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The Netherlands may be in recession but the


popularity of film remains unchanged. 2011 was a

Pathé also offers corporate screenings. Films

great year, but in 2012 the number of cinema visits

can be shown at a private screening for company

in the Netherlands saw an increase of as much as

contacts or staff. ‘We help make sure the content

at 30.6 million. Pathé, which originates in France,

is appropriate for the target,’ says Staines. ‘For

has grown into a very strong consumer brand. But

example, the film about Apple icon Steve Jobs is

companies are increasingly aware of the fact that

creating quite a stir among internet companies.

film canbe used to match their ambitions as well.

We can set up corporate screenings of our Specials, like a performance by the Bolshoi Ballet


or the New York Metropolitan Opera. We can

Pathé Business’s services are divided into three

also create a complete package around the film,

main areas: auditorium rental, vouchers and

with dinner or drinks for example.’

corporate screenings. Renting space at a Pathé complex amounts to more than simply handing


over a key. ‘Thanks to our excellent contacts with

The third area Pathé focuses on is vouchers,

event organisers and technical service companies,

either in the form of a physical product or an

we can fulfill almost any wish you may have,’

e-ticket. ‘Almost everyone loves film, so vouchers

To find out more about

says Staines. ‘Take, for example, broadcasting a

make a great corporate gift,’ says Staines. ‘But you

Pathé’s business services,

production presentation live via internet or

can also use vouchers as an incentive for your

go to

satellite. On a cinema screen, everything

staff. And we are happy to help companies

or ring 020 6358581

is larger than life. A power point presentation

work out the best way of using incentives to

You can also email

cannot compete with the silver screen for impact.’

reach their targets.’

Live PerFormaNces 2013-2014 PatHÉ oPera tHe metroPoLitaN oPera

PatHÉ baLLet boLsHoi

5 october 2013 tcHaikovsky - eUGeNe oNeGiN

1 marcH 2014 boroDiN - PriNce iGor

15 sePtember 2013 GaLa Het NatioNaLe baLLet (eNcore)

26 october 2013 sHostakovicH - De NeUs

15 marcH 2014 masseNet - WertHer

20 october 2013 sPartacUs

9 November 2013 PUcciNi - tosca

5 aPriL 2014 PUcciNi - La boHÈme

17 November 2013 Le corsaire (eNcore)

14 December 2013 verDi - FaLstaFF

26 aPriL 2014 mozart - cosÌ FaN tUtte

22 December 2013 sLeePiNG beaUty (eNcore)

8 FebrUary 2014 Dvoˇrák - rUsaLka

10 may 2014 rossiNi - La ceNereNtoLa

19 jaNUary 2014 jeWeLs

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2 FebrUary 2014 Lost iLLUsioNs 30 marcH 2014 tHe GoLDeN aGe


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Hello Zuidas #9  

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