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“Fabric design is a different form of story telling. With each choice the designer makes, they are telling a unique story. In turn, the quilter will rearrange those fabrics to tell their own story.” I have loved fabrics and sewing for as long as I can remember. When I was 6 years old, I snuck into my mom’s closet with a pair of scissors and cut up one her shimmering evening gowns to make doll dresses. When I was in the 9th grade I took a sewing class and was hooked for life. I grew up in Los Angeles in the shadow of the film industry. My father has been a film composer for over 50 years. In many ways, sewing was an escape to a simpler life from the high-pressure world of show business. After I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in illustration, I returned home and began working in Broadcast Design for television. For over twenty years I have created on-air graphics, promos, and main titles for the Discovery Channel, TLC, E! Entertainment, Buena Vista Television, as well as all the major networks, CBS, ABC and NBC where I currently work. After getting married, my husband and I moved to the foothill area above Los Angeles. It was there I discovered a wonderful local quilt shop. This rekindled my passion for sewing and quilting and I began collecting all kinds of fabrics -- my husband would say at an alarming rate. We have one son, our miracle baby, and two little dogs. For me, fabric design is the synthesis of every aspect of my life: sewing, painting, graphic design, collage and ultimately story-telling. Fabric design is simply another form of story telling. A good story causes us to escape our world for a moment – only to bring us back to it with a greater understanding of it, and hopefully helps us to live, love and appreciate it more.

“Trapezoid Tote” by Amy Barickman

“2 Fat Quarter Clutch Bag” by Jody Rosenhauer

2685 Accessories by Simplicity

1806 Misses’ Tops by Simplicity

“Ruffle Apron” by Cindy Whitten

”Fun and Games” by Rashida Coleman-Hale Sew News

“Huntington Hobo” by Nancy Green Pink Sand Beach Designs

“It’s Good to Be Square” by Stephanie Prescott A Quilter’s Dream

“Dress K3775” by Kwik Sew

“Toy Giraffe” by Kristina Therkildsen

by Frances Newcombe Coming Soon! Quilts Trends Spring 2014

“Elephant Toy” by Denise Mutton

“Ellie Travel Case” by Nancy Helpinstill

“Fabric Box” by Nancy Helpinstill

“Tula Pink” by Little Miss Shabby

“Texture Magic Totes” by Annie

“Toss-up Pillows” by Camille Roskelley

“Overland Journey Pillow” by Frances Newcombe

“K3749 Bags” by Kiwik Sew

“Crown of Thorns Swirling Cross” by Charise Creates

“Morroccan Getaway Runner” Fat Quarter Quickies by Kathy Brown

“Little Man” by Camille Roskelley

“Safari Stars” by Frances Newcombe

“Mousetrap” by Hunter designs

by Margaret Rolfe A Quilter’s Ark

“Slouchy Bag” by Cindy Oates

“Pulled Taffy” by Karen Turchen Queen Bee Quilts


Escape to the beautiful plains on an African safari where hidden animals rest in the wooded areas. The moon glows over a magical sky enveloping you in its rich colors. DES I G N ED BY FR A N C ES N EW -



SFR-6700 Wild Life Cavern

SFR-6704 Soaring Free Clear

SFR-6701 Moonmoth Bright

SFR-6707 Overland Journey Orange

SFR-6705 African Palm Indigo

SFR-6702 Village Horizon Rise

SFR-6706 Forest leaves Larkspur

SFR-6708 Tribal Stripe Pond

SFR-6703 River Shadows Chartreuse

SFR-6710 Animalia Splendor

SFR-7700 Wild Life Waterfall

SFR-7704 Soaring Free Cloudy

SFR-7701 Moonmoth Dusty

SFR-7707 Overland Journey Lime

SFR-7705 African Palm Turquoise

SFR-7702 Village Horizon Set

SFR-7706 Forest Leaves Raspberry

SFR-7708 Tribal Stripe Grass

SFR-7703 River Shadows Rain

SFR-7709 River Shadows Midnight



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In 2004, our desire to bring a chic and modern perspective to the quilting idustry is what inspired us to start Art Gallery Fabrics. Since then creativity, beauty, and design have been our passions. And to this day, they have not changed. When it comes to designing a collection we always keep originality and uniqueness on the top of our list. We have the pleasure of working with a talented design team who creates enticing color palettes and artful, intricate prints that make our collections one of a kind. Art Gallery designs fabrics that keep up with ongoing trends and at the same time it encourages our customers to use new colors and patterns so they venture out of their usual comfort zone. Designs that evoke style with a statement of color. A quality that sets us apart. Art Gallery Fabrics! 100% PREMIUM COTTON

44-45" WIDE (114 cm)


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Safari Moon Fabric Collection by Frances Newcombe  
Safari Moon Fabric Collection by Frances Newcombe  

Fabric Project Lookbook featuring Safari Moon by Frances Newcombe. Escape to the beautiful plains on an African safari where hidden animals...