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Come out to play

in this lovable collection that inspires children & grown-ups alike. Sweet musings & darling bunnies capture child-like innocence with

hues of mint, grey & peach.

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“Overalls & Shirt” by Kwik Sew

Make This Pattern! “Hoppy Pillow” by AGF

Make This Pattern! “Sundress, Bloomers, Shortalls & Hats” by Kwik Sew

Make This Pattern! “Caroline Dress” by Sew Set

“Baby Uggs” by Astute Homestead

Make This Pattern!

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“Jackie Dress” by Sew Set

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“Baby Shoes Pattern Bundle” by Ladybug Bend

“Some Bunny Loves You” by AGF

Make This Pattern!

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Pattern! Curtains by AGF

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“Bunny Ears Bib” by AGF

Make This Pattern! ”Sundress, Bloomers, Shortalls & Hats” by Kwik Sew

Make This Pattern! “Reversible Baby Shoes” by Weepereas

LT-10037 Playful Petals Menthe

LT-10030 Furry Tales Minty

LT-10035 Cottontails Jade

LT-10040 Magical Praire Light Panel LT-10031 Tenderness Grey

LT-10036 Heartfelt Leaf

LT-10033 Drea m Clouds Clear LT-10038 Teensy Weensy Pine

LT-10032 F loral Frolic Coco

LT-10039 Bunny Hop Ginger

LT-20040 Magical Praire Moon Panel

LT-20030 Furry Tales Sweet

LT-20038 Teensy Weensy Lotus

LT-20035 Cottontails Sand

LT-20039 Bunny Hop Rose

LT-20036 Heartfelt Snow

LT-20032 F loral Frolic Apricot

LT-20037 Playful Petals Melon

LT-2003 Tenderness Peach

LT-20034 Simply Simple Silver

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In 2004, our desire to bring a chic and modern perspective to the quilting idustry is what inspired us to start Art Gallery Fabrics. Since then creativity, beauty, and design have been our passions. And to this day, they have not changed. When it comes to designing a collection we always keep originality and uniqueness on the top of our list. We have the pleasure of working with a talented design team who creates enticing color palettes and artful, intricate prints that make our collections one of a kind. Art Gallery designs fabrics that keep up with ongoing trends and at the same time it encourages our customers to use new colors and patterns so they venture out of their usual comfort zone. Designs that evoke style with a statement of color. A quality that sets us apart. Art Gallery Fabrics! 100% PREMIUM COTTON

44-45" WIDE (114 cm)


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Littlest Fabric Collection by AGF Studio