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The Crowning Accessory to Royal Ascot Style. We are delighted to bring you our 2021 Royal Ascot Millinery Collective, in association with Fenwick, our Official Royal Ascot Millinery Sponsor. Royal Ascot is, and always has been, synonymous with sartorial elegance. This is upheld by our Royal Ascot Dress Code and annual Style Guide, which invite guests to take inspiration from the summer season’s key trends and contribute to an occasion heralded as a major fashion event in its own right. After a year of uncertainty and lockdowns, this year’s Royal Meeting will truly herald the return of occasionwear when it opens its doors in June as one of the first occasions for more than a year where Britain can get dressed up. Innovative millinery remains the crowning accessory for the Royal Meeting and the Royal Ascot Millinery Collective, now in its sixth year, provides a platform to celebrate the best of British millinery after a challenging year for these artisan designers due to Covid-19. Each designer has a strong affiliation with horse racing and has been integral in launching this beautiful collection with many of the designs drawing inspiration from nature which has been such a welcome retreat for so many over the past year. The ongoing support from Fenwick strengthens the esteemed collection further, thanks to the exceptionally-curated designer fashion and world-class millinery for which this British institute is recognised – you can find all 10 designs stocked exclusively in their Bond Street store. For further information about Royal Ascot 2021, our Dress Codes and the stories behind what makes the Royal Meeting a world like nowhere else, visit

#RoyalAscot All featured fashion stocked at Fenwick.

I am delighted with the return of the public to Royal Ascot. It is always the highlight of my summer season and I think we are all eager to dress up in our Royal Ascot finery! My headpiece this year is inspired by English rose gardens, showcasing luxurious fabrics to create a timeless piece that is

quintessentially British.


Juliette Botterill Floral Teardrop, £620 Exclusively stocked at Fenwick

Beverley Edmondson Summer Meadows, £425 Exclusively stocked at Fenwick

Summer meadows and their flowers were the inspiration for this design. This piece

merging of nature and high fashion represents the

in an appreciation for everything nature has to offer, especially as many of us would have spent much more time outdoors in the last year. Using traditional straw braid millinery techniques expresses how time moves forwards but traditional skills still play their part in creating something thoroughly modern. This contrast can be applied to Royal Ascot – entrenched in heritage but leading in its showcase of modern fashion. We can’t wait to see hats adorning heads for Royal Ascot in a celebration of everything we have missed in the last year;

fashion, friends, family and celebration.


The return of people to Royal Ascot brings such

incredible joy

– 5 days of exhilarating horse-racing, set against the heavenly backdrop of high fashion hats – our two ultimate passions re-combined and back with a bang!

Our design for 2021 is inspired by nature and a fresh reset of renewed energies. We chose tassels for their softness and fluidity – a form to gently symbolise the natural transition between face masks and

a brighter and more open future.


Emily London Demeter, £1,800 Exclusively stocked at Fenwick

Rachel Trevor-Morgan Fleurs de Prairie, £1,785 Exclusively stocked at Fenwick

Our 2021 Collective hat is a delicate floral disc

evoking Spring and positivity.

The return of spectators to Royal Ascot means everything to British milliners. We all missed the style and fashion at this most important of racing events last year. It is always the focal point of our season.


I’m so happy that people will return to Royal Ascot this Summer, just on a smaller scale.

sense of togetherness over something so It will bring a

quintessentially British as the Royal Meeting. Whether a garden party or at Ascot itself, a lot of fun and a splash of colour will be had by all! And not forgetting it’s a great excuse


show your flare and style by dressing elegantly for the occasion.

The collaboration piece is a unique Jane Taylor shape made in a fine vintage natural straw. Adorned with handmade orchids and a soft visor that sits way from the face. Inspired by the exotic varieties of orchids displayed in the Victorian glasshouse of Kew Gardens.


Jane Taylor Porcelain Crescent Moon, £1,490 Exclusively stocked at Fenwick

Philip Treacy OBE Feather Wave, £4,550 Exclusively stocked at Fenwick

I couldn’t be more thrilled about Royal Ascot this year! It is the ultimate marriage of the sport of kings, style, elegance, hats and royalty. Because of this combination it is unique and an important aspect of British identity. My design this year reflects the global circumstances.

It’s dramatic, impactful but hopeful.

Hats are fun and can take you away from the seriousness of life.


We are delighted to be a part of the Royal Ascot Millinery Collective and to see the return to racing, celebration, and quintessential British glamour.

Our piece, ‘Royal Enchanted Garden’

inspired by British summer-time celebrations


& Buckingham Palace Garden parties, with a tower of silk flowers perched elegantly upon a straw cocktail beret, all in a rich Royal red, with crystal veil delicately adorned with flower petals and a gracious sweep of ostrich quills. 16

Victoria Grant Royal Enchanted Garden, £2,759 Exclusively stocked at Fenwick

Julian Garner The Happiest Hat, £520 Exclusively stocked at Fenwick

To see happy faces once again, enjoying happier times, it is going to be

thrilling moment .

such a

Wear your hat with PRIDE.


‘Cumulus’ is an

fashion fantasy,

expression of

to put you smack back in the middle of the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot, where we haven’t been for a long time! 20

Stephen Jones OBE Cumulus, £390 Exclusively stocked at Fenwick

Rosie Olivia Azura, £715 Exclusively stocked at Fenwick

I am thrilled that Royal Ascot is back this year and honoured to be a part of the Millinery Collective 2021.

colourful, eccentric yet beautiful

Azura is a

straw creation adorned with silk roses and curled quills which makes this hat stand out from the crowd.


For enquiries please visit or call 020 7629 9161

Ascot Racecourse Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 7JX +44 (0)344 346 3000

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Royal Ascot Millinery Collective Brochure 2021  

The Crowning Accessory to Royal Ascot Style. We are delighted to bring you our 2021 Royal Ascot Millinery Collective, in association with F...

Royal Ascot Millinery Collective Brochure 2021  

The Crowning Accessory to Royal Ascot Style. We are delighted to bring you our 2021 Royal Ascot Millinery Collective, in association with F...

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