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Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021 @ArtsSU_ @artssulondon

Arts SU, 1st Floor, 272 High Holborn, WC1V 7EY 0207 5146270 02

Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021

Arts SU is your Students’ Union. The way a trade union represents workers, is how we as a Students’ Union, represent you throughout your studies. Run by students who work for you (with a bit of help from some other lovely people), it’s our job to support you during your time studying at UAL and to make sure you’re having fun whilst doing so! You’re a member of Arts SU - for free - as soon as you enrol at any of UAL’s six colleges. That means: •

We support your career as an emerging artist, with opportunities to show and sell your work, pick up industry advice and partner with world-leading institutions. You can connect with other students by joining any of our sports clubs, societies or take part in our Arts Active programme.  We hire students. Find a job you love with Arts SU, from graphic design to bartending. You can come to us for free, confidential advice on housing or academic issues.

You run this! You elect your full time and part time student representatives, and together we campaign to make change happen within your course, college, across UAL and beyond.

PS - We also run two non-profit cafés - one at CSM and Blueprint at High Holborn - as well as the Darkroom Bar at LCC.


Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021

We represent.

CHEL A R Rachel Williams Education Officer


Armani Sutherland


Link College: LCC

Activities Officer

Link College: CSM

@education.artssu I recently graduated from MA Screenwriting at LCC. My aim this year is to champion reframing UAL’s educational structure in ways that make it representative of all students. I plan on lobbying further for tangible decolonisation efforts and fighting to ensure the HE experience supports students developing diverse creative identities. I’m excited to work with you and for you to make real educational change at UAL. Let me use my voice to empower yours! 04

ARMANI @activities.artssu I’m an LCC, BA Media Communications graduate. I aim to improve inclusivity and accessibility in Societies and Sports Clubs for marginalised students and push for funding on student-led initiatives and campaigns. I’ll also be campaigning for UAL to fulfil their AntiRacism Strategy commitments. I look forward to utilising my role to represent the voices of students and improve student experience at UAL!

Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021

O R GI A E G Georgia Spencer Link College: CCW Welfare Officer (She/Her)

@welfare.artssu I’m a Wimbledon graduate from BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture. My main focuses are to resolve the accessibility issues within blended learning, working from home and returning to campus. I want to speak with students to find the gaps in UAL’s mental health support that have been exposed in this past year and find ways to best tailor support for students and how to make it more accessible. I am so excited to start this role and speak to students to find what I can do to help your experience at UAL!

AHADA Y S H Syahadah Shahril Campaigns Officer

(She/Her) Link College: LCF

@campaigns.artssu I recently graduated from MSc Cosmetic Science at LCF as an international student. This year, I aim to work together with you, the students of UAL, to campaign and organise for tangible change to better the UAL experience to be a more sustainable one, both for our very global community and for the environment. I believe in free, liberatory arts higher education, and I can’t wait to campaign alongside you and for us to win together!


Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021

Every member of the Students’ Union (UAL students) can determine and shape the decisions the organisation and your representatives make on your behalf. This could be what campaigns we are running to create positive change, what priorities the organisation lobbies UAL on or pushing for changes specific to your course or college. You can do this by:

1. Contacting your representative – raise a query or question with us so we can put you directly in touch with your course rep, a student Officer or support staff to help you. 2. Submitting an idea – pitch an idea on our website which if your fellow students vote for, could be taken forward by the SU and Officers. (link to website page) 3. Attending an SU Town Hall – every term we hold a town hall with students to have a touch point with representatives and for you to determine key actions/positions the SU should take on the issues affecting the student body at that moment. 4. Voting in our Elections & Referendums – every year we hold two elections in Autumn and Spring for you to elect your Student Officers (full-time) and NUS Delegates (part-time). Outside of these election cycles we may hold referendums on key matters affecting 06

the student experience. 5. Annual General Meeting (AGM) – we hold an AGM in December which is an open meeting accessible to all our members to review our finances, hear from our representatives on key developments with the University and determine decisions affecting the SU.

Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021


Academic Societies

If you stand to be a course representative, you’ll join a community of over 1000 student volunteers across UAL and gain access to a range of exclusive benefits such as free social events, course rep newsletters and tailored training.

Academic societies run alongside our regular interest-based societies, only they are specific to your course. They are a great way for you to build a community on your course as well as expand your knowledge and interests.

Paid Student Interns Here at Arts SU we are committed to ensuring the identity and circumstance of every UAL student is represented and that as an organisation we strive to combat discrimination and disparities that we know exist in the student experience. An inclusive community only exists when every student feels they can get involved and access everything our SU has to offer.

Student and Dean Forums During these online student-led meetings we discuss issues, provide feedback and resolutions to matters that affect students’ academic studies, the student experience, and hold your Dean accountable for issues on your course.

This year we have replaced voluntary roles working on liberation and inclusivity to ensure we could offer paid student internships undertaken by current students alongside their studies who define into different communities. This will ensure our work is relevant and accessible in order to champion the voices of our diverse student body. 07

Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021

We play. Building community and developing your passions outside of teaching can be just as important as what you learn in class. That’s why we have a whole range of activities for you to explore. arts.activities your cultural roots, we have a huge range of cultural societies waiting with open arms to scoop you up. Societies are a great way of discovering new or existing interests.

LIBERATION LGBTQIA+ Society, ArtsFems, Disabled Intersectional Voices (DIVA) Our liberation societies are spaces where you can act freely, openly and safely. A place to discuss shared experiences and collaborate on a range of projects.

Film Files, Drama, Book Club, Rupture Radio, Green Roof, Chess If you want to pick up a new hobby or continue with a long-term passion of yours, Arts SU has got you covered.

Chinese Society, Indian Society, Filipino Society

“Connecting our vibrant community at UAL through online events and workshops, we have been able to create fantastic opportunities and initiatives for students across all campuses. UAL ACS has been a joy and a light during these difficult times.”

Whether you’re feeling slightly homesick or just want to engage with

- Alyshia Jack, African Caribbean Society President 20/21




Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021

“This collective has been the biggest opportunity to learn managerial skills, responsibility and most importantly what it takes to make ideas/projects happen. Every year I meet new people that contribute so many friendships and opportunities that go beyond UAL, I am so thankful for this hub.” - Victoria Maldonado, Latinxs Collective President 20/21


Participating in sports is a great way to keep active and improve mental health. GET COMPETITIVE Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby Some of our sports clubs offer competitive sporting opportunities for students looking to develop fitness levels and skills, and regularly compete against other universities. If you get selected for a team, you could represent UAL in the national university sports league, BUCS. GET ACTIVE Dance, Climbing, Boxing If you aren’t interested in competitive sport, some of our clubs offer non-

competitive sporting opportunities for students wanting to try something new and enjoy a sociable and more relaxed sport environment.

“Arts FC has made my university experience. From football to the socials, it has been an integral part of forming some of the friendships I will hold onto forever.” – Harrison Tyrer, Men’s Football President 20/21

“I got into the community not expecting much from it, and with time I realised it was one of the best things from my 4 years at university. I developed my passion at a greater level every week with people I now call family.” – Paula Sanchez, Women’s Football President 20/21 ARTS ACTIVE Arts Active is a recreational sports and wellbeing program offering casual, non-competitive activities designed for all students - from complete beginners to experienced players - to try something new, destress and, most importantly, have a good time. ualartsactive 09

Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021



Check out our full list of societies and sports clubs and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can start your own society or club here. We will help bring your idea to fruition and help you leave a legacy at Arts SU.

The Elite Athlete programme is designed to support the very best student athletes in any sporting discipline competing at a national or international level, to help balance an academic and sporting career.

VARSITY Varsity is the biggest sporting event of the year! It is a one-day celebration of sport where our clubs take on our rivals, Goldsmiths University, in their respective sports to be crowned the Arts Cup Champions. This year is the 15th year anniversary competing with Goldsmiths, so whether you’re competing or coming to watch, you’ll enjoy the party atmosphere - food, drinks, war paint, music and more! 10

Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021

Madeleine Boyd Ellie Salmon Sport: Taekwon-Do Course: 2nd year, Hair Makeup and Prosthetics College: LCF Recent Highlight: Won bronze and silver at the 2019 ITFU World Championships

Sport: Olympic Skeet Shooter Course: 3rd year, Graphic and Media Design College: LCC Recent Highlight: Has retained her title as Canadian Women’s champion for the past three years

Marta Lada Lucy Hogg Tempany Sport: Synchronised Swimming Course: 2nd year, Fashion Buying and Merchandising College: LCF Recent Highlight: Won gold in both team and duet at the National Masters Championship in 2020

Sport: Triple Jump Course: Fashion Management College: LCF Recent Highlight: Placed 3rd in the National Polish Championships To join the programme or to find out more about our athletes, head to our website. 11

Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021

Arts SU supports UAL students to work with a range of relevant organisations, such as the Affordable Art Fair, Cass Art, Metro Imaging, Free Range, TM Lighting, Vice, and APT Gallery.

Through our partnerships, you can: • Apply to creatively facilitate a workshop, deliver a performance or curate an installation as part of our events and exhibition programme • Participate in exhibitions in respected professional London galleries • Receive bursaries, materials grants and industry advice • Sell your work online and at art fairs and markets • Engage in practice-based experiential workshops with industry and sector specific professionals gaining deeper creative skills and relevant connections 12

Taking advantage of these creative opportunities gives you: • A chance to go behind-the-scenes at a diverse range of world-class and emerging creative and cultural organisations • Practical experience of planning and realising your ideas and vision, including project and budget management • Hands on relationship and team building skills, including peer networking, meeting new people and engaging with the public • Paid work directly related to your creative practice and expertise

Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021

Showcasing the best emerging creatives from UAL, and approaching its 24th year anniversary, Xhibit is the longest running open call exhibition opportunity for UAL students. It is your chance to get your work noticed by an expert panel of creative industry professionals as well as gain vital exhibition experience. • Open to all current students • Apply from any discipline and at any level • No themes or constraints If selected for inclusion, you’ll: • Gain the opportunity to attend a professional development programme • Receive bespoke advice from industry experts • Exhibit your work on a creative platform or in a professional central London art space

• Your chance to be commercially represented for two years • Join a vibrant, creative community of artists and designers • Gain experience selling your work – and an income – alongside your degree • Benefit from a professional development programme designed to enhance your knowledge of how to make a living as a creative • Take part in events and exhibitions across UAL and beyond • Open to all current UAL students • All applications receive constructive feedback from a panel of industry professionals

Curated every year by a panel of industry experts, Made in Arts London collections introduce fresh, relevant and exclusive UAL talent to the UK’s art and design market. 13

Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021

Academic issues? Housing problems? Feeling stuck? Arts SU Advice Service can help: • For self-help advice and to get in touch with an adviser visit arts. • We’re confidential - your college won’t know you’ve spoken to us • We’re impartial - that means we don’t take the university’s side • And we’re free Looking for somewhere to live? Try our Facebook group: UAL/Arts SU Housing Group Official

Our companion scheme aims to pair you up with another UAL student so you can interact and get to know each other in a way that works best for you. Join other students and stay connected, creative and collaborative during your studies. Companion Groups We have set up a number of companion groups and you can select one or more when registering online to let us know your interests. • • • • • •

LGBTQ+ Students POC Students Mature Students International Students Students who are Parents and/or Carers • Disabled Students • Neurodiverse Students • Students who are Care Leavers


Arts SU Welcome Booklet 2021

The Students’ Union at UAL has been here for a while now and we have achieved some great things along the way. Xhibit is founded by thenstudents of the London Institute, Kit Hammonds and Angela Robinson. Established as a way to showcase the work of students from all colleges, the programme continues to thrive every year with the support of the Students’ Union to this day. Made in Arts London is founded by then-students Kate Rintoul and Robyn Minogue with the assistance of the Students’ Union. Alongside Xhibit, the programme provides students with a platform to showcase their creativity, and continues to thrive under the SU’s commitment to provide students with professional development opportunities. After the SU publishes its research into international student scholarship, the university commits to provide ten scholarships worth £25,000 each for international students from low and lower-middle income countries.

Following initiatives by the SU to raise awareness and provide support for trans students, such as Trans Awareness Week, the university agrees to implement gender neutral toilets on all UAL sites.
 UAL implements online unconscious bias training for all staff after continuous pressure from the SU to eliminate hidden bias and discrimination.
 Following the SU’s publication of a Cost of Study report the previous year, the university agrees to a number of demands made as part of the Union’s Cut the Cost of Study campaign, allocating £250,000 a year for a materials grant and hardship funds. In response to Covid 19 the Advice team launched a Companion Scheme for students, while the current Sabbatical Officers work closely with UAL’s Senior Management and Governors to ensure that decisions being made in response to the crisis do not unfairly impact students. 15