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Welcome to the 2nd edition of the ASC Amadeus quarterly newsletter. It has been an exciting and busy time since the release of our previous newsletter. The recent Iceland volcano incident has shown us the impact that nature can have on our lives. If ever proof was required that the GDS is still relevant to the travel business, I can only remind you all of how you may have used Amadeus to find alternate routes for your clients, time and again during this crises. As Amadeus, ASC is proud to have been able to provide a solution that assisted our travel agency partners to get your customers to their desired destination, or just safely back home. ASC has always kept its travel agency partners as the main focus of its business. Travel agencies that have met their quarterly segment productivity targets will receive incentives for their achievement. Furthermore, for your travel organization’s convenience, ASC offers to post your agency’s segments productivity on a monthly basis, in a secure manner on the Internet. Again, we thank the travel agencies for their overwhelming response to our request for nominations to access this Internet Service. All respondents will shortly receive a letter with their user names and passwords for the ease of accessing this information. Other agencies are encouraged to respond and avail of the same facility. You may have noticed the colorful balls throughout the pages of this issue, this is to inspire Amadeus users to become Brighter by using Amadues’ innovative technology, Bolder in our partnership, with Better proven results for your business. I cordially invite you all to visit and join our “ASC Amadeus” Facebook community to find out more about being Brighter, Bolder, and Better. Please refer to it regularly for the latest updates from ASC Amadeus, and to share your thoughts with the growing Amadeus family. In closing, as the month of Ramadan is upon us we at ASC wish you all a Blessed and Holy Ramadan.

Hani Al Salem

Amadeus - Kuwait

‫مبارك عليكم ال�شهر‬ ‫وع�ساكم من عواده‬

ASC General Manager

• Amadeus reports growth in the Middle East despite global economic downturn • Amadeus processes record number of airline passengers through its Altéa platform • Chauffeur Drive Booking on Amadeus

PAGE 3 • Amadeus rolls-out major ancillary services initiatives • ASC Visits the ATM • Fahaheed Roadshow • 2010 Q2 User Forum

PAGE 4/5 • Corporate Travel Trends • Challenges – Travel Management Companies • Amadeus Products and Solutions • Amadeus E-Travel Management • Amadeus Unique Value added service to Travel agents

PAGE 6/7 • ASC’s GDS Support Team • Before You Call The Help Desk • Recommended Do’s and Don’t

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2 News

Amadeus reports growth in the Middle East despite global economic downturn Amadeus highlighted its growth and sustained leadership across key markets and as one of the fastest growing distribution systems provider, Amadeus achieved a strong level of performance in 2009 in Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa, despite the slump in regional travel due to the global economic recession. In the Middle East and Africa region, Amadeus achieved a market share of close to 45% in 2009, a growth substantially higher than the industry as a whole. Despite a slow economy and a decrease in the total number of travel industry bookings in the Middle East and Africa, Amadeus showed resilience with a growth in bookings of more than 9 percentage points compared to the previous year. This is partly due to the migration of the 13 Arab Air Carriers Organisation (AACO) regional member Airlines, namely, Air Algérie, Afriqiyah Airways, EgyptAir, Etihad Airways, Kuwait Airways, Libyan Airlines, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Sudan Airways, Syrian Arab Airlines, Tunisair, Yemen Airways and Royal Air Maroc, who selected Amadeus as their exclusive distribution partner in a pioneering 10-year agreement. Furthermore, Amadeus expanded its reach, market share and headcount by opening three new fully-owned Amadeus Commercial Organisations in Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, making it AMADEUS REPORTS SOLID FIRST QUARTER PERFORMANCE the only global distribution services provider to have its Double digit year-on-year growth in both Distribution and IT business areas direct operation across virtually all markets in the Middle Year-on-year first quarter highlights (three months ended 31st March 2010) East. Amadeus also opened its Middle East Regional Hub Adjusted net income increased by 58.1% to €128.9m based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and appointed a Total revenues grew by 13.4% to €705.3m new team of senior executives to oversee the growth of Adjusted EBITDA improved by 26.1% to €280.3m Amadeus in these markets.

Amadeus processes record number of airline passengers through its Altéa platform Amadeus’ airline IT division has seen a strong uptake of its flagship solution, the Altéa Suite, which enables airlines to seamlessly manage their customers from their shopping experience to check-in. Over the course of 2009, Amadeus’ data centre processed 238 million passengers boarded from airlines using Altéa, 23% more than in the previous year. This represents 11% of the world’s air traffic . Since January 2009, Amadeus has migrated 31 airlines to one or more Altéa CMS (Customer Management solutions) modules and contracted 30 further airlines. In the last few months, Aegean Airlines and TAM became fully operational on Altéa CMS in time record migrations.

Amadeus’ migrations are gathering pace with 77% of its Altéa customer base already using the Altéa Reservations and Inventory modules. Some 22 airlines have already cut-over to the last module of the Suite, the Altéa Departure Control System (DCS), launched in 2007. Migrations to DCS will continue to be an important focus throughout 2010 with more than 20 projects in the pipeline. The Airline Global Services group which builds on Amadeus’ 20 year experience providing IT services to airlines, has to date undertaken consultancy and system integration projects with over 50 airlines, including Finnair and Icelandair in 2009.

Amadeus e-commerce also continued to be an area of expansion. In 2009 Amadeus launched Affinity Shopper, an extreme search solution for airlines websites, for which the company was awarded the PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit Award. Through this solution consumers can explore and select their trip based on their desired holiday experience, allowing them to ask online open questions such as “where can I go, what can I do, for what I want to spend?”. Amadeus e-commerce solutions generated approximately €10 billion of revenue for airlines during 2009.

Chauffeur Drive Booking on Amadeus We are pleased to inform you that effective May 2010, Amadeus have announced the release of new limousine functionality for Amadeus users. Amadeus agents will be able to directly book EK Chauffeur Drive Service for First & Business Class passengers (only CDD/

CDA). As an advantage to the travel agents. Amadeus GDS users don’t need to contact EK for limousines booking. These segments can now be booked directly in the Amadeus system. Please check the entry on page number 7.

News 3

Amadeus rolls-out major ancillary services initiatives Amadeus will enable airlines to maximize revenues profitably and deliver unmatched levels of customer service with a comprehensive and multi-channel Ancillary Services solution. Amadeus, the leading transaction processor and provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel and tourism industry, announces a number of initiatives as part of its commitment to deliver a comprehensive, multi-channel ancillary services solution to enable airlines to maximize revenue profitably and deliver unmatched levels of customer service. Amadeus implemented Electronic Miscellaneous Document Server (EMD Server) for Finnair. This solution enables airlines to issue, store, manage and distribute associated and standalone Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD),

the industry standard fulfillment document which is vital to the effective sale and management of ancillary services. Amadeus Ancillary Services enables Corsairfly to offer travellers the option to book additional baggage allowance so that they can, for example, pack all they need for a twoweek family holiday. Corsairfly files the fares for these services via ATPCo, which supplies fare data to all the major airfare pricing engines that reserve and ticket air travel. Ancillary service sales are fully integrated within the travel agent workflow removing the need for travel consultants to book

New Amadeus Training Structure at ASC: ASC Amadeus is pleased to announce that effective July 11th 2010 Amadeus started training in Fahaheel area for our valuable customers. This training center is facilitated with 10 class room seats and latest training equipments. Now you have a choice of attending Amadeus training at 3 locations. 1-ASC- Shuwaikh (Kuwait Free Trade Zone). 2- Fahaheel at Burgan Training Institute- Al Dabbous St. 3- ASC-Dawliya office behind Kuwait Airways Building.

ancillary services across multiple interfaces. Amadeus has developed a unique graphic catalogue display to enable travel agencies to easily view real time airline’s services offering. This catalogue automatically calculates the total price of all selected services and triggers the booking in 1 click, allowing travel agents to sell ancillary services quickly and efficiently.

Fahaheel Roadshow

ASC Amadeus was particularly pleased to be the first GDS to do a products and solutions Road Show specially for Fahaheel Travel Agents. The great response and the appreciation shown by the Fahaheel agencies ensures that ASC will take the Road Show to your area soon, wherever your travel agency may be. We truly thank all who participated.

Weekly training starts at 13:30 afternoon and ends at 16:00. In new training structure there are 3 levels of training Amadeus Basic /Amadeus Intermediate and /Amadeus Advance. For course objectives please visit our website go to Training and for enrollment click on APPLY NOW.

ASC Visits the ATM

The representatives of 50 travel agencies accepted ASC Amadeus sponsorship to visit the ATM in Dubai. It was a delightful experience traveling and sharing industry knowledge with such distinguished company.

2010 Q2 User Forum

We thank the travel agencies’ managers that attended the ‘Amadeus User Forum’ in June, for giving us an insight into current travel trends, and also for your valuable feedback on Amadeus products and services. During the User Forum Mr. Ahmed Youssef, Head of Special Projects Amadeus MENA, was there to listen to the Travel Agencies concerns and demands. We encourage our travel agencies to attend and participate in future forums by sending agenda items of your concern.

4 Products

Corporate Travel Trends by Mohammad Aqueel Technology is rapidly driving market changes and has changed the way corporate travel is now booked and managed. It is also an accepted fact that ‘Corporate Travel’ has become every Travel Management’s Company primary revenue generation stream. Corporate Travel Managers are now focusing on getting more out of their travel budgets as even major Corporations turn to the Internet for cost saving options. Additionally, as Corporate Travel Managers set their sights on travel policy compliance as a path to cost reduction, more attention is being given to converting ‘out of policy’ travelers. This calls for a dependable self-service and online booking tools solution that guarantees travel policy compliance and also provides a visual matrix showing fares available from both traditional and low cost carriers, as the Amadeus E-Travel Management Corporate booking tool. With Corporations under intense pressure to reduce costs and drive greater efficiency, the role of a Travel Management Company is to provide a solution that is able to control the way travel suppliers as airlines, and non-air providers, are considered, selected, sold and measured. Some of the travel management challenges faced by today’s Corporates are: • On Demand travel services • Preferred Suppliers Management • Implementation and Adoption of travel policies • Cost reduction and savings • Travel Expense tracking and management • Extensive and detailed reporting on expenditure, value for money and savings

Challenges – Travel Management Companies Working in a ‘ZERO Commission’ environment, Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are dependant on revenue from service fees for providing value and savings on air travel, and from the commissions realized from non-air sales to the Corporations that they service. Travel Management Companies should invest in retaining and growing their Corporate customer base by improving their customer service, and showing cost savings to their Corporate customers by complying with the Corporation’s prescribed travel policies and guidelines. Hiring a huge number of expert consultants is a short term and an expensive option. A more cost effective and efficient solution lies in providing the Business Corporations with a travel booking tool that is easy to use, but which does not compromise on enforcing travel policy, providing measurable options as access to Low Cost Carriers (LCCs), and reporting on savings. A modern Travel Management Company (TMC) must provide viable online options to both its Corporate and Leisure customers. Also important to the TMC’s operations are electronic customers’ profiles that can be shared between the in house GDS platform and their Internet booking offering. Add to this the TMC’s need for Work

Flow standardization, and complex Service Fee Structure management, and the TMCs challenge seem daunting indeed. Other useful Amadeus solutions are the Quality Control (QC) and e-Power. QC enables the TMC to standardize services within different sales sections and the tool can also be used to enhance cross selling and restrict sales whenever the Business Corporations credit is not up to the mark. e-Power is an evolving B2C sales tool that is already integrated with the Destinations of the World non-air offering to make it a very attractive option for leisure travelers that are looking for easy to use booking solutions. Amadeus Products and Solutions– We take care of your technology while you take care of your travel Your business has been evolving from the day it was founded and needs your constant attention. You are also aware of the technology revolution in travel and try and match your resources to make your organization competitive in terms of travel technology. With many travel agencies investing valuable resources in redeveloping existing solutions, when they should in fact be focusing on the strategic use of technology, the answer is to leave the technology provision to Amadeus,

and invest instead in the sales and marketing strategies that will utilize the state-of-theart travel Amadeus solutions to retain and grow your customer base. This will enable you to save money on developers, technology infrastructure, the deployment lifecycle, and also endless worry on whether the solutions will meet your requirements. Your partnership with Amadeus will • Provide you with new products, solutions and services that will enable your Travel Management Companies to diversify revenue streams and to not only retain but also grow their revenue and profitability • Enable the TMCs to provide e-commerce solutions that will empower their corporate customers’ online buying experience, and • Provide the TMCs with efficiencies that will cut costs and enable it to take on more business without a disproportionate increase in manpower.

Products 5

Amadeus E-Travel Management The current hard economic times are a serious challenge for all Corporations, and requires the Corporations to make tough decisions related to employee travel Many Corporations are looking for • Self Booking Solutions that comply with their travel policies, help them to stay within their shrinking travel budgets, and provide them with essential travel related reporting • Accurate information on business travelers’ compliance to their travel policies • Incorporating their special deals with travel vendors as Airlines and hotels into the booking solution offerings • Detailed information via MIS reports that helps them to confirm savings and value for money options

AeTM makes arranging travel effortless using its user-friendly, intuitive interface. Business travelers can simply open a browser, log in, and make travel plans from anywhere, and at any time. The reservation gets queued up into the Travel Management Company’s specified queue from where the responsible Travel Consultant can access the reservation and issue the e-ticket. The business travelers can compare and select the best option with just a few clicks. Content from different sources is aggregated into a single display – the traveler only has to look at one page to view all possible travel options. The corporation can have direct access to major providers, low-cost carriers, hotels, and car rental companies, while multiple faring options incorporate public, corporate negotiated, Travel Agency negotiated and low-cost carriers’ web-only fares into the AeTM.

The biggest challenge for Corporations and their Travel Management Companies today are “Who has the most comprehensive solutions, tried, tested and proven deployment expertise, and can provide the entire range of services at a reasonable cost?

For the TMC, coupled with the ability to save costs on implant staff, constant enquiries for flights options and bookings, tools as the e-reporter module in AeTM offers accurate, fast and comprehensive MIS reports directly at the Corporations’ sites, and profile synchronization between the customer site AeTM and the TMC’s Amadeus Selling Platform. By 2011, the AeTM will also be integrated with the Amadeus Service Fee Manager which will enhance the TMCs capacity to service complex service fee structures at the point of sale.

Well, the answer is simple – Amadeus E-Travel Management (AeTM)… Amadeus E-Travel Management (AeTM) is a web based tool for business travelers for making reservations that comply with their Corporation’s travel policies. The corporation uses AeTM in association with a travel management company that processes the reservations and the e-tickets. AeTM can be integrated into a Travel Management Company’s website and can be bought in production within six weeks. AeTM is a travel management solution to automate a Corporation’s travel processes. AeTM removes the complexities from making travel arrangements so the business travelers can concentrate and focus on what matters most – their business. Being web based, AeTM connects all the Corporation’s divisions and departments such as HR, Administration, and Finance on one single platform for travel approvals. AeTM can integrate all elements of their global travel programs including travel policies, preferred suppliers and negotiated rates into one easy-to-use website. Additionally it offers Corporations saving by being able to book from a range of low cost carriers.

Amadeus Unique Value added service to Travel agents Travel Insurance Service Amadeus and Travel Insurance (AIG) Amadeus is enabling travel agents to automatically issue insurance policies when they sell a holiday package. Agents will now be able to book products from AIG, a worldwide provider of travel and leisure

insurance policies, through an automated booking tool called Amadeus Insurance. Amadeus Insurance is designed to integrate fully with a travel agency’s existing booking and back office systems. Information stored in the travel details included in the passenger record (PNR) is used to calculate the insurance premium value, so this information doesn’t need to be re-entered. The whole process of calculating the

premium and booking takes place online, meaning time is not wasted waiting in a telephone queue. “Amadeus has taken the local partnership approach by joining forces with insurance launch partners such as AIG in the Middle East and African market to deliver a solution adapted to the specific requirements of both providers and sellers,” said Ghulam Saleh Al Bloushi, general manager, Amadeus Gulf.

6 Guidelines

ASC’s GDS Support Team - How may we help you today? A dynamic and proactive technical support team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals to resolve your technical issues. They work from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm to support your business during and beyond your service hours. All the technical support engineers are certified by Amadeus in supporting Amadeus Selling Platform and related products. If you have a hardware, software, network, installation, configuration or security problem, we have your solution. Our 20 years of experience in supporting the Travel Industry in Kuwait gives us expertise in most areas of Information Technology related to GDS Distribution. *Special Help Line: 97209950 *Available after 8:00 p.m.

Before You Call the Help Desk What To Do Before You Call the Help Desk? If … I. All PCs have no access to Amadeus Selling Platform or Internet 1. Check the ADSL Router is powered on and the light marked CD is on and green on the Router 2. Reset the Router by power off and on 3. Check the Ethernet Switch is powered on II. E-Ticket Not Printing Stop and start Amadeus ProPrinter using the following steps 1. Click on Start/All Programs/Amadeus ProPrinter/Administration/Service 2. Click on Stop and Start III. One of the PC has no access to Amadeus or Internet 1. Make sure the network cable is seated

properly into the CPU and wall socket 2. If cable is connected a. Click on Start/Control Panel/ Network Connections b. Right Click on Local Area Connections c. Click Disable/Enable 3. Even after the above steps if no access to network, Cold boot (Shut Down and Turn Off) the computer. 4. Wait for 10 - 15 seconds and turn it back on. IV. Program or Application Freezes (Windows) 1. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys simultaneously. 2. Choose “Task List”. 3. Select the program that you

want to stop and press the End Task button. V. Monitor Won’t Turn On 1. Make sure the power cable and the cable that runs from the monitor to the CPU are connected properly. 2. Make sure the power to the monitor is turned on VI. Local Printer Won’t Print 1. Make sure there is no paper jam 2. Turn the printer and your computer off then on again. VII. Computer Will Not Shut Down 1. Push in and hold the power button for the count of 10, and your computer should shut down. 2. Wait for another 10 - 15 seconds before turning it back on again.

Frequently Asked Entries Below are a list of frequently inquired about entries from our Helpdesk

ShortCUT to the chase Keyboard Shortcuts you should know Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl

+ + + + + + + + + +


Selects ALL the content / Files / Folder COPY the Selected content / File / Folder CUT the Selected content / File / Folder PASTE the Selected content / File / Folder UNDO Operation REDO Operation SAVE the File Print the File OPEN a File FIND the specific word or number in the File

LPO-entry by agent sign VOID TKT PRINT AGENT CPN BSP CODE / TOUR CODE VISA INFO INTERLINE AGREEMENT CANCEL INF Reissue (imp: follow-up entry after TTU) TO CHECK ANY ERROR MSG Past date fare quote in reissue XL PAX 2 B4 EOT (note:5-6 is a seg number) Government fares in display entry DEPORTEE FARE Enty to enter form of payment in Egypt Air Entry to transfer pnr from 1 agnt to another How to take etkt copy How to take Agent copy How to price only INF How to price only ADT How to price only CHD


Guidelines 7

Recommended Do’s and Don’ts

(Important TIPS for the safety of your computers)

What you should do

What not to do

Use the Start Button on the Windows Taskbar to shutdown your computer. It is also necessary to first save any files you were working with and close all applications running in the taskbar. This is called a clean shutdown. Windows is a program that needs to close, so always use the Start Button.

Don’t Switch off your computer without shutting down using the Start Button

Run Scandisk regularly to check the condition of your hard disk and if necessary make repairs. It is good practice to always run Scandisk if your computer did not shutdown properly. Scandisk can run in the background, but for fastest results close all other applications otherwise Scandisk will have to restart every time data is written to the hard disk. Double Click My Computer  Right Click C:\ drive Click Properties Click on Tools tab  Click on Check Now

Don’t Terminate Scandisk prematurely when your PC did not shutdown properly

Defragment your hard disk to ensure that files are optimized such that each is stored continuously across the disk surfaces and not fragmented. If you regularly Defragment your hard disk and use the option ‘check the drive for errors’ then you will not need to run Scandisk separately. This is recommended if you regularly add and remove files. Click on START  All Programs  Accessories  System Tools  Disk Defragment Recommended : Perform this operation on Thursdays after the duty hours.

Don’t Always run Scandisk with the option to scan the disk surface for errors

Connect and power on all peripherals before powering on the computer. This includes printer, monitor, scanner, passive (mains) speakers, external modems or any devices attached to your PC. This is the recommended procedure and should be followed at all times. Recent printers and scanners are equipped with power management features, that help save running costs.

Don’t Disconnect the keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer or any peripheral if the PC is powered on at the mains

You should always properly shutdown the computer. Then it is okay to turn off any peripheral devices such as printer, scanner, monitor, speakers or modem for example. Devices that are connected to the USB ports can be connected, disconnected and switched on or off without first powering off the computer. The same goes for the printer and scanner, unless the devices are bi-directional.

Don’t Switch external devices on and off several times hoping that may be a cure

Keep your keyboard and screen clean. It is also necessary to clean the rubber ball and rollers of your mouse. Keeping the printer, scanner and other peripherals clean by wiping the chassis is one way to attract a buyer when it is time to upgrade. It is easy to clean the keyboard and keys.

Don’t Eat or drink over the keyboard and mouse mat or blow smoke over your screen. Submerge the mouse or keyboard in water, then leaving them out to dry.

Keep CD’s in a cover and handle them by the edges. Plastic covers are available to protect computers, keyboards, printers or scanners and fit almost all shapes and sizes.

Don’t Leave CD’s lying about gathering dust then use them

If you need to move your computer, even a few centimeters always shutdown first. Adjusting the monitor is also best done before powering on. Moving any peripherals attached to the computer should also be carried out with no power to the system. Unnecessary judder can cause fatal breakdown of sensitive parts or reduce the working lifetime.

Don’t Move, kick, knock or bump the computer when it is powered on

Write all your usernames or ID’s and passwords down on paper. It is usually a good idea to keep them in a notebook or pad. Jot down as much detail as you need to properly reinstall the account or to completely remove it from your computer. You should also regularly change your password and keep this written down in the same place as your original record. If you choose to save passwords on your hard drive it may be possible for another operator to use the account and hackers could get access to your information.

Don’t Save usernames or passwords used by you to log in to accounts on other networks and computers to your hard drive

EK Chauffeur Drive Booking Entries Entries to book CDA/CDD: SU EK NN2 DXB 22APR CHFD /A4//FREE TEXT  2 cars same drop off point for a PNR of 2 passengers SU EK NN2 DXB 22APR CHFD/A4//FREE TEXT  1 car on departure same pick up point for 4 pax (pax asso. mandatory – please put any passenger for the association) SU EK NN1 SIN 22APR CHFD/D3//FREE TEXT/P1  2 cars same drop off point for 3 pax for a PNR of 5 passengers (passenger association is mandatory – please put 2 names, 1 for each car) SU EK NN2 DXB 22APR CHFD/A6///FREE TEXT/P2, 5 Entries to book CDA/CDD: SU EK NN2 DXB 22APR CHFD /A4//FREE TEXT  2 cars same drop off point for a PNR of 2 passengers SU EK NN2 DXB 22APR CHFD/A4//FREE TEXT  1 car on departure same pick up point for 4 pax (pax asso. mandatory – please put any passenger for the association) SU EK NN1 SIN 22APR CHFD/D3//FREE TEXT/P1  2 cars same drop off point for 3 pax for a PNR of 5 passengers (passenger association is mandatory – please put 2 names, 1 for each car) SU EK NN2 DXB 22APR CHFD/A6///FREE TEXT/P2, 5

ASC - 100% Amadeus users in Kuwait Travel Market MEBS TRAVEL: “Amadeus as true technology partner, with latest GDS solutions that enhances skill as a travel agent”. KAZEMA TRAVEL: Amadeus is compatible for entire travel market worldwide. TAMI MAROUF TRAVEL: Friendly staff with professional service and user Friendly system Kept us exclusive with Amadeus. QUALITY GLOBE TRAVEL: From Training to technology Amadeus supported us genuinely.

8 Announcement

Customer Care professionals To service our valued customers ASCAmadeus helpdesk is open from Saturday to Thursday 08:00 am till 08:30 pm and on Friday 4:00 pm till 8:00 pm. Most of you have not seen but might have heard their voices when calling the Helpdesk, well here they are:

Anil Kumar

Aasem Kamel

ASC: Air Mauritius Crew Management System Customization ASC had completed a Crew Management System Consultancy and Customization Project with Air Mauritius where ASC’s TechnoFunctional consultant Mr. Mohamed Shahroor was on deputation at Air Mauritius for a period of 3 months to execute the project. Having successfully implemented the RM Rocade Crew Management System for Kuwait Airways, ASC had gained tremendous experience and expertise in implementing and customizing Crew Management Systems for Air Lines. Upon references from RM Rocade, ASC was approached by Air Mauritius to provide professional consultancy services and customization of their Crew Management System implementation to improve the quality and fairness of the planned Crew Rosters. Air Mauritius now have achieved over 90% of quality and fairness on their planned rosters.

Naznin M. Afzal

Muhammad Usman

AMADEUS Quiz #2 During infant Ticket REISSUE, what entries are applicable to insert an infant original Ticket issue details in the PNR where INF is attached with Adult PAX # 1? Infant original Ticket Number:Line # 8 FA or FHE INF 229 -3639 739 016 Please reply on by September 15th 2010. Provide your name, contacts and 1A office ID Last issue’s answer: delete HX segment and rebook a new PNR

Congratulations Mr. Mohammed Khalid, One and Only Travels

ASC New Hire: Business Development & Sales Manager Mr. Khalil Khodr joins ASC in the capacity of Business Development & Sales Manager. In this role he is responsible for identifying cutting edge technology offerings, new markets, channels, differentiating our products and services, and building scalability through strategic alliances, partnerships and acquisitions. Prior to joining ASC Khalil spent most of his 15 year career with GBM (Regional IBM Distributor) and Oracle Middle East as Territory Manager in Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain for the banking sector. Khalil holds a Master of Business Studies degree from the Canterbury Business School at University of Kent, and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Mr. Khalil Khodr Richmond the American International Business Development & Sales Manager, ASC University in London. Amadeus Help Desk 1-888-272 Amadeus Sales Amadeus Product & Solutions

Automated Systems Co. P.O. Box: 27159, Safat 13132 Kuwait Tel.: +965 24822286 Fax: +965 24824300

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