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In 2004, our desire to bring a chic and modern perspective to the quilting idustry is what inspired us to start Art Gallery Fabrics. Since then creativity, beauty, and design have been our passions. And to this day, they have not changed. Many describe our style as “Contemporary Elegant” and we feel that description fits. We love to design fabrics that fit today’s modern lifestyle while adding a chic, sophisticated touch. Art Gallery Fabrics makes fabrics for you. We have made a promise to always keep a consistency in quality and you can rest assured that in every yardage you order that promise is kept. When it comes to designing a collection we always keep originality and uniqueness on the top of our list. We have the pleasure of working with a talented design team who creates enticing color palettes and artful, intricate prints that make our collections one of a kind. Art Gallery designs fabrics that keep up with ongoing trends and at the same time it encourages our customers to use new colors and patterns so they venture out of their usual comfort zone. Art Gallery’s designs are printed on 100% Premium PIMA cotton that is mercerized to ensure the absolute brilliancy of all colors. They are printed on a narrow width of 44/45” and have an exceptional thread count and very fine weave. We’ve currently added a selection of Voiles that have the same premium cotton quality, printed on a width of 52/53”. This makes our premium cotton as soft and smooth you can get. You really feel the difference with just one touch! Designs that evoke style with a statement of color. A quality that sets us apart. Welcome to the world of Art Gallery Fabrics!




Sophisticated & vintage is just a few words that come to mind when you see this collection. Reminisce, the debut by Bonnie Christine, is a nostalgic collection of bold & sugar-colored hues, inspired by hazy and dream-like summer days filled with simple, yet memorable moments of picking flowers and enjoying their beauty. Reminisce is a collection that mixes cottage chic with bright colors, making it very versatile and appealing to traditional quilters and modern sewists! Inspired by sunshiny days and a simpler ways, Reminisce inspires the handmade way of life. To see more pictures from this photshoot (and many more) visit AGF’s Flickr and Reminisce with us. Want to get some Reminisce by Bonnie Christine: Find your favorite online retailer, or look for them at your Local Quilt Store.


Free Pattern Available “Sun Hat” by Lorenna Buck


Pattern Available “Wrapped Blouse” by Burda Style


Free Pattern Available “Reversible Apron” by Bonnie Christine


Pattern Available “Corset-Style Dress” by Borda Style


Free Pattern Available “Diagonal Fold Over Clutch” by AGF

Pattern Available “Capri Bag” by Pat Bravo




Pattern Available “Ruffled Skirt” by Burda Style



Download our free quilt pattern “Sentimentalities”


Pattern Available “Grommet Go-Around” by Amy Barickman


Sophisticated & vintage, a nostalgic collection of bold & sugar-colored hues. Inspired by hazy summer days filled with simple moments of picking flowers & enjoying their beauty. This collection is composed of 20 swatches of 10 prints in two color ways. DESIGNED BY BONNIE CHRISTINE


RMS-2500 Sweet Nostalgia Antique

RMS-2506 Wonderment Teaberry

RMS-2509 Enamored Melon

RMS-2505 Branchlets Charming

RMS-2502 Timeless Fair Green

RMS-2503 Sprouts of Joy Ivy

RMS-2504 Pendants Limestone

RMS-2507 Freshly Picked Sherbet

RMS-2508 Meadow of Gold

RMS-2501 Keepsakes Rosemary

RMS-1500 Sweet Nostalgia Vintage

RMS-1506 Wonderment Honey

RMS-1509 Enamored Cranberry

RMS-1505 Branchlets Porcelain

RMS-1502 Timeless Rosewood

RMS-1503 Sprouts of Joy Crimson

RMS-1504 Pendants Sapphire

RMS-1507 Freshly Picked Mint

RMS-1508 Meadow of Dew

RMS-1501 Keepsakes Sage




Tule is Leah Duncan’s first fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics. The collection’s name takes its origin from Nevada’s Tule desert, a place of botanical wonders, quietude, and a simplistic, but nonetheless impressive beauty. And as you’ll notice throughout the 20 new fabrics, these traits have been translated perfectly by Leah. Originally from South Carolina, Leah moved to Austin in 2008 and it was there she taught herself sewing and surface design. Her aesthetic is very much inspired by nature and the outdoors, as seen by design incorporations of plant life, animals and textures. Leah regards color as one of the most important pieces of design. Her color palette is quite distinct, and many times is derived from the surroundings of the time she spent living in Austin, Texas, as well as from her southern, and Native American roots. Her love of folk art also takes flight from her roots and nuances of this element can be spotted in many of her illustrations. To us, what is most striking about the landscape behind this collection is a lack of obvious drama or spectacle that sets the beauty of the desert apart. What makes it calmingly beautiful is its sense of restraint.


Pattern Available “Blouse with Pleated Pockets” by Burda Style


“Summer Tote” by AGF

Free Pattern Available



Free Quilt Pattern “Solara”


Pattern Available “Swing Dress” by Burda Style

“Sheen Shorts” by Burda Style

Pattern Available




Pattern Available “Mixit Tank” Sewing Workshop



Download our free quilt pattern “Desert Arrows”





Inspired by Nevada’s vast landscape, Tule reflects the stark beauty of the desert with folk florals & bold colors, sharing a glimmer of the joy and peace the endlessly beautiful region consistently provides. This collection is composed of 20 swatches of 10 prints in two color ways. DESIGNED BY LEAH DUNCAN


TL-30020 Flora’s Oasis Naranja

TL-30028 Meadow Vale Bright

TL-30021 Folklore Terracotta

TL-30024 Mojave Illuminated

TL-30027 Quietude Sunset

TL-30022 Windmarks Mirage

TL-30026 Embroidered by Sun

TL-30023 Native Fringe Solar

TL-30025 Terrain Cactus

TL-30029 Sand Dunes Golden

TL-40020 Flora’s Oasis Rosa

TL-40028 Meadow Vale Dark

TL-40021 Folklore Sunray

TL-40024 Mojave Opaque

TL-40027 Quietude Dusk

TL-40022 Windmarks Arid

TL-40026 Embroidered by Moon

TL-40023 Native Fringe Celeste

TL-40025 Terrain Slate

TL-40029 Sand Dunes Sienna




A collection that was inspired by the Scandinavian countryside. The story of Nördika is rich with folkloric, graphic florals that play with bold geometrics and plaids. For those that don’t know Jeni, she is the master-mind behind In Color Order. A blog in which Jeni showcases her fabric collections, offers patterns and projects, and shares creative insight into the beautiful and rewarding world of sewing and quilting. It is also the best place to get your Nördika inspiration from. Simple, minimal and functional with striking prints and splashes of bold color. These characteristics are definitive of true Scandinavian design. Jeni Baker’s Nördika fabric collection is a true winner, and we’re extremely happy to announce its official arrival and availability online and in stores near you. You can view Jeni’s previous tutorials for Fat Quarter Gang here. Her other collection, Color Me Retro, can be found here.



Free Pattern Available


“Girls twirly skirts” by Katarina Roccella

Pattern Available “Wiksten Dress” by Jenny Gordy


FreePattern Available

Pattern Available “Staple Dress Pattern” by April Rhode


FreePattern Available “Kitchen Mitt Set” by Katarina Rocella




uilt pattern q e e r f r u o Download “Fly Home”


Pattern Available “Arithmetic Quilt Pattern” by Jeni Baker


Fall deep into the Scandinavian countryside with this rich collection, where meadows meet the sea. Sweet florals and bold geometrics collide to tell the story of Nรถrdika. This collection is composed of 20 swatches of 10 prints in two color ways. DESIGNED BY JENI BAKER ALPINE VALLEY

NOR-7600 Tulip Vines Mint

NOR-7604 Poppy Fields Caviar

NOR-7603 Flowerfall Jade

NOR-7602 Tartan Spirit Golden

NOR-7606 Wildflowers Lagoon

NOR-7609 Whimsicรถl Mist Panel

NOR-7608 Sweetish Turquoise

NOR-7605 Arctic Lights Aurora

NOR-7601 Stellar Skylight

NOR-7607 Folk Road Stone


NOR-8600 Tulip Vines Licorice

NOR-8604 Poppy Fields Merlot

NOR-8603 Flowerfall Ruby

NOR-8609 Whimsicรถl Tide Panel

NOR-8608 Sweetish Seafoam

NOR-8605 Arctic Lights Polar

NOR-8602 Tartan Spirit Velvet

NOR-8601 Stellar Moonlight

NOR-8606 Wildflowers Blaze

NOR-8607 Folk Road Brick



AGF caught up with Angela Walters to get her perspective on the collection, her quilting habits, and a couple of other fun tidbits. Keep reading for the Q and A! AGF: How was designing Legacy different from your first collection? Angela: It was so different than designing the first one! My first collection, Textures, was just like dipping my toes into the fabric design world. It was a mini-collection with only 3 different prints. However, Legacy, was like diving in head first! It’s my first full collection, which means I got to design 10 prints in two different color-ways. I absolutely loved getting to expand on my vision. AGF: Is there anything you learned from your first collection that you were able to apply to Legacy? Angela: When I designed Legacy, I felt that I was finally getting the hang of Illustrator. My practice with it while designing my first collection definitely came in handy! AGF: What do you enjoy most about being a fabric designer? Angela: I love that it’s a different side of the industry that I normally work on (as a pattern designer and machine quilter). It’s a whole different artistic outlet and I love it! Of course, seeing my name on the selvage is pretty cool too! AGF: Do you have a favorite print from the collection? Angela: My favorite print would be the Grand Mosaic. It was the very first print I designed, when I decided to try to be a fabric designer. Seeing it in production makes me so very happy! AGF: When it comes down to your quilting, do you have a time of day when you prefer to work? Angela: I find that for machine quilting, I am most productive when quiting in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep. Especially when I have some great music blaring on my ipod! When it comes to fabric design, I do most of my designs while sitting on the couch next to my hubby. AGF: We know you travel quite a bit for your quilting classes and promoting your work. Care to share which cities you enjoy frequenting? Angela: I am a total foodie, so going to cities known for great food always make me happy. My favorite cities (based solely on food) are Portland, OR and Boston MA. The quilters that I interact with are great everywhere I go! AGF: Are there other skills or hobbies you wish you had more time for? Angela: There are two things that I wish I had time to learn. I wish I could speak a different language fluently and play a musical instrument. But, I wouldn’t trade what I am doing for anything else in the world!







Free Pattern Available 70

“The Christina Clutch” by AGF

“Embroidered Blouse” by Burda Style

Pattern Available


Free Pattern Available “ Colorblock Skirt” by AGF



Download our free quilt pattern ”Roots”






Inspired by the legacy bestowed upon her, Angela Walters dedicates this collection to her beloved Grandfather. These designs range from new quilting designs to those handed down. This collection is composed of 20 swatches of 10 prints in two color ways. DESIGNED BY ANGELA WALTERS


LGY-8300 Familiar Roots Willow

LGY-8302 Grand Mosaic Blue

LGY-8307 Décoratifs Lemon

LGY-8304 Lineage Terra

LGY-8306 Ancestree Foliage

LGY-8305 Drawn Destiny Denim

LGY-8301 Traces of Stillwater

LGY-8308 Genealogy Azul

LGY-8309 Genealogy Oro

LGY-9300 Familiar Roots Birch

LGY-9302 Grand Mosaic Lime

LGY-9307 Décoratifs Spearmint

LGY-9304 Lineage Aqua

LGY-9306 Ancestree Mineral

LGY-9303 Stitched Heritage Shadow

LGY-9305 Drawn Destiny Linen

LGY-9301 Traces of Teal

LGY-9310 Classic Tiles Mist

LGY-9311 Classic Tiles Custard

LGY-8303 Stitched Heritage Glow




Pattern Available “Skinny Pants” by Burda Style


tern Available “Emily” by Burda Style



Pattern Available “Boho Dress” by Pat Bravo



Pattern Available “Peplum Top” by Burda Style

Free Pattern Available “Diagonal Fold Over Clutch” by AGF




Download our free quilt pattern “Acute Triangle”







MNL-101 Optical Noir

MNL-100 Hexa Noir

MNL-201 Optical Watermelon

MNL-200 Hexa Watermelon

MNL-102 Prisma Noir

MNL-103 Flora Noir

MNL-202 Prisma Watermelon

MNL-203 Flora Watermelon

MNL-104 Darts Noir

MNL-105 Confetti Noir

MNL-204 Darts Watermelon

MNL-205 Confetti Watermelon

MNL-106 Script Noir


MNL-206 Script Watermelon



Four tonal color stories with fresh, bright tones & trendy patterns that range from innovative textures to graphic florals. DES I G N ED B Y AGF I N-HOU SE STU DI O



MNL-301 Optical Honeycomb

MNL-300 Hexa Honeycomb

MNL-401 Optical Turquoise

MNL-400 Hexa Turquoise

MNL-302 Prisma Honeycomb

MNL-303 Flora Honeycomb

MNL-402 Prisma Turquoise

MNL-403 Flora Turquoise

MNL-304 Darts Honeycomb

MNL-305 Confetti Honeycomb

MNL-404 Darts Turquoise

MNL-405 Confetti Turquoise

MNL-306 Script Honeycomb

MNL-406 Script Turquoise





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Fabric Lookbook by Art Gallery Fabrics  

Fabric Lookbook/Catalog for the fabrics and sewing patterns from Art Gallery Fabrics. Our first ever lookbook, featuring our most recent...