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2017-02-21 오후 12:06:48

TRANSILO is.... World economy is undergoing historic crisis and trading environment is equally impacted. This difficult situation calls for cost reduction and more efficient business solutions. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, TRANSILO is an international logistics solutions developer and provider. We thrive to be the logistics partner of choice by continuously developing solutions for cost effective portable bulk supply systems for international customers. TRANSILO is rapidly expanding the customers profile in China, USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, South Korea as well as Latin America. TRANSILO is just a click away. We can help your company save costs and be more competitive.

TRANSILO: Portable Bulk Supply System Bulk cargos like grains or granular products generally requires a costly, time-consuming and complicated logistic process, and it raises concerns on environmental issues such as contamination in case of rain and dusts generated during transportation.

Worker's platform

TRANSILO successfully developed an innovative rake angle drain container for bulk cargo transportation. We are highly confident that TRANSILO will remarkably improve the most critical logistics requirements of today in bulk transportation. TRANSILO's innovative bulk supply system received three registered and confirmed patents from the Korean government. Patent applications have been submitted in various countries such as China, USA, EU, etc. PCT applications are in the process as well.

Gas injection pipe Special gas will prevent dew condensation so that grains will be kept fresh and chemical products such as fertilizer will not get hardened by oxygen.

Tel: +(82)10-2955-2112 (Arthur Park, VP Marketing) Email: Homepage:

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Cargo loading door TRANSILO's 100% vacuum, patented technology keeps the quality of grains and chemical products intact by eliminating the chance of budding, fungus and oxidation caused by air and humidity.

Gas release pipe Real-time product info/ status checking technology can be used.

Cargo unloading door

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2017-02-21 오후 12:06:50

Bulk Cargo Logistics: Current vs. TRANSILO's Vision

Current Production site silo

Inland transportation

Marine transportation

Loading Air contact 1

Unloadin Air contact 3

Air contact 2

100% vacuum seal prevents dew condensation and oxydation

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Production site silo

Inland transportation


Marine transportation


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Key Benefits of TRANSILO Cost & Time Saving 1. Operating cost reduction 2. No silo construction needed 3. Wider options for unloading ports

Easy Adoption Inland transportation


Processing factory

TRANSILO can easily be adopted to exitsting work environments.

Air contact 4

Quality Sustainability No dew condensation and no oxidation will sustain the fresh quality of port of origin.



Inland transportation

Processing factory

Easy FIFO Long lasting FIFO (First In, First Out) issue will be removed instantly.

Various Applications Applicable products range from grains to variety of chemical products.

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2017-02-21 오후 12:06:55

Future Markets


Global Granular Cargo Market Size: 5 B/T China


• Annual granular cargo volume: 2.4 billion tons • Estimated TRANSILO market: 2.35 million ea

South Korea


• Annual granular cargo volume: 50 million tons • Estimated TRANSILO market: 490,000 ea

* Source: Korea Construction Industry, The Freedonia Group 'World Cement Trend', American Chemistry Counsel 'Petroleum Coke: Global Industry Market & Outlook' 7th Edition 2015

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Latin America

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Global Grain Cargo Market Size: 2.6 B/T China

Southeast Asia

• Annual grain production: 0.65 billion tons • Annual grain import: 0.24 billion tons • Estimated TRANSILO market: 870,000 ea Southeast Asia • Annual grain production: 0.23 billion tons • Annual grain import: 50 million tons • Estimated TRANSILO market: 270,000 ea

South Korea • Annual grain production: 4 million tons • Annual grain import: 17.3 million tons • Estimated TRANSILO market: 20,000 ea * Source: Korea Agricultural Economy Institute

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2017-02-21 오후 12:06:58


Contact: Arthur Park (VP Marketing) • Tel: +82 (10) 2955-2112 • Email: • Homepage: [영어] 트랜스사일로 브로셔.indd 8

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