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Come to a place where the air is fresh

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” - Audrey Hepburn I was born and raised in small town South Carolina by an engineer and a schoolteacher. I was always a creative mind and loved playing with paints and made various collages out of scrap paper. I ended up with a Bachelor of Science in college and after college, I was lucky to find a job as a Graphic Designer, where I honed my skills working for an advertising firm and a screen-printing company. When my husband and I moved to Austin in 2008, I took the opportunity to refresh my career. I began to draw again and put my screen-printed illustrations on Etsy. With a lot of hard work, my business took off and I felt a need to expand. That’s when I dusted off the old sewing machine and started to create my own textiles, which turned into a successful home goods line. Austin was the perfect place to develop my style with influences from nature, my east Austin neighborhood, and my Native American roots. I’m incredibly grateful and lucky to make a living doing what I love and with every piece I create, I hope to bring a small feeling of that love. I currently live in Brooklyn with my ever-so-supportive Chef husband and our animal family. We love exploring the streets of NYC, eating hand-pulled noodles in Chinatown, and going for “squirrel chases” in the park with our dog, Oslo.

Make it yourself! “The Staple Dress” by April Rhodes

Make it yourself! Based on “The Wiksten Tank” by Wiksten

Make it yourself! Based on “The Wiksten Tank” by Wiksten

Make it yourself!

Free Pattern! “Sunrise Quilt” by Leah Duncan

Make it yourself!

“The Date Night Dress” by April Rhodes

Make it yourself!

Based on “The Wiksten Tank” by Wiksten

MW-70028 Savanna Glow Golden

MW-70021 Gentle Breeze Red

MW-70024 Sprinkled Morning



MW-70026 Valley of Azure

MW-70027 Freshly Cut Hyacinth

MW-70022 Plentiful Earth Saffron

MW-70023 Lea’s Bloom Clearwater

MW-70020 Summer Grove by Day

os Deep Marin MW-70029 Ge

stone MW-70025 Florascape Moon

MW-80022 Plentiful Earth Citrine

MW-80023 Lea’s Bloom Blush

MW-80024 Sprinkled Noon

MW-80025 Florascape Marigold

MW-80021 Gentle Breeze Beige

MW-80020 Summer Grove by Night

MW-80026 Valley of Evergreen

ut Lilies

MW-80029 Geos Bright Mandarin

MW-80027 Freshly C

MW-80028 Savanna Glow Mint

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44-45" WIDE (114 cm)


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Meadow Fabric Collection by Leah Duncan  

Fabric Project Lookbook for Leah Duncan's Meadow. Come to a place where the air is fresh & meadows with vast hills inspire a color palette o...

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