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Multilateral School Partnership Erasmus+ Programme 2015-2017 “Youth, multilingualism and work perspectives in Europe�

15.05-19.05.2017 Meeting in Spain

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Sunday - Monday 15.05.2017 The Erasmus + project "Youth, Multilingualism and Working Perspectives in Europe" is yet another international project of our school. The final sixth meeting of all partners from six countries: Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland and Romania takes place from 15 to 19 May 2017. During the visit we share the results of our work, products and results from the past 2 months, and the many new activities that are subject to ongoing evaluation.

Saturday, 13.05.2017 We landed in Spain around 15.00 on Saturday, 13.05, at the Alicante airport. In this town we spent several hours on the beach waiting for the bus to leave to Sax, the town where our host's school "IES Pascual Carrion" is located. We went there by bus, which was about 21 o'clock. We were greeted there by the families where were hosted. After the shower we all met in a youth group for dinner at the local bar. Late at night we went to sleep, sharing our experiences with our friends.

Sunday, 14.05.2017

On that day we could afford a long rest - we did not have any scheduled activities in the morning. About 11 went for a walk around the Sax, our Spanish friends showed us a city park and the surrounding area of the school. After dinner we divided into three groups. Most of us went to visit the castle located on the highest point of rocky hill in Sax. There were incredible views!

One of our colleagues was eating dinner at Elda's restaurant while the teachers watched a parade on the feast of the Christian knights' victory over Muslims. The parade ended late in the evening, but the emotions will remain in us for a long time.

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Monday, 15.05.2017 Together with our hosts we went to school in the morning. There was an official beginning of the visit. We were given badges with our names and small gifts.

Then our hosts went to the lessons and we, after a short visit of the school, went with the teachers to the city office in Sax. There we met the Mayor of this place, Mr. Jose Maria Espi and the Head of Education, Ms. Raquel Olivares.

After a warm welcome, all the participants of the project and the exchange of gifts took place. We also saw two promotional videos about Sax.






representatives of all the schools involved in the project.


Then walk through the town we went to the leather factory "Gilmart". We have seen the whole line of trousers, from trimmed

leather to clasps and exclusive trim. The factory manufactures products made of very diverse materials, cowhide, crocodile and even skins and sharks.

Factory employees have informed us that their products come from raw materials from CITES-reared animals, that is, agreements on the protection of endangered species. We also visited the factory warehouse. This company manufactures accessories for famous brands all over the world. At the end we were given presents, among others. with several products of the company.

After dinner with the host families, we returned to school to take part in a lesson taught by Spanish students. It concerned small robots and programming basics.

We also saw other partners' presentations and presented ours. Then we went back home. In the evening the official welcome reception, we tried Spanish delicacies and danced to the music of each partner country. The hosts prepared a pleasant surprise: Sax's teacher choir with accompanying student orchestra sang songs in the mother tongue of each project partner. Late at night a disco took place. So the first official day of the visit to Spain ended.

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Tuesday 16.05.2017 Today we began at. 8:30 by having a meeting at school. We went to the center of design and sales the "Mustang" footwear and contemporary art gallery inspired by Elche's business activities.

We began our tour of the works of artists such as Ana Soler, Clara Sรกnchez Sala and Ding Musa. We also learned a lot about "Mustang".

The company was the dream of its founder, and its name was taken from the wild horse-mustang that symbolizes freedom and power. At the end of our visit we all took part in the art workshops.

During it, everyone could show their creativity by creating multicolored patterns on the corporate T-shirts. In this shop we could buy perfectly well made shoes, handbags and wallets.

Then we drove to Cartagena, a harbour city with a large shipyard on the Mediterranean coast. The city was founded around 227 BC. At first we went for dinner. We chose traditional dishes such as “paella frutti di mare” and “gazpachos”.

Then we started touring the city with a professional guide. We have seen a monument to the victims of terrorism here. At the nearby Naval

Museum, we were able to admire the oldest military submarine designed by Isaac Pearl's. It is the first in the world of this type machine created after the discovery of electricity. It was launched in 1880.

Then the guide led us to the Roman theater built in the first century BC, which is a testimony to the presence of the culture of this city. This amphitheater was discovered and made available to tourists only at the end of the last century. On the ruins of this Roman monument the cathedral was built, which was destroyed by bombing during World War II and is a testimony that the city was once the seat of autonomous authorities in the Region of Murcia.

Then we were guided through extremely richly decorated nineteenth-century building, which today serves as a representative office of the city. Its walls are covered with the most valuable marbles imported from all over Europe.

Here we were enchanted. We were gazing on beautiful stained glass windows, huge crystal chandeliers or wood carving on furniture made with the highest precision.

In the meeting room there were six flags, symbolizing the cultural diversity of the region and its history. Then it was time to buy souvenirs

and a delicious dessert with frozen yogurt. Around 19.00 a little tired, but glad we went back to Sax.

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Wednesday 17.05.2017 Today we started at 8:20 am - as usual, gathering at school. The first point of our tour was the "Actiu" furniture factory in Castalla.

The object we liked very much. Extremely harmonious combination of functionalism, aesthetics and ecology. Interiors dominate space, light, green and modern architectural solutions. Solar panels on the roof provide 5 times more energy than the factory needs. In front of the building grow more than 500-year-old olive trees. Home furnishings were initially produced here, but now - modern furniture for offices, hospitals, universities and schools are made. The company offers its products to all continents up to 96 countries.

Then we went to the picturesque town of Guadalest.

A small lock was erected over it at the top of the inaccessible mountain. You can only get one way here - through a tunnel carved into the rock.

We saw what the interior of the traditional Spanish house looked like.

After dinner we drove to Calpe, to Penyal de Ifach - the smallest natural park in Spain (45 ha). Its main object is a rock rising to a height of over 300 m. Walking through the rocks, watching birds nesting there and fantastic views made us feel so impressed.

At the end of the day tired but happy we went to the beach and then drove to our families for a rest.

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Thursday 18.05.2017

Today we started at 8am at school. Pupils with the help of teachers led CLIL lessons. The Greeks were the first to present themselves. We learned many interesting things about building robots and programming them. In addition, we had the opportunity to program our own robot. We issued commands to perform the action.

The next lesson was carried out by the Romanian team. Students have prepared classes on the use of robots in medicine. From the available items the students stuck simple models and discussed their

possible application. At the end of the show Romania presented a thematic pantomime.

Next, the students from Greece again appeared, displaying and discussing the robotics presentation.

After a short break we went to the local windows factory La Viuda. We have seen the full production line of indoor and outdoor blinds,

windows, shutters and mosquito nets. At the end of the visit each of us received a gift - a corporate bag, a T-shirt and office supplies.

After lunch we went back to school. This time the first lesson was started by our students. "Inspire yourself and create your own work." Then divided into groups, the participants received a lot of technical parts, tools and task "Build a robot according to the drawing". The students enthusiastically joined the work, presenting surprisingly ingenious solutions. With satisfaction we noticed that our task was intrigued by young people.

Next was a Lithuanian group. The theme of their presentation was the use of smart devices in everyday life, such as in catering or cleaning. Then we started teamwork - each of the five groups was

responsible for another part of the robot model, which we jointly assembled at the end.

The last lesson was led by Bulgaria. We all actively participated in the discussion about robots and the progressing automation.

After the whole day of study, we solved the evaluation test. At 19 o'clock we went to our families where we had dinner together.

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Friday 19.05.2015

On Friday we started from the collection us at 9:00 from the school. The bus took us to the "Salinas de Santa Pola" Natural Park, where we could see the flamingos and the huge composition of sea salt produced here.

On the beach we were able to test our dexterity, sense of balance and coordination in various water sports under the guidance of professional instructors. We were divided into 3 groups. All groups performed different activities in subsequent editions, so that everyone could try kayaking, rowing on a board for two or on a large board of eight.

On the beach during the break between activities we had lunch in the form of a picnic, during which we gained strength for further water competitions and other various forms of competition. Then, quite tired but extremely excited we went for lunch. Another point of the day was staying at Santa Pola Beach where we could enjoy deserving sunbathing with our friends after a week of intensive work and study. Around 7 pm we returned to Sax by bus and had some time to prepare for the farewell party and the certificate ceremony. The official part started at 20:30 in the main square near the historic City Hall.

At the beginning, Fernando Maestre project coordinator and school director Alicia Gomez thanked us for our involvement in all project activities and provided us with an openness and willingness to carry out further projects.

Then each group received certificates and interviewed local television, which was broadcast live on regional television.

There was also a time for memorial photography, gift giving and a farewell dinner, during which the Mayor of Sax Town was also present. According to Spanish temperament and tradition, the ceremony ended with a common dances in which each country presented its dance and musical national identity.

Unfortunately, you have to say goodbye each other, and this time came too early (as usual) ... and DJ released the last song at 1:00.

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Multilateral School Partnership Erasmus+ Programme 2015-2017 “Youth, multilingualism and work perspectives in Europe�

15.05-19.05.2017 Meeting in Spain

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Multilateral School Partnership Erasmus+ Programme 2015-2017. Youth, multilingualism and work perspectives in Europe. 15.05-19.05.2017 Meeti...