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Bouwens Groep: from client contact to client experience The Bouwens Groep specialises in ensuring that both clients and staff get the best possible first impression of a company. It does this by providing a company with receptionists and security officials who are specially trained to be client-friendly. ‘I would go so far as saying that thanks to our staff, we can transform an office into a hotel without beds,’ says director Michael Bouwens.

‘We can transform an office into a hotel without beds’ Michael Bouwens



The Bouwens Groep is growing fast in Zuidas, and this is partly

Both visitors and staff should be ensured of a proper welcome.

due to the refreshing outlook of its director Michael Bouwens.

‘This is particularly important now that flexible working is so

‘Receptionists and security officials are often the first members

popular,’ says Bouwens. ‘The office should be a meeting place

of staff people see, they are the gateway to a company,’ he says.

where you feel at home .’ This means Bouwens’ receptionists

‘We have translated the service ethic from hotels and airlines to

and security officials not only contribute to making a perfect first

offices. We have swapped the idea of contact with clients for the

impression, but also help make sure the workplace is a friendly

concept of client experience and we make sure visitors get the

place to be.

best impression from the very start.’

GOOD MATCH The Bouwens Groep achieves this by making sure it only employs staff with hospitality in their blood. ‘It has to be in your DNA,’ says Bouwens. ‘Our training programme ensures we get the best out of the individual and that we carry a high standard of professionality. This, in turn, ensures our staff are able to provide

Michael Bouwens

BOUWENS GROEP Rokin 115 1012 KP Amsterdam 020 642 28 20

a top-notch and appropriate welcome. Every company is different and we make sure our receptionists and security officials are the right people in the right firm.’

Text: Jasmijn Beerthuis


Hello Zuidas #9  
Hello Zuidas #9  

Hello Zuidas September/Oktober 2013