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ArtsCamp and Summer Youth Workshops for students entering grades K-12

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Summer Youth Workshops



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ABOUT ARTSCAMP Dear ArtsCamp Families, Welcome to another summer of creativity at ArtsCamp! We appreciate your interest in and support of our youth programs, and we’re excited to share what’s in store for this summer. You may notice several changes to our camp offerings this year - the largest of which is the age requirements for Little Campers programs. This summer, parents of 2nd graders have an option to send their children to Little Campers or some ArtsFocus sections. With this change, we hope to accomodate more students in terms of social comfort, skills, and maturity level and to create more camp opportunities for all age groups. There are also several new camps on our schedule this summer. Be sure to check out Animal Portraits, Handstitching & Fabric Arts, and Theatre Games for ArtsFocus campers and some new themes for Little Campers sessions. New camps for 7th-12th grade artists include Mending & Remaking, Natural Dyeing, Drawing & Design Essentials, and a twoOne-week camps week Ceramics Intensive. (except week of July 1-3):


$170 Public, $155 Patrons Week of July 1-3: $102 Public, $93 Patrons July 5 MiniCamp: $45 Public, $39 Patrons

We can’t wait to see what our campers will create! See you this summer, Jesse Hollars Youth Education Manager

Two-week camps (except Ceramics B): $340 Public, $310 Patrons Ceramics B (includes week of July 1-3): $272 Public, $248 Patrons

Register online at 3

little campers

for campers entering grades K-2

Little Campers are one-week camps designed to make campers in the first half of elementary school feel right at home. Small classes, fabulous teachers, and arts activities based on a new creative theme each week allow for lots of exploration and imaginative play. Camps may include a combination of visual arts, music, movement, and drama, along with games and story time. Morning and afternoon sessions have the same weekly theme but do not repeat content. Lunchtime supervision provided for all campers at no additional charge. Sessions are available 9:00 AM-Noon, 1:00-4:00 PM, or 9:00 AM-4:00 PM.

Week 1 (June 17-21): Magical Forest We’ll make arts, crafts and performances inspired by our natural environment: mountains, lakes and forests. From earthworms and insects, to rainbows and waterfalls, we’ll cultivate creativity and harvest fun using natural materials. Dig in!

Week 2 (June 24-28): Art Safari Look... a herd of giraffes on the horizon! And a hippopotamus in the water! We are art explorers of new landscapes: jungles, deserts and rivers. This camp will be filled with multi-media, sensory projects inspired by wild places and things.

Week 3 (July 1-3, no camp july 4-5): Colors of the Rainbow Join us this week as we explore the colors of our world! We’ll learn about the color wheel, mixing colors, and creating beautiful color schemes. We’ll use a variety of materials to brighten up our summer!

MiniCamp Friday, July 5 In this one-day workshop, campers will complete a visual arts project in drawing, mixed media, or fabric arts. Campers will be grouped by age. 4

Week 4 (July 8-12): Space Explorers This week, we are artist-astronauts. We’ll explore our solar system through art this week as we blast off into space! There is so much to learn about the sun, the moon and all the other stars.

Week 5 (July 15-19): Animal Kingdom We will examine creatures with scales, feathers and fur! How do animals that fly, swim, run and climb connect with each other and their environment? How do they survive? Where do they live? These are some of the questions we’ll explore this week through creative movement and visual art.

Week 6 (July 22-26): Busy Cities Beep beep! Roads, buses, parks, schools and hospitals. What does a city look like? What do the people in our city need? We’ll explore cities around the world using recycled materials and talk about the importance of reuse in both art everyday life.

Week 7 (July 29-August 2): Once Upon a Time Our imaginations will transport us to mystic lands, long ago and far away... a place where dragons ruled the land. We will create masterpieces, dance and tell stories with brave and kind characters. Court jesters welcome!

Week 8 (August 5-9): Ocean Adventures Listen to the ocean, feel the sand between your toes. It’s HOT out there, so join us on an imaginary trip to the beach! We’ll explore the shapes and textures of the ocean floor, as well as use natural beach materials to make art.

Week 9 (August12-16): Patterns of the World This week we will look to artists such as M.C Escher and Bridget Riley to explore ways to create patterns using symbols and stamps. Shapes, colors, and sizes can interact to create unique patterns and tessellations!

Week 10 (August 19-23): Appetite for Art Celebrate your favorite things to eat through music, movement, and visual art. We will look to artists such as Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Claes Oldenburg as artists inspired by food! Delicious, scrumptious art!


Drawing Techniques A Intro to Digital Arts A (grades 2-3) Darkroom Photography A

Contemporary Artists A (gr. 2-6) Animal Portraits (gr. 2-6) Improv Acting & Theatre Skills A Digital Photography B Beginning Sewing C (grades 2-3) Poetry Writing (grades 4-6)

Week 2: June 24-28

Week 3: July 1-3 Ceramics B (gr. 2-6) (2 wks) Painting Techniques A Theatre Games B (grades 2-4) Digital Arts A (grades 4-6) Beginning Knitting B

Cartooning & Comics A (grades 2-6) Digital Photography A Beginning Sewing B (grades 4-6)

Ceramics A (grades 2-6) (2 wks) Mixed Media Explorations A Theatre Games A (grades 2-4) Handbuilding A (grades 4-6) Beginning Knitting A

1-4 PM ArtsFocus

Rising grades 3-6, unless otherwise noted

Mending & Remaking (AM) Watercolor Techniques A (PM)

Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting A (AM) Sewing Workshop (AM) Elements of Acting (PM) Graphic Novels (PM)

Handbuilding & Clay Sculpture (AM) Adobe Photoshop A (AM) Digital Photography A (PM) Creative Fiction Writing (PM)

Rising grades 7-12

rising grades 2-12

Summer Youth Workshops

Camp Calendar

Hiphop Dance A (grades 2-6) Mixed Media Collage A Digital Photography C Beginning Sewing D (grades 4-6) Darkroom Photography B

Drawing Techniques B Theatre Games D (grades 2-4)

Week 4: July 8-12

Week 5:

Let’s Make a Play B (gr. 2-6) (2 wks) Painting Techniques B

Cartooning & Comics B Theatre Games C (grades 2-4) Beginning Sewing E (grades 2-3)

Watercolor Techniques B (AM) Ceramics Intensive (2 weeks) (PM)

Natural Dyeing (AM) Advanced Drawing (PM) Digital Music Production A (PM)

FRIDAY, JULY 5 MINICAMP: 9 AM-Noon, 1-4 PM, or 9 AM-4 PM options available for rising grades K-8

(no camp July 4-5)

Let’s Make a Play A (gr. 2-6) (2 wks) Fabric & Fiber Arts A Beginning Sewing A (grades 2-3)

Rising grades 3-6, unless otherwise noted

9 AM-Noon ArtsFocus

Week 1: June 17-21



Mixed Media Explorations B Handbuilding B (grades 2-4) Digital Arts B (grades 4-6) Beginning Sewing F (grades 4-6)

Fabric & Fiber Arts B Painting Techniques C (grades 2-4) Beginning Knitting C Darkroom Photography D

Cartooning & Comics C (gr. 2-6) Improv Acting & Theatre Skills B Creative Fiction Writing (gr. 4-6) Intermediate Sewing B

Let’s Make a Play C (gr. 2-6) (2 wks) Fabric & Fiber Arts C Handstitching/Fabric Arts C (gr. 2-4)

Week 7: July 29Aug 2

Week 8: Aug 5-9

Week 9: Aug 12-16

Beat Making Basics A (grades 4-6) Intermediate Sewing A

Week 6: July 22-26

July 15-19

Darkroom Photography E

Week 10: Painting Techniques D Intro to Digital Arts B (grades 2-3) Aug Beginning Knitting D 19-23


Mixed Media Explorations C Improv Acting & Theatre Skills C Digital Photography D Intermediate Sewing C Handbuilding E (grades 2-4)

Ceramics D (grades 2-6) (2 wks) Contemporary Artists B (grades 2-6) Theatre Games E (grades 2-4) Digital Arts D (grades 4-6) Advanced Sewing (grades 4-6)

Hiphop Dance C (grades 2-6) Mixed Media Collage B Beat Making Basics B (grades 4-6) Beginning Sewing H (grades 4-6) Handbuilding D (grades 4-6)

Ceramics C (grades 2-6) (2 wks) Hiphop Dance B (grades 2-6) Handbuilding C (grades 4-6) Digital Arts C (grades 4-6) Handstitching & Fabric Arts B (gr. 2-4)

Drawing Techniques C Darkroom Photography C Beginning Sewing G (grades 2-3)

Handstitching & Fabric Arts A (gr. 2-4)

Digital Music Production B (AM) Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting B (PM)

Zines Workshop (AM) Darkroom Photography B (AM) Metal Jewelry Crafting B (PM)

Improv Acting B (AM) Adobe Photoshop B (AM) Drawing & Design Essentials (PM)

Improv Acting A (AM) Darkroom Photography A (AM) Creative Journaling (PM) Metal Jewelry Crafting A (PM)

Digital Photography B (PM)


for campers entering grades 2-6

ArtsFocus camps enable your camper to focus on their selected art forms. Offered in one-week and two-week sessions, these half-day camps can be mixed and matched to make a full day. Lunchtime supervision is provided for all campers at no additional charge.

CLAY Ceramics (2 weeks) (grades 2-6) These camps are some of our most popular, so sign up early! Campers will learn handbuilding and wheelthrowing techniques and how to finish their artwork with glazes. Original, kiln-fired pieces will be ready to take home at the end of each session. 2-week sessions begin weeks 1, 3, 7, 9.

Handbuilding & Clay Sculpture This camp focuses on handbuilding and sculpture techniques, giving campers the skills to create both decorative and functional pieces. Note: This camp does not include wheelthrowing techniques. For rising grades 2-4: weeks 6, 10. For rising grades 4-6: weeks 1, 7, 8.

DIGITAL ARTS & PHOTOGRAPHY Beat Making Basics (grades 4-6) Unlike traditional music, beat making doesn’t require being able to read music or play an instrument. Instead, campers learn the techniques of beat making through composition,sampling, and songwriting using just a computer. The results are electronic dance music and hiphop songs! No experience necessary. Students should bring a flash drive to save their work. Weeks 5, 8.


Darkroom Photography (grades 3-6) In this class, campers will get hands-on experience with photography starting with composing and lighting an image. After taking photos, we head to the darkroom to learn the art of developing film and creating the final print. All materials (including cameras) will be provided. Weeks 2, 4, 6, 7, 10.

Intro to Digital Arts (grades 2-3) Campers will be introduced to the basics of creating art with a computer, learning how to use online photos and digital programs to create works of art. This camp builds the necessary computer skills to work with programs like Adobe Photoshop. Students should bring a flash drive to save their work. Weeks 2, 10.

Digital Arts (grades 4-6) Campers will take their imaginations into the digital realm using tools provided by Adobe Photoshop. We’ll gain skills in this powerful program to draw, scan, color, edit, and manipulate our images. Students should bring a flash drive to save their work. Weeks 3, 6, 7, 9.

Digital Photography (grades 3-6) This camp will cover photography basics such as framing, composition, and lighting, and also consider options for editing and enhancing photos. Please note: Campers must bring their own digital camera (not an iPod or iPhone) for this camp. Weeks: 2, 3, 4, 10.



for campers entering grades 2-6

Fabric & Fiber Arts Beginning Sewing This camp is for those with little or no sewing experience. Learn how to operate a sewing machine, learn some hand stitching, and experiment with a variety of stitches. Simple projects may include a pillowcase, drawstring bag, stuffed toy, or other items as time permits. Fabric, patterns, and basic sewing kits will be provided, or you are welcome to bring your own. For rising grades 2-3: weeks 1, 3, 4, 6. For rising grades 4-6: weeks 2, 4, 6, 8.

Intermediate Sewing (grades 3-6)

Learn the skills you’ll need for clothing construction and more in this camp. We will use a pattern to make simple items like a shirt, a tote bag, or a purse. Fabric and patterns will be provided. Some machine sewing experience required. Weeks 5, 8, 10.

Advanced Sewing (grades 4-6) This session is for campers who have already taken both Beginning and Intermediate Sewing, or have significant prior machine sewing experience. Campers should feel comfortable measuring and cutting fabric, threading a sewing machine, and winding a bobbin before enrolling in this session. Week 9.

Beginning Knitting (grades 3-6) This class is for those who have little or no experience with knitting, but an interest in exploring this exciting art form. Yarn, needles, and basic supplies will be provided, or you are welcome to bring your own. Weeks 1, 3, 7, 10.


Fabric & Fiber Arts (grades 3-6) There are so many possibilities for art made with fabric and fiber! Students will learn a variety of styles that may include stitching, dyeing, weaving, fabric collage, and clothing modification. Machine sewing will not be taught in this camp. Weeks 1, 7, 9.

Handstitching & Fabric Arts (grades 2-4) This camp is for students who are ready to learn the basics of sewing and working with fabrics. Instructors will provide an introduction to sewing tools, and students will create several small handstitched items. No machine sewing will be taught in this camp. Weeks 5, 7, 9.

PERFORMING ARTS Let’s Make a Play (grades 2-6) (2 weeks) The perfect session for the drama enthusiast! From casting to curtain calls, campers learn all aspects of staging a play, including set design and costuming. Pair with a Ceramics session for a two-week block. 2-week sessions begin weeks 1, 5, 9.

Hiphop Dance (grades 2-6) One of our most popular camps, this camp is a great introduction to various hiphop styles. Campers will learn basic steps and choreography while building confidence and skills in a fun, energetic environment. The final performance is a showcase of each camper’s best moves. Be prepared to sweat! Weeks 4, 7, 8.

Improv Acting & Theatre Skills (grades 3-6) This camp is for those who want to take their acting to the next level through a focus on movement, voice, and character development. We’ll explore theatre through games, creative movement, and improv while using our imaginations to create characters and develop stories as a team. Weeks 3, 8, 10.


Theatre Games (grades 2-4) In this session, campers will explore theatre through improvisational games and activities meant to build confidence, voice, and spatial awareness. Campers will gain basic acting skills individually and in a group setting. Weeks 1, 3, 4, 5, 9.

VISUAL ARTS Animal Portraits (grades 2-6) This camp is designed for the animal-lover ready to explore both realistic and abstract animal portraiture. We’ll paint, draw, and collage using our pets, favorite wild animals and imaginative creatures as inspiration! Week 3.

Cartooning & Comics Designed for the artist who wants to tell a story with text and images, this popular camp invites campers to explore cartoons, comic books, and graphic novels. Campers will try their hand at single panel cartoons, short comics, and caricatures, as well as writing stories to go along with their drawings. For grades 2-6: weeks 2, 8. For grades 3-6: week 4.

Contemporary Artists (grades 2-6) In this camp, we’ll learn about modern perspectives on artistic creation! We will create orginal works both individually and collaboratively, inspired by the artists who have shaped contemporary art. Weeks 3, 9.


Drawing Techniques (grades 3-6) Artistic expression starts with a solid foundation in drawing. Campers will learn new techniques and strengthen existing ones, while exploring the use of pen, pencil, charcoal, and pastels. All skill levels are welcome. Weeks 2, 5, 6.

Mixed Media Collage (grades 3-6) Campers will use a variety of materials to explore layering, texture, and application techniques in their collages this week. Adding paint, pastels, and pencil drawings on various collage surfaces will help us create beautiful and interesting works of art! Weeks 4, 8.

Mixed Media Explorations (grades 3-6) In this camp, we’ll try out lots of techniques such as acrylic painting, collaging, drawing, and layering. We’ll work with painting tools and everyday objects to learn how we can make art out of anything! Weeks 1, 6, 10.

Painting Techniques Whether your camper is a practiced painter or picking up a brush for the first time, this session is a great opportunity to develop new skills with paint. Campers will gain experience with acrylic and watercolor while increasing confidence and embracing their own personal expression. For rising grades 2-4: week 7. For rising grades 3-6: weeks 3, 5, 10.

WRITING Creative Fiction Writing (grades 4-6) In this camp we’ll look at the qualities shared by great short stories: strong characters, a sense of place and mood, and the spark of mystery or compelling action that engages your reader. Bring your wildest ideas to include in your very own short stories! Week 8.

Poetry Writing (grades 4-6) Campers will use poetry as a site of play and discovery as they develop their own writing styles. By working both individually and collaboratively, we’ll share ideas and learn about several common styles of poetry. Bring your ideas and a notebook! Week 3.


Summer Youth Workshops

rising grades 7-12

The ArtsCenter offers one-week, half-day workshops for middle and high school students in a variety of art forms. Mix and match morning and afternoon sessions to fit your schedule and interests. In all workshops, instructors focus on skill development and discovery of creative voice. A low student-instructor ratio provides an encouraging environment for constructive feedback and exploring the creative process. These workshops are a great opportunity to explore your artistic talents, build your portfolio, or just learn a new skill you’ve been curious about trying! Students in Summer Youth Workshops are permitted to sign themselves in and out of camp each day.

CLAY Handbuilding & Clay Sculpture This workshop will focus on handbuilding and sculpture techniques, giving students the skills to create both functional and decorative pieces. Students will learn a variety of ways to build structurally sound vessels and small to medium- sized sculptures, and finish several pieces with glaze. Note: In this workshop no wheelthrowing will be taught. Week 1.

Ceramics Intensive (2 weeks) In this workshop, students will explore the fundamentals of creating functional pottery forms. They’ll focus on wheelthrowing and glazing techniques and learn about working in a ceramics studio environment. This workshop will provide the skills needed for students to feel comfortable in intermediate and adult level courses. 2-week session starting week 5.


DIGITAL ARTS & PHOTOGRAPHY Adobe Photoshop Photoshop is the industry standard for digital image manipulation used by photographers, graphic designers, website builders, animators, comic artists, and other creative professionals. Students will learn to create, enhance, and edit images and generate amazing effects. The week’s projects will help launch your artwork into the limitless digital realm. Students should bring a flash drive to save their work. Weeks 1, 7.

Darkroom Photography In this class, students will get hands-on experience with photography starting with composing and lighting an image. After taking photos, we head to the darkroom to learn the art of developing film and creating the final print. All materials (including cameras) will be provided. Weeks 6, 8.

Digital Music Production In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of creating and performing music digitally, using cutting edge music production software and hardware. Students will engage in a truly interactive learning experience with hands-on control of Ableton Live software via dedicated hardware controllers. By the end of this course, students will possess a functional understanding of music production software as well as a basic grasp of music theory, mixing theory, and song crafting. Students must bring their own eadphones or earbuds. Students should also bring a flash drive to save their work. Weeks 4, 9.


Summer Youth Workshops

rising grades 7-12

Digital Photography Photographers at all levels of experience will gain professional shooting experience and practice photo manipulation techniques in this workshop. Topics include how light, contrast, composition, and shutter speeds interact to create successful digital images. Students may use Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to enhance favorite images for final presentation. Beginners welcome. Students must bring their own digital camera (not an iPhone) for this workshop. Weeks 1, 5.

PERFORMING ARTS Elements of Acting For performers interested in taking their acting to the next level, this workshop will focus on movement, voice, and character development. Students will animate performances through a myriad of theatrical styles both physical and vocal. Beginners are welcome come prepared to focus, move, and be challenged. Week 2.

Improv Acting Students will learn to create improvised scenes individually and in groups. Then, they’ll build skills to refine their performances for an audience, focusing on stage presence, clarity of voice, and self-confidence. Weeks 6, 7.


VISUAL ARTS Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting This workshop is for students who want to break out of the box of traditional drawing and painting. Students will work with acrylic paint, pastels, graphite, and paper products to create multi-dimensional pieces. Along with basic painting and drawing tools, students will incorporate recycled materials into their work to create texture and depth. This workshop is great for those looking to build their portfolio as well as those who just want to experiment with new materials. Weeks 2, 9.

Advanced Drawing This workshop is for experienced artists looking to develop their drawing skills and push themselves further. We’ll cover the basics of drawing techniques and offer in-depth technical instruction and longer, more focused activities in a wide range of media including charcoal, graphite, and pastels. Students will practice composition, shading, spatial relationships, and texture. Whether you’re an artist working from life or fantasy, this workshop is bound to inspire you and add some impressive pieces to your portfolio. Week 4.

Creative Journaling Students will use both manual and digital techniques to design unique journals containing drawings, images, collages, lists, poems, or stories. Topics may include image manipulation, creative writing ideas, drawing techniques, and more, depending on the interests of the group. All materials will be provided, but students can choose to bring their own journal or sketchbook if desired. Week 6.


Summer Youth Workshops

rising grades 7-12

Drawing & Design Essentials In this workshop, students will learn to draw with confidence and consistency. Using pencil, pen, and charcoal, students will practice proportion, shape, perspective, and shading to build an artistic foundation in drawing. Projects may include still life, portraiture, landscapes, and useful exercises for getting the hang of tricky techniques. Week 7.

Graphic Novels Graphic novels are a rapidly growing art form that has been popularized by works such as Art Spiegelman’s Maus, Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant, and Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home. In this workshop, students will learn to create cohesive comics narratives, both short-form and graphic novel length, while emphasizing clarity and experimentation. A variety of materials will be used while learning about page composition, character design, story structure, and drawing techniques. All skill levels welcome. Week 2.

Mending and Remaking In this workshop, students will learn the skills needed to mend treasured and well-worn items such as favorite jeans, a sibling’s stuffed animal, or a ripped tote bag. In addition to functional mending skills, students will also explore upcycled fashion by using old or thrifted clothing items to create rejuvenated items and new styles to wear. Week 3.

Metal Jewelry Crafting This workshop will teach the basics of working with metals like copper and brass for small jewelry pieces. Students will be introduced to jewelry making tools and learn techniques to create a copper or brass pendant and pair of earrings. We’ll finish our projects with decorative textures and patinas. As time allows, we’ll also make a copper or brass bypass ring. No experience required. All materials will be provided. Weeks 6, 8.


Natural Dyeing There are so many natural items that can be used to create a rainbow of beautifully dyed textiles. This workshop will focus on the history and process of dyeing fabrics, clothing items, and more. Students will use naturally ocurring materials to add depth and color to their fabrics in a variety of dyeing styles. Week 4.

Sewing Workshop Learn the skills you’ll need for clothing construction and more in this camp. Students will use a pattern to make simple items like clothing, a tote bag, or a pillow. Fabric, patterns, and basic sewing materials will be provided - students can choose to bring their own fabric as well. Week 2.

Watercolor Techniques In this workshop, students will learn watercolor techniques to create both realistic and abstract works. We’ll discuss color, water, and how it dries, absorbs, and mixes on paper to create beautiful artistic effects. All skill levels welcome. Weeks 3, 5.

Zines Workshop A zine is a handmade magazine or mini-comic about anything you can imagine: favorite bands, personal stories, subcultures, or collections. They contain diary entries, drawings, rants, interviews, and more. They can be by one person or many, found in stores, traded at comic conventions, exchanged with friends, or given away for free. This workshop is for learning tips and tricks and creating something cool in a friendly environment. Learn to design and print your own zine so you can put it in others’ hands. No experience is necessary and everyone is invited to participate. Week 8.

WRITING Creative Fiction Writing This workshop will focus on creative writing techniques geared towards students interested in fiction. Students will learn about creating characters, use of narration, and engaging dialogue while writing short stories and generating ideas for longer works. Week 1.


General info

ARTSCAMP STAFF Professional teaching artists lead all camps with the assistance of a dedicated group of volunteer teen counselors. Fulltime ArtsCenter staff lead our programs: our Youth Education Manager and Youth Education Coordinator, along with three seasonal Assistant Managers. FAMILY SHARING & OPEN STUDIO The opportunity for campers to share their experience with family and friends is an important aspect of our program. If possible, we encourage you to attend. Both Family Sharing and Open Studio are usually held during the last half-hour of camp on the final Friday of each session. LUNCH / SNACKS Each child attending the supervised lunch period must bring a lunch or buy a boxed lunch. The ArtsCenter offers boxed lunch through Amante Gourmet Pizza, which can be ordered daily or weekly. Daily lunch orders must be placed by 9 AM. The boxed lunch is $30 per week, or $6 per day. Amante lunches vary daily (a slice of cheese pizza on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, a sandwich on Tuesdays, and a choice of cheese quesadilla or hot dog on Thursdays). Lunches come with juice, an apple, and chips or dessert each day. Snacks will be sold for $1 during break times, but campers are encouraged to bring their own snacks. 20

EXTENDED SUPERVISION For parents who require child supervision beyond scheduled class time, we offer extended supervision periods: 7:30-9 AM for $20 a week (or $4 per day), and 4-5:30 PM for $20 a week (or $4 per day). You may register during the camp week for extended supervision; advance registration is not available. Additionally, supervision is provided at no charge from noon-1 PM for campers in both fullday and half-day programs. No registration is required for lunchtime, but all campers participating must bring or buy lunch. The ArtsCenter reserves the right to charge $1 per minute for late pick-up after 1 PM for campers enrolled in AM camps only, and after 5:30 PM for campers enrolled in late departure supervision. SCHOLARSHIPS The ArtsCenter is pleased to offer scholarships to families in need. A limited number of scholarships are available and are awarded based on financial need. We receive more applications than we can award, so please apply as soon as possible for consideration. Both full and partial scholarships are awarded based on extreme financial need and funding availability. Application process and form can be found online at For more information about ArtsCamp, please contact Jesse Hollars, Youth Education Manager at or (919) 929-2787 x204.


MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Become an ArtsCenter Patron level Member for a year of family and youth program discounts for only $15 per month or $180 per year! A one-year commitment is required to receive discounts. ArtsCenter Patron Members receive first notice of ArtsCamp sessions, may register early before the general public, and receive a discount on camp tuition! As a Member you also receive a 15% discount on performances and classes, as well as special Members Only promotions, events, and updates. Register for camps early, be the first to hear about your favorite artists coming to The ArtsCenter, and be first in line for registrations, tickets, and performance seating!

To become an ArtsCenter Member, renew your membership, or to give a one-time gift, visit Your gifts enhance quality arts education programs through schools in our region and provide scholarships to share the gift of the arts with youth. The ArtsCenter thanks the Nicholson Foundation and donors like you for supporting our scholarship program!



Teacher Workday Minicamps

MiniCamps are arts workshops for grades K-5 held on CHCCS teacher workdays and select holidays. Half-day (9 AM-Noon or 1-4 PM) and fullday (9 AM-4 PM) programs are available. Each MiniCamp features several professional teaching artists and a variety of art forms. Upcoming projects and themes include Handbuilding, Drawing Techniques, Improv Acting, Creative Movement and more. Extended care is available at no extra charge beginning at 8:30 AM and ending at 5 PM. Register online now for Winter/Spring MiniCamps at Monday, January 21 Monday-Friday, March 25-29 (Spring Break)

Afterschool Arts Immersion

AAI is an arts-based after-school program for grades K-5 designed for students who want to explore their artistic interests. A new artist residency every two weeks allows students to experience many different styles of art over the course of the school year. We offer full-time and part-time enrollment options, supervised homework time, and a healthy snack each day. Transportation by school bus is available from most CHCCS elementary schools. The application for the 2019-2020 school year will be available in May 2019. Apply early to reserve your space!


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