dressage Type Open and ATR, and Sport Horse Under Saddle AOTR. Conley and Island Legend were named Unanimous Champions in Arabian Hunter Pleasure Open, AATR Elite, and AAOTR. They also ventured into the Sport Horse arena where they were named Champion in Sport Horse Under Saddle Hunter Type Open and ATR. What an incredible year for Conley, Everwatch PC+++// and Island Legend. Here’s to more adventures! <

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Stephaine’s love of animals and nature developed at a very early age. She has always been drawn to, and fascinated by all animals, sea life, and in particular, horses. An avid rider, Stephanie won the Open Show Hack at the Arabian & Half-Arabian Canadian Nationals in Edmonton, Alberta at the young age of eighteen. “I have competed in the equestrian world, and shown horses for over 20 years. I reside in Langley, B.C., am married to the love of my life, and mom to two wonderful young men.” Now that her boys are older, Stephanie finds more time to paint and express herself. It has only been recent that she has decided to share her work with the world.

She explains, “Quite frankly, this new chapter of my life is due to popular demand; as in the past, I would just ‘gift’ my paintings to family and friends. Now that I have more time to dedicate to my passion; friends of the family, as well as my riding connections have started commissioning me to paint originals for their homes and offices.” Her inspiration is found in a variety of different places and she likes to view things in her own unique way. www.shearerart.com | for more information Pictured above; Fortitude




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Thank you to all my Wonderful Clients who have helped me achieve the top FVREB Realtors Medallion Club Reward in 2017 and for the last 20 years: it is because of your support I have again received this prestigious award. I have enjoyed working with you and I’m very grateful for all your business and referrals in 2017. Thank you again for making 2017 a successful memorable year!

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