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Winter / Spring 2021

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Please submit ideas or articles to Sharon by 31st March 2021: sharon@artsintheyard.org


Welcome to the Winter / Spring 2021 edition of our United in Yardley Newsletter! Although many of us are glad 2020 is over, so far 2021 has been just as challenging. We are hopeful for what the future brings. From last year we know the power of our Yardley community and know how much you want to support your neighbours, friends and family. Once again the aim of this newsletter is to brighten your day, link you to local initiatives and signpost you to trusted organisations who can offer support if you need it. We welcome your contributions for the next edition! Thank you to the Community Lottery Fund for funding our United in Yardley - Coronavirus Community Support project, which includes this newsletter. There are many ways you can get involved with our work, by volunteering to deliver newsletters, joining one of our art and community initiatives or donating nonperishable food for local foodbanks. Read more about our #FeedYardley initiative at the end of this booklet. We are pleased to continue working in partnership with Yardley Neighbourhood Network Scheme who are providing direct Covid-19 support to residents in Yardley. Please get in touch with Manjeet if you would like to discuss the support available. Manjeet Birdi - Yardley Neighbourhood Network Scheme Telephone: 03030 40 20 40 (Option 6) or Telephone: 07799 904 269 Email: mbirdi@disability.co.uk or Email: nns@disability.co.uk It can be hard asking for help. If you are struggling at the moment we can connect you to organisations and volunteers who can help. This booklet contains lots of suggestions but you can also contact us directly if you need support: hello@artsintheyard.org Arts In The Yard is the Local Arts Forum for Yardley Constituency and we are proud to be led by a Management Committee of local residents. We are passionate about our local neighbourhoods. We use art and creativity, in their widest and most broadest sense, to foster community development and cohesion.

0121 339 5029 www.artsintheyard.org FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/artsintheYard TWITTER: https://twitter.com/artsintheyard INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/artsintheyard

Thanks to our funders and community partners

Your Story Local resident Nicoleta (featured on our front cover) has been attending our Women of Yardley Unite+ sessions since they started. It all started out as a therapeutic occupation and because of her interest to make art by recycling things. It was in the first WOYU+ session that Nicoleta found that she loved decoupage. She later discovered mandalas and dotting art from the sessions where she made her house number using clay which she painted with acrylics. She continues to enjoy using her new skills from the sessions.

WOYU+ kept my creativity flowing, my sanity and make me meet great people in the process. I built more trust and self esteem as a person and as a creator.

Egg & Sprouts Sabji A delicious and nutritious recipe that’s quick and easy to make and low on budget. Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Serves: 4 people Budget: approx. £2.50 or less

Serving Suggestion: Serve with rotis, naans, pitta breads or tortilla wraps. With plain yoghurt or red lentil daal. Ingredients:

500g roughly cut / blended sprouts (60p) 1 spring onion chopped (optional) 10p 1 large onion (roughly blended) 20p Green chillies (5p per chilli) Thumb size ginger (25p) 1 ½ tsp salt (10p) 1 boiled egg per serving, cut in half for garnish (15p each) 2 tsp turmeric (15p) 1 tsp cumin seeds (15p) 1 tsp black mustard seeds (10p) 4 - 5 tbs vegetable / olive oil (10p) 1 tsp garam masala (15p) Fenugreek dried (2 tbs) or fresh (1 cup chopped) (15p) Fresh coriander ½ cup for garnishing (15p)

Simple Steps:

1. Peel, wash and roughly cut the onion, ginger and chillies. Blend together. 2. Wash, drain and roughly chop the sprouts. 3. Add 3 - 4 tbs oil in a large non-stick wok or deep pan and place on low heat. 4. Add the blended onion, chillies and ginger. Add cumin seeds, turmeric, salt and fenugreek. Sprinkle with water to avoid sticking to pan or add chopped tomatoes and cook for 3 - 4 mins. 5. Stir in the sprouts and chopped spring onion. Place the lid so that the ingredients can cook with the steam for 15 - 20mins until soft. 6. Sprinkle with garam masala. Ready to serve. Garnish with boiled egg halves topped with seasoning to taste (salt, garam masala and coriander). Thanks to Disability Resource Centre for giving us permission to use this recipe in our newsletter.

Get Active Indoors

Strengh and Balance Exercises That You Can Do At Home Envolve Wellness is a not for profit organisation providing accessible and fun exercise programmes for people living with long term health conditions and additional needs. They have sessions specifically designed for people with autism, learning disabilities, mobility / balance issues, those with a history of falls etc and help them move more, move better and feel more confident.

Heel raise balance exercise (A chair can be used for extra support) • • • • • • • •

Stand tall, feet hip width apart, shoulders back and down. Brace the abdominal muscles as the movement begins. Bring body weight slightly forward into the big and second toes. Slowly lift your heels off the floor, pushing weight onto the balls of the feet. Looking forward lift straight up towards the ceiling. Raise one arm at the same time as you lift. Lower the heels back down, lower and switch arms on the next repetition. 3 counts up and 3 counts down, repeat 6 - 8 times.

Second move - Squat

• Using a chair for support stand tall, feet hip width apart, shoulders back and down. Place hands in hips. • Hinging from the hips, draw hips back towards back of the chair. • Lower the pelvis down slowly without sitting onto the chair, placing body weight evenly on both heels and contracting the legs and abdominal muscles as you do so. • Look forward, spine and neck remain neutral and long, avoid rounding. • Pushing both feet into the floor, squeeze gluteal muscles pushing hips forward, in line with the shoulders, avoid hyper extension. • Stand back up, chest up, look forward. Repeat 6 - 8 times.

Forward step / lunge (A chair can be used for extra support) • Stand tall, feet hip width apart, shoulders back and down. • Step forward with the leg furthest away from the chair, at a distance a little longer than walking stride. Feet remaining hip width apart. • Back heel lift slightly to allow pelvis and body to move forward. • Keep upper body tall and not leaning forwards. • Knees stay soft. • Pushing from the front heel bring legs back and the body back to starting position, hip width apart. • Repeat 6 - 8 times before changing legs.

Find out more about Envolve Wellness: Email: nora@envolvewell.co.uk Website: www.envolvewell.co.uk Facebook: @envolvewellness

Call: 07707 931 439 Instagram:@envolve_wellness

Puzzle Time Daily Quick Crossword Across: 1. Fruit (5) 3. Retail food seller (6) 6. Italian rice (7) 8. Consume (5) 10. Type of lobster (8) 11. Used to season and preserve food (4) 13. Sampled (6) 15. Pestle and ___ (6) 18. Aromatic leaves (4) 19. Thick syrup (8) 22. Cereal grass (3) 23. Pear-shaped tropical fruit (7) 24. Type of cake (6) 25. Very thin pancake (5)

Daily Sudoku Down: 1. Downy fruit (7) 2. Shaped and dried dough (5) 3. Game bird (6) 4. Kitchen appliance (4) 5. Open pastry with fruit filling (4) 7. Sticky candy (6) 9. Heated bread (5) 12. Edible tuber (6) 14. Sweetener (5) 16. Cooked meat or fish coated in egg and breadcrumbs and fried (7) 17. Thick soup (6) 18. Cook slowly in liquid (4) 20. Large edible ray (5) 21. Vegetable (4)

A message from Hay Mills Fire Station There has been a recent increase in accidental fires within homes around Yardley, Tysley and Acocks Green, all caused by unattended cooking or careless disposal of smoking materials. Part of West Midlands Fire Service prevention activities include Safe & Well, where free smoke alarms are fitted, along with fire safety advice and a fire escape plan for vulnerable and at risk people. They can carry out a Safe & Well check in two ways; firstly by attending your property, (adhering to Covid precautions). This can include occupiers with mobility issues, underlying health conditions, the elderly or smokers. Alternatively, they can complete this remotely with crews attending at a later date to fit the alarms.

Book a Safe & Well at: www.wmfs.net Or call: 0800 389 5525 For immediate fire safety advice call Hay Mills Fire Station: 0121 380 7539

Local Support Directory

Local Support Directory

Local Support Directory

Local Support Directory

Energy Saving Trust The energy programme is funded through the Energy Saving Trust to support disabled people, people living with a long-term health condition or where there is a person within the household who is at risk of (or are living in) fuel poverty. Our aim is to empower individuals and their households, including carers, to become informed and effective consumers of energy. We can provide 1-1 information, advice and advocacy via telephone, Zoom or Microsoft teams and this can include financial and fuel efficiency assessments, debt advice, and/or contacting energy companies on behalf of the person to discuss accounts and alternative payment plans. The team can support with applications for grants that the individual may be eligible for including energy, water bills and white goods. This project is delivered throughout Birmingham, Solihull, South Staffordshire and the Black Country. Tracey: 07952 00 65 27 Angie: 07799 90 43 04 Gill: 07799 24 45 17

Garretts Green Foodbank Thank you Revd Susan Larkin from St Thomas’ Church and Community Project, Garretts Green for sharing these words. A foodbank is a non-profit organisation that collects non-perishable, in-date food from donors such as churches, schools, businesses and individuals, then re-distributes them to people who are struggling. Foodbanks may be part of a wider organisation, such as the Trussell Trust or be independent with the freedom to operate their own policies and practices. Garretts Green Foodbank is independent and open to anyone in need. Formal referrals or vouchers are not necessary. You can be sent by social workers, support workers, GPs, children’s centres and schools etc or you can self-refer. On your first visit one of their volunteers will help you register. Crisis can strike anyone, whether through redundancy, illness, benefit sanctions or an unexpected bill. You may need support for 1 - 2 weeks or ongoing support while underlying problems are tackled. Foodbanks understand how difficult it can be to think about visiting and so they welcome everyone with compassion, kindness and a listening ear. A food parcel normally contains enough food for 3 - 4 days and may include cereals, soup, pasta, rice, pasta sauce, tinned beans, tinned meat, tinned vegetables, tinned fruit, tea or coffee, sugar, biscuits, milk and toiletries. Opening times: Wednesdays 10am - 11am (you are expected to attend in person). Address: Garretts Green Foodbank: St Thomas’ church, 239 Garretts Green Lane Food donation times: Wednesdays 9.30am - 10am (for larger donations please contact to arrange a time). Message via Facebook: @Stthomaschurchandcommunityproject Or email: FoodBank@st-toms.com

Find other foodbanks in Yardley / Birmingham at: https://www.findfoodbanksbrum.org.uk/ https://www.billhelp.uk/charity-food-banks-birmingham/ https://artsintheyard.org/covid-resources/

Oasis Pantry Hobmoor Oasis Community Hub: Hobmoor have launched “Oasis Pantry Hobmoor,” a membership-based community food store (rather like a food co-op), using surplus and donated food. It’s based at: South Yardley Methodist Church, on the junction of Coventry Road and Broadyates Road, B25 8JF (opposite the post office) Or apply using your mobile by scanning:

Opening times: Thursdays 1pm - 4pm On each visit please: • Bring a strong shopping bag • Wear a mask / face covering • Bring £4 To apply for membership select Birmingham Hobmoor at: https://your-local-pantry.force.com/s/member-sign-up

Yardley Community Singers A group that’s all about singing for fun and friendship. Whether you have always wanted to sing or have sang before, everyone is welcome, no matter what age, experience or background. It’s light hearted, there are no auditions. Just come along. The group usually meet every Monday 7pm - 8pm at Oasis Hobmoor. Since lockdown they now meet on Zoom at the same day and time. It’s normally a £3.00 contribution but right now it’s free. Contact Sandra for more info or to be sent an invitation: Email: sandra@sandradaniels.com Call / text: 07806 30 20 64

Yardley Walking Football Yardley walking football is exactly that, it’s your chance to try a gentle variation of the beautiful game. Sessions are for both men and woman and are perfect for older individuals.

We get to meet different people, have a bit of a laugh and exercise together.

When: Every Monday at 11.00am Where: 21 Sedgemere Road, Birmingham B26 2AX (next to the sports and social club). Cost: £5 per session (first session is free). For more details call Rhys on: 07393 32 70 94 Email: rhys@yardleywalkingfootball.co.uk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yardleywalkingfootball

Arts In The Yard

Feed Yardley

Thank You To Everyone Who Has Donated! During Autumn 2020 we launched our #FeedYardley campaign to collect and reallocate food items to local foodbanks. To date local residents have donated over 1 tonne of food! A huge THANK YOU if you have donated food or money to our campaign. Your generosity is making a difference to the lives of others. And thank you to South Yardley Library for becoming our first donation point. The need and demand for food hasn’t gone away so #FeedYardley continues for the foreseeable future. With Birmingham Libraries ceasing their click and collect book service we are currently using our alternative donation point, Marshall’s Coffee Shop, next door to Acocks Green Rail Station. Please see more details regarding suitable food items, when and how to donate food, on the back page. We have also seen many generous donations of money, ranging from £5 to £200! We cannot thank you enough for your kindness. No matter how small, or large, your money will support local foodbanks. We will be working alongside these organisations to put your money to good use.

The generosity of local residents really makes us feel: United In Yardley!

Women of Yardley Unite+ Women of Yardley Unite (WOYU+) is a women’s empowerment programme, a series of free creative sessions led by different professional artists. We use creativity to develop skills, build confidence and form local support networks and friendships. Instead of face to face sessions, we currently deliver a monthly craft pack direct to participants homes and create interactive videos to teach and inspire our ladies. Women are also creating peer support networks via a closed Facebook group and a very active WhatsApp group. The popular packs are a real highlight of the month for many local participants and we have included mono printing, mini foot fizzies, hope hearts. We know the positive impact that participating in arts activities and connecting with others has, even if we can’t come together right now we can still connect and be creative in other ways.

Many Many thanks for my wonderful pack, so very kind of you as always very thoughtful. You have helped us get through lockdown and this strange year and given us something to look forward to. I know it has helped me a lot the packs and really appreciate it.

As well as WOYU+ we are launching a new project this spring, called Create Craft Share. If you would like more information please call 0121 339 5029 or email:

Email: fiona@artsintheyard.org

Hay Mills - Art and Much More! Following on from our recent Art Trail project our partnership work in Hay Mills continues. Arts In The Yard are working with partners No. 11 Arts to draw up a proposed cultural project that would live alongside Birmingham’s 2022 Commonwealth Games. This feasibility study will build upon the conversations and engagement work we have been undertaking in Hay Mills in recent years. In 2022, Birmingham will host the Commonwealth Games and as part of this there will be a vibrant cultural programme occurring across the city. If you have ideas for this proposed cultural project or would just like to hear more, please drop Bano an email.

Hay Mills Commonwealth Games Cultural Feasibility Study Bano: bano@artsintheyard.org We are also working alongside St Cyprian’s Church and Inspired Steps to refurbish and improve Hay Mills Memorial Hall. Arts In The Yard and partners have recently been awarded a conditional grant offer of £48,313 from The Veolia Environmental Trust to develop this valuable community building. Together, we hope to make it a more accessible and attractive local space for residents and the wider community.

If you would like any further information please email: hello@artsintheyard.org

Craft Competition Winners We received heaps of amazing and creative competition entries in our Autumn edition of United In Yardley - Thank You everyone! The colour-in and craft activity was to make a cube, the results ranged from bold and colourful, to intricate and detailed. Meet the 3 winners that have been picked, they’ll each receive a £30 voucher.

WINNER 1 Ella Mae, aged 7


WINNER 3 Sarah, aged 9

Take part in our next competition featured on page 19 to make a Stick Buddy for a chance to win a £30 voucher. The entries are split into 4 categories: • Up to 5 years • 6 - 12 years • 13 - 16 years • Adults

General Public A Commonwealth Games Arts Project for Acocks Green: What do you think? In 2022, Birmingham will host the Commonwealth Games. As part of this, there will be a fantastic cultural programme that will occur across the city.

Arts organisation General Public think that Acocks Green is a great place for some Commonwealth cultural activity to happen and they need you to help shape the idea. General Public is the collaborative platform of artists Elizabeth Rowe and Chris Poolman. Broadly speaking, they devise large scale public art projects that incorporate elements of fiction, myth-making, local history re-invention and heritage rebooting. They have been successful in securing funding from Birmingham City Council to conduct a ‘feasibility’ study in Acocks Green to develop a proposal that might feature as part of this Commonwealth Games 2022 cultural programme. Until March 2021, they are working in partnership with organisations and local people to make a persuasive case as to why Acocks Green should receive a larger amount of funding for 2022. The cultural programme of the games will be shaped around three simple themes: • Our place in the Commonwealth • The present moment • Stories of Birmingham and the West Midlands

The 2022 website states: ‘It is essential that the festival is created with, not just for local residents so that people can recognise themselves and the uniqueness of our region in the work. They will look for and promote new work that recognises the region’s inter-sectional artistic and cultural practices - sensory concerts, runners’ club art tours, building ‘takeovers’, contemporary carnival, drag bingo and community-led architectural ‘pavilions’ - the festival will draw on all of this and more.’ What would you like to see happening in Acocks Green? If you live in Acocks Green or are connected to the local area, please follow the link below and fill in the short survey to help develop the Acocks Green proposal: www.generalpublic.org.uk/acocksgreen2022 Alternatively email: generalpublicprojects@gmail.com Or call: 07792 73 61 25 Website: www.generalpublic.org.uk

Competition Time A craft activity for adults and children. Why not get creative and share your creations with us? We have 4 x £30 vouchers to give away to the best entries! Submit your entry by taking a photo and emailing it by 23rd April 2021 to: kelly@artsintheyard.org

Monday - Saturday 10am - 3pm Once the library service are able to re-open the click and collect book service we will be able to take donations at South Yardley Library again.

Donations can go directly to Marshalls Coffee Shop (6/8 Yardley Rd, Acocks Green B27 6EB - next door to Acocks Green Rail Station)

CAN YOU HELP #FeedYardley You can always donate direct to local Foodbanks.

You might even want to arrange a street collection or a joint collection with friends and family.

Please get in touch if you are able to support #FeedYardley Phone: 0121 339 5029 Email: volunteer@artsintheyard.org For more info or to donate via PayPal: https://artsintheyard.org/feedyardley AITY may be able to collect your donation from your household.

• Pasta / rice / cous cous • Tinned veg, tinned soup, tinned fruit • Tea bags (40s / 80s), coffee (small) • Potato (instant mash or tinned) • Tinned fish, tinned meat • Baked beans, spaghetti

SHOPPING LIST: In date and non perishable items only, no fresh items please: • Milk (UHT / powder) • Fruit juice (carton long life) • Pasta / cooking sauces • Fruit squash • Rice / sponge pudding (tin) • Tinned tomatoes • Cereal (non-sugared), porridge oats

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