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About Artisans Bespoke Jewellers Artisans Bespoke Jewellers is an accredited Australian Made jewellery manufacturer based in Paddington, Brisbane. Led by Tammy Keers, our team have over 100 years of collective experience. We take pride in our ability to manufacture onsite, using traditional techniques to create bespoke pieces featuring our love for Art Deco style - with a modern twist! We are passionate about natural, coloured Gemstones and Diamonds which are featured in our original designs. Bright and individual, these beautiful gemstones are as effervescent as the nature of our team. A distinctly welcoming environment is at the forefront of the Artisans Bespoke experience, providing the most personalised service every step of the way.

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the latest Artisans Bespoke Jeweller’s Look Book!

A local business to Paddington since 2006, Artisans Bespoke Jewellers is grateful for the support of our local community. We are proud to be the family jeweller for our clients.

My team and I have been hard at work behind the scenes of this lookbook which showcases our beautiful handmade pieces.

Handcrafting sentimental pieces complete with your very own unique style is a feeling so special - we simply adore being a part of! We look forward to your visit instore or book a bespoke design consultation with our team today!

We have called Paddington home for over 15 years and our team are excited to welcome you to book a jewellery design consultation at our manufacturing workshop and boutique located at 98 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington.

Tammy Keers

Most of our clients know that we absolutely adore using colour and diamonds in our creations, so if you’re looking for handmade jewellery with a difference, be sure to visit our boutique or contact our team to book a design consultation. I look forward to meeting you soon! Love, Tammy Keers

Back Row (Left to Right): Kathy, Brian, Louis, Alex, Ingrid & Olivia Front Row (Left to Right): Hazel, Tammy & Shay TDW: Total Diamond Weight

Book a design consultation today! 98 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064 Call: (07) 3369 3798 Text: 0429 084 852 A R Enquiries: T I S A N SBESPOKEJEWELLERS.COM

Treasure of time: Diamonds Every diamond is unique. Each reflects the story of its arduous journey from deep inside the earth to a cherished object of adornment. A diamond is a testament of endurance and strength – and not surprising one of the ultimate symbols of love. At Artisans Bespoke Jewellers, we refer to the 6Cs - Colour, Cut, Clarity, Carat, Care & Confidence

Colour The colour scale for diamonds extends from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Colour grades are determined by comparing each diamond to a master set. Although many people think of diamonds as colourless, truly colourless diamonds are actually very rare. Most diamonds used in jewellery are nearly colourless with tints of yellow or brown. Cut A Diamond cut ranges from excellent to poor. A polished diamond’s beauty lies in its complex relationship with light: how light strikes the surface, how much enters the diamond and how, and in what form light returns to the eye. Clarity The Diamond Clarity scale includes 11 grades from Flawless to I3. Because diamonds form under tremendous heat and pressure, it is extremely rare to find a diamond that lacks any internal and external characteristics. These characteristics are a by-product of its formation and help gemmologists separate natural diamonds from synthetic & simulants and identify individual stones. Carat Weight One carat equals 200 milligrams in weight. For diamonds under one carat, each carat is divided into 100 points – similar to cents in a dollar. 0.75ct equals 75 points, 0.50ct equals 50 points and so on. Care & Confidence We help build confidence by taking the time to carefully provide a diamond education to our clients. We stand by the fact that each of our diamonds are natural and ethically sourced. Just like each diamond is unique, each person has their own unique taste and preferences and we are here to guide you through the process.

Wonder of nature: Coloured Gemstones A selection of Mother Nature’s finest coloured gemstones that we love to use in our bespoke pieces. Our jewellery designers take the time to carefully hand select gemstones for our clients selection.







Australian Sapphire

Ceylon-Type Sapphire





Chrome Tourmaline

Tsavorite Garnet


Please note these gemstone may also come in other colours and shapes, so please contact our team for more information.


January: Garnet

February: Amethyst

March: Aquamarine

April: Diamond

May: Emerald

June: Pearl

July: Ruby

August: Peridot

September: Sapphire

October: Tourmaline

November: Topaz

December: Zircon

Artisans Bespoke Jewellers: Love Stories

duardo Tammy & E "I designed this ring ages ago and it was supposed to be my push present. The new Artisans shop happened and things got crazy busy, so we didn’t have time to make it. The team then hid it from me and it was a running joke, “Where’s the bosses ring?” The incredible basket detail and the initials T, E, C and M of my family underneath the ring setting made it beyond special! M is for our beloved dog Missy that passed away in 2019 and C is for Charlie, my son and light of my life. I’m so grateful that I received this incredible surprise. Now that I have experienced how our customers feel, it just makes me even more passionate about what we do at Artisans Bespoke Jewellers!" - Tammy Keers

& Peter Kimberley

"We believe we have found our jewller for life who will be making all our jewellery from now onwards!" - Kimberley

Missy "My partner, now fiance Eduardo and the Artisans team secretly worked together on my ring and I had no idea!" - Tammy

When we met Kimberley and Peter, they envisaged an antique inspired ring with a modern twist using a Marquise or Oval cut centre stone. Tammy designed a stunning 18ct Yellow/White Gold ring set with a .74ct Marquise cut diamond centre with an intricate 'ballerina' style halo of round brilliant cut and tapered baguette diamonds. The ring basket has 2 letter P's to represent Peter and his last name Pennay. "When Peter and I were looking for rings we went to around 10 different jewellers. As soon as we met Tammy she immediately understood my vision and drew exactly what I wanted on paper! Fast forward a few months and Peter proposed with my dream ring and created my dream proposal! So glad he had a photographer hiding in the bushes to capture the special moment and how amazing my ring was! Everybody keeps complimenting on how beautiful and unique my ring is and I cannot stop staring at it." - Kimberley

Fern Silver

Dan & H azel “I couldn’t be more inlove with my ring! Tammy did such an incredible job designing it and Kathy’s workmanship is just absolutely insane!!” - Hazel

Hazel, one of our resident jewellery designers at Artisans Bespoke Jewellers said ‘Yes’ to Dan on their 5th anniversary. Dan and Tammy had secretly designed the ring together whilst Hazel and their daughter Harriet were staying in New Zealand with family. “I was completely caught off guard as it was a complete surprise!” Hazel said. Her bespoke engagement ring features a hot pink sapphire with a geometric halo of round and kite shaped diamonds. Our jeweller Kathy hand crafted silver fern leaf details in the basket as our Hazel is a proud Kiwi.

Elizabeth and Paul have been special clients of ours since 2008 and just recently, Artisans Bespoke Jewellers had the pleasure of handmaking a bespoke Cubism inspired earrings and pendant set to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday. Tammy hand-selected a colourful array of geometric shaped blue swiss topaz, blue sapphire, green tourmaline, pink sapphire and tanzanite coloured gemstones that was crafted into an asymmetrical design with diamonds and set in 18ct Yellow and White Gold. “ I love wearing my special Artisans pieces. They are all so unique in design and the quality is outstanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a bespoke piece” - Elizabeth



Transitional 11 in 1 piece set

Anna & David "The team are brilliant at what they do, and always make you feel a personal connection with them everytime we visited which is special and hard to find anywhere else." - Anna

Anna and David stumbled upon Artisans Bespoke Jewellers completely by surprise! They were visiting Paddington to look at the local antique stores and Artisans just so happened to have been on the same street. Since then, we have handcrafted several special pieces for them, but one of the most memorable pieces are Anna's transitional earrings that she wore on her wedding day. The earrings also marked an extra important milestone for Anna as it celebrated 14 years of study finally coming to an end. Anna's brief included a Geometric/Art Deco style drop earring that could be worn day to day, long after their wedding day.

"The fact that Tammy put so much thought and effort into making these (earrings) was amazing, and when her team were able to create them so I wear them in 4 different ways as well as a pendant, left me speechless." - Anna

ul Bride The Beautif

Tammy designed a bespoke transitional 11 piece set that included studs, earring cuffs, drops as well as a bale allowing the drops to be worn as a feature pendant.


ss g Dre


"The entire process was seamless thanks to the amazing team at Artisans" - Louis

s & Loui Olivia



"I said 'Yes' to my high school sweet heart, Louis. Our fur baby Suki helped with the surprise proposal at Shornecliffe beach one winter morning in June. I gave Tammy and the Artisans team my engagement ring 'wish list' and chose the centre Pink Sapphire gemstone before stepping away to let Louis collaborate with the team in bringing my dream engagement ring to life.

seal script modern

Everytime I look at my ring it makes me so happy! The basket detail is super sentimental as it pays homage to my Cantonese heritage containing my family name 'Lam' written in traditional seal script. The Lam character is comprised of 2 'tree' characters standing side by side, and to me these 2 characters in harmony symbolises the union of husband and wife." - Olivia


BJ & H ilary

"It was an extraordinary way to honour the ten years we’ve been married, while also celebrating new beginnings and growth for the rest of our lives" - BJ

BJ and Hilary are local Paddington business owners of Naim and learned of Artisans through a mutual friend. We recently helped them celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary with a bespoke Artisans piece. Hilary, who is also the Creative Director of a renowned Sip & Paint Business called 'Cork & Chroma' said, “I like rings with a bit of an unusual shape or unique details”. Tammy and Hazel knew that Hilary is an artistic soul and combined their design skills to remodel Hilary’s Engagement and Wedding Band into one extraordinary modern Art Deco ring design featuring initials underneath for each member of their family in 18ct Rose and White Gold.


Artisans Bespoke Jewellers: Workshop

Proudly Handmade from our Team to You

Hazel's Collection: Personalised Jewellery Step 1: Choose your design

2. Pear Art Deco Halo



3. Mini Sunrise 1. Tiara Scalloped Fringe 5. Art Deco Fan

4. Art Deco Flower

Step 2: Choose your metal

White Gold

Yellow Gold

Rose Gold

2 Tone

Step 3: Choose your coloured gemstones or diamonds


1. Pear Art Deco Halo shape pendant

2. Made in 9ct Rose Gold with matching chain

3. Combination of Tsavorite Garnet, Blue Sapphire & Pink Sapphire

4. Finished!


18ct Yellow and White Gold 1.03ct Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Centre with Art Deco Style Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - TDW 1.28ct

18ct White Gold Flower Diamond Art Deco Drop Earrings - TDW 0.52ct

18ct White Gold 0.97ct Cushion Cut Diamond Art Deco Dress Ring - TDW 1.73ct

18ct White Gold 'Sunset' Diamond Engagement Ring - TDW 0.715ct

Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold Diamond Art Deco Drop Earrings - TDW 1.48ct

18ct Rose and White Gold Pear cut 1.18ct Cognac C1 SI1 Clarity Art Deco Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - TDW 1.53ct

18ct Rose Gold ‘Tammy’ Diamond Drop Earrings TDW 0.70ct

Left: 18ct White Gold Cushion & Pear Cut Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring - TDW 1.57ct Right: 18ct White Gold 0.82ct Cushion Cut Diamond Art Deco Floral Halo Engagement Ring - TDW 1.16ct

18ct White Gold ‘Katherine Rose’ Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring - TDW 0.67ct

18ct White Gold Daisy Style Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - TDW 0.72ct

18ct White Gold 4 claw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - TDW 1 .1 1 c t

18ct White Gold Diamond Art Deco Bow Dress Ring - TDW 0.35ct

18ct White Gold Diamond Bezel Halo Engagement Ring - TDW 0.52ct

18ct White Gold Diamond Spider Web Pattern Halo Engagement Ring with Hand Engraved detail TDW 0.69ct

9ct White Gold 'Hazel' Art Deco Fringe Diamond Pendant - TDW 18ct White Gold 4 Point Star Style Pendant - TDW 0.13ct 18ct White Gold Diamond Clover Shaped Pendant - TDW 0.65ct.

9ct White Gold 'Hazel' Diamond Art Deco Motif Pendant - TDW 0.23ct

9ct White Gold 'Hazel' Diamond Art Deco Ring TDW 0.24ct

9ct White Gold 'Hazel' Diamond Art Deco Studs TDW 0.39ct

18ct White & Rose Gold Pear Cut Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring - TDW 0.65ct

18ct White Gold Claw Set Diamond Wedding Band - TDW 0.95ct

18ct White & Rose Gold Diamond Art Deco Wedding Band - TDW 0.15ct

18ct White & Rose Gold Pear Diamond Tiara Leaf Wedding Band - TDW 0.12ct

18ct White Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Tiara Wedding Band - TDW 0.33ct

18ct White Gold Pear Diamond Tiara Wedding Band - TDW 0.20ct

18ct White Gold Art Deco Tiara Scroll Diamond Wedding Band - TDW 0.26ct

18ct White and Rose Gold Diamond Art Deco Wedding Band - TDW 0.19ct

18ct White and Rose Gold Diamond Art Deco Wedding Band - TDW 0.22ct

18ct White Gold Diamond Leaf and Claw Set Wedding Band - TDW 0.30ct

18ct White Gold Diamond Grain Set Wedding Band - TDW 0.10ct

Left: 18ct White Gold Emerald & Cadi Cut Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring - TDW 1.20ct Middle: 18ct Rose & White Gold Emerald Cut 2.41ct Cognac Engagement Ring with German shank and Diamond accents - TDW 2.82ct Right: 18ct White Gold Diamond Wedding Band - TDW 0.28ct

Left: 2 in 1: 18ct White Gold Transitional Ring with Diamonds on one side On reverse, Pink and Purple Spinels - TDW 0.35ct Middle: 18ct White Gold Princess Cut Diamond with Art Deco Halo Engagement Ring - TDW 1.02ct Right: 18ct White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring with 4 Claws and Diamond shoulders - TDW 1.48ct

Left: 18ct Rose Gold Chevron Diamond Wedding Band - TDW 0.21ct Middle: 18ct Rose & White Gold Marquise Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring - TDW 0.81ct Right: 18ct Rose & White Gold Art Deco Leaf Wedding Band - TDW 0.04ct

greys & black 18ct White Gold 5.53ct Cushion Cut Spinel with Art Deco Halo and Fleur de Lis basket Ring - TDW 1.36ct

2 in 1: Transitional 18ct White Gold Black & White Diamond Angel Wing Earrings. Black Diamond Studs can be worn on their own TDW 0.19ct

18ct White Gold Grey Spinel & Diamond Pendant - TDW 0.11ct

18ct White Gold 1.69ct Grey Spinel Hex Cut and Diamond Engagement Ring TDW 0.28ct 9ct White Gold 'Wing' Tourmaline and Diamond Earrings - TDW 0.10ct

9ct White Gold 'Hazel' style Grey Spinel and Diamond Art Deco Tops with Rutilated Quartz Drops - TDW .09ct

9ct Yellow and White Gold Asymmetrical Diamond and Shield Cut Grey Spinel Hinged Bangle - TDW 0.86ct

Left: 18ct White Gold Grey Spinel, Ceylon Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring - TDW 0.23ct Middle: 18ct White and Rose Gold 1.68ct Pear Grey Spinel and Diamond Engagement Ring - TDW 0.16ct Right: 18ct White Gold 0.67ct Hex Cut Grey Spinel and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - TDW 0.18ct


18ct White Gold 4.00ct Oval Cut Morganite with Pink Spinels and Diamonds Halo Ring - TDW 0.56ct

18ct White and Rose Gold Geometric Diamond and Carre cut Mauve Zircon Drop Earrings - TDW 0.46ctr

9ct White and Rose Gold 'Olivia' Morganite and Diamond Earrings TDW 0.26ct 18ct White Gold Morganite, Tanzanite & Diamond Earrings TDW 0.32ct

2 in 1: 18ct White Gold Transitional Tear Drop Morganite & Diamond Earrings. TDW 0.36ct


18ct Rose & White Gold 7.07ct Oval Morganite & Diamond Dress Ring - TDW 1.03ct

18ct Rose and White Gold 1.85ct Round Morganite & Diamond Halo Ring with Scroll features - TDW 0.60ct

18ct Rose and White Gold 1.78ct Oval Morganite and Diamond Ring - TDW 0.43ct

18ct Rose & White Gold Radiant Cut 11.58ct Morganite & Diamond Dress Ring TDW 0.86ct

18ct Rose and White Gold 5.05ct Emerald cut Morganite and Art Deco Diamond Bow Ring - TDW 0.38ct

9ct White Gold 'Hazel' Purple/Grey Spinels and Diamond Art Deco Drop Earrings - TDW 0.18ct

2 in 1: 18ct Rose and White Gold Spinning Flower Cluster Ring with Pink/Purple Spinels and Diamonds TDW 0.35ct


18ct Rose & White Gold 2.11ct Oval Pink Spinel, Pink Tourmaline, Purple Sapphire & Diamond Dress Ring with intricate shank detail - TDW 0.10ct

18ct Rose Gold & Platinum 4.38ct Cushion Cut Mauve Spinel, Hot Pink Spinels & Diamond Art Deco Ring - TDW 0.89ct

Left: 18ct Rose and White Gold 'Bubble' Pink Spinel and Diamond Cluster Ring - TDW 0.15ct Right: 18ct Rose Gold Oval 1.77ct Pink Spinel & Diamond Halo Ring - TDW 0.24ct

18ct White and Rose Gold 'Sunrise' Pink Sapphire & Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - TDW 0.39ct

9ct White Gold 'Hazel' Peach Sapphire and Diamond Art Deco Drop Earrings - TDW 0.18ct


Left: 18ct Rose Gold and Platinum 2.16ct Cushion Cut tPink Sapphire and Diamond Art Deco Leaf Ring - TDW 0.26ct Middle: 18ct White and Rose Gold 0.77ct Apricot Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring - TDW 0.40ct Right: 18ct Rose & White Gold Pink Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond Ring - TDW 0.10ct

Left: 18ct Rose and White Gold Oval Pink Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring - TDW 0.18ct Right: 18ct White and Rose Gold 0.58ct Pear Ceylon Pink Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Hand Engraved detail - TDW 0.18ct

greens 18ct White Gold 6.73ct Emerald Cut Mint Tourmaline and Baguette Diamond Geometric Dress Ring - TDW 1.06ct

18ct White & Yellow Gold Octagonal Cut Green & Yellow Australian Parti Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring - TDW 0.26ct

18ct White Gold Trilogy 1.61ct Round Brilliant Parti Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring TDW 0.73ct

18ct Rose and White Gold 2.76ct Hex Green Parti Australian Sapphire with Shield Cut Diamond Shoulders Engagement Ring - TDW 0.44ct

18ct Yellow and White Gold 2.14ct Australian Green/Blue Parti Sapphire & Pear Shaped Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring TDW 0.41ct

18ct White Gold 1.84ct Long Emerald Cut Emerald & Diamond Dress Ring - TDW 0.33ct

18ct White and Yellow Gold Octagonal Cut Green/Yellow Australian Parti Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring - TDW 0.26ct

Platinum Pear Cut 0.78ct Emerald and Diamond Art Deco Halo Ring - TDW 0.13ct

9ct White Gold 'Hazel' 0.20ct Tsavorite Garnet & Diamond Pendant - TDW .09ct

18ct Yellow & White Gold 5.27ct Emerald Cut Chrome Tourmaline & Diamond Dress Ring - TDW 0.83ct

9ct White Gold 'Hazel' 0.40ct Tsavorite Garnet & Diamond Halo Studs - TDW 0.18ct

Platinum 0.77ct Tsavorite Garnet, Black Spinels and Diamond Dress Ring TDW 0.08ct

Left: 18ct White Gold 3.27ct Tsavorite Garnet and Diamond Dress Ring - TDW 0.62ct Middle: 18ct White Gold 1.15ct Tsavorite Garnet, Blue Sapphire & Diamond Dress Ring - TDW 0.24ct Right: 18ct White Gold 2.14ct Cushion Cut Tsavorite Garnet, Pink Spinel and Diamond Ring - TDW 0.16ct


Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold Pear shaped Aquamarine, Pink Ceylon Sapphires and Diamond Drop Earrings - TDW 0.12ct 18ct White Gold 2.63ct Oval Aquamarine and Art Deco Diamond Halo Ring - TDW 0.20ct

18ct White Gold 'Angelique' Blue Zircon, Sapphire, Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings - TDW 0.11ct

18ct White Gold 4.03ct Oval Aquamarine & Diamond 'Wings' Detail Dress Ring - TDW 0.28ct

9ct White Gold 'Olivia' 1.91ct Blue Zircon and Diamond Halo Studs TDW 0.24ct Platinum 1.40ct Oval Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Art Deco Pendant t TDW 0.21ct

18ct White and Yellow Gold 9.84ct Aquamarine, Pink Ceylon Sapphires & Diamond Double Finger Dress Ring - TDW 1.00ct

Platinum 'Fireworks' 2.30ct Cushion Cut Blue Ceylon Sapphire and tDiamond Engagement Ring - TDW 0.70ct

Platinum 2.23ct Cushion Cut Blue Spinel and Art Deco Diamond Halo Ring - TDW 0.36ct

18ct White and Rose Gold Pear shaped Blue Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Halo Pendant - TDW 0.23ct

Left: 18ct White Gold Cushion Cut Blue Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring - TDW 0.44ct Middle: 18ct White Gold 2.01ct Oval Ceylon Blue Sapphire with Art Deco style Diamond Halo - TDW 0.26ct Right: 18ct White Gold 1.06ct Round Ceylon Blue Sapphire & Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring -TDW 0.41ct

18ct White Gold 5.37ct Round Brilliant Tanzanite and Diamond Dress Ring - TDW 2.19ct


Tammy's 'Enchanted Iris' Collection Top: 18ct White and Rose Gold Pink Spinel, Tanzanite, Pink Sapphire & Diamond Hinged Bangle - TDW 0.40ct Left: 18ct Rose and White Gold Heart 4.82ct Tanzanite, Pink Sapphire, Pink Spinel & Heart Shaped Diamond Halo Dress Ring - TDW 0.60ct Right: 2 in 1: 18ct White and Rose Gold Transitional Grey/ Pink Spinel, Blue/Purple Sapphire, Tanzanite & Diamond Drop Earrings - TDW 0.17ct

18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum 3.87ct Mandarin Garnet, Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring - TDW

2 in 1: 18ct Yellow Gold 'Dragon Fly Lady' with Pink and Green Sapphires and Diamond Pendant/ Brooch

18ct Yellow and White Gold 'Fruit Salad' 4.31ct Blue Zircon, Pink Spinel, Tsavorite Garnet, Purple Sapphire, Orange Garnet and Diamond Dress Ring TDW 0.18ct

18ct Rose and White Gold Oval Morganite, Purple/Blue Sapphire, Pink Spinels and Diamond Dress Ring - TDW 0.34ct

18ct Rose and White Gold Alexandrite and Diamond Tiara Ring - TDW 0.13ct

18ct Yellow and White Gold ‘Tammy’ Orange Sapphire, Tsavorite Garnet & Diamond Ring TDW 0.67ct

9ct Rose and White Gold Amethyst Fan shaped drop earrings with Art Deco diamond feature - TDW 0.46ct

Left: 9ct Yellow Gold Cabachon cut Amethyst, Orange Sapphire, Tsavorite Garnet and Amazonite Drop Earrings Middle: 9ct Rose Gold 'Haze'l Earrings tops with Grey Spinel, Diamonds and removable Lapis Lazuli Drops - TDW 0.18ct Right: 9ct Rose Gold Morganite, Pink Spinel and Amazonite Drop Earrings

Left: 18ct Rose and White Gold Morganite, Blue Zircon and Diamond Earrings - TDW 0.10ct Middle: 9ct Yellow Gold Citrine, Black Diamond and Rutilated Quartz Drop Earrings Right: 2 in 1: 9ct White Gold 'Bubble' Blue Zircon, Morganite, Spinel & Diamond with removeable Morganite Drop Earrings

Left: 18ct Yellow Gold Grey/Black Spinel & Diamond Bee Pendant - TDW 0.22ct Middle: 18ct White Gold, Pink Spinel, Tsavorite Garnet, Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant - TDW 0.40ct Right: 18ct Rose Gold Morganite, Grey Spinel and Diamond Earrings - TDW 0.61ct

9ct White Gold Blue Zircon, Hot Pink Spinel & Diamond Drop Earrings - TDW 0.14ct

18ct White Gold 3.90ct Hexagonal cut Blue Zircon with Pink Spinels and Diamond Ring TDW 0.24ct

18ct White Gold Pear 4.15ct Shaped Rubellite & Diamond Ring - TDW 0.29ct

18ct Yellow Gold Boulder Opal Earrings

18ct White Gold Marquise Blue Zircon, Kunzite & Diamond Drop Earrings - TDW 0.07ct

18ct White Gold 1.14ct Octagonal Cut Red Spinel with Diamonds - TDW 0.43ct

Willowbrook Earring and Pendant Design

2 in 1: 18ct Rose Gold 'Willowbrook' Transitional Earrings with Sapphires and Removable Imperial Topaz Drops

18ct Rose Gold 'Willowbrook' 1.13ct Pink Spinel, Umba/Parti Sapphires and Diamond Ring with intricate leaf pattern basket - TDW 0.12ct

18ct Rose Gold 'Willowbrook' Marquise Orange/Apricot and Round Green Parti Sapphire Eternity Band

Artisans Bespoke Jewellers - Product Use & Care Guide Care Instructions We recommend removing jewellery before going to bed or activities such as the gym, doing renovations, sport, gardening, household cleaning etc. Some gemstones and metals can be affected by certain chemicals and enviroments such as hand sanitizer, perfumes, hair products, cosmetics, cleaning agents, chlorine, salt water and perspiration. Please contact us if you have any questions about your piece. Cleaning Your Jewellery Pour a small amount of mild soap or dish washing detergent into lukewarm water and use a small, soft toothbrush to clean your jewellery. Clean underneath the settings and gemstones. If the dirt is hard to remove, soak your jewellery in water first, before brushing off the debris and rinsing your piece under clear running water. Storing Your Jewellery We recommend storing jewellery individually in a protective box, pouch or plastic zip lock bag in order to prevent your pieces from scratches. Annual Service All jewellery will wear overtime. Depending on the degree and frequency of use, it is recommended that your jewellery be inspected at least once a year by a jeweller. In particular, it is important that claws, clasps, mounts, soldering and settings are checked and cleaned to see if any stones/gems are loose or metal is worn. Exchange and Returns Only our Ready-to-wear jewellery collection can be exchanged for other items (or a 12-month instore credit note can be issued) within 7 days of your purchase, provided the item was bought from our floor stock and is returned in the same condition as when you bought it. Special order or Custom Made items cannot be returned or exchanged. We do not provide refunds on our ready-to-wear jewellery collection. Ring Resize Policy Artisans Bespoke Jewellers offers 1 complimentary resize for our custom made rings and ready-to-wear rings, subject to the following terms and conditions;

Artisans Bespoke Jewellers must be contacted regarding the re-size within a 2 week period from the date of collection/purchase and a time must be made for the customer to have their finger and ring size checked by one of our jewellers. Any resizing required outside of this 2 week time frame may incur a charge at the discretion of Artisans Bespoke Jewellers. Furthermore, any resizing that is deemed a significant increase/decrease may incur additional charge for materials and/or labour. Please note that finger sizes can vary significantly over time and can be affected by the weather and personal health. Most resizes can be done within 1-2 weeks, however, it may take longer for complicated designs. Let us know if your resize is urgent and we will try our best to accommodate your deadline. The following rings are not covered by our complimentary ring re-sizing policy and will incur a charge if resized: • Rings ordered over the phone or by email, where the customer has not had their finger size measured in person by one of our jewellers. • Eternity rings with gemstones set the whole way around the ring. • Rings set with stones on the inside of the ring. • Rings with laser or hand engraving which may need to be redone (unless there is a blank section specifically for resizing). • Rings with patterns or other design aspects that may need to be redone after a resize. • Rings made during a Make Your Own Wedding Ring Workshop (unless we do any work to the rings after the experience that alters the ring size). • Rings made of titanium, zirconium and similar metals. Jewellery Valuations Jewellery Valuations provided for our bespoke pieces are done independently to avoid bias. A valuation is your proof of ownership in case your piece is lost or stolen and is vital to have for insurance purposes. We recommended keeping a digital copy and having it re-valued yearly. Jewellery Insurance Jewellery insurance gives peace of mind and protects your investment. We recommend QREPORT for jewellery-specific insurance.

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