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ON THE COVER Monogramm JD DS MAJOR AFIRE | WCA MON CHERIE 2006 Arabian Stallion Offered for purchase to the discriminating buyer. Private Treaty

DIRECTORS President: Kimberly Toye Vice President: Nicki Muller Treasurer: Berni vanLieshout Secretary: Lori Osberg Directors: Doug Archibald Joan Arnett Brenda Driediger Katherine Gilker

Maureen Gough Laura Leitch Cassandra Lollie Sandra Mann Erin Oberman Lyle Osberg Linda Picul Lorri Terlecki Jibbah Editor: Ashley Toye

SPONSORS GOLD SPONSORS: Excelsior Stables Driediger Farms Paul Quinn of REMAX Northridge Farm SILVER SPONSORS: Dixon’s Farrier Services The Terlecki Family Stampede Tack


On the Cover: Monogramm JD


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AAHABC Sponsorship Form

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PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Dear AAHABC Members and Friends, Our first AAHABC Competition of the season, the Annual Classic, May 7 – 10, is just a few days away. We are looking forward to seeing you. We have a Region 17 and Region 5 Qualifier for both Dressage and Sport Horse classes. Our judge for main ring, John Powers, will be judging this year at Canadian Nationals, in Brandon, Manitoba. If this isn’t enough to get you to attend our first show of the year – READ ON! We have a new format for Friday evening. We have organized a Friday Night that does not include classes! We have Pizza, coffee and pop (BYOB if you prefer), Games, Dog Showmanship, a Wine Raffle and a presentation of over 15 Arabian and Half Arabian horses that are for sale. If you are planning on attending our Friday Evening, please check in at our Show Office and put your name on the list of attendees. For some of our members, the Show Season started in February in Scottsdale. It was terrific to see so many of you there, either as exhibitors or spectators. All of our members that competed at Scottsdale sure appreciated hearing your loud cheering when one of our AAHABC’ers was in the ribbons. AAHABC will not be holding our Summer Show as we have seen the numbers drop over the past few years however, we plan on holding the Fall Frolic, September 11-13. On behalf of AAHABC, I congratulate Natalie Alves, who was selected as the Equine Canada Junior Equestrian of 2014. Natalie joined our club in 2008 and has volunteered and taken a leadership role in many AAHABC activities in addition to showing her horses at the local, Regional and National level. Well done, Natalie! Thank you to our 2015 Gold and Silver Sponsors and to those of you who sponsored classes. We do appreciate your continuing support. Happy Mother’s Day! Kimberly Toye AAHABC President



For your consideration


2005 HA mare. 15.1 hh. National quality hunter pleasure mare for youth or small amateur. Well finished hunter pleasure, sidesaddle and equitation mount. Solid on patterns. Reliable and bold in the show ring. Sweepstakes Nominated.

“ Wishing Everyone a Successful 2015 Show Season! ” - From the Quinns

He came to our show barn with long shaggy coat. No Arab in this one but a pedigree to note. His age like his breeding there’s a question mark there, but his attitude we can attest to he’s honest and fair. He’s small like a Shetland with a head like a horse and a mind that is steady so he’s always on course. The children learned basics to care for this guy and he stood there so patiently as each one would try. They brushed till he shone and gave a kiss on his cheek and rode him contentedly week after week. He’s a pony named Dandy and he’s become such a pal. To those


small children that love him and know him so well. Bonnie Schneider

E Q U IN E CA N A DA J U NIO R EQ U ESTR IAN O F THE YE AR Natalie Alves was selected by the Equine Canada Awards Committee as winner of the Junior Equestrian of the year for 2014. This award is given annually to a junior equestrian athlete who has excelled in equestrian competition for the current year while demonstrating talent, horsemanship, sportsmanship and dedication to the sport, vision and mission of Equine Canada. Congratulations, Natalie, for being named the recipient of Equine Canada’s Junior Equestrian of the Year Award. Natalie attended the EC Annual Convention Awards Gala in Gatineau, Quebec at the end of March with her mom, Tamara Alves, as well as her trainer, Brenda Driediger and friend, Conley Driediger. Natalie’s equestrian Half Arabian partner is Shake it Up Baby+// (aka Stella). Stella was named the 2013 Equine Canada HA horse of the year in 2013! Natalie is an ambassador of the Arabian horse and a multi regional, national and Scottsdale Champion in multiple disciplines and an enthusiastic volunteer at the Club and Regional level. Natalie is honored to share this milestone with her family, the Arabian horse community, her club, the All Arabians Horse Association of British Columbia, her trainer, Brenda, and her barn family at Driediger Farms.




Scottsdale 2015

Unanimous First Half-Arabian Ladies Side Saddle English JTR

Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Ladies Side Saddle JTR Reserve Champion Half-Arabian English Show Hack JTR Top Ten Half-Arabian Country English Pleasure JOTR


GOOD VIBRATIONS Maintaining an Equine Athlete by Ashley Toye

Show horses have intense schedules limiting their turnout time and natural activity. In addition; modern shoeing further restricts the natural ability for a horse to generate enough stimulation to promote healthy circulation.

Our horses are athletes. They are expected to withstand intense training programs and long show schedules. They are asked to jump higher, push harder, run faster, turn quicker, and perform better each time we saddle them up. The importance of introducing whole body vertical vibration to increase blood circulation is of great interest to trainers and owners looking for outstanding health and performance outcomes.

One of the immediate effects of whole body vibration is improved circulation of both blood and lymph. Anything that can improve circulation is of significant benefit to the equine athlete, and the total horse population. Increased blood flow improves oxygenation of the tissues, removal of toxins and metabolic waste, and enhances the body's ability to heal itself, drug free. Designed to increase bone density, reduce muscle soreness and inflammation; whole body vibration is what we as owners can do for our equine athletes. Whole body vibration is an innovative treatment that has been successful for animal health, fitness condition and in the prevention of injuries. Significant research has confirmed the positive effects of vibration technology for horses in therapy, competition or training at all levels. Race horses were studied and when whole body vibration therapy was introduced to a their daily regimen, that horse was running faster than prior to the vibration therapy and in comparison to the horses that were not using the whole body vibration therapy. Further, basketball players were similarly studied and those who introduced the whole body vibration into their daily routines were jumping measurably higher than previously and higher than those who were not using vibration therapy.

Horses are not designed for an inactive lifestyle. They are grazers, movers, and active animals; in their natural state horses will be active for up to twenty hours a day. It is up to us as owners to give our horses as much activity as possible while in their training environments. Often it can be heard, “no feet, no horse�. The overall health of each horse relies greatly on the maintenance of the hoof. The hoof is the most important and critical part of the equine anatomy. In discussion regarding the hoof; we must also consider the bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage, nerves, arteries, veins, capillaries, and soft tissues encompassed by the hoof wall. Q: What is the key element in maintaining this intricate structure? A: Circulation The circulatory system of the horse transports oxygenated blood from the lungs and delivers it to the cells of the muscles and organs while collecting carbon dioxide which is then exhaled. Consider now that this transportation process has to work uphill. Blood flows from the horses lungs throughout the body down the legs and then back up to the heart. Vertical motion along with a their muscles and ligaments is the key element in the promotion of good circulation.


It can be a life changing addition for horses restricted to confinement, as it encourages muscle vibration and stimulation, crucial to the healing process. When horses are confined to a stall and their natural mobility is limited a decrease in bone density is likely to occur. Horses experience a loss of minerals due to a lack of circulation and therefore stimulation to the bones signals a need to retain these minerals. Vertical vibration therapy provides significant stimulus to the bones and helps prevent the loss of bone density during periods of inactivity. >

As a horse owner has your horse suffered from stocking up? muscle tightness and stiffness? joint pain? colic? Has your horse become injured? bowed tendon? torn suspensory? soft tissue inflammation? quarter cracks? navicular? Many of us have heard the unfortunate diagnosis of, “six months of stall rest and hand walking…” Whole body vibration has the ability to reduce healing time by fifty percent. With added stimulation, the horse’s body begins to heal naturally much faster than following traditional rehabilitation methods. Since the horse is stationary the vibration allows for the muscles, bones and circulatory systems to be stimulated providing an exceptional healing environment. Not only does whole body vibration aid in the healing process it promotes the conditioning of muscle mass, increased flexibility and overall attitude of the horse. Circulation releases hormones and serotonin. You can actually see the horses relax and their demeanor change while they are on the vibration platform. I had been visiting New York State when I first saw an Equivibe being used. The facility had both healthy horses from yearlings to seniors in addition to horses who had come for rehabilitation. The more I heard about whole body vibration therapy, the more interested I became. I purchased an Equivibe shortly after and quickly noticed first hand how beneficial they can be for both horses in training and in rehabilitation. Q: Why introduce your horses to vertical vibration? A: Improved performance, faster rehabilitation and preventative care Introducing whole body vibration into your daily training routine will prepare your horse for work by stimulating the body for significant movement without the substantial energy exertion and strain that comes from traditional warm up exercise. The EquiVibe is the only product in the United States that provides the true vertical vibration in the animal health care industry, which is important as vertical vibration is the natural movement of the horse. It is the most durable platform with an affixed top plate reducing any jarring or awkward movements that are unnatural. Recommended by vets, chiropractors, farriers, rehabilitation facilities, horse owners and trainers in racing, jumping, reining, rodeo and breed shows; the EquiVibe is rapidly becoming one of the most beneficial additions to training programs around the world! <

Arabian Mare, Parys WA was named 2x Reserve National Champion in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2014 and with the daily use of the Equivibe in addition to a regular training schedule she remained relaxed and sound throughout the show.




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Not intended to solicit homes already listed for sale

AAHABC SPRING SALE We are looking forward to this Friday Evening , May 8, at the 2015 AAHABC Spring Classic! This is our first annual Spring Sales Presentation. We are looking to grow this into a fun and exciting event for our members and welcome any feedback you have, so please invite your family and friends to come join in on the fun this Friday! The evening will start at 6:00pm with Dog Showmanship. When you pay your $1 entry fee, you will receive your number. Laura Leitch will keep the score card half of the ticket so that the pattern can be marked! We will also have a list of who is what number so that everyone knows where they are in the order of go. You can enter prior to Friday evening, contact Laura Leitch for further info!

Around 6:45pm, after the Dog Showmanship we will have pizza and drinks! Pizza will be supplied but please bring your own beverages. We will be selling Wine Raffle tickets for $5.00 in the office. There will be 5 bottles of white and 5 bottle of red in the Raffle!! At 7:00pm we will start the Sales Presentation! There will be an order of go as some handlers have numerous horses to present. This order will be posted and can be adjusted if needed! Please contact Ashley Toye (ashley@altogether.ca) for further information. If you have not already done so please send her your horses write ups so she can have them printed for Heidi before hand. As of now this is the order of go, it is subject to change prior to Friday evening:

Sale Horses Order of Go: 1. FF Raizn Kaine - Ashley Toye 2. Dundee DMA - Jody Pringle 3. CH Easter Knight - Rowena Nichols 4. SS Viper - Nicki Muller 5. Avalon DMA - John Pringle 6. STLA Commotion - Cassie Kurenov 7. Nikko WA - Andrea Pringle 8. GPS Victoria Secret - Shelby Preston 9. Piks Pizzazz - Nichola Wade 10. MC Askarii - Alexa Christopher 11. Island Tempest - Jody Pringle 12. NA Pepper Jack -Rowena Nichols 13. ES Pineapple Experss - Nicki Muller 14. CJ Cavalier - Cassie Kurenov 15. Island Tempest - Andrea Pringle



Newlyweds, Ashleigh Nicole & Jason Morriss have started what is turning into a quickly growing and successful business together. Specializing in the creation of beautiful and unique rustic furniture and decor items. What began as simply trying to recreate pieces of furniture to fit into their smaller home soon turned into The Plank & Nail.

the pieces in their original character or would like a stained/painted look the underlying piece will always remain natural and weathered. This natural state allows are pieces to easily fit into any room in your home or garden.

We respect every piece for what they once were and what they now can be. Knowing that each person is “Being a husband and wife team we take a lot of pride different and has different tastes allows us to work in every piece that leaves our shop, treating every with pieces and tailor each detail to exactly what you piece like it was our own; often receiving suggestions, are looking for. Each piece holds a special story and critiques and helping hands from our own family.” we want to help you continue to share that with the world! One of the reasons the pieces are so unique is that they are created out of reclaimed wood that has “Let us help you make your house feel like a home.” naturally aged for many years. Whether you enjoy


AAHABC Jibb ah 2015 Dates & Deadlines In the new year we will be publishing three issues of The Jibbah. The first will be in early spring followed by a special edition which will run prior to the Region XVII Championships and again one later in the year. These Jibbah Issues will be of electronic version only. As times are changing we have decided to go digital. The online versions will be sent out via eblast to a 15 000 + subscribers list, posted on AAHABC. com, Facebook and shared amongst others within the Arabian Industry through individual postings. SPRING EDITION

AAHABC Awards Banquet Results Scottsdale Results AAHABC May Classic Sale Horses Deadline April 1 *no exceptions

Cover $70.00 Full Page $50.00 1/2 Page $30.00 Business Card $20.00 We welcome all submissions of stories, articles, news, jokes, poems, sales ads, farm ads, stallion promotion etc. If you require ad design please contact our Editor: Ashley Lauren Toye Altogether Design & Communications 604 916 1673 | 360 296 3998 ashley@altogether.ca www.altogether.ca Submission: Please send all completed ads as .pdf or .jpeg files to ashley@altogether.ca

SPECIAL EDITION | Regional - National Payment: Promote your Regional & National Contenders Sale Horses News Sale Horses Deadline July 1 * no exceptions WINTER EDITION

Please make all cheques payable to AAHABC Treasurer Berni vanLieshout and mail to Berni vanLieshout 22570 64 Ave Langley, BC V2Y2N8

2015 National Results Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Sale Horses 2015 AAHABC Banquet Information Deadline December 1 *no exceptions


2015 AAHABC Memb ership Form An adult or youth membership with AAHABC gives you automatic membership with AHA, allows you to show in all AHA approved shows, participate in all reqional and national events, participate in Youth Team Tournament, compete in the AHA Sweepstakes program and to have a voice in all AHA and Region XVII issues. You must be a member and you must have received your AHA /Competition card to show. Please Note: If you were a member of another AHA affiliate club last year, you are not considered a new member by AHA, even if you are a new member to the AAHABC. Please note: If you do not own a horse that shows, or do not show yourself, you will not need a competition card. Adult Membership Youth Membership

1 year membership with competition card 1 year membership without competition card 1 year membership with competition card 1 year membership without competition card

$110.00 $70.00 $70.00 $40.00

YES! I want to receive the AHA magazine please add $10.00 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please complete and mail to the AAHABC Membership Chair with a cheque made payable to AAHABC Membership Chair: Berni van Lieshout 22570 64 Avenue Langley, B.C. V2Y 2N8 Email: lieshout@telus.net Type of Membership ___________________________________ Total Enclosed $___________________ Name ___________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________________ City ________________________________Prov ___________________________ Postal Code _________ Phone _________________ email ____________________________________________________________ AHA number _____________________________________________________________________________ Youth Member Date of Birth Day ___________ Month _____________ Year ______________________ I hereby consent to the possible use of any pictures by AAHABC for promotional purposes. Member signature: _____________________________________________________ If you move please contact AHA. Allow 3-5 weeks for AHA to process your membership. No membership will be processed without full payment.

2015 AAHABC Sp onsor ship To Whom It May Concern: The All Arabians Horse Association of BC (AAHABC) is a registered non-profit Association. We are committed to the progressive promotion of programs and activities for Arabian and Half Arabian Horse owners and enthusiasts. For over fifty years we have been dedicated to providing great opportunities for the development of all youth and amateur competitors and their horses. AAHABC is a dynamic club. We hold 2 approved horse shows per year and competitors from Canada and the North Western United States attend. Our members voluntarily work hard to ensure that these events are a success. Our Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis to organize competitions and work on our various initiatives including our Awards Program. We provide a variety of classes for Youth and Amateurs as well as Open Classes in a variety of disciplines including Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Sport Horse and Dressage. We believe the competitions, activities and programs we provide are a major contributor to the future of the Arabian Breed and help to build a stronger sense of community. In order for these competitions to thrive and continue, we require support and partnership from local businesses and individuals. Your sponsorship will enhance our program and show value as it provides opportunities for competition and programs including award incentive prizes for youth, amateur and open participants at our Annual Awards Banquet. Yearly Sponsorship Package may be purchased: Silver Sponsorship: $250 Gold Sponsorship: $450 Class sponsorships may be purchased:

1 class for $20 3 classes for $50 8 classes for $100

We also very much appreciate donations of goods and/or merchandise as we hold at minimum of two Silent Auctions per year. Class sponsorships can be assigned to the approximate value of the merchandise if requested. 2015 Show Dates: Annual May Classic May 7-10 and Fall Frolic Sept. 10-13 Kimberly Toye/President All Arabians Horse Association of BC katoye@shaw.ca


2015 AAHABC Sp onsorship Form Please consider a sponsorship from your family, farm, ranch or business in one of the following categories: Halter & Performance Classes, Sport Horse Classes and Dressage One class $20 Three classes $50 Eight Classes $100 Silver Sponsorship $250 Includes: one full page ad in all Show Programs published 3 times per year one full page ad in Jibbah Newsletter 3 Class Sponsorships per Show Thank You Certificate link on AAHABC website if requested Gold Sponsorship $450 Includes: two full page ads in all Show Programs two full page ads in Jibbah Newsletter published 3 times per year 8 Class Sponsorships per Show Thank You Certificate Link on AAHABC website if requested One individual AAHABC/AHA Membership NAME: __________________________________________________________________________ PHONE# _________________________________________________________________________ FARM/RANCH/BUSINESS: __________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________ Please make your cheque payable to: AAHABC Mail To: AAHABC c/o Nicki Muller 6325 226 Street Langley, BC V2Y 2L4 Your sponsorship will be attached to the designated classes and announced from Center Ring, printed in our Program and noted in our Newsletters.