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Amadeus - Kuwait PAGE 2 - 3 / Signings • Amadeus and United Airlines sign multi-year extension agreement

Differentiation drives preference “Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” W. Somerset Maugham  I don’t know about you, but the travel industry never fails to amaze me. We are fortunate to be engaged in a fascinating and intriguing industry which in my humble opinion is currently at a most interesting juncture. The major players from Airlines, Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to intermediaries like The Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) are quickly realizing that the competitive landscape has fundamentally changed. Past success will have little bearing. How personal or corporate travel itineraries, are researched, booked and experienced – has very little resemblance to just a few years ago. The Internet is responsible for some of the changes but business workflows; product packaging and commission structures play a much more critical role. Airlines continuing their interesting battles with the GDSs while the GDSs try to become more technically agile, flexible on pricing, and compete with a stream of non-GDS selling models. It is imperative that the industry leaders promptly rethink and reinvent their business if they want to survive. Airlines don’t like paying agency incentives, which they believe keep their segment fees artificially high. GDS companies aren’t fond of paying them, either, but feel compelled to continue them to maintain their shares of the agency market. Huge challenges while the travel supply-chain companies eagerly attempt to reengineer business models and strive to find new sustainable revenue streams. The intermediaries have had business dealings a certain way for decades and they’re used to having a certain level of control over the relationship. Today each of them wants whatever makes them prosperous. The Airline might want the TMC and the GDS to prosper, but that’s not their top priority. The new industry dynamics (see Table on page # 7) for the companies are extremely challenging and it will be important how best, and how soon, the companies can adapt.

• Amadeus breaks the 100,000 unique hotel properties barrier

PAGE 4 - 5 / Market Trends • Global report by Amadeus examines how mobile technology is set to transform air travel in the next five years

PAGE 6 - 9 / Reports & Products • Amadeus Content Store Middle-East • ATM experience • New Industry Dynamics Wish List

PAGE 10 - 11 / Guidelines • Amadeus e-Support Center • Reissue Guidelines

As we look at 2012 and beyond – I believe ‘Service’ is going to be the key aspect. Travel consumers want competitive pricing but impeccable ‘Service’ has no alternative. Perhaps more than anyone else in the travel supply chain, TMCs are adept at the art of service differentiation.

PAGE 12 / Sports

The mission and vision of ASC in 2012 and beyond is to further strengthen the ‘Service’ aspects of the TMCs as we believe that is where the future of everyone in the supply chain lies in ‘Service’

• Cricket

• Bowling • KAC tournament

Wishing you a happy new year.

Shafiq Hamid General Manager

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2 Signings

Amadeus and United Airlines sign multi-year extension agreement for full content and ancillary seats •

Extension agreement into 2013 guarantees Amadeus subscribers access to the full range of United’s content and ability to offer the carrier’s Economy Plus® seating

Amadeus and United continue to collaborate on technology enhancements to meet the needs of the airline’s merchandising strategy in the travel agency channel

Amadeus has reached a new multi-year extension agreement with United Airlines into 2013 which guarantees their full range of content will be available for sale through the Amadeus system and includes distribution of the carrier’s Economy Plus seating. “We appreciate our strong working relationship with the United team and are proud to help them sell Economy Plus seats through the travel agency community,” said Scott Alvis, Senior Vice President, Client Management, for Amadeus’ Airline Group in the Americas region. “We look forward to continuing to work closely with United as they evolve their offer and to enable them to sell future products and services via the agency channel according to their strategy.” The extended content agreement upgrades the existing arrangement between the two companies. Amadeus travel agents will continue to be able to access and book the complete range of fares, schedules, and inventory for both United and Continental.

Value Pricer to Master Pricer Expert As Amadeus is always keeping its products and solutions up to date, we would like to announce the upgrade of the Value Pricer to the advanced Fair Constructor Master Pricer Expert.

Turkish Airlines and Amadeus sign full content agreement worldwide and boost cooperation Turkish Airlines and Amadeus have signed a 3-year full content agreement that guarantees all travel agents worldwide, outside Turkey, access to the full range of the carriers’ fares, inventory and schedules. With a passenger volume per annum of 30 million, Turkish Airlines is one the fastest-growing airlines in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. Amadeus is a chief distribution partner of the carrier. This new contract is part of an increasing number of content agreements which Amadeus has recently signed with key airlines including, Aerolíneas Argentinas, TAP Portugal, Cathay Pacific and Alitalia.

Amadeus and Singapore Airlines Sign Worldwide Content Agreement Amadeus subscribers will have access to all of Singapore Airlines’ travel agent and third party content for up to five years. Amadeus has signed a worldwide content and third party channel parity agreement with Singapore Airlines, providing Amadeus subscribers access to the airline’s flight schedules, fares and other service information for up to five years.

Air Astana and Amadeus sign long-term content agreement Air Astana and Amadeus have reached a long-term content agreement. The agreement guarantees agents access to the full range of Air Astana’s content through Amadeus with no commission reduction. The new contract will be in place until the end of 2014.

Signings 3

Amadeus improves access to a further nine low-cost and hybrid carriers in 2011 •

Low-cost carrier bookings through the Amadeus system have increased by 21% in the first half of 2011 Amadeus now distributes the content of approximately 70 low-cost carriers

Amadeus announced the nine distribution agreements implemented in 2011 with low-cost and hybrid carriers that improve travel agents’ access to the inventory, schedules and fares of the over 74 million seats sold annually by these nine airlines. Amadeus has signed distribution agreements with Air Arabia (Maroc), Air Méditerranée, flydubai, Porter Airlines and Vision Airlines. These airlines will now be bookable by travel agencies using the Amadeus system. Porter Airlines has also signed a full content agreement along with Frontier Airlines, another North American carrier. In Europe, airberlin,

Germany’s second-largest airline, and Norwegian Air Shuttle, a Scandinavian low-cost carrier, have extended their relationship with Amadeus and renewed their existing content agreements. Two thirds of the international bookings of airlines on the Amadeus system are made by travel agencies and on average the yield per net booking is 66% higher in the travel agency channel than it is in the airline website. Total bookings on low-cost carriers by travel agencies using Amadeus in the first half of 2011 increased by 21% compared with the first half of 2010. Approximately 70 low-cost carriers are now bookable within the Amadeus system, including AirAsia, easyJet, Virgin America and WestJet.

Amadeus breaks the 100,000 unique hotel properties barrier – fully integrated and bookable through the Amadeus system Amadeus’ latest deal with aggregator Destinations of the World increases breadth and depth of choice for travel agents and travel management companies Amadeus has broken the 100,000 unique properties barrier through the implementation of Destinations of the World content. This confirms Amadeus’ position in the market as the distribution system with the most comprehensive, fully integrated, unique hotel property content. The agreement with Destinations of the World (DOTW), a leading global wholesale travel company, sees Amadeus integrate hotel aggregator content whereby the travel agent issues pre-paid vouchers to travellers for their stay. Access to this content gives travel agents greater breadth and depth of choice to drive revenues, improve cash flow efficiency and enhance servicing.

This deal is part of Amadeus’ commitment to providing the largest variety of properties and rates possible – from large hotel chains through to remote independent boutiques – so that it continues to offer a truly ‘one-stop-shop’ solution. The Amadeus Selling Platform is the company’s point-of-sale solution for travel agents used at over 90,000 points of sale worldwide. With advanced Passenger Name Record (PNR) integration, bookers will find it easy to process DOTW sales because they will stay within their familiar GDS environment to search for and book this type of hotel content. The entire travel itinerary can be processed in the Amadeus system.

4 Market Trends

Global report by Amadeus examines how mobile technology is set to transform air travel in the next five years •

New report ‘The always-connected traveller’ identifies how mobile functionality is likely to be used by airlines in the coming years. Location-based services, integration with social media, mobile payments and ‘push notifications’ to become mainstream

Although still in its infancy, the market for mobile ancillary purchases is set to quickly grow

Mobile technology is set to transform both airline operations and the overall traveller experience, according to a new industry report published today by Amadeus, a leading travel technology partner and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry. ‘The alwaysconnected traveller: How mobile will transform the future of air travel’ is a global report that identifies changing traveller attitudes to airline mobile services whilst also highlighting the specific, emerging mobile technologies that will revolutionise each stage of the travel experience in the future. Developed by Norm Rose of Travel Tech Consulting Inc, the report includes an assessment of airline mobile capabilities today, the emergi ng mobile innovations that are likely to be launched over the next one to two years, and also the advanced functionality that is set to entirely change the traveller journey as we know it, over the next three to five years.

Designed to stimulate new thinking and drive innovation in the travel sector, the report draws on a range of qualitative interviews with airlines from across the globe, complemented by primary data gathered from a global study of 2,978 travellers conducted by JD Power on behalf of Amadeus. Traveller demand for mobile services high Whilst mobile services are still emerging in the travel industry, it is apparent that travellers are clearly beginning to expect, demand and adopt them: 16 per cent of travellers surveyed currently use smartphones to book trips. That figure

MENA Select With an inspiring business agenda and stimulating speakers, Amadeus invited the leaders of the Travel and Tourism industry from the MENA region to an exclusive event to discuss together the opportunities and areas of innovation that are set to shape our industry for the coming years and that will drive the business going forward. A closer look at the upcoming trends, new travellers behaviors and areas of growth for leisure as well as business travel agencies, was one of the main topics of the forum. With a peek into the future of the industry, guests had the opportunity to discover our latest technology projects and key concepts cooking in our labs.

rises to 18 per cent amongst the 18-35 age group and to 33 per cent amongst frequent travellers. In addition, 3.4 per cent of all travellers use their mobiles today to checkin for their flight, with this figure rising to 7.4 per cent in Asia. To download a copy of the report, please visit: alwaysconnectedtraveller

The event took place in the gorgeous French Riviera with an unusual yet relaxing social programme with time to discuss and network with peers whilst taking advantage of the French Riviera from Canne to Monaco.

From left : Mr. Mohammed Asiriy, Mr. Mohammad Taher, Mr. Antoine Medawar, Mr. Abid Hussain Shah, Mr. Iftikhar Abdulsattar

Market Trends 5

New passenger demand analysis reveals interregional hot spots of airline traffic growth •

Analysis by Amadeus and its partner airconomy reveals Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Europe as global hotspots of long distance air travel

Traffic to and from the BRIC countries displays the strongest increase whilst the traditionally strong routes between North America and Europe remain stagnant

Passenger traffic between Brazil and the Middle East is up by 77%

Asia Pacific and the Middle East, followed by Europe, have become global hot spots for inter-regional long distance air travel, according to analysis by the market intelligence solution Amadeus Total Demand by airconomy. The review looks at trends in worldwide passenger demand in between regions over the last two years, comparing the first quarter of 2009 to the first quarters of both 2010 and 2011*. Demand for air traffic between Asia Pacific and the Middle East grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 13% to almost 3 million passengers a month in the first quarter of 2011. Dubai remains the most prominent origin and destination amongst the fastest growing city pairs, such as Dubai-Mumbai, DubaiKarachi and Dubai-Delhi. Traffic between the Middle East and Europe has surged 10.7% CAGR over the last two years, creating a market of approximately 2.4 million passengers a month. Dubai, London and Paris are the chief contributors to this trend, with London-Tel Aviv, ParisCairo, and Dubai-London as examples of rapidly growing city pairs. “The Middle East is frequently misconceived as just a point of transfer. Our data, however, shows strong evidence of the sharp increase as origin or final destination of this part of the world,” says David Doctor, Director, Amadeus Airline and Travel Agency Distribution. European demand to and from Asia Pacific added a hefty 4.8% CAGR to a traffic flow which is already the strongest worldwide, given there are nearly 3.5 million passengers in this market. Of the top city-pairs contributing to this growth, London is the busiest travel point. London-Bangkok,

London-Delhi and LondonHong Kong, are among the top city pairs causing this increase. Air flows between regions in other markets, although robust in absolute passenger volume, were not able to exhibit growth figures in the same range as those in between Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. Such is the case of passenger streams between North America and Europe which have stagnated since 2009 despite economic recovery. At 6.1% CAGR, demand between North America and Asia Pacific represents the most significant increase in intercontinental flows for the North American region.

BRIC economies, especially Brazil and Russia, are also among the most powerful engines driving up traffic flows worldwide. China and India are equally flourishing, albeit at a slower pace. Passenger traffic between Brazil and the Middle East is up by 77%; Brazil and Russia by 63%; and Brazil and India by 34%. Traveller flux between Russia and South America grew by 41%; Russia to Africa by 31% and Russia to Asia Pacific by 27%. The global emerging economic centres are also leading in domestic growth. Domestic traffic is increasing every year in Brazil by 28%; Russia by 23%; as well as China and India by 14%. China is the second largest domestic air travel market in absolute terms with circa 20 million passengers.

AACO Carriers Workshop & Ghabga As an initiative form Amadeus Kuwait, AACO carrier representatives from KU, MS, QR, SV and EY all were updated with the contribution of the Amadeus - AACO partnership to the market. The ACCO representatives were presented with the Market Trends and upcoming plans for a more active and growing Regional market. Furthermore ASC arranged an AACO Ghabga during the holy month of Ramadan to further enrich the relationship . Many of the AACO representatives were present to enjoy a traditional and casual Ramadan night out. “These events are a milestone of this partnership that the airlines must

recognize and further invests in” said Amal Merchant, Amadeus Kuwait Sales Director, “we need to work together with all players of the Travel and Tourism industry to achieve our goals.”

6 Reports & Products

Amadeus Content Store Middle-East

Better rates, enhanced aggregator content, no credit card requirement and your own vouchers Amadeus Content Store Middle-East, released exclusively in the Middle-East and North Africa, offers an unparalleled access to over 100,000 hotel properties worldwide sourced from the region’s most popular aggregators and wholesalers. The solution provides a single screen access to search, compare and book aggregator hotel content, all through a single tab directly from your Amadeus Selling Platform. Content available to all No longer do the travel agents need to provide a big bank guarantee to be able to book content. With Amadeus Content Store MiddleEast, you benefit from flexible payment terms and smaller floating deposits, making a diverse array of content accessible to even the smallest travel agencies Enabling pre-payment Pre-payment is a vital requirement for many travelers and agencies in the Middle-East and North Africa. Amadeus Content Store Middle-East allows customers to pay the travel agency directly, without the need to use a credit card. Seamless integration with your mid and back-office Because Amadeus Content Store is integrated with Amadeus Selling Platform and also supports csv file hand-offs, you don’t have to worry about manually entering hotel sales information into your mid and back-office. This results in less errors and increased efficiency for your travel agency business.

With Amadeus Content Store Middle-East, > boost your hotel sales > save time and enhance efficiency > provide better customer service.

Key Features in a nutshell Content breadth & relevance > Access to more than 100,000 hotel properties worldwide > Content sourced from widely used wholesalers and aggregators in the Middle-East and North Africa

Make it your own

> 10 aggregators already available and more to come

Amadeus Content Store Middle-East is very flexible and customizable with branded vouchers and itineraries. It allows you to issue hotel vouchers with your own agency branding, integrate your mark up, add service fees, supplements and your own cancellation conditions.

> Wide range of rates – negotiated lowest rates and special offers

Multiple sources, single search, more sales With content from multiple aggregators available for the first time, travel agencies have access to the widest variety of inventory, with optimum availability and lowest fares.

Enhanced productivity > Single screen to search, compare and book content from multiple aggregators > Avoid time-consuming searches across multiple websites or applications > Integrated and user-friendly booking flow into Amadeus Selling Platform Improved customer service > Enhanced and extended choice of properties > Single itinerary > Agency branded vouchers Pre-payment capabilities > Direct payment to the travel agency > No need for credit card > No commission collection headaches Efficient contract management > Single deposit for multiple aggregators Operational efficiency > Data export to Amadeus PNR > Seamless integration with mid and back-office applications > Powerful reporting For more information:

Reports & Products 7

ATM experience Amadeus Kuwait sponsored 50 local travel agency partners to the biggest travel trade show in the region, Arabian Travel Market Dubai, to experience the latest products and solutions yet to be launched in Kuwait. The participants had the opportunity to explore how better content and solutions can drive their business results, with a sneak preview of the new breadth of Amadeus non-air content, and demonstrations of the customized and customer-focused IT solutions for the Travel and Tourism Market that match and support the unique business needs. “The ATM Experience trip gives the travel agent a chance to attend the main regional Travel and Tourism event, Agents will experience and witness how large the industry is and where it is heading” says Shafiq Hamid, General Manager, Amadeus Kuwait “We see this as our obligation to go beyond, being the leader in the Travel and Tourism Technology Market. Our travel agent partners also had the chance to network and interact with their peers and participated in various discussions that will drive the business forward.”

New Industry Dynamics - Wish List Airlines


By: Shafiq Hamid


Want to know who is asking for their products before they put forth an offer

Want to be a one-stop shop for all traveller products

Facilitate multi-airline itinerary on a single eTicket

Want the ability to “test” various offers and know what travellers like or don’t like.

They know the difference between a product and a service and wish to offer new travel tools

Provide ability for direct links to the main carriers

Want new degrees of freedom / product control allowing them to decide how to sell their products / services to each individual traveller, TMC or corporation, based on buying pattern, past experience, dynamic inventory and loyalty status.

Wish to become travel counselor. Be able to offer all available choices.

Make available single point of contact to all carriers

Supply expanded products and services representing new set of tools for travel sellers.

To tailor choices based on frequent flyer status, as well as corporate- or agency-specific ancillary packages?

Tailored services based on frequent flyer status, as well as specific ancillary packages?

Ability to know for particular itineraries, the client qualifies for free movies and/or preferred seating at no charge Sell ancillary packages

Knowledge of previous bad travel experience, allowing the TMC to see within a single integrated screen that it can offer a free lounge pass.

Transform data into meaningful business intelligence.

Assist and improve the way corporations manage their travel giving travellers a more tailored service taking into account travel demands, personal preferences etc.

Supply expanded products and services representing new set of tools for travel sellers.

Sell ancillary packages

8 Reports & Products

Report: Securing the prize for the Middle East Market spotlight: contribution to hub development The Middle East consists of a number of significant travel and tourism markets, each with its own set of characteristics and dynamics, and it is important to look at these individual markets when considering the benefits to the region. This section provides an overview of recent investment and the state of the industry at present in the region’s main travel destinations and explains why the travel and tourism industry is so vital to the future economy of the region. The four markets chosen demonstrate the diversity of the Middle East and its travel industry, both in terms of development and character. Dubai is an economic hotspot, which has seen many years of growth; Abu Dhabi, in some ways very similar to Dubai, has started its development from a lower level, and has consciously avoided the failures of its fellow emirate. Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest markets by population, is characterised by religious travel, and has high potential for inter-Arabian travel; and Bahrain is an emerging, more liberal market, which is focusing on increasing business travel and tourism. When comparing these markets, some major differences become apparent (see figure 1). For example, Dubai’s leisure and business travel growth (excluding religious travel) is strongly driven by its hub function and attractions; whereas Bahrain’s

sector is still relatively small, but massive investments are proposed to expand the business sector in particular. In order to achieve its ambition of becoming the world’s dominant travel hub by 2025, the Middle East must have in its sight a key objective: to accelerate further the growth which has been achieved to date in the following markets.

Figure 1

The ‘big three’ Middle Eastern carriers—Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways— maintain an independent stance towards global alliances like one world, Star Alliance and Sky Team. Currently, there may be good reasons for this. Antoine Medawar, Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, Amadeus, says: “Entering into an alliance involves the introduction of rules and I feel that the success of the GCC airlines has a lot todo with strong independence and free behavior. The carriers in the GCC want to do a lot and they want to do it fast and differently, and be the first to innovate and create value for their customers.” How long this stance remains a help and not a hindrance remains to be seen.

Star Alliance, oneworld and SkyTeam have been successful in-partnering with the Middle East’s second-tier carriers, such as Royal Jordanian, as some of them are becoming more competitive through restructuring and investments in new fleets, products and networks. Etihad and Emirates maintain extensive code-share links with unaligned partner airlines, straddling global alliance groupings: of Etihad’s 19 codeshare partners, 16 are non-aligned carriers. Emirates has 16 airline code-share partners, although only seven belong to a global alliance (five from Star Alliance and one each from oneworld and SkyTeam). To read the full report please go to :

Amadeus’ self-booking tool for corporations launches dedicated single screen workspace for the travel arranger •

Other new benefits include wider range of lowest fares thanks to Single View enhancements; management and approval of trips on iPhone

Maintains Amadeus’ vision of supporting corporations anywhere in the world, while locally customising solutions according to customer needs in specific markets

Amadeus announced the release of version 14.0 of its flagship e-Travel Management solution, the self-booking tool for corporations. The new version, which is available globally, includes a range of enhanced features including the new Travel Arranger Workspace. All of the features used by the travel arranger such as booking and modifying trips, trip reviews, profile management, are now

Reports & Products 9

Road Show Innovative ways in which you can increase your revenues, reduce costs and improve efficiency in your Travel Business is what the ASC-Amadeus Road Shows were all about. The Road shows started at Farwaniya to Fahaheel and ended at the City, starting from the 21st until the 29th November 2011, drawing over 130 leaders of the Kuwait Travel and Tourism industry. The ASC team demonstrated the suite of solutions that ASC-Amadeus had to offer to its partners.

grouped into a single much more intuitive work area. Coupled with enhanced search facilities, this speeds up the booking process as there’s no need to switch between several screens. The following new features are now available within the work space: •

Shopping basket: A trip can be built up by adding passenger elements quickly and easily. Automated alerts signal any anomalies in passenger profiles for faster reactivity. Calendar displays: In addition to the enhanced trip review list, the new calendar display gives better visibility. Status highlights and summary pop-ups make searching for PNRs even more efficient. Frequent trip templates: Air segments can be booked even faster using templates containing elements of frequently made trips.

The updated version also unveils enhancements to Single View, the solution which shows fare-driven availability composed of several prices for each air segment. Configurable options enable you to set rules giving travellers the choice between one-way combinable

and round-trip fares. They can instantly see the lowest fare and reduce the overall corporate travel budget. In light of Amadeus being one of the few companies offering business travel solutions that support a multi-GDS approach, Single View is now extended to Galileo users. Amongst the various other new features available for 14.0, the business traveller can now use iPhone to access and approve trips, in addition to BlackBerry and Windows-enabled devices. Albert Pozo, VP Multinational Business & Corporate, Amadeus comments: “The new version maintains Amadeus’ vision of supporting corporations anywhere in the world, while locally customising solutions according to customer needs in specific markets. For example, ticketless travel is now available on our system on the Thalys high-speed rail connection between Paris and Brussels. Amadeus’ online booking tool – currently used by over 4,500 corporations worldwide - provides travel arrangers with unparalleled choice, content and control over their trips while complying with their company’s travel policies.”

10 Guidelines

Amadeus e-Support Center Support has never been easier The Amadeus e-Support Centre is an innovative online support solution specifically developed for travel agencies like yours. It keeps your travel agency upto-speed by offering secure 24/7 access to a wide range of support information. The Amadeus e-Support Centre can help in every area of problem resolution, enabling your travel agency to make the most of Amadeus’ industry leading reservation systems. Improve your customer service and get the most from your partnership with Amadeus As part of our promise to deliver your agency sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools, we also provide you with the support you need thanks to the e-Support Centre. This will help you find answers to all your queries quickly and easily - without causing any disruption to your workflow and without keeping your customers waiting. With Amadeus e-Support Centre, you can access the solution directly from the Amadeus Selling Platform. Retrieving the information you need is easy thanks to a simple search functionality which provides immediate solutions to any queries a travel agent may have. Using the Amadeus e-Support Centre enables your travel agents to spend less time on the phone to the Help Desk retrieving information they need. This means they are free to spend more time on the actual selling process and responding to your customers’ needs.

> Log a case* online

> Easy access

Can’t find a solution online? If you need more assistance, you can log a case online and it will be automatically processed by your Amadeus Help Desk. You can then update it and follow-up on the latest resolution status online from your screen.

You can access the Amadeus e-Support

> Practical features Why not open and save your favourite support solutions in a PDF format, so you can easily store them offline, send them to a colleague or print them as required? Keyword highlighting allows you to easily see not only the keywords you have searched for but also their synonyms, making it quicker for you to find what you are looking for.

Key Features > Browser-based knowledge search

> Up to date with news postings

The knowledge base contains a wide range of help and support information that you can capture at any time. Find answers to queries about such issues as error messages and ‘how to’ procedures and guidelines. Access to these solutions is facilitated through a series of simple, yet highly effective search methods, including matching keywords, area browsers and step-by-step diagnostics.

Your Travel Agency will be kept up to date through alerts and news postings which will keep you informed of any new Amadeus functionality as well as any current performance issues.

Centre by clicking on the Smart Tab in the Amadeus Selling Platform. If you have previously registered as an Amadeus e-Support Centre user you will be directed from the Amadeus Selling Platform straight to the homepage without having to login - so there is no need to remember a username and password! If you haven’t previously registered, you will be presented with a simple and instant selfregistration form which you will only need to fill in once. You can register on

Guidelines 11

Reissue Guidelines In this issue you will find useful methods for ticket Reissue and will continue to publish all possible Ticket Reissue scenarios with easy steps. Generally Reissue is required when passenger changes the booking date after ticket issuance, or upgrades the booking class, at times Reissue is required when the Airline changes the flight timings. It all depends on the policy of the Airline (Validating carrier). To save time of handeling manual reissue, ask your Account Executive about Amadeus Ticket Changer.

Benefits of ticket Reissue on Amadeus GDS 1- 2- 3- 4-

Minimum steps to reissue ticket on Amadeus. Adding penalty charges for more than one passenger with one step. Storing the fare quote (TST) for partially used ticket. Display the fare notes from the fare quote (FXP).

Scenario 4: Reissue unutilized e-ticket with Fare increase of KWD 50.000. Step 1 – Change the reservation as per

required dates in existing PNR and delete the old fare (TST). ➲ TTE/ALL Step 2 – Price the PNR as per the new itinerary. ➲ FXP Step 3 –Update TST with exchange mode. ➲ TTK/EXCH Step 4 – Update TST with the increase of

fare as KD50.000 and show in the total ➲ TTK/ TKWD50.000 Step 5– Delete FP element where number 10 is the FP element in the PNR ➲ XE10 Step 6 – Add FP element as an original

form of payment is “cash” and additional payment is also as “cash” ➲ FPO/CASH+/CASH Step 7 – Display electronic ticket record

from the FA element number of the PNR Where L8 is the line number of ‘’FA’’ or ‘’FHE’’ element of the displayed PNR. ➲ TWD/L8 Step 8 – Copy ETR Where L8 is the line number of ‘’FA’’ or ‘’FHE’’ element of the displayed PNR and P1 is passenger number1 ➲ FO*L8/P1 Step 9 – Enter Automatic Issued e-ticket number (Move cursor at the end of FO line and press enter) .Example the system response is FO PAX 157-4810015524KWI11FEB09/7777 7722/157-48100155240E1/P1 ➲ Cursor will be placed automatically at the end of the “FO” line and press enter. Step 10 – Save the ‘’FO’’ element ➲ RF Your name; ER Step 11 – To issue E-ticket, always Display

the ticket before making the ticket issuance entry. ➲ TWD/L8 ➲ TTP/P1 OR TTP/T1

*If validity is missing then update TQT with Not valid after date as per the ticket rules.

Scenario 5: Reissue unutilised e-ticket with increase of KD 799.000 in fare and increase in TAX (KD 14,650YQ and KD 17.350GB) also Penalty KWD 10.000 (TAX code as XP, RF, SF etc.. as per airline) TTE/AL Delete old fare (TST) FXP Reprice Itinerary TTK/EXCH Exchange mode TTK/X1-O62.800YQ/X6-O17.350GB TTK/X14.650YQ/X17.350GB/X10.000RF/ TKWD841.000 XE10 Delete FP element FPO/CASH+/CASH TWD/L8 Display ETR FO*L8/P1 Copy ETR RFKK; ER Receive +ER TTP/P1 Issue PAX # 1 Step 1 – Change the reservation as per

required dates in existing PNR and delete the old fare (TST). Step 2 – Price the PNR as per the new itinerary Step 3 – Update TST with exchange Step 4 – Update TST for TAX1 and show original tax as KD62.800 and for TAX6 show

original tax as KD17.350GB Step 5 - Update TST with the increase in tax as KD14.650YQ, KD17.350GB and penalty charge as TAX code KD10.00RF and show total as KD841.000 Step 6 - Delete FP element where number 10 is the FP element in the PNR Step 7 – Add FP element as an original form of payment is “cash” and additional payment is also as “cash” Step 8 – Display electronic ticket record from the FA element number of the PNR Step 9 – Enter Automatically Issued e-ticket number, entry: FO*L8/P1 Where L8 is the line number of ‘’FA’’ or ‘’FHE’’ element of the displayed PNR. FO PAX 157-4810015524KWI11FEB09/77777 722/157-48100155240E1/P1

Place the cursor at the end of the last letter of the display ‘’ FO’’ element and press enter. Step 10 – Save the ‘’FO’’ element, entry: RFKK;ER Step 11 – To issue E-ticket, enter: TTP/T1 or TTP/P1

Frequently Asked Entries Description the Frequent Flyer number 1 Insert in PNR

Entries FFN KL- 999 000 111

2 Request wheel chair for Passenger 1 SR WCHR /P1 List of Amadeus user Travel 3 Display Agencies in Kuwait


4 How to rename a Queue

QAQ 45 AHMED (where 45 is Queue number)

5 E-mail an itenerary to passenger


6 To Insert BSP Code in PNR


to display Ticketing carrier list for 7 Entry your travel agency


8 Weather forcast display for a country GG WEA KW (I where KWI is Country code) 9 Over ride validation carrier for travel recommendations 10 Search for Dubai

ttp/v*ek FXD

12 Sports

Bowling & Cricket We would like to Thank Al Waseet Travel and Tourism for their effort in organizing the WTTS Bowling Tournament and thank all the Teams who participated and also we would like to thank them for the challenging cricket match that was arranged between ASC and WTTS Cricket Teams.

KAC tournament AMADEUS Quiz Amadeus now offers the possibility for Amadeus Agents to easily add an infant when the adult e-ticket has already been issued, without creating a new PNR in order to have a ticket for the infant, what is the new command/ entry? Give an example Please reply on by January 20th 2012. Provide your name, contacts and 1A office ID

ASC participated with two teams at the Kuwait Airways annual indoor football tournament at the Yarmouk Stadium in Mishrif. The tournament took place on May 27th with 16 teams from KAC departments and subsidiaries. Great effort guys better luck in the coming years.

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ASC Amadeus Kuwait Newsletter #4 SP  
ASC Amadeus Kuwait Newsletter #4 SP  

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