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Mona Golabek in



adapted & directed by Hershey Felder

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This season, Portland Center Stage celebrates 10 years in its home at The Armory. We opened our doors to the public in 2006, following a major renovation that transformed this building into a state-of-the-art theater facility. In the 10 years that followed, this Portland icon has flourished as a hub for shared stories, meaningful dialogue, creative expression and community connection. We extend our heartiest THANK YOU for helping to make the past 10 years in The Armory a resounding success.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the last 10 years. 110 productions, including 11 world premieres “Every show is thought-provoking as well as entertaining ... a full service experience that stacks up to anything I’ve seen on Broadway.” –Audience Member

1.45 million playgoers “A way of learning and experiencing the world without ever getting on a plane. The varied themes and interpretations expand thought and theory.” –Audience Member

4,770 performances and 776 roles performed “Perfectly cast, well-performed ... PCS is a precious jewel in the arts crown of Portland.” –Audience Member

24,531 JAW attendees “One of the most vital and vibrant events each year in the Portland theater season is, indeed, JAW: A Playwrights Festival.” –Matthew B. Zrebski, local playwright and PCS resident teaching artist

54,503 student playgoers “I am a 14-year-old theater kid who just saw Crazy Enough ... I want to thank every single person who has been involved in this show, you made a big change in some misfit teen’s life.” –Student

25,000 students received free tickets “The plays I saw with my Boys and Girls Aid peers were more than entertainment to me; it was a glimpse into a beautiful and magnificent culture that I had never seen before.” –Student

270 schools visited by teaching artists “This theatrical experience provided an outlet [for my students], a way to gain their own voice, a sense of self in a loud, frenetic world where individuals can sometimes be squished.” –Tim Joy, High School Principal 2


1,408 plays written by high school students “I didn’t know what I was worth until [Visions & Voices] came to our school ... thank you for coming into my life at such an early age and showing me that I should go for what I want, because it’s not out of my reach.” –Former V&V Student

1,500+ community partnerships “The opportunity to have these needed conversations in your space is so essential ... we are seeing engagement, cross-generational discourse, awareness-building, and theater appreciation happening in diverse communities.” –Tony Funchess, Urban League of Portland Young Professionals

“It’s incredible to have a regional theater that looks out for the creative community and actively supports it. It’s no small thing.” –B. Frayn Masters, Back Fence PDX

Thousands of special events, including free performances, adult classes, panel discussions, conferences, weddings and much more. “We had our wedding at The Armory and it was better than we could have ever imagined. The event staff went out of their way to make it the smoothest and best day ever. All of the guests had an amazing time and commented on the beauty of the venue. We can’t praise or thank The Armory enough for making our big day amazing!!!” –Bride






The Samantha F. Voxakis, Karen Racanelli and Robert M. Birmingham production of

Mona Golabek in

THE PIANIST OF WILLESDEN LANE Based on the book The Children of Willesden Lane by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen

Adapted and Directed by Hershey Felder Scenic Designers Hershey Felder and Trevor Hay

Costume Designer Jaclyn Maduff

Lighting Designer Christopher Rynne

Assistant Lighting Designer Jason Bieber

Sound Designer/ Production Manager Erik Carstensen

Projection Designers Andrew Wilder and Greg Sowizdrzal

Video Director Lawrence Siefert

Production Dramaturg Cynthia Caywood, Ph.D.

Associate Director Trevor Hay

Stage Manager Kelsey Daye Lutz* TIME & PLACE WORLD WAR II: VIENNA, AUSTRIA, 1938 – LONDON, ENGLAND, 1945 The running time of The Pianist of Willesden Lane is approximately 90 minutes with no intermission. The photo, video or audio recording of this performance by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.



Portland Center Stage at The Armory receives support from the Oregon Arts Commission, a state agency funded by the State of Oregon and the National Endowment for the Arts.




FROM THE PERFORMER: MONA GOLABEK My mother, Lisa Jura, was my best friend. She taught my sister, Renee, and me to play the piano. We loved our piano lessons with her. They were more than piano lessons — they were lessons in life. They were filled with stories of a hostel in London and the people she knew there. Her stories were our folklore, bursting with bits and pieces of wonderful characters who bonded over her music. Sitting at the piano as a child, I would close my eyes and listen to her lilting voice and imagine her world. She always believed “each piece of music tells a story.” Her legacy has inspired my music and my life. I pass along her story in the hope that it may enrich the passion and music that lie in each of us.

MS. GOLABEK WOULD LIKE TO THANK: First and foremost, my heartfelt gratitude to the extraordinary British people who opened their hearts and souls and saved the lives of so many young refugees, including the “kinder” of 243 Willesden Lane. To those who have given so much love and support: Richard Burkhart, Christine Burrill, Dr. Kiumars Bakshandeh, Lee Cohen, Josh Aronson, Lee Condon, Fred Cook, Chuck Hurewitz, Dr. Michael Berenbaum, Steve Robinson, Pebbles Wadsworth, Ambassador Fay Hartog-Levin, Helen Zell, Victoria Mann Simms and Ron Simms, Jason Brett, Dr. Lauren Streicher, Samara Hutman, Dr. Jane Foley, Susan and Moses Libitzky, Sandy and Larry Post, Barbara Grill, Brian Drolet, Sarah Papier, Eve Rodsky, Nancy Fisher, Larry Kirshbaum, Patti Kenner, Hon. Dr. Waltraud Dennhardt-Herzog, the Hollanders, Julie Anderson, Marc Whitmore, Fred Cook, Robert Shapiro, Fred Specktor, and Stephen Smith. Thank you to my beloved family for your daily strength and inspiration: Jackie (for her unparalleled dedication), London, Jesse, Manny, Gary, and to my beloved sister’s children — Michele, Sarah, Jonathan and Rachel — who continue the musical legacy and carry the torch passed down by their grandmother, Lisa Jura. Thank you to Ron Losby, Lotof Shahtout, and Steinway & Sons. I am honored to be a Steinway Artist. Thanks to Chris Coleman, Creon Thorne, Lisa Sanman, Diana Gerding, Cynthia Fuhrman, Claudie Jean Fisher, Liam Kaas-Lentz, Lydia Comer, Will Cotter, and everyone at Portland Center Stage. I am grateful to everyone who has entered my life in connection with The Pianist of Willesden Lane: my acting coach Howard Fine, Geffen Playhouse, Samantha Voxakis, and the entire team of Hershey Felder Presents. And finally, infinite gratitude to the incomparable Hershey Felder who believed in the story “of the little girl who was sent away and told to hold on to her music.”

MR. FELDER WOULD LIKE TO THANK: Karen Racanelli, Robert Birmingham, Joel Zwick, Susan and Moses Libitzky, Stephen and Jacqueline Swire, Dan and Phyllis Epstein, Gail Gudmundsen and Mead Killion; everyone at Portland Center Stage; Mona Golabek and Jaclyn Maduff; the production team at Hershey Felder Presents; Kim and Leo.

THANK YOU TO Michelle’s Piano Company of Portland for their courtesy in providing the concert grand piano.

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The events leading up to the Kindertransport By Amy Levinson, Artistic Associate/Literary Director for Geffen Playhouse, where The Pianist of Willesden Lane had its world premiere in 2012.

Lisa Jura’s story as told by her daughter, Mona Golabek, is one story of thousands, many of which have never been heard. Although each story is entirely unique, as is each person who lived through these horrors, there is a commonality in having survived what led to the evacuation of 10,000 children to England, now known as the Kindertransport. The events leading up to the Kindertransport began with Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, who instigated widespread pogroms (violent mob attacks against Jews) in Germany and other Germanoccupied areas in November of 1938. And although we could track violent anti-Semitism further back, for the purposes of contextualizing the Kindertransport, we begin with Joseph Goebbels and his propaganda machine. When Herschel Grynszpan, a young Jewish Pole, received news that his parents, residents of Germany since 1911, had been expelled from Germany along with thousands of other Poles, he was despondent. When the Jews tried to return to Poland, they found they were not welcome there either, and were interned in a refugee camp to await a place to go. Outraged by the treatment of his parents, Grynszpan sought revenge on the diplomatic official who had been assigned to help him and his family, and on November 7, 1938 he shot Ernst Vom Rath, who died two days later.

party sought to exile their Jewish populations, this singular event opened the eyes of many, most notably the British, who up until that point had resisted emigration en masse from Germany. The British government had recently denied the entrance of 10,000 children into Palestine, which was under British rule at that time, but in light of these blatant atrocities, Britain’s leadership felt a duty to change their position, and thus the Kindertransport began.

Two days later, the Nazi Party and their supporters systematically attacked Jewish populations throughout Germany and the occupied territories. In the span of a few hours, thousands of synagogues, Jewish-owned businesses and Jewish homes were severely damaged or completely destroyed. The event came to be known as Kristallnacht, translated to “the night of broken glass.” While the signs had been evident to the outside world all along that the Nazi

carrying 200 children, all of them orphans, who had left Germany with just 24 hours notice, each with two bags of clothing.

The British government agreed to permit an unspecified number of children (citizens under the age of 17) to come to the When the news of this British Isles for the period in reached Nazi Propaganda which the crisis in Germany Minister Goebbels, he and the occupied countries positioned the event as a continued. Parents or conspiracy of the Jews, guardians were not permitted when all evidence pointed to accompany their children, December, 1938 The British Cabinet allows 10,000 unacto the fact that it was simply and they were required to post companied Jewish children into Britain in an action called the one young man in desperate a £50 bond for each child. It Kindertransport. straits to save his parents. was understood that these The Propaganda Minister children were on temporary assured the German people travel visas and would be that if they were to take mob action against the Jews, steps returned to their families when it was thought safe to do so. would not be taken to stop or punish their actions. The The bond was to be used for their travel expenses home. statement from Munich, where the Nazi leadership convened, The effort to organize these transports was painstaking work, read: “Demonstrations should not be prepared or organized and numerous organizations and individual British citizens by the Party, but insofar as they erupt spontaneously, they are answered the call. The first train left Germany on December not to be hampered.” 1, 1938. It arrived in Harwich from the Hook of Holland,



The Kindertransport was a remarkable humanitarian endeavor as approximately 10,000 children were rescued between December 1938 and September 1939. As violence continued to escalate, it became more and more difficult to remove the children. In September of 1939, the Germans

ceased the issue of travel visas for Germany and the annexed countries, ending the opportunity for Britain to offer a safe haven to more children. The events are described in great detail on

Children of the Kindertransport were dispersed to many parts of the British Isles. About half lived with foster families, the others in hostels, group homes and farms in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Those older than 14, unless they were fortunate enough to be sponsored by individuals and sent to boarding schools or taken into foster care, were frequently absorbed into the country’s labor force after a few weeks of training, mainly in agriculture or domestic service. Many families, Jewish and non-Jewish, opened their homes to take in these children. Many of the children were well-treated, developing close bonds with their British hosts; however, others were mistreated or abused. A number of the older children joined the British or Australian armed forces as soon as they reached 18 years of age and joined the fight against the Nazis. Most of the children never saw their parents again.

June 9, 1938 Nazis destroy the Munich Synagogue by burning it to the ground.

July 6–14, 1938 An international

conference is called by U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt to deal with the Jewish refugee problem. The 32 nations attending decide that they will not permit large numbers of Jews to enter their countries.

It should be noted that many individuals and organizations are recognized for their assistance in implementing the Kindertransport. The story of Mona Golabek’s mother, Lisa Jura, helps us to understand how many acts of valor are required to save only one life, and here tens of thousands were saved. In 1989, a group of Kinder, as they are now known, convened to create the Kindertransport Association (KTA) in order to reunite the people who had shared this experience, to revisit an often horrific past that was frequently unspoken by those who had survived it, and to create a written history so their families and the world outside might understand what it meant to be part of this rescue effort. Mona Golabek is a living beneficiary of what the Kindertransport did for generations of Jews. Her grandmother, who wanted so much to preserve the gift of music in the Jura family, has certainly lived on in Mona’s extraordinary talent.

November, 1938 Damage to a shop during Kristallnacht.




Mona Golabek is the daughter of Lisa Jura, a concert pianist born in Vienna, Austria, who came to England as a young teenage refugee in 1938 as part of the Kindertransport rescue operation. Mona’s father, Michel Golabek, was a French resistance fighter who received the Croix de Guerre. Mona’s grandparents died at Auschwitz. Inspired and taught by her mother, Mona became a concert pianist and has appeared at Hollywood Bowl, The Kennedy Center, Royal Festival Hall, and with major conductors and orchestras worldwide. She is a Grammy nominee and prolific recording artist, and has been the subject of several documentaries, including Concerto for Mona with conductor Zubin Mehta. Her mother is the subject of Mona’s acclaimed book, The Children of Willesden Lane, now in its 24th printing. The book has been translated and published in French and Italian with forthcoming German, Spanish and Hebrew publications. BBC Feature Films is currently in development for a feature film based on the book. In 2012, Mona made her debut at Los Angeles’ Geffen Playhouse in The Pianist of Willesden Lane, adapted from her book. The production, directed by Hershey Felder, has been acclaimed by critics and audiences across America, with sold-out runs in New York and London. Mona has received best actress nominations from the New York and Los Angeles Drama Critics, and the show has been listed among the top ten shows in many major cities. In 2003, Mona established the Hold On To Your Music foundation. With the help of Milken Family Foundation, Facing History and Ourselves, and Annenberg Foundation, she created educational resources for the book that have been adopted into school curricula across America. To date, more than 250,000 students and families have experienced WILLESDEN READ — the educational program spearheaded by the non-profit, which is devoted to spreading the message of her mother’s story. HERSHEY FELDER Director/Adaptor

Hershey Felder’s work was recently named to Time Magazine’s Top 10 Plays and Musicals. He has played over 4,500 performances of his self-created solo productions at some of the world’s most prestigious theaters and has broken box 8

office records consistently. Writing in American Theatre, Hedy Weiss said, “Hershey Felder is in a category all his own.” His shows include: George Gershwin Alone (Broadway’s Helen Hayes Theatre, West End’s Duchess Theatre); Monsieur Chopin; Beethoven; Maestro (Leonard Bernstein); Franz Liszt in Musik; Lincoln: An American Story; and Our Great Tchaikovsky. In addition, he performs concerts of “The Great American Song Book Sing-Along” at every theater where his shows are presented, as well as private venues. Future productions include the new musical Chosen by G-d, for which he is writing the music, book and lyrics. His compositions and recordings include Aliyah, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra; Fairytale, a musical; Les Anges de Paris, Suite for Violin and Piano; Song Settings; Saltimbanques for Piano and Orchestra; Etudes Thematiques for Piano; and An American Story for Actor and Orchestra. Hershey is the adaptor, director and designer for the very successful play with music, The Pianist of Willesden Lane; the producer and designer for the new musical Louis and Keely: ‘Live’ at the Sahara, directed by Taylor Hackford; and the writer and director for the upcoming Flying Solo, featuring opera legend Nathan Gunn. Hershey has operated a full-service production company since 2001. He has been a scholar-in-residence at Harvard University’s Department of Music and is married to Kim Campbell, the first female prime minister of Canada. TREVOR HAY Associate Director

Trevor Hay directed the world premieres of An American Story for Actor and Orchestra, Abe Lincoln’s Piano, Hershey Felder as Franz Liszt in Musik, Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin and Our Great Tchaikovsky. He is the associate director for Hershey Felder and Beethoven. He is a former member of the historic Old Globe in San Diego where, at the age of nine, his first position was selling Old Globe memorabilia. Over the next 32 years, he went on to various aspects of production on more than 80 presentations, including the Broadway productions of Jack O’Brien’s Damn Yankees, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and Twyla Tharp’s The Times They Are A-Changin’. Included in his 23 seasons at The Old Globe were 11 seasons of the Summer Shakespeare Festival Repertory, as well as work on Tracy Letts’ August: Osage County, directed by Sam Gold, and Hershey Felder’s George Gershwin Alone, Monsieur Chopin and Maestro Bernstein.


ERIK CARSTENSEN Sound Designer/Production Manager

Erik has worked for Eighty-Eight Entertainment for 10 years. He has served as sound designer on Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin, Jamaica Farewell, Baritones Unbound, Louis and Keely: ‘Live’ at the Sahara, Jack Lemmon’s Son, Rockstar, An American Story, The Pianist of Willesden Lane (2012 Ovation Award nomination), Maestro Bernstein, Our Great Tchaikovsky and Beethoven, As I Knew Him (2009 Ovation Award). Formerly, he was the master sound technician at The Old Globe in San Diego and was production engineer on over 60 productions, including Allegiance, Robin and the Seven Hoods, A Catered Affair, Hershey Felder’s George Gershwin Alone, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Chita Rivera: The Dancers Life, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, The Full Monty, Dirty Blonde and Floyd Collins. Erik is a member of IATSE Local 122. JASON BIEBER Assistant Lighting Designer

Jason made his debut with EightyEight Entertainment for the world premiere of Jack Lemmon Returns. His other design credits include The Old Globe’s The Mystery of Irma Vep and Since Africa; Mo`olelo’s Cowboy Versus Samurai (2007 Patté Award), Permanent Collection, Night Sky (2008 Patté Award), Good Boys, Yellowface, Stick Fly, Kita y Fernanda, Extraordinary Chambers, and The Amish Project; Moxie Theatre’s Topdog/Underdog, Dead Man’s Cell Phone, Eurydice, Bluebonnet Court and Bleeding Kansas. Jason is currently the assistant lighting designer for San Diego Opera. LAWRENCE SIEFERT Video Director

For over 20 years, Lawrence has been involved in theater, corporate events and film. His credits include projection design for San Diego Opera’s Wozzeck and Moby Dick. He is a recipient of two Telly Awards and one Davy Award for How Do You Build Hope (Habitat for Humanity). Lawrence has been a member of IATSE Local 1022 since 1996. JACLYN MADUFF Executive Director/Costume Designer

Jaclyn has been the director of Hold On To Your Music, Inc since its formation in 2003. Hold On To Your Music is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing educators and students with the book The Children of Willesden Lane. For more information, visit


Meghan is the director of research and special projects for Hershey Felder Presents. She has been doing biographical and historical research for HFP’s new theatrical productions since 2013. Productions include Hershey Felder as Franz Liszt in Musik; Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin; and Our Great Tchaikovsky. Additional projects include production research and imagery for Louis and Keely: ‘Live’ at the Sahara; scenic decoration for The Pianist of Willesden Lane, Abe Lincoln’s Piano, Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin and Jamaica Farewell. Formerly, Meghan worked in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, San Diego, as a senior program evaluation specialist and project manager. She managed multiple research projects in the fields of integrative medicine and behavioral health. Additionally, Meghan spent 12 years as a psychology professor at San Diego State University and local community colleges. KAREN RACANELLI Executive Producer

Karen comes to Hershey Felder Presents from Berkeley Repertory Theatre, where she worked as general manager for 21 years, overseeing daily operations and producing several shows performed

and/or directed by Hershey Felder. She has represented the League of Resident Theatres during negotiations with both Actors’ Equity Association and the union of stage directors and choreographers, served on LORT’s executive committee, and served as a panelist at several LORT meetings. Prior to her tenure at Berkeley Rep, Karen worked as an independent producer at several Bay Area theater companies and served on the boards of Climate Theatre, Overtone Theatre Company, Park Day School, and Julia Morgan Center for the Arts. Karen was named a 2016 “Unsung Hero of Arts Administration” by the national arts and culture organization, Fractured Atlas. She is married to Bay Area arts attorney MJ Bogatin. SAMANTHA F. VOXAKIS Producer/Company Manager

Samantha is a native of Maryland where she spent 12 memorable years working in the front office for the Baltimore Orioles. Since 2004, Sam has been responsible for the day-to-day operations of Eighty-Eight Entertainment/Hershey Felder Presents. With special thanks to her very supportive family, and to Ms. Golabek and Mr. Felder. KELSEY DAYE LUTZ Stage Manager

The Armory credits include: stage manager for His Eye is on the Sparrow, Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin, Hold These Truths,

Portland Center Stage at

The Pianist of Willesden Lane (first engagement), Each and Every Thing, Forever, The Santaland Diaries, The Lion, The People’s Republic of Portland (second engagement), Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, The Typographer’s Dream, The Last Five Years and A Small Fire; and production assistant for Clybourne Park, Venus in Fur, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The North Plan and Anna Karenina. Kelsey Daye is a graduate of University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She would like to thank her pups for all their unconditional love, and Shamus for being wonderful. HERSHEY FELDER PRESENTS Producer

Hershey Felder Presents is the newest division of Eighty-Eight Entertainment, which was created in 2001 by Hershey Felder and is devoted to the creation of new works of musical theater. Current projects include the musical plays Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin, Our Great Tchaikovsky and The Pianist of Willesden Lane. Recordings include Love Songs of the Yiddish Theatre; Back from Broadway; George Gershwin Alone; Monsieur Chopin; Beethoven, As I Knew Him; and An American Story for Actor and Orchestra.

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An Evening of Holiday Story and Song

Music by Jeanine Tesori Book and Lyrics by Lisa Kron Based on the graphic novel by Alison Bechdel Directed by Chris Coleman On the U.S. Bank Main Stage

September 16 – October 22, 2017 The 2015 Tony Award-winning musical Fun Home ushers us inside Alison’s head at three different ages. Looking back on her uniquely dysfunctional family, and remembering all the loving, silly, and even shameful moments, she learns to see her parents — and herself — for who they really are.

EVERY BRILLIANT THING By Duncan Macmillan Directed by Rose Riordan

In the Ellyn Bye Studio

November 18 – December 31, 2017 - featuring -

A CHRISTMAS MEMORY By Truman Capote Directed by Brandon Woolley An autobiographical recollection of Truman Capote’s rural Alabama boyhood, A Christmas Memory is a tiny gem of a holiday story, offering an unforgettable portrait of an odd but enduring friendship between two innocent souls — one young and one old — and the memories they share of beloved holiday rituals.

- paired with -

In the Ellyn Bye Studio


September 23 – November 5, 2017

Created by Merideth Kaye Clark and Brandon Woolley Directed by Brandon Woolley

A kid makes a list for his mom. A list of everything worth living for in the world. As the kid grows up and experiences more of life’s beautiful moments, his list of every brilliant thing gets longer and more vital. Macmillan’s play shines hilarious and compassionate light in dark corners of the human condition, reminding us that hope is never truly lost.

The brilliant singer Merideth Kaye Clark (Fiddler on the Roof and The Last Five Years at The Armory, Wicked national tour) and our own producing associate Brandon Woolley are creating an original presentation of songs that celebrate winter holidays and all they represent: love, loss, family, solitude, renewal and friendship.


The Second City’s A Christmas Carol:

A Medea in Los Angeles By Luis Alfaro Directed by Juliette Carrillo

TWIST YOUR DICKENS* By Peter Gwinn & Bobby Mort Directed by Ron West

On the U.S. Bank Main Stage

November 4 – November 26, 2017 In this retelling of Medea, playwright Luis Alfaro blends tragedy, wry humor, Mexican folklore and a bracingly modern setting to unleash the power of Euripides’ ancient tale, seen through the lens of immigrants in the United States. The Armory partners with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to bring this production to Portland.

On the U.S. Bank Main Stage

December 5 – December 31, 2017 A complete send-up of the holiday classic, this adult comedy is adorned with the improvisational genius of the legendary comedy troupe The Second City, and includes zany holiday sketches, an ever-changing list of drop-in local celebrities and uproarious improv based on audience participation — it’s never the same show twice!

Visit or call 503.445.3700 for tickets! All titles, artists and dates subject to change.

Northwest Stories

ASTORIA: Part Two Adapted and Directed by Chris Coleman Based on the book ASTORIA: John Jacob Astor and Thomas Jefferson’s Lost Pacific Empire, A Story of Wealth, Ambition, and Survival by Peter Stark On the U.S. Bank Main Stage

January 20 – February 18, 2018 A World Premiere! Continuing the adventure of the Astor expeditions by land and sea to establish trade routes to the Pacific Northwest, Part Two is about the extraordinary and ambitious endeavors leading to the establishment of Astoria, the first permanent United States settlement on the West Coast.

KODACHROME By Adam Szymkowicz Directed by Rose Riordan In the Ellyn Bye Studio

February 3 – March 18, 2018 A World Premiere! Welcome to Colchester, a small town where everybody knows each other. Our tour guide is Suzanne, the town photographer, who lets us peek into her neighbors’ lives to catch glimpses of romance in all its stages of development. A play about love, nostalgia, the seasons and how we learn to say goodbye.

THE MAGIC PLAY By Andrew Hinderaker Directed by Halena Kays On the U.S. Bank Main Stage

March 3 – April 1, 2018 Playwright Hinderaker mashes the spectacle of a magic show with the intimacy of theater. The Magic Play follows a young magician trying to get through a live show just hours after his partner has left him. As the performance progresses, he realizes the spectacular magic tricks that impress people on stage don’t help him build truthful personal relationships.

AND SO WE WALKED Written and Performed by DeLanna Studi Directed by Corey B. Madden In the Ellyn Bye Studio

March 31 – May 13, 2018 A frank, funny and sometimes misguided story of a contemporary Cherokee woman who goes on a six-week, 900-mile journey with her father along the Trail of Tears in search of her heroic self. Through this personal odyssey, her sense of identity — both as a contemporary Cherokee and as a woman — is tested by the people and places she encounters.

MAJOR BARBARA By George Bernard Shaw Directed by Chris Coleman On the U.S. Bank Main Stage

April 14 – May 13, 2018 Recently engaged Barbara, a Major in the Salvation Army, agrees to let her estranged industrialist father visit her mission in the East End of London. In exchange, she promises to visit his munitions factory. The clash between Barbara’s philanthropic idealism and her father’s hardheaded capitalism are at the heart of Shaw’s witty and timely appraisal of capitalism, war, religion and politics.

LADY DAY AT EMERSON’S BAR AND GRILL By Lanie Robertson Directed by Bill Fennelly On the U.S. Bank Main Stage

May 26 – July 1, 2018 Featuring iconic songs like “Strange Fruit,” “God Bless the Child” and “What a Little Moonlight Can Do,” this is an allaccess pass to Billie Holiday’s final concert. With humor and hopefulness, the legendary singer takes us on a journey through the highs and lows of her tumultuous life, interspersed with exuberant renditions of her beloved repertoire.

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AND COMMUNITY PROGRAMS By Hannah Engle, Marketing and Communications Intern

The Armory is committed to providing high quality education and community programs that create connections around theater and the arts, sustainability, history and community. We strive to provide a multitude of opportunities to experience and participate in the art of theater, and create a place in Portland where differences are meaningfully celebrated.

Fort Vancouver High School students attending Little Shop of Horrors.


Our Stage Door program allows a great number of young people to experience professional theater. During the 2016– 2017 season, 5,226 students attended a play at The Armory; 3,031 of those students received free tickets. Many students also took backstage tours and 1,436 students participated in pre-show workshops led by professional artists.

High school students after their masterclass with Maiesha McQueen, star of His Eye is on the Sparrow.


Visions & Voices playwriting and performance residencies bring professional teaching artists into public high schools to introduce students to the basic elements of theater. The program culminates with free, public readings of student scripts performed by professional actors.

BEYOND THE CLASSROOM High school students who want to enhance their skills during the summer can sign up for two-week Teen Theater Intensives. These in-depth classes provide pre-professional training in auditioning, scene study, monologues and musical theater. Students who desire a deeper involvement with professional theater year-round can join the Teen Council and serve as ambassadors for The Armory. Teen Council members earn free tickets, attend workshops, conduct interviews with cast members, and even enjoy parties here and there.

Resident Teaching Artist Matthew B. Zrebski with musical theater students.


This season, in addition to our pre-show Prologues and post-show Q&As, we hosted 180 community events designed to enhance our audience’s experience with the work on stage and offer opportunities for learning, connection and great conversation. Events ranged from carnivorous plant workshops to panels on Native American languages. Visitors also enjoyed monthly poetry slams, First Thursday in the Pearl receptions, and a new series promoting civic conversation inspired by the Ghostlight Project. More than 20,000 people attended these events this season! Find out about upcoming events at

The Ghostlight Project gathering, a nationwide event to support the values of inclusion, participation and compassion for everyone. THE ARMORY


Thank you to these Armory preferred caterers for their support of The Party at The Armory, the opening night celebration for the national Theatre Communications Group conference. Showcasing the best of Portland!


New for 2017-18 season!


LONDON AWAITS. New nonstop flights between Portland and London begin May 26, 2017.


Maiesha McQueen in His Eye is on the Sparrow. Photo by Patrick Weishampel/

Seasonal nonstop service from May 26, 2017 - October 28, 2017.



JAW 2016. Photo by Kate Szrom.

DID YOU KNOW? As part of our dedication to developing new work for the stage, we’ve been hosting the annual JAW: A Playwrights Festival for a whopping 19 years. Since 1999...



Every summer, we get reminded about the vitality of this ever-changing, crazy, fun, wild world of theater. JAW: A Playwrights Festival takes over The Armory and brings together the universe of artists required to make a play. Their two-week blur of activity ends with the JAW Big Weekend, where hundreds of audience members become part of the creation by joining us for staged readings of spanking new scripts. To add to the excitement, a slew of performances from local artists animate the building around the readings. The festival kicks off with readings of plays by our Promising Playwrights — local high school students selected from our Visions & Voices playwriting program. Learn more at

Meet the 2017 JAW Playwrights These are the dynamic playwrights whose scripts were selected from nearly 200 nationwide submissions. Kate Attwell’s Testmatch Testmatch is a new play about women’s sports, mangos, cricket, and the ever present legacy of colonialism, written for an all-female cast. Briandaniel Oglesby’s Small Steps In Small Steps, Skip Powers volunteers to go to Mars and NASA says, “you’ll do.” This is a comedy that traverses 50 million miles and a million years. Mfoniso Udofia’s In Old Age Isolated and suffering the residual pain of years of abuse, Abasiama Ufot makes an unlikely spiritual connection with Azell Abernarthy. Together they learn the true nature of love and forgiveness. Stefanie Zadravec’s Tiny Houses Tiny Houses is a comic riff on Pandora’s Box that explores the ripple effect on several women who suddenly realize they can disrupt the status quo.

The JAW staff has read nearly 2,000 submitted scripts and developed 80 plays JAW scripts have gone on to receive fully-staged productions at 116 professional theaters Portland Center Stage at The Armory has produced 13 JAW-developed world premieres 20,000 audience members have received free tickets to attend staged readings Roughly 50,000 cups of coffee have been consumed An infinite amount of imagination, bravery and creativity has been fostered

JAW is supported by the Oregon Cultural Trust and the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support is provided by the Regional Arts & Culture Council and the Oregon Arts Commission.




We gratefully acknowledge the supporters of our 2016–2017 season.ofTheir generosity allows us to inspire our community Portland Center Stage gratefully acknowledges the supporters our 2013–14 season. Their generosity allows us to inspire our community byby bringing stories to to lifelife in in unexpected ways. WeWe thank them. bringing stories unexpected ways. thank them.



U.S. Bank


The Standard Curtis T. Thompson, M.D. and Associates, LLC Wells Fargo

SEASON STARS ($10,000+)

AHA! Boeing Company Davis Wright Tremaine Delta Air Lines GBD Architects KeyBank Moda NW Natural Stoel Rives LLP Work for Art, including contributions from more than 75 companies and 2,000 employees

PLAYMAKERS ($5,000+)

Bank of America Glumac KPFF Mentor Graphics Perkins Coie Troutman Sanders LLP Wieden + Kennedy

PRODUCERS ($2,000+)

D’Amore Law Group Hygeia Healing Klarquist PCC Structurals, Inc. Portland Timbers Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP Vernier Software & Technology Zimmer Gunsul Frasca


Downtown Development Group Pacific Office Automation

STARS ($250+)

Cupcake Jones Graphic Arts Building ShadewoRx


All Wright Music Al’s Garden Center Argyle Winery Art of Catering Artemis Foods Astoria Bistro Keith & Sharon Barnes Ben & Jerry’s Boeing Company Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa Chris Carriker Chehalem Wines Columbia River Maritime Mueseum Conundrum Trail Mix Cupcake Jones Daimler Aishwarya Deenadayalu Delta Airlines Devil’s Food Catering De Ponte Cellars DeSoto Rooftop Terrace Diana Gerding Eastside Distilling Everything’s Jake Free Geek Food in Bloom Footwear Specialties International Gearhart Golf Links

Geranium Lake Flowers Rosemond Graham Rodney Hicks Hunt & Gather Catering Irving St. Kitchen Isabel Pearl Rebekah Johnson Photography Craig & Lynne Johnston Drs Skye & Jane Lininger Richard Linn Rebecca MacGregor Marlene Montooth Meyer Creative New Deal Distillery NIKE, Inc. Oregon Shakespeare Festival Pearl Catering Pearl Gallery & Framing Park Kitchen Pat & Trudy Ritz Performance Promotions Portland Timbers FC Precision Graphics Royalton NYC Sellwood Consulting LLC Kyle Spencer Street 14 Cafe Umpqua Bank


(AS OF MAY 11, 2017)


Collins Foundation The Fred W. Fields Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Meyer Memorial Trust James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation The Regional Arts & Culture Council, including support from the City of Portland, Multnomah County, and the Arts Education and Access Fund The Wallace Foundation


The Hearst Foundations The Kinsman Foundation Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation National Endowment for the Arts Oregon Cultural Trust The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation/Arlene Schnitzer & Jordan Schnitzer Shubert Foundation


Anonymous (2) The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation



The Holzman Foundation/Renée & Irwin Holzman Jackson Foundation Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund Oregon Arts Commission, a state agency PGE Foundation The Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust Travel Oregon



H.W. & D.C.H. Irwin Foundation Samuel S. Johnson Foundation Herbert A. Templeton Foundation



Autzen Foundation D. Margaret Studley Foundation Travel Portland Union Pacific Foundation


Big Sky Fund of Equity Foundation Leupold & Stevens Foundation

STARS ($250+)

Swigert-Warren Foundation

Portland Center Stage at The Armory receives support from the Oregon Arts Commission, a state agency funded by the State of Oregon and the National Endowment for the Arts.

INDIVIDUAL GIFTS (AS OF MAY 14, 2017) The membership levels and names listed below are determined by your individual gift membership renewal date and are recognized for twelve months. We make every attempt to acknowledge your name accurately. If you find a mistake, want to make a change or think your name should be listed and want to inquire further, please don’t hesitate to call 503.445.3744 to let us know. We are more than happy to make changes for the next playbill. Those donors whose names are in bold are a part of our Sustaining Supporters group. We want to honor those donors who have given every year for the last five years. Your consistent support means a great deal to us and keeps our theater thriving. Thank you for your loyalty and generosity. OVATION SOCIETY ($100,000+)

Keith & Sharon Barnes Don & Mary Blair Mary & Tim Boyle Heather Killough Joanne M. Lilley Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($25,000–$99,999)

Broughton & Mary Bishop Family Advised Fund, a charitable fund of the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington Andy & Nancy Bryant Ginger Carroll Roger Cooke & Joan Cirillo Dream Envision Foundation Brigid Flanigan Ronni Lacroute/ WillaKenzie Estate Dedre J. Marriott Pat & Al Reser Pat & Trudy Ritz/ Ritz Family Foundation Helen & Jerry Stern Christine & David Vernier Mr. & Mrs. W.T.C. Stevens David E. Wedge Trust Dan Wieden & Priscilla Bernard Wieden

SEASON STARS ($10,000–$24,999)

Anonymous Dr. Don & Jessie Adams John & Linda Carter Sarah Crooks Martin & Karin Daum Ray & Bobbi Davis William & Karen Early Mark & Ann Edlen The Wayne & Sandra Ericksen Charitable Fund CLF Family Charitable Foundation Diana Gerding Jess Dishman J. Greg & Terry Ness Tasca & Paul Gulick Steven & Marypat Hedberg The Holzman Foundation/ Renee & Irwin Holzman Dr. Barbara Hort & Mark Girard Marilyn & Ed Jensen Craig & Y. Lynne Johnston Judy Carlson Kelley Kevin & Karen Kelly James & Morley Knoll Hilary Krane & Kelly Bulkeley Charles & Carol Langer

Franklin & Dorothy Piacentini Charitable Trust Chrys A. Martin & Jack Pessia Michael E. Menashe Reynolds Potter & Sharon Mueller The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation/Arlene Schnitzer & Jordan Schnitzer Richard & Marcy Schwartz Drs. Ann Smith Sehdev & Paul Sehdev Douglas & Teresa Smith Ben & Elaine Whiteley Steven & Deborah Wynne

PLAYMAKERS ($5,000–$9,999)

Anonymous (2) Scott & Linda Andrews Peter & Susan Belluschi Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Gerry & Marilyn Cameron Rick Caskey & Sue Horn-Caskey Glenn Dahl & Linda Illig David Dotlich & Doug Elwood Carol Edelman Robert Finger Lois Seed & Dan Gibbs Rob Goodman Greg Hazelton & Dori Flame Roy Schreiber & Carole Heath Tom & Betsy Henning Gregg & Diane Kantor Judy Carlson Kelley Ms. Kirsten Lee & Mr. Joseph Sawicki Drs. Dolores & Fernando Leon Drs. Skye & Jane Lininger Jim & Jennifer Mark Peter K. McGill Preble Family Charitable Trust of the Bank of America Charitable Gift Stephen Reynolds & Paula Rosput Reynolds Leonard & Lois Schnitzer Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation Elba, Ralph, Russell, Lorraine & Renee Shaw Roy Schreiber & Carole Heath Mark Schlesinger & Patti Norris Barbara A. Sloop Marilyn Slotfeldt

John & Jan Swanson John Taylor & Barbara West Susan & Jim Winkler


Carole Alexander Kathi & Ted Austin Richard Louis Brown Bill Byrne & Dennis Scolard Cogan Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation Steve Cox & Vikki Mee Kelly K. Douglas & Eric H. Schoenstein Joan & Jim English Randy Foster Paul & Samantha Harmon Jon & Sheila Levine Laurie & Gilbert Meigs Steven C. Neighborn James H. O’Lennick Jim & Linda Patterson Brenda Peterson Fred L. Ramsey Robert Reed Bob & Marilyn Ridgley Dave & Lori Robertson CollierTrust Sue & Drew Snyder Don Waggoner & Eunice Noell-Waggoner Mary & Pat Wolfe Mort & Audrey Zalutsky

PRODUCERS ($2,000–$2,999)

Anonymous Ruth & Jim Alexander Brenda K. Ashworth & Donald F. Welch Julia & Robert S. Ball Phil & Julie Beyl Jack Blumberg & Tom Anderson Ann Brayfield & Joe Emerson Marianne Buchwalter Lee Anne & George Carter Leslie Copland Judy Dauble Edward & Karen Demko Margaret Dixon John & Jane Emrick Robert Falconer Sharon & Henry Hewitt Dale Hottle Dennis C. Johnson Raymond & Marilyn Johnson Stephen & Marjorie Kafoury Tim Kalberg Jina Kim & Hyung-Jin Lee Thom King Ruth Knepell Bernard & Carol Kronberger Cindy & Keith Larson


Umpqua Bank

AHA! Boeing Company Curtis T. Thompson, M.D. and Associates, LLC

Regan & Gina Leon Edwards Lienhart Family Foundation Grateful Patron Devon McFarland John D. & Nancy J. Murakami Hester H. Nau Nathan Family Allan & Madeline Olson Joan Peacock David Pollock Dennis & Diane Rawlinson Bobbie & Joe Rodriguez Teri Rowan Raj Sarda MD Stephen & Trudy Sargent Trina & Michael Sheridan Burt & Barbara Stein Geoff & Susie Strommer W R Swindells Katherine & Nickolas Tri Minh Tran & Gary Nelson E. Walter Van Valkenburg & Turid L. Owren Ted & Julie Vigeland Trudy Wilson & Terry Brown Winnowski Family Foundation

BENEFACTORS ($1,000–$1,999)

Anonymous (2) Rukaiyah Adams Richard & Kristin Allan Mr. Stan Amy & Ms. Christy Eugenis Phyllis Arnoff Dr. Gene Baker & Regina Brody Chery Balkenhol & James Alterman Robin & Thomas Barrett Christian, Lisa & Ella Bisgard Lawrence S. &Susan W. Black Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Sam & Adriane Blackman William Blosser Kate & Bill Bowman Linda & William Brown John Bush & Greg Zarelli Tim O’Leary & Michelle Cardinal Dr. Richard & Nancy Chapman Mary Chomenko Hinckley & Gregory K. Hinckley Drs. Marguerite Cohen & Joe Roberts M. Allison Couch & Tom Soals Betsy Cramer & Greg Kubecek Leslie & James Culbertson Gail & Mike Davis

Davis Wright Tremaine GBD Architects KeyBank Moda NW Natural

Kirk & Marsha Davis Paul Dockter & Pamela Kelley-Dockter Dan Drinkward Gerard & Sandra Drummond Karen & John Durkheimer Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Richard & Betty Duvall John Briggs & Jeffrey Feiffer Mike & Chris Feves Larry & Deborah Friedman Daniel & Leah Frye Cynthia M. Fuhrman Cathie Glennon Mike Golub & Sam Shelhorse Mark & Christi Goodman John & Jacque Guevara Dylan Gulick Del Hall Donald F. Hammond Susan M. Robert S. Hatfield Marcia Hauer & Jeanne Knepper Richard L. Hay Lani Hayward Herman Charitable Foundation Patsy Heinlein Sue & Mike Hollern Mr. Arthur Hung & Dr. Jim Watkins Don & Claudia Hutchison Arnold & Virginia Israelit Brad & Judy Johnson Kathy & Steve Johnson Jessie Jonas Timothy A. Kalberg Dr. Laurie Kash & Michael Carter Selby & Doug Key Ray & Terry Lambeth Brad & Cindy Larsen Dorothy Lemelson Shari & Frank Lord Carol & Charles Mackey Jean & Steve Mann Robert Matheson & Kimberly Porter Stephen Mason & Christine Fisher Katherine McCoy of West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic Lindsey & Marilen McGill Jack & Carolyn McMurchie Rob & Kate Melton Lora & Jim Meyer Bryan Nakagawa Bradford & Linda Needham Deborah Neft & Salvatore D’Auria Neilsen Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation David & Ranata Niederloh

Stoel Rives LLP U.S. Bank The Standard Wells Fargo Work for Art

Paul & Lisa Nourgat Steven P. & Eileen O’Neill Odum Duane & Corinne Paulson Stanley & Susanne Penkin Ellie Picologlou Dr. & Mrs. Charles Poindexter Judson Randall John & Christine Ridenour Dianne Rodway Halle & Rick Sadle Carol Schnitzer Lewis Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Marian & Elihu Schott Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Michael & Karen Sherman Peter Shinbach John & Joan Shipley Michael Simon Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland Randall & Janet Smith Carl Snook George & Molly Spencer Ray & Pat Straughan Mary & Jeff Strickler Donald & Roslyn Sutherland Calvin & Mayho Tanabe Don & Judy Thompson Ronald E. & Ivy L. Timpe Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Carol & David Turner Eleanor & Peter Van Alderwerelt Wendy Ware & Dan Gleason Dennis & Jean Wilde Jay Wilt David & Sherri Zava

STARS ($500–$999)

Anonymous (4) Charles & Gloria Adams Margaret & Stuart Albright Joan & Brian Allen Stacy Allison Janis Avidan Thomas & Brada Bailey Susanne Baumann & John Gragg David Bennett Dr. Janet Bennett Randy & Rebecca Bissinger Bob Schuler & Debra Blanchard Jill Blanchard Lesley Bombardier Craig Boretz Norma Bradfish Larry Brigham Stephen & Marge Brenneke



DONOR LIST (CONTINUED) Benjamin Buckley Young Actors Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Mary Beth Butkovic Robert & Stasia Burt Clifford & Doris Carlsen Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Brenda & Duke Charpentier Bruce & Janis Collins Sonja L. Connor Dave & Debbie Craig Erik Cubbage Tracy A. Curtis & Rick Nagore Gloria Zeal Davis Craig Dewey & Julie Coop Richard & Betty Duvall Stephen Early & Mary Shepard James & Patricia Edwards Christina Flaxel & B. Randall Gregory Flick Per-Olof Jarnberg & Joan Foley Ronald Fraback Carol Fredlund & John Betonte Lisa M. Freiley Gail & Kim Frederick Charles & Kyle Fuchs Don & Judy Fuller Richard & Kristine Gates Paul & Faye Gilbarg Melissa & Robert Good Michael & Nancy Graham Gail & Walter Grebe Rick & Susan Gustafson Bill & Elaine Hallmark Lourri Hammack Kregg & Andrea Hanson Richard L. Hay MJ & Lee Alan Helgerson Paul & Ruth Herrington Laurie Holland Jay Howell Dixie Huey Susan Immer & Larry Juday Christina Isacson Cecily Johns Douglas & PJ Jones Susan E. Jossi & Bob Conners Kevin & Suzanne Kahn Gerri Karetsky & Larry Naughton Carla Kelley Nancy Keystone & Michael Schlitt Kevin & Lee Kidd Lucien & Sally Klein BettyLou Koffel & Philip Moyer Mr. Rudy Kohnle & Ms. Krista Larson Jon & Karen Kruse Bruce & Cathy Kuehnl Susan Lair & Doug Trobough Libbi Layton & Lawrence Tamiyasu Bonnie & Mike Leiser Richard M. Linn Elaine & Richard Lycan JS & Robin May Ann Mccabe Karen & Brent McCune Charles & Kathleen McGee Jessica McVay Richard Meeker & Ellen Rosenblum Merry & John Melonas Rob & Kate Melton 18


Robert & Violet Metzler Bruce W. Miller Timothy Mott Michael & Susan Mueller Ward & Pamela Nelson Don & Doris Nielsen David & Anne Noall Juris V. & Silvia Orle Vicki & Greg Page John & Carolyn Parchinsky Carol Pelmas Elizabeth Perris & Beverly Schnabel Jim & Pam Phillips Wallace & Elizabeth Preble Dick & Linda Reedy Drs. Scott & Kay Reichlin Leslie Rennie-Hill & Ken Hill Dr. Mark & Angela Reploeg Tony & Sherryl Reser Kelly Ritz-Eisenstein & Scott Eisenstein Rebecca Ross Mary & Craig Ruble Mardi Saathoff Steven & Carol Sandor Dianne Sawyer & Richard Petersen Peter C. & Jeanette M. Scott Therese Scott Peter Shinbach Virginia Shipman & Richard Kaiser Brad Simmons & Shannon Hart J & C Skuster Walter & Carol Smith Kimberly Smith-Cupani Kyle & Sophia Spencer Rick & Denyse Stawicki Elaine R. & Rudolph B. Stevens Janice Stewart & Gordon Allen Dan & Linda Sullivan Dr. Jeffrey & Mrs. Roberta Swanson Meri & Stephen Taylor Bruce & Rebecca Teborek Beverly Terry Marcia K. Timm Paul Tucker & Blake Walter Lewis & Susan Van Winkle Virginia Vanderbilt & Michael Garrison Dan Volkmer & Frank Dixon Richard Wallace & Patricia White Ms. Shu-Ju Wang & Mr. Mike Coleman Joan & David Weil Aurora WindDancer Dr. & Mrs. Bennett Wight Brian R. Wilson Fabian & Julie Yeager

PATRONS ($150–$499)

Anonymous (10) Anonymous (4) Vanessa Abahashemi & Soren Jorgensen Keith & Christine Abernathy Jose Alcarez Philip & Pip Allen Linda C. Anderson Thomas R. Anderson & Joan Montague Mr. & Mrs. John K. Ankeney Nigel & Kerry Arkell

Kregg Arnston & Ted E. Fettig Lee & Lynn Aronson Elizabeth Ash & David Morganstern Linda Aso Jean & Ray Auel Jean & David Avison Susan Bach & Douglas Egan Grover & Susan Bagby Mrs. Bernice Bagnall Bill Bagnall & Clayton Lloyd Thayne & Mary Anne Balzer Gary & Christine Barbour Mr. & Mrs. Peter Barnhisel Don & Jo Barney Diane & Arthur Barry Sidney & Barbara Bass George W. Bateman Dawn Bauman Richard Baumann Kathleen Bauska Donald C. & Doris Beard Rob & Sharon Bennett Jamie & John Birkett Cheryl A. Bittle Anita & Clark Blanchard Chris Blattner & Cindy McCann Ms. Catherine Blosser & Mr.Terry Dolan Jeffrey Bluhm Robert E Blum & Carol M. Black Jacquelyn & John Boardman Lynne & Frank Bocarde Brian & Karen Borton Betty G. Lavis & Charles Brasher Kay Bristow Patsy Bruggere Mr. Lamar Bryant & Ty Stober Douglas Browning & Jo Shapland Mary Butler Ms. Kathryn Bussman & Mr. Char Curry Tim & Susan Carey Andrea Carlson Carolyn & Walter Carr Brett & Barbara Carson Clay & Carolyn Carter Michael Carter & Teresa Ferrer Jean Carufo & Barb Engelter Tyler Case Susan Cassady & Neal Thompson Sue Caulfield & Mary Mack Brent & Barbara Chalmers Gordon B. Chamberlain John & Lou Chapman Candice & Russ Chapman Tim Chapman Melissa A. Charbonneau Bob & Patty Chestler Valri & Vincent Chiappetta Susan F. Christensen Carolyn & Carl Christoferson Cynthia Church Susan Clarke Miguel Cobian John & Kathryn Cochran Elaine & Arnold Cogan Rhonda Cohen Rick & Jean Collins Lisa & Skip Comer Sherie P. & John M. Corley William & Harriet Cormack Jerry & Jean Corn

Karen Costello Jerry Brask John & Ann Cowger Kathryn Crandall Allen & Sue Craig John Crawford & Kathryn Crawford Marian & Neale Creamer Karen & Ward Cunningham Jill & Tony Daniels Arthur & Winnifred Danner Marcia Darm & Bruce Berning Betty Daschel Maureen Sproviero Davis & Kerwin Davis Aishwarya Deenadayalu Carolyn DeLany-Reif Duane & Prudence Denney Bill & Brenda Derville Linda & Jerry Dinan Richard B. Dobrow MD Ken & Laura Dobyns Arthur H. Dodd John & Danuta Donovan Pat Dooney Edith & Michael Dorsen Steve Dotterrer & Kevin Kraus CDR Robert duBiel & Nancy Dougherty Beverly Downer Mark & Denise Downing Sharon Durant Julie & Jim Early Janet & Barry Edwards John H. Eft & Darlene Russ-Eft Steven Ehlbeck & Vassiliki Tsikitis Mary A. & Peter Eisenfeld Kris & R. Thomas Elliott Ronnie-Gail Emden & Andrew Wilson Ed & Marilyn Epstein Jean Erickson Wes Evans & Lou Scorca Sharon Ewing-Fix Gil & Ellen Feibleman Renee Ferrera & James Johnson Terry Ferrucci Patrick & Eileen Fiegenbaum David Filer & Marlene Anderson Colleen Finn Sally & Jerry Fish Peter & Nancy Fisher Sherry & Paul Fishman Greg & Susan Fitz-Gerald Mary Flahive & David Finch George H. Fleerlage Steve & Susan Ford Bernard A. & Loretta E. Fox Larry & Judy Fox Sharon Frank Terry Franks & Carolyn Duran Marc Franklin Bruce & Kate Frederick Richard Smith & Patricia Frobes Jerome & Mary Fulton William & Beverly Galen Susan & Seth Garber Colleen Gekler Merry Gilbertson & Larry Frank Lisa Goldberg Lynn Goldstein Lottie Goodwin

Barbara & Marvin Gordon-Lickey Richard & Janis Gottlieb Rosemond Graham Patricia & Tim Gray Mr. Mark Greenfield & Jane Hartline Mark & Michelle Greenwood Nancy & Ron Gronowski Frank & Margery Guthrie Elisabeth Hall Irv & Gail Handelman Britney & Ryan Hardie Ulrich H. Hardt & Karen Johnson Gary Hargett Tom & Jan Harvey Fred & Sara Harwin Mark & Paige Hasson Lynne & John Hart Jane L. Hatch Regina Hauser & Chris Carson Tracey Heinrich Tom & Verna Hendrickson Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Hering Diane M. Herrmann Gary & Jane Hibler Frances & Hunter Hicks Margaret & Timothy Hill Suzanne Hiscox Barbara & Mark Hochgesang Mrs. Beverly Hoeffer & Mrs. Carol Beeston Karen & Chuck Hoff Andrew Hoffmann Kevin Hogan & Aaron Larson Laurie Holland Barry & Fanny Horowitz Jeanne Provost & R. Brian Hough Donald & Lynnette Houghton Dr. Hal Howard Robert & Jill Hrdlicka Nancy Hull & Chris Sproul Kathy & Tom Iberle Robina & Tim Ingram-Rich Willard & Shirley James Joanne Jene, M.D. Sonny Jepson & Felice Moskowitz Becky & Jarrett Jones Joan Jones K&J Jack & Farol Kahle Rhonda Studnick Kaiser Cindy Kaplan Ross Kaplan & Paula Kanarek Chad & Mary Karr Rebecca & Gerald Karver Ron & Ruth Katon Franki Keefe Katherine Keene Jane Kennedy Marion & Bart Kessler Heather Kientz Julie King & John Pump Jim & Lois King Nancy Kingston Frederick Kirchhoff & Ronald Simonis Lucien & Sally Klein Romy Klopper Michael Knebel & Susan Shepard Tricia Knoll & Darrell Salk Paul & Sue Knoll Kohnstamm Family Foundation Drs. Bill & Ricky Korach Ed & Margaret Kushner

Rick Kunz & Brigitte Piniewki Robert & Sally Landauer David Lapof Robert & Nancy Laws Bob & Sally LeFeber Roger & Joy Leo Joyce & Stanley Loeb Brian & Chris Lewis Peter & Janice Linsky Steve Rosenberg & Ellen Lippman Joyce & Stanley Loeb Ralph London R. Lubomirski Sharon W. & E. Theodore Lukasevich Marvin & Sylvia Lurie John. D. Lynch Rebecca MacGregor Jerry & Judy Magee Jeanne & Jim Magmer Tim & Barbara Mahoney Jane Maland Caroline Mann Linda & Ken Mantel Mr. Joe Marrone & Ms. Ann Balzel Kenneth & Nancy Martin Mr. & Mrs. Michael Marlitt Don & Susan Masson Pamela Matheson Anne Matson Kendra Matthews Oscar & Mary Mayer Annie & Dennis McCarthy Susan & Bill McConnell Maryl M McCullough Betty McDonald & William Hansen Susan McFadden Charles & Kathleen McGee Lisa McKinney Alan & Daina McLean Gretchen McLellan Steven McMaster & Kathleen Brock Bart McMullan Jr. & Patricia Dunahugh Gayle & George McMurria-Bachik Trisha Mead Karolyn Meador Julia Meck Ruth E. Medak Mariellen Meisel & Steve Glass Peter & Joan Melrose Susan Sammons Meyer & Dennis Meyer Frances & Peter Meyers Stacy Michaelson Louis R. Miles Mr. Jay Miller & Ms. Elise Menashe Roger & Karen Miller Pamela G & Fred B. Miller Kate & Jack Mills Sherry Mills Tom & Lia Mills Thomas & Rosemary Mitchell David & Machteld Mok Grant Molsberry & William Apt Brandon Monroe Douglas & Malinda Moore Jane Moore Clint & Donna Moran Mike & Jan Morgan David Morganstern Laura & Joseph Munoz

Fran Nay Bill & Pat Nelson Jeanne Newmark Ann Nickerson Landscape Design Susan & Peter Norman Gloria Norton Kay Novak Mary Lou Obloy Ron & Janet O’Day Ric Oleksak Barry D. Olson Eileen & Alfred Ono Jamie Ordower Beverly J. Orth Lynda Paige JoAnn Pari-Mueller & Dan Mueller Susan & Milt Parker Gail & Alan Pasternack Janet Peek Jennifer Peery Steve & Melissa Peterman Francis Peters John M. & Suzy J. Petersen Kevin Phaup Donna Philbrick Mr. Joe Phillippay & Kris Phillippay Sue Pickgrobe & Mike Hoffman Nancy Pitney Shirley Pollock Jennifer Politsch Michael Ponder & Bea Davis David & Margo Price Rick Kunz Piniewski Edgar & Prudence Ragsdale Jay & Barbara Ramaker Michael R. Rankin Bonnie & Peter Reagan Helen Richardson & Don S. Hayner David Robertson & Chuck Brimmer George W. & E. Joan Robinson Gertrude Robinson Lucinda Rodgers Charles & Judith Rooks Kelly & Tomilynn Ross Ted & Holly Ruback Davia & Ted Rubenstein Jim & Joanne Ruyle Anita Saalfeld Bunny & Jerry Sadis Linda & Michael Salinsky Deborah Santomero & Lisa Hoffman Lia Saroyan & Michael Knapp Christine & Steven Satterlee John & Stephanie Saven Dianne Sawyer & Richard Petersen Jim Scherzinger & Claire Carder Sheldon & Jean Schiager Martha M. Schostal Peter C. & Jeanette M. Scott Michael & Pam Shanahan Dr. Jeffrey D Sher Karen Sheridan Ron & Lynn Sherwood Carl R. Shinkle Jaymi & Francis Sladen Henrianne Slattery Rodger & Marcella Sleven Christine & Todd Smith

Charles E. Smith Constance Smith Neil Soiffer & Carolyn J. Smith George Soule & Maurice Horn Doug Sparks & Casey Bass Harley & Robyn Spring Sarah Sterling Zach & Vassie Stoumbos Milan & Jean Stoyanov Rhonda Studnick Kaiser Ms. Valda Summers & Mr. Tom Phelan Tony & Vanessa Sturgeon Margie Sutherland, MD Mr. & Mrs. John Sutton Roger & Gale Swanson John & Jan Switzer Amy & Emanuel Tanne Ellen Tappon & Ted Wilson Kara & Tyler Tatman Ann & Dave Taylor Jerome & Kathleen Taylor Leif & Marjorie Terdal Jane Thanner & Tim Smith William & Lori Thayer James & Linda Thomas Larie Thomas Grant & Sandra Thurston David Toovy Sandra Teel Trainer Mr. Michael Traylor & Derek Holmgren Peter & Cathy Tronquet Cathy Unis Mark & Christy Uhrich Phil & Mimi Underwood Dawn Vermeulen David & Julie Verburg James N. Stamper & Jennifer P. Villano Mark & Mary Ann Vollbrecht James & Nancy Vondran Drs. Bastian & Barb Wagner Karen & Charles Waibel George & Marilou Waldmann John N. & Betty K. Walker Nancy Walker & Terry Foty Sheila Walty Michael Weiner & Kathy Davis-Weiner Brandon & Betty Jean Wentworth Karen Whitaker James M. White Chris & Jana White Diana & Jim White JD & D’Alene White Maurice & Lauretta Williams Marjorie & Tom Wilson Alan Winders Callie & Ana Winner Greg Winterowd Loring & Margaret Winthrop Don & Jan Wolf Richard & Leslie Wong J. Marcus Wood & Sue Hennessey Linda M. Wood Robert & Vickie Woods Paul Wrigley Jack Wussow & Kyle Adams Russ & Mary Youmans Alan & Janet Zell Kurtis & Michaell Zenner

Portland Center Stage at

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Connor Johnston (right) attended our 2017 gala to share his life-changing story of making his professional debut in Snow Falling on Cedars. He’s pictured with cast mates (left-right) Olivia Oguma, Mia Tagano and Alan Ariano. Photo by Owen Carey.

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IN TRIBUTE Peter and Sue Belluschi in memory of Richard Lawson, a presence forever remaining Ginger A. Carroll in memory of J. Michael Carroll Chris Coleman in memory of Jerry Stern, a blessing to have known him Chris Coleman in memory of Brot Bishop Scott and Jeanette Depoy in memory of Annette Coleman Bill Dickey in memory of Richard Lawson Tom and Betsy Henning in memory of Annette Coleman Dr. Hal Howard in memory of Carol Howard Christina Isacson in honor of Ann Smith Sehdev Cindy Kaplan in honor of Lisa Sanman Nancy Keystone in memory of Annette Coleman David and Ranata Niederloh in honor of Jennifer Goldsmith and the whole PCS development team Joan Peacock in memory of Ben Buckley Portland Center Stage at The Armory in loving memory of Ben Whiteley Portland Center Stage at The Armory in loving memory of Sis Hayes Portland Center Stage at The Armory staff in memory of Don Waggoner Maddy Nelson is held in loving memory by her family at Portland Center Stage at The Armory Rhian Rotz in honor of Leslie Copland Sarah Sterling in memory of Julie Sterling Valda Summers and Tom Phelan in honor of Dr. Ann Smith Sehdev Minh Tran and Gary Nelson in memory of Richard Lawson Julie Vigeland in memory of Sis Hayes’ instrumental role in the creation of Portland Center Stage at The Armory, as well as her ongoing enthusiasm and support for the company. She will always be remembered and deeply appreciated. Ted and Julie Vigeland in memory of Annette Coleman Ted and Julie Vigeland in fond memory of Richard Lawson who loved and strongly supported Portland Center Stage at The Armory. He was loved by us and so many others. Ted and Julie Vigeland in grateful memory of Jerry Stern and his fondness for and tremendous support of Portland Center Stage at The Armory Ted and Julie Vigeland in memory of Ben Whiteley. Ben Whiteley was a supporter, in every sense of the word, of Portland Center Stage at The Armory from its inception. Ben will be missed in so many ways. For us especially, opening nights will not be the same without Ben. Ted and Julie Vigeland in memory and honor of Brot Bishop, who was one of the intrepid founders of Portland Center Stage at The Armory. His steadfast guidance and support over the years helped to propel the theater to where it is today, as one of the nation’s most prominent regional theaters. TRIBUTE GIFTS Why not try something different? Instead of searching for that perfect gift or struggling over how to acknowledge a special achievement, you can recognize someone with a 100% tax deductible Tribute Gift. We’ll make it even easier for you by specially notifying the appropriate person that a Tribute Gift was made in honor or memoriam and list your gift in the playbill. If you would like to make a Tribute Gift, please contact 503.445.3744 or



BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ted Austin, Chair Senior Vice President, The Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank Betsy Henning, Vice Chair CEO and Founder, AHA! Strategic Communications Brigid Flanigan, Treasurer President, Shamrock Holdings, LLC Steven E. Wynne, Secretary Executive Vice President, Moda Health Mary Boyle, Immediate Past Chair Civic Volunteer Chris Coleman, President Artistic Director, Portland Center Stage at The Armory Sharon Barnes, Community Volunteer Phil Beyl, President, GBD Architects Sarah Crooks, Partner, Perkins Coie, LLP Evelyn Crowell, Retired, Portland State University Gustavo J. Cruz, Jr., Senior Counsel, Farleigh Wada Witt Martin Daum, President and CEO, Daimler Trucks North America Lana Finley, Community Activist Diana Gerding, Community Volunteer Mike Golub, President of Business, Portland Timbers Lani Hayward, Executive VP, Creative Strategies, Umpqua Holdings Corp Greg Hazelton, Senior Vice President – Finance, Hawaiian Electric Industries Tasca Gulick, Community Activist Yuki “Lynne” Johnston, Advocate for the Arts Kevin Kelly, Retired Jim Knoll, President, Knoll Mediation Karen O’Connor Kruse, Partner, Stoel Rives LLP Dedre Marriott, Community Volunteer Charles McGee, President and CEO, Black Parent Initiative Peter Potwin, Retired, CFO, Benson Industries, Inc. Dennis Rawlinson, Firm Chair and Partner, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn, LLP Joe Sawicki, Vice President and General Manager, Mentor Graphics, Design-To-Silicon Division Marcy Schwartz, Senior Vice President, CH2M HILL Ann E. Smith Sehdev, Physician, Cascade Pathology Doug Smith, Retired, Senior Vice President, AMEC J. Greg Ness, Director Emeritus, Chairman, President and CEO, Standard Insurance, StanCorp Financial Group Pat Ritz, Director Emeritus, Chairman and CEO, Footwear Specialties International Julie Vigeland, Director Emeritus, Civic Volunteer In Memoriam Bob Gerding


CHRIS COLEMAN Artistic Director

Chris joined Portland Center Stage at The Armory as artistic director in May, 2000. Before coming to Portland, Chris was the artistic director at Actor’s Express in Atlanta, a company he co-founded in the basement of an old church in 1988. Chris returned to Atlanta in 2015 to direct the world premiere of Edward Foote at Alliance Theatre (Suzi Bass Awards for Best Direction, Best Production and Best World Premiere). Other recent directing credits include the Off-Broadway debut of Threesome at 59E59 Theaters; a production that had its world premiere at The Armory and was also presented at ACT Theatre in Seattle. Favorite directing assignments for Portland Center Stage at The Armory include Astoria: Part One (which he also adapted), A Streetcar Named Desire, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Three Days of Rain, Threesome, Dreamgirls, Othello, Fiddler on the Roof, Clybourne Park, Sweeney Todd, Shakespeare’s Amazing Cymbeline (which he also adapted), Anna Karenina, Oklahoma!, Snow Falling on Cedars, Ragtime, Crazy Enough, Beard of Avon, Cabaret, King Lear, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Man and Superman, Outrage, Flesh and Blood and The Devils. Chris has directed at theaters across the country, including Actor’s Theater of Louisville, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, ACT Theatre (Seattle), The Alliance, Dallas Theatre Center, Pittsburgh Public Theatre, New York Theatre Workshop and Center Stage (Baltimore). A native Atlantan, Chris holds a B.F.A. from Baylor University and an M.F.A. from Carnegie Mellon. He is currently the board president for the Cultural Advocacy Coalition. Chris and his husband, Rodney Hicks — who is appearing in the new musical Come From Away on Broadway — are the proud parents of an 18-lb Jack Russell/Lab mix, and a 110-lb English Blockhead Yellow Lab.

Website: Ticket Office Group Sales Admin. Offices Contributions Volunteer Info Lost and Found Emergency # Audition Hotline Education Building Rentals 445.3700 445.3794 445.3720 445.3744 445.3825 445.3700 445.3727 445.3849 445.3795 445.3824


Phone: Noon–6:00 p.m., Daily Walk-Up Window: Open Until Showtime Single tickets and season tickets may be purchased in person, online at PCS.ORG, or by phone at 503.445.3700. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY. Late seating may be offered but is at the discretion of the house manager; late seating is not guaranteed. Those arriving late to a performance or exiting the theater during the performance may be asked to view the show on the lobby monitor until intermission. Refunds and/or exchanges are not available for late arrivals. NO LATE SEATING AVAILABLE IN THE STUDIO. Because of the intimate nature of the Ellyn Bye Studio, it is not possible to accommodate late seating. NO CAMERAS OR RECORDING EQUIPMENT. No recording devices of any kind are allowed in the theaters. NO FIREARMS. Firearms are not allowed in The Armory. PLEASE SILENCE ALL CELL PHONES. You may check your cell phones with the concierge and they will notify you in case of an emergency.

Portland Center Stage at The Armory is the largest theater company in Portland and among the top 20 regional theaters in the country. Established in 1988 as a branch of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the company became independent in 1994 and has been under the leadership of Artistic Director Chris Coleman since 2000. An estimated 150,000 people visit The Armory annually to enjoy a mix of classical, contemporary and world premiere productions, along with a variety of high quality education and community programs. Eleven productions are offered each season, in addition to roughly

400 community events created — in partnership with 170+ local organizations and individuals — to serve the diverse populations in the city. As part of its dedication to new play development, the company has produced 23 world premieres and presents an annual new works festival, JAW: A Playwrights Festival. The Northwest Stories series was recently launched to develop and produce works about, or by artists from, the Northwest region. Home to two theaters, The Armory was the first building on the National Register of Historic Places, and the first performing arts venue, to achieve a LEED Platinum rating.

We welcome ALL races, religions, countries of origin, sexual orientations, genders and abilities. YOU ARE SAFE HERE.

CHECK BACKPACKS and LARGE PARCELS. For safety purposes, please check large backpacks and parcels at the coat check. THE ARMORY IS FULLY ACCESSIBLE. Anyone with a special seating need (such as moderate sight or hearing impairment) is encouraged to inform the Box Office in advance to accommodate the request. ASSISTED LISTENING DEVICES ARE AVAILABLE. Listening devices are available at the concierge desk free of charge. CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF SIX ARE NOT ADMITTED. While we encourage you to bring interested children to the theater, as a courtesy to other patrons and actors, we do not admit anyone under the age of six years to our performances. FOOD IS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE THEATER. Beverages are allowed, but must be in a compostable cup with a lid. All food must be consumed in the lobby. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR STRONG PERFUMES/ COLOGNES. Strong perfumes or colognes can be distracting for other patrons and for people with allergies. Please use moderation when applying strong fragrances before the performance. THE ARMORY




Umpqua Bank


Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t. But none of these actors would be on stage tonight without taking chances. It’s part of growth, and we’re all made to grow. That’s why we’re such a proud supporter of Portland Center Stage at The Armory. Let this performance inspire you to take the chances that power your own growth.

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p o r t l a n d ’ s h o t e l t o th e ar t s IN THE HEART OF PORTLAND’S WEST END DISTRICT

4 0 9 S W 1 1 T H AV E P O R T L A N D | 5 0 3 . 2 2 4 . 3 2 9 3 | M A R K S P E N C E R . C O M 22



Artistic Director | Chris Coleman

ARTISTIC Associate Artistic Director: Rose Riordan Producing Associate: Brandon Woolley Literary Manager: Benjamin Fainstein Company Manager: Will Cotter EDUCATION & COMMUNITY PROGRAMS Education & Community Programs Director: Kelsey Tyler Education & Community Programs Associate: Clara-Liis Hillier Education & Community Programs Coordinator: Eric Werner Resident Teaching Artist: Matthew B. Zrebski ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE Chief Operating Officer: Cynthia Fuhrman General Manager: Creon Thorne Finance Director: Lisa Comer Accounting Manager: Aurora Sanquilly Accountant: Alan King HR Manager: Caitlin Upshaw Executive & HR Assistant: Nia I. Adams IT Administrator: Christian Kisanga IT Associate: Chris Beatty Database/Tessitura Consultant: Bob Thomas DEVELOPMENT Development Director: Lisa Sanman Associate Development Director: Jennifer Goldsmith Grants Manager: Marlene A. Montooth Special Events Manager: Kate Bowman Development Associate: Michael Magnes MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS Director of Marketing & Communications: Cynthia Fuhrman Associate Director of Marketing: Mandy Morgan Public Relations & Publications Manager: Claudie Jean Fisher Marketing & Communications Associate: Alice Hodge Group Sales Coordinator: Liz Brown Graphic Designer: Mikey Mann Multimedia Designer: Kate Szrom Webmaster: Christian Bisgard Production Photographer: Patrick Weishampel PATRON SERVICES Patron Services Manager: Luke Robertson Patron Services Assistant Managers: Klint Keys, Sierra Walker Senior Patron Services Associate: Emily S. Ryan Patron Services Associates: Madelyn Clement, Megan Harned, David Harper Sales Associates: Michael Erickson, Jack Ridenour, Mark Woodlief OPERATIONS Operations Manager: Sean Andries Operations Lead: Katie Cronin Operations Assistant: Destry Cloud Events & Rentals Manager: Annessa Hartman

Events & Rentals Coordinator: Elizabeth Hjort Custodians: Gregery Lee, Tim Taylor PRODUCTION Production Manager: Liam Kaas-Lentz Production Coordinator: Lydia Comer Stage Managers, AEA: Kelsey Daye Lutz, Mark Tynan, Janine Vanderhoff Production Assistants: Will Bailey, Bailey Anne Maxwell, Kristen Mun Technical Director: Derek Easton Scene Shop Manager: Seth Chandler Master Carpenter: Nick Foltz Staff Carpenters/Welders: Christian Cheker, Nathan Crosby, Michael Hall, Phil A. Shaw Properties Master: Michael Jones Lead Props Artisan: Rachel Peterson Schmerge Props Artisan: James Tait Scenic Charge Artist: Kate Webb Lead Scenic Painter: Shawn Mallory Scenic Painter: Kiona McAlister Costume Shop Manager: Alex Wren Meadows Cutters/Drapers: Paula Buchert, Eva Steingrueber-Fagan Junior Draper: Larissa Cranmer Costume Crafts Artisan: Barbara Casement Wardrobe Mistress: Bonnie Henderson-Winnie Master Electrician, U.S. Bank Main Stage: Alexz Eccles Master Electrician, Ellyn Bye Studio: Em Douglas Lighting Assistant: Alex Agnes Deck Manager: Tim McGarry Resident Sound Designer & Sound/Video Supervisor: Casi Pacilio Sound Engineer & Programmer, U.S. Bank Main Stage: Adam Bintz Sound Engineer & Programmer, Ellyn Bye Studio: Mitchell Bohanan FRONT OF HOUSE Lead Concierge: Miles B. Lewis Concierges: Meghan Howard-Hakala, Wynee Hu, Eric Murray Volunteer Coordinator: RaChelle Schmidt Lead House Manager: Michael Rocha House Managers: Jenna Barganski, Nhu Nguyen, Emerson Scott, RaChelle Schmidt Café Supervisor: Gregory Couper Catering Supervisor: Logan Starnes Kitchen Supervisor: Erik Sanchez Bar Lead: Melissa Larrabee Kitchen Assistant/Cook: Sam DiChiara Food & Beverage Service Staff: Conor Eifler, Chris Klarer, Erin Rubin, Franz Rutherford


Office Assistants Chair: Connie Guist Entertainers Chair: Jo McGeorge Supporting Cast Chair: Karen Watson


Adam Bintz


Alexz Eccles


Alex Agnes, Liz Carlson, Don Crossley, Hannah Fattor, Rob Forester, Zahra Garrett, Ian Hale, Duane Hall, Duncan Lynch, Amy Morel PHOTO CREDITS: Cover: Mona Golabek in The Pianist of Willesden Lane, photo by and cover art design by Mikey Mann. Pg 2: (left column) Storm Large in Crazy Enough, photo by Owen Carey; Comcast Spotlight event photo by Holland Studios via Designs by Muse; Nikki Coble and Daver Morrison in Othello, photo by Patrick Weishampel; Theater Intensive photo by Kate Szrom; Our Town photo by Patrick Weishampel; Apollo photo by Owen Carey; (right column) West Side Story photo by Owen Carey; Sharonlee McLean and Laura Faye Smith in The Receptionist, photo by Owen Carey. Pg 3: (clockwise from top) The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee photo by Owen Carey; Oklahoma!, Fiddler on the Roof and JAW Press Play photos by Patrick Weishampel; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest photo by Owen Carey; Astoria: Part One and Carter Hudson, Gavin Gregory and Christopher Livingston inThe Whipping Man, photos by Patrick Weishampel. Pg 6-7: Kindertransport photos courtesy of the German Federal Archive (Deutsches Bundesarchiv). Pg 10: Musical theater workshop photo by Kate Szrom. Pg 15: JAW photo by Kate Szrom.

Portland Center Stage at The Armory operates under an agreement among the League of Resident Theatres (LORT), Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States, and the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers. Portland Center Stage at The Armory is a member of LORT, Theatre Communications Group, Portland Business Alliance and Travel Portland. Portland Center Stage at The Armory is a participant in the Audience (R)Evolution Program, funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and administered by Theatre Communications Group, the national organization for the professional not-for-profit American theater.



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Pianist of Willesden Lane - Portland Center Stage  

Pianist of Willesden Lane - Portland Center Stage