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THE TERMINAL There is a moment in the 2004 Steven Spielberg film The Terminal where lead actor Tom Hanks, who plays Viktor Navorski, becomes stateless due to a political coup in his home country. The coup happens while he is in a JFK Airport terminal waiting for his flight and his passport and visa instantly become worthless because his country no longer exists. He is stuck, unable to continue on his journey, and unable to go back. The film is based on a real story. Dixon, the customs official played by Stanley Tucci, tells him he is free to remain in the International Arrivals Lounge, but forbidden to set foot on American soil. Viktor has to stay in the lounge for several months, eating airport food amongst fellow business travellers, tourists, flight attendants, janitors, food services employees, suitcase trolley drivers, sales staff from the shops – and always under the watchful eye of the customs official.

B:286 mm

T:280 mm

S:280 mm

When I was recently watching this movie, I realized that many business travellers must sometimes feel a bit like Viktor Navorski. Even though they can leave the terminal whenever they want, sometimes it must feel like they live there. They know the staff at the smaller airports, they know where the best spots are and what business lounges offer the most amenities. It must be exhilarating for some, but tiresome for others.


For this issue of WTCNL magazine, we interviewed Ron Louwerse, CEO of Rotterdam The Hague Airport. He seems to know exactly what business travellers crave: short lines at customs, high quality Wi-Fi and no more than a few minutes from car or taxi to the check-in desks. Because shouldn’t travelling on business be as easy as possible? In our business travel special we highlight some of these travel benefits, we discuss the future of travel, the sleep advantage programme at Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South and how to make the best of a layover when you’re in Toronto on business. A little spoiler for those of you who have not yet seen The Terminal: Viktor Navorski is able to leave the airport by the end of the film, but not before he finds love and befriends half the airport staff. Because that’s what travel is, too: exploring new territories and making new friends and connections. Or, as columnist Wieneke Haagsma says: ‘Travel is a ritual, my own personal type of meditation. I see travel as being in a bubble, where I go in and instantly become relaxed.’ I personally couldn’t agree more.

Frank van Bergen Editor-in-Chief WTC-NL Magazine 7



You took over from Roland Wondolleck. Were there improvements you felt needed to be made when you became Director? “I’m not the kind of person to come in and make radical changes. Although I do have a desire for change and developing things further, we must and will go about it in a sensible way. Over the last sixty years, something truly great has been built here. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is a successful business airport with additional tourist destinations. Its strong suit is that it takes no time at all to get from your car to the plane. That is the hallmark of a good regional airport and something that must be safeguarded as we continue our plans to expand the airport. 8

However, I have noticed that the airport’s equipment and certain areas are in serious need of an update. We are currently doing a complete overhaul of the platform where the airplanes are parked. The area in front of the building including the carpark needs improving as well and we have plans for the building itself. It was built to process 700,000 passengers per year and we are currently dealing with over a million and a half. The renovation is a large-scale operation that is further complicated due to the fact that the airport has to stay open.”


clude replacing diesel buses with electric ones. This requires a large investment, which is exactly the reason why it is so important to expand. Becoming more sustainable requires more financing. In this way we can also give something good back to society. Carbon emissions are first and foremost a global issue, not a local one. They need to be tackled globally but as an airport we can take steps as well. There are many possible innovations, such as airport innovation but we actually want to be an innovative airport, and constantly improve. For this purpose we are looking for local partners such as universities and businesses.” Are you keen to forge regional partnerships? “Well, we are a regional airport of course, so we would like work with locals. People travelling to Rotterdam and The Hague have business there. Passengers choosing to depart from our airport are also mainly locals. At the same time, we have a business profile. Roughly 30% of our passengers are here on business. The other 70% are not, because we would not be able to survive on business travel alone. But although a good passenger mix is necessary, we are primarily looking to add primary European business destinations to our roster of destinations. Now, in 2016, we are also seeing a new type of passenger, a hybrid of sorts. Let me give you an example. A passenger comes to our airport to travel to London for a meeting but he has brought his wife and children along, because after two days in London he plans to add on an extra couple of days to see Rotterdam with his family. Would you call this person a business traveller or a leisure traveller? From personal experience I know that the destinations for some business trips occasionally make such a good impression that you want to go back there with your family. We have also noticed more incoming tourism to Rotterdam. Since the city has been in Lonely Planet’s top 10, it has become an even more popular destination. Rotterdam is booming. So I say, let’s take the opportunity and support this popularity, by expanding and renovating our airport.

‘We want to be an innovative airport.’

How are you going to achieve that? “The Aviation Policy Memorandum outlines the plans for the next ten years. We know how much we can grow. The noise zone limit has been reached, so in that sense we have little scope. But we are aware that there is a demand for more destinations. We are now trying to make this possible through an Aviation Policy Memorandum, but the final decision will be taken at government level. Ultimately we aim to add twelve destinations. When you do the math, three destinations equal 300,000 passengers. This growth can be phased instead of all at once. We are looking at what we can and want to do and we are weighing all the options. We are certainly not going to say yes or no without careful consideration. It is hard to predict what the world will look like in ten years’ time and what our position in that world will be. Just take a look at the past six months. The flights to Turkey have almost completely disappeared. The market has shrunk tremendously as a result of the refugee crisis and the situation in Turkey.”

What is a regional airport’s revenue model? “It consists of aviation and non-aviation products. For instance, an airline pays airport charges, passengers pay a certain fee and this income finances primary requirements. These are aviation products.. We also have revenues from shops, restaurants, advertising and parking, as well as the rent of office space – this is non-aviation. These two combined make a sustainable model.” >>

To what extent can an airport contribute to reducing carbon emissions? “We are obliged to deal with both environmental requirements and noise level restrictions. Ways to reduce carbon emission in9


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processes. And the process is never complete, there is always room for improvement. As an example, equipment is currently being tested with which everything can be left in the bag when going through the security checks.” You worked as a police officer for 20 years and later at Schiphol as Director of Safety, Security and Environment. Do you have a different outlook on security at airports? “I was responsible for security and safety at Schiphol from 2003. Since then there have been many developments. I can’t think of one security measure that wasn’t connected in some way to the United States. Therefore we had a lot of dealings with the States and I was often in Washington for meetings. Every time I went on one of these trips I always checked out what they were doing over there. The same goes for Asia, where they are no stranger to technology - there were many developments which were very informative. I still do that when I am at an airport. Call it a professional interest. What has stayed with me from my time with the police is that I can’t walk through the streets without noticing my surroundings. It’s the same now at airports, I can’t traverse an airport without asking myself ‘why is it organized in this or that way’ or ‘that’s not a very clever way of doing things’. I think the latter most often.”

What facilities does your airport offer business travellers? “We offer all the facilities business travellers need, such as restaurants and Wi-Fi. Another aspect of our business profile is that we aim to keep turnaround times short. Travellers should be able to park quickly, pass through customs with minimum delay and all other processes that travellers have to go through should be as quick as possible. Business travellers in particular need those short turnaround times. They also need to be able to depart early in the morning and return in the evening. A morning meeting in London and back in the afternoon? That is no problem. We are looking for ways of facilitating that process further for business travellers, by speeding up border control, for example. For certain travellers we may work with facial recognition or other forms of identification.”

Your office looks out over the landing strip, you see the airplanes coming and going and all the action. Sounds like a boy’s dream come true. “Actually, I was not much of an aviation fan, but it has grown on me over the years. What is special to me, however, is the whole package – making connections. To do that you need airplanes and airports but ultimately you are connecting people and cultures. Creating these connections leads to understanding in the world. We need more of that sometimes. And ultimately it guarantees that we can all look out into the world with a wide view and an open mind.”

How safe is flying from Rotterdam The Hague Airport? “Simply put, there is a whole set of regulations we have to adhere to. And those regulations are aimed at the area, the people and the objects. We comply with these regulations. Passengers only notice that they have to pass through a machine, through passport control and a luggage check, but that is only a small part of a big picture. Passengers should be inconvenienced as little as possible. At Schiphol I always ensured that technological innovations were used as much as possible to speed up these 11

Yalp wins WTC Export Award Yalp has won the World Trade Center Export Award Oost-Nederland 2016. The Goor-based worldwide supplier of sports and play equipment received the award during a thrilling final in the Hengelo Metropool venue. Jury chairwoman Louise van Weerden: “Yalp combines innovation and Dutch design, which leads to export growth. The products are widely applicable in different sectors and solve social problems.” Director Ben Admiraal: “I am very proud of this export award. In four years we have achieved a lot within the export, but we are certainly not there yet. This award is both a great recognition and encouragement to resolutely pursue our international course.” From a long list of 20 companies, six were shortlisted.

The award was presented by Geert Braaksma, chairman of the Twente Board. The incentive award went to Nochey from Deventer.


2016 WTC•E Entrepreneurs! In a gathering of 120 representatives from the business community, knowledge institutions and government, Hans Claessens, Director of Claessens Publishers, and John Sandiford, Director of Antonio Media, were awarded the laureate ‘WTC·E Entrepreneur of the year’. Based on a certain set of criteria, the Board named Hans Claessens ‘2016 WTC·E entrepreneur’ and John Sandiford ‘WTC·E Young Professional of the Year 2016’. This nomination gives the laureates a number of privileges leading to greater publicity in the region, nationally and internationally, for the entrepreneur and his company.

“In the heart of the automotive” Well-known for its October-fest, the city of Munich has a lot more to offer, such as a historic centre and a healthy economic climate in which the automotive industry is strongly represented, with BMW playing a leading role. Last July, thirty WTC·E members travelled to Munich, proud capital of Bavaria, for a visit to the Allianz Arena, the football hotspot of Bavaria. They also visited BMW Welt, the absolute top of the automotive industry. The WTC·E members enjoyed the interactive programme. 12

News Flash

Expansion WTC Amsterdam World Trade Center Amsterdam will be expanded by 32.000m2 gross floor area for offices and facilities. CBRE Global Investors and the municipality of Amsterdam have come to an agreement about this.

renowned London firm of architects. The work is set to start mid-2018 with a planned delivery at the end of 2020. In addition, during the extension work the adjacent office tower of 17,000m2 gross floor area will be renovated.

Both parties signed a partnership agreement on Tuesday 20 September. The expansion of WTC Amsterdam forms part of the Strawinsky urban development plan. The expansion is planned for the corner of Beethovenstraat and Strawinskylaan based on a design by PLP Architecture, a

WTC Amsterdam is the flagship asset of CBRE Dutch Office Fund (“CBRE DOF”) with its size of roughly 125,000 m2 lettable floor area of offices and facilities. The expansion of WTC Amsterdam will further enhance both the competitive position of the Zuidas complex and its quality. CBRE Global Investors will manage the development and renovation of the complex itself.

5 million contacts in WTC database WTC now has a database containing contact information for over 5 million companies in more than 65 countries. You can search by product or service. The database is used in addition to the WTC network (containing almost 800,000 companies) and the WTC Search (the use of other networks in countries where we have no own office or database). Access is available through WTC Leeuwarden’s partner search programme.

First results of upgrade WTC Rotterdam WTC Rotterdam will be an even more attractive place to do business. The phased renovation of the WTC Rotterdam high-rise has progressed significantly in recent months. The first three floors will be completed this year and the 20th floor is ready for use. The renovations will improve the appearance, climate and sustainability of the building. The relevant floors are fitted with raised climate ceilings and the lift lobbies and toilets will be refurbished. The whole appearance is lighter; there is daylight control; LED lights have been fitted; and the curve of the building is accentuated by an alcove. Common areas have also been updated and have a different layout, to create a more open atmosphere. The renovated office space is available for one tenant, but can be divided up for several tenants as well. A panoramic view of the city overlooking the landmarks is guaranteed. 13



WTC General Assembly


A special achievement

The GA 2018 programme

During the General Assembly, the annual meeting of all

Normally the General Assembly offers a four-day programme, but WTC Leeuwarden

WTCs worldwide, more than 400 professionals from 60

will extend it. The event kicks off with an International Conference entitled ‘Better

countries will convene in Leeuwarden. Much had to be

together. Trust, the core of international business.’ Schouwstra explains that they

done before Leeuwarden could win the race to host this

have added two days onto the programme. “Naturally these additional days are op-

event. On behalf of all WTCs in the Netherlands, Schouw-

tional for participants, but they will be very interesting. On Wednesday evening we

stra presented the board of the WTC Association with a

offer networking drinks at WTC Amsterdam and hotel accommodations for those

perspective of what the Netherlands, the region and the

wishing to go sightseeing in Amsterdam or visit the Keukenhof on Thursday. We

city of Leeuwarden have to offer. “We actually started our

have organized a canal tour through Amsterdam on Friday morning. That will be

preparations in 2013. It turned out we needed to be fully

very special because Friday is King’s Day.”

WTC certified, so we took on that challenge and are now

An information market forms part of the General Assembly. A large number of

one of the nine WTCs in the world with a full certification.”

clusters are offered the opportunity to show their innovative products to a truly

WTC Leeuwarden was chosen first time round, an ex-

international audience. “The Assembly is preceded by an International Conference

traordinary feat for the relatively small WTC. “There were

to which we want to invite several captains of industry. The opening will be per-

a number of deciding factors in choosing WTC Leeu-

formed by a dignitary and on Tuesday evening there will be a grand gala dinner.

warden,” says Schouwstra. “These included the economic

We are offering an unforgettable programme ranging from traditional culture to

possibilities with and in the Netherlands, the partnership

modern music in close collaboration with the Cultural Capital.”

and support from all WTCs in the Netherlands, a sound programme and the fact that Leeuwarden is the 2018 Cul-

Fully supporting the Netherlands

tural Capital.”

Schouwstra personally has high hopes. “I will be ecstatic if 400 international participants from over 60 countries attend. In addition, the aim is that my sponsors can get in touch with the network and that all international participants will fully support the Netherlands. Ultimately, the economic spin-off will take place in the following years. We are hopeful that after this event, various WTCs will send trade delegations to us to obtain knowledge.”

For more information on WTC Leeuwarden and the General Assembly, see

Text: Iris van Iersel | Photography: WTC Leeuwarden



Reopening of WTC The Hague 16 June saw the festive reopening of WTC The Hague by Karsten Klein, the alderman responsible for Urban Economics, Healthcare and Ports (SEZH). “This reopening symbolizes the growth and development of the WTC The Hague into a lively hub for international business in the Beatrix quarter and the city of The Hague,” says Klein. With the renewed WTC The Hague, the city now has an all-round business hotspot for work, leisure activities, meeting people and making connections. The most remarkable change is the relocation of the main entrance to Prinses Beatrixlaan. This gives access to a striking lobby with a 21m escalator, a Shoku Noodle Bar, trendy bar and brasserie Mondano, Njoy Fitness, an AH to Go supermarket and a CoffeeCompany. The former entrance has been revamped into a multifunctional conference hall for up to 500 people. “Since the opening in 2012, the WTC The Hague has really put itself on the map thanks to a combination of sound market knowledge, extensive facilities and response to customer demand,” says Klein in praise of the World Trade Center.

Photography: Mladen-Pikulic


Post event report

ESRI GIS Conference

The ESRI GIS Conference is an annual event organized by Esri Netherlands. GIS stands for Geographic Information System, which allows information based on location information to be made visual and then analysed. This two-day event includes in-depth stories from practice, technical presentations and expert roundtable discussions on the use of GIS. The conference includes a fair with various themed pavilions and stands run by companies in the GIS sector. Every year more than 1500 people attend this event. Text & photography: Esri Nederland



How did you end up in Shanghai? “In 2010 I was working for Google and living in Dublin. In 2012, I moved to Nigeria, to support the commercial expansion of Google in Africa. I soon realized living and working in Nigeria in the online branch would be a long-term game because the market was very immature at the time. I started looking around in other markets and met people from an Italian company called The George. They were looking to expand into the Chinese market. The company sent me here in 2014. I got on a plane and flew to Shanghai; a place I had never been before in my life. It was quite a big step.” Did you have difficulties setting up your new life? “Starting up a business in China can be very challenging, so I surrounded myself with people who could support me in the best possible ways. I then

had to look for an apartment for myself and try to find office space for the company, which was incredibly difficult. Although Shanghai and China are booming, it’s very hard for a newcomer like myself to find housing. So after living in a compound for a while, I found a nice Chinese house in the French Concession neighbourhood. It’s a nice place to live, because it offers the best combination of East and West. You can go out and have dumplings for one euro on the street, and turn a corner and eat steak at an Australian restaurant.” Is that how you came up with the idea for you other company, AskCucu? “I realized that moving here is far from easy. One of the key issues is that the housing market is complicated, because it’s formal and you don’t know who you can trust. AskCucu helps by trying to make the process as easy as possible. We have virtual house viewings. You can arrange your lease online. It’s a digital property management system for the landlord and an easy way to rent a house for the user. We launched AskCucu with a small team last summer, but we’re expanding quickly. It’s in the start-up phase right now, so we’re looking for investors and collaborations with universities.” 18



What do you do at The George? I’m an agency director at The George. I set up and currently run the office here. From here, I manage all Asian business for the company. We help European companies who want to do business in China. We support them in finding their target audiences. We basically do everything a marketing company typically does. But China is a completely unique market.” In which way? First of all, Chinese consumers are very, very different. They have a completely different approach to dealing with the digital and online world. It’s already much more integrated than in Europe. The Chinese switch from offline to online throughout the day. It’s actually one experience. For example, when I go to a restaurant, I’m asked to pay online, so I get a discount. People are constantly looking at their phones, because they can literally do everything online. This doesn’t just apply to the younger generation, but older people as well. It’s a mindset towards technology that’s very different to what people are used to in the Netherlands. The Chinese use WeChat which looks like WhatsApp but has a ton of extra functionalities, ranging from e-commerce to dating, to mobile payments, Twitter, Facebook, anything. It’s called a super app, and for a lot of Chinese


people, it’s the centre of their universe. Everything happens on WeChat. China is leading in the development of Internet services at the moment. They have their strong, traditional values, but they adapt to the internet very quickly. It’s a fascinating market to work in. The downside, for me at least, is that I’m completely reliant on the people around me, because I don’t speak the language. Me and my wife, who’s from Spain, spent almost two years studying and we still only speak basic Chinese!” What advice do you have for Europeans who want to explore the Chinese market? “The middle class is growing fast, and these people have disposable income for non-essential products. What most European companies want is an alternative to Facebook and Google, but the Chinese don’t use search engines as their main gateway to the internet. If they are looking for a new product, they use WeChat or other social networks. They don’t buy their stuff on brand websites, either. People don’t usually trust brand websites, so they buy on websites like Taobao, or Tmall. People also expect direct contact. Chinese people are very service-oriented; you have to be available all the time. As a Western company, you have to think about that before you move your business to China. Also, whatever business you’re in, there are already hundreds or thousands of other companies doing the same as you so you have to stand out from the crowd in what you offer. To overcome these complexities and benefit from this huge opportunity, I learned it is vital to surround yourself with good people. Because there were so many questions to be answered, in areas from legal and logistics to marketing and customer service, we joined an initiative called DigiDutch. DigiDutch was launched by Mark Rutte in 2015 and is a small group of experts that helps Dutch companies set up their China e-commerce business. This has really helped me come to grips with the continuously developing Chinese market.” Has it always been a dream of yours to live and work in another country? “For me, most of it just happened. Dublin, where I lived before, is a very international environment with people from all over the world. It was there and during my time in Nigeria that I found out that opportunities are everywhere, if you’re open to them. It’s amazing to be exposed to all these cultural differences. I’d like to stay in Asia for a while.” 19


Tom Vananderoye @tvananderoyeWM: 6 hours till we are off to Amsterdam #wtc The Prodigy We Are The Ruffest Sandia Kalloe @SandiaKalloe: Brandmelding #wtc even lopen vanaf de 18e etage… Ronald van Raaij @RTvanRaaij: Te gast bij @Artihove met de @wtcclubrdam. Geweldige plek, collectie en ondernemer! WTC Seattle @WTCSeattle: On job perks: sharing ideas and being on the forefront of knowledge. – Krystalyn Hudson #WTCSeattle #WomeninScience Henrik Kraft @hkraft: Impressed by the grandness of the new #WTC mall WTC Twente @WTCTwente: Bijna 200 jaar internationale ervaring bij #WTC Trade Associates staan klaar om u bedrijf te laten groeien! Bo Beljaars @Bokado: Ben in een Star Wars ruimteschip beland #newyork #nyc #wtc Wim Noordam @WimNoordam: Fijne zomeractie van @WTCRotterdam Heerlijk ijs voor huurders. Gaby Fecken @gabyfecken: Fijne vergadezaal bij #otravo; @vliegticketsnl en @WTC_nl veel succes in jullie onderkomen in #SugarCity WTCA @WTCA: ‘’Follow your passion, and be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. This is the best place to learn.’’ – Scott Ferguson #IYLA @IYLAinfo Peter van Aar @petervanaaross: Mooie middag met talentvolle #ondernemers van @WTCEZS IN @PandPEhv #ruimte voor #denken en #creativiteit #hamletitbe WTC Winnipeg @WTCWinnipeg: Productive meeting w/ our #partners @northforgemb this morning – Mani even made time to attend #GoMani @WTCWinnipeg Shanna Hillebrand @SH1Photography: En dan sta je opeens op de 31ste verdieping aka het dak van het @SBWTCAlmere #uitzicht #Almere #zonsopgang #fotografie #fotograaf #dak #view Bas van Klompenburg @Basvklompenburg: Maatje @ BosValeriee geeft een workshop @WTCAlmereArea. ‘Net WTCTinder’#startup #conceptnerd #Almere Lianne van den Boogaard @LiannevdBoogaar: #Internationalisering #MKB in #DeKempen #VICK @ WTCEindhoven ondernemers #Masterclasses #Match-making @Duitsland Carolien Brederije @AdvoCaro: Helemaal blij met nieuwe lunchlocatie in @WTCTheHague! Om de hoek en prima service.

Tim Theunissen @Mark_a_Tim: Monday… Under a blue sky…#almere #036 #summer #wtcalmere Ryan Galpin @ryangalpin11: Massive thanks to everyone at @ wtctheology for their support, the incredible prayer team @ ccwinch, @wtcHants & everyone at @NewCommunityUK Brian Eden @brianeden: Incredible sunset for last night’s September 11th Tribute in Light in #NYC #911 #tributeInLight #WTC September11 Frits de Kok @Frits_ Kok: Geslaagde WTC Business Club avond met Charles Groenhuijsen in de hoofdrol. @Hutten_NL / @WTCArnhem WTC Twente @WTCTwente: Op weg naar @wtcalmere voor overleg met WTC Trade Associates @WTCLNN @ WTCThehague @RV_Int_Ond We Grow Trade WTC Rotterdam @WTCR: RT @ sezginyilgin: 29 oktober 2016 staat het @ WTCRotterdam in het teken van @EZVN Awards Gala 2016. Wie nomineer jij? Tux Photography @ChristianTuk: Het uitzicht vanaf het dak van het @ WTCRotterdam #fotografie #prints @ KURD_010 @indemarkthal WTC Twente @WTCTwente: Directeur Johan Veenstra @Schuitemaker_NL over entreestrategie USA bij landenbijeenkomst WTC Business Club. Jasper Hof Photo @JasperHof: Mooie locatie om een set portretten op locatie te fotograferen. Het WTC in Rotterdam, ik kom er graagWTC Leeuwarden @wtclnn: ‘’IRIS moet Azië gaan veroveren’’ De nieuwe machine van @ZiuZ_Medical (WTC lid) is een succes voor apothekers WTCE Zakensociëteit @WTCEZs: Na een #dynamische afsluiting van een middag met #creative workshops genieten van shared dining! @PandPEhv Stratego Branding @strategobrands: Top meeting gehad met @WTCEZs over #branding en #touchpoints. Mooie organisatie met mooie doelen! Annie Henry @anniehenryAH: Great to be part of the @ TheWpgChamber luncheon and listening to @greatwestlifeca President & CEO @WTCWinnipeg WTC Twente @WTCTwente: Clubmembers WTC in discussion about doing business in the USA with International business consultant @RCMBartley Dan Frank @dan90125: WTC looks like an eye w/eyelashes to #WTC WTC The Hague @WTCTheHague: WTC The Hague art gallery reopened with festive event and exhibition Faces of Aruba



Facts & Figures

Annually, more than seven million business trips take place in the Netherlands. This number is divided among 3.9 million domestic trips and 3.6 international business trips. This shows that the global business travel market is of great strategic and economic importance. In this special, we discuss various aspects of business travel.

In 2015, 15 MILLION foreign visitors visited the Netherlands. 25 PERCENT of these visitors (approximately 3.8 million business travelers) visit The Netherlands for business purposes.

Most business visitors come from the UNITED KINGDOM (700,000), the United States (about 390,000) and Germany (about 400,000).

Of the 40 MILLION overnight tourists in 2014, 16 MILLION had spent the night in Dutch hotels for business purposes. Of all business travelers coming to The Netherlands, nearly THREE QUARTERS come with personal business reasons (approximately 2.8 million business travelers).

Of the tourists who came from China, Italy and Japan, more than 45 PERCENT were business travelers.

1 MILLION business travelers come to the Netherlands on an organized business trip, which is denoted by the term MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions). These travelers visit the Netherlands for a meeting, incentive, conference or exhibition.

Business travelers spend more money on their trip than people on holiday. A Dutch business traveler who stays 00000 in the Netherlands spends an average of 350 EUROS.00






Coverstory Travel The Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (ANVR) and trend watcher Cherrylab looked into the needs of leisure and business travellers in 2025. Their report ‘Travel Experience Tomorrow’ shows that one of those needs is personal digital attention. “In 2025 technology will have made an uber personal approach possible. Personal attention will be given in real time - whenever, wherever and however someone wants it.” Key phrases in this context are ease, recognition, seeing and being seen and optimal guest experience through GPS, mobile applications and virtual reality. Balanced and flexible Another future basic need that stands out in the survey is ‘the balance as a standard’. That means that a good work/life balance is seen as the norm for 2025. One of those balances is stress-free travel. “Even on business trips relaxation and quality time will become important.” In addition, a balance is sought between sustainability versus earning as much as possible and experiences versus possessions. In the future, flexibility in work and life will become a more important issue as well. “Flexibility is one of the most important future values, because developments are exponential. Those who can adapt to change will survive.” That means that certainties will become less certain. In contrast, people will be able to take a break more often because travel will become cheaper and more widely available. Living and working anywhere in the world will become more popular than ever. Hyperloop So much for the forecasts. Which material developments will offer travellers more comfort in practice? When it comes to speed, plans are being made for a so-called Hyperloop. This transport concept was created by engineer Elon Musk. You may have heard of him as the person behind Tesla and PayPal. The Hyperloop is similar to air tube mail distribution, where goods are transported through tubes. The tube for this newest transport system would have


to be a lot wider, though, because it would transport not only goods but also people. Capsules in the tube would transport people at high speeds. The capsules would have to be big enough to transport about ten to twenty people. Speeds of up to 1,200 km/h may be reached. One of the options under consideration is a route between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Going from A to B would take just 30 minutes. Carry-free suitcases Once you’ve arrived at your destination at highspeed, you won’t have to worry about lugging your suitcase about either. At least not if the employees at Cowarobot have anything to say about it. This robotics company recently introduced a suitcase that rolls alongside you at your heel, like a well-trained police dog. It’s the Cowarobot R1. And like a dog, it has a – digital – collar with which the suitcase follows its owner at a maximum speed of 7 km/h. Thanks to built-in sensors, this suitcase is able to avoid obstacles. On a full battery it lasts around 18 hours. If you’ve lost sight of your suitcase at the gate because of all the commotion, not to worry. A built-in track & trace system will help you locate your suitcase in no time at all.

‘What are the needs of leisure and business travellers in 2025?’

It might be a while yet, but the future for business travellers looks rosy for now. More comfort thanks to technological developments and faster and cheaper travel as a result of a wider range of options. One thing is sure: change is imminent. Text: Florian Aalders | Photography: shutterstock






Perfect for mixing business with leisure Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South, located on the Zuidas, is an ideal base for both business travellers and tourists visiting Amsterdam. WTC-NL Magazine takes a closer look. The hotel’s favourable location – just minutes away from Schiphol airport, the World Trade Center Amsterdam, the city centre and the RAI convention centre – is a major reason for its popularity, says Lotte Reuvekamp, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at the hotel. Another is that Crowne Plaza is a young and dynamic hotel. “That fits in with the Zuidas,” says Reuvekamp. “Our guests truly appreciate that and our clientele is very diverse, ranging from CEOs to tourists staying in Amsterdam for the weekend. But locals also like to frequent the hotel, particularly the Manhattan Lounge Bar.” It is a great place to unwind with a cocktail or a delicious glass of wine after a busy or intense day. During the winter, the hotel offers a winter terrace in Scandinavian style complete with a curling alley, making it an ideal place to hold New Year drinks’ parties. Amenities It goes without saying that the hotel has all the amenities any business traveller may need, such as a good Wi-Fi connection. Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South has 207 modern rooms, including 16 club rooms and 16 suites. Every morning, an extensive buffet breakfast is served in the one o one restaurant. The hotel boasts meeting room facilities for up to 145 persons: five meeting rooms and one board room. All meeting rooms are light and airy, and include tea and coffee-making facilities. If required, lunch or snacks can be provided. Active travellers looking to clear their head in the morning or evening will find a ‘running station’ in the lobby for this purpose, where running routes are provided as well as other useful tips for a run. “We also offer our guests the opportunity to work out in our mini gym,” says Reuvekamp. “And our kitchen serves ‘Fast & Fresh meals’, tasty, healthy and nutritious meals prepared in only fifteen minutes.” 24

Sleep advantage programme All these facilities and options might make us forget that a hotel’s main purpose is to provide a good night’s sleep. Sleep replenishes energy for the following day. In a selection of its hotels, Crowne Plaza now offers a Sleep Advantage Programme. Reuvekamp: “It includes luxury bedlinen with thick, soft pillows, an aromatherapy pack to relax and noise-free zones where there are no interruptions between 10 pm and 10 am by housekeeping, for instance.”

More info at:


THE FLIGHT THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING For most people Schiphol airport seems a vast, tangled web of queues, but to me it feels like a home away from home. I make sure I’ve already checked in at home, I only ever travel with hand luggage and I’ve become very adept at choosing the right queue at customs (never behind families or the elderly, but preferably behind business travellers). And because I loathe rushing, I’m always on time, perhaps even a little early, which offers me the opportunity to peruse the magazine section. Once in my seat (always at the window), my mini-holiday kicks off. It is better than a holiday, in fact, because give me one scenario where no one can reach you by phone, text or email. Being able to watch films continuously for 11 hours, work, take naps, what’s not to like? Even the dreary food and wine from a plastic cup instil a sense of happiness in me. Last year, after a week in Peru, I was back at the airport in Lima checking in for the return flight, and the lady at the check-in desk told me I had been given an upgrade to Business Class. It was the first time I was allowed to sit in the front during a long-haul flight. And it was the worst experience of my life.

I could refill as many times as I liked. No, the problem was that this one flight, those twelve hours, robbed me of my pleasure in flying forever. On every flight I now take, I look longingly at those roomy seats in the front, while manoeuvring my cramped economy legs. I still dream of those joyful champagne bubbles dancing against the rim of my glass and I yearn for my little down duvet. It is a first world problem but still, I’m stuck with it. Flying in Business Class – no one told me it was going to be fun.

It wasn’t because of the lounge with reclining chairs or the highspeed Wi-Fi, nor the airplane seat that could recline to a horizontal position or the complimentary down duvet. It wasn’t because of the food served on a white tablecloth with silver cutlery. The problem wasn’t the champagne served in an actual flute, which Liesbeth Rasker (28) is a columnist for ELLE, works as a freelance journalist for several magazines, and writes and travels for her own travel platform






HOTELS AND RESTAURANT Toronto has a wide range of hotels. The city has 1 to 5 star hotels and apartments as well as a large number of AirBnB accommodations. CHELSEA HOTEL The Chelsea Hotel is the largest hotel in Toronto, 3.5 stars and one huge plus: an indoor rooftop swimming pool and gym only accessible for adults. DELTA MARRIOTT HOTEL A new hotel, very modern, with a direct connection to Union Station and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The Char No.5 bar has become a very popular hotspot for whisky lovers. THE DRAKE HOTEL A hip boutique hotel in the cosy neighbourhood of West Queen West. The small hotel with only 19 rooms boasts music, art, culture and inspiring meeting rooms.

UP EXPRESS For only 12.00 CAD you can take the Union Pearson Express from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Union Station. An ideal option for long layovers or a short business meeting in the city centre. The train has facilities such as free and fast on-board WiFi, comfortable chairs and plenty of room for luggage.

FROM TORONTO TO MONTREAL IN A FLASH At a mere five minutes by taxi from the financial heart of Toronto lies Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Short check-in times, a fast lane for premium passengers and a lounge with free drinks and snacks – this airport has everything for a pleasant start to your trip. Air Canada offers no less than 30 flights a day between this airport and Montreal. For bookings please go to

CANOE RESTAURANT Critically acclaimed to be among Canada’s best restaurants, Canoe’s unique location high atop the TD Bank Tower affords a breathtaking view of the city and Lake Ontario.




AIR CANADA Air Canada flies from Amsterdam to Toronto every day (3x a week in winter). This route offers excellent access to over 120 destinations in North America. For flights to the USA you go through US passport control in Toronto and you will not be required to retrieve your luggage.

NEW! PREMIUM ECONOMY CLASS Air Canada will introduce Premium Economy Class on flights from Amsterdam to Toronto in February 2017! Step inside an exclusive, spacious cabin that allows you more comfort and amenities. Enjoy priority services at the airport and take advantage of a higher baggage allowance: 2 free checked bags. Premium Economy Class is currently offered on all Air Canada Boeing 787 and 777 flights from Frankfurt, London, Paris and Copenhagen to various destinations in Canada. Ask your travel consultant to advise you on the favourable Premium Economy Class fares or book your flight at


MUST SEE IN TORONTO 1.CN TOWER One of Toronto’s most iconic attractions is the CN Tower. It stands at 553 metres tall and is an engineering wonder housing top-notch dining and entertainment possibilities. Not only can you get unbeatable views of the city, but there’s a 3-D theatre, shopping and more. In fact, in 1995 the CN Tower was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

2. WORLD TRADE CENTRE At the heart of Toronto’s financial district and a short distance from the Eaton Centre is a state-of-the-art mall. For drinks after work and delicious meals go to the Cactus Club Café, located in the same building as the World Trade Centre. For a healthy and quick lunch go to Eat Carver.

3. DISTILLERY DISTRICT The Distillery District is one of Toronto’s coolest and most interesting areas filled with exciting attractions and a fascinating history. Currently, you’ll find some of the hottest boutiques, cafes, artisan shops, art galleries, award-winning restaurants and performance venues here.

4. ART GALLERY OF TORONTO Visit the Art Gallery of Toronto, with more than 80,000 masterpieces from the first century through the present day. You’ll find quite a unique collection of paintings, photographs, sculptures and other works from Canada and around the world.


BUSINESS TALK WTC-NL asked 8 entrepreneurs the following questions

1. Which business trip impressed you most? 2. In what way does your company work in an international context? 3. If your company could conquer a country, what country would it be?


1. That was on a business trip I made to Canada for Voetbal International. During the FIFA Women’s World Cup, I toured the country for five weeks, visiting Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal and Vancouver. 2. FlowSports represents the interests of female soccer players who participate at the highest levels of various international competitions. An important issue is my network of clubs and maintaining them. I have contacts in countries ranging from Japan to England and from Germany to the USA. 3. In that case I would hope to conquer the USA. The States are reigning world champions and in my opinion have the strongest league in the world. Besides, the sport is totally accepted over there, something that is not always the case in Europe.

Leonie Blokhuis Director Flowsports

WTC AMSTERDAM Bert Verschoor Director Zuidas Travel

1. One time, years ago, when I was working in Central America, I had to go to Golfito. This is a free-trading area in the south of Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean. The trip took us in a four-seater plane over the mountains, landing next to a bus stop on a bumpy strip of grass in a clearing between the trees. Then it started to rain so heavily that I was afraid the hotel would be flooded. When it finally stopped I had the best steak ever, in a little place run by a Hungarian chef. 2. has customers from around the world because we work for international companies. In addition online bookings are made on our website from abroad. And of course we communicate on a daily basis by phone and email with airlines, hotels and car rental agencies based all over the world. Anything is possible – from New York to Panama and from Tokyo to Melbourne. 3. Spain, because I’ve worked in Spanish-speaking countries before. Success in Spain can serve as a springboard to Latin America, where the culture and mentality is similar. Spain has a great climate and is not too far away. I think I might be able to convince my family to come with me.


Business talk

WTC ALMERE Lourens Stamhuis Managing Director, Uniglobe Travel

WTC SCHIPHOL AIRPORT Daan Lenderink Schiphol Travel Director

1. As the owner of a travel management company for business travel, events and incentive trips, I myself travel a lot. One of the highlights was the organization of an event where we chartered our own cruise ship for our client’s 400 guests. The event kicked off in Dubrovnik with stopovers on Mljet and Hvar, where we enjoyed fantastic outdoor activities supervised by a well-known professional sportsman. On the last evening there was a party with a Dutch DJ that lasted well into the night. The following morning the guests awoke to the stunning sights of Venice. 2. From our offices in the Netherlands we work closely with our partners in over sixty countries. That allows us to help our clients who also have offices in various countries. Our international organization ‘Global Solutions’ is therefore able to offer solutions to any demand. I often visit my colleagues in affiliated countries to share knowledge and experience. Very inspiring. 3. Because we are already located in so many countries, there is no real need to conquer a country ourselves. Looking at the events we organized for hospitality & service, I learned the most in Japan. I’ve never visited a country with a higher level of service. People often think that service was invented in the States, but over there you will mostly find a mediocre form of hospitality. For that reason I would want to conquer the US after all.

1. From a professional perspective, the major airport hubs in the Middle East – Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar – impress me most. The favourable business environment induces a different work ethic. The neo-liberal climate is characterized by less complex social legislation, fewer regulations, far higher labour participation and lower taxes. As a result, products and services are far more economical than in the Eurozone and therefore growth is expected to further increase in the coming years. 2. We operate on an international basis from our locations at Schiphol and Heathrow. In the UK we have been serving larger players on the British market since 2000 with a full-service product. The UK is a major market with many businesses located in both the Netherlands and the UK. 3. We see many opportunities in the United States. The economy is currently doing well and has climbed out of the recession a lot faster than Europe. Through our network we are already collaborating with many major players in the States but when it comes to service there are still plenty of opportunities for us in the US. Particularly when it comes to service in the maritime sector where we have a very strong presence.



WTC LEEUWARDEN Tjeerd Koppenol Area Sales Manager Austria, Belgium, Italy, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America Stertil-Koni

WTC THE HAGUE Martijn van Hoogenhuijze Senior Account Manager for Safety & Security InnnovationQuarter

1. I always find any first visit to a ‘new’ country or city impressive. A following visit to that same country can sometimes be even more striking when visiting different places and meeting different people. A recent trip I made through Ecuador, to Guayaquil, Quito and the surrounding area, left a deep impression on me. The incredible hospitality of the locals, the endless banana plantations and sugar cane fields, the hazardous local roads and the stunning nature and history. 2. Stertil-Koni has its own production in the Netherlands, USA and China and sells hydraulic lifting systems for heavy vehicles such as buses, lorries, trains, trams, army vehicles and aircraft tractors all over the world. We have our own sales offices in the Netherlands, UK, Turkey, Germany, France, Poland, China and the States and we work with independent global distributors. Stertil-Koni is a market leader in this sector. 3. Although we are represented in over 60 countries, many challenges remain for us to strengthen and maintain our presence in those countries. I would like to conquer Mexico and set up a good basis. There are plenty of opportunities for us in the tourist bus industry – maintenance and repairs. It’s a matter of finding the right local partner.

1. The economic mission to Tokyo, which was organized by the Dutch government last year and headed by Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs, made a big impression on me. One of the topics was Cyber Security. For me, the most interesting part was becoming acquainted with the Japanese culture and way of doing business. Both totally different from what we are used to in the West. 2. InnovationQuarter is the regional development company for the province of South Holland. We finance innovative and fast-growing companies, assist foreign enterprises in establishing themselves in South Holland and help set up collaboration between innovative entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and the government. I’m currently in Dubai with 12 companies, at major technology and security trade fair Gitex, on behalf of The Hague Security Delta. I’m there to attract businesses interested in setting up a legal entity in the Netherlands. 3. We collaborate with international entrepreneurs from around the world. Because we focus on security, a number of countries stand out, such as the USA, Canada, Israel, South Africa, the UK, India, Singapore and Japan. We have formalized our collaboration with a number of these countries such as Canada and the US, and we have developed what we call ‘soft landing programmes’. This means that a company in the Netherlands can test the waters in those countries and vice versa. Companies are provided with office space for a couple of weeks and are actively introduced to the network in that particular country. We joined forces with embassies and other regional development companies of which the industry can take full advantage. 30

WTC EINDHOVEN Ruud van Eijzeren Business Development Manager ENSA Machine Bouw B.V.

WTC ROTTERDAM Eliza Alberts Managing Partner (VAT) at Tytho

1. There are two. Israel, cradle of many religions and with its terrible history after the holocaust including the resulting immense differences and ensuing problems. Israeli society is still saddled with those experiences. It is a beautiful country, highly developed and with a very high level of knowledge but it is also a country with a clear threat looming from the neighbouring region. Secondly, Colombia, a beautiful country with very friendly and hospitable people who live in social economic conditions that are, as yet, far from favourable. Hopefully the efforts made over the years by President Santos and the FARC - which have now apparently led to peace - will bear fruit so that the economy, including the international economy, improves for all Colombians. 2. ENSA Machine Bouw has been engineering and producing cigar-making machinery for almost 20 years. Roughly 90% of the total turnover is realized outside of the Netherlands. Our markets lie in North and South Europe, North and South America and Asia. We service all leading cigar manufacturers. 3. ENSA plans to further expand its international activities by establishing itself in locations where our clients have production facilities. One of those will be the Dominican Republic, the centre of the world when it comes to the manufacture of cigars. A following step will be the Asian continent. ENSA already conquered this market as a main supplier, with our top-level quality and flexibility. We will now bring our service even closer to our clients.

1. One business trip that made an impression on me was a trip to India. This country has a totally different culture compared to Western countries. Living conditions and social norms and values stand in stark contrast to European countries. For example, in India it is common not to contradict a superior on the work floor, or to be silent when you don’t understand something. As a European it is important to be aware of this and to adjust your actions accordingly. 2. Actually, it’s all we do. We are mainly engaged in computerising taxation. When a company buys and sells products in the Netherlands, only Dutch VAT is involved. This becomes far more complex, when, for example, someone buys books in England and sells them in Germany. Companies with that level of complexity are almost always international businesses. Our clients can be found in countries such as the US, Switzerland or Denmark. 3. That’s a tough question. Because our market is international there’s no real question of ‘conquering’ a country. If I had to name a market it would be the German market. We are not yet very active there. In countries such as the UK, Switzerland and the US there is plenty of movement and we have sufficient meetings. The German market, however, seems to be more closed, despite their geographical proximity to us.


OnYvaTous! Your partner for business events in the inspiring French Riviera, a mere 2-hour flight from Amsterdam. Make your event phenomenal, with sunny weather and beaches that guarantee an effective and extraordinary business trip! Subscribe to our newsletter and win a bottle of Champagne with our monthly giveaway. Visit



A little more casual, just as tasteful Hotel Okura Amsterdam boasts four restaurants, including Serre. You’ll find Serre to be slightly different compared to the other restaurants in Hotel Okura. Smart, pleasant and a little more casual. “In Amsterdam no day is the same, and so our customers’ demands change too. This prompted us to give Serre a make-over,” says Marc van der Tang. The chef has worked at Hotel Okura for twelve years. First at gourmet restaurant Ciel Bleu and for the past five years at Serre. RELAXING, OPEN ATMOSPHERE Serre has looked carefully at what is going on in Amsterdam and has developed many new elements to become more accessible. The tie has given way to sneakers. “We would like to attract more local guests,” says Marc. “We are still in line with Okura, but with a concept that is better suited to Amsterdam. Guests are finding it appealing to have dinner at Serre on an ordinary weekday. It was quite a challenge to let go of the cuisine style inspired by Ciel Bleu, but we have. At Serre you can have dinner in a relaxing and open atmosphere and you are welcome dressed in jeans and sneakers.”

STRIVING FOR PERFECTION Serre, open daily between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., is a great place to enjoy international specialties. Anything from a cup of good coffee to a delicious business lunch, afternoon drinks or dinner. “Our identity may have changed, but we still strive for perfection, even when it comes to relatively simple dishes. At Serre we present familiar dishes with our own twist.” Text: Nicole Pak & Iris van Iersel

TOP DISHES FROM THE MENU CAESAR SALAD turkey, shrimp or plain STEAK TARTARE prepared at your table RIB EYE OR ENTRECÔTE from Holstein-Friesian Beef WAGYU HAMBURGER with Amsterdam pickle A CHOICE OF FRUITS DE MER CHARCUTERIE ANNIVERSARY OFFERS LUNCH MENU € 30,2 courses with one glass of wine and tea/coffee DINNER MENU € 50,3 courses with 3 glasses of wine and tea/coffee Call +31 (0)20 678 74 50 to make your reservation ‘When making your reservation, please indicate you are would like to make use of Serre’s anniversary offer.’ SERRE HOTEL OKURA AMSTERDAM Ferdinand Bolstraat 333 +31 (0)20 678 74 50







Anytime we travel, we obviously always try to pack our suitcase or hand luggage as economically as possible. The Kensington Absolutepower™ weighs less and takes up less space in your bag. This gadget is a laptop, phone and tablet charger in one. Suitable for Chromebooks, laptops, smartphones and Ultrabooks. Kensington Absolutepower - €109,99

Take the best pictures anywhere in the world, even up to 40m under water with GoPro HERO4. It is the first sports cam fitted out with an interactive touch screen. You can easily share your film clips or pictures with your friends or send them to your smartphone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It’s child’s play. GoPro HERO4 Silver Adventure Edition - €364,95




We have to admit this item might not be the most appealing sleeping companion, but trust us, you’ll soon forget all about that once you’ve experienced the comfort of the Ostrich Pillow and travelling becomes a dream. Wake up without an extreme jetlag. The filling made from polystyrene microbeads makes this pillow soft on all sides. It also serves to absorb sound and shocks, to make your trip more comfortable than ever before. Ideal for long journeys by train or plane. Ostrich pillow - €80,00

The Kobo Aura H20 can really be taken anywhere. It is the first premium e-reader with a water and dust resistant design, ideal for on the beach, in the bath tub and in bed. Lugging heavy books around has become a thing of the past, because the Kobo Aura has room for up to 3,000 books. Kobo Aura H20 e-reader - €179,99

Travelling with neatly ironed shirts? The anti-wrinkle sleeve by Moore & Giles, designed specifically for shirts, ensures your clothes reach your destination without any creases. The handmade leather shirt pack fits up to five shirts. Moore & Giles anti-kreukhoes - $210,00


Text: Milou Peeters | Photography: Davien Hulsman



Over the past decades expats have always been rather traditional, in the sense that they were usually families sent abroad for a period of five years or more. Today we see a different type of expat emerging as generation (Y) expats are hired for shorter periods of time. Each type of expat requires a different approach and the entire relocation itself is an immense undertaking. That is why Bristol Global Mobility, an expert in relocation management, is keen to take this burden off the shoulders of global companies. Expat has become ‘assignee’ With over 17 years’ experience, Managing Director Jan Koets and Director of Business Development Bas van Ravensberg know all the ins and outs of the expat sector. “We are seeing major developments in the international world of business. A new generation of expats is appearing. More often than not these are younger people on shorter postings, known as assignees. They require a different type of support,” explains Bas. Jan continues: “The management of staff relocation is becoming more of a cost item for organizations and is viewed less as a strategic function of the organization. There is a strong market trend where multinationals no longer support their expats themselves but successfully outsource the management and implementation of the entire relocation process to us.” Everyone is happy Bristol Global Mobility initially establishes relations with the organization itself, which can be at an international, European or local level. “One of the most important aspects of the relocation process is cost management. Bristol Global Mobility drafts a comprehensive cost estimate including modules such as housing costs and local taxes,” Jan explains. Bas adds: “Then we introduce a Bristol account manager to the organization and one of our mobility coordinators to the assignee. They take care of everything, in keeping with the company’s policy of course. We 35

aim for a best-in-class service whereby we navigate between the wishes of both parties: we want to keep both the multinational and transferee wholly satisfied.” Personal and independent In contrast to some of its competitors, Bristol Global Mobility operates completely independently. That gives them the flexibility to work with everyone in the supply chain. Jan: “As an example, take the hiring of external professionals worldwide, such as local estate agents, tax advisors and immigration experts. The fact that we are not part of any real estate organizations or insurance companies means that there are no other interests, allowing us to act with complete independence.” Bas adds: “In addition, personal contact is foremost. As our CEO Joe Cardini says, ‘making true connections in a human-to-human environment.’ We always look for the solutions that fit the client and we are very flexible in that respect. Each family situation is different, there are no fixed rules that apply. We enter into a personal collaboration with the transferee and the multinational. That is our strength.” +31 (0)20 237 49 00





ots of people complain about travelling on business. They find long queues at airports, delays and annoying fellow travellers particularly irksome. Me, on the other hand, I start to complain when I don’t have any trips planned. For me travel is a ritual, my own personal type of meditation. I see travel as a bubble, where I go in and instantly become relaxed. I know my seat. I know the gates. I look at the people around me and wonder about their stories. The feeling of looking out of a plane window, listening to my favourite music, the engine turning on, the long runway and then…take off. For me, this is always a pleasure. Long distances and adventures. The peace is in the limited amount of choices. You can’t get out, your phone can’t ring, and you simply need to stay put. I am not looking forward to the moment WiFi becomes available on all

Wineke Haagsma is Corporate Responsibility Officer at PwC the Netherlands. Since 2012 Wineke’s role expanded to include the coordination PwC’s CR across EMEA Cluster. She travels regularly in this role, to destinations in Europe and to other parts of the world including Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.


flights. I love to work during flights, I always do it, but I would rather continue to feel like I’m finally getting rid of emails instead of receiving new ones at the same time. What could be more wonderful than the feeling of being high above the clouds and temporarily cut off from the world below? You can focus on what lies ahead; the promise of new land, new adventures, new places to explore. I always wonder what’s around the next corner. MEETING PEOPLE, HOLDING HANDS Whenever I travel, I love discovering new cultures and I feel blessed with the insights these cultures give me. I met a guy in Indonesia who didn’t want to receive a tip even though he was saving for a ticket to go and see his parents for the first time in ages. I visited a family in Bagan, Myanmar, and they offered me all the food they had left for the entire week. I also learn a lot in international meetings with Americans, Latinos and Asian people at the same time. These meetings provide food for thought and I feel culturally enriched through these experiences. Connecting with people is easier while travelling. Even with your own colleagues. I remember I was coming back from a meeting in Zurich and, as it turned out, there was a massive storm over Amsterdam. After sitting on the tarmac for hours, we finally took off. The flight was bumpy, and as we were about to land at Schiphol Airport the plane suddenly swerved to the left, then to the right….I was really scared. I saw the runway, but instead of going in for the landing, the plane went up again at a steep angle, up up up, gaining altitude quickly and shaking. Once we were back up in the air, I finally noticed my colleague and I were holding hands. THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL Resource scarcity, technological breakthroughs and a pervasive shift in customer behaviour are going to change the way we travel. We share cars, drive electric vehicles, our trains run on wind energy and the typical Dutch mode of transportation, the bike, is becoming more popular in many countries all around the world. I still prefer to travel by bike here in the Netherlands. My bike allows me to be flexible and free, it is environmentally friendly and a good way to invest in my own health. Fossil fuels are a thing of the past, as far as I’m concerned. Those riding bicycles in their everyday lives don’t need to be convinced of this fact, the car industry is developing rapidly, but I wonder….. could we hurry up and invest more in new technologies for cleaner alternatives to kerosene to make flying more sustainable? What about biofuel, or solar energy and similar innovations? Conference calls and other online meeting facilities save a lot of money, reduce the negative impact on the environment and save a lot of time. But as Richard Branson said: who needs more time or more money? I want to go on adventures and set foot on new soil. But preferably in a way that allows our future generations to do the same. Window seat, front of the plane. Ready for take off. 36



INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: ‘ROAD TO GERMANY’ WTC Eindhoven and founding member Holla Advocaten have joined forces. In September, WTC E started organizing ‘Road To’ events; seminars with a focus on international business. During the first seminar, ‘Road to Germany’, the pitfalls and opportunities of doing business with our neighbours to the East were discussed. Ferry Weelen, corporate lawyer and partner at Holla Advocaten, is keynote speaker at these seminars. “Which legal pitfalls are there? During these seminars I offer first legal aid in case of emergency.”

Mr Weelen, 49, has worked for Holla Advocaten for almost 25 years and has been an international law and corporate law specialist his entire career. In addition to law, he also studied French and Italian. “I am a law professional with a passion for language and culture.” Mr Weelen is also a member of the board of the ELF (European Law Firm), the first European collective of independent law firms from many different European countries. It’s clear WTC Eindhoven had good reason to ask Mr Weelen to speak at events including Road to Germany. Key issues “Germans have a thriving industry and great products, but they lack a go-getter attitude and business acumen for selling products. We have an abundance of this in the Netherlands. This combination is the ticket to great success. To successfully take advantage of the opportunities, as an entrepreneur in Germany you need to take differences in culture and the law into account.” “For example, there are legal differences in terms of contracts and legal entities. A German GMBH is not

a Dutch BV. Germans have more confidence in judges. Legal proceedings are initiated more often and settlements occur less frequently.” Germans are generally more methodical and precise than Dutch people, according to Mr Weelen. “They can be trusted to honour their agreements. You agree to something and you do what you have promised to do. This is tied into the German concept of pünktlichkeit. Germans like this to be clear and transparent. Details are important and surprises should be avoided at all cost. Germans are a risk-averse bunch. In short, when you go into negotiations with a German, you have to be much more prepared than you would be going into a negotiation with a Dutch person.” A new country for each seminar WTC E decided that the focus of the first seminar should be Germany, because the German economy is the largest economy in Europe and Germany is our neighbour. “Belgium was our second choice: the ‘Road to Belgium’. We decided to start with our neighbouring countries, as there was a great need for information about doing business with them.” The seminar on Belgium will be held on Monday 14 November. Other European markets will also get their own seminars, including: France, Scandinavia, the UK, Eastern Europe and Italy. Mr Weelen will be the keynote speaker at each of these events. 37



On the move

‘IT’S VERY EASY TO ADJUST TO LIFE HERE IN AMSTERDAM’ When Craig Mildenhall (35) and his fiancée booked two one-way tickets to the Netherlands from Wellington, New Zealand two years ago, they had no jobs lined up and no place to live, but they were ready for the adventure of a lifetime. The two made Amsterdam their new home and are now loving life in the nation’s capital. Craig works at Adidas HQ in Amsterdam, where he heads up the CRM Team for Western Europe eCom. What’s your job at Adidas? “I look after a team of six and we are responsible for CRM for Western Europe eCom for both the Adidas and Reebok brands. The Western Europe eCom department is responsible for 17 markets, in 11 languages. As CRM professionals we take care of communications and we build relationships with consumers, mainly through email marketing at the moment.” How did you find a place to live? “Adidas helped us find an apartment when we first arrived. The company gave us a temporary place to live for the first month. It took us a while to find something permanent and we had some bad luck during our search, so we ended up cutting it quite close to the deadline. It basically got down to not having a place on a Monday morning and our month’s lease was up on Thursday. I was at work so Jenna looked at the last place on Monday afternoon and luckily it was just right, we expressed our interest and we moved in on Thursday. I didn’t even get to see the place until we moved in. We are still there though, so everything worked out really well. It’s also the first time I’ve ever lived in an apartment, as I have always lived in detached houses with nice back gardens in New Zealand. We don’t even have a balcony at our current place. Apartment living is on the rise back home, but most people wouldn’t live in the city centre.” Did you have trouble settling in in the Netherlands? “Once the job and the apartment were sorted, everything fell into place. We both work with a lot of expats so it’s been easy to start a new life here in the Netherlands and we even have a few mates living here who are from our hometown in New Zealand. We still only have a few Dutch friends, but Amsterdam as a city is very easy to adjust to.” Did you have to make a lot of changes to your life? “It did help that my mum is Dutch, born in New Zealand. My grandma and grandpa emigrated to New Zealand in the fifties, so Dutch culture wasn’t completely foreign to me. The Dutch and Kiwis aren’t too dissimilar in how we look at life. Both are pragmatic, love the outdoors, love sports and don’t take things too seriously. Nevertheless, there are obvious differences in the lack of accessible nature you have here and I never thought I would miss hills and mountains, but I do. My weekend snowboarding has been basically non-existent since I arrived. “ What is the biggest difference between the Netherlands and New Zealand? “The Dutch do like to plan and structure things a little bit more. Us Kiwis have this saying that ‘she’ll be right’ which means that everything will work out in the end, and we are more open to improvising or having a spur of the 39

moment BBQ with friends, but here you have to plan ahead a little bit more. Work/life balance is great in this country and the Dutch have this nailed much more than back home. While Kiwis do believe family time is important, it can feel like people are always rushing around at times. The openness/bluntness of the Dutch was something I had to get used to but it is something that I now love. You know where you stand with people, which is great. New Zealanders can be closed off at times. The greatest difference and the thing both Jenna and I love the most is the fact that we can travel as much as we do. We made a pact to travel somewhere new at least once every 3-4 weeks and have kept this up so far. It is so easy here, you just jump on a plane and in an hour or so you are in a new country with a new culture. New Zealand can feel isolated at times with Australia as its closest neighbour at 4 hours away.” What have you learned from the Dutch? “How to be upfront and honest, in other words, learning to be more blunt like the Dutch. What’s great about it is that you always know where you stand and there is no bullshit, which I love.” What’s the nicest place in the Netherlands? “Well Amsterdam, definitely. We both love living here. We often say it’s like living in a postcard. The city is small like a village but still feels like a big international city. I love biking everywhere and I don’t miss my car at all. If I had to pick another city though it would be Delft, we both really like it there.” Text: Frank van Bergen | Photography: Wouter van Irssel


WORK ANYWHERE WITH VOIP AND COMPX Companies are increasingly switching to Cloud computing, creating workplaces that know no borders - literally. Unfortunately, telephone systems are still lagging behind, forcing you and your employers to continue to work from the office. CompX has developed cloud-based telephony solutions that make it easy for employees to use their smartphone as a landline. When using VoIP, an analogue or digital phone line is no longer necessary. That means that 99.8% of the time, you can be reached anywhere on earth. In other words: the world is your new workplace. Work anywhere! We have listed the major benefits of VoIP below. Financially attractive You save on investment costs because you no longer require a switchboard. Your only expense will be the purchase of telephones. Cloud-based telephony also means no maintenance costs, so you will save considerable amounts on labour fees. At CompX you also pay a low standard flat fee, which includes unlimited calls. In practice this means that an international entrepreneur can make calls to his sites abroad for free. CompX also provides customers with a clear financial overview, thanks to this flat fee and the fact that you only pay per user. Is your business growing or shrinking? Then we will adjust the phone system to suit your needs.

Over 150 functionalities With VoIP you can make calls independent of location and at a fair rate, and an exciting extra 150 functionalities. These include, for example, conference calls, call recordings and the click-to-dial option, where a phone number is linked directly to the click-to-dial function. This wide range of options offers you all possible convenience when it comes to a phone system.

Would you like to learn more about VoIP and what CompX can do for you? Visit our website and request a free meeting with one of our staff, no strings attached.


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FACTS & FIGURES ABOUT BARCELONA WORLD TRADE CENTER The World Trade Center offers a prestige setting on Barcelona’s waterfront and minutes from downtown Barcelona.

The structure of the building was inspired by the shape of a transatlantic liner, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and created by American architect Henry N. Cobb. The arrangment of the four buildings create a central plaza of 2500 square meters, where shops and restaurants provide services to the users of the complex.

There is a total of 35,000 square meters of office space to rent, a conference center and 20 meeting rooms. Apart from the finest views, WTC Barcelona has an extensive range of shops and services, among them parking facilities, all right beside the Mediterranean and on Barcelona’s most well-connected main road. 42

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The World Trade Center is one of the most important economic centers of the city. The business park is 130,000 square meters in size. Fitness Club by WTCB is an exclusive gym for clients of the business complex, featuring the latest benefits, leading-edge fitness machines and sports accessories, and a professional team of trainers to guide your workout.

The five-star Grand Marina Luxe Hotel has 291 rooms, with in its lobby an impressive circular staircase designed by Leohming Pei, who also designed the famous pyramids at The Louvre. The World Trade Center is situated next to the Torre Jaume I, a 107-metre high steel truss tower, built in 1931. It’s the second-tallest aerial lift pylon in the world and a true eyecatcher. 43

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