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Multilateral School Partnership Erasmus+ Programme 2015-2017 “Youth, multilingualism and work perspectives in Europe�

27.03-31.03.2016 Meeting in Poland

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Sunday - Monday 26-27.03.2017 Project Erasmus+ “Youth, Multilingualism and Work Perspectives in Europe” is already the next international project in our school after Comenius






2013-2015 .

On 26-31 of March 2017 takes place the fifth meeting all of partners from six countries: Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland and Romania. During the visit, we share the effects of our work,

products and results of the last two months and realise lots of new activities, which are the subject of continuing evaluation.

We started Monday with a meeting at school. We divided students into two groups. The first group with Mrs. Magdalena Piasecka went to private clinic “Ortodentika”. The second group with Mr. Artur Baranowski went to “Ł-meat Łuków”. After seeing this companies, groups switched places.

Visit in clinic “Ortodentika� allowed us to get know very modern equipment clinic and the range of tasks in meets. We also learned about what qualification are required to perform a given occupation at this workplace.

During our visit in Meat Factory, president Mrs. Irena Grzesiak came to our meeting and welcoming us. At the beginning we were show with the history of the companies, their production profile and business contacts.

We also found out what jobs can be performed in this company and what qualifications are required. After presentation in conference hall we went to see the company’s building. We were very impressed by technical advanced way of production process.

Tired but pleased, about 14 o’clock we came back for dinner to our canteen. At 15 o’clock we started official greetings in our City Office. We were greeted by mayor dr Marcin Mateńko and director of Education, Culture and Sport Department, Marek Król.

Our students greeted everyone, gave IDs and from your mayor our partners received gifts in a form of T-shirt "I ♡ Łuków". Later, every country presented its thematic presentation about labour market in different countries and sectors.

We listened to Spanish, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Greece and Polish presentations. For the ending, our students presented presentation about our local labour market in our city, country and voivodeship.

This presentation touched the problems of education in Spain, forest and natural reserve in Bulgaria, Lithuania’s agriculture, mineral waters in Romania, mineral resources and labour market in Greece and polish presentation described fossil fuels, their extraction, processing and fossil fuels industry.

We listened to the presentation very carefully, to collect as much information about our friend’s countries as we could. In the meantime, we could drink coffee, tea or water and eat some cake.

After several hour of break, that our partners spend on GuestFamilies’ houses, we met at school for a party connected with a supper. Everyone could take silly photo in a costume presenting some jobs in a Photo-Room made by Mr. Dariusz Nikiel.

To this Photo-Room individually with Mrs. Agnieszka Czerska-Pawlak we prepared different types of costumes and logotypes.

During this evening students attending the Łukowian Song and Dance Team "Łukowiacy" presented regional dance, made by Mrs. Agnieszka Domijańska. We are very grateful for director I high school in Lukow Mr. Grzegorz Rzymowski and the president of team for the opportunity to hire beautiful costumes.

Later Klaudia Borejko sang a song "Impossible", Gabrysia Zalewska played on saxophone and Klaudia Mościcka and Eliza Leszczak presented beautiful artistic dance.

Then, we started the presented our traditional dances, during which everyone had fun and danced with one another. Tired but pleased, we came back home to meet our friends from abroad the next day. 93202/1386531698057203/?type=3&theater 93202/1386531804723859/?type=3&theater

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Tuesday 28.03.2017

Today we started early. At 7:45 we all gathered in the church square, and after 8.00 we went to Siedlce. The first point of our project is the motorway at the Stadler train station.

In the factory we learned about all stages of train formation and their mechanization. All partners received small gifts from the company. Our visit made us realize how difficult it was to produce one train and how many people were involved in it. We also learned where to find such trains and what market they sell.

Then we went to Warsaw where we ate lunch in the canteen in Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University. After that we went for a short walk in Old Town. We were eating ice creams and waffles.

Then we went from Krakow Street to the Royal City, the Column of Zygmunt August, the Presidential Palace and the University of Warsaw directly to the Copernicus Science Center. To see and try all the exhibits we had more than 2 hours.

Later we went to planetarium for a beautiful show of stars and film about how people conquered celestial space and how much life in need of vision and realization of dreams.

After show


went to the bus


didn't forget go


McDonald. On the bus we


songs, played different games and had a great time.




satisfied we arrived Lukov.


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Wednesday 29.03.2017 Wednesday was another day that we spent in Warsaw. Our day we began at 9am departure to our capital. We arrived at about 12.00 and after a short walk we went to the theatre "Buffo" for an English-speaking spectacle. "Dracula," in which actors from the USA and belonging to the TNT drama group. The show discussed issues of today's world, such as climate change, environmental pollution, drug addiction, and all related social behavior (marriage sells their child to Dracula to raise money for drugs), relocation of life from real to virtual world, fascism or foreign policy of USA and the Russian Federation.

Then we went to the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw, where we had lunch here and heard a few lectures on the structure and properties of bone (PhD Joanna Nieczuja-Dwojacka), cast (Prof. J. Romanowski from UKSW), mammals and their arrangement of nervous system (Prof. J. Romanowski Prof. UKSW). During the break between 2 and 3 lecture we conducted a CLIL lesson for our guests. During the lesson we learned what muscles are in our body, how our heart is built, how our blood circulates. We also had the opportunity to view and compare different muscular compositions of different muscles, also preparations in the form of photographs on our project tablets. The main point of our lesson was the beef heart section.

We have summarized the game on the kahoot platform. This day was like "shot with a whip" while learning together and was full of smiles.

Galeria link: Google+:

Thursday 30.03.2017



started at 9 PM. We went



Podlaski where we visited


cooperative ‘’Spomlek’’. We saw whole factory where people cheese,

produce milk

powder and many others products.







delicious dinner. After that there was




“Traditional Profession - Painting and




Agnieszka and


Ochnik. In artistic part there were students from our school and 5 partners’ countries. 5 works were distinguished




awarded by Mayor of our town. Later there was a singing performance by our students. The songs were in English, Russian and German. Jury awarded 3 songs among 12.

After a short break three countries: Lithuania, Bulgaria presented lessons.

and their

Spain CLIL

The CLIL lessons finished at 19.30 and from till time we had a free time. The most of us went to Arcabos - the bowling club. Others met in smaller groups. It was exhausting day but really fine.

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Friday 31.03.2017 Today’s day we started at 9:00. First point of our day was a visit in a women’s clothing factory ‘’Łuksja’’. There was shown whole building. We could see how step by step make clothes and there was presented a presentation about this institution.

Next we started CLiL lessons. First, about mineral waters, was shown by group from Romania. Second, about labor market, by Greek teachers. After this activities we went home for a short rest.

About 6 pm we met again at school. We started farewell ceremony. Initially everyone got a certificate and we took part in taking

memorable photos. After the official part we ate delicious dinner. Next, we saw traditional dances in Regional Dancing Group “Łukowiacy” but we also took part in mutual dancing. All together we danced Polonez, and according to our partners this part of the evening will stay in their hearts for a very long time. This fact makes us happy.

After performances, after 8 PM we had to say good bye to our Spanish friends. We were crying with this goodbye.

After that we continued the evening ceremony.

It was a time for a beautiful and delicious Erasmus+ cake with the logo of our project, Erasmus+ and our school. We were dancing and singing as well talking. The next surprise





photographs made during the first day of welcoming dinner. Everyone had lots of fun and joy, and this part will be unforgettable part of this visit.

Natalia Wysocka presenting the song by Michaela Jacksona “Man in the mirror�.

It was a really exhausting day and an intensive week. The next day from the early morning we were letting our partners from Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania and Romania go.

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Multilateral School Partnership Erasmus+ Programme 2015-2017 “Youth, multilingualism and work perspectives in Europe�

27.03-31.03.2016 Meeting in Poland

5 Poland. Meeting Erasmus plus project. ebook English  

Youth, multilingualism and work perspectives in Europe. 2015-2017

5 Poland. Meeting Erasmus plus project. ebook English  

Youth, multilingualism and work perspectives in Europe. 2015-2017