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Ncsu Center Stage / The Crafts Center / Dance Program / Gregg Museum Of Art & Design / Music @ Nc State / University Theatre

faculty ADMINISTRATION N. Alexander Miller III, Vice Provost, Division of Academic & Student Affairs Christy Rain, Executive Assistant Holly M. Durham, Director of Business and Planning NCSU CENTER STAGE Sharon H. Moore, Director Mark K.S. Tulbert, Associate Director THE CRAFTS CENTER George Thomas, Director Jo Ellen Westmoreland, Assistant Director Dusty Fletcher, Program Assistant Jennifer Siegel, Clay Studio Manager Phal Ngong Buntoum, Housekeeper DANCE PROGRAM Robin Harris, Director & NCSU Dance Company Artistic Director Tara Z. Mullins, Assistant Director & Panoramic Dance Project Director GREGG MUSEUM OF ART & DESIGN Roger Manley, Director Zoe Starling, Curator of Education Mary Hauser, Museum Registrar Matthew Gay, Art Preparator Hilary Kinlaw, Museum Operations Manager Janine LeBlanc, Collections Assistant UNIVERSITY THEATRE John C. McIlwee, Director Allison Bergman, Assistant Director, Acting/Directing/Academics


Joshua Reaves, Assistant Director, Production/Lighting & Sound Designer Jayme Mellema, Scenic Designer Emily Rossi, Costume Shop Manager/ Associate Designer Adrienne McKenzie, Costume Technician David Jensen, Technical Director, Thompson Hall Aaron Bridgman, Assistant Technical Director, Thompson Hall Andrew Korhonen, Operations and Events Coordinator David Jones, Technical Director, Stewart Theatre Kevin Wright, Assistant Technical Director/ Sound Specialist Rachel Klem, Acting Coach/Instructor Nancy Breeding, Business/Marketing Program Specialist Ron Foreman, Special Projects/ Graphic Designer Phal Ngong Buntoum, Housekeeper MUSIC DEPARTMENT Dr. Thomas Koch, Interim Director Dr. Jack Fuller, Assistant Director, Outreach and Assessment Kathleen Laudate, Operations Manager Logann Graham, Program Coordinator Randall Rehfuss, Concert Coordinator Dr. Gary Beckman, Director of Entrepreneurial Studies in the Arts Dr. Paul Garcia, Director of Bands & Percussion Instructor Dr. Olga Kleiankina, Director of Piano Studies

Dr. Jonathan Kramer, Teaching Professor Dr. Nathan Leaf, Director of Choral Activities Dr. Wes Parker, Director of Jazz Studies Dr. Rodney Waschka, CHASS Professor Dr. Alison Arnold, Adjunct Faculty Jonathan Gangi, Lecturer Dr. Robert Petters, Adjunct Faculty Dr. Kristen Turner, Adjunct Faculty Andy Beck, Adjunct Instructor Mary Boone, Adjunct Instructor Don Eagle, Adjunct Instructor Jason Foureman, Adjunct Instructor Wayne Leechford, Adjunct Instructor Dr. David Lewis, Adjunct Instructor Dr. John Noel, Adjunct Instructor Jennifer Seiger, Adjunct Instructor Darrell Thompson, Adjunct Instructor Lin-Ti Wang, Adjunct Instructor ARTS DEVELOPMENT Ashley McKinstry, Assistant Director Sara Seltzer, Specialist Virginia Yopp, Gregg Museum Campaign Manager ARTS MARKETING Jill Powell, Director of Arts Marketing ARTS OUTREACH Amy Sawyers, Coordinator of Arts Outreach TICKET CENTRAL Katherine Fuller, Director Tyrone Jenkins, Assistant Director

FRIENDS of ARTS NC STATE Board of Advisors Officers David S. Thompson, Chair Bing Sizemore, Chair Elect Members Ann-Cabell Baum Andersen Richard Bryant Tom Cabaniss Lauren Caddick, Student Representative JoAnne Dickinson Paul Fomberg

Rebekah Givens, Student Representative Gary Greene Samantha Hatem Kyle Held Donna Kanich Vicky Langley Kimberly Przybyl Meredith Rose Tom Stafford Patricia Tector Nicole Tyra

2  ticket central 919.515.1100 

Cathy Ward Helen White Doug Witcher Martha Zaytoun Ex-Officio Bernie Hyman, President, Friends of the Gregg N. Alexander Miller III, Vice Provost, Division of Academic & Student Affairs

“Art is the signature of civilizations.”

– Jean Sibelius

Dear Friends of ARTS NC STATE: When I arrived at NC State over 30 years ago in the summer of 1983, the total enrollment on campus was just over 22,500 and 36% of the students were women. The new College of Veterinary Medicine was about to begin its third year, and Centennial Campus did not yet exist, except as an emerging theoretical concept. In that same year, Motorola introduced the first (walkie-talkie-sized) mobile phone, the modern Internet came into being and Sally Ride became the first America woman to fly in space. Chicken McNuggets and Cabbage Patch Kids were first sold, 25-year old Michael Jackson introduced the “moonwalk” ... and of course, the Wolfpack won the NCAA basketball championship. Scientifically, technologically and culturally, much has changed in the world and on our campus over the past thirty years. Today, NC State's enrollment is over 34,000 and 44% are women. The College of Veterinary Medicine is ranked third in the country, and Centennial Campus is a model public-private research campus admired and studied by governments and institutions of higher learning around the globe. Not surprisingly, NC State is now regularly ranked among the best public research universities in the U.S. In one very fundamental way, though, NC State is remarkably similar to the place I became so deeply fond of 30 years ago: Then and now, our students arrive here with a refreshing eagerness to realize their dreams and their personal and professional potential, and to explore and expand their intellectual and cultural horizons. It is not surprising that our students have been and are the heart and soul of what we do in ARTS NC STATE every day. Regardless of their majors, students throughout the university know that the arts ignite their creativity, expand their conceptual thinking and prepare and empower them to view the world more flexibly and thus more confidently. I am delighted, occasionally surprised and sometimes deeply moved when I talk with our students about the importance and the impact of the visual and performing arts on their lives. I am touched by the very personal stories they share about arts experiences large and small that have reshaped and deepened their understanding of who they are and how they perceive and navigate the world around them. Through their engagement in the arts, our students have found that their personal, social and professional frames of reference have gradually expanded, frequently in unconventional and unexpected ways, allowing them to envision possibilities and connections that otherwise might simply have been overlooked or unimagined. I have a deep respect and affection for the students of NC State. They are remarkable, grounded, and extraordinarily generous in spirit. They are entrepreneurial, creative and intellectually adventurous and passionate about being a catalyst for positive change in their communities. And they understand that through their support of the arts they are the benefactors and the guardians of something profoundly important: Our cultural canvas of the past and for the future.

N. Alexander Miller III, Vice Provost


On the cover: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, University Theatre, Fall 2012

4 Schedule of Events 6 Phoenix rising 8 Spring Highlights: Things you don’t want to miss 16 Alumna tours with blue man group 20 Student art purchase 2 1 Important Information 22 ARTS NC STATE Donors 26 Late Night Dining Guide  3

Performances Exhibitions january

 East Meets West with Hiroshi Sueyoshi, Master Potter Wed, Mar 19, 7pm, NC State Crafts Center

 A View to the Making: Portraits of North Carolina Craft Artists at Work Jan 13-Mar 28, NC State Crafts Center

 Michael Schwalbe, Making Better Photographs Using the Tools of Visual Sociology Tues, Mar 25, 6:30pm, NC State Crafts Center

 Arts NOW Tues, Jan 14, 7pm, Titmus Theatre

 Panoramic Dance Project Thur-Fri, Mar 27-28, 8pm, Titmus Theatre

 Theater of Belief: Afro-Atlantic costuming and masking in large-format color photographs by Phyllis Galembo Jan 23-May 9, African American Cultural Center Gallery, Witherspoon Student Center Opening Reception: Thur, Jan 23, 6-8pm

 Seminar Fri-Sun, Mar 28-30, Wed-Sun, Apr 2-6, 9-13 Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre (7:30pm Wed-Sat, 2pm Sun)

 Lucky Plush Productions: Cinderbox 2.0 Fri & Sat, Jan 24 & 25, 8pm, Jones Auditorium, Meredith College

 PMC Lecture Sun, Mar 30, 4pm, Hunt Library Auditorium

february  Remnants of the Floating World: Japanese Art from the Permanent Collection Feb 6-May 23 , Historic Chancellor’s Residence Opening Reception: Thur, Feb 6, 6-8pm  Documenting Disguise Symposium Wed-Thur, Feb 12-13, Meredith College and the NC State African American Cultural Center  Chicago Thur-Sun, Feb 13-16, Wed-Sun, Feb 19-23, Titmus Theatre (7:30pm Wed-Sat, 2pm Sun)  Functionally Elegant, lecture with potter Deborah Harris Fri, Feb 14, 7pm, NC State Crafts Center  Arts NOW Tues, Feb 18, 7pm, Truitt Auditorium (Broughton Hall)  A Gathering of Makers Wed, Feb 26, 7pm, NC State Crafts Center  Wind Ensemble Thur, Feb 27, 7pm, Titmus Theatre  PMC Lecture Fri, Feb 28, 7pm, Titmus Theatre

march  Jazz Ensemble Sat, Mar 1, 7pm, Titmus Theatre  Guitar Recital by Paul Bowman Sun, Mar 2, 4pm, Hunt Auditorium  Music of the British Isles Mon, Mar 3, 7pm, Witherspoon Campus Cinema  Leo (The Anti-Gravity Show) Tues-Sun, Mar 18-23, Titmus Theatre (Tues-Fri at 8pm, Sat at 5pm & 8pm, Sun at 3pm)

 Catherine Russell Sat, Mar 29, 5pm & 8pm, Titmus Theatre

april  Choral Collage Fri, Apr 4, 7pm, Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church  Olga Kleiankina Faculty Recital Sat, Apr 5, 7pm, Titmus Theatre  Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra Sun, Apr 6, 4pm, Titmus Theatre  NCSU Dance Company Concert Thur-Fri, Apr 10-11, 8pm, Titmus Theatre  State Chorale Fri, Apr 11, 7pm, Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church  The Pedrito Martinez Group Sat, Apr 12, 8pm, NEW Talley Ballroom  Raleigh Civic Symphony Sun, Apr 13, 4pm, NEW Talley Ballroom  Ladies in Red Mon, Apr 14, 7pm, NEW Talley Ballroom  Jazz Combos Tues, Apr 15, 7pm, Titmus Theatre  Wind Ensemble Tues, Apr 22, 7pm, NEW Talley Ballroom  Grains of time Wed, Apr 23, 7pm, Jones Auditorium, Meredith College  Jazz Ensemble Thur, Apr 24, 7pm, NEW Talley Ballroom  Brickyard Brass Quintet Sun, Apr 27, 4pm, Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre

MAY/JUNE  TheatreFest May 29-June 29, Titmus Theatre and Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre

University Theatre | The Crafts Center | Gregg Museum of Art & Design | Center Stage | Dance Program | Music @ NC STATE 4  ticket central 919.515.1100 

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Nonsurgical Treatments: Botox, Dysport, Injectable Fillers, Ultherapy, Laser Hair Removal, IPL Fotofacial, Skin Care and Chemical Peels, Mineral Makeup

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Phoenix rising A student-built ephemeral sculpture installation celebrates the rebirth of the 1928 historic chancellor’s residence as the future home of the Gregg Museum of Art & Design.

Alex Miller, vice provost for ARTS NC STATE in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, said, “The design is wonderful, and it will ensure ongoing, vibrant interest in the work itself, as well as encouraging curiosity about the site and its future.”

Students involved in this project include: Brandon DuPree, Will Edwards, Katherine Hoke, Ken Jackson, Ben Jones, Nathyn Levin, Leena McDonald, Ainsley Mumford, Charles Parrish III, Dorian Perez, Jay Pulley, Mercy Rognstad, Austin Roland and Michelle Ye.

6  ticket central 919.515.1100 

For over 20 years, students in horticultural science professor Will Hooker’s landscape design class have envisioned, designed and constructed ephemeral bamboo sculptures as class projects. The Fall 2013 project is especially meaningful, as it not only stirs excitement about the future museum, it also marks professor Hooker’s retirement after 34 years at NC State, where he has pioneered classes in sustainable design and permaculture.

The creation spans 18 feet and creates an arch over the brick path leading to the front entrance of the historic residence. The arch was built on-site, while the phoenix component was built at Kilgore Hall and paraded down Hillsborough Street on the top of professor Hooker’s wildly painted pickup truck.

For more info about this sculpture project visit  7


Please see the calendar on page 4 for a full list of ARTS NC STATE performances and exhibitions.

Portrait by Phyllis Galembo See more at the exhibit, Theater of Belief: Afro-Atlantic Costuming and Masking in Large-Format Color Photographs.

A View to the Making: Portraits of North Carolina Craft Artists at Work January 13-March 28  NC State Crafts Center NC State sociology professor Michael Schwalbe pays tribute to North Carolina craft artisans through black and white documentary photography and text from one-on-one interviews, along with representative pieces made by the artists. Exhibit features twenty-five North Carolina craftspeople who work in the media of glass, wood, clay, metal or fiber. FREE

Theater of Belief: Afro-Atlantic Costuming and Masking in Large-Format Color photographs by Phyllis Galembo January 23-May 9  African American Cultural Center, NC State January 23-March 23  Weems Gallery, Meredith College Traveling widely through western and central Africa, Haiti, Louisiana and the Afro-Brazilian state of Bahia, photographer Phyllis Galembo has documented participants in all kinds of masquerade events – traditional African ceremonies and contemporary “fancy dress” and carnival – who use costume, body paint and masks to become mythic beings. Galembo combines a fashion photographer’s keen eye for the details and drama of serious costume with an anthropological appreciation for the contexts of deeply-held beliefs in which her portrait subjects live. FREE

Lucky Plush Productions: Cinderbox 2.0 Friday & Saturday, January 24 & 25 at 8PM  Jones Auditorium at Meredith College Inspired by the widespread popularity of reality TV programming, Cinderbox 2.0 explores the comedy and anxiety created by our hypernetworked culture. Lucky Plush Producations is a Chicago-based dance theatre company that devises work with a focus on strong ensembles, evocative choreography, integrated technology and bold content. Chicago Sun-Times calls it, “a visually, kinetically, sonically and intellectually dazzling piece of dance theatre.”

Remnants of the Floating World: Japanese Art from the Permanent Collection February 6-May 23  Historic Chancellor’s Residence  Opening Reception: Thursday, February 6 at 6-8pm One of the great influences on the development of modern art was the sudden reintroduction of art from Japan in the late 19th century. Garments, accessories, toys, ceramics, and woodblock prints will be on display and accompanied by programming that includes musical performances, ceramics demonstrations, films and a tea ceremony. Visit the Upcoming Events tab at for the latest schedule. All events are free and open to the public. FREE

Chicago | Based on the play by Maurine Dallas Watkins February 13-23  Titmus Theatre In roaring twenties Chicago, chorus girl Roxie Hart murders a faithless lover and convinces her hapless husband Amos to take the rap...until he finds out he’s been duped on turns on Roxie. Convicted and sent to death row, Roxie and another “Merry Murderess” Velma Kelly, vie for the spotlight and the headlines, ultimately joining forces in search of their American Dream: fame, fortune and acquittal. Winner of six Tony Awards and an Academy Award. *Adult language and themes

Music of the British Isles Monday, March 3 at 7 pm  Witherspoon Campus Cinema This annual concert brings together two distinctive Celtic groups associated with NC State – the Pipes and Drums and the Irish Session Musicians. The program will include a variety of music from marches to dance tunes.

University Theatre The Crafts Center Gregg Museum of Art & Design Center Stage Dance Program Music @ NC STATE  9

spring highlights continued


LEO (The Anti-Gravity Show) Tuesday-Sunday, March 18-23  Titmus Theatre This utterly fascinating theatre piece is a mind-bending, funny, surreal and surprisingly touching work that challenges the senses and tests perceptions of reality through the clever interplay of live performance and video projection. Time Out New York says, “LEO is an eye-teasing, grin-inducing, deeply impressive work of sustained absurdist magic.”

East Meets West with Hiroshi Sueyoshi, Master Potter Wednesday, March 19 at 7PM  NC State Crafts Center Presented in conjunction with the Gregg Museum of Art & Design’s exhibition, REMNANTS OF THE FLOATING WORLD: Japanese Art from the Permanent Collection. A native of Tokyo, Japan, Hiroshi Sueyoshi studied at Tokyo Aeronautical College and Ochanomizu Design Academy prior to coming to the United States in 1971 to help design and build Humble Mill Pottery in Asheboro, NC. He continued his studies and work in 1973 with Teruo Hara of the Kobo Group in Warrenton, VA. FREE

Student Art Purchase Submission Day Tuesday, March 25 Sell your art! Prepare your submission for the 14th annual Student Art Purchase. Any currently enrolled full-time NC State student is eligible to submit artwork for judging. A committee comprised of faculty, staff, students and local artists review the submitted work and choose the art to be purchased. See page 20 for more details.

Creative Artist Award Submission Deadline Wednesday, March 26 The ARTS NC STATE Creative Artist Award recognizes original work in music, dance and theatre created by currently enrolled full-time NC State students. Each winning creative artist receives a $500 award and acknowledgement in the following year’s ARTS NC STATE playbill, and the selected works are produced in the next academic year. See page 18 for more details.

10  ticket central 919.515.1100 

Olga Kleiankina

Catherine Russell

Panoramic Dance Project Thursday & Friday, March 27 & 28 at 8PM  Titmus Theatre The Panoramic Dance Project presents a diverse range of styles including jazz, modern, hip-hop, African and Latin. The spring program will feature Operation Breadbasket, a three-section dance portraying its namesake Civil Rights movement. The piece will include excerpts from a filmed interview with Robert Brown, public relations consultant for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and boycott negotiator. Choreographed by Willie Hinton, L.D. Burris and Panoramic Dance Project’s artistic director Tara Z. Mullins.

Seminar | by Theresa Rebeck March 28-April 13  Kennedy McIlwee Studio Theatre Four aspiring young novelists sign up for private writing classes with Leonard, an international literary figure. Under his recklessly brilliant and unorthodox instruction, some thrive and others flounder, alliances are made and broken, sex is used as a weapon and hearts are unmoored. Innocence collides with experience in this biting Broadway comedy. *Adult language and themes.

Catherine Russell Saturday, March 29 at 5PM and 8PM  Titmus Theatre Armed with a stalwart, soulful voice, Catherine Russell has a fondness for music written between the 1920s and 50s, strong melodies, funny lyrics, and “anything that swings.” Russell is the daughter of Luis Russell, celebrated pianist, bandleader and long-time musical director for Louis Armstrong, and Carline Ray, Juilliard-trained jazz bassist and vocalist. NPR says, “A voice that wails like a horn and whispers like a snake in the Garden of Eden.”

Olga Kleiankina Faculty Recital Saturday, April 5 at 7PM  Titmus Theatre Pianist Olga Kleiankina of the NC State Music Department will be joined by cellist Jonathan Kramer and guest clarinetist David Barrientos. Barrientos is a doctoral candidate at Texas Technical University who has had a dynamic career as soloist and new music advocate in his native Chile and throughout Europe and South America. The program will include two late works of Brahms: the Clarinet Sonata op. 120 no. 2 in E-Flat Major and the Clarinet Trio op. 114 in A minor. There will also be an introductory lecture by Kramer on the late chamber works of Brahms.  11

spring highlights continued

NCSU Dance Company

Pedrito Martinez Group

Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra Sunday, April 6 at 4PM  Titmus Theatre The Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Robert Petters, will present A Potpourri of European Styles including Mozart's Overture to the Marriage of Figaro, Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez for Guitar and Orchestra (with guitar soloist Jonathan Gangi) and Mendelssohn's Symphony #4 (Italian).

NCSU Dance Company Concert Thursday & Friday, April 10 & 11 at 8PM  Titmus Theatre Nationally acclaimed by the American College Dance Festival Association, the NCSU Dance Company performs a distinguished collection of modern dance for their annual concert. The program will feature premiere and repertory work created by Dance Program Director, Robin Harris, and Assistant Director, Tara Z. Mullins, in addition to guest artist work by Jack Arnold, Carol Kyles Finley and Shane O'Hara.

Pedrito Martinez Group Saturday, April 12 at 8PM  NEW Talley Ballroom Joyful and addictive, the music of the Pedrito Martinez Group has its roots planted firmly in the rumba and guaguancó traditions, and in the batá rhythms and vocal chants of the music of Yoruba and Santeria. New York Times calls their music "complex, blenderized Africa-to-the-New-World-funk." Come take the new Talley Ballroom out for a spin with the tightest Afro-Cuban band in New York.

TheatreFest 2014 May 29-June 29 One month, three plays in rolling rep! Shows run May 29 through June 30 in the Titmus Theatre and Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre in Thompson Hall.

12  ticket central 919.515.1100 

Prepare for a lively party! This concert will be a mixed standing/seated event, with limited reserved tables down in front (buy early), a dance floor in the center, and general admission seating on the sides.  13

the campaign for the

of art & design

is closing the gap!

$3.85 million in student and university support + $250,000 in City of Raleigh funds + $2.4 million raised privately as of December 2013 + $1.5 million more given by supporters like you = $8.0 million and a new Gregg Museum!

Fund-raising progress Major Gifts

More than 25 generous individuals and foundations have chosen to make a major commitment of $25,000 or more to the Gregg Museum Campaign. Several have chosen to name spaces in the new Gregg and will be recognized with permanent donor plaques once the museum is complete. All of these visionary supporters believe in the future Gregg Museum of Art & Design, and we thank them for their support!

More than 40 households have joined the Founding Friends of the Gregg Museum Campaign!

The campaign’s Founding Friends program recognizes donors of $5,000+. Our goal is to recruit 200 Founding Friends and raise $1 million, nearly a quarter of our total private fund-raising goal. Founding Friends gifts (like all gifts to the campaign) may be paid over five years; therefore, you may contribute $1,000 each year for five years. Founding Friends will be acknowledged permanently on a comprehensive plaque that will be displayed prominently in the future museum. Together, the community can build the new Gregg!

As a reminder‌

All pledges to the Gregg Museum Campaign may be paid over a period of up to five years from the date of the original commitment. No gift is too large or small!

Check out the Gregg Campaign website!

Visit the Gregg Museum Campaign website at newgregg.ncsu. edu to see design renderings, to keep up with our fund-raising progress, to read about our donors, and to learn more about the Gregg Museum of Art & Design and its 30,000+ item collection!

Questions about the Gregg Museum Campaign? Contact Virginia Yopp, Gregg Campaign Manager, at 919.812.2355 or

The Campaign for the Gregg Museum of Art & Design is truly a campus and community effort, and you can be a part of it. Consider helping make the Gregg Museum’s permanent home a reality!  15

Alumna infusing Blue Man Group with some red and white by Chris Saunders

While in school at NC State, Rains got an internship in Manhattan, and it was there that her love of the theater began. “When I was up there, I got to see a lot of the theater shows,” she says. “My high school didn’t even have a theater program, so it was more a later-in-life type of thing.” So Rains focused on studying human resources back at Poole College. And she joined up with University Theatre on campus to start gaining experience in stage managing. “They were the most influential people during my time at State,” she says. “They wanted so much for their students to succeed. They were the ones who pushed me to attend the theater conference where I interviewed for this job.” Now on the road full time, Rains helps with rolling in to a town and unloading for a show. She puts up house signs in venues’ lobbies. She coordinates the ushers. And during the show, she’ll actually make the calls as far as the lights and the music. She’s one of the 24 people who make the Blue Men come to life. That includes cast, musicians and crew. Anna Rains came to NC State thinking she wanted to study plant genetics. She even did some undergraduate research for a year thinking she had made the right decision. But she soon got restless and wanted to take some time to figure out what she really wanted to do. During that time, Rains never got too down or “blue” about switching directions to become a business major in the Poole College of Management. That patience now affords her the chance to be blue almost every day. Rains is the assistant stage manager for the world-famous Blue Man Group, a traveling troupe of performance artists who offer a unique theater experience with paint, drums and other props. She landed the gig in August after attending a conference having to do with jobs in the theater. She will stay on the road with the Blue Men until June 2014.

With that small of a crew, Rains says it’s been an easy transition to the nomadic life of a stage manager. “We work together, live together and play together,” she says, laughing. “It’s very family-esque. Very dysfunctional family-esque, but in a cute sitcom type of way.” Since August, the job has taken Rains to places she never got to see growing up. She says Tulsa was an interesting place to get to know. Her favorite stop has been Montreal. And the job’s taught her that there’s actually a lot of red flowing in the Blue Man Group. It turns out one of the performers, Brian Tavener, who graduated from NC State in 2007, has been donning the blue paint since 2007.

Originally published in The Red & White for Life blog, the official blog of the NC State Alumni Association. Read more inspiring alumni stories at

16  ticket central 919.515.1100 

50years and more

The Crafts Center

This year the Crafts Center is preparing to celebrate 50 years in Thompson Hall, a wonderful success story with many memories worth retelling.

Erdahl-Cloyd Student Union? And, there are solid hints the Center’s roots may even go back further to the years prior to construction of NC State’s first student union.

However, the span of years leading up to the move to Thompson Hall is the least understood chapter of Crafts Center history. Did you know we actually began operation during the early 1950s as The Craft Shop located in the

We invite you to join us in the effort of retelling and archiving the Crafts Center’s history by sharing your personal memories and photographs on our special anniversary blog:  17


Creative Artist award The Creative Artist Award recognizes original work in music, dance and theatre, created by NC State students. Each winner will receive a $500 cash prize, and the selected works will be performed in 2014-2015 by the appropriate ARTS NC STATE performing arts program. This award is open to any currently enrolled, full-time NC State University student.

DETAILS:  DEADLINE: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at noon

Zach Howell Robert (Zach) Howell won the ARTS NC STATE Creative Artist Award for 2012-2013 for his composition 3 Sparks for mezzo and piano. Howell’s piece will be performed on February 18, 2014 at 7 pm as part of the ARTS NOW series. Robert (Zach) Howell was the sole recipient of the ARTS NC STATE Creative Artist Award in the 2012-2013 academic year for his standout music composition titled 3 Sparks. Howell, a Raleigh native and a senior majoring in sociology with a minor in music composition and philosophy, has been composing steadily since being introduced to contemporary classical music four years ago in Dr. Randolph Foy's 20th century music course, and has studied composition in recent years under Dr. Rodney Waschka II and Dr. J. Mark Scearce. Scearce said that Howell’s winning composition “features an imaginative approach that reflects an impressive level of artistic maturity, sureness of craft and individual voice. His work displays a fine sense of text setting, excellent vocal writing and a professional level of notation that makes his music stand out.”

18  ticket central 919.515.1100 

ARTS NC STATE 2012-2013 Creative Artist Award Winner

Michael Seebold Michael Seebold won the ARTS NC STATE Creative Artist Award for 2011-2012 for his play The Spyglass Seven. Seebold’s work was produced and performed by NC State University Theatre in September 2013. Directed by John C. McIlwee; scenic design and projections by Jayme Mellema; costume design by Adrienne McKenzie & Em Rossi; lighting and sound design by Joshua A. Reaves. The Spyglass Seven is a one-act play of intriguing simplicity and strong melodrama that features the ghost of famed poet and author Edgar Allan Poe returning from the grave at the behest of his muse, Beauty. Wishing to spare him loneliness in death, Poe is given the task of finding his true ‘soul mate’ from the ghosts of seven important women in his life. From the director: Seebold has given us a view of Poe that allows the audience to span the arc of his literary genius throughout his life and he has done it with an entertaining conceit. The audience's reaction to this cavalcade of This production was supported with funding provided by the Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf Endowment for Creativity in the Performing Arts.

interesting women in Poe's life was very strong, with many comments about which female should have ended up the "love" of his life. Seebold’s format gave powerful insights into how these women were affected by this very eccentric and talented historical figure, as well as broad insights into women's roles in the 19th Century. From Matthew Hogan, student actor who portrayed Poe: I think that performing in an original play is perhaps the coolest thing I have ever done. Plus, the fact that Michael was there to bounce ideas off of was a huge benefit, especially when it came to developing the unique character of Poe. The Spyglass Seven was beautifully written; I only wish we could have had more time with it. From the playwright: I can remember in elementary school reading Poe's famous works, like The Raven. Later, I become familiar with his lesser known works and his public correspondence, and it inspired me. This was my first attempt at writing a stage play. The process was extremely rewarding – the highlight of my undergraduate career. It was mesmerizing to see the lines come to life. I attended the reading, rehearsals and performances. I received a lot of positive feedback, and it was interesting to hear the audience's different interpretations after the performance.

ARTS NC STATE 2011-2012 Creative Artist Award Winner

The Spyglass Seven, University Theatre, Fall 2013  19

ARTS NC STATE announces the 14 th annual

student Art Purchase THE RULES Artwork must be priced at $400 or less. Limit one entry per NC State student.

For 2-D work  Artwork may be no larger than 52” x 52” (including the frame)  Needs to be ready to hang (either canvas with sturdy framing or framed with matting, wiring, etc.)

WE BUY student art

For 3-D work  Artwork may be no larger than 20”H x 15”W x 15”D  3-D work may include: Ceramics, Wood, Textiles, Metals, Glass  3-D work should include mounting device so that piece can sit on horizontal surface or be mounted to a vertical surface

To enter your work Bring your artwork to1903 Hillsborough Street (historic Chancellor’s residence) on March 25, 2014 between 9am and 3pm. DETAILS:

Pictured above are details from three works purchased during the 2013 Student Art Purchase (L-R): Lady in Red by Sonika Rawal, PhD, Architecture (oil on canvas); Pearl Fryar by Tyler Confrey-Maloney, Junior, Materials Science & Engineering (black & white photography); Freedom by Kristie Kim, Junior, Design Studies (watercolor).

20  ticket central 919.515.1100 



Ticket Central

919.515.1100 Thompson Hall, 2241 Dunn Avenue 12-6pm, Mon-Fri

for senior citizens, non-NC State students, and groups. All discounts must be taken at time of purchase and may not be combined.

Ticket Central is your source for tickets to all ARTS NC STATE performances. Located in the main level lobby of Thompson Hall, Ticket Central is open weekdays from 12-6pm during fall and spring academic semesters. On the evening of shows, Ticket Central remains open until the performance begins. Ticket Central opens one hour before weekend performances. Hours vary during university holidays and over the summer. For your convenience, tickets may also be purchased online anytime at

Exchanges are available as a special benefit to Center Stage Create Your Own Series subscribers and University Theatre season subscribers only. Exchanges must be handled in person at the Ticket Central office during normal business hours, no later than 48 hours in advance of the performance date printed on your ticket. Tickets must be exchanged for a performance within the same series.

Discounts are available for current NC State students, faculty, staff, Centennial Campus affiliates and Encore members (current university ID required), FRIENDS of ARTS NC STATE ($100+ donation), members of the Parents & Families Association (Very Important Parent card required), and members of the NC State Alumni Association (membership card required). Discounts are also available

Refunds are not offered, except in the case of a cancelled performance. All events are subject to change.

Seating Policy Doors open approximately one-half hour before curtain time. As a courtesy to performers and audience members, latecomers will not be seated until a suitable pause in the performance. Please note that due to the configuration of the theatres in Thompson Hall, late seating for theatrical performances will not be available.

Electronic Devices Cameras and recorders of any kind are not allowed. Cell phones must be silenced or turned off. No text messaging please, as it is distracting to your fellow audience members.

A Note to Parents Parents should exercise discretion in deciding which events are appropriate for their children. Regardless of age, everyone must have a ticket. Please, no babes-in-arms.

Accessibility ARTS NC STATE performances, exhibitions and classes are accessible to people of all abilities. Ample wheelchair seating is available in all theatres. Large print programs, recorded playbill notes and sign-language interpreters are available on request (please provide Ticket Central with two weeks notice to allow time for an ASL interpreter to prepare). The Thompson Hall theatres are equipped with an infrared assistive listening system. An on-site wheelchair, courtesy of Arts Access, is also available. With advance notice, we are eager to provide any other assistance needed.

Acknowledgements The price of your ticket covers only a portion of the cost of presenting ARTS NC STATE programs. Our primary financial support comes from the students of NC State University. Additional support is provided by grants and our generous donors. Please refer to the list of our donors beginning on page 22.

Advertising This book would not be possible without the advertisers who support it. The ARTS NC State programs are published and designed by Opus 1, inc., in cooperation with ARTS NC State. If you are interested in reaching our audience with your message in the ARTS NC State program book, please call or email Linda Simone at 919.834.9441 or This program book was not printed with state-appropriated funds.

PHOTO CREDITS: COVER: Ron Foreman PG 6 Michelle Ye (sketch), Roger Manley PG 7 Roger Manley, Jill Powell PG 10 Heiko Kalmbach PG 11 Stefan Falke, Dan Jahn PG 12 Benjamin Scott, Martin Cohen PG 17 Special Collections Research Center at NCSU Libraries PG 19 Ron Foreman  21


■ Gregg Museum Campaign

ARTS NC STATE is grateful to our FRIENDS of ARTS NC STATE for their generous support. This list represents charitable contributions made between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. While we make every effort to be accurate and thorough, it is possible to accidentally omit or misspell a name. Please contact us at 919.515.6160 with any additions or corrections.

Leader ($20,000 & above)

Patron ($1,000-$2,499)

Chip & Lyn Andrews Margaret P. Corcoran Norman & Gilda Greenberg The family of Nancy C. Gregg Jerry & Nina Jackson Bob & Sarah Jordan Loomis Foundation Bing & Carol Sizemore Douglas S. Witcher/Smart Choice

■ ■

Visionary ($10,000-$19,999) Robert & Judy Abee Richard & Suzy Bryant Michael Busko & Joan Mills Busko/ Mills Family Foundation, Inc. Fenwick Foundation Fox Family Foundation Charles & Kathryn Green Jack & Amelia Hunter Thomas & Kimberly Przybyl David S. Thompson Titmus Foundation Randall & Susan Ward

benefactor ($5,000-$9,999) Hoyt Q. Bailey Jon & Kathryn Bartley Henry & Sory Bowers David & Laura Brody/ Brody Brothers Foundation Joan D. DeBruin Charles & JoAnne Dickinson Larry W. Ennis Bernard & Patricia Hyman Christopher Leazer & Heath Ramsey Mac & Lindsay Newsom Frank & Kaola Phoenix Stuart & Patricia Phoenix George Smedes Poyner Foundation Charles & Judith Proctor Michael Stoskopf & Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf Banks & Louise Talley Kristopher & Nicole Tyra Wells Fargo Foundation Helen White G. Smedes & Rosemary York

■ ■ ■ ■

■ ■

Arch T. Allen, III The Glenwood Agency/Ann-Cabell Baum Andersen & Bryan Andersen Richard & Cynthia Bernhard Carson H. Boone Diane E. Boone Robert & Mary-Charles Boyette Bruce & Kelly Branson Leonard & Amy Bush Robert Cooper & Sharon Perry Shelley Crisp & Myles Standish Benjamin Edwards & Jennifer Weston GE Foundation Genworth Financial Cynthia M. Gregg, MD: Facial Plastic Surgery Lanny & Susanne Harer John & Joy Heitmann Louis & Dawn Hunt Lou Johanson Robert & Donna Kanich John & Jane Kanipe Sara Lynn & K. D. Kennedy Gene & Vicky Langley Raymond & Betty Madry Caroline V. McCall Mimi M. McKinney N. Alexander Miller III Morgan Stanley Foundation Mu Beta Psi Michael & Deborah Mullen Emily Mann Peck James & Anne Peden Charles & Vicki Phaneuf Richard & Mary Phillips Wade & Kathy Reece Stephen Reynolds & Susan Osborne Willard & Susan Ross William & Catherine Singer Milton A. Smith Sampson & Mary Starling Patrick Steele & Mary Paula Zaytoun Steele Brad & Anna Sullivan Kathlyn F. Sullivan John & Patricia Tector James & Cathy Ward Ashley T. Wingate Chancellor W. Randolph Woodson & Susan Woodson Robert Wright & Mary Brent Wright Henry & Martha Zaytoun


■ ■

■ ■

■ ■


Tom Cabaniss James Trotter & Jaye Day-Trotter Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Charles & Marian Dowsett R. Merrill & Marilyn Hunter Robert & Michelyn Masini, In memory of Toni Christine Masini McDonald-York Building Company Tom & Judy Stafford State Employees Combined Campaign Stephen & Charlotte Wainwright Bud Whitmeyer & Rebecca Merrill George & Reba Worsley

22  ticket central 919.515.1100 

Hans Kellner & Ruth Gross Stephen & Mary Keto Ron & Herta Kirk Thomas Lambeth & Donna Irving Lambeth Ross Lampe Christopher & Margaret LaPlante Charles & Wanda Leffler Calvin & Jaquelyn Lewis Sam & Judy Lovelace Adrian & Marcia Lund Chuck & Greer Lysaght Frank & Jo Ann Madren Richard & Carole Marcotte Charles & Marie Martin Joseph & Mary Matza Douglas & Victoria McCrea Brian & Konni McMurray Carlton Midyette David & Karen Montgomery Matthew C. Moore Wendell & Linda Murphy Anne R. Packer Daniel & Elizabeth Page Hayne & Barbara Palmour Jonathan & Lingyun Parati James & Susan Parrott Stephen B. Popson Earl Pulliam & Susan J. Holton Dan & Lillie Ragan Carol H. Rahmani Michael & Kathleen Rieder Frank and Dudley Sargent Roby & Amber Sawyers J. Mark & Leda Scearce Stephen & Nancy Schecter Anthony Irwin Selton Leon Shargel Thomas Smith & Mary Lyon-Smith Thomas Spleth & Jean McLaughlin William & LaRose Spooner Phillip & Elise Stiles Rodney Swink & Juanita Shearer-Swink Paul & Holly Tesar George & Christina Thomas Beth S. Traynham Marilyn J. VanderLugt David & Josie Walker John & Terry Wall Charles & Joann Warner Lane & Linda Wharton Deborah C. White Shannon E. White Richard Wiersma David & Judi Wilkinson Kenneth & June Winston

Friend ($250-$499)

Alan & Maureen Aarons Jeff S. Aldridge Charlie & Sissy Ashby Richard & Elizabeth Axtell Kim & Roselyn Batcheller Anna B. Bigelow Thomas & Linda Birk Robert & Carol Black Richard Blanton & Candace Haigler Wanda Borrelli Robert & JoAnna Boyette Jeffery & Jill Braden Wade & Brenda Brickhouse Raymond & Kymbra Brown Louis Cherry & Marsha Gordon Janet Christenson Thomas & Frances Coggin Herb & Kathryn Council Lucy C. Daniels Alexander & Linda De Grand John & Dawn Eagleson William Ellenson & Kathleen Brown Risa S. Ellovich Robert & Rosalyn Evans Blanton & Judith Godfrey Roy & Carole Goforth Charles C. & Kathryn Green Peter H. Green Wade & Sandra Hargrove Kerry S. Havner Christine R. Hodgdon Robert Irwin & Melissa Peden Jonathan & Lisa Johnson Aaron & Laura Kahn

Sponsor ($500-$999)

Dorothy R. Adams Ernie & Beverly Alexander Brent & Krista Barbee Richard & Pamela Bostic R. A. Bryan Foundation, Inc. Ray & Jo Ann Bryan Douglas & Mary Bryant Robert & Lucinda Bunnen/ Lubo Fund, Inc. Johnny Burleson & Walter Clark C & L Graese Foundation Janice R. Christensen Marvin & Mary Chaney Terry & Nancy Cox Stanley R. Crews Roy Cromartie & Paul Fomberg

Lynn Daniel & Laura Roy Daniel Michael & Terry Davis Ronald G. Ellis Richard & Alice Hardy William Holman & Stephanie Bass Bobby & Claudia Kadis Haig Khachatoorian Thomas Lee & Hiller Spires John & Lucinda MacKethan John & Alice Margeson Gary & Sandi Massey Katherine K. F. Mauney L. Dana McCall Daniel McLawhorn & Robert Hazelgrove Michael Merritt & Jayne Fleener Mark & Tara Mullins John & Lynette Parker Raleigh St. Patrick’s Day Committee Diane Sasson Bruce & Miriam Sauls Bill Savage & Mark Losik Steven Schuster & Mary Anne Howard Jennette C. Skinner John & Emily Sprague St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Mark & Judith Strickland Tarheel Gem & Mineral Club Samuel & Joyce Terry Frank & Karen Todd Eunice L. Toussaint Jennifer L. Viets Cody N. Williams Chris Wilson & Heather Waddell

Contributor ($100-$249) Bernard & Carla Abramczyk J. Allen & Betty Adams Ellen B. Adelman Lynn & Mary Aiken James S. Allison Andrew & Jeanette Ammons Dudley & Lisa Anderson Andrew & Elizabeth Arrowood Garland & Charlene Askew Robert Auman Bank of America Foundation Norman & Carolyn Banks Donald & Linda Barker

William & Ruth Barnett Andrew & Sheila Beal Richard Bean & Annette Overton Richard & Julie Benson Harold & Anita Berry Jeremy & Alexandria Black John & Pamela Blondin David & Rita Bodenheimer Mark & Dawn Boettiger Albert & Elizabeth Borden Susan Bowers Dennis M. Bowie Vester & Mary Brantley Cynthia Bringle/ Cynthia Bringle Pottery Studio Bruce & Wanda Brown Amber C. Bruk Richard & Julia Bryant Wilfred & Barbara Buffaloe Rebecca S. Bumgardner Michael & Regina Carpenter Gabriel & Jean Carr Sean M. Cassidy Ellen C. Cassilly Robert Chapman & Mary Lovelock Marion L. J. Church Carol D. Clark Chris D. Cline Joseph & Sharon Colson John S. Coman/ Coman Publishing Company, Inc. Victor L. Cononi Gus & Judy Cottros Hurt Covington Gregory & Martha Crampton Daniel & Sarah Crawford Cherry Crayton Charles & Pamela Crum Thomas & Mary Cunningham Richard & Emily Currin Judy Curry Phillip & Sara Dail Dennis M. Daley Phyllis C. Danby Ralph W. Daniel Bill & Betty Daniel S. Lawrence & Sarah Davenport Mike Davis & Alice Garland James & Kathryn Deal Robert & Elizabeth Dean William R. Deans Mark B. Dearmon Stuart & Mary Deibel William & Catherine Diggs Allen & Martha Dobson Wesley & Leonor Doggett Gail S. Duncan Glen & Sherrill Duncan Holly Marie Durham Louis Early & Eleanor Johnson Robert Ebendorf & Aleta Braun Donald Ellison & Martha Baird Kenneth Esbenshade & Betty Bryum Lora E. Evans James & Peggy Fain Steven & Lisa Feierstein Patrick & Amy FitzGerald Jeff & Grace Franklin Curtis & Barbara Freeze Jack & Jennifer Fuller Leonard & Margaret Gayle Leonard Gettes & Ann Caldwell-Gettes Forrest & Evangeline Getzen John & Susan Gilbert Charles J. Givans Matthew & Betty Goodman Raymond & Susan Goodmon Christopher & Odile Gould Paul & Evelyn Green Shelton & Courtenay Griffin John & Shannon Griffin Matt Grzebien Wayne & Susan Harris Robert & Beverly Hartgrove Awatif E. Hassan Patricia Inlow-Hatcher Kyle Held

■ ■

Mary J. Herr Bill Hickman & Patricia Hall Joe & Anna Ball Hodge Christopher & Mirna Hoina Marc & Fay Hoit Douglas R. Holbrook David Hopp & Susan Straw Jason Horne & Eva Feucht Frederick & Ginger Horton Robert & Caralyn House James W. Howard Leta F. Huntsinger IBM Corporation Gary Jacobsohn & Elizabeth Michaels Everette James & Nancy Farmer John & Virginia Jernigan George & Debora Kaiser Lynne K. Kane John & Laura Kent Thomas R. Kendig Martha N. Keravuori James & Deborah Kessler Nevin E. Kessler Jonathan & Chatham Kildosher Gary King & Joyce Watkins King Susan W. Klein Thomas D. Koch Emily F. Lambeth John & Linda Lapp William & Colleen Lee Gordon & Cathy Lehman William & Deanna Lineback Issac T. Littleton Dorothy B. Love Donald & Norma Lundy Mary R. Lynn Charlotte M. Martin Jack & Marty Martin Louis & Emed Martin-Vega Bob & Carol Mattocks Robert & Luann McCain Amy E. McDonald Craig McDuffie & Linda Noble Hal & Gilda McKinney Spencer & Ashley McKinstry Michael J. McLendon Mark B. McNeill David & Renee Metsch Microsoft Corporation Lloyd & Joan Millstein Burley & Mary Lou Mitchell Betty B. Mittag Robert & Patricia Mohnal Steven & Beverly Mosley Paul & Rebecca Nagy David C. Nolte Patricia Oakley Thomas & Jennifer O’Brien Mary E. O’Neil Michael & Mary Overcash James & Shirley Overcash Barbara M. Parramore Maurice W. Partin Eugene & Phyllis Pate Richard & Nell Patty Gregory Paul & Mary Hart-Paul Irvin & Ann Pearce Kenneth Peters & Michael Dawson Larry E. Peterson Robert & Joanne Pilot Ofer Plotnik & Laurie Reinhardt-Plotnik David & Sarah Polston Michael Robert Poterala David & Luisa Price Dalton & Ruby Proctor Gal & Naomi Profesorsky Trent & Mary Ragland Randall & Tiffany Ramsey Sylvia N. Redwine Allen Reep Robert & Wren Rehm Patrick & Anya Reid Katharine L. Reid Kent & Debra Reid Randolph Reid & Betty Minton Jerry & Carole Rhodes Arthur & Cynthia Rice

Garson & Catherine Rice Richard L. Rice Walter & Jean Richardson Gerry Riveros Russell & Ruth Roberson Mary P. Roberts Surry P. Roberts Frank & Andrea Roediger Michael & Elizabeth Ross Ronald & Gail Runyan Richard Saleeby & Jackie Newlin-Saleeby Joseph & Diane Sanders David & Beatrice Sanford Gene & Maryann Schroeder Sarah Schroth Kevin & Nancy Schultz Ernest & Barbara Seely Robert M. Sexton Philip Shelton Richard & Ann Shirk Scott Shore & Rebecca Boston Steven & Mandi Shrum Barrett & Irene Silverstein Jerry W. Simpson Dana L. Smith Randolph & Helen Snyder John & Laurie Sorge David & Adelaide Stallings Scotty Steele John & Wanda Stein Warren & Debbie Stephenson Michael Stevenson & Kimberly Thrower James & Catherine Stuart Suresh & Phoola Sus Janice C. Swab Edward & Christina Terrell Joseph & Rebekah Thompson Rebecca S. Thompson Hugh & Judith Tilson Alan & Sara Tonelli Scott & Roslyn Troutman William & Marian Troxler Gerald & Kimberly Tully Harry & Delores Tune James & Linda Turlington John & Connie Turlington Lawrence & Frances Twisdale Twisted Threads Fiber Arts Guild Robert W. Upchurch Caroline Hickman Vaughan Dexter C. Vaughan Verizon Foundation Douglas & Genevieve Walker George & Patricia Wallace Rebecca Ann Walsh Eleania B. Ward Billy Warden & Lucy Inman Robert & Marilyn Warner Steve & Jane Warren Charles & Virginia Webb

Tom & Lisa Weber John F. Weedon Jeffrey & Elizabeth Weingarten Adam & Zoe Whitesell Mary P. Whitley Harold & Kathryn Wiebusch Erwin & Mary Williams Grant & Laura Willard Mark & Robyn Wilson William Winner & Terri Lomax Troy & Leigh Wojcik Louise J. Wurst K. Leslie Young Xerox Corporation James & Carol Zuiches

Supporter ($50-$99)

Robert & Marilyn Aldridge Laura J. Allred Paul W. Allred Kristine Markovich Alpi American Airlines, Inc. George Auman & Kathryn Browne Auman Steven L. Backer Charlotte E. Baker Robert & Shirley Barnhardt James & Lisa Batts Thomas & Patricia Baucom Candy M. Beal Burton Beames Clarence & Barbara Beaver Edwin & Marva Belk Matthew & Sarah Biddle Jennie W. Bireline Bryan & Janice Black Barrett & Betsy Blatz M. Webb Bostic Jean C. Bowen W. A. “Sonny” Brantley Denis & Brenda Brokke David Brooks & Nancy Penrose Dawson R. Bruckman Jeffrey & Nancy Burgess G. Hadley Callaway & Cameron Smith Callaway Brian E. Campell Donald & Belinda Campbell Scott & MaryBeth Carpenter Hubert & Mary Carr Curtis & Maria Chi F. Gordon Christian Renee N. Clark Gerald & Sandra Cobb Jon & Ellie Cooke Thomas & Dawn Daniel Charles & Barbara Darden William Robert Davis Jeremy & Lauren Deese Dan DiGregorio & Joseph Tooley

R. Stanhope Pullen Society The R. Stanhope Pullen Society was created in 1993 and recognizes alumni and friends who invest in the future of the university through any type of deferred gifts. ARTS NC STATE would like to recognize Pullen Society members who have designated support for our arts programs: Ronald G. Ellis Nancy C. Gregg* Norman & Gilda Greenberg Glenn S. Harman Michael J. Holland Jack M. Hunter Bernard & Patricia Hyman Martha N. Keravuori James* & Eileen Lecce

Sheila Lund* N. Alexander Miller III Mac & Lindsay Newsom Lew & Billie Rentel Banks & Louise Talley Caroline Hickman Vaughan David & Judi Wilkinson *deceased  23

DONORS William & Jeanette Dove John T. Duncan William M. Dunlap Gretel Z. Easter Ecolab, Inc. Tom Emmel & Lisa Grable John & Carolyn England Larry & Cindy English Anthony & Marjorie Evans Marvin & Gail Everett Gonzalo & Teresa Fernandez Steven Foster & Anne Marchand Tom & Janet Foster Bradley & Cheryl Francis Jimmy & Doris Garlich Robert & Brenda Garner Matthew & Kelly Gay Maurice & Karen Gifford Andrew H. Glasgow John & Gisela Grace David B. Greene John & Noel Griffin Donald & Joyce Gunter Patrick Gurgel & Gisele Passador-Gurgel Mary Guyett William & Jane Hamlin Elizabeth F. Hansen Loren & Susan Harrell Hosni Hassan & Doris Betanocurt-Marcano Gerald & Barbara Hawkins George Scott Heath Dennis & Susan Hight Walter & Joyce Hinkleman Bruce & Cecilia Hodgin Hal & Patsy Hopfenberg Larry & Kimberly Hovis James E. Hudgins Melanie A. Hudson John & Amy Huss Martin & Sarah Hyatt George & Nancy Jackson Anton & Maria Jetten David & Keni Johnson Adrian & Avis Jones Merritt & Susan Jones Lori N. Jones Rosemary M. Jones George & Valerie Justin Kimberly S. Kaltenecker Cyrus B. King Gary & Suzanne Krill Kenneth & Betsy Kukorowski John & Lisa Lafratta Lucie Lee M. Lanoux Joe Layton & Sarah Roholt Michael & Jackie Lewis William & Laura Lindsay Steve & Emily Loftis Kevin & Chiyoko Lord James & Flora Louden Tim & Deborah Luckadoo Lundy Fetterman Family Foundation Kent H. Lyle Kevin & Candace MacNaughton Alan Maloney & Jere Confrey James & Debbie Maness Roger Manley & Theadora Brack Howard & Elizabeth Manning Sara Jo Manning Joel & Julia McCullough Charles & Judy McEwan Joseph H. Meadows Patricia H. Michaels Herbert & Jeanne Miller Kim & Wendy Minor Jo B. Moore Kenneth F. Moore


Robert & Debbie Moore James & Elizabeth Mostrom William D. Moxley Sonja Nielsen Thomas W. O’Brien Donald Palmer & Leila May Knowles R. Parker Laura-Nelle Parnell Hugh & Linda Passingham Robert & Julie Pfund Thomas A. Phillips Charles & Patricia Poe William & Teresa Pownall Barbara A. Prillaman Christy L. Rain Raytheon Company Richard & Marie Reed Keri L. Rehm Karen M. Rhem Timothy & Donna Rhyne Eric & Nancy Ritchie Richard L. Ritz Harry M. Rosenberg Alan & Sherrill Rouse William & Layla Santa Rosa Bill & Debra Schaefer Mary Ann Scherr Nancy H. Scheunemann Carol G. Schroeder Leon & Lois Semke Carol J. Shannon Brian Shawcroft Marc Sherman & Anita Baker Michael J. Shiver Chris & Molly Simmons William & Elizabeth Simmons Max & Dorothy Sink Skip Sizemore & Erica Leigh Jevons Sizemore Cheryl A. Smith Ronald & Heather Spivey Stanley & Doris Stager Stephen & Anita Stallings Margaret Steed Irwin Stern Amy Lynn Strickland Wayne & Mary Taylor Anne Wall Thomas Joan Thompson James & Jennifer Toole Jeffrey Trawick & Ksenija Mitrovich Triangle Basket Weavers Paul J. Turinsky Henry & Elizabeth Turlington John & Cynthia Vaden Hugh & Janet Vincent Steven Robert Watt Robert & Jennifer Williams Deborah M. Wilson Richard A. Woynicz Gregory K. Ziglar Charles G. Zug, III

Gifts In Kind Benefactor ($5,000-$9,999) Juanita Bryant Alexander & Linda De Grand Daniel Ellison & James Richard Denney Arthur & Anya Gordon Myles Standish & Shelley Crisp Banks & Louise Talley Ann Walker

24  ticket central 919.515.1100 

■ Gregg Museum Campaign Connoisseur ($2,500-$4,999)

Kim & Roselyn Batcheller Roger & Rhoda Berkowitz John Henry, Jr. Bernard & Patricia Hyman Michael & Linda Keefe Martin & Alice Lancaster Kathlyn Sullivan Michiko Uyemura

Patron ($1,000-$2,499)

Max Allen Christian Cobb Sas Colby Roy Cromartie & Paul Fomberg Frances & Jewel Hoogstoel Craig & Leatha Koefler Thomas & Shirley Lester Eron Orion & Margaret Earley-Thiele Brenda Shearman James Trotter & Jaye Day-Trotter Thomas Wentworth & Linda Rudd William & Candy Beal Morene Berkovsky Michael & Joan Mills Busko Ronald & Mary Falciani Alda Jones John & Gretchen MacNair, III James & Seiko Shields Robert Suddaby Lynne Taylor-Corbett Stephen & Charlotte Wainwright

Friend ($250-$499)

Worth Aycock Florence Boushall John Coffey Phyllis Danby Norman & Gilda Greenberg Roger Manley & Theadora Brack Granger & Carolynn Marley Ronald & Christine Radtke Karen Thorsen Caroline Hickman Vaughan Whole Foods Market

Contributor ($100-$249) Jon & Ellie Cooke John Crawford & Jeana Aquadro Charles & Kathryn Green Susie Jones Douglas & Caroline Kelly John & Barbara McGreachy Harriet Page David & Mary Rendleman Jennette C. Skinner Sharon Walker

Supporter ($50-$99)

Steven Degroof & M. Eve Cunning J. Keith & Katherine Keener John Marvill & Diane Figeuroa Mary Russell Roberson Michael R. Searle Anton & Clara Lee Shreiner

Auction Donors 3 Guys Tree Farm ACE Adventure Resort Betty B. Adams

Alexia’s Bridal Boutique American Dance Festival Ann-Cabell Baum Andersen The Angus Barn Anonymous (3) Claire Ashby Anne Atkinson Atlantic Mulch Kristen Aubut/Fresh Coat Designs Aviator Brewing Company Donna Barnack Susan Dahlin Bashford BB&T Insurance Services Beleza, A Fair Trade Boutique Blazin’ Buddy/Brent Booker Richard Bryant Johnny Burleson & Walter Clark Burning Coal Theatre Company Craig Burt Henry & Ellen Campen Carolina Ballet Carolina Hurricanes Sarah Cawn NCSU Center Stage CHANEL - Belk Crabtree Chapel Hill Restaurant Group Allen Clapp The Crafts Center The Cupcake Shoppe Davenport@Five Deep Dish Theater Company Duplin Winery The Durham Bulls/Jim Goodmon Bob Ebendorf Sue Edmonson JP Edwards Empire Eats Mary Beth Epperly Eschelon Hospitality Lisa Everdyke Patrick FitzGerald Amy Flynn Designs Foster Lake & Pond Management Tracy Freeman FRIENDS of ARTS NC STATE Board of Advisors Edward Funkhouser Grains of Time Danene Groenke Abie Harris Mary Hauser Al Headen Kyle Held Anna Ball Hodge Patsy & Hal Hopfenberg Jerry Jackson Nina Jackson Eva Johannes Donna Kanich Cathy Keith Linda Kimball Joyce Watkins King Meredith Kittrell Vicky Langley Janine LeBlanc Charles Leffler Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern LM Restaurants Lonnie Poole Golf Course Marbles Kids Museum Massage Wallah/Emily Alexander Caroline V. McCall Richelle Carter Miles N. Alexander Miller III Kay & Lynda Mowery Mark Mullins Nasher Museum of Art NC State Athletics NC State University Pipes and Drums

Named Scholarships & Endowments Endowments may be established with a minimum commitment of $25,000 and may honor or memorialize an individual or family member while supporting arts initiatives such as student scholarships, programmatic support, and collections. ABB Inc. Arts Outreach Endowment Judy C. Abee Marching Band Endowment Patricia H. Adams Scholarship Donald & Maryann Bitzer Theater Achievement Awards Endowment Carey & Neita Bostian Music Endowment Henry & Sory Bowers Arts Endowment Bruce T. Brown Marching Band Endowment Charlotte V. Brown Museum Endowment Raymond A. Bryan, Jr. Jazz Endowment Curtis R. Craver Clarinet Scholarship Dr. Eloise A. Cofer Arts Endowment Margaret Price Corcoran Marching Band Scholarship Mildred J. Davis Museum Endowment Ronald G. Ellis & Earl Lynn Roberson Scholarship Annabelle Lundy Fetterman Symphony Concertmaster Endowment Fox Family Foundation Crafts Center Endowment John N. & Nancy C. Gregg Museum Endowment Dewey M. Griffith Marching Band Endowment Dr. Frank M. Hammond Endowment for Musicianship & Outstanding Leadership

Neomonde Bakery & Deli North Carolina Brewers Guild North Carolina Opera North Carolina Symphony North Carolina Theatre O2 Fitness Julie Olson Sys Oppenlander Ben Owen Pottery Anne Peden Sherri Pekks Frank Penta Charlene Poisel Pong Research/Blake Jacobs Heath Ramsey Rapid Fitness Red Light Chocolates Wade & Kathy Reece Kathy Myers Reece Rocky Top Hospitality Roundabout Art Collective Rowdy & Lacy Beatrice T. Sanford Mary Ann Scherr Mary H. Schweitzer

Glenn S. Harman & Miriam Bailey Gardner Choral Accompanist Scholarship Endowment Glenn S. Harman & Kay Crawford Johnson Double-Reed Scholarship Endowment Amelia E. Hunter Choral Leadership Endowment ITG Norma Ausley Memorial Endowment The Lattice Endowment for the Performing Arts James & Eileen Lecce Ethnic Art Collection Endowment Sheila Margaret Lund Endowment Jim Marchman Marching Band Endowment Toni Christine Masini Memorial Scholarship John C. McIlwee Theatre Endowment John Menapace Photography Endowment N. Alexander Miller III Arts Endowment Sharon Herr Moore Center Stage Endowment NCSU Pipes & Drums Scholarship Barbara G. & Hayne Palmour III Museum Endowment James M. Poyner Visiting Artist Endowment Kimberly Titmus Przybyl Music Endowment Lew & Billie Rentel ARTS NC STATE Scholarship

Sharon Sharo Jennifer Siegel Carol & Bing Sizemore SkyBound Designs Sparians Suzanne Spencer Hiller Spires Tom & Judy Stafford Martin Stankus The State Club Bert Sult Yuko Nogami Taylor S. Tector Metals/Sarah Tector Theatre Raleigh/Hot Summer Nights David S. Thompson Triangle’s Other Woman The Umstead Hotel and Spa University Theatre Cheryl L. Weisz Jo Ellen Westmoreland Adam Whitesell, CFP® Bud Whitmeyer & Rebecca Merrill Jack Williams Douglas S. Witcher Susan Woodson

Art Outside the Box Donors 8 Miles Apart 18 Seaboard Ace Hardware/Weber Appetite 4 Art Ara Leigh Studios/Leigh Griffin Laura Azzi Hannah Berry Café Carolina & Bakery Gene Brown Café Caturra Caffé Luna Capital Quartet Cary Creative Center/ Carolyn Mitkowski Chick-Fil-A The ChromaZones Abstract Artists The Coca-Cola Company NC State College of Design/ Advanced Media Lab NC State College of Textiles The Crafts Center David’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar DoubleTree Hotel Eidolon Designs Jeff and Grace Franklin Grains of Time Abie Harris

Anna Ball Hodge Howling Cow Creamery Irregardless Café Ladies in Red Moe’s Southwest Grill Mt. Olive Pickle Company ONJUKAI RAVE! Catering Ravenscroft School Reverb Nation Roundabout Art Collective Sanderson High School Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern St. Michael’s Episcopal Church Stevens Meats Bruce Stevenson Taiko Drumming Tenta/Tony Hankerson, Jr. The Midlife Crisis Band Thomas Taylor Trio Tin Roof Teas Tipping Paint Gallery & Artists Touch in Real Time/Holly Hanassian UNC Department of Linguistics/ Chunmeng Wang Whole Foods Market Woodturners Guild of NC

Lew & Billie Rentel Museum Enhancement Endowment Lew & Billie Rentel Thompson Building Endowment Reynolds Music Performance Scholarship Alby Rose Marching Band Scholarship Stafford Endowment for ARTS NC STATE Student Travel Banks & Louise Talley Arts Endowment Banks C. Talley Jr. Arts Endowment for the Frank Thompson Building Brita M. Tate Memorial Endowment Martha Emerson Upchurch Performing Arts Endowment Wachovia Endowment for the Visual & Performing Arts Randall & Susan Ward ARTS NC STATE Scholarship Randall & Susan Ward Museum Endowment Dr. Elmer R. White Trumpet Scholarship Mary Lib Wood Endowment for the Visual & Performing Artsts



Become a Friend! YOUR gift will… INTRODUCE the arts to thousands of NC State students

ENRICH the cultural landscape of your community

SUPPORT all six visual and performing arts programs OR the program(s) of your choice

Give Today! Call 919.515.6160 or visit  25

late night

As a service to our patrons, we offer these suggestions of local restaurants with late night hours. NOTE: the only nights listed are those for when the establishment is open until at least 11pm. These are published hours as of December 2013; we encourage you to call ahead to confirm. ■ Near Campus ■ Cameron Village ■ Downtown ■ Glenwood South

 42nd Street Oyster Bar 508 West Jones St | 831.2811 Mon-Thur 11pm, Fri-Sat 1am  Beasley’s Chicken+Honey 200 South Wilmington St 322.0127 Thur-Sat 12am  BIDA MANDA 222 S. Blount St 829.9999 Fri-Sat 12am  The Borough 317 West Morgan St 832.8433 Daily until 2am  Busy Bee Café 225 South Wilmington St 424.7817 Daily until 2am  Cameron Bar & Grill 2018 Clark Ave | 755.2231 Thur-Sat 12am  Cantina 18 433 Daniels St | 835.9911 Fri-Sat 11pm  Capital Club 16 16 West Martin St | 747.9345 Thur-Sat 11pm  C. Grace Cocktail Bar 407 Glenwood Ave 899.3675 Tues-Sat 2am, Sun 12am

 Chuck’s 237 South Wilmington St 322.0216 Thur-Sat 12am

 Irregardless Café 901 West Morgan St 833.8898 Sat, 11pm

 Poole’s Downtown Diner 426 South McDowell St 832.4477 Daily until 12am

 David’s Dumpling & Noodle Bar 1900 Hillsborough St 239.4536 Fri-Sat 11pm

 Krispy Kreme 549 North Person St 833.3682 Daily until 12am drive-thru 24/7

 The Raleigh Times Bar 14 East Hargett St 833.0999 Daily until 2am

 Dos Taquitos Xoco 410 Glenwood Ave 835.9010 Sun-Wed 11pm, Thur-Sat 2am

 Mitch’s Tavern 2426 Hillsborough St 821.7771 Mon-Wed 12am Thur-Sat 2am, Sun 11pm

 Fiction Kitchen 428 South Dawson St 831.4177 Fri-Sat 11pm

 MoJoe’s Burger Joint 620 Glenwood Ave 832.6799 Mon-Sun 1:30 am

 Five Star Restaurant 511 West Hargett St 833.3311 Daily until 12am

 Natty Greene’s 505 West Jones St | 232.2477 Mon-Sat 11pm

 Flying Saucer 328 West Morgan St 821.7468 Daily until 2am  Gravy 135 South Wilmington St 896.8513 Fri-Sat 11pm  Humble Pie 317 South Harrington St 829.9222 Fri-Sat 12am

 The Oxford 319 Fayetteville St | 832.6622 Mon-Wed 12am, Thur-Sun 2am  The Pit 328 West Davie St | 890.4500 Fri-Sat 11pm  Players Retreat 105 Oberlin Rd | 755.9589 Tues-Sat 2am

 The Remedy Diner 137 East Hargett St 835.3553 Fri-Sat 12am  Sitti 137 South Wilmington St 239.4070 Fri-Sat 12am  Sugarland 2031 Cameron St | 835.2100 Fri-Sat 11pm  Sullivan’s Steakhouse 414 Glenwood Ave | 833.2888 Mon-Sat 11pm  Tobacco Road Sports Café 222 Glenwood Ave | 832.3688 Sun-Thur 12am, Fri-Sat 2am  Trophy Brewing Company 827 West Morgan St 803.4849 Sun-Wed 12am, Thur-Sat 2am  Village Draft House 428 Daniels St | 833.1373 Sun-Tues 12am, Wed-Sat 2am

Advertising index Carolina Meadows | 15 Dr. Cynthia Gregg | 5 Edible Art | 21 Emerge Fine Art | ..................................... 13 Glenwood Agency | 15 Irregardless Café | 27

26  ticket central 919.515.1100 

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Spring 2014 Program Book  
Spring 2014 Program Book  

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