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Autumn 2020

Arts In The Yard’s Community Support Newsletter

Hay Mills Art Trail our public art project to transform a community space into a welcoming place to be

Please submit ideas or articles to Sharon by 30th November 2020: Sharon@artsintheyard.org

Welcome Welcome to the Autumn edition of our United in Yardley newsletter!

Covid-19 continues to shape our day to day lives. The situation still presents difficulties, difficulties we may in the past have assumed would be impossible to overcome. However, together as a community, alongside our neighbours, friends and family we are finding ways to overcome these challenges. We are more resilient and stronger than we ever imagined! The aim of this newsletter is to lift your spirits, help you connect with local initiatives and signpost you to trusted organisations who can offer support if you need it. We welcome your contributions for the next edition! We are extremely grateful to the Community Lottery Fund for funding our United in Yardley - Coronavirus Community Support project, which includes this newsletter. There are many ways you can get involved with our work, by volunteering to deliver newsletters, joining one of our art and community initiatives or donating nonperishable food for local foodbanks. Read more about our #FeedYardley initiative at the end of this booklet. We are pleased to continue working in partnership with Yardley Neighbourhood Network Scheme who are providing direct Covid-19 support to residents in Yardley. Please get in touch with Manjeet if you would like to discuss the support available. Manjeet Birdi - Yardley Neighbourhood Network Scheme Telephone: 03030 40 20 40 (Option 6) or Telephone: 07799 904 269 Email: mbirdi@disability.co.uk or Email: nns@disability.co.uk It can be hard asking for help. If you are struggling at the moment we can connect you to organisations and volunteers who can help. This booklet contains lots of suggestions but you can also contact us directly if you need support: hello@artsintheyard.org Arts In The Yard is the Local Arts Forum for Yardley Constituency and we are proud to be led by a Management Committee of local residents. We are passionate about our local neighbourhoods. We use art and creativity, in their widest and most broadest sense, to foster community development and cohesion.

0121 339 5029 www.artsintheyard.org FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ArtsIntheYard TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ArtsInTheYard INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/ArtsIntheYard

Thanks to our funders and community partners

Your Story Senait has been missing her family back in the United States. Gardening has been her Dad’s hobby for 30+ years, 54 years to be exact. And so when Senait heard about our Grow Yardley project, it inspired her to start gardening as a form of therapy and also as a learning activity for both her 2 year old daughter and herself. She has since been growing a range of veggies and flowers including sweet peppers, mint, bush basil, sweet basil, chives, thyme, rosemary and calendula (pot marigold). Senait has come to love gardening, it helps keep her grounded, without it boredom and laziness would have taken over her day during lockdown. The pack has enabled her to connect and appreciate nature, but most importantly, it’s a lovely way to connect with her dad.

There is something about digging in the dirt and growing living plants that helps to settle my soul. It’s therapeutic.

Mango and Chicken Stir Fry Cook Together, Eat Together share some amazing recipes that are easy to make and healthy, but most of all, tasty. Today we’re sharing a recipe that is delicious and quick to make. Have a try and let us know how you get on! The Cook and Eat Well team have lots more tasty and nutritious recipes on their website, as well as a wealth of healthy eating advice and tips to give you confidence to cook a meal from scratch on a budget.

Visit: http://cookandeatwell.co.uk/ Serves: 4 Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 15 minutes

Ingredients: 1 bunch spring onions 5cm size piece of root ginger 1 Garlic clove 1 Ripe mango 400g skinless chicken breast 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 350g bag stir-fry vegetables 3 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce Rice or noodles to serve

Equipment: Sharp knife Chopping board Large saucepan or wok Wooden spoon Garlic crusher Tablespoon Large frying pan Grater

Simple Steps: 1. Chop the roots and tops off the spring onions and slice diagonally. 2. Peel and grate the ginger. Crush or finely chop the garlic. 3. Cut the mango lengthways on either side of the stone, then peel off the skin and chop the flesh into cubes. Slice the chicken into thin strips. 4. Heat half the oil in a large frying pan or wok. Add the chicken and stir-fry for 4-5 minutes until lightly coloured. Remove from the pan and transfer to a plate. 5. Heat the remaining oil in the pan and add the spring onions, garlic and ginger. Stir-fry for 30 seconds, then add the mango and vegetables and stir-fry for a further 2 minutes. 6. Return the chicken to the pan with the soy and chilli sauces. Stir well, then cover and cook for a further 3 minutes until the chicken is tender and the vegetables are slightly softened. Thanks to Cook Together, Eat Together for giving us permission to use this recipe in our newsletter.

Get Active Indoors

Seated Cha Cha Cha That You Can Do At Home Xpress-Yourself was founded in 2013 by Faye O’Connor. It specialises in dancing with active older adults through weekly dance classes, Keep Dancing, across Birmingham and the West Midlands. They also deliver creative dance workshops for older frail adults in care homes, hospitals and dementia cafés. Faye O’Connor has a BA HONS in Creative Expressive Therapies Dance and is a trained postural stability instructor. With Strictly Come Dancing back on the TV we have shared seated Cha Cha Cha that’s gentle and easy to follow. For your timing count 1,2 cha cha cha. Sit on a stable chair without wheels, where your feet can be flat on the floor, and your knees bent at right angles. Avoid chairs with arms, as these will restrict your movement.

First move - March, March, Cha Cha Cha Lift and lower your right foot, (Count 1) Lift and lower your left foot (Count 2) Lift and lower your right foot, Lift and lower your left foot, lift and lower your right foot. (Cha cha cha)

Second move - Present and Cha Cha Cha Place your left forward and your left arm forward, stretching your right arm up in the air. Lift and lower your right foot, lift and lower your left foot, lift and lower your right foot. (Cha cha cha) Place your right forward and your right arm forward, stretching your left arm up in the air. Lift and lower your right foot, lift and lower your left foot, lift and lower your right foot. (Cha cha cha)

Third move - Push, Push, Cha, Cha, Cha Push your right arm forward and pull back, push your left arm forward and pull back. Push and pull your arms right, left, right, whilst stepping on the spot right left right. (Cha cha cha)

Fourth Move - Heel and Toe, Cha Cha Cha Place the heel of right foot on the floor Then lift it and put the toes down on the same spot. Cha cha cha Repeat on the left foot.

Watch their full routine at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuwJcnIBJhUfbLXfgv7e6DA Find out more about Xpress-Yourself: www.xpress-yourself.co.uk Facebook: @xpre55your5elf Twitter: @XpressYourself1 Instagram: @xpre55your5elf

Puzzle Time Daily Quick Crossword Across: 1 Brave (8) 6 Scatter seed (3) 9 Rule (5) 10 Altered (7) 11 Go before (7) 13 Muscular strength (5) 14 High regard (6) 15 North American country (6) 19 Foolish (5) 21 Calmed with a drug (7) 22 Entreat (7) 23 Large container for milk (5) 24 Enemy (3) 25 Christmas time (8)

Sudoku Down: 2 Distinguished (7) 3 Compete in a race (3) 4 Surpass (6) 5 Right side of a ship (9) 6 Greek letter S (5) 7 Make broader (5) 8 Threefold (6) 12 All people (9) 16 Amaze (7) 17 Helping (6) 18 In addition (2,4) 19 Rigid (5) 20 Become void (5) 23 Incision (3)

Local Support Directory

Local Support Directory

Arts In The Yard

Memories of Stechford Rail Station We are collecting residents’ memories of Stechford Rail Station! Thanks to funding from Heritage Lottery Fund we are pleased to be working alongside Shades of Black and Stechford Village Neighbourhood Forum to explore the history of Stechford Rail Station. Perhaps you remember the 1967 rail crash? Did you know the Queen Mum once alighted here to visit nearby attractions? Or that a real life circus used the station, live animals included! To celebrate the new Access for All works at the station we will be producing a memorial booklet. We are looking for personal stories to document and share. Your memories might include the bigger events or something personal to you. As our planned Sharing Memories events are not currently permitted we are asking you to write down and share your memories with us. We need all your submissions by 4th January 2021.

Post: Memories of Stechford Rail Station, c/o Family Learning Centre, Stechford Baptist Church, 74 Victoria Road, Stechford, B33 8AH Email: hello@artsintheyard.org

Woman of Yardley Unite! Women of Yardley Unite! (WOYU+) is a women’s empowerment programme, a series of free creative sessions led by different professional artists. We use creativity to develop skills, build confidence and form local support networks and friendships. Instead of face to face sessions, we currently deliver a monthly craft pack direct to participants homes and create interactive videos to teach and inspire our ladies. Women are also creating peer support networks via a closed Facebook group and a very active WhatsApp group. The popular packs are a real highlight of the month for many local participants and we have included felt pointillism portraits, decoupage memory boxes and mandala stone painting. We know the positive impact that participating in arts activities and connecting with others has, even if we can’t come together right now we can still connect and be creative in other ways.

Oh fantastic thank you x I have enjoyed it so much and they look so pretty x

We have a few places left on this programme, if you are a woman living in the area and would like to join in, please get in touch:

Email: fiona@artsintheyard.org

Hay Mills Art Trail Have you had a chance to visit our ten planters on Coventry Road in Hay Mills? We are delighted to let you know that they are now all completed with some colourful blooms, extending the summer vibe! Hay Mills Art Trail is a public art project delivered by Arts In The Yard and funded by Birmingham City Council. We started our project in September 2019; it has been an incredible 12 month journey. All because of the collaborative effort from all of you, to name a few: Councilor Iqbal, Hay Mills Foundations Trust, Webster & Horsfall, Acocks Green In Bloom, Acocks Green Men’s Shed, Redhill Junior and Infant School, and of course now to our planters adopters, the ten families and business owners who have been watering the plants daily, ever since the summer. Fine artist, Sophie Handy, experienced in creating large scale outdoor art. One of her iconic piece Disco aka Owl By Night, had been voted as the 2nd favourite in Big Hoot Birmingham 2015. We previously worked with Sophie in Stechford Art Trail in 2018; we are so glad to have her again this year. Sophie has been the tremendous support to the local art group, Khawateen Creative Minds, in terms of giving mentorship and guidance. Together, they completed all the planters designs to a very high standard.

Are you ready for more public art?

It’s like Barcelona! It’s so colourful!

Get in touch with us for any ideas and feedback! Share your snapshots with us when you visit the planters using: #HayMillsArtTrail Get in touch with Sylvia at: Sylvia@artsintheyard.org

BCT Virtual Arts Cafe Thanks to funding from The Community Lottery Fund, Arts In The Yard are collaborating with partners Stockfield Community Association and Birmingham Playcare Network on a 5 year project in Acocks Green called: Building Community Together.

Becky, Community Engagement Officer

There are many elements to the Building Community Together (BCT) project. Instead of an in-person monthly Arts Cafe event, we are instead producing a magazine show with a new edition airing on the last Friday of each month. The show features interviews, music and crafts, all filmed around the Stockfield Estate and wider

Acocks Green neighbourhood. We hope you can tune into one of our next editions! Although we can’t come together as a community at the moment we hope you can get involved in activities at home and in your neighbourhood in other ways. You can also contact the BCT Community Engagement Officer, Becky Coley to fine out more: beckycbct@gmail.com, 07956 933 033 (Wednesdays and Thursdays). Our new online Virtual Arts Cafe show will hopefully inspire you to get creative and get involved. You will be able to watch our new show live and on catch-up via Facebook and YouTube - give the Facebook pages a like to stay up to date!

Upcoming Virtual Arts Cafés Friday 30th October 7pm Friday 27th November 7pm www.facebook.com/artsintheyard www.facebook.com/buildingCT

The Shed – Acocks Green Men’s Shed ‘When you feel like that it’s quite difficult to want to talk to anyone and I didn’t, you know… I’d just locked myself away… just keep away from people, and that’s not the right thing to do when you’ve got a mental health illness.’ Founder of The Shed - Acocks Green Men’s Shed, Dave, had an open-heart conversation with us on how he overcome a long-term mental health condition; he admitted that during the lock down was not easy at all; he went through a very hard time that he described as ‘a deep black hole’. On giving advice on how to come out from such spiralling mindset, he stressed that it is important to find someone that you can talk to and the fact is everybody need support from the others. He also strongly advices that if the condition is serious, do seek help from the health profession. He appreciated he had help at the time and recognised the turnaround of knowing that isolation can only make things worse, ‘I know that I need to come back here (the Shed), I need to be with people, to talk to people for anything.’

To find out more about the ‘Shed’ movement email: davidgrogers@hotmail.com

Welcome Change Tucked behind houses on East Meadway, you can find Welcome Change Community Garden, an oasis of calm. It offers a place of tranquillity as well as bees, chickens, raised beds and a large poly tunnel. Volunteers grow a variety of produce, most of which is donated to local food banks. They also run a thriving community centre, cafe, charity shops, gardening and handyman services and their More Than A Library project. All aimed to bring people together, improve mental wellbeing, reduce isolation and loneliness. They are delighted to have been awarded funds from the lottery to start offering community assistance in response to Covid-19 for 6 months. This will include assistance with food, debt advice, employability, housing issues as well as activities and well-being.

Details are being finalised but they’ll offer: • Foodbanks, with a transition to a weekly pantry system over time. A food parcel service at Glebe Farm Library every Monday 1.30 - 2.30pm and a Foodbank at Lea Village every Wednesday 2 - 3pm. Donations are always welcome. • Basic debt advice with Spitfire Services assisting for more complex cases. • Wellbeing sessions. • Homegroup, a partner organisation will host a carers support group from the premises. • “Cuppa with a Copper” sessions to strengthen community ties with local police. • Gardening, litter pick and walking groups. Volunteer placements in their garden, charity shops and café. For more info or to volunteer, email: hello@welcome-change.org.uk or sam.marsh@welcome-change.org.uk Website: http://welcome-change.org.uk/ Phone: 0121 749 5702 Address: 316 Kitts Green Road, Lea Village Community garden opening times: Tuesday - Friday, 12 noon - 4pm

Colour me in!

Cut me out!

Feed Yardley

We’ve been inspired by Thrive Together Birmingham’s #FeedBirmingham campaign and in order to support Yardley’s foodbanks over the next 6 months we are running our own #FeedYardley initiative. If you are able to, we are asking residents to donate non-perishable food items that Arts In The Yard will then redistribute to local foodbanks. Donations can go directly to South Yardley Library: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between 10am - 12noon & 2pm - 4pm AITY may be able to collect your donation from your household You can always donate direct to local Foodbanks. You might even want to arrange a street collection or a joint collection with friends and family. Please get in touch if you are able to support #FeedYardley Phone: 0121 339 5029 Email: volunteer@artsintheyard.org

Shopping List: In date and non perishable items only, no fresh items please Milk (UHT / powder) Pasta / Rice / Cous Cous Fruit Juice (carton long life) Tinned Veg, Tinned Soup, Tinned Fruit Pasta / Cooking Sauces Tea Bags (40’s/80’s), Coffee (small) Fruit Squash Potato (instant mash or tinned) Rice / Sponge Pudding (tin) Tinned Fish, Tinned Meat Tinned Tomatoes Baked Beans, Spaghetti Cereal (non-sugared), Porridge Oats Local food banks are listed in the middle page directory

Competition Time A colour-in and craft sheet for adults and children. Why not get creative and share your creations with us? The Cube on the previous page is decorated with a traditional Islamic geometric pattern.

Instructions: Simply colour the pattern in and cut out along the outline of the shape. Gently score along the thick black lines with a pair of scissors as this will help with folding it into its cube shape. Start by putting glue on the tabs one by one and stick it into shape. We have 3 x £30 vouchers to give away to the best entries! Submit your entry by taking a photo and emailing to: Kelly@artsintheyard.org With thanks to Hasret Brown for kindly giving Arts In The Yard permission to use these artworks in this newsletter. Hasret Brown is a Birmingham based visual artist, specialising in Islamic geometric abstract art. She draws these patterns by hand with a traditional compass and straight edge and brings them to life and shape with vibrant colours. Fusing time-honoured techniques with the modern, she expresses and reinvigorates this tradition in a contemporary and contemplative manner.

To find out more about Hasret’s work visit: www.hasretbrown.com Email: me@hasretbrown.com

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